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May / June 2013 Newsletter 5

Amore! NSHS Our Social Events Victoria Kaer, Author Cooling Tips Business Members Founders Letter

on your face. January started with Amore being awarded the CITD 2012 “Chicago Roots” award, as our social members wanted to show our appreciation for the restaurants authenticity to “our home-town food”. As February arrived, construction began with the removal of the bar. “We experienced an increase in family parties during 2012” said Joe Pappa, owner of Amore! “With the addition of new tables our occupancy is up to 90 people.” Comfortable, bright red high-back chairs were also added throughout the restaurant. In March, Amore! increased their staff to include Tony Martinez as Restaurant Manager. When asked about his new position, Tony told us, “I’ve been a customer of Amore’s for a long time. I feel at home here.” He added, Jessica, Susie, Katrina and I are ready to serve you! Our menu celebrates Chicago, our service comes from the heart and the upgrades reflect Amore’s dedication to it’s customers.” Next came the High Definition Televisions, in fact, 5 of them! Four 60 inch and one 70 inch. On a recent visit to Amore, our social member, Janice Rodriguez told us, “having a deep dish from Amore! is like biting into a bit of HOME and with the Baseball Package, I can watch all the CUBS and WHITE SOX games.” The cherry on top final upgrade is the Wrigley Field Marquee! Although Amore! welcomes ALL fans, there is no doubt, they cheer for the Cubs. Amore! Taste of Chicago... a family friendly restaurant...a fan friendly restaurant...a home away from home restaurant...and our loyal Business Member. Thank you Amore!

It’s been a busy first quarter of 2013 at Amore! and the results are sure to put a smile


For information on becoming a Business or Official Social Member scan here.

When we first launched our Face Book page, the question was, how do we get former Chicagoans to like our page? The an-swer was simple - put it out there and they will find you. And find us they did. As our FB page approaches it’s 1st anniversary it currently has 668 likes. Which brings us to the next question. How do we get all these former Chicagoans who mingle on line to come out and mingle in person? CITD, LLC is launching our Spring/Summer Series of various social events around Las Vegas. Our goal is to enrich each others lives and create positive mentoring and networking. We hope to have the opportunity to meet each of you.


If your child could get two years of college classes for free wouldn’t you jump at it! We’d like to introduce you to an amazing school that offers an even more amazing opportunity for our high school kids. Nevada State High School, located in Henderson is an early college charter school for juniors and seniors in high school. Students take college courses at universities and colleges in Nevada and those courses count for both high school and college credit. The best part about it – it’s free. NSHS pays for all fees, tuition, and textbooks. At NSHS, students not only attend college courses, but learn how to excel in them. NSHS’s vision is to lead the State of Nevada in transitioning high school students into college. The objective of NSHS is to assist their students in the transition from high school to college. 80% of NSHS students will complete a college progress profile detailing: Academic plan, college major, college choice (in-state or out-of-state), SAT/ACT college board account, college academic study plan projecting college classes, and completion of a college application template. For information on how your child earn almost 2 years of college hours FREE, please visit www.earlycollegeNV. com or contact the office at 953-2603. Please tell them you heard about them thru Chicagoans In The Desert, LLC. We applaud our Business Members WINDY CITY BEEFS N PIZZA and PAINT AND PARTY, both located in the area of NSHS for the great deals they have offered to the students. Thank you both for helping your community.


New Official Social Members Monty Abrams, Kathleen Fejer and Kimberly Smith

Offers Road Side Assistance 24/7 With discounts for CITD Social Members





“Oh my God, look at all the green!” Those were my words, with my nose pressed against the


Insurance NV License 003271-510-3

All right now, I want all the people who can name at least five of their neighbors to raise their hands. Right, didn’t think so. How many can name at least five of their neighbors from back in Chicago? (How many still send them Christmas cards?) Mmmhmm, that’s what I thought. On my old street that I grew up on, I knew all our neighbors, except those weird people in that one house. You all know which house I’m talking about, we all had one of those houses on the street. Las Vegas is an entirely different world, a different culture. When you come here, you feel like a fish out of water. A plant that has been uprooted—that someone has conveniently forgotten to transplant into its cozy new garden. It truly is a whole new universe that you need to adjust to and wrap your mind around, and it takes a while to do. Twenty-four hour just about everything. Shopping, dining, oh and booze, can’t forget that. However, we Chicagoans are born and bred tough. We’ve survived harsh winters, below freezing temperatures and wind chills that would scare a natural born Las Vegan into permanent hibernation. And mosquitoes, forget it, we’re good to go. Nothing is going to stop us. Las Vegas has met its match when it comes to Chicago transplants. We shall overcome. We may not have Lou’s pizza, but we have Amore! We may not have Super Dog, but we have Windy City Beefs N Dogs! Marshall Fields may have been lost to us, swallowed up by Macy’s, but we have each other to lean on. An ever-growing support group of new friends and neighbors who know exactly what you mean when you roll your eyes and complain about rush hour traffic, real rush hour traffic. Potholes, salting a driveway, frozen car door locks at two in the morning, and those few of us who just might still own a snow scraper for their car windows. The knowledge that wherever we go, all you have to say is those four little words and you’ve made a new friend for life, because they can say those same four words right back: “I’m originally from Chicago.”
Our Business Member Vern Rettig, owner of Windy City Air Conditioning and Heating, LLC wants to remind you of the small things you can do to keep your home cool this summer. Remember to shut off the light when you leave a room. Only 5-10% of the electricity used in an incandescent light bulb is for light. The rest is waste heat. Consider motion detector light switches, which will automatically shut off when no one has been in the room for 15 minutes. Replace your filters monthly during summer. Your A/C unit gets a workout & filters get dirty faster. Add outlet gaskets on outlets located on exterior walls. (In Chicago we did this during the winter!) We offer all Chicagoans In The Desert, LLC members our Chicagoan Perk of a FREE Diagnostic Check (an $85 value) and $20 off a 21 point safety check. If you have any questions about your air conditioning unit, please contact us at 702-932-7284. Our technicians are ready to assist you.

Victoria Kaer, Author & Former Chicagoan

window of the airplane as we landed at O’Hare on our first trip back to Chicago after moving to Vegas. My fellow Chicago transplants can relate. After living here and getting “used” to all the desert shades of brown, the green is a shock to the system when you head back home. No matter how long you’ve lived here, the thought of desert landscaping causes you to scrunch your nose and make a “ewww” sound. In your head you’re thinking, “But it’s rock and sand and some scrubby bushes. Who wants that? I want green things like back home!” After We bought our house, we made a go of the ‘whole lawn’ concept, like true Midwesterners, it takes too much water, and the dirt out here just doesn’t cut\it. Like many things out here that “just don’t cut it” like back home.


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We are grateful and overwelmed by the positive response we have received from all of our social members on Face Book and We are now over 700 former Chicagoans strong. And with rapid growth, comes change. We have implemented a new tier of membership. “Official Social Membership” allows the Social Member to really step up and become an active part of our community. The $20 a year fee allows you the opportunity to attend Business Member Luncheon Meetings, head up commetties & assist in vote processes for our larger events. Sign up today at


Craig P. Kenny & Associates A Law Firm Committed to the Client 702-380-2800

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