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Village of Streamwood Community Newsletter



May 2016

It All Began in 1991

2016 Marks 25th Anniversary of
Streamwood Veterans Memorial

Groundbreaking took place on May 26, 1991.
Pictured l to r: Veterans Commissioner Mark Fox,
Trustee Jim Cecille, Trustee Dan Goller, Veterans
Commissioner Dennis Rombola, Village Manager
Bob Bocwinski, President Billie Roth, Veteran
Commissioner James Craig, Veteran Commissioner
Jose Palacios, Trustees Bill Carlson, Bill Harper and
Sharon Franczyk, and Village Clerk Joan McGough.

By the summer of 1991, the Veterans Memorial
had begun to take shape.

The Village of Streamwood President and Board of Trustees, along with
the Veterans Commission, invites you to attend the 2016 Memorial Day
Weekend Observance at the Streamwood Veterans Memorial, located
next to Village Hall. The observance will begin on Saturday, May
28 with a POW/MIA Candlelight Vigil at 8:00 pm followed by the
Posting of the Vigil Guard marching past the monoliths
throughout the night beginning at 9:00 pm. The Vigil Guard will
be relieved on Sunday, May 29, at 11:00 am, to formally start
the Memorial Day Ceremony. Please join us in honoring all of
those who have served and died to defend our freedom.
2016 also commemorates the 25th Anniversary of the
Streamwood Veterans Memorial. Dedicated on May 26, 1991, the Memorial sits within a large five-pointed star
with a flagpole and a black granite monolith, representing each branch of service. Each monolith displays the
great seal of a branch of service on one side and, engraved on the other side, a saluting serviceman and picture
pertaining to this branch. Positioned in the center of the star is a larger flagpole, which flies the American flag.
There is a smaller star, just off the main star, with another flagpole, flying the POW/MIA flag. There is also a
black granite monolith engraved on one side with the POW/MIA symbol and on the other side a figure in a POW
Camp. The Memorial is flanked by a Historical Walk lined by black granite markers. The markers list every
armed conflict, recognized by Congress, beginning with the Revolutionary War. These Conflict Stones are
engraved with the name of each conflict, years of involvement, number of U.S. Military Personnel involved and
number of U.S. casualties.
In honor of the Memorial's 25th Anniversary, the Veterans Commission will unveil a memorial dedication of a
Battlefield Cross bronze statue, signifying honor and respect for a fallen soldier at the battle site.

Today, the Memorial stands as a proud symbol
honoring all those who have served or are serving
our country.


Board News


Village Information


Community Information


Parks and Libraries



Village Board News
Shop Smart. Shop Local. Shop Streamwood!

Shopping locally is an easy and effective way to help support our business
community. Local businesses reinvest in the community through jobs and
support services. Sales tax from local purchases helps offset the Village’s
reliance on property taxes.
Please help us welcome the following businesses to our community:

Recent Board Actions

Commission Reception
Volunteers of the Village of Streamwood are vital in assisting the Board to guide Streamwood's future.
Through their dedication and creativity, they help improve the quality of life for all residents. Volunteers are
an invaluable resource in the efficient operation of government. On Wednesday, March 23, over 65 volunteers from various Village Commissions gathered for a reception in honor of their service. The reception was
just a small way to recognize and thank each and every one of our volunteers for their dedication, assistance and commitment to the Village and the community we serve.

Board News

Life Saving Award Recognition
At the April 7 Village
Board meeting, Village of
Streamwood Firefighter/
Paramedic, Chris Tierney,
was presented with a
commendation for his
extraordinary action and
service. Traveling on I-90
while off-duty, Firefighter
Tierney witnessed an accident and stopping to
investigate, found that a limousine had struck
a barrier at high speed, flipped over and
caught fire. Realizing the severity of the accident, he solicited the help of nearby construction workers to help control the fire, and he
then proceeded to pull injured passengers
from the vehicle. Firefighter Tierney began
performing CPR on one of the passengers who
was not breathing, and continued to do so
until sufficient emergency responders arrived.
The Elgin Fire Department and Advocate
Sherman Hospital both sent letters commending Firefighter Tierney’s actions. His actions
exemplify the level of dedication our employees have in utilizing their expertise to help
others – regardless if they are on- or off-duty.

AK Electronics – 698 Bonded Pkwy
Alliance Workforce Solutions – 1546 Bourbon Pkwy
American Pinball – 1448 Yorkshire Dr.
Ion Nutrition – 123 E. Irving Park Rd.
Minami Sushi – 716 S. Barrington Rd.
Ragano Heating & AC – 35 Sangra Ct.
Streamwood Cash N’ Carry – 305 N. Barrington Rd.
Sun Massage – 297 N. Barrington Rd.
Seattle Sutton’s Healthy Eating – 820 S. Bartlett Rd. #106
State Farm Insurance – Brian Phillips – 106 N. Barrington Rd.

Billie Roth


Michael Baumer

William Carlson

James Cecille

William Harper

Guy Patterson

Mary Thon

Your Village President, Board of Trustees, and Village Clerk

Kittie Kopitke

Streamwood Manufacturing Career
Exploration Program
During spring break week, March 28 – April 1, 15 students from
Streamwood High School: Esteban Aragon, Cristian Arguello-Cisneros,
Devante Carter, Yovanny Chavez, Danny Garcia, Christian Hernandez,
Ryan Knox, Charles Lotts, Dominik Makarewicz, Salvador Renteria,
Jesus Robles, Kelvin Sakyi, Kelsey Strang, Ivan Trejo, and Sunny You,
dedicated their time to learning about careers within the modern manufacturing industry. The Streamwood Manufacturing Career
Exploration Program, now in its second year, is a collaborative effort
introduced by the Village of Streamwood's Community and Economic
Development Commission, School District U-46, and participating
members of our business community. This year's business participants
included: Elgin Community College; KSO Metalfab; Rydin Decal;
Trelleborg; and Weiler Engineering.

Message From The Village President
On March 23, we had the pleasure of recognizing over 65 public service volunteers at
our annual commission reception. These
volunteers share their time, talent and
knowledge in order to keep Streamwood a
great place to live, work and play. Special
thanks was given to those members who
achieved volunteer service milestones,
including: Leia Chapas, Lauren Kabrick,
Adelita Zeier, and Phil Candella, for 5 years
of service respectively; Bill Lunsford for 10
years; Dave Adamczyk for 20 years; and
Sandy Stewart and Kevin Soss, each with President Roth with community business mem25 years of volunteer service. Thank you ber Tom Meilinger, President of Rydin Decal
all for your dedication to our community! If you would like to volunteer your time to participate on a Village Commission, please contact my office, at (630) 736-3800, or visit our
website at
Please join us as we commemorate and salute the ultimate act of public service. On behalf
of the Village Board and Streamwood Veterans Commission, we invite you to honor those
who gave the greatest gift at our Memorial Day Observance on Sunday, May 29, at 11:00
am. This year also marks the 25th Anniversary of the unveiling of Streamwood’s Veterans
Memorial - a tribute in remembrance to those who have served within the five branches of
the military, and paid the ultimate sacrifice to ensure our country’s freedom.

On April 21, the Village Board honored Police Chief Jim
Gremo who retired after 29 years of dedicated service.
Chief Gremo started with the Village in 1987. He rose
through the ranks, being appointed Sergeant, Commander
and Deputy Chief before being appointed Chief in 2014.
The Board and staff wish him well in his future endeavors.
The retirement of Chief Jim Gremo resulted in a number of
recent promotions. The Village Board recently appointed
Deputy Chief Ed Valente to Police Chief, Police Commander
Daryl Syre to Deputy Chief, Sergeant Josh Norum to Police
Commander, and Detective Dana Gallagher to Sergeant. Congratulations!
This year’s Streamwood Manufacturing Career Exploration Program was another great
success! Thanks go out to all of the participating Streamwood High School students,
Principal Ariel Correa, Industrial Tech Teacher Matt Erbach, U-46 Career & Technical
Education Coordinator Kinasha Brown, all of the members of the Community Economic
and Development Commission, and last but certainly not least – all of the wonderful
businesses who have so graciously given up their time and talents for their commitment
to this exploration program. Thank you all once again!
Volunteers needed for Summer Celebration – Picnic in
the Park – July 29, 30 31! As you can imagine, it
takes a tremendous amount of help from volunteers,
like yourself, to bring this fun-filled, three-day, family event to Streamwood. Please consider volunteering
your time to sell tickets, run a children’s game, serve
beverages or help out in other areas needed to make this event a community celebration
success! Please contact Village Hall at (630) 736-3800 for additional information.


Billie D. Roth, Village President

National Association of
Letter Carriers’ Stamp Out
Hunger® Annual
Food Drive
On Saturday, May 14, help your
USPS letter carriers fill the local food
pantries! Place non-perishable,
unexpired food items in a bag by
your mailbox which will then be picked up by your
mail carrier. All the donated food goes to local food
pantries and is distributed to the needy families in
our community.

Avoid a Violation
Please know that parking on Village streets is prohibited between the hours of 1:00 am - 5:00 am,
except where
noted in specific subdivisions. Also,
when parked
on a residential driveway, it is a violation to block
the sidewalk or parkway during the hours of 7:00
am - 9:00 pm Monday through Friday, or from
9:00 am - 9:00 pm Saturday and Sunday.

2016 Walking Inspections
The Village will begin conducting its annual
Walking Inspections Program at the end of May.
Homeowners within the areas scheduled for inspection will receive a letter explaining the program;
inspectors will be checking exterior maintenance.
For more information, please call the Community
Development Department at (630) 736-3839.

Red Light Cameras
Keeping our community safe is the
number one goal of the Village of
Streamwood. For that reason, we utilize red light
cameras at our busiest intersections. Last month,
red light cameras were installed for the northbound
and eastbound lanes at the intersections of IL Route
59 and Irving Park Road. Full enforcement of the
red light camera begins May 1. The camera is triggered by any vehicle entering the intersection after
the signal has turned red. Vehicles disobeying the
stop light are automatically photographed. A Village
Police Department supervisor views every picture to
ensure that the vehicle is actually in violation. We
encourage all drivers to respect the rules of the
road and keep everyone safe.


K i t t i e ’s
a garage sale? Pick up your required permit at Village Hall for $1, good for
o Planning
one consecutive 2-day sale (rain date allowed). Please note that you are allowed to hold two (2)
r garage sales per year.
n Do you have old eyeglasses and/or hearing aids you are planning to
The Lions Club would be happy to take them! Please bring any unwanted eyeglasses
e discard?
and/or hearing aids to Village Hall, and drop them off at the collection box located at the
r Cashier’s Counter. The Lions Club will then redistribute to those in need.
Are you planning on hosting a neighborhood block party this summer?
If so, please make sure to submit a block party application with the Village Clerk’s office, 14
days prior to date of the event. Block Party applications are available at the Cashier’s
Counter at Village Hall and can be obtained online at the Village’s website. The forms provide the party planners with necessary details (Fire Department and/or Police Department
visits and Public Works barricades) needed BEFORE the date of their party.

Village Clerk Kittie Kopitke •

Email: [email protected]

Curbside Branch Pickup
The 2016 Curbside Branch Pick-up program will run once a month through October. The Village is divided into
four areas, with each area having one scheduled pickup per month, beginning on Monday mornings at 6:00 am
through area completion on Friday. Check the area map and schedule below to find out which date of the
month your area is scheduled for pick-up. Place branches, no greater than six inches (6”) in diameter, though
any length, on the parkway with the cut ends facing the street, by 6:00 am on the designated Monday for your
area. If you notice that your branches have not been picked up on the designated date, please be patient, as
they will be picked up during your pick-up week.
Area 1
(North of Schaumburg Rd)
May 2
June 6
July 5
August 1
September 6
October 3

Area 2
(West of Oltendorf Rd)
May 9
June 13
July 11
August 8
September 12
October 10

Area 3
(East of Oltendorf Rd)
May 16
June 20
July 18
August 15
September 19
October 17

Area 4
(South of Irving Park Rd)
May 23
June 27
July 25
August 22
September 26
October 24

Thank you for your help and participation in this program. If you have any questions please contact the Forestry
Division of Public Works at (630) 736-3850.

Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Where can I find the Streamwood Chamber of Commerce?

A. The Streamwood Chamber of Commerce is located at 1527 Burgundy Parkway.
The Chamber can be reached at (630) 837-5200.

Annual Plant Sale May 7
On Saturday, May 7 the Tri-Village Garden Club of Bartlett,
Hanover Park and Streamwood will hold its Annual Plant
Sale. The plant sale will be held from 9:00 am – 4:00 pm
(or until sold out) at Branbury Fair, 211 Railroad Ave.,
Bartlett (across from old train depot). Perennials, annuals
and more – gardeners on hand to answer your gardening questions! For more information, visit
Tri-Village Garden Club’s entry at this year’s Chicago
Flower & Garden Show that was held at Navy Pier.

Fishing Licenses and Passports
Hanover Township invites outdoorsmen to visit our office when they need an Illinois Fishing and
Hunting License. The Township also supplies salmon, habitat, and trout stamps. Discounts are
available to seniors. Licenses can be obtained by visiting our Administrative Offices during
operating hours at 250 S. IL Route 59 in Bartlett. The Township is also a Passport Acceptance
Agent and can meet all of your passport needs. Passport Photos are available at the Township for
$5 each. If you cannot stop by our office during regular hours, please call for a special
appointment. Visit for additional information.

Free Legal Advice for
On the first Saturday of the month,
attorneys Patricia Kelly and Robert E.
Olson will be on hand at the Hanover
Township Senior Center, to offer free
legal advice to Veterans in areas such
as qualifying for benefits or the
denial of benefits. For additional
information and questions please call
(847) 888-8329 or email
[email protected].

Deck Safety

Streamwood Oaks
Golf Club
9 HOLE – PAR 36
Championship Course
(Not a short course–3400 yards)

Enjoy Competitive Golf by:
Joining Existing League
Establishing a New League
For Information
Call John or Randy at

565 Madison Drive •
Streamwood, IL

Buy One Green Fee,

Cart required but not included.
Not valid with any other offer
or promotion or for
league/outing play.
Original coupon must be presented at time of play.
Duplications not accepted.
Offer expires 9-30-16.

As summer approaches, the
Community Development Department
is urging homeowners to take the time
to check their outdoor structures for potential safety hazards. Wooden decks and other attached structures can be
at risk of collapsing if not properly constructed or maintained.
One of the most common safety hazards to look for – decks that
are attached to structures using nails instead of the recommended anchors or bolts. Nails are a poor method for attaching decks
because they work their way loose over time.
The Village of Streamwood adopts codes instituted by the
International Code Council, which is dedicated to building
safety and fire prevention. Building or repairing to code
requires a building permit and an inspection. If you believe
your deck is in need of repairs or replacement, the
Community Development Department has a list of registered
contractors that can inspect your deck and make the necessary repairs. If you have any questions, please contact the
Community Development Department at (630) 736-3843.

Tree City USA
2016 marks 23 consecutive years that the Arbor
Day Foundation has recognized the Village of
Streamwood as a Tree City USA. The Village
has achieved this honor for its commitment to
effective urban forest management and by meeting the program’s four requirements: a tree
board or department, a tree-care ordinance, an
annual community forestry budget of at least $2
per capita, and an Arbor Day observance and

Ash Tree Update
The Village estimates that there were approximately 4,100 ash trees on public property at the
beginning of the Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) invasion. Over the past five years, the Village has
removed over 3,700 ash trees and planted
almost 2,500 new trees of diverse species. Most
of the remaining trees will be removed in 2016.
If you received a new parkway tree, please consider following these steps for proper care:
• During the first year of planting, water the tree
every 7 to 10 days until winter
• Next summer, water the tree every 7 to 10
days only when it hasn’t been rainy
• Do not fertilize the tree during the first year

If you have any questions regarding trees,
including ash trees on your private property,
please call the Village’s Forestry Division at
(630) 736-3850.

FREE Rain Barrel Program
Since the Village instituted the free rain barrel program in the fall of 2015, 212 households have participated, ordering over 440 rain barrels. Help conserve water – collect rain water from your rooftop
by participating in the free MWRD Rain Barrel
Program. Each Streamwood household can order up
to four rain barrels at no charge. Complete the application available at the Village’s website:
blic-Works/Water-Quality-andConservation.aspx, then forward to the Public
Works Department at [email protected].


Park News
Mother's Day Swim
On Mom’s day to play, bring her to the Aquatic Center. Mothers are free when
accompanied by their paying children. Sunday, May 8 from 1:00 – 6:00 pm.

Park Pride Day
Come out and show your support of our parks by volunteering your time on Park
Pride Day Saturday, May 21 from 9:00 am – 12:00 pm. We will spruce up all of
our 46 parks by picking up trash, planting flowers, and pulling weeds. All volunteers will be treated to a complimentary lunch at Hoosier Grove Park. Sign up for
your park preference by contacting Amy Vito at [email protected]

Softball League Forming
Join a slow-pitch softball league for adults 18 and older. Leagues will consist of a 10game minimum, with all games played at Rahlf’s Woods. A single elimination tournament will finish the season. Registration deadline is Saturday, May 14.

Poplar Creek Library News

For the Love of
Dance - Spring 2016
Dance Recital
On Thursday, May 26 at 7:00 pm,
the Streamwood Park District
Dance Academy is presenting its
Spring 2016 Dance Recital at the
Hemmens Cultural Center in Elgin.
Ticket prices are $10 in advance or
$15 at the door.
Contact the Registration
department at (630) 483-3025
for all your program questions
and registration information, fees,
and deadlines. Visit us on the web
at or on
Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Gail Borden News

Hidden Memory: An American Story
On Wednesday, May 18 at 7:00 pm, Anne Shimojima
will share the story of her Japanese American family
coming to the United States and living through World
War II. Hear about her experiences of immigration,
racial prejudice, assembly centers, and camps, and the
effect they have on her life today.

Random Ringers—Handbell Choir
On Monday, May 23 at 7:00 pm, come and enjoy the
Random Ringers, an 11-member ensemble committed to
the art of handbell ringing. The program will include several patriotic pieces in honor of Memorial Day.

Sights & Sounds of Summer
Come and join us on Thursday, June 2 from 7:00-7:45 pm,
as we present a program about the sights and sounds of
summer throughout prairies, woodlands and ponds at this
special time of the year.

Developments in Immigration Law
On Saturday, July 16 from 10:00-11:00 am, Ms.
Afshan J. Khan, a licensed Immigration Law attorney,
will give an informational presentation on the rights
of both documented and undocumented individuals
who are detained by the Immigration and Customs
Enforcement Agency (ICE). The presentation will
cover what to do and what not to do, if you are ever stopped by ICE. She will
also provide the latest developments to immigration laws. Se habla Español.
Registration for the above events is required - call (630) 483-4910. For a complete listing of programs please visit or call


Parks &

Discover Space: A Cosmic Journey
April 15 – July 5
A free exhibit for future astronauts and families
offers hands-on activities:
• Solar System Weather Report Station
• Discover Space Quiz Show
• Mission to Mars Kiosk
• Meteorite displays, space rocks kiosk and more!
Discover Space: A Cosmic Journey, a traveling exhibition for libraries, is part of the STAR Library
Education Network (STAR_Net) led by the National Center for Interactive Learning at the Space
Science Institute. Exhibit partners include the American Library Association, the Lunar and
Planetary Institute, and Afterschool Alliance. Discover Space is supported through a grant from
the National Science Foundation.

Journey to Space

• NASA items on display will include an actual moon rock, a space shuttle tire, an
astronaut suit, rocket replicas, space shuttle model and more.
• Lunar Module replica from the set design company Global Effects used in the
movie Apollo 18.
• Star Lab traveling planetarium.

Live Video Chat with ISS Astronaut Kathleen
Rubins, Ph.D. June 30
Elgin area students will chat with an astronaut aboard the International Space
Station and with Elgin Native and NASA Lead Capcom Hal Getzelman. The event
will stream live on NASA Television.

Mission: Read Summer Reading
Challenge May 15 – July 30
Babies, kids, teens and adults—there’s a reading log for everyone.
Learn about the challenge and the new Family Overnight Adventure
Grand Prize as well as space-themed programs such as The Science of The Martian with
Adler Planetarium educator Michelle Nichols at

U-46 School News
New U-46 App
U-46 introduced a new app this spring. The
app is a quick resource for important information that includes directories, lunch
menus and news. Users can also view social
media feeds, watch a District video, or connect to Infinite Campus to check student
grades. The District can also send urgent messages through the app, in addition to
sending emails, telephone calls and texts. The U-46 Educational Foundation awarded
the District a $5,000 grant to support the app launch. Download School District U-46
on any Google Play or App Store today!

Michael Mattas Class 1A
Golf State Champion
Congratulations to St. Edward Central Catholic
High School student and Streamwood resident,
Michael Mattas, on becoming an Illinois class 1A
Golf State Champion and being recognized by the
Illinois PGA! Michael achieved this status by winning the golf State Championship this past October
at Prairie Vista Golf Course in Bloomington. We
Michael Mattas, Illinois
wish Michael much success!
1A Golf State Champion

Hanover Township Supervisor’s Community Service Awards
School Registration
Registration is now open for the 2016-17 school year. Parents of new or current U46 students can register online through the Infinite Campus Portal or attend schoolbased events that will go through the process. Register your student(s) by
Wednesday, May 25 to receive a $20 discount and also guarantee transportation to
and from school. New U-46 students must pre-register in-person at their new school
before completing the online registration. Other dates to note:
Thursday, May 12 from 6:00-8:00 pm – Heritage Elementary School, 507 Arnold
Avenue is hosting full-day kindergarten orientation.
Wednesday, May 25 – Last day of school for U-46 students; classes resume August 17.
Saturday, May 28 – 8:00 am – Streamwood High School Senior Class of 2016 graduation ceremony at the Sears Centre Arena, 533 Prairie Stone Parkway, Hoffman Estates.

The Village Board had the pleasure of submitting nominations for two of our
community members for consideration of
the Hanover Township Supervisor’s
2016 Community Service Awards:
Kosta Apostolopoulos of Fiesta Market,
and Kevin King, a member of the
Streamwood Board of Fire & Police
Commissioners. We are pleased to
announce that the 2016 Awards Selection
Committee selected both of our nominees as award winners for their dedication to
volunteer service; Kosta Apostolopoulos, awarded with the Business
Community Service Award, and Kevin King, awarded with the Adult
Volunteer Service Award. Congratulations!



Village of Streamwood

U.s. Postage
streamwood, IL
PermIt no.24

301 E. Irving Park Road • Streamwood, IL 60107
(630) 736-3800 • (630) 736-3798 (TDD - hearing impaired only)
Billie D. Roth ……………………………Village President
Kittie L. Kopitke ……………………………Village Clerk


Michael Baumer …………………………………………………………Public Safety
William Carlson ……………………………………………………Community Affairs
James Cecille …………………………………………………Community Development
William Harper ……………………………….........................................Finance
Guy Patterson ……………………………………………………………Legislative
Mary Thon ………………………………………………………………Public Works

Sharon Caddigan …………………………………………………… Village Manager
John Peterson …………………………………………Community Development Director
Josh Peacock …………………………………………………………Finance Director
Chris Clark …………………………………………………………………Fire Chief
Ed Valente ………………………………………………………………Police Chief
Matt Mann ………………………………………………………Public Works Director
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday 8:00 am-4:30 pm
Thursday 8:00 am-7:00 pm
Community Development Department is open Thursday evenings until 7:00 pm during daylight saving hours

Postal Customer
Streamwood, IL 60107

Newsletter Design/Production/Kaye Lowman Boorom


Discover Space: A Cosmic Journey (see page 6)
Village Board Meeting
7:00 pm
Tri-Village Garden Club Plant Sale (see page 5) 9:00 am–4:00 pm
Hanover Township – Free Legal Advice (see page 5) 9:00 am–10:30 am
Mother’s Day Swim (see page 6)
1:00 pm – 6:00 pm
Planning and Zoning Board Commission Meeting
7:00 pm
Village Board Meeting
7:00 pm
Streamwood Park Pride Day (see page 6)
9:00 am–12:00 pm
Last Day of School – U-46 Students
For the Love of Dance – Spring Dance Recital (see page 6) 7:00 pm
Streamwood High School Senior Class 2016 Graduation
8:00 am
Memorial Day POW/MIA Candlelight Vigil – Veterans Memorial 8:00 pm
Memorial Day Vigil Guard – Veterans Memorial 9:00 pm–11:59 am
Memorial Day Ceremony – Veterans Memorial
11:00 am
Memorial Day Observance – Village Hall Closed


Discover Space: A Cosmic Journey (see page 6)
Village Board Meeting
7:00 pm
Sights & Sounds of Summer (see page 6)
7:00 pm – 7:45 pm
Beat 1 – Neighborhood Beat Meeting – Police Department 7:00 pm
Hanover Township – Free Legal Advice (see page 5) 9:00 am–10:30 am
Beat 3 & 4 – Neighborhood Beat Meeting – Police Department 7:00 pm
Village Board Meeting
7:00 pm
Planning and Zoning Board Commission Meeting
7:00 pm
Beat 2 – Neighborhood Beat Meeting – Police Department 7:00 pm
Live Video Chat w/ISS Astronaut Kathleen Rubins, Ph.D.

Volunteer at Summer Celebration
Join your friends, or make some new ones! Volunteer for Summer
Celebration! This annual community event would not be possible without
the hundreds of volunteers who run games, sell tickets, or serve drinks.
If you would like to join the fun, call (630) 736-3802, e-mail
[email protected], or visit our Summer Celebration website
Friday, July 29 – 5:00 pm -11:00 pm
Saturday, July 30 – Noon - 11:00 pm
Sunday, July 31 – Noon - 8:00 pm
Sign up to volunteer for a couple of hours, a day
or all 3 days – any help is appreciated!

visit us on the web at

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