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15-21 months, full-time London experience. World impact.

Shape your future at London Business School
You’re at a career crossroads, ready to make a significant change and invest in your future. Wherever your ambitions lead you, take the next step at London Business School. On our MBA, you’ll be inspired by, and learn along with, the best brains in the business community. You’ll develop the skills, abilities and perspectives that turn you into a different kind of candidate and forge professional and personal bonds that bring lifelong rewards. What makes us different? We’re in London, where global businesses, professional and creative talent gravitate and where a multitude of cultures flourish. That’s reflected in our vibrant and diverse community of students and faculty. Here, academic excellence, opportunity and connections combine dynamically to help you discover your potential and succeed in today’s global business environment. Contents Prepare for a unique experience A world of new perspectives The MBA programme A foundation for success – the first year Customise your MBA – the second year Global Business Experiences Global voices, inspiring minds Beyond the classroom… Set your career path The alumni view Take the next step Our programmes
Connecting art and business

Join us and start the journey… 04 06 08 10 12 14 16 18 20 22 24 26

The dynamic artwork in this brochure was created by students at Camberwell School of Arts for the Find Your Voice competition, launched by London Business School to represent visually the embodiment of the School’s aim: to give every student a voice and the opportunity to make their mark on the world. From the works submitted, 35 were selected by a joint panel of judges to be exhibited at London Business School’s Regent’s Park campus, and used across all its communications. View and download the work at

Prepare for a unique experience
Our MBA will transform not only your career, but also the way you view the world and what you do in life. From its flexible length to its mind-expanding range of electives, London Business School’s versatile MBA programme is designed to match your ambition

“When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life; for there is in London all that life can afford.”

Consistently ranked among the best international business schools by Bloomberg Business Week and the FT

Samuel Johnson, essayist and lexicographer (1709-1784)

Thrilling combination London’s skyline dazzles as modernity meets history (clockwise from bottom left): St Mary Axe (The Gherkin); The Shard, Europe’s tallest building overlooks the River Thames and the City; the Millennium Bridge leading to St Paul’s Cathedral; London taxis

It’s a complex, stimulating and hugely rewarding business environment out there. Our MBA programme helps you meet its challenges and go further. London Business School brings together world-class professors and an outstanding international peer group to create a truly vibrant on-campus experience in the very heart of London. A course you can customise Everyone who joins the MBA programme has different goals, pressures and learning styles while studying. As you navigate your way through, we provide you with an unprecedented amount of choice so you can tailor your studies to support your career ambitions and exit the degree at 15, 18 or 21 months. This is an intensely experiential programme, balancing theory and practice with a structure you can tailor to meet your leadership and development needs:

Year one focuses on key themes to give you a rigorous and analytical grounding in the techniques and frameworks of global general management (p10). Year two develops your individual goals. Through a diverse choice of electives that reflect the breadth of our faculty’s thought leadership, you can broaden or specialise your learning (p13). Programme highlights Learning isn’t limited to the classroom and London itself is a living lesson in start-ups, entrepreneurship and world-class businesses. London Business Experiences (p8) take you inside leading organisations to see theory put into practice. Get the global view on our International Exchange Programme (p13) and Global Business Experiences (p14). In your downtime, trek to Machu Picchu, organise a Latin America Business Forum, join the Private Equity & Venture Capital club or join a Rugby Club tour to France – student life is anything but predictable!

Meet the world on our MBA

A London resumé
75% of top 500 global companies based in the city 100% of leading financial institutions represented 37% international population 300+ languages spoken 15.5m visitors each year
The London advantage Confident, captivating, daring… London is a cultural and financial capital, with 99% of the earth’s business activity situated in a time zone that overlaps. Every leading financial institution on the planet is here, as are a third of the world’s largest companies, and a quarter of businesses based here are foreignowned. The city is a shining beacon for the creative, technology, media and telecoms industries where new, flexible organisations can make an immediate impact. Through our links to this spectrum of businesses, students get an inside perspective into some of the world’s most successful and innovative organisations. London motivates, entertains and surprises. It has culture old and new, sport, nightlife, exciting cuisines, festivals and parks. On every level, London delivers.

2,000+ 89% 59
international students in MBA2015

students across nine degree programmes from more than 100 countries

1,000+ tech start-ups formed every month 37% of global foreign exchange market 264 foreign banks 80% of the world’s metal trading 4 UNESCO World Heritage sites 240+ museums and galleries 155 public parks 60+ Michelin star restaurants

“You learn to work very closely with a group of people from different cultural and professional backgrounds to produce a consensus that is greater than the sum of its parts.”
Peter Lewin (American) MBA2012, Strategy Consultant, American Express

languages spoken in a single MBA class


faculty from more than 30 countries

alumni across 130 countries

Our international community London Business School has an astonishing international profile. Just look at our stats! Acclaimed professors and visiting speakers from around the world offer cutting-edge thought leadership (p16), and there are opportunities to visit other global business hubs. You’re part of a cosmopolitan student body, plugged into a phenomenal professional and personal network that will sharpen your competitive edge and be your springboard to long-term success.

11% A world of new perspectives
London Business School’s position at the heart of a global business centre, makes it an unequalled destination for students from every continent

Where do you come from? The class of MBA2015 intake is made up of 69 nationalities

North America


Europe (excluding UK) Latin America


Africa/ Middle East

Cross-cultural collaboration What do an American LPGA Tour golfer, a Mexican management consultant and a South Korean insurer have in common? Together with a British marketing manager, a Portuguese telecoms specialist and a former member of the Turkish Treasury, they really had no idea until they had to pool their talents and overcome the challenges of working together to produce 30% of their first-year grade. Tough? You bet. Transforming? For sure. Meet study group C11 from the class of MBA2014.

Wide-ranging career experience Our students come from extraordinarily varied career backgrounds, including finance, consulting, the media, the military, sport, IT, pharmaceuticals, aerospace, retail, healthcare and not-for-profit sectors. Your experience may be in the international corporate sector, or in a family business. Maybe you’re a career changer exploring new industries or you want to flex your entrepreneurial muscle and start a successful venture. Any and every scenario might motivate someone to do an MBA and everyone’s story is different. Each of you will put in the hours, push your cognitive and creative limits and do what it takes to redefine your career and life potential. Harness your potential At London Business School, we equip you with the skills to think globally. Your ability to achieve and act – both independently and as a member of a multicultural team, anywhere on the planet – is what will make you stand out. The investment you make in our MBA will reward you with a life-changing learning experience and untold career options. Develop an international mind-set, build a global network and take yourself to a market eager for your skills and outlook. Whatever the trajectory of your career, give it the best chance of success by putting the reputation and reach of London Business School behind you.


Australia/ New Zealand

Industry sector pre-MBA
Our students come from hugely diverse career backgrounds 31% Finance/Accounting 26% Consulting 6%  Public Sector/Not-For-Profit/ Education 5% IT and Technology 4%  Manufacturing/Engineering 4% Energy/Power Generation 3%  Marketing/Publishing/Media 3%  FMCG/Retail/Luxury Goods 2% Automotive/Aerospace 2%  Construction/Building Materials 2%  Healthcare/Pharmaceuticals 2% Law/Legal Services 2% Defence/Military 8% Other

“The international diversity is one of the best attributes of the School. I have learned so much from the community and made good friends.”
Follow our MBA student blog: Tomas Aguirre (Chilean) MBA2011, Case Team Leader at Bain & Company

“I am sure this experience will be very difficult to top wherever my life may take me in future.”
Ioana Leaua (Romanian) MBA2011, Senior Consultant, Roland Berger Strategy Consultants London Business School provided me with the most international environment that I have ever lived or worked in. I am sure the experience will be very difficult to top wherever my life may take me in the future.

“It is hard to get across how truly international London Business School is.”
Brian Forde (American) MBA2012, Senior Advisor, Mobile & Data Innovation, Office of Science and Technology Policy, The White House One thing that’s hard to get across is how truly international London Business School is. You simply can’t recognise the value and relevance of learning in this kind of environment until you’re a part of it.

“Being able to work in a global environment is a basic requirement for success.”
Samantha Streicher (South African) MBA2012, Management Consultant at McKinsey & Company My study group represented Lebanon, Germany, the USA, Hong Kong, Italy and South Africa. Being able to work in a global environment is a basic requirement for global success. The programme has also helped me develop myself as a leader.

“I’m building the skills to turn me from a good into a great financial services manager.”
Yohei Oshi (Japanese) MBA2013, Deputy Divison Chief, Energy and Natural Resources Finance Dept, JBIC I wanted to transform myself from a good player in the banking field, to a great financial services manager and I’m building the skills necessary. I wanted a top-ranked MBA and LBS is a strong brand which attracts talent from around the world.



Summer Consulting Team

Paid Internship


The MBA programme
Our programme will test your initiative, stimulate your creativity, and demand your energy and intellect. Here’s an overview of its structure and highlights
London Talks Electives

Summer Year Two
Flexible Finish:

Global Business Experiences

Pre Term

Core Courses

Term Two
Managing the Organisation

Entrepreneurship Summer School

London Business Experiences 15 months 18 months 21 months

Management Report

Leadership Launch

Tools and Techniques for Management

Term One

Term Three
Engaging with the World

International Exchange Programme

Language Programme

Programme highlights First Year: Pre-Term Discover your strengths and weaknesses and see your abilities in a global business context. Leadership Launch is our personalised programme designed to help you plot your personal and professional development. London Talks bring you diverse and inspirational speakers such as brand guru Rita Clifton, David Sproul, CEO of Deloitte and explorer Sir Ranulph Fiennes. Term One Tools and Techniques for Management form an intense, significant part of the course, building knowledge vital to your future success. We believe communicating in more than one language is vital for the global business leader. Our Language Programme ensures graduates leave with an additional language. A choice of 15 includes Hindi, Portuguese, Spanish, Mandarin, Cantonese, Arabic and Russian. 8

Discovering Entrepreneurial Opportunities Trade Show

“The MBA has been fundamental to my business through exposure to new ideas and business models. And my network has provided great support when I needed it.”
Dan Saunders (British/Irish) MBA2012, founder and MD, Decarbon
Capstone Congregation

Term Two Understand the DNA of an organisation: how it works, its products and services and its customers. Our Core Courses include Managing Organisational Behaviour, Operations Management, Marketing, and Management Accounting. Electives now start to shape your MBA – choose a selection from more than 70 during your first and second years (p13).

Term Three London Business Experiences connect classroom to company with visits to Coca-Cola, Saatchi & Saatchi, Bank of England, Chelsea Football Club, London Metals Exchange and more… The Discovering Entrepreneurial Opportunities core course helps you develop frameworks for spotting entrepreneurial opportunities. As part of the course, students pitch their entrepreneurial ideas to alumni investors at the Trade Show.

Summer Explore a new industry or role, accelerate your current career and earn money on a Summer Internship with companies such as Google, Unilever, Credit Suisse and American Express. Learn how to innovate and finance a new business venture at Entrepreneurship Summer School. Or join the Summer Consulting Team and provide high-end consultancy to clients such as Nokia, Allianz, Heinz, McKinsey & Company and BP .

Second Year Decide your MBA completion date: 15, 18 or 21 months. Develop your professional skill set further through an expansion of your electives. Immerse yourself in a new culture and grow your global network on our International Exchange Programme. Study for a term at one of our 30+ partner schools based in Asia, North America, Europe and Latin America.

Visit business hubs around the world on a Global Business Experience to New York and Boston, Hong Kong, Mumbai, Johannesburg or Istanbul (see p14).

For the optional Management Report, source a real world business issue and present a report showing your commercial Congregation is our graduation knowledge and skills. ceremony at the iconic Royal Festival Hall and is followed by an on-campus garden party.

Capstone and Congregation Your MBA culminates with Capstone, a two-day event, reuniting you with classmates. This lively conference is an opportunity to exchange ideas with faculty and an alumni career panel, and enjoy talks from leading society and business commentators.


A foundation for success
Your first year gives you a solid grounding in the tools, frameworks and analytical skills that can be applied both tactically and strategically to the business world

Highlights of Year One Discovering Entrepreneurial Opportunities More than 80% of top-flight MBA graduates work in new ventures within ten years of qualifying. This course prepares you for entry into the entrepreneurial world, building the mind-sets, frameworks and tools needed to identify new and existing opportunities. Combining innovative thinking and real-world situations, learn to sharpen your business sense, articulate your point of view effectively, and satisfy business and customer needs. London Talks In stunning London venues, hear the views of a range of inspiring high-profile speakers from the worlds of business, politics, culture and public life. Talks link to the class theme for your year and focus on contemporary management issues, such as the future of capitalism and the effect of technology and social media on today’s leaders. A golden opportunity to challenge, learn and discover their – and your – motivation for success. London Business Experiences “Seeing inside a business is so valuable. It makes it much more vivid,” says student Amisha Patel about her London Business Experience at Coca-Cola. Connect to the business community through visits to Chelsea Football Club, The Bank of England, Saatchi & Saatchi and Amazon among others, and better understand issues such as branding, not-for-profit organisations and financing pension funds. Visits are complemented by presentations and analysis. Your Summer How you spend these eight to 12 weeks could define your career – and produce that prized post-graduation job offer. You might do an internship, or join the Summer Consulting Team to work on real client projects. Or develop a new business venture at the Entrepreneurship Summer School and learn from the mentoring process what it takes to innovate and finance your business.

Global business leaders want candidates who can deliver results in a fast-changing business environment. Our MBA starts with a commitment to academic excellence – the basis of every lecture, study group, or real time business situation you encounter. Put into action what you’ve learned, surrounded by a student, faculty and alumni community of talented and supportive people. As you raise your game and your career path becomes clearer, our London location, the business contacts you make and access to top-level recruiters will give you a unique advantage to map out your future. Designed to suit you Choice is central to our programme, with a vast array of options to support your personal career goals. Especially in the second year, we maximise your learning potential by giving you more control of how and when you complete your MBA. However, as with real-world business scenarios, you will sometimes need to make the occasional trade-off. When you plan to exit the programme will shape your journey and may mean balancing your goals with the options available. Our programme management team is a great source of advice and guidance to help you make the best choices in support of your career strategy and your chosen exit point. Your first year To equip you with the necessary analytical frameworks, processes and strategic approaches, the first year has three key themes (see right) developed through the variety of learning experiences of the core courses, and complemented by electives. The programme employs various teaching styles: business simulations, case studies, lectures and group work. In fact, you’ll collaborate with your study group to make up around 30% of your first-year grade. It’s a steep learning curve and invaluable preparation for today’s global workplace.

Pre-term – Leadership Launch A dynamic introduction to your MBA includes a professional and personal development programme and talks from inspirational business leaders. Start to hone your confidence and leadership skills through creative problem solving and communication on the Leadership Away Day and Understanding General Management course. On the Global Leadership Assessment for Managers course, you will learn about cultural sensitivities and begin to equip yourself with the managerial and social skills to lead diverse teams anywhere in the world. Term one – Tools and techniques Build core knowledge in Accounting, Economics, Finance, Statistics and Strategy. These are fundamental skills vital to your future success and more immediately, in helping you secure a summer internship. Learn a second language (other than English) from a choice of 15. You can opt to learn a third, as one of your electives. Term two – Managing the organisation Core courses: Managing Organisational Behaviour, Marketing, Operations Management and Management Accounting. Choose five electives to complete in terms two and three from our first year electives portfolio (p13). Term three – Engaging with the world View organisations in the context of increasing global stakeholder pressures. Topics covered include ethics, CSR, regulation and government, with courses on Discovering Entrepreneurial Opportunities, Global Economic Environment, Business, Society and Government, and MarkStrat.

MBA2013 Summer internships locations (see Your Summer, opposite) (Average weekly salary: £1,119)

UK 61% Europe (excluding UK) 14% Asia 11% USA/Canada 6% Latin America 3% Middle East 2% Australasia 2% Africa 1%

UK 61% Europe (excluding UK) 14% Asia 11% USA/Canada 6% Latin America 3% Middle East 2% Australasia 2% Africa 1%

“The diverse mix of students at LBS gives me continued exposure to a multicultural environment and is an ideal landscape to build a supportive global network in the unrivalled cultural and business centre that is London. I have learned as much outside the classroom as I have inside.”
Marcela Santacoloma Valencia (Colombian) MBA2014


Customise your MBA
“The MBA opened my eyes to what the world has to offer personally and professionally.”

In the second year, the flexibility of the programme comes into its own via an astonishing choice of electives and the chance to test your abilities in live business situations on our Global Business Experiences and the International Exchange Programme

My MBA has been priceless for my future career. It has opened my eyes to what the world has to offer personally and professionally and it has taught me myriad cultural sensitivities. The two years flew by, and I left feeling both more humble and more capable. Deeply enriching, this is an MBA that hits you in all your senses; it is a hugely enjoyable and valuable way to spend two years of your life. Jessica Julmy (American/Swiss), MBA2013, Business Development Manager, Krug Champagne

Highlights of Year Two The Elective Programme See the business world from all angles. Choose from more than 70 electives (see below) to broaden or concentrate your sphere of knowledge. The elective portfolio showcases the depth and quality of our faculty research. The portfolio diversity allows you to customise your degree and build foundations towards your future career. Delivered in practical, strategic and academic formats, you’ll complete a minimum of ten and a maximum of 12. Subject areas cover Accounting, Economics, Finance, Management Science and Operations, Marketing, Organisational Behaviour, and Strategy and Entrepreneurship. Electives may be timetabled in intensive block weeks or spread across a term on weekdays, evenings and weekends. This flexibility means you can plan them to fit with your completion date and any job offer you may have. Talk to us for advice on devising the most effective schedule. International Exchange Programme Take your new-found skills abroad for a term by applying to take part in our outstanding International Exchange Programme – a superb opportunity for students completing in 18 or 21 months. Immerse yourself in a new culture and grow your global network at one of more than 30 partner schools around the world, from China to the US, Asia to Latin America. Your choice of school may be guided by location, language and elective availability, or your desire to move your career to a particular country after graduation.
Journey by Dominika Sroczak “This is an abstract interpretation of the journey to find your voice. The rectangular shapes are birds on their journey. Smaller squares form the steps your career path takes, and rectangular clusters of squares suggest different career levels.” Read about the Find Your Voice art project on p2

Global Business Experiences Prepare to have all your expectations upended and exceeded during this challenging week-long assignment. Working in small groups, led by faculty members, you’ll travel to New York and Boston, Hong Kong, Johannesburg, Istanbul or Mumbai to complete a project unique to each location’s global business profile, and tailored to your interests and development. It’s the chance to demonstrate your leadership skills, as you set up meetings and company visits, and navigate unfamiliar business environments (p14). Management Report Source a real-world business issue and present a general management report appropriate for a senior manager. Your commercial knowledge and skills will be on display, you’ll challenge and explore concepts, focus in-depth on an issue, and of course, give back to the company you’re working with. Sectors covered previously include luxury goods and real estate, private equity and not-for-profit projects, in markets as far afield as Brazil and South Africa. Students choose a faculty member to supervise their report.

Capstone and Congregation Having forged your individual paths in the second year, Capstone now reunites you with the classmates from your original streams and study groups for a lively two-day conference. Celebrate and reflect on your successes as you transit to the next stage of your career. Capture the wisdom of an alumni career panel and enjoy mind-expanding talks from leading philosophical speakers. Congregation is our annual graduation event for all graduates, held at the Royal Festival Hall and followed by a garden party at our Regent’s Park campus. Our diverse elective options include:

“I had to find my own distinct leadership style. In this environment you learn very quickly.”
Interacting with so many different people means you have to find your own distinct leadership style. In this environment you learn very quickly how to influence people and have your opinion heard! Involving yourself around campus is a wonderful way to try out those emerging leadership skills. I was a Student Ambassador, and was involved in the Portugal and Photography clubs as well as other events committees. Ana Sofia Alves Ribeirinho (Portuguese) MBA2013, Associate, A T Kearney

Negotiation and Bargaining Paths to Power Businesses and Careers of the Future: securing success in a world of rapid change

Mergers, MBOs and other Corporate Reorganisations

Capital Markets and Financing Private Equity and Venture Capital

Advanced Marketing Strategy

Financing the Entrepreneurial Business

Entrepreneurship in Emerging Markets Topics in Asset Management Advanced Corporate Finance

Managing Corporate Turnarounds Corporate Strategy

Project Management World Economy: Problems and Prospects

Managing Change


Global Business Experiences
Whatever you’ve learned in the classroom, nothing replicates the live business situation. Immerse yourself in a real business environment to learn what makes it tick. The GBEs are unquestionably a highlight of your MBA


By year two, you have a solid grounding in the fundamentals of global business management. But context is everything. Join a faculty-led group and travel to the USA, South Africa, China, India or Turkey to complete an international assignment which reflects that country’s unique business profile. The week-long visits offer a 360˚ view of the country’s business culture via company visits, panels, workshops, feedback sessions and lectures. You make a presentation at the close Of your visit. Work within an asset management corporation, support a micro-entrepreneur, explore change in an uneven economy within an emerging market. Where will your experience take you? Destination: Johannesburg, South Africa Theme: Understanding the role of micro-enterprises in a growing economy Content: Business in an emerging market can be exciting – as well as frustrating. Work with a micro-entrepreneur on a challenge facing their business and gain insights from leaders in the corporate, not-for-profit and policy creation sectors. Students say: The GBE experience showed what micro-businesses are facing in developing countries. It fully complemented the MBA, making it a truly rounded programme. Fabio Buckeridge (Australian/Brazilian) MBA2013

Destination: Mumbai, India Theme: Understanding, driving and adapting to change Content: In one of the most dynamic countries in the world, explore momentous areas of change across the creative, business and government sectors. Gain insight into the realities and intricacies of doing business in India, and hear different perspectives about how society and organisations are approaching change. Students say: A learning adventure that includes understanding India’s business and economic environment as well as its unique culture and heritage. Armando Garica Berumen (Mexican) MBA2013 Destination: Istanbul, Turkey Theme: Business in a changing environment: lessons from Turkey Content: Explore key changes in Turkey and how organisations get business done in a changing environment. Meet with important players in the Turkish business world, such as entrepreneurs, financial industry professionals, government officials, journalists and leaders in the corporate space. Students say: A fantastic chance to understand in greater detail a country facing a number of challenges, but also many opportunities. Joe Gendy (Australian/Egyptian) MBA2013

Destination: Hong Kong, SAR China Theme: Developing China’s financial future Content: Acquire insights into the role financial institutions (major banks, insurance companies, private equity and venture capital firms) and other industries are playing, not only in China’s development but also in the growth of Asia. Students say: I’m interested in the finance industry and having been to New York and London, Hong Kong provided another perspective on how financial markets operate in that side of the world and the prospects and challenges for China’s growth from Hong Kong’s financial hub. Alexandra Jorjea (Romanian) MBA2013 Destination: Boston and New York, USA Theme: Understanding new challenges facing the asset management industry Content: In light of the recent financial crises and ongoing regulatory reform, discover what drives the decisionmaking processes of the most important players in financial markets. Discussions, panels and guest lectures bring together luminaries from investment firms, regulatory agencies and major banks. Students say: The incredible people that you meet make this a highlight of the MBA and the international nature of the trip really adds to experience. Chris Cork (British) MBA2013 Learn more

Hong Kong

New York



“GBEs let you learn from the inside, be curious and bold, ask questions and challenge your stereotypes about the country you are visiting.”
Al Hassane Kanté (Malian) MBA2013, Consultant, The Boston Consulting Group



Global voices, inspiring minds
Learn from the leaders. The most dynamic speakers in the world come to London Business School. Through lectures, forums, conferences and summits, you’ll forge invaluable links for your future. Where else can you hear from and debate with such luminaries?

“Douglas Clayton (CEO, Leopard Capital) on frontier market investments was eye-opening. Even after seven years in the investment industry, there are still new things to learn here at London Business School.”
Tsukasa Tokikuni (Japanese) MBA2012, Head Of Investment Counsellor Group Japan, Orbis Investment Advisory Visiting speakers* Andrea Agnelli, Chairman, Juventus FC Steve Ballmer, CEO, Microsoft Rt. Hon. Tony Blair, Prime Minister, UK Marc Bolland, CEO, M&S Ana Patricia Botín, Executive Chairwoman, Santander UK Sir Richard Branson, Founder, Virgin Group Rt. Hon. Gordon Brown, Chancellor of the Exchequer, UK Paul Bulcke, CEO, Nestlé Ursula Burns, Global CEO, Xerox Corporation Rt. Hon. David Cameron, Shadow Prime Minister, UK Bill Clinton, former US President Vittorio Colao, Chief Executive, Vodafone Bill Gates, CEO, Microsoft Martin Gilbert, Chief Executive, Aberdeen Asset Management Al Gore, former US Vice-President President Ólafur Grímsson, President of Iceland Stephen Hester, CEO, Royal Bank of Scotland Baroness Hogg, Chairman, 3i António Horta-Osório, Chief Executive, Lloyds Banking Group Jeff Immelt, Chairman and CEO, General Electric Anshu Jain, Head of Global Markets, Deutsche Bank Boris Johnson, Mayor of London Ravi Kant, Vice Chair, Tata Motors Muhtar Kent, Chairman and CEO, The Coca-Cola Company Jimmy Maymann, CEO, Huffington Post Media Group Scott McNealy, former Chair and Co-Founder, Sun Microsystems Paul Polman, CEO, Unilever Justine Roberts, Founder, Mumsnet Xavier Rolet, CEO, London Stock Exchange Gene Simmons, Kiss guitarist George Soros, Investor, Philanthropist and Entrepreneur Sir Martin Sorrell, Chairman, WPP David Sproul, Senior Partner and Chief Executive, Deloitte UK Peter Voser, CEO, Shell Jasmine Whitbread, CEO, Save the Children Andrew Witty, CEO, GlaxoSmithKline
* Speaker titles reflect positions at the time of their London Business School visit.

Communication by Ara Cho “The bright, bold colours of this illustration express the energy, intelligence and ambitions of London Business School, where students with a global perspective interact and communicate.” Read about the Find Your Voice art project on p2


Beyond the classroom…

On top of the world Adventurous and diverse activities await (clockwise from right): trekking to Machu Picchu; enjoy an evening on a Thames River cruise; scale Everest if you dare, our support network gives families a warm welcome; we attract big-hitter speakers such as Richard Branson.

Find out more at

Take an enterprising group of people with an array of professional and personal passions, and the results can be electrifying. With more than 70 student clubs spanning professional, sporting and social interests, here’s a taste of the wider School community in action

“As a member of the Student Association, I helped to arrange a variety of events, all of which have greatly improved my organisational skills and provided further opportunities for me to network.”
Christian Naccour (Lebanese) MBA2012 Senior Financial Analyst, Goldman Sachs

An action-packed MBA in a buzzing city aat London Business School. Our activities programme is largely studentgenerated, overseen by the Student Association Executive Committee and enthusiastically supported by our alumni. Student clubs These are the heart and soul of our community. Joining one is a superb way to further your career aspirations, enhance communication and organisational skills, and enrich world views. The Latin America Club is a great example, bringing together students from across the region and others interested to learn more about it. Members meet for social events and conferences, such as the annual Latin America Business Forum. Whether you want to climb Everest, explore business in Qatar or perform Shakespeare, there’s a club for it. If there isn’t, why not start one? Some of our 79 student clubs
Marketing Club Women in Business Club Latin America Club

Conferences, summits and forums Make a real impact on your career, with insights into industry trends and access to the alumni community. Our name is a powerful draw for dynamic, high-calibre and diverse speakers (p17). More than 1400 events were organised by students in 2012-13. Just a small sample includes Africa Day, the Art Investment Conference, China Business Forum, Global Energy Summit, Global Healthcare Conference, Tech Media Summit and Women in Business. Career treks Meet your potential future employers on a Career Trek. With the support of our Career Services team, students travel to business hubs around the world. A Shanghai trip organised by the Asia Club set up visits to Dupont, L’Oréal, Roland Berger and Jaguar Land Rover. In the USA, the Media Club

met with Warner Brothers, Disney, Sony and Netflix while in New York, the Finance Club arranged to see a host of banking institutions including Credit Suisse, Goldman Sachs and HSBC. Social trips Travel the world with the insider knowledge of our international student body, on trips that will stay with you for a lifetime. Annual fixtures include skiing in the Alps, seeing the cherry blossom in Japan, and Yatra – our India trip. Every year new trips are added as students share the highlights of their home country.

Asia Club Investment Management Club Energy Club

Industry Club Entrepreneurial Club

Finance Club

Healthcare Club

Film Club

Technology Club

Retail & Luxury Goods Club

Military in Business Club Basketball Club

Responsible Business Club

Sailing Club

Running Club

Competitions There’s no shortage of opportunity to test your mettle against the brightest and best from around the world. The formats vary, so you can hone your skills in different disciplines. Recent wins for LBS include: The Novartis Masterminds Challenge, Wharton Buyout Case Competition, A T Kearney Global Prize, European Private Equity Competition, the Telos Partners Essay Competition, Tata Crucible Campus Quiz.

Families welcome Partners of students are welcomed into a supportive network run by and for partners and their children. The club organises a host of events including London walks, theatre nights, book clubs, job-hunting workshops, pub nights, language classes and children’s playgroups and is a perfect illustration of the London Business School community spirit. Partners of MBA students can apply for a visa, which gives full working rights. 19


Set your career path
Whether your goal is to accelerate your career within your sector or function, or switch to another industry, take advantage of the resources and expertise available from Career Services
London Business School graduates are sought after – no doubt. A quick look at where our alumni are now proves that. Throughout your MBA experience, you will encounter different career options, potential employers and world-class recruiters. To help you nail that key position after you complete your MBA, Career Services offers one-to-one, group and online training and guidance to help you develop your skills. Expertise includes: • Experienced sector recruitment advisers and career coaches to help you consider and plan for your career goals • Advice on the application process: teasing out key points in your CV and constructing a powerful covering letter • Mock interview training • Excellent links to MBA recruiters in finance, consulting and industry, plus on-campus employer presentations, career fairs and interviews.

“London Business School MBA graduates have had a significant impact on our company, not just within the teams they have supported, but also throughout the wider organisation.”
Facebook, 2012

“Career Services helped with every stage of the process, with advice tailored to my situation.”
The alumni view Edward Arbuthnott (British) MBA2013 Consultant, Bain & Company Career Services were incredibly helpful. They offered lots of one-to-one coaching sessions to discuss career goals and ambitions, and the mock interview training proved particularly useful. Their advice and experienced perspectives really helped me transition from a career in the military to where I am now.

Job location post-MBA
UK 47% Europe (excluding UK) 18% Asia 11% USA/Canada 9% Latin America 7% Middle East 4% Australasia 3% Africa 1%

MBA 2012 graduate stats

mean salary The recruiter’s view

“LBS students are highcalibre – they bring varied backgrounds and a drive for excellence.”

mean sign-on bonus

Kelly Schermer-Maass HR Director – International Talent Management, General Mills International London Business School students are high-calibre – they bring varied backgrounds and experiences which we find a fantastic fit with our entrepreneurial culture in General Mills International. They understand the global marketplace and how they can succeed by leveraging the many skills they have developed to date. Some of our MBA recruiters A T Kearney Accenture Amazon American Express Anheuser-Busch InBev Apple Bain & Company Bank of America Merrill Lynch Barclays Group BBC Booz & Company BP Citi Credit Suisse Deloitte Deutsche Bank Facebook Fidelity General Mills Goldman Sachs Google HSBC Johnson & Johnson KPMG McKinsey & Company Microsoft Nomura PricewaterhouseCoopers Royal Dutch Shell Samsung Santander The Boston Consulting Group Thomson Reuters Time Warner Vodafone

Job sector post-MBA
Corporate Corporate Sector Sector 35% 35% Consulting Consulting 33% 33% Finance Finance 32% 32%

mean year-end bonus

employed within three months of graduation

Right Up Down Left by Sylvia Moritz “There are many opportunities for students and it may feel like a maze of confusion until they find their own voice. Staircases and corridors show the School’s departments and the students’ journey towards their individual goals.” Read about the Find Your Voice art project on p2

69 39
and working in 69 cities and 39 countries around the world



The alumni view
Where does a London Business School MBA lead? We’ll let some of our graduates tell you…

“A horizonexpanding opportunity which gave me a huge sense of achievement.”
Eva Einarsdóttir Gustavsson (Icelandic/American) MBA2009, Director, Regulatory Relations, Barclays I didn’t think entrepreneurship was for me, but during my second year I worked on a business plan for a software start-up company in California, which needed $250,000. With our plan, they managed to achieve $400,000. It turned out to be a fun and horizon-expanding experience which gave me a great sense of achievement. Going on exchange to the Chinese University of Hong Kong was another highlight of my MBA. It was a truly eye-opening time which expanded my networks and challenged my mindset. Making friends with local students and visiting businesses, factories and banks, were invaluable experiences which enriched my understanding of the region. Following my summer internship with Barclays in London, I was offered a job with their Strategy Team. Four years on and two promotions later at Barclays, I am now Director of Regulatory Relations.

“If you want a really global MBA to help you start a business, this is the place for you.”
Nigel Morris (British) MSc1985, Managing Partner, QED Investors and Co-founder, Capital One Financial Services My London Business School experience was a great springboard for my entrepreneurial interests and gave me a sound grounding in business fundamentals. I graduated in 1985, and co-founded Capital One Financial Services in 1994. I have recently started my own venture capital firm, QED Investors, which focuses on leveraging data to gain a competitive advantage across business sectors. The strong sense of community at London Business School has ensured I’ve stayed involved with my alma mater. I am a School Governor, and visit regularly for guest lectures. If you’re interested in starting your own business, and want a really global MBA to help you do it, then this is the place for you.

“Gelato Mio has grown from one store in 2008 to six in 2013. My medium-term goal is for 20. None of it would have been possible without London Business School.”
Carlo Del Mistro (Italian) MBA2009, Managing Director, Gelato Mio

Doing an MBA was all about exploring my options. A career in consulting and banking meant I hadn’t had time to investigate alternative career paths in the creative industries and entrepreneurship, two areas that interested me. Choosing London Business School was easy. It’s a top brand, it offers a great global network, and the two-year timeframe was just what I was after. This was the first time I’d undertaken academic or professional projects managing

other people. Talking with classmates and alumni about their experiences and cultures was a fascinating way to learn how to motivate people from different backgrounds, a skill I now use to manage my ever-increasing number of employees. I started Gelato Mio while still studying. Speaking to colleagues and alumni who’d begun their own ventures was hugely motivating, encouraging an entrepreneurial mindset. From the start, the London Business School network was crucial: on

our first day of trading in summer 2008, more than two thousand customers lined the block – thanks to the word-of-mouth buzz created by the School community. My MBA was a truly life-changing experience, opening up opportunities and linking me to a dynamic, global business school network. My venture has grown from one store in 2008 to six in 2013 and my goal is 20 in the medium-term. None of this would have been possible without London Business School.



Apply now and start the journey,

Take the next step
London Business School offers you an extraordinary MBA experience in one of the finest cities in the world. Here’s a guide to finding out more about the School, your financing options and the application process

“I want to make sure that others get to take part in the same amazing experience I’ve had.”
Mike Wahle (American) MBA2013, CEO and Founder, CrowdCam, Principal, Tactical Wealth Advisors

Financing your MBA
Take a tour online   Discover the detail about the School, MBA, faculty and alumni community Hear from others  Our students are avid bloggers and are happy to answer your questions. Email our MBA ambassadors on: mbastudentambassadors.html Read more student experiences at Meet us around the world  Come to one of our many London and international events. See our website for the latest information on dates and locations: Contact us by telephone or email O  ur Recruitment Officers can answer specific and general questions: Telephone: +44 (0)20 7000 7500 Email: [email protected] Information for partners V  isit the Partners Club website or send an email: Email: [email protected]

Programme Summary


start date

This is a big investment in time and money and it’s essential your finance is in place before the start of your studies. Most funding sources have strict deadlines, so begin your research as early as possible. Living expenses should be budgeted for well in advance, too. We can advise on what these are likely to include. Donor-funded scholarships Our scholarship portfolio offers some outstanding awards to help offset fees. There is a three-stage application process and to be considered for these awards, we recommend you apply in the earliest stages. Scholarships currently include awards from Deutsche Bank, Citi, Style Research, Vodafone Group Foundation and Bank of America Merrill Lynch. Regional scholarships We offer a number of awards for students from the UK, North America, Latin America, India, Israel, Germany, China, Australia/New Zealand, Africa, Sweden, Russia, the CIS and Japan. Additional awards and bursaries A number of awards are available for students with military or engineering backgrounds, for women, including the Women in Business Awards and the Forté Foundation Fellowships. We also offer Financial Needs Bursaries of up to £20,000 each to deserving students who would not otherwise be able to take up the MBA course. Loans We have some excellent loan schemes available to students. Learn more about your options and eligibility: gettingaloan.html For information on funding your MBA:

15,18 21
or duration in months

Being a professional American footballer isn’t the typical pre-MBA profile. By the time my football career was winding down, I’d already been introduced to a trading company, but there were gaps in my education that needed filling. Business school made sense and I could have studied in the USA, but I was after a global experience. As our kids are still young, my wife and I decided that London was the top option. A visit to the School combined with the strength of the brand made it a relatively easy decision. The School’s proximity to the City really set it apart from competitor institutions. The access to Canary Wharf and major companies was amazing. I was able to talk to MDs with a simple phone call. The alumni network is fantastic, too. You meet interesting people, build relationships and discover opportunities in new areas. The standout experience on campus however, was the diverse and high-calibre student body. Professional sport and a top MBA both attract competitive people, but the classroom environment is a little different. There were some very cerebral personalities, and while we were all striving for success, we each went about things differently, which made for a hugely collaborative effort. My MBA reset the business conversations I can have. I’ve now partnered with my former firm, Tactical Wealth Advisors, creating two businesses to better serve our clients. I’ve also founded a sports media platform, CrowdCam, to monetise sports related social media. I am in touch with the School and the global alumni network in California. I want others to take part in the amazing experience that I’ve had.




5.5 years
average work experience prior to programme (range 2-12 years)



“It’s a whirlwind two years, crammed with every type of experience – intellectual stimulation, personal challenges, fun with friends – all within a supportive and passionate atmosphere. Just do it and don’t look back!”
Kathryn Farmer (British) MBA2011, Consultant, The Boston Consulting Group



Our programmes
London Business School can boost your capabilities and potential at every stage of your career
Duration / Format / Primary study location Masters in Management 12 months / Full-time / London For recent graduates with up to two years’ full-time postgraduate work experience. MBA 15-21 months / Full-time / London For those seeking a vertical shift in their career path, to change industry or job function, or develop the tools for an entrepreneurial future. Masters in Finance 10-16 months / Full-time / London 22 months / Part-time / London Advance or change your specialist area within the world of finance. Executive MBA 20 months / Study while working full-time London or Dubai Accelerate your career into general management or move beyond your current technical or functional specialism. EMBA-Global Americas and Europe 20 months / Study while working full-time London and New York For dynamic, mid-career managers and professionals who are highly ambitious and have, or aspire to have, transnational responsibilities. EMBA-Global Asia 20 months / Study while working full-time Hong Kong For dynamic, globally focused executives and managers wishing to deepen their understanding of Western and Eastern business practices. Sloan Masters in Leadership and Strategy 12 months / Full-time / London Designed to prepare experienced senior managers for their next career challenge. Executive Education Our portfolio offers both open enrolment and company-specific programmes. Open programmes range from two days to four weeks and cover HR, general management, finance, leadership, strategic marketing and strategy. Recent graduate Early career Midcareer Senior management

For more information on our programmes and advice on the best solution for your professional development, visit or contact:
Masters Programmes Telephone: +44 (0)20 7000 7511 Email: [email protected] Executive Education Telephone: +44 (0)20 7000 7390 Email: [email protected]

Note Taking by Megan Jones “This illustration is inspired by the variety of people at London Business School. The typography depicts the jotting down of notes and ideas, and the words depict the qualities that different individuals have. I want potential students to identify with these qualities.” Read about the Find Your Voice art project on p2


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