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“Management is doing things right. Leadership is doing the right things.”
—Peter F. Drucker

Claremont Graduate University

What kind of leader are you?

Robert Hargis (Class of 2010), an avid surfer, is working toward a dual-degree—MBA and MS in Information Systems & Technology.

“Today knowledge has power. It controls access to opportunity and advancement.”
—Peter F. Drucker

Discover the



Sylvia Kong

(Class of 2009) “I was really drawn to the Drucker School’s emphasis on ethical management and its philosophy that ‘management is a human enterprise.’ I think the Drucker School differentiates itself from other business schools because it places equal emphasis on soft skills and hard skills and through Drucker’s teachings, it prepares students to lead organizations of knowledge workers.”

“To develop yourself, you have to be doing the right work in the right kind of organization.”
—Peter F. Drucker

In a world filled with corruption at the highest levels, we need inspired management more than ever before. What we have is a responsibility gap between society and those who run our institutions—whether they are businesses, governments, or nonprofits. To close that yawning abyss of incompetence coupled with greed, we must begin by ensuring the basic integrity of our institutions. We need to fill the “responsibility gap.” This gap starts with effective management and ethical leadership—these are missing ingredients necessary to become a responsible society. Management involves being both morally concerned and performance-driven. Both analytical and reflective. Both competent and creative. That’s what we call the Drucker Difference.

Dean Ira A. Jackson

Our beliefs about management
Reflecting the Drucker philosophy of management, we believe that management is a human enterprise—an art as well as a science—that integrates perspectives from the social and behavioral sciences, from philosophy and the humanities, from history and technology, and from religion and mathematics. Effective management takes into account people and their values, not just tasks to be performed. This liberal art of management brings together the complex realities of the world in which we live—our diverse cultural, institutional, and intellectual backgrounds, and our ethical responsibilities. Combined with the hard sciences, accounting, finance, marketing and other building blocks of skills, the intuitive and scientific understanding of these linkages is essential to anticipating and meeting the challenges of change and renewal, and for seeing things both as they are and as they can be. We believe outstanding leadership is an endeavor requiring both character and competence—moral courage as well as analytical insight. Effective leaders make a difference in the lives and institutions they touch by infusing them with strong values and bringing definition to common purpose, commitment to strategy, dignity to human interaction, and increased opportunity for creative self-expression.

At the Drucker School,

you will experience a difference
In a climate of ethical challenges and increased globalization, today’s business and industry leaders are seeking out individuals who: o are productive and purposeful o achieve professional success and social impact o understand the importance of strategic thinking and values-based management Our program infuses Peter Drucker’s management principles along with these important skills into every aspect of learning, resulting in graduates who are ethical and effective leaders in a variety of capacities and an array of fields. We give you all the important tools—finance, accounting, marketing—but mastering these basic skills alone will not make you a successful manager, effective leader, or innovative entrepreneur. Our MBA curriculum stretches beyond the basics and challenges you to explore a unique approach to management as a human enterprise and a liberal art. During your first year at the Drucker School, you will have an opportunity to take the Drucker Difference course—a one-of-a-kind course, which focuses on a values-driven, humancentered approach to management. The Drucker Faculty will share their research interests and apply them to Peter Drucker’s teachings and philosophies. Some schools expect you to conform to a cookie-cutter MBA program. The Drucker School is different because it allows you to explore leadership from your own unique perspective—to bring views and challenges from your industry and customize your education to fit your goals. We value the importance of a GOOD FIT—a school that considers your needs and career aspirations. We provide a personalized and practical, yet reflective, learning experience. We promote diversity, innovation, and individuality.

Is Drucker a GOOD FIT for YOU?

Discover the Drucker difference.

“Innovation is the specific instrument of entrepreneurship, the act that endows resources with a new capacity to create wealth.”
—Peter F. Drucker


Sarah Braun (Drucker School Student Association President, Class of 2009) “Management, like
all things in life, is a continual learning process. Drucker’s unique and intimate environment has provided me with opportunities to discover my own path. A process that is invaluable in my personal and professional endeavors.”

Our value proposition
As a Drucker MBA student, you are making an important investment in your life that will have significant rewards in the future.

You’ll Benefit From
o Our forward-thinking curriculum, world-class faculty, and global perspective, offering the intellectual leverage

you need to transform your life. o Our intimate class sizes and diverse student body, providing you personal attention and rich networking opportunities.

You’ll Discover
High expectations and challenging programs, but also words of encouragement and expert guidance. o Professors who publish the leading books in their fields, eager to engage you in lively discussions about today’s most pressing issues. o The opportunity to develop a management style that values the cultivation of human potential as a company’s most valuable resource. o Peter Drucker’s philosophy, which considers employees as assets to be developed, not costs to be expensed.
o o

An emphasis on the role of ethical and moral leadership.

You’ll Learn
Management skills you can use right now—and for the rest of your life—to meet the demands of an increasingly complex global business environment. o Tools to motivate people, while satisfying shareholders.

A deeper understanding of business practices, strategies, and financial decisions. o How to instinctively make better, more innovative choices, and best practices for successful decision-making. o To sharpen and expand your skills in critical thinking and analysis.


Masaaki Sekiya (Alumnus, 2008) “I identified with the Drucker School philosophy of
‘doing well and doing good.’ I wanted to learn not only practical management skills, but also develop as an ethical leader as I manage my business in Japan.”

“We now accept the fact that learning is a lifelong process of keeping abreast of change. And the most pressing task is to teach people how to learn.”
—Peter F. Drucker

Values-based management
At the Drucker School, you are valued as an individual. Just as we are different, we appreciate that you are different—your talents, your background, your path to personal enrichment and professional growth. You will be treated with respect, praised for your individuality, and embraced by our collegial academic community. Our program is designed for professionals in the early to mid stages of their careers, who are ready to lead and inspire others. You can pursue your MBA either as a full- or part-time student. Our curriculum provides you with a solid foundation in the fundamentals of business. You can focus in an area of concentration that suits your career goals by choosing to take elective classes that stretch beyond the core courses.


Andrew Dick

(Class of 2008) “There are many things I have learned at the Drucker School that I apply to my work as an Operations Group Leader at Target. The most useful class so far has been Self-Management, where I have discovered what motivates me to be most productive at my job and how to effectively lead my team.”

Areas of concentration
The study of finance involves determining what to invest in, how much to invest, where to obtain funds, and how capital markets work. You will be prepared for career opportunities managing the finances of industrial, commercial and marketing enterprises; insurance companies; government, hospitals and other not-for-profit service institutions. If your interest lies in the area of investment, you’ll find career opportunities with investment banks, security dealers, brokerage firms, pension funds, insurance companies, and investment funds. Specialized finance careers are also available with financial intermediaries such as commercial banks, savings and loans, and investment banks.

Global Management
This concentration can help prepare you for the challenges of managing in a global economy. You will learn to examine organizations, markets, and institutions from a multi-national perspective so that you’ll understand how culture, economics, geography, and politics impact a manager’s role in markets that cross national boundaries. A global management concentration is an excellent choice if you are interested in a career with a large, multi-national corporation, or if the industry in which you would like to work is one that faces strong international competition.

This concentration can help you enhance your leadership potential as you examine the vital role that leaders play in defining and implementing an organization’s purpose, vision, and strategy, as well as ways in which leaders can inspire commitment from others. This concentration will help prepare you for a general management position in a wide variety of industries and types of organizations. If your career is moving from technical work toward more management responsibilities, you will find this concentration to be of particular value.


“The aim of marketing is to know and understand the customer so well the product or service fits him and sells itself.”
—Peter F. Drucker

If you are interested in identifying and satisfying consumer needs, or communicating product benefits to a target group of customers, the marketing concentration will serve you very well. Both businesses and non-commercial institutions attempt to anticipate, manage, and satisfy demands for goods and services. In this concentration, you will learn ways to successfully conceive, promote, price, and distribute such products and services. Students with a marketing concentration frequently go on to careers as brand or product managers, market researchers, account executives, market analysts, media planners, technical sales reps, and consultants.

The strategy concentration is designed to equip you with the core concepts, frameworks, and techniques of strategic management. Strategic management is about managing the enterprise to achieve superior performance. Thus, you will learn how to identify the sources of profit available to the business enterprise, and to formulate and implement strategies that exploit these sources of profit. Courses in the concentration will be analytical and will focus on senior management decisions that enhance profit maximization while taking into account the competitive response to those decisions. Students with a strategy concentration frequently go on to careers as consultants, entrepreneurs, and strategy analysts.


Joint-degree programs
The Drucker School offers joint-degree programs that are very focused in their direction and coursework.

Master of Arts in Arts Management
The Master of Arts in Arts Management is a joint program between the Drucker School and the School of Arts and Humanities. It is an applied program, designed for students with a strong background in the arts or humanities who want to combine management, policy, and decision-making training with advanced study in the humanities.

Master of Arts in Politics, Economics and Business
The Master of Arts in Politics, Economics and Business (MAPEB) is a unique transdisciplinary degree program that provides a cutting-edge perspective on local and international concerns with particular relevance to public sector and nonprofit management.

Master of Science in Financial Engineering
Management of risk is necessary in today’s highly leveraged, highly competitive global economy. Using advanced quantitative methods and path-breaking concepts of strategic planning and responsible risk management, the Financial Engineering (MSFE) program combines the most relevant aspects of mathematics and financial management.

Master of Arts in Management
The Master of Arts in Management (MAM) degree is designed for students who seek a comprehensive introduction to the field of management. The degree allows you to gain essential skills in business management and is suited for a variety of clienteles. The Drucker School’s strengths in nonprofit management and leadership are prominently featured as components of the degree.

Dual-degree options
A dual degree is a great way to customize your MBA. The Drucker School offers dual-degree programs with the other prestigious graduate schools at Claremont Graduate University. You can earn an MBA and a second degree of your choice if admitted to that program. Currently, we offer such degrees in concert with the School of Organizational and Behavioral Sciences, the School of Mathematical Sciences, the School of Politics and Economics, the School of Arts and Humanities, and the School of Information Systems and Technology. There is a significant benefit of time savings in pursuing an MBA as a dual degree. The traditional MBA program requires 60 units of course work. However, when pursued as part of a dual degree, the requirement is reduced to 48 units, since Drucker will accept 12 units from the partner school as electives.


“The Oxford trip was one of the true highlights of my time at Drucker. Through the course, I was able to think much more globally about today’s business issues, gain tremendous insight from the students in other CGU programs who attended, and mix classroom time with unbelievable cultural and business-related activities in England.” — Emily Smith, pictured left (Alumnus, 2008)

International exchange and study abroad programs
As a Drucker MBA student, you will have a number of opportunities to study abroad. For several years, we have held Drucker classes at universities outside the U.S. During the summer, we offer a course called Global Strategy and Trade, which is held at St. Peter’s College, Oxford University. This 12-day intensive program on the multi-dimensional aspects of global strategy and trade is designed for any student who will be involved in managing and advising companies that either compete internationally or face international competitors. Offered as a transdisciplinary course, you will partner up with graduate students from other disciplines, such as psychology and political science, to develop an understanding of the political, economic, legal, and social dimensions of globalization as they impact strategy formulation and international trade. In addition to classes offered by the Drucker School, you may participate in an exchange program with one of our partner schools. We currently offer programs with Hitotsubashi University in Japan, St. Gallen University in Switzerland, Inha University in Korea, and RSM Erasmus University in the Netherlands.


Serena Zelezny

(Class of 2008) “I have enjoyed my courses at Drucker. The Marketing Strategy course is among my favorites because we worked with real clients and provided them with real options for their marketing plans. This experience has been vital as I prepare for a career as a marketing consultant. I also enjoyed the Drucker Difference class because it allowed me to meet all of the professors before taking their primary courses.”

Student-centered approach
From the moment you begin considering our program, the staff at Drucker will provide you with the highest level of service so you can focus on the things that are most important: making the right choices for you, getting the most out of your Drucker education, advancing your professional career, and having time to enjoy your personal life.

For prospective students

We make it easy to get the information you need. Our consistent communication and accessibility sets us apart from other schools. To help you decide if the Drucker School is right for you, we will arrange for you to sit in on classes and connect you with faculty members, alumni, or current students to get you first-hand information. Our admissions staff is dedicated to making sure you fully understand our range of programs and will help you choose the one that is right for you.



For current students

We care about your success and offer personalized attention when advising you on course selection and class scheduling, concentration requirements, and commencement. Academic and faculty advisors will work closely with you to ensure a smooth transition from your first semester, and throughout your academic student experience. You will have an opportunity to get expert advice from faculty in your area of concentration whose purpose is to support and challenge you in making positive career and educational decisions. During the first semester, you will consult with your faculty advisors over lunch to discuss the next steps in your career.




Drucker faculty
Peter Drucker set the standard for faculty whose teaching and research consistently influence management practice. Our faculty produce important research and publications and guide private, public, and not-for-profit organizations worldwide. Your faculty member may counsel a business leader one day, and share their new insights with your class the next day. You will have access to our faculty who are dedicated to academic excellence and cutting-edge research. They are passionate about teaching, collegial with you, and involved in shaping your future success. They recognize that you possess valuable knowledge and experiences that will enhance the learning experience. We encourage you to visit a class or to meet with a faculty member to discuss your interest in the Drucker School. Murat Binay
Assistant Professor of Financial Management

“In this age of globalization, where each of us is a world citizen, Drucker has succeeded in unifying people under a common set of beliefs and ideas. His legacy and the transcontinental nature of his ideas continue to provide us with a guiding light in our future endeavors.”

art’ is about motivating people. It is central to all of our teaching, as is the notion that we are a school of management and not a school of business.”

Ira Jackson
Henry Y. Hwang Dean and Professor of Management

Jenny Darroch
Assistant Professor of Marketing

“Be open-minded and get as much out of every opportunity while you are at Drucker. We are part of vibrant college community that is characterized by intellectual inquiry. Make an effort to connect with both the School and the Claremont Colleges community.”

“At this time of turbulence in global markets and confusion about the role of business and government, Drucker offers calming guidance and wisdom about how we can find our way and navigate to a better future. Here you will gain insights about values, principles, ethics, and purpose. At Drucker, these aren’t peripheral or add-ons; they are the heart and soul of who we are, what we do, and what we call the Drucker Difference.”

Jean Lipman-Blumen
Thornton F. Bradshaw Professor of Public Policy and Professor of Organizational Behavior

Cornelis de Kluyver
The Masatoshi Ito Professor of Management

“As faculty, we all share the core set of beliefs Peter Drucker held about management and about the importance of ethical behavior. ‘Management as a liberal

“Peter Drucker’s insight that management is a liberal art pervades the teaching at our school and sets it apart from others. If you are interested in ethics, philosophy,

The Peter F. Drucker and Masatoshi Ito Graduate School of Management was ranked #5 for Best Professors among 296 business schools nationwide.
art, history, psychology, theology, sociology, and how knowledge of these disciplines will make you a better leader, then this is the place for you.”

Jay Prag
Clinical Associate Professor

Joseph A. Maciariello
Horton Professor of Management

“I advise students to take what comes out of each class and reflect on its usefulness in the experiences that they are having in life. The way to convert knowledge is to apply it. Come prepared to contribute to the learning environment of the Drucker School.”

“The Drucker School, like the Claremont Colleges, is prestigious, top-notch, and has great resources. We have highlyaccomplished professors who love to be in the classroom and are passionate about what they teach. We provide a unique and experiential opportunity for students—quality education and exceptional classroom experience.”

Vijay Sathe
Professor of Management

Craig L. Pearce
Associate Professor of Management

“I value the Drucker School’s emphasis on the human side of enterprise. My courses build on the Drucker philosophy by taking a holistic approach to understanding human dynamics in organizations. I place considerable emphasis on developing a deep understanding of cultural values.”

“Too many business schools define success in terms of money, position, and status. Drucker reminds us, the hallmark of a successful leader is not achievement, but a contribution. What will be your contribution to those who depend on you? To your organization? To society at large? These are the questions we like to ask of ourselves and of our students.”

James Wallace
Associate Professor of Accounting

Roberto Pedace
Clinical Associate Professor

“I would encourage prospective students to visit the Drucker School and to visit a class so they can experience the high quality teaching first hand. Many schools claim they offer student-centered education, but most graduate programs operate with a completely different model.”

“Drucker has taught me that anybody asking the question ‘is it better to do good or do well?’ doesn’t get it. You don’t choose one or the other. Doing good and doing well feed each other in a virtuous cycle where everyone wins. Rather than teach a one-dimensional perspective of winners and losers, I focus on how to make the pie bigger for everyone.”

Katharina Pick
Visiting Assistant Professor

Hideki Yamawaki
Professor of Management and Associate Dean

“You can walk away from this program with so much more than the necessary strategies and tactics for getting ahead. The school provides the space to develop a much deeper understanding of universal concepts of human behavior that make for truly exceptional management.”

“The Drucker School is different from other traditional business schools because of our diverse student body. Our school has a global presence that attracts many business leaders from different countries.”

Ilona Moizesch (Alumnus, 2008) “I chose the Drucker School because I was looking
for a new and relevant experience. I wanted to be part of an institution that was on the cutting edge of a new trend in management. My MBA degree will allow me to bring new ideas and perspectives to the world in my accounting work at Pricewaterhouse Coopers.”

“Leadership is the lifting of (one’s) vision to higher sights.”
—Peter F. Drucker

drucker network

Ina Gonzales

(Alumnus, 2008) “At Drucker, I learned how to ask ‘big questions,’ to solve problems using my whole brain, and to develop into the kind of leader who I would want to be led by. I am looking forward to applying what I learned at Drucker in my new role as a Senior Consultant at Deloitte Consulting in their Human Capital division in the Organization and Change practice.”

“Knowledge workers must take responsibility for managing themselves.”
—Peter F. Drucker

Benefits of the Drucker network
As soon as you become a student, you become part of our community of active and impressive alumni who share in the Drucker legacy. As a fellow graduate, our alumni know that you receive a different kind of management training at the Drucker School, making you more desirable to their organization. Here are just some of the outstanding people who proudly call themselves Drucker Alums:

President & COO of Jack in the Box President & CEO of AAA of Southern California President & CEO of the LA Music Center

(which includes the Disney Music Hall)

Vice President of ACCENTURE Finance Manager of Intel President of eBay Market Places (and former president of PayPal)
At the Drucker School, we are committed to your success, both while you are a student and throughout your career. From our speaker series and our alumni mentorship program, to our ourstanding career management services, being a part of the Drucker community definitely has its advantages.


Drucker alumni spotlight
David Coffaro — FINANCE
Dave Coffaro is Managing Director & Executive Vice President of Investment Management & Trust and Chief Fiduciary Officer for Wells Fargo Wealth Management Group. Dave is currently a member of the American Banker’s Association Professional Development Council, Board of Director for Wells Fargo Delaware Trust Company, and Chairman of the Wells Fargo & Co. Trust Committee. He also serves as Chair of the Advisory Board for UC Berkeley Extension’s Wealth Management Program.

David Fosberg is the Regional Manager of the World Ahead Program for Intel’s Asia Pacific Sales & Marketing Group. In this role, he works closely with governments, community leaders, and NGOs within Asia on ways to utilize IT to improve education, nurture local entrepreneurial opportunities, and increase citizen access to information and computing within Asia’s emerging markets.

John W. Bruns was named Vice President, China Operations, Boeing Commercial Airplanes (BCA) in July, 2006. Bruns assumed his new position after serving since 1998 as Sales Director, Asia Pacific. In that capacity, he led teams working with several Chinese airline customers and was responsible for more than $8 billion in sales and commitments. Bruns serves as the senior, in-country executive representing BCA in Beijing.

Bettina Sherick — MARKETING
Bettina Sherick is the Vice President of International Digital Marketing for 20th Century Fox, where she oversees the deployment of Internet and mobile marketing strategies and digital marketing content development for the international theatrical businesses. Under her leadership, 20th Century Fox International has actively pursued the digital space as a marketing medium. Her experience includes managing the development of international digital marketing campaigns for $100M+ box office releases such as Ice Age: The Meltdown, Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer, and The Simpsons Movie.

Tamara Keefe-Do (Alumnus, 2008) “The support, guidance
and help I received from the CGU Office of Career Management has been invaluable. They have been a tremendous resource. They helped me get a jump-start on my employment search by assisting in getting my resume in front of recruiters early and by informing me of critical conferences and fairs to attend.”

Career management
The Office of Career Management is here to help you achieve your occupational goals by providing highly personalized, comprehensive development services. We partner with you as your own personal career consultants, so that your professional development is supported by our structured services such as employment counseling and workshops. Coupled with your own active participation via our self-assessment tools and proactive job search techniques, this partnership ensures a successful transition from graduate school to a fulfilling profession. We offer: Personalized career planning. Our career counselors get to know you as a person: your goals, passions, values, interests, family life, and dreams for the future. Using specialized self-assessment measures and jobsearching tools, we help you reach a deeper understanding of your career skills and coach you to help you broaden your horizons and realize opportunities. Preparation and skill refinement. Our “Create Your Future” and professional skills workshops offer valuable assistance in crucial self-marketing skills, including creating a winning resume, honing interview skills, and developing techniques for effectively negotiating job offers and compensation packages. Research and resources. For those looking to make a career transition to another industry, we help you determine your optimal profession and find the job opportunities right for you. This includes researching industry profiles, forecasting employment trends, and salary information. Career Connections. Drucker alumni are located in all 50 states and in over 57 countries. With your MBA, you will be connected to a global network of professionals, many of whom will be industry contacts working in companies of interest to you. You will have access to this alumni database for one-on-one discussions about your career goals. We also routinely host guest speakers from top companies to present their on-the-job experience, plus host on-campus recruiting events. The Drucker School alumni are also available to you via our Alumni Mentoring Program and at various year-round events.

Fumihide Oda (Class of 2009) “The International Fellows
program gave me confidence speaking and listening to English. It also gave me the opportunity to interact closely with people from other cultures. I now have a better understanding of those cultures and other ways of doing business. In a global business environment, it is important to have this knowledge.”

International Fellows Program

Our International Fellows Program, carefully designed by Claremont Graduate University faculty, helps students: o Adjust quickly to learning in a different culture o Build the level of confidence needed for success in the classroom and beyond o Develop sophisticated spoken and written English

International Place (I-Place) The Claremont Colleges

I-Place offers services for international students who want extra personal or academic support while attending the Drucker School, from providing international students with a host family from their home country as a resource and mentor, to sponsoring social events featuring native cuisine prepared by international students.

In addition to the many speakers and conferences hosted at Claremont Graduate University, you can attend events at any of the seven world-renowned Claremont Colleges. We regularly welcome world-class speakers from politics, business, international economy, and the academy throughout the year.

The Drucker School Executive Forum Series The Drucker Institute

You will have the opportunity to attend our monthly forums featuring CEOs, entrepreneurs, authors, artists, and prominent business thinkers. Topics range from entrepreneurship, creative work in business, and sustainable business practices to future trends in technology, venture capitalism, and the green economy.

Located on campus, the Drucker Institute preserves and promotes the legacy and teachings of Peter Drucker. The institute is home to both the physical and digital archives of Peter Drucker’s work. Many countries have Drucker Societies that individuals can join in order to network with other “Druckerites,” and continue learning about the future of management. The institute also coordinates seminars and conferences, bringing together people from public, private, and educational sectors to talk about current events.

“Opportunity is where you find it, not where it finds you.”
DRUCKER experience
—Peter F. Drucker

Junnosuke Nakamura

(Alumnus, 2008) “I have enjoyed my experience at the Drucker School. There are many activities for students to be involved with. For example, I joined the Claremont Colleges Rugby Football Club and enjoy the diversity of the club. I have cultivated strong relationships with students from many countries such as South Africa and Indonesia.”

Life in Claremont
The Drucker School is ideally located in the charming city of Claremont, a community of over 35,000 residents and home of the prestigious Claremont Colleges Consortium. Money magazine’s 2007 survey of the best 100 small cities in America listed Claremont, California, among the top five best cities to live. The article describes Claremont: “The downtown is a mix of hip boutiques and old-school businesses. And the historic College Heights Lemon Packing House is now home to the Claremont Art Museum, restaurants, a jazz bar, and artists’ lofts.” We enjoy sunshine more than 300 days a year in Claremont, with winter temperatures in the low-60s. Fall brings the dazzling colors of changing leaves, while winter provides breathtaking views of snow-capped mountains. Still, the sun keeps shining. Located just 35 miles east of downtown Los Angeles, it is an oasis among the hustle and bustle of Southern California, while being just a short drive from a tremendous range of social, cultural, and sports activities. Claremont’s proximity to downtown Los Angeles affords students the opportunity to explore one of the most culturally diverse and connected cities in the United States.


Craig Borengasser & Zach Weismann (Class of 2008) “We chose the Drucker
School for its reputation of building leaders. As students in the 4 + 1 program and also playing on the basketball varsity team at Claremont McKenna College, we get the opportunity to receive an MBA in half the time. You do not find many opportunities like that elsewhere, and after learning about the school, the faculty, and all the opportunities it presents, we both felt we had to take advantage of it.”

A day in the life of a Drucker student
7:00 Workout or go for a surf 8:45 Eat breakfast, check, check email 10:00 Arrive at work/internship 2:30 Head to campus 3:15 Grab a snack at Hagelbarger’s 3:30 Meet with group for presentation 4:00 Marketing Management 7:00 Drucker on Management 10:45 Do some quick studying before going to bed

Life outside of Drucker
As a Drucker student, you have access to an array of sports facilities at the Claremont Consortium. Enjoy swimming, tennis, basketball, racquetball, soccer, and squash or working out in the gym. Ski, hike, or bike in the mountains, or swim and surf in the Pacific Ocean, all within a one-hour drive of campus. Within walking distance of campus, Claremont’s downtown area, known as The Village, offers an ever-growing selection of restaurants, coffee shops, boutiques, and galleries, as well as a hotel, a Laemmle Theater movie complex, and an art museum. Many students take advantage of the variety of events hosted at the Claremont Colleges, from concerts and dance performances to internationally-acclaimed speakers and film festivals, the Consortium calendar is packed with impressive entertainment options for every interest.

Student leadership
Our students are bright, inquisitive, ambitious, and serious about their educational and professional goals. Their range of unique life and work experiences are reflected in the variety of activities and student groups on campus. From student government, to sports, to networking groups, there are plenty of ways to get involved.

Drucker School Student Association (DSSA)
The DSSA is the Drucker School’s primary student governing body that focuses on the enhancement of student life and serves all of the school’s programs. As a student, you can get involved with DSSA or also serve as a leader through one of our student clubs.

Net Impact
The Net Impact chapter at the Drucker School is a network of business leaders aimed to drive social and environmental change through the power of business. Net Impact ranked the Drucker School above other business schools in how well the school prepares students for ethical and socially responsible leadership, faculty support of Net Impact themes in the curriculum, and values-based job placement.

Tyler Barrell

(Class of 2009) “I have been involved with the Drucker chapter of Net Impact, which is a 501(c) 3 that aims to use the power of markets to drive positive social and environmental change. Aside from personal reasons, I got involved because the issues related to Net Impact are ones in which every future leader should be well versed regardless of sector or industry of expertise. The organization offers a network of thousands of likeminded individuals in Claremont, greater L.A., and beyond.”

“The best way to predict the future is to create it.”
—Peter F. Drucker


Philbert Abellera (Alumnus, 2008) “I feel that formal business training will help with
any future in management. At the Drucker School, I served as the 2007 Student Association President and Treasurer and was a key contributor to the Management Consulting Association. I also had the opportunity to assist the MBA Admissions Office as one of the student ambassadors. I plan on applying the skills that I learned from Drucker in my career in strategic planning for the Consumer Technology industry.”

“Where do I belong as a person?”
—Peter F. Drucker

Is Drucker a good fit for you?
The Drucker School MBA program is not just a business program, but a management and leadership program. We are seeking students who already demonstrate strong leadership and achievement ability, or who clearly show the potential for leadership and achievement in the future. We select students from a wide range of industries and international backgrounds, who we believe will benefit from the case study and discussion methods of teaching at the Drucker School. Consistent with our vision, good candidates for the Drucker School MBA program are those who recognize our philosophy of management as a liberal art. The Drucker School does not have a minimum requirement for GMAT scores, undergraduate GPA, or length of work experience, but the academic committee evaluates applications on a holistic basis, focusing on all aspects of the application. There are no prerequisite courses required for the Drucker MBA program.


Jane Castanares (Class

of 2010) “I chose the Drucker School because of its philosophy and how it acknowledges the human variable within management. I plan on implementing Drucker’s philosophies to enhance my real estate company’s performance.”

Financing your education
We understand that the decision to return to school is an investment in your future that requires both time and money. The Drucker School recognizes this and is pleased to offer several resources to help fund your education. We offer several merit-based fellowships in addition to other types of financial aid that are distributed evenly throughout a student’s time at The Drucker School. We encourage applicants interested in fellowship consideration to complete an application by the priority deadline. You may be eligible for the following MBA Fellowships: The Drucker Fellowship is awarded to selected applicants who possess an exceptional ability and background to pursue a highly successful career in a leadership role. The Doris Drucker Women in Leadership Fellowship is a prestigious fellowship program in honor of Doris Drucker, wife of famed management scholar and social philosopher Peter Drucker for 68 years. The aim of the fellowship is to recognize exceptional women who are looking to enter careers in management and leadership. The Drucker School Diversity and Leadership Fellowship is a scholarship for applicants who have assumed a leadership role in their community. This fellowship is in alignment with the school’s mission to prepare a diverse group of outstanding individuals to have an ethical impact on society.


Office of Student Financing
The Office of Student Financing makes every effort to assist qualified students in financing their futures by offering information on federal loans, federal work-study, and other means to make a Drucker MBA a reality. Many of our students combine merit-based fellowships with student loans to offset tuition costs. Additionally, some of our students receive educational reimbursement or sponsorship from their employers to cover part or all of the cost of attendance. For more information on financial aid, please contact the Office of Student Financing at (909) 621-8337 or [email protected] or visit

Corporate partners & sponsors
The Drucker School has partnership arrangements with several corporations, both locally and worldwide, offering special fellowships for employees of the Jet Propulsion Lab (JPL), Boeing, and many others. Please contact your Human Resources Department for more information regarding partnership arrangements.


Apply to Drucker
Think the Drucker School could be the right fit for you? We encourage you to apply early to be considered for funding opportunities. You can apply online from the Claremont Graduate University website at:

Application guidelines
In order to be eligible for admission to the Drucker School, you must hold a U.S. equivalent Bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university and have taken the GMAT within the past five years. The following elements must be included with your application: • A completed and signed application for admission (this may be submitted online) • A non-refundable application fee • Official transcripts from all undergraduate institutions attended • An official GMAT score report sent directly from ETS, the Educational Testing Service • A student profile and application for institutional aid • A copy of your current resume • Two letters of recommendation • A completed personal statement Applicants may be asked to attend an in-person or telephone interview. International students must submit either an official TOEFL score sent directly from ETS or an IELTS official score report. International students who hold a degree from a college or university in a country where English is the primary language may interview in lieu of submitting a TOEFL or IELTS score. We encourage you to discover the Drucker School firsthand by attending one of our information sessions or arranging for a visit. We will happily introduce you to faculty members and current students, let you attend a class session, or take you on a campus tour. You may also visit a virtual information session on our website. If you have any questions during the application process, please contact us at (909) 607-7811 or [email protected] or visit us online at


The Peter F. Drucker and Masatoshi Ito Graduate School of Management
1021 North Dartmouth Avenue, Claremont, CA 91711 Tel: (909) 607-7811; (800) 944-4312 Email: [email protected]

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