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Post Graduate Program


Table of Contents
President’s Message Emphasis Offered Rationale & Demand of the Program Mission Why Skyline Curriculum Requirements for Graduation Core Courses Electives : Emphasis on Marketing Emphasis on Finance Admission Policies Foundation Program Pre - MBA Change of Emphasis Physical Resources Sports Department Student Committees 13 14 15 22 24 26 27 30 32 02 03 04 07 08 10 11

Professional Relationships & Articulation Agreements 34

President’s Message
Skyline University College has been a forerunner in recognizing the needs of the industry and integrating knowledge with professional inputs. Established in the year 1990, the University College was set up with vision of academic excellence, professional education and academic consultancy. The mission of Skyline University College reaffirms its commitment towards the students and their careers where quality Undergraduate and Postgraduate education is the overriding priority. The futuristic approach of Skyline strives to keep pace with the changing trends of market requirements and preparing its students to meet the challenges by grooming them all round academically and professionally in the global context. The University College is known through standards of its faculty members, students and alumni’s. It is important for us to maintain a core faculty who are the frontiers of knowledge and creativity across the spectrum of activities in the University College. This ensures that we provide our students not only with effective teaching but also an exciting learning experience. The College will enhance its quality, size and diversity while developing three main attributes i.e. Academic Excellence, Professional Education, Competitive Advantage. We intend to equip our students for the future by providing them with the skills, knowledge and values so that they can find a rightful place in the profession and society. I consider it a great opportunity, privilege and an honor to lead this progressive educational establishment and I am convinced that Skyline University College is one of the eminent Higher Education institutions in the country. I am positive that the pages that follow will help you to take the right path. We look forward to welcoming you to Skyline University College and in helping you to shape your future, to turn your dreams into reality and to face the challenges ahead of you.

Kamal Puri

Emphasis Offered

wITh EMphAsIs oN




Rationale & Demand of the Program

In the growing global business scenario and the reach of multinational corporate houses all around the planet, the need and consequent demand for international quality human resources is imperative. Skyline University College took upon itself the responsibility to evaluate and analyze this need in the UAE. The UAE economy has grown significantly in the recent years though the economic downturn experienced around the globe affected the UAE too last year but stability has returned back. A modern liberal economy the UAE witnessed minor contraction in wake of the globalized nature of its economy. Due to sound policies and excellent business environment the UAE is now on the path of recovery faster and more robust then several leading economies of the world. UAE Gross Domestic Product (GDP) expanded 23.25% over the last 4 quarters. The UAE Gross Domestic Product is worth 163 billion dollars according to the World Bank. The United Arab Emirates has an open economy with a high per capita income and a sizable annual trade surplus. Successful efforts at economic diversification have reduced the portion of GDP based on oil and gas output to 25%.


Rationale & Demand of the Program

Business Administration professionals with advanced degrees are in great demand in today’s business environment. A Master of Business Administration degree can benefit those in positions in business and management, especially at the executive and managerial levels. An MBA program offers a range of benefits for the successful candidates, including business knowledge and leadership skills besides networking abilities. The program strives to equip its students with all the necessary knowledge, theoretical as well as practical, which can benefit them tremendously in managerial and administrative jobs. This not only applies to business, as is usually perceived, but can also benefit people to get into executive positions in the public sector and government jobs. This gives the MBA degree a global appeal and worldwide recognition. The Skyline University College MBA program with emphasis on Marketing and emphasis on Finance meets the growing needs of professionals at local, regional and global levels. This MBA program was launched after conducting a structured survey of need for a quality MBA program in Sharjah with an affordable price structure. Employers and students


Rationale & Demand of the Program

survey analysis clearly identified that Marketing and Finance are the two areas, which are most sought after by professionals in the UAE. The curriculum was developed based on the analysis of their broad area of preferences, employability and growth potential of different sectors. The Skyline University College MBA program enables its graduates to acquire high level of Managerial skills, knowledge and positive attitude. Skyline University College program incorporates in its curriculum key areas of professional requirement. The course design is a result of extensive review of highly rated programs of similar nature in the international academia. With a well defined system of quality assurance, highly qualified faculty and extensive learning support system, the Skyline University College MBA instils in its students the much needed professional temper, bridging the gap between the demand and supply of such human resources. It is believed that this MBA program, which is a result of a scientifically researched analysis, will prove to be highly beneficial for the business leaders of the future.



The Mission of Skyline University College is to impart knowledge and develop professional skills in students to enable them to become effective business managers in a diverse and dynamic regional and global environment.

Skyline University College is approved and its programs are accredited by the Commission for Academic Accreditation (CAA) of the Ministry of Higher Education & Scientific Research (MOHESR), UAE.


Why Skyline

ACCREDITATION: Skyline University College is approved and accredited by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, UAE. ACADEMICS: Skyline University College offers educational programs of the highest quality that are current and relevant to the dynamic global business environment. FACULTY: All Faculty members hold Ph.D. degrees in their respective area of specialization PROGRAMS: Skyline University College offers Bachelor in Business Administration(BBA) with majors in Travel and Tourism Management, Information Systems, Marketing, International Business & Masters of Business Administration (MBA) with Emphasis on Marketing and with Emphasis on Finance. ACADEMIC ADVISING & MENTORING: Faculty members are more than just teachers, they act as student advisors and mentors as well. INDUSTRY LINK: The University College takes proactive steps to maintain its relationship with industries, which ensure that the curriculum is kept abreast with latest developments and suitable employment and internship opportunities. INTERNSHIP / PRACTICUM: The Institution has an inbuilt internship/ practicum program,


Why Skyline

at the undergraduate level which provides industry exposure to all its students in all the majors. This helps the students to relate classroom experience with hands on industry experience. PLACEMENT CELL: The University College has a dedicated placement cell, which actively works to find a suitable placement for graduating students and furthering their higher education needs. The Institution has graduated more than 3615 students. COST: Skyline University College offers competitive and affordable education with a facility to pay tuition fees conveniently in monthly installments. EXTRA CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES: The Campus provides a wealth of opportunities for complete personality development, which includes sports, year round cultural activities, debate competitions etc. LOCATION: The Campus is strategically located in the University City of Sharjah, which is barely a 20 minute drive from the center of Dubai. HOSTEL: Skyline University College provides a fully-furnished , safe and secure on and off campus housing facilities for both male and female students on single or twin sharing basis. TRANSPORTATION: The Campus provides air-conditioned transport facilities at an additional fee.


Curriculum Requirements for Graduation

wITh EMphAsIs oN



Core courses (9 Courses) Emphasis (3 Courses) Total Requirements

27 Credits 9 Credits 36 Credits


Core Courses

The Skyline University College MBA is divided into two parts viz. the core courses and emphasis area. The core courses are designed to dwell upon issues of general management practices enabling the students to understand and analyze the concepts and constructs of modern management theories. These courses will enhance the core competencies of the candidate in the art and sciences of managing at all levels and in all areas of business management and general administration. These courses include Managerial Accounting and Quantitative Methods for Decision Making, which play a vital role in developing the foundation for managerial decision making in the real life scenarios. Courses such as Marketing Management, Human Resource Management, Financial Management and Managerial Economics are essential pillars of any Graduate program on modern management. This program also includes at the core level, common to all specializations, courses like International Business, Corporate Information Strategy and Strategic Management exposing the students to global management techniques for a successful management career. On the other hand, the emphasis areas on Marketing and on Finance narrow the focus of the candidate making him/her a specialist, details of which are given in the pages that follow.


Core Courses


COURSES Managerial Accounting Quantitative Methods for Business Decision Making BUS602 International Business CIS601 Corporate Information Strategy & Management ECO601 Managerial Economics FIN601 Financial Management MGM601 Human Resource Management MKT601 Marketing Management MGM713 Strategic Management


CREDITS 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 27



Emphasis on Marketing
MBA Program with emphasis on Marketing can be a rewarding prospect for an aspirant. It offers a range of courses focused in the area of Marketing to enable the candidate become an independent planner and decision maker. The Skyline University College MBA program with emphasis on marketing focuses on the role and importance of marketing in the business world. It empowers students with skills to select appropriate tools that are provided with cutting edge advantage in a highly competitive business environment. The courses on marketing communication, consumer behavior, supply chain management and international marketing strategy are so designed that they cover the most essential of competencies required in a marketing professional to analyze situations and take decisions in a globally competitive environment. The courses will draw inputs from theories and concepts related to behavioral sciences and marketing management to evaluate and implement effective marketing strategies.

CODE MKT711 MKT712 MKT713 MKT714

ELECTIVE COURSES (Choose any 3) Marketing Communications Consumer Behavior Supply Chain Management International Marketing Strategy


CREDITS 3 3 3 3 9



Emphasis on Finance
The Finance side of business administration and management can be a complex area and requires professionals with specialized skills and knowledge in order to help in smooth functioning of the organization. The Skyline University College MBA program with emphasis on Finance focuses on courses that explain and help students to make judicious financial decisions. The purpose of the course is to enable students to understand and analyze the theories and constructs of Corporate Finance, Financial Institutions, International Finance and Investment & Portfolio Management. Students opting for Finance emphasis will acquire skills in modern evaluation techniques, price differential across countries, institutional characteristics of Banking and corporate financial decision making. Financial decision making is the single most important function of management having implications on the health of any organization. MBA program with emphasis on Finance at Skyline equips the students with such techniques that are ingenious in nature and prepares them to face impending challenges of the international business world.
CODE FIN711 FIN712 FIN713 FIN714 ELECTIVE COURSES (Choose any 3) Corporate Finance Management of Banks & Financial Institutions International Finance Investment and Portfolio Management (SAPM) PRE-REQUISITES ACC601, FIN601 ACC601, FIN601 ACC601, FIN601 ACC601, FIN601 CREDITS 3 3 3 3 9



Admission Policies

Following are the requirements for admission to the Skyline University College Master of Business Administration (MBA) program :

a. Minimum Qualification requirement • A Bachelor’s degree in Business discipline from an accredited institution in the UAE or its equivalent • A Bachelor’s degree in any other discipline will be accepted but the applicant is required to undergo a Pre- MBA program to fulfill the requirement of business foundation courses incase the student has not taken any of these stipulated courses. b. English Proficiency Requirement: A TOEFL score of 550 on the Paper-Based, 213 on the Computer Based, or 79 on the Internet Based test, or the equivalent score on another standardized test approved by the Ministry of Higher Education & Scientific Research (MOHESR), such as IELTS score of 6.0, is required for admission to the Master’s program with the following exceptions: • A native speaker of English who has completed his/ her undergraduate education in an English medium institution in a country where English is the Official language.


Admission Policies

• A student admitted to and Graduated from an English medium institution who can provide evidence of acquiring a minimum TOEFL score of 500 on the Paper Based test, or its equivalent on another standardized test approved by the MOHESR, upon admission to his/her undergraduate program. c. GPA Requirement A cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) of 3.0 (on a 4.0 point scale or its established equivalent) in the applicant’s Baccalaureate degree program is required for admission to Graduate Programs.

Probationary admittance may be granted to:
• A student with a CGPA of 2.5 or higher and a TOEFL score of 530 on the Paper Based test, 197 on the Computer Based, or 71 on the Internet-Based test (or its equivalent using a standardized test approved by MOHESR) may be admitted to the Master’s program subject to the following: a) The student takes a maximum of six (6) credit hours in the first semester during which s/he takes intensive English. S/he must achieve an average score of 3.0 (on a 4.0 point scale or its established equivalent) in the credit courses taken.


Admission Policies

b) The student achieves a TOEFL score of 550 or its equivalent by the end of the semester. c) If either provision is not met, the student must be dismissed. • A student with a CGPA between 2.5 and 2.99 and a TOEFL score of 550 (or its equivalent using a standardized test approved by MOHESR) can take a maximum of 9 credit hours in the first semester. S/he must achieve a semester average score of 3 (on a 4.0 point scale or its established equivalent) in the credit courses taken to continue the program. If not, the student must be dismissed.

Mature Entry Admission
A student who does not meet the required GPA of 3.0 (out of 4.0 scale) in the Undergraduate degree program and has at least 5 years of relevant documented work experience after having obtained the Baccalaureate degree provided s/he meets the English proficiency requirement of TOEFL score of 550 or its equivalent can get the mature entry admission. The number of students admitted under the category of Mature Entry Admission must not exceed 10% of the total number of students admitted to a Master’s program provided MOHE approval is granted.


Admission Policies

Transfer of Credits
A maximum of 12 credit hours can be accepted as transfer into the MBA program of Skyline University College provided these credit hours are adequate to meet the requirements for Transfer of credits (TOC) procedures. All the courses in the curriculum are protected except the following courses that can be replaced by accepting TOC from any accredited Graduate level program:

CODE CIS601 ACC601 ECO601 MGM601 MKT601

COURSES Information Systems for Business Decisions Managerial Accounting Managerial Economics Human Resource Management Marketing Management


Admission Policies

Procedure for finalizing institutions for the purpose of transfer of credits
A. Qualification: Skyline University College will accept transfer of credits only from the Institutions that fall under any one of the following categories: Accredited by the Ministry of Higher Education, UAE, or otherwise authorized by the Ministry. 1. Accredited by the Central or Regional accreditation bodies in the United States of America. 2. Accredited by the University College Grants Commission of India. 3. Accredited by the University College Grants Commission of Pakistan. 4. Approved by the Quality Assurance Agency in Education, U.K. 5. Accredited/recognized by the Ministry of Higher Education for all other countries from where the student is seeking transfer. B. Procedure: The following procedure will be followed for finalizing the institution for the purpose of including it in the list for accepting transfers.


Admission Policies


Through students documents will be taken.

1. If a student approaches Skyline University College for this purpose, the relevant 2. Verification of the University College / College’s status will be done as per ’A’. 3. Verification of the veracity of the documents will be done. 4. The Institution will be added to the list. Il. Through University College’s efforts 1. From the list of Institutions qualified as per ‘A’, at least 10 Institutions per year will be selected. 2. The Head - Academics will correspond with these selected Institutions and finalize the courses, which can be transferred from their Institution to Skyline and vice versa. 3. A formal agreement will be signed between Skyline and those Institutions. 4. The name of such Institutions will be added to the list.

For admission with transfer of credits:
1. Courses completed at any graduate level from accredited institutions in the UAE or any other part of the world provided the student residentially studied the course.


Admission Policies

2. At least 75% of the contents of the course completed should match with the syllabus of Skyline graduate course. 3. The no. of credit hours earned should be equivalent to the no. of hours required in our program. 4. The level of the course taken at other institutions should be parallel to the course intended for transfer. 5. The transferable courses should have a B grade or above. 6. Transfers are accepted only for the general core courses covered in first semester of the program. 7. TOC will be awarded for maximum 12 credits. 8. There will be protected courses and capstone course whereby TOC cannot be awarded. 9. Overall CGPA should be 3.0 - 4.0 only. 10. They must pass the English proficiency requirement of the University College. 11. If any student is admitted under provisional status, no TOC can be awarded towards the courses that are in offer in the first semester of the undergraduate study although, they have similar courses being taken in any other institutions.


Foundation Program

IELP Program
The IELP -IELTS (Academic) preparatory course is designed for students whose English proficiency level is inadequate to be accepted for admission into the Postgraduate Program of Skyline University College. The course will prepare the students, who have scored less than 6.0 in IELTS, TOEFL score of 550 on the Paper-Based, 213 on the Computer Based, or 79 on the Internet-Based test, or the equivalent score on another standardized test to get eligible for the MBA program. The placement of the student in the course is determined on the basis of grades obtained in the TOEFL exams conducted prior to start of the main program. The under mentioned categories will apply based on the scores obtained in TOEFL placement test conducted at the University College at the time of admission. These categories will determine their placement in the IELTS preparatory program. Category A: • Students, who have scored between 350 and 424 in TOEFL (ITP), will undergo a preparatory course in IELTS (Academic) for a period of one semester (total of190


Foundation Program

contact hours) and at the end of the course students will appear for IELTS (Academic) Exam. Their maximum number of contact hours will be dedicated towards preparation for IELTS (Academic) during the IELTS preparatory semester. Category B: • Students, who have scored between 425 and 529 in TOEFL (ITP), will undergo a preparatory course in IELTS (Academic) for a period of one semester (total of 120 contact hours) and at the end of the course students will appear for IELTS (Academic) Exam. Category C: • Students, who have scored between 530 and 549 in TOEFL (ITP), will undergo a preparatory course in IELTS (Academic) for a period of one semester (total of 120 contact hours) and at the end of the course students will appear for IELTS (Academic) Exam. Such students will be allowed to enroll up to 6 credit hours in the first semester. S/he must achieve a semester average score of B (3.0-4.0) in the credit courses taken to continue in the program.


Pre- MBA Program
Pre- MBA Program
A student who is seeking admission with an Undergraduate Degree obtained from a non-business discipline is required to undergo the Pre-MBA program by taking the following seven courses. Incase s/he has already taken any of the Pre-MBA courses, may be exempted from such courses provided an official transcript for evaluation at the time of admission is submitted by them. However, the decision for the exemption will be made jointly by the Program Coordinator and Dean Academics upon carefully reviewing the course contents. The following are the courses that are chosen to establish the required knowledge for a student to cope up with the MBA program curriculum as these courses provide the basics for a non business student: CODE ACC212 ECO212 MAT112 FIN211 MGM201 MKT211 MAT201 COURSES Accounting Principles & Practice Economics Principles & Practice Business Statistics Principles of Finance Perspective on Management Principles of Marketing Quantitative Methods 24

Pre- MBA Program

All these courses are equivalent to 3 credit hours in an Undergraduate level. These credits cannot be used for replacing any of the Graduate level courses. Most of these courses are offered at the Skyline University College Undergraduate program, so it enables the aspirants to pick up any of these courses during the regular semesters of the Undergraduate program. If the courses are currently not offered at the Undergraduate program, they will be exclusively planned and scheduled for the purposes of Pre-MBA program provided there are a minimum number of students who have opted to take a course in a given semester and if it is found operationally affordable and viable. With regard to the planning and scheduling of the Pre-MBA, typically a student with a nonbusiness degree background will take minimum of one or maximum of two semesters to complete the program. However, hypothetically, a student who has studied in engineering discipline might have completed a course in quantitative methods and/or statistics and/or management. In this scenario, s/he may be exempted from the requirements of those courses at the Pre-MBA level, hence, a student of this scenario may be able to complete the pre-MBA program in one semester.


Change of Emphasis

Students may change their emphasis by filling the program transfer form available with Administration Department.

Change of Emphasis :
• In the 1st semester • In the 2nd semester • 3rd semester onwards - AED 1000/- AED 2000/- AED 3000/-

[Kindly note that any additional courses taken will be charged as per the applicable per credit hour course fees as per latest catalogue]


Physical Resources

Skyline University College, campus aims to create a positive and vibrant learning climate by fostering a dynamic and lively interaction with the diverse student population of approximately 20,000 emanating from various other accredited educational institutions and universities that are located in the University City of Sharjah. The present campus spans over a built up area of 11,726 square meters with landscaped gardens and well equipped classrooms, labs, library, administrative offices, common areas & multipurpose halls etc. Skyline University College has a total 40 acres of land for future expansions and would be having students domes build shortly within its boundaries. CLASS ROOMS: Skyline University College has classrooms that are equipped with state of the art audio visual equipments with Internet connections. All faculty members use these facilities consisting of LCD projector and computer as an instructional aid through well designed interactive podiums. The computers can be connected to the Internet for additional resources. LIBRARY: Access has been provided to over 16,250 books (covering various areas such as Humanities, Mathematics, Business, Economics, Accounting, Finance, Marketing and Management), 7190 reference titles and 22 scientific journals, 6 electronic data-


Physical Resources

bases, subscription to 14 magazines apart from provisions of daily newspapers (25 subscriptions), videos, CD-ROMs and copies of dissertations. The library catalogue is computerized and access to this catalogue, CD- ROMs, the Internet and other electronic information sources will be available through the computer network of the University College. COMPUTER LABS: Skyline University College has three computer laboratories with a total of 140 computers with latest configurations to match the requirements of the curriculum. Assisted by a lab officer, students are free to use this facility. All the Computers in the Computer lab can be connected simultaneously to Internet with the help of fast speed 4MB ADSL connections. The Internet facility is provided free of cost to its users from 0930 hrs till 2145 hrs, which enables the students to get global information from a global network . STUDENTS EMAIL ACCOUNTS & PORTAL SERVICES: Each student is issued an unique Email ID for institutional communication, additionally students are also given access to the portal services, which enables them to get information about


Physical Resources

their Attendance, Grades, Courses Enrolled, Faculty Teaching, Results etc, the students are issued individual username and passwords for using this facility. PHYSICS LAB: The University College has a physics lab, equipped with all basic facilities to support the academic program under general education requirements. The Computing department staff together with the help of the Physics faculty makes sure that the lab is equipped to the required standards. REPROGRAPHICS SERVICES : The University College has two heavy duty photocopiers and printers,scanners, dedicated computers with facilitate students in their assignments, etc. HEALTH SERVICES: The University College has a medical room equipped with first aid facilities and medicines for General illness and sports injuries etc. Sports Department always keeps first aid ready at three different places in the campus. In cases of serious illness or injuries, University College will refer students to Al Qasimia or Royal Hospital, which are the nearest Hospital. Also, our University College has tied up with Dr. Sunny’s Clinic in cases of any emergency, which is within the close proximity. More details are available with Head of Sports Department.


Sports Department

Sports Department works actively during Fall and Spring period in every Academic Year and arranges for various summer camps during summer vacations. The University College organizes an Inter - University College Cricket Tournament (Skyline Cup) in the month of November, and Inter Collegiate Table Tennis Men / Women Tournament in the month of April every year. Besides inter-University tournaments, a Sports Festival is conducted every year, in which students from the campus take part in different tournament held every year. The University College has inducted a course called Community Services and Sports (1 credit hour) as part of the Curriculum effective Academic Year 2006-07.

Selection procedure for the Skyline University College Team
The Sports Department announces the games and sports selection trials schedule to all the classes in the month of September every year. Students are required to show their interest by registering with the appropriate team to be trained for the tournament as per the schedule. The Head - Sports Department, with the help of a Sports Committee, conducts trials to test the fitness of the students as per the norms of fitness tests during the last week of September and thereafter University College team is formed. Information pertaining to the selection procedures is put on the notice board and copies are sent to concerned students.


Sports Department

Sports Committee
Responsible for coordinating various indoor and outdoor sports activities at Intra University College and inter University College level. The committee head will be elected by the committee members.

The operational timing of the department is from 11:00 am to 7:00 pm from Sunday through Thursday as per the timetable displayed on the designated notice boards. Due consideration is given to allotting separate timings for boys and girls. Following are some of the facilities provided by the Sports department: Multi-gym: The Sports department provides a well equipped gym, which can be used by its Students, Staff and faculty. Games: The Sports department provides facilities for various games such as Table Tennis, Badminton, Football, Basketball, Volley Ball, Chess, Carom etc in the multipurpose hall which can be utilized by the students, Staff and faculty.


Student Committees

It is in interest of the institution to ensure moral, emotional, intellectual and physical development of the Students through adequate extracurricular and sports activities. To promote student leadership and professional development and provide opportunities for students to be involved on campus, in athletics, in organizations and in administrative committees, five different committees are formed: Events Committee: Responsible for coordinating and organizing year round events in University College. Also the committee will be responsible to coordinate the intercollegiate activities and competitions. The committee head will be elected by the committee members. News line Committee: Responsible for various activities related to the news line publication e.g. selection of articles, various news items, general look of the magazine, editing etc. The committee head will be elected by the committee members. Class Representative Committee: From each class two CRs (One non academic and one non academic CR) will be elected, who will be responsible for voicing the students concerns in academic and non-academic areas. The committee head will be elected by the committee members.


Student Committees

Notice Board Committee: Responsible for managing and monitoring various notice boards in the campus. The proposed notice boards are: a) Academics b) Administration, Examination and finance c) Extracurricular activities d) Placement and internship e) Daily News bulletins f) My corner ( Student’s Views and expressions) The committee head will be elected by the committee.


Professional Relationships & Articulations
Articulation Agreements


Professional Relationships



P.O. Box: 1797, Sharjah, U.A.E. • Tel.: +971 6 5441155 • Fax: +971 6 5441166 Email: [email protected]

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