MBA (Finance)

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Curricular Vitae Name : - Bhau Dinkar Takik  Email Id: [email protected] [email protected]   : [email protected] [email protected] ob No : - !9"-9#$%&$$'4' : - !9"-%$%''()4)(

B* +,inance


To work in a growing and challenging environment that would facilitate the maximum utilization, application of my skills and help me to improve my knowledge.

*C*DEIC 12*3I,IC*TI/N: 12*3I,IC*TI/N:

ear o5 ear 6a77ing


2012 2010 200' 200&

1uali5ication 78ecialiation

Board  2ni;er7it<


%une. %une. %une. %une.

&'.(& '&.'& '1. -.(&

M! "#inance$ .com ).*.+ "+ommerce$ *.*.+

=/> E?6EIENCE:

 have currently working in *)//!M +T 3 #!+4 5T6 as an !++3T* 474+T84.  have six months working experience. +ompany ame9 *)//!M +T 3 #!+4 5T6. 6esignation

9 !++3T!T

6ate of :oining9 20th #e;ruary 201 C/62TE >N/=3EDE: 

M*<+T, M* 3ffice, nternet, Tally =.2.

A>I33A: 

>ood knowledge of Management and !ccounting.

?ork efficiently in team.

4asily involve in new environment. e nvironment.


6/0ECTA DET*I3A: B* 6roect +$&"" 6roect Title9 < /atio !nalysis of #inancial *tatement.

/rganiation: /rganiatio n: - nion ank of ndia "@armala ranch$ Duration: -  -0 days. De7cri8tion: -  analyzed the financial statements of nion ;ank of ndia ;y calculating the different ratio for their yearly performance and it can easily help them for future growth.

E?T* C2IC23* *CTIVITIEA:  

!ctive %articipation in +ollage %rogramme, events and activities. %articipation in social work.

6EA/N*3 DET*I3A: ,ull Name 

9 < hau 6inkar Takik 

6ermanent *ddre77: - !t post ?angi no.2, Tal @armala 6ist *olapur. Date o5 Birth 

9<10th :uly 1=(=



3anguage7 knon  9<Marathi, )indi and 4nglish arital Atatu7 





9<%laying video games, 5istening Music, *wimming.

Date9-  6lace: -

Bhau Dinkar Takik 

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