MBA Marketing Projects TOPIC List

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MBA Marketing Projects for Students
S.No. Project Name 1. RURAL MARKETING: CHALLENGE, OPPORTUNITY & STRATEGY Description The best jugaad for this project sell to the poor and become rich. There is substantial increase in the purchasing power of the rural communities. It’s a very good Project for the marketing students to study like Consumer Buying Behavior, Behavior towards chocolates, Behavior towards Reliance fresh ltd. This Project describes that Brands create a perception in the mind of the customer that there is no other product or service on the market that is quite like yours. Like is the Brand name for MBA Projects. A Project Report on the Marketing strategy of Nike made at Nike Shoes Industries Limited. This marketing premeditated graph has been printed observance in brain the Indian operations of Nike Inc. Online advertisement is an increasing business at the Internet and it continuously grows together with the expanding use of Internet services. This is Project is very important for Everyone as no Add-on features


A to Z of Consumer Buying Behavior


Building BrandsMarketing




Online Advertisement Management Program

Email Marketing Online Project Easy, Affordable & Effective Online Marketing Tool. Try it Free. Internet marketing Projects Reach the precise

company can not ignore the Online marketing strategy. 6

audience you want with relevant targeted ads.

Web Advertising and Marketing

Web Advertising again the part of online marketing. You must know the tricks for social markeing like twitter, facebook etc. In this Project we will discuss how we do online marketing for

Online Marketing Projects Get Effective SEO/SEM Services and enhance your Online presence Today Online Marketing Project Global online marketing experts. Contact us today for great results!


Titan Industries

TITANS BRAND ACTIVITIES, TITANADVERTISING & PROMOTIONAL TECHNIQUES, TITANSTRATEGIES, COMPETITORS ACTIVITIES- TIMEX In this Project that customers hold dissimilar types of prospect for service concert, controllable and unmanageable sources of customer prospect.


Mobile Marketing

Project Mobile Ads Delivering Optimized Multimedia Ads Over a Variety Of Mobile Channels. Mobile Marketing Report A primer on mobile marketing Outlook of mobile communications


Marketing Customer expectations

In this Project that customers hold dissimilar types of prospect for service concert, controllable and unmanageable sources of customer prospect. Project of creating a marketing strategy you must consider many factors for good results. Business policy and strategic


Marketing Pricing Strategies


Marketing Management Slides

management, consumer behavior and customer relationship management, advertising and brand management 12


This Project for the students who want to understand and apply the marketing concepts of the IIM. In this Project what is the first thing, which comes into your mind when you think about nano, which feature of NANO attracts you most. This is to project on marketing mix with 4p's on Honda city in India after launched their latest model for the Indian car consumers. This Project for the Customer Relationship Management System of Hero Honda which gives very good feedback of their customers. Project is marketing research, research findings, swot analysis, stp and, differentiation, bcg matrix, michael's 5 force model, mkt penetration strategies, brand recall and future trends. Project gives Factors for success of Marketing strategy of Cadbury and how UK companies give good results in India.


Marketing Research Questionnaire of tata-nano


Marketing mix on Honda city


Marketing Research Hero Honda CRM


Market saturation of Maggi noodles


Marketing Cadbury: Factors for success


Launch of Electric Bike - Marketing Management Project

This Project to launch an Eco friendly new innovative product marketing in India, Business strategy, product market, customer analysis. Project study comprise of three essay that supposedly and empirically examine the marketing of digital products, which are in sequence products such as the media and books sold in both physical and electronic form.


Marketing of Digital Products

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