MBA Research Project Guidelines

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SZABIST MBA Research Project Guidelines - 2011
The guidelines for students registering for a research project (3 credits) in the MBA program are as follows:

Pre-Requisite 1. Students will be required to complete the µBusiness Research Methods¶ (BRM) / Advanced Research Method (ARM) course before registering for research project. The BRM / ARM course is in your program /prospectus is mentioned, will be considered a prerequisite for a research project. 2. Students can register for a research project anytime after the completion of the BRM / ARM course (provided research projects are offered and advisors are available). Students who have a µD¶ grade in BRM / ARM can also register for a research project (those with an µF¶ grade cannot register).

Registration 3. All students are required to register first at zabdesk before starting the project. In case of not registering at zabdesk the student will be not be considered as a project student. 4. The MBA research project is of worth 3 credits, and has to be completed by MBA students in one semester. 5. Students CANNOT register for a research project in the summer semester. 6. In case of a fail grade, students will be required to repeat the semester i.e. 3 credits will have to be repeated. Students can work on the same topic or a different topic, with the same advisor or a different advisor. (Registration at zabdesk will be required again)

Group Formation 7. Students will work on the research project in groups of maximum FOUR students. Those students who intend to work individually are allowed to so; but it is not recommended to work alone. 8. Once the groups are formed and advisor has approved the topic, then student can neither change the group membership nor the advisor.

Revised: January 8, 2011

9. If a student drops this course or do not continue the research project due to any reason then other group members are supposed to continue the project. (No new member can be inducted at later stage).

Areas & Topics of Research 10. All students registering for a research report will be divided into different major areas viz. Finance, Marketing, HRM, Management, or MIS etc. 11. Students have the liberty to select the area and topic of research of their own choice provided their advisor approves it.

Advisor 12. Students will be required to work with the advisor that is assigned to them (usually students will be allowed to choose from the list of advisors, depending on advisor availability). 13. The advisor can be permanent / adjunct faculty member of SZABIST. Not necessarily teaching in the current semester. 14. In case of selecting an external advisor (outside) SZABIST, student will responsible to maintain the complete communication with the advisor. 15. In special circumstances students may select their advisor from the industry. 16. All advisors are required to be approved by the MBA coordinator and/or head of academics

The Process 17. Students will be required to have an introductory meeting with their respective advisors during the first / second week of classes. The purpose of the meeting would be to discuss the topics of interest, and finalization of advisor. 18. Students will be required to meet/consult with their advisor on a day/time that is assigned to them by their respective advisor. The students will be required to meet and consult with their advisor every week and keep a complete record of all the meetings along with date and discussion summary duly signed by the advisor (form is available at reception).

Revised: January 8, 2011

19. Individual student or the whole group will be given a fail grade (fail grade µF¶ or µD¶) if an advisor is not satisfied with the student/group performance. The grade can be assigned anytime during the semester. 20. At the end of the semester, students will be required to submit a research report, and give a presentation to a panel. The panel will consist of all MBA research project advisors and internal/external evaluators. 21. Based on the advisor¶s evaluation, and feedback from the panel, the students will be assigned a µPass¶ or a µFail¶ grade. Pass grades are A+, A, B+, B, C+, and C. Fail grades are µD¶ and µF¶. Final grade will be average of two grades assigned by the advisor and external evaluator. 22. Students will follow the complete timeline provided separately.

Submissions 23. Students will have to hand in a complete research report at the end of the semester (deadlines are mentioned separately). In some circumstances the collected data (hard copies) can be asked to submit for verification. 24. Students will have to hand in a CD containing word report (one single file), XL or SPSS data files, pdf or html files used for literature and other material collected and used for their research. 25. A powerpoint presentation will also be submitted before their final presentation (deadline will be given separately). 26. Students are required to submit µproject meeting form¶ showing weekly meetings with their advisors. 27. Late submission of report (hard & soft) will not be entertained for final presentations. 28. In case of a student / group is absent in final presentation that student / group will be awarded an F grade.

Plagiarism Policy 29. The research project submitted for assessment must be original work by the students, old projects of SZABITS or from previous universities cannot be copied, however similar topics can be selected.

Revised: January 8, 2011

30. In case of plagiarism of project (chapter / partial or complete), whole group of students will be awarded F. 31. Before final submission whole project will be checked by SZABIST antiplagiarism software. Maximum percentage allowed as per this software will be 15%. Students will be encouraged to check before submission of the project.

Please Note: The above-mentioned guidelines are subject to review and/or change every semester.

Revised: January 8, 2011

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