MCAT AMCAS 7 Exam Review Notes 3

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MCAT AMCAS 7 Exam Review Notes 3/19/2011 1. Antibodies can be secreted into the extracellular environment or anchored in the membranes of specialized B cells known as plasma cells. 2. The adaptive immune forces of antibody-mediated immunity (AMI) and cellmediated immunity (CMI) are brought into play during the presentation of bacterial antigens to the immunological system. the major defensive and protective response against intracellular bacteria is CMI. 3. Perotineal cavity surrounds abdominal cavity (e.g. intestines) 4. pleural cavity is the body cavity that surrounds the lungs3 5. Lumen: refers to the channel within a tube such as a blood vessel or to the cavity within a hollow organ such as the intestine 6. perineum : The perineum is the region of the body inferior to the pelvic diaphragm and between the legs. 7. Digestion: a. Carbs: starts in mouth (salivary amylase) b. Proteins: starts in stomach (pepsin) c. Lipids: starts in small intestine (lipase) 8. The liver accomplishes regeneration through mitosis. 9. Leukocytes: cause inflammation. 10. Cholesterol is a precursor to testosterone 11. Insulin is protein (secreted by Cells of Islets in Pancreas) 12. Use of acetylcholine vs norephiphrine by sympathic and parasympathetic nervous system (item number 143? do not get)

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