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Obedeciendo w
!. Participatory budgeting , Community conceals, and documentary film.
This documentary beyond elections presents examples of articulatory democracy in
Ideology, Apparatuses, colonieality
Please first discuss Louis A argument about repressive and isologocal
Look back at the theoretical stuff
Ideological state apparatuses
Contains the police, army,
functions by violence, intimidation, consensus
Ideological : idea of classes .. capitalism, idea of free market
The ideology of Bolivia
The film:
people from the bottom also perpetuate it

he is setting himself up, writing a summary’
There are a lot of independent media centers
He is referencing a lot of people
Talks about how they first started
There are protests against the world bank and many other places
at the end of that page he is just pulling it together
Set up an argument
sets up a conundrum or something that is weird
-make an argument of some sort
ex. a lot of people might say blah but I don’t think so
he is taking his own approach
current context and its dilemmas
1st paragraphs
did the soviet block provide an alternative
he is engaging
building up an argument
and poses himself a question and people start thinking as they’re reading
how does he build this argument?
He builds up social democratic parties
2nd option: social democratic parties
the pros and cons of social democracy
ends it with a question
Research question
relates to the class
you can do research
more music than dialogue
focused more on the people that died

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