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ISS Nomura Supervisor Training
Mediation Assignment By Lawrencia Udife
Mediation is the process of finding a solution to a problem between two that they both agree on. In this mediation, i am going to be resolving conflict between Day staff supervisor and Night Staff supervisor. The Day staffs have always complained that the Night staffs always leave the trolleys very untidy. However the Night staffs claim that they always leave the trolleys clean and tidy and alleged that the Day staffs were just trying to pick a fight with them.  My name is Lawrencia Udife and i am here to mediate between Day staff supervisor; Miguel and Night staff supervisor; Juditha.  (Mediator) Lawrencia; Miguel and Juditha will you like me to help you solve this problem? (Supervisors) ; Miguel and Juditha both said yes.  (Mediator) Lawrencia; I will like us to go to the store room where we can have some privacy ok? Both agreed.  Ok Miguel and Juditha before we start, i just want both of you to agree on the following rules: (i) No name calling (ii) Let the other participant finish talking (iii) Everything said stays confidential after the meeting ends.  (Mediator) Lawrencia; Now that the rules have been agreed on, Miguel (Day staff supervisor) what happened? (Day staff supervisor) Miguel ; my team always come to work in the morning to and always meet the store room full of empty boxes and very untidy trolleys with most of the parts not in place. Everybody always complain telling me what do to and how to do my job which make it look like i don’t listen to them or do my job properly. I have complained to the night team supervisor even the manager but nothing has been done about this problem.  (Mediator) Lawrencia; How do you feel about these problems you just stated? (Day staff supervisor) Miguel; i am not happy about these reoccurring incidents because every morning there is always someone complaining to me about something. I will just like the night staff to do their job properly so that there will be no much complain.  (Mediator) Lawrencia; Ok Juditha (night staff supervisor), you have heard all what Miguel complained about, what happened?

(Night staff supervisor) Juditha ; I can understand what Miguel is saying but i can assure you that the trolleys are not always as messy as he has described. The Day staffs also leave everything inside the trolleys and my team also complained about the same thing too. Am not saying my team are perfect, because the truth is, sometimes we are short of staffs which means extra job for my team. In this case we don’t even have enough time to finish the main job, and then tidy the trolleys. But i always try to make sure that the trolleys are as clean as possible.  (Mediator) Lawrencia; So Juditha, what do you think can be done to help solve this problem? (Night staff supervisor) Juditha ; i think to solve this problem, we will need an extra hand to always make sure the trolleys are in good working conditions before the day or night staff use them and also make sure they are clean after using them.  (Mediator) Lawrencia ; Miguel you have heard the suggestion that Juditha made, how to you feel about it? (Day staff supervisor) Miguel ; i think it is a good idea and i agree with it.  (Mediator) Lawrencia ; this is what am thinking will solve this problem, each of you (supervisors) will select a member of your team that will be willing to come in 30min early, to inspect the trolleys and make sure everything is in place for other team member to use when they come in to work. And also make sure the trolleys are clean after the day’s work.  (Mediator) Lawrencia ; So Miguel do you agree on the 30min early time for one of your team member to come in and make sure everything is ok and take down any possible observations? (Day staff supervisor) Miguel ; yes i agree with it.  (Mediator) Lawrencia ; Juditha do you agree on the 30min early time for one of your team member to come in and make sure everything is ok and take down any possible observations? (Night staff supervisor) Juditha ; yes i agree with the solution.  (Mediator) Lawrencia ; congratulations to the both of you on a successful mediation, i will like us to meet in the next two weeks to go through our observations.

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