Mental Illness 2

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 When

you see people talking to themselves or acting strangely on the street, how do you feel? What do you do? Do you wonder what’s going on in their mind? Do you label them as sick? What do you think causes them to act strangely?

Being worried without any reason.  Having phobias like;  Claustrophobia – fear of enclosed places  Acrophobia- fear of heights  Agoraphobia-fear of open places

 Aichmophobia-

fear of sharp and pointed objects  Astraphobia – fear of thunder, lightning and storm.  Feeling of obsession and compulsion

Kleptomania – tendency to steal  Pyromania- tendency to burn something  Suicidal mania – tendency to kill  Megalomania – feeling of being popular, famous and powerful  Arthmomania- tendency to count everything  Dipsomania- tendency to drink a lot of liquor

 Hypochondria-

feeling of being sick at all times  Being depressed. Symptoms of loneliness and total body weaknesses.  Amnesia- forgetfulness

PSYCHIATRIST- is a medical doctor who specialize in treating mental and emotional disorders. He can prescribe medications.  PSYCHOLOGIST- degree in counseling or clinical psychology, are trained to conduct individual and group counseling sessions.

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