Mental Illness Stigma

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Mental Illness Stigma

What is Mental Illness?
‡ Any disease of the mind; the psychological state of someone who has emotional or behavioural problems serious enough to require psychiatric intervention

Mental Illness can affect anyone
‡ Over the last few weeks if not years, it's hard not to have thought, "That dude Charlie Sheen is crazy.³ As Charlie Sheen has one media meltdown after another, it's hard not to wonder if Charlie Sheen has a mental illness. Of course, it's impossible to know what's going on inside Charlie Sheen's head, but some have wondered if Charlie Sheen's problems go beyond drug use and into the realm of mental illness. Some psychologists have stated that Charlie Sheen appears to have bipolar disorder. Dr. Drew Pinsky has said that Charlie Sheen appears to be having a "manic episode." Another psychologist says that Charlie Sheen is showing classic symptoms of bipolar disorder. ‡


Halle Berry
Halle Berry publicly admitted attempting suicide after divorcing from baseball superstar David Justice, but stopped when she ³had an image of her mother finding her.´ Berry says her sense of self-worth was so low, she tried to suffocate herself with carbon monoxide in the garage of her house. Her tumultuous relationship with Justice wasn¶t the only unhealthy one to effect her negatively ² Berry says that she attended sex rehab with her husband after being married for only one year. Singer Eric Benet had a serious cheating problem, and Berry claims to have ³put his needs before her own´ instead of leaving him like she should have. Although the silver screen sex pot has moved onto greener pastures with model boyfriend Gabriel Audry, she¶s said she will ³never, ever get married again.´

How do you deal with the stigma?
There are a number of methods that people use to try and create a positive social identity such as: ‡ Attempts to hide the stigma. This depends on the visibility of the stigma and cosmetic surgery is a common tactic here. ‡ Admitting the stigma and accepting treatment, this can cause you to need withdrawal from society into a hospital or mental institution and is often used with addiction stigmas. ‡ Protest against the stigma. A key example of this is the Bradford riots by young Asian men who felt like they were treated unequally, this unfortunately led to them being seen as a violent social group.

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