Mental Illness

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Mental illness resulted from some illness at the brain. Walter Freeman always felt he was destined for great things. William King, first to successfully move a brain tumor from a patient. Frontal lobe, possible origin of mental illness. James Watts and Walter Freeman. Alice Hammot, 63 year old. First patient to receive lobotomy. (1960s) Joseph P. Kennedy Rosemary Kennedy 66th lobotomy patient, live independently. But now full time care. 1945 150 patients, 5000 patients 1949. Either staying in a mental hospital, or getting an ice pick stuck up their eyes. Lost higher intellect. No longterm memory, Untreatable cases. Lobotomy has won the mainstream medicine. (Johns Hopkins) highest endorsement, Nobel Prize was won. Poorest and most vulnerable patients. West Virginia Lobotomy project. Small town of Lakin, home to the hospital of colored insane. Freudian psychoanalysts condemned a lobotomy a violent assault to eh brain. Absence of brain, suffering, (what do we value about being human) Forezine.

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