Mental Illness

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Mental Illness Presentation Anorexia nervosa
1) Name: anorexia nervosa Causes of anorexia: -Severe trauma or emotional stress (such as the death of a loved one or sexual abuse) -Serotonin a brain chemical that!s involved in de"ression# - Societ$!s ex"ectations - Media%s influences - A belief that bein& "erfect is needed in order to be loved and li'ed# - (enetics )ne in ever$ * "eo"le +ith anorexia have,had a relative +ith an eatin& disorder# Ph$sical Si&ns: -xcessive +ei&ht loss Missin& menstrual "eriods (in +omen) .hinnin& hair /r$ s'in 0rittle nails Cold or s+ollen hands and feet

0loated or u"set stomach /o+n$ hair coverin& the bod$ 1o+ blood "ressure 2ati&ue Abnormal heart rh$thms )steo"orosis Ps$cholo&ical and 0ehavioral Si&ns: 2alse self-"erce"tion (insistin& the$ are over+ei&ht +hen the$ are thin) 0ein& "reoccu"ied +ith food 3efusin& to eat .rouble remember thin&s 3efusin& to ac'no+led&e the seriousness of the illness )bsessive-com"ulsive behavior /e"ression .reatment: .he treatment is mixed +ith "s$chothera"$ famil$ thera"$ and medication# Sometimes a "erson +ith anorexia doesn%t thin' the$ re4uire treatment# Co&nitive behavioral thera"$ and anti-de"ressants are ver$ effective in the treatment of a "erson +ith anorexia# Sti&mas: -atin& disorders are sometimes thou&ht as "hases not

serious and somethin& that the "erson +ill 5ust &ro+ out of it# Anorexia nervosa has a 167 death rate from "h$sical factors and suicide# Peo"le also thin' that it is 5ust attention see'in& behaviour b$ teena&ers and it can be fixed b$ sim"l$ eatin& "ro"er a&ain# It actuall$ could ta'e $ears and careful su""ort# 8o+ it affects others: A "erson +ith anorexia ma$ have an&r$ out bursts also ma$ threaten and use "ut-do+ns# Short video cli" about Anorexia: htt":,,+++#$outube#com,+atch9 v:vS;<u4=hl>&

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