Mental Illness

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This one's for the best in us.



Mental Illness There will come a day When you go out into the streets Meeting social gazes on the way With erect presence and unflinching eyes. A pride is born of realization Of dignity inside and others Will not look away from you or down But will be amazed. Your brothers are but animals And the ancient instincts hold. They can taste the weakness of self doubt, They can smell the fear of wounds. If it weren't for the law They would reach with fist and claw. But there will come a day. No longer will you certainly believe That persecution is your lot Or that your poverty is well deserved. Your feeling small shall be reversed. Fragmentation of your mind and stress Will be replaced with sovereign orderliness And all your talents be fulfilled. There will come a day When you don't have to wash your hands, When horror of some physical condition Will be stopped up, Anxieties replaces with wisdom And a certainty of soul shall reign. How does it come? It comes on little, silent feet into the brain And no one knows the reason But life will never let you die insane, Your purpose out of season. Self possessed and beautiful You shall emerge at last Out of the havoc of the past And stand alone and strong. Yes, there will come a day. Carl Estrin

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