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Metallurgy & PAG
QNo:1 As pure iron is heated up through 910ºC will it: Contract Expand Maintain constant volume Melt Ans - It will contract.A phase change from ferrite (alpha) to austenite (gamma) occurs at this temperature. The ferrite has a BCC structure whereas austenite has a closer packed FCC structure QNo:2 Pure iron is inherently __. Strong and hard Weak and soft Difficult to shape Ans - Weak & Soft QNo:3 Greater amounts of carbon (7% and more) in steel make the steel __. More brittle More ductile Stronger More malleable Ans - More brittle QNo:4 For a 1% steel the carbon is completely soluble in iron at: 723 degree C 1000 degree C 1400 degree C None of the above Ans - 1000 degree C as The 1%C composition line is now in the single phase field of austenite QNo:5 Which German footballer was nicknamed as “Man of Steel”? Ans Roy Clarke

QNo:6 ZISCO is the steel company of which country?

QNo:6 Who was known as Iron Chancellor?

QNo:7 What is “r bar” value otherwise known as? QNo:8 n-value is the measure of which property of the material? QNo:9 What is the accuracy level, guaranteed for elongation control at SPM (in %)? QNo:10 In galvanizing, all other factors remaining constant, what happens to the Zinc-Coating thickness if the line speed increases? (Options: Decreases/ Increases/ Remain constant)

QNo:11 Which value determines the class of any failure mode? (Options: Occurrence, Detection, Severity, RPN)? QNo:12 India's first steel mill was built by the Tatas. In which year was it completed? QNo:13 When someone refers to 'The Big Three' who might they be talking about? Honda, Ford and Toyota Mercedes, BMW and Audi Ford, Chrysler and GM Ferrari, Lamborghini and Maserati (Choose the correct one) QNo:14 'BMW' stands for Baltic Motor Works Bavarian Motor Wheels Bavarian Motor Works Bavarian Mini Works (Choose the correct one) QNo:15 The first internal combustion 4 wheeled 'car' was constructed by who, and when? Ford 1895 Benz 1903 Ferrari 1893 Daimler 1886 (Choose the correct one) QNo:16 Which manufacturer is sometimes refered to as the 'Silver Arrow' company. BMW Dodge Honda Mercedes-Benz (Choose the correct one) QNo:17 Does rusting of steel occur at the anode or cathode? QNo:18 What metal is alloyed with iron to make stainless steel? QNo:19 Write the full forms of the abbreviations: TBEM, MTBF, NOPAT, MSDS, JIT

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