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P. O . B ox 560962 | Th e Co l o ny, T X 75056 | 214- 705- 3555 | w w w.met rorel i ef. org In this issue:
• New Partnership Brings New Help to Addicts • Why Budget Suites? • Providing Help and Hope • Paying It Forward • Metro Minute

We seek to mobilize, empower, restore, & satisfy the needs of the oppressed...these things we do, so that others may live.
Psalm 72:12-14 “For he will deliver the needy who cry out, the afflicted who have no one to help. He will take pity on the weak & the needy & save the needy from death. He will rescue them from oppression & violence, for precious is their blood in his sight.”

New Partnership Brings New Help to Addicts
God is using a new partnership between Metro Relief and a local recovery church to bring healing to the addicted. Recently, Serenity Church has been sending one of their staff, Che Hightower, to do outreach with the Metro Relief Bus. On his first trip to Ft. Worth with the bus, Che didn’t know what his role would be in reaching out to the addicted but God quickly showed him. Jason introduced Che to a man named Jesse who had been coming to the bus for a few weeks already. The first thing Jesse said to Che was, “I’m addicted to methamphetamines and I don’t want to do it anymore. Do you know how to help me?” As Jesse and Che talked more, Che was able to share his own experiences and how God had healed him and thus built more trust. They also learned they grew up near each other and Che was friends with his cousin. That same afternoon, Jesse was able to talk to his sister who had been looking for him for 12 years. Though Jesse was ready to get help when Metro Staff went to pick him up the next day to take him to a rehab, he was nowhere to be found. The bus continued to go back each Friday and Che looked for him each time. It wasn’t until 3 weeks later that he called Che to go to rehab again. It turns out, that while waiting for Che 3 weeks earlier, Jesse had been arrested. While Jesse spent the 3 weeks in jail, God had connected Che with the Clinical Director of

Homeward Bound, a drug rehabilitation facility. Now that Jesse was back and still willing to go, Che arranged for him to be admitted at Homeward Bound. That day Jesse was picked up by his sister and returned to her home with her, where he was able to get cleaned up and play with his nephews for the first time. The next day Jesse and his sister met Che and Austin at Metro Relief offices so that they could pray with him and then take him to the rehab facility. Please pray for Jesse as he is now in rehab and learning a different solution to life besides drugs. Pray that he will persevere and find freedom in Christ. Also pray for his sister and other family, that they would be the loving support that he needs during the difficult days ahead.

Jesse and his sister
Before going to Homeward Bound Rehab

Why Budget Suites?
Budget Suites is a residential motel located in The Colony, TX, about 30 miles north of Dallas. Guests have the opportunity to pay by the week making it an easier option for those living paycheck to paycheck. Many, unfortunately, are one paycheck away from homelessness. The bus started going to Budget Suites in November on Friday nights to offer these families and individuals hope, encouragement, and resources. Our staff and volunteers set up camp each week to give out drinks and snacks, weekend groceries, and clothing. Through this outreach we met Robert (pictured left) who came to the bus one night in need of food and help with housing. He had recently lost his job because of car troubles and in turn could not pay his rent. He and his wife and friend would

soon be homeless again. He stated, “I don’t know why God has me on this journey but he always takes care of us.” Amanda, 20, is married to Robert. She has been homeless off and on for at least the past year. When asked if she had parents that could help her out she said they were in a very financially tight spot too. Her dad was working 6 days a week to make ends meet and was recently in a car accident. Amanda has a desire to go to school to be a nurse but hasn’t had the chance to even apply somewhere because they have been so transient. Zane, an alcoholic, has been homeless for many years. He has been friends with and somewhat taken care of by Robert for the past 10 years. On our way to Dallas Life, a shelter, he didn’t say much except ‘thank-you for the ride’ about 20 times. He grew more and more nervous as we entered

downtown Dallas and Robert reassured Zane that he would be ok because he wouldn’t leave his best friend. Please pray for these three as they seek for jobs and housing that they would follow God’s leading. Pray that they would learn from this and move beyond survival and into the life God intended for them.

Budget Suites Kids
Listen to bible stories, do crafts, play games, and receive love from volunteers

Building Relationships
Going to the same locations every week, enables us to build relationships with those in need, pray with them and guide them to the next step

Providing Help and Hope
One of our friends, Jared, that we met at Budget Suites in The Colony, just went through the most difficult time of his life-something people pray they never have to experience. But thankfully, volunteers and staff at Metro Relief were able to be there and pray him through. Jared greatly appreciated the prayers and our friendship every week, and didn’t come to the bus to get anything, but just wanted to chat with us for the whole time we were there. He was referred to the Storehouse for grocery assistance. After a few weeks of receiving food from the pantry for his wife and new baby, he met us at the bus again, but this time to return the baby food. His infant daughter had just died. Not knowing what to say, Jason immediately prayed for Jared. Soon after this, his wife experienced a stroke from the

trauma of losing her daughter. Pam brought flowers for his wife and continued to pray for them. Jared and his wife have since moved on but they reminded us of our purpose: to provide help and hope to those walking through the valley of the shadow of death.

Paying it Forward
Jim and Nancy have received food assistance from our pantry for years. Nancy recently found a better job, and Jim is now receiving the aid he needs for his physical disabilities, and slowly but surely they are becoming a little better off financially. So, every month they purchase cases of chicken and other meat to help us keep our freezers stocked. It is so wonderful to see people who needed help in the past, giving so generously now!

Wanda, Lyle and Dean in the bus on their way to serve with Metro Relief

Metro Relief Support
I want to support Metro Relief
Name: __________________________________________________ Address: _________________________________ Apt #: ________ City: ___________________ State: ________ Zip: _____________ Phone: __________________________________________________ E-mail: __________________________________________________ Gifts are tax-deductible & can be made to The Storehouse.
o would like to be a prayer partner I o want to help those in need by giving I o$25 o$50 o$100 o$500 o$1000 oOther:________________________ oMonthly oQuarterly oAnnually o would like to volunteer. I Please send me information.

P.O. Box 560962 | The Colony, TX 75056 | 214-705-3555

Metro Minute
Praise God!
• God has given us dependable staff and volunteers • 2 large soup pots have been donated • Metro now has 2 weekly locations • We have our non-profit status (501c3) • The building and bus are painted

How you can help:
• Please consider these different ways to give: ~ Sponsorship of a bus location ~ $400 per outreach ~ Gas for bus ~$150 per week ~ Feed a family of 4 for a week ~ $25 ~ Become a monthly partner

Wish List:
• 5 gallon Cambro soup containers • 6 foot folding tables (4) • New or used laptops for Adult Education • Grocery items for pantry • Hygiene items • Socks, underwear, & t-shirts for homeless men and women

Ways to get more involved:
• Get UP & GIVE on September 13, 2012 from 7:00am til midnight & support Metro Relief! It’s easy! Visit between 7am & midnight on 9/13/12 search for Metro Relief & your donation of $25 or more will be magnified! ONLY donations made on the North Texas Giving Day on September 13th between 7am & midnight will be matched. • Come play Texas Hold’em on October 5, 2012 to benefit Metro Relief at Nico’s Cocina Bar and Grill in Carrollton. If you make your $60 donation on 9/13/12 (Get UP & GIVE event above) you will receive an extra $200 value in gaming chips. • Visit for more information on both of these great opportunities.

New Paint Jobs
The Bus and The Storehouse got new paint jobs thanks to many volunteers

Please Pray for:
• Those in need all around us • Those we are helping at Budget Suites and in Ft. Worth • How you can be involved • Staff and volunteers and their families • The growing influence of Metro Relief and The Storehouse 214-705-3555

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