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Introducing Drivve/Image for OSA, a flexible, customizable suite of tools for your MFP. Discover powerful new ways to expand the functionality of your MFP and accelerate workflow.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could tap a button on the control panel of your MFP and instantly, securely browse the folder structure of your network? You can. Or... You put a pile of documents — invoices, estimates, spec sheets, purchase orders, vouchers — into the input tray of your MFP, type in a single index field, and autopopulate as many other index fields as you like. Then you hit the button... seconds later a colleague in New York types an invoice number to retrieve one of your scans. Their result is a clean, crisp image of the document you just scanned in Atlanta. Not a speckle, punch hole, or inkblot to be found... it’s as legible as the original. Sound cool? Well, then. Drivve on...

Redefining the very concept of an MFP, Sharp’s Open Systems Architecture opens the door to a broad array of value-added functionality and flexibility. In essence, Sharp OSA is designed to deliver the power of customization so you can work smarter. With the ability to access integrated applications directly from the LCD panel, Sharp OSA-enabled MFPs allow you to work more efficiently and be more productive. Now you can start and finish a task in one simple operation. With this innovative, second-generation technology, your MFP becomes a gateway into your network, providing fast, flexible access to documents no matter where you are in the office. With such comprehensive control, you’ll be able to manage your document workflow easily and efficiently. In essence, Sharp OSA transforms your Sharp MFP into something much more: a flexible resource that evolves as your business needs change. Sharp OSA at a glance Customize your workflow Automate tasks and save time with seamless integration between MFPs and your network applications. Take control of your workflow Eliminate repetitive tasks and streamline workflow, increasing efficiency. Maximize your investment With tighter integration between IT assets and hardware, you’ll have more control over your bottom line. Discover added convenience Centralized applications minimize installation and maintenance on multiple MFPs. Streamline your development By using the industry standard for application-to-application communication, this flexible development platform enables fast deployment of solutions.

Every once in a while a company, an innovative company, takes a leap forward and develops a new technology that changes the way we work. Sharp Electronics is just such a company, and their Open Systems Architecture is just such a technology. OSA offers a platform for software developers such as Drivve to create powerful solutions to the nagging problems that slow down your workflow. And this is exactly what Drivve has done. We got the power. And we’re passing it on to you. Introducing Drivve/Image for OSA, a flexible, customizable suite of tools for your MFP.

Page 3 Scanner Power Tools (SPT) Greatly expand the scanner feature set of your Sharp MFP to include a variety of document/image processing capabilities and much more.

Page 4 Bar Code Module for SPT Expands the basic SPT set to include 1D & 2D bar code recognition, and reco gnizes more than 20 bar code types.

Page 5 Universal Database Connector The core technology enabling MFP connection to almost every database out in the field today.

Page 6 Universal Email Connector This allows your Sharp MFP to easily integrate with the vast majority of email servers currently in use.

Everything you always wanted from the control panel of your MFP and more. Expand its feature set while adding an unprecedented level of image correction to your scans. Want to browse to any folder on your network directly from the control panel? Go right ahead...

„ Blank page separators z Separate your documents with a blank page and you’ll get separate files for each at the computer „ Blank page deletion z Default your scans to duplex mode (two-sided), even for single-sided documents.

Blank sides are deleted from the job, eliminating waste. „ Bates Stamping z Annotate and paginate your pages at the point of scan. Critical for the legal market z Choose Bates location from MFP Panel „ Image Cleaning z De-skew, De-speckle, Line Removal, Punch Hole and Blob Removal „ Scanner Manager z Create MFP scan targets in seconds, for any MFP z Printback feature for simultaneous scan and print z Active Directory access control with group capability „ Browse to folder z Open folder tree at the MFP z Access folder root and subdirectories z Limit access to secure directory lists „ Filename Generation z Define your file-naming convention in advance z Use any input field that the user can fill out at MFP side as a part of the file name ( i.e. “department - company - document # - date & time.pdf” ) „ File Format conversion z convert your files into any standard industry format These are just the main features offered with SPT. Visit www.drivve.com for more details.

Pushing the envelope — literally. The addition of the Bar Code Module to the Scanner Power Tools both accelerates and streamlines your document workflow. Add efficiency to high performance. Seat belts are required.

„ Reads more than 20 industry standard 1D & 2D bar codes „ Uses 2D bar codes to store/transmit up to 3KB of data „ Reports the type position and recognition confidence level for all bar codes „ Configure minimum confidence level „ Straightens and reads up to 20 degree skew „ Corrects basic scanning errors „ Automatically detects bar codes anywhere in an image „ Specify a specific bar code location on an image „ Indicate a default orientation „ Configure maximum number of bar codes to be read

Most common bar codes: z 1 dimensional: Code 39 Interleaved 2 of 5 EAN128 PostNet DataLogic Patch Code z 2 dimensional: PDF417 DataMatrix And many more...

Plug in and pull ahead. The greatest benefit, by far, of Sharp’s groundbreaking Open Systems Architecture is the connectivity it provides your MFP. Drivve’s Universal Database Connector plugs you directly into 98% of all databases in the field today.

„ Extreme flexibility due to use of SQL (Standard Query Language) as a base „ Displays data from existing database on the MFP „ Add metadata to any scan „ Full customization of MFP’s control panel interface — you decide what you see „ Populate a scan’s index fields with information pulled from database „ Industry standard outputs (ASCII, Text, CSV, XML) „ Pull email addresses from your CRM software and then send email via your SMTP server „ Supports ODBC (Open Database Connectivity) and LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) „ Integrates with fax server software z Search fax numbers from databases z Display fax broadcast groups on MFP control panel z Compatible with various fax server products

Scan direct... to the entire world. This tool integrates perfectly with any email server using industry standard protocols. Accomplish tasks like scanning directly to anyone in your list of contacts while leaving a copy of the scanned image in your “Sent” box.

„ Seamless, deep integration with most email servers, including Microsoft™ Exchange „ Can be configured to require user authentication „ A copy of sent email placed in “Sent” box for confirmation „ Can be used in conjunction with Scanner Power Tools „ Access global and personal address books OR limit access to secure recipient lists „ Supports multiple To, CC and BCC addresses „ Use Universal Database Connector to pull email addresses from your CRM software and then „ Connect to email servers via LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) and ODBC „ Standard SMTP protocol, including authentication „ Email and archive a document in one step

send email via your SMTP server

(Open Database Connectivity)

DocuTeam, Inc., the Southeast’s premier distributor of document and imaging solutions, is the development partner and exclusive distributor of Drivve® software in the United States. DocuTeam is perhaps the greatest success story in the history of the industry, starting from scratch nine short years ago with just four employees and growing into the largest single-city Sharp dealership in the country. Today, DocuTeam sells more Sharp hardware and more document management software than anyone in the Southeast, and employs over 120 truly dedicated professionals.

The best of both worlds Together DocuTeam and Drivve have created the perfect union: world-class software solutions that work seamlessly with the most powerful and intelligent MFPs on the planet. But simply offering products that are truly the “best of both worlds” — hardware and software — is clearly not enough. You have to support them.

DocuTeam, “the customer-centric company” DocuTeam’s rising star can be attributed to one thing and one thing only. Service. They simply do it better than anyone in the industry. They will stop at nothing and spare no expense to offer their customers the best support humanly (and technologically) possible. And this is not limited to hardware support. Far from it. DocuTeam’s Software Support Center has pulled together state-of-the-art resources to make sure they have the answers when you need them most. These include:
„ A Drivve Support hotline open from 8am to 5pm EST „ Quick email response time, usually within the hour „ Coming very soon: an online multimedia Help Desk with clear and simple demos of just about any

thing you ever wanted to know about Drivve® software: how to install, configure and use it.

If you have any questions about Drivve® software, need technical information or support, please call us at 1-800-300-6238, email us at [email protected], or visit us at www.docuteam.com.

www.drivve.com Copyright © 2007 Drivve Inc. All rights reserved

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