Midwifery and Obstetrical Nursing Quiz

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Obstetrical & Gynecology Nursing



Midwifery and Obstetrical Nursing Quiz 1. What is correct about amniocentesis? A. Intrauterine diagnosis B. Withdrawl of allatonic fluid from pregnant women C. Chemical analysisof fluids of pregnant women


D. Culturing amniotic cells and study of metaphasic chromosomes to identify chromosomal abnormality 2. What is correct about test tube baby? A. Fertilization inside female genital tract and grown in test tube B. Rearing of prematuraly born in incubator C. Fertilization outside and gestation inside womb of mother D. Both fertilization and development are effected outside the genital tract. 3. Contraceptive oral pils help in birth control by A. Killing of ova B. Preventing ovulation C. Killing of sperms D. Forming barrier between sperms and ova 4. Most important component of oral contraceptive agents is A. Thyroxine B. LH C. Progestrone D. GH 5. Copper-T/ loop prevents A. Ovulation

B. Fertilization C. Zygote formation D. Cleavage 6. Which of the following is a mechanical barrier used in birth control? A. Copper-T B. Diaphragm C. Loop D. Dalcon shield 7. Which of the following represents a condition where the motility of sperms is highly reduced? A. Azospermia B. Polyspermy C. Oligospermia D. Asthenospermia 8. Chancroid is a sexually transmitted disease caused by A. Treponima B. Haemophilus C. Neisseria D. Trichomonas 9. Oral contraceptive pills function by inhibiting A. Fertilization B. Ovulation C. Reproduction D. Implantation 10. __________________ is found positive during fertlity period of menstrual cycle, in




which cervical mucus is slippery and can be drawn into a thread when stretched between two fingers. A. Spinnbarkeit test B. Shick test C. Ballottement test D. Pyroglobulin test 11. Failure of testis to descend into the scrotum is called A. Paedogenesis B. Castration C. Cryptorchidism D. Impotency 12. The mesoderm gives rise to all the following structures in the fully developed fetus, EXCEPT A. Muscular system B. Nervous system C. Circulatory system D. Gonads 13. After a sperm has entered on ovum, entry of other sperm is prevented by A. Condensation of the yolk B. Formation of pigment coat C. Development of viteline membrane D. Development of fertilization membrane 14. In development, nervous system is A. Ectodermal

B. Endodermal C. Ectomesodermal D. Endomesodermal 15. Which one is produced by mesoderm? A. Heart and notochord B. Heart and brain C. Spinal cord and notochord D. Brain and notochord 16. Umbulical cord contains A. Umbulicus B. Placenta C. Discus proligerus D. Allantoic artery and vein 17. The site of fertilization in human is A. Ovary B. Uterus C. Vagina D. Fallopian tube 18. Gonads develop from embryonic A. Ectoderm B. Endoderm C. Mesoderm D. Both mesoderm and endoderm 19. Location and secretion of Leydig cells are


A. Liver-cholestrol B. Ovary-estrogen C. Testis-testosterone D. Pancreas-glucogen 20. Freshly released human egg has A. One Y-chromosome B. One X-chromosome C. Two X-chromosome D. One X-chromosome and one Y-chromosome 21. In 28 day human ovarian cycle, ovulation occures on A. Day 1 B. Day 5 C. Day 14 D. Day 28 22. Part of sperm involved in penetrating egg membrane is A. Tail B. Acrosome C. Allosome D. Autosome 23. Which one develops from endoderm? A. Nervous system, urinary bladder and eye B. Liver, connective tissue and heart C. Thymus, spinal cord and brain D. Liver, pancreas and thymus/thyroid


24. Corpus luteum develops from A. Oocyte B. Nephrostome C. Graffian follicle D. None of the above 25. Germinal epithelium of ovary has A. Cuboidal cells B. Columnar cells C. Squamous cells D. Stratified cells 26. Corpus luteum secretes A. LH B. Estrogen C. Progestrone D. FSH 27. Preparation of sperm before penetrating ovum is A. Spermation B. Coition C. Insemination D. Capacitation 28. Spermatozoa are nourished by A. Sertoli cells B. Interstitial cells


C. Connective tissue cells D. None of the above 29. Villi of human placenta develops from A. Chorion B. Allantois C. Yolk salk D. Both A and B 30. Fertilized ovum is implanted in uterus after A. 1 day B. 7 days C. 8 days D. 10 days 31. Middle piece of human sperm contains A. Nucleus B. Vacuoles C. Mitochondria D. Centriole 32. Immediately after ovulation, the egg is covered by a membrane called A. Chorion B. Zona pellucida C. Corona radiata D. Vitelline membarane 33. Secretion of progestrone by corpus luteum is initiated by A. MSH


B. LH C. Testosterone D. FSH 34. Correct sequance of hormone secretion from the beginning of menstuation is A. FSH, progesterone, estrogen B. Estrogen, FSH, progesterone C. FSH, estrogen, progesterone D. Estrogen, progesterone, FSH 35. Estrogen is secreted by A. Coprus luteum B. Membrane granulosa of Graffian follicle C. Germinal epithelium of ovary D. Prostate 36. Ovulation or release of ovum occure on the day of menstrual cycle A. 8-10 B. 12-14 C. 14-18 D. Last two days of mensrtual cycle 37. Sperms produce an enzymatic substance for dissolving egg coverings. It is called A. Hyaluronic acid B. Hyaluronidase C. Androgamone D. Diastase 38. Tsetis descent into scrotum for


A. Spermatogenesis B. Fertilization C. Development of sex organs D. Development of visceral organs 39. Antrum is cavity of A. Ovary B. Graffian follicle C. Blastula D. Gastrula 40. Hormone responsible for ovulation and development of corpus luteum is A. FSH B. LH C. ADH D. ICSH


ANSWER KEY 1. D 6. B 11. C 16. D 21.C 26.D 31.C 36.B 2.C 7. D 12. D 17.D 22.B 27. D 32.B 37. B 3. B 8.B 13. D 18.C 23.D 28.A 33.B 38.A 4.C 9.B 14. A 19.C 24.C 29.A 34.C 39.B 5.B 10. A 15.A 20.B 25.A 30.B 35.B 40.B

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