Mind Control - Brice Taylor

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ACKNOWLEDGMENTS...................................................................................................................3 Historical Overview: Mind Control in t e Modern Conte!t.............................................................."# $%O&ECT MONA%CH: NA'( M(ND CONT%OL )* %on $atton.................................................."+ MAN,-ACT,%(NG THE M(ND CONT%OLLED SLA.E........................................................../0 AWAKEN(NG TO THE %EAL(T(ES O- M(ND CONT%OL.........................................................31 A,THO%2S (NT%OD,CT(ON.........................................................................................................#/ C a3ter One: T e Creation o4 H56an %o)ot....................................................................................#7 C a3ter Two: Earl* C ild ood $re3aration......................................................................................8" C a3ter T ree: We9re O44 to See t e Wi:ard....................................................................................+7 C a3ter -o5r: ,ncle C arlie; Kissin<er; Ho3e and t eir Little $533et.............................................17 C a3ter -ive: (nitiation into t e $olitical Arena as a Se! Slave........................................................0= C a3ter Si!: &-K and t e Se! S 5ttle.............................................................................................."=" C a3ter Seven: All t e wa* wit L>&..............................................................................................""/ C a3ter Ei< t: >rain S5r<er* at ,CLA too? awa* 6* -at er9s -ree Will.....................................""1 C a3ter Nine: T e* didn9t see 6e as H56an.................................................................................."/" C a3ter Ten: (ntrod5ced to Governor %onald %ea<an...................................................................."3= C a3ter Eleven: Mind Control in t e $risons.................................................................................."3# C a3ter Twelve: Ni!on; Kissin<er; and (nternational >5siness......................................................"#" C a3ter T irteen: >o) Ho3e @Let 6e entertain *o5.A....................................................................."+8 C a3ter -o5rteen: $arties at t e %oc?e4ellers.................................................................................."7= C a3ter -i4teen: Ho3e and Kissin<er ,tili:e t e Kenned* -a6il*................................................."08 C a3ter Si!teen: .iva Las .e<as..................................................................................................../== C a3ter Seventeen: T e %at $ac?..................................................................................................../"= C a3ter Ei< teen: Gerald -ord........................................................................................................//8 C a3ter Nineteen: M* $ro<ra66ed Marria<e B We9ve Onl* &5st >e<5n......................................//0 C a3ter Twent*: &i66* Carter......................................................................................................../3/ C a3ter Twent*Cone: T e Holl*wood Connection........................................................................../33 C a3ter Twent*Ctwo: $rince $ illi3; $rince C arles; and $rincess Di............................................/#0 C a3ter Twent*Ct ree: T e* Stole M* >a)*.................................................................................../83 C a3ter Twent*C4o5r: ,SC: Hi< er Ed5cation or Mind Control..................................................../8+ C a3ter Twent*C4ive: >a)* Monarc s are >orn............................................................................../+8 C a3ter Twent*Csi!: Dod<er Dia6onds........................................................................................../08 C a3ter Twent*Cseven: Ed5cation /===..........................................................................................3== C a3ter Twent*Cei< t: %ea<an; Kissin<er; >5s and More Horrors...............................................3=8 C a3ter Twent*Cnine: >ac? to t e -5t5re........................................................................................3"# C a3ter T irt*: ,CLA Ne5ro3s*c iatric (nstit5te..........................................................................3/# C a3ter T irt*Cone: Wea3onr* Tec nolo<* o4 t e -5t5re..............................................................3/0 C a3ter T irt*Ctwo: %o)ot >rea?down...........................................................................................331 C a3ter T irt*Ct ree: >ill Clinton and Hillar*................................................................................3#" C a3ter T irt*C4o5r: E!c5se Me; ( Wo5ld Li?e M* Li4e >ac?.......................................................3#8 C a3ter T irt*C4ive: Secret Societies...............................................................................................3+8 C a3ter T irt*Csi!: T e Co5ncil9s $lan...........................................................................................3+7 C a3ter T irt*Cseven: W at t e World Needs Now........................................................................310 C a3ter T irt*Cei< t: A Mot er and Grand6ot er9s Sorrow..........................................................370

/ E$(LOG,E......................................................................................................................................30+ S,%.(.O% %ESO,%CES.............................................................................................................#=" S,GGESTED %EAD(NG...............................................................................................................#=/


ACKNOWLEDGMENTS TO MY CHILDREN COLLECTIVELY--Mountains of love are still held in reserve for each of you as I ta e this necessary ste! to"ard insurin# your ulti$ate freedo$% &lease for#ive $e for divul#in# and $a in# !u'lic the !ersons and events that should have re$ained !rivate to your lives% Ho"ever( the $a#nitude of the !ro'le$ "e face re)uires that I do as *od #uides $e% I no" that in a +nor$al+ healthy fa$ily I "ould have 'een a'le to discuss this all "ith you so "e could have decided ho" to do this to#ether% ,ut( that "as not !ossi'le% -or#ive $e for ta in# any li'erties that $ay effect your lives in "ays I could not have antici!ated% I have !ut $y decisions 'efore the Lord and trust in His infinite "isdo$ to lead us all to s"eet !eace and freedo$% The $other-child 'ond "e share has very !o"erfully 'een the "ind 'eneath $y "in#s% .EVIN--My child "ho "as also $y friend% Than s for al"ays 'ein# so hel!ful( ca!a'le( thou#htful of others( ind and cheerful% I a$ !roud of you and !ray for your release so that you can ta e the $any talents and #ifts you !ossess and use the$ in "ays you and you alone choose% I love you .ev% .ELLY--/ !ro$ise is a !ro$ise0 /nd I "ill ee! $ine to you% I "ill never let #o( and I "ill never sto! e1!osin# this and see in# hel!( no $atter "hat% Than you for al"ays 'ein# so ind and lovin#% Your #entle nature and the i$$ense love you are shines throu#h even the $ind control you are under( in "ays everyone can feel% I !ray for your release fro$ the !ro#ra$$ed state that ee!s you shut a"ay fro$ yourself and the "orld% I $iss you and no" that *od is "or in# !o"erfully in and throu#h you to 'rin# healin# to you and others% I love+s ya% D/NNY--My child "ho "al s to the 'eat of a different dru$$er% I "ait in #reat antici!ation to see "hat you do "ith the $any individual #ifts and talents that are yours( yet not yet yours% I #rieve for the necessary se!aration that caused you to have to #ro" u! "ithout a $o$ at a very early a#e% I !ray that *od "ill restore those years in divine "ays% I love you $ore than you could ever no"0 TO THE ,/,Y 2ON T/.EN -ROM MY /RM2 /T ,IRTH--My soul lon#s for you% I still #rieve the i$$ense loss of your !hysical !resence% I+ve $issed you over the years and loo for"ard to our reunion if it is *od+s "ill0 *od has !ro$ised restoration of fa$ily and I loo for"ard to $eetin# you a#ain( only this ti$e as a 'i# stron# $an0 MY &/RENT2--Than you for allo"in# $e !assa#e into the #enetic and s!iritual structures that "ould insure the success of $y $ission here on earth% I love you for 'irthin# $e and for allo"in# $e to have the necessary e1!eriences $y soul re)uired to learn and $a e $y contri'ution% Dad( your a'ility to 'e ahead of your ti$e and Mo$( your a'ility to unconditionally love( even under $ind control( hel!ed $e find $y "ay( ulti$ately% I no" no" that you "ere 'oth cau#ht in the sa$e dar "e' that I found $yself in% I love and for#ive you 'oth%

# CR/I*--3e never had a chance( 'ut "e did love each other throu#h it% Than you for your #entle nature and for su!!ortin# $e in the "ays that you "ere a'le to"ard $y recovery% I for#ive you% Do you for#ive $e4 MY ,ROTHER2--Li e &o! told us5 6May the Truth 2et 7s /ll -ree06 C/THERINE *O7LD( &HD--3hat "ould I have done "ithout you4 Than you for so $any thin#s( the first of "hich saved $y life %%%the clever safety letter attached to $y $e$ory !ac ets that I 'elieve e!t $e alive% Your continued su!!ort and hel!ful listenin# ear !roved to #ive $e that e1tra le# u! that I needed to trust $yself in order to #o for"ard "ith this $anuscri!t% M/R*IE &/7L( &hD--Than you for hel!in# $e connect to $y innate s!irituality and $y inner child 8children9 and for holdin# and lovin# those little one+s "ithin $e as I healed% Than s for your "illin#ness to #o into the fearso$e dar ness "ith $e and for your dedication to love( stretchin# 'eyond !rofessional rules to serve in the "ays I needed% I love you0 TED *7NDER2ON--Than you for hel!in# $e 'e#in to stay safe "ith security $easures and 'ody#uards and for neelin# 'efore the Lord "hile the Holy 2!irit "or ed "ithin us( so that to#ether "e could "or to"ard e1!osin# the horrors that have 'een a !art of so $any victi$s+ lives( in order that those !lannin# the Ne" 3orld Order "ould fail% Than you for 'ein# there over the years to re$ind $e "hen I 'eca$e discoura#ed( 6Re$e$'er "ho "ins in the end06 May *od+s lar#er !lan set the ca!tives free at last0 3/LTER ,O3/RT--May *od 'less you a'undantly for holdin# the s!ace of truth for victi$s of all a#es startin# "ay 'ac in :;<= "hen your first edition of O!eration Mind Control hit the 'oo stores% You have stayed in the 'attle for truth and >ustice and I than you for continuin# to hold onto the reality "hich $ost "ere faint of heart and not stron# enou#h to endure% Than you for 'ein# there0 ?OE--Than s for encoura#in# $e to continue and for teachin# $e the !lace $at $ethod% L/7REN 2TR/T-ORD--Than you for 'ein# coura#eous enou#h to heed the call of the Lord "hen you "al ed out in front of us all to !ioneer a healin# !ath for those "ho "anted to 'e healed% Than you for your encoura#e$ent in ti$es of trou'le and $ay *od 'less you for your continued su!!ort of survivors all over the "orld% I love you% LYNN MO22-2H/RMON--3ho had the s!iritual coura#e( fortitude and deter$ination to found 2tone /n#els to su!!ort $ind control victi$s in Canada( and then /CHE2-MC 8/DVOC/CY COMMITTEE -OR H7M/N [email protected]&ERIMENT/TION 27RVIVOR2-MIND CONTROL9% Your "or is crucial( as you+ve docu$ented the reality of $ind control e1!eri$entation throu#h the chroniclin# of countless victi$s+ testi$ony% May the *reat 2!irit richly re"ard you for your 'eautiful s!iritual !urity and faith %%%and your "or here0 ,O,,I */*NE-May the love and co$!assion you have sho"n for countless survivors return to you $ulti!lied% Than you for educatin# $any in the field of la" enforce$ent so

8 they $ay no" hel! victi$s "ho are still sufferin#% Than you for doin# "hat Christ "ould do0 I love you0 /LICE MILLER--The e1a$!le you sho"ed $e throu#h your 'oo s "as !riceless% Throu#h the$ I "as to learn that 'y trustin# $y o"n e1!erience( es!ecially those that I had as a child( that I $i#ht transcend "hat is currently no"n in order to $ore fully advocate for children% 2T7/RT &ERLM/N( &HD--Than s for tellin# $e the truth "as "ithin( "hen others told $e to for#et the !ast and live in the !resent% You "ere ri#ht0 Than you for listenin# for hours to the horror of $y !ast% I no" it "as very difficult for you to hear% *od ,less You0 CL/IRE REEVE2--&resident( Mothers /#ainst 2e1ual /'use 8M/2/9--Than you for holdin# the shield of !rotection for children and for 'ein# there for and "ith $e( even in court( "hen I 'e#an e1!osin# $y affluent a'users 'ac in :;;A0 I no" it has 'een difficult at ti$es and that you have had to "ithstand $uch o!!osition( 'ut >ust no" that $any have 'een hel!ed 'ecause of the "or you have done0 *od ,less You% M/R*/RET-My sister in Christ% Than you for 'ein# $y trusted secretary( 'est friend( and su!!ort tea$ throu#h the rou#h ti$es% I than ?esus for #uidin# you into $y life so that to#ether "e could fulfill His !lan for freein# His children( lar#e and s$all0 May *od 'less and ee! you all the days of your life% You are so !recious to $e% M/RY LE3I2---or constantly doin# "hat ?esus "ould do% 3ithout funds( out"ard direction( or $uch su!!ort you have sin#le-handedly done a $iraculous >o' in hel!in# endless victi$s of $ind control 'rea free and heal% May *od 'less and ee! you safe as you continue His "or 0 LO3ELL LE3I2---or 'rin#in# hu$or and love to your "or in su!!ortin# Mary and the $any victi$s that the t"o of you have "or ed "ith and loved over the years% Than s for sharin# your ,i'le "ith $e% 2T7/RT MERLOT--Than you for your continued su!!ort of $e 8es!ecially "ith the editin#9 and your a"eso$e devotion to"ard e1!osin# and endin# the inner "or in#s of the Ne" 3orld Order and of the $ind control that fuels it% Than you for not sto!!in#( even "hen it see$ed ho!eless% May your selflessness and dedication 'e richly re"arded 'y *od% ?7DITH--Than s for your lovin# su!!ort and hel! in the initial ty!esettin#% DORI2--My lovin# !rayer !artner% Than you for your continued !rayers for $y fa$ily+s release% I love you% TERRY-Than you for your lovin# su!!ort throu#h the intense 'irthin# of this 'oo % L/7RENCE--Than you for teachin# $e ho" to rest and for 'ein# $y friend%


ELIB/,ETH--Than you for 'ein# the 'eautiful li#ht of co$!assion and love( and for cryin# "hen you first heard $e s!ea a'out $y life% Than s for 'ein# "ith .elly "hile I studied the 'rain"ave technolo#y that ena'led $e to hel! her at ho$e and for encoura#in# $e to ee! learnin#( "hen I felt I couldn+t do it0 Your constant !rayers have 'een an incredi'le u!lift$ent0 *od ,less You% CHI& T/T7M--Than you for heroically sharin# your first hand "itness of CI/ $ind control( even validatin# it on video "ith $e0 I+$ sorry you had to #o to !rison for tellin# the truth( 'ut I+$ so #rateful that no" you are free0 *od ,less you and your "ife in your ne" life% /LL THO2E TH/T 3ENT ,E-ORE--I "ant to than all those coura#eous souls "ho #ave their lives in the service of endin# this a'use% ?E272--The love of $y life( $y Lord and 2avior% Than You for Your leadin#% Than you for 'rin#in# the Holy 2!irit to lead and #uide $e throu#h the dan#er to $a e this contri'ution% It is 'ecause of You that I survived throu#h this life and healed in order to 'rin# the truth to li#ht% Continue to "or in $e to create $y $ind to 'e $ore li e Yours0


/ NOTE TO RIT7/L /,72E 27RVIVOR2 /NDCOR THO2E 7NDER MIND CONTROL( 3HETHER CON2CIO72 /ND IN RECOVERY OR 2TILL 7NCON2CIO72 /ND 7N/3/RE Certain $aterial contained "ithin these !a#es $ay illustrate the !rece!ts of $ind control% Nothin# in this 'oo should create any !ro'le$s in the internal structure of those "ho have Dissociative Identity Disorder 8for$erly called Multi!le &ersonality Disorder9( or those currently under $ind controlD ho"ever( so$e survivors re!ort difficulty in readin# anythin# "hich relates to their current !erce!tion of their victi$iEation% Readers "ho no" or sus!ect they are incest( ritual a'use( or $ind control survivors and are in thera!y "ould do "ell to consult "ith *od 'efore readin# this 'oo % The $ention of an office( service( or or#aniEation in this 'oo does not constitute endorse$ent or reco$$endation 'y the author( and should not 'e relied u!on as such( 'ut is !rovided for infor$ation !ur!oses only% The author( editor( or !u'lisher can in no "ay 'e held lia'le for the use or $isuse of the infor$ation in this 'oo %

7 ,rice Taylor - Than s for the Me$ories Foreward by Walter Bowart: Thanks or the Me!!e!!or!ee"#: More than AF years have !assed since I 'e#an research into "hat "as then called 6'rain"ashin#(6 a co$ically eu!he$istic ter$ invented in the :;FG+s 'y CI/ !ro!a#anda s!ecialist Ed"ard Hunter% It+s 'een A: years since $y 'oo on the su'>ect O!eration Mind Control "as !u'lished internationally( and five years since it rea!!eared as the #reatly e1!anded Li$ited Researcher+s Edition( featurin# an account of 6Lois6 that offers a syno!sis of the 'oo you hold in your hands% No" it can 'e told% 6Lois6 is 2usan -ord( "hose !seudony$ is ,rice Taylor% Her 'oo Than s for the Me$ories( "hich( 'y all re!orts is #reatly antici!ated 'y an audience 'etter educated than the one I encountered in the :;<G+s( is no" !u'lished for all the "orld to read% I "rote $y 'oo O!eration Mind Control "hile livin# in /riEona( still +a 'ac "ard state( do$inated 'y -ederal funds and >o's( and the dissociated and e1tre$ely !rovincial 'eliefs that co$e "ith it% In the <G+s $ost of the !eo!le I s!o e "ith a'out "hat I called( #enerically( 6$ind control6 thou#ht I "as craEy% Those "ho "ere not afraid to e1!ress their o!inions on the su'>ect 'elieved it to 'e i$!ossi'le% They stron#ly 'elieved they could not 'e $ade to do so$ethin# a#ainst their "ill and "ithout their o"n no"led#e% They 'elieved they had indo$ita'le !o"ers of "ill( li e the CI/ funded !sycholo#ist( Ti$othy Leary+s fello" de'ater and 3ater#ate 'ur#lar( *% *ordon Liddy% They 'elieved( 'eyond a shado" of a dou't( that they could not 'e 'ro en( fra#$ented( and $entally enslaved 'y any technolo#y( even if it included hy!nosis( dru#s( electronic 'rain sti$ulation or "hat ca$e to 'e called 'iolo#ical !rocess control% My interest in this su'>ect "as !i)ued 'y a youn# $an( David( I had no"n all $y life% He returned fro$ a four-year tour "ith the 7nited 2tates /ir -orce in a confused and dee!ly tor$ented state% You could not say that he had a destroyed $ind% He suffered fro$ co$!lete a$nesia a'out the !ast years of service in the 72/-( 'ut he "as $a in# strai#ht 6/+s6 in !re$edical courses at a !ro$inent 7niversity% I did not reco#niEe hi$ as he sat( slu$!ed in an overstuffed chair in $y livin# roo$ in :;<H% He had under#one a cou!le of years of treat$ent "ith a co$!etent !sychiatrist and "as finally as ed 'y her( 6Do you "ant to no" "hat this is and ho" it "as created( or do you >ust "ant to 'e a'le to function46 He decided the functionin# "as #ood enou#h( and his treat$ent accelerated( ta in# a "ide turn a"ay fro$ the historical events he re$e$'ered( "hich included 'ein# a 6hu$an ta!e recorder6 and "itnessin# the $ost secret ne#otiations "ith North Vietna$ and "ith 6Royals6 of the /ra'ic !ersuasion "ho 'eheaded a !risoner he had >ust "itnessed 'ein# interro#ated% The i$a#e of this deca!itation still haunts hi$ in his drea$s% In :;<H the Roc efeller Co$$ission+s Re!ort revealed that CI/ Director Richard Hel$s had su!!osedly destroyed :FH se!arate files on a lon# runnin#( to! secret !ro>ect called M.7LTR/( as his last act in office% In years to co$e $any of those files "ere discovered as 6$is!laced6 files% They revealed a lon# history of cri$inal activities 'y

?a$es ?oyce( -inni#an+s 3a e( :;H=

0 individuals "ho hid 'ehind the National 2ecurity /ct and ran a$o ( arro#antly treatin# citiEens of their o"n country as >ust so $any la' rats% 6I can hy!notiEe a $an -- "ithout his no"led#e or consent -- into co$$ittin# treason a#ainst the 7nited 2tates%%%6 -- Dr% *eor#e Esta'roo s( :;IH% This Canadian-'orn Rhodes 2cholar "as a hy!nosis e1!ert and for$er &rofessor at Col#ate 7niversity "ith lon#-standin# ties to 7%2% $ilitary and do$estic intelli#ence( and to Martin Orne( MD( a $aster 6s!y-chiatrist(6 author of &atty Hearst+s 6'rain"ashin#6 defense( and foundin# ,oard $e$'er of the -alse Me$ory 62!indro$e6 -oundation% /s I "as researchin# The Roc efeller Co$$ission+s Re!ort( follo"in# anecdotal evidence( !uttin# the !ieces to#ether( then "ritin# "hat turned out to 'e O!eration Mind Control( I felt li e the villa#ers in this 2ufi tale5
/n ele!hant had entered a cave near a to"n in Morrocco and had 'ello"ed all ni#ht( ee!in# the "hole villa#e a"a e% No'ody in the to"n had seen an ele!hant( nor did anyone no" "hat an ele!hant loo ed li e% The villa#ers held a $eetin# and four 'rave !eo!le a$on# the$ volunteered to #o into the cave to investi#ate "hat "as $a in# the stran#e 'ello"in#s% The first one felt the ele!hant+s trun and ca$e runnin# out to re!ort a lar#e !ython "as $a in# the noise they heard The second one felt afoot and ca$e out to re!ort that a !al$ tree "as $a in# the noise% The third one felt the ele!hant+s tail and ca$e out to re!ort that a 'roo$( o'viously controlled 'y a "itch( "as $a in# the noise% The fourth villa#er felt the ele!hant+s ear and ca$e out to re!ort that there "as nothin# to fear 'ecause a lar#e leaf fro$ a tro!ical !lant "as $a in# the noise% Once they understood there "as nothin# to fear( the villa#ers "ent to slee! that ni#ht and didn+t hear the ele!hant snortin# and 'ello"in# as he left the cave% Nor did they $ention it a#ain%

In those days( shrin s 8!sychiatrists and !sycholo#ists9 told $e that "hat I "as re!ortin# "ere the results of a disease called 6schiEo!hrenia%6 The "ord $eant fra#$ented !ersonality( 'ut in ti$e( schiEo!hrenia turned out to 'e a fa$ilial disease "hich could 'e treated and controlled "ith $edication% The stories I "as re!ortin# too several years to understand% I eventually discovered that "hat I "as re!ortin# "as the real cause of the cry!tocracy+s trained ele!hant in the !articular cave ne1t to our ho$eto"n% I cannot tell you the e1!eriences 2ue -ord re!orts are accurate to the letter( since I "as not a "itness to all of the$% ,ut( as I revealed in O!eration Mind Control 8:;;I9( I once sa" 2ue on a &al$ 2!rin#s #olf course in the co$!any of her alle#ed handler( ,o' Ho!e% /t that ti$e I "as Editor-in-Chief of &al$ 2!rin#s Life $a#aEine( "hich had >ust "on the 6Ma##ie6 /"ard for !u'lishin# the 'est city $a#aEine% It "as at the ,o' Ho!e Classic that I sa" 2ue( 'ut I didn+t s!ea to her( as I "as 'usy coverin# the ha!!enin#s and cele'rities( "hich have #raced the $a#aEine since the :;FG+s% 2ue "as one of the ,o' Ho!e Classic hostesses( assistin# the !u'lic and the !ress in a variety of functions% My !ath crossed 2ue+s a#ain years later "hen I "as intervie"in# another survivor of $ind control( 'ut I+ll s!are you those details% ?ust read $y 'oo % I can tell you that 2ue -ord 'elieves the story she has "ritten "ith all her 'ein#( and her account as descri'ed herein has re$ained consistent%


Most of her $e$ories( conveyed in her 'oo ( she o'tained outside of the thera!y settin# on the Island of .auai( "hile >ournalin# on the 'each( since she could not afford a thera!ist at that ti$e% The !erceived safety of the location and the steady sound of the "aves in the 'ac #round !rovided her "ith the a'ility to focus in"ard( allo"in# intense flash'ac s to recur( includin# intense $e$ory of her !hysical sensations durin# those events 8called 'ody $e$ories9( all of "hich she "as a'le to "rite do"n in her >ournals% 2ue+s >ournals are a$aEin#ly free of $ista es( and that+s no s$all feat since they "ere "ritten in indeli'le in % One #ets the i$!ression that 2ue si$!ly +do"nloaded+ this $aterial fro$ her inner +$ulti!le !ersonalities(+ "ho "ere des!erately "antin# to #et this infor$ation out% Offerin# u! these truths in these !ost--alse Me$ory 62!indro$e6 -oundation days ta es coura#e% The "ell-funded 6foundation(6 co$!osed of alle#ed !edo!hiles and s!ychiatrists( $y ter$ for !rofessionals "ho "or ed for the CI/ in $ind control !ro>ects over a !eriod of a!!ro1i$ately fifty years( has led an effective fi#ht in the courts to esta'lish the fact that a !erson can easily 'e $ade to 'elieve thin#s "hich are not true% 3hen I as ed $any of those "ho "ould later sit on the -M2- ,oard( if a !erson could 'e $ade to do so$ethin# a#ainst their "ill and "ithout their no"led#e( they denied that it "as !ossi'le in the $id-seventies% They have not yet turned their earlier stance co$!letely around% Nor have they ta en the ne1t ste! to offer !roof that a !erson can 'e $ade to do so$ethin# a#ainst their "ill and "ithout their no"led#e( 'ut they have #one far enou#h "ith their ar#u$ent that 6>ustice is no lon#er served 'y +eye"itness+ accounts%6 Res!ondin# to -M2- la"suits( the 2tate of California( I+$ told( has $ade ne" la"s( "hich "ould dis)ualify the testi$ony of anyone "ho has ever confessed to havin# 'een hy!notiEed% Most la"yers and >ud#es don+t understand dissociative disorders 'ecause $ost 6$ental health !rofessionals6 don+t understand the$( andCor haven+t 'othered to educate the >udicial 'ranch of #overn$ent% To 'e#in to understand the full ran#e of dissociative disorders( fro$ &ost-trau$atic 2tress Disorder to ,i!olar Disorder to the for$er Multi!le &ersonality Disorder 8no" called Dissociative Identity Disorder9( one $ust confront the National 2ecurity 2tate and its $ilitaryCindustrial co$!le1( "hich created the illers "ho all too often ca$e ho$e fro$ their service to their country to 'eat and se1ually a'use their "ives and children% One #ets the i$!ression today that the $a>ority of 'oth 6$ental health e1!erts6 and >ud#es 'elieve that Multi!le &ersonality Disorder can easily 'e fa ed durin# e1!ert e1a$inations% Ho"ever( $ost !rofessionals "ith e1!erience treatin# DID "ill tell you that it is al$ost i$!ossi'le to fa e an autono$ic res!onse( the ind of res!onse that is used to assess the reality of a dissociated state% -a in# an autono$ic res!onse "ould 'e a'out as easy as deli'erately dilatin# or contractin# your !u!ils "ithout any chan#e of li#ht sti$ulus% On one case the -reedo$ of Thou#ht -oundation sent $e to investi#ate( the case of Ro'ert ?oe Moody( an alle#ed serial iller "ith a To! 2ecret security clearance in the

"" 72MC( I 'rou#ht one of the leadin# e1!erts in the treat$ent of DID into the !rison conference roo$% 3ithin $inutes this doctor had the iller $anifestin# four different !ersonalities% 3hen he first s"itched into the iller !ersonality the roo$ filled "ith heat% The doctor told $e it "as not unusual for a "hole variety of !hysical chan#es to occur "hen a $ulti!le s"itched% The roo$ )uic ly #ettin# hot fro$ the te$!erature chan#e of Moody+s 'ody "hen he s"itched fro$ one !ersonality to the other is a #ood e1a$!le of the sort of autono$ic res!onse I+$ tal in# a'out% I+d li e to see even the 'est-trained actor do that on cue0 /fter the intervie" "ith Moody( as "e "ere leavin# the !rison( the doctor said to $e( 63ell( "hat do you "ant to do4 Inte#rate these !ersonalities( or >ust let the little nineyear-old !ersonality ta e the !unish$ent 8death 'y lethal in>ection9 for all the others( >ust li e he has al"ays 'een doin#%6 In the only study of death ro" in$ates in /$erica( rou#hly :IJ tested as 'ein# undia#nosed cases of DID% Only a fe" !risons "ere used in this study% It focused only on convicted $urderers and did not investi#ate violent cri$inals "ho "ere convicted of assault or cri$es less than $urder% Other non-ca!ital offenders "ere o$itted% This study clearly sho"ed the i#norance( or !re>udice( of the /$erican >udicial syste$( one in "hich the dia#nosis 6$alin#erin#6 is #iven to !eo!le sufferin# fro$ DID% Malin#erin# is a !sychiatric ter$ that $eans the su'>ect is fa in# an illness% The !oorly trained !sycholo#ists and !sychiatrists "or in# as court a!!ointed 6e1!ert "itnesses6 don+t no" ho" to test nor dia#nose Dissociative Disorders% The $ost tra#ic $o$ent of Moody+s story( for $ost( is "hen they vie" the !olice videota!e of the accused iller 'ein# read the Miranda 3arnin#s% Here( clearly( is the nine-year-old !ersonality( 6,o''y(6 !ic in# at a sca' on his hand( s!ea in# in a haltin# voice( not understandin# "ho he "as( due to /$nestic -u#ue( nor "hat the "ords in the Miranda 3arnin#s $eant% It "as the only ti$e the accused "as read his ri#hts% /nd as you $i#ht e1!ect( ,o''y "asn+t the iller( nor "as he even 6!resent6 at the scene of the cri$e% The iller !ersonality "as na$ed @E and "as( 'y all !resent indications( created durin# Moody+s service in the Marine Cor!s% 6Mental health !rofessionals6 #enerally overloo the !ossi'ility of deli'erate !ro#ra$$in#% Or $ay'e that+s !art of the cons!iracy a#ainst freedo$ of thou#ht% Many shrin s are the$selves un"ittin# acco$!lices in this cons!iracy% &rofessional e1!ressions of denial a'out the access and deli'erate !ro#ra$$in# of dissociated children 'y a#ents of National 2ecurity 2tates is a'out as co$fortin# as if they+d told you that the conclusions of the 3arren Co$$ission Re!ort "ere accurate and correct% Even certain $e$'ers of The International 2ociety for the 2tudy of Dissociative Disorders has !ut DID in a se!arate le#al cate#ory( so that( !eo!le e1!ressin# $ulti!le !ersonalities cannot 'e found 6not #uilty 'y reason of insanity%6 Dr% Colin Ross( one of the leadin# e1!erts on Dissociative Disorders( e1!ressed the o!inion that DID $ay 'e the cause of $ost of the serious !ro'le$s of our society( such as #an#steris$( drive-'y shootin#s( schoolyard assassinations( rando$ acts of terroris$ and all the rest of the trau$a /$erica has 'een e1!eriencin# over the !ast fe" years--an idea

"/ not yet e1a$ined 'y cri$inolo#ists( !rison e1!erts( and others "ho "ould su!!osedly !rotect and serve% To understand dissociation is to understand the !aradi#$ shift in our culture--fro$ an industrial culture to an infor$ation culture% To understand it is to loo into the heart of the Dissociated 2tates of /$erica and the Dissociated 2tates of Euro!e and the Orient% The seeds of dissociation have 'een so"n throu#hout history( fro$ our earliest recorded days until the !resent% You can find evidence of it in the first terrors of the cave$en( in the sha$anic !ractices of $ost !ri$itive cultures( to the !resent co-o!tion of severely dissociated !eo!le found a$on# the ran s of $ode$ $ilitary recruits% / cross section of our society finds its "ay into $ilitary service( and a re!resentational nu$'er of the$ suffer fro$ Dissociative Disorders% These for$ a fertile !ool for recruit$ent of !ro#ra$$ed !ersonnel% /fter you+ve $et a fe" of the$( you realiEe they have one thin# is co$$on--they are hi#hly su##esti'le% Thus it is easy to ca!italiEe on the trau$a i$!lanted in their child+s $ind 'y daddy( uncle( a nei#h'or or "ho$ever% Once dissociation sho"s u! in the $ilitary 6entrance tests(6 they are sorted out for !ro#ra$$in#% -ro$ their ran s are created autono$ic assassins( a$nestic couriers( and Mata Hari se1!iona#e a#ents "ho+ve #iven their involuntary all "ith no consent for$ re)uested% 3ho "ould do such a thin# you as 4 Read on% Learn a'out the cry!tocracy that has 'een #radually a$assin# its !o"er over the hu$an $ind since the days "hen the s"asti a "as forced under#round( and its ar$'ands torn fro$ the sleeves( 'ut its le#acy "as not re$oved fro$ the hearts and $inds of those "elco$ed to /$erica under &ro>ect &a!ercli!( "hen NaEi "ar cri$inals( !osin# as scientists( "ere flo"n fro$ the front( hidden a$on# those "ho had s!illed their 'lood fi#htin# fascis$% The value of !ro#ra$$in# to the cry!tocrats is understood "hen you realiEe its usefulness in harnessin# a slave la'or force and coverin# u! cri$es% More than one forensic !sychiatrist has told $e that our cri$inal >ustice syste$s are not !re!ared to deal "ith these cases% /nd it+s 'een that "ay for )uite so$e ti$e% The liti#ious actions of the -alse Me$ory 62!indro$e6 -oundation have done further da$a#e to >ustice 'y successfully o'fuscatin# the realities of Dissociative Disorders and 'y 'la$in# its cause on the treat$ents of inco$!etent 6$ental health !rofessionals%6 3hether a victi$ of DID( trained and conditioned and honed for #ove$$ent use( clai$s they have 'een raised in a 2atanic Cult( or a 2ecret 2ociety( or 'een a'ducted 'y aliens $atters not at all% -or eons of ti$e( throu#hout the entire history of $an ind 8as far as "e no"9 "ar and trau$a have created this evil( "hich is $ulti-#enerational( !assed do"n the fa$ily tree fro$ !arent to child in an un'ro en chain% The flavor of the torture $atters not--it is none the less torture% The style of !ro#ra$$in# $atters not--it is none the less !ro#ra$$in#% 7sually the "o$en are tu$ed into slaves of one ind or anotherD the $en are turned into illers or handlers% Re#ardless of the content of their story( the !rofessional can only ta e it at face value( su!!ort the client( use it as a $eta!hor if

"3 nothin# else( and try one techni)ue after another until they #et the results they are see in#( reinte#ration and eventual recovery% /fter s!endin# the !ast five years studyin# !ro#ra$$ed illers( it is refreshin# to turn once a#ain to 2ue -ord+s case% Most of us cannot ee! fro$ "incin# at her vivid descri!tions in certain !arts% Others si$ilarly victi$iEed have e1!erienced tortures so terri'le 8literally uns!ea a'le9 that they $i#ht thin 2ue had a 6!rivile#ed6 ti$e of it% Thou#h( 2ue "as used at a very 6hi#h level6 in such "ays that re)uired her !hysical !reservation% Many survivors( it "ould a!!ear( are #enerally too inca!acitated to "rite their o"n story and too destitute or cri!!led to achieve sufficient recovery% 2ue+s story( truly a s!y-chiatrist+s 6ni#ht$are co$e true(6 is li e a fascinatin#( $ultifaceted #e$stone "ashed u! on a "hite( sandy Ha"aiian 'each after havin# 'attled ty!hoons( ri! tides and the treacherous forces of $an and nature% It is the story of a survivor "ho truly has e$er#ed as a +Victor+ a#ainst all odds% 3e $ust salute 2ue% 2he has !receded the thera!eutic co$$unity+s understandin# of dissociation and reinte#ration in the conte1t of $ind control% 2he+s 'een a teacher as "ell as a !atient( and has ins!ired $any of those "ho are leadin# the "ay to"ard real healin#( not >ust a dru##in# of sy$!to$s as is too co$$only found to 'e the 6$ental health6 cure for M&DCDID% Throu#h her valiant recovery fro$ trau$a-'ased $ind control( 2ue has !aved the "ay for other survivors to follo"% Let+s >oin her in shinin# the li#ht on the !ath for those survivors "ho are ready( "illin# and a'le to stand and 'e counted% Their li'eration "ill 'e ours--all of us0 To your o"n -ree Thin in#0 3%H% ,o"art Director -reedo$ of Thou#ht -oundation

"# ,rice Taylor - Than s for the Me$ories $%stor%&al O'er'%ew: M%nd Control %n the Modern Conte(t +Mind control+ is a rather va#ue and ne'ulous ter$ used to la'el $ethods of e1tre$e coercion that result in an individual+s involuntary( ro'otic co$!liance% In order for the reader to fully understand the account !resented in this 'oo ( it is essential to #ain so$e 'ac #round no"led#e a'out the history of $ind control% There "as a 2!ecial Re!ort 8article9 that a!!eared in the 72% Ne"s K 3orld Re!ort 8?anuary AI( :;;I9 entitled 6The Cold 3ar E1!eri$ents(6 "hich !rovides one "ith an introductory and conventionally acce!ted !ers!ective on the su'>ect of $ind control% The article 'e#ins( statin# the "idely held vie" that 6%%%7%2% #overn$ent scientists( s!urred on 'y re!orts that /$erican !risoners of "ar "ere 'ein# 'rain"ashed in North .orea( "ere !ro!osin# an ur#ent( to!-secret research !ro#ra$ on 'ehavior $odification% Dru#s( hy!nosis( electroshoc ( lo'oto$y -- all "ere to 'e studied as !art of a vast 7%2% effort to close the $ind-control #a!%6 /t the ti$e this article a!!eared( con#ressional in)uiries "ere 'ein# held to e1a$ine ne" disclosures a'out #overn$ent e1!eri$ents that had intentionally e1!osed /$erican citiEens to radiation% The article continues( 6,ut the radiation e1!eri$ents are only one facet of a vast cold "ar research !ro#ra$ that used thousands of /$ericans as #uinea !i#s%6 /nd( 6-ro$ the end of 3orld 3ar II "ell into the :;<G+s( the /to$ic Ener#y Co$$ission( the Defense De!art$ent( the $ilitary services( the CI/ and other a#encies used !risoners( dru# addicts( $ental !atients( colle#e students( soldiers( even 'ar !atrons( in a vast ran#e of #overn$ent-run e1!eri$ents to test the effects of everythin# fro$ radiation( L2D and nerve #as to intense electric shoc s and !rolon#ed 6sensory de!rivation%6 Note the !ortrayal of this activity as a 6vast6 #overn$ental effort% The article also illustrates the recent con#ressional concern5 6+It+s not >ust radiation "e+re tal in# a'out(+ says De$ocratic 2en% ?ohn *lenn of Ohio( a for$er Marine and astronaut "ho is holdin# hearin#s on the su'>ect this "ee % +/ny !lace #overn$ent e1!eri$entin# caused a !ro'le$ "e should $a e every effort to notify the !eo!le and follo" u!% 3e ou#ht to set u! so$e sort of revie" and co$!ensation for !eo!le "ho "ere really hurt+%6 Years later( on ?anuary AA( :;;<( 2en% *lenn introduced 'efore Con#ress the Hu$an Research 2u'>ect &rotections /ct of :;;<% It "as referred to the 2enate Co$$ittee on La'or and Hu$an Resources( chaired 'y 2en% /rlen 2!ector 8author of the 3arren Co$$ission+s +sin#le 'ullet theory+9( and never $ade it out% 3ith the $any 'are-'rained !ieces of le#islation that $a e it to the 2enate floor( you "ould thin that one "hich atte$!ts to safe#uard hu$an su'>ects of e1!eri$entation "ould 'e a +no-'rainer(+ 'ut a!!arently it is not "ith this Con#ress% &arallel "ith this activity( &resident Clinton !u'lished an /d$inistrative Order no"n as Me$orandu$ of March A<( :;;< entitled 62tren#thened &rotections for Hu$an 2u'>ects of Classified Research6 8see a!!endi19( "hich atte$!ted to i$!le$ent the reco$$endations of the /dvisory Co$$ittee on Hu$an Radiation E1!eri$ents( "hich he

"8 esta'lished in ?anuary :;;I% To date( these "ell-intended efforts have had little or no i$!act% Last year 8/!ril :F( :;;=9( Harlan *irard( on 'ehalf of the International Co$$ittee for the Convention /#ainst Offensive Micro"ave 3ea!ons( 'rou#ht suit a#ainst the -ederal #overn$ent for its non-co$!liance in carryin# out &resident Clinton+s /d$inistrative Order% This case is still in the !rocess of "or in# its "ay throu#h the -ederal courts% The 7%2% Ne"s K 3orld Re!ort article concludes "ith the follo"in# !ara#ra!h5 6/nother for$er CI/ official( 2idney *ottlie'( "ho directed the M.7LTR/ 'ehavior-control !ro#ra$ al$ost fro$ its ince!tion( refused to discuss his "or "hen 72% Ne"s re!orter visited hi$ last "ee at his ho$e% He said the CI/ "as only tryin# to encoura#e 'asic "or in 'ehavior science% ,ut he added that after his retire$ent in :;<H( he "ent 'ac to school( !racticed for :; years as a s!eech !atholo#ist and no" "or s "ith /ID2 and cancer !atients at a hos!ice% He said he has devoted the years since he left the CI/ +tryin# to #et on the side of the an#els instead of the devils+%6 *ottlie'+s !raise"orthy activities since :;<H s!ea to the seriousness of "hat he had !artici!ated in !rior to that date( under &ro>ect M.7LTR/% He "as one individual "ho at least tried to do so$ethin# to +save his soul(+ "hich is $ore than one can say for the host of others "ho "ere si$ilarly involved% *ottlie' !assed a"ay earlier in :;;;( >ust in ti$e to $iss all the +fire"or s%+ The follo"in# article( 6&ro>ect Monarch5 NaEi Mind Control6 'y Ron &atton( !rovides an e1cellent historical overvie" on $ind control in its $any different as!ects and is re!rinted here al$ost in its entirety% The article a!!eared in the trend-settin#( alternative !ress $a#aEine &aranoia5 The Cons!iracy Reader in the -all :;;L issue% This $a#aEine( one of several +iconoclasts(+ has !u'lished a nu$'er of such infor$ative articles on related su'>ects and( to date( a!!ears to 'e the leadin# source for ne"s and infor$ation a'out $ind control% Note5 The actual na$e of a classified !ro>ect no"n to $any as +Monarch+ is yet to 'e officially confir$ed( therefore( the reader is advised to su'stitute the !hrase 6trau$a'ased $ind control6 for the author+s usa#e of the code na$e 6MON/RCH%6


)*O+ECT MONA*C$: NA,- M-ND CONT*OL by *on )atton /$idst the su'tle cere'ral circu$vention of the #ulli'le !o!ulace( throu#h a $ultitude of $ani!ulated $ediu$s( lies one of the $ost dia'olical atrocities !er!etrated u!on a se#$ent of the hu$an race5 a for$ of syste$atic $ind control "hich has !er$eated every as!ect of society for al$ost fifty years% To o'>ectively ascertain the follo"in#( one $ay need to re-e1a$ine !reconceived ideolo#ies relatin# to the dualistic nature of $an ind% Resolvin# the !hiloso!hical )uestion of "hether "e are inherently #ood or inherently evil is tanta$ount in sha!in# our !erce!tion of realityD s!ecifically( the s!iritual varia'le "ithin the e)uation of life% This e1!osition is su'stantiated 'y declassified 7%2% *overn$ent docu$ents( individuals for$erly connected to the 7%2% intelli#ence co$$unities( historical researchers no"led#ea'le in $ind control( !u'lications fro$ $ental health !ractitioners( and intervie"s ta en fro$ survivors un"ittin#ly su'>ected to a hi#hly co$!le1 for$ of trau$a'ased $ind control no"n as MON/RCH !ro#ra$$in#% / "ord of caution for survivors of intensively syste$atic $ind control andCor so$e for$ of ritualiEed a'use5 There are nu$erous 6tri##ers6 in this article% It is therefore reco$$ended not to read it unless a!!ro!riate su!!ort syste$s are in !lace or if you have a thorou#hly reinte#rated !ersonality% / ,rief History of Control The Mystery Reli#ions of ancient E#y!t( *reece( India and ,a'ylon hel!ed lay the foundation for occultis$( $eanin# 6hidden no"led#e%6 One of the earliest "ritin#s #ivin# reference to occultis$ is the E#y!tian ,oo of the Dead( a co$!ilation of rituals e1!licitly descri'in# $ethods of torture and inti$idation 8to create trau$a9( the use of !otions 8dru#s9 and the castin# of s!ells 8hy!notis$9( ulti$ately resultin# in the total enslave$ent of the initiate%M:N These have 'een the $ain in#redients for a !art of occultis$ no"n as 2atanis$( throu#hout the a#es% Durin# the :Hth Century( the Ro$an Catholic Church increased and solidified its do$inion throu#hout Euro!e "ith the infa$ous In)uisition% 2atanis$ survived this !eriod of !ersecution( dee!ly entrenchin# itself under the veil of various esoteric #rou!s% In :<<L( a ,avarian ?esuit 'y the na$e of /da$ 3eishau!t "as co$$issioned 'y the House of Rothschild to centraliEe the !o"er 'ase of the Mystery Reli#ions into "hat is co$$only no"n as the Illu$inati( $eanin# 6Enli#htened Ones%6 This "as an a$al#a$ation of !o"erful occultic 'loodlines( elite secret societies and influential Masonic fraternities( "ith the desire to construct the fra$e"or for a 6Ne" 3orld Order%6 The out"ard #oal of this 7to!ia "as to 'rin# forth universal ha!!iness to the hu$an race% Ho"ever( their underlyin# intention "as to #radually increase control over the $asses( thus 'eco$in# $asters of the !lanet%


The /n#lo /lliance ,y the :;th century( *reat ,ritain and *er$any "ere reco#niEed as the !ri$ary #eo#ra!hic areas of Illu$inati control% It then should 'e of little sur!rise to no" the first "or in ,ehavioral 2cience research "as esta'lished in En#land in :==A( "hile $uch of the early $edical and !sychiatric techni)ues involved in $ind control "ere !ioneered at the .aiser 3ilhel$ Institute in *er$any% The Tavistoc Institute of Hu$an Relations "as set u! in London in :;A: to study the 6'rea in# !oint6 of hu$ans% .urt Le"in( a *er$an !sycholo#ist( 'eca$e the director of the Tavistoc Institute in :;HA( a'out the sa$e ti$e NaEi *er$any "as increasin# its research into neuro!sycholo#y( !ara!sycholo#y and $ulti-#enerational occultis$% Interestin#ly( a !ro#ressive e1chan#e of scientific ideas "as ta in# !lace 'et"een En#land and *er$any( $ost nota'ly in the field of eu#enics5 the $ove$ent devoted to 6i$!rovin#6 the hu$an s!ecies throu#h the control of hereditary factors in $atin#% The nefariously eni#$atic union 'et"een the t"o countries "as 'onded( !artly throu#h the Order of the *olden Da"n( a secret society( "hich consisted of $any hi#h ran in# officials in the NaEi !arty and ,ritish aristocracy% To! 22 NaEi officer( Heinrich Hi$$ler( "as in char#e of a scientific !ro>ect called Le'ens'orn( "hich included selective 'reedin# and ado!tion of children( a !eculiarly lar#e nu$'er of t"ins a$on# the$%MAN The !ur!ose of the !ro#ra$ "as to create a su!er-race 8/ryans9 "ho "ould have total alle#iance to the cause of the Third Reich 8Ne" Order9% Much of the !reli$inary e1!eri$entation concernin# #enetic en#ineerin# and 'ehavior $odification "as conducted 'y Dr% ?osef Men#ele at /ush"itE( "here he coldly analyEed the effects of trau$a-'ondin#( eye-colorin# and 6t"innin#6 u!on his victi$s% ,esides the insidious sur#ical e1!eri$entation !erfor$ed at the concentration ca$!( so$e of the children "ere su'>ected to $assive a$ounts of electroshoc % 2adly( $any of the$ did not survive the 'rutality% Concurrently( 6'rain-"ashin#6 "as carried out on in$ates at Dachau( "ho "ere !laced under hy!nosis and #iven the hallucino#enic dru# $escaline% Durin# the "ar( !arallel 'ehavioral research "as led 'y Dr% *eor#e Esta'roo s of Col#ate 7niversity% His involve$ent "ith the /r$y( CID( -,I and other a#encies re$ains shrouded in secrecy% Ho"ever( Esta'roo s "ould occasionally 6sli!6 and discuss his "or involvin# the creation of hy!no-!ro#ra$$ed couriers and hy!notically-induced s!lit !ersonalities%MHN /fter 33II( the 7%2% De!art$ent of Defense secretly i$!orted $any of the to! *er$an NaEi and Italian -ascist scientists and s!ies into the 7nited 2tates via 2outh /$erica and the Vatican% The code na$e for this o!eration "as &ro>ect &/&ERCLI&%MIN One of the $ore !ro$inent finds for the 7%2% "as *er$an *eneral Reinhard *ehlen( Hitler+s Chief of Intelli#ence a#ainst Russia% 7!on arrivin# in 3ashin#ton( DC in :;IF( *ehlen $et e1tensively "ith &resident Tru$an( *eneral 3illia$ 63ild ,ill6 Donovan( Director of the Office of 2trate#ic 2ervices 8O229 and /llen Dulles( "ho "ould later 'eco$e the stal"art head of the CI/% The o'>ective of their 'rainstor$in# sessions "as to reor#aniEe the no$inal /$erican intelli#ence o!eration( transfor$in# it into a hi#hly

"7 efficient covert or#aniEation% The cul$ination of their efforts !roduced the Central Intelli#ence *rou! in :;IL( rena$ed the Central Intelli#ence /#ency 8CI/9 in :;I<% Reinhard *ehlen also had !rofound influence in hel!in# to create the National 2ecurity Council( fro$ "hich the National 2ecurity /ct of :;I< "as derived% This !articular !iece of le#islation "as i$!le$ented to !rotect an unconsciona'le nu$'er of ille#al #overn$ent activities( includin# clandestine $ind control !ro#ra$s% Evolution of &ro>ect M.7LTR/ 3ith the CI/ and National 2ecurity Council fir$ly esta'lished( the first in a series of covert 'rain"ashin# !ro#ra$s "as initiated 'y the Navy in the fall of :;I<% &ro>ect CH/TTER "as develo!ed in res!onse to the 2oviet+s 6successes6 throu#h the use of 6truth dru#s%6 This rationale( ho"ever( "as si$!ly a cover story if the !ro#ra$ "ere to 'e e1!osed% The research focused on the identification and testin# of such dru#s for use in interro#ations and the recruit$ent of a#ents%MFN The !ro>ect "as officially ter$inated in :;FH% The CI/ decided to e1!and their efforts in the area of 'ehavior $odification( "ith the advent of &ro>ect ,L7E,IRD( a!!roved 'y Director /llen Dulles in :;FG% Its o'>ectives "ere to5 8:9 discover a $eans of conditionin# !ersonnel to !revent unauthoriEed e1traction of infor$ation fro$ the$ 'y no"n $eans( 8A9 investi#ate the !ossi'ility of control of an individual 'y a!!lication of s!ecial interro#ation techni)ues( 8H9 investi#ate $e$ory enhance$ent and 8I9 esta'lish defensive $eans for !reventin# hostile control of a#ency !ersonnel% In /u#ust :;F:( &ro>ect ,L7E,IRD "as rena$ed &ro>ect /RTICHO.E( "hich evaluated offensive uses of interro#ation techni)ues( includin# hy!nosis and dru#s% The !ro#ra$ ceased in :;FL% Three years !rior to the halt of &ro>ect /RTICHO.E( &ro>ect M.7LTR/ ca$e into e1istence on /!ril :H( :;FH alon# the lines !ro!osed 'y Richard Hel$s( De!uty Director of Central Intelli#ence CDCI "ith the rationale of esta'lishin# a 6s!ecial fundin# $echanis$ of e1tre$e sensitivity%6MLN The hy!othetical ety$olo#y of 6M.6 $ay !ossi'ly stand for 6Mind .ontrolle%6 The o'vious !ost"ar translation of the *er$an "ord( 6.ontrolle6 into En#lish is 6control%6M<N / host of *er$an doctors( !rocured fro$ the NaEi talent !ool( "ere an invalua'le asset to"ard the develo!$ent of M.7LTR/% The correlation 'et"een the concentration ca$! e1!eri$ents and the nu$erous su'-!ro>ects of M.7LTR/ are clearly evident% The various avenues used to control hu$an 'ehavior under M.7LTR/ included radiation( electroshoc ( !sycholo#y( !sychiatry( sociolo#y( anthro!olo#y( #ra!holo#y( harass$ent su'stances and !ara$ilitary devices and $aterials 8L2D 'ein# the $ost "idely dis!ensed 6$aterial69% / s!ecial !rocedure( desi#nated M.DELT/( "as esta'lished to #overn the use of M.7LTR/ a'road% M.7LTR/ C M.DELT/ $aterials "ere used for harass$ent( discreditin# or disa'lin# !ur!oses%M=N Of the :I; su'!ro>ects under the u$'rella of M.7LTR/ havin# 'een identified( &ro>ect MON/RCH officially 'e#an 'y the 7%2% /r$y in the early :;LG+s 8althou#h unofficially i$!le$ented $uch earlier9 a!!ears to 'e the $ost !ro$inent and is still classified as TO& 2ECRET for 6National 2ecurity6 reasons%M;N MON/RCH $ay have cul$inated fro$ M.2E/RCH su'!ro>ects( such as o!eration 2&ELL,INDER( "hich "as

"0 set u! to create 6slee!er6 assassins 8i%e% 6Manchurian Candidates69 "ho could 'e activated u!on receivin# a ey "ord or !hrase "hile in a !ost-hy!notic trance% O!eration O-TEN( a study "hich atte$!ted to harness the !o"er of occultic forces( "as !ossi'ly one of several cover !ro#ra$s to hide the insidious reality of &ro>ect MON/RCH% Definition and Descri!tion The na$e MON/RCH is not necessarily defined "ithin the conte1t of royal no'ility( 'ut rather refers to the Monarch 'utterfly% 3hen a !erson is under#oin# trau$a induced 'y electroshoc ( a feelin# of li#ht-headedness is evidencedD as if one is floatin# or flutterin# li e a 'utterfly% There is also a sy$'olic re!resentation !ertainin# to the transfor$ation or $eta$or!hosis of this 'eautiful insect5 fro$ a cater!illar to a cocoon 8dor$ancyD inactivity9( to a 'utterfly 8ne" creation9 "hich "ill return to its !oint of ori#in% 2uch is the $i#ratory !attern that $a es this s!ecies uni)ue% Occultic sy$'olis$ $ay #ive additional insi#ht into the true $eanin#% &syche is the "ord for 'oth 6soul6 and 6'utterfly(6 co$in# fro$ the 'elief that hu$an souls 'eco$e 'utterflies "hile searchin# for a ne" reincarnation%M:GN 2o$e ancient $ystical #rou!s( such as the *nostics( sa" the 'utterfly as a sy$'ol of corru!t flesh% The 6/n#el of Death6 8re$e$'er Men#ele49 in *nostic art "or s "as !ortrayed crushin# the 'utterfly%M::N / $arionette is a !u!!et that is attached to strin#s and is controlled 'y the !u!!et $aster( hence MON/RCH !ro#ra$$in# is also referred to as the 6Marionette 2yndro$e%6 6I$!erial Conditionin#6 is another ter$ used( "hile so$e $ental health thera!ists no" it as 6Conditioned 2ti$ulus-Res!onse 2e)uences%6 &ro>ect MON/RCH could 'e 'est descri'ed as a for$ of trau$a-structured dissociation and occultic inte#ration in order to co$!art$entaliEe the $ind into $ulti!le !ersonalities "ithin a syste$atic fra$e"or % Durin# the !rocess( a 2atanic ritual( usually includin# Ca'alistic $ysticis$( is !erfor$ed "ith the !ur!ose of attachin# a !articular de$on or #rou! of de$ons to the corres!ondin# alter8s9% Of course( $ost M!eo!leN "ould vie" this as si$!ly a $eans to enhance trau$a "ithin the victi$ ne#atin# irrational 'elief that de$onic !ossession actually occurs% /lters and Tri##ers /nother "ay of e1a$inin# this convoluted victi$iEation of 'ody and soul is 'y loo in# at it as a co$!le1 co$!uter !ro#ra$5 / file 8alter9 is created throu#h trau$a( re!etition and reinforce$ent% In order to activate 8tri##er9 the file( a s!ecific access code or !ass"ord 8cue or co$$and9 is re)uired% The victi$ survivor is called a 6slave6 'y the !ro#ra$$erChandler( "ho in turn is !erceived as 6$aster6 or 6#od%6 /'out <FJ are fe$ale( since they !ossess a hi#her tolerance for !ain and tend to dissociate easier than $ales% 2u'>ects are used $ainly for covert o!erations( !rostitution and !orno#ra!hyD involve$ent in the entertain$ent industry is nota'le% / for$er $ilitary officer connected to the DI/ told this "riter( 6In the +'i# !icture+ these !eo!le MMON/RCH victi$sN are in all "al s of life( fro$ the 'u$ on the street to the

/= "hite-collar #uy%6 In corro'oration( a retired CI/ a#ent va#uely discussed the use of such !ersonnel to 'e used as 6!lants6 or 6cha$eleons6 for the !ur!ose of infiltratin# a desi#nated #rou!( #atherin# infor$ation andCor in>ectin# an ulterior a#enda% There are an inordinate a$ount of alters in the victi$Csurvivor( "ith nu$erous 'ac -u! !ro#ra$s( $irrors and shado"s% / division of li#ht-side 8#ood9 and dar -side 8'ad9 alters are inter"oven in the $ind and rotate on an a1is% One of the $ain internal structures( 8of "hich there are $any9 "ithin the syste$ is sha!ed li e a dou'le-heli1( consistin# of seven levels% Each syste$ has an internal !ro#ra$$er "ho oversees the 6#ate ee!ers6 8de$ons49 "ho #rant or deny entry into the different roo$s% / fe" of the internal i$a#es !redo$inately seen 'y victi$sCsurvivors are trees( the Ca'alistic 6Tree of Life(6 "ith ad>oinin# root syste$s( infinity loo!s( ancient sy$'ols and letters( s!ider "e's( $irrors or #lass shatterin#( $as s( castles( $aEes( de$onsC$onstersCaliens( sea shells( 'utterflies( sna es( ri''ons( 'o"s( flo"ers( hour #lasses( cloc s( ro'ots( chain-of-co$$and dia#ra$s andCor sche$atics of co$!uter circuitry 'oards% ,loodlines and T"innin# / $a>ority of the victi$sCsurvivors co$e fro$ $ulti-#enerational 2atanic fa$ilies 8'loodlines9 and are ostensi'ly !ro#ra$$ed 6to fulfill their destiny as the chosen ones or chosen #enerations6 8a ter$ coined 'y Men#ele at /usch"itE9% 2o$e are ado!ted out to fa$ilies of si$ilar ori#in% Others used in this neurolo#ical ni#ht$are are dee$ed as the 6e1!enda'le ones6 8non-'loodliners9( usually co$in# fro$ or!hana#es( foster-care ho$es( or incestuous fa$ilies "ith a lon# history of !edo!hilia% There also a!!ears to 'e a !attern of fa$ily $e$'ers affiliated "ith #overn$ent or $ilitary intelli#ence a#encies% Many of the a'used co$e fro$ fa$ilies "ho use Catholicis$( Mor$onis$( or charis$atic Christianity as a 6front6 for their a'o$ina'le activities 8thou#h $e$'ers of other reli#ious #rou!s are also involved%9 Victi$sCsurvivors #enerally res!ond $ore readily to a ri#id reli#ious 8do#$atic( le#alistic9 hierarchical structure 'ecause it !arallels their 'ase !ro#ra$$in#% /uthority usually #oes unchallen#ed( as their "ill has 'een usur!ed throu#h su'>ective and co$$and-oriented conditionin#% &hysical identification characteristics on victi$sCsurvivors often include $ulti!le electrical !rod scars andCor resultant $oles on their s in% / fe" $ay have had various !arts of their 'odies $utilated 'y nives( 'randin# irons( or needles% ,utterfly or occult tattoos are also co$$on% *enerally( 'loodliners are less li ely to have the su'se)uent $ar in#s( as their s in is to 6re$ain !ure and un'le$ished%6 The ulti$ate !ur!ose of the so!histicated $ani!ulation of these individuals $ay sound unrealistic( de!endin# u!on our inter!retive understandin# of the !hysical and s!iritual real$s% The dee!est and dar est alters "ithin 'loodliners are !ur!orted to 'e dor$ant until the 6/ntiChrist6 is revealed% These 6Ne" 3orld Order6 alters su!!osedly contain call-'ac orders and instructions to train andCor initiate a lar#e influ1 of !eo!le 8!ossi'ly clones or 6soulless ones69% there'y sti$ulatin# social control !ro#ra$s into the ne" $illenniu$%

/" Non-'iolo#ical 6t"innin#6 is yet another 'iEarre feature o'served "ithin MON/RCH !ro#ra$$in#% -or instance( t"o youn# non-related children "ould 'e cere$oniously initiated in a $a#ical 6soul-'ondin#6 ritual so they $i#ht 'e 6inse!ara'ly !aired for eternity6 8!ossi'ly another Men#ele connection49% They essentially share t"o halves of the !ro#ra$$ed infor$ation( $a in# the$ interde!endent u!on one another% &aranor$al !heno$enon such as astral !ro>ection( tele!athy( E2&( etc% a!!ear to 'e $ore !ronounced 'et"een those "ho have under#one this !rocess% Levels of MON/RCH &ro#ra$$in#M:AN /L&H/% Re#arded as 6#eneral6 or re#ular !ro#ra$$in# "ithin the 'ase control !ersonalityD characteriEed 'y e1tre$ely !ronounced $e$ory retention( alon# "ith su'stantially increased !hysical stren#th and visual acuity% /l!ha !ro#ra$$in# is acco$!lished throu#h deli'erately su'dividin# the victi$+s !ersonality "hich( in essence( causes a left 'rain - ri#ht 'rain divisionD allo"in# for a !ro#ra$$ed union of L and R throu#h neuron !ath"ay sti$ulation% ,ET/% Referred to as 6se1ual6 !ro#ra$$in#% This !ro#ra$$in# eli$inates all learned $oral convictions and sti$ulates the !ri$itive se1ual instincts( devoid of inhi'itions% 6Cat6 alters $ay co$e out at this level% DELT/% This is no"n as 6 iller6 !ro#ra$$in#( ori#inally develo!ed for trainin# s!ecial a#ents or elite soldiers 8i%e% Delta -orce( -irst Earth ,attalion( Mossad( etc%9 in covert o!erations% O!ti$al adrenal out!ut and controlled a##ression is evident% 2u'>ects are devoid of fearD very syste$atic in carryin# out their assi#n$ent% 2elf-destruct or suicide instructions are layered in at this level% THET/% Considered to 'e 6!sychic6 !ro#ra$$in#% ,loodliners 8those co$in# fro$ $ulti#enerational 2atanic fa$ilies9 "ere deter$ined to e1hi'it a #reater !ro!ensity for havin# tele!athic a'ilities than did non-'loodliners% Due to its evident li$itations( ho"ever( various for$s of electronic $ind control syste$s "ere develo!ed and introduced( na$ely( 'io$edical hu$an tele$etry devices 8'rain i$!lants9( directedener#y lasers usin# $icro"aves andCor electro$a#netics% It is re!orted these are used in con>unction "ith hi#hly-advanced co$!uters and so!histicated satellite trac in# syste$s% OME*/% / 6self-destruct6 for$ of !ro#ra$$in#( also no"n as 6Code *reen%6 The corres!ondin# 'ehaviors include suicidal tendencies andCor self-$utilation% This !ro#ra$ is #enerally activated "hen the victi$Csurvivor 'e#ins thera!y or interro#ation and too $uch $e$ory is 'ein# recovered% */MM/% /nother for$ of syste$ !rotection is throu#h 6dece!tion6 !ro#ra$$in#( "hich elicits $isinfor$ation and $isdirection% This level is intert"ined "ith de$onolo#y and tends to re#enerate itself at a later ti$e if ina!!ro!riately deactivated%

// Methods and Co$!onents The initial !rocess 'e#ins "ith creatin# dissociation "ithin the su'>ect( usually occurrin# fro$ the ti$e of 'irth to a'out si1 years% This is !ri$arily achieved throu#h the use of electroshoc 8ECT9 and is at ti$es !erfor$ed even "hen the child is in the $other+s "o$'% Due to the severe trau$a induced throu#h ECT( se1ual a'use and other $ethods( the $ind s!lits off into alternate !ersonalities fro$ the core% -or$erly referred to as Multi!le &ersonality Disorder( it is !resently reco#niEed as Dissociative Identity Disorder and is the 'asis for MON/RCH !ro#ra$$in#% -urther conditionin# of the victi$+s $ind is enhanced throu#h hy!notis$( dou'le-'ind coercion( !leasure-!ain reversals( food( "ater( slee! and sensory de!rivation( alon# "ith various dru#s "hich alter certain cere'ral functions% The ne1t sta#e is to e$'ed and co$!ress detailed co$$ands or $essa#es "ithin the s!ecified alter% This is achieved throu#h the use of hi-tech headsets( in con>unction "ith co$!uter-driven #enerators "hich e$it inaudi'le sound "aves or har$onics that affect the RN/ coverin# of neuron !ath"ays to the su'conscious and unconscious $ind% 6Virtual Reality6 o!tical devices are so$eti$es used si$ultaneously "ith the har$onic #enerators !ro>ectin# !ulsatin# colored li#hts( su'li$inals and s!lit-screen visuals% Hi#h volta#e electroshoc is then used for $e$ory dissolution% &ro#ra$$in# is u!dated !eriodically and reinforced throu#h visual( auditory and "ritten $ediu$s% 2o$e of the first !ro#ra$$in# the$es included the 3iEard of OE and /lice and 3onderland( 'oth heavily saturated "ith occultic sy$'olis$% Many of the recent Disney $ovies and cartoons are used in a t"o-fold $anner5 desensitiEin# the $a>ority of the !o!ulation( usin# su'li$inals and neuro-lin#uistic !ro#ra$$in#( and deli'erately constructin# s!ecific tri##ers and eys for 'ase !ro#ra$$in# of hi#hlyi$!ressiona'le MON/RCH children% M!ara#ra!hs o$itted in ori#inalN Music !lays an instru$ental role in !ro#ra$$in#( throu#h co$'inations of varia'le tones( rhyth$s and "ords% -ri#ht$eister 2te!hen .in#+s nu$erous novels and su'se)uent $ovies( are !ur!orted 'y credi'le sources to 'e used for such villainous !ur!oses% One of his latest 'oo s( Inso$nia( features a !icture of .in# "ith the tri##er !hrase 63E NEVER 2LEE&(6 8indicative of so$eone "ith M&DC DID9 'elo" an all-seein# eye% M!ara#ra!hs o$itted in ori#inalN MRecent infor$ative $ind control related $ovies5 Total RecallD ,rainstor$D Lon# .iss *oodni#htD ?ohnny Mne$onicD Cons!iracy TheoryD MindfieldD :A Mon eysD ,ar'"ireD -ortressD Trancers IIID ?aco'+s LadderD Videodro$eD Circuitry ManD La"n$o"er ManD Color of Ni#htD ,ladeD Ene$y of the 2tateD /dventures of ,aron Von MunchhausenD and Ninth Confi#uration% Older $ovies include5 /ltered 2tatesD 2le!ford 3ivesD and the classic Manchurian Candidate%N

/3 &ro#ra$$ers and &laces It+s difficult to fi#ure out "ho the ori#inal !ro#ra$$er of this satanic !ro>ect "as( due to the su'stantial a$ount of disinfor$ation and cross-conta$ination !ro!a#ated 'y the 6!o"ers that 'e%6 The t"o that "ent 'y the color-coded na$e of Dr% *reen are a ?e"ish doctor na$ed Dr% *ruen'au$( "ho su!!osedly colla'orated "ith the NaEis durin# 33II( and Dr% ?osef Men#ele( "hose trade$ar of cold-'looded and calculatin# 'rutality has not only scarred the souls of survivors fro$ /ush"itE( 'ut also a countless nu$'er of victi$s throu#hout the "orld% Men#ele+s direct involve$ent at the infa$ous /ush"itE concentration ca$! "as sus!iciously do"n!layed durin# the Nure$'er# Trials( and conse)uently no intensified effort 'y the 7%2% and its allies "as directed to"ard his ca!ture%M:HN /s a $eans to confuse serious investi#ators as to his "herea'outs( 7%2% officials "ould re!ort Men#ele 'ein# a non-threatenin# recluse in &ara#uay or ,raEil( or that he "as si$!ly dead 8the 6/n#el of Death6 $iraculously $ust have co$e 'ac to life at least five different ti$es9% His un!recedented research( at the e1!ense of thousands of lives( undou'tedly "as a si#nificant 'onus to 7%2% interests% ,esides usin# the !seudony$ of Dr% *reen( survivors ne" hi$ as Vaterchen 8daddy9( 2choner ?osef 8'eautiful ?ose!h9( David and -airchild% / #racefully handso$e $an of sli#ht stature( Men#ele "ould disar$ !eo!le "ith his #entle de$eanor( "hile at other ti$es( he "ould e1!lode into violent ra#es%M:IN Other characteristics re$e$'ered 'y survivors "ere the cadence of his shiny 'lac 'oots as he !aced 'ac and forth and his 6I-love-youCI-love-you-not6 daisy #a$e% 3hen he !ulled off the last daisy !etal( he "ould $aliciously torture and ill a s$all child in front of the other child he "as !ro#ra$$in#% Distrau#ht survivors also recalled 'ein# thro"n na ed into ca#es "ith $on eys( "ho "ere trained to viciously a'use the$% Evidently( Men#ele en>oyed reducin# !eo!le to the level of ani$als% He also "ould !ur!osely restrain his victi$s fro$ cryin#( screa$in#( or sho"in# any e1cessive e$otion% Dr% D% E"en Ca$eron( also no"n as Dr% 3hite( "as the for$er head of the Canadian( /$erican and 3orld &sychiatric /ssociations% ,ecause of Ca$eron+s e1tensive e1!erience and credentials( the CI/+s /llen Dulles funneled $illions of dollars throu#h front or#aniEations li e the 2ociety for the Investi#ation of Hu$an Ecolo#y( "hich Ca$eron ruthlessly !resided over% E1!eri$entations "ere conducted at several locations in Montreal( $ostly at Mc*ill 7niversity( 2t% Mary+s Hos!ital and /llan Me$orial Institute% ,esides the conventional $ethods of !sychiatric tyranny( such as electroshoc ( dru# in>ections and lo'oto$ies( Ca$eron conceived the techni)ue of 6!sychic drivin#(6 "herein unsus!ectin# !atients "ere e!t in a dru#-induced co$a for several "ee s and ad$inistered a re#i$en of electroshoc s( "hile electronic hel$ets "ere stra!!ed to their heads and re!etitive auditory $essa#es "ere trans$itted at varia'le s!eeds%M:FN Many of those e1!loited "ere a'used children "ho had 'een run throu#h the Ro$an Catholic or!hana#e syste$%

/# Not sur!risin#ly( Dr% Ca$eron has 'een conveniently left out of $ost !sychiatric >ournals% This $ay have 'een( in fact( lar#ely due to &ro>ect M.7LTR/ 'ein# !u'licly e1!osed in :;<G( throu#h la"suits filed 'y Canadian survivors and their fa$ilies% The CI/ and Canadian #overn$ent settled out of court so as not to 'e re)uired to officially ad$it to any "ron#doin#% / for$er 7%2% /r$y Lt% Col% in the DI/+s &sycholo#ical 3arfare Division( Michael /)uino( is the latest in a line of alle#ed #overn$ent-s!onsored sadists% /)uino( an eccentric #enius( founded the Te$!le of 2et( an offshoot of /nton LaVey+s Church of 2atan% His o'session "ith NaEi !a#an rituals and his hy!notic $ani!ulation of !eo!le $ade hi$ an ideal candidate for the !osition of 6Master &ro#ra$$er%6 /)uino "as connected "ith the &residio /r$y ,ase daycare scandal( in "hich he "as accused of child $olestation% Much to the dis$ay of the youn# victi$s+ !arents( all char#es "ere dis$issed% Msentence o$ittedN Heinrich Mueller "as another i$!ortant !ro#ra$$er "ho "ent under the code na$es 6Dr% ,lue6 or 6*o#%6 He a!!arently has t"o sons "ho have carried on the trade% The ori#inal 6Dr% ,lac 6 "as a!!arently Leo 3heeler( the ne!he" of deceased *eneral Earle *% 3heeler( "ho "as the co$$ander of the ?oint Chiefs of 2taff durin# the Vietna$ 3ar% 3heeler+s !rote#e( E% Hu$$el( is active in the North"est( alon# "ith 3% ,o"ers 8fro$ the Rothschild-'loodline9% Other alle#ed $aster $ind $ani!ulators( !ast and !resent( are5 Dr% 2ydney *ottlie'( Lt% Col% ?ohn /le1ander( Richard Da'ney /nderson 872N9( Dr% ?a$es Monroe( Dr% ?ohn Lilly( Lt% Co$dr% Tho$as Narut( Dr% 3illia$ ?ennin#s ,ryan( Dr% ,ernard L% Dia$ond( Dr% Martin Orne( Dr% Louis ?% 3est( Dr% Ro'ert ?% Lifton( Dr% Harris Is'el and Col% 3ilson *reen% In order to ee! M.7LTR/ fro$ 'ein# easily detected( the CI/ se#$ented its su'!ro>ects into s!ecialiEed fields of research and develo!$ent at universities( !risons( !rivate la'oratories and hos!itals% Of course( they "ere re"arded #enerously "ith #overn$ent #rants and $iscellaneous fundin#% The na$es and locations of so$e of the $a>or institutions involved in MON/RCH !ro#ra$$in# e1!eri$entation "ereCare5 Cornell( Du e( &rinceton( 7CL/( 7niversity of Rochester( MIT( *eor#eto"n 7niversity Hos!ital( Mai$onides Medical Center( 2t EliEa'eth+s Hos!ital 83ashin#ton( D%C%9( ,ell La'oratories( 2tanford Research Institute( 3estin#house -riendshi! La'oratories( *eneral Electric( /RCO and Man in# Research 7nli$ited% The 6final !roduct6 "asCis usually created on $ilitary installations and 'ases( "here $a1i$u$ security is re)uired% Referred to as 8re9 !ro#ra$$in# centers or neardeath trau$a centers( the $ost heavily identified are5 China La e Naval 3ea!ons Center( The &residio( -t% Dietric ( -t% Ca$!'ell( -t% Le"is( -t% Hood( Redstone /rsenal( Offutt /-,( &atric /-,( McClellan /-,( Mac*ill /-,( .ir land /-,( Nellis /-,( Ho$estead /-,( *risso$ /-,( Ma1"ell /-, and Tin er /-,% Other !laces reco#niEed as $a>or !ro#ra$$in# sites are Lan#ley Research Center( Los /la$os National La'oratories( Tavistoc Institute and areas in or 'y Mt% 2hasta( C/( La$!e( MO and Las Ve#as( NV%

/8 Nota'le Na$es One of the first docu$ented cases of a MON/RCH secret a#ent( "as that of the volu!tuous :;IG+s $odel( Candy ?ones% The 'oo ( The Control of Candy ?ones( 8&lay'oy &ress9 !ortrays her :A years of intri#ue and sus!ense as a s!y for the CI/% ?ones( "hose 'irthna$e is ?essica 3ilco1( a!!arently fit the !hysiolo#ical !rofile as to 'e one of the initial e1!eri$ents or hu$an #uinea !i#s under the #overn$ent+s 6scientific6 !ro>ect( M.7LTR/% The $ost !u'liciEed case of MON/RCH $ono$ania has surfaced throu#h the 'oo TR/NCE -or$ation of /$erica5 The True Life 2tory of a CI/ 2lave 'y Cathy O+,rien% On the 'ac cover it e$!hatically states( 6Cathy O+,rien is the only vocal and recovered survivor of the Central Intelli#ence /#ency+s M -7ltra &ro>ect Monarch $ind control o!eration%6 This docu$ented auto'io#ra!hy contains co$!ellin# accounts of O+,rien+s years of unrelentin# incest and eventual introduction into &ro>ect MON/RCH 'y her !erverted father% /lon# "ith co-author Mar &hilli!s( her rescuer and de!ro#ra$$er( Cathy covers an al$ost un'elieva'le array of cons!iratorial cri$e5 forced !rostitution 8"hite slavery9 "ith those in the u!!er echelons of "orld !olitics( covert assi#n$ents as a 6dru# $ule6 and courier( and the country-"estern $usic industry+s relationshi! "ith ille#al CI/ activities% &aul ,onaci( a coura#eous survivor "ho endured al$ost t"o decades of de#radation under &ro>ect MON/RCH( has disclosed stron# corro'oratin# evidence of "idescale cri$es and corru!tion fro$ the $unici!alCstate level all the "ay u! to the 3hite House%M:<N He has testified a'out se1ually-a'used $ales selected fro$ ,oy+s To"n in Ne'ras a and ta en to near'y Offutt /-,( "here he says they "ere su'>ected to intense MON/RCH !ro#ra$$in#( directed $ainly 'y Co$$ander ,ill &le$$ons and for$er Lt% Col% Michael /)uino%M:=N /fter thorou#hly tor$entin# the youn# 'oys into $indless o'livion( they "ere used 8alon# "ith #irls9 for !orno#ra!hy and !rostitution "ith several of the nation+s !olitical and econo$ic !o"er-'ro ers% ,onaci recalled 'ein# trans!orted fro$ the /ir -orce 'ase via car#o !lanes to McClelland /-, in California% /lon# "ith other unfortunate adolescents and teena#ers( he "as driven to the elite retreat( ,ohe$ian *rove% The !er!etrators too full advanta#e of these innocent victi$s( co$$ittin# unthin a'le !erversions in order to satisfy their deviant lusts% 2o$e victi$s "ere a!!arently $urdered( further trau$atiEin# already terrified and 'ro en children% MThe follo"in# infor$ation is !rovided 'y ,rice Taylor( at the ti$e of this "ritin# in :;;;5 7ri Do"'en o "rote an article for Media ,y!ass $a#aEine 8?une :;;;9 "here he re!orts that >ustice "as finally served "hen a 7%2% District Court recently a"arded a O: $illion settle$ent to ,onacci( after years of le#al aid fro$ his attorney ?ohn DeCa$!N /n insatia'le actress of $ar#inal talent 8no" deceased9( a $orally-corru!t TV evan#elist( a heralded for$er *reen ,eret officer and a !o!ular country-"estern sin#er are a fe" others li ely havin# succu$'ed to MON/RCH $adness% Lee Harvey Os"ald( 2irhan-2irhan( Charlie Manson( ?ohn Hinc ley( ?r%( Mar Cha!$an( David .oresh( Ti$ McVei#h and ?ohn 2alvi are so$e nota'le na$es of infa$y( stron#ly sus!ected of 'ein# !a"ns "ho "ere s!a"ned 'y M.7LTR/%


De!ro#ra$$ers and E1!osers Dr% Corydon Ha$$ond( a &sycholo#ist fro$ the 7niversity of 7tah( delivered a stunnin# lecture entitled 6Hy!nosis in M&D5 Ritual /'use6 at the -ourth /nnual Eastern Re#ional Conference on /'use and Multi!le &ersonality( ?une AF( :;;A in /le1andria( Vir#inia% He essentially confir$ed the sus!icions of the attentive cro"d of $ental health !rofessionals( "herein a certain !ercenta#e of their clients had under#one $ind control !ro#ra$$in# in an intensively syste$atic $anner% Ha$$ond alluded to the NaEi connection( $ilitary and CI/ $ind control research( *ree letter and color !ro#ra$$in# and s!ecifically $entioned the 6Monarch &ro>ect6 in relation to a for$ of Mo!erantN conditionin#% 2hortly after his #round'rea in# s!eech( he received death threats% Not "antin# to >eo!ardiEe the safety of his fa$ily( Dr% Ha$$ond sto!!ed disse$inatin# any follo"-u! infor$ation( until recently% M!ara#ra!h o$itted in ori#inalN Ne" Orleans thera!ist Valerie 3olf introduced t"o of her !atients 'efore the &resident+s Co$$ittee on Hu$an Radiation E1!eri$ents on March :F( :;;F in 3ashin#ton( DC% The astonishin# testi$ony $ade 'y these t"o 'rave "o$en included accounts of *er$an doctors( torture( dru#s( electroshoc ( hy!nosis and ra!e( 'esides 'ein# e1!osed to an undeter$ined a$ount of radiation% ,oth 3olf and her !atients stated they recovered the $e$ories of this a'use( "ithout re#ression or hy!nosis techni)ues%M:;N 3olf !resently devotes $uch of her ti$e to counselin# such survivors% / for$er la'or attorney for /tlantic Richfield Co%( David E% Rosen'au$( conducted a nine-year investi#ation 8:;=H-:;;A9 concernin# alle#ations of !hysical torture and coercive conditionin# of nu$erous e$!loyees at an /RCO !lant in Monaca( &/%MAGN His clients( ?erry L% Dotey and /nn 3hite( "ere victi$s of a!!arent radiation e1!osureD 'ut as Mr% Rosen'au$ !ro'ed dee!er in the su'se)uent intervie" sessions( a 6&andora+s ,o16 "as unveiled% His $ost astonishin# conclusion "as that ?erry Dotey and /nn 3hite "ere li ely the offs!rin# of /dolf Hitler( 'ased in !art on the uncanny rese$'lance fro$ !hotos 8facial features( 'one structure and siEe "ere ta en into consideration9% Rosen'au$ also states( 6They 'oth e1hi'it feelin#s and e1!eriences that indicate they are t"ins%6 Dotey and 3hite "ere alle#edly su'>ected to torture of $any inds "hile under dru#-induced hy!nosis( "ith each one under#oin# at least three trainin# techni)ues 'y !lant !hysicians% Each victi$ "as trained to enter into a hy!notic state u!on the occurrence of s!ecific sti$uli( usually involvin# a 6cue6 "ord or !hrase and trained to 6re$e$'er to for#et6 "hat trans!ired in the hy!notic state% They "ere re!eatedly su'>ected to identical sti$ulus-res!onse se)uences to !roduce nearly auto$atic reactions to the !articular status% M.7LTR/ veterans Dr% ,ernard Dia$ond( Dr% Martin Orne and Dr% ?osef Men#ele re#ularly visited the /RCO !lant( accordin# to Rosen'au$% The s!ecial conditionin# of Dotey and 3hite "as intended for the artificial creation of dual *er$an !ersonalities% Rosen'au$( "ho is ?e"ish( has $aintained a dee! friendshi! "ith the t"o( des!ite the see$in#ly !recarious circu$stances%

/1 Other reno"ned thera!ists involved in de!ro#ra$$in# are Cynthia ,yrtus( &a$ela Monday( 2teve O#ilvie( ,ennett ,raun( ?erry Mun#adEe and Colin Ross% 2o$e Christian counselors have 'een a'le to eli$inate !arts of the !ro#ra$$in# "ith li$ited success% ?ournalists "ho have recently e1!ounded on the su'>ect $atter in e1e$!lary fashion are 3alter ,o"art5 O!eration Mind Control( ?on Ra!!o!ort5 72% *overn$ent Mind-Control E1!eri$ents on Children( and /le1 Constantine5 &sychic Dictatorshi! in the 72/ Mand Virtual *overn$ent( !lus authorCresearchers /lan 2cheflin K Ed"ard O!ton( ?r%5 The Mind Mani!ulators( Harvey 3einstein( M%D%5 &sychiatry and the CI/5 Victi$s of Mind Control( and ?i$ .eith5 Mind Control( 3orld Control and his latest 'oo Mass Control5 En#ineerin# Hu$an Consciousness%N Conclusion The $ost incri$inatin# state$ent to date $ade 'y a #overn$ent official as to the !ossi'le e1istence of &ro>ect MON/RCH "as e1tracted 'y /nton Chait in( a "riter for the !u'lication( The Ne" -ederalist% 3hen for$er CI/ Director 3illia$ Col'y "as as ed directly( 63hat a'out $onarch46 he re!lied an#rily and a$'i#uously( 63e sto!!ed that 'et"een the late :;LG+s and the early :;<G+s%6 2uffice to say that society( in its a!!arent state of co#nitive dissonance( is #enerally in denial of the over"hel$in# evidence of this $ultifarious cons!iracy% Nu$erous victi$sCsurvivors of &ro>ect MON/RCH are in des!erate need of hel!% Ho"ever( the #reat $a>ority of !eo!le are too !reoccu!ied "ith the$selves to sho" any #enuine co$!assion to"ard these severely "ounded individuals% /!athy has ta en over the $inds of the $asses( "ho choose to e1ist "ithin the co$forts of this "orld% Reality has thus 'eco$e o'scured 'y relativis$ and selfishness% /lthou#h there has 'een so$e !ro#ress in de!ro#ra$$in# and reinte#ratin# thera!ies( a $uch #reater !ro'le$ needs to 'e rectified% The Holy ,i'le addresses this !ro'le$ as the fra#$entation of the soul 8EEe iel :H5AG9% / s!iritual restoration is "hat is truly needed 8&sal$ AH5H9 %%% Msentence o$ittedN M!ara#ra!h o$itted in ori#inalN 2tatistically( the road to recovery for these survivors of uni$a#ina'le de!ravity is a lon# and tedious one( 'ut *od is the ulti$ate healer and only "ithin his ti$e( throu#h His stren#th and 'y His #race( can the ca!tives 'e set free 8Isaiah L:5:9% Endnotes :% David L% Carrico( The Egyptian-Masonic-Satanic Connection( :;;A% A% 3alter H% ,o"art( Operation Mind Control( -latland Editions( :;;I( !% A:L% H% Martin Cannon( 6Mind Control and the /$erican *overn$ent(6 &revailin# 3inds Research( :;;I( !% :;% I% Linda Hunt( Secret Agenda( 2t% Martin+s &ress( :;;:% F% Final Report of the Select Committee to Study Governmental Operations ( 7%2% 2enate( /!ril :;<L( !% H=<% L% I'id( !% H;G%

/7 <% ?ohn Mar s( The Search For The Manchurian Candidate ( Ti$es ,oo s( :;<;( !!% LGL:% =% Final Report of the Select Committee to Study Governmental Operations ( 7%2% 2enate( /!ril :;<L( !% H;:% ;% Mar &hilli!s and Cathy O+,rien( 6&ro>ect Monarch(6 :;;H% :G% ,ar'ara *% 3al er( The oman!s "ictionary of Sym#ols and Sacred O#$ects ( Har!er Collins( :;==% ::% Marshall Cavendish( Man% Myth and Magic( :;;F% :A% Dr% Corydon Ha$$ond( 6The *reen'au$ 2!eech(6 :;;AD Mar &hilli!s and Cathy O+,rien( &ro$ect Monarch &rogramming "efinitions( :;;H% :H% *erald L% &osner( Mengele' The Complete Story( Mc*ra"-Hill( :;=L% :I% Lucette Matalon La#nado( "r( )osef Mengele and the *ntold Story of the T+ins of Ausch+it,( Morro"( :;;:% :F% *ordon Tho$as( )ourney -nto Madness' The Story of Secret C-A Mind Control and Medical A#use( ,anta$ ,oo s( :;=;% :L% Mo$ittedN :<% ?ohn DeCa$!( The Fran.lin Cover-*p% Child A#use% Satanism and Murder -n /e#ras.a( /3T Inc%( :;;A% :=% /nton Chait in( 6-ran lin 3itnesses I$!licate -,I and 7%2% Elites in Torture and Murder of Children(6 The /e+ Federalist( :;;H% :;% ?on Ra!!o!ort( 6CI/ E1!eri$ents "ith Mind Control on Children(6 &erceptions Maga,ine( 2e!te$'erCOcto'er :;;F( !% FL% AG% David E% Rosen'au$( Es)%( First "raft' Overvie+ of -nvestigation of the Group ( :;=H-:;;H%

/0 &aranoia' The Conspiracy Reader -all :;;L( Vol% I( No% H( Issue :I% ,rice Taylor - Than s for the Me$ories &revie" 'y &a$ela ?% Monday( &h%D5 MAN.FACT.*-NG T$E M-ND CONT*OLLED SLA/E 6If the child has survived the initial trials( and if they also !rove intelli#ent 'ut $allea'le( then if the !ro#ra$$in# #oes ri#ht( a very( very s$all infant that has 'een conditioned fro$ day one is a !o"erful "ea!on( 'ecause if you #et a $ind that early( as anyone no"s( you can( ; ti$es out of :G( I "ould say( deter$ine the #eneral 'ehaviors of that child and the adult that they "ill 'eco$e%6 -- *loria6-- / for$er !atient( and $ind control su'>ect My first e1!erience "ith a !atient "ho had 'een involved in $ind control e1!eri$entation 'e#an "hen 6*loria6 initially called $e( loo in# for a thera!ist "ho acce!ted Medicare insurance% 2he said she had 'een se1ually a'used as a child and had 'een in thera!y !eriodically for a nu$'er of years% I "as not a Medicare !rovider( 'ut a#reed to see her te$!orarily "hile she loo ed for so$eone else% On the day of our first a!!oint$ent( I "al ed into the "aitin# roo$ to #reet her and as ed for 6*loria%6 / "o$an loo ed u! fro$ a corner( and slo"ly( shyly( "ith head lo"ered and eyes loo in# u!( shuffled to"ard $e% In a child-li e voice( she held 'oth of hands to#ether ti#htly( hunched her shoulders and said( "ith a s"eet s$ile( 6*loria as ed $e to co$eD I+$ 2ally%6 2he then t"irled on her toes and !ointed to a !lant on the ta'le( sayin# a#ain in a child-li e voice( 6That sure is !retty06 &uEEled( I s$iled and as ed her to follo" $e to $y office% Durin# the course of that one hour( I different !ersonalities( "ith different a#es and #enders( !resented the$selves to $e% 3e "ould 'e tal in# a'out so$e to!ic( and suddenly( a s"itch "ould occur( and so$eone else+s voice( $anneris$s( and "ay of sittin# and s!ea in# "ould !resent% It "as as thou#h I different !eo!le "ere in $y roo$( althou#h all "ere housed in the sa$e 'ody0 /lthou#h I had heard of Multi!le &ersonality Disorder( or M&D( 'efore( I had never seen it( and had 'een told in #raduate school that it "as very rare% I re$e$'er thin in# after *loria left( that if she "ere fa in# it 8as !atients are often accused of doin# 'y clinicians "ho don+t understand9 she "ould have to have the $i$ic in# a'ilities of a ,illy Crystal( and the actin# a'ilities of a Meryl 2tree!( to consistently stay in character for each of these !ersonalities0 -or( 'efore "e "ere throu#h( I had $et A< +inside !eo!le+ 8also referred to as alters9 "ithin *loria( and learned a'out the na$es and roles of literally hundreds $ore0 2ince that introduction to M&D 8no" no"n as DID( or Dissociative Identity Disorder9( I have "or ed "ith doEens of !atients "ith that dia#nosis( and have consulted "ith other clinicians and their !atients so often( I have lost count% These !atients have tau#ht $e so very $uch a'out the hu$an $ind( and have challen#ed $e to learn a'out to!ics I have never thou#ht to e1!lore% In $y efforts to convince $yself( 6surely "hat these !eo!le are sayin# cannot 'e true(6 I have researched and studied 'oth scientific and

3= !o!ular literature in a variety of fields( and have ti$e and a#ain( co$e to the conclusion that "hat they are re!ortin# could( indeed( 'e true% The historical 'ac #round( technolo#y( $ethodolo#y( $otivation( fundin#( and o!!ortunity are all in !lace% My tas no" is to hel! others understand and 'elieve% I+d li e to define so$e ter$s that you "ill hear "hen learnin# a'out !eo!le "ith 6$ulti!le !ersonalities%6 Dissociation is a ey ter$ that refers to the a'ility of the $ind to 6cut off6 a !art of itself fro$ conscious a"areness% /n everyday e1a$!le of this a'ility( "hich "e all have in varyin# de#rees( is the e1!erience of drivin# do"n the free"ay and $issin# the e1it you ta e everyday 'ecause you are thin in# a'out so$ethin# else% You 6co$e to6 an e1it or t"o later and realiEe you have $issed your e1it( even noticin# that you 6sa"6 the e1it si#n 'ut it didn+t 6re#ister6 "ithin you to ta e it0 &art of your $ind "as dissociated( or se!arated fro$( the real "orld around you "hile you focused on internal thou#hts% /nother e1a$!le is readin# every "ord on a !a#e in a 'oo ( then realiEin# you had not co$!rehended a sin#le "ord( 'ecause you "ere thin in# of so$ethin# else% /ll of us have had these e1!eriences% This a'ility of the $ind to detach fro$ itself is a 'rilliant co!in# $echanis$ that the $ind uses in situations of e1tre$e threat as a "ay to !rotect itself fro$ the full a"areness of a trau$atic situation% You $ay recall readin# a'out Vietna$ veterans( "ho had a$nesia for their "ar e1!eriences( 'ut "ould have difficulty co!in# "ith life% They "ould feel detached or estran#ed fro$ othersD they "ould have difficulty feelin# any ind of feelin#s( e1ce!t for out'ursts of an#erD they "ould have difficulty concentratin#( "ould feel an1ious and on ed#e "ithout no"in# "hy( and "ould have an e1a##erated startle res!onse 8over-res!onsive to sti$uli9% These are all characteristics of the dia#nosis 6&ost Trau$atic 2tress Disorder6 or &T2D% In addition( these veterans "ould have sudden $e$ories of the horrors of "ar% These $e$ories "ould 'e 6tri##ered6 'y so$ethin# that re$inded their unconscious $ind of the "ar e1!erience 8for e1a$!le( the sound of a car 'ac firin#( re$indin# the$ of #unfire9% In these sudden $e$ories( they felt as if they "ere actually re-livin# the e1!erience( s$ellin#( tastin#( feelin#( hearin# and seein# in vivid detail everythin# they "ent throu#h durin# an actual 'attle% These $e$ories( co$!lete "ith all the sensory $e$ories( are called flash'ac s% Durin# those flash'ac s( the veteran "ould 'e out of touch "ith the reality around the$D they "ould no lon#er no" it "as :;=F and they "ere in /$ericaD they "ould thin it "as :;L=( and they "ere in the >un#le( relivin# a !articular 'attle% They "ere totally dissociated fro$ reality( and "ere relivin# a !ast reality that "as no" only in their $inds% Later( in !rocessin# these e1!eriences( the soldiers "ould re!ort that durin# the actual 'attle( they "ould feel very detached( even nu$'( fro$ "hat "as ha!!enin#( even thou#h they $ay have 'een "ounded the$selves% /t ti$es( they re!orted feelin# as thou#h they "ere standin# outside of the$selves( o'servin# the$selves #oin# throu#h the trau$a of the 'attle( 'ut not feelin# anythin#% They "ere dissociated fro$ their reality% ,ut their 'rain "as recordin# all of the e1!erience( e1actly as it occurred( and those 6$ind and 'ody6 $e$ories "ere 'ein# ree1!erienced durin# a flash'ac % 3hen so$eone is e1!osed to a 6!sycholo#ically distressin# event that is outside the ran#e of usual hu$an e1!erience %%% is usually e1!erienced "ith intense fear( terror( and hel!lessness(6 8D2M III9 then dissociation usually occurs as a "ay for the $ind to !rocess

3" the event "ithout over"hel$in# the !erson% &arts of the e1!erience 8either no"led#e of "hat ha!!enedD the e$otional feelin#s associated "ith the eventD the sensory e1!eriences of the event( or the 'ehaviors e1!ressed durin# the event9 'eco$e se!arated fro$ one+s conscious a"areness% The $ore fre)uent the trau$a( the $ore dissociation occurs% This !heno$enon is "hy children "ho have 'een severely se1ually a'used and tortured( are a$nesic for those events% In a land$ar university study 'y Linda 3illia$s hundreds of children 'rou#ht into a hos!ital e$er#ency roo$ "ho received $edical confir$ation of se1ual a'use( "ere contacted at intervals throu#hout a AG-year !eriod% Only one-third of these children( "hen reachin# adulthood( retained conscious $e$ories of the se1ual a'use -- all others had re!ressed( or dissociated( those a"ful $e$ories% 2uch is the !o"er of the $ind to 'loc out !ainful e1!eriences% Durin# ti$es of torture and e1tre$e !hysical and e$otional !ain( the $ind is in an altered state( as it dissociates itself fro$ reality% ,ut there are other "ays to alter the $indstate( for e1a$!le( 'y sensory de!rivation( or $editation( "here'y one focuses internally( "ith sensory sti$ulation fro$ the outside $ini$iEed or eli$inated% You $ay recall in the :;=G+s that 6float tan s6 "ere !o!ular% In a float tan you are floatin# on very heavily salted "aterD you are enclosed in a totally dar ened $etal tan ( and you float for an hour "ithout any sensory sti$ulation% Many !eo!le felt claustro!ho'ic( and couldn+t ta e it% ,ut if you could stand it( you "ould eventually re!ort havin# an eu!horic e1!erience% If you had 'een hoo ed u! to a 'rain "ave $achine 8EE*9( your 'rain "ould no lon#er 'e !roducin# 'eta "aves 8the 'rain state associated "ith usual "a in# activity9% Instead you "ould 'e in a theta state( the state associated "ith dee! rela1ation( as "hen you are >ust a'out ready to fall aslee! 8the t"ili#ht state9% In this state( the 'rain !roduces lots of endor!hins( the 'ody+s natural 6feel #ood6 che$icals that #ive you a !rofound sense of "ell-'ein#% It is i$!ortant to note that this t"ili#ht state is associated "ith the a'ility to ra!idly a'sor' and learn infor$ation% 3ithout the 6filterin#6 $echanis$ of the conscious "a in# $ind( infor$ation seen or heard 6!ours6 into the su'conscious $ind% ,iofeed'ac e1!ert Tho$as ,udEyns i of the 7niversity of Colorado Medical Center re!orts( 63e ta e advanta#e of the fact that the t"ili#ht state( 'et"een "a in# and slee!( has these !ro!erties of uncritical acce!tance of ver'al $aterial( or al$ost any $aterial it can !rocessD it is in such 6altered6 states of consciousness that a lot of "or #ets done very )uic ly%6 8-or $uch $ore infor$ation a'out 'rain research and technolo#y associated "ith !roducin# altered states( read the fascinatin# 'oo Me#a ,rain( 'y Michael Hutchison%9 Other $ethods used to alter 'rain"ave states include( 'ut are not li$ited to( ra!idly flashin# li#hts( dru#s( !hased sound "aves( ne#ative ions 8electro$a#netic ener#y fields9( electroshoc ( alterations in #ravity in the cere'ellu$ 8s!innin#9( $icro"ave e$itters( and lasers% It is vitally i$!ortant to understand a'out dissociation( 'ecause in learnin# a'out ho" so$eone+s $ind can actually 'e controlled 'y so$eone else( you $ust understand ho" it is !ossi'le to !ro#ra$ the hu$an $ind as you "ould a co$!uter% 6&ro#ra$$in#6 is a fairly recent ter$ in the history of $ind control 8and is of course associated "ith co$!uter technolo#y9% &erha!s you+d reco#niEe it 'etter as 6'rain"ashin#%6 In the &O3 ca$!s( ca!tors "ould refer to 6freeEin#(6 a ter$ used to destroy the !erson+s identity% 7sin# food and slee! de!rivation( isolation( torture( chronic assault on a !erson+s values( and instillin# total de!endence on the ca!tor+s for survival( a !erson+s "hole sense of self

3/ "ould 'e destroyed% They "ould 'e totally hel!less( 'ro en( "ith no "ill of their o"n left% They "ould then 'e ready for the 6'rain"ashin#(6 or 6refreeEin#6 "here'y a ne" value syste$ and a ne" identity "ould 'e !ut in throu#h re"ard and !unish$ent( conditionin# or 6!ro#ra$$in#6 that !erson to 'elieve or do only "hat the ca!tors "anted the$ to 'elieve or do% 8-or $ore infor$ation on 'rain"ashin#( includin# 72/ and Canadian #overn$ent e1!eri$entation( read5 ,rain Control 'y Eliot VallensteinD Dee! 2elf 'y ?ohn C% LillyD Inside the ,lac Roo$ 'y ?ac VernonD In 2earch of the Manchurian Candidate 'y ?ohn Mar sD ?ourney Into Madness 'y *ordon Tho$asD I 2"ear 'y /!ollo -- author un no"n -- !u'lished 'y Canadian !u'lisher%9 ?ust as it is !ossi'le to 'rea do"n a !erson in order to create so$eone you can control 8'y #ettin# the$ to do anythin# you "ant the$ to do9( so it is !ossi'le to !ro#ra$ a !art of a !erson+s $ind 8a dissociated !art that is s!lit off( 'y trau$a or other $eans( fro$ connection "ith reality9% You can 6teach6 that !art of the $ind to do "hat you "ant it to do "ithout the !art of the $ind that is conscious and a"are no"in# "hat+s #oin# on% Hence( !eo!le "ith $ulti!le !ersonalities re!ort that they 6lose ti$e(6 "here'y they don+t re$e$'er "here they have 'een or "hat they have 'een doin#% Here is ho" a !atient( re!eatedly sadistically se1ually a'used as a child( e1!lains it5
6Dissociation is a "ay of esca!in# the intolera'le% I+$ sure it ha!!ened first durin# the trau$a itself( and "as a sanity-savin# "ay of dealin# "ith over"hel$in# !hysical !ain as "ell as the !sycholo#ical !ain of 'etrayal% -or $e it too the for$ of !hysical nu$'ness and cold( and to this day( "hen I dissociate( I $ost often #o nu$'% -irst $y hands and feet #oD I can+t feel the$( and if $y eyes are closed( I have no sense of "here they are in s!ace% Then the nu$'ness in $y face starts% I can+t feel $y li!s or chee s% 3hen I dissociate 'adly( the "hole 'ody #oes and I feel and $ove li e a 'loc of "ood%%% 3orse than the !hysical dissociation is "hat ha!!ens $entally "hile the !hysical nu$'ness is in !lace% I #uess the only thin# I can say in co$!arison is that it+s the $ental e)uivalent of "hite noise( or radio static( that can leave $e 'lan -faced and starin# into s!ace% The thou#hts that are there "hi! throu#h at the s!eed of li#ht "ith no coherence( or#aniEation or for$% I #et very confused% It can ran#e fro$ 'ein# a little va#ue and s!acey to full "hite out "here I don+t see or hear $uch% This is really dan#erous if I a$ drivin#% There have 'een so$e e!isodes "here I don+t re$e$'er #ettin# so$e!lace% I also so$eti$es >ust 6cloc out6 and lose ti$e% 3hen I co$e 'ac to $yself I $ay not 'e i$$ediately conscious that I+ve lost hours%6 P &enny

Durin# that 6dissociated6 ti$e( "hen she 6cloc s out(6 "hat is #oin# on4 /nother !art of the $ind has ta en overD in &enny+s case( another !ersonality is 6in char#e of6 the 'ody% This !ersonality 8or alter9 interacts "ith others and carries out certain tas s( 'ut "hen &enny 6co$es to6 she has no no"led#e of this other !art of the self% /s her thera!ist( I have tal ed to this other 6!erson6 inside 8the !erson is really only a !art of her $ind9 and I no" the !ersonality characteristics of this !erson% I no" that this !art of &enny res!onds to the na$e 6Diane(6 she is outs!o en and can #et an#ry if challen#ed 8as o!!osed to &enny( "ho is $ee and allo"s others to tell her "hat to do9% Diane also has a !eculiar "ay of tiltin# her head( al$ost in a flirty( coc y $anner( so$ethin# I have never seen &enny do( as she is $uch $ore ri#id and controlled( 'oth in !osture and feelin#s% Ho" do these dissociated !arts #et created4 /nd ho" did 6Diane6 co$e to 'e4 /nd "hy4 To ans"er these )uestions( I "ill let a !ro#ra$$er herself tell you% This !erson "as used fro$ infancy in the 7nited 2tates *overn$ent $ind control e1!eri$ents( and her >o'

33 as a youth and adult "as to 6s!lit off6 !arts of others+ $inds in order to !ro#ra$ those !arts to do "hat the e1!eri$enters "anted the$ to do% ,y !ro#ra$$in#( I $ean that the hu$an( in a dissociated or altered $ind state( has 'een syste$atically and deli'erately tau#ht lessons( attitudes( 'eliefs( 'ehaviors and res!onses to s!ecific cues 86tri##ers69 so as to res!ond on co$$and in "ays that 'enefit the !ersonC#rou!s doin# the !ro#ra$$in#% ?ust as Ivan &avlov+s do#s "ere tau#ht to salivate to the sound of a 'ell( in antici!ation of the $eat that "as delivered soon after( so hu$an 'ein#s can 'e tau#ht to res!ond in infinite "ays to cues in their environ$ent that 6tri##er6 res!onses% /ssu$e that first( the child has 'een e1!osed to torture and hideous !sycholo#ical and !hysical a'use to the e1tent that the child has learned to dissociate into altered states of $ind% 8Re$e$'er as "ell that current electronic technolo#y -- as $entioned in Me#a ,rain -- $a es torturin# children o'solete( in that trau$a is no lon#er necessary to access altered 'rain states -thus( !ro#ra$$in# !eo!le is $uch 6cleaner6 and easier to do%9 Here+s ho" they do the !ro#ra$$in#5 Techni)ues on +Creatin#+ Ne" Children 6Dau' fin#erti! siEe #lo' of vaseline or .-Y >elly on !ressure !oints -- "rists( inner el'o"s( 'ehind nees( under ears% Ta e ends of A "ires 8'lac and red are easiest( ne#ativeC!ositive easier identified9 "ith $etal attach$ents 8round( co!!er( holes in center9 and ta!e "ith sur#ical ta!e on to! of vaseline% Cali'ration - "atch for $uscular reactions( eye #laEin#( s"eatin#( involuntary loss of 'ladder control( 'o"el control% 3ant to #ive enou#h of a current "Co 'ein# too $uch% 3ant child to re$ain alert% 3ords( codes #iven% /ssi#n$ents #iven% +Yes( one fin#erD No( raise t"oD Confused -- raise ri#ht hand%+ Clarify instructions% If still confusion( ti$e to sto!( ta e a 'rea % Do not allo" any contact 'et"een !atient and others until cycle is co$!leted% Do not( under any circu$stances( offer >uices( snac s( etc% "hich could 'e construed as a +re"ard+ until the cycle is co$!leted% Chec carotid !ulse for si#nificant elevation in 'lood !ressure% Do not "ish to affect a heart attac % Heart attac s can occur in children% 8Children are outfitted "ith dia!ers 'efore the sessions 'e#in( are also ta en to the 'athroo$ 'eforehand% .ee!s do"n unnecessary interru!tions9% .ee! voice on sa$e level at /LL ti$es% Not hurried( not raised or lo"ered% 2a$e !ace at all ti$es% Dronin#( hy!notic effect% Hel!s to sta'iliEe heart rate% 63hen instructions #iven to child( and received( then and only then #ive re"ard of na$e for identification !ur!oses% Code !hrases -- +"ell done(+ +very #ood(+ or +you did real #ood%+ /void hu#s( touch( any other for$s of !hysical contact% Eye contact necessary( sta'iliEin#% /llo" alter-state to for$ !lace of safety "ithin( encoura#e alter to descri'e internal surroundin#s% 8/ll is ta!ed( voice-activated( recorded later in the co$!uter records for others to refer to9% 6One res!onse is +I "ant $y $o$$y%+ Necessary to re$ind child that( :9 +Mo$$y is dead(+ A9 +Mo$$y 'rou#ht you here+ 8only use if true9( H9 +Mo$$y is ri#ht outside -- you can see her as soon as you+ve finished(+ or I9 +Mo$$y told $e to tell you to 'e a #ood 'oyC#irl%+ Roo$ is e!t lo" li#hted for $a1i$u$ effect% They !refer only one !erson 8interventionist9 to 'e "ith the child% Less distractions% They also !refer it to 'e a !erson the child "ill not 'e a'le to ID on a day-to-day 'asis in +outside+ re#ular activities%

3# 62essions can vary #reatly( de!endin# on the ti$e allo"ance( e1!ense allo"ance( ur#ency( etc% Occasionally e1ce!tions are $ade for disci!linary $easures% May 8in that case9 'e an all-ni#hter% .ee!in# the roo$ dar also hel!s si$ulate ni#htti$e( "hich is conducive to their +reha'ilitation%+ 6The children are tau#ht res!onses accordin# to &avlov+s theories -- in!racticu$% This 'asically involves uses of +tri##ers+ usually found in the su'>ect+s natural( nor$al ho$e-'ased environ$ent% 6/udiolo#ical5 *randfather cloc s( church chi$es set for certain hours of the dayCni#ht are the $ost !referred% Lon#-runnin# TV !ro#ra$s are effective on short-ti$e 'ases 8due to the fact that they $ay chan#e ti$es( etc%9% Do#s that 'ar at certain ti$es of ni#ht are also effectiveD revvin# of an en#ineD car door o!enin# and shuttin#D footste!s outside 'edroo$ "indo"% &refera'le to use natural si#hts and sounds due to need not to arouse sus!icions of any household $e$'ers not actively involved% 6Visual5 &hases of the $oon( cloc -faces 8!refera'ly di#ital for youn#er children9( li#hts in $ost nei#h'ors+ houses turnin# off( $oon rays co$in# throu#h "indo" in dar ness of ni#ht 8full $oon9( and fireflies can 'e very effective and see$in#ly har$less tri##er% 6Other5 nursery rhy$es( fla#s( date on a calendar( reli#ious holidays( hand si#nals( "ords( !hrases( eye "in sD virtually anythin# can 'e used as a tri##er% 62te! Q: is invasion( ste! QA is intervention% Once the first !lateau of the cyclic invasionary !rocess is co$!leted( the child "ill 'e +tested+ -- a#ain in-office( usin# a nu$'er of visualCaudiolo#ical si#htCsound e1ternal invasion techni)ues to record the level of res!onse of the su'>ect 8nic na$ed + nee->er + res!onse9% This can 'e a valua'le tool in assessin# the cost-and-ti$e-effectiveness of this !articular techni)ue on this !articular su'>ect% Those children "ho res!ond $ore s!ontaneously are considered to 'e hi#hervalue !ros!ects for future e1!eri$entation%6 -- ?anus 8the !ro#ra$$in# alter+s na$e9 /re you 'e#innin# to understand ho" scientific !rinci!les and techni)ues are used to !ro#ra$ !eo!le4 Here+s $ore fro$ 6?anus65
6I !ersonally "as assi#ned :A 'a'ies as an older child% I "as a'out < or = "hen I "as first introduced to the$ all in a roo$% They "ere all children of fa$ilies% 2o they "ere lon#-ter$ !ro>ects% I !ro#ra$$ed other children( too% I "as found to have a nac for trou'le-shootin# -- fi#urin# ho" "hat "ent +hay"ire+ and +re!ro#ra$$in#+ the$% I didn+t try to $e$oriEe the syste$s% That "asn+t $y >o'% My >o' "as to CRE/TE alter !ersonalities% There "ere other !eo!le "ho "ere $ore trained in the s!ecific s ills of teachin# the alters s!ecific >o's% Once an alter "as created( and trained to co$e out in res!onse to a tri##er( then they had to learn their >o's% 2o$eti$es I "ould visit different locations and hel! train others ho" to train the children%6

Recall ho" I told you that technolo#y is availa'le that allo"s $assive a$ount of learnin# in an altered state to occur4 &atients have dra"n !ictures of and descri'ed in detail very so!histicated electronic e)ui!$ent used in !ro#ra$$in#% 3hen I first discovered the 'oo Me#a ,rain( I "as astonished to see so$e of the very $achines that $y !atients had descri'ed( years 'efore the 'oo "as !u'lished% 2i$ilarly( !atients had descri'ed virtual reality $achines used in trainin# alters 8dissociated !arts9 lon# 'efore

38 that technolo#y "as !resented to the !u'lic% /nd even 'efore $achines "ere used in !ro#ra$$in#( enou#h "as no"n throu#h secret e1!eri$entation on hu$an 'ein#s( that e1!eri$enters ne" hu$ans "ere ca!a'le of $e$oriEin# enor$ous a$ounts of infor$ation "hen in an altered state% In that theta 'rain"ave state( "e have access to an 6inner encyclo!edia6 of all that "e have ever learned or e1!erienced% Thus "hen !atients tell us of their 6!hoto#ra!hic $e$ories6 and are a'le to recite ver'ati$ see$in#ly endless scri!ts( it is a !heno$enon that is very real and very understanda'le( if you can no" ho" the 'rain "or s% This no"led#e "ill also hel! you understand ho" !ro#ra$$ers use audio and videota!es and $ovies to confuse !eo!le as to "hat is reality and "hat is not% In an altered state( !eo!le are forced to "atch $ovies and listen to ta!es that for$ "hat are called 6screen $e$ories6 that hide or distort the $e$ories of "hat actually ha!!ened to the !erson% If a !erson does 'e#in to recall $e$ories of a'use( or $e$ories of infor$ation that is su!!osed to 'e 'uried so dee!ly in the unconscious that it never reaches conscious a"areness 8such as no"led#e of a'users( the !articulars of ho" !eo!le are !ro#ra$$ed and a'used( or to! secret infor$ation ferried to others9( then the screen $e$ories 8also no"n as 6scra$'le !ro#ra$s69 !o! u!% 3hen so$eone 'e#ins to tell tales that others reco#niEe as the !lot of a $ovie or television sho" 8I heard the 6!lots6 of the @-files fro$ !atients lon# 'efore the television sho" e1isted09( they can 'e discredited and not 'elieved as others say 6oh( she+s >ust seen the $ovie and is re$e$'erin# that%6 If any of the readers are still dou'tful a'out "hether $ind control really e1ists( I invite you to read the !u'lic transcri!ts of the hearin# 'y the 2enate Co$$ittee on Radiation E1!eri$ents that "as held on /!ril :F( :;;<% On that date( Valerie 3olfe 8a thera!ist fro$ Ne" Orleans9 and her !atient testified 'efore the 2enate co$$ittee a'out the $ind control e1!eri$ents that are still 'ein# conducted in our country% They "ere allo"ed to testify 'ecause( even thou#h they "ere re!ortin# $ind control( rather than radiation e1!eri$entation( the hi#h-level !eo!le na$ed as conductin# the e1!eri$ents "ere $any of the sa$e na$es that had 'een e1!osed as doin# the radiation e1!eri$ents% 3hen they finished testifyin#( Valerie re!orts( 6you could hear a !in dro!%6 It "as not in the $andate of that co$$ittee to investi#ate the $ind control e1!eri$entationD 'ut the Co$$ittee did for$ally issue a re)uest to the &resident that a thorou#h investi#ation 'e conducted% The transcri!t of this hearin# is rivetin#D no one can tell the story $ore convincin#ly that those "ho have 'een throu#h it% /s you read 2ue -ord+s story( ee! in $ind these thin#s that I have "ritten% .no" that thousands of !eo!le have co$e forth "ith infor$ation a'out these a'uses% 6If !eo!le truly "ant to co$'at this !heno$enon( it $ust 'e 'rou#ht out into the !u'licD it $ust 'e 'rou#ht out into the li#ht of day( and it $ust 'e done so very !u'licly so as to !rotect the !eo!le co$in# forth% It cannot 'e co$'ated >ust on a national level( 'ecause it is international in nature% *overn$ents "or in collusion "ith other #overn$ents throu#hout the "orldD !eo!le "ho "ant !o"er "or in collusion "ith othersD they use each other to #ain social( econo$ic and !olitical !o"er%6 -- Dr% *reen 8a !ro#ra$$in# alter9 &a$ela ?% Monday( &h%D%


31 ,rice Taylor - Than s for the Me$ories Insi#hts 'y Mary Le"is( LC235 AWAKEN-NG TO T$E *EAL-T-ES OF M-ND CONT*OL I "as 'orn in the Land of Lincoln( follo"in# the "ar to end all "ars( in :;I<% It "as a ti$e of ne" ho!e( and as a 'a'y 'oo$er 'orn to a fa$ily of educators( I "as tau#ht to 'elieve in *od( $otherhood( a!!le-!ie and the red( "hite( and 'lue5 /$erica "as 'eautiful% I "as raised in a conservative( traditional ho$e( the second oldest child in a fa$ily of seven children% 3e !racticed the Catholic -aith 'y tradition( and "e children attended the local !arochial school "hen one "as availa'le% There "as no !hysical or se1ual a'use in $y childhood( so of course I "as una"are of its e1istence% ,ecause the $edia had not yet 'e#un to !lay out the truth of such thin#s( I actually reached late adolescence secure in the no"led#e that the "orld "as a very safe !lace in "hich to 'e% I $et the $an of $y drea$s as a senior in colle#e( and "e $arried after #raduation% I loo 'ac over those years and I $arvel at the si$!licity of our life then% There "as nothin# to fear( e1ce!t of course the threat of so$e a"ful co$$unist country a#ain tryin# to $ess "ith the 7nited 2tates% I truly lived $y life 'elievin# in our #overn$ent% In :;=F I 'e#an to realiEe that a ne" career $i#ht 'e in the $a in#( as I sa" $y children #ro"in# into their o"n and $yself res!ondin# $ore and $ore to re)uests for hel! 'y various trou'led !eo!le% I decided to #o 'ac to school and #et a Masters in 2ocial 3or % Durin# $y under#raduate "or ( a !rofessor discussed incest 'riefly( and then "ith so$e disdain( assured us that "e "ould !ro'a'ly never see such a thin#( since it only occurred in the 6Hills of .entuc y%6 I 'elieved hi$% The idea of such a horri'le thin# ha!!enin# to another hu$an 'ein# never crossed $y $ind a#ain for $any years% Durin# $y $asters !ro#ra$( I a#ain received no infor$ation a'out se1ual a'use( or for that $atter( any other a'use% I did not learn a'out addictions% I learned a'out research( and ho" to do it% That is an over-si$!lification of $y e1!erience( 'ut suffice it to say( it did not !re!are $e for "hat I "as to learn in the field of social "or as I ca$e to no" it% I "as assi#ned an internshi! as a unit social "or er in a freestandin# !sychiatric hos!ital% Thus 'e#an $y real education% In Octo'er of that year( I e1!erienced a !oi#nant $o$ent( 'randed in $y $ind% One of the nurses on the unit "as co$$entin# on the unusually hi#h nu$'er of se1ual a'use cases "e had on the unit( "hen another nurse co$$ented( 6Oh( didn+t you no" this is 'orderline season46 I "as shoc ed to hear such a state$ent( 'ut it "as a lon# ti$e 'efore I understood the full i$!lications of that re$ar % -ollo"in# $y internshi!( I "as then e$!loyed as the unit social "or er at this hos!ital% It "as here that I 'e#an to hear 'iEarre stories of satanic ritual a'use fro$ several of the !atients% 3e also sa" several cases of self-$utilation( so$ethin# I sincerely did not no" ever ha!!ened( $uch less in such $assive nu$'ers% Cuttin#( 'urnin#( usin# acid to 'urn the s in( even one !atient "ho !ur!osely !ut a scre" in her le# and let it #et infected% This "as all ne" to $e% I didn+t no" "hat to $a e of the ritual a'use storiesD they "ere e1tre$ely serious in nature( and 'eyond $y a'ility to 'elieve% I had never heard

37 of such a thin#( and yet( hearin# the sa$e ty!e of thin# over and over fro$ so $any different !atients( confused $e% 2o$ethin# "as $ost certainly not ri#ht( 'ut I still had no idea "hat "as really #oin# on% /s I 'e#an $y !rivate !ractice( I 'e#an to hear $ore and $ore stories related to horri'le( ritualistic( dis#ustin# a'use% One !articular case "as $ost distur'in#% This !erson "as $ost articulate a'out "hat had ha!!ened to her% Her childhood sa#a "ould 'e food for 2te!hen .in#% I "as still confused and concerned a'out ho" I could 'e hearin# so $any si$ilar thin#s fro$ such a diverse !o!ulation of !eo!le% My 'elief syste$ did not include even the !ossi'ility of such trau$a( and yet the !ossi'ility that it $i#ht 'e true started to see! into $y $ind% Over a !eriod of a year and a half( I had three different clients dra" !ictures for $e( tal to $e( and cry to $e a'out the horrors of "hat ha!!ened to the$ "hile visitin# Disney 3orld% They all three dre" !ictures( e1!lained details and "ere horrified at "hat they had endured at the $ost "onderful of rides 6It+s a 2$all 3orld%6 This "as $y fa$ily+s favorite ride( in fact "e so en>oyed Disney 3orld( "e had ta en our children t"o years in a ro" "hen they "ere youn#er% 2o( indeed I "as shoc ed( and scared "hen I 'e#an to hear such thin#s that "ere so si$ilar( fro$ !eo!le that did not no" each other% ,etter yet( I "as still e1tre$ely s e!tical% I did not "ant to 'elieve that it "as !ossi'le% I did not "ant to #ive u! $y drea$ "orld% I did not "ant to chan#e $y "ay of thin in#% I ac)uired ,rice Taylor+s first 'oo ( 2T/R2HINE5 One 3o$an+s Valiant Esca!e -ro$ Mind Control( at a conference "here she "as s!ea in#% /s I 'e#an to read her story( I actually felt sic ( 'ecause so $uch of "hat she "as descri'in# in the 'oo "as so si$ilar to "hat I "as hearin# fro$ others% / client I had could have "ritten the 'oo ( and yet( I ne" this client had told $e her story several years 'efore the !u'lishin# of 2T/R2HINE% 2till( none of this $ade any sense to $e( as the idea of $ind control "as still a very farfetched conce!t in $y $ind% I contacted ,rice( "ho told $e her real na$e "as 2ue -ord( and she and this client $ade contact( only to discover that they ne" a lot of the sa$e !eo!le( e1!erienced a lot of the sa$e !ro#ra$$in#( and endured their o"n !rivate holocaust% My s e!ticis$ "as eroded 'y this ti$e( as I !ersonally "itnessed the sharin# of this $isery% /lthou#h I had to co$!letely alter $y life conce!ts( $y 'elief syste$( and $y !ur!ose in doin# $y "or ( I ne" I had no choice 'ut to stand 'eside these coura#eous !eo!le "ho had lived such lives of horror( and to hel! the$ to have ho!e% The $ind control conce!t $ade $ore sense to $e than >ust the ritual a'use alone% I no" no" that the ritual a'use "as >ust a $eans to an end% /s I continue to honor these survivors "ith $y 'elief( I learn $ore and $ore a'out the evil that surrounds us( and the deter$ination of that evil to succeed% It is "ith the sa$e fervor that $y hus'and and I !ersevere% No one can chan#e $y $ind% I no" too $uch no"( I have seen too $uch no"( and $y only ho!e is that others of you that read this 'oo "ill 'elieve her truth and hel! sto! this livin# ni#ht$are%

30 I have concluded that the success of the !ro#ra$$in# de!ends on the triu$!h of the assault on the five senses% The !ro#ra$$ers use si#ht( hearin#( touch( s$ell( and taste to alter a child+s !erce!tions% The $ethod used "or s on the !rinci!le of o!erant conditionin#% -or e1a$!le( tones !aired "ith electroshoc ( in turn "ires the co$$ands a'out these thin#s into the hard drive of the child+s $ind( in order to control the$% &ro#ra$$ers very cleverly use co$$on thin#s and ideas to #uarantee that a child "ill 'e sure to encounter these thin#s throu#hout their lifeti$e( thus assurin# control% The tele!hone is an e1a$!le of such !ro#ra$$in#% / !ro#ra$$ed !erson under $ind control is e1tre$ely tuned into the tele!hone% The tones are i$!ortant( as "ell as the nu$'er of ti$es a !hone rin#s% It is e1tre$ely hard for a recoverin# !erson to let a !hone rin#( and often >ust the rin# alone can tri##er a !anic-attac % The tones !layed in the act of dialin# the tele!hone can serve as a tri##er to $ind controlled victi$s and can 'e e1tre$ely trou'lin# to !ro#ra$$ed !eo!le% Thin#s that other !eo!le ta e for #ranted as >ust a hel!ful tool( !lay a fri#htenin#ly scary role in the lives of those "ho "ere tortured "ith $ind-control% Certain the$es have surfaced throu#hout the years( "hich to this day continue to a$aEe $e as I hear the$ over and over% The Disney &ar s( M*M 2tudios( Disney Movies( Disney characters( and Disney son#s have 'een used in con>unction "ith the !ro#ra$$in#% My understandin# of this is that usin# such a fa$iliar and !o!ular the$e assures that the !ro#ra$ "ill 'e tri##ered easily% To anyone "ho is a Disney fan 8and "ho is not9( this is !ro'a'ly one of the hardest thin#s to 'elieve% Ho"ever( sittin# "here I sit( hearin# "hat I hear( and seein# "hat I see( I cannot refute this truth any$ore% Certain ani$als are used in the !ro#ra$$in#% Dol!hins are a co$$on !ro#ra$% ,irds are also used to ensure the silence of the !ro#ra$$ed !erson% The child is told that 'irds can hear "hat they do( and if they tell( the 'ird "ill fly 'ac and tell on the$% There is a constant fear of #oin# to >ail( as "ell% One of the "ays this is instilled( is the child is forced into !artici!atin# in so$e dia'olical( cri$inal act( and then the child is told they are an acco$!lice% Thus( if they ever tell( they too "ill #o to >ail% Monarch 'utterflies are also used for !ro#ra$$in#% There is "hat is no"n as the 6Monarch &ro>ect%6 /#ain( I don+t !ur!ort to understand all of this( I >ust no" that 'ein# o'sessed "ith Monarch 'utterflies is one thin# in one client( 'ut to have it re!orted over and over a#ain 'eco$es sus!ect% The !ro#ra$$ed !eo!le I have "or ed "ith see$ to have an o'session "ith their o"n 'irthdays% Once in recovery( unless the suicide !ro#ra$s are disconnected( the desire to ill the$selves as they re$e$'er their !ast is over"hel$in#( es!ecially around the ti$e of their 'irthday( and this has !roven true "ith each individual I see% 2lee! is also an issue "ith !ro#ra$$ed !eo!le% They rarely slee! for $ore than a fe" hours at a ti$e( or they have 'outs "here all they "ant to do is slee!% There are slee! !ro#ra$s( desi#ned to shut do"n the $ind if it starts to re$e$'er% This is a serious !ro'le$ for recoverin# !eo!le( and one that is often "ritten off as $ere de!ression% This

#= is another !loy of the !ro#ra$$in#D al$ost any one of the sy$!to$s ta en out of conte1t could 'e attri'uted to another cause% /ll this is very cleverly orchestrated% There is !ro#ra$$in# associated "ith childhood #a$es such as the #a$e of LI-E% &layed over and over a#ain it is a "ay of instillin# the idea of ho" their life is to 'e !layed out% *ro" u!( #et a >o'( $a e 'a'ies( $a e $oney( live ha!!ily ever after( so si$!le( clean( and coy% /nother #a$e re!orted to $e( over and over a#ain is the #a$e 6No &lace to Run( No &lace to Hide%6 This #a$e "as actually !hysically acted out durin# the !ro#ra$$in#% The child "as $ade to run and hide( and then "as trac ed do"n and !unished% The result 'ein#( the child learns they can never #et a"ay fro$ this horror% Certain television !ro#ra$s and actors have also 'een a source of !ro#ra$$in# for the $ind-controlled !erson% Over and over a#ain I hear the sa$e !ro#ra$s 'ein# $entioned( that they "ere forced to "atch as children( and often feel co$!elled to "atch in rerun for$% Certainly I no" that "e all have our childhood favorites( 'ut the o'session that I have "itnessed over certain the$e son#s( sho"s( and even entertainers #oes "ell 'eyond the nor$% 7sin# $usic as a for$ of $ind control is insidious% Our $inds are li e steel tra!s for "ords of son#s "e hear as children and thus "ill tri##er us i$$ediately% -or the !ur!ose of $ind control( hearin# a certain son# can send a recoverin# $indcontrolled victi$ into sheer !anic% T"o !articular sho"s see$ to 'e universally no"n to the recoverin# !eo!le I have seen5 THE 3IB/RD O- OB and IT+2 / *OOD LI-E% The !hrase 6follo" the yello" 'ric road6 is a !ro#ra$ used to tri##er so$eone into doin# "hatever he or she is told to do% -ood is re!orted to $e constantly as a tri##er for $any of the $ind-control survivors% Oreo coo ies are a 'i# tri##er( as "ell as MKM candies% My e1!erience has 'een that if a $ind-controlled !erson is as ed ho" they eat MKM+s( they "ill ans"er "ith clarity as to the e1act "ay they do so% It $i#ht 'e 'y color( it $i#ht 'e 'y color se)uence( it $i#ht 'e not eatin# a certain colorD 'ut there "ill 'e a !attern that $ust not 'e altered% If as ed to do so( they "ill often 'e visi'ly sha en 'y the re)uest% /s a non-!ro#ra$$ed !erson ho" they eat the$( and they $i#ht say 6'y the handful(6 6I don+t li e the$(6 or >ust say that it+s a silly )uestion% &ro'a'ly the $ost distur'in# food I find universally re!orted to 'e !ro#ra$$in# is McDonald+s french fries% I no" there is al"ays so$e ind of taste "ar #oin# on a$on# the fast food #iants as to "ho has the 'est fries( 'ut it is not O%.% if a !erson feels co$!elled to eat McDonald+s fries daily% The ur#e to do so is so stron#( that several !eo!le have re!orted that this is their little secret% It e$'arrasses the$( 'ecause they don+t understand the over"hel$in# ur#e to eat the$% I also no" a'out food addictions( 'ut that doesn+t fit for so $any of these !eo!le% The one !ro#ra$ that has 'een a universal the$e in all of the !eo!le that I have "or ed "ith over the !ast :G years is their a'>ect fear of #oin# to hell for lyin#% This is a !articularly clever !loy on the !art of the !ro#ra$$ers( 'ecause if indeed a !erson actually has the coura#e to 'e#in to heal fro$ this horror( and start revealin# to so$eone( they are instantly !aralyEed "ith fear% The ulti$ate insult to their truth is that they have

#" 'een told that if they 'elieve anythin# really ha!!ened to the$( and tell( it "ill 'e a lie% It is a 6Catch AA6 desi#ned to ee! the silence% Than *od a fe" 'rave souls have reached 'eyond that fear and into the li#ht of truth% This truth has set the$ free% -or $any of the !eo!le I no" "ho "ere !ro#ra$$ed as children( this truth is no" their reality% Li e 2ue -ord( they no lon#er have re!ressed the horror( 'ut instead can recall it% Not unli e the survivors of the Holocaust( these coura#eous !eo!le have overco$e their o"n !rivate "ar( to con)uer Evil in it+s finest hour% To those "ho don+t or "on+t 'elieve "hat I no" to 'e true( I !ray for you to see the truth( to hel! those in need( and to sto! the evil fro$ s!readin# any further% Healin# is !ossi'le( and is ha!!enin#% Once the healin# 'e#ins( the !eo!le can reach out to others that need healin#% 3e need to li#ht the 6candle of ho!e6 for these !recious !eo!le( and !ass on the 6li#ht of truth%6 Mary Le"is( LC23

#/ ,rice Taylor - Than s for the Me$ories A.T$O*0S -NT*OD.CT-ON 3ho "ith conscience could read the follo"in# auto'io#ra!hical account and( in the na$e of freedo$( >ustice and love( 'rush aside the $isuse of !o"er( hu$an slavery and $ind control descri'ed in this 'oo 4 -or it is true that "e have still not rid the "orld of slavery and in this #eneration it is slavery 'orn of a $ost $alevolent and $enacin# ty!e% In a society "here co$!etition for "ealth( !o"er( and control of others is fore$ost( "e as a !eo!le are doo$ed to self-destruction( unless "e chan#e% Our values need to chan#e% 3e need to hel! our children #ro" to 'elieve in e)uality and >ustice( and they need to 'e tau#ht the s!iritual values that "e as a society have co$e to disre#ard over the decades% Our country is a youn# AGG years old% /t the conclusion of the ado!tion of our Constitution% ,en>a$in -ran lin "as as ed( 63hat have you "rou#ht46 In his o"n "ords he ans"ered( 6/ Re!u'lic( if you can ee! it%6 It has 'een throu#h $y life e1!erience that I see the need to ta e a serious loo at ho" "e have so dan#erously strayed not only fro$ the ideals set forth in our Constitution( 'ut also fro$ our funda$ental *od-#iven s!iritual values% I no" that for $y sons( dau#hter( $yself( $y e1-hus'and( and countless other $en( "o$en( and children( "ho at this ti$e are una'le to s!ea for the$selves( the follo"in# a$end$ent to the Constitution has 'een violated% It reads5
2ection :% Neither slavery( nor involuntary servitude( e1ce!t as a !unish$ent for Cri$e "hereof the !arty shall have 'een duly convicted( shall e1ist 3ithin the 7nited 2tates( or any !lace su'>ect to their >urisdiction%

My children and I have never consciously co$$itted a cri$e% 3E H/VE NEVER H/D THE CH/NCE TO LIVE O7R LIVE2 IN -REEDOM% Instead "e have 'een !ut into a hidden 'onda#e 'y a heinous for$ of slavery -- one far $ore evil than has 'een in e1istence in our society 'efore% The $a#nitude of horror and the level of secrecy that shrouds it has allo"ed a level of atrocities a#ainst $an ind to e1ist that sur!asses even those in NaEi *er$any under the leadershi! of /dol!h HitlerD and those $en "ho "or ed in his concentration ca$!s have carried his le#acy to our country% 3hatever ter$ one "ants to !ut to this hideous activity( it is one of total and co$!lete disre#ard for hu$anity( for hu$an freedo$( civil ri#hts and the ri#ht to live safely on this !lanet% -or( "hen "e as a !eo!le allo" certain individuals in our society to e1!eri$ent "ith and enslave other individuals for the so-called +advance$ent of technolo#y+ or the +race to"ard "orld do$ination(+ "e are doo$ed% 3hat $ost of you have not 'een allo"ed to no" is that years a#o( at the outset of the Cold 3ar 8if not 'efore9( !er$ission "as #iven to a hidden #rou! of so-called 6!rofessionals and leaders6 to e1!eri$ent on the unsus!ectin# /$erican !o!ulace in an effort to further a variety of advanced technolo#y% The technolo#y #leaned 'y the /$erican leaders( $edical !rofessionals( and scientists "as and still is in the for$ of #enetic en#ineerin#( $ind control( 'rain research( near death e1!eri$entation(

#3 !aranor$alC!sychic e1!eri$entation( re$ote vie"in#( ti$e and s!ace travel( 'ioelectro$a#netic fre)uency $edicine( and other advanced research that $a e our current level of technolo#ical understandin# and a!!lication anti)uated% I a$ not su##estin# that the technolo#y "as not( in certain !ro>ects( valua'leD ho"ever( I a$ statin# that it "as often attained 'y the /$erican #overn$ent at the e1!ense of /$erican lives( as $any of its citiEens "ere e1!eri$ented on "ithout their no"led#e or consent% Many 'oo s have 'een "ritten descri'in# innocent !eo!les+ firsthand accounts of various for$s of ritual a'use( unauthoriEed and non-consensual $edical e1!eri$entation( #enetic e1!eri$entation( radiation e1!eri$entation( dru# e1!eri$entation and $ind control% /nd yet( these nu$erous first-hand accounts of e1tre$ely violated hu$an ri#hts have 'een cast aside and denied( even 'y our o"n -,I( CI/ and #overn$ent% 3hy( you as 4 I 'elieve the follo"in# infor$ation( #athered 'y $y !ersonal involve$ent as Henry .issin#er+s !ersonal +$ind file(+ "ill hel! you understand the situation "e face and "hat has occurred% Morally I feel it is $y res!onsi'ility to share "ith you "hat I "itnessed as I "al ed a$on# those !artici!atin# in these !ro>ects% /fter I have shared "ith you "hat I e1!erienced( it "ill 'e your res!onsi'ility to choose "hat you do "ith this infor$ation% /nd I "ill finally 'e a'le to rest( no"in# I have done $y duty( first to *od and then to you( $y fello" citiEens( 'y sharin# the truth of $y e1!eriences so that you can 'e infor$ed as to "hat has occurred( to your detri$ent and at your e1!ense( 'ut "ithout your no"led#e or !er$ission% &eo!le often as $e if I+$ afraid that $y controllers $i#ht ill $e% Honestly( I have had so $any near-death e1!eriences that I a$ fa$iliar "ith dyin#% Death is not at all fri#htenin# to $e% My life has 'een restored throu#h Divine intervention countless ti$es and I trust that "hen *od is ready for $e to leave this "orld( I "ill #o( and I "on+t #o until that Divine ti$in# is co$!leted% 3hat is fri#htenin# is livin# "ithout doin# so$ethin# to alert !eo!le to the invisi'le dan#er and loss of ri#hts and freedo$s that are 'efore us% 2o$e thin#s are so !recious and sacred that to violate the$ is "orse than death% 2!ecifically( I a$ referrin# to the sacred nature of our $inds and s!irits and the Divine core 'ond that #oes 'et"een a $other and a child% The !ain and sufferin# that results fro$ the destruction of this 'ond( due to a life of torture and $ind control intended to intentionally shatter this 'ond and other fa$ily relationshi!s( in order to esta'lish control( is so e1cruciatin#ly !ainful that I "ill do anythin# necessary in the service of sto!!in# it fro$ ha!!enin# in future #enerations% / fe" years a#o( after I s!o e at a 2urveillance E1!o in 3ashin#ton( D%C%( an intelli#ence officer a!!roached $e and as ed $e ho" I $ana#ed to stay alive% I e1!lained to hi$ that I sent docu$entation of $y recollected e1!eriences out to !rofessionals "ho "ere vocal in re#ard to these issues( "ith a letter statin# that if anythin# ha!!ened to $e( $y children( or $y e1-hus'and( I #ave the$ !er$ission to $ore "idely distri'ute $y infor$ation% This officer lau#hed and said( 6Little lady( I 'elieve you have the CI/ 'y the 'alls0 They are !ro'a'ly havin# to !rotect you%6 /lthou#h I a$ still alive( the harass$ent that I "ill share "ith you later hasn+t sto!!ed% I su'$it this infor$ation to you as res!ectfully as I can% I a!olo#iEe for the a!!arent le"dness of so$e of the $aterial( and yet this is ho" it ha!!ened( this is "hat

## occurred% &lease for#ive the nature of the "ritin#( or ho" I need to !resent it( often in it+s ori#inal conte1t( the "ay it "as e1!erienced 'y the $any !arts of $e% 3hat you read is a #li$!se into the events as e1!erienced throu#h the eyes of the !ro#ra$$ed !ersonalities "ho endured this a'use% You $ay notice the different !erce!tions of different !ersonalities at varyin# a#es( and so$e of the values( or lac of the$ that they "ere tau#ht% Much of the follo"in# infor$ation has 'een co!ied( often ver'ati$( fro$ $y !rivate >ournals% Over the years( daily( I !ainsta in#ly docu$ented $y $e$ories( in an atte$!t to deal "ith and sort out the often vivid( thou#h confusin#( $e$ory flash'ac s I had% 3hat I re$e$'ered "as so far fro$ the reality I thou#ht I had lived( that it "as dee!ly distur'in#% 3hat you are a'out to read is a co$!osite of years of $e$ory "or descri'in# the details and infor$ation as I "or ed to untan#le the not% Havin# 'een !ro#ra$$ed to have a !erfect !hoto#ra!hic $e$ory #reatly aided $e to"ard this enhanced( often $eticulously detailed account% The trainin# $y controllers #ave $e 'ac fired on the$% Once $y secret life 'e#an lea in# into $y conscious $ind( I e1!erienced so $any intrusive flash'ac s not only in $y $ind 'ut also in $y 'ody( that it forced $e to recall these e1!eriences in e1tensive detail to the !oint that it disru!ted $y everyday functionin# %%% so $uch so( that I "as forced to leave $y $aster+s de#ree !ro#ra$ in #raduate school and enroll in daily thera!y% In an atte$!t to understand and contain all the infor$ation that ca$e floodin# 'ac to $y $ind( I "as co$!elled for years to "rite out each and every $e$ory the "ay I sa" it in $y $ind+s eye( and heard( s$elled( and felt it in $y 'ody( so I could atte$!t to $aintain so$e se$'lance of $y o"n !ersonal reality% This infor$ation( chronicled in $y >ournals over the last :I years( 'e#innin# in :;=F( created a "ay for $e to re!ort to you "hat ha!!ened to $e% Des!erately( I stru##led and "or ed dili#ently over the years to !ull $yself to#ether in an atte$!t to hel! $y children( $y hus'and( and $yself% Loo in# 'ac ( I felt li e a !erson "ith no ar$s or le#s atte$!tin# to run an Oly$!ic $arathon% My 'ody "as a'le 'ut I didn+t have the use of $y $ind( "hich "as shattered into a thousand !ieces and further loc ed a"ay fro$ $e in a !ro#ra$$ed 'onda#e% /lthou#h I couldn+t thin a'out it( dee! "ithin $y soul $y heart ached and the "ounds festered% &eo!le often as $e( 6Ho" did you #et out46 I ans"er( 6,y the #race of *od(6 and I e1!lain that as I #re" older( althou#h I could not thin a'out "hat "as causin# $e so $uch !ain( I had $o$ents "hen I could feel that so$ethin# "as very "ron#% 3hen those dee!ly( e$otionally trou'lin# and !ainful $o$ents ca$e( I as ed *od to !lease hel! $e% Throu#h daily !rayer and the leadin# of the Holy 2!irit( I "as led out of 'onda#e( one ste! at a ti$e( until $y !ro#ra$$in# "as 'ro en and I "as inte#rated and free% It "as then( and continues to 'e( horrifyin# to $e "hen $y e1!eriences are validated 'ecause it $a es the$ $ore real( and then I a$ less a'le to dissociate fro$ the e1cruciatin#ly !ainful e$otional co$!onent of $y !ast% Durin# the initial sta#es of $y recovery I had to learn to reconnect to $y 'ody and e$otions( to learn even to cry in !ersonalities that had never 'een allo"ed to e1!ress e$otion% Then I had to learn to thin lo#ically and contain $y tender( innate fe$ale e$otions so that !eo!le could 'e#in to hear

#8 "hat I "as sayin# and not "rite $e off as a hysterical "o$an -- althou#h I had every ri#ht to 'e( #iven the trau$atic life $y fa$ily and I $ana#ed to live throu#h% This $anuscri!t is not a dra$atiEation( as "as $y first 'oo ( 2T/R2HINE5 One 3o$an+s Valiant Esca!e fro$ Mind Control% Instead it is a docu$entation of events as they ha!!ened fro$ the 'est of $y recollection% It is not "ritten to entertain% In fact( I ho!e you don+t find it entertainin#( for if you do( you+ve $issed the !oint% The !orno#ra!hy that has !roliferated in this "orld has destroyed countless lives of children( "o$en( and $en "ho "ere used in it and has tau#ht those "ho vie" it to o'>ectify !eo!le% The tellin# of the follo"in# infor$ation is not done "ith the intent to further !orno#ra!hy and le"d se1ual 'ehavior( 'ut in an atte$!t to sto! "hat has #one on and to insure freedo$ of $ind( 'ody and s!irit% I a$ no" fully inte#rated and de!ro#ra$$ed% I feel very fortunate to have survived and to have healed to the !oint "here I can no" 'e a s!o es!erson for the $any "ho have 'een a'used in si$ilar "ays and are not yet recovered enou#h to s!ea on their o"n 'ehalf% /nd( there are $any% Over the years( I have !ainfully "itnessed those "ho reside in $ental institutions( dia#nosed as !sychotic( schiEo!hrenic( 'orderline( or delusionalD or others loc ed u! as !olitical !risonersD or "orse yet( those "ho couldn+t overco$e their !ro#ra$$in# and co$$itted suicide% Many others "al the earth dehu$aniEed and enslaved in !ro#ra$$in#( livin# a life of internal and e1ternal hell and terror( se!arated fro$ the$selves and their Divine Creator% It is for all of the$ that I divul#e these very !ersonal and !ainful !arts of $y life% Over the years( the CI/ and other #rou!s have strate#ically and very effectively orchestrated ca$!ai#ns to discredit victi$s and the !rofessionals "ho atte$!t to hel! the victi$s to 'rin# the reality of "hat is actually occurrin# to li#ht% 7! until recently( the dar hierarchy that shrouds and !rotects the secrecy of this hidden control of $any has 'een very effective in ee!in# this reality a secret% The victi$s have not 'een heard% They continually suffer discreditin# tactics in the courtroo$ throu#h the i#norance of uninfor$ed -- !ossi'ly $ind-controlled 8or co$!ro$ised9 -- >ud#es and la"yersD in thera!y sessions( often "ith uninfor$ed -- !ossi'ly !ro#ra$$ed -- $ental health !rofessionals and thera!ists% The church cler#y( throu#h innocence( dis'elief( i#norance( fear( or !ossi'ly !ro#ra$$in#( often turn their 'ac s on victi$s "ho need aid and !rotection% The victi$s( re#ardless of a#e( need to no" that other !eo!le and es!ecially *od( hates "hat has ha!!ened to the$% 3e need the church to stand in its ri#htful !lace in the !u'lic arena and call our nation to account for the sufferin# of the $ost vulnera'le% If s!iritually a"a ened individuals can+t do it( then "ho can4 The Holy 2!irit has sho"n $e it "ill ta e the $ost s!iritually erudite to stand in the face of this evil dece!tion% Only 'y enactin# the !ractice of s!iritual discern$ent and carefully listenin# to Divine s!iritual direction( can this horror 'e eradicated forever% It is our last and only ho!e% It is ti$e the !u'lic is $ade a"are so they can 'e#in to a'olish the dar ( controllin# syste$ that even 'e#an to tar#et !re-school+s in the <G+s( torturin# and !ro#ra$$in# children "ho didn+t even co$e fro$ an inter#enerational satanic 'ac #round( in order to ever "iden their circles of an un!aid( slave la'or force% I a$ continually a$aEed that the !u'lic is still s"ayed 'y the CI/-connected( -alse Me$ory 2yndro$e -oundation+s

#+ !ro!a#anda( "hich e1!lains that thera!ists instill these $e$ories of horror into their des!erate clients and that children "ith lar#e i$a#inations are $a in# u! these stories% /s yourself ho" a child three or four years old could $a e u! these vile stories that are 'eyond their a#e-a!!ro!riate understandin# %%% and "hat a coincidence that the accounts $atch other children+s testi$ony across the nation% Have the children 'een secretly unitin#( sharin# their 6lar#e i$a#inative e1!eriences6 across the nation in order for the$ to all co$e u! "ith si$ilar accounts4 The facts of $any !reschool court cases( the testi$ony of the children( and the 'un#lin# and $isre!resentation fro$ la"yers and >ud#es in case after case has allo"ed the truth to 'e s)uelched% Those "ithin the /$erican &sychiatric /ssociation "ho still clin# to the false notion that Multi!le &ersonality Disorder 8Dia#nostic and 2tatistical Manual IV no" calls it Dissociative Identity Disorder9 is rare( ro' the $any sufferin# victi$s of the o!!ortunity to recover% 3e need to 'e#in to $ore fully understand that a child+s( and es!ecially an infant+s( !syche is vulnera'le and can 'e shattered into other !ersonalities due to early childhood a'use% 3hen "e understand this "e "ill 'e a'le to raise $ore sta'le children "ho can then #ro" into healthy( creative adults% Many adults( li e $yself( find the$selves s!endin# the rest of their lives tryin# to recover fro$ their childhood% Early a'use "rea s havoc !hysically( $entally( and s!iritually on the $ost vulnera'le and $ost valua'le resource "e have( our children% Once a#ain I a!olo#iEe for the !orno#ra!hic nature of so$e of this $aterial% In li#ht of $y current Christian values( it is difficult and often e$'arrassin# to $ention the se1ual !erversions that I "as e1!osed to( and yet to alter the infor$ation that "as 'rou#ht 'ac to $y conscious a"areness throu#h the eyes and !erce!tion of those !ersonalities "ho "ere forced to e1!erience it( see$s to co$!ro$ise the reality of "hat actually ha!!ened% I have atte$!ted to re!ort $y history in the 'est "ay I no" ho"( yet I have found it i$!ossi'le to re!ort $y e1!erience to you "ith the "holeso$e $orality that no" rules $y life% If you are faint of heart or have difficulty dealin# "ith horrific or le"d $aterial( !lease as *od to stren#then you to face the truth set forth in this 'oo % In the "ords of Ed$ond ,ur e( 6The only thin# necessary for the triu$!h of evil is for #ood !eo!le to do nothin#%6 3e have reached a !oint in ti$e "here it is i$!erative for #ood !eo!le to act% It is ti$e for those "ho have any $oral >ud#$ent to react( and then to !ursue their reaction "ith action% It "ill ta e all of us( standin# for "hat "e 'elieve in( )uestionin# old 'eliefs and old value syste$s until they are ali#ned "ith the Mind of Christ% Do "e really still 'elieve in 6One Nation 7nder *od(6 or have "e lost our "ay in the hundreds of $indless duties and realities !resented 'y the $ass $edia4 3hen "ill "e slo" do"n4 *od is not a *od of confusion( nor is He a *od of hurry( or sufferin#% He is our /l$i#hty *od( in Hi$ "ho$ "e can trust% -or #enerations hu$anity has 'een deceived and those "ho are "illin# to !ut their trust and faith in *od( shall rise to His *lory( as He sho"s the "ay to victory% Our *od( "ho$ "e once !ut in char#e of our nation( is still "aitin#% He is still there( "antin# to 'e of assistance( and never in the history of $an ind have "e 'een in such des!erate need of His hel!( of His #uidin# hand% /nd so as "e 'e#in this >ourney to#ether( "ith $e as the re!orter( and you the reader that *od has called to 'e !resent( I offer this !rayer5

#1 Dear -ather *od( ?esus( Lord of Lords( *od Most Hi#h( 3e co$e to You no"( in hu$'leness( *od( as in# for Your hel!% 3e no" of our o"n stren#th "e are una'le to solve the !ro'le$s at hand( and *od( "e no" that thin#s in this "orld are out of control and that only You can #uide us 'ac to 'alanced "ays% 3e also no" as Your 3ord has !ro$ised that "e are cared for 'y You( $uch $ore than the 'irds and the lilies of the field( and no" "e as You to sho" us the "ay% 3e than You Lord( "e *lorify Your Holy Na$e% Than s for sendin# Your son( ?esus( to sho" us the "ay% &lease 'e "ith us no"( as "e enter a ti$e of national and international unrest% 3e no" that these are #ro"in# !ains% 3e no" that You didn+t cause the$( that Your "ill is not for our sufferin#( 'ut that 'y our o"n actions these disasters and "ars have and "ill continue to occur% ,less us "ith Your anointin#% O!en the eyes of our understandin#% I !ray that in this 'oo Your "ill $ay shine forth so that all of us "ho !arta e can shine for You% In Christ( 2usan -ord ,rice Taylor 8!seudony$9 6Thin#s are hidden( te$!orarily( only as a $eans to revelation% -or there is nothin# hidden e1ce!t to 'e revealed( nor is anythin# te$!orarily e!t secret e1ce!t in order that it $ay 'e no"n% 6If any $an has ears to hear( let hi$ hear and !erceive and co$!rehend% 6,e careful "hat you are hearin#% The $easure of thou#ht and study you #ive to truth that you "ill hear $e "ith $easure of virtue and no"led#e that co$es 'ac to you( and $ore "ill 'e #iven to you "ho hear% 6-or to hi$ "ho has heard and understood( $ore "ill 'e #iven( and fro$ hi$ "ho has not heard and understood( even "hat he has "ill 'e ta en a"ay fro$ hi$%6 -- Mar I5AA-AF 6It isn+t that they can+t see the solution% It+s that they can+t see the !ro'le$%6 -- *% .% Chesterton 6&o"er is the 7lti$ate /!hrodisiac6 -- / Ruote 'y5 Henry /% .issin#er Then 2ecretary of 2tate

#7 ,rice Taylor - Than s for the Me$ories Cha1ter One: The Creat%on o $2!an *obot My na$e is 2usan Lynne Ec hart -ord and I a$ a I= year old( native Californian% 7ntil :;;F( I suffered fro$ a de'ilitatin# condition no"n as Multi!le &ersonality Disorder%A In :;=F I e$'ar ed on the lon# and tedious( !ainful road to recovery% Throu#h years of thera!y and de!ro#ra$$in# I co$!letely reinte#rated $y $ulti!le !ersonalities 'ac into $y unifor$ core self( and throu#h the #race of *od( I a$ alive today to convey to you $y true life e1!eriences% This account of $y re$e$'rances "ill 'e so shoc in# and a$aEin# that you $ay feel that you+ve entered the +t"ili#ht Eone%+ Many "a in# u! today( call this $a in# a +!aradi#$ shift+ in realityD I call it no"in# the truth% ,ut( do ee! your faith in *od and hu$anity( for( as $y father re$inded $e day after day( 6The truth "ill set you free%6 My $ulti!le !ersonality condition resulted fro$ "hat I had first thou#ht in :;=L "as solely se1ual and ritual a'use% ,ut( as I 'e#an to heal and re$e$'er $ore of $y hidden !ast( I realiEed that ritual a'use "as $erely the $ind control trau$a 'ase $y ritually a'used( !ro#ra$$ed( !edo!hile father( Calvin Charles Ec hart( and others used to condition $e for !artici!ation in the still active to! secret &ro>ect Monarch( the Central Intelli#ence /#ency+s "hite slavery o!eration that is related to M.7LTR/ and it+s nu$erous su'-!ro>ects% I "as raised in the affluent area of 3oodland Hills( California( 'ut "as a'used $y entire life in $any locations in and out of California( includin# hos!itals( universities( and 7nited 2tates $ilitary and N/2/ 'ases( "here I "as su'>ected to +hi#h-level+ !ro#ra$$in#% The result of $any years of trau$a( intentionally inflicted on $e 'y $y father and others to CRE/TE "ithin $e $ulti!le !ersonalities( "as that I "as transfor$ed into a !ro#ra$$ed( totally ro'otical slave that could not re$e$'er to thin or tell "hat ha!!ened to $e( due to the $ind control and so!histicated !ro#ra$$in# I "as under% I "as used fre)uently in child and adolescent !rostitution and !orno#ra!hy% ,y $y !reteen years( I had $any !ersonalities s!ecially !ro#ra$$ed to 'e the !erfect se1 slave -a 6!residential $odel6 "ith #overn$ent $ind files and a !hoto#ra!hic $e$ory e)ui!!ed to deliver 8$ost often throu#h se1ual encounters9 $essa#es( so$e cry!tic( to to! #overn$ent officials( entertainers( and other "orld fi#ures% -ro$ :;=< to :;;:( I "as in intensive daily thera!y in California( re$e$'erin# a co$!le1 childhood that no" has 'een validated( in !art( throu#h intelli#ence co$$unity( CI/( and -,I contacts 8active and retired9( as "ell as throu#h investi#ative >ournalists( no"led#ea'le $ental health !rofessionals( and fa$ily $e$'ers% In $y )uest for understandin# and self- no"led#e( I attended school to attain $y Master+s De#ree in &sycholo#y% ,ut( in /!ril of :;;: I "as forced to leave $y ho$e and fa$ily in California( due to a clever !lot and threat to $y life if I continued to !ursue re$e$'rance of $y !ast in thera!y and try to 'eco$e healed% One of $y thera!ists( Mar#aret &aul( &h%D%( "ho is
Multi!le &ersonality Disorder 8M&D95 Current /$erican &sychiatric /ssociation listin# in the Dia#nostic and 2tatistical Manual IV is Dissociative Identity Disorder 8DID9%

#0 also a !o!ular author( su##ested that for $y safety I should leave Los /n#eles for a"hile% 7!on her reco$$endation( I fled to the island of .auai( Ha"aii( "here un'e no"nst to $e I "as still !art of the !ro>ect and still not free% /fter I fled fro$ California and "as no lon#er livin# in the $idst of $y !ro#ra$$ed a'use 'ase( nor "as I in thera!y( I 'e#an havin# vivid( detailed $e$ories of 'ein# used 'oth as a se1 slave and hu$an $ind file co$!uter to so$e of our nation+s hi#hest level #overn$ental officials in and out of the 3hite House% /$on# the$5 ?ohn -% .ennedy 8se1 and delivered $essa#es9% Lyndon ,aines ?ohnson 8se1 and delivered $essa#es9( Henry .issin#er 8$aster$inded $y 7%2% *overn$ent and international $ind file use9( Nelson Roc efeller 8$ind file use coordinated in con>unction "ith Henry .issin#er9( *erald -ord 8se1 and delivered $essa#es9( ?i$$y Carter 8delivered $essa#es9( Ronald Rea#an 8se1 and delivered $essa#es9( *eor#e ,ush 8$ind file useD he is a no"n !edo!hile and had se1 "ith $y !ro#ra$$ed dau#hter .elly9( and to! entertain$ent !rofessionals( such as $y 6o"ner6 ,o' Ho!e 8se1 and $essa#e courier9% The $edia surroundin# the e1!oses of ,o' Ho!e+s secret life and the 'oo s "ritten 'y /rthur Mar1 8*roucho+s son9( The 2ecret Life of ,o' Ho!e( and La"rence ?% Ruir +s recent 'oo ( ,o' Ho!e5 The Road 3ell-Traveled( 'e#in to !ortray so$e e1a$!les of the fla"s to ,o'+s see$in#ly /ll-/$erican( !atriotic( and fa$ily lovin# !u'lic i$a#e% My controllers and a'users "ere not lo"-level cri$inals( 'ut instead "ere so$e of the socalled 6adored6 leaders and entertainers of our country% I felt alone and terrified as I 'e#an to 'rea free fro$ the control I "as under% Catherine *ould( &h%D%( an internationally no"n thera!ist "ith years of e1!erience treatin# ritual a'use victi$s e1!lained that she couldn+t 'e $y thera!ist( for fear of losin# her license or 'ein# sued since she sensed I "as a +hi#h-level+ survivor% /t that ti$e( althou#h I had 'e#un to have $e$ories of 'ein# "ith Ronald Rea#an durin# the ti$e he "as *overnor of California and other #overn$ent officials( due to the fact that I "as still under $ind control( I had no "ay of understandin# "hat +hi#h-level+ $eant% /t that ti$e( $any thera!ists( includin# $y o"n - Mar#ie &aul( "ere 'e#innin# to have their licenses !ulled and often suffered !rofessional conse)uences for treatin# ritual a'use survivors( es!ecially those "ho "ere 6hi#h-level%6 In /!ril of :;;:( "hen I fled to the island of .auai( Catherine a#reed to consult "ith $e 'y !hone( and advised $e to "rite a 'oo ( "hich resulted in 2T/R2HINE5 One 3o$an+s Valiant Esca!e -ro$ Mind Control% 2he further advised $e to continue docu$entin# the na$es( dates and !laces of $y a'use in an effort to one day #o !u'lic in order to free $y hus'and( $y children( and $yself% Over the ne1t year on the island( I recovered $ore of $y $e$ory( 'ut "as devastated to 'e se!arated fro$ $y children and tried to ad>ust to a radically chan#ed lifestyle( includin# the fact that I "as no" livin# "ithout $y fa$ily( friends( and loved ones( and had very li$ited finances% I "as over"hel$ed "ith #rief( carryin# a 'urden that fe" "anted to seriously loo at% 2everal !eo!le ste!!ed for"ard to hel! $e in "hatever "ays they could( offerin# e$otional su!!ort and friendshi!( so$e even financial su!!ort "hen I ran out of $oney( 'ut no one could really ee! $e safe( until I "as fully de!ro#ra$$ed fro$ inside of $yself so I could not 'e accessed% To reiterate a vitally i$!ortant fact -- until I "as fully de!ro#ra$$ed( I "as not safe% In :;;:( there "as no one

8= "ho ne" "hat I "as tal in# a'out "ho could hel! $e% I had to find hel! "ithin $yself% /nd I did% Throu#hout $y healin# !rocess( /n#els #uided $e "hen I "as too afraid to connect "ith Christ( due to the satanic ritual a'use I had endured in the church as a child% The /n#els continually led $e to 'oo s and incredi'le !eo!le( there'y fulfillin# *od+s !lan for $y eventual freedo$% 2ince $ulti#enerationally a'used and trau$atiEed victi$s are selected for the $ind control !ro>ects( $y three children( .evin( .elly( and Danny "ere naturally trained to follo" in $y footste!s as assets of $y controllers% E1ce!t for .elly( they are still loc ed into their a'use 'ase% Des!ite $y efforts to #et hel! for the$% Their si$ilarly !ro#ra$$ed father unfortunately +doesn+t have a clue(+ as yet( and so all le#al custody has 'een ta en a"ay fro$ $e 'y the 2tate of California% To"ard the #oal of #ettin# $y children free( I have s!ent years des!erately docu$entin# $y !ast( a tas at "hich so$e of our to! #overn$ental officials and entertainers "ould have li ed to see $e fail% My affluent a'users $ade sure that I "as instilled "ith very so!histicated !ro#ra$$in# that "ould insure $y death should I 'e#in to re$e$'er or tell% Des!ite the fact that I "as !ro#ra$$ed to have an +accident(+ self-$utilate( or ill $yself( I a$ healthy( in control of $y o"n $ind( and have NO intentions of hurtin# $yself in any $anner% I a$ ta in# e1tre$e !recautions throu#h !u'liciEin# this auto'io#ra!hical account to encu$'er these !o"er $on#ers fro$ sto!!in# $y efforts to o'tain hel! for $y affected children% It is in ho!es of freein# the$( and the $any other sufferin# adults and children loc ed into the 'onds of the $ind control !ro>ects( that I share $y e1!erience% The intentionally inflicted and often e1tre$e child a'use I endured "as the necessary 6!re!aration throu#h trau$a6 that $y controllers re#arded as !rere)uisite to $y creation as a se1Ces!iona#e a#ent servin# "ithin the #overn$ent and 'eyond to an overarchin# ca'al of only a handful of individuals( "ho I overheard referred to as 6The Council%6 -or years I "itnessed the atte$!ts and deeds they !erfor$ed to control not only our #overn$ent( 'ut forei#n #overn$ents as "ell% This initial childhood trau$a "as necessary to create "ithin $e $ulti!le !ersonalities for later use 'y the$( insurin# their success of $y involuntary use and !artici!ation in their !lan for a one "orld #overn$ent( "here you and I are to "or in varyin# levels -- as controlled slaves or( as they say( 6"or er 'ees%6 6To 'e afraid is to have $ore faith in evil than in *od%6 -- E$$et -o1

8" ,rice Taylor - Than s for the Me$ories Cha1ter Two: Early Ch%ldhood )re1arat%on 6Love 'ears all thin#s( 'elieves all thin#s( ho!es all thin#s%6 -- *alatians In order for $y 'irth to 'e acco$!lished on !residential inau#uration day( ?anuary AGth( :;F:( $y $other+s la'or "as induced at 2t% ?ohn+s Hos!ital in 2anta Monica( California% My !arents na$ed $e 2usan Lynne Ec hart% The selection of inau#uration day for $y 'irth "as es!ecially $eanin#ful #iven the !osition I "ould 'e #roo$ed to one day fill% My !arents told the story for years that $y first "ords "ere( 6I li e I e%6 Even at the early a#e of one( they "ere trainin# $e to 'e !olitically-$inded and had $e cheerin# in a ca$!ai#n effort for the &resident-elect% Once $y $other and I "ere released fro$ the hos!ital after $y 'irth( $y father 'e#an the ri#orous trainin# and intentional torture re)uired to shatter $y 'ase !ersonality "ith the #oal of creatin# $any se!arate and individual !ersonalities for trainin# and use 'y others as I #re" older% 3hen $y $other left $y father to 'a'ysit $e( he "ithheld all food until I "as starvin#% Then he held $y 'ottle in front of $e( 'ut instead of allo"in# $e to have the 'ottle( he "ould sli! his !enis into $y $outh for $e to suc % I felt I "as dyin# throu#h suffocation( as $y air"ay "as 'loc ed and I #a##ed for 'reath% There "ere $any such trau$as to follo"( $ost often on a daily 'asis% -or you to understand ho" I ca$e to trust the thin#s I 'e#an re$e$'erin# at a#e HF a'out $y earliest childhood( I "ill share the follo"in# e1!eriences% In $editation( I 'e#an re$e$'erin# s$all( inconse)uential thin#s at first( li e the ti$e $y $other left $y father to care for $e "hen I "as four $onths old% He laid $e on to! of the dinin# roo$ ta'le and "atched as I fell off0 I clearly re$e$'ered the !anic ed feelin# of terror as I "as fallin# and re$e$'ered the over"hel$in# shar! !ain that resulted in $y 'ody as I hit the floor% I also re$e$'ered the color of the car!etin#( the desi#n on the "all!a!er and other details a'out the roo$% 3e $oved fro$ this house in 2anta Monica "hen I "as L $onths old( and I never sa" it a#ain% 7na'le to fatho$ "hat these earliest of childhood $e$ories could $ean( I 'e#an readin# a'out the e1!eriences of Vietna$ veterans and ho" they suddenly relived flash'ac s of trau$as they "itnessed in "ar% I thou#ht this $i#ht 'e the sa$e ty!e of $e$ory !heno$enon% In order to test $y recall of this !articular incident( I shared the details of this $e$ory "ith $y $other% Her reaction "as one of a$aEe$ent althou#h she see$ed terri'ly confused a'out $y father+s actions% 2he said I had descri'ed our first house and "as sur!rised I could re$e$'er so accurately details fro$ an event that ha!!ened "hen I "as only an infant% ,ein# the third child to a very 'usy $other( there "ere no !ictures ta en of $e in that house that I could have seen% The validation she #ave $e $ade $e feel $ore trustin# of the other $e$ories that soon 'e#an floodin# 'ac into $y a"areness% Trau$a to Create Multi!le &ersonality Disorder


Me$ories of trau$a too over"hel$in# to 'ear as a child unfolded for $e to deal "ith as an adult% ,it 'y 'it( !iece 'y !iece( I 'e#an to re$e$'er and understand >ust "hat had actually ha!!ened to $e as a child( 'ut in no "ay did the $e$ories co$e neatly !ac a#ed in chronolo#ical order% It too the test of ti$e( as each $e$ory fit into ones 'efore and after the$ and( li e a !uEEle( "ith all the !ieces laid in !ro!er !lace( I 'e#an creatin# a $ore co$!lete yet horrifically devastatin# !icture% /r$ed "ith that first validation fro$ $y $other and the su!!ort of t"o thera!ists( I 'e#an daily thera!y re$e$'erin# heinous tortures( terrifyin# a'uses( and stran#e details that "ere !ainfully yet neatly co$!art$entaliEed into the reality of se!arate child and adult !ersonalities !ro#ra$$ed "ithin $e% Many had se!arate na$es% This "as in :;=<( t"o years after $y initial 6a"a enin#6 first 'e#an% /nd I "as( no"( for the first ti$e( accurately re$e$'erin# $y earliest childhood% I "as referred to 2tuart &erl$an( &h%D%( a 3est"ood clinical !sychothera!ist( and 'e#an seein# hi$ a fe" sessions a "ee until the self-har$ and suicidal crises I "as atte$!tin# to live throu#h( tri##ered 'y re$e$'erin# thin#s I "as !ro#ra$$ed for#et( )uic ly re)uired $y sessions "ith hi$ to escalate to seven or $ore !er "ee % I "as also havin# "ee ly sessions "ith Mar#aret &aul( &h%D% /t the ti$e I 'e#an thera!y( neither of $y thera!ists "as fa$iliar "ith dissociation( Multi!le &ersonality Disorder( or ritual a'use% The vivid( !ainful and often terrifyin# flash'ac s and a'reactions of the trau$atic $e$ory I retrieved in and out of their offices left all of us in a )uandary( tryin# to $a e sense of "hat "as ha!!enin# to $e% Dr% &erl$an "rote an article on M&DCritual a'use for a !sychoanalytical >ournal( "here he shared that as ti$e "ent on he ca$e to understand that Multi!le &ersonality Disorder "as not as rare as he had 'een tau#ht it "as in school% /lthou#h his )uiet( aloof( noninteractive( !sychoanalytical stance often $ade $e unco$forta'le durin# thera!y sessions( I "as later #rateful that he had not inter>ected his o"n reality into $y $e$ory retrieval !rocess and e!t to hi$self his initial 'elief that I "as delusional% My first session "ith Dr% &erl$an "as dee!ly touchin# as tears fell fro$ his chee s "hen I recounted instance after instance of childhood a'use% His "ise "ords to $e that day "ere( 6Everythin# you need to heal is "ithin( you have all the ans"ers inside of yourself%6 My other thera!ist( Dr% &aul( and I "ere continually !er!le1ed as to "hat all the $e$ories $eant and didn+t have an ans"er until a year later "hen I attended a Victi$s of Incest E$er#e as 2urvivors 8VOICE29 conference in Ne" ?ersey 'y $yself( "here I heard a fe$ale $inister s!ea a'out satanic ritual a'use% /t the end of the lecture( I felt nu$'ed( as the s!ea er recounted $any tortures si$ilar to those I had re$e$'ered fro$ $y childhood% The 6'i#( 'eautiful( !erfect fairy tale life6 I thou#ht I "as livin# 'e#an to cru$'le( one $e$ory at a ti$e% The follo"in# is a carefully co$!iled docu$entation of $y !ast% 3hen I "as si1 $onths old( $y father and $other decided to $ove to a $ore rural settin# to raise their youn# fa$ily% My 'rother ?i$ "as ei#ht( $y 'rother Ric "as four( and I "as si1 $onths old% My father 'orro"ed $oney fro$ $y $other+s $other to !urchase a three-'edroo$ ranch ho$e located in the $idst of a "alnut #rove in 3oodland Hills( California% This ho$e "as to 'e the 'ase for hidden and e1tre$e torture and trau$a

83 for $e over the ne1t :; years% Those years of trau$a should have 'een enou#h to ill ten children( 'ut so$eho" it didn+t ill $e% My father told $e each ti$e he hurt $e that he "as doin# it to tou#hen $e( to stren#then $e for the future% In res!onse( I "as s!lit into $any !ersonalities to co!e "ith the over!o"erin# !hysical and !sycholo#ical !ain and 'etrayal% My father "or ed for others as a "elder until :;F< "hen he decided to 'e his o"n 'oss( !ro$!tin# the o!enin# of his o"n "eldin# sho!% This 'usiness( Ec hart+s 3eldin# 2ho! 8located on &ico ,oulevard in 3est Los /n#eles9( initially "as our only source of inco$e( since $y $other stayed at ho$e as a full-ti$e house"ife and $other% 3e lived si$!ly and fru#ally( #ettin# 'y on the a$ount of $oney $y father earned% 2liced in 'et"een and e1istin# !arallel to the everyday conscious reality "e shared as a fa$ily( "as a very dar ( secret and !ainful reality shared in su'-consciousness and in !ain% I "ill share $any of these slices of dar ness "ith you so that you the reader can understand ho" this all ca$e a'out% 3hen I "as a year old( $y father !laced $e in a 'lan et that "as sus!ended 'y a ro!e fro$ the hi#h ceilin# in our livin# roo$ and s!un $e around and around and around until I "as co$!letely diEEy and disoriented% He then introduced a trau$a( li e !uttin# so$ethin# shar! u! $y va#ina and $y youn# !syche shattered( s!littin# off another !ersonality to "ithstand the !ain% He 'e#an se1ually a'usin# $e in $y early $onths( 'y insertin# o'>ects into $y va#ina( #radually stretchin# it so that I "ould 'e a'le to acce!t a full #ro"n $an+s !enis 'y the ti$e I "as t"o% I "as 'ein# #roo$ed for early child !rostitution( !orno#ra!hy( and a !osition in the 6inner circle6 at church% 3hen I "as >ust $onths old( $y $other recounts that she tearfully handed $e over into the ar$s of her 'rother ?ohn "ho too $e for a "ee to 2anta ,ar'ara% 3hen she told $e of this incident she al"ays sounded li e she had no choice( no free "ill fro$ "here she could co$$and that no one could ta e her ne" 'orn 'a'y a"ay fro$ her% The $e$ory of "hat ha!!ened in 2anta ,ar'ara "ith $y 7ncle ?ohn re$ains inaccessi'le to $e at this ti$e( yet I no" it $ust 'e si#nificant% 7nfortunately as you can "ell understand( $y !oor $ind-controlled $other never had a chance and "as totally $ani!ulated 'y $y father "ho I 'elieve suffered fro$ Multi!le &ersonality Disorder 8M&DCDID9( had 'een ritually a'used hi$self( and "as $ost li ely also under $ind control% Much of the ti$e $y $other "as a lovin#( carin#( #entle"o$an( 'ut she "as controlled% 2he s!ent her dayti$e hours o'sessively cleanin# house( ironin# everythin# that she !erfectly "ashed( scru''in# floors( "ashin# "indo"s( coo in#( and attendin# to our needs% /fter dinner( "hile $y $other did the dishes( $y father sat do"n to "atch television and read the !a!er% 3hile he "as rela1in#( $y $other 'e#an her ne1t >o' doin# the 'oo ee!in# for $y father+s 'usinessD she didn+t sto! her duties or sit do"n until she colla!sed into 'ed at ::5GG o+cloc at ni#ht% 3hen I 'e#an recoverin# in the =G+s( I as ed $y $other "hy all she did "as scru' and clean the house and didn+t !ay attention to $e as a child% Her res!onse "as( 62ue( loo in# 'ac ( I felt li e there "as so$ethin# really dirty a'out our ho$e%6

8# My $other "as a'le to feel "hat she "asn+t allo"ed to thin a'out( and she "as ri#htD there "as so$ethin# dirty% 2he su'consciously tried to ta e care of the !ro'le$ in the only "ay she ne" ho"D 'y cleanin# it a"ay% 2he sle!t throu#h( "as !ro#ra$$ed( dru##ed( or "as in a dissociative daEe "hen I "as 'ein# a'used or "hen she "as 'ein# 'eaten 'y $y father or a'used 'y others% 2he o'sessively listened to $usic( "hich hel!ed her to tune out and $ello"% .no"in# "hat I no" no"( $ost li ely she "as listenin# to $usic she "as told to listen to in order to ee! her $e$ory of our actual life loc ed dee!ly "ithin her su'conscious $ind( "hile the !ro#ra$$ed reality of herself and our 6!erfect ha!!y fa$ily6 "as e!t alive throu#h !ro#ra$$ed !hrases in the $usic% My father $ade $edicine for $y $other% 2he follo"ed $y father+s orders and !ro#ra$$in# to a tee% Dutiful to her !ro#ra$$in#( she delivered $e to and fro$ !laces "here I "as to 'e !re!ared( trained( !ro#ra$$ed( and used( "ithout ever 'ein# consciously a"are of "hat she "as doin#% To this day( if as ed a'out it( $y $other cries and says that( "hile she 'elieves and feels the alle#ations of "hat ha!!ened to $e are true( she >ust can+t re$e$'er% Church Ritual Trau$a /round this ti$e( $y $other >oined the -irst ,a!tist Church of 3oodland Hills( and 'e#an ta in# $e "ith her to church% Later( in thera!y( I re$e$'ered and dre" !ictures of tunnels that I re$e$'ered runnin# under the church that connected "ith nei#h'orin# ho$es of inner circle church !er!etrators% On 2unday $ornin#s( $y $other left $e in the nursery "hile she "ent to the ser$on% Me$'ers of the church staff( so$e of the$ nei#h'or "o$en and the $inister( ritualistically a'used $e in that church% The elder $inister "ho a'used $e "as Rev% *rant ,% Yeat$an% ,y a#e t"o( I "as out of the church nursery and attendin# a s$all 2unday school class "ith other children% One 2unday( "hen I "as a 'it older( Rev% Yeat$an "al ed into $y 2unday school class and "atched as "e !layed a #a$e and dre" !ictures% He !ointed to $e and said that I "as 6*od+s chosen6 and told $e to follo" hi$% Once "e "ere outside in a !rotected area( he forced $y head do"n under his ro'e to !erfor$ oral se1 on hi$ li e $y father had !re!ared $e fro$ 'irth to do% /fter I "as finished( he "i!ed $y $outh "ith a hand erchief and told $e that I "as #oin# to hell for "hat I had >ust done( 'ut that I "ould 'e for#iven if I never told anyone a'out it% He further offered to !ray for $y soul and then sent $e 'ac to $y 2unday school class% /nother 2unday( after 'ein# sodo$iEed in a 'ac roo$ 'y Rev% Yeat$an( he too $e 'y the hand 'ac to $y 2unday school class( 'ent do"n and !ointed to a !icture of ?esus sittin# "ith the little children around hi$ and "his!ered( 6?esus "ill never love a little #irl "ho is as 'ad and evil as you%6 -ro$ then on I 'elieved there "as so$ethin# terri'ly "ron# "ith $e and that I "ould never fit in "ith other !eo!le% I fi#ured ?esus couldn+t love $e 'ecause I "as so 'ad% &arts of $e died inside% ,ut dee! "ithin $y soul( in $y inner$ost hidden and !rotected self( an#elic 'ein#s continually re$inded $e of *od+s love for $e and of their su!!ort% 3hen I "as tortured to the e1tent of 'ein# !ro>ected out of 'ody due to the e1tre$e !ain( ?esus+ /n#els s!o e lovin#ly to $e and e1!lained that I needed to #o 'ac into $y 'ody( that so$e day "hen I "as older I "ould

88 understand% ,ut su'consciously( in $y li$ited child understandin#( I 'elieved I "as unlova'le and hideous in the eyes of *od% Other 2undays( different children "ere 6*od+s chosen6 and had to leave the roo$ "ith the $inister% Many of the !eo!le "ho "or ed at the church( the church secretary and the 2unday school teachers( "ere nei#h'ors of ours and( I no" understand "ere $ost li ely ritually a'used as children and "ere carryin# out their violent actions via their o"n unconscious childhood !ro#ra$$in#% Mrs% 3in ler( the church secretary( lived across the street% In addition to Christianity( she also !racticed sorcery and "itchcraft in her dar ened ho$e( isolated and !rotected fro$ outside intrusion 'y dra!e-covered "indo"s% /s a toddler( $y father "ould "a e $e( early on 2aturday or 2unday $ornin#s and ta e $e across the street alon# "ith a carrot( to 6feed the horsies%6 3e al"ays did feed the horses 'ut the actual !ur!ose of these outin#s "as to #et $e out of the house to #o see Mrs% 3in ler for "hat they called 6$y trainin# and !re!aration%6 Mrs% 3in ler lit candles and laid $y tiny 'ody do"n on her ta'le( !erfor$in# chants over $e( "hile she "as stic in# shar! needles in $y feet( 'urnin# $e "ith the hot candle fla$es( or scarin# $e "ith s!iders% 2he "ould say( 6Hold real still( 2usie( so this !otion can #et in% You "ill 'e !o"erful and very s!ecial one day% Your father is !ayin# for this( for you to 'e $ade s!ecial 'ecause he loves you% You "ill 'e no"n%6 2he told $e at other ti$es that I "as chosen 'y *od to fulfill so$e $ission% Instead of or#aniEed 2atanis$( she !racticed her o"n !erverted for$ of Christianity "ith the !ur!ose of 6!urifyin# $e6 to rid $e of all evil% 2he never directly addressed 2atan( 'ut instead s!o e of hell and da$nationD it "as a fire and 'ri$stone style of funda$ental Christianity( $i1ed "ith "itchcraft% Mrs% 3in ler cut !ieces of $y hair and saved the$ for rituals that "ere held "ith other 6inside6 church $e$'ers and $y father in outdoor rural !laces( in the $iddle of the dar ened ni#ht% Trau$a &ro#ra$$in# -or years( $y father !erfor$ed a variety of 'rutal( ritual-ty!e !hysical and !sycholo#ical a'uses( a$on# the$5 confine$ent in closets( ca#es( and a coffin( "hile I "as told I "as 'ein# left to dieD near dro"nin#D isolationD needles inserted in sensitive 'ody areasD food and slee! de!rivationD electroshoc via electric "ires( "eldin# e)ui!$ent( cattle !rods( etc%D dru##in#D so!histicated hy!notic and electronic !ro#ra$$in#D tyin# $e u!side do"n to "alnut trees out in the isolated "alnut #roves and other !lacesD forcin# $e to !artici!ate in torturous rituals and or#iesD and se1ually a'usin# $e( each ti$e in $ore !erverted "ays% /t that ti$e( 3oodland Hills "as still in its o"n infancy% /t first( there "ere only t"o or three other houses 'uilt on our street( insurin# $y father and others !lenty of "ideo!en s!aces to conduct their cri$es% In :;FA( "hat is no" no"n as the 6:G: -ree"ay6 had not yet 'een 'uilt% The area "as still lar#ely undevelo!ed and rural( allo"in# for these cri$es to easily #o undetected%

8+ 3hile I "as still very s$all( $y father had an affair "ith another church secretary na$ed 2el$a Mc*re" "ho lived in the house 'ehind ours% 2he !artici!ated in $y 6!re!aration6 'y allo"in# $y father to include $e in the se1 they "ere havin#% ,ein# so youn# and s$all I often felt I "ould 'e illed durin# these encounters( and so I s!lit off $ore !ersonalities to endure it% Ni#htti$e "as never intended for slee!in# at our house 'ut instead "as a ti$e of trainin#% My $other "as the only one allo"ed andCor co$$anded to slee!% My t"o older 'rothers( ?i$ and Ric ( and $y father ca$e into $y roo$ ni#ht after ni#ht( creatin# an endless array of different for$s of se1ual a'use( all under $y father+s direction% My 'rother Ric ( "ho is four years older than I( "as selected to !artici!ate $ore often and $y father used hi$ to hel! 6!re!are6 $e for use as a child !rostitute and for $y a!!roachin# de'ut in !orno#ra!hy% The t"o of us "ere se1ually a'used to#ether and "ere 'oth electroshoc ed "ith 'are electric "ires to our #enitals% I !ainfully re$e$'ered $y 'rother sittin# ro'otically "hile $y father attached a 'are "ire to his !enis and then inserted the o!!osite end in the electrical outlet( sendin# his little 'ody into uncontrolla'le s!as$s% Tears flooded $y 'rother+s eyes and ran do"n his chee s as he then "as forced to "atch as I "as electroshoc ed% -or years $y $other told the story of ho" she continually found $y 'rother hidin# 'ehind the couch shoc in# hi$self 'y insertin# 'are "ires into the electrical outlet% 2he lau#hed a ind of confused( )uestionin# lau#h as she s!o e this% 2he !ro'a'ly couldn+t thin to )uestion "here the 'are-"ired cord ca$e fro$ or "hy her youn# son "as continually see in# to electroshoc hi$self% I stuc a ta'le nife in an electrical soc et so often that there "as a nife in the itchen dra"er that "as notched fro$ 'ein# re!eatedly inserted into the outlet% This unconscious act reinforced our !ro#ra$$in#% I "as often a"a ened and dru##ed in the $iddle of the ni#ht 'y $y !arents in order to attend rituals that "ere !erfor$ed in the e$!ty lot 'ehind the church and at other locations around 3oodland Hills% Many of the #ullies and outdoor !laces that "ere used for rituals "hen I "as a youn# child have since 'een develo!ed into ho$es or lar#e ce$ent draina#e areas( 'ut in the FG+s these areas !rovided seclusion for this #rou!% The "hole con#re#ation did not !artici!ate in these ni#htly horrors( only a select inner circle "as allo"ed in% /t t"o( I "as initiated into the inner circle "ith a cele'ration dedicatin# $e as the 'ride of Christ% I "as dru##ed( dressed in a lon# "hite lace #o"n( and !assed around the circle of dru##ed $e$'ers as they sat around a 'onfire in a vacant lot( durin# the $iddle of the ni#ht% Each $e$'er fondled $e se1ually( then I "as lain on an altar to 'e ra!ed and dedicated to Christ and the #rou!% The inner circle $e$'ers "ore 'lac ro'es and !artici!ated in se1ual or#ies and the illin# and in#estin# of ani$al and hu$an flesh% Their 'elief "as that these canni'alistic and se1ual acts "ould transfer the ener#y or life force fro$ the victi$ to the$ in order to $a e the$ $ore !o"erful% I "as involved in endless rituals that included 'ein# 'urned "ith candles( havin# crucifi1+s >a$$ed u! $y va#ina as I lay on an alter or hun# u!side do"n on a cross( havin#

81 !ins inserted into every area of $y 'ody includin# $y va#ina and the roof of $y $outh( and havin# ani$als and 'a'ies illed in front of $e and 'ein# forced to eat their ra" flesh and drin their 'lood or urine% Other children "ere involved in the rituals( and "hen "e reached a certain a#e "e "ere forced to !artici!ate in illin# ani$als and 'a'ies% In order to !sycholo#ically survive these e1!eriences( $any additional !ersonalities "ithin $e "ere created% Nothin# "as ever as !ainful as 'ein# forced to inflict !ain on another or "atch as others "ere tortured or illed% My Doll Collection I had a doll ca'inet that $y father had s!ecially $ade for $e% It "as filled "ith dolls fro$ all over the "orld( that "ere #iven to $e to love% My father used $y dolls to !ro#ra$ different !ersonalities "ithin $e( as he a'used $e ni#ht after ni#ht% Often "hen $y father tortured $e he "ould hand a different doll for $e to hold in order to create different !arts of $e "ith different identities that in $y youn# $ind I could relate to the doll I "as holdin#% He told $e the doll in $y hand "as !art of $e 'ut se!arate and then he "ould call it 'y na$e% There "as the little doll "ith the red hair and frec les( the 'a'y doll( Cyndy the 'ride doll( Re'ecca( 2ally( Thu$'elina( ,ar'ie and Mada$e /le1ander( to na$e a fe"% There "ere dolls every"here around $e( es!ecially in that doll case that $y father had $ade for $e "ith the slidin# #lass "indo" front so the dolls could 'e seen% Each doll "as 6dis!layed6 "hich $y father said $eant they couldn+t !lay until he said it "as ti$e for the$ to co$e out of the case% /t ni#ht "hen he "o e $e for a'use( he too out the doll "hose !ersonality "as to 'e the front( or !resentin#( !ersonality of $y inner syste$ of created !ersonalities% /s he !ulled a doll out of the doll case he+d say( 6she+s no lon#er on dis!lay( she can co$e out and !lay no"(6 and at that tender a#e( I "ould s"itch into the !ersonality $y father called forth% Then he "ould say( 6You 2usie( "ill ste! aside as Doll fully enters your 'ody% 3henever I sna! $y fin#ers three ti$es( Doll "ill enter the 'ody and 2usie "ill ste! aside( li e this no"(6 and he "ould sna! his fin#ers three ti$es and I "ould follo" $y father+s co$$and( totally and co$!letely% Holidays Holidays al"ays si#naled ti$es of trau$a% One Christ$as I a"o e e1cited to see "hat 2anta had 'rou#ht for $e% My t"o "orlds and the !ersonalities that lived in the$ "ere continually su'>ected to different realities( and this day "as to 'e no different% 2usie in her red velveteen ro'e #ot s!ecial treat$ent "hile other !ersonalities had [email protected]$as(6 a very different !ainful and evil reality% 3hile 2usie #ot a Christ$as stoc in# full of #oodies( 2haron #ot raEor 'lades and coal and !arts of dead ani$als% 62haron6 "as another one of $y inner !ersonalities $y father created( "hich he develo!ed as $y 6inner t"in6 to 2usie( $y conscious everyday !ersonality% One Christ$as ritual trau$a I vividly re$e$'ered "as "hen $y father laid $e do"n on the ru# in front of the fire!lace and !laced his fin#er inside $y va#ina "hile he readied a hot !o er in the fire% 2o$eho" !uttin# $e in a trance-state( he 'e#an( 6You "on+t feel this% You "ill only continue to feel the !leasure( >ust li e I a$ ru''in# no"% Does it feel #ood46

87 6Yes Daddy(6 I ro'otically ans"ered% 6*ood( then "hen I do this it "ill only increase the !leasure(6 he e!t his fin#er in !lace until he #ot the hot !o er out of the fire and as he !ut it inside $e( he too his fin#er out and as hy!notically co$$anded( I felt only the !leasure of the hot inside $e% Very lovin#ly he said( 6Very #ood( honey% You+re doin# very "ell% No" ta e a dee! 'reath and count to three and feel li e you have to !ee% Then "hen I ta e this out( you "ill feel even $ore !leasure% O ay46 6Yes( Daddy(6 I said !uttin# $y little hand u! in front of $y face "hile I counted off( 6One(6 as I held u! one fin#er( then 6t"o(6 !uttin# u! t"o fin#ers( then( 6three(6 and "hen he had ta en the !o er out( I felt really ha!!y% It didn+t even hurt% I couldn+t feel the !ain of the red-hot thin#% In $onths that follo"ed( I reached out and touched a !iece of red-hot an#le iron "hen $y father "as "eldin#( and "hen it 'urned $y hand 'adly( I "as sur!rised% I didn+t understand that it "ould 'u$ $e% My father "as an e1!ert at those 6#a$es%6 /t other ti$es he !ut so$ethin# scary in front of $y face to startle $e 'efore he did so$ethin# trau$atic to $e% Then he "ould tell $e to feel nu$' "hile he !ut a silver $etal 'and around $y "rist and forehead and "ould shoc $e "ith the 'lac 'o1 that "as attached to the 'ands "ith "ires% He+d say 6you+re doin# very "ell(6 'ut $y face "ould 'e s"eatin# and it stun# "hen he #ave $e "hat he called 6a >olt%6 /t odd ti$es( even "hen other !eo!le "ere around( $y father "ould say( 6Do you "ant a >olt46 I+d say( 6No(6 "hile I #i##led nervously( actin# li e it "as a #a$e 'ut it "asn+t% Often after one of these >oltin# e1!eriences( I felt so slee!y and $y $o$ "ould say( 63hat+s "ron# "ith you4 /re you sic 46 6I dunno(6 I+d say( 'ecause I didn+t no" anythin#% To no" "as to + no"(+ and to + no"+ "as very 'ad and you #ot very hurt% 2o certain !ersonalities "ithin $e too the !ain and torture after "hich I "ould 'e s"itched 'ac to 2usie "ho had no no"led#e of any of it% There "ere ni#hts $y father "ould "a e $e out of slee! and devise "ays to s!in $e until I "as totally disoriented( after "hich he too $e to loo at $yself in front of a $irror and called $e 'y another na$e other than $y o"n( 62andy( that is you in the $irror( and 2andy is $y friend% 2he is #oin# to hel! us% 2he is a friend of 2usie+s( 'ut 2usie doesn+t no" 2andy e1ists% 2usie doesn+t even need to thin a'out you( 2andy%6 /nd these "ere so$e of the tactics used to shatter and then create alternate identities "ithin $e fro$ a very early a#e% In hy!notic trance I "as told( 6The 'alloons "ill ta e you a"ay( ta e you to the roo$s "ith the $any !ersonalities( 'ut as you loo at each one( you no" that they are you% They are all you% ,ut only one at a ti$e% One roo$ and one !erson at a ti$e%6 Other ni#hts( I "as a"a ened fro$ slee! and se1ually a'used to create the dissociative 'arrier and to create $ore !ersonalities or attitudes% I "as told( 6No" loo into the first roo$% There+s Darla% Isn+t she cute and !retty( and she is al"ays ha!!y%

80 Darla+s dedicated to the stars% 2he al"ays no"s >ust "hat to say and do to $a e others feel #ood( to $a e the$ ha!!y% No" loo into the second roo$% There+s 2andy% 2he+s the dancer% 2he can dance very "ell and she is a'le to 'end in all different directions %%% to everyone+s a$aEe$ent% 2he+s not at all e$'arrassed to ta e off her clothes in front of !eo!le% 2he li es that( it $a es her feel #ood% ,ut she can only do that "hen the ti$e is ri#ht%6 My father also !laced stars on $y ceilin# that lit u! at ni#ht to re$ind $e of the !ro#ra$$in#% Over the years $y controllers created !ro#ra$$in# for every sin#le thin# they could drea$ u!% /nd they !ro#ra$$ed in an#el !ersonalities intended to handle the !ain "hen I could not% ,ut their s!iritual short-sidedness left the$ in the dar "hen I transcended their created an#elic !ersonalities( and left $y 'ody escorted 'y real /n#els% I o"e $y life to *od and those 'eautiful lovin# ,ein#s "ho e!t $y soul and $y love intact as they continually interceded for the little #irl they "itnessed tortured unceasin#ly% Military ,ase &ro#ra$$in# Dic Hof "as a $arine in the reserves% He and his fa$ily $oved in ne1t door "hen I "as around three years old% He told $e he didn+t( no" e1actly ho" to treat little #irls 'ecause he only had 'oys% On certain "ee ends he "ore his unifor$ and too $e to $ilitary 'ases "here the $en "ore tan unifor$s% They saluted hi$ "hen he "as around and he acted very nor$al until "e "ere out of the other $en+s si#ht% He too $e into to!secret !laces "here he sho"ed so$e sort of !ass to #ain entrance% Once "e "ere in the secret !lace he !ut $e into an e$!ty( cold( ce$ent roo$ and restrained $e to a $etal e1a$ination ta'le% There "ere 'ri#ht li#hts overhead and the $en that >oined hi$ !ut 'ands around $y "rists( an les( and forehead( then turned out the li#hts and left "hile they shoc ed $e real 'ad% They had a screen I had to "atch and $essa#es I listened to i$$ediately after I #ot shoc ed% 2o$eti$es Dic carried a 'riefcase that had so$e of $y favorite dolls and toys inside( li e $y dolly "ith the red hair and frec les and $y soc $on ey% 3hen they hurt $e they often !retended to hurt $y dolls and toys( too( and told $e that $y dolly friends "ould ee! re$indin# $e every day a'out "hat ha!!ens( 6if you don+t o'ey and follo" the rules -- then you #et Ea!!ed(6 and they "ould shoc $e a#ain% Dic also threatened $e "ith his #un and said that all the $en had the$( and if I 6ste!!ed out of line6 it "ould 'e over for $e( so I+d 'etter listen u! and o'ey the rules% The doctors !layed tric s on $e "hile I "as dru##ed% They !layed day and ti$e tric s tryin# to $ess $e u!% They told $e over and over that so$eone other than the !erson "ho really 'rou#ht $e there did% Most of the ti$e I ne" it "as Dic Hof% They told $e this astronaut 'rou#ht $e and a $an in an astronaut suit "ould "al in and say( 6I a$ the adult "ho 'rou#ht you here%6 I+d say( 6No you+re not( $y nei#h'or did%6 2o they "ould in>ect $e "ith $ore dru#s and ee! ha$$erin# ver'ally at $e over and over until I+d 'rea and a#ree "holeheartedly "ith the$% ,ut inside I had to re$e$'er to ee! the truth hidden in a !art of $e( so I+d not lose control of reality and 'elieve their lies% 2o$eti$es I felt li e I shattered and "ent over the ed#e and couldn+t really tell "hat "as ha!!enin#% /t those

+= $o$ents I+d !ray to *od that another !art of $e "as re$e$'erin# "hat "as really ha!!enin# 'ecause I couldn+t $aintain $yself any lon#er% /fter they "ere throu#h "ith $e I "as so $essed u! that I needed their hel! #ettin# off the ta'le and then to "al ( and the ne1t "ee I+d have to stay ho$e fro$ school 'ecause I "as thro"in# u! and very sic % My $o$ said I >ust had 6the flu%6 /ll this torture and $ind $ani!ulation e!t $y inner and outer "orlds far a!art% There "as a ca'inet "ay u! hi#h in our itchen and Dic Hof told $e that I could 'e li e a $on ey and cli$' u! there to #et the little "hite candy !ills that "ould $a e $e feel 'etter( 'ut I couldn+t tell $y $o$$y 'ecause he said she "asn+t really $y $o$$y 'ecause she "as 'orn of lo"er class and he said I "as u!!er class( li e $y father% He said $y $o$ didn+t no" enou#h to hel! $e( so if I hurt I could cli$' u! and #et the !ills and eat the$ and feel 'etter% There "as another $ilitary 'ase I "as ta en to "hen I "as a'out five% / doctor in a "hite la' coat e1a$ined $e there% He )uestioned $e a lot in order to chec all $y 6syste$s%6 /s you can see( this a'use "as very intentional and very !re$editated( "ith lon#-ran#e !lans and #oals% The Net"or of /'use 3idens The trau$a "as u'i)uitous and involved all the !eo!le "ho "ere close to $e( and others "ho "ere stran#ers% Threats of conse)uences if I re$e$'ered or told( $ade durin# ti$es of e1tre$e trau$a( "ere 'uried dee! in $y su'conscious $ind and dictated $y actions daily% Hu#e a$ounts of $y o"n su'conscious vital ener#ies "ere used to ee! $y !ersonalities in control and to ee! secret the activities in "hich I "as involved% ,y the a#e of four( I "as ta en to $y father+s friend( /ndy the !olice$an( "here I "as instructed to !erfor$ oral se1 on /ndy( in e1chan#e for a courtesy card $y father !roudly carried in his "allet that !ardoned hi$ fro$ any violation he $i#ht ac)uire( should he ever 'e sto!!ed 'y a !olice officer% /t a very youn# a#e( I "as su'consciously a"are that everyone "as in on these activities and that !olice$en "ouldn+t even !rotect $e( 'ut that no"led#e "as e!t fro$ $y conscious a"areness 'ecause I 'elieved the reality( as $y !ro#ra$$in# co$$anded( that I had a !erfect life% 3hen I "as less than five years old( $y father too $e to Lon# ,each for "hat $y $other "as told "as a visit to $y father+s /unt Maude% 3e did #o to visit /unt Maude( 'ut really "e "ere there to $eet "ith 7ncle Charlie% 7ncle Charlie "as very distin#uished loo in# and "ore very for$al clothes( even thou#h this "as >ust a fa$ily #atherin#% /t this youn# a#e( althou#h I sensed this "as a very i$!ortant event( I had no "ay of no"in# ho" !ivotal this $eetin# "ould factor into the desi#n of $y life% In a co$!lete ni#ht$arish horror( I "atched as $y #ro"n father loo ed retarded and 'eca$e very childli e "hen this relative( Charles Lilley Horn( s!o e to hi$% /nd "hen the tal turned to su'>ects I could not fatho$( and 7ncle Charlie held out a !a!er for $y father to si#n( I !ulled on $y father+s hand and 'e##ed hi$( 6Daddy( stay 'i#( this is really i$!ortant( !lease Daddy%6 ,ut due to $y father+s o"n early childhood a'use( he could not $aintain

+" his adult $ental state 'ecause he( too( had Multi!le &ersonality Disorder( "ith $any "ounded( fra#$ented( hurt children inside of hi$ "hose consciousness had also 'een !ro#ra$$ed for use 'y others% /nd so( "hen 7ncle Charlie as ed hi$ to si#n the !a!er( he reached out ro'otically( and "ithout thou#ht( si#ned it% 2o$eho" I ne" that this event "as a very i$!ortant $o$ent "hen I needed $y father to !ull hi$self to#ether to !rotect $e% ,ut he "as not a'le to( due to his o"n dysfunctional state of $ind% 7ncle Charlie further directed $y father "here to ta e $e for the early !ro#ra$$in# that involved $achines and told hi$ a'out the arran#e$ent "ith ,o' Ho!e and the connection to the #overn$ent% My father continued to loo retarded and >ust e!t ro'otically sha in# his head( noddin# in a#ree$ent( "hile Charlie told hi$ "hat to do% 2lave /uctions Elitists in the $ar et for $ind control slaves attend auctions that a!!ear at first li e children+s fashion sho"s and then !ro#ress to stri!tease acts% I $ade 6a!!earances6 in $any sho"s 'efore I "as actually s!onsored or sold% My father too $e to a slave 6$odel6 auction "here I "ore a fancy "hite taffeta and 'lac velvet !ol a-dot dress( a hat and $atchin# !urse that $y $other had 'ou#ht for $e at the e1!ensive 2tardusters clothin# store% ,o' Ho!e /t this !articular sho" "here ,o' Ho!e 'ou#ht $e( there "ere lots and lots of little #irls and 'oys co$!etin#% They said these children "ere "hat they called 6s!onsored6 if they "ere chosen% /nd they said it "as 'etter to 'e chosen early 'ecause then the s!onsors 8o"ners9 could $old you the "ay they "anted% There "as a $odelin# ra$! "here all of us children "ere dis!layed% I $odeled casual clothes( then so!histicated evenin# clothes( and then sensualCse1ual attire and( finally( a!!eared totally na ed% -irst I !erfor$ed 2"an La e ,allet in !in feathers for $y casual and "ore 'lac velvet for $y for$al and $y na ed !erfor$ance "as called 6the ti#er dance%6 I "on first !lace at this sho" and "as sold to ,o' Ho!e on the o!en $ar et% They !ut a "hite ca!e around $y na ed 'ody and ,o' ca$e u! and stood "ith $e "hile everyone in the audience cheered% 2o$eho" it see$ed li e a s!ort for so$e of these !eo!le to attend auctions% Then I "as seated a#ain ne1t to $y father% 3hen the "hole sho" "as over( an older $an dressed in a tu1edo ca$e and escorted $e to ,o' Ho!e "ho shoo $y hand and said( 6Hi ya( Honey% Do you no" "ho I a$46 6Yes( Mr% Ho!e%6 I ans"ered li e I had 'een instructed% 6I+$ #oin# to 'e your $an( 'ut "e+ll have to tal $ore a'out this later %%% "hen you+re a little older%6 He lau#hed% I s$iled at hi$ and said( 6Than you( Mr% Ho!e% My father "ill 'e very !roud%6 ,ut $y father never ca$e over to $eet ,o'% He stayed in his chair until the $an in the tu1 ushered $e 'ac to hi$% Throu#hout $y for$ative years( I "as $olded to 'e e1tre$ely se1ual throu#h the se1ual a'use "ith $y father and others% The !ersonalities that "ere created fro$ that a'use didn+t al"ays e1!erience the encounters as a'usive( 'ecause that is all they ne"% ,o' later told $y father throu#h an instilled $essa#e delivered throu#h $e durin# an

+/ incestual encounter "ith $y father( 6Daddy( ,o' says he "ants $e to really love se1 and have a lot of it% O ay46 62ure honey( "hatever you "ant% You+re the 'oss(6 $y father ans"ered fro$ his o"n s!lit consciousness% ,o' "as Catholic and so "as the !art of $e that !erfor$ed% 2he "as $y 6inner t"in sister6 for !ro#ra$$in# !ur!oses( to ee! that !art of $e se!arate fro$ $y created 6nor$al6 reality and her na$e "as 2haron% ,o' said he li ed Catholic #irls 'ecause they "ere easy and he li ed 6e$ li e that%6 ,o' "as al"ays racy until he #ot to actin# old around :;=<% I had a lifeti$e of ,o' Ho!e and his antics( and over the years( he lost his funny and ha!!y !ersona and 'eca$e >ust a $ean and nasty old $an% /nd then( he 'eca$e cruel to $e( there "asn+t anythin# fun left in hi$% He "as >ust real old and $ean% 7ncle Charlie Consciously un'e no"nst to $y !arents( I "as in contact "hen necessary "ith $y 67ncle Charlie%6 He escorted $e to $any affairs "hen I "as a child( even in Euro!e% Often they "ere arenas "here the $ind control elitists #athered to share their latest creations% /t these #atherin#s( I "al ed out on a ra$! on 7ncle Charlie+s ar$% I "as the 6latest in hu$an technolo#y(6 and all the 6uncles6 "ere there to dis!lay their 6"ares%6 It "as a fashion sho" of sorts for "hat they called 6children attendants%6 Men in the audience held little !lacards and they held u! certain nu$'ers for different thin#s% I thin they "ere li e >ud#es% I don+t thin they "anted to 'uy $e 'ecause so$eone else already had% 3hile I "as !resentin#( a $an announced I had already 'een sold to( 6%%%a very funny $an they say( called ,o' Ho!e% Do you no" hi$46 /nd everyone in the audience lau#hed% 3hen I as ed 7ncle Charlie "hy those !eo!le "ere there and "hat "e "ere doin# there( he said( 6This is a sho" for Cadillacs and you $y dear(6 he too a hold of $y chin( 6are $y Cadillac%6 6I a$4 3hat is that46 I as ed very enthusiastically( strai#htenin# $y 'lue satin dress and !ushin# on the s irt that e!t !o!!in# u! on the other side due to the hoo! around the 'otto$% 6/ car(6 he ans"ered% 3hen I e!t as in# )uestions he said that 'i# "ord others also used to descri'e $e( 6My( you are !recocious( aren+t you4 3ell it+s ti$e for you to run alon# no"(6 at "hich !oint another $an in a suit too $y hand and led $e a"ay% Later that day "hen "e "ere alone( 7ncle Charlie very secretly and "ith #reat i$!ort infor$ed $e that he "as $y real father and that $y dad "asn+t $y real father( 'ut had ado!ted $e for so$e very s!ecific !ur!oses% He said it "as $y destiny( 'ut I didn+t no" "hat that "ord $eant either( and didn+t as 'ecause I "as still !retty u!set a'out $y dad not really 'ein# $y dad% 7ncle Charlie said he had the $oney to ta e care of $e in the "ays I deserved and that $y father never "ould have the $oney to do "hat he "as #oin# to 'e a'le to do for $e% I didn+t understand "hat this all $eant then 'ut he $ade it sound #ood% 8-orty so$e years later throu#h $y constant search to !iece to#ether the actualities of $y life( I "ould discover that Charles L% Horn "as the o"ner of -ederal Cartrid#e Co$!any( "hich later funded Olin -oundation( "here he sat as &resident%9


3hen I as ed 7ncle Charlie "ho $y $other "as he >ust nodded )uic ly and said( 6You don+t have one( it doesn+t $atter%6 He see$ed 'usy li e I "as 'otherin# hi$ 'y interru!tin# his thou#hts or so$ethin#% I #uess he didn+t understand the needs of a child $y a#e% 2o I "ent ahead and $ade u! $y o"n i$a#inary $other% I created her to 'e sort of !lu$! and ha!!y and she $ade #reat a!!le !ies and coo ies and all sorts of candies that "e ate anyti$e "e "anted% 2he "as +the !erfect $other+ for 62haron%6 2o as I understood it fro$ the other side of $y !ersonality structure( Charles L% Horn "as 2haron+s -- $y inner t"in sister+s -- father% 7ncle Charlie said he "anted $e to call hi$ 7ncle Charlie instead of dad 'ecause he had 6%%% so$e very i$!ortant 'usiness contacts that >ust "ouldn+t understand if you called $e father( so call $e 7ncle Charlie%6 Often he introduced $e to !eo!le as his niece( 2haron 3eather'y% 2haron( the "ild !ersonality( is "ho ,o' Ho!e !urchased fro$ 7ncle Charlie and it "as 2haron "ho "as trained to 'e stunnin#( s$art( se1ual( co$forta'le "ith "ealth and elite fa$ily $e$'ers% 7ncle Charlie( "ho lived in Minnea!olis in the su$$ers and 2cottsdale in the "inters( said he loved $e 'ut couldn+t s!end a lot of ti$e "ith $e 'ecause of 'usiness( thou#h he "ould 'e a !o"erful !art of $y life% 7ncle Charlie !hysically introduced $e to Henry .issin#er one day in an o!en #rassy !ar -li e area "hen I "as very little% I shoo Henry+s hand and 7ncle Charlie e1!lained that Henry "as $y 67ncle Henry%6 2o I( as 2haron 3eather'y( 'e#an to have a "hole ne" fa$ily and it >ust e!t #ro"in# and #ro"in#( addin# 6uncles6 here and there and every"here% Henry .issin#er 3hen I "as little( "ith a short !i1ie haircut( Henry .issin#er "ould call $e on the !hone at ho$e% In those days( those !ersonalities "ho "ere created 'y and for hi$ thou#ht he "as funny% He set u! ti$es of connection 'y tellin# $e 'eforehand( 6$eet $e on the co$er at <5GG !%$%6 and that $eant to 'e standin# at the direct corner of the itchen ca'inet des at ho$e at <5GG !%$% to ans"er the !hone% 2o I+d stand there "hen it "as <5GG !%$% and "hen he called I+d !ic u! the !hone real fast li e he had instructed $e to do% Henry( "ho co$$unicated to $e as 62usan6 rather than 62haron(6 then said( 6Hello 2usan( ho" are you this evenin#4 I a$ >ust testin#%6 6Oh( hi(6 I said as I s$iled and t"isted $y short hair% 6You can han# u! no"( I "as >ust testin#%6 2o( I hun# u! and "ent off to !lay in $y roo$% Henry "as in contact "ith $e often% I thin he had studied lots of !sycholo#y so he ne" ho" to 'est control $e% He used !ositive !sycholo#ical $eans 'ecause he said he felt it "ould "or 'etter% My $o$ said( 63ho "ere you tal in# to46 2he had on her red Christ$as dress and her sli!!ers% Her hair "as still 'ro"n% I shru##ed and said( 6No one(6 'ecause due to the !ro#ra$$in# I "as already under( $y nor$al everyday conscious !ersonality didn+t house the !hone e1!erience "ith Henry .issin#er% I "asn+t lyin#( the event "as re#istered under a different !ersonality than the one that interfaced "ith $y $other% Henry could call anyti$e and +#et $e%+ 3hen I sa" hi$ in !erson he al"ays said ri#ht off( in a silly teasin# voice as he reached out

+# and tic led $e( 6I+$ #onna #et you%6 3hich s"itched $e to the !ersonality he "anted and in that "ay he accessed( or 6#ot $e%6 Henry set u! a #rou! of !ersonalities to 'e $y nei#h'or+s( 6?oe+s and Mary+s child%6 He told !eo!le it "as an e1!eri$ent he "as !erfor$in# to see if one !erson could 'e 'rou#ht u! in t"o "ays fro$ t"o different !ers!ectives to see ho" the !hysicalC#enetic influences really did "or since 'oth !ersonalities+ $indsets shared the sa$e !hysical 'ody and #enetic structure% It "as a controlled e1!eri$ent a'out the role environ$ent and 'ehavior versus #enetics !layed in IR% They "anted to see ho" stron# the $ind could 'e - if it "as the overridin# factor% They "ere tryin# to see if thin in# you "ere elite and 'ein# 'rou#ht u! elite "ould increase IR or if a co$$on child "ould have the sa$e IR if not sti$ulated as $uch% 2usan "as the co$$on e1!erience !art of the e1!eri$ent( the controlD and 2haron( the inner t"in !ersonality counter!art( "as the elite% More on this t"in !ro#ra$$in# in the ne1t cha!ter I "as instructed 'y Henry .issin#er to eat al!ha'et cereal on certain $ornin#s and do $ental e1ercises that he #ave $e% -or instance( I had to #et the al!ha'et sorted fro$ the 'o1 and all lined u! on the itchen ta'le% Then I had to !ut a !iece of cereal that "as sha!ed into an +a+ on $y ton#ue and then hold u! a $irror and loo at it in the $irror% I had to do AG of the al!ha'et 'ac "ards and AG of the al!ha'et for"ard "hile I "as loo in# in the $irror% It "as usually only AG 'ecause often so$e letters "ere $issin# fro$ the cereal 'o1( so Henry said to >ust do AG% I don+t no" "hy I had to !ut the$ on $y ton#ue and then stic $y ton#ue out "ith the letter on it and loo in the $irror( 'ut I did it >ust li e Henry said% My $other #ot $ad at $e 'ecause she said I should eat $y food not !lay "ith it( 'ut she didn+t understand $y need for trainin#% Henry said she "as uneducated and i#norant( and that he "as $a in# $e into a #enius% I didn+t no" "hat that $eant% Other ti$es( I had to focus $y eyes on a !in that "as stuc into the to! of a !encil eraser and follo" it 'ac and forth and u! and do"n% /nd I learned to cross one eye% leavin# $y left eye loo in# strai#ht ahead% /ll this "as done in !re!aration for $y later use as Henry+s +$ind file+% -urther Condition -ollo"in# instructions( $y $other too $e to 6$eetin#s6 at a church lady+s ho$e "ho lived 'ehind our church% The !ur!ose of these $eetin#s "as to instruct $y $other ho" to 6train $e%6 2he "as #iven instructions on for$s of !unish$ents and a'uses to #ive $e at ho$e if I didn+t do "hat "as 6!rescri'ed%6 Those !unish$ents included 'ein# loc ed in a dar closet for lon# !eriods of ti$e( havin# food "ithheld so$eti$es for a day or t"o( 'ein# sla!!ed across the face or 'urned 'y a ci#arette if I resisted any of the rules% Often I "as a'used in these "ays( as $y $other carried out her o"n !ro#ra$$ed instructions( in s!ite of $y 6#ood 'ehavior%6 I "as tau#ht to "rite 'ac "ards at the a#e of four 'ecause $y !ro#ra$$ers felt that I "ould 'e $ore intelli#ent if I "as forced to use 'oth sides of $y 'rain% In addition( I "as #iven s!ecial eye e1ercises to !erfor$ several ti$es a day% I 'e#an 'allet at five and endured years of 'allet trainin# fro$ a !erverted 'allet teacher na$ed Mada$e Ol#a% E!isodes of se1 rituals and trau$as "ere laced into our dance classes% /t ti$es the entire

+8 'allet class "as a'used out 'ehind her little dance school that "as located >ust off To!an#a Canyon ,oulevard in 3oodland Hills% My dentists( the &hilli!s 'rothers( had a dental office also located on To!an#a Canyon ,oulevard( around the corner fro$ $y 'allet school% /ctin# inde!endently of the church( 'ut 'ein# friends of $y father( they !artici!ated in $y 6!re!aration6 'y torturin# $e "ith shar! dental instru$ents 'y drillin# $y teeth and !o in# e1!osed nerves "ithout the use of Novocain% 3ho could have no"n then that( "hen I #re" u! and $arried( $y 6chosen6 hus'and "ould 'e first 6in line6 to !urchase these successful dental !ractices( "hich is >ust "hat ha!!ened% /fter I started inder#arten( $y $other infor$ed $e that a #rou! of !eo!le fro$ the -irst ,a!tist Church "ere #oin# to leave the church and for$ a ne" church called the -irst &res'yterian Church of 3oodland Hills% In the 'e#innin# days( the church $et at $y ele$entary school( "hile "e "aited for our ne" church to 'e 'uilt on &latt /venue% Our ne" $inister+s na$e "as Rev% /lden Mc.elvey( and nothin# see$ed to chan#e $uch( e1ce!t the $inister had a different na$e( "e had a 'i##er 'uildin#( and no" $ore !eo!le "ere involved% 2chool "as so$e"hat of a res!ite( 'ut even there I "as not al"ays free fro$ a'use% 2tartin# in first #rade( I "as ta en out of $y class at 3oodla e /venue Ele$entary 2chool 8located a $ile fro$ the church9( to attend +choir !ractice+ at the children+s choir director+s ho$e a 'loc fro$ school% Her na$e "as Mrs% Re'ecca Muir% /t her ho$e( in con>unction "ith !racticin# church son#s for !erfor$ances at 2unday church services( I "as trained to !erfor$ and !artici!ate in rituals and "as forced to !artici!ate in child !orno#ra!hy fil$s "hen a #rou! of $en entered her house and too over% 2nuff !orno#ra!hy "here little children or 'a'ies "ere illed "as also fil$ed at her house% Li e the other "o$en involved( Mrs% Muir( !u'licly( a $ee ( #entle "o$an( dutifully co$!lied "ith the direction of these $en% One day >ust after returnin# to school fro$ Mrs% Muir+s house( I "ent strai#ht to the !rinci!al+s office% Her na$e "as Mrs% 2tella *reer% -or so$e un no"n reason( the threats of death if I told "ere not consciously availa'le to ee! $e silenced and s"itched out of the !ersonality "ho had >ust "itnessed the !orno#ra!hy( and I told her everythin# I had 'een forced to do at choir !ractice% I had seen Mrs% *reer tal sternly to us ids at asse$'lies and >ust ne" that she "as a !erson of #reat !o"er "ho "ould 'e a'le to sto! the 'ad !eo!le fro$ hurtin# all of us children% ,ut( her res!onse "as enou#h to reinforce everythin# $y a'users had threatened over $y youn# years% I "ill never for#et it% Mrs% *reer+s face turned red "ith an#er as she "rathfully shoo her fin#er at $e( sternly "arnin# in no uncertain ter$s( 6Youn# lady( I don+t ever "ant to hear such filth out of your $outh a#ain% You sto! $a in# u! these horror stories and #et 'ac into your classroo$ "here you 'elon#06 /t that $o$ent( I realiEed that "hat $y a'users said "as true% No one "ould hel! $e% &eo!le "ould thin I "as craEy if I did tell( and I had 6no "here to run( and no "here to hide%6 I couldn+t survive "ithout the$ and there "as no one to hel!( >ust li e they said% I "as tra!!ed% 3hy this adult "o$an( $y school !rinci!al( "as una'le to lo#ically

++ )uestion ho" a child of $y youn# a#e could 'e !rivy to or !orno#ra!hic lan#ua#e( never see$ed to cross her $ind% no" such adult and

Our !ediatrician( Dr% Cusac ( located on Ventura ,oulevard in 3oodland Hills( !artici!ated 'y suturin# u! $y va#ina "hen it "as torn fro$ a'use( and cared for $e in other "ays "hen the a'use 'eca$e too !hysically o'vious% 3hen I re)uested $y childhood $edical records several years a#o( I "as told that Dr% Cusac had $oved out of the state and that all of his records had 'een destroyed% /t ho$e in the evenin#s( "hile $y $other "as !ic in# u! $y #rand$other fro$ "or at Loc heed in 2anta Monica( and in the $iddle of the ni#ht( $y father continued his o"n for$ of torturesD ra!in# $e( sodo$iEin# $e( fil$in# $e !orno#ra!hically "ith $y 'rother( su'$er#in# $e in the 'athtu' or s"i$$in# !ool until I "as nearly dead( torturin# $e e1tensively at his "eldin# sho! "ith the use of electroshoc delivered throu#h hot "eldin# e)ui!$ent inserted into $y va#ina( and leavin# $e outside all ni#ht alone durin# rain stor$s% He also e!t dead 'odies under our ho$e for his sic !erversions% He tortured and 6trained6 $e under the house lots of ni#hts 'efore dinner( and "ould loc $e into 'o1es and leave $e there for lon# !eriods of ti$e( often "ith 'ody !arts fro$ cadavers he e!t% One ni#ht he too $e to a #raveyard and forced $e to "atch as he du# u! a coffin( o!ened it( forced $e inside and re'uried it% I s!lit off $ore !ersonalities% One !ersonality s!lit "asn+t enou#h to handle this trau$a% One 2aturday $y father too $e and one of $y dolls out to the old refri#erator that "as in the corner of our #ara#e% Ruic ly( he shoved $e inside and clutchin# $y 'lond 'a'y doll( I 'e##ed( frantically clin#in# to $y father+s shirt( 6No Daddy0 &lease don+t%6 2la!!in# $y hands a"ay( $y father scolded( 6No"( sho" Daddy "hat a 'i# #irl you can 'e% If you try to #et out(6 he nelt do"n 'eside $e( 6Daddy "ill have to 'eat you%6 He sla$$ed the door shut and I could hear hi$ ta!in# it closed "ith the 'lac electrical ta!e he used on endless $echanical thin#s% 3hen I cried out fro$ inside the cold refri#erator( $y father an#rily !ounded on the door( yellin# for $e to shut u!% &etrified in the dar ( cra$!ed cu'icle( I listened for any sound that $i#ht indicate that $y father "as o!enin# the door to set $e free% O$inous silence !revailed% -eelin# un'eara'ly cold and una'le to ta e another 'reath( I e1!erienced the intervention of three ethereal 'ein#s( trans!arent yet s!ar ly( $isty-'lue colored an#els "ho suddenly $aterialiEed outside the refri#erator and a!!eared to reach throu#h the insulated $etal to infuse $e "ith life-sustainin# ener#y% In a transcendent state( it "as as if I "as held in sus!ended ani$ation as these an#els lent their life ener#y to $e% 2o$e ti$e later( "hen $y father ca$e to release $e( !ro'a'ly thin in# that( li e all the other ti$es he had ta en $e near death( I "ould e$er#e fra#$ented yet #rateful to hi$ for savin# $e( he chec ed the !ulse on $y nec ( and findin# none( he !anic ed% He carried $y li$! 'ody across the #ara#e and laid $e on his "or 'ench% 6No" I+ve done it( da$n it(6 I heard $y father say to hi$self fro$ $y out-of-'ody vanta#e !oint% 6I+ve #one too far and illed her( no" "hat a$ I #oin# to do46 Ruic ly he slid $y lifeless 'ody into a 'lac !lastic trash 'a#( tied it off( carried $e out the side door( and !laced $e in the cra"l s!ace 'eneath the house%


The rescuin# an#els rea!!eared and one tele!athically co$$unicated that it "asn+t ti$e for $e to leave $y fa$ily( that I needed to #et 'ac into $y 'ody and #o on u! for dinner% 7n'e no"nst to $y father( I still had a s!ar of life left in $e( and *od( no"in# His !lan for $y life "as not yet co$!lete( fanned that s!ar until I ca$e 'ac to life% 3hen I reunited "ith $y 'ody( it ached and I felt ni#ht$arishly sic 'ut cra"led out of the 'a#( "o''led out of the cra"l s!ace and "al ed in a dissociated state( 'ac into the house "here $y fa$ily sat eatin# dinner% My father loo ed u! at $e as if he had seen a #host and $y $other( una"are of any of the 6incidences6 of the day( s$iled and told $e to sit do"n to eat% The trau$a and torture "as endless( occurrin# nearly every day and ni#ht of $y childhood% The tortures "ere so nu$erous that it "ould re)uire a se!arate volu$e to chronicle all those I have re$e$'ered so far% Leavin# $y 'ody in order to +dissociate+ fro$ the !ain and continuin# to create se!arate !ersonalities( often alon#side !ersonalities $y a'users intentionally created for their o"n use( "as $y $ind+s "ay of ee!in# $e alive to function in the day-to-day "orld% I had t"o "orlds5 one secret "orld that I lived and ne" only "hen I "as tri##ered into itD and a second( +nor$al+ conscious "orld of day to day e1!eriences% These "orlds "ere e!t se!arate 'y the use of trau$a and !ro#ra$$in#% I "as $y father+s and other !eo!le+s !ro>ect for the future% /n invest$ent that !rovided hi$ access to hi#h-tech hy!notic infor$ation( financial security( and $ost !ro'a'ly i$$unity fro$ !rosecution for char#es involvin# !edo!hilia( child !rostitution( and child !orno#ra!hy% 6He shall #ive His /n#els char#e over thee( to ee! thee in all thy "ays% They shall 'ear thee u! in their hands( lest thou dash thy foot a#ainst a stone%6 -- &sal$s ;:5::-:A

+7 ,rice Taylor - Than s for the Me$ories Cha1ter Three: We3re O to See the W%4ard

Co$$on Mind Control The$es Hand si#nals are a co$$on $ode of control for victi$s of ritual a'use and $ind control% There "as a hand si#nal !ro#ra$ I "as tau#ht "hen I "as very little( that "as sun# to the son# -rere ?ac)ues( "ith the nursery rhy$e( 3here Is &ointer4 The co$$on son#C#a$e is !layed 'y sin#in#D 63here is &ointer4 3here is !ointer46 /nd then you !ut u! your !ointer fin#er and say( 6Here I a$( Here I a$% Ho" are you( today sir4 Very "ell( I than you %%%run a"ay( run a"ay%%%6 Then you !ut your hands 'ehind your 'ac % I "as tau#ht the version5 63here is silencer46 3ith a fin#er held u! to the li!s co$$andin# silence% 63here is in#!in46 3ith lar#e !in inside the $iddle fin#er( that I "as !o ed "ith >ust 'efore sin#in#( 6run a"ay( run a"ay%6 63here is little $an46 Holdin# u! a !in y fin#er "hile sin#in#( 6Little $an can+t run a"ay%6 63here is thu$' in46 Holdin# u! a thu$' and 'ein# thu$!ed on the head "hile sin#in#( 6You can+t run a"ay%6 3iEard of OE In con>unction "ith the trau$as at church and school( $y father reinforced $y !ro#ra$$in# "ith the use of fairy tales( a$on# the$ Disney the$es and The 3iEard of OE% I "atched the 3iEard of OE every year and at other ti$es $y !ro#ra$$ers laced in other !ro#ra$s and hy!notic co$$ands in a creative "ay that allo"ed the $ovie the$es to ee! $e under control% /lthou#h I could not consciously re$e$'er "hat I "as !ro#ra$$ed to for#et( this use of fantasy( used in an effort to ee! a$nestic and to scra$'le "hat I had actually !artici!ated in( "as very effective %%%al$ost fool!roof% 2o$eti$es in the $iddle of the ni#ht( after havin# "atched the 3iEard of OE( $y father "ould trau$atiEe $e in order to cause $e to dissociate( "hich created the !erfect trance state for !ro#ra$$in#% In this altered state( he "ould tell $e that 6over the rain'o"6 "as a 'rid#e to the 6other6 "orld( and that I could "al over the rain'o" 'rid#e into the other "orld and it "ould re$ain se!arate fro$ $y everyday "orld% He told $e that "hat ha!!ened over the rain'o" "ould feel unreal( li e a drea$% /fter encounters that I "as su!!osed to for#et( I "as conditioned to the "ord 6ho$e%6 It 'e#an "ith 6There+s no !lace li e ho$e6 'ein# associated "ith 'ein# 'ac in $y 'ed( slee!in#( after a ni#ht of 'ein# used in child !orno#ra!hy or !rostitution% Later $y $other( father( or others "ould say these "ords after $y use in 3ashin#ton( D%C% in the 3hite House or other !laces I "as sent under !ro#ra$% -or years these "ords functioned as a "ay to reorient $e 'ac into $y everyday "orld( "ithout carryin# 'ac "ith $e the reality of "hat had ha!!ened% I "as instructed to( 6slee! and "a e u! at ho$e in $y 'ed "ith the Land of OE so very far a"ay% That !lace that felt li e a

+0 fairy tale %%%that I $ust have $ade u! %%%"as only a drea$ %%%"as no" very far a"ay%6 I "as no" on the other side of the rain'o" and "as conditioned to 'elieve that those e1!eriences never really ha!!ened( that they "ere only a drea$% Later in $y teen years all it too "as for $y $other or father to say( 6Honey( you can slee! all the "ay ho$e(6 and I "as conditioned li e &avlov+s do#s to res!ond to the "ord 6ho$e6 "ith total and co$!lete a$nesia of "hat had >ust ha!!ened to $e% If $y su'conscious $ind threatened to divul#e the secrets( $y father !ro#ra$$ed $e to 6"a e and eat chocolate chi! coo ies to re$e$'er to for#et%6 /nd for years( the ne1t IG years( as this !o"erful !ro#ra$$in# co$$anded( I a"o e out of a sound slee! if $e$ory of this secret "orld see!ed u! as I entered first theta and then delta 'rain "ave slee! !atterns% -ollo"in# !ro#ra$( I ro'otically "al ed into the itchen to eat chocolate chi! coo ies in order to 6re-$ind6 $yself% /nother OE the$e that "as used to !ro#ra$ $e "as the son#( 6If I Only Had / ,rain%6 Durin# a !ro#ra$$in# session( a $an "his!ered in $y ear( tellin# $e( 6It+s safer not to have a 'rain( it+s easier not to have a 'rainD all you have to do to stay on trac is to follo" the yello" 'ric road% Then you "on+t 'e scared li e the co"ardly lion and you can ee! your heart "hich you "ill need to #et you do"n the yello" 'ric road to the land of #litter and #old( #litter and #old( #litter and #old% -ollo" the yello" 'ric road to so$e"here over the rain'o" "ay u! hi#h%6 In $y trance state( this verse "ent dee!ly into $y su'conscious $ind and "as an evervi#ilant internal reference to re$ind $e to for#et( and could 'e enforced 'y any of $y controllers "hen the need arose to ee! $e fro$ unloc in# re!ressed $e$ory% /lice in 3onderland "as used as a the$e to !ro#ra$ in +ti$e a"areness%+ My !ro#ra$$ers said( 62ee the ra''it "ho says( +"atch the "atch( "atch the "atch(+ and feel your eyes #ro" slee!y and tired so you can no lon#er "atch the "atch 'ut you no" it is al"ays there tic in# a"ay( ee!in# !erfect ti$e% It no"s "hat ti$e it is so you "on+t ever have to "orry a'out "hat ti$e it is for the "atch "ill ee! !erfect ti$e% /nd no" at the count of three I "ant you to "a e u! %%%:( A( H%%%6 he sna!!ed his fin#ers( 6and a"a e% *ood #irl06 There "ere other !ro#ra$s 'ased on fairy tales and Disney the$es% Other survivors around the "orld have also re!orted $any of these sa$e co$$on the$es% Disneyland 3hen I "as five years old $y $other and father too $e to the ne"ly-o!ened Disneyland in /nahei$( California% /s "e "al ed do"n Main 2treet( "e ran into 3alt Disney and $y father stood aside as 3alt Disney( lar#er than life to $e( 'ent do"n and shoo $y hand% He told $e that if I "ould "rite to hi$ he "ould "rite 'ac to $e% I didn+t consciously re$e$'er anythin# else after that% 3hat ha!!ened ne1t( thou#h( as I later recalled( "as that 3alt Disney loo ed at $y father "ith eyes that said i$!ortant thin#s I couldn+t understand% My father then led $y $other in the other direction and I "as left alone "ith 3alt Disney% My !arents never said #ood'ye or anythin#( they >ust left $e and "al ed a"ay% I "as terrified and confused at realiEin# that $y !arents >ust disa!!eared% 3alt too $e to an office( lifted $e u! on a 'i# des that had a #lass !iece on to! and told

1= $e that he "as $y real father% He said the Mic ey Mouse Clu' "as $y real fa$ily--"here I really 'elon#ed% Everyone "as al"ays tellin# $e I 'elon#ed to a different fa$ily than $y !arents and I didn+t understand( it "as all very confusin#% 3alt Disney see$ed nice 'ut I "asn+t "ith hi$ very lon#% He called another $an in and that $an too $e 'y the hand and led $e a"ay% This $an "as a very 'ad $an and he really scared $e% He too $e into another roo$ and #ave $e those vie"$aster 'o1 #lasses to loo into% He sho"ed $e !ictures in the$ that "ere so scary that other !arts of $e had to co$e to see the$% It "as too $uch for a little #irl to see% Dead thin#s--cut u! 'odies( dead cats s inned "ith 'i# eye'alls and their tails cut off( !eo!le cut u!( etc% 3e had that toy at ho$e 'ut $ine had cartoon !ictures in it% This event involved several of $y !ersonalities% Ne1t( the $an too $e to scary rides and !o ed $e "ith needles in $y "aist and le#s "hile he said thin#s durin# the /lice in 3onderland ride( li e( 6This is not really ha!!enin#% I a$ not really stic in# this needle in your le#% You are >ust li e /lice% You also ate the lar#e $ushroo$ and feel funny--this is not real%6 He e!t lau#hin# and actin# li e all this "as fun and #a$es and really a$usin#( 'ut it "as terrifyin# and confusin# to $e( and I couldn+t understand "hy he "as hurtin# $e% &arts of $e s!lit off as they "ithstood the a'use and I !ushed the e1!eriences dee! into $y su'conscious $ind as $y !ro#ra$$in# dictated% Then the $an too $e to Mr% Toad+s 3ild Ride and se1ually a'used $e 'y ta in# off $y !anties and !ushin# $e u! and do"n on to! of his !enis "hile "e "ere #oin# throu#h the dar ( enclosed ride% Durin# $any years that follo"ed( I #ot hurt on Mr% Toad+s ride% I "as instructed to 'e e1tra se1y and "ild and craEy in order to 'e 6#ood6 and not #et hurt% If I did it ri#ht and !erfor$ed on cue( then I didn+t #et hurt "hen it "as over% 3hen "e ca$e out into the li#ht fro$ the dar ened ride( it "as over and if I did it ri#ht I could sto! and #o 'ac to $y Mo$$y% If I did it "ron#( I had to do it all over a#ain until I did it ri#ht% They al"ays hurt $e real 'ad if I $ade a $ista e% I tried $y 'est% It see$ed li e I had to stay at Disneyland for a lon# ti$e( 'ut at the end of the lon# day( I #ot to have a !retty 'alloon that I loo ed at as I laid in the 'ac seat of the car all the "ay ho$e% I "as devastated( e1hausted and out of it durin# the ride 'ac to 3oodland Hills( 'ut loo ed u! at the !retty Mic ey Mouse ears 'alloon or the Mic ey Mouse 'alloon "ithin a 'alloon( 'efore I finally fell into a lon# dee! slee!% 3e "ent to Disneyland yearly( often for 'irthday cele'rations% On another visit( a suited $an escorted $e to the front of the 2no" 3hite ride% /s he #uided $e on 'oard the 'oat( he flashed a 'ad#e to the attendant and e1!lained that he had s!ecial !er$ission to ta e this s!ecial #uest on the ride% 3e entered a 'oat and rode throu#h the canals "hile he refrained the fairy tale the$es% /s "e !assed the$ 'y( he stuc needles in $y thi#hs at different ti$es after he finished a line a'out a story% /ll the classic fairy tales drifted in front of us--the Three &i#s and the ,i# ,ad 3olf% He told $e that the 'i# 'ad "olf could al"ays find $e and #et $e( even if I "as in the "ell-'uilt 'ric house( and that the "olf could huff and !uff and 'lo" $y house do"n% He told $e $y !arents couldn+t !rotect $e fro$ the "olf either 'ecause he "as 'i# and 'ad and "ild% I can still hear the ,i# ,ad 3olf son# !layin#% The $an e!t !o in# $e "ith the needle and it hurt% I e!t "atchin# his hand "ith the needle tryin# to antici!ate the !ain and he e!t tellin# $e the scary stories% I didn+t no" "hat to do and couldn+t #et a"ay 'ecause "e "ere in a 'oat and I couldn+t

1" #et off% Then he al$ost cho ed $e to death in the front of the 'oat 'ut e!t tal in# and tellin# $e the fairy tales( as if nothin# had ever ha!!ened% I "as terrified% Later on( in the dar of the ni#ht a $an in a suit too $e on the Matterhorn and sto!!ed the rollercoaster ride at the "aterfall "here he told $e everythin# that ha!!ened "as "ashed a"ay and #one forever% He $ade $e #et off the ride and stand on the roc s hi#h u! inside the Matterhorn all alone in the dar that ni#ht% I "as really tired% He said they "ere leavin# $e there alone 'ecause I didn+t do it ri#ht and I didn+t listen "ell% I "as terrified in the dar ( "et( roc y area that "as "hooshin# "ith the sound of the "ind and cars fro$ the ride s!eedin# 'y% ,ut it #ot even scarier "hen the area fell silent% Cold and tired( I "as left totally alone for "hat see$ed to $y child self li e forever% 3hen the $an finally ca$e to #et $e( he as ed if I "as ready to 'e #ood% Then he said a lot of "ords "hile he carried $e to $y !arents% Handin# $e( all li$! and "et( over to $y $other( he said( 62he+s aslee!%6 My $other "as cryin#( $y father "as s$ilin# and the $an in the suit said( 6It+s 'een done( she+s no" ready for the ne1t level%6 My father carried $e out of Disneyland 'ut sto!!ed to 'uy $e a Mic ey Mouse 'alloon to loo at( to( as he said( 6re$e$'er the #ood ti$e you had%6 Disneyland "as never really funD there "as al"ays !ain and torture% /nother ni#ht at Disneyland I cli$'ed the ste!s to the 2"iss -a$ily Ro'inson Tree House% Once inside one of the roo$s a $an #ra''ed $e( sla!!ed $y face really hard and flashed a 'ri#ht li#ht in $y eyes% He said( 6Your $other is not your real $other( your father is not your real father% You are $ade of $uch #reater thin#s( so #reat in fact that 3alt Disney "ould clai$ you for his o"n% 2o re$e$'er "hat I+ve said a'out "ho your real !arents are%6 3hen he "as finished "ith $e I cli$'ed do"n fro$ the treehouse( so''in# hysterically "ith each and every ste!% My $other "as "aitin# for $e at the 'otto$ and too $e over to the -ritos snac stand to try to #et $e cal$ed do"n% It+s / 2$all 3orld ride "as !ur!osefully used to create the reality in $y $ind that I "as really >ust on a ride at Disneyland "hen later I "as ta en to forei#n countries for use% The !ro#ra$$in# that 'losso$ed u! into $y conscious $ind after such travel "as that I "as $erely at Disneyland% One day $y father acco$!anied $e into the international !hone dis!lay% I !ic ed u! $any of the colored !hones and listened to the different lan#ua#es and $y $o$ stood close 'y "hile $y father a!!eared to "al a"ay% ,ut $y father really hid 'ehind the !hone dis!lay and tal ed li e he "as sendin# a $essa#e throu#h the !hone% Initially( I thou#ht it "as so$eone else tal in# to $e throu#h the !hone( so$eone "ho $ysteriously ne" $y na$e% 3hen I cau#ht on that it "as $y father( I ne" 'etter than to let on and continued "ith the charade% 2oon a $an in a Disney unifor$ ca$e and lin ed ar$ in ar$ "ith $e li e the characters do in the 3iEard of OE( and escorted $e over to the $ain head)uarters near the do# ennels% On another tri!( I "as ta en on the ?un#le'oat ride at Disneyland at ni#ht% It "as very dar and I noticed that no one "as in line as $y !arents #uided $e throu#h the area "here !eo!le nor$ally "aited to enter the ride% 3e "ere all alone and I "as terrified( antici!atin# "hat "as to occur ne1t% I had learned early on( and ne" at a very dee! su'conscious level that $y !arents "ere of no !rotection to $eD instead they "ere often

1/ the very ones that delivered $e to very terrifyin# !eo!le( e1!eriences and !laces% This ni#ht "as no different% I "as ta en to the very 'ac of the 'oat and a $an in a dar suit e$er#ed( and said( 6I "ill ta e it fro$ here(6 at "hich !oint $y father too $y $other 'y the el'o" and escorted her ro'otically a"ay% I "as afraid% 6Laura(6 the $an called out% Laura "as $y school !ersonality "ho "as !ro#ra$$ed to 'e coo!erative and hel!ful% He said( 6Laura( I need your hel! so that thin#s run very s$oothly toni#ht%6 6Yes( sir%6 I re!lied( no" s"itched to Laura% 6I "ant you to turn around < ti$es and I "ill 'e tyin# a ro!e around your "aist so "e don+t lose you here toni#ht%6 I couldn+t i$a#ine ho" I "as a'out to #et lost on this 'i# 'oat( 'ut I co$!lied as he tied the ro!e around $y "aist and as co$$anded( I 'e#an turnin# as he counted( 6One( t"o( 'uc le $y shoe( no( three( four( shut the door% The door to your $ind( that is( five( si1( !ic u! stic s( and %%%seven "ill do the tric %6 I didn+t no" "hat the tric "as 'ut I "as soon to find out% 6Here( no" you >ust sit do"n ri#ht here(6 as he !ointed to a !lace at the 'ac of the 'oat( "hile he held onto $e "ith the ro!e li e I "as a do# on a leash% ,efore I ne" e1actly "hat "as ha!!enin# he lifted $e u! and !lun#ed $e into that cold( dar "ater% /s I hit the "ater( I "as sure that the alli#ators that I+d seen earlier that day on the ?un#le Cruise "ere #oin# to #et $e and eat $e alive in the dar % The 'oat "as #oin# and I "as 'ein# dra##ed 'ehind it% I held onto the ro!e so that I could stay facin# for"ard% Re$indin# $e of the 3iEard of OE !ro#ra$$in# the$e( the $an yelled( 6Lions and ti#ers and 'ears( oh $y%6 Then !ointin# into the dar "ater near $e( he ta!!ed into the &eter &an the$e I "as also !ro#ra$$ed "ith as he an1iously "arned( 6I 'elieve there+s an alli#ator there on your left( no I $ean on your ri#ht( ri#ht there 'ehind you( he+s s"i$$in# ri#ht u! 'ehind you on your other left%6 I "as frantically !anic edD and in an atte$!t to $a e it all #o a"ay I s)ueeEed $y eyes as ti#htly shut as I could( and held onto the ro!e for dear life% 6You+re a very stron# little #irl(6 he called out( 6>ust li e your father told $e you "ere% You no"( the survival of the fittest%6 Then he 'e#an to reel $e 'ac in and lifted $e u! 'y the ro!e as I cli$'ed over the railin# to #et 'ac on the 'oat% 6You !assed that test "ith flyin# colors0 Your father said that this test "ould 'e easy for you%6 I felt nu$' and $y teeth "ere chatterin# fro$ the cold% My dress "as all "et and so "ere $y shoes and soc s and !anties% I "as freeEin#% My father al"ays did tal to $e a'out the +survival of the fittest+ and ho" I "ould 'e stron#% 6You could fly li e Tin er'ell does( across the s y at ni#ht attached to this ro!e li e you are% 2hould I leave it on so that you can fly "ith Tin er'ell toni#ht( hi#h u! in the s y46 6No( sir(6 I re!lied loo in# do"n at the ro!e and shiverin#% He lau#hed real loudly% 6You no" that you fly "ith her every ti$e you see her flyD you fly hi#h( hi#h a"ay fro$ all the thin#s you thin you re$e$'er here( 'ut none of those thin#s really ha!!enD they are all >ust fi#$ents of your i$a#ination% Do you no" "hat fi#$ents are46 I shoo $y head no% 6-i#$ents are fruit that you eat% /nd you have en>oyed all the rides here toni#ht and had a lot of fun and no" it is al$ost ti$e for you to #o ho$e% You no"( li e Mic ey says in the son#( 6No" it+s ti$e to say #ood-'ye to all our co$!any( M% :% C% .% E% Y% M% O% 7% 2%

13 E%D you no" the son# on TV( the one that you hear "hen you "atch the Mic ey Mouse Clu'4 6Yes(6 I said( no" in total hy!notic( ro'otical !ro#ra$% 63hen you see Tin er'ell and all the 'eautiful fire"or s here toni#ht( you "ill re$e$'er the #ood and only the #ood thin#s that ha!!ened here today and toni#ht% /ll the #ood "ill float u! into your conscious $ind >ust li e Tin er'ell flies hi#h in the s y( so "ill all the #ood thin#s Mthat ha!!enedN fly hi#h u! into your conscious $ind% You have had the 'est day here at Disneyland and "ant to return as soon as you can for $ore fun%6 In a co$!lete hysterical !anic( $y $other rushed u! and thre" her ar$s around $e as if she "as rescuin# $e% 2he thre" so$e sort of dar cloth over $e( and she and $y father too $e off the 'oat% 2he too $e into a 'athroo$ to chan#e clothes near the ?un#le'oat ride% My $other ushered $e into a stall and 'e#an chan#in# $y clothes "ithout closin# the door 'ehind us% I "as e$'arrassed% / lady ca$e into the restroo$ and $y $o$ said to her( 6My dau#hter fell into the "ater and "e are chan#in# her clothes%6 No "onder it has 'een difficult( at ti$es( for $e to trust $y o"n a"areness( even as an adult% One ni#ht( $y !ro#ra$$ers decided I "as to actually re!lace the real Tin er'ell in fli#ht over the !ar at ni#ht in the dar % The $en in !ar unifor$s "al ed u! 'ehind the real Tin er'ell "ho "as actually an older lady and this ni#ht she "as in costu$e( ready to fly% The $en told her to ste! aside( that I "as #oin# to fly that ni#ht% I didn+t no" "here $y $o$ and dad "ent and I "as cold and scared% The "o$an "as very an#ry% 2he "anted to do her >o' and yelled at the $en 'ut they told her >ust to rela1( that she "ould still #et !aid and that no one "ould have to no" she didn+t fly and she could #o ho$e early and still collect her !aychec % 2till an#ry she left and the $en dressed $e in a "hite Tin er'ell costu$e and stra!!ed $e into the fli#ht harness% /fter I "as secured( a $an as ed $e if I "as ready% He sho"ed $e "here to hold onto the front stra!s so I "ouldn+t #et $y hands or ar$s ri!!ed off "hile I "as flyin# hi#h a'ove the Ma#ic .in#do$% The "hole e1!erience "as terrifyin#% They $ust have #iven $e a dru# 'ecause everythin# a!!eared to 'e in lots of !ictures li e a ca$era "ith a "hole circle of lenses of the sa$e !icture( li e a aleidosco!e% /s I fle"( I felt afraid that I "ould fall out and s!lat 'elo" on everyone( 'ut after a little "hile I 'eca$e nu$'% I could no lon#er thin or feel% I $ust have fainted 'ecause "hen I #ot to the other end of the s y ride( a fe" $en re$oved the harness and tried to #et $e to co$e to% One $an sla!!ed $e 'ut that didn+t even "a e $e u!( then so$eone else !ut s$ellin# salts under $y nose and I "o e u!% I don+t re$e$'er $uch else e1ce!t I couldn+t "al very "ell and had to 'e carried out of Disneyland% That ni#ht there "ere no sto!s on Main 2treet to #et toys or a 'alloon or candy% I felt sic and laid in the 'ac of our old ,uic until "e #ot ho$e% My 'rothers didn+t #o "ith us( it "as >ust $y $o$ and dad and $e% My father said I "as the +star+ of the fa$ily% I didn+t li e 'ein# the star if that+s ho" it "as( 'ut he see$ed very e1cited a'out it% T"in 2ister &ro#ra$$in# My nei#h'ors( $y 6second $other6 Mary and her dau#hter &e##y( too $e to a Holly"ood theatre to "atch The &arent Tra!( a :;L: Disney Movie starrin# Hayley Mills% The the$e of this $ovie hel!ed to sha!e the reality of $y inner 6t"in sister(6 2haron% I "as

1# 2usan and $y t"in sister "as 2haron% This 2haron !ersonality "as created in an atte$!t to further s!lit $y $ind and "as anchored "ithin $y !ersonality structure in order to house a vast reservoir of e1!eriences "ith the elite% 2haron "as to identify herself "ith 6hi#h society%6 No" of course( $y inner t"in sister 2haron also had to have !ro#ra$$in# e1!eriences at Disneyland% To acco$!lish that our nei#h'or Mary too $e to Disneyland "ith her dau#hter &e##y( "ho "as $y a#e% /t one !oint "e visited the 'eautiful Ma#ic Castle that is located in the $iddle of the Ma#ic .in#do$% /s I "al ed throu#h the Castle( e1!lorin# the area( I rounded a corner and as I ste!!ed into a dar ened area( a $an in a 'lac ca!e that had 'een hidin# in a dar corner of the castle ste!!ed for"ard and #ra''ed $e% He !ut his hand over $y $outh so I "ouldn+t screa$ and he el'o"ed $e in the sto$ach 'efore he ra!ed $e% Then he too $e in the direction of the do# ennels in the front of Disneyland "here other 'ad thin#s ha!!ened% Every year( 2haron had to "atch the 6&resident 2ho" "ith Lincoln6 that !layed in a theatre on Main 2treet and in order to ee! her secret e1!eriences hidden fro$ her conscious $ind( this t"in sister !art of $e also had to 'e e1!osed to $any of the sa$e inds of trau$a% 2haron "as created to 'e Catholic( and Mary and &e##y often too $e "ith the$ to Catholic $ass% 8They didn+t no" a'out $y connection to Henry .issin#er%9 I "as tau#ht a'out Holy 3ater and #enuflectin# and the 2tations of the Cross and Confession and Hail Marys and sayin# the Rosary% &e##y let $e 'orro" her rosary 'eads that had a little 'lue ena$el !icture of the ,lessed Mary on it% I learned to say( 6Hail Mary full of #race the Lord is "ith thee(6 over and over a#ain for each 'ead% 3e al"ays had to "ear a hat or a scarf% They had a lot of rules you had to follo"% Had to #et that Holy 3ater and da' it on yourself at your 2tations of the CrossD forehead( heart then each shoulder( 'efore you #enuflected u!on enterin# the !e"s% Then "e nelt do"n and said the Rosary for a very lon# ti$e% 3ith $y childli e consciousness( I thou#ht it "as a du$' thin# to do and e!t as in# everyone "hy "e had to say that and "hat it "ould do( 'ut all everyone ever said "as that I as ed too $any )uestions% Durin# the $any ti$es I attended $ass "ith Mary and &e##y( I silently !rayed to the statue of the ,lessed Vir#in and as ed her to hel! $e( althou#h I "as una'le to 6thin 6 a'out "hy I needed hel!% 2haron "as a 6child of the elite6 and later on( serviced the elite( such as the Roc efellers% 2he "as often the se1ually-oriented !ersonality "hen I "as used for se1 and $ind file "or % 62haron6 "as $y hi#hly se1ual counter!art and 62ue6 contained the $essa#es in $ind files% To further $y s!lit conditionin#( there "as a s$all stone 'uildin# in a ce$etery "here the $en in suits loc ed $e in for the "hole ni#ht% They too $y clothes a"ay fro$ $e( !ushed $e into the dar roo$ and closed the door% It "as cold on the concrete floor and I could feel s!ider "e's in the corners% It "as scary( so I >ust sat do"n on $y feet in the corner( hu##ed $y le#s to $y 'ody and closed $y eyes% /fter a"hile( an an#el a!!eared% 2he said her na$e "as Maria and that I "as 'ein# !re!ared for the future% 2he said that she and other an#els "ould hel! $e and I "ould 'e 6sustained%6 I didn+t no" "hat that "ord $eant 'ut felt li e it "as o ay 'ecause I felt so $uch love fro$ her% 3hile $y s!irit self "as sittin# ne1t to her on a 'ench( $y !hysical 'ody "as still in that concrete roo$% 2he told $e she "ould 'e very close to $e later "hen

18 I "as older and could understand $ore% 2he e1!lained that these !eo!le "ere un ind 'ecause they didn+t understand( 'ut that $y an#el friends loved $e very $uch and "ould 'e there "henever I needed the$% /ll of a sudden( 'efore I "as ready to leave her( I "as 'ac in the cold concrete cu'icle( still sittin# s)uatted on $y feet and she "as #one% I felt li e I had traveled so$e"here and I "anted to #o 'ac there 'ecause it didn+t hurt and "asn+t cold there( 'ut I couldn+t fi#ure out ho" to #et there% I had to "ait for the an#el to escort $e% Everyone "as al"ays escortin# $e every"here--on earth and in heaven% 3hen the $en ca$e to let $e out( it "as still dar and they dro!!ed $e off at ho$e% Enterin# the 'reeEe"ay( I "ent throu#h the 'ac door( into $y roo$ and "ent to slee!% The *olden /rches No" of course( in order to insure that 2haron+s $e$ory "as e!t se!arate fro$ $y conscious $ind( trau$a had to 'e induced to create the dissociative 'arrier% /$on# other trau$as( I "as ta en to 2t% Mel+s Catholic Church in 3oodland Hills and "as $olested 'y a short fat 6-ather(6 at the 'ac of the church in a side roo$% This !riest "ho s!o e "ith an Irish accent and s$elled li e alcohol( !ulled $y hair "hile he se1ually satisfied hi$self in $y $outh% 3hen he "as finished "ith $e( t"o $en in suits escorted $e to an a"aitin# li$ousine% I had short hair and "ore a felt !oodle s irt( flats( "hite soc s and a "hite 'louse% It "asn+t unusual to see li$ousines lined u! in front of this lar#e Catholic church for use at funerals or "eddin#s% It "as nearin# dar and once out of si#ht of the !u'lic( these $en "ere very rou#h "ith $e% They thre" $e into the 'ac seat and once inside the li$o I laid on the seat in a fetal !osition( roc in# $yself( terrified out of $y $ind% /rrivin# at the ne" McDonald+s( one $an told $e( 6Loo at the *olden /rches( they are your Hi#h"ay to Heaven% 3henever you enter to cross over( you "on+t re$e$'er havin# 'een here%6 I "ent in as 2ue and after I "as dru##ed I ca$e out as 2haron% I had no a"areness that 2haron "as $e% In $y internal( su'consciously created reality( I 'elieved 2haron to 'e $y !hysically se!arate( t"in sister( 'ut consciously I had no no"led#e of any other !art of $e e1ce!t 2ue% /ll I ne" "as there "ere lots of ti$es "hen I "as told that I "ould 'e allo"ed to see $y t"in sister( $y secret t"in sister% I felt sad% I $issed her des!erately and I felt that she "as al"ays in dan#er and needed $e% The $an "ho "as !resent to create this !art of $y !ro#ra$$in# "as a very affluent and locally "ell- no"n and res!ected Catholic O,C*YN doctor( na$ed Dr% Mc*innis% He told $e that I could find $y t"in sister in the 'athroo$( so I ran there to find 2haron% The doctor and another $an follo"ed $e as I ran into the s$all one roo$ 'athroo$ that I entered fro$ outside McDonald+s( in tears des!erate to find $y t"in sister% Once inside( as directed( I loo ed around and ca$e out and told the doctor that he could co$e inside( that there "as no one else there% I felt very ro'otic% Enterin# the s$all 'athroo$ "ith $e( he loc ed the door 'ehind us and told $e to sit on the floor in the corner of the stall% I did as he instructed% He too $y ar$ and !ut it u! on the toilet lid( sli!!ed a ru''er cuff around $y ar$ and #ot a 'i# needle out% /s he in>ected the dru# into $y ar$ he co$$anded( 6count 'ac "ards fro$ three%6 6One%%%6 I started% 6NO06 The doctor yelled an#rily% 6I said 'ac "ards( startin# fro$ three%6 6Three( t"o(6 I slu$!ed over and !assed out%

1+ He 'e#an sla!!in# $y face and I couldn+t "a e u! 'ut he called out( 62haron( 2haron( 2haron%6 -inally after lots of sla!!in#( 2haron said( 6Yes%6 6*et u! and "al out to the car%6 The doctor co$$anded% 2haron o'eyed% He carried his 'lac doctor+s 'a# and "e too off as soon as he #ot into the li$o% I overheard hi$ say to the driver that if he ever #ot cau#ht he "ould >ust ta e his 'lac 'a# and say he "as on an e$er#ency( that "ay no one "ould ever )uestion hi$% 3e drove do"n Ventura ,oulevard to a >e"elry store% The doctor and I "ent in( $yself still s"itched to $y t"in sister 2haron% He told the store o"ner I "as loo in# for a !resent for $y $other( 'ut I "asn+t really% These !eo!le al"ays told lies% He !ut a dia$ond 'racelet on $y ar$ and said( 6You+re used to >e"els( re$e$'er46 6Yes(6 I said( s$ilin#% It "as true that 2haron "as used to riches% 6That is all you need to re$e$'er( that you+re used to >e"els%6 /s "e turned to leave( he called out to the o"ner at the other end of the store to say that "e "ere finished sho!!in#% Ne1t( I "as dro!!ed off at a 'i# house so$e"here and ta en do"nstairs to 'e fil$ed in child !orno#ra!hy% There "ere $en in leathers and chains "ith #uns% / $an ri!!ed $y clothes off and sodo$iEed $e "hile another #uy "atched as it "as fil$ed% Then I "as chained u!( "hi!!ed and fil$ed $ore% They li ed it "hen I cried out% They said I had to( in order to $a e a #ood fil$( 'ut I really "anted to 'e )uiet and ee! all to $yself so it "ould ruin the fil$% They !ut a 'a'y on a "ooden ta'le and illed her "hile I "as 'ein# ra!ed and they said her life'lood "as fillin# $e and that I li ed ta in# the 'a'y+s life into $e% I didn+t really% I didn+t "ant the$ to hurt the 'a'y( ever% ,ut I had to s$ile and lau#h "hile they fil$ed it or they said I "ould 'e illed( also% They $ade these snuff fil$s often "ith 'a'ies or little #irls% 6The youn#er( the !urer(6 the $en said% They 'elieved fetuses "ere the 'est to #et the !urest untouched life'lood% They often in#ested the flesh after"ards( and so$eti$es the heart( "hile it "as still 'eatin#% It "as terrifyin#( vile and dis#ustin#% /nd they fed it to $e for the fil$in#% I "as al"ays forced to s$ile% /fter it "as all over I "as ta en 'y li$o 'ac to McDonald+s( into the sa$e 'athroo$ "here so$e $an sna!!ed his fin#ers in front of $y face and said( 62usie( you+ve fainted(6 "hich( 'y callin# out that na$e( s"itched $e 'ac into $y conscious !ersonality% Once revived( these $en drove $e to $y street( dro!!ed $e off and told $e to "al the hi#h"ay to heaven into slee!% In !ro#ra$ trance( I "al ed the short 'loc ho$e( "ent throu#h the 'reeEe"ay into the 'ac door( and cli$'ed into $y 'ed% It "as dar outside 'ut the yello" !orch li#ht "as on and I ne" $y "ay throu#h the house "ith $y eyes closed% That ni#ht( alone in $y 'ed( I said the !rayer I usually said "ith $y $other or $y #rand$other each and every ni#ht( 6/n#el of *od( $y #uardian dear( to "ho$ His Love co$$its $e here% Ever this day 'e at $y side% To li#ht and #uard( to rule and #uide%6 I 'e# of you( dear reader( to 'e o!en to the !ossi'ility that these sorts of atrocities did ha!!en( and that they are still ha!!enin# to other children today( even ri#ht no" at this very $o$ent% &lease o!en your heart and no" that this could 'e true so to#ether "e can all !ut a sto! to the a'use that terrifies and threatens to destroy the children% McDonald+s "as often a !art of $y a'use "hether I "as in California or later a"ay fro$ ho$e "hen after use in different states or countries( they too $e to 6The *olden /rches6 and

11 AL #ave $e co e 8later as!arta$e-infused diet co e "ith a t"ist of le$on9 and french fries% McDonald+s "as a very !o"erful !ro#ra$ for re!ressin# events of national and international usa#e% The -oundation is ,uilt ,y the tender a#e of five( : "as conditioned throu#h torture and hi#h tech hy!notic tect and electroshoc ( to hurt $yself in $any "ays should I 'e#in to re$e$'er the secret activities( "as a !art of% &er !ro#ra$$ed su##estion( if I 'e#an to re$e$'er I "ould stu' $y 'i# toe c 'urn $yself on the stove( there'y re$ovin# $y focus fro$ the re$e$'ered secret e1!erienc and re-routin# $y attention to $y "ound% I "as instructed "here to cut $y "rist in order to ta e $y o"n life( should I 'e#in to re$e$'er or tell% There "ere also accident !ro#ra$s instilled t insure $y death if I 'e#an to re$e$'er% Endless !ro#ra$s "ere installed int in $y life that "ere availa'le for later use in su!!ressin# $y hidden activities Over the years( I "as told the follo"in# "hile I "as 'ein# tortured( in anS you re$e$'er( you "ill ill yourselfD if you tell( !eo!le "ill thin you are craEy and "ill loc you u! in a $ental institutionD if you don+t o'ey us( "e "ill ill your fa$ily or your do# and ca if you tell( "e "ill ill you%6 I had "itnessed illin#s for years and ne" these "ere not id threats% My !ro#ra$$ers also created "ithin $e( re!ortin# !ersonalities that "ere instructed to tell on $e in re#ard to anythin# I did that "as ste!!in# out of line% This co$$on feature of $ind control is re!orted 'y $any survivors% 6He called a little child and had hi$ stand a$on# the$% /nd he said5 6I tell you the truth( unless you chan#e and 'eco$e li e little children( you "ill never enter the in#do$ of heaven% Therefore( "hoever hu$'les hi$self li e this child is the #reatest in the in#do$ of heaven%6 --Matthe" :=5A-I 62ee that you do not loo do"n on one of these little ones% -or I tell you that their an#els in heaven al"ays see the face of $y -ather in heaven%6 -- Matthe" :=5:G-::

17 ,rice Taylor - Than s for the Me$ories Cha1ter Fo2r: .n&le Charl%e5 K%ss%n6er5 $o1e and the%r L%ttle )211et7 My Inner T"in 2ister( 2haron 3eather'y I "as !araded in $any circles as a child( as 2haron 3eather'y( and sittin# on the frin#es "atchin# $e "as $y 7ncle Charlie% He told $e that he "ould al"ays 'e there( rain or shine% 7ncle Charlie "as al"ays at $y father+s /unt Maude+s "hen "e "ent to visit her( >ust dad and $e% He "ould 'e "aitin# for us on her little couch "ith the lace coverlets( the sheer curtain 'ehind holdin# a #reen cha$eleon liEard that I thou#ht "as real until I #ot older% /ll dec ed out in a tan suit( his Da!!er Dan shoes and a carnation in his la!el( 7ncle Charlie s$iled( shoo $y hand and "in ed at $e% If he had on #lasses( he "ould ta e the$ off to $a e sure I cau#ht the "in and that "as $y cue to ee! the secret% He told $e 'efore that it "ould hurt $y father+s feelin#s if he ne" he "asn+t really $y father so I shouldn+t ever $ention it% 6Other"ise(6 he said( 6it "ould li ely 'rea his heart%6 I sure didn+t "ant to hurt $y Daddy any$ore than he already "as "ith his nec in>ury( sli!!ed dis and !arents "ho a'used and didn+t love hi$% /nd he loved $e so $uch( unless he had to hurt $e% 7ncle Charlie said( 67nfortunately he has to do that to $a e you !o"erful one day%6 2o "hen I $et 7ncle Charlie "ith $y father the first ti$e( I never let on that I ne" hi$% Later Charlie said( 6Youn# lady( that "as the finest actin# >o' I+ve ever seen% You+re hired06 3ell I "as 6hired6 at a very youn# a#e( 'ut "as never !aid a cent% /nd 7ncle Charlie "as $y re!resentative( co$e to ta e $e to $eet first( ,o' and( soon after( Henry% 2haron "as indeed !ro#ra$$ed to 'e !recocious and one day re!orted the follo"in# >o e re!ertoire to Henry and later to audiences ,o' and Henry sent $e to5 6I told $y o"ners( it+s enou#h that you clo"ns e1!ect $e to "or for free% You no" it "as 'ad enou#h that they 'ro e the child la'or la"s and I told the$ a'out that "hen I learned it in school% They >ust lau#hed% ,ut on to! of that "as 2L/VE L/,OR( and I recited the Constitutional /$end$ent that "as causin# a !ro'le$ in $y internal $ind file le#al syste$s% I told Henry it e!t #ettin# thro"n out and I !retended it "as re!eatedly esca!in# and lea!in# out of $y ri#ht ear% He thou#ht I "as funny and told $e to refile it any"ay - then I "as sent off for $ore reconditionin#% I never thou#ht they "ould sto! "ith that stuff and I "as ri#ht% Ba!( Ea!( Ea!%6 These "ere the ty!e of >o es that ,o' Ho!e !ro#ra$$ed into $e for sho"s "hen I "as de$onstrated to others that had si$ilar $ind control 6interests%6 The first ti$e I recited it to Henry for his a!!roval( he raised his eye'ro"s and loo ed at $e over his #lassesD he usually see$ed either !retty a$aEed or leery at the >o es ,o' installed into $e% I "as too youn# and too fra#$ented to have co$e u! "ith this ty!e of $aterial on $y o"n% In later years "hen !eo!le "ould as ,o' "here I ca$e fro$( ,o' >o in#ly told the$ I "as !ic ed off a conveyor 'elt% He al"ays teased a'out "here I ca$e fro$% ,o' told

10 $e once that he chose $e 'ecause there "as that little so$ethin# s!ecial that he sa" in $y eyes% Henry created $y !ersonality syste$ and ,o' handled the dialo#ue( >o es( son#s( dances( and entertain$ent( and su!!lied Henry "ith fa$ous friends and connections fro$ all over the "orld( includin# Holly"ood cele'rities and 'usiness and !olitical connections% Henry said contacts "ere everythin#( and that he and ,o' "or ed "ell to#ether 'ecause( des!ite their differences( to#ether they $ore than dou'led their influence and efficiency% They did "ield influence over a lar#e #rou! of !eo!le% Henry had the $ind and ,o' had the $eans and the connections% Creatin# My Inner 7niverse Henry "or ed "ith $e $ore in the 'e#innin# to set u! all $y syste$s% He even $ar ed $y forehead all over "ith little 1+s delineatin# "hat he called a 6stellar $a!6 of $y syste$% Then he had $e loo into the $irror and "hat I sa"( in addition to $y little five or si1 year old face( fra$ed 'y short hair( "as 'lac 1+s all over $e% He said those "ere !lanets "ithin $y inner universe of no"led#e and that they "ere layin# in "ait for the day they "ould 'e occu!ied% Later he attached the forei#n countries( usin# It+s a 2$all 3orld for the different !lanets% This e!t the infor$ation totally se!arated since the !lanets had no "ay of co$$unicatin# "ith each other% 2o all the infor$ation re$ained self-contained 'ut held in or'it in the 'i# 'lue vastness 'y stars% /ll the stars "ere used as $ind files for different $ovie 6stars6 or !oliticians I "as used "ith% The lar#er stars held lar#er files of !ersonalities I "as used "ith $ore re#ularly and the s$aller stars "ere reserved for !eo!le I only sa" on occasion% The lar#est stars "ere reserved for &residents( .in#s( Rueens( etc% The Council( that all-!o"erful #rou! of $en secretly orchestratin# this "hole dra$a( had very s!ecialiEed( hi#hly advanced satellite syste$s that traveled all over inside $y $ind( constantly $onitorin# $y internal 6"orlds%6 They could also access interstellularly or inter!lanetarily and #ain access to any infor$ation they "anted a'out any area or !erson in the syste$% Council $e$'ers "ere the only ones "ho didn+t have any security 'loc s throu#hout the syste$ any"here% They had full and total access li e Henry% ,o'+s access "as li$ited only 'y his a'ility to 'e a'le to fully access every !art of the syste$% Henry >ust didn+t infor$ ,o' a'out !lanets or stars he didn+t "ant hi$ to no" a'out% /nd Henry told $e that he and 7ncle ,o' rode on little s!ace cycles all around inner s!ace in $y head in order to !olice everythin# and $a e sure everythin# "as al"ays in !erfect order( "ith no file on any !lanet or star ever #ettin# out of order or loose% That "ay Henry e!t $y $ind files in !erfect order% Henry told $e the $ind files are li$itless 'ecause the universe is li$itless and contains an infinite vastness( al"ays ne" areas to chart% Henry said it could never 'e full% .issin#er /nd Ever More 2o!histicated &ro#ra$$in# .issin#er "as the $aster$ind 'ehind $y !ersonality structure( and used others to further his creation% He "as usually inside the to! security !laces $y father and others too $e% There they did all the 6!re! "or (6 they called it( 'efore I "as ta en to Henry for his e1!ertise% &re!!in#( to $e( $eant torture in $achines( chairs( all sorts of horrors and then( "hen I couldn+t function any lon#er( didn+t no" $y o"n na$e( or if I "as even real( they "ould ta e $e to Henry% Henry had a note'oo of dia#ra$s he "or ed fro$% /

7= 6distilled6 dia#ra$ $eant that the ori#inal idea and intent had 'een identified and "or ed out( and the succeedin# dia#ra$s "ere a further refine$ent until the end result "as total !erfection% That+s ho" Henry created $y !ersonality structure% Mind control "as a secret "ea!on that he !erfected over the years% Henry had other 6ro'ots(6 as he called the$( 'ut I "as the one "ith "ho$ he s!ent the $ost ti$e !erfectin#% He said I "as the !erfect su'>ect and that $y father had done such a #reat !reli$inary >o' that his "or "as #uaranteed a success( "here other ro'ots fell short 'ecause they 6'led throu#h6 and so couldn+t 'e relied u!on% I ne" Henry had other ro'ots 'ecause he said he had the$ for various and sundry thin#s 'ut said that I "as the crea$ of the cro!% Henry said "e had a 6rovin# head)uarters(6 and that "as al"ays his 'lac 'riefcase% 3hen I sa" his 'riefcase I "as !ro#ra$$ed to feel fa$iliar( and $y surroundin#s didn+t $atter% I could no" do $y "or no"in# that everythin# "as o ay% /t least that is "hat "as su##ested for $e to thin and feel% /s I #re" older( I "as ta en to $ilitary 'ases for $ore so!histicated !ro#ra$$in#% Hel!lessly hoo ed u! to hi#h tech $achines that did thin#s to $y 'rain( I had no "ay of understandin# "hat these !eo!le "ere doin# to $e or "hy% I "as !laced in lar#e $etal cha$'ers and left in isolation( so$eti$es s!un( "ith colored li#hts( al"ays "ith only one color at a ti$e% I "as restrained in so!histicated chairs "ith electrodes attached to $y head( then electroshoc ed in a variety of "ays% 2o!histicated audio e)ui!$ent also "as used on $e% Often loud( !iercin# sounds "ere relayed throu#h ear!hones( usually "ith different sounds 'ein# fed into each ear% I didn+t no" "hat e1actly they "ere acco$!lishin# "ith all of this technolo#y( 'ut I felt tortured 'y it% Mind -ile 2yste$ I also continued to 'e ta en to Disneyland for 'ase !ro#ra$$in# for $y #overn$ent $ind file syste$% /t around = years old( Henry $ade u! so$e clever !ro#ra$s to create a !lace and or#aniEation in $y head for $y international $ind files% He created "ithin $y !ersonality syste$ one or t"o children for each nationalityD as is si$ilarly !ortrayed in It+s a 2$all 3orld ride at Disneyland% Henry said the international the$es "ere to anchor in different $ind file syste$s that he said "ere 6culturally oriented%6 /round The 3orld In =G Days "as a son# I san# over and over a#ain "hen either $y $other or $y 'rother !layed it on the or#an or $y 'rother "ould !lay it on his accordion% The "ords I "as !ro#ra$$ed to res!ond to "ere( 6/round the "orld in =G days( I traveled on "hen Ho!e "as #one to $a e $y rendeEvous%%%6 Henry .issin#er and ,o' Ho!e continued to 'e cohorts over the years and !layed around the "orld "ith !eo!le and #overn$ents( as $uch as that son# !layed re!eatedly in $y head% Henry lin ed a "hole array of different !ro#ra$s to the It+s a 2$all 3orld ride and said( 63hen you "al u! to the cloc you "ill hear it tic -toc and then you "ill doc D tic toc ( tic toc % .ee! all infor$ation se!arate% .ee! all infor$ation clean and neatly in its s!ace "ith little "alls in 'et"een%6 I "al ed u! to the ride( and sa" the hu#e cloc to"er #oin# tic -toc ( then I "as told to file throu#h the turnstile until I #ot to the ride% Henry

7" $eant for $e to thin $y actual tri!s a'road "ere really >ust $e$ories a'out this ride% Due to this !ro#ra$$in# I had trou'le distin#uishin# reality fro$ fantasy% Disney fantasy "as really $eant to hide $y international e1!eriences fro$ $y conscious $ind% Once I #ot off the ride Henry said so$ethin# hy!notic to $e to loc in the !ro#ra$% He s!ent a #ood !art of the day "ith $e at Disneyland% He "as really funny to the !ersonalities he "as !ro#ra$$in#% I al$ost lau#hed "hen I first sa" hi$% I ne" it "asn+t allo"ed( 'ut he did loo really funny in the dis#uise% He had on a 'eard( "i# and hat% He loo ed o ay( 'ut I ne" it "as really Henry( and so I said( 6Henry( "hy are you "earin# those silly thin#s46 I couldn+t co$!rehend "hy he needed to !retend he "asn+t hi$self% In his thic -accented( dee!( $onotonic voice( he told $e to 'e )uiet and "ith irritation in his voice said( 6You( $y child( are too !recocious%6 Henry !ut $e on ride after ride( and after I #ot off the rides( diEEy( nauseated( li#htheaded( disoriented( fri#htened( or "hatever( he told $e to 6listen intently(6 "hile he !ro#ra$$ed all sorts of thin#s into $y $ind file syste$% 6My Na$e Is Henry 2i$s6 Henry 'ou#ht $e !o!corn and a 'alloon( too( >ust li e $y !arents did in order to loc in the !ro#ra$% If !eo!le had no"n that Henry .issin#er "as there at Disneyland that day( they "ould have 'een very sur!rised% /nd if I "ere the cause of hi$ 'ein# reco#niEed( I "ould surely have 'een ter$inated% I "as never to allude to 'ein# associated "ith Henry .issin#er% Henry #ave $e a lot of $i1in# u! on that a#enda 'y havin# $e read 6Henry 'oo s and cartoons(6 in his atte$!t to ee! his identity anony$ous to $y conscious $ind% He atte$!ted to scra$'le $y association to hi$ 'y havin# $e read a variety of 'oo sD one "as a'out Henry and the donut $achine% He "as al"ays "his!erin#( 6My na$e is Henry 2i$s(6 in $y ear( so no one else could hear hi$% He also had $e eat 6Oh Henry6 candy 'ars and read 6Oh Henry6 cartoons( after he+d #iven $e a hy!notic co$$and to "i!e a"ay all $e$ory of hi$ "hile I "as readin# or eatin# the a'ove% 2o$eti$es Henry "ould drive us to a !ar in# lot( "here "e #ot out and "al ed so$e distance to a sho!!in# center or a "ater"ay% Each ti$e "e "ere to#ether( he usually "ore a different ty!e hat 8so$eti$es a Dic Tracy one9 and a stic -on $ustache andCor 'eard% He used to have a s)uare $ustache and a s)uare #oatee to $atch% He "ore those off and on% Henry "as a $aster of dis#uise and could ee! his roles strai#ht% He see$ed very s$art to $e as a child% In the early days( Henry "ould tell !eo!le( 62he+s a s$art coo ie( isn+t she46 That "as "hen I "as a'out :G( >ust 'efore $y 'i# !olitical 3hite House se1ual liaisons "ere to 'e#in% ,ut I+$ #ettin# ahead of $yself% Carousel &ro#ra$ Henry also !ro#ra$$ed $e in front of a carousel ride% He had $e stand in front of the carousel 'ut he "ouldn+t let $e sit do"n on a horse or a 'ench on the ride% I "as only = years old or so and I "anted to #et on the ride and have fun( 'ut Henry said I had to stand

7/ u! outside of the ride% That day( the carousel in $y $ind had to 'e created "ith $e standin# u! and the files in $y $ind "ere to #lide s$oothly and as easily as the carousel turnin#% Then it "ould co$e to a sto!( li e the "heel of fortune( at the country in the $ind file that Henry "ould as for% He told $e( 6There+s a "hole other "orld in your $ind files( the "hole "orld%6 Then he told $e( 6The carousel $a es the files in your head turn easily and effortlessly%6 My !ro#ra$$ers also lin ed $e$ory of ti$es I "as s!un until I "as diEEy and disoriented in their atte$!t to ee! these $ind files under the cloa of national security% /s I de!ro#ra$$ed I often $entally 'u$!ed into s!in( slee!( suicide( $i#raine( and dru# !ro#ra$s that I had to fi#ht throu#h in order to #et to the ori#inal e1!eriences% I "as often !hysically sic ( as $y !ro#ra$ dictated( and suffered $assive $i#raine headaches and !ain in different !arts of $y 'ody "hile retrievin# this infor$ation I+$ sharin# "ith you% Henry told $e( 6You are a co$!uter and li e $a#nets re!el( if you try to "or on a co$!uter( your $ind "ill re!el% It "ill #o a"ay and you "on+t 'e a'le to thin to o!erate it% That is of course unless it+s 6a!!le 'losso$ ti$e(6 "hich "as a cry!tic reference to Ne" Yor % Later he !ro#ra$$ed in 6cherry 'losso$ ti$e(6 as a code for ?-.% In :;;:( so$e HG years later( as I atte$!ted to docu$ent $y $e$ories on co$!uter fro$ the island of .auai( I "as continually frustrated( as I "ould 'eco$e disoriented u!on startin# to "rite $y re$e$'ered e1!erience% Often after I tenaciously 'attled $y "ay throu#h the >ournaliEin# of $y $e$ories( I "ould s$ile havin# "on( only to 'eco$e i$$ediately disoriented( and loo a#ain the ne1t $o$ent to find that the infor$ation I had >ust s!ent one to t"o hours docu$entin# had 'een erased 'y another !art of $y !ersonality structure "ho "as still follo"in# the ordered co$$and of $y controllers% It "as e1tre$ely frustratin#( 'ut I "as stu''orn and refused to #ive u!0 Inner Cloc &ro#ra$ Henry !ro#ra$$ed in re!ortin# !ersonalities so he could use the$ to de'rief $e in order to access the data he carefully re)uested I ac)uire on certain tar#eted infor$ation or individuals% He created a very so!histicated syste$ that allo"ed $e to have an inner cloc that not only e!t !erfect ti$e 'ut( "hen as ed( I delivered the ti$e audi'ly( and also ne" the ti$es around the "orld and could even record and !lay'ac the ti$e that events occurred for $e each day% Henry "ould as $e( 63hat did you do 'et"een the hours of = and F on ?une Fth46 I "ould recite( 6/t = a%$% I "o e u!( at ; a%$% I too a sho"er( at :G a%$% I sa" so and so%%%6 /t anyti$e Henry could chec the inner record to find out "here I+d 'een( "ho I "as "ith( and "hat I "as sayin# or doin#% He instructed the set-u! to house( 6"ho( "here and "hat(6 and 'e a'le to enter 6the schedule recordin# file6 into the fra$e"or of the 'ase !ro#ra$% My $ost i$!ortant >o' "as to dro! the $essa#e to !eo!le he sent $e to( at the ri#ht ti$e% Henry said ti$in# "as everythin#% 2o he tau#ht $e to dro! $essa#es at the !erfect ti$e and to loo into the !erson+s eyes and notice other facial $anneris$s and ho" he or she "as 'reathin#% He said I "ould #et it li e 6!erfect cloc "or %6 That "as the actual na$e of a $ind file cate#ory( to list and recite all the different "orld ti$es so Henry "ould no" e1actly "hat ti$e it "as in each and every country in the "orld anyti$e he

73 "ould as $e - and all this ti$e and !lace orientation loo!ed 'ac into the It+s a 2$all 3orld ride and the Cloc To"er !ro#ra$$in#% Henry could re$e$'er file na$es and nu$'ers 'etter than anyone could% He al"ays re$e$'ered the $a>or ones all in his head% He had a s$all note'oo "here he e!t trac of other $ind filesD lar#e lists for intricate 'lue!rints( classified docu$ents( and detailed listin#s under su'headin#s% The syste$ of files he created "as $ulti-leveled and $ulti-tiered( li e a "eddin# ca e% Henry told $y res!ective !ersonalities ho" it loo ed overall and created a !icture in our head so "e could see ho" it "or ed fro$ inside% 3e also had an inside 6teacher6 that "e could hear inside the head to teach( re$ind( co$$and and or#aniEe% This teacher "as i$!ortant and "or ed inside su'consciously and se!arately "ith Henry( until I "as thirty-si1 or so( "hen a chiro!ractor inadvertently connected $y conscious $ind u! to $y inner teacher( "ho later ulti$ately hel!ed lead $e to freedo$% The result "as that Henry+s inner teacher !ro#ra$ "as $ade conscious and I "as tau#ht to $y conscious $ind "hat "as !reviously su'conscious( thus( $y conscious and su'conscious $inds "ere lin ed to#ether $a in# the !ro#ra$ even stron#er and accessi'le to learnin# infor$ation fro$ others% 2o( I "as then consciously a'le to realiEe I "as assi#ned $y 6inner teacher6 and 6inner #uides(6 "ho really "ere >ust code na$es for !ro>ects or areas I "as involved in% Then( I 'e#an to hear the codes consciously and it "as activatin# su'conscious !ersonalities or $aterial in $y $ind files% ,ut once a#ain I a$ #ettin# ahead of $yself% Chess /nyone4 Henry !layed #a$es "ith $eD chess( chec ers( tic-tae-toe( and concentrationD all $ind #a$es 6to create other files and noo s and crannies to store files(6 Henry said% He set u! a syste$ "ith a chess #a$e that "as intended to house cry!tic $essa#es 'et"een Henry and others% The Council contacted Henry and 'uilt a very stron# relationshi! "ith hi$ throu#h len#thy discussions and infor$ation they sent to hi$ throu#h $essa#es encoded in $y $ind file syste$% Over ti$e( Henry "ooed the$ 'y creatin# very so!histicated 8yet si$!le for the intelli#ent9 "ays of co$$unicatin# throu#h the coded chess #a$e "here each !iece had a very s!ecific $eanin# that he tau#ht $e to $e$oriEe in order to relay the code% Over ti$e the secret !layers ne" "hat the $oves $eant 'y heart% They "ere ti$e "orn% 6You see the chess 'oard li e a cloc and all the !ieces are reco#niEed in a cloc "ise $otion(6 Henry instructed $e under his hy!notic co$$and% 3hen the chess 'oard "as set u!( all Henry 8or the Council9 had to do "as to $a e a $ove on the chess 'oard and I "ould $e$oriEe and carry the $ove( containin# the cry!tic $essa#e( 'ac and it "ould 'e understood "hat "as $eant 'y the co$$unication% 7nilateral "ars "ere directedD the !layers in the #a$e of "ar "ere clearly de$arcated% There "ere no $ista es 'ecause everythin# "as !ro#ra$$ed and cross-chec ed li e a co$!uter% My $ind "as !ro#ra$$ed and catalo#ued li e a $achine( so there could 'e only a'solute !recision% The chess'oard "as a 'rid#e to the 6other "orld6 "here $y controllers all e1isted( 6li e "hen Dorothy "ent to OE(6 I "as told% Henry and ,o' and *overnor 8later &resident9 Rea#an and the others "ere to 'e seen li e Dorothy+s friends and fa$ily--they e1isted over

7# the rain'o" "hile $y $o$ and dad and friends "ere "here /untie E$ lived( in the real "orld% 62o >ust li e in the $irror( everythin# is >ust the o!!osite of "hat you see% Li e 2lee!in# ,eauty loo in# into a !ool of clear "ater and seein# her 'eautiful reflection( you "ill #o over the rain'o"( $elt into it%6 6Over the Rain'o"6 "as al"ays #oin# to"ard the "orld that "as li e OE( that !retend "orld of Henry 2i$s and ,o'% Everyone "as on the other side( all I had to do "as 6"al throu#h the li)uid $irror to face the other side and that "ill i$$ediately s"itch you and turn you around to face a ne" situation( cal$( refreshed and invi#orated% Every $ove( s$ooth and efficient(6 Henry instructed $e% The Older Loo Henry created $any !ersonalities inside of $e "ho "ere !ro#ra$$ed to 'e older and "iser than $y youn# years( for his use "ith others% These !ersonalities "ere for$ed and created 'y "atchin# different selected $ovies as a child( li e My -air Lady% This "as necessary( I overheard Henry tell others( in order to use $e at :G years old( !assed off to others as a :L-:= year old% 2ince I "as !hysically develo!ed 'y :G years old( they could !ull it off( es!ecially 'y creatin# very $ature !ersonalities to handle so$e of their very i$!ortant clients% ,y that ti$e I 'e#an havin# $y hair done !rofessionally once a "ee % My hairstyle "as short and 6chic(6 "as the "ord Henry used% He needed to !rovide $e "ith an older loo and( in those days( everyone needed $e to 'e older loo in#( older actin#( older everythin#% My hair "as !rofessionally styled every "ee ( in order to $ore s$oothly !ortray the very $ature( !olished !ersonalities that he and others hel!ed create for their use% One o'stacle "as durin# the ti$e I had $y 'races on% /t that ti$e( there "ere occasions "hen I "ould 'e ta en to $y orthodontist( ?a$es Mulic ( DD2%( a 7CL/ #raduate( and late at ni#ht( he "ould re$ove $y front 'races and then a day or t"o later after $y use "as over( he "ould re!lace the$% Li e everyone else( he "as !ro'a'ly also under !ro#ra$$in#% In those days( Henry accessed infor$ation fro$ $y $ind files "ith needles that he stuc in 'et"een $y nuc les( thou#h never in !u'lic% 3hen "e "ere at a $eetin# or in a !u'lic !lace he >ust touched $y hand to !ut $e into a $ind file $ode( then he "ould cue $e "ith eyCcode nu$'ers to access the s!ecific files he "anted% Later( he used a 6ti$e cloc the$e6 and fortunately for $e he a'andoned the use of needles% Over ti$e( $any !ersonalities "ere s!ecifically created and enhanced for future use "ith tar#eted !eo!le( such as !residents( entertainers or forei#n leaders% There "ere 6!resident $ind files6 that "ere created strictly for the &resident+s use in "hatever "ay they needed or "anted% I "as instructed to "ear !earls for ti$es I "as to 'e used strictly as a $ind file( and dia$onds "hen I "as to 'e used !ri$arily se1ually "ith !residents( heads of state or "orld leaders% I can still hear Henry+s voice #ivin# $e the co$$ands( "ith his thic heavy accent he said( 6Your eyes are #ettin# so slee!y a train "ouldn+t rattle you% No" "hen you are dee! aslee! you "ill 'e a'le to retain vast reservoirs of infor$ation for safe ee!in# and retrieval 'y $e and only $e% This infor$ation is safe( very safe( 'ecause it can only 'e accessed 'y $e% Do you understand4 Nod if you understand%6 I nodded $y head% 6*ood(6 he said( 6no" "e can 'e#in "ith the ta!in# of the $essa#e( +Mr% &resident( I "as a#hast at

78 your stance in Iran% Chan#e directions and face east% The success of this o!eration de!ends on it%+ 6 Other $e$ory co$!art$ents he created for other usa#e "ere seen to $e( inside( as 'loc s of $e$ory 'an s that housed infor$ation% They all had co$'ination loc s that Henry ne" the codes to% Many had nu$'er and letter codes li e( 6:LR( :<L( and :A u! strai#ht%6 3ith the access code( the door to the $e$ory 'an in $y head "ould s"in# o!en "ide and I could #o in and read the infor$ation Henry "anted% He told $e the file to #o into and I+d read throu#h the al!ha'etical $ind file syste$ to #et to the su'>ect he "anted% Then( I read hi$ the data or accessed $essa#es directed to hi$ fro$ others% Later on "hen I "as older( I had nu$erical codes for launderin# $oney to and fro$ !laces he told $e to #o% 7CL/ Henry s!ent ti$e at 7CL/ Neuro!sychiatric Institute in 3est"ood( California( in the area "here they tested $e and "or ed on $y 'rain "ith all of their hi#h tech e)ui!$entD 'ri#ht li#hts( #o##les( dru#s( electroshoc ( cat scan tu'es( etc% Henry "al ed "ith the 'i#( heavy Caucasian doctor dressed in a "hite la' coat do"n the halls and I "al ed 'ehind the$ until "e #ot to the dou'le s"in#in# doors( and then the doctor held one door o!en for Henry and I to enter% 3e all "ent inside and Henry told $e to ho! u! on the ta'le% The doctor e1a$ined $y refle1es and loo ed into $y eyes "ith different li#hts and #ave $e tastes and s$ells and all sorts of thin#s that they said "ould !o"erfully effect $y 'rain% Henry told $e the doctor "as $y i$a#inary friend% He told $e that "as "hat I "as to thin ( any"ay% In an atte$!t to further scra$'le $y 'rain the 'i# doctor crossed his ar$s over his chest "ith his hands !ointin# in o!!osite directions and said( 6Is it east or is it "est4 I don+t no"( I >ust #et confused%6 N/2/ /nother ti$e doctors in "hite coats !layed !erce!tual $ind #a$es "ith $e at a N/2/ installation% -irst they too $e 6throu#h the course(6 they called it( and I "as ta en fro$ chairs that !erfor$ed different o!erations( li e one that s!un( then ne1t to an isolation cha$'er% They !ut hu#e eye $achines u! to $y face and had $e close one eye and then the other in order to !ro#ra$ each side of the 'rain se!arately% 2o$e thin#s "ere then reversed and !ro#ra$$ed into another area of $y 'rain throu#h the o!!osite eye% They called this 6cross-!ro#ra$$in#%6 -or other functions( 'oth sides of $y 'rain had to 'e o!eratin# syncronistically% Infor$ation for $ind file use "as stored only on one side of $y 'rain% Then( they allo"ed $e to rest a $o$ent 'efore they in>ected $e "ith so$e dru# after "hich they !ut $e throu#h the course a#ain 8first 'y a "o$an( then 'y a $an9% They led $e fro$ each !iece of e)ui!$ent 'y the hand 'ecause at this !oint I "as a total Eo$'ie% 3hen I finished the third #o-around of the course of e)ui!$entD they !ut $e in a totally soundless isolation cha$'er% I don+t no" ho" lon# I "as in isolation( 'ut doctors in "hite la' coats released $e and as ed $e )uestions% I "as still s!innin#D I felt li e I couldn+t even !revent $y head and eyes fro$ continually s!innin# as I atte$!ted to ans"er their )uestions% -ocusin# $y eyes "as very difficult% I can still feel and e1!erience( to the !oint of a'reaction( ho" a"ful and disorientin# it felt% The doctors al"ays acted very su!erior( 'ut even as a child under $ind control( so$eho" I "as a'le to "onder( 6"ho

7+ couldn+t "in "ith $ind #a$es( under these circu$stances%6 I "as only a child "ho had 'een !ut throu#h torture and dru##ed( and no" they "anted to as $e )uestions as if they "ere so$eho" 'etter than I "as% /fter one doctor finished )uestionin# $e( he "ould leave and another doctor "ould )uestion and test $e further% /t the ti$e I "as una'le to consciously fatho$ the fact that that there "as never any nor$al life for $e% Only 6actin#6 nor$al out"ardly and for the !u'lic% Nor$al "as "hat $ost !eo!le dee$ed acce!ta'le 'ehavior and I "as told to e$ulate the nor$al !eo!le% 2o I co!ied 'ehavior and "as only allo"ed to 'e around certain !eo!le% /ll other relationshi!s "ere not allo"ed% ,oth $y $other and father "atched $e 6li e a ha" D6 they said I "asn+t allo"ed to #o to social events that "ere not !art of $y !ro#ra$$ed reality% Henry *ot Me into the &enta#on Lots of Ti$es In order to ready $e for this assi#n$ent( Henry !layed 6a 'in#o #a$e6 "ith $e inside $y head and directed $e to the files in the &enta#on 'y a $a! he also created inside $y head% In the &enta#on file roo$ a code identified each filin# ca'inet in the roo$ 'y #ivin# it a letter code for the ro" and a nu$'er code for the nu$'er of the ca'inet( startin# "ith Q : at the left% There "ere :A ro"s of :A ca'inets in the area% The floor 'eneath the ca'inets "as s$ooth concrete or $ar'le-li e% The files inside the ca'inets "ere la'eled "ith letter and nu$'er codes% You had to loo u! the docu$ent you "anted fro$ a listin#( to #et to the code nu$'er in order to loo it u! in the files% These "ere e!t on the o!!osite side of the 'uildin# for security !ur!oses so a !erson "ould have to 'rea throu#h t"o security syste$s to #et to the docu$ent they "anted% None "ere >ust filed al!ha'etically( 'ut had a different syste$ alto#ether for security% The 'uildin#+s "indo"s had those s$all "avy( "iry lines in the$% ,ut the file roo$ didn+t have any "indo"s% There "ere different ty!es of security syste$s% 2o$e syste$s set and unloc ed "ith cards( others "ith eys( and still others "ere heat( li#ht( voice or !ressure activated% In so$e areas there "ere red laser 'ea$s that shone throu#h the area that housed the filin# ca'inets% There "ere $any ti$es that he dressed $e in different dis#uisesD dressed $e as a $an( co$!lete "ith 'eard and $ustache( or a "o$an "ith !addin# to $a e $e a!!ear heavyset% These dis#uises "ere also successful in $a in# $e a!!ear different a#es% He often had hats that co$!leted $y dis#uise for a >o'% Henry dis#uised $e and too $e in one ni#ht% He only did the ni#ht entrance on one occasion( "hen there "as an e$er#ency that "as "orth the ris of a'andonin# $e inside "ith instructions to self-destruct if a!!rehended% Henry did so$ethin# to #et an ar$ed #uard to a#ree to ta e $e throu#h the lon#( #ray halls and lines of des s to the area "here they had ro"s of file ca'inets full of classified docu$ents% Henry needed so$e infor$ation on a docu$ent( so he said so$ethin# to the #uard and the #uard too $e all throu#h the 'uildin# unloc in# syste$s as "e "ent% He too $e u! to the file roo$ and >ust li e in the #a$e Henry and I had !layed( I "ent strai#ht for the file ca'inet( coded in the ro" and nu$'er on the $a! in $y head% Li e a rat in a $aEe( I ne" $y "ay e1actly to the desired destination and I used a s$all flashli#ht that Henry had #iven $e for this !ur!ose% The file area had ca$eras that fil$ed the area( li e in 'an s% Those had to so$eho" 'e shut do"n% Henry told $e to !ull the file( !hoto#ra!hically $e$oriEe its entire contents "ithin a !rearran#ed $ind file and $inutes to co$!letely 6!hoto#ra!h6 a $ulti-!a#e docu$ent "ith $y $ind% There "as no(

71 enou#h ti$e to read it( 'ut I !hoto#ra!hed it )uic ly( and then I returned to the #uard% I thin the a#ree$ent "as that I could only have A $inutes in an o!en dra"er once I located the docu$ent I thin Henry challen#ed #uys that thou#ht I couldn+t do such thin#s that fast or other thin#s than see$ed hu$anly i$!ossi'le( so that he could #et $e into different hi#hly secured 'uildin#s Henry also !al$ed #uards and at other ti$es #ot s!ecial clearances( or "ould "or a deal out "ith a #uard or the #uard+s 'oss% It "as tric y 'ecause #uards had to lo# their Henry "ould hel! !rovide the$ "ith an ali'i for the ti$e they "ere hel!in# hi$% Durin# re#ular 'usiness hours( Henry "ould !rostitute $e to to! &entad( #uards( "hoever he needed to $ani!ulate or access in order to #ain the infor$ation he "anted There "ere certain &enta#on officials "ho "ere $ore coo!erative than others% In later years he too $e to $eetin#s "ith $en at the &enta#on in order to 6de'rief+ $e in front of the$% /t the &enta#on there "as also an audio-visual roo$( as they called it 'ac in the late LG+s and early <G+s( "here !ersons "ith to! clearances could #o to see a $ovie 8later videos9( of to! secret !ro>ects and other classified infor$ation% Henry #ot $e in to see lots of those over the years% There used to 'e a lar#e $ovie screen( 'ut later a lar#e $onitor for video sho"in#s Henry and The CI/ Henry sent $an(5 at the air!ort in a li$o% Once in the office( Henry sat $e in the lar#e "ooden chair that turned( r( order to #ive $e the $essa#e "hile he s!un $e% Later( I "as driven "ith hi$ "hile he sorted throu#h $y $ind files( listened to $essa#es fro$ !eo!le( and in!utted infor$ation on ne" !ro>ects until "e reached 3ashin#ton( D%C% Then he sent $e into 'uildin#s and I #ave the infor$ation to "ho$ever I "as told to and in "hatever "ay Henry said% Most of the ti$e se( "as >ust an avenue to deliver $essa#es or $ay'e >ust used as a !ayoff to officials "ho "ere "illin# to overloo their security co$$and in order to allo" $e access to certain classifies areas% Henry "as "ell #reased into the inner net"or of the -,I and CI/% He and his #roin $ade sure they had control over these a#encies% The director "as al"ays 6one of theirs(6 'ut Henry had a lot of i$!ortant infor$ation to #ive these a#encies in order for thin#s to #roove( li e "ell-oiled co#s% They sent $e to 6#ive a $essa#e to the $an on the second floor in the hall "ho has a re! hand erchief in his left !oc et and 'u$!s into your left shoulder and leans over to say( +2orry little #irl%+ Then you tell hi$ this $essa#e%6 Henry had a lot of 'usiness "ith the CI/ and the -,I and it "as all a 'i# secret% He sent $( in even at ei#ht and nine years old to deliver so$e of his $ost sensitive infor$ation to the $ost sensitive of connections% It all 'e#an "ith hi$ s!innin# $e in the "ooden chair and in!uttin# the $essa#e% Then he "ould have so$eone deliver $e to the destination "here I !assed off infor$ation( often to older( very di#nified( "ealthy loo in# #entle$en% 2o$eti$es I 6ran into6% cute little old $an "ith "hite hair "ho 'u$!ed $e on the shoulder and dro!!ed so$ethin# on the floor li e a rose( hand erchief( or ey rin# and

77 as "e 'oth 'ent to #et it( I+d deliver infor$ation% 2o$eti$es it "as a lon# strin# of nu$'ers and so$eti$es >ust a "ord li e 6/>a1( or 6co$a(6 or 6'arley hi$ 6or 6$a e hi$ into a ha$ on rye(6 or 6toni#ht( H a%$% -ederal ,uildin# >o'%6 Chain Of Co$$and My chain of co$$and "as Henry first and then ,o'% Henry .issin#er created 2ue and ,o' Ho!e created 2haron( and initially they "ere to only "or "ith their res!ective sides of $y !ersonality structure% Messa#es could 'e sent throu#h the inner !ersonality syste$% ,o' "as never to access 2ue and Henry "asn+t to access 2haron( 'ut Henry tau#ht $any !ersonalities ho" to send $essa#es 'ac and forth throu#h the syste$ in order to #et infor$ation a'out 2haron "ithout accessin# directly throu#h her and there'y ee!in# it secret fro$ ,o' that he "as 'rea in# their a#ree$ent% Henry created 6inner runners6 that too $essa#es fro$ 2ue to 2haron and then re!lied 'ac "ithout ever havin# to have 2haron !resent% It "or ed "ell( 'ut ,o' didn+t access 2ue% 2ince ,o' didn+t create $y !ersonality infrastructure( he lac ed the so!histication to no" ho" to access infor$ation "ithout 'ein# cau#ht and he ne" .issin#er "ould find out 'ecause Henry !ro#ra$$ed $e to al"ays tell the truth% I couldn+t do other"ise and I "ould tell on ,o' 'ecause Henry told $e( 6You "atch hi$ and tell $e everythin# he does%6 /fter lots of contact "ith Henry( he said( 6Li e in a #ood $arria#e( after a"hile there is unconscious co$$unication #oin# all the ti$e%6 He $eant that it "as li e no"in# each other so "ell that you no" each other+s thou#hts( and that+s ho" he trained $e to 'e attuned to hi$% In the early years lots of $y instructions ca$e 'y "ay of the tele!hone% My controllers "ould call out a s!ecific !ersonality+s na$e and I "ould s"itch to her( listen for instructions and "hen they said( 6,ye 2ue(6 I+d s"itch 'ac to $y re#ular !ersonality( "ith no conscious a"areness of the event% ,o' too $e to $ore !laces as a child to #ain e1!erience( 'ut Henry >ust sat $e in the chair a lot and read instructions or stuc that 'i# !in in $y thi#h or hand( and #ave $e thin#s to loo at to 6ta e a !icture "ith $y inner ca$era%6 3ho 3ould 2us!ect a .id4 Henry had his driver ta e us to different !ar s in Ne" Yor and they "ould let $e out% I "as ei#ht or nine years old one ti$e "hen Henry told $e to( 6"al to"ard the $an in the 'lue suit(6 and "hen he dro!!ed his hand erchief I "as to #ive hi$ a $essa#e% 3hen I "al ed 'ac to the car( Henry said( 6You+re so$e ind of ho$in# !i#eon%6 He called $e that often "hen I "as little and doin# 6errands6 for hi$% He "anted $e to have short hair so he could dis#uise $e to loo li e a 'oy or a #irl( "hatever the >o' re)uired% He had $e 'e everythin# includin# 6invisi'le6--that is( hidden inside of a 'o1 that "as trans!orted into a lar#e "arehouse% Of course I "as instructed that once inside( to "ait t"o hours( #et out of the 'o1 and co$e and unloc the "arehouse( and if necessary I "as instructed in ho" to 'rea the security code to #et out% Li e Henry said( 63ho "ould sus!ect a id46


6-or#ive us our tres!asses( as "e for#ive those "ho tres!ass a#ainst us%%%6 --The Lord+s &rayer

0= ,rice Taylor - Than s for the Me$ories Cha1ter F%'e: -n%t%at%on %nto the )ol%t%&al Arena as a Se( Sla'e My father sold $e as a !rostitute to nei#h'ors and 'usiness contacts% He !ro#ra$$ed $e to ride $y 'i e to the #as station at the corner of Ventura ,oulevard and -all'roo /venue in 3oodland Hills% Mr% Teesdale and Mr% Ro'erts o"ned the station% -ran ( the auto $echanic and #as station attendant "ho "or ed there( traded $y father free #as and auto servicin# in e1chan#e for havin# se1 "ith $e in the 'athroo$ at the station% That "ent on for several years% The #as station has since 'een de$olished and in its !lace stands a lar#e office 'uildin#( 'ut the $e$ories of "hat ha!!ened to $e re$ain% He also too $e to the ne1t door nei#h'or( Mr% -aciano( to !erfor$ se1ual favors( al"ays in e1chan#e for t"enty dollar 'ills% My father also sold $e for se1 to #rou!s of $en "ho $et at the "eldin# sho! he o"ned% These $en too $e 'y the hand( 'ehind 2$itty+s 3ood Lot( and se1ually a'used $e 8I !erfor$ed oral se1( or they "ould ra!e or sodo$iEe $e9 in e1chan#e for cash !aid to $y father% My father( and later $y 'rother Ric ( "ho throu#h a series of events ended u! o"nin# the fa$ily "eldin# 'usiness( sold child !orno#ra!hy out of the sho!% These !orno#ra!hic $aterials "ere e!t 'ehind a corru#ated $etal "all and sold to interested custo$ers "hen they ca$e in% 8My 'rother $ay not 'e consciously a"are of his cri$inal activities%9 Over the years( I "as "ell trained( throu#h trau$a and se1ual a'use( in line "ith the technolo#y that "as shared "ith $y father so he could condition $e for a hi#her level of future use% One ni#ht at the dinner ta'le $y father announced that the actor( Ro'ert Taylor( had 'een in to visit hi$ a#ain% I never ne" "hy a fa$ous actor li e Ro'ert Taylor "ould "ant to visit $y father at his "eldin# sho!( 'ut even thou#h I couldn+t yet !iece the se!arate !arts of $y $ind to#ether enou#h to understand( I "as i$!ressed nevertheless% Durin# this ti$e "hen I "as around =-:G years old( $y father told $e that Ro'ert Taylor "atched a 'allet !erfor$ance "here I danced the 2"an La e 'allet on toe shoes% I "ore a !in se)uined leotard "ith !in se)uined stra!s and the outfit had !in feathers attached to it% I had a !in -feathered head'and that $ade it loo li e I had !in feathers all around $y face( li e a s"an% Later on I found out that Ro'ert Taylor li ed child !orno#ra!hyD $y father sold it to hi$ fro$ his "eldin# sho!( and he also li ed se1 "ith <-:G year old #irls% This "as an i$!ortant ti$e of decidin# >ust ho" far I "ould 6#o%6 Dad "anted $e to #o all the "ay to the to!% He said he "as so !roud of $e and to#ether "e+d $a e his father Ivan( a !roud #randfather% My father had a #rou! of !edo!hile friends "ith dau#hters $y a#e% They traded us se1ually and each inde!endently !artici!ated in fil$in# us !orno#ra!hically( so$eti$es includin# 'estiality% I had $any !ersonalities "ho "ere trained 'oth in !orn and !rostitution%

0" Cor'in ,o"l /t a#e seven( I "as further trained 'y older "o$en !rostitutes in a 'ac roo$ at the Cor'in ,o"l( located on Ventura ,oulevard in TarEana( California% I "as tau#ht the 6tric s of the trade(6 $ost of "hich I already ne" fro$ years of se1ual a'use% The !rostitution and !orno#ra!hy I "as a !art of "as a hi#hly or#aniEed activity% There "ere ti$es a !ersonality "ithin $e "as !ro#ra$$ed and used to entice and idna! other children off the street and into a 'i# 'lac car% The idna!!ed children "ere initially e!t in ca#es in 'ac roo$s and then used in !orno#ra!hy and usually illed( often in snuff fil$s% 3e "ere all shoc ed "ith cattle !rods or other electrical devices for lots of different offenses% &orno#ra!hy "as fil$ed at the Cor'in ,o"l( "ith other children( "o$en( $en( and ani$als% &erha!s this is "here $any of the $issin# children( "hose faces "e see so often on !ostal cards or 'ill'oards are disa!!earin# to and "hy they are never found% /t this youn# a#e( I "as also loc ed in a s$all( dar ened roo$ "ith a 'ed and sold as a !rostitute to lar#e nu$'ers of $en in a day% The !eo!le in char#e left ro!es( "hi!s( and se1 toys for use 'y the $en "ho !aid for se1 "ith $e% One of $y father+s !edo!hile friends and !artners in the child !orn and !rostitution 'usiness "as Dean Hartshorn% /lthou#h Dean "as nearly AG years youn#er than $y father( their shared se1ual !erversions e!t the$ close friends% Dean and his fa$ily lived in the Encino Hills area and he o!erated a !esticide 'usiness% Dean had a 'eautiful dau#hter( na$ed Donna( "ho had the 'londest hair and 'luest eyes I+d ever seen% 2he "as traded to $y father for se1 and I "as traded to Dean and so$e of his friends and relatives% The Hartshorn fa$ily >oined $y fa$ily on vacation several ti$es a year and Donna and I "ere fil$ed as "e !erfor$ed se1ual acts "ith nu$erous different !eo!le% Other Locations Over the years I "as ta en to $any different locations and fil$ed andCor !ro#ra$$ed% 2o$e of these "ere5 Turloc La e( Mount 2hasta( Clear La e( La e /rro"head( ,ass La e( La e Cachu$a( La e Isa'ella( Millerton La e( &ine -lats( La e Elsinore( ,i# ,ear La e( La ?olla( Mission ,ay( 2alton 2ea( Coronado( 2an ?uan Ca!istrano( the Colorado River( La e Mead( La e Mohave( La e Havasu( Death Valley( Las Ve#as( and other !laces "e "ent for so-called 6"aters iin# vacations%6 Cliff 2!ear "as also a !edo!hile friend of $y fathers% His dau#hter De''ie 8also no"n as DeeDee9 "as $y a#e and "as in $y 'ro"nie troo! and class at school% I "as traded to Cliff 'y $y father( and "as $olested 'y hi$ every ti$e I s!ent the ni#ht at De''ie+s house% In the $iddle of the ni#ht( De''ie and I( and so$eti$es her youn#er sister ?ana( "ere a"a ened and ta en to Cliff+s car!etin# 'usiness to 'e fil$ed !orno#ra!hically% *uy Coo!er "as a $an "ho fil$ed $e in !orn at his ho$e in Hidden Hills( "ith his youn#er dau#hter( ,uffy% In this !orn I "as also forced to have se1 "ith ani$als( so$e of the$ lar#e far$ ani$als% You can i$a#ine ho" sha$eful and de#radin# these e1!eriences are to a child%

0/ To $y no"led#e( $y father+s affiliation "as not li$ited to any sin#le #rou!( nor did he su'scri'e to $e$'ershi! in any #rou! for any len#th of ti$e% Instead( his $e$'ershi! "as te$!orary( as he $oved fro$ one #rou! to another( suitin# $y !ro#ra$$er+s needs for the ti$e% The #rou!s I a$ a"are of that he attended for different !eriods of ti$e "ere the Lions Clu'( .u .lu1 .lan( and Neo-NaEi #rou!s% &u'licly and consciously $y father ada$antly !rofessed that he "as not !re>udiced a#ainst any race or reli#ion and tau#ht $e not to 'e racially !re>udiced% In !rivate( secret #atherin#s "ith li e$inded $en( he "itnessed and !artici!ated in cere$onies "here they hu$iliated( tortured( dis$e$'ered and illed ,lac !eo!le and ?e"ish !eo!le% I no"( 'ecause as a child I "as !resent at so$e of those 6$eetin#s%6 I "as ta en often to rituals that "ere !erfor$ed late at ni#ht% One incident that stands out in $y $ind "as a ni#ht near $y :Gth 'irthday "hen a #rou! of $en sacrificed a ,lac $an( sayin# it "as done in $y 6honor(6 to #ive $e !o"er% /s I "atched in sheer !anic( devastation( and horror( they tortured and then thre" this $an alive into the 'onfire% To "ithstand this e1tre$ely trau$atic event( I s!lit off another !ersonality to deal "ith it% On another occasion( as a -ourth of ?uly event( a s$all child "as delivered 'y a 'lac sedan to $y father at the #ully at the end of our street% I "atched in horror as $y father stra!!ed a ho$e$ade 'o$' he had $ade to this little 'oy+s 'ody and told $e he "as so !o"erful he could $a e the child live or die% The ne1t thin# I ne" the 'o$' "ent off and the child "as no"here to 'e found% The tactics used to ee! $e dissociated and s!lit "ere endless% The 2hriners I re$e$'ered $y father and our 2hriner nei#h'or( ?ac Rice( ta in# $e to a $eetin# "here a #rou! of $en( all "earin# red 2hriner hats( sat at ta'les% My father "as #iven a 2hriner hat and acted li e he felt unco$forta'le "earin# it% I "as !atriotically "earin# a navy 'lue v-nec dress "ith a lar#e "hite sailor collar% Mr% Rice sat on one side of $e and $y father on the other% They ate dinner 'ut I >ust sat at $y !lace in a daEe and didn+t eat anythin#% One of the 2hriner+s stood at his ta'le and clin in# his #lass to #et everyone+s attention( he announced( 63e have a little $e$'er here toni#ht to entertain and deli#ht you% &lease "elco$e her "ith a round of a!!lause%6 I "al ed u! onto the sta#e and 'e#an dancin# to The National /nthe$% 6Oh say can you see( 'y the da"n+s early li#ht(6 the "ords !layed as I danced and slo"ly 'e#an ta in# off first $y dress( then $y shoes( !antaloons( nylons( 'ra( and !anties until I stood dressed only in a tiny tasseled "hite satin #-strin#% 3hy I didn+t stri! all the "ay I don+t no"% /ll the $en cheered and after I "as throu#h Mr% Rice stood at the 'otto$ of the sta#e stairs to ta e $e 'ac sta#e to dress% He held out his ar$ and I too it% I felt li e I "as 'lind and couldn+t see to find $y "ay so he led $e as he recited the !ro#ra$ he had continually tau#ht $e to $e$oriEe( 6There "as a $an "ho had no eyes and he "ent out to vie" the s ies( he sa" a tree "ith a!!les on it( he !ic ed no a!!les off 'ut left no a!!les on it%6 It "as a 6'lind6 !ro#ra$ and I "as told I couldn+t see "hile I "as there% Mr% Rice led $e to a 'ac roo$% It "asn+t li e a dressin# roo$( >ust a side roo$% He #ave $e so$e ind of red ro'e to "ear( 6They+ll 'rin# your clothes on into us in a"hile( "e+ll >ust "ait%6 Other ni#hts at different 2hriner !laces( there "ere satanic rituals "here I "as ra!ed on an altar in front

03 of the #rou! of ro'ed $en% There "ere $any other 2hriner $eetin#sD lots of the$ dis#uised 6under the 'i# to!(6 at 2hriner circuses% Circuses "ere a !lace of trau$a over the years and I usually ended u! #ettin# hurt% My nei#h'or &e##y and I !erfor$ed /lice in 3onderland in "hat see$in#ly a!!eared to 'e an innocent 'ac yard nei#h'orhood !lay for these elderly nei#h'ors( Mr% K Mrs% Rice% They sat on their !atio( havin# coc tails li e they al"ays did at ha!!y hour and "atched "hile "e !erfor$ed% In the $iddle of the !lay( Mr% Rice "i##led his fin#er and callin# $e over to hi$( he said( 6Co$e here( 2usie( I "ant to tell you a secret%6 I stood 'y this elderly $an+s chair on the !atio and he $otioned for $e to 'end over so he could "his!er a secret to $e% His !un#ent alcohol 'reath !er$eated the air as he said( 6I have a little sur!rise that "ill hel! you act out the !lay 'etter(6 and he !ut a s$all role of lifesavers into $y hand and told $e( 6o!en your $outh for the ne1t sur!rise%6 Naively and "ith co$!lete trust( I o!ened $y $outh as he said( 6Close your eyes for the hidden sur!rise( and re$e$'er the real sur!rise is in your hand%6 Then he re$inded $e( 6o!en your $outh for the hidden sur!rise%6 In childli e innocence( I e!t $y eyes closed( "aitin# in antici!ation for the sur!rise% Mr% Rice !laced so$ethin# in $y $outh that "as round as he said( 6This is a heavenly "afer( $y dear( a hidden heavenly "afer( in "hich you "ill a!!ear%6 I didn+t no" "hat he $eant 'ut I 'e#an feelin# very "ea and funny inside( >ust li e /lice in 3onderland did% Then he said( 6*o finish your !lay no" and act your !art% Your !art is a'out to start( so don+t 'e late for a very i$!ortant date or you "ill end u! in trou'le over and over and over a#ain% /l"ays o'ey the "hite ra''it( follo" hi$ inside for he has the ti$e of day in "hich you "ill !lay% 2o #o no" and !lay your !lay% 3hich is it( !lay4 The !lay or the !lay46 In a confused stu!or( I "al ed 'ac over to $y friend &e##y and entered the !lay a#ain( sayin# $y !art( "hich "as( 6I+$ late( I+$ late for a very i$!ortant date%6 Mr% Rice "as $y date at other evenin# affairs "ith the 2hriners( so$e "here I "as even the 6altar #irl6 'ut it "asn+t li e a sacred cere$ony at the Catholic Church( instead( I "as ta en to satanic rituals% They "ere really 'ad rituals "here I "as ra!ed on an altar in front of lots of 2hriners late at ni#ht( in dar outside !laces and they hurt and tortured $e in the na$e of "hat they called( 6the holy one%6 &e##y and I also !erfor$ed The &arent Tra! for the Rice+s% This "as a "ay of ce$entin# and concretiEin# the 2usan and 2haron t"in sister !ro#ra$$in#% I !layed 2haron in the 'ac yard !lay and &e##y !layed 2usan% 3e even cut $y dress >ust li e in the $ovie% /s I re$e$'ered "hat had actually ha!!ened( in full detail( instead of $erely recallin# the s$all slice of conscious reality of this !ast event( I could s$ell the Rice+s ho$e( Mr% Rice+s alcohol 'reath( and his dau#hter ?oanie+s !erfu$e( "hich "as stron# and also had an alcohol 'ase to it% Hidden 'ehind all the fairy tales and see$in#ly #ood thin#s "ere !ainful $e$ories of the !laces I "as ta en to for !ro#ra$$in#%


The Onset of &u'erty I 'e#an !u'erty around this ti$e and $y father snuc into $y roo$ li e he al"ays did at ni#ht% He e1!lained to $e "hile I "as in a haEe of slee!( that I "as of the su!erior race( that I "as of /ryan descent and that he "as !roud of $y 'lond hair( #reen eyes( and fair s in% /t the ti$e( I had no idea "hat he "as tal in# a'out and i#nored it( !retendin# I didn+t hear hi$% I started $enstruatin# at ten% This heralded a'use in rituals "hich involved 'ein# ra!ed and i$!re#nated( so$eti$es t"ice a year% 3hen the fetuses "ere t"o to three $onths old( they "ere a'orted at rituals and in#ested 'y $e$'ers of the #rou! in order to fulfill the 'eliefs of the #rou!D that it $ade those !artici!atin# 6$ore !o"erful%6 These "ere devastatin#( dee!ly trau$atiEin#( and soulfully !ainful e1!eriences( the $e$ory of "hich "as re!ressed alon# "ith all the other trau$as% These trau$atic events served as $ind control reinforce$ent( to insure a$nesia of $y use in !orno#ra!hy( !rostitution( and later !ro>ects I "as to serve in% ,y the end of the F6 #rade( "hen I "as al$ost eleven( I had #one throu#h !u'erty( "as fully develo!ed and had already had $y $enstrual cycle for a year% Des!ite the a'use( I "as !ro#ra$$ed to 'e an avera#e student( "ith $any 6school6 !ersonalities "ho hel!ed $e act li e a 6nor$al id%6 Often I dis!layed 'ehavior !ro'le$s in school( as I acted out( due to "hat "as secretly #oin# on at ho$e and at other dar ( hidden !laces% My teachers $erely !assed off $y >o in# and constant disru!tion as ty!ical $ischievous 'ehavior and I "on an a"ard for class clo"n% I also had !ersonalities "ho "ere totally a$nesiac of any of $y a'use "ho "ere a'le to function nor$ally at school% /s I entered >unior hi#h school( I did the thin#s that nor$al ids doD I "as a cheerleader( !erfor$ed in the chorus( san# solos at school !erfor$ances( "on a"ards for the $ost 'eautiful s$ile and for 'ein# the class clo"n( and o'tained other a"ards for service% /nd $y $other had the cleanest house in the nei#h'orhood% To all out"ard a!!earances( all of these fa$ilies I+ve $entioned( see$ed to 'e nor$al( u!standin# citiEens of the co$$unity% NO one "ould have ever sus!ected that( in secret( all of this a'use "as occurrin#% The $others e!t clean children and clean houses( s$iled and "ere !olite and carin# in !u'lic( and the fathers acted char$in# and "ere considered res!onsi'le 'usiness$en in the co$$unity% 3hat "ent on 'ehind closed doors--that no one "anted to 'elieve or hear a'out( not even $y school !rinci!al--"as the s!iritual( !hysical( and e$otional devastation of $any( $any children% In $y des!eration to o'tain hel! or understandin#( I started very early tryin# to fi#ure out "hat "as "ron#% I e!t 'u$!in# into $ind control !ro#ra$$in# that re-routed $y thou#hts( and e1as!erated "ith $y state$ents and )uestions( $y $other constantly 6re-$inded6 $e fro$ her o"n !ro#ra$$in#( 6You >ust thin too $uch06 3hen I turned eleven( $y father announced he "as flyin# $e to his s$all ho$eto"n of Correctionville( Io"a( to $eet $y #rand!arents% I "as sur!rised 'y this invitation( as fa$ily !ro'le$s had estran#ed $y father fro$ his !arents for years %%%in fact(

08 fro$ even 'efore $y 'irth% My father never had anythin# !leasant to say a'out his !arents% ,ut I "as e1cited to fly on an air!lane 8"hich I $ista enly thou#ht "as $y first ti$e9 and curious a'out $eetin# $y #rand!arents for the first ti$e% The telltale fact that $y father hated the$( and had stolen their car and run a"ay fro$ ho$e at fifteen never entered $y thou#ht !rocesses% Nor "as I a'le to "onder "hy $y $other and 'rothers "ere not invited to #o alon#% 7nfortunately( due to the $ind control I "as under( I did not have the a'ility to )uestion or to "onder a'out anythin# alon# certain lines% I $erely "ent alon# "ith "hat I "as told to do% I "as i$!re#nated several $onths 'efore "e "ere to #o to Io"a% My $other too $e sho!!in# to a clothes store called 2tardusters% It "as li e Holly"ood there% The saleslady !ic ed out dresses and too $e into the dressin# roo$ and( in s!ite of $y e$'arrass$ent( dressed $e in outfits co$!lete "ith accessories% My $other 'ou#ht $e several e1!ensive outfits( co$!lete "ith hats( 'elts( !urses and fancy( frilly under#ar$ents( althou#h she "ore old( ra##ed clothes and at ho$e the "ord "as that "e "ere 'ro e% On the "ay ho$e fro$ our sho!!in# s!ree( $y $other too note of $y $aternally !oochin# tu$$y( and over the ne1t fe" $onths( yelled at $e constantly sayin#( 6Hold in your sto$ach%6 Neither of us consciously ne" that I "as !re#nant and I tried $y 'est to hold in $y tu$$y% Durin# $y teen years( I "as usually anore1ic( very thin( and didn+t eat $uch( so the fact that I "as !re#nant for a $onth or t"o "as not easy to detect( es!ecially to those "ho "ouldn+t have ever e1!ected it% My !aternal #randfather( Ivan Charles Ec hart( "as a ?ersey Ice Crea$ $anufacturer( a $ulti$illionaire and $ayor of the to"n of Correctionville( Io"a( "here he lived "ith $y #rand$other% Later on he "on a landslide election to 'eco$e the su!ervisor of the Third District and for years "as involved in 'oth local and state !olitics% My !aternal #rand$other( Leah Ec hart( "as a s$all 'ut an#ry-te$!ered "o$an% No" I understand "hy% Instead of slee!in# u!stairs in the !lush 'edroo$ "ith $y #randfather( she sle!t in the 'are ce$ent floored 'ase$ent on a s$all cot% /t the ti$e I could not )uestion or "onder a'out that either% My #rand!arents are no" 'oth deceased( left "ith never havin# the o!!ortunity of understandin# or healin# the inter#enerational a'use that created this !ro'le$ to 'e#in "ith% I had $any trau$atic e1!eriences on $y visits to Io"a% I su!!ose( 'ac then( $y father+s return visit to his !arents a!!eared >ust to 'e a fa$ily reunion( 'ut nothin# could have 'een further fro$ the truth% 3hile in Io"a( I had the first of several forced a'ortions( "hich "as !erfor$ed in a torturous fashion 'y a local doctor% /lthou#h I "as actually ra!ed and $ade !re#nant at a ritual( I "as hu$iliated and sha$ed for 'eco$in# !re#nant% /s in all trau$a-'ased $ind control( everythin# "as a dou'le-'ind% I "as 'la$ed and sha$ed for everythin# that ha!!ened( none of "hich I ever had any control over% My 'a'y( "hich "as not yet old enou#h to 'e 'orn alive( "as nevertheless a !erfectly for$ed fetus% My #rand!arents and $y father !erfor$ed a ritual 'ehind their house in "hich they convinced $e that I had

0+ illed $y o"n 'a'y 8it "as o'viously 'orn dead9( and they ate it and forced $e to !artici!ate% 2ince I "as sufferin# fro$ Multi!le &ersonality Disorder( this trau$atic e1!erience( alon# "ith $any others( "as stored neatly a"ay fro$ $y conscious $ind( hidden in alternate !ersonalities( and sealed a"ay fro$ $y conscious a"areness 'y !ro#ra$$in# that covered and hid the truth of $y life% One ni#ht after returnin# to $y #randfather+s house( so$eho" the e1!eriences that terrified $e "ere not so neatly hidden fro$ $y consciousness and in an act of !anic and des!eration( I frantically tried to !hone $y $other to as her to hel! $e% Overhearin# $e( $y #randfather #ra''ed the !hone out of $y hand and !roceeded to ri! the !hone out of the "all and in retaliation( tied $e to the !ost of his iron 'ed fra$e for t"o days( "hile they "ent out of to"n% My #randfather "as very 'rutal% ,ut $y father "as very !roud of the hu$an technolo#y I !ossessed% He "as !leased to 'e a'le to sho" his father all of $y 6trained6 a'ilities% Durin# the re$ainder of the ti$e "e "ere in Io"a( I "as forced to entertain $y #randfather+s 'usiness and !olitical friends% I danced na ed on the ta'le at $eetin#s and !erfor$ed se1ual favors for $any of $y #randfather+s associates% To de$onstrate $y a'ilities( $y father !ro$!ted the $en to use their ci#ars or ci#arettes to 'urn $y va#inal area as I neeled 'efore the$% My father "anted to de$onstrate that I "ould s$ile and sho" no si#ns of the !ain due to $ind control% /fter these $eetin#s( I "as connected to a hi#her level of !oliticians% -ro$ then on( "hen $y father too $e on our yearly tri!s to Io"a( I "as slo"ly connected to $ore and $ore !olitical fi#ures% In the $eanti$e( he used $e "herever he could to #et cash( or $ore often( courtesies for favors% 3e started havin# enou#h $oney to #o out to dinner( "hich "as a treat "e could not !reviously afford% It+s li ely that so$e of the $oney ca$e fro$ $y father+s !ayoffs fro$ $y use in !orn and !rostitution% Trainin# -ar$s There "ere child and adolescent trainin# centers called 6far$s(6 that I 'elieve "ere located in Montreal( a city in the -rench Canadian &rovince of Rue'ec% I "as ta en to one for 6#race trainin#(6 and to ste! u! the eti)uette and for$al trainin# I "ould need to 'e used a notch hi#her% Other teena#e #irls "ere also there in trainin#% It felt li e a !rison% I thin I "as there for a "ee - it "as difficult to deter$ine the actual s!an of ti$e% It had to 'e "inter 'ecause it "as chilly and "indy outside( and the trees "ere 'arren and there "ere leaves on the #round% This !lace "as located out in the countryside% It "asn+t on the "ay to anythin# so if anyone ca$e near they could easily 'e identified as intruders% 3e "ere seen to !u'lic eyes as un"ed $others% 3e even had to stuff a !illo" in our !ants and #o into to"n every once in a"hile% I sle!t "ith other #irls in a "hite far$ 'uildin# that had ce$ent floors and cots "ith $attresses that lined the roo$% 3e all co$!liantly too the $edicine they #ave us every $ornin#% The !eo!le that "or ed at 6the far$6 chan#ed daily( $en and "o$en 'oth( 'ut never the sa$e ones t"o days in a ro"% 3e ate dinner and "e all #ot into 'ed( then so$eone told us a story% They treated us li e a herd of co"s and "e all totally o'eyed instructionsD there "as no fuss and no fi#ht( >ust total o'edience%

01 I "as tau#ht ho" to "al ele#antly "ith a 'oo on $y head and had to 'e a'le to s)uat do"n "ithout dro!!in# the 'oo ( and then stand u! a#ain% I "as assi#ned to "or "ith lan#ua#e in!ut ta!es in a s$all sound roo$ e)ui!!ed "ith head!hones% I "as #iven a $irror to loo into to !ractice $a in# certain sounds% /ll the instructions "ere #iven to $e auditorily( even do"n to( 6hold your $outh li e you are sayin# / or O(6 and then I heard the sound I "as to $i$ic% Once I learned the !hysical i$!ressions of ho" to $a e the sounds they could easily attach lan#ua#e s ills% I don+t no" ho" it all "or s( 'ut later they had $e lay do"n "ith head!hones on "hile they !layed sounds so fast that I couldn+t hear the "ords% Later they said that it had 6"or ed(6 and that I had received -rench lan#ua#e enhance$ent% The lady e1!lained that in $ost forei#n countries it "as !ro!er to as for a translator( 'ut it "as to 'e co$$on 'ac #round for the u!!er class to at least s!ea fluent -rench and Italian( and !refera'ly *er$an and Russian also% 2ince I "as #oin# to 'e used "ith forei#n !eo!le and in forei#n countries( I had to no" their lan#ua#es and custo$s% I "as also sho"n $ovies fro$ a fil$ !ro>ector onto a screen% I sa" fil$s on different forei#n countries in order to o'tain the necessary culture% They instructed $e( 6&ut this in your China file(6 and then I "ould "atch a $ovie intently recordin# all of it( the !laces( the na$es( dates( historical facts( everythin#% Then later on "hen Henry and I arrived in these forei#n lands( I "as fa$iliar "ith their cultural 'ac #round so I "ouldn+t $a e a fau1 !as% /ll "e did at the trainin# far$ "as eat li#htly( slee! and learnD in!ut "as in#ested in lar#e )uantities for later use% Henry didn+t visit $e there% He said he $i#ht sto! in to chec on $e( 'ut he never did% ,eforehand( he tied $y 3iEard of OE !ro#ra$$in# to this event "hen he told $e to 'elieve( 6I left $y 'ed in .ansas( and "ent on the "in#s of a tornado to the far$%6 3hen I ca$e 'ac 6to .ansas6 I "o e u! in $y o"n 'ed in California and "as very( very sic % My $o$ too care of $e and told $e that I had the flu% I had a hi#h fever and "as a little delirious% I couldn+t even $ana#e to ee! $y eyes focused% I felt e1hausted and so sic that I couldn+t slee!( so I lay in $y 'ed and !rayed to die% Durin# su$$er vacation one year( Mr% Rice( our 2hriner nei#h'or( re-introduced $e to his dau#hter( ?oanie Rice( "ho "as visitin# for the su$$er fro$ her ho$e in 3hite &lains( Ne" Yor % 2he "as $uch older than I and "as very attractive% 2he "ore lots of $a eu! and >e"elry( and "ore a heavy !erfu$e called Royal 2ecret% Durin# that ti$e( $y $aternal #rand$other "ho lived "ith us had to 'e !ut in a rest ho$e and $y $other visited her every day( so ?oanie( stayed to 'a'ysit $e and !layed "ith $e 'y our !ool in $y $other+s a'sence% It all loo ed li e a nice arran#e$ent fro$ the outside( 'ut her !resence "as !lanned to further $y !ro#ra$$in#% 2he tau#ht $e to 'e 6di#nified%6 I heard that "ord over and over and over% 2he tau#ht $e social eti)uette--to act !olished( to have #ood $anners( and she "as there to voice-!ro#ra$ $e "hen the $en ca$e "ith the e)ui!$ent% /t these ti$es( she and a #rou! of $en held $e do"n on the couch( dru##ed $e( !laced a 'and around $y head( "hich they retrieved fro$ a 'lac 'riefcase full of s!ecial e)ui!$ent includin# 'ri#ht li#hts and $achines "hich delivered different sounds and instructions% I "as #iven na$es of !oliticians and !ro#ra$$ed "ith instructions that( "hen I sa" the$ on TV or heard the$ on radio( I "as to 'eco$e co$!letely a$nestic of "ho and "hat I "as involved in% 2he also !ro#ra$$ed $e fro$ lists of nu$'ers and

07 codes% Other years( I "as flo"n to her #la$orous a!art$ent in Ne" Yor % 2he escorted $e to 3ashin#ton( DC at first( so I "ouldn+t feel afraid or alone and could "or at $y $a1i$u$ ca!acity% My $other and I also 'e#an to "ear Royal 2ecret !erfu$e( li e ?oanie% T"enty-nine &al$s My fa$ily 'ou#ht !ro!erty in T"enty-nine &al$s( California and 'uilt a s$all ca'in on the desert land% One "ee end $y father e1!lained that $y $o$ needed a little ti$e to herself since her $other had >ust !assed a"ay% I( too( "as sad that $y #rand$other had died% My controllers told $e she "ent to the streets of hell as evidenced 'y the 'lood co$in# out of her face% 2he died of hi#h 'lood !ressure( "hich caused the 'leedin#% ,ut they said she "ent to hell and I ho!ed she "ould co$e 'ac alive so "e could re-route her% ,ut after a"hile that didn+t scare $e 'ecause I ne" $y 6*ra$6 didn+t #o to hell% /lthou#h in a !ro#ra$$ed state( $y #rand$other !artici!ated at ti$es in $y a'use( I ne" she "as really a nice )uiet( #entle "o$an( "ho li e $y $other( never "ould have intentionally hurt anyone% 2o( $y father too $y 'rothers and I to our T"enty-nine &al$s ca'in and one day they involved $e in a se1 ritual% They #ot $e drun ( then stri!!ed and tied $e 'y $y "rists and an les face u! in the sand in the intense desert sun% They see$ed so e1cited as they did this to $e% My father !ainted a satanic !enta#ra$ and #reen s"asti as on $y 'ody% Later on( as it 'e#an to #et dar he !oured #as in a "ide circle around $e and once it "as really dar he lit a $atch "hich started a fire 'urnin# all around $e% I thou#ht they "ere #oin# to coo $e% They !ut a half-dead( sandy( horned toad in $y $outh and told $e to hold it there% My 'rother Ric "as runnin# all around in an e1cited frenEy and $y 'rother ?i$ "as there also% /t this ritual( in addition to trau$atiEin# $e( they "ere 'ein# tau#ht ho" to 'e in char#e% I "as ra!ed 'y all of the$ and their friends% My -uture Marria#e 3as /rran#ed In <th *rade Durin# this ti$e( I attended Hale ?unior Hi#h 2chool( "hich "as located directly across the street fro$ our church( the -irst &res'yterian Church of 3oodland Hills% It "as at Hale( in the <+6 #rade 8"e "ere thirteen9( that I $et Crai# -ord 8Ro'ert Crai# -ord9% One afternoon( $y $other !ic ed $e u! fro$ school and I introduced Crai# to her% /fter Crai# left and I #ot into the car( $y $other announced( 6That is the 'oy you "ill $arry%6 I lau#hed and as ed her ho" she ne"% 2he said she >ust ne"% I never )uestioned further% Crai# as ed $e to #o steady soon after"ard% Over the ne1t several years( Crai# and I "ere 6'onded6 to each other throu#h cross!ro#ra$$in# and shared trau$a to insure that Crai# "as under sufficient $ind control to later serve as $y 6handler%6 / ritual at the -irst &res'yterian Church served to seal our 'ond( and soon other $ore so!histicated $eans of !ro#ra$$in# "ere utiliEed% 3hite &ro#ra$$in# Vans Lar#e "hite vans "ith $en in suits in the 'ac !ic ed us u! at differin# locations in Ventura and O1nard( California( and directed us into the 'ac of the van% 2!ecialiEed e)ui!$ent in 'riefcases and other lar#er e)ui!$ent in the van a"aited us% They routinely

00 'eat Crai# in front of $e to de$onstrate "hat a "ea lin# he really "as and ho" !o"erful and in control of $e they "ere% They "ould sla! $e around in front of hi$( as "ell( to sho" hi$ ho" !o"erless he "as to hel! $e and ho" $uch in control they "ere% Electroshoc "as used on 'oth of us( first 'y insertin# and activatin# an electric !rod in $y va#ina and then deliverin# the sa$e to Crai# on his !enis% 3e "ere forced to "atch in a dissociative( trance state as the other "as tortured and trau$atiEed as they readied us for !ro#ra$$in#% The 'ond that "as for$ed 'y shared trau$a "as !rofound% It created su'conscious feelin#s of 'ein# in this "hole $ess to#ether and enforced the feelin#s that "e "ould never 'e a'le to #et out% /fter they had sufficiently "orn us do"n( they stra!!ed us into so!histicated chairs and hoo ed us u! to electrodes% Tones "ere co$'ined "ith electroshoc in order to create access cues that #ave the$ )uic and easy access to us 'oth later on% Hy!notic su##estions and love son#s "ere !resented to us( in order to facilitate our 6fallin# $adly in love%6 In fact $y controllers created an entire syste$ of son#s intended to invo e selected( !reordained feelin#s to"ard Crai# and others% The list of son#s "as added to and cultivated over the years de!endin# on "hat attitudes and e$otions they "anted to create "ithin $e% These son#s "ere so$e of the stron#est $easures of control and literally created "hat I thou#ht "ere $y o"n feelin#s a'out Crai#( 'ut "hich really "ere contrived feelin#s created to su!!ort the interests of $y controllers% Co$'ined "ith scenarios such as this( $y 'rothers and their $uscle-'ound friends "ould interce!t us "hen "e "ere !ar ed after a date to iss% They !ulled Crai# out of the car and 'eat hi$ u! as they instructed hi$ not to touch $e se1ually% Then one of the$ "ould ra!e $e in front of hi$ as they restrained hi$ near'y( renderin# hi$ once a#ain !o"erless to hel!% /ll these conditionin# e1!eriences served to 6!re!are6 Crai# to ro'otically deliver and hand $e over to other $en( then ste! aside "hile I !assed $essa#es or serviced the$ se1ually% It "as al"ays his >o' to $a e sure I "as delivered to the ri#ht !lace( at the ri#ht ti$e( to the ri#ht !erson( and for $any years( that is e1actly "hat he did% I didn+t have se1 "ith ,o' Ho!e until later% ,o' said the "ait "ould do hi$ #ood( 6#ive hi$ so$ethin# to loo for"ard to(6 and then he "ould lean do"n and !o e $e and do that ole+ softshoe dance% He did that often% He said( 6I li e $y fruit ri!ened( not !luc ed 'efore its ti$e%6 /t other ti$es he "ould say to his friends "hen I "as around( 62ee( I no" ho" to !ic $y fruit( huh46 Then he+d say( 6Hey id( #et $e so$e #ra!es(6 and I+d #o #et the$ and he "ould sho" off ho" cute and efficient I "as% He "as al"ays sho"in# off $y ne" acts% He "ould say( 6Do your Coca Roca dance%6 2o I+d do a dance% Then he "ould say( 6No( the other Coca Roca(6 and I+d ta e off $y clothes "hile dancin#% Or he "ould have $e sin# I En>oy ,ein# / *irl( "hich "as a son# I san# for a >unior hi#h school !erfor$ance and later for hi$ and others% The Theater in the Round "as 'uilt and o!ened in 3oodland Hills and dre" lar#e cro"ds to "atch the live action !lays that "ere !erfor$ed in the round theater% I attended

"== the !lays often and it "as there that I "as !rostituted to ,o'+s friend( 2a$$y Davis( ?r% It "as a 'rutal event that I 6for#ot6 a'out as soon as he "as throu#h "ith $e% 6Love suffereth lon#( and is ind%%%6 -- : Corinthians :H5I

"=" ,rice Taylor - Than s for the Me$ories Cha1ter S%(: +FK and the Se( Sh2ttle Durin# a de$onstration of the hi#h level of technolo#y availa'le to those "illin# to >oin the ran s( Henry $asterfully delivered a slide !resentation of the $ind control technolo#y% I sat in the dar ened roo$ in 6!ar $ode(6 "ith $y conscious $ind see$in#ly 'loc ed fro$ the infor$ation( yet carryin# out the co$$and of $y $aster to !erfectly record all that "ent on around $e% -irst Henry flashed a slide of $e in $y nor$al California life% He said( 63ho in their ri#ht $ind "ould 'elieve that this id "as havin# se1ual relations "ith the &resident of the 7nited 2tates46 The $en a#reed% Then he follo"ed 'y a series of slides of $e artfully $ade u!( dressed for$ally and in different dis#uises% The $en "ere a$aEed at the difference% Many $en "ere 'rou#ht into the cause si$!ly 'ecause they "anted to o"n a !iece of the roc and have their o"n ro'ots to do their "or or create their !leasures5 /t first they "ere #iven >ust 'its of infor$ation at a ti$e( to deter$ine if they "ould 'e coo!erative% Then they "ere #iven a little $ore infor$ation to test the "aters to see if they "ere ready for the final 'lo"% 7sually doEens of $eetin#s occurred on su!erficial levels 'efore any real infor$ation "as #iven out and that "as only released "hen the $en "ere 6dee!ly co$$itted(6 "hich $eant that they "ould 'e co$!ro$isin# the$selves or their fa$ily if they 'ac ed out at a certain !oint% In the 'e#innin# "hen Henry "as cultivatin# $y relationshi! "ith ?-. and insurin# hi$ of $y security #uarantees( Henry didn+t fill $e "ith $uch of an a#enda e1ce!t to #ive ?-. the 6royal treat$ent(6 "hich $eant the sa$e as ,o'+s 8Ho!e+s9 full s$or#as'ord of se1ual !ositions and favors% Henry told $e to carefully note everythin# ?-. said and did for de'riefin# after"ards% Henry had a challen#e "ith ?-. 'ecause as he said( 6he+s so da$n self-initiatin#(6 and so Henry couldn+t have $e ta e the lead( there'y sli!!in# in co$$ents intended for Henry+s covert !ur!oses% 2o for a"hile in the 'e#innin#( he >ust let $e 'e "ith ?-. so that he "ould #et used to $e( and Henry said( 6Then a !lan "ill inevita'ly o!en u!%6 .issin#er didn+t s!end a lot of ti$e "ith ?-.% They s!o e 'ut it "as li e they "ere 6%%%!olar o!!osites and constantly re!elled each other(6 Henry said% ,ut Henry( and es!ecially ,o' as the front $an( #ot to ?-. and !aved the "ay for his acce!tance of $e% Once "e "ere in( then Henry started strate#iEin# heavily% That is "hat ha!!ened after I 'e#an havin# se1 "ith ?-.% Henry said( 6Mind files "ere created to deli#ht the youn# !resident%6 /s .issin#er counted on( ?-. "as a ro$antic and see$ed to #et cau#ht u! in $any of the $essa#es I delivered to hi$% The $essa#es $ade hi$ feel #ood and Henry "anted hi$ to feel #ood and !o"erful "ith $e% I "as deliverin# hi#h level Council $essa#es created 'y ,o' and Henry( that Henry instilled in $e to deliver to 6?ohn--eeee(6 that+s "hat I called hi$% They #ot a "ar under"ay throu#h ?-.( a 'i# "ar that "as to influence not only /$erica 'ut also the international cli$ate% It "as as co$$on for forei#n di#nitaries( heads of state( senators( con#ress$en( #overnors( and other leaders( to ride the Lincoln Me$orial 8Oral 2e19 Tour( as it "as for

"=/ the$ to #et their shoes shined in the local hotels% In fact( that "as one of the >o es I "as instructed to deliver to #et a $an loosened u!% I "as !ro#ra$$ed to say( 63ant your shoe shined46 Then I "ould unEi! hi$ and 'e#in% There "ere lots of $en "ho "anted further servicin# later on( 'ut I "as instructed to refer the$ to $y 'oss% I serviced $any $en on this so-called shuttle service over the years of $y life that should have 'een filled "ith >unior hi#h( hi#h school and colle#e e1tracurricular activities of $y o"n choosin#% The elitists I "or ed for had an endless su!!ly of slaves that e!t the tour shuttle runnin# re#ularly% I "asn+t really #ivin# tours( >ust se1 in the li$o% The $en felt safe and !rotected fro$ !u'lic e1!osure 'y their !lace$ent in the 'ac of the li$o 'ecause they couldn+t 'e seen due to the security "indo"s% They had !rivacy "hen they e1ited the li$o so they "ouldn+t 'e e1!osed% 2ecurity e$!loyees "ould al"ays a"ait the arrival of the shuttle li$o to o!en the door and coach the$ out "hen the 6coast "as clear(6 then transfer the$ i$$ediately into their o"n !ersonal li$o so no one "ould ever detect% There "ere ti$es "hen Henry "ould have a driver ta e us fro$ DC to his office in Ne" Yor % He "ould "or "ith $e in the 'ac seat after he told the driver( 6I+ll 'e 'usy "or in# and I don+t "ant to 'e interru!ted%6 2o the driver shut the "indo" 'et"een the seats and Henry "ould de'rief $e and ta e s etchy notes( dra" dia#ra$s and !lans "hile I "as tal in# or he "ould touch his fin#er to $y forehead and start u!loadin# $e for future assi#n$ents% Much of our "or too !lace li e this on drives 'et"een !laces usually >ust 'efore or after I had 'een used at the 3hite House or other !laces% It "as convenient( as "ell as a security $easure( 'ecause he could account for his ti$e s!ent "ith $e 'y sayin#( 6I "as en route to NY or DC(6 or "herever he "as #oin#( and since I "as on the sa$e ti$e trac as Henry it "as all very ti$e efficient( and concealed his activity and connection to $e% To Henry the efficient use of his ti$e "as everythin#% He told $e( 63hen !eo!le can $aster their use of ti$e( they have the secret to success%6 He often tal ed on and on to $e a'out his ideas( events and !eo!le( usin# $e as a soundin# 'oard( co$!letely assured that I couldn+t ever 'rea the security !ro#ra$$in# necessary to re$e$'er his conversations% Henry said I "as $uch $ore than his efficient secretary( I "as a 6di!lo$at e1traordinare%6 I "ore a 'ro"nish tan "ool suit( tailor-$ade 'y $y $other( to $y first $eetin# in the 2oviet 7nion% Henry tau#ht $e then that the 2oviet 7nion( 722R and Russia 'asically all $eant the sa$e thin#% He also told $e that $y $other "as al"ays "ith $e #ivin# $e stren#th and $aturity( and that I could feel connected to her 'y "earin# the suit she $ade for $e% I #uess I "as e$otionally needin# to 'e older than :G( $y actual a#e at the ti$e% 2o he 'olstered $e $aturationally 'y $entally tyin# $e to $y $other% It "as funny 'ecause if I "ore "ool !ants or a "ool >ac et( I "ould scratch $yself and I couldn+t sto! it% /nd no $atter ho" $any ti$es Henry #ave $e the hy!notic su##estion( 6it+s not scratchin# you( the $aterial is soft and s$ooth on your s in(6 it still itched% 2o $y $o$ had to line everythin# she $ade for $e that "as "ool% ?-. rode the L%M% se1 tour re#ularly and "hile I "as do"n on $y nees he "ould !at $e on the 'ac and say( 6You are really #oin# to $ove u! the ran s%6 Or( 6You+re really #oin# to a$ount to so$ethin# "hen you #ro" u!( id%6 He loved lunch-ti$e oral se1 and

"=3 the secret service a#ents rode in the front "ith the li$o driver and che"ed hi$ out royally for( as they said( 6%%%'rea in# stride that is nullifyin# National 2ecurity( 2ir%6 To cal$ the dis#runtled 2ecret 2ervice a#ents( ?ac "ould lau#hin#ly e1!lain( 6Rela1( I deserve a rela1in# lunch 'rea ( that+s all%6 I can still re$e$'er his accent so clearly% ?-. "as really #utsy% He "ould even snea $e into the 3hite House for 6nooners%6 2o$eti$es there "as another se1 slave "ith $e and "hen "e+d #et u! to the 'edroo$ he "ould say( 63e+re >ust furtherin# your trainin# so you+ll 'e to!-notch "hen you #ro" u!%6 He tau#ht $e( 6/ $an li es a "o$an "ho+s a##ressive se1ually% My "ife doesn+t satisfy $e% 2he >ust lays 'ac and "aits% ,ut a $an li es a "o$an "ho ta es char#e%6 Then he "ould lay 'ac and "ait for the t"o of us to sti$ulate hi$( at "hich !oint he turned into an ani$al% ?ac said he "as trainin# $e for the future% I didn+t no" "hat that $eant% He said I "as servin# $y country 'y $eetin# the needs of their leader% He said( 6,y easin# $y stresses you hel! $e $a e 'etter decisions%6 Touchin# the ti! of $y nose he continued( 62o youn# lady( you are very i$!ortant to our nation%6 I "as >ust out of 'races% ?-. had a lean $uscular 'ody and a hairy chest% He "or ed out on the ro"in# $achine% On one occasion as "e "ere lyin# in 'ed to#ether( he said to $e( 6You no"( "e 'oth have the sa$e ind of teeth%6 I reached out and !ut $y hand into his $outh to feel his teeth and he "as ri#ht( "e 'oth had 'i# teeth--only his "ere $ore s)uared off% ?-. also li ed anal se1( li e his 'rother Ted% /fter he found out I "as "ith Ted he as ed $e "hat his 'rother "as really li e% 3hen I e1!lained that he hurt $e( he >ust shoo his head and said( 6I never could understand "hat ha!!ened to $y 'rother% 3e 'oth had the sa$e !arents( 'ut "e did #o to different 'oardin# schools and had different friends%6 He further e1!lained that they didn+t see their !arents often and that their fa$ily had so $uch $oney that they chose the school that "as the $ost fittin# for their sons and sent the$ there% 2o as he e1!lained( there "eren+t $any fa$ily interactions% He said he felt lonely a lot "hen he "as #ro"in# u!( that he "as closer to the $aids and nannies than to his !arents% He said( 6The .ennedy Clan !u'licly a!!ears to 'e a close nit fa$ily( 'ut I never sa" $y !arents e1ce!t on holidays "hen they "ould $eet in Hyannis!ort and us ids "ould 'e flo"n fro$ our res!ective schools to $eet the$% It "as $ore li e #ettin# reac)uainted "ith stran#ers than $eetin# $y fa$ily% Everyone "as a" "ard and "e really had nothin# to tal a'out% I "ent out in a 'oat "e had there and s!ent hours alone( !layin# all 'y $yself% I "as estran#ed fro$ $y 'rothers also 'ecause none of us lived to#ether so "hen "e ca$e to#ether "e didn+t no" each other% 7sually 'y the end of the holiday( "e "ere friends a#ain -- li e real 'rothers -- 'ut then it "ould 'e ti$e to #o 'ac to our res!ective schools and it "ould start all over%6 Then he added( 6I don+t no" "hy I+$ tellin# you this( you+re >ust a id yourself and "ouldn+t really understand%6 He loo ed shy and vulnera'le as he said( 6I+$ sorry for tellin# you all this%6 I s$iled and said( 6It+s o ay%6 It see$ed to 'e the fact that I listened and couldn+t thin to tal ( that $ade these $en feel #ood% /ll they really "anted "as so$eone to really listen%

"=# ?-. never caused !hysical in>ury to $e% He "asn+t violent( >ust a##ressive se1ually 'ut never 'rutal li e his 'rother Ted% ?-. li ed all inds of se1% He li ed thin#s varied( nothin# routine% He #ot 'ored easily and as ed for ne" thin#s all the ti$e% 3e had se1 in $any !laces% He #ot hi#h on ta in# ris s %%%the ris ier the 'etter% 3e even had se1 in a !u'lic 'athroo$ so$e"here in DC% On those occasions( the 2ecret 2ervice /#ents "ere dou'ly $ad at hi$% They "ould totally frea out and say to hi$( 63e could loose our >o's "hen you !ull one of your little disa!!earin# stunts%6 /nd they "ould 'e really u!set( s"eatin# and nervous 'ecause as they e1!lained( they+d 'een runnin# all over the city loo in# for "here he had duc ed the$% ?ac >ust told the$ to rela1( that he "as fine and that they still had their >o's% I "ent on late ni#ht "al s "ith ?-. in DC% 2o$eti$es the cherry 'losso$s "ould 'e in 'loo$ and it s$elled so s"eet% The 2ecret 2ervice a#ents follo"ed close 'ehind us% They see$ed irritated to 'e on duty for ?-. 'ecause he "as so uncoo!erative and un!redicta'le% 3e "al ed 'y a river or "ater"ay% He really en>oyed seein# it at ni#ht and said the e1ercise did hi$ #ood% The 2ecret 2ervice a#ents co$!lained of 'ein# tired and hated havin# to #et u! at :5GG or A5GG a%$% to #o outside "ith hi$% ,ut "hen the &resident left( they had to #o "ith hi$% I don+t no" "here ?ac ie "as( 'ut she "asn+t al"ays at the 3hite House the ni#hts I "as 'rou#ht in% ?ac "ould snea $e to his roo$ and su!!osedly no one ne" I "as there% Li e I e1!lained( he loved ta in# ris s% 2o$eti$es I had difficulty understandin# e1actly "hat ?ac "as sayin# 'ecause of his accent and at other ti$es( I "ouldn+t 'e a'le to hear for a"hile fro$ the noise of the helico!ter or !lane I had 'een flo"n in on% My hearin# "ould feel $uffled( li e I had ear$uffs on% I felt so $uch older than $y youn# years( 'ut then I "as totally !hysically develo!ed 'y the Fth #rade 8ten years of a#e9% The !ersonalities that "ere created to 'e "ith ?-. "ere created to 'e older and $ore $ature than $y actual years% Durin# $y years at Hale ?r% Hi#h 2chool there "ere ti$es Henry .issin#er !re!ro#ra$$ed and sent $e in "ith a $essa#e to deliver "hile I "as !rostituted to ?-.% I "as a cheerleader and "as !rostituted to the 'oy+s coach alon# the "ay% I had a #rou! of #irl friends that "ere !art of $y *irl 2cout Troo! and one of $y friends "as na$ed ,eth% I "asn+t ever allo"ed to #o to 'oy-#irl !arties( 'ut I "ent to a lot of slee!overs% Many ti$es I didn+t end u! stayin# overni#ht( 'ut "as instead shuffled off for a )uic rendeEvous to the 3hite House or to Massachusetts or "herever the hi#her u!s "anted $e to #o to 'e "ith ?-.% I called hi$ 6?ohn--eeee6 8!ronounced 6?ohn -%E%69% Crai# "as 6!resident6 of the 2tudent ,ody and it $ay have 'een a cover for $y 3hite House !residential use% ,eth+s $other "as an attractive !etite 'londe "o$an and she "as hardly ever ho$e% I thin ,eth+s father "as a !ilot and $ay'e her $o$ "as a ste"ardess( 'ut she "as #one $ost of the ti$e% ,eth had older sisters thou#h and so they counted as adults in $y !rotective $other+s eyes( so I "as allo"ed to s!end the ni#ht "hen ,eth+s $other "as not at ho$e% One day I "al ed ho$e fro$ school "ith ,eth( as she lived very close to Hale% 3e $essed around and listened to records( and then( suddenly( I 'eca$e u!set and told her I "anted to #o ho$e% 2he said her $o$ "asn+t there to drive $e and she didn+t "ant $e to

"=8 #o ho$e( 'ut I called a nu$'er fro$ her itchen !hone and a yello" chec ered ta1i ca$e to the house and !ic ed $e u!% ,eth follo"ed $e out the door cryin# and said( 6Do you "ant $e to call your $o$46 6No( I+ll 'e ho$e in a $inute any"ay%6 I handed the driver a note I had in $y overni#ht 'a# and he too it fro$ there% I "as driven to L/@% The air!ort "as $uch s$aller in those days( 'ut still 'usy on -riday+s and "ee ends "ith lots of traffic% The driver dro!!ed $e off in front of T3/ and as ed if I needed any hel!% I said no( I "as fine% I "al ed u! to the des and told the "o$an $y na$e( 62haron 3eather'y(6 and she had a tic et "aitin# for $e% 2he as ed if I ne" "here to #o and !ointed $e in the direction of the #ate% I usually fle" T3/( 7nited( or Continental on national fli#hts - not international and I even had a little !in "ith "in#s( that a !ilot "ho ne" $e #ave $e 'ecause he said I "as an honorary ste"ardess% He had se1 "ith $e on the "ay 'ac fro$ assi#n$ents 'ut no one had se1 "ith $e 'efore ?-.% There "ere usually !ilots on co$$ercial airlines that "ere 6re#ulars(6 "hich $eant they ne" $e and "ere instructed to ee! $e under their "in#% 2o$eti$es I hel!ed the !ilot on fli#hts( 'ut usually I sle!t u! in first class% I thin one of these !ilots could have even 'een $y friend+s father( and he "as told to ee! an eye on $e% I usually curled u! in first class and sle!t for the lon# fli#ht% 3hen I arrived at the air!ort in DC( I "as $et 'y different !eo!le% This ti$e it "as a 'londe lady in a unifor$ and she "al ed $e out to a "aitin# 'lac li$o and o!ened the 'ac door for $e to #et in% I did and she !ut $y 'a# in ne1t to $e% This "as 'efore I $et Crai# so I "as eleven or t"elve years old( #oin# on t"enty-five% I "asn+t ta en directly to ?-. 'ut "as ta en to the area "here they o!erated the 6Lincoln Me$orial 2huttle6 8oral se1 ride9% / li$o !ulled u! and I "as "his ed into the 'ac of it% Once inside I sa" that 6?ohn-eee6 "as there and he said hello and 'e#an tic lin# $e% He !layed "ith $e and teased $e a lot% Then he !ulled $e over close to hi$ and said( 6No" it+s ti$e to 'e $ore serious%6 /nd he started issin# $e and sli!!ed his hand inside $y shirt and felt $y 'reasts% Then he unfastened $y 'ra and !ulled $y shirt u! and 'e#an suc in# on $y ni!!les% He said that really #ot hi$ hard to see youn#( fir$ 'reasts and he circled $y ni!!les "ith his fin#ers% I didn+t li e it "hen I sa" his "eddin# 'and on his hand "hile he "as doin# that to $e 'ecause even under $ind control( I ne" "ho his "ife "as% Henry had told $e to e$ulate her and so I felt 'ad%%% li e here "as this innocent( 'eautiful "o$an and I "as havin# se1 "ith her hus'and and there "as a feelin# of #uilt--even under $ind control% That day( ?-. too se1ual initiative and li ed 'ein# in char#e% ,efore he closed the "indo" and left us alone( the driver had said to hi$( 6?ac ( don+t you thin "e should connect 'ac u! to your security46 $eanin# the 2ecret 2ervice% ?-. said( 6No% Hell no% I deserve to have a life%6 /nd so "e toured around the city "hile 6?ohn--eee6 #ot hi$self "ar$ed u!--suc in# and lic in# $e all over and I #ave hi$ a 6!revie"6 of the co$in# event 'y "ay of oral se1( 'ac in# off >ust 'efore he or#as$ed% He loved to run his ton#ue over $y 'elly 'ecause he said( 6I love youn#( fir$( tu$$ies(6 and he loved $ine es!ecially 'ecause he said it "as so tan% He said I had a 6#olden tan%6 /fter a"hile( ?-. ta!!ed on the inner "indo" in the li$o to #et the driver+s attention and said( 62to! here%6

"=+ The driver said( 6Here( 2ir46 ?-. co$$anded( 6Yes(6 and o!ened the door and #ra''ed $y ar$ and too $e into this s$all $otel% He already had the ey to a roo$ and "ent ri#ht to it and o!ened the door% It "asn+t a very nice !lace 'ut he said "e "ouldn+t 'e loo ed for there( that 6certainly no one "ould co$e loo in# for the &resident in a !lace li e this(6 and then he lau#hed( lit u! a ci#arette and sat do"n at the s$all ta'le and chairs% Ta in# a !uff off his ci#arette he said he "anted to ta e a 'rea to 6en>oy the vie"6 and indicated I "as to ta e off $y clothes in front of hi$% 2lo"ly( I 'e#an re$ovin# $y 'louse and then $y s irt( 'ra and then $y nylons attached to $y lacy #arter 'elt and then $y !anties% I had on those !lain "hite ones and for so$e reason he li ed the$( so Henry had $e "ear the$ "ith hi$% Then I stuc $y fin#er into $y va#ina "hile I had one le# !ro!!ed u! on the 'ed and the other holdin# $e u!% Then I !ut $y fin#ers to $y $outh and that+s "hen he >u$!ed u! and ca$e over to $e and said( 6You+re a 'i# tease%6 I s$iled seductively and he !ut his ar$s around $e and held $e for a lon# $o$ent and then "hen he $oved 'ac I 'e#an un'uttonin# his shirt% It "as a 'it stiff li e it "as heavily starched and then I ru''ed his chest and 'elly and tal ed to hi$ a'out ho" his hairy chest and hard 'elly turned $e on% I !ut $y fin#ers in $y $outh a#ain% He said( 6I+d li e to 'e "here those ca$e fro$%6 I can re$e$'er his accent so "ell% He laid $e 'ac on the 'ed after he !ulled the sheets 'ac and he 'e#an oral se1% I told hi$ ho" hot I "as for hi$ and 'e#an "i##lin# and $ovin# all over( "hile I $oaned% He said I "as $a in# hi$ diEEy and he ca$e u! and 'e#an issin# $e !assionately( hard( al$ost rou#hly% Then he "ent inside $e and satisfied hi$self% /fter he ca$e he !ulled 'ac and said( 62orry it couldn+t have 'een lon#er( 'ut I+ve #ot to #et 'ac %6 2o he dressed and ste!!ed outside the door and "histled% The driver ca$e ri#ht u! to the door% He "ent out and o!ened the door for $e( and "e #ot into the li$o and left% The driver dro!!ed hi$ off at another li$o to a 'unch of 2ecret 2ervice a#ents all in a tiEEy over "here he had #one% He shut the door and "al ed into the center of the$ "ithout sayin# #ood'ye or ac no"led#in# $e% These a#ents "ere really an#ry "ith hi$% I could see hi$ usin# his hands and s!ea in# to cal$ the$ do"n% ?-. esca!ed fro$ his 2ecret 2ervice a#ents often% I heard one of the$ say one ti$e( 6I don+t no" ho" he does it( one sli! and he+s #one%6 The driver !ut the "indo" 'ac u! and drove $e directly to the air!ort% I !ic ed u! $y 'a# and he let $e out and said( 63ill you 'e needin+ anythin#( $a+a$46 I s$iled and said( 6No than s( I have everythin# I+ll need%6 /nd I "ent to the tic et counter and said( 6You+re holdin# a tic et for $e4 2haron 3eather'y46 Handin# $e $y tic et the $an s$iled and said( 6Your #ate+s in that direction%6 Henry had $e thin of the #ate nu$'ers as the nu$'ers on 'illiard 'alls and all I had to do "as follo" the line of nu$'ers until I #ot to the one that $atched $y tic et% 2o$eti$es I #ot lost 'ut so$eone al"ays hel!ed $e( often sayin#( 6E1cuse $e( $iss( 'ut are you lost46 I+d say( 6I+$ loo in# for #ate ei#ht(6 and they "ould !oint $e in that direction% Once I #ot onto the air!lane it see$ed li e there "as al"ays so$eone there to "atch over $e and I "ould #o 'ac to slee!% The return synchroniEation 'et"een $y $other and $e had

"=1 to 'e !erfect and this ti$e I "as driven 'ac to ,eth+s house to "ait 'y the cur' for $y $other% The driver said( 6?ust sit here and "ait( your $other "ill 'e here any $inute%6 He !ulled a"ay fro$ the cur' and "ent and !ar ed near'y% I sa" hi$ "atch until $y $o$ !ic ed $e u!% 2he( too( al"ays "aited for $e to #et !ic ed u! "hen she dro!!ed $e off at !laces% Everyone al"ays "aited to $a e sure the e1chan#e had ta en !lace and I "as in the correct hands% ?-. "as $y first !residential assi#n$ent% /fter havin# se1 "ith ,o' Ho!e in his FG+s( a youn#er &resident "asn+t as 'ad% 2haron "as the !ersonality !ro#ra$$ed to 'e "ith ?-. and due to the reality that "as created for her( she had a lot in co$$on "ith hi$( li e 'ein# Catholic and fro$ an elite fa$ily% One ti$e ,o' arran#ed for hi$ to have so$e ti$e out "ith $e in .ey ,iscayne% ,o' fle" $e there to ta e care of hi$( ee! hi$ ha!!y and entertained% The 2ecret 2ervice a#ents stood outside% ?-. started 'y shavin# and I sat on the counter and "atched hi$% I #i##led and hu##ed hi$ "hile he stood in front of the $irror "ith a s$all "hite to"el around his "aist% I lic ed the shavin# crea$ off his ear and then !ut $y fin#ers into the re$ainin# shave cre$e and lic ed it% *ently( he too $y hands a"ay and lau#hed softly as he e1!lained that you "eren+t su!!osed to eat shavin# crea$% I thou#ht it "as "hi!!ed crea$( li e I had tasted in the !orno#ra!hy I "as fil$ed in( and $ista enly "as tri##ered into recitin# $y !ro#ra$( 6Lic it and suc it( +til it+s all #one( yu$( yu$ don+t $iss a dro!( or you "ill sto!D your heart that is%6 This $ust have 'een a !ro#ra$ #litch 'ecause I "asn+t su!!ose to recite this !ro#ra$ out loudD it "as su!!osed to >ust drive $e fro$ inside% May'e ?-. ne" ho" to handle $e nicely 'ecause of his sister "ho see$ed li e she "as retarded% They didn+t let her out $uch( and later I "as #lad "hen they didn+t have her at their reunions( 'ecause I didn+t understand "hat "as "ron# "ith her% Durin# this ti$e( I "asn+t allo"ed to eat as $uch su#ar as I had 'een !reviously used to% I "as told to 'e re!elled 'y it and that( even as $y hand reached for it( the su#ar "ould $ove a"ay and I couldn+t ever #et it so I should )uit tryin#% ,efore this !ro#ra$$in# I "as used to eatin# tons of su#ar( so it "as a $a>or ad>ust$ent% /lso( $y $other used to #et so an#ry "ith $e for not eatin# enou#h at $ealti$es( 'ut I couldn+t( as $y !ro#ra$$in# dictated% 2he said I didn+t eat enou#h to ee! a 'ird alive% ,ut "hen I tried to eat I usually felt sic % Catholic #irls had to act !ro!er and ?ac never had any cause to 'e e$'arrassed 'y $y actions% He "as s!un y and a##ressive and tic led $e a lot( often until tears "ere fallin# do"n $y chee s% Then he "ould lay $e on the 'ed( iss $y tears a"ay and start havin# se1 "ith $e% He said he li ed $y short hair - that it "as stylish - and he "ould !lay "ith $y hair and $ess it u!% I+d >ust #et it done a#ainD in those days I didn+t even no" ho" to do $y o"n hair% I never had to( $y o"n !ersonal hairdresser( a fa$ily friend( ca$e to the house and "ashed it( cut it( curled and styled it% /fter"ards( ?-. and I ran around na ed( !layin# li e school ids( and "hen it #ot dar "e "al ed on the 'each and the 2ecret 2ervice a#ents al"ays "al ed close 'ehind%

"=7 ,oy did they #et an eyeful% They "ould "in at $e so$eti$es if I turned around to see if they "ere still there( "hen I "as #ettin# ready to $a e a $ove on ?ohn--eee% One ni#ht( Henry let $e off at the 3hite House to tar#et ?-.% I didn+t #o u! to his 'edroo$( "e had se1 in a roo$ near the itchen that had t"o 'eds in it% I had on a short "hite cro! to! and lo" hi! hu##er >eans% My 'elly 'utton sho"ed and he said it turned hi$ on% He "ould stoo! do"n and lic $y 6'are s!ot(6 he called it% His !ronunciation sounded funny to the !ersonality dedicated to hi$ 'ecause of his accent% I "as tan and sli$( and he said he li ed that $y tu$$y "as flat% He said he hadn+t had such a flat one in a"hile and it turned hi$ on% /fter "e had a )uic se1ual encounter( I had to hurry to #et $y clothes on and e1it real fast% He "ould o!en the door and loo do"n the hall to see if the coast "as clear% Then he "ould say( 6O ay( no"%6 /nd( I "ould run do"n the hall( out the door and do"n the ste!s to Henry "aitin# for $e in the li$o s$o in# his ci#ar% He "ould usually say so$ethin# dero#atory a'out ?-. and tell $e to 'utton $y clothes correctly% My 'ell 'otto$s had 'uttons on the front and if I "as rushed I had trou'le #ettin# the$ 'uttoned ri#ht% I "as al"ays s i!!in# a 'utton% Henry "ould loo do"n at $y 'uttons and tell $e to strai#hten u!% Then I "ould 'utton the$ correctly% I couldn+t hel! that ?-. had rushed $e - I thin he en>oyed that !art as $uch as the se1% He see$ed to li e the adrenaline rush% There "as a very close call on another ni#ht% ?ac ie "as do"n the hall callin# out( 6?ac ( ?ac ( ?ac 06 Loo in# sur!rised( he #ra''ed $e and !ut $e in the closet( fi1ed the 'ed and ans"ered her )uic ly 'efore she o!ened the door% You could hear the sound of her shoes "hen she veered off the hall"ay runner and onto the "ood floor% I "as in the closet "hen she ca$e in the roo$ and as ed( 6?ac ( "hat are you doin#4+ I heard hi$ lau#h and say he "as loo in# for ?ohn-?ohn+s shoe% He said one "as $issin#% ?ac ie as ed hi$ to co$e u!stairs and he told her he "ould >ust loo for a "hile lon#er and then he "ould 'e u!% This #uy actually let his "ife out of the roo$( !ulled $e out of the closet and started havin# se1 "ith $e a#ain( this ti$e "ith $ore !assion than ever 'efore% He see$ed to thrive on the ris factor% 3hen I left( the 2ecret 2ervice a#ents usually "al ed $e fro$ the 3hite House do"n the 'loc to a "aitin# li$o( unless Henry "as "aitin# for $e outside% Henry "as cultured% There "ere little 'lue vases "ith flo"ers in the 'ac of his shiny 'lac car% They had a little li#ht ne1t to the$ and you could see the flo"ers in the dar % If after one of these esca!ades I 'e#an tal in# silly and se1ual( Henry "ould #ive $e the si#n to hush u! 'y si$!ly 'uttonin# or Ei!!in# his li!s and then I ne" to 'e silent and o'edient% I could 'e turned off or on( volu$e u! or do"n% I ran very $echanically li e a Rolls Royce% Henry didn+t li e noise or children so he created $e to 'e )uiet and di#nified% /s I #re" older it "asn+t as hard 'ecause I "as $ore fully trained and didn+t #et $y !ersonality s"itchin# $essed u!% I #ot used to 'ein# silent "ith Henry% ,ut it "as a difficult transition after I "as in the !resence of ?-. 'ecause he "as "ild and noisy( and his !layfulness !ut $e in the sa$e fra$e of $ind( until Henry toned $e do"n%

"=0 3hy ?-. and His ,rother Really *ot 2hot ?-. had ties to -ran 2inatra and his #rou!% I "as shared around all these ty!e #rou!s 'ecause of ,o'+s and Henry+s influence% The .ennedyTs "ere hi#hly $o' connected( es!ecially ,o''y( as sur!risin# as that $i#ht see$ for the fa$ily $an i$a#e he !ro>ected% ?-. too a $o' dis!ute "ith hi$ clear to the 3hite House and atte$!ted to use his !olitical !o"er as &resident to shut do"n his ene$ies% He !u'licly a!!eared to #o after the Mo'( 'ut he "as interested in shuttin# do"n only one ene$y faction% ,ut he had to !u'licly say he "as #oin# after all under"orld cri$e in order to 'e a'le to le#ally do "hat he tried to do5 dis$antle the Mo' that o!!osed the .ennedy fa$ily clan% I overheard ?oe .ennedy yellin# at ?-. at a fa$ily reunion "hen he "as &resident% He told hi$ to sto! $essin# "ith the Mo'( to leave it alone( that he didn+t no" "hat he "as doin#% It "as shortly after that that ?oe .ennedy had a stro e or 'rain seiEure( and Rose 'la$ed ?ac for causin# it% ?oe .ennedy "as very ha!!y "ith the $arria#e of ?ac ie to ?ac 'ecause ?ac ie 'rou#ht "ith her a faction of $o' that "ould hel! 'uild u! ?ac and the future .ennedy dynasty% /t least that+s "hat I heard hi$ say% ?oe .ennedy "as 'i# on $o' connections( li e his friend ?%&% Mor#an( "ho "as an i$!ortant $o' 'uddy and su!!orter% They su!!orted each other% /s ?oe .ennedy #ot "ea er( the ti#ht rein of coe1istence he held "ith the Mo' 'e#an to loosen and his sons 'eca$e slo!!y and careless( and didn+t ta e seriously the rules of the Mo'% Li e 7ncle -ran 82inatra9 said( 6You don+t ever try to #o a#ainst the Mo' or you+ll "ind u! in the $or#ue or "orse yet( slee!in# "ith the fishes%6 I "as 'orn into 7ncle Charlie+s $o' connection and he heavily influenced $y life 'ecause of his ar$s( $unitions and dru# connections all over the #lo'e% These "ere so$e serious connections that $ade hi$ sou#ht after 'y $e$'ers of the Council% In those days( the Mo' $ade the $oney and !o"erful connections% Different $o's su!!orted each other li e allies fro$ forei#n countries do% They "ere the !o"er 'ehind the Council( initially - the connections that allo"ed the Council to #et such a toehold( as the $o's "or ed cli)ueishly for or a#ainst one another% The Mo' !rovided i$!ortant fundin# in the early years( 'ut later the Council too a"ay $uch of their !o"er over $ono!olies "hen the Council outstri!!ed the$ of their !o"er throu#h intelli#ence and outs$artin# the$ "ith technolo#y% The Mo' couldn+t 'e#in to co$!ete% In the 'e#innin# the Council ne" ho" to "or the different factions of the Mo' for the Council+s 'enefit and #ain% Once the Council attained the stren#th they needed to #et over the hu$! and into the 'i# $oney( they outs$arted the Mo' "ith their $ind control technolo#y and "ere then a'le to control the Mo'% It "as a #a$e of intellect and the Council "on-chec $ate0 ?oe .ennedy( 3illia$ Randol!h Hearst( ?%&% Mor#an and others "ere !art of a !o"erful under#round #rou!% They created their o"n revenue and their o"n >ustice( and they ne" ho" to !lay 'y the rules to stay alive and in the #a$e( 'ut the rules suddenly chan#ed "ith the !o"er created 'y the Council as they utiliEed the Mo'+s success and $ade it their o"n% &eo!le li e ?ac 8?-.9 didn+t !lay 'y the ne" rules so they #ot snuffed%

""= Often "hen I "as sent in to tar#et ?-.( I "ould 'e loaded "ith $essa#es fro$ the different $o'sters li e 7ncle -ran 82inatra9% I #ave instructions for ?-. to do so$e favor for the Mo' or else( he "as told( 6the s$all( s"eet favors "ill dry u!%6 ?-. scared $e 'ecause he al"ays lau#hed and acted li e he didn+t ta e the $essa#es "ith the seriousness I 'elieved they carried% I had seen 7ncle -ran ie in o!eration and he had friends( lots of the$( "ho illed !eo!le for nothin# $uch at all( and I "as afraid that if ?-. didn+t listen and do as they said that they "ould ill hi$( too% ,ut he didn+t see$ the least 'it concerned a'out the$ %%%ever% I too the$ even $ore seriously after ?-. "as illed% Then I ne" they "eren+t >o in# 'ut "ere very serious and $eant "hat they said a'out doin# everythin# they said or 'e illed% I heard 7ncle -ran tal often a'out !eo!le+s !ositions in the Mo'% He tal ed to lots of Mo' 'uddies in front of $e% I "as used for dan#erous connections and( as far as -ran and Dean Martin "ere concerned( I ne" far too $uch( so they "anted $e to 6slee! "ith the fishes%6 ,ut Henry "ouldn+t hear of losin# his 6!ersonal co$!uter6 and threatened serious retaliation if they har$ed $e% Henry had a ne" ind of !o"er that the Mo' didn+t understand at first( until they #ot 'urned a fe" ti$es% Then they understood% ,ut so$e serious action had to 'e ta en to !rove this !o"er( li e( as I overheard( 6the assassination of a &resident and his 'i# $outh 'rother "ho >ust "ouldn+t listen(6 in order for the Mo' - a stron# !olitical faction of it - to see "here the ne" !o"er lie( so they "ould no" to 'ac off% ,y then the 'an s and ne"s!a!ers "ere ta en over and reor#aniEed 'y the Council and their constituents( and HI*H LEVEL TECHNOLO*Y too over - so$ethin# the Mo' ne" nothin# a'out% It too the "ind out of their sails% This "as ha!!enin# durin# the LG+s and early <G+s( "hen I "as only a teena#er a!!roachin# early adulthood( and listenin# and recordin# everythin# I heard !er instructions fro$ $y 'oss( Henry .issin#er% One day in his office( Henry said( 6You "on+t 'e servicin# hi$ 8?-.9 $uch lon#er% The hi#her u!s have so$e alternate !lans for hi$%6 /t the ti$e I felt he $eant death% Henry said( 6This "ill loc you in for life%6 Later( they used ?-.+s death on $e heavily% 3hen ?-. "as illed I "as in >unior hi#h school and $y controllers told $e( 6If "e can ta e out the &resident "ithout anyone no"in#( "ho "ould $iss the li es of you46 They told $e I "as dis!ensa'le( easily re!lacea'le( and that no one "ould ever $iss $e if I "ere #one% To #ive $e a clear e1a$!le the suited $an re$inded $e( 6Does your $other even have a clue "here you are ri#ht no"4 NO% 2o "ho "ould $iss you4 Not even your o"n $other%6 In order to insure that I "as under !ro#ra$ and their total control they continued the ritual torture and trau$a% Then they tied the ritual trau$a that occurred at ho$e or at the church across the street fro$ $y >unior hi#h school to son#s or hy!notic co$$ands( li e 6If you try to 'e#in to recall this area of your $ind( you "ill i$$ediately recall this horror scene(6 "hich they re$inded $e of in co$!lete detail( in order to ee! $e terrified and !ro#ra$$ed% Most !eo!le are no" fa$iliar "ith Marilyn Monroe+s connection to the .ennedy fa$ily and her use "ith the &resident% It has 'een said 'y insiders that Marilyn "as one of the first !ro#ra$$ed &residential $odels( created under $ind control for se1 "ith the

""" &resident and use in Holly"ood connections% 3hile I did not !ossess the !hysical 'eauty that Marilyn Monroe did( I had the $ind files and all the ri#ht connections to further $y controller+s interests% -or $y assi#n$ents( "hen I "asn+t flo"n out of L/@( I left fro$ Van Nuys /ir!ort( ?ohn 3ayne /ir!ort( or local helico!ter !ads that "ere ato! 'uildin#s in Los /n#eles% My $other too $e and !ic ed $e u! and nursed $e 'ac to life if I "as hurt or really $essed u! $entally or !sycholo#ically% 2he "ould try to $a e $e eat if I couldn+t and she !ut $e to 'ed% I "as usually so out of it fro$ the food and slee! de!rivation and electroshoc done for 6National 2ecurity !ur!oses6 to ee! $e$ory of the events safely a"ay fro$ $y conscious a"areness( that I often couldn+t thin to 'athe( eat or #et into 'ed to slee!% My $o$ "ould tell $e "hat to do and the !arts of $e that !artici!ated in these esca!ades al"ays felt so relieved to 'e 'ac in $y clean 'ed at ho$e% In $y atte$!t to create so$e se$'lance of safety and security I sle!t a#ainst the "all to re$ind $yself I "as in $y o"n 'ed and safe% That "as( until $y father ca$e into $y roo$ at ni#ht-then the ni#ht$are started all over a#ain% More than anythin# in the "orld I "anted $y $other( or so$eone( to hel! $e--to !rotect $e--to sto! the ni#ht$arish e1!eriences% ,ut she never could% I "ill do everythin# in $y !o"er to sto! these atrocities fro$ ha!!enin#( so that $y dau#hter( $y sons( and any future children 'orn into our fa$ily "ill not have to suffer any lon#er% I a$ sure the Mo' "ith their hu#e ca!acity for fa$ily love and loyalty "ill understand and !ardon this need I have% /nd to Dr% .issin#er( ,o' Ho!e( 7CL/( CI/( N/2/( 7%2% De!art$ent of Defense and all those "ho !artici!ated in $y fa$ily+s hi#h-tech !ro#ra$$in#( I as that you honor this re)uest for $y fa$ily+s freedo$ and safety% I "ill hold you in !rayer( as in# *od to sho" you the ra$ifications of your actions% 6,e ye ind to one another( tenderhearted( for#ivin# one another( even as *od for Christ+s sa e hath for#iven you%6 -- E!hesians I5H

""/ ,rice Taylor - Than s for the Me$ories Cha1ter Se'en: All the way w%th LB+ Lyndon ?ohnson "as a very tall and lar#e $an% He had a !oc et "atch on a chain that he "ore in a hi#h !oc et in his vest or coat( not in his !ants% He "ore #lasses to read% I re$e$'er hi$ sittin# at his des readin# on into the ni#ht% The rest of the roo$ "as dar e1ce!t for the li#ht on the des that he "as readin# 'y% He li ed to "ear his hat even "hen he "as inside% He >ust loved his hat% He told $e his hat "as a 2tetson and that 'ac "here he ca$e fro$ it "as the 'est%%% 6Li e a Cadillac(6 he e1!lained% His clothes s$elled of colo#ne and his suits "ere often #ray or 'ro"n and he often "ore 'oots% He "ore 'i# "hite 'a##y 'o1er shorts and they didn+t ever loo ne"( as one "ould thin a !erson in his !osition "ould "ear% He had a 'rid#e "ith a fe" false teeth on it( s$o ed a ci#ar at ti$es and other ti$es he !uffed on a !i!e% On this occasion( he e!t $e in the 'ed in the dar ened hotel roo$ "hile he sat at the des to finish u! readin# his !a!ers% Then he turned off the li#ht and ca$e over to the 'ed "here I "as tuc ed in( "earin# a s i$!y teddy% It "as cold in the roo$% /ll Lyndon had on "as his 'o1ers and 'ro"n soc s% He laid his clothes 'y the ta'le and chairs( and "hen he "al ed to the 'ed he !ulled his !enis out of the hole in his 'o1ers and !ulled $y head over to hi$% He co$$anded( 62uc (6 "hile he !ulled $y hair to 'rin# $e closer to hi$% He stood( $oanin# "ith !leasure and then co$!lained that he "as needin# to 'end over too far so I #ot u! on $y nees and finished% He #ratified hi$self in $y $outh and li ed to "atch $e s"allo"% Then L,? cli$'ed into 'ed and held $e li e I "as a teddy 'ear and as ed $e to ru' his 'ac % One ti$e he had $e #et out of 'ed to #et hi$ a ci#ar% He "anted $e to li#ht it 'ut I "asn+t very #ood at it 'ecause I "as >ust a id% I cou#hed a lot and nearly cho ed to death( 'ut I #ot it to hi$ in 'ed all lit% I handed hi$ the ci#ar and he said( 6Than you( little lady%6 He usually called $e that% He didn+t "ant to #o to slee! ri#ht a"ay and had $e turn the TV on for hi$% He never too his soc s off the "hole ti$e% One ti$e "hen I "as "ith L,? he as ed $e )uestions a'out school and see$ed to li e to hear $e tal a'out it% He also li ed for $e to "ear $y 'lac and "hite saddle shoes% I had very shiny !atent leather ones% This "as durin# the ti$e I "as still attendin# Hale ?unior Hi#h 2chool% Lyndon li ed that I "as very youn#% /t this ti$e I "as around :A or :H years old% I "as "ith hi$ )uite a fe" ti$es% /nother ti$e $y father too $e to Te1as on the fli#ht 'ac fro$ Io"a% That+s "hen L,? sho"ed $e his Cadillac converti'le% He e!t it !ar ed in a se!arate #ara#e a"ay fro$ the ranch so it "ouldn+t #et so dirty% 6Hell( everythin# #ets coated "ith dirt on the Ranch(6 he said% He had on his dress-u! co"'oy clothes and said that 6Lady ,6 "as off at so$e china convention% He dran 'eer in the car "hen "e "ent on a 6>oy ride(6 he called it% I sat ne1t to hi$ and #ave hi$ a 6su!er-du!er(6 "hich "as co$!lete oral se1 #ratification% He said( 6,e careful( I don+t "ant to #et any on the seat%6 I lau#hed and teasin#ly said to assure hi$( 6I no"% I+$ an e1!ert in this area% Re$e$'er46

""3 63ell you sure do have s!un ( I+ll say that for you(6 he re!lied% L,? s$elled 'ut not li e 'ody odorD it "as >ust a stron# $ale s$ell% He had his ar$ u! over the 'ac of the seat and "e only rode for as lon# as it too to satisfy his se1ual ur#e% Then he too the car 'ac and had $e ee! $y head do"n so no one could see $e% I didn+t #o inside the ranch and "hen "e #ot 'ac he said( 6This is as far as you #o( little lady%6 I let $yself out of the car and sla$$ed the door% 6You could have "aited for $y assistance(6 he said% I lau#hed and said( 6I can do it $yself%6 / suited $an escorted $e into the 'ac of a 'lac sedan that "as "aitin# under a tree at the front of the ranch and I "as ta en a"ay% /nother evenin# as I "aited for Lyndon( dressed scantily in a 'lac lacy 'ra( #arter 'elt( 'lac nylons and red hi#h heels( he declared I "as $a in# s$o e co$e out of his ears and that( 6it shore "asn+t fro$ his ci#ar%6 He "anted $e to ee! turnin# around and around and around "hile he loo ed at $e% 6My( $y%%%6 he said( lic in# his li!s and as he !ut his hand to his $outh he continued( 6My Lord( "hat do "e have here46 The heavy stench of his colo#ne and s$o esaturated clothes follo"ed hi$ over to $e as he told $e to 'end over the 'ed "ith >ust those #arter 'elts on and he stuc his !enis in $y 'otto$ and then into $y va#ina 'ut I had to #ive hi$ oral se1 in 'et"een( 6to clean it off(6 he e1!lained% It "as dis#ustin# and vile( even under $ind control% Then "e had intercourse and he li ed it "hen I $ade noises% He had a cattle !rod or so$e sort of electrical device near'y 'ut didn+t use it $uch% 3hen he !ushed the lever it $ade a crac lin# sound and "hat e$er#ed loo ed li e a >olt of yello" fiery-ty!e electricity% He said he didn+t have to use it "ith $e $uch 'ecause I "as so #ood% He as ed $e if I li ed "hat I did% I shru##ed $y shoulders and said( 6Yes(6 'ut due to the $ind control I "as under I "as una'le to really thin a'out his )uestion% He told $e he loved the youn# ones( 6%%%'eautiful little lady%6 He li ed to iss o!en $outh 'ut he tasted yuc y li e ci#ars% His !rivate !arts s$elled( too% ,ut then there "as the colo#ne to cover u! the s$ell% He "as !retty fat fro$ $y !erce!tion( 'ut 'i# and tall% Lyndon had a $ediu$ to s$all !enis for his 'i# 'ody( 'ut he said he used it "ell% He "asn+t really hairy and the hair on his head "as thinnin#% He used so$ethin# li e Vitalis on "hat "as left of his hair "hen he co$'ed it% I thin $ay'e that is "hy he e!t his co"'oy hat on all the ti$e( even in 'ed% I usually sle!t all ni#ht "ith hi$ 'ecause he "anted $e to% He sle!t really close and held on to $e% I s!ent the ni#ht and then in the $ornin# I "as ta en ho$e% 3hen I "as in the :G+6 #rade( I s!ent the ni#ht "ith hi$ $ore often - even so$eti$es on school ni#hts% I didn+t #o to school until ::5HG a%$% any"ay and no one could ever see$ to tell I had 'een #one% 2o$eti$es I $issed a full day of school and no one at Hale or Taft Hi#h ever said anythin# to $e% /nother for$ of trau$a "as added "hen one day after school( I "as forced to "atch as the $en in suits rou#hed u! $y >unior hi#h school !rinci!al% I "as ta en to the 3hite House to 'e "ith Lyndon% One ni#ht he told $e all a'out this lady na$ed /#nes "ho he loved 'efore Lady ,% That+s "hat he called his "ife( 6Lady ,(6 instead of Lady ,ird% He said he never #ot over /#nes( >ust couldn+t for#et her% He said Lady , fit into his future !lans and "or ed out 'etter 'ut that he >ust really loved /#nes% 3hen he tal ed a'out /#nes he had a #oofy fara"ay loo on his face%

""# Lyndon told $e his "ife had #ro"n to act old early on in their $arria#e "hen so$ethin# of a $aternal nature ha!!ened to u!set her% He said fro$ then on she "asn+t $uch for se1( so he too care of his needs else"here% He told $e so $uch !ersonal stuff that I thin he $ust have for#otten ho" youn# I "as% / lot of "hat he told $e I didn+t really understand% ,ut I listened( a!!arently to his satisfaction( 'ecause one day he co$!li$ented $e 'y sayin#( 6You are a very #ood listener( youn# lady%6 Lyndon also li ed for $e to cuddle on his la! "hile he fondled $e in an ar$chair as he "atched TV% He usually covered $e "ith a 'lan et% It $ade it $ore secretive and he !retended !eo!le "ere !resent in the roo$ "ith us "atchin# 'ut they didn+t no" "hat "e "ere doin#% Then he "ould as $e if I li ed it% I "ould s$ile and "as !ro#ra$$ed to say( 6of course(6 or( 6do $ore(6 or( 6you+re so 'i#%6 He loved it all% I "ore 7nfor#etta'le !erfu$e "ith hi$% It "as !un#ent and stron# 'ut he li ed it% He es!ecially li ed se1 "hen I "as $enstruatin# - he said it turned hi$ on% He li ed to do all sorts of !erverted thin#s to $e durin# that ti$e( "hich I don+t feel co$forta'le sharin# here% He also su##ested that I do "hatever I usually did for the ca$eras and ta e char#e of our se1ual activity% 6You+re in char#e of the "horin#( little lady(6 he "ould say as he s$iled and ti!!ed his hat% That hat "as such an i$!ortant thin# to hi$% He tal ed to $e a lot and told $e all inds of stories over the ti$e he "as &resident% He li ed for $e to call hi$ 6&reE%6 He said "hen I called hi$ Lyndon it $ade hi$ feel #uilty a'out Lady , so he said to call hi$ &reE and I did as he co$$anded% 2o$eti$es he "ore those du$' elastic thin#s to hold his soc s u! li e ,o' 8Ho!e9 did% He loo ed so ridiculous "earin# those du$' soc s( his 'o1ers and his hat( "hile he sat and s$o ed% He $ust not have cared "hat he loo ed li e% The roo$ "as al"ays e!t !retty dar % He said he "as $ost co$forta'le li e that( 'ut $y eyes "ould ad>ust to the dar and I could still see ho" silly he loo ed% The teen !ersonality !ro#ra$$ed to 'e "ith hi$ durin# those ti$es "as res!ectful and !erfor$ed as her !ro#ra$$in# dictated( 'ut throu#h her teena#e eyes( felt he "as >ust a dor % I did thin#s that $ade hi$ lau#h% They "ere really du$' thin#s 'ut he see$ed to li e the$% Li e once I !ulled $y hair over and around and onto $y u!!er li! and scrunched $y li! u!( !inchin# the hair under $y nose to $a e it loo li e a $ustache% 2illy thin#s $ade hi$ lau#h% He tested $y !ro#ra$$ed ca!a'ilities% He 'urned $e "ith a ci#ar one ti$e( 'ecause he said he "as told to try it to see "hat ha!!ened% He loo ed !retty a$aEed "hen I too off $y clothes( sat do"n( #ot into !osition and told hi$ to #o ahead and stic it in( that it "ouldn+t 'urn $e% 2o he !ressed his ci#ar to $y va#ina and it didn+t 'urn $e% The !ain didn+t even re#ister - 6it didn+t even hurt(6 is "hat I told hi$% That $ade hi$ turned on and he said( 6Little lady( you #ive $e a 'i# 'oner%6 He told $e there "as an endless strea$ of youn# ladies "ho li ed his 6'i# 'oner%6

""8 He li ed the son# that #oes( 6I+$ a lon# tall Te1an( and "ear a :G #allon hat%6 He also li ed ,orn -ree and ,urt ,acharach+s Raindro!s .ee! -allin+ on My Head and ,lue( ,lue( My 3orld is ,lue% He also li ed hot do#s and ha$'ur#ers( 'ut hot do#s 'est% /nd he told $e he li ed dachshunds( those little "iener do#s% I often felt li e a do# "ith hi$ 'ecause he "as al"ays !attin# $y head% I >o ed "ith hi$ a'out it and started 'ar in# "hen he !atted $e% I could really #et off-the-"all "ith hi$ and he see$ed to love it% He lau#hed and lau#hed li e Ni1on and Rea#an did at the silly thin#s I "as !ro#ra$$ed to say and do% I don+t no" if he "as a"are that I had 'een !ro#ra$$ed "ith $ost of the >o es% The $en in suits usually too $e to hi$ at a hotel% They !ut $e in the roo$ to "ait for hi$% I+d say the suits "ere the Mo'( 'ut 2ecret 2ervice a#ents "aited outside the door once the &reE #ot there% Once "e "ere alone I "as !ro#ra$$ed to say( 6Hey &reE( #ot a 'i# 'oner for $y little !ussy today46 He "ould #et all e1cited and start issin# and lic in# $e% Yuc ( it "as #ross% ,ut it "as the saddle shoes that really #ot hi$ every ti$e% He li ed $e to "ear $y school-ty!e clothes and so I did% I "as helico!tered fro$ so$e"here near 3oodland Hills% 7sually I "as not flo"n in on a 'i# co$$ercial airline to see Lyndon% I don+t no" "hy 'ut it "as usually !rivate !lanes% Then I "ould slee! "ith hi$ all ni#ht and 'e flo"n 'ac to California% There "ere ti$es "hen( after I "as used( the $en in suits "ould let $e out of the car near school and I "ould have $y school clothes on fro$ the day 'efore( and I "ould >ust "al to school and #o in li e nothin# had ever ha!!ened% One ti$e "hen I "as sent to Lyndon( so$eho" I ended u! "earin# the 2t% Christo!her $etal that $y !ro#ra$$ed 'oyfriend Crai# had #iven $e for #oin# steady% The $en in suits "ould have nor$ally ta en a"ay any !ersonal ite$ of this nature( 'ut for so$e reason they $issed $y nec lace this ti$e% ?ohnson e1a$ined it and as ed $e "hat it "as% 7na'le to thin to lie( I told hi$ it "as a nec lace $y 'oyfriend #ave $e% I$$ediately he loo ed de!ressed% 2o I cli$'ed into his la! and told hi$ not to "orry that $y 'oyfriend couldn+t hold a candle to hi$ and that I "as forced to 'e "ith $y 'oyfriend( 'ut that I choose to 'e "ith hi$% He s$iled( !ulled his hat do"n over his face( and leaned 'ac in his chair orderin#( 6a 'lo" >o' a-la-carte%6 2o I !erfor$ed as co$$anded% He said $ost "o$en didn+t love it the "ay I did% Lyndon thou#ht Te1ans "ere the 'est and $ost !o"erful ty!e of $en% I "as ta en to Te1as to 'e used se1ually 'y the &reE at a ca'in or ranch out in the $iddle of no"here% It had fences and horses and a "oodca'in ty!e house( 'ut there "ere hardly any trees or #reenery( li e in California% The ca'in "as "ood inside and he had a la$! that "as $ade out of a 'ootle#% He loved it and I teased hi$ a'out it( 63ho+s le# ya+ #ot there holdin# u! that li#ht46 On a ta'le there "as a !icture of Lady , that had 'een ta en at the Ranch% 3e had se1 there on occasion( 'ecause( as he e1!lained( it "as a !lace he could #o and not 'e seen or 'othered 'y anyone% The 2ecret 2ervice could #uard hi$ "ell there since there "as nothin# else around and no one had any 'usiness #oin# there unless they ne" L,? and had 'een invited% Des!ite the security there( L,? often "ore a s$all #un stra!!ed to his le# 'y his 'oot% He said he en>oyed carryin# it% He "altEed $e 'ac to his roo$( to the 'ed he

""+ shared "ith his "ife% He said( 6,y slee!in# here "ith you( "hen I+$ f- - in# the little lady( you can 'et I+ll 'e thin in+ of you%6 There "ere "hite li$os "ith ?ohnson% He li ed oral se1 "hen "e rode in the 'ac % He $ade the 2ecret 2ervice a#ents ride u! "ith the driver instead of in the 'ac "ith hi$ and he "ould have the$ close the tinted "indo" 'ehind the driver% He told the$ he didn+t "ant to 'e distur'ed 'ecause he and the 6!retty little lady "ere #oin# to have a nice )uiet chat(6 "hich in actuality "as a se1ual encounter% 7sually he "as 'ein# driven to so$e location and u!on reachin# his final destination "ould de'ar the li$o( leavin# $e in the 'ac ( or I "ould 'e e!t "aitin# in the 'ac for $ore "hen he returned% He could handle u! to three oral se1 encounters a day "ithout any !ro'le$% He had his !oc et "atch on a chain in his vest !oc et and "ould chec the ti$e to infor$ $e if "e "ere rushed or not% 7sually he "ould say "e "ere rushed "hich $eant I had to "or )uic ly and #et hi$ aroused and satisfied ra!idly% Later( he "anted $e to dance co"'oy style "ith hi$ and I tried 'ut "asn+t very #ood% He said( 6Don+t "orry( you no" ho" to do the $ost i$!ortant thin#s - you+ve #ot "hat counts%6 One day he #ave $e an iris fro$ an arran#e$ent on a hotel ta'le% He 'o"ed and did a little dance as he held it out to $e% It "as really out of character for hi$% /t the end of 6the &reE+s6 ad$inistration( I "as also filled "ith $ore $ind file infor$ation% I "as ta en to different offices in DC to 'e i$!rinted "ith $ore to! secret( classified data 'y a fe$ale ad$inistrator% L,? also told $e that the 3hite House "as a very lonely !lace to live and that he really "asn+t very ha!!y there% He said he "as $ost at ho$e in Te1as at his ranch% Occasionally he had $eetin#s there and other $en "ere !resent% I had to #ive oral se1 to $any of the$% I "as usually there for one overni#ht and then driven 'ac to to"n 'y li$o( then flo"n ho$e% ,efore I "as !ut on the !lane to California( the $en in suits al"ays too $e for a co e and french fries at McDonald+s% This "as !art of $y !ro#ra$$in# to 'elieve I "as at McDonald+s in California( so I "ouldn+t re$e$'er "here I really "as% The fries and co e "ere delicious since $y !ro#ra$$in# re)uired that I "as food de!rived 'efore and durin# the ti$e of $y use% Then the $en !ut $e on the !lane "ith the su##estion to slee! and for#et% ,ecause of our !ro#ra$$in# $y $o$ never noticed I "as #one and neither did I %%% not until :;;: %%% over t"enty-five years later% 6This( too( is a!art of 6The Truth that "ill set you free% 6 -- ?ohn =5HA ,rice Taylor - Than s for the Me$ories( !! L:-LH


Cha1ter E%6ht: Bra%n S2r6ery at .CLA took away !y Father3s Free W%ll ,ethesda( Maryland In $y early teens( one of the !laces I "as ta en to "as a hos!ital in ,ethesda( Maryland% T"o $en in suits $et $e at the air!ort( drove $e there and "aited "hile a nurse hel!ed $e out of the car and too $e into the e$er#ency roo$% I "as dou'led over in !ain( havin# trou'le "al in# 'ecause the $en in suits had >ust slu##ed $e in the sto$ach% They told the old #reyhaired nurse in the !in unifor$ "ith the little "hite a!ron( that I had a!!endicitis and to ta e $e i$$ediately into the e$er#ency roo$% I don+t no" "hy 'ut the $en !ut a 'lond curly "i# on $e% I had on 'lue >eans( tennis shoes and a T-shirt% I "as terrified and couldn+t hel! $yself% The nurse too $e in and "aved $e throu#h all the !a!er "or % T"o doctors( clad in full sur#ical #ar' $et $e at a door to e$er#ency sur#ery% They told the nurse they+d ta e over fro$ there and laid $e directly on an o!eratin# ta'le and !ut a $as over $y face and a needle in $y ar$% I had needles !ut in $y ar$s all the ti$e so that "asn+t anythin# ne"( 'ut it hurt% They told $e they "eren+t "ho they a!!eared to 'e and then they !ut $e to slee! "ith so$e sort of anesthetic( 'ut !arts of $e fro$ inside "atched and ne" e1actly "hat "as ha!!enin#% There "as #reat fear that they "ould really cut $e o!en and ta e out $y a!!endi1 "hen I didn+t need it ta en out% ,ut instead( they !ut electrodes on $y forehead( te$!les and head( and head!hones on $y ears that delivered one sound to one ear and another sound to the other% Then they varied the sound volu$e( )uic ly 'rin#in# the volu$e u! so loud that it "as e1cruciatin#ly !ainful% I felt li e I "ould #o craEy% They e!t deliverin# electroshoc to $y head% Then they inserted so$ethin# into $y va#ina and shoc ed $e va#inally( then shoc ed $y head( and they e!t that routine u! for "hat see$ed li e eternity% I could s$ell the alcohol and could feel "hen they !ut a cold scissors-li e thin# u! $y nose% It tic led and itched% Then a doctor said( 6It+s in !lace%6 Everythin# inside of $e felt !sychedelic fro$ the dru#s they #ave $e% There "ere lots of colors and flashes of li#ht that caused a very unreal feelin#% I don+t no" ho" lon# I laid there% Eventually( they called for a nurse and told her to hel! $e 'ac out to the car% They said that I chec ed out fine( that I $ust have >ust eaten so$ethin# that $ade $e sic % The nurse !ut $y ar$ around her nec and hel!ed $e outside% I had trou'le "al in# 'ut $ana#ed and she delivered $e 'ac to the t"o $en in suits% They( in turn( 'rou#ht $e to a dar ened roo$ all alone for a"hile and then hoo ed $e u! to so$e of their o"n e)ui!$ent% I sat in a chair "hile they !ut a 'and around $y head and "rists( and shoc ed $e "hile I listened to so$ethin# they !layed throu#h head!hones on $y ears% I couldn+t understand the "ords I heard( as they "ere all $i1ed u! and it $ade $e nuts to try to understand% Then they unhoo ed $e and said it "as ti$e to #o ho$e% I "as !ut onto a $ilitary helico!ter "ith t"o rotors( one at the front and one at the 'ac and transferred to another !lane that didn+t have re#ular seats li e a co$$ercial air!lane% There "ere >ust a fe" seats on either side and all sorts of stra!s and e)ui!$ent on the floor% I laid on the floor durin# the "hole fli#ht%


My $other !ic ed $e u! at the air!ort and I sle!t in the 'ac seat of our Cadillac all the "ay ho$e% 2he !ut $e to 'ed and I could hardly $ove% I "as in lots of !ain and "as nauseated( sic ( and e1hausted for the ne1t t"o days% I couldn+t eat or #et out of 'ed% I >ust sle!t it all off in a haEy( dru##ed slee!% Mo$ >ust thou#ht I had the flu a#ain% There "ere lots of ti$es I "as ta en to !laces for !ro#ra$$in#% They had all sorts of sche$es to #et $e to the !ro#ra$$in# sites - even #ettin# $e to !ull $y car over to the side of the road( after I learned to drive% I re$e$'er ho" one $an told $e to #et out of the car( "hile another $an !ulled $y hood u! 'efore ta in# $e a"ay in an a$'ulance to 3estla e Hos!ital% Then they fle" $e fro$ there to "herever they "anted $e to #o% I re$e$'ered an incident "here I "as on an o!eratin# ta'le and I sa" a "hole roo$ful of "o$en li e $e "ho "ere also layin# on #urneys "ith "hite sheets over the$( and "e "ere all lin ed u! to#ether throu#h a sin#le "ire% There "ere $irrors all around and "hile I "as de!ro#ra$$in# I realiEed that these other "o$en "ere all !arts of $eD they all loo ed li e $e 'ut had different lives and different >o's% That+s "hat $y !ro#ra$$ers told $e in order to create and enforce $y $ulti!le !ersonalities% 2o$eti$es there "ere #rou!s of doctors or scientists "atchin# fro$ chairs in a circular arena that e1tended u!"ard% In this settin# the doctors $ade !resentations on their findin#s in order to dis!lay the research and sho" their !ro#ress so they could #et additional fundin# or !er$ission to do $ore $ind research into areas they "anted to e1!lore% The sta#e "here I "as 'ein# tested and dis!layed to the doctors in lon# "hite la' coats "as lo" and as I loo ed u! there "ere ro"s of ascendin# circular chairs in the arena fro$ "here they "atched% 2o$eti$es "hile I laid on the #urney( they "ould shine li#hts into $y eyes and ta!e the$ o!en so I couldn+t avoid the li#hts% They 'linded $e "ith one color for a lon# ti$e( li e "hite( and then added in another color li e red or #reen% It "as !ainful( so I esca!ed li e I had 'een trained fro$ 'irth to do( into $ental dissociation so I couldn+t feel the !ain% Often they !aired electroshoc "ith the 'ri#ht li#hts and $usic or "ord !hrases% /t a!!ro!riate ti$es( they dis!layed a !icture of Crai# onto a holder in front of $e "hile I sat in a chair that s!un around and around% They !layed love son#s "hile they s!un $e and "hen I ca$e to a sto!( I "ould see the !icture of Crai# and feel relieved% They told $e Crai# "as $y lifeline and to sever a connection "ith hi$ "as e)ual to death% Later on in $y life( they did that sort of !ro#ra$$in# "ith $y children+s !ictures% My -ather Has ,rain 2ur#ery 7CL/ Neuro!sychiatric Institute :;L< The su$$er of $y :Lth year( our fa$ily !hysician( Dr% 2toddard referred $y father for 'rain sur#ery to 7CL/ Neuro!sychiatric Institute% Dr% Ro'ert Rand "as the Neurosur#eon "ho !erfor$ed the o!eration% My father never had a chance% 2uited $en ca$e to visit and $onitor us at crucial ti$es% They "ere al"ays "atchin# and they #ave hi$ shots in his thi#hs and then as ed hi$ )uestions over and over( and told hi$ "hat to do "ith $e% Very scary and fri#htenin# events ha!!ened there to ee! $e further under control% I can only i$a#ine "hat they did to $y father+s 'rain% The day 'efore his scheduled sur#ery( a nurse ca$e into his roo$ "hile the "hole fa$ily "as visitin# 'efore

""0 sur#ery% He held out a 'o1 and e1!lained very $atter-of-factly that the hair in the 'o1 "as $y father+s( >ust shaved fro$ his head( and in the event that he didn+t $a e it throu#h the sur#ery they "ere ee!in# his hair to !ut 'ac on his head in his cas et% These insinuations( cou!led "ith the ritual a'use I had !reviously endured( "ere enou#h to further dissociate $e% There "ere other horrifyin# events !erfor$ed to fri#hten $e into further dissociation( creatin# even $ore control% My $other and I "ere told to "ait in the hos!ital lo''y until they ca$e to tell us the sur#ery "as over% They called a code na$e for $e over the louds!ea er and res!ondin# to the call( I "al ed u! to $y father+s hos!ital roo$% / doctor in a "hite coat $et $e in the roo$ and said he "anted $e to enter the sur#ery roo$ and "atch% /s I entered( I sa" $y father "ith his head cut o!en( "ith tu'es in hi$ every"hereD in his head( in his nose( in his ar$( and they told $e that $y father "ould no lon#er hold authority over $e% No" he "as totally under their control and( no" they "ould 'e in total control of $e% Then they stra!!ed $e into the 'ed ne1t to hi$ and #ave $e so$e sort of #as throu#h a $as they !ut over $y nose and $outh% They told $e to turn $y head so I could "atch everythin# they did to hi$ that day - they too $y real father a"ay fro$ $e and the doctor said that they "ould 'e in char#e of everythin# that ha!!ened to $e and all $y !ro#eny fro$ then on% I didn+t no" "hat that $eant( 'ut I ne" it "as 'ad% They !erfor$ed so$e sort of sur#ery on $e( too% They inserted so$ethin# under $y nail 'ed and later they told $e they $oved it so$e"here else and I "ould find !laces on $y 'ody "ith s in fla!s "here I fi#ured they had !ut the$ in% They tested and e1!eri$ented "ith i$!lant after i$!lant on $e% 3ith so$e i$!lants they "ere tryin# to see if they could totally control $e fro$ a distance% Later "hen $y $other ca$e to loo for $e( she found $e sittin# in $y father+s roo$ 'ent over "ith $y head do"n to $y nees( "hile a nurse standin# 'y $e e1!lained( 62he fainted( that+s all% 2he+ll 'e all ri#ht%6 My father $ade it throu#h sur#ery and "as !laced in intensive care% 2oon after( $y controllers told $e $y father had died in the sur#ery( that all I had to do "as re$e$'er ho" he loo ed "ith his eyes closed to realiEe he "as dead% They told $e that $y +real+ fa$ily "ould ta e over no" and that I needed to understand that it "as really 'est that "ay% /nd( althou#h everythin# out"ardly a!!eared to re$ain the sa$e( nothin# ever "as a#ain% The life essence of $y father "as totally #oneD he "as not in control of hi$self any lon#er% My 'rother Ric too over the fa$ily 'usiness and I 'e#an travelin# $ore( internationally% Months after $y father+s release fro$ the hos!ital( he ca$e into $y roo$ and sat do"n on the floor ne1t to $y 'ed "hile I "as studyin#% 7!set and very e$otional( "hich "as very unusual for $y father( he said( 6Honey( 'i# thin#s are ha!!enin# and I+ve lost control of you%6 Tears "ere strea$in# do"n $y stron# father+s face% I didn+t no" ho" to react% My $acho father never cried% I couldn+t thin to )uestion hi$ or to "onder >ust "hat it "as he "as tryin# to tell $e% 2o I let it #o( alon# "ith hundreds of other )uestions and thou#hts that any nor$al( un!ro#ra$$ed dau#hter "ould have thou#ht to as % Institute Of Hi#her Learnin#


2o$eti$e later( I "as ta en to a hos!ital in Montreal% My controllers called it an 6Institute of Hi#her Learnin#(6 'ut instead of hi#her learnin#( I "as !ut in a hos!ital #o"n and e!t dru##ed and in restraints% / very i$!ortant -rench !ersonality inside of $e "as created and enhanced there% If I didn+t coo!erate they !ut $e into a !added cu'icle in the dar until I 6ca$e to $y senses6 and 'e#an 'ehavin# !ro!erly% I+d seen over the years >ust "hat they had done to $y father and I couldn+t ta e any$ore% I had nothin# to lose 'y not coo!eratin#% -ro$ one of his !ersonalities that "as +in the no"+ and 'efore 'rain sur#ery too his free "ill a"ay( $y father told $e( 6You don+t have to do anythin# they say honey( they "ant to ta e your $ind%6 Years later as I retrieved !ieces of $y $e$ory that allo"ed $e to see the 'i##er !icture( I re$e$'ered nu$erous occasions "hen $y father laid in !ro#ra$s to hel! $e e1it $y a'use% He even #ave $e su##estions to heal and 'rin# $y !ersonalities to#ether% I+ve often "ondered if this "as a $ore si#nificant contri'ution to $y successful healin# than I could ever i$a#ine% 6/ll that is no" hidden "ill so$eday co$e to li#ht06 -- The Livin# ,i'le%

"/" ,rice Taylor - Than s for the Me$ories Cha1ter N%ne: They d%dn3t see !e as $2!an 2"eet 2i1teen ,o' Ho!e "as one of the first hi#h-!o"ered $en Crai# +delivered+ $e to% This( of course( "as 'y no $eans $y first $eetin# "ith ,o'( 'ut it "as a test for Crai# and the first ti$e $y youn# +handler+ "ould use the !ro#ra$$ed s ills he learned to ta e $e to $y assi#n$ent% -or $y :Lt+ 'irthday !resent in :;L<( Crai# sur!rised $e "ith a tri!( 'y train( to the 2an Die#o Boo for the day% Consciously "e "ere !ro#ra$$ed to 'e co$$itted to a non-se1ual relationshi!( "aitin# for our !ro>ected "eddin# date to consu$$ate our $arria#e% /t least that is "hy "e thou#ht "e "ere only s!endin# the day( and not the ni#ht in 2an Die#o% Due to our !ro#ra$$in#( neither of us had any conscious a"areness that anythin# other than that "as occurrin#% 3e 'oarded the train( and after a "hile Crai# delivered $e to a !rivate car "here ,o' Ho!e( 2enator /lan Cranston( and a cou!le of other $en "ere "aitin#% Crai# left $e "ith the$ and then ro'otically left the roo$% I had se1 "ith each of the$ as the others "atched% They "ere all old $en( even in those days% Later( ,o' said he had a little >o' for $e to do and the ne1t thin# I ne" I "as in a 'i# office "ith "ooden floors and a des "ith an /$erican fla# 'eside it% 3hen ,o' introduced $e( I shoo hands "ith the $an 'ehind the des % He i$!ressed $e then as an i$!ortant $an( li e the &resident( 'ut he "asn+t% ,o' left $e alone "ith hi$% The $an as ed $e all inds of )uestions and I told hi$ that I had 'een insurance co$!any 'onded as a re)uire$ent of $y Christ$as e$!loy$ent in a >e"elry store% He see$ed to li e that% He also "anted to chec out $y 'ody% -ollo"in# his instructions( I re$oved $y clothes and he +chec ed+ $e all over 'y feelin#% He !ut his hand 'ehind $y nec and !ulled $e over to hi$ and 'e#an issin# $e% This dar -haired e1ecutive "as $uch youn#er than ,o'% He turned $e around facin# a"ay fro$ hi$ and I could hear the noise of the Ei!!er as he unEi!!ed his !ants% He !ushed $e over at the "aist and 'e#an havin# se1 "ith $e fro$ 'ehind% He e1!lained that he "as chec in# the fit% I didn+t no" "hat that $eant 'ut "as very e$'arrassed( as evidenced 'y $y red chee s% He co$$ented on ho" he li ed it "hen I 'lushed% He said it $eant that I "as naive and innocent( and e1!lained he li ed the$ that "ay% 3hen he "as throu#h +)uestionin#+ $e( he o!ened the door and "ent and #ot ,o'% He told ,o' that I+d 'e fine( that he "as very !leased( and "ent to his dra"er( too out a folder( and "rote out a chec % He carefully !ut the folder a"ay( handed ,o' the chec and said( 6Here+s a chec for the cause%6 I didn+t no" "hat that $eant either 'ut they shoo hands and 'oth see$ed !leased% 3hen "e left in the li$o( I couldn+t see "here "e "ere #oin#( 'ecause ,o' !ushed $y head do"n on a $an+s la! for $e to !erfor$ oral se1% The rest of the day "as a 'lur% I didn+t no" "here $y 'oyfriend Crai# "ent or if I "ould ever see hi$ a#ain% I "as

"// e1hausted "hen "e finally #ot +ho$e+ and that ni#ht I +sle!t a"ay+ all $e$ories of this e1!erience >ust li e I had 'een !ro#ra$$ed to do% Durin# $y teen years( I re$e$'er Crai# and I "ould lie around $y 'ac yard !ool for hours( s"i$$in#( tal in# and !layin#% /t the ti$e( that "as all I consciously re$e$'ered% ,ut( "hen I "o e u! to reality years later and 'e#an recallin# "hat fully ha!!ened( I re$e$'ered Crai# holdin# a s$all 'ro"n 'ottle "ith a dro!!er in it% He !ut so$e of the clear li)uid fro$ the 'ottle onto a !iece of celery and !eanut 'utter and #ave it to $e to eat% /fter I did( everythin# e!t $ovin#( li e a $ovie( e1ce!t each fra$e "as $ovin# in a fractured( uneven( haEed "ay% It "as hard for $e to even "al to the !ool% I 'ent over( $y sto$ach cra$!in# and everythin# "as s!innin#% I "asn+t su!!ose to notice that he had #iven it to $e( 'ut I did( and later I re$e$'ered other tunes% Ha!!y DaEe ,y the ti$e I entered 3illia$ Taft Hi#h 2chool in 3oodland Hills( $y life 'e#an to chan#e even $ore dra$atically% Due to the $ind control I "as under( I constantly had a s$ile !lastered on $y face "hether I "as ha!!y or not% The ritual a'use 'eca$e $ini$al durin# this ti$e( done only on occasions that "ere re)uired to $aintain $y $ind control% Throu#h a vast array of the latest in hu$an !ro#ra$$in# technolo#ies( I "as "ell on $y "ay to 'eco$in# a total and co$!letely co$!liant( efficient and $ulti-tas ed ro'ot% Loo in# 'ac no"( hi#h school felt li e one 'i# 'lur to $e% I re$e$'er havin# only one close friend at a ti$e( and no"in# that I "as 6!o!ular6 'ut never feelin# that "ay% Instead I felt u#ly( stu!id( a" "ard( shy and set a!art fro$ the other ids at school that "ere $y a#e% I "as $ade !art of the 2tudent Council so that I "ould have a !u'lic school i$a#e% Often $y !icture "as !osted on "alls to announce u!co$in# events( or to announce contests I "as entered into% My !resence leadin# and or#aniEin# certain school functions served to allo" $any of the students to no" "ho I "asD yet very fe" students really ne" $e or "ere close to $e% / "hole strate#y "as devised to ee! $e !o!ular in the eyes of $y school$ates and $ost of the faculty 'y $a in# $e a continual face or 'ody 'y !lasterin# !ictures of $e all over the schoolD yet( I "as not in attendance on a very re#ular 'asis% Henry said it "as for $y !rotection( so others "ould feel 'elo" $e and $any "ouldn+t even a!!roach $e as if I "as a cele'rity( and I "as instructed to 6act6 that "ay also% I "as no"n in school( "ithout ever really 6 no"in#6 any'ody 'ecause of the !ro>ected i$a#e that "as !u'licly created for $e% I felt isolated and alone( in a daEe( li e I really didn+t e1ist% I "as !ro#ra$$ed to act snooty and too #ood for !eo!le( to re$ain very aloof% Yet I "as dee!ly loc ed into $y o"n inner "orld( constantly $entally "or in# to ee! all data filed correctly in all the areas Henry created% I "as so in"ardly focused that I had a very hard ti$e in the !hysical "orld( hence the reason $y $other did everythin# for $e at ho$e% Henry told $e to s!end all $y ti$e tendin# to the $ental files% /nd "hile $y $other did all the do$estic chores( I did as Henry co$$anded( often floatin# on a raft in our 'ac yard s"i$$in# !ool( sortin# $ind files all the "hile in a trance state% I had $any $ental e1ercises Henry assi#ned for $e to !erfor$ at ho$e% The syste$ he created and used durin# $y :Lth to AAnd years "as e1tensive and re)uired $ental "or to ee!

"/3 or#aniEed( cleaned and neat% Henry said it too $ental $uscle to ee! the files in co$!lete order% I "as elected Vice &resident and then &resident of the *irl+s Lea#ue /ssociation at school( and "as !art of the 2tudent *overn$ent% I "as voted +&rincess+ at the !ro$( "as !araded in a converti'le at a foot'all #a$e and had $y !icture !asted all over the school for fashion sho"s and contests I "as in% ,ut( I never felt li e I 'elon#edD I >ust felt li e a ro'ot( livin# in a co$!lete fo#( and loo in# 'ac that is e1actly "hat I "as% /s *irl+s Lea#ue &resident( I "as in char#e of a fashion sho" that "as called 6Tivoli *ardens(6 a forei#n affair that "as so na$ed in order to scra$'le a lot of the international "or I "as doin# "ith Henry a'road% They even used ti$es I "as su!!osedly 'uyin# flo"ers in do"nto"n Los /n#eles at the flo"er $art as a scra$'le% My $other reluctantly acco$!anied $e on the sta#e at the fashion sho" to introduce the $odels% 2he "as so shy and e$'arrassed 'ut she did it for $e 'ecause I as ed her to% Henry had already tau#ht $e to see the audience in totality as one !erson I "as co$forta'le s!ea in# "ith and to 'e#in $y s!eech as if the t"o of us "ere alone% /nd I "as instructed to "ear $y s!ea in# dress to #ive $e confidence and !oise% /r$ored "ith these inner crutches( I could s!ea "ith no hesitancy( no shyness( and no a!!arent !ro'le$ at all% I also s!o e !u'licly for Henry at other occasions "here he "ould load $e u! and 'oo $e a ti$e slot on sta#e% 2o$eti$es it "as a de'ate 'et"een fello" ro'ots on !olitical issues 'ut I "asn+t trained li e they "ere - I "as trained only to deliver% Many others "ere adroit at de'atin#( 'ut I "asn+t% 2o I+d #o u! on sta#e( deliver $y !re-!ro#ra$$ed s!eech( everyone "ould cla! and later Henry "ould say I did a #reat >o'% ,ut I had to have on $y s!ea in# dress( and no $atter "hat I "as really "earin#( it 'eca$e 6$y s!ea in# dress%6 If he "as !resent( Henry co$$ented 'efore I "ent on( 6My( you loo lovely in your s!ea in# dress(6 and then $y s!eech "ould 'e internally en#a#ed and I+d 'e ready to deliver% I !erfor$ed in these "ays for $any 6sho" your latest technolo#y in ro'ots6 sho"s% /fter I !assed those( I #ot to $ove on to $ore di!lo$atic $atters% Henry used $e to "ar$ u! #rou!s that his constituency "as #oin# to s!ea to and I often "ore several different dis#uises and al"ays loo ed different% Henry "as the !u!!eteer and I "as his !u!!et and at anyti$e he "ished( he could !ull $y strin#s and $a e $e chan#e into a different !u!!et( "ith a different face "ith "hich to $eet the !u'lic% /nd li e Mr% &otatohead( he could order "hat ind of face he "anted $e to !ut on% 62)uint your eyes a 'it( curl u! the ends of your $outh( flair your nostrils( !ull your >a" for"ard6%%%all sorts of different facial $anneris$s and contortions that I "as !ro#ra$$ed to !erfor$( co$'ined "ith "i#s( #lasses( 'ody !addin#( hats( etc% It "as all )uite effective as I !layed $y role creatin# different faces to !resent to the !u'lic% Not $any !eo!le no" a'out this technolo#y yet and Henry said "e had a definite ed#e on the others% He said that it "as al"ays i$!ortant for us to strive to reach #reater and #reater no"led#e and a"areness( to stay ahead of the !ac in 'ein# the first( the 'est( and the 'ri#htest in our latest endeavors% He "as constantly e1!eri$entin# "ith $e and addin# thin#s li e archival infor$ation and classified docu$ents( in order to have the latest infor$ation to dra" fro$%

"/# Henry said( 6You+re the leader of the !ac in this di!lo$atic endeavor and as such "e "ill continue to u!date your syste$ in order to insure that you stay 6the leader of the !ac %6 In a hy!notic session( he said to $e( 6Each and every ti$e you hear the son#( 6Leader of the &ac (6 on the radio( you "ill thin of the $otorcycle 'i ers only and "ill re$ain in the dar other"ise%6 The "ord 6dar 6 "as internally lin ed in $y syste$ to all sorts of ritual horrors and terrors( there'y !lun#in# this infor$ation that "as su'li$inally lin ed to it dee!ly into the recesses of $y su'conscious $ind% I could not consciously retrieve itD yet it ruled $y actions% In this "ay the ritual tortures that I had endured as a child and as a youn# adult at $y church "ere lin ed to these other $e$ories% They tied the ritual trau$a to these $e$ories 'y sayin#( 6If you 'e#in to recall such and such( you "ill i$$ediately recall the ritual( and they "ould #o into #reat detail to re$ind $e of the tortures that ha!!ened at those rituals% They used the ritual tortures on and off at strate#ic( necessary ti$es to either 'rin# to the forefront an old #rou! of !ersonalities( or to create a ne" #rou!% / trau$atic ritual could effectively create a "hole ne" #rou! of alternate !ersonalities( since it "as such an e1tensive trau$a% Henry often s!o e to his collea#ues on this su'>ect( advisin# the$ "hen and "here to use trau$a% Henry consulted "ith other $en "ho needed #uidance as to ho" to create and $aintain a ro'ot or #rou! of the$( as in ,o' Ho!e+s case% ,o' had a "hole #rou! "ithin $e( ei#ht !ersonalities at one ti$e( 'ut Henry advised hi$ to cut it do"n to four 'ecause he said he couldn+t effectively $aintain that $any until the level of technolo#y rose( allo"in# for $ore of the !ro#ra$$in# and $aintenance to 'e !erfor$ed 'y $achine rather than 'y $an% Henry said $y !rototy!e "as not ne" 'ut "as hi#hly e1!anded and $ore technical and he "as 'uildin# on an older $odel of a se1 ro'ot and $ind co$!uter !rototy!e( co$'inin# the$ "ithin $e in ho!es of e1!andin# technolo#ies and co$in# u! "ith a $ore versatile "or a'le $odel% He actually vie"ed $e as a $achine% Dr% Ol$stead( our !rinci!al( #ave $e orders in his office% 3hen he did I "ould #o into ro'otic receivin# $ode and record all the data he #ave $e% I transferred "hat "as a!!ro!riate to $y 'lue inner calendar and filed the rest of the infor$ation into the su##ested files for use at the correct ti$e% My 2tudent *overn$ent 82tudent Council9 teacher( 2aul Ro"en( "ould drive $e( to catch a !lane or( $ore often( to a helico!ter !ort "here I "as then trans!orted to a #overn$ent a!!roved shuttle !lane to 3ashin#ton( DC or Ne" Yor % 7sually I "as ta en to Ni1on for se1 and to strai#hten out his often dour attitude and then to Henry and the research tea$ for further instruction% ,ac ho$e Dr% 2toddard !rescri'ed a continuous su!!ly of the anti'iotic Tetracycline% He said I had to ta e the $edication so I "ould not have !i$!les% I never "as a'le to )uestion this at the ti$e( could not thin to( 'ut realiEed later on( as I healed and inte#rated( that I never suffered fro$ any ty!e of acne and $ust have 'een #iven this anti'iotic to insure I did not infect the #overn$ent leaders "ith any 6social diseases%6 He also !rescri'ed $ood elevators and $ild tran)uiliEers for $e durin# ti$es "hen I "as e1tre$ely de!ressed as a teena#er% These hel!ed to ee! $e 6ha!!y%6 Durin# the ti$es I "as 'ein# used 'y others( they utiliEed !ersonalities that "ere cheerful and ener#etic( so $y $oods "ere never a !ro'le$% Dr% 2toddard also #ave $y father shots of testosterone to 'oost his se1ual desire%

"/8 Loo in# 'ac ( $y hi#h school years had a very unreal feelin# to the$% I didn+t eat $uch in those days( in o'eisance "ith !ro#ra$$in#( and "as very thin li e the !o!ular $odel of the ti$e( T"i##y% I had !ro#ra$s in !lace that #uaranteed that $y !hysical 'ody "ould $aintain a !erfect siEe L( or less( and usually in those days I "ore a siEe A or I% If I ate very $uch I 'eca$e nauseated and could eat no $ore% 3hen I "ent for a fe" days "ithout eatin# "hile I "as on assi#n$ent( $y sto$ach shran and so it "as difficult to eat $uch( !lus I "ould often 'e very sic and sha in# fro$ the hi#h volta#e I "as su'>ected to% My $other often #ot into $y t"in 'ed ne1t to $e and held and ru''ed $e to #et $y 'ody to cal$ do"n% 2he also e!t sayin#( 6You+re ho$e honey( you+re ho$e%6 My 'ody often convulsed and I had dry heaves 'ut after I sle!t I "as usually 'etter% Roc etdyneCRoc "ell International .en *olliher "as a nuclear !hysicist and a Mason "ho "as res!ected as +the 'rains+ 'ehind a lot of scientific !lans or inventions "hile e$!loyed at Roc etdyne in the 3oodland Hills area% He "or ed "ith Ells"orth -ord( Crai#+s father( "ho "as !lant en#ineer( and Mary( the "o$en I+ve !reviously $entioned( our nei#h'or "ho for $any years "as $y +second $other%+ .en+s dau#hter 2helly "as a $e$'er of the youn# "o$en+s Masonic or#aniEation( ?o'+s Dau#hters( and attended the sa$e school as Crai#% Throu#h their friendshi! I ca$e to no" her% ,ut it "asn+t until so$e t"enty-five years later that I 'e#an re$e$'erin# .en *olliher( adorned "ith a "hite la' coat( "hite hard hat and #o##les( "avin# $e throu#h the security #uard at the front #uard #ate at Roc etdyne% -ro$ his la' coat !oc et hun# a !lastic 'ad#e "ith his !icture and other infor$ation on it% I don+t no" "hat he told the$ to #ain entrance for $e( $ay'e that I "as his dau#hter or so$ethin#% /ny"ay( they let $e throu#h the security #ate drivin# $y fa$ily+s old +F< Chevy% I $ust have 'een around si1teen years old% Once inside the 'uildin#( .en sho"ed $e the $on eys in a ca#e and one $on ey "as sittin# in a chair "ith its little head scre"ed into a $etal fra$e"or that "ra!!ed around his s ull% .en told $e it didn+t hurt the $on ey at all% ,efore I ne" it( I "as stra!!ed into a chair( "ith electrodes !ositioned on $y head% They told $e that I "as stra!!ed in so I "ouldn+t $ove around% .en "as an e1cellent !hoto#ra!her and 'efore $e "as a slide screen% /t first I "as sho"n slides of nature scenes li e flo"ers "ith 'ees on the$ and then they 'e#an flashin# technical slides "ith !ictures of $oon landin#s( instru$entation infor$ation( satellite dia#ra$s( craft desi#ns( $athe$atical e)uations and all sorts of technical infor$ation% There "ere slides of !a#e after !a#e of nu$'ers( for$ulas and dia#ra$s of asse$'ly infor$ation for certain !ro>ects% One !icture "as of a $echanical chair that a ro'ot--I $ean astronaut--could $aneuver around on the $oon% It+s !ossi'le that so$e of the astronauts are hu$an ro'ots( 'ecause I sa" the for$ulas for !ro#ra$$in# the$ so they could 'e controlled fro$ earth and scientists "ould never have to rely on the astronauts hu$an e$otions+ or hu$an errors in thin in#% I sa" a "hole set of !lans for trainin# and conditionin# an astronaut% The 7nited 2tates actually sent $any $ore !eo!le and ani$als onto the $oon and to other !lanets than they let 'e no"n to the /$erican !u'lic% They "ere e1!eri$entin#

"/+ "ith all ty!es of life forces on the $oon and didn+t announce $any of their e1!eri$ents( or findin#s% The ones that "ere $ade !u'lic "ere strictly to control the feelin#s and 'eliefs of the /$erican !eo!le% 7nscru!ulous scientists sent 6indi#ents6 as they called the$( to the $oon and other !lanets( and they usually didn+t return %%%or if they did they tested the$ to see "hat illed the$% 2o #reat "as the desire to e1!lore other !lanets to 'eat the Russians( or to )uench the curiosity of so$e totally left 'rain scientists( that they didn+t care "ho they illed or hurt to #et the desired results% They "ere doin# initial research and used $ind-controlled slaves to e1!lore the !ossi'ility that hu$ans could live in outer s!ace - on s!ace stations and other !lanets% This "as done in !re!aration for the elite fa$ilies to have a !lace to #o should the need arise% Even 'ac in the late LG+s they had trac in# stations on the $oon that "ere hi#hly so!histicated( and used to $easure $any thin#s% 2o$eho" they "ere even a'le to $onitor the +feelin#s+ of a !o!ulation% They $onitored the earth fro$ the $oon $uch $ore than they $onitored the other !lanets% This $onitorin# syste$ "as set in !lace to control a society--to control their feelin#s and thou#ht !atterns% They rationaliEed these actions e1!lainin# that in this "ay they "ould 'e a'le to create a society free of cri$e and violence( 'ut that is 'ecause !eo!le "on+t 'e a'le to thin for the$selves% Their !lans are for a society of $ind controlled ro'ots% I sa" the$ !erfor$ studies on ha$sters and rats "here they totally controlled the$ 'y these $eans% No" they can do it "ith hu$an 'ein#s and create any situation on the #lo'e they "ant to !eace( chaos( violence( "hatever they "ant and then they can #o in "ith their invisi'le fre)uency "arfare and !u'licly visi'le !olice force and ta e control% In this "ay !eo!le could lose all the freedo$ they once had% It is already ha!!enin#% 3ithout no"in# it( !eo!le are loosin# freedo$ over their o"n thou#hts and e$otions and "ill 'eco$e controlled instead 'y technolo#ies that they could never even have i$a#ined( let alone thou#ht !ossi'le% It is a sic ( t"isted( and sinister sche$e of #lo'al $ind control% 82ee Nic ,e#ich+s 'oo ( /n#els Don+t &lay This H//R&%9 ,ac then( Roc etdyne had a test site in the 2anta 2uEanna Mountains( a $issile ran#e firin# !lant "here the scientists had the !rivile#e of )uic ly testin# their inventions on the s!ot "ithout havin# to "ait for the$ to 'e sent to other firin# locations% The scientists li ed that instant #ratification% They could see ho" their 'lue!rints "or ed ri#ht a"ay% 2o they had a total loo! fro$ 'lue!rints( to $anufacturin# and then to launch - and it "as $ore than $ere $issiles they "ere firin# off% .en #ot $e into the facility over and over in $y teens( to hoo $e u! to e)ui!$ent that 'y!assed $y conscious $ind to record in $y 6to! secret $ind files6 infor$ation a'out their ideas "hich needed to 'e !assed on to alternate sites or the De!art$ent of Defense% They "ere all secretly inter-connected "ith a hu#e "e' of cri$inals on the inside and at the to! "ho o!erated "ithout the no"led#e of the !u'lic%

"/1 /r$y ,ase &ro#ra$$in# More !ro#ra$$in# too !lace on an ar$y 'ase "here I "as escorted !ast so$e $en in ar$y unifor$ to an under#round facility that "e arrived at 'y "al in# do"n a stee! fli#ht of stairs to a lar#e ce$ent and #rey $etal-"alled "arehouse% I "as ta en !ast a roo$ "ith des s and co$!uters to a roo$ 'ehind "here the !ro#ra$$in# e)ui!$ent "as e!t% They !ut $e inside lar#e cylindrical $achines "here I either laid or sat "hile they did all sorts of thin#s to $e% One ti$e they !ut $e in a deco$!ression cha$'er "here I felt li e I "as #ettin# s)ueeEed to death and then they !ut in so$e #as that $ade $e lau#h and feel "ei#htless% They hoo ed "ires and electrodes to $y head and li$'s and they used loud sounds inter$ittently "ith soft sounds( then 'lasted the loud sounds a#ain durin# "hich ti$e an ar$y officer in a 'ro"n unifor$ delivered "ord !hrases to $e that "ere inaudi'le to $y conscious $ind 'ecause of the other loud sounds I "as 'ein# su'>ected to% They !ut $e throu#h a series of $achines %%%ones that s!un $e( rollin# $e tu$'lin# head over heals( for lon# !eriods of ti$e% Then they laid $e on a ta'le and shined 'ri#ht li#hts in $y eyes and loud sounds a#ain in $y ears% /t the sa$e ti$e( the officer yelled at $e% I "as so confused and out of it that another officer tried to cal$ $e do"n on the ta'le so I could dress and leave% I "as escorted out into an a"aitin# li$o% I did notice that "e "ere in an area that loo ed li e the California desert% I "atched and recorded in $y $ind files( $uch li e a court re!orter( "hile the /$erican doctors in coats $a!!ed $y forehead and face and hoo ed $e u! to electrodes% There "ere other !eo!le in the roo$ sittin# li e Eo$'ies all "ith their heads $a!!ed out% 3e all have nu$'ers that follo" us no $atter "hat research !ro>ects "e "ere assi#ned to% They "ere studyin# our 'rains in a variety of different conte1ts( in all different environ$ents( "ith different sti$ulation% They "ere also studyin# #enetic effects( cultural effects( nutritional effects( every effect of environ$ent and #enes on a !erson+s 'rain function( their life function( their lon#evity( their functionality and !roductivity% They $onitored 8'y the electrodes9 and re#istered and $a!!ed lots of data that "as i$!uted on 'rain function% This also furthered their understandin# of ho" hu$ans "ould do on other !lanets and s!ace stations% The $ovie Co$a 8:;<=9 "as later used as a screen $e$ory 8to scra$'le this a'use9( 'ut the e1!eri$ents "ere reality% 2o$e data "as ta en $uch later on at &e!!erdine 7niversity in Mali'u( "here I attended as a colle#e student in :;=F-=<( and so$e at international locationsD one( a 'i# hu#e roo$ "ith dar $ar'le floors in En#land% ,ac /t 3innet a Tech ?o in#ly( !eo!le referred to $y hi#h school as 63innet a Tech(6 and in essence that "as an a$aEin#ly a!!ro!riate title for a hi#h school that had an inner #rou! of teachers and faculty "hose a#enda it "as to create 6enhanced $inds%6 The hi#h school "as a factory of 6youn# adults(6 as Henry .issin#er called us% In >unior hi#h Henry 'e#an creatin# $y friend Candy+s $ind files( 'ut said she "as too ro'otic% Henry said I "as a natural and ran s$oothly "ith no rou#h ed#es% Then there "as Helen( the student "ho "as *irl+s &resident 'efore I "as and there "as also a $ale student( "hose na$e I can+t re$e$'er% Henry "or ed on the$ all 'ut I "as chosen a'ove all of the$ 'ecause I a!!eared so natural and /ll-/$erican( "hile the others he vie"ed as too ethnic or too ro'otical% Henry said he

"/7 could still use the$ all at different tas s( 'ut I "as the $ost versatile and "ould fit into $ost situations% One of the "o$en astronauts also #raduated fro$ Taft Hi#h 2chool% /t other ti$es in hi#h school I "as driven on those s$all +s!ecial+ Los /n#eles 2chool District 'uses - the ind they used for ids "ith s!ecial needs - to the Van Nuys /ir!ort( or to L/@( or to different heli!orts on to! of 'uildin#s in Los /n#eles% Durin# the late LG+s I "as ta en out of school often and 'used to different !laces for all sorts of different thin#sD se1ually servicin# i$!ortant 'usiness$en or !oliticians( or $eetin# Ni1on at so$e !lace on the 'each in California( or $eetin# Rea#an at the Motion &icture Country Hos!ital( or $eetin# ,o' and his friends so$e"here% There "ere lots of i$!ortant 'usiness$en in 2outhern California( Northern California( 2acra$ento( 2anta ,ar'ara( O>ai( 2an -rancisco( 2an Luis O'is!o( 2anta CruE( Car$el( etc%( that I "as delivered to for se1 and to deliver Council $essa#es% 2uits( suits( and $ore suits0 I never ne" "here I "as #oin# and the driver of the 'us "as usually a different !erson each ti$e% One ti$e the driver "as a lady "ho said she ca$e all the "ay fro$ the inner city to drive $e% 2he said( 6You don+t loo handica!!ed to $e%6 I didn+t res!ond( couldn+t thin to( instead I >ust "al ed off the 'us and into the courthouse "here I "as to se1ually service and !ass a $essa#e to so$e circuit >ud#e% Often I "ould #et out of the s!ecial 'us and later another s!ecial 'us "ould !ic $e u! and I "ould 'e ta en 'ac to Taft Hi#h 2chool% I didn+t s!end a lot of ti$e in class( 'ut $y teachers didn+t say anythin# "hen I didn+t turn in $y ho$e"or % I don+t no" "hy( 'ut they didn+t% There "ere ti$es in hi#h school that I "as dis$issed fro$ classes for an entire "ee and s!ent the ti$e travelin# internationally "ith Ni1on and .issin#er% 3hile I traveled at ti$es "ith Ni1on( I "as !ro#ra$$ed to carry Henry+s strate#ic !lan for Ni1on to ta! into( "henever he needed to refresh hi$self "ith Henry+s !lan% I often stayed in hotel roo$s( or "aited in near'y roo$s or the lo''y( a!!earin# to 'e a re#ular !erson% Ni1on "ould access $e( 'efore( durin#( or after a $eetin#( al"ays leavin# the se1 for $uch later on% ,ut I "as at Ni1on+s fin#erti!s( ar$ed and loaded "ith all the !ossi'le in!ut and data any one $an could ever "ant% That+s ho" Henry descri'ed this "hen I acco$!anied Ni1on to China( 722R( the -ar East( Vietna$ tal s( etc%( al"ays dis#uised as so$eone else in order to serve Henry+s interests% 2o( in addition to $y secret life durin# $y so-called studies at Taft Hi#h 2chool( I "as flo"n all over the country and internationally( servin# those individuals .issin#er set $e u! "ith% I "as havin# routine se1 "ith the health and #overn$ent teacher( Mr% 2aul Ro"en( "ho later 'eca$e the o"ner of Cali Ca$!( an e1clusive children+s ca$! in 2outhern California% 2o$e days "hen I "as at school( durin# lunchti$e( I "as fil$ed !orno#ra!hically 'y $y 'rother and others in the !hoto la' at Taft% /nd I "as havin# se1( all the "hile un no"n to $y conscious !ersonality( "ith $e$'ers of the 'usiness co$$unity( and earned $yself the D%/%R% a"ard for service( fro$ the 3oodland Hills Rotary Clu'( u!on #raduation%

"/0 Roc efeller and .issin#er Confer on My -uture 7ncle Roc y "as $y cor!orate s!onsor and "as in Henry+s office one day "hen Henry turned to $e and said( 6My dear( don+t you have so$ethin# to say to Mr% Roc efeller( here46 6Yes( 2ir06 I e1clai$ed all 'u''ly and e1cited% I too his hand and said e1actly as Henry had !re!ro#ra$$ed $e( 6Mr% Roc efeller( I "ould li e to as you if you "ould s!onsor $y further education46 6Of course(6 he said( 6I "ould 'e $ost deli#hted to 'e a !art of your future #ro"th and contri'ution to $an ind%6 2tandin#( he "ent on( 6-or $e to finance your education $eans that you are no" !art of $y fa$ily and any youn# lady as 'ri#ht as you are should call $e 7ncle Roc y(6 and he shoo $y hand% No" I ne" that he "as !art of $y real fa$ily that 7ncle Charlie 8Charles Lilley Horn9 had s!o en of% My relia'ility had 'een tested for several years and I see$ed to 6#raduate6 to a hi#her level of use% 3hat could 'e hi#her level than the &resident of the 7nited 2tates4 In $y e1!erience( the Council( and certain international individuals li e the Roc efellers( "as a hi#her level( standin# head and shoulders a'ove the #overn$ent and 7nited 2tates !oliticians% 3ith this +honor+ 'esto"ed u!on $e( it too >ust three days for this hi#hest level of !ro#ra$$in# to 'e acco$!lished% I+$ not sure "here I "as ta en 'ut the "alls in the roo$ I "as ta en into "ere "hite li e in a hos!ital% There "as a flat silver $etal 'and that "as fitted to the to! of $y head "ith ad>oinin# circular outer 'ars that haloed around it% They cou!led that "ith fin#er connectors >oined to "ires that delivered electroshoc to $y fin#ers and toes% They sent electroshoc first to 'oth of $y s$allest a!!enda#esD $y little fin#ers and toes% Then they si$ultaneously sent electroshoc to $y ne1t fin#er and toe( and continued in succession until all !aired a!!enda#es had 'een included% /t the sa$e ti$e they delivered the electroshoc ( they shined different colors of the red s!ectru$( "hich "ent throu#h 'lue to !ur!le( "hile they "ere flashin# the li#ht% Ne1t they did the yello" s!ectru$ !aired "ith a different set of fin#ers and toes% They co$!leted the "hole +rain'o" s!ectru$+ usin# each fin#erCtoe !aired in se)uence% I overheard the$ $ention so$ethin# a'out creatin# a !erfect coordination 'et"een not only left and ri#ht 'rain $otor sy$$etry 'ut actual $otor functionin#( !aired "ith 'rain "ave !atternin# so that( 6the android ro'ot a!!ears !erfectly nor$al and hu$an%6 I had to sit in this electric chair for "hat see$ed li e hours "hile they did all this to $e% It "as also durin# this ti$e !eriod that I "as introduced to Ronald Rea#an% 6-aith co$es fro$ hearin# the $essa#e( and the $essa#e is heard throu#h the "ord of Christ%6 -- Ro$ans :G5 :<

"3= ,rice Taylor - Than s for the Me$ories Cha1ter Ten: -ntrod2&ed to Go'ernor *onald *ea6an I "as slo"ly introduced to Ronald Rea#an "hen I "as a teena#er% &rivate $eetin#s "ere set u! 'y ,o' Ho!e( for $e to $eet "ith Rea#an at the s$all theater that is !art of the Motion &icture Country Hos!ital 8M&CH9 located in Cala'asas( California( >ust :G $inutes fro$ $y childhood ho$e in 3oodland Hills% The hos!ital is o"ned and o!erated 'y the 2creen /ctor+s *uild 82/*9% /fter $y father suffered a heart attac $y $other too a >o' and "or ed there for :G years( in the late LG+s and early <G+s( as secretaryC'oo ee!er to the /ssistant E1ecutive Director% I "as !ro#ra$$ed to "al or ride $y 'i e to the hos!ital to "atch so$e of the $ovies that !layed in the s$all theater on the hos!ital #rounds% I "as instructed to "atch $any $ovies that "ere used for +!ro#ra$$in# !ur!oses+ to instill certain !referred attitudes or $oods "ithin $e% /$on# the$5 My -air Lady( *one 3ith the 3ind( The 7nsin a'le Molly ,ro"n( Disney $ovies( and the 3iEard of OE% Often durin# the sho"in#( a $an "ould co$e u! 'ehind $e and Ea! $e "ith an electronic !iece of e)ui!$ent% /t other ti$es( seein# a $ovie "as >ust a cover for !rivately $eetin# "ith Ronald Rea#an% I "as also instructed to read the 'oo ( -lo"ers for /l#ernon( "hich "as intended to scra$'le( cloud and cover the $e$ory of e1!eriences that ha!!ened at the M&CH and else"here% It "as there( in !rivate( at the M&CH( that Ronald Rea#an 'e#an to #et ac)uainted "ith $e( and "ith $any of $y created !ersonalities% I "as instructed 'eforehand that I "ould have 6an i$!ortant #uest6 and that I "as to 6$a e a #ood i$!ression on hi$( to #ive hi$ the full treat$ent%6 The Council had 'i# !lans for Ronald Rea#an and he fit the re)uire$ents for "hat they "ere loo in# for - so$eone "ho "as !lia'le and could 'e directed% He !roved that 'y follo"in# their directions fro$ the 'e#innin#( even 'efore he "as elected *overnor% He "as a !erson "ho "as !atriotic( !ersona'le and "as seen as "holeso$e( #ood and #enuine in the !u'lic eye% He "as a 6#ood actor6 and "as "illin# to >u$! throu#h their hoo!s "ithout )uestion% They al"ays told hi$ he "as "or in# for the 6#ood of his country6 and he never see$ed to )uestion anythin#% ,ut I a$ #ettin# ahead of $yself% That first $eetin#( Rea#an and I "ere alone in the s$all theater% 3hen the li#hts "ere lo"ered in the audience section( that "as $y cue to 'e#in $y routine% The 6full treat$ent6 consisted of sin#in# and dancin# on the s$all sta#e for hi$( endin# "ith a stri!tease dance% /fter $y seductive act( I "al ed out to "here he "as sittin# all alone and cli$'ed( na ed( into his la! to recite $y !ro#ra$% -ollo"in# $y !ro#ra$$ed instructions( I told hi$ that I could satisfy every desire or "hi$ he could i$a#ine( that I ca$e co$!lete "ith instructions and to! security( and "as referred 'y his friend ,o' Ho!e% He see$ed e$'arrassed( a reaction that "ould follo" hi$ over the years in relation to $e( and a 'it over"hel$ed( 'ut his res!onse "as( 6I+$ sold %%%tell ,o' I+$ sold06

"3" Havin# carefully recorded his e1act res!onse "ithin $y !hoto#ra!hic $e$ory as instructed( I cla$'ered out of his la!( collected $y clothes fro$ the sta#e floor and #ot dressed% I had several !ersonalities that "ere s!ecially created to !lease Ronald Rea#an se1ually% One "as created for total devotion to hi$ over the years% I "as used e1tensively on and around :;L=( at a#e :<( 'y then *overnor Rea#an and soon after "ith 7nited 2tates &resident Richard Ni1on% These to! !oliticians "ere #uaranteed that $y trainin# insured the hi#hest level of security% The hi#h level of $ind control I !ossessed #uaranteed that I could 'e used "ith these leaders "ho "ere involved in so$e of the hi#hest levels of national security( "ithout $y o"n a"areness( therefore creatin# the $ost so!histicated level of security our nation had to offer% The s!y doesn+t even no" she+s s!yin#0 RendeEvous "ith Rea#an occurred often at the M&CH 'ut the "ay it "as set u! "as very secretive% On 2unday afternoons( or in the evenin#s( I acco$!anied $y fa$ily to the s$all $ovie theatre on the #rounds% 3hile "e "ere "aitin# outside in line I "as instructed to say that I had to #o to the 'athroo$ and instead I "ould sli! into the 'ac side entrance to the little theatre and "ait for hi$ to sho" u!% Often he "as "aitin# in the 'ac of the theatre and I+d )uic ly deliver the $essa#e and return to $y fa$ily% Other ti$es( I "aited for hi$ in the 'ac of the dar ened theatre% He "ould arrive loo in# secretive li e he "as tryin# to travel 6inco#nito%6 /fter "e connected I "ould #et u! and #o to the front of the theatre to >oin $y fa$ily and he "ould sit do"n in $y vacated seat% Durin# the $ovie I "ould announce to $y fa$ily that I "as #oin# to the restroo$ and I "ould sli! into the ro" of seats in front of Rea#an% /s soon as I "as in !osition in front of hi$ I rattled off a 'unch of infor$ation $eant to #uide hi$% If he !assed these tests 'y doin# "hat he "as told( then he could enter a hi#her level of the !olitical arena% He "as slo"ly infor$ed that I "as a ro'ot "ho "as $erely re!ortin# to hi$ fro$ the hi#her u!s% In the 'e#innin# they told hi$ not to underesti$ate $y a'ilities >ust 'ecause I "as youn#( that I had years of !o"erful trainin# to $a e $e the "ay I "as and that he "as to utiliEe $e to the fullest% Once he "as elected *overnor( they had $e "or in# 'et"een Ni1on 8as &resident9 and Rea#an 8as *overnor9% They "or ed the$ to#ether and "ere a'le to effect !o"erful chan#e and le#islation 'et"een the t"o% That "as escalated "hen Rea#an #ot into office as &resident and later they utiliEed &ete 3ilson in the sa$e "ay% Lots of le#islation "as !ushed throu#h and 'y the ti$e 3ilson hit the office of *overnor and Rea#an hit &resident( they had the channels cleared to #et throu#h la"s( 'ills and "hatever else the Council needed for their o"n advance$ent% There "as an older #ray-haired( fee'le loo in# $an "ith a dia$ond !in y rin# to "ho$ I fre)uently re!orted at the M&CH% He often 'rou#ht $y $o$ a !a!er to si#n% /t ti$es he coordinated and delivered $e to different roo$s or cotta#es to $eet "ith different !eo!le% He told $e to #o inside and "ait% Often Rea#an "as the !erson I "as to "ait for% Other ti$es he "ould say( 63ait in here(6 and I sat in a lo''y or roo$ "here a 2ecret 2ervice a#ent ca$e to deliver $e to then-*overnor Rea#an% They too $e often to a little house ee!in# cotta#e to have se1 and deliver $essa#es to Rea#an% Later the older $an "ith the dia$ond !in y rin# "ould co$e and ta e $e 'ac to $y $other+s office% He

"3/ didn+t even see "ho I "as delivered to $eet% The 2ecret 2ervice said they li ed it 'etter that "ay 'ecause they said it "as 6once re$oved(6 so it "asn+t as ris y% There "ere instances "here $y $other "ould !ull o!en a file dra"er in her office( re$ove a file and lay it on her des for $e to read and record% Dis!layed 'efore $e "ere lo#s of u!co$in# dates and ti$es I "as to $eet Rea#an or others at the M&CH% /t other ti$es I vie"ed !a!ers full of instructions of thin#s to say( includin# s!ecific !hrases( to certain !eo!le( or lists of colu$ns of four fi#ure nu$'ers that I "as instructed to encode and deci!her% /t so$e $eetin#s Rea#an "ould !ractice a s!eech in front of $e in the theatre% I+d ta e it all 'ac to the Council and they "ould correct a line or t"o( #ive the e1act "ordin# to 'e used( and I+d deliver the $essa#e to Rea#an a#ain and he "ould $odify his s!eech and deliver it as they dictated% Other ti$es I "as instructed to ride $y 'i e to the M&CH or I acco$!anied $y $o$ to "or "hen she had e1tra "or to do and I+d say I "as #oin# outside% 2he never )uestioned $e% /fter I started drivin# at :L( I "as instructed to re!ort to $y $o$+s office and as for $oney or !er$ission to do so$ethin#( 'e ore I "ent to the theatre so she "ouldn+t sus!ect anythin# if later so$eone told her they sa" $e% The $an in the theatre "ho let $e in durin# off-hours +a!!eared+ to 'e a >anitor( 'ut I #uess he "as a !art of it% 2o$eti$es a #rou! of $en at a round ta'le $et as I sat off to the side in 6!ar $ode(6 "hile they discussed "hat needed to 'e done "ith $e ne1t or they+d ar#ue a'out "hat I "as 'ein# +e1!osed+ to% One $an ended the ar#u$ent e1!lainin#( 6that+s "hat the 'oss ordered%6 The 'oss "as ,o' Ho!e% These $en see$ed to no" all a'out $e% ,ut ,o' didn+t li e to $eet or have se1 "ith $e at the M&CH 'ecause he said( 6-ran ly( the !eo!le there are too old%6 It see$ed to de!ress hi$ to thin a'out old a#e% Million Dollar ,a'ies I overheard conversations "here the &resident of the 7nited 2tates and other to! !oliticians "ere offered the services of 6escorts(6--the CI/+s latest hu$an ro'ot technolo#y--!ro#ra$$ed se1 and es!iona#e slaves% They "ere encoura#ed to use these escorts to satisfy their se1ual and e$otional needs( instead of e1!osin# the$selves to outside individuals( 'ecause these escorts "ere #uaranteed safe - had !assed $any tests to insure security( "ere a'le to !rovide #uaranteed secrecy and "ere safe fro$ venereal disease% The !residents and others "ere hi#hly discoura#ed 'y the CI/ fro$ other avenues of se1ual indiscretions for fear of !u'lic e1!osure% This fear of the conse)uences of see in# 6outside6 se1ual #ratification( fear of adverse !u'licity or disease( and other security ris s( created a heavy de$and for the use of this latest hu$an technolo#y% /s I later learned( &ro>ect Monarch 'eta trained se1 slaves "ere called 6$illion dollar 'a'ies6 referrin# to the lar#e a$ount of $oney each slave "ould 'rin# in fro$ a very early a#e% In the LG+s the use of a &ro>ect Monarch !residential $odel se1 slave cost around O:AGG for an evenin#% Henry called $e his 6$illion dollar $achine%6

"33 My father and his controllers had done their ho$e"or ( insurin# I "as Multi!le &ersonality Disordered( certifia'ly under total and co$!lete $ind control and ready for use 'y certain individuals in to! !olitical and entertain$ent !ositions( 'y the ti$e I "as a !reteen% ,ut "hat $any of the CI/ officials $ay or $ay not have 'een a"are of "as that a !o"erful #rou! of $en( "ho$ I refer to as 6The Council(6 secretly ran the #overn$ent% They "ere also a'le to access the 6$indcontrolled escorts6 and !ro#ra$ the$ to su'versively influence to! #overn$ent officials in "ays that 'enefited the Council% The CI/+s latest hu$an technolo#y "as no" 'ein# used a#ainst our o"n #overn$ent% 6Each of us "ill one day 'e >ud#ed 'y our standard of life%%% Not 'y our standard of livin#D 'y our $easure of #ivin#%%% Not 'y our $easure of "ealthD 'y our si$!le #oodness%%% Not 'y our see$in# #reatness% 6 -- 3illia$ /rthur 3ard

"3# ,rice Taylor - Than s for the Me$ories Cha1ter Ele'en: M%nd Control %n the )r%sons 3earin# "hite sandles( a red shirt and s irt( I "as flo"n 'y helico!ter u! near 2acra$ento( California to the Vacaville &rison% It "as another $ind control e1!eri$ent only this ti$e not on $e% Mind control !ro#ra$s "ere tried out on the in$ates - !ro#ra$s they "anted to i$!le$ent "ith cri$inals( soldiers( etc%( if they "or ed% *overnor Rea#an( "ho "as 'usy tourin# the facility( "asn+t around "hen they tortured and !ro#ra$$ed the !risoners% He "ent off "ith a !rison official "hile I "as ta en to deliver the ver'al !ortion of the !ro#ra$ to the $en% On one side of the "al "ay the in$ates "ere left alone and on the other side they "ere hoo ed u! to electrodes( "ith a 'and around their head and "rists( and "ere shoc ed% Then a #uard too $e to say !ro#ra$$in# !hrases to the$ li e( 6I "ill not co$$it a cri$e% I "ill 'ehave in society li e a #ood citiEen% I "ill no lon#er offend% I "ill not ra!e% I "ill 'e cal$% I "ill 'e !eaceful% I "ill not fi#ht% I "ill not s"ear% I "ill 'e an asset to society% I "ill follo" orders% I "ill o'ey co$$ands% I "ill serve $y country to the 'est of $y a'ility%6 They even hoo ed u! their !enises to electroshoc as a trau$a-!ro#ra$$in# tactic% 3hen they "ere tortured( the $en 'ro e out in a s"eat and so$e even cried( and after the trau$a( they had $e deliver the !ro#ra$ !hrases% 3henever I "as alone "ith the$( a rene#ade !ersonality "ithin $e that could relate and sy$!athiEe "ith their !li#ht( sli!!ed in the su##estion( 6I "ill fi#ht for $y o"n freedo$%6 One $an "as sittin# holdin# his head in his hands and cryin#% His toe "as 'ein# shoc ed throu#h a cuff that "ent around his toe% These $en "ere "rithin# in !ain and "ere e$otionally 'ro en 'y the ti$e they 'rou#ht the$ to $e to deliver the !ro#ra$ su##estions% I "as told to deliver the $essa#es slo"ly( distinctly and )uietly so their su'conscious $ind "ould have to reach for it% Their conscious $ind "as "ay out of the "ay 'y then% 2o$e $en urinated in their cots "hile they "ere 'ein# electroshoc ed% Their 'odies >er ed( they s"eated !rofusely and cried% / $an "ho could still tal after"ards 'e##ed $e( 63hy are they doin# this to $e4 Hel! $e% &lease hel! $e #et out of here%6 It "as a"ful% They helico!tered Rea#an and I in and out% It "as a to!-secret !ro>ect% ,y the ti$e they finished "ith these !oor $en( they didn+t even need to loc the >ail cells% They loo ed and acted co$atose% /t one ti$e they said it "as chea!er to ee! cri$inals in !rison than to sentence the$ to death% That "as !ro'a'ly so they could further their e1!eri$ents on the $ind% Otta"a &rison 2yste$ In the early :;<G+s there "as a !enal colony in Otta"a( Canada that Rea#an corres!onded and colla'orated "ith to co$!are their rate of success "ith ours% I "as flo"n there "ith Rea#an in order to co$!letely and efficiently retain all the statistical data on their in$ate !ro>ects% In the early <G+s the in$ates "ere heavily tar#eted li e the

"38 !reschools "ere in the later <G+s% Once "e #ot to the !rison location( he had to sho" a s!ecial clearance 'ad#e to the $an at the door% It "as a door inside( not the door anyone could !ass throu#h u!on arrivin#% The area "e "ere escorted to "as $a1i$u$ security( "hich sounded li e it "as la'eled that 'ecause of dan#erous felons( 'ut it actually held a to! security status due to the sensitive nature of the e1!eri$ents that "ere held there% Rea#an said to the #uards "hen "e !assed 'y( 6It+s o ay( she+s "ith $e%6 They usually >ust "aved $e throu#h on his "ord alone% One ti$e in one of the !risons "e "ere in( a 'lac #uard said( 63hat the hell%%%46 "hen Rea#an sho"ed his 'ad#e and then tried to #et $e "aved throu#h% It $ade Rea#an so $ad that he loo ed at the #uy and said( 6Do you have a clearance46 The #uy said( 6No%6 63ell that+s "hy you+re 'ehind that des and I+$ cleared to #o throu#h%6 Rea#an res!onded an#rily% The 'lac #uard >ust said( 62uit yourself( 2ir%6 /nd( "e !assed 'y% /fter that they #ot a !hony clearance for $e so there "ouldn+t 'e any $ore !ro'le$s or )uestions as ed "hen "e "ent throu#h to#ether% My >o' once "e "ere in the secured area "as to record "ith $y !hoto#ra!hic $e$ory all the 6stats6 on the !ro>ects% Later in Ne" Yor ( I filled Henry in on the latest data% Henry too 'rief notes( $ay'e to follo" u! on certain statistical data( I don+t no"% Rea#an and I "ent into secured N/2/ areas the sa$e "ay% I "as "aved throu#h in order to !hoto#ra!hically record the data into $y $ind files in those areas( also% 2o$eti$es "e "ore "hite hard hats and so$eti$es safety #lasses or #o##les "ere re)uired in different areas% I li ed "hen I had to "ear the$ 'ecause then I didn+t stand out so $uch% It "as #enerally not as acce!ta'le or understanda'le "hy I "as there since I "as a #irl 8later a youn# "o$an9 %%%that+s "hy they created $y son Danny "ith the $ind files% It "as a" "ard to have so $any )uestions as ed "here( if I+d 'een a $an( !eo!le "ould not have "ondered so $uch% The Canadian !rison officials "ere very coo!erative in the effort to share data on $ind control of cri$inals% They sa" $ind control as a $eans of 'enevolent restraint of a !o!ulation that "as destined to fail% They sa" the e1!eri$ents and research as hel!ful to these cri$inals as it "ould eventually allo" the$ the $eans to $ove $ore freely "ithin society "ithout endan#erin# that society% These statistics laid the #round"or for a $uch hi#her level of technolo#y to !roliferate than had 'een !reviously !ossi'le% They 'e#an "or in# on !re-school children "ho "ould have the 'asic !ro#ra$$in# structure set in so that in later years they "ould have the foundation already in !lace for future use( "ith a solid structure u!on "hich anythin# could 'e 'uilt% .issin#er "as totally in alliance "ith the !re-school tar#ets 'ecause he "as sure that the syste$ "as fool!roof and self-contained( "here'y he constantly sa" the !rison syste$ as an area of vulnera'ility since the su'>ects "ere older and didn+t have the 'asic !ro#ra$s loc ed in and attached to $uch of anythin# e1ce!t dru# 'arriers and torture% Lots of these $en "ere !ut into !added solitary cells and "ere dru##ed( electroshoc ed( and

"3+ e1!eri$ented on% They e1!eri$ented on the effect of dru#s( $usic( i$!lants( and hy!notic su##estions in con>unction "ith these other sti$uli% Many countries "ere interested in the $ind control technolo#y% In so$e !laces it "as traded for favors or different deals $ade "ith a country( 'ut "e e!t the leadin# ed#e technolo#y% N/2/ In later years( Rea#an 'rou#ht so$e of the !risoners to a certain location to de$o the$ to the officials at N/2/% He sho"ed the$ the !ro#ress he "as havin# artificially 6lo'oto$iEin#6 these cri$inals 8"ho Rea#an often referred to as 6indi#ents69% It "asn+t actual sur#ery( 'ut instead( i$!lants that "ere so$eho" controllin# neuro-res!onses to the 'rain( $a in# the !risoners inca!a'le of doin# anythin# they "eren+t told to do% He de$onstrated ho" "hen an#ered they "ouldn+t res!ond violently% He even had other !eo!le thro" thin#s 8li e a 'uc et full of so$e li)uid9 at the$ - so$ethin# that "ould have nor$ally $ade anyone an#ry% He descri'ed ho" he could >ustify layin# off so$e of the !rison staff( thus eli$inatin# so$e of the costly !rison syste$ overhead in order to reduce the state 'ud#et% I carried the state 'ud#et in $y $ind files that "ere used e1tensively durin# the ti$e Rea#an "as *overnor% Mind Control De$onstrations Durin# one de$onstration Rea#an said( 62tri! for the sur!rise effect( drive those scientists "ild li e you did $e the first ti$e%6 They "ere de$oin# all the uses for $ind control a!!lication - li e for 'ehavior 8violence9 control( or for intelli#ence o!eratives li e $e( a $ind file or se1 slave for the #overn$ent( so the $en in hi#h offices could have their needs $et "ithout security ris % These $en felt they "ere that i$!ortant% The elite( in fact% Rea#an said( 6Our >o's are so vital to $eetin# the needs of the $a>ority that havin# a little hel! li e this really $a es a difference in ho" "e can !erfor$ in our chosen field of e$!loy$ent% You "ill see that this is the technolo#y of the future%6 /t another of these de$os( there "as a $ilitary $an in a #reen unifor$ "ith a 'unch of those colored 'ars on his !oc et and an ad$iral in a "hite hat and unifor$ adorned "ith all inds of $etals% They "ere there for the de$onstration of $ind control slaves and to see "hat could 'e done to hel! the$ #et the $ost out of their 6'oys%6 They carefully too notes "hile *overnor Rea#an s!o e and they "atched as he de$oed $e% 3hen de$onstratin# $e after :;<L( Rea#an e1!lained to the audience( 6No" this one has had a child and you $i#ht thin that as a se1 slave that !uts her out of co$$ission% Not true% 3hat occurs is they 'eco$e as $aternal to"ards hel!in# the #overn$ent #ro" as they do hel!in# their child #ro" and as I a$ sure you all "ell no"( nothin# #ets u! a $other+s dander $ore than havin# so$eone $ess "ith their youn#% /nd that #entle$en is !recisely "hat "e do% To the e1tent that this $other loves her child is the e1tent to "hich she "ill #o to !rotect that child% /ll "e have to do is alter her !erce!tion a

"31 'it in order to $a e her fear in>ury "ill co$e to her youn# and you+ve >ust ta!!ed into the hi#hest source of dedication and intense e$otion that can 'e re#ulated to fit the occasion%6 He "ent on "ith the follo"in# +!e! tal 5+ 6Many of the to! $inds in our nation are su!!ortin# this endeavor( 'oth throu#h scientific research all the "ay to financial 'an in# and these $en are a$on# those "ho "ill insure that "e in this country are not overrun 'y Co$$unis$% That "ill 'e our de$ise should "e fail to continue this valua'le research( for the Co$$unists are already in the lead in the area of 'ehavior control% They+ve already sent a $on ey to the $oon and "e understand that they are $a in# $a>or advances in the field of the control over the $inds of their victi$s% 2o "e should not fall !rey to their evil intent - "e strive to stay ste!s ahead of the$% 3e o"e it to the !eo!le of our country to have the 'est technolo#y $an has to offer% 3e cannot "ait% 3e $ust do it no" in order to !reserve our freedo$%6 2o$eho"( Rea#an actually 'elieved he "as cha$!ionin# !risoners+ ri#hts and furtherin# the safety of the !u'lic% He tal ed a'out finally !uttin# to ease the trou'led $inds that these cri$inals "ere 'orn "ith - 'y alterin# their 'rain function% 6Lo'oto$ies "ithout a lo'oto$y(6 those "ho s!o e of this technolo#y all said% .issin#er thou#ht the !risoner stuff "as 6a "aste of !recious ti$e "hen $ore !roductive technolo#ies could 'e a!!lied to +'ri#hter su'>ects(+ instead of "astin# the technolo#y on the !rison !o!ulation%6 Henry said he thou#ht Rea#an "as an a'solute i$'ecile( "ho didn+t have license to o!erate% I didn+t no" e1actly "hat he $eant 'y that% Rea#an did horrific thin#s to de$onstrate his !ro#ress "ith the !rison !o!ulation( even to the e1tent of stic in# one of the !risoners "ith a lon# needle to sho" he couldn+t any lon#er feel !ain( inside or out( and "ould no lon#er 'e a !ro'le$ to hi$self or to society% Rea#an tal ed a'out ho" they "ere a'le to lay in a ne" fra$e"or for life for these !eo!le% He "as tal in# a'out the $ind control !ro>ects done to 6nor$aliEe6 !risoners that "ere to 'e !ut 'ac on the streets% That "ay they felt they "ould 'e a'le to e$!ty the !risons and reduce a lar#e !ercenta#e of the state 'ud#et( and it "ould hel! "ith federal fundin# as "ell% His vision "as that one day all cri$inals could 'e 6cured6 in this "ay and #o on to live a life free fro$ cri$e "ithin society( not loc ed 'ehind 'ars% There "ere actual !ro#ra$s instilled into the $inds of the !risoners "ith the use of audio and other e)ui!$ent( located in various areas around the country% 2o$e of it loo ed li e electric chairs 'ut they "ere $odified to deliver re#ulated doses of electricity to si$!ly slo" or alter the $ind in certain areas% He said these $en "ere si$!ly 6routiniEed(6 "hich $eant they a"o e the sa$e ti$e each $ornin#( ate 'rea fast( "ent to "or ( ca$e ho$e( "atched television( ate dinner( "ent to 'ed% Rea#an lau#hed "hen he said( 63e even #o so far as to su##est they ee! their la"ns and yards "ell $anicured in order to ee! the nei#h'orhoods u!%6 He said( 6This s!ills over into all areas of society% These !eo!le "ill 'eco$e !roductive and the cost to all of us ta1!ayers "ill 'e #reatly reduced and( eventually( as "e 'eco$e 'etter at this( "e $ay not even have further need for our !rison syste$% 3e "ill have a cri$e-free society-->ust i$a#ine that006

"37 Henry crin#ed "hen he heard Rea#an+s ideas and often 'erated hi$ in front of $e for actin# irres!onsi'ly 'y !uttin# out a !roduct that "as not ti$e-tested% Henry said an e1!eri$ent on the !u'lic 8althou#h cri$inal9 sector "as ris y( as there "ere no controls in !lace to insure the !erson+s $e$ory "ould re$ain loc ed u!% Nor( Henry reasoned( 6do ve have the test of ti$e to no" ho" the e1!eri$ents vor % You+re sendin# these !eo!le 'ac into society vithout any e1terior controls and no $eans of $onitorin# the$% It s!ells disaster( Ron%6 Of course I never $i$ic ed Henry+s accent "hen deliverin# $essa#es( 'ut this is ho" I heard the$% ,ut Rea#an had the !o"er to do "hat he "anted and so he did( and Henry >ust constantly shoo his head and said( 6It+s !eo!le li e hi$ "ho "ill ruin this "hole area for the rest of us%6 Henry "or ed 'ehind the scenes tryin# to ali#n other !o"erful California !oliticians( li e /lan Cranston( a#ainst Rea#an in areas that "ouldn+t 'e detected 'ut "ould 'e felt 'y Rea#an% He "anted to #et hi$ out of the "ay 'efore he( 6ruined the !ros!ects of the future%6 &erha!s Ronald Rea#an+s recent de$ise is $ore than /lEhei$er+s disease% .issin#er and Rea#an often had heated ar#u$ents "here Henry #ave hi$ a !iece of his $ind( 'ut Rea#an >ust rationaliEed it all a"ay 'y sayin# Henry "as 6an un'alanced e##head(6 or an 6un'alanced intellectual(6 de!endin# on "ho he "as tal in# to% ,ut !u'licly he acted li e he #ot alon# "ell "ith .issin#er% He never did( althou#h Henry !re!ared $e for a lot of see$in# 6favors6 "ith Rea#an( li e usin# s!ecial $ind files and se1ual !leasures% He didn+t let his disdain for Rea#an #et in the "ay of usin# hi$ for his o"n 'enefit% 3hile Rea#an "as carryin# on and on a'out his #reat contri'ution to society( .issin#er "as sli!!in# in all sorts of infor$ation for $e to dro! on Rea#an% I "as $eant to #et hi$ to chan#e certain la"s or to veto certain 'ills or to #et friendly "ith so$e !olitician or forei#n leader - the list "as endless and Henry .issin#er 6"or ed6 Rea#an for years% 2ince I "as so inti$ately lin ed "ith Rea#an over the years( Henry 6seiEed the #olden o!!ortunity6 to influence Rea#an in the 3hite House% Henry felt it "as i$!ortant to see 'eyond Rea#an+s a!!arent "ea ness and ca!italiEe on it for his o"n 'enefit% Henry .issin#er and the Ne" /#e CraEe Henry .issin#er also $ani!ulated the Ne" /#e craEe% Henry said !eo!le "ho "ould 'elieve that #uides and $asters "ere leadin# the$ should 'e #uided 'y $asters( and he considered hi$self one% Henry said I could trust anyone "ho "ore a crystal as !art of $y +fa$ily of $an+%%%that+s "hat he called our $ind controlled #rou! 'ecause it "as a fa$ily e1!eri$ent in dyna$ics( 'reedin#( rearin#( etc% These e1!eri$ents enco$!assed ho" everythin# effected a !erson( and they felt they $i#ht as "ell learn on the slaves "hat "ould 'e the 'est for their future !ro#eny% / "hole 'usiness "as $ade of the Ne" /#e to the slave co$$unity% /s 'oo s and ite$s "ere created for those searchin# for truth( the self-a!!ointed +enli#htened ones+ "ho "ere +in the no"+ $ani!ulated the s!iritual ideolo#ies in order to hide $any of their $ind

"30 control realities% 3hat "as 'ehind $uch of it "as really a #rou! of $en( controllin# $indcontrolled ro'ots and herdin# the$ in the direction they "anted the$% I "as !ro#ra$$ed to deliver to a fa$ous Los /n#eles channeler( the "ords to say >ust 'efore a 3hole Life E1!o event "here he channeled the $essa#e to a very lar#e #rou! of !eo!le in an auditoriu$ "ho "ere in an altered $editative state% Henry #ave $e the e1act "ords to say% They "ere tar#etin# hi#h-level slaves and it enco$!assed those !ro#ra$$ed "ith "hales and dol!hins( an#els( ascended $asters( eastern reli#ions( ener#y( )uantu$ !hysics( 7-O+s( aliens( channelin#( and listenin# to your #uides and an#els% They felt if Los /n#eles failed then the rest "ould 'ecause $ost "ere !atterned after Los /n#eles% I have $et !ersons sufferin# fro$ Multi!le &ersonality Disorder that felt they "ere channelin# entities( "hen in fact they "ere channelin# !arts of their o"n !ersonality structure% One day a "o$an +channeler+ na$ed 2hirley #raciously offered to channel !rivately for $e% Earlier( other !eo!le had !aid her OFG to channel for the$( 'ut I "as not a$on# the$% I told her I "ould 'e #lad to as any )uestions she had of herself "hile she "as in a channelin# state of $ind% 2he a#reed% The ans"er to the )uestion "hen !osed a'out 6if 2hirley had 'een involved in any of this ritual a'use stuff(6 "as( 62hirley is not ready to face that reality yet%6 Channelin# can 'e a very clever "ay to cover the reality of Multi!le &ersonality Disorder and offers a "ay of coverin# u! "hen !ersonality syste$s 'rea into conscious a"areness( e1!lainin# it a"ay as +an entity%+ 3hen a slave is told 6it is destiny that your #uides and $asters 'rou#ht you here(6 or 6feelin# dra"n to a !lace6 or 'ein# told( 6You no" it+s no accident that you are here(6 it can really fli! the$ out 'ecause unconsciously they no" it+s not an accident that they are there( and they no" they are not su!!osed to tell and so it does a dou'le "ha$$y on their $ind-controlled syste$% 3hen I arrived on .auai( !eo!le I had never $et 'efore "ar$ly and lovin#ly ca$e u! to $e( hu##ed $e and dro!!ed the $essa#e( 63elco$e Ho$e%6 I "as conscious and recovered enou#h to no" that they "ere una"are that they had >ust delivered a very !o"erful OE !ro#ra$$in# "ord !hrase intended to loc do"n $y !ro#ra$$in#( insurin# I couldn+t access the dee!er levels of $y $ind that "ere 'ein# used for 6national security6 and "ere not su!!osed to 'e $y o"n% The Ne" /#e "as used to hel! usher in the Ne" 3orld Order% It "as !art of a $inie1!eri$ent on total and co$!lete $ind control% Henry created lots of conce!ts to use% It "as i$!le$ented in Los /n#eles as the !ilot e1!eri$ent usin# a ne" for$ of !hiloso!hy to direct the !eo!le into $indlessness until the hi#her technolo#ies could ta e over creatin# 'y the year AGGG +the !erfect uto!ia%+ The Ne" /#e "as the for$ula for co$!lete ta eover - a "ay to lead $any in the "ays they needed in order to 'e in total control of Los /n#eles 'y the year AGGG% 3hile I still lived in California( I "as #iven instructions for Ne" /#e thin#s to read( "atch( and !laces to #o( etc% They "ere 'e#innin# to #et !eo!le to identify "ith +#lo'alis$+ as associated "ith love( !eace( and #ood feelin#s% Many son#s also readied !eo!le for this one-"orld( #lo'al

"#= reality "ith !o"erful love har$onics% I( too( 'elieve that the earth and the !eo!le livin# on it in har$ony is a 'eautiful idea( 'ut "e need to insure that "e don+t loose the freedo$s that "e all hold so near and dear to our hearts( es!ecially the freedo$ of our o"n $inds and to no" "here our thou#hts co$e fro$% Many slaves "ere also 'ein# used in !ro>ects for re$ote vie"in#( one of the CI/+s secret "ea!onry( and in e1!eri$ents in re#ard to !ara!sycholo#y% Many of us "ere tau#ht to tele!athically co$$unicate( as a $eans of readin# the ene$ies+ $inds% 3hile the $edia cast a ne#ative i$a#e on !sychic a'ility( our o"n #overn$ent "as da''lin# heavily in it( usin# $ind control o!eratives to !artici!ate in their !ro>ects% N/2/ -uture Technolo#y as 2een fro$ the &ast Lyle Curran( a N/2/ e$!loyee and Crai#+s uncle( often ta!!ed into $y N/2/ $ind files "hen "e "ent to their ho$e in Los /li$itos or "hen "e $et u! "ith the$ on our nu$erous tri!s to Me1ico( $ostly MaEatlan% -ro$ the infor$ation 7ncle Lyle accessed fro$ $y $ind files "ay 'ac in the LG+s( <G+s( =G+s( roc ets and $issiles "ere a thin# of the !ast( and directed ener#y in the for$ of "ea!onry syste$s "as "hat they "ere !lannin# on usin# as the ne" "ea!ons of the future% No one can see it co$in#( nor defend a#ainst it% They could ta e out the li#hts in entire cities and 'la$e it on 7-O+s% The De!art$ent of Defense e1!eri$ented for a lon# ti$e( until they $astered this technolo#y% It !uts nuclear "ea!ons ri#ht out of 'usiness% I a$ not sayin# that I don+t 'elieve e1traterrestrials e1ist( 'ecause I thin that "ould 'e e1tre$ely i#norant% /ll I a$ sayin# is that there are real live hu$an 'ein#s that need to 'e ta en into account for the evil deeds that "ere done% They can do sur#ery "ith ener#y( $a in# no incisions% They can insure a 'ody doesn+t disease 'y $onitorin# the electro$a#netic field variations% I "itnessed a"eso$e $edical feats( 'ut even as they are fundin# these !ro>ects( the !u'lic is still not 'enefitin# fro$ the use of this technolo#y% This infor$ation is held in to! secret clearances% 6,ut I "ill restore health to you and heal your "ounds(6 declares the Lord% -- ?er% HG5:<

"#" ,rice Taylor - Than s for the Me$ories( !! =:-:GG Cha1ter Twel'e: N%(on5 K%ss%n6er5 and -nternat%onal B2s%ness /ll roads lead to Ho!e %%%,o' Ho!e that is% &resident Richard Ni1on "as connected to ,o' Ho!e also - it see$ed li e everyone "as% &resident Ni1on used $e se1ually fro$ a!!ro1i$ately :;L; until he resi#ned in :;<I% I "as "ith hi$ in $any different !laces and so$eti$es Henry .issin#er "as "ith us also% Henry .issin#er never used $e for se1D it "as al"ays strictly $ind file use% /t ti$es( Ni1on !artici!ated "ith Henry in utiliEin# and accessin# $y co$!uteriEed 6#overn$ent $ind files(6 'ut 'oth functions 8se1 and $ind files9 could not 'e used at the e1act sa$e ti$e( there had to 'e ti$e in 'et"een uses% The Council The Council accessed $e $any ti$es "ithout the no"led#e of the !oliticians "ho "ere en>oyin# $y services% In this "ay( the Council "as havin# direct access to infor$ation channels "ith and a'out influential !eo!le( li e !residents( #overnors( senators( forei#n leaders( and cele'rities% Loo in# 'ac ( I "as li ened to a satellite or'itin# around the #lo'e( used 'y then *overnor Rea#an 8for se1 and $essa#es9( &resident Ni1on 8for se1 and $essa#es9 and Henry .issin#er 8for $ind files9% Later( the Council "ould access $e and send $e 'ac to the !oliticians "ith different $essa#es and $otives than the ones ori#inally intended 'y the *overn$ent% The Council had $e deliverin# $essa#es 'et"een &resident Ni1on and *overnor Rea#an% The Council "or ed the$ to#ether and "as a'le to effect !o"erful chan#e and le#islation to suit their o"n needs( 'y $ani!ulatin# the t"o of the$% 2o$eti$es there "as a !ro'le$ if I "as !ro#ra$$ed 'y t"o different factions for the sa$e event and "as instructed to tar#et t"o different !eo!le--or "orse yet( the sa$e !erson% In this situation( I "ould carry !ro#ra$$ed $essa#es fro$ t"o different #rou!s( "ith one #rou!+s $essa#e contradictin# the other #rou!+s $essa#e% This ty!e of situation created terror and confusion in $y inner syste$ of !ersonalities( and I "as usually !unished 'y one or the other faction for not deliverin# the infor$ation correctly% This ha!!ened at a *u'ernatorial ,all durin# this sa$e ti$e fra$e% The Mo'CCI/ had one set of instructions I "as to deliver to &resident Ni1on( and the Council had a "hole different set of $essa#es for Ni1on% The Council !ro#ra$$ed $e "ay in advance for this *u'ernatorial ,all( 'ut the Mo'+sCCI/+s !ro#ra$$ed instructions ca$e to $e last and closest to the event% Li e a >a$$ed co$!uter( I sat in a chair in the corner( afraid to $ove( until a 2ecret 2ervice a#ent ca$e over and hand si#naled $e as he ru''ed his fin#er under his nose a fe" ti$es( cleared his throat and said( 6/re you lost( little lady46

"#/ The 2ecret 2ervice a#ent+s !ro$!tin# #ot $e 6'ac on trac 6 and I "as tri##ered into action% I delivered the $essa#e fro$ the Mo'CCI/ instead of the Council+s $essa#e% This !articular occasion "as around a ti$e "hen the Mo'CCI/ "anted to control a dru# line #oin# throu#h Nicara#ua and &ara#uay to the 7nited 2tates 8Chica#o9% They "ere tryin# to i#nite terror in that area( via civil unrest( in order to create a situation "here the 7nited 2tates "ould 'e !ersuaded to #o into the forei#n country to su!!osedly 6!rotect the$%6 3hat "ould really 'e ha!!enin# is they "ould >ust 'e o!enin# u! a 6le#al6 'ut hidden dru# !ath"ay into the country so they could have free access to their dru# sources% In li#ht of this set of covert +#oals(+ the Mo'CCI/ !ro#ra$$ed $e to a!!roach &resident Ni1on after this #ala event and after se1( re!ort ho" ad$ira'le I "ould find hi$ and our #overn$ent if he "ould authoriEe our troo!s to #o in and hel! the Nicara#uans-to #ive the$ the aid that they so des!erately needed% &er !ro#ra$( I relayed innocently and sincerely that I felt it "as our duty as a free nation( concerned "ith $aintainin# freedo$ for all !eo!le( to aid those less fortunate( since "e held so $uch !o"er% I continued !ersuadin# Ni1on that all /$ericans "ould 'e !roud to have a !resident "ho "as so conscientious( re$indin# hi$ that other !residents 'efore hi$ had #one do"n in history as heroic defenders of de$ocracy and freedo$% It "as a very 6!atriotic s!eech(6 a slic story( intended to a!!eal to his "ell- no"n senti$ents% He see$ed to fall for itD at least he see$ed inflated and ins!ired 'y it% /lthou#h I did not have the a'ility to co$!rehend or $a e decisions on $y o"n 'ehalf due to the $ind control I "as under( the delivery of the Mo'CCI/ $essa#e "as a fortunate choice for $y !ersonal safety% The Council "as $ore for#ivin# 'ut to #et cau#ht not deliverin# a $essa#e fro$ the Mo'CCI/ "as li e stealin# the dru#s or $oney at a dru# deal% There "ere severe conse)uences( and often I "as violently !unished% 3hen they de'riefed $e in order to #et the infor$ation a'out "hat I had or had not delivered( and "hat the reaction "as of the !erson receivin# the $essa#e( I o!erated li e a $achine( "ith no defenses of self-!reservation and no a'ility to lie% 2o I re!orted e1actly "hat ha!!ened and ended u! #ettin# 'eaten u! or tortured in so$e "ay if I $ade a $ista e% They "ere very 'rutal% I "as in yearly attendance at the Cele'ration or ,irthday &arty of the Ele!hant( the Re!u'lican &arty - the *O&% The lar#e roo$ "as decorated "ith red( "hite( and 'lue 'annersD the decorated ta'les set for dinner and cele'ration% There "as also a lar#e sta#e( decorated for the !olitical s!ea ers% It "as cro"ded( noisy( and !eo!le "ere ta in# !ictures "ith ca$era flashes #oin# off all over the !lace% I "as sent in to 'e a se1Ces!iona#e a#ent% It "as stran#e to see !eo!le there I ne" li e *overnor( and then later( &resident Ronald Rea#an or 2enator &ete 3ilson( only I "as !ro#ra$$ed to not consciously reco#niEe the$% In fact( I "as !ro#ra$$ed not to 'e a'le to even see the$ at all% 6?ust i#nore the$(6 "ere the rules %%%unless they a!!roached $e% /lthou#h I o'eyed $y orders at the ti$e( the fact that I "as Multi!le &ersonality Disordered allo"ed other !arts of $e to not only 6see6 the$ 'ut re#ister these occasions into !hoto#ra!hic $e$ory as I had 'een trained%


2o$eti$es at these conventions( I never $ade it out of the 'ac of a li$ousine or "as restricted to a se!arate roo$ a"ay fro$ everyone% Men( usually !oliticians( "ere 'rou#ht to $e for )uic se1% They called this activity 'y na$es that are not a!!ro!riate to !rint here% This !articular evenin#( I "as !ro#ra$$ed to tar#et &resident Ni1on% I "ore a 'lue( off-the-shoulder dress "ith a dia$ond nec lace% I !ro'a'ly loo ed li e >ust so$e other youn# #irl( !artyin# at the convention% There "ere other slaves there also( to !erfor$ )uic se1 for other !oliticians% I don+t no" if the Council "as also accessin# the$% &at Ni1on acco$!anied &resident Ni1on( so he had to 'rea a"ay fro$ her to have a 6)uic ie6 "ith $e in a 'ac roo$% Ni1on did thin#s li e that 'efore he #ot de!ressed "ith the 3ater#ate scandal% /fter that he started actin# old and 'eaten do"n% It "as li e the life >ust "ent out of hi$% &resident Ni1on acce!ted $e "ith s$iles 'ecause he "as #rateful for the ti$es I had 'een a'le to hel! hi$ )uic ly recover fro$ de!ression or ne#ative e$otional states% I could !er hi$ u! so he felt 'etter and could $ore efficiently function in his i$!ortant >o'% /t least that is "hat they al"ays told $e% The Council $ade sure I had the road !aved to &resident Ni1on( free and clear( and over ti$e he listened to $e des!ite the fact that I "as only :=( :;( AG( A:( or AA years old% I hel!ed hi$ "ith "hat they called 6his difficult ti$es(6 until the end "hen he had to resi#n the &residency% Henry .issin#er Too 7! Residence in My ,rain %%%and Never &aid Rent In the late LG+s and early <G+s the $ind control !ro#ra$$in# technolo#y "as advanced( 'ut certainly not as advanced as it "as in later years% Instead of 'ein# hoo ed u! electronically to a $achine that could auto$atically !ro#ra$ infor$ation into $y $ind files( li e is availa'le today( $y !ro#ra$$ers used the less efficient( 'ut only tried and true $ethod availa'le at the ti$e% They used $y !ro#ra$$ed a'ility to have !ersonalities "ho "ere e)ui!!ed "ith !hoto#ra!hic $e$ory( read or scan docu$ents to $e$oriEe the$% To acco$!lish this a !ersonality "as !ut into a rece!tive $ode and told to loo at a docu$ent as a "hole( li e I "as ta in# a !icture of it in its entirety% That "ay( later on( I could loo inside $y $ind files( see in $y $ind+s eye the !icture of the docu$ent and read it to Henry or re!ort "hatever infor$ation he re)uested% -or Henry( it "as li e havin# his o"n invisi'le la!to! co$!uter 8"ithin $y $ind files9 availa'le "henever he needed infor$ation% In the 'e#innin# "hen I "as first 'ein# !ro#ra$$ed "ith $ind files( Henry too $e to different !laces "ith filin# ca'inets( and instructed $e to #o throu#h certain file dra"ers to di#est infor$ation% He !ut $e in the $ode to store data in coded $ind files and then left $e to a'sor' infor$ation%

"## The 6#overn$ent $ind files6 that I !ossessed "ere created fro$ 'ein# !ut into roo$s in 3ashin#ton( DC at the National /rchives( &enta#on( 2tate De!art$ent( the -ederal Reserve 'uildin#( Roc etdyneCRoc "ell in California and other !laces% I "as also instilled "ith infor$ation at $ilitary 'ases around the 7nited 2tates re#ardin# to! secret !ro>ect+s% 2o( I had the latest infor$ation re#ardin# to! secret e1!eri$ents and defense and s!ace infor$ation if Henry needed it for re!ortin# to others at $eetin#s% .issin#er arran#ed a s!ecial clearance to #et $e into these to! security !laces% He also too $e into so$e !rivate offices at ni#ht in the dar % 3e had to 'e very )uiet "hile I di#ested hu#e a$ounts of !rivate !arty infor$ation% 2o$e of the files I have 'een a'le to identify are infor$ation re#ardin#5 historyD forei#n countriesD travel infor$ationD federal and state docu$entsD visual orientations to certain locationsD $a!s of forei#n countries( includin# infor$ation on cli$ate( terrain( ocean access( $ountain access( etc%D individual !erson+s !rofiles listin# !references( !erversions( !lace of residence( friends and connectionsD a !ostal file "here those involved all over the #lo'e could lo# on to send or receive $essa#es fro$ each otherD !eace tal s filesD forei#n leader filesD research findin#s and e1!eri$entation filesD strate#ic lo#istics filesD 'an in# syste$s filesD etc% It "as a "ide and vast assort$ent of infor$ation to 'e accessed easily 'y Henry% There "ere hundreds of files and $any ne" files "ere added over the years fro$ different a#endas 'et"een the Council and Henry% .issin#er "as $ore fa$iliar "ith ho" to access the infor$ation than anyone else 'ecause he created $y internal syste$% He ne" ho" to access $e for different functions( in addition to ee!in# the !lan of the #lo'al elitists or#aniEed% This for$ of co$$unication allo"ed the$ to secretly co$$unicate around the #lo'e at ti$es "hen they didn+t "ant anyone to 'e a'le to !u'licly associate their connections% I not only e!t roo$s full of infor$ation( neatly tuc ed a"ay in $y 'rain for easy access( 'ut it #ave .issin#er and others an advanta#e as it a!!eared they "ere less !re!ared and had less data at their fin#erti!s than they actually did% No need to carry ar$fuls of 'oo s and 'rochures% He >ust 'rou#ht $e alon# and utiliEed $e "hen it "as ti$e to recite infor$ation he "anted on any su'>ect he had !ro#ra$$ed into $e% &lus( he and others "ho ne" $y !ro#ra$$in# could instill and retrieve arcane +e-$ail $essa#es+ fro$ around the #lo'e( often "ith the latest to! secret no"led#e #leaned fro$ classified e1!eri$ents and !ro>ects or $essa#es in re#ard to the Ne" 3orld Order a#enda% I "as a RE/L ro'ot% /t one ti$e( Henry had a dar "ooden des "ith a #lass !iece coverin# the to! of it and his 'i# chair s)uea ed "hen he sat do"n% There "ere lots of "ooden floors "here Henry too $e initially - 6old culture6 !laces% Nothin# "as ever really ne" loo in# in those days 'ut that chan#ed over the years% Henry 'rou#ht $e into his office( sat $e do"n at a chair across fro$ his des "hile he !ulled file after file out of his filin# ca'inets( and laid the$ o!en on the des in front of $e% Then he said( 6Ruic ly $e$oriEe this data( "e+re #oin# to a $eetin#%6 He "ould also cate#oriEe the data 'y sayin#( 6-ile this under /-H(6 or "hatever na$e or code nu$'er he la'eled it% He $eticulously na$ed each file and "hen he "ould loan $e out to !eo!le he "ould tell the$ the file identifier so they could access the infor$ation they needed% He

"#8 usually "ould leave $e alone "ith the files to $e$oriEe% 3hen he returned( "e "ent to the $eetin#%% Henry rationaliEed this( sayin# this "ay he didn+t have to hold trivial details in his $ind 'ut could save it for $ore i$!ortant $atters( such as strate#iEin#% That+s ho" I heard hi$ e1!lain it to others "ho ne" a'out the $ind control technolo#y% /t ti$es he "ould hand $e to!-secret docu$ents and say( 6Record docu$ent Q::A(6 and then he "ould leave $e alone to !hoto#ra!h the$ in $y $e$ory% Later "hen he needed s!ecific "ordin# fro$ one of the$ he "ould call $e over and( if he "asn+t tal in# to so$eone or in the $iddle of so$ethin#( he "ould have $e read the infor$ation fro$ $y $ind aloud to hi$% If he "as in a $eetin# or "as 'usy he instructed $e to "rite the infor$ation on a note !ad and then later "hen he needed it he "ould !ic u! the !ad and read the infor$ation fro$ it or refer to it and !eo!le !resent "ould >ust thin I "as his secretary or aide% This ha!!ened for years% /t ni#ht( Henry snuc $e into lots of to! secret !laces "here docu$ents "ere stored and #ave $e a flashli#ht and instructions to #o throu#h and $e$oriEe docu$ents% He let $e into these !laces and then "ould leave $e alone( recordin# docu$ents into $ind files( often for hours at a ti$e% Later he ca$e 'ac to #et $e% There "ere ti$es he "as s"eatin# "hen he returned and "as in a real hurry to leave( even if I "as ri#ht in the $iddle of a docu$ent% Then( "hen "e #ot into the car he "ould si#h li e he "as relieved% He "ould 'eco$e very nervous( thou#h% Henry al"ays readied $e for the Roc efeller Christ$as !arties( 'ut so "ould a #rou! of other $en "ho "ere so$eti$es "ith hi$ and ne" ho" I "or ed% It de!ended on "ho "as to attend the !arty% 3hen they o'tained that infor$ation( they "ent a'out strate#iEin# and decidin# "hat I should say to "ho$% The Roc efellers have 'een in a !osition of !o"er for a lon# ti$e% .issin#er see$ed to "or hand-in-hand "ith the$ often( in order to 6satisfy their #oals in the $ost efficient $anner%6 There "ere ti$es Henry loaded $e u! "ith infor$ation s!ecifically for so$eone and then I "ould 'e the secret liaison 'et"een the t"o% This occurred 'et"een Henry and &ete 3ilson% &ete "as often Henry+s California ar$% This "ay &ete could carry out his "ishes "ithout it 'ein# no"n "here the instructions "ere co$in# fro$% The 3hite House 3hen i$!ortant $eetin#s "ere held at the 3hite House( so$eti$es Henry too $e alon# if he felt there $i#ht 'e infor$ation that "as 6crucial6 to have at the 6ri!e6 ti$e% He told !eo!le I "as in trainin# or so$e other e1cuse% One ti$e he even had $e "rite infor$ation on a na! in under the ta'le so as not to 'e noticed% This s!ecific na! in event occurred around :;<:( 'ecause I re$e$'er that I had $y hair done u! "ith a hair!iece full of curls on to!% I "as AG% Henry had $y clothes ready for $eD usually very tailored( conservative( dar clothes( $ost often a navy 'lue >ac et( s irt and lo" navy heels( or a dis#uise% He laid $y clothes on the 'ed in a roo$ "ith t"o t"in 'eds "ith "hite 'eds!reads - the 'u$!y ind% He told $e to #et dressed and left the roo$( closin# the door 'ehind hi$% Later he returned to #et $e%

"#+ /t other 3hite House dinners( I "asn+t !resent at the ta'le "ith the other #uests( 'ut Henry "as% 3hen I didn+t fit into the !lan of the evenin# in order to sit at the ta'le( Henry still 6!re!!ed6 $e and e!t $e in the itchen or another roo$ in the 3hite House( close to the dinin# roo$ so he could co$e and access $e if necessary( "ithout anyone no"in#% 2o I sat there in +!ar $ode+ and "atched the 3hite House itchen staff coo and serve% /t those ti$es I "as dressed li e a itchen staff $e$'er "ith a 'lac s irt and "hite 'louse( so I didn+t loo out of !lace% Henry e1!lained that if I didn+t stand out no one "ould notice or !ay attention% My 6attire(6 as he called it( "as never $eant to call attention to $y !resence 'ut instead "as to $a e $e fit in and loo li e I 'elon#ed% Over the years Henry !ar ed $e in so$e !retty stran#e !laces% 3hen he "ould arrive to access infor$ation( I "ould scri''le it on a !iece of !a!er he "ould ta e "ith hi$( or if it "as 'rief he "ould access $e ver'ally and "ould si$!ly re$e$'er "hat infor$ation he e1tracted% Henry often said( I "as his 6left 'rain(6 so he could use his $ind for $ore i$!ortant $atters% /t ti$es "hile I "as sittin# "ith he and others in the dinin# roo$( Henry "ould often leave the ta'le to #o $a e i$!ortant !hone calls% He "ould either leave $e at the ta'le to s$ile and 'e !leasant( 'ut instructed $e to avoid conversation( or he "ould ta e $e "ith hi$ to o'tain further in!ut via the tele!hone% 2o$eti$es he "ould carry his linen na! in fro$ the dinin# ta'le and loo ed !retty du$' 'ut no one see$ed to notice% The 3hite House "as a !lace I "as ta en to in order to 6do a >o'6 on certain leaders - so$e forei#n( so$e do$estic% I "as #iven very clear su##estions and instructions on "ho to tar#et and ho" to #o a'out it% I "as 'riefed on their li es( disli es and !references and "as told certain !hrases or ey "ords to use throu#hout the conversations I "as !ro#ra$$ed to have "ith the$% Henry "as often invited to the 3hite House "hen the &resident "as entertainin# forei#n #uests( even after Ni1on "asn+t &resident any lon#er% They felt( and ri#htly so( that .issin#er "as "ell versed and ne" $any of the cultural custo$s of forei#n di#nitaries so the ris of $a in# a fau1 !as could 'e avoided% Henry "as confident and see$ed to no" everythin# a'out forei#n !olicy% 3hen he "as invited to a dinner "ith a forei#n di#nitary that the Council "anted to have $e !rivately entertain later on in the evenin#( he "ouldn+t use $y $ind files at the end of the evenin# so I could 'e used for se1% Henry secretly ne" that $essa#es conveyed to tar#eted individuals durin# the +'ehind-the-scenes+ se1 stuff $eant $ore to !eo!le 'ecause then they !sycholo#ically inter!reted and cate#oriEed !ersonal e1!eriences such as se1 in "ith their $e$ories of !ersonal or fa$ily e1!eriences% Thus the $essa#e 'eca$e stored as $ore valua'le since it "asn+t strictly 'usiness% Henry said co$'inin# his $essa#es "ith se1 "ould store it in a different !art of the 'rain( "ith the !ersonal e1!eriences 'ein# filed "ith $ore i$!ortance e$otionally and so it "ould carry $ore "ei#ht or influence% 7sually arran#e$ents for a se1ual encounter "ith $e "ere $ade secretly 'et"een Henry and the forei#n #uest% Then the #uest and I "ould 'e li$oed a"ay so$e"here to a hotel or ta en to another !lace% ,ut $ost of the !eo!le at the 3hite House #atherin# "ere

"#1 una"are this too !lace as "e "ould all leave se!arately( and rendeEvous at another location later on% Or( Henry "ould have a li$o "aitin# and I "ould enter and "ait% 7sually I "as !ut in the li$o first and "aited for the di#nitary% Then "e "ould s!end a fe" hours or the "hole ni#ht to#ether( "hile I dro!!ed a !re!ro#ra$$ed $essa#e at the !erfect ti$e to the leader% Then I "as flo"n ho$e% One day I "as in the 3hite House deliverin# a $essa#e to Ni1on fro$ .issin#er% Ni1on and I "ere standin# in a lar#e roo$ "here there "ere so$e ta'les linin# the "alls and couches and lar#e ru#s covered the "ooden floor% Old !ictures dotted the "alls( fresh flo"ers "ere in 'eautiful vases and heavy dra!es covered the "indo"s% I #uess Ni1on thou#ht "e "ere alone as "e stood facin# an oil !aintin# on the "all 'y a lon# ta'le% Dic had his ar$ around $e as he "as in!uttin# a re!ly 'ac to Henry throu#h $e% / hand on $y ri#ht shoulder "as standard !rocedure to encode inco$in# $essa#es and Ni1on "as doin# it all !ro!erly( ho"ever( half"ay thou#h the $essa#e( his dau#hter Trisha ca$e into the roo$% 2he loo ed very !retty in her nice dress( 'ut she didn+t no" I "as there and "hen she called out( 6Dad(6 it startled her father and I( and( in turn( she "as sur!rised and shoc ed% It "as one of those very a" "ard situations "here it a!!eared she instantly su$$ed u! the "hole situation and thou#ht her father "as 'ein# ro$antic "ith $e% Ni1on acted e1tre$ely #uilty and sta$$ered unco$forta'ly until he finally introduced $e as so$eone fro$ the 2tate De!art$ent% 2he didn+t see$ to 'uy his e1!lanation and left the roo$ annoyed and u!set% Ni1on said to $e( 6Don+t "orry a'out her( I+ll ta e care of this%6 ,ut he said it "ith his hand still on $y ri#ht shoulder( so instead of it >ust 'ein# a casual state$ent $eant for $e( it actually 'eca$e !art of the his $essa#e to Henry% /fter that Henry 'e#an to devise a "ay for $essa#es to 'e encoded "ithout havin# to touch $y shoulder in order to avoid these ty!es of situations% International /ssi#n$ents There "ere ti$es I "as flo"n to forei#n countries so Henry .issin#er or &resident Ni1on could utiliEe $y co$!uteriEed 6$ind files6 at $eetin#s they "ere attendin# !u'licly or later !rivately% On the fli#ht to these countries( it "as $y >o' to $a e the &resident co$forta'le% I too off his shoes( ru''ed his feet( !a$!ered hi$ and 'rou#ht hi$ anythin# he "anted% 2ecret 2ervice a#ents surrounded hi$% 3hen I fle" "ith .issin#er and Ni1on "as not there( I "as told to sit or slee! )uietly ne1t to hi$% Henry often sle!t on the air!lane% Ni1on did not% I 'elieve that the 2ecret 2ervice a#ents at ti$es ne" "hat I "as really doin# se1ually "ith Ni1on 'ecause occasionally they "itnessed "hen I ca$e on to hi$% Li e one ti$e "hen I leaned over and !ut $y head on his shoulder and reached do"n to unEi! his !ants( a 2ecret 2ervice a#ent "ho "as >ust "al in# u! fro$ 'ehind( lau#hed and said( 6E1cuse $e( 2ir%6 /t this !oint Ni1on too $y hand a"ay and )uietly said to $e( 6Later( dear%6

"#7 ,ei>in# China There "ere dirty "ater"ays in so$e !arts of China and the streets in so$e areas "here I "as ta en "ere dirty% One s)uare "as full of fla#s in the courtyard% I "as there on forei#n assi#n$ent "ith Henry .issin#er% I fle" inde!endently and "as ta en to a hotel 'y a 2ecret 2ervice a#ent% The 2ecret 2ervice re#istered $e in the hotel under a !hony na$e "ith a !hony !ass!ort% Henry $et $e there% 7sually I fle" !rivately on a chartered >et "ith Henry( 'ut this ti$e it "as last $inute notice so "e fle" co$$ercially 'ut se!arately% 3e "ere there to s"in# a deal "ith the leader of China% Henry told the$ I "as a forei#n corres!ondent and "e sat at a lon# ta'le "ith lots of Chinese $en and I sat ne1t to Henry% I al"ays sat to Henry+s left for his convenience in ta!!in# $e "ith this left hand leavin# his ri#ht hand free to "rite or s$o e his ci#ar% He told $e to s$ile( loo !retty and 6ta e it all in(6 "hich $eant record data into $y $ind files% He notified $e "ho to Eero in on and 6listen intently6 to% He also used access codes to refer to $y $ind files% No one ne" that I "as a hi#h tech !ro#ra$$ed co$!uter that "as carefully and !recisely recordin# details and s!e"in# infor$ation "hen $y $ind files "ere accessed and called u!on% &resident Ni1on+s Loyal -riend ,e'e Re'oEo ,e,e Re'oEo "as &resident Ni1on+s #ood friend% He "as !resent on $any occasions "hen Ni1on used $e for se1% One such ti$e "as in Mia$i( -lorida% I "as flo"n into Mia$i and ta en 'y li$o to the 'each "here I "as to $eet Ni1on% /s usual( I "as !ut into isolation 'efore $y use "ith VI&+s and this ti$e "as no different% ,e,e Re'oEo and his $en too an active role in $y 6!re!aration6 for Ni1on% Re'oEo "as violent and cruel to $e( sla!!in# and hurtin# $e% He too $e to a totally dar ( "indo"less( ce$ent roo$ and left $e there( na ed and alone in the dar % ,efore he left( $en in>ected dru#s into $y lo"er ar$ and left $e for hours "ithout food( "ater( or clothes% This "as 'efore I had children( so they could not yet use that !o"erful $aternal 'ond to ee! these !ro#ra$$ed secret events a$nesiac( li e they did later on% ,ecause of this( the !hysical torture to $e durin# this ti$e "as accelerated( 'ut "as never as !ainful as the thin#s they later did to $y children in order to 6 ee! $e in line%6 Re'oEo dressed in fancy e1!ensive suits and "ore #old >e"elry% 2u'consciously I hated hi$% On this occasion( Re'oEo ca$e and released $e fro$ isolation and too $e to a restroo$ to clean u!% I sho"ered and !ut on the 'i ini they left for $e and soon "as readied for action "ith Ni1on% I don+t no" e1actly "here "e "ere 'ecause I "as !ro#ra$$ed never to loo or notice our location( 'ut I "as ta en to &resident Ni1on at a !rivate 'each house% My instructions "ere to 6tease hi$( !lease hi$( ease hi$ and hel! hi$ rela1 in the sun%6 It "as on this !rivate 'each( "atched fro$ every an#le 'y the 2ecret 2ervice( that I seduced Ni1on% I "as lau#hin# and >o in# "ith hi$ as I undressed hi$ fro$ his suit( tie( and dress shoes% Then "e sli!!ed into the "ater "hile I further seduced hi$% /fter he "as satisfied( I

"#0 "as re$oved and ta en so$e"here to #et 6!re!ared6 for an evenin# event "ith the &resident% Ni1on had dinner in his roo$ and I acco$!anied hi$ "hile he ate( then satisfied hi$ se1ually and "as ta en a"ay% Ni1on "as not as !assive se1ually as Rea#an "as% He $ade an effort and too initiative% He !referred the $issionary !osition% I su##ested "e ee! the li#ht on( 'ut he al"ays "anted to turn the li#hts out( so he did% I never sle!t in the 'ed "ith Ni1on after se1 - it "as his rule% I never did s!end the "hole ni#ht "ith hi$( li e I did "ith so$e of the others% I "as instructed to "ait until he "as aslee! and then to very )uietly notify the 2ecret 2ervice a#ent at the door to the suite% The a#ent too $e out of the roo$ and I "as flo"n directly 'ac to California "ith all details of the event carefully tuc ed and hidden a"ay "ithin the !ersonalities !ro#ra$$ed for Ni1on% &er !ro#ra$( I sle!t the "hole fli#ht ho$e% In the 'e#innin# years "ith Ni1on( I "as !ro#ra$$ed to $a e hi$ ha!!y and to satisfy hi$ in the "ays I had 'een trained and !ro#ra$$ed to% ?ust as the Council antici!ated( over ti$e( Ni1on+s trust 'uilt in relation to $e( !avin# a "ay for $e to 'e used in ever $ore influential circu$stances "ith hi$% There "ere ti$es I "as ta en to .ey ,iscayne( -lorida( to service Ni1on% He "as "ith ,e,e Re'oEo there and it see$ed that ,e,e "as in char#e of the events that occurred "hile "e "ere on his turf% Each ti$e( Re'oEo !ut $e into isolation in a s$all ce$ent roo$ and sla!!ed $e around 'efore he left $e alone in the roo$ na ed( cold( and hun#ry( in his "ords( 6to #et ready for +the 'oss(6+ as he called Ni1on% Re'oEo "ould tell $e ho" 6the 'oss6 deserved res!ect and "hatever it too to $a e hi$ co$forta'le% He s!o e in 'ro en Mo' lan#ua#e% He acted li e a really tou#h #uy and "as very loyal to his friend Ni1on% 3hen he ca$e to release $e fro$ isolation( ,e,e instructed $e( 6$a e yourself !resenta'le(6 and I "as cleaned u! and dressed% Then( I "as ta en 'y li$o to a 'each that had !al$ trees on it% 3e arrived at sunset% 2ince I "as !ro#ra$$ed not to notice "here I "as #eo#ra!hically( I had no "ay of no"in# "here I "as( 'ut at ti$es I overheard others s!ea of our location and that infor$ation "as stored alon# "ith $e$ory of the event% 3e !ulled u! to a very secluded house "here there "eren+t a lot of other !eo!le around% The house "as on the 'each and a la"n surrounded 'y a short fence led out to the ocean% Mia$i $eant $ore serious 'usiness( 'ut .ey ,iscayne laced !leasure "ith 'usiness% Deals 'et"een the Mo'( Council( Re'oEo and #overn$ent officials or other interconnected $o' factions too !lace in Mia$i or .ey ,iscayne% /t ti$es( the 6'i# #uys(6 very i$!ortant or influential !eo!le( "ould >oin in the 'usiness and !leasure at .ey ,iscayne% Connections "ere 'i# 'usiness "ith the Mo'% I "as instructed to sit "ith the #uys and $a e the$ ha!!y 'y #ivin# the$ "hatever they "anted% Men "ith #uns stood in "indo"s in the 'ac of the house to #uard Ni1on% The 2ecret 2ervice let the Mo' !rotect Ni1on u! close and they e!t #uard further a"ay% I thin Re'oEo arran#ed this !rotective situation 'ut I do not no" "hy it "as set u! li e that% Re'oEo "as very !rotective of Ni1onD he even rode in the 'ac of the li$o "ith Ni1on "hile I "as "ith hi$% ,e,e "as only nice to $e "hen Ni1on "as around and he $ade it very clear that he didn+t trust 6da$es6 and that I "as only there 'ecause Ni1on "anted $e to

"8= 'e% ,e,e "atched !rotectively "hen Dic and I "ent for a s"i$ to#ether% Re'oEo did not #o in the "ater% I #uess he didn+t "ant to #et his #uns "et0 He never "as "ithout the$% Durin# these ti$es( I "as instructed to co$e on to Ni1on( and thorou#hly and enthusiastically e1cite hi$% He li ed it and said I "as 6#ood for hi$(6 and that I hel!ed hi$ a lot "hen he "as u!set% Ni1on said I could !ic hi$ u! "hen he "as do"n and refresh hi$% I "as !ro#ra$$ed to 'e funny and silly( "ithout a care in the "orld% Ni1on said I $ade hi$ lau#h% Re'oEo "as $ost often !resent "hen I do"nloaded Council $essa#es to Ni1on% ,e,e see$ed to understand 6the lan#ua#e6 and so Ni1on "anted hi$ to 'e !resent "hen I relayed $e$os 'ecause he al"ays had to $a e the decision and #ive $e an ans"er 'efore I could #o 'ac % That "as the rule% I #ave the $essa#e to Dic and ,e,eD then the three of us stayed to#ether until they "ere a'le to co$e to an a#ree$ent% 7sually it "as a yes or no )uestion% ,ut no one could leave until I "as u!loaded "ith the return $essa#e% 3hen it "as ti$e for $e to leave .ey ,iscayne( an a#ent "hose >o' it "as to !re!are $e to #o ho$e( too $e out for a "al on the 'each% He 'ent do"n and holdin# u! a shell he !ic ed u! in the sand( +re-$inded+ $e that all events that ha!!ened there "ere no" out of $y head and forever loc ed in the shell% To finaliEe this co$!art$entaliEation of $y e1!erience( he thre" the shell out into the surf( in an effort to ee! the $e$ories hidden fro$ $y conscious $ind% -ro$ there( I "as helico!tered to an air!ort and flo"n ho$e% This all ha!!ened 'efore I "as $arried at a#e AG% 3ater#ate Created a De!ressed &resident Durin# 3ater#ate( Ni1on had a very hard ti$e% He loo ed #ray and dis$al( and it "as very difficult to cheer hi$ u!% ,ut after a drin I could li#hten hi$ u! a little% I teased &resident Ni1on in his do"n $onths( tellin# hi$ ho" cute I thou#ht he "as "hen I sa" hi$ on television( even "hen he "as in dee! trou'le and "as 'ein# !u'licly challen#ed over the scandal% Due to $y !ro#ra$$in#( I "as not really a'le to ever 6see6 hi$ "hen I "atched television( 'ut "as !ro#ra$$ed to say that% The thin#s I "ould say to hi$ "ere so o!!osite the truth that( as he said( he found $y state$ents 6refreshin# and funny%6 These state$ents see$ed to 'e >ust an added 'it of entertain$ent to cheer u! old Tric y Dic % In those days( it "asn+t $uch else "ith Ni1onD >ust deliverin# se1 and $essa#es% ,e,e Re'oEo loved Ni1on dearly% He "as very !rotective of hi$ and had tender( e$otional $o$ents "ith Ni1on that I "as !resent to "itness% ,e,e cried "hen Ni1on told hi$ he had to ste! do"n fro$ the &residency% I can still hear ,e,e no" as he said( 6Oh no( ,oss( not after everythin# you+ve "or ed so hard for%6 He touched Ni1on on the shoulder and "as #enuinely concerned as if it "as ha!!enin# to hi$% That al"ays confused $e a'out Mafia #uys - they "ould torture or ill so$eone one $o$ent and then turn around and sho" dee!( carin# concern for one of their o"n the ne1t% To the$ loyalty "as everythin#% Henry .issin#er "as not involved "ith ,e,e Re'oEo% Henry "as 6too intellectual6 for ,e,e% .issin#er said he did not li e to $in#le "ith the Mo'% 3hen .issin#er "as

"8" !resent it "as strictly 'usiness( concentration( "or and strate#iEin#% &at Ni1on "as never around at these ti$es either% Richard Ni1on "as $ani!ulated 'y the Mo' and 'y the Council% He "as !art of their intricate net"or and "hen 3ater#ate ca$e do"n( he "as the $ost dis!ensa'le% They vie"ed .issin#er as $ore i$!ortant( so$eone they vitally needed to !rotect and so their strate#y dictated that Ni1on "ould ta e the !u'lic fall% I "as not sent to se1ually service Ni1on after he resi#ned the &residency% International Mind -ile &ostal 2yste$ Henry created a $ental !ostal e1chan#e syste$ inside $y head% He created it first visually 'y tellin# $e that there "as a lar#e 'o1 in $y head "ith se!arate 'o1es inside of it and they each had a different ey% He e1!lained that there "ere ro"s of nu$'ered 'o1es !ositioned layer u!on layer% &ro#ra$s "ere attached to nu$'ers or !eo!le( !laces( or docu$ents( etc%( "hich "ere attached to nu$'ered 'o1es% *eor#e ,ush "anted al"ays to 'e Q: in everythin# so Henry had to chan#e so$eone else+s nu$'er to #ive *eor#e the Q: 'o1% This syste$ "or ed li e a !ost office so that !eo!le had a 'o1 and they could receive or send infor$ation at their 'o1% This syste$ "as the "ay the hi#her u!s e!t their co$$unication clear and anony$ous "hen access "as necessary% It e!t the Council+s $essa#es clear for $e to deliver accurately or to receive a $essa#e to ta e 'ac to the$% It e!t $essa#es clear and strai#ht to 'e delivered 'et"een !eo!le "ho "ere involved and "ho didn+t "ant to 'e identified as no"in#( or co$$unicatin# "ith( each other% I $et "ith and delivered $essa#es to the Council( at ti$es( on hu#e shi!s out in the $iddle of the ocean% I "as $ost often helico!tered to shi!s( hotels( islands( or "herever I "as to deliver this anony$ous infor$ation% Once the infor$ation had 'een e1chan#ed( I "as helico!tered 'ac % Henry created the !ro#ra$$ed syste$ for these co$$unications% He "as the $aster$ind of lots of their !lan( and used $e to further it% .issin#er( ,ush( Rea#an( Carter( Thatcher( Mitterrand( Trudeau( *or'achev( 2alin#er( -ord( Ni1on( etc% all !artici!ated% 2e1 &aves the 3ay for Di!lo$atic Relations I "as 'riefed( in advance( a'out the custo$s of the countries "e visited( in an effort to further di!lo$atic relations% /t $any forei#n $eetin#s I "as told( 6'e invisi'le( and s$ile "hen s$iled at%6 I "as also instructed to han# 'ac ( 'e )uiet and >ust listen( unless I "as cued to re!ort infor$ation% I "as further 'riefed in detail if I "as to 'e sent in on a forei#n leader or di!lo$at% In addition to all the se1 trainin# I had ac)uired over the years( Henry added his +t"o cents%+ He said in $any forei#n countries love$a in# is an art for$% Henry e1!ounded( 6To the de#ree you can $atch that slo" deli'erateness( is the de#ree that you can se1ually #ratify your !artner%6 Henry s!o e of se1 li e the art of eatin#% He didn+t sho" any e$otion( or e$'arrass$entD it "as so$ethin# he instructed $e a'out very o!enly and !lainly% He e1!lained that the slo"er and $ore deli'erately a !erson !erfor$ed se1( de$onstrated their level of self-estee$( selfassuredness and that( as a

"8/ "o$an( I had to 'alance that "ith a fair a$ount of shyness( in order not to a!!ear 'old% 2hyness "as "hat Henry said "ould soften "hat other"ise "ould a!!ear as 'ein# too for"ard% 3ith one leader 8a in#9 I "as sent to( Henry had $e say( 6May I have the honor( Your Hi#hness( of !leasurin# you in the /$erican "ay4 3e have $any $eans of !leasure%6 Henry said this "as to dee!ly seal an attitude that /$erica e)ualed !leasure( so di!lo$atic relations "ould #o s$oother% He often called it( 6!avin# the "ay to di!lo$atic relations(6 and he used se1 as a $eans to acco$!lish that% The state$ent )uoted a'ove also allo"ed $e to as for !er$ission( so as not to 'rea cultural rules "ithout havin# set u! a fra$e"or for ta in# the .in# into a different e1!erience% I "as told to strictly avoid oral se1 until close to the end and then feel out if it "as a!!ro!riate or "ould 'e acce!ted% Henry said( 6I "ish I could #ive you !recise instructions( 'ut the research tea$ is only a'le to #et certain data% 2o$e is not availa'le so I "ill have to trust your >ud#e$ent alon# the "ay in so$e of these areas%6 /nd oral se1 "as one of those areas% In front of $e( Henry e1!lained to his research tea$ that to #et in close enou#h to so$eone "ho "ould have no"led#e of that level of inti$ate detail a'out a tar#et "ould 'e a ris he "ould not "ant to ta e% I overheard hi$ say( 62he "ill have to 'e 'riefed on the cultural $ores and then her o"n e1!ert s ill and ti$in# "ill have to ta e over in li$ited areas such as( if or not to offer oral #ratification%6 The research tea$ "as !resent often "hen I "as !re!ared or 'riefed for an assi#n$ent 'ecause each "ould often have their area of e1!ertise to instill into $e( es!ecially in the area of forei#n relations and cultural differences% The research tea$ even had forei#n $e$'ers "ho Henry heavily relied u!on for certain 6 ey6 countries he "as tar#etin#% These $en often had 'een 'orn in the forei#n country and so could easily and accurately relay all custo$s% Henry e1!lained( 6Every country of the "orld has different custo$s and our >o' is to ensure that you are fully a"are of those custo$s 'efore you are sent in%6 The $e$'ers of the tea$ chan#ed at ti$es as "e $oved on to different countries% Henry had $any ethnic traits( yet "as !olished to an al$ost non-cultural 'ias on the surface( so as not to 'e encu$'ered 'y his ethnicity% He treated each !erson as a challen#e to face and 'eat( even if they "ere fro$ a culture he couldn+t understand until he studied it% The $ore e1otic and different the culture( the 'etter% Then( he "ould #o to e1tre$es to study it( in order to e$er#e the victor 'ecause he "ould understand the$ totally( often understandin# the$ $ore than they did the$selves% Henry usually "on( and $ost !eo!le( totally una"are that there "as a #a$e of "its #oin# on( "ould have se1 "ith $e for the ni#ht and not even no" to ta e the $essa#e 'ait "hen I thre" the line out% They "ere "hat Henry called 6si$!letons%6 /nd he said he des!aired of the$% /t other ti$es he "as #rateful for 6si$!letons6 if they "ere in strate#ic !ositions and he could use the$ in the !o"er and control #a$e% Then he did "hat he ne" 'est researchin# until he devised the ideal strate#y( and findin# the 'est !erson to !ull it off% 3hen he ne"( he !ut the strate#y throu#h "ho$ever "ould deliver it "ith the $ost favora'le outco$e% 3ithin $e he had t"o distinctly different a#ents - one 'ein# 2usan( the serious( conscientious( $otherly( intellectual( or#aniEed( lovin# and understandin# ty!e( and( 2haron( the clever and often hu$orous and entertainin# se1 slave and friend of the elite%

"83 The 3orld Health Or#aniEation The 3orld Health Or#aniEation 83HO9 "as a cover for 'rin#in# to#ether an inside #rou! of !eo!le "hose !ur!ose and intent "as $uch different than "hat "as #enerally thou#ht and !u'licly !ortrayed% Lots of ille#al activity "ent on "ithout detection and across 'orders internationally as this inside #rou! hid its covert o!erations under $as ed !ro>ects( !ur!ortedly for "orld advance$ent% /$on# other thin#s( it "as also a cover for dru# deals( child !rostitution( heinous e1!eri$ents on hu$an 'ein#s( ille#al sales of 'a'ies( etc% 2o$e of the !layers I sa" !artici!atin# "ere a select #rou! of !oliticians( cele'rities and leaders "orld"ide% I sat in on $any $eetin#s% I heard Ted .ennedy s!ea ( as "ell as Henry .issin#er( and there "as a #rou! of "o$en "ho "or ed for the 3HO that did not see$ to have a clue a'out "hat "as actually #oin# on 'ehind the scenes% Many "ere naive( honest( !lia'le !eo!le and actually !layed into the hands of the corru!t inner #rou! "ithout 'ein# a"are that they "ere 'ein# used% Mas ed 'ehind the !u'liciEed 6do #ood6 activities "ere ille#al ventures intended to fund this corru!t #rou!( "ith their secret( hidden $otives and a#endas% 2o "hile the 7nited 2tates a!!eared to 'e havin# 'enevolent 'eliefs and actions( these activities "ere !ut into $otion% They sent a #rou! to 6aid6 children in forei#n countries( 'ut 'ehind the scenes "hat "as actually ta in# !lace "as a $as ed dru# connection or so$e other ille#al enter!rise that 'rou#ht to! dollar to this #rou! of self-selected $en "ho see to eventually control the "orld% 2o$e $eetin#s of the 3HO "ere televised( 'ut the a#enda the !u'lic sa" and heard "as not the co$!lete a#enda that "as secretly carried out% I heard and recorded into $y $ind files( the "ords that a $an s!o e% He "as standin# at a $icro!hone in a lar#e roo$ filled "ith ro" u!on ro" of stationary( red u!holstered "ooden chairs( arran#ed in a se$i-circular sha!e% I "as there for Henry+s usa#e of stored data in $y 6#overn$ent $ind file syste$%6 I su!!ose an individual at these $eetin#s "ho "as not a"are of this ty!e of technolo#yD usin# hu$an 'ein#s for storin# and hidin# infor$ation no"n only to the National 2ecurity /#ency and others( "ould have >ust assu$ed I "as an aid or secretary to the 7N( or an assistant to .issin#er% One day I heard a $an state( 6Mr% 2!ea er( I "ould li e to s!ea to the issue of free trade( internationally( 'et"een countries%6 Most of the free trade these $en "ere RE/LLY alludin# to "as in ille#al dru#s 8cocaine( heroine9( !orno#ra!hy( !rostitution( and "ea!onry% They used anythin# that "ould cull lar#e su$s of $oney to fund their causes and their desires "ith no thou#ht of the hu$an or financial cost to others - li e the violation of 'asic hu$an ri#hts - and had no re#ard to others+ !ain and sufferin#% These $en had no scru!les( no co$!assion or a'ility to e$!athiEe "ith the feelin#s of othersD instead they "ere self-see in# and ruthless - "ithout conscience% The follo"in# is an e1a$!le of the inds of flashes and $e$ory retrieval that continued to flood into $y $ind% One day( ,o''y ,a er( House /!!ro!riations Co$$ittee "as at a $eetin#% He "as "earin# a li#ht tannish-'ro"n suit and he ar#ued

"8# "ith everyone a'out everythin#( and Henry felt he disru!ted their $eetin#s so that nothin# ever #ot acco$!lished% Henry didn+t li e hi$ at all% /t another $eetin#( I heard( 6Mr% 2!ea er( I "ould li e to address the su'>ect of the ar$s control race(6 ,a er said% Then he s!o e of his concerns a'out Russia escalatin# the ar$s race( that they "ere #ainin# s!eed and technolo#y at such a !ace that "e the 7nited 2tates "ould 'e in serious >eo!ardy and at a disadvanta#e if "e didn+t set u! i$$ediate a!!ro!riations for ar$s research and ar$s !roduction% ,a er a!!ealed to the 7nited 2tates+ fear of 'ein# 6ta en over(6 in order to #et $oney a!!ro!riated for ar$sD "hen in fact( $uch of the fundin# "as not used for "hat it "as desi#nated for( 'ut instead "as used in hidden( covert activities for the 'enefit of the Council and those !oliticians that "ere su!!orted 'y the Council% /t the ti$e( the 3orld Health Or#aniEation "as often an e1cuse to 'rin# to#ether !eo!le fro$ all over the "orld% This created an o!!ortunity for the 6inside #rou!6 to secretly $eet and intert"ine their a#enda "ith the !u'lic a#enda of the 3HO% Those in attendance "ho "ere una"are of the Ne" 3orld Order a#enda( "ere also una"are that there "as a s$all cadre of !eo!le do$inatin# the #rou! and $a in# sure they had enou#h ey !layers on the !anel or 'oard so they could "in "hen votes "ere cast or decisions $ade% In those years( I "as not a'le to understand these !eo!le or !olitical issues in the #eneral historic "ay that the !u'lic re$e$'ers or understands% My !ers!ective "as solely fro$ $y !ersonal e1!eriences% I "as #enerally !ro#ra$$ed to not listen to !olitical infor$ation I heard or sa"% Consciously( as $y !ro#ra$$in# dictated( I "as not interested or involved in !olitics or !u'lic ne"s in any "ay% 2o this infor$ation co$es to you( the reader( fro$ $y !ersonal e1!erience at these or other $eetin#s% /fter I do"nloaded this data fro$ $y $ind( I actually had to as others( or research to find out "hat the co$$on !u'lic historical 'elief "as( as !ortrayed 'y the ne"s $edia 'ac in those years% I 'elieve $ost California *overnors that I "or ed "ith "ere a !art of the 3HO and other such #rou!s% It see$s to $e that these $en and their functionaries( "ho see control( hoo into every individual and ey or#aniEation that they can use in order to $aintain control of their interests% They "ere strate#ically !laced( often under the direction of Henry .issin#er and others( in order to insure they #ot "hat they "anted( "hen they "anted it% It "as li e a #a$e to the$( and they "ere all on the sa$e tea$( in the sa$e "ay a cri$e syndicate o!erates% Nuclear testin# sites( Ener#y Co$$ission( N/TO( Council on -orei#n Relations( House /!!ro!riations Co$$ittee on -orei#n Trade( and the Trilateral Co$$ission( "ere >ust so$e of the or#aniEations "hose $eetin#s .issin#er too $e to( 'oth in the 7%2% and a'road% Henry used $y $ind files at $eetin#s of the Trilateral Co$$ission% 3e sat at a ta'le "ith a #rou! of $en% There "ere $icro!hones sittin# on the ta'le% 3hat "ent on 'ehind the scenes at these $eetin#s often had nothin# to do "ith "hat "as out"ardly !ortrayed% There "ere $eetin#s "ithin $eetin#s and secret $eetin#s "ere held 'ehind the

"88 scenes of other credi'le !u'lic $eetin#s% Often( the Council 8not to 'e confused "ith the C-R9 "as involved in directin# the "ay thin#s "ent althou#h no one ne" they had any !art in the outco$e% They all s!o e their lies !u'licly( often directed 'y .issin#er the strate#ist( Ho!e the entertainer( and the Council fro$ 'ehind the scenes% .issin#er as *lo'al Master$ind I "as in Henry+s office often in $y final years of Hi#h 2chool( "hile he "or ed heavily "ith Ni1on on forei#n relations% I "ould $eet hi$ in Ne" Yor or in 3ashin#ton( DC% 2o$eti$es the tea$ "ould 'rief $e a $onth in advance for different assi#n$ents( 'ut Henry al"ays said( 6It "or s 'est and is $ost ideal "hen she is !re!ared directly 'efore the assi#n$ent and then #oes fro$ here%6 There "as very little I ne" to do on $y o"n 'ecause the tea$ had usually filled the a#enda in order for $e to deliver culturally s!ecific or !ersonally s!ecific "ords and !hysical acts to entice the tar#et% The tea$ heavily researched every detail and it sounded( fro$ their conversations( li e they used se!arate es!iona#e a#ents to collect so$e data they didn+t "ant to ever 'e connected to or associated "ith( as it "ould have co$!letely 'lo"n their cover% Henry used every $eans availa'le( even do"n to $ani!ulatin# a !erson throu#h his or her o"n reli#ious 'eliefs% Henry+s stren#th "as that he "as a'le to re$ain detached and a'le to !ull fro$ a "ide variety of cultural differences in order to create the end !roduct% 3hereas( he e1!lained( $ost /$ericans >ust "ent in to #ra' for the !roduct and failed( due to their lac of cultural understandin#% Henry said to $e( 6The closer you can ali#n yourself "ith the su'>ect in every "ay( the $ore successful you "ill 'e% Therefore you have to no" hi$ or her as "ell as !ossi'le 'efore you are sent in and that is our >o'% You "ill only need to 'e the actress( the !oint !erson carryin# out our !lan% You "ill thin only in this area "e are "or in# in% /ll else "ill fall a"ay as you are focused only on this one !articular area% You are 'eautiful( youn#( and have e1!anded se1ual ca!a'ilities and "e "ill su!!ly the rest% /ll you have to do is receive the instructions%6 Henry .issin#er #roo$ed $e to 'e culturally ade!t "ith each forei#n di#nitary he sent $e in to 'e "ith% He said( 6This is "here the success rate lies - fir$ly in cultural understandin# first( then co$!lyin# "ith their culture+s $ores second( and third( is e)ually your !hysical attractiveness and your se1ual e1!ertise%6 Henry told Ni1on in $y !resence that this "as the reason for $y success and he told Ni1on that so$eti$es it too hi$ hours to have his researchers #ather the data necessary on a forei#n tar#et in order to 'e#in to !re!are $e for the assi#n$ent% /t one !articular $eetin#( "e sat at a lar#e ta'le "ith a #rou! of $en and I "as seated ne1t to Henry% &resident Ni1on sat on the other side of Henry% Henry did not s$o e his ci#ar at this $eetin#% Ni1on told hi$ it "as $uch too sensitive a $eetin# and for so$e reason Henry co$!lied and didn+t s$o e% He usually s$o ed re#ardless of "ho o'>ected% /t ey >unctures in the $eetin#s( Henry "ould reach over and !ush his fin#er into the to! of $y hand% In res!onse( I 'e#an recitin# $y !ro#ra$$ed infor$ation or $essa#e% The $essa#e I delivered at this !articular $eetin# "as in Chinese or ?a!anese and( since I did not consciously s!ea these lan#ua#es( I had no "ay of no"in# "hat the content of the $essa#e I "as deliverin# "as% /t this s!ecific $eetin#( the forei#n leaders listened to

"8+ $y $essa#e( and s!o e 'ac directly to $e% /lthou#h I did not understand( I s$iled and loo ed at the$ as if I "as very interested( li e I had 'een instructed to do% /n inter!reter "ould then translate the forei#n leaders+ res!onse and then Ni1on or .issin#er "ould s!ea % /t other $eetin#s( so$eti$es the inter!reters "ere "o$en 'ut $ostly in that country they "ere $en% 3hatever $essa#es I delivered see$ed to 'e a softenin# a#ent in the tal s 'ecause the forei#n leaders al"ays s$iled or lau#hed% 2o$eti$es( they "ere touched so dee!ly 'y "hatever it "as I "as !re-!ro#ra$$ed to say that they too $y hand "ith tears in their eyes% Due to $y lac of conscious no"led#e of the different forei#n lan#ua#es( I do not no" "hat it all $eant% If anyone ever )uestioned "here Henry #ot $e and ho" I "as so advanced for $y youn# a#e( Henry told the$ I "as a child !rodi#y and that I had co$!leted $y university trainin# a'road at a very early a#e and "as #ood at $y >o'( 'ut socially shy% That e1!lanation served to ee! the$ fro$ as in# $e )uestions later that I could not ans"er% Henry usually too $e out of the $eetin#s "hen they "ere over( in order to avoid situations "here I "ould a!!ear i#norant( should anyone as $e )uestions "ith any su'stance to the$% -or the truth "as that I attended !u'lic hi#h school and later >unior colle#e and "as of avera#e intelli#ence% I >ust had the advanta#e of !ro#ra$$ed ca!a'ilities that served the interests of $y controllers% /fter "e 'ro e for lunch( Henry too $e to a !ay !hone and dialed a nu$'er( and the !erson at that location 'e#an #ivin# $e additional data in the forei#n lan#ua#e% I "as instructed to re$e$'er "hat "as said( ver'ati$% Each su'>ect "as #iven a $ar er nu$'er for identification% Henry too the !hone( tal ed a 'it( and >otted notes in a s$all 'lac 'oo ( 'efore he hun# u!% These forei#n tal s really challen#ed Henry .issin#er and the Council( 'ut they had done their ho$e"or % .issin#er did the sa$e sort of di!lo$atic "or "ith Rea#an "hen he 'eca$e &resident% /t $any of these tal s those re!resentin# our country said "e "ere creatin# !eace( 'ut "hat they "ere really doin# "as o!enin# u! trade "ith these forei#n countries 'ecause "e needed resources they had% Our leaders turned it around to $a e it sound li e the 7nited 2tates "as doin# the$ a 'i# favor and "e "ere 'ein# #racious to the$% E1!ensive #ifts "ere often sent ahead to forei#n leaders( to arrive >ust 'efore the &resident did( 'ut I thin that is as far as the real favors "ent% There "ere ti$es at ni#ht in forei#n countries( "hen I "as !ro#ra$$ed to have se1 "ith Ni1on% Then I "as returned to slee! in .issin#er+s roo$% Even thou#h I "as 'ein# used li e a $achine( I still had very sensitive olfactory senses and Henry .issin#er "as at ti$es nearly intolera'le to share a roo$ "ith 'ecause he s$elled so 'ad fro$ ci#ar s$o e or #aseous e1!losions that eru!ted fro$ his 'ody% I "as ta en in and out of Russia durin# the Ni1on years "ith .issin#er to attend N/TO $eetin#s( 2/LT tal s( !eace tal s( and the secret hidden $eetin#s of the Council%

"81 Henry 'rou#ht $e to the $eetin#s to recite any !ertinent infor$ation I had stored in $y 6$ind files%6 It "as easier to >ustify $y !resence to !eo!le li e Ni1on+s "ife after I started "or in# "ith Henry% They "ould e1!lain I "as at a $eetin# 'ecause of $y "or "ith Henry or in !re!aration for an international tri!% It "or ed the sa$e "ay "ith Rea#an( >ustifyin# $y !resence for 'usiness reasons( 'ut I "as $ostly there to !ass $essa#es or ee! the &resident ha!!y %%%"hatever it too % There "ere ti$es "hen I "as li$oed to the air!ort and "hen Ni1on ste!!ed off the !lane after a forei#n tri! I "ould 'e in the 'ac of the li$o "aitin# for hi$% I "as told to crouch do"n so there "ouldn+t 'e any "ay of s!ottin# $e and then Ni1on "ould #et in and #ive $e a $essa#e for Henry or I+d #ive hi$ a $essa#e and often "e "ould have se1 later% He "ould #o to the 3hite House and sho"er and freshen u! and I+d 'e held in a 6state of sus!ended ani$ation6 unless there "as another >o' for $e to do% I+d sit 'lan ly for hours in the sa$e !lace until I "as directed that it "as( 6ti$e to $ove into action%6 Henry &lays Chess "ith Real &eo!le Durin# those years $y "or "ith Henry .issin#er and others continued( althou#h Henry had to 'e#in ta in# $ore of a 'ac seat !osition in the !u'lic eye for a"hile after the 3ater#ate scandal% His !osition "ithin the outs irts of the Council did not chan#e% He "as an i$!ortant $an for the$ and they utiliEed hi$ 'ecause he "as an e1!ert strate#ist% I do not no" e1actly "hat that $eant 'ut I heard $any $en say that a'out hi$ over the years% I #uess it $eans Henry no"s ho" to #et !eo!le to $ove around and do thin#s he says "ithout the$ ever no"in# they are 'ein# $ani!ulated or controlled %%%li e a !u!!et $aster or chess $aster% Henry ne" ho" to thin ahead in re#ard to ey $oves "ith ey !layers% I "atched hi$% It "as a in to "atchin# hi$ !lay chess "ith real !eo!le% He ne" ho" to #et the desired outco$e 'y $otivatin# certain ey !layers% He used researched infor$ation #athered on tar#eted individuals to $ani!ulate the$ ho"ever he "anted( throu#h their o"n "ea nesses( addictions andCor o'sessions% Tar#eted !eo!le did not even no" that they "ere 'ein# influenced 'ecause he sent in !eo!le li e $e "ho loo ed naive and innocent( li e they "ere >ust 'ein# ind or nice or se1y and cute or "hatever "as called for( 'ut it "as not really "hat "as ha!!enin# 'ecause there "as al"ays an ulterior $otive 'eneath the seduction act or !lan% Henry and the $en in suits al"ays sent in the !erfect $atch% They hired "hatever ind of #irl or "o$an "ould turn their tar#et on% O'viously( I "as not 6hired6 or !aid( I "as >ust slave la'or% I sa" lists of 6!ro#ra$$ed slaves(6 "ith nu$'ers 'y their !hysical descri!tions( !ro#ra$$ed e1!ertise and usa#e ca!a'ilities( so they could 'e $atched !erfectly for certain situations% 7nfortunately( their identities "ere in code% Henry said if you really "anted so$eone to 'elieve you a'out so$ethin# that "as not true( you convey it the first ti$e as a -reudian sli!% Then you atte$!t to conceal the fact you $ade the sli!( 'ut you $a e another -reudian sli!% Then you try to say "hat it "as you "ere ori#inally #oin# to say and they 'elieve the first state$ent re#ardless of your atte$!t to si$!ly state the truth% Then Henry said the last line saves your nec le#ally%

"87 One day( I sat ne1t to Henry .issin#er as "e "ere seated 'efore &resident -ord% Henry al"ays said that he had to "or harder than "ith any !revious !resident to 6#uide6 -ord "here they "anted hi$ to #o% He said -ord e!t #oin# off in his o"n direction% Henry said he "as #lad -ord "as not in office lon#% He said Ni1on "as easier for hi$ to "or "ith and #uide% Henry thou#ht Rea#an "as a 6'i$'o6 and 6stu!id i#nora$us%6 Those "ere the "ords I overheard hi$ use to descri'e Ronald Rea#an to a #rou! of $en% ,ut( "hen "e $et "ith the &residents he never let on his true feelin#s% Instead( he al"ays 6acted6 the role of di!lo$at all the "ay around so that the !lans of the Council could 'e carried throu#h as easily as !ossi'le% Henry .issin#er "as no"n for loo in# at docu$ents "ith a 6$a#nifyin# #lass%6 He "as a'le to find loo!holes and incorrect "ordin#s that "ould not 'e to their advanta#e in a#ree$ents( treaties( etc%( 'efore the 7nited 2tates si#ned% He "as very thorou#h% Often( I sat 'y hi$ the "hole ti$e he "as revie"in# a docu$ent so he could reach over and ta! $e to #ain access to so$e needed infor$ation stored in $y $ind files% Henry "as very slo"( deli'erate and $ethodical% He thou#ht that "ay( tal ed that "ay and $oved that "ay% He ate Euro!ean-style "ith his for u!side do"n( li e I "as tau#ht "as 'ad $anners% /nd( he "as o'sessed "ith 'usiness% He "as usually very seriousD I do not 'elieve I ever truly sa" hi$ have any fun% He avoided social occasions "henever !ossi'le( attendin# "hen necessary to further !olitical a#endas or the cause of the Ne" 3orld Order% In the 'e#innin# Henry had to install hu#e a$ounts of data into $e( 'ut as ti$e "ent on he didn+t have to !lace in as $uch 'ecause the data'ase "as already in !lace% I heard hi$ e1!lain this to !eo!le "ho "ere 6in the no"%6 I also overheard hi$ say that a $an $i#ht have served the !ur!ose 'etter 'ecause there "ere certain ti$es he said $y !resence as a "o$an "as )uestioned "hen the su'>ects "ere sensitive% I a$ sure they re$edied this situation 'y !ro#ra$$in# $ore $ales for the >o'% Henry "as less interested in ho" I loo ed and $ore interested in ho" I "or ed% -or $ind file use he !ro#ra$$ed $e to dress very tailored and conservative% They dressed $e in attire to fit s!ecific assi#n$ents% There $ust have 'een other #irls and "o$en 'ein# used for the sa$e thin#( in the sa$e "ays( 'ecause I heard Henry co$!are $e( sayin# I "as $ore relia'le than the others--$ore a'le to ca!ture the details and never $a e $ista es% He used to say he "as savin# $e for the i$!ortant assi#n$ents 'ecause of $y relia'ility% I no" 'elieve the fact that I "as !oly-fra#$ented contri'uted to $y success% I could only 'e used on a li$ited 'asis 'ecause he "as afraid there $i#ht 'e )uestions as ed% To others( I >ust loo ed li e I "as s$art% They did not no" I "asn+t o!eratin# in a conscious state( 'ut instead had 'een !ro#ra$$ed( dru##ed( and electroshoc ed to $aintain THET/ 'rain"ave !atterns used to retain the vast a$ounts of data and ee! it hidden fro$ $y conscious $ind% He "as !roud of hi$self for the "ay he had loaded $e u! "ith data and could access $y $ind files in !u'lic "ithout others no"in# "hat he "as doin#% He used

"80 different techni)ues over the years 'ut one he "as $ost !roud of "as "hat he called 6ti$e !ro#ra$s%6 2o$e $ind files "ere or#aniEed 'y a nu$erical syste$ and Henry could access the$ 'y callin# out a certain nu$'er% He co$'ined this conce!t "ith the ti$e of day in order to re$ain less cons!icuous% He "ould !oint to his "atch and say( 6It+s :5HG(6 and that "ould corres!ond to file nu$'er :HG in $y syste$ of $ind files and #ave hi$ auto$atic access to that !articular file% Henry thou#ht the ti$e reference to accessin# $y files "as 'rilliant% 7sin# this $ethod( no one could tell that he "as doin# anythin# other than si$!ly statin# the ti$e of day for that !articular day or so$e other hy!othetically scheduled date% This "ay his uninfor$ed !eers "ould not 'e a'le to find out "hat he "as doin# and "hat ty!e of secret technolo#y he !ossessed% Henry had to 'e very cautious "ith "ho$ he shared infor$ation a'out $e% Most !eo!le did not carry the clearance to 'e allo"ed to no" a'out the to! secret #overn$ent !ro>ects that created such technolo#y as !ro#ra$$ed( ro'otical slaves% &eo!le sa" $e "or in# "ith hi$ at $eetin#s and other !laces( 'ut very fe" ne" ho" I "or ed or that I "as a #overn$ent !ro#ra$$ed ro'ot% The only ones "ho I ne" "ere a"are of this technolo#y "ere certain to! !oliticians( ,o' Ho!e( so$e of his +cronies(+ and the Council% Henry e!t the technolo#y very( very secret and if there "ere any !ro'le$s "ith $e "hile "e "ere in !u'lic( he "ould escort $e out of the roo$ and #o a'out resortin# andCor refilin# $y $ind files to #et the$ strai#htened out% Henry #ave $e instructions at ti$es fro$ a closed circuit television 'efore I "as flo"n to DC( and at other ti$es he "aited and instructed $e "hile I sat ne1t to hi$ at a round ta'le "ith other $en !resent% These four or five other $en in suits ne" e1actly "hat "as #oin# on and "hy I "as 'ein# 'riefed% /t ti$es( each of the$ "ould have different in!ut to instill into $y head% /fter each had !ut in their infor$ation( I "as told( 6/nd "hen the ti$e is ri#ht( it "ill all co$e out >ust li e cloc "or %6 These "ere the "ords they used to !ro#ra$ the correct delivery of the $aterial they had >ust instilled% They said I "as doin# a #ood >o' in #ettin# infor$ation fro$ !eo!le as "ell as deliverin# infor$ation% There "ere ti$es "hen I "as let out of the li$o and escorted into the 3hite House 'y a 2ecret 2ervice a#ent% This a#ent ne" he "as >ust 6actin#6 as $y escort for the evenin#( and "ould conveniently disa!!ear "hen I "as tar#etin# so$e $an 8or "o$an9 I "as told to #ive a $essa#e to( and then the a#ent "ould rea!!ear to ta e $e ho$e after I "as finished% I "as often dressed in very se1y evenin# #o"ns( #loves( and hi#h heels% 2o$eti$es the dresses "ere totally 'ac less and I "ould 'e dressed in se1y nylons( under#ar$ents( >ust in case $y assi#n$ent re)uired later evenin# se1ual attention% I "as ta en to a 'eauty salon and had $y hair( nails and $a e u! done 'efore 'ein# dressed% 2o$eti$es the 2ecret 2ervice a#ents too $e to #et ready% There "ere ti$es Henry #ave $e little !ills and instructed $e to sli! the$ into $y #love to use if the !erson I "as tar#etin# "as not coo!eratin# in #ivin# u! infor$ation% I rarely found the !ills necessary% /fter se1 the $en see$ed to listen intently to the "ords I "as sayin# to the$ and "ould o!en u! and #ive $e the infor$ation I "as instructed to #et% Henry e1!lained to the $en in suits that I could say thin#s after se1 that 6influenced the $en dee!ly%6


It "as at the 3hite House that I did $y 'est "or and $et the !eo!le "ho$ I "as to influence or as they called it%%%6seed%6 Over ti$e I learned that seedin# $eant to dro! an idea that "ould start an individual thin in# in a certain direction that "ould su!!ort $y controller+s !osition% -or e1a$!le( infor$ation that "ould influence a !erson+s thin in# a'out u!co$in# le#islation( or infor$ation 8false or true9 in re#ard to ey individuals 8!oliticians( leaders( "ives( hus'ands( etc%9% The 3hite House "as an easy !lace to "or 'ecause there "ere so $any side roo$s "e could secretly sli! into% 2o$eti$es I "ould #et so$e 6tar#et6 into a roo$( li e an office and loc the door 'ehind us and seduce hi$ ri#ht there% The $en usually #ot very e1cited( es!ecially if it "as their first esca!ade% I "ould assure the$ that this little secret "as safe "ith $e 'ecause 2enator so and so 8$y escort9 "ouldn+t li e it if I "as foolin# around either% This assured the$ that :( too( had a #ood reason to ee! the secret to !rotect $yself( "hich usually $ade the$ feel $ore "illin# to ta e the ris % 2o$eti$es I had to ta e the tar#eted !erson outside the 'uildin# to another location and have se1 "ith the$% That "as a little tric ier( 'ut I could do it% /s far as I no"( the 6tar#ets6 never did no" that in havin# se1 "ith $e( they "ere really 'ein# ta en advanta#e of( or !olitically ra!ed and coerced 'y the Council itself-five $en in suits "ho cleverly installed their o"n a#enda% In this "ay( the Council controlled $oney andCor coerced $any !eo!le in ey !laces( often "ithout the !erson ever 'ein# a"are of it% Henry usually see$ed very !roud of $e after I delivered $essa#es or e1tracted infor$ation successfully fro$ !eo!le% He acted li e a #reedy old $an "hen he de'riefed $e% Often( he insisted on de'riefin# $e hi$self 'ecause he said the "ords that ca$e out of $e "ere 6fresh6 in the first de'riefin# and "ere ey to issues at hand% The de'riefin#s could ta e u! to an hour for >ust one evenin# s!ent "ith a tar#eted individual% Henry said I hel!ed hi$ do his 'est "or % /cco$!anyin# Henry to -orei#n Countries 2o$eti$es "hen Henry and I traveled internationally the ti$e difference "or ed in his favor% -or instance( "e could leave after I #ot out of school on -riday( reach our forei#n destination the ne1t $ornin# and it "ould still 'e -riday "hen "e arrived% Henry "or ed it so I "ouldn+t $iss $ore school than necessary( and he $ade sure I sle!t on the =-:A hour fli#ht% 3e al"ays fle" first class "hen "e fle" as !rivate citiEens% /t other ti$es "e fle" on $ilitary or #overn$ent aircraft durin# ti$es he "as in !u'lic office% There "ere occasions "hen I "ould leave school and fly "ith Henry( or $y $o$ "ould !ut $e on a !lane and I "ould $eet Henry so$e"here li e Ne" Yor and then "e "ould fly the rest of the "ay to#ether% Once seated on the fli#ht( he "ould !ress the to! of $y hand and I "ould #o to slee! as co$$anded% 3hen he !ressed $y hand in surroundin#s "here I had 'een co$$anded $any ti$es for the sa$e thin#( he didn+t have to #ive co$$ands - li e slee!% I auto$atically ne"( so over ti$e( thin#s 'eca$e !retty routine% I didn+t eat "hile "e "ere out of the 2tates( "hen "e only "ent for one $eetin# and "ere #one AI-I= hours% He

"+" "ould si$!ly tell the ste"ardess I "as slee!in# and $y slee! "as $ore i$!ortant than food% 2o she "ould 'rin# hi$ food and I "ould slee!% /nd althou#h I "as aslee!( I "as a"are of "hat ha!!ened around $eD I "as recordin#( as co$$anded% There "ere occasions that "e didn+t fly 'ac in ti$e for $e to #o ho$e and I "as ta en 'y li$o directly to Taft Hi#h and dro!!ed off a 'loc a"ay fro$ the school to "al the rest of the "ay( >ust 'efore school 'e#an on Monday $ornin#% Henry too $e to -rance( at ti$es to Marseilles in the 2outh of -rance( to $eetin#s of the elite% 3e often $et "ith 'an ers( as "ell as other leaders and ey 'usiness$en% They $et at round ta'les and each !ulled !a!ers fro$ their 'riefcases to share% Henry sat his 'riefcase 'y his side on the floor 'ecause he had $e and had little need for !a!ers unless they "ere !resented $erely for the effect that it "ould have to hel! influence so$eone% If !a!ers "ere needed( he al"ays had the 'est( the neatest( cleanest( $ost !rofessional !a!er"or $oney could 'uy% Everythin# "as !lanned for effect% He #ave varyin# reasons for $y !resence( e1!lainin# "hen as ed "ho the youn# lady "as( that I "as his !ersonal secretary and that I "as advanced far 'eyond $y years and "as )uite a hel! to hi$% 3hen he 'e#an the $eetin#( if none of the $en o'>ected to $y !resenceD as instructed( I sat ne1t to Henry and too notes% 3hile I a!!eared to si$!ly 'e ta in# s etchy notes in shorthand at the $eetin#( "hen he de'riefed $e later on( he had $e recite( ver'ati$( "hat each and every $an said at the $eetin#% Henry li ed for $e to 'e !resent at $eetin#s "hen he felt that sort of infor$ation could later 'e i$!ortant for his use% Henry loved to co$e out of $eetin#s and #o i$$ediately 'ac to his roo$ to de'rief $e% He "ould sit at a ta'le "ritin# dia#ra$s as I recited "hat I had heard% Then he "ould have $ore data to use to strate#iEe "ith% If there "as to 'e a second follo"-u! $eetin#( he "ould 'e on to!( ready to dro! his carefully !lanned ideas and solutions into the $eetin#s "ith forei#n leaders or 'usiness$en% Henry called this 6International ,usiness%6 /t ti$es "hen I "as sent alone( he said the infor$ation he #ot "as 'etter than if he had #one hi$self( 6'ecause it is distilled(6 he e1!lained% 2o he sent $e to $any locations as a 6!residential $odel6 to &residents( and to $any leaders at !arties at the Roc efeller+s and ,o'+s( and also sent $e a'road% I ne" "ho$ I "as to tar#et( 'ecause Henry had sho"n $e a !icture 'efore% I "as sent to forei#n e$'assies to entertain forei#n a$'assadors that "ere "or in# for Henry% Often they "or ed for the 7nited Nations in order to have so$e !eace-lovin# hu$anitarian effort that >ustified the 7%2% !resence in a forei#n country( and then Henry and the others "ould #o a'out doin# their real 'usiness% There "ere other ti$es "e traveled 'y trains in different countries li e Russia and Henry "ould de'rief $e in his !rivate co$!art$ent% 3e sle!t on the train and traveled to $eetin#s durin# the dayti$e% Henry said the food "as 'ad( so he "ould often 'rin# so$e of his o"n food in a 'ro"n !a!er 'a# that he e!t in his 'riefcase% /t the $eetin#s he didn+t need !a!ers 'ecause I "as "ith hi$% &eo!le thou#ht he "as really s$art and had an e1cellent $e$ory 'ecause of that% It #ot to the !oint "here I could literally 6read his $ind(6 as he ter$ed it( and #ive hi$ a si$!le ans"er on !a!er that others "ouldn+t see and then he "ould ta e off on the data or idea%

"+/ 3e also traveled to China 8'oth sides9( ?a!an( En#land( -rance( Italy( Israel( *er$any( and "herever else he needed to #o to do his 6International ,usiness%6 Often "hen Henry "as e1tended an invitation to attend a social event in a forei#n country( he declined sayin# he "as tired and su##ested they ta e $e instead% Then he #ot "hat he really "anted any"ay - the infor$ation fro$ the$ "ithout havin# to e1!end social ener#y to #et it% Then( 'efore I "ent he loaded $e u! "ith )uestions to as the leader and instructions a'out the stance I "as to ta e se1ually "ith hi$ or her% Dressed in a!!ro!riate clothin#( I "as off% There "ere 'ullfi#hts "ith leaders in 2!ain( !olo #a$es to "atch &rince Charles( and #olf "ith others% The events I attended "ere indi#enous to the individuals and their countries% /t the end of tri!s a'road( if there "asn+t a McDonald+s to hel! $e re$e$'er that I "as really in California 8"in 9( then there had to 'e so$e ty!e of trau$a to seal the e1!erience off fro$ $y conscious a"areness% Henry had others !erfor$ the trau$aD he "ouldn+t do it% He said it "as out of his lea#ue% 2o the $en that acco$!anied hi$ 6too care of $e6 "hen the need arose% 3hen "e finally arrived at McDonald+s( I "as usually starvin#% There( I "as told I "as in 3oodland Hills in order to Ure-$indV $e to for#et% McDonald+s s!elled safety and the end of $y assi#n$ent% ,ecause I "as a ro'ot( and so( 6security !roven(6 I "as allo"ed to function as the #o 'et"een for Henry and the Council% They even #ave $e thin#s to 'rin# 'ac to Henry that couldn+t 'e safely delivered any other "ay% I "as flo"n to re$ote !laces to $eet "ith the$ and then flo"n 'ac for de'riefin# 'y Henry% He al"ays see$ed so !leased "ith the infor$ation( li e he "as #ettin# >ust "hat he "anted% The Council often sent $essa#es to !eo!le directly( 'y!assin# .issin#er% 3hen I "ould deliver the $essa#e I "ould tell the$ it "as fro$ 6the #rou!%6 That "as ho" the Council often identified the$selves to insiders "ho ne" ho" the #rou! functioned( 'ut didn+t no" their actual identities% Over the years they chan#ed their +nic na$e+ so as not to 'e cons!icuous% -ro$ $y !ers!ective( no one in #overn$ent office ne" as $uch a'out $ind control as Henry .issin#er% They $i#ht have 'een told 6the 'asics6 'ut it didn+t see$ li e $ost of the$ "ere a"are of the e1tent to "hich a !erson could 'e enhanced "ith !ro#ra$$in# and used es!ecially that an individual could !ossess the ca!a'ility of or#aniEin# and recordin# the conversations of a "hole #rou! of !eo!le at a $eetin#% .issin#er5 The Council+s To! Do# One ti$e at a *u'ernatorial ,all( Henry #ot very $ad at Ted .ennedy 'ecause Ted tried to ta e $e off to another roo$ to have se1 "ith hi$% Henry #ot very an#ry "ith Ted "ho "as a 2enator at that ti$e and threatened hi$ "ith e1!osure if he did not 'ac off% /s a result( .ennedy left $e alone( at least for that evenin#% /t other ti$es Ted .ennedy forced $e into very violent and sadistically torturous se1% It "as often scary for $e "hen Henry "asn+t around to $a e sure certain !eo!le didn+t rou#h $e u!% ,o' Ho!e didn+t see$ to care or at least he didn+t "atch $e as closely as Henry did "hen I "as "ith hi$( 'ut Henry did not see$ to no" this% ,o' lied to hi$ so$eti$es a'out "ho I "as seein#( and so$eti$es ,o' used $e "ith !eo!le Henry "asn+t su!!osed

"+3 to no" a'out% ,o' had his o"n se!arate interests in usin# $e "ith !eo!le "ho "ould 'enefit hi$ 'ut Henry told ,o' "hat to do as far as #overn$ent issues "ent% ,o' "as >ust a useful servant "ho had a lot to offer %%%connections( $oney( fa$e( and slaves% ,o' suited Henry+s needs to a tee( handlin# the social scene and cele'rities% ,o'+s social elite contacts #reatly added fuel to .issin#er+s lon# ran#e !lans as he found !laces to use different !eo!le of influence in strate#ic !ositions% He >ust "aited for the ri#ht o!!ortunity to arise% Henry didn+t vie" the &resident as anyone necessarily havin# any !o"er% He ne" ho" they "ere $ani!ulated and he li ed to 'e the one "ho "as !ullin# the strin#s% He told $e once that a$'assadors to forei#n countries have $ore !o"er and control than the &resident of the 7nited 2tates% I didn+t understand then "hat he "as tal in# a'out( 'ut >ust listened and nodded% Henry "as the to! do# as far as the Council "as concerned% He had the $ind they needed that could so carefully strate#iEe !lans far in advance and so he usually #ot the desired results% In the Council+s eyes( Roc efeller "as $ore dis!ensa'le 'ecause he had $oney and !o"er 'ut didn+t have the $aster$ind that they sa" in Henry% 2o Henry "as #iven everythin# he needed in order to fulfill their !lan% If he "asn+t in office it didn+t $uch $atter - he al"ays had access to the !erson sittin# at the rei#ns of !olitical !o"er% ,ehind the scenes( Henry controlled decisions and actions ta en 'y the 2tate De!art$ent in $atters of forei#n relations( al"ays atte$!tin# to 'rin# a'out a situation "here the Council "as in total control #lo'ally% They sa" it as a #a$e( a lifelon# !lan( "ith the outco$e ho!efully 'ein# that( finally( this #eneration of the #lo'al elite "ould succeed in the #a$e that their forefathers had not 'een a'le to !ull off% It created a$'ition and drive a$on# the$% /ll I sa" these $en do "as $ani!ulate and control !eo!le 'y covert $eans% It see$ed that $ost !eo!le they tar#eted had no idea they "ere even 'ein# $ani!ulated or set u!% 3hen a country needed so$e shorin# u!( $essa#es( or coercion to further the i$!le$entation of their !lan( then they "ould send Henry or $e or 'oth of us( de!endin# on the i$!ortance of the situation% I "as $erely an e1tension of Henry( deliverin# 6strate#ic influence6 in "ays he said he never could% He felt that he "ould have $ore influence "ith $any of the $en he "anted to coerce or $ani!ulate to see or do thin#s his "ay 'y sendin# in a soft( cuddly( hu$an se1ual toy% He often >o ed "ith insiders that his s!here of influence "as li$ited 'ut he could use $e to #et in those 6hard to #et !laces%6 Henry said I could $a e those $en t"ist into a !retEel and so he used $e in $any forei#n countries to ta! into vast resources( the hu$an resources he needed to !u!!et% He felt that those hu$an resources "ould lead to natural resources and that+s "here the $oney "ould 'e% Henry "as often referred to a$on# the insiders as a 6#enius of his ti$e%6 2o the !residents ca$e and "ent 'ut Henry "as there 'ehind the scenes $oldin# $e( "ith ,o'+s hel!( for the Council 'enefit% Mind control "as the secret "ea!on that Henry !erfected over the years% 7sually the individual "ould 'e so 'usy focused on "hat "as !lanned that he "ould $iss the hidden a#enda that "as ta in# !lace% Henry loved this tactic% 2o$eti$es these #uys "ould 'e ta en into Henry+s confidence 8the oldest tric in the "orld to #et !eo!le to 'e on your side( and feel i$!ortant so they "ill coo!erate9 and told I "as an es!iona#e

"+# o!erative( 'ut he didn+t tell the$ $y ca!a'ilities so they "ouldn+t 'e a'le to i$a#ine "hat I "as really doin# or "hat I "as ca!a'le of% Henry and ,o' often did deals to#ether( so$eti$es involvin# 6influencin#6 our troo!s overseas( or influencin# a 2enator( *overnor( cele'rity( a &resident( or a "orld leader% 2o$eti$es Henry .issin#er told ,o' Ho!e to $a e certain connections for $e in re#ard to !eo!le I "as to 'e !laced "ith in and out of California% 6I a$ the li#ht of the "orld% He that follo"s Me shall not "al in dar ness( 'ut shall have the li#ht of life%6 -- ?ohn =5:A

"+8 ,rice Taylor - Than s for the Me$ories Cha1ter Th%rteen: Bob $o1e 8Let !e enterta%n yo279 ,o' Ho!e involved $e "ith $any cele'rities% His !arties "ere star-studded( filled "ith the #la$orous( the fa$ous( the rich% If !eo!le did not have a title or talent they could 'uy the$selves into his circle of 6e1clusive !eo!le%6 BaBa *a'or "as often in attendance% Lucille ,all "as his friend also% 2he "as often drun % /lso !resent "ere &eter -inch( /lan /r in( DeEi /rneE( ,ernadette &eters( 2uEanne 2o$$ers-to na$e a fe"% ,o' rarely dran at his o"n !arties% &erha!s he "anted to stay in control% One ni#ht at a !arty( the trees outside 'e#an $ovin# fro$ a helico!ter do"ndraft% Li#hts fro$ the #round illu$inated the helico!ter and the e1trava#anEa that follo"ed% It "as an e1traordinary sho"% *uests "ere #as!in#( 6Oooh( ahhh(6 as they "atched 'eautiful "o$en dro!!ed 'y tether do"n into the !arty( "earin# very s i$!y( ela'orate( #littery costu$es that "ere set a#lo" 'y the li#hts% ,o' li ed fanfare% 2o$e of the "o$en "ore only 'ody #litter in scant !laces% The 6elite(6 as they "ere often called( "ere encoura#ed to choose a #irl( any #irl they "ished for their +!ersonal !arty favor+ and en>oy her as they "ished% *irls in s i$!y a!rons( 'ut other"ise na ed( served cha$!a#ne and chocolates on silver !latters% If a $an "anted her in addition to the candy or drin ( she co$!lied% Every desire( every "hi$ "as satisfied% These #irls "ere totally co$!liant% /t ti$es( children "ere there% /fter I had children( so$eti$es even $y dau#hter .elly "as there to 'e used% The children "ere held in reserve in a 'ac roo$ for $en "ith +alternate+ se1ual !references% -ro$ a very early a#e $y dau#hter "as "ell-trained se1ually( >ust li e the other children% It "as all very 'ad( 'ut ,o'+s contacts "ere !aid--in favors or connections% ,o' didn+t need $oney( 'ut connections al"ays ca$e in handy% /t $any of ,o'+s !arties there "ere no rules( no restrictions( no 'oundaries% 2e1 "as allo"ed any"here and every"here% To !arta e only re)uired an oath of secrecy% /nd $any !artoo % ,o' "as in char#e of $e at these ti$es( 'ut I also had an alternate a#enda as dictated 'y the Council% I "as often !re!ro#ra$$ed to tar#et certain ey individuals at these !arties that they "anted to influence% 2o$e !eo!le s!ent the ni#ht at ,o'+s house if they "ere too tired to #o ho$e% 7%2% 2enators li e /lan Cranston( #overnors( con#ress$en( cele'rities( even forei#n a$'assadors and di#nitaries( "ere in attendance at different ti$es% Military !eo!le( also% &eo!le "ere invited if they had so$ethin# to offer to ,o' or 6the cause6%%%the Ne" 3orld Order% Rea#an attended Ho!e+s !arties at ti$es% 2o did Nancy%


3hen the !arties "ere over( ,o' li ed for $e to sit on his la! and feed hi$ his favorite !iece of 2ee+s candy( follo"ed 'y "hat he called( 6his favorite !iece of ass%6 He al"ays lau#hed "hen he said( 6You feed $e and I+ll feed you%6 ,ut I never #ot to eat the candy( only hi$% ,o' li ed for $e to ta e off his "atch 8!er !ro#ra$9 "hile I "as sittin# on his la! and carefully !ut it on the ta'le 'y the chair% He loved it "hen I "as silly and #i##ly and teased hi$( 'ut he did not li e $e to carry that attitude to 'ed% ,o' al"ays as ed $e to do thin#s nicely the first ti$e% He said( 6There "on+t 'e a second ti$e %%%that you+ll re$e$'er(6 and he held u! the Ea!!er 8stun #un9% 2o$e ni#hts he teased $e and said it "as really >ust a 'u# Ea!!er( 'ut then it "ould 'ite $e( and it hurt% In 'ed I "as su!!osed to 'e serious and !assionate( not silly% He "ould say( 62ho" $e your tail feathers(6 and I "ould ta e off $y !anties and turn around% Then he "ould hold $e on either side of $y hi!s to 6e1a$ine the $erchandise(6 and #ive it a 6sta$! of a!!roval(6 "hich "as a s!an ie% ,o' loved to #ive $e s!an in#s( not real hard ones( >ust enou#h to activate $y se1 !ro#ra$% ,o' li ed for $e to !ut on the !retty lacy ni#hties or teddies he left out for $e% 2o I did% He had a 'utler "ho "ould 'rin# hi$ drin s or "hatever he "anted 'efore 'ed - he often li ed a 6hot toddy%6 If he "anted a re#ular drin ( he "ould have $e !our it for hi$ fro$ crystal decanters that he had in his roo$% ,o' snored at ti$es "hile he sle!t% I "as usually ta en a"ay early the ne1t $ornin#( so$eti$es even 'efore ,o' "o e u!% The 'utler or so$e other $an in a suit "ould co$e to #et $e and deliver $e to the "aitin# li$o% 2o$eti$es I "ould fly ho$e 'y !lane( 'ut "as often helico!tered% Endless son#s that co$$anded $y $ind !layed inside $y head at a!!ro!riate ti$es to +re-$ind+ $e% 3hen I "as ta en to the &al$ 2!rin#s area the son# lyrics( 6In the desert you can+t re$e$'er your na$e%%% 6 hel!ed $e for#et - until I re$e$'ered% &orno#ra!hy( Holly"ood 2tyle Late at ni#ht( I "as !ro#ra$$ed to "al out of our 3oodland Hills ho$e and do"n a 'loc or so to Royar 2treet "here a 'lac sedan !ic ed $e u! and "his ed $e to 7niversal 2tudios or other locations( to "or for ,o' fil$in# !orn% The sedan too $e throu#h a chain lin fence and !ast a security 'ooth "here the driver had to sto! and chec in "ith the #uard to #ain clearance to the lot% Then he dro!!ed $e off in front of a very !lain-loo in# 'uildin#( "ith >ust a door to it% There "ere "ooden ste! !latfor$s u! to the door% ,o' often "atched "hile !orno#ra!hy "as fil$ed% They usually fil$ed at ni#ht so they "ould have( 6$ore freedo$(6 as ,o' "ould say% Men at the studios( "earin# t-shirts and >eans( dressed $e in all inds of se1y #ar$ents and $ade $y 'ody u! "ith all inds of $a e-u!% One ni#ht a $an handed $e a 'eautiful( thic "ooden and #old han#er fro$ "hich hun# a s$all teddy $ade of nothin# 'ut a series of vertical stri!s of ri''on that created a see-throu#h effect% ,o' follo"ed $e into the dressin# roo$ "hile I sli!!ed on 'lac stoc in#s( #arter 'elt( heels and then the teddy% The 'lac -ri''oned teddy "as 'elted

"+1 at the "aist 'ut I "as na ed underneath and you could see throu#h and 'et"een all the ri''ons% I "as instructed to lay out and #et a suntan 'efore fil$in#( and I "asn+t allo"ed to have tan lines on $y 'ac or shoulders% They !ut $a eu! on $y 'reasts so I "ould a!!ear tan all over% The $a e u! they !ut on $y 'ody "as really !ut on heavy and "as very itchy and unco$forta'le% The oily ind "as less itchy 'ut didn+t stay on as "ell as the drier ty!e% There "as another $an "ho did $y hair( often in curls or in a side !onytail% They used curlin# irons and desi#ned all sorts of hair creations% I >ust sat there "hile they chose ho" I "ould a!!earD $y hair( nails( toenails( $a e-u!( and costu$es% /nd then( I did "hatever they told $e to do% -inally( they dra!ed $e "ith "hatever >e"elry they decided on% /t ti$es 'ody >e"els "ere #lued onto $y 'ody% Once they #lued little s!ar ly rhinestones all over $y s in and fil$ed $e in a s i$!y "hite 'i ini-ty!e outfit% The costu$es "ere al"ays different( uni)ue and ori#inal% ,o' "anted $e to 'e li e Dorothy La$our( 'ut I didn+t no" "ho she "as% He tal ed a'out lots of old actresses that I+d never heard of% There "ere li#hts and ca$eras all over the !lace in the halls( and 'ac sta#e "as full of all sorts of costu$es on rac s% ,o' li ed !orno#ra!hy "ith feathers so he had a $an "or "ith $e on the act( includin# son#s and dances% ,o' said it "as( 6!orn for the so!histicates( not >ust for lo"-lifers%6 ,o' sa" !orno#ra!hy as an art for$ and "ent into a very dee!ly lovin#( e$otional $ode "hile it "as fil$ed% 3hen they finished fil$in# that+s "hen he "anted $e the $ost% /nother $an "as assi#ned to 6"or $e u!(6 trainin# $e for the act% This !orn "as fil$ed Holly"ood-style all the "ay( "ith #litter( dia$onds( flair( s!ecial !ro!s and sta#e li#htin#% I usually san# 'eforehand and ,o' $ade sure that I had a !re-recorded voice ta!e so I could sin# 'ut not have to 'e concerned "ith !uttin# !o"er 'ehind $y voice "hile I "as doin# the se1ual acts% The "hole sho" "as directed 'y another $an "ho told the $ale !orn actor and I "hat to do% The !ro! $an listened to the director and $oved !ro!s all around( "hile the ca$era and li#hts $en fell in line% There "ere $any different the$es and $any ni#hts "hen !orno#ra!hy "as fil$ed% One ni#ht ,o' sho"ed Hu#h Hefner so$e of his !orn in the 'ac roo$ at one of ,o'+s !arties% I "as in the roo$( 'ut ,o' acted li e I "asn+t real or really there% I "as% 72O Tours In $y late teens and early AG+s I "as ta en a'oard 7%2% Navy aircraft carriers "hen ,o' "as doin# a sho" on his 72O tours( to 6entertain the troo!s%6 I had several !ersonalities "ho "ere s!ecially trained to sin# and dance( and $any !ersonalities "ho "ere e1!ertly trained to dance and stri!% 7sually ,o' and I "ere flo"n into a 'ase and then helico!tered the rest of the "ay to the shi!% On tour "ith ,o' there "ere lar#e 'ands( "ith lots of $usic and li#hts% Red( "hite( and 'lue 'anners decorated the sta#e "here "e !erfor$ed% 2ailors stood !ac ed to#ether to "atch the sho"% If the $edia "as there ,o' totally controlled "hat they ca!tured on ca$era( "hat se#$ents could 'e fil$ed( and "hen they had to leave% One ti$e "hen I ca$e out on sta#e( they 'e#an shootin# $y !art( and after the sho" ,o' had a hu#e fit 8he could 'e very te$!era$ental9 and threatened to 'rea their e)ui!$ent on the s!ot if they didn+t #ive

"+7 hi$ the fil$% They #ave hi$ the fil$% This "ay ,o' controlled "hat "as sho"n to the #eneral !u'lic% The sho"s usually too !lace on the outside dec s% &rofessional $a e-u! artists $ade u! $y "hole 'ody% -or one sho"( I "as dressed in a "hite +navy+ dress( only it "asn+t li e the re#ular standard unifor$s the "o$en in the navy "ore% It "as a s!ecially se"n costu$e( short and e1tra fe$inine "ith lace to! and scoo! nec line% I had s!ecial "hite lace !anties "ith little anchors on the$% -or one sho" I san# /nchors /"ay after "hich ,o' "ould 6>o e the$06 3hat the 6'oys6 didn+t no" "as that ,o' ne" ho" to control their e$otions "ith certain s!ecific "ords and !hrases and son#s% He ne" ho" to 6li#hten the$ u!(6 #et the$ really 6e$otional6 and "or ed u!( and then he "ould sli! in su##estions( eyed to !ro#ra$s( that 6hel!ed the$ "ith certain un"anted attitudes%6 I overheard the Council $a in# >o es a'out the 6herds6 8the troo!s9 and ho" stu!id and easily led they "ere% /t the sho"s "here I "as !resent( sin#in# usually ca$e first( then ,o'+s >o es( and then another son# and dance% Once I did a se$i-stri! dance( never 6too it all off6 for 6the 'oys%6 In order to !ro>ect a se$'lance of +"holeso$eness(+ I >ust stri!!ed do"n to s i$!y 'ras and !anties( and also too off $y heels( dress( nylons and #arter 'elt% I "as instructed to "ear those for 6the effect6 of ta in# the$ all off% /fter sho"s( so$eti$es I "as ta en to the /d$iral+s andCor Ca!tain+s )uarters to further 6entertain6 hi$ in the !rivacy of his roo$% These officers dis!layed attitudes created 'y years and years of 'ein# honored "ith $edals and ri''ons for 6service to the country%6 The Council often sli!!ed $essa#es to Naval officers( throu#h $e( !ossi'ly "ithout the officers+ no"led#e% I never ne" $y e1act locationD I "as not allo"ed to no"% 3e entertained the /ir -orce and /r$y( also( 'ut I "as used $ore often "ith the Navy% ,o' too $e to a s!ecific recordin# studio in 2outhern California to !re-record the son#s I "as to sin# 'efore doin# a sho" for 6the troo!s%6 In the recordin# studio( I "ore head!hones that !layed 'ac into $y ears the $usic I "as sin#in# so that I could stay in tune% I en>oyed sin#in# and the studios could $a e anyone+s voice sound #ood( 'ut ,o' li ed $e to sin# soft( 'reathy( hi#h and se1y% 2o$eti$es( in the 'e#innin#( he "ould sit >ust outside the recordin# roo$ "here he could hear the $usic and "ould cue $e so "e could #et it >ust ri#ht% Once I "as !ro#ra$$ed to sin# The 2tar 2!an#led ,anner( in a really se1y $anner for the troo!s% 3hen it "as ti$e to sin# it live( they !layed the ta!e and I san# alon#( 'ecause it "as hard to sin# and dance at the sa$e ti$e and $aintain #ood voice )uality% In this "ay( I could !ut $y all into dancin#( s!lits and all( "ithout 'ein# concerned "ith the son#% 8You can i$a#ine $y a$aEe$ent "hen I 'e#an healin# and inte#ratin# !ersonalities and discovered I could do the s!lits0 I never consciously ne" that I could do that%9

"+0 I found the li#hts that shone on us "hile !erfor$in# to 'e 'lindin#% ,o' tau#ht $e to not loo into the$ 'ut to loo !ast the$ so they "ould not 'other $e so $uch% /nother ti$e "hen I "ent "ith ,o' to entertain the troo!s( they "ra!!ed $e in an /$erican fla#% I had on a tiny s!ar lin#( red( "hite( and 'lue lacey 'i ini and s!ar lin# red hi#h heels% T"o soldiers( in #reen ar$y unifor$s and 'oots held $e u!( one holdin# onto $y feet and the other holdin# $e u! around $y shoulders% /s they turned $e( the fla# unfolded off of $e and slo"ly I "as unfurled to 'ri#ht li#hts and lots of soldiers yellin#( "histlin# and cheerin#% In addition to the entertain$ent( this "as !art of $y +s!in !ro#ra$$in#%+ ,o' had the $icro!hone and had 'een tellin# >o es( 'ut sto!!ed as they unrolled $e% He !ointed to $e "hile the dru$s rolled% 3hen I "as unfurled( they !layed The 2tri!!er and I danced around "hile all of the #uys cheered% -or other sho"s( I had a feather !lu$e on $y 'otto$ that "ent u! $y 'ac % The costu$es "ere al"ays different% I rolled around on the floor( did the s!lits and 6s!read +e$(6 as instructed( for the 'oys% 2o$eti$es I san#( so$eti$es I >ust danced( and so$eti$es for s$aller !rivate audiences( I stri!!ed all the "ay% /nd there "ere ti$es I "as >ust there to dance seductively for ,o'+s !ersonal and !rivate !leasure later on in the evenin#% /fter the sho"( so$e $an "ould !ut a !rod or stun #un to $y forehead% I totally colla!sed into his ar$s and he carried $e over and laid $e do"n until it "as ti$e to leave% The !hysical sensation I e1!erienced "as a >olt of "hite-hot electricity( and then I felt very( very cold% This "as the reaction to the electroshoc % The $an deliverin# the electricity also delivered !ro#ra$$in# to $e% ,efore and after he Ea!!ed $e( he said( 6You are fat and u#ly and no $an could ever 'e attracted to you%6 /s co$$anded( I carried the 'elief that I "as fat and u#ly and I never "ould have 'elieved I "as attractive enou#h to !erfor$ on sta#e( had I 'e#un to re$e$'er% They "ould Ea! $e "ith electroshoc either on the forehead( the 'ase of $y s ull( or on $y 'ac or thi#hs% -or so$e reason on this occasion( ,o' lau#hed >ust 'efore they Ea!!ed $e% He had so$e #oon do it - he rarely did% I "as often in very !oor condition "hen "e "ere helico!tered a"ay and ,o' lau#hed and $ade e1cuses for $y listlessness( sayin# thin#s li e( 6/h( don+t "orry a'out her( the id+s >ust had too $uch to drin %6 Truth "as I "asn+t even allo"ed to drin ( not even "ater% My !hysical reactions "ere all fro$ the aftereffects of the electroshoc intended to erase $y $e$ory% /nother sho" I "as ta en to "as for the 'oys in the /r$y% ,o' "ore an /r$y unifor$( >ust li e the soldiers( and $ade >o es a'out 'ein# >ust li e 6one of the fellas6 in his unifor$% They loved it and cheered% ,o' could #et a"ay "ith sayin# >ust a'out anythin# to the$ and they "ould lau#h% 3hen he introduced $e( he said( 63atch this little one sha e her tail feather06 I ca$e out "ith a #littery 'ra and a #-strin# "ith tail feathers attached to the 'ac % I danced carryin# $atchin# !ur!le feathers in $y hands and !laced the$ over $y 'reasts and then turned around and held the$ over $y 'otto$% 3hen I "as "indin# do"n $y act( I "as instructed to distri'ute all 'ut the last of the feathers to soldiers in the audience and then turn $y 'ac to the$( s!read $y le#s far a!art( turn $y head and say( 62orry 'oys( I need to leave so$ethin# to ee! $e "ar$06


I felt li e I "as on lots of naval 'ases in the 7nited 2tates at so$e ti$e or another% 2o$eti$es for entertainin# 6the 'oys6 "ith ,o'( 'ut $ore often for !ro#ra$$in#% The !ro#ra$$in# at these 'ases "as torturous% I "as hun# u!side do"n in tan s filled "ith "ater or #ases% There also "ere chairs "ith strai#ht 'ac s and ar$ rests( "ith 'ands that fit ti#htly around $y forehead( "rists and an les% They also used electroshoc and li#ht and sound e)ui!$ent( co$'ined "ith food and slee! de!rivation% I "as su'>ected to lots of hi#h tech e)ui!$ent and $achines% I didn+t have a clue "hat these $achines actually did or "hy $y controllers "ere torturin# $e "ith the$% ,onded To ,o' ,o' too $e "ith hi$ to lots of !laces "hen I "as :L to A: 8:;L<-:;<A9% 3herever "e "ere( or "ho$ever I "as to 'e "ith( I usually ca$e "ith the silver li$o% I "ould 'e held in the 'ac and no one fro$ the outside could tell I "as there% I "as accusto$ed to !erfor$in# oral se1 to "ho$ever I "as instructed( and in li$os and !u'lic !laces it $eant s"allo"in#% /s a result I "ould 'eco$e sic so$e days "hen there "ere a lot of $en 6to do%6 2o$eti$es the li$o "ould 'e full of ,o'+s friends and I "ould 'e told to "ait in the 'ac after a !re$ier( #ala or sho" o!enin#s( etc% ,o' "ould 'rin# his friends 6alon# for the ride6 and they #ot to 6sa$!le his #oodies6 is "hat he "ould say to his friends% One evenin# at a Holly"ood event that too !lace in front of *ro$in+s Chinese Theatre( EliEa'eth Taylor loo ed curiously !ast ,o' as he stood in front of the entrance to the li$o I "as 6!ar ed6 in% 2he as ed hi$ "ho I "as% Then she $ade fun of hi$( sayin#( 6Couldn+t you at least #et one that doesn+t loo li e a child4 2he doesn+t even have any 'reasts06 They didn+t see$ to #et alon# too "ell% My !ro#ra$$in# $ade $e feel 'onded to ,o' Ho!e% /l$ost li e 'ein# $arried or co$forta'le 'ein# "ith hi$( li e it "as second nature to 'e "ith hi$% I "as !ro#ra$$ed to no" "hat he li ed so I could easily !lease hi$% He li ed to find $e in his 'athtu'( full of 'u''les( #i##lin# and ha!!y and ready for hi$% He li ed for $e to ta e off his shoes( ru' his 8s$elly9 feet( inch u! his le#s( unEi! his !ants( and !erfor$ oral se1( 'ut sto! >ust 'efore he or#as$ed and "ait a "hile 'efore continuin#% -ollo"in# !ro#ra$ co$$and( I sat on his la!( issed hi$( and told hi$ ho" handso$e he "as( as he sat in his favorite "in#ed 'ac chair in his roo$% He had a footstool that I sat on to ru' his feet% ,o' did not al"ays "ant se1 actually( 'ut al"ays li ed to 'e re$inded of it 'y tal in# a'out se1ual thin#s or ho" youn# I "as% He loved youn# "o$en and I "as >ust that( and al"ays "as youn# to hi$ 'ecause he "as older than the hills0 He "as older than $y father% He could have 'een $y #randfather( "ith nearly a FG year a#e difference 'et"een us% I had 'een trained all $y life to !lease older $en% I ne" >ust ho" to treat the$( flatter the$( and $a e the$ feel #ood( !sycholo#ically and( of course( !hysically% ,o' se1ually desired $e fro$ a#es :L-AG or so( after that he >ust had se1 "ith $e( al$ost as a convenience to hi$% 3hen I $arried( his se1ual desire see$ed to chan#e% Durin# $y teen years he+d ta e $e around to friends( !arties( clu's( and he 'ra##ed to "ho$ever he "as "ith( that he still #ot the +youn# stuff%+


I do not re$e$'er ever 'ein# involved in satanic trau$a "ith ,o'% ,ut he $ust have no"n and li ed "hat it created fro$ $y childhood years% He "as a'ove the tra!!in#s of satanis$( li e $ost of the hi#her u!s% They loo ed at !eo!le "ho !racticed satanis$ as lo" level( 'ut the >o' had to 'e done 8trau$a 'ase for $ind control9 and they rationaliEed it 'y sayin#( 6loo ho" 'eautifully she turned out%6 ,o'+s &arties I had lots of !arty #irl !ersonalities !ro#ra$$ed for ,o'% ,o' s!ent a #reater a$ount of ti$e "ith $e "hen I "as a teena#er( until I "as $arried% The !ersonalities dedicated and devoted to ,o' "ere clever and !ro#ra$$ed "ith silly >o es for ,o'+s co$!any% ,o' li ed $e to start the !arties out ri#ht( so #uests "ere served $i1ed drin s( cha$!a#ne( hors d+oeuvres( etc% Then ,o' had $e entertain in s i$!y little outfits he !rovided( such as a red leotard( "ith nettin# around $y "rist( red fishnet stoc in#s and red s!ar ly hi#h heels% I+d sin# and dance and "ould stri! if it "as an a!!ro!riate ti$e% One of the first ti$es ,o' had $e start the !arty( he said( 6You too control of the roo$06 He see$ed sur!rised% 3hen I stri!!ed in front of cou!les( I did a lot of the sa$e +cou!le 'ondin#+ techni)ues that I did "ith cou!les in the inti$acy of their o"n 'edroo$s% I "as !ro#ra$$ed to say so$ethin# a'out the hus'and to the "ife li e( 6*od you have #ood taste in $en0 I "ish I could find one li e this%6 /nd "hile I said it( I "ould lasso hi$ "ith a sil scarf or feathers and !ull hi$ close( usually to $y 'are navel or chest% Or I+d say to the hus'and( 6You have "on the char$s of one of the $ost 'eautiful "o$en in the "orld0 You $ust 'e )uite a $an%6 /nd I "ould #o on and on "his!erin#( as if >ust to the$( yet still havin# everyone in the roo$ "atch% 7sually( unless ,o' said it "asn+t a!!ro!riate( I+d eventually stri! and it see$ed to loosen everyone u! and very often I invited the$ if they cared to( to >oin $e% It "as usually li e "atchin# a #rou! of little ids doin# so$ethin# nau#hty% Everyone "ould stand u! and start #ettin# na ed( !ullin# off their clothes and thro"in# the$ all over the floor% Then they "ould #o s inny-di!!in# or off to a side roo$ for se1% &eo!le later told ,o' the e1!erience really sti$ulated their se1uality and they had not had such #reat se1 in AG years of $arria#e% Different ni#hts 'rou#ht different ty!es of !eo!le to#ether( usually carefully $atched and !re-selected so they "ould con#eal% Most of the cou!les "ere usually older and the $en "ere 'usiness$en( !oliticians( 'an ers( stoc 'ro ers( $ovie and $usic artists( and other !eo!le that "ere i$!ortant to ,o'+s interests% The !arties+ #uest lists "ere !lanned and coordinated to $atch u! and net"or !eo!le "ho they needed to #et to#ether( or #rou!s "ith si$ilar se1ual !references li e #ays( les'ians( heterose1uals( or !edo!hiles( so they could feel free to let their hair do"n% 7nfortunately( after it ha!!ened ,o' o"ned the$% Often( !eo!le did dru#s at ,o'+s if they "anted to% /t so$e !arties( dru#s and alcohol "ere in lar#e su!!ly( usually in la'eled dishes or on little !latters% Everythin# had little ri''on identifier ta#s or s$all si#ns( 6so !eo!le ne" "hat they "ere #ettin# into(6 ,o' "ould say%


-or so$e !rivate !arties( ,o' had $e act li e I "as his du$$y and he "ould load $e u! "ith $ost of the lines so he "ouldn+t have to thin so $uch or $e$oriEe the >o es% He often had $e say the ey lines so he could easily 'ounce off of the$ and deliver a one liner% He dressed $e in s i$!y clothes and he !ut his hand u! $y 'ac li e he "as $a in# $e $ove li e a du$$y% He did that du$$y #i# often or had $e $i$e "ith hi$ or $i$e alone% 3hen !eo!le #ot hi#h they really li ed the $i$e act( es!ecially if there "ere stro'e li#hts flashin# on and off% ,o' usually had so$e real $aids "ho "ere older and "ho really cleaned and served% I only had to do that if it "as the "ay they 8Henry( ,o'( and the Council9 had !lanned for $e to #o in on a tar#et% -or e1a$!le( I "ould serve the tar#et cha$!a#ne "ith t"o stra"'erries in it( and then I+d say to hi$( 6Could I eat your %%% 8!ause9%%%%uh%%%stra"'erry46 I+d "i##le all over and s$ile or #i##le% 2o$eti$es the $en "ould 'lush( 'ut usually they "ould s$ile and say( 63hy yes06 /s !ro#ra$$ed( I "ould ta e the $an+s drin and ta e hi$ 'y the hand to a side 'edroo$ and say( 6Can I suc your +----+ no"46 Then I+d !erfor$ as !ro#ra$$ed% To cover hi$self( ,o' had $e say( 6&lease don+t tell Mr% Ho!e a'out this%6 ,ut other ti$es ,o' told $e to say( 6,o' "anted to share "ith you the !leasure he #ets on a re#ular 'asis%6 It all de!ended on the an#le they "ere usin# accordin# to the infor$ation that had 'een #athered on the $an !rior to the evenin#% ,efore I left the roo$ I "as instructed to sho" the $an to the ad>oinin# 'athroo$ and sho"er( and offer hi$ to"els( co$'s( deodorant( dryers( etc%( anythin# he $i#ht need to freshen u!( and I+d e1!lain he "as free to rest( slee! or sho"er% If it "as a serious tar#et for the Council( I "ould stay "ith the $an lon#er( so$eti$es all ni#ht and at ti$es I "as instructed to ta e hi$ a"ay fro$ the !arty( so$e"here )uiet( "here it "as >ust the t"o of us% I "ould ta e hi$ "herever I "as instructed - to a hotel( !ar ( 'each( restaurant( disco( etc% If it "as a serious tar#et they #ot the red car!et treat$ent( if not they still #ot se1% &rince Charles "as the red car!et sort( "here $inor !oliticians or 'usiness$en "ere less catered to% /t other !arties I carried a silver tray "ith a #lass of cha$!a#ne on it and I+d have a cherry ste$ "ith a cherry dan#lin# out of $y $outh% 2eductively I "ould say( 63ould you li e a cherry( sir46 and then I+d ta e hi$ to another roo$ for se1% Or I+d !ut a very e1!ensive #our$et chocolate truffle in $y $outh and say to a tar#et( 63ould you li e one of these46 as I slo"ly and sensually too it in and out of $y $outh( suc in# and lic in# it( and if he said yes( I "ould !ut it on the ed#e of $y li!s and say( 6Oo!s( this is the last one( do you share46 If he indicted he did( I "ould lean over and share it "ith hi$% Then I+d as hi$ if he "anted seconds and if he said yes( I "ould ta e hi$ off for se1% Other occasions( "ith a slice of !each in $y $outh( I "as !ro#ra$$ed to as ( 63ould you li e a California !each46 and then I+d #ive it to hi$( in the 'edroo$% Henry told ,o' the strate#ies and they often "or ed to#ether to create a scri!t for $e to deliver( es!ecially if >o es "ere needed% If it "as intricate or co$!licated( then Henry did the u!loadin#% 2o$eti$es thou#h( for ,o'+s !arties( ,o' "ould load $e u! "ith state$ents for different !eo!le 'efore the !arty 'e#an% He had a list of !arty #uests and he often had his "riters co$e u! "ith so$ethin# clever and funny alon# the su'>ect lines ,o'

"13 chose% I re$e$'er hearin# hi$ call different "riters to che" the$ out if they "ere late deliverin# the scri!ts or if he "as unha!!y "ith the $aterial they ca$e u! "ith% The Council used ,o' and Henry to#ether and "as a'le to achieve enor$ous strides 'ecause !eo!le oftenti$es didn+t realiEe they "ere connected( or that ,o' and Henry "ere strate#iEin# or $ani!ulatin# the$( let alone that they "ere connected to the Council% ,o'+s &olitical Connections ,o' "as involved in local( state( national and international !olitics and had a net"or of 6cronies6 all around the "orld% He "ould +scratch their 'ac s+ for the sa$e in return% 2ince he "ielded so $uch !olitical !o"er( 'ecause of his "ealth and connections( !eo!le listened to hi$ and often did "hat he as ed% Most !eo!le "ere 'ou#ht% He had a net"or of !eo!le 8!oliticians( >ud#es( !olice( etc%9 in his 'ac !oc et and in this "ay he re$ained !rotected and often o!erated a'ove the la"% He see$ed to no" everyone every"here "e "ent and !eo!le see$ed an1ious to #et near hi$% He had the $oney to 'uy anythin# he li ed( includin# !ro#ra$$ed se1 slaves% Once he told $e( 6everyone has his or her !rice(6 and he usually found it% It "as not al"ays $oney that !eo!le "ere afterD so$eti$es it "as connections( fa$e or se1% ,y the ti$e I "as :=( I "as in o!eration heavily "ith ,o' Ho!e( California *overnor Ronald Rea#an( &resident Richard Ni1on( and Henry .issin#er% They all ne" I had "hat they called 6e1!anded faculties%6 I "as often used as an inter$ediary 'et"een 2acra$ento and the 3hite House - ee!in# infor$ation flo"in# !er instruction fro$ the Council% They "ere the to! controllers% 2o( for e1a$!le( durin# the ti$e Rea#an "as *overnor of California( I "as flo"n to Rea#an+s ranch to have se1 "ith hi$ and deliver hi$ $essa#es% Then I "as flo"n to the 3hite House to have se1 "ith Ni1on and deliver $essa#es fro$ the Council% The Council "as overseein# all this% They de'riefed $e after each assi#n$ent and re!ro#ra$$ed $e in li#ht of the infor$ation I re!orted% I don+t no" if Rea#an or Ni1on really ever ne" to "ho$ I "as really re!ortin# %%%"hose interests I "as really addressin#% The Council al"ays $ade it loo li e I "as attendin# to Rea#an or Ni1on+s se1ual interests and then su'tly sli!!ed in $essa#es or su##estions fro$ the Council% My !ro#ra$$in# +re-$inded+ $e( 6Mine is not to )uestion "hy( $ine is 'ut to do or die6% I "as only :=( :;( AG( A:( AA years old "hen I "as !erfor$in# $any of these earlier se1Ces!iona#e $issions% It "as the !erfect cover% 3ho "ould have sus!ected $e( a very avera#e( innocent loo in#( silly( youn# 'londe to have 'een involved in 7%2% *overn$ent and 2hado" *overn$ent activities4 Ronald Rea#an and ,o' Ho!e "ere connected throu#h the entertain$ent field and "ere dou'ly connected throu#h their !olitical and $ilitary friends "hen Rea#an "as *overnor of California and later on "hen he 'eca$e &resident of the 7nited 2tates% ,o' "as also friends "ith hi#h-!o"ered $en li e 3alter /nnen'er#( "ho had a s"ee!in# estate in &al$ 2!rin#s( or $ore s!ecifically Rancho Mira#e% 3hen ,o' too $e there for $eetin#s or !arties I "as told( 6This is a $ira#e( this >ust a $ira#e%6 3alter /nnen'er# "as at one ti$e an /$'assador to ,ritain and "as also connected to the Rea#an+s and the ,ritish Royal -a$ily%


,o' "as !olitically connected and ne" ho" to lure !eo!le in and insure they "ould "or for hi$% He invited the$ to his !arties and dan#led various inds of ille#al or i$$oral !erversions in their faces% Once their !erversions "ere uncovered( he could 'lac $ail or control the$% That is ho" ,o' "or ed% ,o' "as very #ood at this% I "atched hi$ do it to !eo!le over and over% He lured the$ in( detected their "ea nesses( then used that no"led#e in his favor( for his connections( and ulti$ately for his !ersonal #ain% He "as li e a 'lac "ido" s!ider( lurin# !eo!le into his "e' and then $ovin# in for the ill% E1ce!t instead of illin# his !rey he si$!ly !ut the$ to #ood use in his life% He used the$ 6in the sche$e of thin#s(6 he "ould say( 6to $a e life a little easier%6 Once lured into ,o'+s snare( there "as no #ettin# out "ithout dire conse)uence% ,o' es!ecially li ed to do this to !oliticians 'ecause as he "ould e1!lain to $e after a !arty( he li ed 6to have a fe" ey !oliticians in his 'ac !oc et%6 ,o' de$onstrated $y 6a'ilities6 to !eo!le he "anted to #ift $e to% He #ave $e as a se1ual #ift to a lot of !eo!le he "anted to 6have in his 'ac !oc et%6 Later( he tal ed a'out ho" incredi'ly stu!id these !eo!le "ere( to ta e the dru#s or alcohol and then $a e a !u'lic s!ectacle of the$selves% ?% Ed#ar Hoover ?% Ed#ar Hoover "as at ,o'+s !arties% One ni#ht he ended u! dressed in a 'lue se)uined dress% Henry and ,o' had !ut to#ether a list of other !oliticians "ho "ere li e ?% Ed#ar so they "ould feel co$forta'le to#ether% ?% Ed#ar Hoover( 6?erry6 to his friends( $ust have thou#ht ,o' "as safe and that he "as out of his !olitical arena so he could 6let his hair do"n%6 ,ut it "as really a clever set u! 'et"een ,o' and Henry( as they set a tra! for Hoover% /t the !arty onset( I "as 'rou#ht in to dance na ed and #et the$ #oin#% They all dressed u! in 6costu$es6 left out for their 6!arty en>oy$ent%6 I !resented it that "ay so they "ouldn+t feel unco$forta'le or inhi'ited% Then they "ere #iven 'ooEe( cocaine( anythin# they "anted% There "ere !arty !o!!ers and dishes full of different recreational dru#s "ith little ta#s attached e1!lainin# the ty!e of ride they "ould #o on if they too a certain !ill or !o"der - everythin# short of in>ecta'les "as offered% This #rou! of $en #ot really hi#h and silly and chan#ed into the costu$es% Once they "ere hi#h( I "or ed the$ for infor$ation as !re-directed 'y Henry .issin#er% ?% Ed#ar $ust not have no"n that ,o' Ho!e "as connected to .issin#er% 2o( the infor$ation #athered that evenin# - not only Hoover and his friends+ direct ans"ers to )uestions( 'ut their attitudes( and se1ual !references( etc% - "ere all recorded directly into $y $ind files% -ro$ then on the Council had 6Hoover 'y the 'alls or "as it the !ussy46 $y controllers >o ed% -ro$ then on the -,I "as under Council control and they even #ot Hoover to !ut 'loc s and different rules( re#ulations( and codes directly into the -,I o!erations% That 'e#an to set u! a controllin# $echanis$ for the future so that "hen the ne1t -,I director too office( thin#s inside the ,ureau "ould 'e in !lace so the Council could continue to $ani!ulate the$ to"ard their 7lti$ate year AGGG #oal% /lan Cranston

"18 2enator /lan Cranston "as ,o'+s ri#ht-hand !olitical $an in California% He also attended ,o'+s !arties% /lan carried out thin#s ,o' "anted done in the #overn$ent sector% ,o'+s 'usiness dealin#s ran dee! into "orld #overn$ents% He used #overn$ent a#encies as a tool for his 'enefit and he 6'ou#ht6 !eo!le already "or in# in the #overn$ent so that he could control the$ and 6#et thin#s in order(6 he "ould say% 3hich $eant 'end or chan#e la"s to his 'enefit% Cranston "as the center of the !olitical "heel( the inside corru!t "heel( in California% If anyone "anted anythin# done( all they had to do "as contact ,o' and he "ould #o throu#h his !olitical cronies to #et it done-no $atter "hat it "as% 2enator Cranston "as tied into ,o' Ho!e and fro$ "hat I sa"( ,o' "as tied to the outs irts of the Council( 'ut Cranston "as not% &oliticians "ere never allo"ed to 'e that close or to 'e directly affiliated "ith the Council( 'ut "ere #iven infor$ation( as they needed it fro$ unidentified sources% That is "hat I "as( an unidentified source% Cranston "as one of ,o'+s favorite connections% Cranston li ed 6s!an ies6 over his la!% He "ould $a e $e lie over his la! and he "ould s!an $e( 6to turn $e on(6 he "ould say% The $ore turned on he #ot the $ore 'rutal he 'eca$e% He "as into 'eatin#s( so$eti$es "ith a 'elt( and tyin# $e do"n% He "as very a##ressive( very scary and un!redicta'le% /lan Cranston "as a 'ony old( evil $an% Cranston "as not allo"ed to leave $ar s on $e% Henry .issin#er sa" to that% Henry e!t ta's on $e durin# the Ni1on and Rea#an ad$inistrations 'ecause he had his interest in usin# the infor$ation that he had carefully instilled in $y $ind files and did not "ant $e da$a#ed% Cranston and ,o' see$ed to 'e close friends% ,o' and others ran a lot of California !olitics fro$ &al$ 2!rin#s and $ade sure they had the !eo!le they needed in their 6'ac !oc ets6 in order to 6enact chan#e(6 "hich $eant 'endin# thin#s for their o"n financial #ain% It usually al"ays 'oiled do"n to $oney( 'ut occasionally ,o' did thin#s out of vindication for certain !eo!le% He al"ays $ade !eo!le 6sorry6 if they "ere not nice to hi$% He usually #ot his "ay %%%his !o"er "ent hi#h% One ni#ht on the Rueen Mary( in the $id-:;<G+s Cranston tied $e ti#htly to a head'oard and then #ot so drun or dru##ed u! that he could not untie $e% 2o he had se1 "ith $e standin# u!( "ith $e still tied and then he !assed out on the 'ed% I had to stay tied u! li e that until the "ee hours of the $ornin# "hen ,o' ca$e and found $e% My hands and feet "ere !ur!leC'lue fro$ the lac of circulation and I "as e1hausted 'ut )uic ly 6sna!!ed out of it(6 "hen ,o' told $e to% I s"itched to 'ein# ha!!y( refreshed and 'u''ly( "hile ,o' atte$!ted to #et Cranston so'ered u!% 2o$eti$es at !arties( Cranston stayed the ne1t day to !ull hi$self to#ether around ,o'+s !ool% If Dolores "as there( ,o' "ould tell her I "as hired as the $aid for the day( 'ut "hen I "ould sit on his la!( Dolores "ould >ust roll her eyes and "al a"ay dis#usted% Theirs "as not a $arria#e $ade in heaven% The Chief of &olice is Co$!ro$ised


There "as a s$all Italian restaurant located on Laurel Canyon ,oulevard in Los /n#eles( called Cafe *alleria% My 'rother Ric introduced Crai# and I to the uni)ue little restaurant in the early <G+s% I re$e$'er one evenin#( as "e !ulled a"ay fro$ the restaurant after "e+d had dinner( Crai# loo ed 'ac in a )uiet( dissociated $anner and said( 6,ad thin#s ha!!en in the 'ac roo$ there%6 3hen I )uestioned hi$ further( he didn+t ans"er( so I i$$ediately tuc ed it a"ay in the 'ac of $y $ind and "ent on to another su'>ect% ,ut he "as a'solutely ri#ht and years later I had the $e$ory "hich !ieced to#ether the ans"ers to the )uestions I "ould have li ed to have as ed hi$ 'ac then% 3ith the detailed flash'ac of the event( I had a fuller !icture of "hat really too !lace that ni#ht% I don+t no" "ho s!ecifically "as 'ehind the 'lac $ailed event( 'ut I re$e$'ered 'ein# ta en into the 'ac area of the restaurant into a s$o e-filled roo$ full of $en% I "as told to stri! and dance( and ended u! sittin# on &olice Chief Darryl *ate+s la! in the nude% Ca$eras flashed !ictures of $e on his la! after "hich I "as ushered out "ith $y clothes to $eet $y hus'and% 3ith only fra#$ents of this $e$ory( I a$ left "ith an inco$!lete !icture of "hat $y controllers+ actual a#enda "as% You can co$e to your o"n conclusions% &ete 3ilson California 2enator( and then *overnor( &ete 3ilson "as also tied to ,o' Ho!e% ,o' $ani!ulated &ete throu#h &ete+s desire for fa$e and reco#nition and throu#h his desire for !olitical #ain and for se1% ,o' ori#inally invited &ete 3ilson to his !arties and used $e to lure hi$ into his "e' so he could #ain further control over !olitics in California( or at least !rotect so$e of his interests% /s &ete discovered( ,o' "as a direct lin to insurin# success !olitically 'ecause he had connections to so $any !eo!le and "as connected "ith the Council and the 7%2% Defense De!art$ent% In the 'e#innin# I "as used "ith then-California 2enator &ete 3ilson on Catalina Island% &ete 3ilson "as in line to 'e used 'y the Council in a 'i# "ay% ,ac then they felt he "as one of the $ost !ro$isin# candidates they had for the 7%2% &residency% The last infor$ation I had overheard in conversation concernin# this "as that they "ere not sure he "ould 'e ready 'y the election in :;;L( 'ut they had hi$ in a holdin# !attern for later use "hen the ti$e "as ri#ht% /s &ete "ent alon# "ith "hat the Council "anted( doors "ere to i$$ediately o!en for hi$% I "as !ro#ra$$ed to deliver 6ne"s6 to &ete fro$ the 6hi#her u!s(6 the Council% Over ti$e( he 'eca$e conditioned to associatin# $e "ith% ne"s a'out his future success% ,ut( "ho fro$ the outside "ould have ever sus!ected that :( initially a youn# "o$an and later( a see$in#ly ordinary house"ife and $other( "ould 'e carryin# secret infor$ation to hi$ fro$ this very elite #rou! that secretly rules the "orld fro$ the shado"s4 /t that ti$e( the Council sent a $essa#e to &ete throu#h $e( as in# hi$ if he 6"anted to ste! u!stairs46 &ete+s ans"er "as( 6Yes06 Lots of the infor$ation 'et"een &ete and the Council "as filtered throu#h $e% That "ay( no one ne" of his connection( >ust li e they didn+t no" of Ni1on+s or Rea#an+s direction 'y the Council%

"11 I delivered $essa#es to &ete fro$ the Council on $any occasions% He see$ed fully conscious of their connection to hi$ and their su!!ort of hi$( althou#h I don+t no" if he "as a"are of their actual identities% /t that ti$e $y instructions fro$ the Council "ere #iven to $e 'y !hone or over closed circuit television( "here their voices and 'odies "ere scra$'led% No one "as allo"ed to no" "ho they "ere% &ete either didn+t no" or didn+t care ho" they "ere a'le to acco$!lish "hat they did in re#ard to "orld affairs% Or( $ay'e he also "as !ro#ra$$ed and o!erated "ith $e fro$ a !ro#ra$$ed alter state% One ni#ht( "hile +vacationin#+ "ith $y fa$ily on Catalina Island( $en in suits ca$e and too $e fro$ the$ in order to ready $e for use "ith 3ilson% It "as the sa$e routine as usual trau$a( isolation( food and slee! de!rivation that occurred 'efore I "as used to insure I "ould later 'e a$nesiac of the entire event% /fter the trau$atic !re!aration too !lace( I "as escorted 'y $en in suits !ast the yachts$en+s clu' out to a din#hy and "as ta en to &ete on a !lush yacht $oored in the /valon Har'or% My controllers dressed $e for the occasion in all "hite - "hite 'louse( slac s( #old 'elt and shoes% It "as late at ni#ht "hen I "as !laced on 'oard "ith &ete% /fter "e "ere left alone( he "anted to sli! over the side of the 'oat na ed and s"i$ in the dar "ith $e% I o'eyed% &ete "as in #ood sha!e !hysically and had a little $ore than avera#e share of !enile endo"$ent% /fter our s"i$( "e #ot into 'ed and had se1% He !inched $y 'uttoc s and told $e "hat a 6#reat one6 I had% 2o$eti$es he #ot very a##ressive and it trau$atiEed $e% On this occasion he ni''led $e all over $y 'ody( fro$ head to toe-"e "ere 'oth lau#hin# hysterically( I 'ecause I "as !ro#ra$$ed to 'e 6con#enial%6 He li ed to have se1 in $any different !ositions and "as an active !artici!ant( unli e Ronald Rea#an% He see$ed to en>oy sho"in# $e ho" !hysically stron# he "as% 3hen I first $et hi$( he "ould have t"o of us 8t"o "o$en9 at the sa$e ti$e( 'ut later on >ust $e( as he said I res!onded 'etter to hi$ >ust 6one on one%6 He had $assa#e oils that "e used so$eti$es durin# se1 also% He loved oral se1 and li ed for $e to 'rin# hi$ >ust to the ed#e of or#as$ and then 'ac off so he could last lon#er% I "as !ro#ra$$ed to have a lot of 6!assion6 "ith &ete 3ilson% It "as nor$al after se1 for us to tal % 7sually this "as "hen I delivered the $essa#es I "as carryin# to hi$ fro$ the Council% 3e tal ed a lot in 'ed as I delivered infor$ation to hel! hi$ cli$' the !olitical ladder% This !articular evenin# on the yacht( I stayed the ni#ht on 'oard "ith hi$% He often had very 'ad 'reath u!on a"a enin#% The ne1t $ornin#( I "as ta en off the yacht and reunited "ith $y fa$ily at our s!ot on the 'each( !ro#ra$$ed to thin I had never 'een #one( never $issed any ti$e "ith the$% /s usual( they didn+t notice $y a'sence or $y return% &ete 3ilson ne" ho" to utiliEe $e in the sa$e "ays Henry .issin#er did 'y accessin# $y $ind files% I "as used in 2acra$ento( the 2tate Ca!ital( "ith hi$ in this "ay( even 'efore he "as *overnor of California% ,ut &ete often had trou'le re$e$'erin# the $ind file na$es and "ould say( 6No" "hat "as that file na$e a#ain46 He+d sna! his fin#ers and #o to his des to #et the listin# of files located in the 6&eter 3ilson Li'rary%6 3hen this !ersonaliEed filin# syste$ "as #ifted to hi$ throu#h $e( Henry said to tell hi$( 6&ete( you had a "hole li'rary donated and 'uilt >ust for you%6 It "as co$!lete "ith every

"17 volu$e( every 'oo housed >ust !recisely "here he could #ain access to it inside $y $ind files( all 'y a si$!le co$$and% -or &ete I "as a total se1ual ro'ot as "ell as a co$!uter ro'ot% ,ut I "as never set u! to serve 'oth functions at the sa$e ti$e% I "as flo"n to $eet hi$ in different locations( as far 'ac as the early :;=G+s and $et hi$ in 2acra$ento "hen he "as there on 'usiness% &ete had trou'le #ettin# $y $ind files o!en to access infor$ation 'ecause he couldn+t "ait t"o hours in 'et"een for se10 I overheard Henry as hi$( 63ell( did you "ait the t"o hours in 'et"een usa#es46 ,ut &ete lied and Henry ne" he lied "hen later he accessed $e and as ed( 63hat ti$e did &eter enter the 3ilson Li'rary46 /nd I "ould tell hi$ the e1act ti$e and he "ould catch &ete in a lie every ti$e% &ete didn+t see$ to no" or understand the level of so!histication that allo"ed $e to re!ort e1actly "hen &ete initiated se1 or $ind file use% The Council o!erated in these very cunnin# and $ani!ulative "ays "ith &ete 3ilson and others% 2lo"ly they introduced !eo!le( no"in# that over ti$e( trust 'uilt and later "hen an i$!ortant event or issue needed to 'e dealt "ith( the connections had 'een $ade( a 'ond "as for$ed and it "as easy for the$ to use !eo!le% They had !lans for 3ilson to 'e *overnor of California lon# 'efore he "as elected-so far ahead( in fact( that they started !uttin# $e "ith hi$ for the Council to 'e#in 6#roo$in#6 hi$ for the >o' of *overnor% 2ince I had also 'een used "ith other California *overnors( $y !ro#ra$$ed years of e1!erience in re#ard to the "ays the Council "or ed "ith !oliticians "as hel!ful to &ete in his early days% The !ro#ra$$ed infor$ation I carried included fa$iliarity "ith !eo!le and a#encies( and could hel! hi$ #et ac)uainted and ad>usted% I "as !ro#ra$$ed to "or "ith &ete 3ilson in re#ard to the ne" educational !lan for children( that "as first i$!le$ented in California% That is a "hole se!arate( 'ut very i$!ortant su'>ect( "hich I "ill address in a later cha!ter% I don+t no" if &ete "as a"are of "here $y infor$ation "as co$in# fro$ 'ut he see$ed to en>oy lar#e a$ounts of se1 "ith $e in 'et"een 6'usiness en#a#e$ents%6 &ete 3ilson also had se1 "ith $y dau#hter at one of ,o'+s !arties "hen she "as older% O'viously( $y !ersonal e1!erience "ith ,o' Ho!e is contrary to the 6/ll-/$erican #ood citiEen6 i$a#e that he and the $edia have $ana#ed to fool the $a>ority of the /$erican !eo!le "ith all these years% In truth and sorro"( all I have left to say to hi$ is( 6,o'( than s for the $e$ories%6 -or no" ar$ed "ith the truth of "hat has ha!!ened( I can 'e#in to "or to sto! this once secret( hu$an atrocity called +$ind control%+ 6They struc $e(6 you "ill say( 6'ut I "as not hurtD they 'eat $e( 'ut I did not feel it% 3hen shall I a"a e46 ,e not envious of evil $en( nor desire to 'e "ith the$D for their $inds devise violence( and their li!s tal of $ischief%

"10 U,y "isdo$ a house is 'uilt( and 'y understandin# it is esta'lishedD 'y no"led#e the roo$s are filled u! "ith all !recious and !leasant riches% / "ise $an is $i#htier than a stron# $an( and a $an of no"led#e than he "ho has stren#th% He "ho !lans to do evil "ill 'e called a $ischief-$a er% The devisin# of folly is sin( and the scoffer is an a'o$ination to $en%6 -- &rover's AH-AI

"7= ,rice Taylor - Than s for the Me$ories Cha1ter Fo2rteen: )art%es at the *o&ke ellers %%%Or( "hat do the Roc efellers( .issin#er( /lan *reens!an and the -ederal Reserve all have in co$$on4 %%%Me as a $ind file to or#aniEe their !lan% &arties "ere #iven in Ne" Yor at the Roc efeller $ansion around Christ$as ti$e each year% I "as flo"n to Ne" Yor 'y co$$ercial airline and "as $et at the air!ort and li$oed to their ho$e% I "as ta en 'y a "o$an to #et $y hair and nails done( then 'rou#ht 'ac and dressed to 'e used to entertain to! !eo!le fro$ all over the "orld( usually endin# in a se1ual encounter "ith individuals they "ere tar#etin#% /t the !arties( I "as dressed for$ally in e1!ensive evenin# #o"ns and "as often !rovided a dia$ond 'roach or hu#e dia$ond nec lace to "ear for the evenin#% There "as a "hole roo$( a vault( that had a 'an of thin 'ut "ide dra"ers that housed nec laces( 'roaches( tiaras( all $ounted on s!ecial stands sha!ed to fit the$% There "ere tiered dra"ers for 'racelets( dia$ond "atches and rin#s% I "as ta en into the vault at ti$es in order for so$eone to select >e"elry that "as a!!ro!riate for $y outfit% 7sually it "as a 'londe( 'lue-eyed( soft-s!o en "o$an "ho "ore her hair u!% 2he "as !retty and ne" >ust ho" to dress $e% If I "as to tar#et an i$!ortant official( forei#n leader( or in#( they !ut an es!ecially allurin# !iece on $e% Then she+d escort $e out of the vaulted roo$ do"n a hall and into the house% It "as li e a secret hall"ay that led to 6the collection%6 One evenin# she dressed $e in a lon# red stra!less for$al% It "as for$-fittin# and the 'odice "as lo" cut% I had to "ear a !ush u! 'ra to loo 'ustier 'ut she said she loved $y s$all "aist% 2he fastened a dia$ond nec lace around $y nec and said she li ed ho" it di!!ed do"n to accent the 'odice of $y dress% My hair had 'een done u! and she had $e "ear lar#e dia$ond dro! earrin#s dis!layin# lots of dia$onds that dan#led to#ether% /fter I "as finished 'ein# dressed "ith accessories( the lady too $e out into one of the $ain roo$s - this one "as forest #reen and &rince &hili! "as there% 2he re$inded $e 'eforehand to curtsy and 'o" dee!ly to hi$ and to stay do"n and 'o" $y head for a"hile - "hich I did( 'efore this $an dressed in a 'lac tu1( co$!lete "ith cu$$er'und and shiny 'lac shoes% Roc y ca$e into the roo$ and !ut his ci#ar do"n in an ashtray( 'o"ed to &hili! and said( 6I "anted you t"o to have so$e ti$e to #et ac)uainted 'efore the other #uests arrived%6 Then he "ent on to e1!lain to &rince &hili!( 62he has 'een dedicated solely to you for the evenin#% Your "ants are her desires%6 &hili! s$iled% Roc y shoo &hili!+s hand "ith 'oth hands and e1!lained( 6It+s an honor to have you here this evenin# and to e1!ress our sincerity( this youn# lady has 'een dedicated to you for your Hi#hnesses !leasure for the ni#ht%6 6Than you(6 &hili! re!lied% 6You+re $ost ind%6 They continued s!ea in# in for$alities% That+s ho" everyone s!o e around &hili!% Roc y handed hi$ a drin that the 'utlerC'artender had $ade and e1cusin# hi$self( said( 6I+ll leave you t"o alone for a"hile and I+ll 'e 'ac to chec on you to see if there+s

"7" anythin# you "ant or need%6 /s he "al ed out of the roo$( the 'utler "ho "as on his heels closed the doors% I "as >ust a teena#er( 'ut $y inner t"in sister( 2haron( "as the !ersonality that "as #roo$ed for these assi#n$ents "ith the elite% &hili! and I sat on the couch and I s$iled at hi$ and "as shy( as !ro#ra$$ed% He reached out and too $y hand and si!!ed his drin % He "as nervous li e he "asn+t sure ho" to act or >ust "hat to say to $e% ,ut he 'e#an( 6You+re very youn# and very 'eautiful%6 6Than you( your Hi#hness(6 I re!lied shyly% &rince &hili! reached out and !ut his ar$ around $e and I leaned u! and issed hi$% He "as youn#er and $ore s)uarely handso$e in a ho$ely ind of "ay than the old $en I "as used to% 6This is >ust the 'e#innin# of a very "onderful evenin#(6 I said as I issed hi$ on the chee % I nelt do"n in front of hi$( !lacin# $y carefully $anicured hands on his nees and loo ed into his eyes as I started inchin# $y hands near his crotch% Ruic ly he said( 6I+d li e to en>oy loo in# at you this evenin# at the !arty( no"in# you "ill 'e $y dessert%6 I s$iled u! at hi$ and nodded yes( then #ot u! and sat 'ac do"n 'y his side% He stood and ushered $e out to the other roo$ "ithout "aitin# for Roc y to co$e 'ac to #et us% I thou#ht( 6He didn+t follo" the rules(6 'ut it didn+t see$ to $atter% The 'eautifully dressed !eo!le at the !arty 'o"ed to hi$ all ni#ht( even the $en% I sat off on a couch in a corner alone for so$e ti$e and he >ust e!t loo in# over at $e and s$ilin#% 2ince I "as under $ind control I couldn+t thin to accurately identify the Royal fa$ily structure and $ista enly thou#ht to $yself( 6I "onder "here the !rincess is( or if there is one46 In addition( I couldn+t thin to )uestion or to no" "hat I "as actually involved in% This "asn+t a lar#e !arty and I didn+t no" or reco#niEe the others% &hili! s!o e very for$ally 'ut didn+t act ho" I thou#ht a !rince or a in# "as su!!osed to act% I had no "ay of understandin# his !osition in the Royal fa$ily( 'ut assu$ed that since everyone "as 'o"in# to hi$( he $ust 'e a in#% He >ust e!t loo in# at $e li e he "as re$indin# hi$self of "hat "as to co$e% Later( !eo!le 'e#an to leave( and they all too forever sayin# #ood'ye% Then so$e $en in suits too us 'y li$o to a hotel there in Ne" Yor - a !enthouse suite - and escorted us u! to the roo$% I didn+t no" "ho the $en "ere( if they "ere #uards or his o"n security( 'ut they acted li e the 2ecret 2ervice a#ents did% I had 'een #iven a "hite( full-len#th coat to "ear% I felt li e +a !rincess+ since I usually "asn+t dressed )uite that for$ally% Once inside the roo$( he started to undress out of his for$al clothes% 6&lease your Hi#hness(6 I offered( 6allo" $e%6 He sat on the 'ed "hile I too off $y coat and neeled do"n to ta e off his shoes( soc s 8"ith the elastic stra!s9( and then I undid his cu$$er'und and un'uttoned his shirt very slo"ly and seductively "hile I issed hi$ #ently all over his face% I ru''ed his nec and shoulders for a"hile and then too off his !ants% He "ore 'o1er shorts( the 'a##y ind% Once he "as undressed( he slo"ly too off $y clothes( and then !ulled 'ac the sheets and laid $e in the 'ed and 'e#an issin# $e% He "as !assionate and didn+t hurt $e% I "as sent to se1ually service hi$ at other ti$es%

"7/ /s usual( I "as al"ays e!t in e1tre$e isolation 'efore and after I "as ta en to these !arties and "as de!rived of food and "ater $ost of the ti$e until I "as delivered 'ac to the air!lane% I "as told thin#s to say to ey !eo!le durin# the !arties and continued deliverin# their i$!ortant $essa#es after the !arty( "hen I had se1 "ith an individual they had !re-desi#nated% 3hen $y >o' "as finished( I "as de'riefed and !ut into isolation a#ain 'efore 'ein# flo"n 'ac to $y ho$e in California% Nelson Roc efeller continually accessed $e 'y closed circuit television in California( es!ecially 'efore an u!co$in# event% I "as !ro#ra$$ed to drive to a local Holiday Inn( #o to the front des for a ey( and then directly to roo$ AAA% It "as there 'y closed circuit television that I "as instructed "hat to do and "hat to say to certain individuals that I "as soon to 'e connected to in Los /n#eles( such as ,ar'ra 2treisand and other cele'rities or individuals I "ould 'e seein# later at his !arties% One year *erald and ,etty -ord "ere there and another year Ronald and Nancy Rea#an% There "ere al"ays lots of cele'rities( royalty fro$ En#land( and leaders fro$ countries all over the "orld% Henry .issin#er too $e to a Roc efeller !arty one year and e!t co$in# 'ac to $e durin# the evenin# "ith instructions a'out "ho$ to a!!roach and "hat to say to the$% He instructed $e to a!!roach ?ac ie .ennedy Onassis% He told $e to tell her ho" $uch I res!ected her and the late !resident( and ho" I ad$ired the "ay she !ic ed u! and "ent on after his assassination% ?ac ie s$iled and dis!layed shy $anneris$s "hen I first a!!roached her% 2he said she "as very ha!!ily re$arried and her life "as runnin# as s$oothly as could 'e e1!ected% Later she told $e she "ished she could s!end $ore ti$e "ith /ri 'ut that she understood he had lots of 'usiness dealin#s all over the "orld and "as a 'usy $an% /ristotle Onassis "as not a$on# the #uests at the !arty% /nother $an escorted ?ac ie% He "as very tall( dar and handso$e% Noticin# I "as tal in# "ith her( this $an returned 'y her side and escorted her to another roo$% He see$ed to 'e very !rotective of her% Henry told $e thin#s to tell lots of !eo!le so I "ould 'e fa$iliar to the$ and $ore trusted if they ever needed to send $e in on the$ at a later date% One of the roo$s in the Roc efeller house "as decorated in dee! forest #reen "ith a rich #reen !laid that "ent half "ay u! the "all% It "as a 'eautiful house( full of 'eautiful "ood and #lass% It "as decorated( of course( to the hilt% The front doors "ere $assive "ood and #lass( and the entire estate "as $onitored 'y re$ote access televisions so so$eone inside the house could al"ays see "hat "as #oin# on inside and outside on the #rounds% Ha!!y Roc efeller "asn+t called Ha!!y for nothin#% 2he dran a lot at their !arties and later at the end of the evenin# they usually had to ta e her a"ay 'ecause she "as slo!!y drun % Henry #ot $ad at Nelson a'out it 'ut Nelson stuc u! for her% Henry told Roc y that it loo ed very un!rofessional and undi#nified( and that she should 'e e!t a"ay fro$ the !u'lic eye( 'ut Roc y "anted her there any"ay% -a$ous !eo!le "ho attended the Roc efeller !arties had their identities !rotected% They arrived in li$ousines "ith tinted "indo"s and in this "ay "ere !rotected fro$ !u'lic e1!osure% The hi#hly so!histicated alar$ and $onitorin# syste$s that constantly scanned the #rounds !rovided the security necessary for the VI&+s "ho visited% No one "as

"73 ever to disclose "ho attended the !arties% On the surface the !arties loo ed li e $ere social #atherin#s of friends( 'ut they "ere $uch $ore( as secret and sensitive infor$ation "as !assed around a select #rou!% / s$all #rou! of $en al"ays $et in a 'ac roo$ after the !arty to discuss "orld strate#ies and 'usiness% It "as not unusual for #uests to s!end the ni#ht( 'ut only a select fe" "ere invited to the $eetin#% /t these !rivate $eetin#s( I "atched the $en "ho literally ran the "orld% Men "ho decided "hen it "as !rofita'le andCor strate#ically i$!ortant and ti$ely to start a "ar% They even had it !lanned "ho "ould 'e#in the fi#htin# and "here% It al"ays added u! to 'i# $oney( !o"er( and control% /t ti$es( I "as allo"ed into the roo$ 'ecause they "ere a"are that I "as under $ind control and $y services "ere utiliEed in "hatever "ay they needed to use $e% &eo!le in /$erica thin they elect their &residents( 'ut fro$ "hat I "itnessed( they do not as the !rocess of !uttin# the$ into office is a hi#hly controlled and corru!t one% The $edia is so controlled that the /$erican !eo!le never #et the full and accurate story% The &residents are selected lon# 'efore they are +voted+ into office% It is no accident that Ronald Rea#an and &ete 3ilson "on the #overnorshi! of California% It "as ri##ed throu#h financial( 'usiness( and !olitical connections fro$ this controllin# #rou!( headed 'y the Council( ri#ht do"n into various 'usiness and !olitical factions( and then on do"n into the !u'lic arena% They o"n the !ress% They o"n ey television stations and fa$ous anchor$en% They have ey !eo!le "ho o"n the ne"s!a!er co$!anies% They 'uy $a#aEine co$!anies and o"n $any lar#e cor!orations that allo" the$ to have leadin# ed#e $edia e1!osure( thus allo"in# the$ to control the infor$ation !eo!le see on the television ne"s( read in ne"s!a!ers and $a#aEines( or hear on the radio% They are funded 'y the richest $en and cor!orations in the "orld "ho #et "hat they "ant( "hen they "ant it( 'y "hatever $eans it ta es to do so% They o!erate a'ove the la"( a'ove the federal #overn$ent% I "itnessed and recorded in $y !hoto#ra!hic $e$ory $any of these encounters as I "as 'ounced around the #lo'e in the co$!any of varied and influential 6!eo!le in the no"%6 Roc efeller Connections Nelson Roc efeller "as connected to ,o' Ho!e and $any !eo!le in !ositions of !o"er Ni1on( -ord( Rea#an( and ,ush - even 'efore these $en "ere &residents% /t the Roc efeller $ansion( there "as a direct !hone line to the 3hite House that no one "as su!!osed to no" a'out% It "as e!t in a side closet 'ehind a $irrored li)uor ca'inet% Nelson didn+t even have to dialD he >ust !ic ed it u! and 'e#an tal in#% I couldn+t understand "hat he "as sayin#( 'ut he often s!o e a'out the Chase Manhattan ,an % There "as a clear !lastic 'o1 on the $outh!iece of this !hone% I don+t no" the !ur!ose for this device%


3hen I "as at the $ansion( Nelson called Rea#an at ti$es% He never told Rea#an I "as there% My instructions "ere to ee! )uiet% ?ohn D% Roc efeller o!erated inde!endently fro$ the rest of the Roc efellers% There "as ani$osity 'et"een ?ohn D% and the rest% They didn+t li e or trust hi$( so they e!t secret their o!erations fro$ hi$% They also didn+t trust his !olitical connections% There "as a very ornate( very +old "ealth+ hotel in Ne" Yor "here I "as set u! to $eet different !eo!le% This ti$e they sent $e in to 6visit6 ?ohn D% Roc efeller% The Council "anted to see if they could 6"in hi$ over(6 so they could use hi$% I "as !re!ro#ra$$ed in roo$ AAA at the Holiday Inn in California and then sent to tar#et hi$ at that Ne" Yor hotel% They dressed $e in a s$all short 'lac dress "ith 'lac nylons( 'lac heels and I carried a s$all 'lac !urse% I noc ed at his door and he ans"ered% He "as a'out F+ ::6 and on the stoc y side "ith #reyin# hair( nice face and s in% He had on a #rey suit and "hite shirt and his tie "as undone% He loo ed li e he had 'een restin#% He as ed $e "hy I "as there( and in a very u!set voice( I screa$ed( 62o$eone+s 'een shot06 He said( 63hat046 I told hi$ a#ain% Then he !ulled $e into the roo$ and )uestioned $e $ore% I said everythin# >ust li e I "as !ro#ra$$ed to( 'ut he didn+t fall for any of it% He said( 6I don+t no" "ho sent you 'ut I+$ not interested(6 and he sho"ed $e the door% 3hen I arrived 'ac do"nstairs $y contact said( 6You+re 'ac so soon46 3e left )uic ly throu#h the lar#e 'rass revolvin# door out into the cold( to an a"aitin# li$ousine% 2u!re$e Court ?ustices Nelson Roc efeller "as also the connection to so$e 2u!re$e Court ?ustices "ho "ere old friends of his% They called hi$( 6Old Roc y%6 I "as sent in on different 2u!re$e Court ?ustices and I "as instructed to $a e sure neither >ud#e tal ed a'out or ne" that I "as 'ein# inti$ate "ith the other% The Council ne" >ust the !erfect !hrases to have $e deliver in these situations that "ould shut the door to these >ud#es ever $entionin# our !rivate( inti$ate e1!erience to anyone( es!ecially their collea#ues% /ll these >ud#es ne" each other "ell% It "as li e an inside $en+s clu' and so the Council "ould tell $e so$ethin# no one "ould have no"n a'out >ud#e so-and-so( and I "ould tell the >ud#e I "as "ith a'out it and that his collea#ue( >ud#e so-and-so( "as e1tre$ely sensitive a'out this su'>ect% This "ould cause hi$ to not "ant to have anythin# to do "ith the other >ud#e and so it "ould 'e in that >ud#e+s favor to not ever $ention our little affair% -or e1a$!le( they had $e say( 6I overheard >ud#e so-and-so tal in# at a !arty and he "as sayin# ho" distasteful he found it "hen $en his a#e "ere da''lin# "ith youn#er "o$en% 2o to !rotect your relationshi! "ith hi$( it "ould !ro'a'ly 'e 'etter for you if you never $entioned this evenin# "ith us to#ether% No" I can understand !erfectly "ell( ho" a $an li e yourself "ould desire and 'enefit fro$ an evenin# "ith a youn# "o$an li e $yself% To 'e !erfectly fran ( it+s very nor$al and healthy( 'ut certain other old +stic in the $ud+ >ud#es >ust don+t see thin#s the sa$e "ay% I+$ sure you understand%6 /nd if the >ud#e "as convinced( then I had hi$ loc ed into the secret and if not I "ould re!ort 'ac and $y controllers "ould

"78 #ive $e another tactic to sli! in later( after this one had !assed% I "as trained to read their 'ody and facial lan#ua#e early on% I "as tau#ht not to trust their "ords as $uch as their 'ody lan#ua#e% There "ere t"o very old 2u!erior Court >ud#es "ho I "as sent in to seduce and !ro'e for infor$ation% These very old $en actually 'elieved all the lines I told the$ a'out ho" attractive I found older $en( ho" "ise I ne" they "ere and ho" I really a!!reciated $aturity and e1!erience over the youn#er $en of the day% /nd I #ot the$ ti!sy and then as ed the$ )uestions very innocently( li e I "as >ust curious a'out a certain su'>ect% They usually ans"ered $e in strictest confidences to hel! $e understand ho" thin#s "or ed% 2o$eti$es their e#os "ould #et so inflated fro$ all the flatterin# I delivered( that they "ould 'e flustered and say $ore than they !ro'a'ly nor$ally should or "ould have% Even under $ind control( it really $ade $e lose $y res!ect for old $en - es!ecially 2u!re$e Court ?ustices( 'ecause they had no $orals and totally 'elieved and ate u! all the lies% The Council sent $e into $any different areas "ithin the #overn$ent to 6feel thin#s out%6 I ne" that $eant to have se1 and as the )uestions I "as directed to as % They didn+t say( 6feel thin#s out(6 if I "as only to as )uestions or #ive infor$ation% /lan *reens!an and The -ederal Reserve I "as assi#ned to 'e "ith /lan *reens!an% He is currently Chair$an of the -ederal Reserve ,oard and controls the nation+s econo$y 'y intentionally $ani!ulatin# the -ederal Reserve ,an s and the 2toc E1chan#e% Throu#h this $ani!ulation /lan is a'le to s i$ off $onies for use "ithin the shado" #overn$ent% It is si$ilar to $oney launderin# only this is done at the hi#hest levels( channelin# hu#e a$ounts of $onies into( a$on# other thin#s( classified( hidden #overn$ent !ro>ects% This a#enda is tied into Henry .issin#er and ,o' Ho!e% /nd is lar#ely directed 'y the Roc efellers% David in !articular "as connected to the 'an in# syste$ and financial as!ects of the Ne" 3orld Order% *eor#e ,ush "as also connected u! very hi#h in this !lan% The 2toc E1chan#e "as often nothin# 'ut a charade( !u'licly dis!layin# one facade "hile !rivately carryin# on a very se!arate( !rivate a#enda% This a#enda is ai$ed at fundin# $any 'ranches of "hat is to 'e the ne" inner structure and "or in#s of the Ne" 3orld Order--the One 3orld *overn$ent% The financial infrastructure "as !ut in !lace and further honed 'e#innin# in the LG+s and 'y no" it is "ell-#reased and o!eratin# at full ca!acity "ith the tar#et ta eover 'y the year AGGG% ,y the year AGGG all !arties are to 'e in !lace( all su'sidiaries are to 'e u! and runnin# o!ti$ally "ith direct fundin# co$in# fro$ the lar#e Ne" 3orld Order funded and controlled cor!orations of "hich there are $any and "hich are $ulti-layered% There is a "hole net"or of $en "ho $ani!ulate a lot of international 'usiness around the "orld( includin# the 3orld ,an in# 2yste$% Chase Manhattan ,an "as >ust the ti! of a "hole net"or of 'an s all over the "orld that "ere set "ith a fra$e"or to control the "orld econo$y and hide ille#al funds% These ille#al funds are never detected if they are distri'uted into the internal "or in#s of this 'an in# syste$% In the early years( I "as !ro#ra$$ed to $a e lar#e de!osits into 'an s all over the "orld% Many $ind-controlled slaves "ere doin# that "or %


There are !ro#ra$$ed !eo!le involved in #lo'al i$!le$entation all the "ay to the to! in order to insure that 'y this ti$e( throu#h this #eneration( their !lan "ill not fail% Mind control "as and still is their failsafe $echanis$ intended to alleviate any hu$an "ea ness or hu$an interference% If the "orld+s co$!uter syste$s "ere to shut do"n( their syste$s( carefully created "ithin the $ind file syste$s of $ind control victi$s( "ould continue to o!erate% Cry!tic infor$ation !asses to !eo!le in the no" "ith the 6eyes to see and the ears to hear(6 as I overheard the$ durin# 2toc E1chan#e dealin#s cry!tically refer to those involved "ith Ne" 3orld Order a#enda% Those !ro#ra$$ed are a'le to #lean !lans and a#endas as "ell as co$$and instruction "hile "atchin# the stoc trades on television or 'y their actual !hysical !resence "hile there% 3hen I "as si1teen( $y future $other-in-la"( 2ara -ord( #ot $e a >o' at a stoc 'ro era#e fir$ in &asadena( called Inde!endent 2ecurities% Most !eo!le $y a#e "ouldn+t have even 'een hired 'ut I "as 6luc y6 and unli e other ne" e$!loyees( didn+t have to start in the $ailroo$% Instead I started "or in the securities e1chan#e roo$% There "ere coc tail !arties attended 'y $en and "o$en in e1!ensive clothes% There "ere $ore $en than "o$en and there "ere ti$es "hen Mr% Hecht( 2ara+s 'oss and !resident of the co$!any( 'riefed $e on a certain 6fello"6 "ho I "as to 'e es!ecially nice to and "as to 6cater to(6 in an atte$!t to s"ay hi$ to do 'usiness "ith Inde!endent 2ecurities% I "as told to act naive( innocent and s"eet 'ecause so$e of the 6older #entle$en6 !referred it that "ay% 2o that+s "hat I did% I served drin s at the !arties in order to have a su'stantial reason to interact "ith these "ealthy #entle$en 8!otential investors9% &arts of $e "ere filled "ith lots of infor$ation on stoc s( 'onds( annuities( the -ederal Reserve and these !arts ne" e1actly ho" the -ederal Reserve $ani!ulated 'usiness( cor!orations( and lar#e invest$ents for their o"n #ain% -unds "ere a$assed throu#h the -ederal Reserve for use in anythin# 'ut "hat the funds "ere !u'licly !ortrayed as 'ein# used in% ,y the "ay( no'ody audits the -ed( not even the IR2% I "as heavily used for 'oth $ind files and se1( 'ut $y $ind file use durin# $y teens and on into adulthood( al"ays too !riority as the Council( Henry( and others sent $essa#es and infor$ation 'ac and forth to each other "ithout the ris of 'ein# !u'licly lin ed% -or e1a$!le( Henry "ould say "hen an international crisis "ouldCcould 'e created and "hat countries "ere to 'e involved% Then those !layers involved "ould #et their $onies or e1chan#es( ste! u! to 'e in the ri#ht !osition to #ain $onetarily and then ste! out% There "ere lots of cor!orate $en "ho 'ac ed these endeavors "ith $oney fro$ their cor!orations% They fronted the $oney in e1chan#e for favors fro$ the -ederal Reserve or !oliticians% Their needs "ere al"ays researched 'y the Council to deter$ine 8'efore they "ent to the ne#otiatin# ta'le9 "hat "ould entice the$ $ost% The cor!orate o"ners "ere often tar#eted fro$ $any different !ositions li e sendin# in other successful !layers "ho had !rofited considera'ly in the !ast( in order to further influence the$ to !artici!ate% Often at the final ti$e I "as sent in 8if the cor!orate head "as o!en to se1 "ith a youn# "o$an9( I "as !re!ro#ra$$ed "ith line after line that "as desi#ned to hit the$ dee! to #et the$ to 6our side6 or to coo!erate "ith the 'usiness venture%

"71 Henry and /lan *reens!an "or ed hand-in-hand sendin# endless $essa#es throu#h $e to coordinate $any of these so-called 6'usiness ventures%6 They u!loaded $e "ith infor$ation in Ne" Yor "hen I "as there( usually for other .issin#er or Roc efeller 'usiness( or I "as instructed via closed circuit television fro$ California% I 'elieve this "as around :;L<-L=% : "heeled !atients and old !eo!le to a closed circuit vie"in# of a church service on 2undays( at the Holly"ood &res'yterian Hos!ital( "here I "ent "ith $y 2unday school teen class - the sa$e church "here there "ere rituals occasionally% /ny"ay( $y class "heeled !eo!le fro$ their roo$s to "atch a church service( via closed circuit television in the hos!ital% 3hen the service "as over( $y friends "ent to ta e these !atients for a snac and 'ac to their roo$s% I sat alone( $y attention #lued to the front of the close circuit television that sat on to! of a $etal stand on "heels% I ne" fro$ instructions to fli! throu#h the channels to AA( then !ulled u! the antenna and "atched and listened carefully to instructions #iven% There "ere ti$es "hen the $an on the screen tal ed "hile he !ointed "ith a !ointer to fi#ures on a chal 'oard that I "as to retain% &ercenta#es( actuaries and !laces to #o( !eo!le to $eet( and thin#s to say% I !hoto#ra!hed "ith $y $ind the na$es( fi#ures( etc%( and listened carefully for dialo#ue I "as to re!eat to certain individuals li e Rea#an or Ho!e( and later Ni1on or cor!orate heads% 3hen it "as over( it >ust cut off and the television "ent all fuEEy a#ain 'ut I "as al"ays instructed to chan#e it 'ac to a nor$al nu$'ered station - !refera'ly the one that had 'een on( so no one "ould detect% Church activities "ere used often as a front to #et $e to !laces "here I "as su!!osed to ac)uire further infor$ation for u!co$in# events% Then the occasional rituals or trau$as at church "ere !erfor$ed to ee! all this infor$ation hidden% Rea#an "as #overnor durin# this ti$e and I "as #iven infor$ation over the closed circuit television to deliver to hi$% Later on( I delivered the infor$ation to hi$ at !laces li e the Motion &icture Hos!ital( "here $y $o$ "or ed% The Roc efellers( es!ecially Roc y( used $e often durin# this ti$e( 'ut not "ithout #oin# to Henry first% Henry "as still al"ays in char#e of $e( 'ut let Roc efeller use $e to further his o"n interests% Henry "ould as for 6u!dates6 on all of these other !eo!le+s uses of $e so he ne" "hat "as #oin# on in lots of different circles at once% /nd( he "ould use any confidential infor$ation he found to further his o"n interests in 'usiness or #overn$ent dealin#s% He found out the +dirt+ on others 'y de'riefin# $e fro$ $y use "ith the Roc efellers or different cor!orate heads( then he or ,o' "ould ta e advanta#e of the infor$ation to further their interests% He already had free access to the -ederal Reserve infor$ation throu#h /lan *reens!an and others( 'ut he could ta! into $ind file data anyti$e he "anted or needed% /fter hi#h school I too 'oo ee!in# classes at the local >unior colle#e( alon#side $y !sycholo#y $a>or% /t the 'ase of so$e of $y 'an in# $ind files "as $y 'oo ee!in# course"or at &ierce Colle#e to "hich Henry then attached a fra$e"or for his use addin# lots of data fro$ classified docu$ents( videos( etc% It "as a very so!histicated syste$ that "or ed on the inside of $y $ind "hile I "as doin# another >o' and then the co$!leted re!orts "ere ready "hen Henry needed the$% Henry so$eti$es #ave those internal syste$s a day or "ee to co$e u! "ith the final data% He often said this "as the 6'rain of the future(6 $a in# the need for co$!uters o'solete% Henry said that( in the future( $an "ould e1!lore 6inner s!ace%6

"77 The Council "as the #lue that held the $a>or cor!orations to#ether at the very to!( the lar#e international cor!orations% The Council "as a'ove Henry .issin#er( their international !olitical $aster$ind and /lan *reens!an "ho used the -ed to #ain the $oney to fund and further their !lan - to ce$ent and $a e unifor$ the "orld econo$y for $ore efficient or#aniEation and ease of controllin#% /lan *reens!an had a lot of 'i# 'usiness 'ac in#( thus furtherin# their 'an in# deals% They laundered hu#e su$s of $oney throu#h su'sidiary treasury 'an s so the action "ould 'e ta in# !lace off to the side in unna$ed( un$onitored 'an s% That "ay the $ain -ederal Reserve ,an s( "ere e!t freer to o!erate "ithout detection% The !lan covered the overall 'an in# syste$ so nothin# could 'e traced% 2o if there "ere lar#e su$s of $oney that needed to 'e "ashed( they "ere !ut throu#h the s$aller( su'sidiary 'an s that "eren+t 'ein# $onitored( so no one "ould no"% 2o$eti$es these su'sidiary 'an s ended u! actually handlin# $uch lar#er su$s of $oney and transactions than the lar#er -ederal Reserve ,an in the sa$e #eo#ra!hic area in order to hide the $oney launderin# sche$es% The "ay the syste$ is set u!( all $onies fro$ an area are su!!osed to funnel throu#h the -ederal Reserve ,an in that area in order to $onitor $any different thin#s( so they can ee! control of the $oney in s!ecific #eo#ra!hic areas% 3ith the lar#e( "ashed funds filterin# throu#h the su'sidiary 'an s( the launderin# syste$ did "ell and "as never detected throu#h the $ain -ed( "hich is hi#hly $onitored 'y Con#ress% Other"ise the Reserve "ould co$e u! out of 'alance every ste! of the "ay( since so $uch $oney "as laundered in certain areas and there "as no "ay to 'e#in to e1!lain the lar#e !ercenta#e of i$'alance there "ould have 'een 'et"een even nei#h'orin# cities+ or state+s holdin#s% The -ederal Reserve had areas li e !olitical districts% In so$e areas( it "as essential to have the su'sidiary 'an s +in !lace+ in order to funnel the funds fro$ covert o!erations% 2an Die#o "as one% Los /n#eles "as another and Holly"ood "as also% 3herever clusters of "or er 'ees 8$ind control o!eratives9 "ere located( $oney "ent into a su'sidiary 'an of the -ederal Reserve to ee! the funds continually channelin# 'ac to the$% This "as true in areas of i$$ense ille#al !rofit( li e in Ve#as( "here the "hole to"n "as 'uilt on #raft and everyone inside ne" "ho #ot !aid first so no one #ot hurt or ste!!ed on% I "as constantly travelin# to $eet "ith $e$'ers "ho "ere tied into the su'sidiary -ederal Reserve ,an s% &ete 3ilson( "ho at that ti$e "as a 2an Die#o 'ased 2enator fro$ California( "as one% These individuals ta!!ed into $y $ind files for the -ederal Reserve infor$ation and in!ut 'an in# infor$ation - everythin# fro$ !rofitCloss stand!oints to ne" account nu$'ers in su'sidiary 'an s that "or er 'ees could 'e #iven to use to launder covert $onies% Then( I re!orted it all 'ac to Henry and I even had internal co$!uter analyEers( 'oo ee!ers( data co$!ilers( statisticians( etc%( that Henry created inside $y $ind file syste$ so all the dataCin!ut that "as delivered to $e could 'e instantly filed( co$!uted and readied for delivery to Henry% I also had a syste$ to $aintain the ori#inal infor$ation fro$ individuals( so Henry could dou'le-chec $y fi#ures% He ran cross-chec s( !eriodically settin# $e do"n and accessin# infor$ation "hile he ran ta's on his calculator% This "asn+t his >o'( it "as *reens!an+s( 'ut Henry al"ays dou'le-chec ed and cross-chec ed everythin# to ee! everyone honest and to $a e sure $y syste$s "ere

"70 !ro!erly #atherin# and co$!ilin#( then co$!utin#( the infor$ation% It "as as if I had a "hole set of financial "or ers inside $y head that "ere s!ecially trained to handle all of this( li e a co$!uter !ro#ra$% I 'elieve lots of the cor!orate heads that re!orted their earnin#s to $e "ere not a"are I "as a ro'ot% I even had to "rite do"n nu$'ers for so$e of the$( >ust for sho"( "hen they #ot overly concerned that I "ouldn+t 'e a'le to re$e$'er all they had re!orted to $e% 2o( that o'servation leads $e to 'elieve that they "eren+t all a"are of the $ind control enhance$ents I had in !lace( #uaranteein# I "ould !erfor$ to !erfection% .issin#er and Nelson Roc efeller+s &lan One day( Nelson Roc efeller "as leanin# over $e in the 'ac of the li$o tal in# to Henry as if I didn+t e1ist% They "ere tal in# a'out the advanced research !ro>ects on 'rain studies and they s!o e as if they "ere the only intellectual elite ca!a'le of understandin# the advanced technolo#y( as co$!ared to the 6!eons6 as they called the uninitiated% They s!o e of their elite drea$ of riddin# the "orld of the non-thin in#( the #enetically inferior( the deficient !eo!le of the "orld( so they could have sole heir and control over the earth for advanced !ur!oses% They s!o e over $e( leanin# on $e and usin# $e as a ta'le or havin# $e hold their drin s( or Henry+s ci#ar( "hile they conversed a'out erudite and diverse scientific to!ics% There "ere ti$es "hen Henry and Roc y !lanned lots of strate#ies 'et"een the ride in the car fro$ Ne" Yor to 3ashin#ton( DC% Henry had a different ty!e of s$ell - a Euro!ean aro$a and his suits al"ays s$elled of hi$ and his ci#ars% He s$o ed ci#ars the "hole entire "ay( at ti$es they "ere Cu'an% Often he 'le" the s$o e ri#ht in $y face and it "as hard to 'reathe% 2o$eti$es I couldn+t tell "hat "orld I "as in( the real "orld or the one 6over the rain'o"%6 It #ot e1tre$ely confusin# at ti$es 'ut Henry told $e to rely on those around $e to hel! $e no" "here I "as% I "as told( 6li e a !retty 'allerina led throu#h the dance ste!s 'y the !erfect lead $an( your !artner is al"ays a relia'le $irror for you to see yourself in%6 Ne" Yor and 3ashin#ton( DC "ere $y ho$e a"ay fro$ ho$e( 'ut Henry $ade $e ee! $y eyes closed often "hile "e "ere in transit and fre)uently as ed $e( 6Vhere do you thin you are46 I "ould try to ans"er( #uessin# our location and he "ould intentionally atte$!t to scra$'le $y reality 'y tellin# $e( 6No( you+re no" in 2an -rancisco(6 or so$e other !lace "e "eren+t really% In front of $e( Henry "ould tell Roc efeller that "e "ere in &ennsylvania( "hen "e "ere actually on &ennsylvania /venue at the 3hite House% Henry and Roc y often !laced $e 'et"een the$ in the 'ac seat% The #lass !artition "as closed( shuttin# out the driver( creatin# the !rivacy they needed for their strate#ic !lannin#% There "as a television and a 'ar inside 'ut they didn+t drin alcohol( as they "ere very intent on "hat they "ere !lannin#% Roc y often #ot all e1cited in re#ard to an a#enda and he "ould tell Henry( 6&ut this $essa#e in for her to deliver to Ni1on(6 or "ho$ever the !lan "as for% Henry !laced the needle in 'et"een $y nuc les and if I 'led( he !ulled out one of his fancy hand erchiefs to "i!e it off% One ti$e he >o ed to Roc y( 6My vife vonders vhere all the erchiefs she 'uys $e are%6 He lau#hed and said he had to thro" a lot of the$ a"ay

"0= 'ecause he couldn+t e1!lain the 'lood s!ots% It "as 'etter for 'oth of us "hen he "as a'le to re!lace the needle "ith touch !ro#ra$s% Roc y al"ays a#reed "ith Henry 'ut Henry didn+t al"ays a#ree "ith Roc y% 2o in his coarse( fro##y voice Roc y "ould say( 6O ay( advise $e%6 Then Henry "ould tell hi$ ho" to correct the !lan% Henry "as al"ays ri#ht "ith the !eo!le he "as "ith% One day they tal ed a'out Ha!!y( and Roc y said he "as "orried a'out her drin in#% He told Henry he didn+t no" "hat to do% Henry said( 6You need to #et her into a !ro#ra$%6 Henry+s Love for His -riend Roc y Henry and Roc y #ot alon# e1tre$ely "ell% Henry #enuinely lau#hed "hen he "as "ith Roc efeller% He see$ed to love to 'e "ith hi$% Henry really "anted hi$ to 'e !resident and said that then they could have really 'een a tea$% Henry said it "as fruitless( that Roc efeller "ould only lose any"ay and it "asn+t "orth ris in# the "hole !arty+s success 'y runnin# so$eone "ho couldn+t "in% Henry said Roc efeller didn+t have enou#h !o!ular follo"in#( des!ite his na$e( and that !eo!le "ould hold his "ealth a#ainst hi$( since he "as already !u'licly no"n to 'e rich% Henry thou#ht it "as really s$art of ,o' to cloa his "ealth for as lon# as he "as a'le to% He e1!lained that $ost !eo!le didn+t li e their leaders to 'e rich( he said( 6"ell off "ould !ass( 'ut not rich%6 Henry+s first thou#ht usually "as 6Ho" "ill the $asses react to this46 3hat "ill their attitudes and i$!ressions 'e46 He decided "hat they needed to thin and then he "ent a'out structurin# his eventual desired outco$e% 6May ta e a"hile( 'ut "e+ve #ot ti$e% 3e+ll >ust "or on the$ until "e #et the$ the "ay that "e "ant the$% Then they "ill 'e ha!!y and "e "ill 'e ha!!y 'ecause "e $ade the$ that "ay%6 2an -rancisco I "as only a teena#er( and "as in 2an -rancisco "ith $y $o$ and dad and Crai#% I "as ta en fro$ $y fa$ily and $en in suits escorted $e throu#h $etal #ates( al$ost li e a !rison( into a 'i# 'uildin# "ith ce$ent floors% They too $e into a noisy roo$ "here a $achine "as !rintin# sheets of $oney% There "as lots of $oney0 / $an "ho "or ed there said( 6The 'oss says to inflate it% There+s a $unitions deal co$in+ do"n and "e don+t "ant the -ed 8reserve9 to sho" a sur!lus in this area%6 One of the $en holdin# $y ar$ said( 6O ay(6 and ste!!ed aside% I delivered the $essa#e( 6The doc at F(6 and "as i$$ediately escorted 'ac out% They too $e do"n a hall and out !ast a turnstile into a 'lac sedan and !ut $e in the 'ac seat( !ushed $y head do"n and "e drove a"ay% There "ere lots of ar$s and dru# shi!$ents in 2an -rancisco and they raised and lo"ered the a$ount of $oney in the -ederal Reserve to hide the activity in the area% They had to inflate it "hen there "as no dru# or $unitions activity( so "hen there "as( it "ould 'e even and steady and "on+t sho" the influ1 of the $oney into the area% I "as ta en to $any lar#e 'uildin#s( "ith hi#h fences and #uards%


On another one of our so-called tri!s to -risco( I "as ta en fro$ the 2t% -rancis Hotel "here I "as sittin# in the restaurant "ith $y !arents and Crai#% 3hen the $en in suits arrived to #et $e( I had on a yello" dress and "ent into the 'athroo$ and re$oved fro$ $y lar#e leather !urse( a carefully folded( "hite for$-fittin# sleeveless shift that $y $o$ had $ade for $e% I had never "orn it 'efore% /fter I chan#ed and !ut on a s$all "hite-veiled !ill 'o1 hat and fi1ed $y hair( "hich had 'een !rofessionally teased and ratted into a fli!( I "ent out fro$ the 'athroo$ "here a suited $an too $y ar$ and led $e out a 'ac entrance of the hotel% It "as cold and fo##y( and I had short sleeves and no >ac et% I didn+t no" "here Crai# or $y !arents had #one% The $an in the suit too $e out to a 'lac car and !ut $e inside and told the driver( 6Deliver the youn# lady do"nto"n( li e "e discussed%6 I >ust sat in the 'ac seat and the driver rolled u! the "indo" 'et"een the seats% /nother $an sto!!ed the car on the doc s and ca$e around( #ot $e out( and re!laced $y little "hite hat "ith a "ide 'ri$$ed one and told $e to #o do"n to a shi!( and !ointed his fin#er in its direction% I "al ed do"n there and it "as still very cold% I stood 'y a 'i# shi! until a $an 'rou#ht $e a'oard% Then I "aited in a roo$( in 6!ar $ode6 until a $an ca$e u! to $e and said( 6I+$ -red%6 I re!lied( 6&ier L;(6 and he !ushed $e a"ay% I "al ed 'ac to the doc "here the driver "as "aitin# and he "aved $e 'ac into the car and too $e 'ac to the hotel% I chan#ed 'ac into $y yello" dress and "ent 'ac to $eet $y $o$ and dad and Crai# in the restaurant% I never #ot to eat "hat I ordered% I returned to 2an -rancisco $any ti$es over the years( for different assi#n$ents( so$e includin# the 7nited 2tates Mint% Henry said there "ere so$e >o's that >ust had to 'e ta en care of fro$ the inside( so he sent $e there( often in con>unction "ith an a#enda fro$ /lan *reens!an% One ti$e( I "as heavily dis#uised as a $ale and ar$ed "ith false security 'ad#es% /t other ti$es( another slave acco$!anied $e and "e "ere 'oth dis#uised as $ales% In the early years of the late LG+s 'efore Crai# and I "ere $arried and then in the early <G+s after "e "ere $arried( "e often drove u! the California coast to La e Nacia$ento "ith friends or fa$ily to "aters i durin# the su$$er% Crai# and I often too side tri!s "here he "ould ta e $e to 2an -rancisco for the day or to other !laces in the California Red"oods( "here there "ould 'e !rivate $eetin#s held and Henry needed $e there for $ind file usa#e% Lee Iacocca I delivered $any na$es of 'an s and availa'le su'sidiary 'an account nu$'ers to $any cor!orate o"ners( includin# Lee Iacocca% They continually chan#ed the accounts so they couldn+t 'e traced and sent $e all over to slee! "ith andCor deliver account nu$'ers to cor!orate heads all over the nation% I "as even flo"n fro$ !lace to !lace on cor!orate Lear >ets in order to deliver account nu$'ers co$forta'ly and in an entertainin# $anner( "ith security features included( to cor!orate heads%

"0/ Lee had $ono!olies "ith other 'i# cor!orations( international ones( and he also o"ned !arts of $a>or utility co$!anies% I heard hi$ tal on his !ersonal !hone often% It "as a 'i# deal 'ac in those days for a $an to have a !orta'le !hone( and he had one he "ore under his >ac et% I traveled the s ies "ith Lee Iacocca( doin# "hatever he needed in his !rivate >et% There "as lots of roo$ inside( 'ut it "asn+t a fancy one at first% I !olished his shoes( #ave hi$ oral se1( "hatever he "anted% I !erfor$ed oral se1 on Lee Iacocca on his Lear>et 'efore #ivin# hi$ the nu$'er for the ne" accounts he needed to use( !lus so$e other infor$ation fro$ Henry% I "as instructed to offer( 6Can I ta e your #lasses( Mr% Iacocca46 /nd after he "as satisfied( I "as to s$ile and say( 6I ho!e you "ere !leased%6 Lee insisted on these infor$ation transfers ha!!enin# in the !rivate confines of his >et for security and I had to "ear dis#uises to 'oard and de'oard the >et% I >ust loo ed li e a $aid or at other ti$es a secretary% Never the sa$e dis#uises( and for Mr% Iacocca I had to even "ear so$e of the tooth dis#uises "hile #ettin# on and off the !lane% He al"ays had $e re$ove the$ once "e "ere air'orne and then I re$oved $y clothin# dis#uises in e1chan#e for so$ethin# $ore co$forta'le and a!!ro!riate for travelin#% Lee Iacocca "ore a tie 'loc "ith a #old chain on it% I sat ne1t to hi$( !ut $y head on his shoulder and !layed "ith his chain 'efore I unEi!!ed his !ants and !erfor$ed oral se1% He "as ind enou#h to hand $e a hand erchief to "i!e $y face after"ards and then he too a )uic na!% He said it al"ays cleared his $ind to ta e a )uic na! 'ut not a lon# one 'ecause that ty!e $ade hi$ feel thic -headed% I usually acco$!anied hi$ on a 'usiness tri! he already had !lanned% There "ere other sto!s after hi$ and I seldo$ fle" 'ac "ith hi$( 'ut instead connected "ith another fli#ht or different !eo!le that Henry "anted $e to see% If I 'e#an to re$e$'er the Lee Iacocca infor$ation( I "as !ro#ra$$ed to >u$! off tall 'uildin#s% 6You "ill have the co$!ulsion to >u$!(6 they said to $e at 7CL/( after I+d 'een dru##ed and "as lyin# on an e1a$ ta'le listenin# to $y instructions via ear!hones% Dru# O!erations Ne" Yor City "as a $a>or area of o!eration and I "as ta en there often to $a e dru# connections for Nelson Roc efeller and the CI/% I thin Roc efeller "as $ani!ulated 'y the CI/% I thin they $ay have 'lac $ailed hi$ for thin#s that they ne" a'out hi$% I don+t no" for sure% In Ne" Yor ( the Ti$es 2)uare Cloc To"er "as the site of $any dru# deals "ith Roc efeller and the CI/ "or in# to#ether% On one deal $y !ro#ra$$in# and infor$ation "as as follo"s5 6Meet $e in Ti$es 2)uare% You "ill 'e no"n 'y your fruits% *o to the fruit stand and 'uy 8al"ays different co$'inations of fruit9 an a!!le( t"o !ears( a 'anana and t"o oran#es( then "al over and sit on the 'ench and set your fruit out ne1t to you on the 'ench so it can 'e seen% *ive the $an "ho sits do"n and eats the a!!le the $essa#e% Only

"03 #ive the $essa#e if he eats the a!!le% *ive no one else the $essa#e%6 Once the $an arrived and ate the a!!le( the $essa#e "as to tell the $an "here to !ic u! the dru#s% It "as dan#erous 'usiness and they stationed three $en on roofto!s "ho "ere ar$ed "ith hi#h-!o"ered rifles to !rotect and "atch over the dru# deal% They said that I "as too i$!ortant an asset to ris losin#% Years 'efore( I had 'een !ro#ra$$ed to say to anyone "ho atte$!ted to access $e "ithout !er$ission( 6Hi( stu!id% Men "ho don+t value their life $ess "ith $e "hen $y o"ner is not around% ,ut it+s the last ti$e they ever do%6 O!iu$( heroin( and cocaine sales "ent do"n% /ll I had to do "as to tell the$ "here it "as located% There "ere also dru# deals locally in California% These too !lace over the years at Disneyland( ,usch *ardens( .nott+s ,erry -ar$( 3orld -airs and other !u'lic !laces% These transactions occurred "hen I "as "ith other !eo!le( li e $y fa$ily or friends( "ho too $e to the location under the #uise of +a day of entertain$ent%+ I "as instructed to deliver infor$ation to a $an "ho $ade hi$self no"n to $e% My controllers told $e "hat ty!e of clothin# the $an "ould 'e "earin# and "hat color hat% 3hen I sa" the tar#et that $atched the !hysical descri!tion that I "as !re!ro#ra$$ed to loo for( I e1cused $yself fro$ $y friends and fa$ily( tellin# the$ I had to #o to the 'athroo$% 3hen the tar#et $ade contact "ith $e( I "ould as hi$ a )uestion( li e( if he "anted a +T"in ie%+ If he said yes( then I+d deliver the $essa#e to hi$% There "as al"ays a !recise "ord co$'ination he "ould have to say 'ac to $e in res!onse to $y )uestion% Then and only then "ould or could I ro'otically deliver the $essa#e% There "ere nu$erous dru# andCor $unitions transactions that I "as used to facilitate that too !lace all over the "orld in con>unction "ith other outin#s I "as ta en on% Rea#an "as in Ne" Yor often% It "as called a 6Dou'le 3ha$$y6 "hen I "ould slee! "ith and deliver a $essa#e to Rea#an( and then deliver the $essa#e 'ac to the Council% I usually had se1 "ith Rea#an after the dru# deals% I don+t thin he ne" a'out the$% It "as a se!arate deal% ,ut( they co$'ined the t"o >o's for $e into one ti$e fra$e( for efficiency% Mondavi 3inery Ro'ert Mondavi had a Lear >et% Crai# too $e to the Mondavi Cellers in Na!a Valley( California in the "ine country% There "as a $an to "ho$ I "as !ro#ra$$ed to #ive nu$'ers of accounts that /lan *reens!an had set u! for hi$ to launder certain $onies throu#h% I never s!ent the ni#ht "ith Crai# durin# that tri! throu#h the "ine country( thou#h it "as su!!osed to 'e our ti$e a"ay to#ether( for >ust the t"o of us% /ll I consciously re$e$'ered until later "as sto!!in# at "inery after "inery( yet I usually didn+t taste the "ine% I sle!t "ith Mr% MondaviD he al"ays "ore a suit or very nice casual clothes% He "as 6da!!er(6 as ,o' "ould say% ,i# 2ur( California


3hen Crai# and I "ent to ,i# 2ur for "ee ends a"ay( "e often "ent to a 'eautiful restaurant called Na!enthe% It "as located on a cra# overloo in# the ocean and at ni#ht it too on a $a#ical #lo"( cast 'y the $any tiny candles lit all over the restaurant% Crai# #ot us a nice ta'le and "e sat do"n and then a s"itch "ould occur% 3hen he #ot u! to #o to the 'athroo$( another $an ca$e and sat do"n ne1t to $e in Crai#+s !lace% I ended u! havin# se1 and deliverin# a $essa#e to this $an% There "ere $any such occasions "here Crai# 6$oved over6 and chan#ed !laces "ith #overnors( or !residents( or entertainers "ho$ever $y controllers needed $e to 'e "ith% 6-or there is nothin# covered u!( that "ill not 'e revealedD or hidden that shall not 'e no"n% Therefore "hatsoever ye have s!o en in dar ness shall 'e heard in the li#htD and that "hich ye have "his!ered in !rivate roo$s shall 'e !roclai$ed u!on the houseto!s%6 -- Lu e :A5 A-H

"08 ,rice Taylor - Than s for the Me$ories Cha1ter F% teen: $o1e and K%ss%n6er .t%l%4e the Kennedy Fa!%ly I re$e$'er 'ein# ta en to a !lace "here a hu#e #reen la"n defined 'y a "hite fence traveled as far as the eye could see% -ro$ "hat I understood( this "as the ho$e of the .ennedy fa$ily for #enerations% ?ose!h and Rose( the older .ennedys lived there% There "as a 'i# t"o-story "hite house that had a !orch on the outside and a 'i# circular drive"ay in front% This is "here the .ennedy fa$ily $et for fa$ily #atherin#s and annual reunions% ?oe and Rose invited the entire fa$ily% I "as there( dressed as a $aid for the day( in a 'lac dress and little "hite a!ron% It "as $y >o' to deliver the 6#oodies6 on a silver !latter% ,ut there "ere lots of $aids on hand for these ty!es of occasions so "hen I sli!!ed off "ith one of the .ennedy $en( I "asn+t $issed% I usually started off servin# hors d+oeuvres( 'ut "hen a .ennedy $an a!!roached $e and #ave $e the eye( I "as instructed to continue holdin# $y tray( so it still loo ed li e I "as "or in# as "e "al ed into the house% Then "e "ould #o to a 'ac 'athroo$ or 'edroo$ for se1% Later( I "ould rea!!ear( carryin# $y tray of food% Then I "ould $in#le and usually "ould 'e a!!roached a#ain( so the "hole routine started all over a#ain and I "ould se1ually service another of the .ennedy $en% I #ot started 6$aidtressin#(6 as ,o' >o in#ly called it( at their !arties "hen I "as a youn# !reteen( 6#oin# on t"enty-five(6 "hen I "ent there the first ti$e% The youn#er $en in the fa$ily selected $e 'ut it didn+t ta e lon# for the "ord to #et around and the older $en "anted a try% I loo ed older than t"elve% The !ro#ra$$ed !ersonality for these !arties felt that ?-. tau#ht $e a lot% He !layed "ith $e in a teasin#( fun-lovin# "ay( so different than Ted "ho "as so violent% /fter dinner ?-. often "ent into the fa$ily television roo$% He sat on the couch( !ut his feet u! on the coffee ta'le and leaned 'ac to "atch television% He li ed to have a short afterdinner drin % He didn+t care if he "as "atchin# alone( he lau#hed and lau#hed at the sho"s he "atched% He "as an unusually cheerful $an $ost of the ti$e% 3hen ?-. "as assassinated( they told $e 'efore they did it( and after they had illed hi$ they said to $e( 6He is the &resident and "e can $a e hi$ live or $a e hi$ die and no one "ould ever $iss you should you ste! out of line% Then "e "ould have to ta e care of you( li e your little 'oyfriend ?-.%6 It "as sad the year ?-. died% Everyone "ore 'lac and Rose( sittin# in her "heelchair( e!t cryin#% It "as a very sad affair% I thin the se1 "as do"n that year 'ecause evidently so$e of the $en "ere #enuinely #rievin#% ?ac ie cried a lot at fa$ily !arties after he died% 2he had a hard ti$e ad>ustin# at first 'ut the .ennedy fa$ily stood 'y her and hel!ed her% 2he sat "ith the ladies and cried( and they listened and su!!orted her% Ted .ennedy "as 'rutal% He "as one of the $ost violent and $eanest $en I "as "ith% He li ed to have se1 "ith $e any"here and every"here he could( 'ut he es!ecially li ed to have se1 in cold cli$ates in roo$s "ith a fire!lace% One !lace had a 'i# roc fire!lace and he $ade a 'i# fire and then "anted to have se1 all ni#ht% 3hen he neared

"0+ or#as$ he "ould sla! and 'eat $e% He hit $e so hard it felt li e $y head "ould e1!lode% Then in his !ro!er .ennedy accent( he "ould call $e a 6c--t%6 He li ed to tie $y ar$s over $y head to the head'oard or if there "asn+t anythin# to attach $y hands and "rists to( he "ould tie the$ ti#htly to#ether% Lots of ti$es he $ade $e stay tied u! for a lon# ti$e% He li ed to hand cuff $e also% He "as really into 'onda#e and if I ever neared any se1ual !leasure he "ould start hittin# and sla!!in# $e( and once that 'e#an it "as li e he couldn+t sto! hi$self and )uic ly escalated into e1tre$e violence% He see$ed to re)uire that in order to or#as$% I "as flo"n to hi$ in the Ne" En#land 2tates% /t dus ( "e "al ed outside to#ether in a forest% There "as a real chill in the air% He told $e to stri! and I "as forced to ta e $y clothes off outside in the cold% He ordered $e to dance around the forest li e I "as a fairy% Then he lau#hed li e he "as drun or out of his $ind% He had a rifle "ith hi$ and he shot it into the air and it really scared $e% He said he shot the #un >ust so $y ni!!les "ould stand u!% There "ere other ti$es after he finished violently satisfyin# hi$self "ith $e that he "ould 'rea do"n and cry% He "as very distur'ed% ,ut the hurtin# he delivered never sto!!ed% He used $e often until I "as >ust over t"enty-five% ,o' offered $y services to the .ennedys any ti$e they "ished% He said they could count on $y yearly service at their fa$ily #et-to#ethers% ,o' told the$( 6It+s so nice to #et #ood hel! and it+s so "onderful "hen they are versatile06 Then he lau#hed and !ointed to $e% 2o I "as sent in year after year% Over ti$e( I had to have se1 "ith all of the .ennedy $en( includin# little ?ohn% He "asn+t very old "hen they first 'rou#ht hi$ to $e% &ro'a'ly a'out t"elve% They 'elieve in trainin# their $ales at an early a#e 'y e1!ert "o$en so that they "ill continue the .ennedy !o"er that they felt "as derived fro$ se1% In their eyes to have se1 "as to 'e !o"erful% Rose see$ed to 'e a $atriarch% -ro$ "hat I sa"( she ran the fa$ily% 2he see$ed to influence ?ose!h+s decisions in 'usiness and "ould $a e it no"n "hen the fa$ily sat do"n to eat( usually at very lon# ta'les% 2he #ave an u!date on their lives and then "ent on to #ive infor$ation on fa$ily 'usiness invest$ents( trade( etc% 2o$e relatives too notes and $ust have #one ri#ht ho$e and follo"ed throu#h on Rose+s su##estions% /fter she finished she "ould s$ile and loo around at her fa$ily "ith such love% Then she sat do"n% Rose had a very co$$andin# !resence a'out her% 2he had $ore di#nity than I "itnessed in the Royal fa$ily in En#land% 2he >ust de$anded res!ect and she #ot it% They see$ed to treat her very carefully( not ever "antin# to offend her% They had very for$al( !icture !erfect dinin# ta'les and dinners( co$!lete "ith a hu#e staff of "aiters and "aitresses% I hardly ever had to "or as a "aitress 'ecause usually one of the $en "ould #et a +headache+ or have to +#o to the 'athroo$+ 'efore( durin#( or after dinner% Instead( I "as $ore often in a side 'edroo$ "earin# a s i$!y french $aid+s unifor$ and se1ually satisfyin# one the of the .ennedy $en% I "as never instructed to do t"o at once( thou#h they !olitely too turns% /s far as I no"( Rose never discovered their secret #a$e%

"01 ,o' continually offered the .ennedy fa$ily clan $y services( for free( and e!t sendin# $e there% 2o the .ennedys and ,o' al"ays had a #ood thin# #oin#( al"ays scratchin# each other+s 'ac % ,o' !layed #olf "ith one or $ore of the$ and too $e alon# to caddy( "hen they visited hi$ in the 2!rin#s% There "ere ti$es "hen three other se1 slaves and I "ould have se1 "ith one of the$% The .ennedy $en can+t have too $any "o$en% I don+t thin all of the .ennedys #olfed% Ted ca$e alon# even if he didn+t #olf% He "ould #et a roo$ on the #olf course and !erfor$ violent se1 on $e% /fter"ards he "ould dra# $e 'ac to ,o'( "ho "ould 'e in the $iddle of his #a$e and ,o' "ould a'sent$indedly tell hi$ to leave $e "ith hi$% ,o' "as so focused on his #a$e he didn+t notice if I had 'lood on $y face or 'ody( or if I "as a "rec ( and I "ould have to follo" ,o' on the #reen and do "hatever he as ed until "e left the #olf course% Then he "ould "ant $e to #et do"n on $y nees and #ive hi$ oral se1 in the 'ac of the li$o% The .ennedys usually had their o"n $eans of trans!ortation and drove se!arately% It see$ed li e it $ust have 'een in the fa$ily "ill that they had to drive in their o"n li$os( "ith their o"n drivers% ,ut ,o' too advanta#e of us 'ein# alone in his li$oD he never $issed the chance for se1% My dau#hter .elly "as !rostituted to the youn#er .ennedy $en% They had a lot of 'oys% The .ennedy 'oys "ere tau#ht early ho" to +handle+ their "o$en% /nd I "as there to teach the$ a'out se1 and they "ere learnin# ho" to handle a slave% They ne" they could have anythin# they "ished fro$ $e( and that I "as totally su'servient% They "eren+t old enou#h to 'e trusted "ith the full $ind-control infor$ation% They had to 'e initiated first into the fa$ily secrets% .elly and I so$eti$es "or ed to#ether at the .ennedy+s% 2o$eti$es Ted li ed to have the 6$otherdau#hter se1 tea$6 that our controllers !ro#ra$$ed us to 'e% Ted al"ays violently hurt us 'oth% He had a son( "ho li ed to !ic .elly for se1% He too her off 'y the hand "hen she "as still a little #irl( and he "as $uch older% /ll the .ennedy 'rothers - ?-.( Ted( and Ro'ert - had sons( and there "ere a lot of other elite fa$ilies "ho carried the sa$e se1ual 'eliefs in re#ard to their $en% /nd ,o' #ave $e to lots of the$( as he arran#ed for the$ to have $e incons!icuously at their !arties as a 6$aidtress%6 I overheard Rose tal a'out the fact that so$e of the .ennedy $oney "as tied directly into N/2/ 6su'!ro>ects6 they funded and so$eho" there "as a hu#e !rofit fro$ it% That+s "hy there+s the .ennedy 2!ace Center% N/2/ is $uch $ore than it see$s% Research has included 6inner s!ace stations(6 "hich "as the ter$ I heard used at ti$es in relation to the $ind% The .ennedys al"ays "anted to 'e on the leadin# ed#e of technolo#y% 6-irst is 'est(6 they said% Rose "as a shre"d 'usiness"o$an% 2he delivered the facts "hile ?oe sat 'eside her% It definitely loo ed li e she "ore the !ants in the fa$ily% I never did have se1 "ith ?oe% He "as elderly and $ostly sat around and tal ed% I thin he ne" a'out $e( thou#h% I could tell 'y the loo in his eyes that he so$eho" understood( 'ut I 'elieve that his sons e!t the truth fro$ hi$ a'out $y 'ein# under total $ind control% I overheard Ted say to one of his 'rothers that( 6he "ouldn+t 'e a'le to

"07 understand the technolo#y%6 This leads $e to 'elieve that ?oe "as una"are of the $ind control technolo#y% The "ives and "o$en in the .ennedy clan see$ed o'livious of "hat "as #oin# on% Once they #ot to#ether and 'e#an tal in# they didn+t see$ to notice "here their hus'ands( sons( 'oyfriends( etc% "ere% The $en sent $e in to serve the$ tea "hen they "ere all to#ether so the "o$en "ould see $e 'ein# 'usy% ,ut I usually had se1 "ith $any of their hus'ands( so$eti$es $ore than once( 'efore the !arty "as over% I served the "o$en tea an inordinate a$ount of ti$es so they "ouldn+t sus!ect that I "as doin# anythin# else% They even 'rou#ht in other !eo!le+s sons "ho "ere not relatives( 'ut they "ere so$eho" connected to the fa$ily - $ay'e throu#h distant $arria#e or so$ethin#% They s"itched $e( #ave $e instructions and then #ave $e their son% They "anted all these youn# $en to carry on in the .ennedy tradition% If they "ere not actually close fa$ily relatives they "ould say they "anted the$ to lend their su!!ort al"ays to the .ennedy fa$ily% It see$ed li e a one for all and all for one ty!e situation% Rose a!!roved of ?ac ie% 2he thou#ht ?ac ie "as the #reatest and s!o e to her often at fa$ily #atherin#s% ?oan .ennedy "as al"ays >ealous of everyone( es!ecially her sistersin-la"% 2he often dran until she #ot drun and o'no1ious% 6/n e$'arrass$ent to the fa$ily(6 is "hat they al"ays said% /nd Ted treated her a"fully% /s ?oe #ot older( he "as confined to a "heel chair% The last ti$e I sa" hi$ he "as tied into his "heelchair and had so$e sort of IV or o1y#en unit "ith hi$% Then he died and "asn+t there the ne1t ti$e I "ent% I ne" 'ecause I "as u!dated( 'y closed circuit television 8roo$ AAA9( "hat the fa$ily ne"s "as so I could have a!!ro!riate conversations "ith the .ennedys% They are connected to the Council and re!resent the$ heavily% ?ose!h .ennedy "as 'i# in 'usiness and had holdin#s that "ere "ell connected% 3hat I overheard "as that "hen their $oney "as connected( it "as !rotected and there'y #uaranteed a !lace in the !o"er structure% ,ut the $oney( the 'i# $oney( had to co$e 'efore a !erson "as acce!ted% The theory "as that if a !erson could a$ass $oney then it !roved they "ere s$art enou#h( and if they ne" ho" to #et it +connected+ then they "ere !lia'le enou#h( and if they follo"ed throu#h on "hat "as as ed of the$ they could 'eco$e RICH and -/MO72% Then all that "as left to do "as to create a $edia !u'lic identity to !ortray "hatever i$a#e they "anted !ro>ected 'y the $edia industries they funded% It "as all a 'i# cycle "here one fed into another and they all ended u! on to!% ,o' ne" the !rotocol "ith the .ennedy fa$ily% He "as al"ays ind and #racious and #ivin#( and his nasty >o es a'out the elite "ere "atered do"n "henever it ca$e to any of the .ennedys 'ecause he didn+t ever "ant to 'e in disfavor "ith the$% ,o' also sent $e to different vacation s!ots around the "orld( to entertain certain $e$'ers of the .ennedy fa$ily% He never $inded !ayin# "hat he called( 6,i# 'uc s(6 to fly $e to so$eone "ho could $a e a difference% Then he "ould say( 6/h( yes06 and #et that little sly s$ile on his face% He ne" that the connections into !o"erful leaders and influential !eo!le "ould !ay off very handso$ely% 2o he didn+t $ind !ayin# to fly $e( and

"00 later( $e and 6$y little filly(6 as he called .elly( all over the "orld( so$eti$es on the Concorde% 62o I declare to you( 'rothers( that flesh and 'lood cannot inherit the in#do$ of *od( nor does their !erisha'le inherit the i$!erisha'le% Listen( I tell you a $ystery5 3e "ill not all slee!( 'ut "e "ill all 'e chan#ed - in a flash( in the t"in lin# of an eye( at the last tru$!et%6 -- : Corinthians :L

/== ,rice Taylor - Than s for the Me$ories Cha1ter S%(teen: /%'a Las /e6as The Council tar#eted and used areas li e Las Ve#as and Tahoe that dre" lar#e cro"ds% They also "ere a"are that "hen !eo!le "ere drin in# alcohol and "atchin# a sho"( their su'conscious $inds "ere even $ore o!en to ta in# in dee!ly "hat they "ere vie"in#% They ne" all a'out har$onics and they used !eo!le "ho "ere 'i# stars to deliver their $essa#es% There "ere ti$es "hen they didn+t have their !ro#ra$$ed entertainers in !lace at sho"s( so they didn+t have an inside connection to the sho" talent in order to direct the$ to deliver their $essa#es to the cro"d% If this occurred they "ould send so$eone to attend the sho"% &refera'ly 'efore the sho" or at inter$ission( this !erson "ould re)uest of the $aster of cere$onies to as this entertainer to say so$e s!ecific "ords in a certain order( e1!lainin# that it "ould $ean so $uch to a certain s!ecial !erson in the audience( and then they "ould sli! the M%C% a lar#e su$ of $oney% Later on( the cele'rity !erfor$in# the sho" "ould deliver the !re!lanned "ords that "ere $eant to have an 6intended !ro#ra$$ed effect6 on certain !ro#ra$$ed $ind-controlled slaves in the audience% If the !erfor$er "as under $ind control he or she "ould have 'een !re!ro#ra$$ed to deliver the activatin# $essa#es durin# the !erfor$ance% Metro *old"yn Meyer 8M*M9 *rand "as synony$ous "ith the Mo' and the Holly"ood cele'rity connection in Ve#as% The hotels "ere s$all co$!le1 $icrocos$s of an other"ise corru!t #rou! of $o'sters o"nin# their share of +the stri!%+ The hotels "ere a "ay of sortin# their interests% ,o' Ho!e had ties to the M*M *rand and directly to the Mo' that o"ned and ran it% I "as used there "ith $any $o'stersD "ealthy $en "ho "ere so$eti$es ruthless 'ut $any ti$es see$ed to have lar#e e$otions and loyalties to certain causes% Ve#as held a lot of $e$ories for $e in the late LG+s and early <G+s( durin# the !ea of $y use "ith Ho!e( Ni1on( Rea#an( .issin#er and others% To insure their secrecy( I "as ta en to Ve#as for 6reconditionin#6 every so often% These ti$es included trau$a to ee! the e1!eriences se)uestered fro$ $y conscious $ind% /fter $y children "ere 'orn( they tied the $e$ory of the trau$a to threats used to re$ind $e of the safety or lac of it for $y children in order to ee! their secrets really safe% These $o' #uys 82icilian $ostly9 had lots of $oney and !o"er in their o"n res!ective territory% That "as as far as their !o"er "ent( so they created a net"or a$on#st each other to insure their !o"er in $any !laces% They for$ed lin s to #overn$ent +!olitical+ fi#ures in an effort to insure that they didn+t lose their !recious +holdin#s+ in areas that counted% Dru#s( !orn( 'a'y sales( !rostitution-they $ade their $oney "herever they could in order to ee! their holdin#s% /fter I se1ually serviced ,o' Ho!e in Ve#as( I "ould often 'e visited 'y one of his $o' 'uddies "ho "ould 6#ive $e the treat$ent%6 That $eant dru# $e( isolate $e( and ra!e $e "hatever trau$a it too to ee! $y !ro#ra$$in# intact for use "ith ,o'( the 6&reE6 and others% They "ere 'rutal( and ne" >ust ho" to terroriEe $e 'ut not !hysically da$a#e $e too $uch >ust inflict a lot of !ain% The Mo' "as very connected to ,o' and various #overn$ent o!erations( and had their o"n !ec in# order that needed to 'e

/=" follo"ed to insure that a !erson stayed alive% The Council "as a'ove the Mo'( a'ove the #overn$ent( and literally coordinated ho" thin#s "ent do"n "ith the Mo'D and ulti$ately "as instru$ental in ta in# a"ay $uch of their !o"er and then redistri'utin# it as needed% Durin# the trau$a the $o'sters so$eti$es called $e 6deaflin#(6 and told $e the "alls in Ve#as had eyes and ears and could "atch and hear $e at all ti$es( and that there "ere !o"erful $en there "ho could see $e all the ti$e% -ran 2inatra ,o' #ave $e to 67ncle -ran ie6 one ni#ht after -ran 2inatra did a sho" in Ve#as% -ran li ed to use "hi!s and chains and those very scary leather stra!s "ith $e% He li ed to or#as$ "hile I "as lyin# there on $y 'ac "ith hi$ on to!( "hile he continually ti#htened the leather stra! around $y nec until I "as nearly dead - at that !oint he could or#as$% I had se1 "ith hi$ often and did the thin#s he told $e to do% One ti$e he told $e to #o over to the $an "earin# the dia$ond stic !in and #ive hi$ a $essa#e( 6I love you%%%6 I "asn+t a'le to retrieve all of this $e$ory 'ecause it turned into carousel rides( "hirlin#( s!innin#( li e a to!( so I couldn+t thin to re$e$'er% This !ro#ra$$in# is called s!in !ro#ra$$in# and is intended to disorient and confuse% The "hirlin# feelin# I felt in $y 'rain "as often co$'ined "ith hearin# a !o!ular son# !layin# in $y head( as the lyrics re$inded $e( 6I+$ so diEEy $y head is s!innin#%6 The "hole Las Ve#as scene "as al"ays an e1tre$ely !ainful ni#ht$are for $e% I "as su'>ected to lots of violence there fro$ -ran 2inatra( 6to ee! all the little secrets )uiet(6 he said% He "as 'rutal to $e% He tied $e u!( do"n( tied $y "rists to#ether( sla!!ed $e over and over( used 'ri#ht li#hts( ra!ed $e and stra!!ed $e "ith a leather 'elt% Ve#as "as never fun% &orn "as also fil$ed there and I "as !rostituted to hi#h #overn$ent officials and friends of ,o'% 7ncle -ran too care of the 6security6 so I didn+t ever ste! out of line% The conse)uences "ere disastrous every ti$e I ste!!ed out of line% There "as a nu$'er syste$ that $easured thin#s I did "ron# - if I diso'eyed in any "ay( I "as $ar ed do"n a certain nu$'er of !oints% Only I didn+t ever no" "hat the nu$'er syste$ "as or ho" it "or ed% 2o I never ne" if I+d reached the !oint "here I had to 'e 6ta en care of%6 It "as very scary and I "as al"ays confused and couldn+t thin 'ecause I didn+t no"( couldn+t re$e$'er( "hat it "as that "as 'ad to do% 2o I "as afraid everythin# I "as doin# could cause so$e !oint to 'e added or ta en a"ay% They e!t score for years and the sta es "ent u! after I had the ids% Then they threatened to hurt the$ or "hen the ids "ere older they !ut $e in front of all three of $y children( and #ot very close to illin# $e( in order to trau$atiEe all of us( so "e "ouldn+t re$e$'er% In later years $y little dau#hter( .elly "as often !rostituted to $any fa$ous and se1ually !erverted $en( includin# !edo!hiles li e *eor#e ,ush( Mic ey Rooney and others% 7ncle -ran "as youn#er than ,o'( and ,o' said -ran could run faster to catch $e if the need ever arose% 7ncle -ran "as the sin#le "orst heavy "ith $e - e1ce!t for Ted .ennedy( -rancois Mitterand( and $y o"n father% -ran "as very scary and I re!orted to hi$ directly in Ve#as% I $et "ith hi$ u!stairs and listened and follo"ed his every direction% I "ent into a hy!notic trance and listened carefully( and then he "ould sna! his

/=/ fin#ers to s"itch $e into another !ersonality( and later on I "ould do everythin# as he co$$anded% 67ncle -ran 6 told $e "ho to sit 'y at the 'accarat( 'lac >ac or cra! ta'les% He told $e "hat to say to certain $en( "here and ho" to have se1 "ith the$ and #ave $e a ey to the roo$s to ta e the$ to% These $en had t"o hours of sheer lu1ury and se1( and so$eti$es it ended "ith $e soa!in# the$ do"n and redressin# the$% 2e1( "hi!!ed crea$( chocolate sauce( "hatever they "anted for added !leasure% 3hi!s and chains and leather stra!s( that 7ncle -ran often used to nearly stran#le $e( "ere !rovided to these $en% -ran "as very !rivate a'out his !rivate life - to the !oint of violence if anyone ever as ed hi$ anythin#% ,o' had to re$ind -ran that I "as of s$all stature and told hi$ he didn+t "ant hi$ to 6'rea anythin#6 on $e% -ran could #et very carried a"ay% Once( he #ra''ed $y hair and e!t !ushin# $y head into a full tu' of "ater until I couldn+t 'reathe and "as #a##in#( cho in# and #ras!in# for air% 7ncle -ran "as the one "ho $ade $e really sic in Ve#as% He nearly illed $e and ne" all inds of "ays to torture a !erson% I sa" hi$ 'rea a #uy+s ar$ on the corner of a des ( very easily( li e it "as a !retEel% The #uy fainted% He loved to do stuff li e that to !eo!le% ,ut I did the $en 7ncle -ran told $e to( and did the 'est >o' I !ossi'ly could( or there "ould 'e retaliation% If I didn+t !erfor$ to their standards I #ot hurt very 'adly% 7ncle -ran "ould thro" $e u! a#ainst "alls and "hen $y 'ody hit( I felt li e I "as 'ro en% 6,ody sla$s(6 he called the$( and I #ot a lot of those% He nearly illed $e after I "as "ith so$e dar s inned( forei#n leader dressed in a "hite ro'e "ith a "hite tur'an on% This $an "as 'rutal also% -ran shaved $y !u'ic hair for this $an% That "as also scary% -ran told ,o' he "anted to do it hi$self( so he too $e into the 'athroo$ in the hotel and too one of those 'i# electric shavers and $ade $e lie do"n on the floor and s!read $y le#s so he could shave $e% He !inched and nic ed $e "ith that raEor( and >ust lau#hed "hen I >u$!ed fro$ the !ain% Tears "ere runnin# uncontrolla'ly do"n $y face( I "asn+t allo"ed to cry 'ut so$eho"( so$eti$es I >ust couldn+t hel! it% One of the !ersonalities that dealt "ith 7ncle -ran "as tied directly into a syste$ of re!ortin# !ersonalities( led 'y +2andy(+ $y $ain re!ortin# !ersonality% These !ersonalities re!orted everythin# that ha!!ened( out of trau$a-conditionin#( trainin# and terror( "ith no a'ility to lie or !rotect the$selves% Often I "as #iven instruction 'y a #rou! of $en in a dar ened( s$o e-filled roo$ in Ve#as% The $an in char#e of the security area I entered( ne" $e( and al"ays "aved $e throu#h% These $en see$ed to o!erate a'ove the la"( a'ove the rules( and had connections inside lots of casinos% The $essa#es I delivered "ere #a$'lin# ti!s( infor$ation a'out dru# and #uns deals( and other ille#al and hidden a#endas% 6Nu$'er ; on the line(6 "as a code I "as #iven and "as sent in on $any different $en "ith a !re!ro#ra$$ed a#enda% I "as told a $an+s !hysical descri!tion and "here he "ould 'e at a !recise ti$e% I $et hi$ and delivered the $essa#es I "as told to relay% If the $an "anted $ore( I "as instructed to 6follo" throu#h(6 if they "anted se1% /t ti$es( thou#h( I "as told to 6#ive the$ the sli!(6 if $y controllers didn+t "ant $e to have se1 "ith the$% These to! $en all ne" to "atch out for $e and so$eone "as al"ays 6 ee!in# an eye6 on "hat I "as doin#% My father or $other >ust disa!!eared( as usualD I don+t no"

/=3 "here they "ent or "hat they "ere doin# "hile I "as "or in# for $y controllers in Ve#as% My father had connections to these $en( 'ut they tried not to 'e seen to#ether% They e1hi'ited secret hand si#nals to each other fro$ a distance% I "atched as $y father !erfor$ed these si#nals( and in Ve#as he al"ays "ore his dia$ond !in y rin#% He raised his hands( crossed his ar$s and dis!layed his first t"o fin#ers% Then he shoo his ar$s do"n once% / $an "atchin# hi$ $irrored the sa$e $otion 'ac to hi$ then scratched his nose( after "hich they i$$ediately turned a"ay fro$ each other% My father too $e u! to our hotel roo$ "here he escorted $e around the roo$ and 6cued6 $e to certain thin#s in the roo$% I "as #iven su##estions that "henever I touched the #old fi1tures in the 'athroo$ I "ould forever for#et "hat I+d 'een involved in% 3hile holdin# $y ri#ht shoulder "ith his hand( $y father #ave $e the su##estion( 6you "ill o!en the door( nor$ally( and naturally( "ide a"a e and ready for "or ( "henever I noc t"ice%6 He noc ed t"ice on the door to de$onstrate% He cued $e to the tele!hone( either instructin# $e to ans"er it or later on "hen I "as $arried to let Crai# ans"er% /t ti$es $y father "ould 'rin# clothin#( >e"elry( or !ro!s for assi#n$ents% In a total trance state( I listened intently "hile he filled $y head "ith instructions - ti$es to re!ort to different roo$ nu$'ers( "ho to loo for and the $essa#e to deliver% My father "ould 6sna! $e out of it(6 'y sna!!in# his fin#ers% There "ere ti$es he sla!!ed $e to access different !ersonalities% 2o$eti$es they had $e so 'oo ed "ith $en for se1 that they had to !ro#ra$ $e to #o to the 'athroo$ in 'et"een $enD I "as so ro'otical I "ouldn+t re$e$'er to #o to the 'athroo$ or even 'e a'le to feel that I had to% I "as >ust one 'i# act( as I "ent fro$ roo$ to roo$ "ith so$eti$es as $any as four $en a ni#ht% Each $an had to have at least t"o hours% ,o' said that "as $ini$u$ ti$e to have to "ind u! and then have to "ind do"n 8he !retended he "as scre"in# so$ethin# ti#htly and then he chan#ed directions and started hu$!in#9% I loo!ed all around the hotels( fro$ roo$ to roo$( havin# se1 "ith $en% I "as instructed to start at = !%$% and then did another $an at :G( and one at :A( and the last at A% /t I a%$% I "as finished% It "as a ni#ht$arish s"irl of endless $en% I !erfor$ed the se1 acts( "as electroshoc ed in 'et"een and then s"itched !ersonalities and "ent on% They "ere ,o'+s friends( 7ncle -ran +s friends( $o' connections( entertainers and !oliticians% They had lots of friends 'et"een the t"o of the$% They nearly o"ned Con#ress% 7ncle -ran re$inded $e I+d 'e $eetin# 2t% &eter if I didn+t coo!erate and toe the line% He told $e a'out 2t% &eter at the &early *ates and e1!lained "hy I "ould 'e there "hich "as 'ecause he needed to ill $e 'ecause I ste!!ed out of line% This "as in the late LG+s and early <G+s( 'efore $y ids "ere 'orn% Once they "ere 'orn these $en used threats related to $y ids to terroriEe $e% ,o' "ould thro" his ar$ around 7ncle -ran +s nec ( "in at hi$ and say( 6Ta e care of her -ran %6 That+s "hen I ne" I had #otten out of line a#ain and "as terrified( "aitin# in an1ious antici!ation for $y !unish$ent% -ran sla!!ed $e over and over( so$eti$es until $y chee s "ere stin#in# and 'urnin# li e they "ere on fire% Then he "ould thro" his head 'ac and lau#h% He "as o'viously very sadistic% 2o$eti$es ,o' "ould fly in >ust to have a )uic $eetin# "ith -ran % 2o$eti$es I fle" "ith hi$ for a )uic ie% ,rutal !orno#ra!hy "as fil$ed at the Land$ar Hotel in Ve#as durin# $y late teens and early AG+s 8:;L=<I9% They used costu$es and se1 toys( and had the$es for the

/=# !orn that "as often violent% /t ti$es !eo!le "ere illed in the !orn% They didn+t ill $e 'ecause I "as a !ro#ra$$ed asset and they had far-reachin# !lans for $e% 7ncle -ran could have had $e illed if he "anted to% He had friends "ho illed !eo!le )uic ly and neatly% He sho"ed $e "hat his friends could do and I "as forced to "atch as they tortured and illed !eo!le% Then I ne" I could 'e snuffed at any $o$ent and that everyone( includin# ,o'( ne" "hat I "as doin#% I couldn+t co$!rehend that there "asn+t any $ysterious( $iraculous reason "hy they ne" e1actly "here I "asD in essence( they ne" 'ecause they had sent $e there0 In $y !ro#ra$$ed reality I 'elieved that $y controllers $a#ically ne" everythin# I did% 7ncle -ran !layed the follo"in# son# for $e to listen to( the "ords of "hich I "ill "rite as "ell as $y $e$ory serves $e5 6/ny'ody here seen $y ole+ friend ?ohn4 Can you tell $e "here he+s #one4 You $eet a lot of !eo!le 'ut it see$s the #ood they die youn#( you >ust loo around and they+re #one% /ny'ody here seen $y ole+ friend Martin4 Can you tell $e "here he+s #one4 You $eet a lot of !eo!le 'ut it see$s the #ood they die youn#( you >ust loo around and they+re #one% /ny'ody here seen $y ole +friend ,o''y4 Can you tell $e "here he+s #one4 You $eet a lot of !eo!le 'ut it see$s the #ood they die youn#( you >ust loo around and they+re #one%6 3hile I listened( stra!!ed to a chair( 7ncle -ran sat and ta!!ed his foot and "hen the son# "as finished he as ed $e( 6You #ot that46 Then he sla!!ed $e over and over% He said the .ennedy 'rothers #ot "hat they deserved for 'ein# stu!id and ste!!in# out of line% He said( 6/t anyti$e you could 'e ne1t if you #et stu!id on $e%6 I still feel li e cryin# "hen I hear that son#% Tahoe "as connected to the Mo' also and $any entertainers !erfor$in# in Ve#as and TahoeCReno "ere used 'y the Mo'% I 'elieve Helen Reddy and .aren Car!enter $ay have 'een $ani!ulated also% I "as !ro#ra$$ed to so$e of .aren Car!enter+s son#s and felt very sad "hen she died( li e I ne" her% I 'elieve she "as also under $ind control% ,o' su!!lied the Mo' "ith ille#al 'usiness and access to his !olitical connections( and they su!!lied hi$ "ith !rotection and connections all over the "orld% They "ere net"or ed u!( and inter-lin ed all over the !lace% There "ere certain favorites in Ve#as that ,o' shared $e "ith% ?i$$y the *ree "as a very scary $o'ster to $e% He "ould threaten to ill $e if I even loo ed the "ron# "ay% He constantly chan#ed his $ind a'out "hat he "anted and it "as hard to !lease hi$ or to #et "hat he instructed ri#ht% He "ould tell $e to do so$ethin# and then he "ould chan#e his $ind( 'ut for#et to tell $e% He sla!!ed $e to the #round for not doin# "hat I "as told% He set u! connections in Las Ve#as and "as in char#e of sendin# $e out to tar#eted individuals( 'ut he al"ays 6"anted a little(6 'efore he

/=8 sent $e to have se1 "ith so$eone else% I re$e$'er his visual i$a#e in $y $ind as a dar co$!le1ioned $o'ster( and he s!o e in that + ind of $o' accent+ - 'ro en and slan#ish En#lish% He s!o e in different sin#-son#y 6lines6 and I didn+t al"ays no" "hat they $eant% He #ave $e a $essa#e for ,o' and included so$e !hrase a'out a 6don ey+s tail6 or 6ele!hant+s ears6 and( at that ti$e( I didn+t no" "hat the $essa#e $eant% No" that I a$ free of $ind control( of course I can tell "hat the nature of the $essa#es "ere that "ere 'ein# sent throu#h $e( and this one o'viously "as referrin# to the !olitical !arties% He "ore a dia$ond !in y rin# on his left hand% I thin "earin# dia$ond !in y rin#s on their left had $eant so$ethin#( 'ecause $y father also "ore his dia$ond !in y rin# "henever he too $e to Ve#as% ?i$$y the *ree directed $e often in Ve#as and set $e u! "ith !eo!le I "as to 'e !rostituted to% Of course( the Council had !reviously !re-!ro#ra$$ed $e for use "ith the !eo!le ?i$$y the *ree !ut $e "ith% I don+t no" ho" they all ne" "ho$ I "as #oin# to 'e "ith( 'ut ,o' Ho!e( Henry .issin#er and the Council al"ays decided ahead of ti$e% May'e ?i$$y "as "or in# for the$ in Ve#as% Durin# the late LG+s and <G+s( lots of 'i# na$es "ere in Ve#as and I "as !rostituted to the$ at ni#ht% Elvis( 2a$$y Davis( ?r%( Ed McMahon( ?ohnny Carson( ?i$$y Dean( and others% My father too $e to Ve#as until I "as over t"enty-one years old( after that( $y hus'and and I "ent "ithout $y !arents% Crai# "ould ta e $e u! to the roo$ after a dinner sho" and tell $e he "ould 'e 'ac later( that he "as #oin# do"n to #a$'le% I often 'e##ed $y hus'and not to leave $e( 'ut he acted li e I "as overreactin# and "ould leave $e any"ay% 2oon after he left( the $en in suits "ould co$e and #et $e( and I "ould 'e ta en to !erfor$ for our controllers% More /'out Elvis %%%He 3as /lso / Ro'ot The Mo' and others had hold of Elvis &resley% 7ncle -ran sent $e in on Elvis to !erfor$ 6favors%6 I "as instructed to have se1 "ith hi$ and tell hi$ thin#s that they "anted hi$ to no" or say in a sho" or a son#( or to do% If he didn+t do as they said( they threatened or tortured hi$ or 6his ole lady(6 as he called her% I didn+t no" "ho she "as( couldn+t thin to% They ruled Elvis and sent $e in 'efore his sho"s to instruct hi$ "hat to say or do durin# his ne1t !erfor$ance% He "as usually so out of it on dru#s that he couldn+t 6do the se1 thin#(6 he+d say( so I "ould tell hi$ "hat to say or "hatever the $essa#e "as to deliver to the audience% /fter that( Elvis "ould !ass out on the 'ed( !ers!irin#% He "as handso$e( even "hen he "as li e that( until he started #ainin# all the "ei#ht% Then he loo ed very !athetic% I "as used "ith Elvis until he died% The last ti$e they sent $e in to 'e "ith hi$ he "as nearly unconscious% I don+t no" "hat they did to hi$ 'ut they used hi$ u! and then felt afraid he "ould 6crac 6 and s!ill "hat he ne" so they e!t hi$ dru##ed until they couldn+t safely use hi$ any$ore and then he 6died%6 Of course it "asn+t an accident or a natural death( he had a lot of hel! fro$ his controllers% Elvis "as tar#eted heavily 'y these $en% 3hen I "as #iven $essa#es to deliver to Elvis or others( they "ould in>ect $y ar$ "ith so$e dru# and then unless I had 'een !re!ro#ra$$ed( they )uic ly "his!ered the $essa#e into $y $ind files and sent $e off to

/=+ deliver the$ to Elvis% Then Elvis "ould use the !hrases he "as told as he introduced his son#s or in the early days they $i#ht have 'eco$e a !art of ne" son# lyrics% ?ust a sin#le ey !hrase "as enou#h to ee! the !ro#ra$$ed individuals( "ho later heard the introduction or son#( under control% Then( $any slaves "ere 6dra"n to hi$(6 or they did thin#s as a result of the effects of the har$onics in his voice( in his $usic( and in the orchestration% ,ut at concerts the $essa#es "ere often delivered directly throu#h "ords he "ould use to introduce his son#s% He "as no different than Michael ?ac son( "ho re!laced hi$ in $any "ays% In $y o!inion( 'oth "ere controlled% My controllers often #ave $e the ey to his suite and sent $e there late at ni#ht "ith a $essa#e to deliver after se1 "ith +The .in#%+ In the 'e#innin#( "hen I "as :=( :;( and AG( he "as $ore rece!tive and "e had se1( usually "ith $e on to! $ost of the ti$e and then I "ould "his!er the $essa#e in his ear% 2o$eti$es the $essa#es to hi$ "ere in the for$ of "ords fro$ his o"n son#s( 'ut all the "ords "eren+t there and it "ould ta e on a different $eanin#% Li e( 63ise $en say( only fools rush in(6 and then there "ould 'e "ords( nu$'ers( or codes that I delivered that I didn+t even understand% He "as told certain +lines+ to say in 'et"een certain son#s and I feel he $ay have 'een ee!in# $any "o$en +in line+ and !ro#ra$$ed 'y these !hrases% 3hen he sli!!ed the $essa#es in 'et"een son#s( as !re-instructed( the $essa#es "ent dee!ly into the su'conscious $inds of the audience( es!ecially to those individuals "ho "ere !ro#ra$$ed to react to universal "ords that are co$$on to virtually all hi#h-level( !ro#ra$$ed individuals% They are si$!le "ords that "hen !ut into a certain se)uence have a #reat i$!act on !eo!le "ho have 'een !re-conditioned "ith !ro#ra$$in#% In his later years( "hen I "as in $y early t"enties( Elvis 'eca$e $ore and $ore +out of it+ "hen I "ent into his suite% He "as al"ays alone "hen I #ot there( "hich sur!rised $e% He "as usually already in 'ed aslee! and I+d 'e #iven the ey to #o in and he "ouldn+t even sit u! or act sur!rised that I "as there% He "as totally out of it fro$ his addictions to dru#s and alcohol% Elvis had tons of !ill 'ottles on the ni#htstand( and #ro##ily said he needed the$ all% 2o$eti$es he "as even listless and couldn+t have an erectionD any atte$!t at se1 "as futile% 2o I couldn+t al"ays do $y >o' as instructed( 'ut "ould #ive hi$ the ver'al $essa#es and then sli!!ed out( al"ays 6leavin# the ey 'ehind "ith the $e$ories(6 as $y !ro#ra$$in# dictated% -ro$ $y e1!erience I 'elieve Elvis "as a !u!!et( a !a"n( and in the end( totally directed and( finally( used u! 'y these $en in control of hi$% It "as $y e1!erience that the i$a#es he !ortrayed on sta#e "ere nothin# li e ho" he "as in !rivate% To de$onstrate this( I+ll share "hat I re$e$'eredD 'ut( 'efore I do( I "ill tell you that retrievin# these $e$ories "as very sensorially unco$forta'le( due to the co$!leteness of the olfactory !ortion of the $e$ory% You+ll understand as you read further% It "as late at ni#ht "hen I entered Elvis+s roo$% He "as lyin# in 'ed( still adorned "ith the #old >e"elry and "hite suit he "ore in concert% I "atched as he finished his roo$ service dinner and then I "aited "hile he thre" u! in the 'athroo$% He "as very $ad at hi$self 'ecause he "as so fat and he said he had to lose "ei#ht for the sho"s% I #uess he

/=1 $ade hi$self thro" u!% /ll I really no" is that I overheard hi$ thro"in# u! in the 'athroo$ and "hen he ca$e 'ac to the 'ed( he s$elled li e vo$it% It "asn+t lon# 'efore he >u$!ed u! a#ain and I follo"ed hi$ as he "ent 'ac into the 'athroo$% He cried as he stood in front of the $irror( and hittin# the counter "ith 'oth hands he screa$ed( 6I hate $y life0 Everythin#+s out of control and no" you "ant $e to f-- you and I can+t0 I+$ ruined0 I+$ a failure06 I !ut $y hand on his 'ac in su!!ort and then on the 'ac of his nec % /s he felt $y touch( his head hun# do"n even further over the sin and he cried( 6*od( I+$ a $ess% I don+t no" "hat ha!!ened( >ust all of a sudden( I+$ destroyed%6 Then he screa$ed( 63hat is "ron#4 3hat is "ron# "ith $e06 and he started !ullin# his hair% I !ulled hi$ u!% 3hen he turned around I hu##ed hi$ and he >ust e!t cryin# and cryin# and al$ost colla!sed in $y ar$s% I #uided hi$ 'ac to 'ed and hel!ed hi$ lay do"n% He "as side"ays on the 'ed 'ut I couldn+t #et hi$ strai#htened out so as !ro#ra$$ed( I lay ne1t to hi$ and ru''ed his chest% His shirt "as o!ened and his very hairy chest turned $e on( 'ut he "as !assed out% His $outh "as o!en and he "as 'reathin# 'ut he "as totally out of it% I covered hi$ "ith the 'eds!read and ti!toed out of the roo$% My father "as standin# outside( >ust do"n the hall"ay% He "as "earin# a 'ei#e suit and "hen he sna!!ed his fin#ers( "ith the hand "earin# the dia$ond !in y rin#( I listened intently to all the directions he co$$anded and he told $e to follo" hi$% He #uided $e do"nstairs to $y roo$ "ith Crai#( unloc ed and o!ened the door and "aited for $e to #et inside 'efore he hit $e hi#h in $y 'ac "ith a stun #un% I colla!sed to the floor and he !ulled the door shut% He al$ost sla$$ed $e in the door% I >ust lay there a"hile and then "hen( 6I ca$e around6 8that+s "hat they called it9( I cra"led to the 'athroo$ and $ana#ed to #et into the 'athtu'% The soothin# "ater revived $e 'ut I felt very sic ( dru##ed and out of it% I had trou'le ee!in# $y eyes o!en 'ut $ana#ed to #et out of the tu'( dry and !ut on a "hite ni#htie to "ear to 'ed% 2lo"ly and "o''ly( I sha ily $ade $y "ay to the 'ed and #ot in ne1t to Crai#% I felt very sic for the ne1t t"o days and had trou'le eatin#% I felt e1hausted and very nauseated( 'ut had no "ay to access $y o"n 'rain in order to no" "hy% /fter a"hile Elvis couldn+t function any lon#er% Henry and his 'uddies lau#hed and said that Elvis "as li e the tin $an( all rusted u! and ready for the >un yard% They "aited for hi$ to 'eco$e seriously dysfunctional fro$ the increasin# a$ount of dru#s !rescri'ed 'y his doctors% Then they 6sto!!ed his tic er for hi$ so he didn+t have to suffer no $ore%6 I thin -ran and his friends "ere in on the 6do in%6 &layin# *oldiloc s and The Three ,ears ,o' called it 6&layin# *oldiloc s and the Three ,ears%6 /nd he had $e !lay that #a$e "ith hi$ and his friends in Ve#as and other !laces% 2o$e ni#hts in Ve#as( I+d !lay *oldiloc s loo in# for a #ood 'ed "ith Dean Martin( *ene .elly( Mic ey Rooney 8until .elly "as 'orn9% Mic ey Rooney is( a$on# other thin#s( a !edo!hile and "as afraid of !u'licly 'ein# cau#ht "ith a child 'ut he felt safe havin# a slave child% He thou#ht he "ouldn+t 'e cau#ht%

/=7 *ene .elly li ed to do the ole+ soft-shoe for $e% He al"ays s$elled of a different sort of "eird colo#ne li e /u de ,a$'oo% It "as s!icy and he+d "ear a sil ro'e and dance around li e he "as in so$e $usical !lay( 'efore he sat do"n on the ed#e of the 'ed for $e to attend to hi$% I too off his ro'e( neeled do"n and #ave hi$ oral se1 "hile he "as sittin# u!% Half "ay throu#h I #ently !ushed hi$ 'ac on the 'ed "ith the instructions to( 6lay 'ac so you can totally rela1 and en>oy% That+s "hat $y co$$and is for you%6 /nd as he ca$e in $y $outh( I ate it li e it "as frostin#( as $y !ro#ra$$in# dictated( 6#ood to the last dro!(6 and finally I loo ed dee!ly in his eyes and said( 6You "ere delicious%6 Nearly aslee! he said( 6Than you( !lease let yourself out%6 2o I did% ,ut I didn+t no" "here to #o so I >ust sat do"n on the to! of the lar#e staircase leadin# do"nstairs% My $o$ ca$e to #et $e% 2he "al ed u! the stairs dressed in a li#ht 'ro"n fur >ac et and a 'ei#e 'ro"n nit dress "ith sandled hi#h heels and too $e 'y the hand and led $e do"nstairs% 3hen I "as really out of it she led $e al$ost li e I "as 'lind% I can re$e$'er hearin# her char$ 'racelet >in#lin#% 2he often !ut $y left ar$ under hers and 6"al ed $e !laces%6 One ni#ht -ran 2inatra interce!ted her in an elevator "hile she "as "al in# $e 'ac to the roo$( and rou#hed her u! in front of $e( to sho" us 'oth "ho "as in char#e% Due to $ind control( $y $other still doesn+t re$e$'er this or any other of the trau$atic e1!eriences that "ere done to her in order to ee! us all under control% More /'out the Mo' 2o$e of the sa$e factions of the Mo' that "ere connected to the .ennedyTs "ere also connected to &resident Ni1on( Rea#an and other !residents% O'viously this faction had 'eco$e connected to national !olitics lon# 'efore I ca$e onto the scene and "as already in ti#ht( runnin# a lot of 'usiness throu#h the #overn$ent and ta in# full advanta#e of !olitical no"led#e( insi#ht( and !osition% I no" 'ecause I ran $essa#es fro$ the Mo' to 7% 2% !residents and 'ac a#ain for years% .ey ,iscayne "as another location "here I "as connected to the Mo' and "as told that there "as no #ettin# out - or so they said% There "as so$e #uy they called 6-reddie6 and other $o'sters "ho "ere !olitically connected% ,e,e Re'oEo "as connected to the Mo' and to Ni1on and he "as !u'lic 'ut not as $o'-connected as the inner Mo'% It "as al$ost li e ,e,e "as an a$'assador to the Mo'% The $o' #uys scared $e 'ecause for the $ost !art they #ot "hat they "anted( any "ay they "anted and( often( that $eant hurtin# $e for infor$ation% One ti$e they !inched $y fin#ers to the !oint of al$ost s$ashin# the$% I didn+t nor couldn+t res!ond and so they e!t increasin# the torture% There "ere ti$es "hen they nearly illed $e tryin# to #ain infor$ation I carried% 7sually they lac ed the technical no"led#e of $y codes( eys and tri##ers and didn+t !ossess the technolo#ical so!histication to understand $y !ro#ra$$in#% 2o( they couldn+t #et as $uch out of $e as others "ho ne" that I "as a ro'ot and could access $e in that "ay% One ti$e "hen the Mo' "as interro#atin# $e they tied $e to a chair and one #uy sla!!ed $e "hile another #uy in a leather >ac et as ed $e )uestions% I overheard hi$ say( 6These 'astards are sellin# their o"n "o$en% Ho" lo" can you stoo!46 It "as incidents li e these "hich told $e that at least so$eone( even if it "as the Mo'( had so$e sort of hu$anity left "ithin its $e$'ershi!%


One ti$e( $o' #uys !ut a needle into $y eye to try to #et $e to tal ( 'ut it didn+t hel!% The needle $ust have hit a nerve and $y "hole 'ody >olted 'ac % They couldn+t understand ho" a "o$an could endure so $uch torture and they 'e#an to +res!ect+ $e% They >ust didn+t understand that I "asn+t really 'rave( I >ust couldn+t res!ond due to years of conditionin# and so!histicated !ro#ra$$in# that rendered $e co$!letely dissociative and not in control of $yself% ,y the ti$e they fi#ured this out they had already tortured $e half to death% I "as a total ro'ot( !ro#ra$$ed not to res!ond to !ain or torture( and there "ere $any $o'-connected $eetin#s in "hich I "as involved in Ve#as( Tahoe( Reno( .ey ,iscayne and other !laces% ,y the ti$e they understood $ore a'out ho" to #et infor$ation fro$ $e( $y access routes or codes ended u! #ettin# !assed around% My hus'and >ust ste!!ed aside and let the$ have $e( as he "as !ro#ra$$ed to do% There "as never anyone to !rotect $e% The Mo' involve$ent 'e#an in $y early teens and continued for years% 2o$eti$es "hen they "ould #et $e into a roo$ in Ve#as they "ould accuse $e of 6carryin# a "ire6 'ut I "asn+t% They "ould stri! $e to chec and so$e #oon "ould end u! ra!in# $e% They didn+t understand yet the level of so!histicated !ro#ra$$in# that allo"ed $e to record everythin# I "as hearin#( via $ind files and !hoto#ra!hic $e$ory% Later( $y !ro#ra$$ers "ould instill $essa#es that "ere to 6 ic in6 "hen I "as accessed 'y the Mo'% Then( u!on $y return( I "as activated to deliver a $essa#e to the$ and they acted shoc ed "hen I "ould deliver the $essa#e% The Mo' often thou#ht I "as tryin# to #et to so$e of the rich tycoons that sat at the ,accarat ta'les% I "as usually sent to tar#et so$eone there 'ut they didn+t no" "ho or "hy% They never see$ed to no" that I "asn+t ever o!eratin# fro$ $y o"n a#enda% 3hat they had to offer the #rou! I "as "or in# for "as $ini$al% The Council "as #oin# for hi#her sta es and $ost of the ti$e( they sa" these $o'sters as "or er-'ees% ,ut they all had their !laces in the !ec in# order% Over the years I "as no"n in Ve#as 'y the Mo' there% 2o$e $o'sters "ere connected to ,o' Ho!e in &al$ 2!rin#s and others to Dean Martin and -ran 2inatra% I used to 'e afraid that they "ould ill $y children or $e( 'ut it "ill never sto! $e fro$ doin# "hat I no" is ri#ht( no" that I+$ no lon#er under $ind control% 2o$eho" or other they ne" every'ody and controlled factions of 'usiness( !olitics( and !eo!le% Mic ey Levinson( said I "as 6fa$ily6 no"( after $y 'rother Ric and his first "ife Leslie 8Mic ey+s niece9 "ere $arried% 6To 'e afraid is to have $ore faith in evil than in *od%6 -- E$$et -o1

/"= ,rice Taylor - Than s for the Me$ories Cha1ter Se'enteen: The *at )a&k 6,irds of a feather( floc to#ether%%%6 I "as !ro#ra$$ed to stay thin( tan( and silly( and to act li e a stereoty!ical du$' 'londe% One "ar$ and 'eautiful 2outhern California su$$er day( I 'rushed the Mali'u ,each sand fro$ $y 'i ini and feet( and >u$!ed into $y car to head do"n &acific Coast Hi#h"ay to $y ne1t assi#n$ent% Clad only in $y 'i ini( a short "hite lace cover-u! and sandals( I headed into the Mali'u Courthouse% The "o$an at the des "aved $e throu#h to the >ud#e+s !rivate )uarters% 3ithout hesitation( I entered the >ud#e+s office and cli$'ed into ?ud#e Merric +s la! - sand( suntan lotion( and all% He lau#hed( sat 'ac ( and en>oyed the attention as I !recociously !erfor$ed $y se1ual acts on hi$% I satisfied hi$ se1ually and left as )uic ly as I had arrived% ,o' had a >o e for $e to say to >ud#es as a $eans for variety of or#as$ic e1!eriences% 3hen a >ud#e "as or#as$in# he !re-!ro#ra$$ed $e to say( 6Here co$e the >ud#e( here co$e the >ud#e(6 li e they said on Lau#h-In( the !o!ular television sho" of the ti$e% ,o' also had $e instilled "ith to! tunes( li e a >u e'o1% I had a !ersonality syste$ that delivered i$!ro$!tu verses fro$ son#s at the !erfect ti$e so that they "ould cleverly fit into a social situation% I had !ersonalities that could sin# the son#s very closely to the "ay the ori#inal artists san# the$% I ne" the "ords !erfectly and san# "ith si$ilar inflections and tones as the sin#ers% Lots of !eo!le thou#ht I "as very adroit "hen I cleverly !o!!ed a son# into a conversation( 'ut I "as really !ro#ra$$ed to do that% ,o' sent $e to have se1 "ith Casey .ase$( the .RL/ Disc ?oc ey% Then the ne1t day( I had to listen to his station all day lon# 'ecause he #ave histories and stories a'out the sin#ers of the current !o!ular son#s >ust 'efore he !layed their records% ,o' said I had to listen the "hole day 'ecause it "as i$!ortant to 6 ee! $y lid on ti#ht%6 ,o' told $e to thin of $yself as a trash can and that no $atter "hat( he "ould al"ays 'e there to hold the lid on% He used this trash can $e$ory-stuffer and scra$'ler idea on $e for a lon# ti$e% My oldest 'rother( ?i$( undou'tedly under his o"n !ro#ra$$in#( "as used to hel! ee! $e in line 'y havin# $e "atch 2esa$e 2treet% I "as told to sit do"n in front of the television and "atch "ith his children and if $y eyes $oved a"ay fro$ the screen $y 'rother "ould ra! $y nuc les% 3atchin# the Coo ie Monster trash can character in the sho" +re-$inded+ $e to + ee! the lid on%+ Durin# this ti$e in $y life( I "as finishin# u! hi#h school( and althou#h $y !arents and school counselors re$inded $e that I "asn+t colle#e $aterial( I "as loo in# for"ard to attendin# >unior colle#e at &ierce Colle#e in 3oodland Hills% Crai# and I had 'een #oin# steady since "e "ere thirteen years old and e1ce!t for a 'rief 'rea -u! in hi#h school( I did not date any other 'oys% Crai# !re!ared to #o to the 7niversity of Colorado% I "as co$!letely una"are that secretly laced into $y life "as a "hole array of discreetly hidden se1ual rendeEvous "ith $en in !o"erful( yet diversified( !ositions%


I "as fil$ed !orno#ra!hically in $any locations( includin# 3oodland Hills( Holly"ood( Mali'u( ,el /ire( 2tudio City( other areas in the 2an -ernando Valley( and varied locations all over California% I also "or ed for a short ti$e for Harold /nderson Construction Co$!any in ,el /ire( 'ut don+t re$e$'er e1actly "hat I did to "or for hi$% I do re$e$'er lots of !orno#ra!hy 'ein# fil$ed at this sta#e of $y life and the level of !orno#ra!hic fil$in# "as $ore !rofessional% There "ere the$es( costu$es( $usic( !rofessional $a e-u!( s!ecial !ro!s and li#htin#% &ersonalities inside of $e "ere tau#ht ho" to "or "ith the li#htin# to catch the 'est !oses( and to $ove $y 'ody so the fil$in# cre" could #et the 'est shots% 7!on co$!letion of the fil$in#( I "ent ho$e to $y $other and father in 3oodland Hills and later $i#ht even #o on a date "ith Crai#( fully 'elievin# that I "as an innocent( loyal and lovin# #irlfriend% Due to the $ind control I "as under( I had no "ay of no"in# that I "as leadin# anythin# other than a nor$al life( as a nor$al teena#er( in a nor$al fa$ily( in 3oodland Hills% The e1tensive contact I had "ith ,o' Ho!e as a teena#er and durin# $y early AG+s sho"ed $e that ,o' "as $uch $ore than an entertainer% Entertain$ent "as actually >ust a clever ho''y of his% I "itnessed his !artici!ation as a strate#ically !laced( influential( and inte#ral !art of an under"orld #rou! that secretly sou#ht to control the "orld% He had direct ties to the 3hite House( 'ut not direct !hone lines li e Nelson Roc efeller had% Throu#h $y affiliation "ith ,o' Ho!e( I "as to $eet and interact "ith $any !o"erful 'usiness$en( !oliticians( and cele'rities% I "as flo"n into a s$all air!ort in &al$ 2!rin#s to 'e "ith ,o' and his cronies% I "as !ic ed u! 'y a silver li$o and ta en to his house% The $en in suits $et $e and too $e to ,o'( "herever he "as - at ho$e( on the #olf course( or in to"n% ,efore I "as delivered to ,o'( they #ave $e clothes( shoes( and >e"elry to adorn $yself% If ,o' "as in a $eetin# or at the clu' "ith +the #uys(+ he "ould $otion $e over to"ards hi$ and say( 6Let $e have a loo at you honey%6 He often raised his eye'ro"s as if to say I $et "ith his a!!roval andCor "as se1y enou#h for hi$( and then he "ould !ull $e to hi$ and sit $e on his la!% He "anted to sho" his 'uddies that he had "hat he called 6a s"eet youn# thin#%6 De!endin# on "hich cro"d "e "ere "ith( he "ould introduce $e as his niece( his 'uddin# starlet !rodi#y( or his 6s"eet youn# thin#%6 ,o' very often introduced $e as his 6favorite niece( 2haron 3eather'y%6 I #uess he left !eo!le to their o"n conclusions% ,ut he never did refer to $e 'y $y o"n na$e - NEVER0 I often acco$!anied ,o' to the #olf course in &al$ 2!rin#s% One day he "as dressed casually( in li#ht 'lue slac s( !astel yello" shirt( "hite 'elt and "hite #olf shoes% There "ere several other $en #olfin# "ith hi$% I "as there >ust to serve ,o'% I "as seventeen or ei#hteen( thin( tan( 'londe and dressed in a tiny "hite dress "ith s!a#hetti stra!s% I "ore "hite sandals that ca$e u! fro$ $y toe and $et at a stra! around $y an le( "ith a #old heart an let on $y left an le% ,o' or the $en in suits al"ays #ave $e everythin# to "ear% I "as not invited to !lay the #olf #a$e( 'ut "as instructed to "atch and 2MILE0 This !articular day ,o' san# to $e( as he did at other ti$es "hen he "as feelin# >ovial in s!irit( 6,utton u! your overcoat( ta e #ood care of yourself you 'elon# to $e%6 He

/"/ san# and >o ed "ith $e often li e I "as a'le to really react and res!ond to hi$% /s a !ro#ra$$ed slave( I "as $erely co$!liant and s$iled all the ti$e% /fter the #olf #a$e( "e all "ent to the clu'house and had dinner% / lady a!!roached "ith a ca$era( atte$!tin# to !hoto#ra!h ,o'% The $en in suits denied her access% &eo!le often tried to ta e !ictures 'ut he directed so$eone to #et the ca$era and re$ove the fil$% He co$$ented on ho" rude !eo!le "ere to interru!t or to invade his !rivacy li e that% There usually "ere not $any 8if any9 !eo!le in !laces "e fre)uented( unless it "as for a sho" and then he had 'ody#uards to !rotect hi$% /t this dinner( "hen his $ale #rou! hit u!on a 6sensitive6 su'>ect( ,o' as ed $e to #o !o"der $y nose for a"hile and handed $e so$e $oney% I ne" that $eant to 'e #one for a lon# "hile% /fter "hat see$ed li e 6a lon# "hile6 had !assed( I e!t chec in# 'ac to see if it "as ti$e for hi$ to $otion $e 'ac ( as "as his custo$% -inally( he "aved $e over to >oin the$ and !ulled $e onto his la!% 2o$eti$es ,o' $et "ith $en I reco#niEed as 2ecret 2ervice a#ents fro$ seein# the$ !reviously "ith Richard Ni1on or Ronald Rea#an% /fter these 6$eetin#s6 "e "ould often #o 'y li$o to a hotel or to his ho$e "hen no one "as there% Most of the ti$e his "ife( Dolores( "as not at ho$e% ,o' and Dolores On other occasions "hen "e "ere "ith !eo!le and he "anted $e to leave( ,o' "ould !at $y 'otto$ and say #ood-'ye "ith a s$ile% Then the $en in suits "ould ste! in and #et $e% 7sually I "as ta en 'ac to his house to #et ready for an evenin# event% ,o' en>oyed havin# !eo!le around% He had !arties attended 'y lots of fa$ous !eo!le% 2o$eti$es I "as #iven as a #ift to one or $ore of his friends for the ni#ht( 'ut "as !ro#ra$$ed to return to his roo$ to slee!% 7nless Dolores "as ho$e% Dolores "as not there often( 'ut "hen she "as( I "as usually flo"n ho$e early% It "as stran#e the fe" ti$es I did see Dolores at a !arty( no"in# that I "as havin# se1 "ith ,o' and had acco$!anied hi$ to different !laces "ith his friends and 'usiness associates% I couldn+t thin to )uestion "hat Dolores thou#ht her hus'and did0 ,o' introduced $e to $any of his 6fa$ous6 friends% /t #atherin#s( "ith one ar$ around $e he "ould el'o" the #uys and say( 63hy "ould I "ant to 'e "ith an ole+ 'a# li e Dolores( "hen I can have this46 /nd his friends "ould lau#h and nod in a#ree$ent% /lthou#h $y !ro#ra$$in# e!t these activities hidden fro$ $y conscious $ind( later I "ould "a e u! late in the $ornin#s in $y o"n 'ed in 3oodland Hills( "ith 'urnin#( red eyes( feelin# totally e1hausted( after "hat I thou#ht "as a full ni#ht+s slee!% I "as not a'le to understand that the e1haustion "as actually caused 'y food( "ater( and slee! de!rivation( cou!led "ith dru#s and electroshoc for !ro#ra$$in# !ur!oses% ,o' had lots of security at his ho$e in &al$ 2!rin#s% The li#hts on the outside of his house ca$e on at ni#ht auto$atically "hen a car a!!roached% He also had nu$erous security alar$s and syste$s in the house even a television $onitor li e Rea#an had at his

/"3 ranch% 3hen I arrived( he "ould sit $e on the 'ed and he "ould sit in the chair and say( 6O ay( let $e hear it%6 /nd I+d rattle off "hat Henry .issin#er told $e to tell hi$% ,o' didn+t have all the so!histicated nu$erical codes to $y $ind files that Henry did% Henry "anted it that "ay% I overheard Henry s!ea out loud to hi$self in front of $e( sayin#( 6I "ant you to 'e security safe%6 Henry !ut into $y syste$ of re!ortin# !ersonalities instructions to tell hi$ if ,o' tried anythin# out of line% I "as instructed to re!ort to Henry if ,o' tried to access infor$ation he "asn+t involved in and "asn+t su!!ose to 'e !rivy to% Henry said( 6It+s none of his 'usiness%6 Dolores Ho!e "as elderly "hen ,o' "as foolin# around "ith $eD so "as he( since he "as nearly fifty years $y senior% 2he did not li e it "hen I "as around and( unfortunately( ,o' didn+t have $uch of an e1cuse for $y !resence( unli e Rea#an% Rea#an could say I "as his secretary or aide( 'ut ,o' told his "ife he "as s!endin# lots of ti$e "ith $e to 6#roo$ $e6 for the sho"s for the 'oys% I can re$e$'er hearin# Dolores na##in# at hi$ "hile I "as still there one $ornin# after a !arty in &al$ 2!rin#s% He lied and told her I "as there "ith so$e other $an at the !arty% Not that I did not have se1 fre)uently "ith $any of his friends and 'usiness associates( 'ut this ti$e I had not% 3hen Dolores confronted hi$ on these issues( ,o' "ould stand 'ehind her( and li e a child( $ade faces insinuatin# she "as #oin# on and on and on and he "as 'ored to tears% He heard her out( $i$ic in# her 'ehind her 'ac ( and then "e "ould leave for the #olf course to#ether% ,ut( to her face( he al"ays !layed it cool( acted lovey( and sent her off sho!!in# or vacationin#% ,o' called Dolores 6dear6 a lot% He "ould tell her he had to introduce $e to so$e of his 'usiness associates so I "ould #et to no" the ro!es% It "as all a front( >ust a cover to use $e for se1% /lthou#h I did $eet a lot of 'usiness$en and friends of ,o'+s and I did #o "ith hi$( at ti$es( to rehearse for the sho"s and do the voice-over ta!es for so$e of the tours( $ost of it "as for his se1ual !leasure and to sho" his old friends that he could still #et 6the youn# stuff%6 I certainly "as never there 'y choice% I "as a co$!lete slave( under total $ind control( "ith no a'ility to choose consciously for $yself "hat or "here I "anted to 'e( or even to no" "ho I really "as0 I did not consciously no" that I "as 'ein# used in these "ays% I si$!ly thou#ht that I "as a nor$al student and I continued to carry the 'elief to $y $arria#e 'ed that I "as a vir#in% /t ti$es( the entertainer( &hyllis Diller( "as at ,o'+s !arties% 2he "as really loud% 2he did not !articularly care for $e and >ust 'rushed $e aside% 2he "as al"ays >o in#% &hyllis and ,o' ca$e u! "ith one >o e after another% Once "hen I "as s$ilin# adorin#ly at ,o'( she yelled at $e( 63i!e that s$ile off your face%6 Then she lau#hed that real loud lau#h( and it fri#htened $e% ,o' told $e not to !ay attention to 6that ole+ 'a#(6 so I tried not to( 'ut she "as so loud it "as hard to i#nore her% I tried to avoid &hyllis Diller+s disa!!roval at all costs% /t one ti$e( ,o'+s 'edroo$ "as decorated in a lar#e floral !rint "ith cre$e-colored 'ac #round% He had a "ooden 'ed fra$e and ni#htstands and a lar#e closet% 2o$eti$es there "ere fresh flo"ers !laced in the roo$ or one on the !illo"% ,o' usually had a ne"

/"# ni#htie "aitin# on the 'ed for $e to "ear and so$eti$es there "ere satin sheets on the 'ed% / dra"er in his roo$ "as filled "ith all sorts of se1y !anties( 'ras( ni#hties( and so on( and he said they "ere there >ust for $e% He al"ays "ent to the dra"er and selected "hat I "as to "ear% He also had clothes in the 'ac of his closet that "ere >ust $y siEe% I don+t no" "ho 'ou#ht the$( 'ut they al"ays fit $e% I "as usually !ro#ra$$ed to $aintain a 6!erfect siEe si1(6 althou#h there "ere ti$es I fell 'elo" that and "ore a siEe t"o or four% My "ei#ht "as "ithin ;;-:GA I's% in those days and I "as F+ F6 tall% 6Youn# and lovely(6 he "ould say% 2ince de!ro#ra$$in# and s!ea in# out !u'licly( I+ve $et other !ro#ra$$ed se1 slaves "ho "ere also "ith ,o'% Most li ely "e "ere all !ro#ra$$ed to 'e the sa$e siEe( and ,o' >ust said the clothes "ere for $e( 'ut they "ere availa'le for a nu$'er of his #irls% ,o' !referred :=-AG year olds% ,o' had an avera#e siEe !enis% 2o$eti$es ,o' fri#htened $e durin# se1( "hen he #ot a##ressive( 'ut he never !hysically hurt $e% He 6let6 $e do everythin# se1ually I "as trained and !ro#ra$$ed to do( 'ut he li ed to or#as$ in his o"n "ay% Then he "ould #o to slee!% /s he #ot older( he #ot $eaner and stran#er and su'consciously I hated hi$% There "as a s$all $etal hi#h volta#e cattle !rod that ,o' "ould insert in $y va#ina at ti$es% He used that on $e after se1 late at ni#ht "hen "e "ere in 'ed% /fter that it "as 6li#hts out6 and I didn+t re$e$'er anythin# else% ,o' sla!!ed $e at ti$es( if I #ot out of line( "hich "as also !art of a !ro#ra$ to stay in line% 3hen I #ot sla!!ed( I "ould s"itch into a different !ersonality and then I "ould 'e ha!!ier( $ore 6con#enial6 he "ould say( and he "ould lift $y chin and iss $e% Once "hen he "as $ad at $e for so$e infraction of the rules( ,o' yelled( 6You+re >ust a "ind u! doll - a toy for $y !leasure( and don+t for#et it06 Hu#h Hefner+s ,o' referred to $e in $y earlier teena#e years as his 6little 'unny%6 He "as friends "ith Hu#h Hefner and Hu#h ca$e to ,o'+s !arties so$eti$es% He al"ays 'rou#ht at least t"o "o$en "ith hi$( usually 'londes% 2tarlite "as $y !ersonality that ,o' na$ed to 'eco$e his 6starlet%6 He told 2tarlite( and other !eo!le "hen I "as on his 6ar$(6 that he "as #ivin# $e a 6le# u!6 into the industry% My instructions "ere that 2tarlite "as to "ear her hair !arted on the side "ith it co$'ed do"n over one eye for a se1y loo % 2he "as to act very se1y% 3hen ,o' too $e to !arties he "ould tell everyone he "as sho"in# $e the ro!es( that I had endless talent and !otential in the industry% ,o' too $e to several of Hu#h Hefner+s !enthouse !arties in Los /n#eles% On one of these occasions( ,o' "ent all out on his outfit% He "ore a #rey suit and ascot "ith a "hite tu1 shirt and a #rey to! hat and "hite #loves% He loo ed +da!!er+ 'ut old to $e( thou#h his clothes "ere !erfect - not one "rin le% There "as a door !anel( "ith s$all silver 'uttons on it that you had to !ush in a certain se)uence to #ain access to Hefner+s !enthouse% ,o' ne" the nu$erical code% I "atched the !erfectly $anicured hand that

/"8 stretched out of his clean( neat( "hite starched shirt sleeve #o out fro$ his 'lac >ac et as he !unched in the se)uence% The elevator u! to Hefner+s had $irrors and ,o' said( 6You loo nice toni#ht( honey%6 6Than s( ,o'%6 I re!lied as he too $y el'o" fro$ 'ehind and said as he turned $e around( 6Loo into the $irror% You can see yourself over and over and over a#ain "ithout end% Li e a file( "e "ill sli! one out of a slot or li e in the >u e'o1 "hen one record is selected% This evenin# I "ant to select a se1y !ro$ #irl "ho is 'eautiful( intelli#ent( and su'$issive% 2e1y is al"ays the $ost i$!ortant )uality% Do you understand46 /fter I slo"ly nodded $y head yes( he continued( 6You are to stay close 'y $y side this evenin#% There "ill 'e no inter$issions so don+t as for any% You "ill si$!ly stay close to $y side% Is everythin# understood46 I s$iled and said yes% Ne1t he turned $e a"ay fro$ the +infinity $irror+ used for +re$indin#+ $e in order to select fro$ one of $y $any !ersonalities( and "e "ent throu#h the elevator door as it o!ened $o$ents later% My dress $ade crac lin# noises as I "al ed and I had a $atchin# 'lac ca!e% 3hen "e arrived I handed $y "ra! to the door$an( a tall handso$e $an in a tu1% /nd he( in turn( handed it to another $an and re!lied( 6This is for the lady "ith ,o'%6 Holdin# $y ca!e( the older door$an loo ed $e in the eye( and 'o"in# his head said( 6Ma+a$(6 'efore leavin# "ith $y ca!e and ,o'+s sho" cane% ,o' too $y ar$ and #uided $e over to the fire!lace "here a Ee'ra !ainted #irl "al ed throu#h the fire "ithout 'ein# 'urned% Her na ed volu!tuous 'ody "as !ainted all over "ith thic 'lac and "hite !aint stri!es% The !aint #ave an a!!earance of dress 'ut you could clearly see that she "as na ed% 2he s$iled at ,o' and continued dancin# in very seductive !oses "ithin a very s$all area% 2he had a very hauntin# fara"ay loo in her eyes% There "ere "indo"s all around and at ni#ht you could see a 'reathta in# !anora$ic vie" of all the !retty t"in lin# li#hts of the city 'elo"% They loo ed li e >e"els on a 'lac velvet 'ac #round% ,o' told $e that "hen I "as 6on his ar$6 for the evenin# that he "as $ine( 'ut at other ti$es he "as so$eone else+s% The stars li ed their !arties 'ecause no one #a" ed at the$ li e fans did in !u'lic !laces% Everyone "as $ore e)ual and they could en>oy 'ein# nor$al li e other !eo!le "hen they "ere at ease "ith !eers% Hefner+s !arties "ere a !lace "here $any stars #athered and shared( a !lay#round for the stars and their !lay$ates% It see$ed !eo!le floated in and out of Hefner+s !arties and there "ere ti$es "hen there "ere not very $any !eo!le% -ro$ "hat I sa" !eo!le didn+t necessarily co$e there to #rou! to#ether for the !arty% It "as $ore li e a !lace !eo!le #ot sti$ulated( "o"ed( and entertained in order to have their o"n !rivate e1!eriences and fun% Hefner+s !lace "as very $odern( full of shar! lines and an#les "ith lots of #lass( and "as so$e ind of $eetin# !lace for the stars and the "ealthy u!!er class% ,o' #ot ideas fro$ Hefner+s !arties that he used at his o"n !arties in 6the 2!rin#s%6 ,o'+s !arties "ere !ure class( in the $ost e1)uisite Holly"ood style% He had "ild !arties and so$e ni#ht+s there "ere or#ies% Noticin# ,o' had arrived( Hu#h Hefner ca$e over and shoo ,o'+s hand% ,o' said( 6Hal( this is $y $ain tease %%%I $ean $ain s)ueeEe%6 They 'oth lau#hed and ,o' leaned over and "his!ered so$ethin# I couldn+t hear to Hefner% Hefner never stayed around lon# to tal "ith ,o' at the !arties%

/"+ 6,o'( it+s #ood to see you%6 They shoo hands a#ain and Hefner !laced his other hand on ,o'+s el'o" and said( 6I+ll 'e 'ac ( don+t #o a"ay( I >ust have to catch her 'efore she #ets a"ay%6 He see$ed to ac no"led#e his #uests and then )uic ly e1cused hi$self% In a $o$ent he returned and said( 62te! into $y itchen%6 ,o' sneered and said to hi$( 6I+ll follo" you any"here the #irls are06 2o "e follo"ed Hefner into the itchen "here lots of !lay'oy 'unnies dressed in traditional 'lac 'unny outfits "ith 'lac and "hite 'o" ties( fish net stoc in#s( and 'lac hi#h heels "ere 'usy !re!arin# food trays% ,o'+s eye'ro"s raised and "ith o'vious se1ual e$!hasis( he called out( 63H/T+2 TO E/T06 /ll the #irls turned around and lau#hed and loo in# seductively at hi$ san# out( al$ost in unison( 6Hi( Mr% Ho!e06 One 'unny said( 6I+$ availa'le06 and she lau#hed as she arran#ed the 'utter s)uares that "ere sta$!ed "ith the !lay'oy insi#nia% ,o' said( 63ell( $ay'e you can 'e course nu$'er five( honey% Ho"+s a'out you and I $eetin# at that course%6 6Yes(6 she teased% ,o' loo ed around the roo$( 6/ny other+s46 No one too hi$ u! on it 'ut they s$iled cordially% ,o' ushered $e 'ac out to the roo$ "here the Ee'ra #irl "as still dancin#% 62he+s still at it(6 he announced and I s$iled u! adorin#ly at hi$( >ust li e I "as !ro#ra$$ed to do% ,o' too a drin off a tray that a 'unny offered hi$ and "hen she offered $e a choice of the different drin s( !er !ro#ra$( I s$iled and recited( 6No than you( I+ve had $y )uota for the evenin#%6 /lthou#h I+d really not eaten or dran anythin# for hours% ,o' "as #ood at ta in# a drin and then settin# it do"n so$e"here out of the "ay li e he didn+t "ant anyone to no" he "asn+t really drin in#% Later on he+d ta e another drin or t"o( 'ut I rarely sa" hi$ drin $uch of it 'efore he set it do"n( a'andoned it and $oved on% Hu#h Hefner had 'iEarre( e1otic entertain$ent at his !arties %%%na ed "o$en !ainted li e ani$als %%%or ta$ed "ild ani$als( li e lions that "ere +"hi!!ed into sha!e+ 'y a !lay'oy 'unny% One ti$e he even had a $an dressed li e TarEan "hi!!in# a !lay#irl dressed li e ?ane% They said the #irl "as not really 'ein# hurt( that it "as >ust an illusion% I don+t no" if that "as true% There "ere often scenes li e that - $a#ic se1 sho"s% ,o' instructed $e to !ay attention( to "atch the !lay'oy 'unnies so I could ac)uire +'unny s ills+ and no" so$e of the $oves for our sho"s "ith the troo!s or #et $y ed#es !olished so I+d 'e !oised and ready for the Roc efellers% ,o' "as very i$!ressed "ith the Roc efellers% He too $e to Hefner+s 'ecause he "anted $e to 'e 6'unny trained%6 ,o' !laced !lay'oy collars on $e and at other ti$es !ut a dia$ond nec lace round $y nec for certain Ho!e occasions% It "as a sin#le ro" of dia$onds that fit ti#htly around $y nec % ,o' li ed $e to "ear the$ in !rivate% He said I "as 6in trainin#6 and that these "ere 6trainin# dia$onds%6 He said that I had 'etter #et used to "earin# dia$onds 'ecause I "ould 'e treated ri#ht $y "hole life( and so$eti$es he called $e his !rincess% -ood( drin ( "hatever anyone( e1ce!t $e( "anted( "as al"ays availa'le at Hefner+s !arties%

/"1 Cha$!a#ne fountains "ere !o!ular in those days% If so$eone delivered a drin cha$!a#ne( "ine( etc%( to $e( so$eti$es ,o' "ould let $e ta e it and then he "ould )uic ly "his it a"ay% ,o' told $e to hold $y cha$!a#ne #lass and loo !retty and s$ile 'ut not to si! it( 6Not one little si!(6 he said% 2o I didn+t% He told $e( 6One itty 'itty little si! is all it "ould ta e for your coach to turn into a !u$! in and your 'eautiful dress into ra#s% 3e don+t "ant that no" do "e46 This reference $ade to the Disney classic( tied $y su'conscious $ind 'ac into the Cinderella !ro#ra$$in# that "as installed "ithin $e for the !ur!ose of his and others control% I s$iled s"eetly and said( 6No( ,o'%6 I "as not allo"ed to eat or drin % ,o' told $e to say that I had >ust eaten and "as not hun#ry% Hefner "as !retty unavaila'le at his o"n !arties% I never ne" "hy% One ni#ht( he had the current centerfold do a little sho" for a s$all #rou! of #uests% 2he had on a red se)uined 'ody suit( red heels and a feather in her hair% 2he danced around and stri!!ed for the #uests% The $en loved it and cla!!ed and said( 6encore( encore%%%6 'ut she left and didn+t return% There "ere roo$s !eo!le could #o into to have se1 if they "anted% One 'edroo$ had a hu#e four !oster 'ed "ith 'lac satin sheets and co$forter% ,o' !ar ed $e in the corner of the roo$ "hile he had se1 "ith the !lay'oy 'unny he+d !ro!ositioned earlier% He did those inds of thin#s often% Havin# se1 "ith an availa'le #irl at a !arty and then se1 "ith $e later or I+d >ust #ive hi$ oral se1( "as not unco$$on( de!endin# on his "hi$ for the evenin#% ,o' #ot this #irl into 'ed and issed and $auled her and then #ot on to! and finished her% They see$ed to for#et that I "as in the roo$% 2he had real 'i# fir$ 'reasts( and ,o' al"ays really li ed those "ho "ere as he called it( 6fully endo"ed%6 /fter they finished they #ot out of 'ed and ,o' issed her hand and she #ot dressed and left( closin# the 'i# "ooden dou'le doors 'ehind her% ,o' $otioned for $e to co$e over to hi$ and I !ic ed his clothes u! off the floor and 'e#an redressin# hi$% He al"ays loved that #a$e% I held his 'o1ers as he !ut first one le# in and then the other% 3hile I hel!ed hi$ he said( 6I don+t no" "hat I+d do "ithout ya id%6 I s$iled lovin#ly as !ro#ra$$ed and retrieved his shirt and hel!ed hi$ on "ith it% The 'uttons "ere difficult and he said( 63he"( it too a lot less to +#et it on+ than it see$ed to #ettin# it off06 /nd then he+d lau#h at his o"n se1ual >o e% ,o' said( 62e1 is a state of $ind% / state of $ine I+d li e to live in06 I nelt do"n and !ut his soc s and shoes 'ac on( co$'ed his hair and "e ree$er#ed to#ether and >oined the !arty% I didn+t no" $ost of the !eo!le% ,o' said to a heavyset $an in a tu1 "ho I also didn+t reco#niEe( 6This one+s $ine%6 6It+s a !leasure to $eet you( sir%6 I said s$ilin#% Ruic ly( ,o' )ui!!ed( 62he "as trained at the *loria 2"anson 2chool of Manners%6 /nd everyone around includin# the $an lau#hed% The $an too $y hand !olitely 'ut he "as also lau#hin#% I al"ays thou#ht !eo!le "ere lau#hin# at $e 'ecause I "as stu!id( I "asn+t a'le to 'e a"are that they "ere lau#hin# at ,o'+s >o es% I never could 6#et6 the >o es( 'ecause I "as !ro#ra$$ed not to 'e a'le to thin a'out the$% If nothin# "as availa'le to hi$ se1ually ,o' "ould ta e $e to a hotel or "e "ent ho$e and had se1% He al"ays scored( either "ay% /t another Hefner !arty( "hen "e arrived( ,o' said to Hefner( 6Loo "ho follo"ed $e ho$e%6

/"7 Hefner said( 6Not 'ad ,o'( not 'ad% Hey( tell $e( "here "ere you "al in#4 /re there any $ore li e her46 ,o' said( 6No they 'ro e the $old after they $ade this one%6 Hefner lau#hed and they shoo hands a#ain% He used 'oth of his hands in his handsha e "ith ,o'% He reached out in a re#ular handsha e and then !ut his other hand on to!% In ee!in# "ith his usual routine( Hu#h Hefner said( 6E1cuse $e ,o'( I have so$e i$!ortant $atters to attend to% You and your lady en>oy% That+s "hat it+s all a'out here%6 /nd he "in ed and "al ed a"ay% TarEan and ?ane and a lion "ere at this !arty% The TarEan #uy had heavy $a e-u! that $ade hi$ loo tan and he had 'londe hair and a 'eautiful 'ody% 2o did ?ane% The lion "as very s$all% I "as allo"ed to touch hi$ and the tan fur on its 'ac "as so neat it loo ed li e it had 'een evenly shaved% 2uddenly( the lion turned around and o!ened his $outh and it really scared $e0 He had 'i# teeth% ,o' lau#hed at $y reaction and said( 6Honey( $ay'e you+d li e to have one of these at ho$e% Lions and ti#ers and 'ears( oh $y06 /nd as he cleverly "eaved in a line to +re$ind+ $e of $y 3iEard of OE !ro#ra$$in#( he lau#hed a#ain and so did the !eo!le "ho "ere standin# around% Little did they no" that ,o' Ho!e had >ust $asterfully delivered one of the !ro#ra$ !hrases intended to ee! $e fro$ re$e$'erin# the life I "as livin#( servin# hi$ as a total $ind-controlled se1 slave% Later at the !arty there "as a hu#e s)uare-tiled sho"er "ith clear #lass sides and several noEEles% Lots of $en and "o$en all #ot in it at the sa$e ti$e and ru''ed soa! all over the$selves and then ru''ed u! a#ainst each other and it ended in a hu#e or#y% &ersonally( ,o' li ed $ore of the one-on-one stuff( 'ut li ed to "atch $e 'e involved "ith #rou!s( or to "atch individual cou!les have se1% 2o$eti$es so$eone fro$ the Council !re-!ro#ra$$ed $e to deliver a $essa#e to so$e entertainer or cele'rity at a !arty they ne" I "as #oin# to attend% I don+t thin ,o' even ne" so$e of the $essa#es I "as deliverin#% I "as instructed to hold the $essa#e until I had #otten 6in6 on the tar#eted !erson and then after I had $ade eye contact and had their full attention( I "as to carefully 6dro! the $essa#e6 al"ays $aintainin# eye contact% I "as usually very )uiet( and "hen I "ould deliver these Council $essa#es( ,o' "as not al"ays a"are I "as #oin# to s!ea % He "as often cau#ht off #uard and "ould >o e a'out lovin# to 'e "ith $e 'ecause he never ne" "hat "ould co$e out of $y $outh fro$ one $inute to the ne1t% He told !eo!le that I had natural "it( 'ut I "as really !ro#ra$$ed 'y others to deliver clever $essa#es( tailor-$ade for certain select individuals% /t one of Hefner+s !arties( ,o' had $e "ear a 'lac ( for$-fittin#( lon# slin y( stra!less and lo"-cut evenin# #o"n% / "hite flo"er "as !inned over $y left 'reast% I carried a 'lac clutch and "ore 'lac hi#h heels% 3e arrived at the !arty in one of ,o'+s li$os% The li$o drivers al"ays "aited for us in case ,o' "anted to leave at any ti$e% 2o$eti$es ,o' "ould ta e $e to the car for se1 durin# the !arty or for a 6little tal 6 a'out $y 'ehavior or a'out "hat to "atch for or re$e$'er% He li ed to do s!an in#s "hen I "as nau#hty and he "ould $a e $e !ull u! $y dress and lay na ed over his la! to 'e s!an ed%

/"0 I "as trained for that to 'e a 6turn on6 and "hen this ha!!ened( he #ot real turned on and the se1 "as 'etter for hi$% /t the !arties "e attended at Hefner+s( the $en did not usually sho" u! "ith their "ives% The ni#hts I "as there( it see$ed li e there "as an uns!o en rule that "ives "ere not allo"ed( as if it "as their e1clusive +$en+s clu'+ "here re!eat "o$en "ere occasional( 'ut no "ives allo"ed% The roo$s "ere often s$o y and loud and the !eo!le( es!ecially the "o$en( "ere so $ade u! they loo ed !lastic% /t one !arty( ,o' too $e into a 'ac 'edroo$ "here a !lay'oy 'unny "as su!!osed to 6teach $e so$e thin#s%6 2he lay na ed on a "hite fur ru# and touched herself all over in front of ,o' and $e% ,o' stoo!ed do"n and told $e to )uietly and #ently ste! into her "orld% The t"o of us "ere touchin# each other "hile ,o' said( 63hat a thin# of 'eauty you 'oth are( li e a !iece of 'eautiful art"or %6 The !lay'oy 'unny too off $y dress and 'e#an !erfor$in# oral se1 on $e "hile ,o' "atched% I a$ not sure e1actly "hat I 6learned(6 'ut fro$ then on( I had lots of !lay'oy 'unny costu$es - 'unny collars( feathers to "ear on $y 'otto$( and hi#h heel shoes to $atch% I ended u! 6treatin#6 $any $en at ,o'+s !arties to thin#s I had 6learned%6 2o$eti$es I danced( too% I thin lots of thin#s $ay have 'een fil$ed "ithout $y no"led#e% They used dancin# often in !orno#ra!hy% ,o' "ould sna! his fin#er "hen it "as all over and I "as to 6sna! out of it(6 #et u! and #o ho$e "ith hi$ or do so$ethin# else% 2o$e !arts of $e "anted $y $o$ to hel! $e( or #et $e out of there( 'ut she never could% ,o' "ould !ut a !lay'oy collar around $y nec and say( 6Is this your nec lace or your collar46 I "as !ro#ra$$ed to res!ond to "earin# those collars% 3hen the 'unny collar "as on( out ca$e 2tarlite the se1y sho" #irl !ersonality% 2o$eti$es ,o' "ould !ut the collar on $e at his ho$e( 6>ust for the fun of it(6 he "ould say% The dia$ond collars or nec laces "ere reserved for use "ith the &residents and other hi#her-u!s% 3hen it "as ti$e to leave( ,o' #ot our coats fro$ the 'utler and "e left% T"o youn#er handso$e $en( in suits( "ho "ere 'uff and loo ed sort of li e 2ecret 2ervice a#ents( follo"ed directly 'ehind us and stayed "ith us until "e entered the 'lac li$o that !ic ed us u! out front% It see$ed li e they "ere #uardin# ,o' until "e #ot to the safety of the li$o% 2o$eho" the li$o drivers "ere al"ays there or close 'y and i$$ediately 'rou#ht the car around "hen ,o' a!!eared% Once in the li$o ,o' "ould as $e for a foot or nec ru' or oral se1 and( as !ro#ra$$ed( I co$!lied% This ni#ht he as ed for a foot $assa#e% 6*olden foot a"ard(6 ,o' said% 6May'e I could $ana#e to "in the #olden foot a"ard since I can+t ever see$ to $ana#e a "hole Oscar(6 he said( lau#hin# at his o"n >o e% Dean Martin I "as usually one of the youn#est #irls at the !arties and $ost of the $en "ere !retty old% Dean Martin "as at a !arty one ni#ht and he "as drun % He "anted $e to sit on

//= his la!% Loo in# over at ,o' slyly( Dean said( 6Co$e on ,o'( share so$e of your !retty youn# stuff%6 I loo ed to ,o' for direction and he ans"ered( 6O ay(6 s$ilin# 'roadly at his friend% 2hyly( I "ent over and sat on Dean Martin+s la!% /ll eyes in the roo$ "ere no" on Dean% He too one of the stra!s fro$ $y dress do"n as everyone cheered hi$ on% I loo ed over at ,o'( feelin# shy and scared 'ut s$ilin#( as $y !ro#ra$$in# dictated% Then Dean too the other stra! do"n( !ulled $y dress do"n( and #ra''ed $y 'reast% 3ith each $ove he $ade he slo"ly turned to ,o'( as in# for !er$ission( 6,o'( can I ta e her 'ra off46 6Yes(6 ,o' said "ith a sly s$ile on his face as everyone continued to cheer% 6,o'( can I !ut one of her 'reasts in $y $outh46 /nd as ,o' #ave his !er$ission( Dean !ut his drin and ci#arette do"n and leaned over to suc on $y 'reast% He stun li e hard li)uor% His eyes "ere all 'loodshot and he s!o e slo"ly and slurred% He scared $e 'ecause I didn+t no" if he "ould hurt $e% Then he as ed ,o' if he could re$ove $y dress to "hich ,o' re!lied( 6Yes(6 "hile the #rou! hailed hi$ a#ain% /fter re$ovin# $y dress( Dean as ed( 6,o'( can I re$ove her !anties46 ,o' said it "as all ri#ht "ith hi$ and so Dean too off $y !anties and laid $e over a ta'le and 'e#an stic in# his fin#er in $e% I "as $ovin# all around and $a in# se1ual noises( li e I had 'een trained to do% /ll the !eo!le "atchin# "ere #ettin# turned on and it started #rou! se1% 3hen Dean "as finished( ,o' ca$e over to 6rescue $e(6 too $e to the 'athroo$( sli!!ed $e into the sho"er and told $e to #et dressed( that "e "ere #oin# ho$e to our o"n !rivate !arty( no" that Dean had "ar$ed $e u!% Later that evenin# a $an I didn+t no" a!!roached us and said( 6,o'( you $ust tell $e your secret% You $ust have so$ethin# you+re not tellin# a'out if you can attract the attentions of a !retty youn# #irl li e this% 2o tell $e%%% "hat+s your secret46 ,o' loo ed snidely at hi$ and said( 6*eritol%6 /nd then he lau#hed and said( 6You don+t thin I+d tell you $y secret do you4 Then it "ouldn+t 'e a secret any lon#er and you+d 'e #ettin# the !retty youn# stuff instead of $e%6 /nd then they 'oth lau#hed 'ut the $an still see$ed very curious( li e he "ondered ho" ,o' did it% 6Is he !ayin# you lar#e su$s of $oney46 the $an as ed $e% 6No( sir( it+s a !leasure >ust to 'e "ith ,o'(6 I s$iled( loo in# adorin#ly u! to ,o' li e I "as !ro#ra$$ed to do% The $an shoo his head and said( 63ell it+s 'een a !leasure to see you a#ain ,o' and to $eet you Miss %%%"hat did you say her na$e "as46 63eather'y % % % 2haron 3eather'y%6 /nd the $an s$iled and said( 6/ !leasure(6 and "al ed a"ay% The $ore that I attracted the attention of other $en( the $ore ,o' "anted $e se1ually that ni#ht% -ran 2inatra ,o' Ho!e and -ran 2inatra !layed #olf to#ether% 3hen I "as "ith the$ on the course( ,o' told $e to call -ran 2inatra( 67ncle -ran 6 or 67ncle -ran ie%6 Over the years( 67ncle -ran ie(6 "ould sho" u! as ,o'+s re!resentative( +the heavy(+ to #et $e +'ac in line%+ He see$ed to >ust a!!ear at a !lace I "as ta en to and "ould let $e see hi$ and then )uic ly leave% ?ust the si#ht of hi$ "as terrifyin# 'ecause of the violent e1!eriences I

//" had "ith hi$ fro$ the ti$e I "as a teena#er on% -ran 2inatra "as connected hi#h u! in the Mo' - very hi#h u!% 7ncle -ran ie dis!layed so$e Catholic 'ehaviors and used Catholic >ar#on and see$ed sincere as "hen he tal ed a'out his love for his fa$ily and country( 'ut his actions "ere never su!!ortive of "hat he es!oused to 'elieve% He arran#ed( easily and "ith no re$orse( $any !eo!les+ deaths( so$eti$es e1!lainin# to the hit $en e1actly ho" he "anted it done-at ti$es "hile he "as havin# se1 "ith $e% He once told this #uy to dis$e$'er this $an and thro" his ar$ to the shar s% 6Let the $an stay alive to "atch the shar eat his ar$ and then do li e"ise "ith his le#( 'ut $a e sure he is still alive and "atchin# so you #uys "ill have to do it )uic ly% 7se a chain sa" for all I care and tell the 'astard his "hole 'ody "ill 'e ne1t and that his ar$ and le# "ere >ust a!!etiEers for the shar s%6 I "as horrified 'ut ne" 'etter than to even ac no"led#e I heard anythin#( so I s$iled and acted li e I "asn+t even listenin# and "ent to se1ually satisfy hi$ to insure $y safety% -ran said( 63ait a $inute doll( I have to attend to 'usiness first%6 2o I lay there and "aited( runnin# $y hands in short little nervous $otions all over his chest% /fter the hit $an left( -ran started 'itin# $e all over and acted li e he "as in a #ood $ood and "as !layin# "ith $e% ,ut I "ill tell you he thou#ht nothin# of havin# so$eone illed and there "ere ti$es I overheard hi$ as for a !ersonal ite$ of the !ersons returned to hi$ for assurance that the >o' had 'een done% One ti$e he thre" a rin# fro$ a $an he+d had illed into a "ater"ay% The "ater "as flo"in# fast and he told $e the rin# "ould 'e s"e!t far a"ay fro$ "here he had ori#inally du$!ed it% I >ust s$iled and too his hand% I "as al"ays tryin# to !lease hi$ in order to stay alive% ,in# Cros'y One Christ$as( ,o' #ave $e as a sur!rise se1ual !resent to his #ood friend and !eer( ,in# Cros'y% ,in# had >ust finished the ta!in# of his Christ$as sho"% ,o' had $e installed and "aitin# in a closet in ,in#+s dressin# roo$ and I "as instructed to( 62tand there li e a $anne)uin( "ithout $ovin# until ,in# o!ens the door%6 ,o' !ut $e into a +stay stiff li e a $anne)uin+ instruction $ode and "ra!!ed $e "ith a hu#e red ri''on and 'o"% Other"ise I "as totally na ed% / card "as attached to the ri''on% ,o' instructed $e to 6stay !ut(6 until ,in# o!ened the closet% /s he closed the closet door on $e( ,o' said( 6You+ll 'e o ay%6 3hen ,in# o!ened the closet to #et a chan#e of clothes( there I "as( totally na ed( clad in a red ri''on and holdin# a #reetin# card% ,in# started lau#hin# and read a !ortion of the card out loud( 6a f-- $e doll4406 /nd he lau#hed and lau#hed% He lau#hed so hard he 'ent over and held his sto$ach% ,in# too off his tu1 and !ut his >ac et over the 'ac of the chair( laid the rest of his clothes on the seat and stood there "earin# only his 'lac to! hat( shoes and soc s% He had on the ind of soc s that had 'lac elastic holdin# the$ u!% He e!t "atchin# $e( never ta in# his eyes off $e "hile he "as chan#in# his clothes% He see$ed e1cited a'out this #ift( 'ut he also see$ed a!!rehensive% There "ere instructions on the cardD I no"( 'ecause he laid it do"n and I read and retained it in $y !hoto#ra!hic $e$ory% It said( 6This lovely youn# lady is yours for the evenin#% You can+t "ear her do"n% 2he "ill !lease you in every "ay i$a#ina'le% You have

/// only to reach out( ta e her left hand( s)ueeEe it and say( +Co$e on honey( "e+re #oin# ho$e%+ Oh( 'y the "ay( !ut a raincoat on her "hile you+re in trans!ort( she didn+t co$e "ith clothes%6 2o ,in# too $y hand and led $e out of the closet% He acted li e I "ould 'rea or "a e u! or so$ethin#% He treated $e li e I "asn+t real% He "as very cautious at first% ,in# and I #ot into a "aitin# li$o and "ent to a !enthouse a!art$ent( 6to un"ind(6 ,in# said% It "as his ho$e a"ay fro$ ho$e( a safe !lace( he said( li e in the son# 6u! on the roof%6 He san# and danced a little and I sat on the 'ed and "atched hi$% He san# so$e old son# that I had never heard of and he loo ed ancient 'ut al"ays had a s$ile on his face% It see$ed li e he danced out of nervousness( of not no"in# )uite "hat to do% He never loo ed a"ay fro$ $e for a $inute% Then he ca$e over( undid the tie on $y raincoat and slo"ly undid the 'uttons% I "as 'arefoot and $y feet "ere !ur!le and cold% He !ulled do"n the 'ed covers and I cli$'ed in( and he 'e#an touchin# $e( still "ith his o"n clothes on( "hen the !hone ran#% He !ut the receiver aside "hile the !erson "as tal in# on the other end% He lau#hed ind of a" "ardly and "his!ered to $e( 6?ust last $inute instructions fro$ ,o'06 ,in# hun# u! and said( as if I could not hear or co$!rehend( 6,o' said to ru' here in circular $otions to turn you on to HOT06 He 'e#an ru''in# circular $otions around $y 'elly 'utton( activatin# $y se1ual !assion touch !ro#ra$s( and I 'e#an to do the !ro#ra$$ed 6ohhhhhh6 $oans and he #ot an erection after hearin# that and !ulled off his !ants "hile he "as still ru''in#% It "as as if he !erceived $e as a ro'ot and "as afraid of not no"in# ho" to "or $e %%%afraid so$ethin# $i#ht #o "ron#% I "ent into $y dancin# $ode on the 'ed and too off the rest of his clothes% I did li e ,o' had instructed $e( 6Tell hi$ you+re drea$in# of a 3hite Christ$as and then "in %6 Once I had delivered that( I !erfor$ed oral se1 and ru''ed hi$ all over% Then I cli$'ed on to! of hi$ and satisfied hi$ se1ually% He+d had a drin in the li$o that $i1ed "ith his colo#ne( and he s$elled li e alcohol% /fter "e "ere throu#h( he "ent ri#ht to slee!% I curled u! 'eside hi$ and fell aslee!( too% May'e all this "as to $a e sure he had that 3hite Christ$as he "as drea$in# of% 2o$eti$e later( the !hone ran# and "o e us u!% He #ot dressed( !ut $e 'ac into the raincoat and escorted $e do"n the elevator to a "aitin# li$o% He stayed and I left in the li$o and "as not ta en 'ac to ,o'+s 'ut instead "as ta en to the air!ort and flo"n ho$e% The li$o driver #ave $e clothes to !ut on( and "hen I #ot on the air!lane I sle!t the "hole fli#ht ho$e( li e I "as al"ays !ro#ra$$ed to do% You Can 2lee! /ll the 3ay Ho$e My !ro#ra$$ed $other !ic ed $e u! at L/@ /ir!ort and handed $e a 'ro"n !a!er 'a# "ith $y o"n clothes in it% I ro'otically "ent into the air!ort 'athroo$( chan#ed into $y o"n clothes( and "ent out to $y $other( "ho si$!ly said( 63e+re #oin# ho$e( honey% You can slee! all the "ay ho$e%6 I sle!t all the "ay ho$e in the car% 3hen "e arrived at the house( I cra"led into $y o"n 'ed and 'uried all $e$ory of this occasion( li e all others 'efore it( dee! into $y su'conscious $ind( as $y !ro#ra$$in# co$$anded% If it "as ni#htti$e "hen I returned( I "as instructed to "ash a"ay all re$e$'rances of the evenin# "ith a ni#htti$e 'ath% The hy!notic co$$and e$'edded in

//3 $y !ro#ra$$ed $ind "as( 6/ll that ha!!ened "ill #o do"n the drain "ith the "ater and "ill 'e for#otten and #one forever%6 Then( I could #o to slee!% If for so$e reason I didn+t have ti$e for a 'ath 'efore I left ,o'+s to return to 3oodland Hills( I "as instructed to ta e one at ho$e 'efore I "ent to 'ed and it had the sa$e a$nesiac effect% In those days( I felt very tired $ost of the ti$e% 2o$e days I had to #o to hi#h school the ne1t day or( later on( to colle#e( and "o e u! "ith $y eyes 'urnin# and $y $a e-u! still on fro$ the ni#ht 'efore% My $other al"ays had trou'le "a in# $e in the $ornin#s% There "ere ti$es she or $y father "ould !our "ater over $y head in an atte$!t to "a e $e% On "ee ends( I "as allo"ed to slee! until :: or :A o+cloc if I "anted% I could never fi#ure out "hy I "as al"ays so e1hausted% No" I no" "hy% Durin# $y hi#h school years( ,o' said he "as trainin# $e to 'e a starlet( 'ut he "as really trainin# $e to !rivately entertain his rich !olitical and cele'rity friends( or the troo!s% It "as durin# these early years that I 'e#an 'ein# heavily accessed and !ro#ra$$ed 'y the Council( for use "ith $any influential $en and "o$en in !ositions of !o"er% My use "ithin #overn$ent circles "as #uaranteed to 'e security !roof due to the $ind control I "as under% They felt $y !ro#ra$$in# e!t the infor$ation I carried fro$ $y o"n a"areness and fro$ access 'y others "ho did not no" the eys and codes to $y syste$% ,ut "hat those in #overn$ent did not see$ to no" "as that the Council also had the a'ility to access $e% They "ere secretly sli!!in# in their o"n !sycholo#ically tested and carefully researched $essa#es for $e to deliver to !residents( #overnors( senators( forei#n leaders( entertainers( and $any other !eo!le "ho "ere in !ositions of !o"er or !u'lic influence% The Council studied !eo!le+s !rofiles and ne" e1actly "hat their li es and disli es "ere( their se1ual !references( and any other infor$ation that could 'e used to influence !eo!le in "ays the !erson "as never even a"are of% The Council !re-!ro#ra$$ed $e "ith instructions( all 'ased on careful !rior research of the tar#eted !erson%%% "hat to "ear( ho" to act( "hat ty!e of se1ual stance to ta e( s!ecific "ords or !hrases to say( and the 'est ti$e to deliver the$% The Council al"ays "or ed u! a co$!lete strate#y and never sent $e to a tar#eted !erson un!re!ared% In these "ays( they influenced #overn$ent leaders to act in their o"n favor( to !ass or veto la"s or 'ills that 'enefited their cor!orate holdin#s( to 'rin# into office those !eo!le "ho could 'e used as !a"ns( to influence >ud#es and #overn$ent a#encies( to enlist lar#e su$s of $onies( and to control !eo!le in all "al s of life% My e1!erience "as that the Council "as !u'licly na$eless and un no"n( and this anony$ity is "hat $ade it !ossi'le for the$ to "ield !o"er over the $asses% -ro$ $y !ers!ective( these individuals actin# in the shado"s actually dictated in a su'versive and incons!icuous $anner the direction our #overn$ent too at the ti$e% They "ere connected to !o"erful !eo!le li e ,o' Ho!e( throu#h $e as their secret liaison( thou#h I "as !ro#ra$$ed not to 'e a"are of it% They felt they had their identities and security loc ed u! ti#ht%


6Co$$and those "ho are rich in this !resent "orld not to 'e arro#ant nor to !ut their ho!e in "ealth( "hich is so uncertain( 'ut to !ut their ho!e in *od( "ho richly !rovides us "ith everythin# for our en>oy$ent%6 -- I Ti$othy L5:<

//8 ,rice Taylor - Than s for the Me$ories Cha1ter E%6hteen: Gerald Ford I called -ord( 6Henry(6 tryin# to >o e "ith hi$ so he "ouldn+t 'e so 'rutal 'ut he usually "as any"ay( des!ite $y atte$!ts at hu$or% -ord 'e#an "ith $e early( as he li ed youn# #irls% He "as into fantasies and often li ed for $e to "ear an eye $as % 3e had se1 often( es!ecially durin# the ti$e Rea#an "as *overnor of California% He li ed violent se1tyin# $e u!( handcuffs( s!an in#s( sla!!in#( and all that ind of 2KM stuff% He en>oyed the "hi!s and chains routine( and li ed to tie $e u! "ith thic 'lac leather stra!s% He sla!!ed $e fre)uently% Often after he satisfied hi$self se1ually "ith $e( 'lood "ould dri! do"n $y le#s% It "as so !ainful that I felt li e I "as not only s!littin# in $y rectu$ or va#ina( 'ut the e1cruciatin# !ain e1!loded u! into $y head and out $y ar$s and fin#erti!s% *erald -ord re)uired violent se1 in order to or#as$% He >o ed a'out needin#( 6the chain #i# in order to #et off%6 His >o es "ere very crude% He "as in !olitics a lon# ti$e and often traveled in !olitical circles% He "as 6one of the #ood old 'oys6 and had $a>or Mo' connections% He "ore his o"n #un in a shoulder holster and "as afraid for $e to re$ove it% 6I don+t trust you "ith the #un(6 he said and he lau#hed% He "as a short &resident and !retty hairy% 3hile he "as violent se1ually he still "as not as 'rutal as Ted .ennedy% -ord "ore nice clothes( sil shorts and #ood )uality suits( and he "as very !roud of the$% -or so$e reason( these $o' #uys "ere into e1!ensive( )uality clothes% I don+t no" "hy that "as( 'ut i$a#e "as very i$!ortant to the$% There "as lots of $o' involve$ent "hen Ni1on "as &resident and -ord "as Vice &resident( and it didn+t sto! "hen Ni1on ste!!ed do"n% 2a$e $o' involve$ent( >ust a fe" different !layers "ho "ere close friends of ?erry% -ord had $ore $o' or#aniEations 'ehind hi$ than Ni1on did( so he had lots of !eo!le to #ive favors to "hen he "as in the 3hite House% He "as very corru!t% He had to 'e in a "heelchair 'riefly for so$ethin#% I don+t no" "hat ha!!ened 'ut they $ana#ed to ee! it hushed u!% He had a 'anda#e li e he+d 'een shot or "ounded or o!erated on% I don+t no" e1actly "hat ha!!ened( 'ut I felt a little safer "hen he "as in the "heelchair% 7nfortunately( he "asn+t in it lon# enou#h to suit $y needs% -ord didn+t treat $e li e I "as real% He often hurt $e and "as convinced that I "as >ust a $achine 'uilt for his !leasure% It "as true that I "as a non-thin in# slave that o'eyed every co$$and( 'ut it did re#ister "ithin $e "hen I "as a'used and treated cruelly% Durin# the ti$e he "as Vice &resident( I re$e$'er hi$ attendin# a ri''on-cuttin# cere$ony% There "as a 'eautiful "hite #aEe'o on a lar#e la"n and he "as there to cut the yello" ri''on% *erald -ord !artici!ated in $any of these #rand o!enin#s% He "as 'oo ed into these ty!es of !u'lic a!!earances in order to enhance his i$a#e as a +#ood citiEen%+ ,ut( in $y o!inion( he "as not% /ny"ay( he cut the ri''on "ith a lar#e !air of scissors and then the cro"d cla!!ed and cheered and re!orters too his !icture% 2oon he #ot into a 'lac li$o( "here I "as "aitin# in the 'ac ( and "as driven a"ay% I "as !laced there to deliver a $essa#e to hi$ fro$ the Council% Then( I had to #et do"n on $y nees in the 'ac of the li$o( unEi! his !ants and #ive hi$ oral se1% He held onto a stun #un in his left

//+ hand the "hole ti$e% ?ust 'efore he or#as$ed I cli$'ed on to! of hi$ and $oved around until he ca$e( after "hich he activated the stun #un near $y tail'one% He $ade a 'unch of >o es a'out $y na$e 'ein# the sa$e as his dau#hter+s% Li e( 6You+re not su!!osed to f-- in(6 or 6That "as #reat 2usan -ord%6 Correctin# hi$( a 2ecret 2ervice a#ent said( 6You+re not su!!ose to ever use her na$e( 2ir%6 -ord s$iled $aliciously and said( 6It+s $y na$e( too( and I+ll use it "henever I !lease%6 He never li ed to 'e corrected or told "hat to do% Henry .issin#er #ot an#ry "ith hi$ a'out that( also% ,o' Ho!e !layed #olf all over the "orld "ith his friend( 6?erry -ord%6 That+s "hat ,o' called hi$% -ord "as a $uch 'etter #olfer than ,o'( 'ut ,o' al"ays shru##ed it off and said( 6I >ust had a 'ad day today%6 He said that often% The 2ecret 2ervice stayed close( 'ut let the$ have their s!ace and they usually !layed "hen there "eren+t other !eo!le on the course% 3hen -ord "as Vice &resident and ,o' "ould tal a'out Ni1on or other !olitical a#endas( "hen the tal #ot heavy ,o' "ould loo over to $e( !oint to the cart( and say( 6Hey honey( ta e five(6 and I+d "ait to 'e called 'ac % ,o' said they #ot very i$!ortant "or done on the course( so$eti$es $ore so than "hat "ent on durin# re#ular "or routines% One ti$e( 6?erry(6 as ,o' al"ays called hi$( had on a Ni1on "atch% The round "atch had a red( "hite( and 'lue 'and and a !icture of Ni1on in the $iddle% It "as a caricatureD not his real !icture and -ord said he loo ed 6 inda stu!id%6 Callin# ,o' over( ?erry lifted his sleeve to sho" hi$ the "atch and I overheard hi$ say( 6This asshole doesn+t no" the ti$e of day(6 and he too the "atch off( thre" in on the #reen and sto$!ed it "ith his foot% 3ith a su'tle nervous sort of lau#h( ,o' said( 6You+re very serious a'out this I can see%6 ,o' li ed to !lay it cool "ith all the !oliticians( es!ecially !residents% He had a rule a'out not $a in# ne#ative co$$ents to one !olitician !uttin# do"n another% He said( 6It is only di!lo$acy( "hich is essential in this 'usiness%6 I "as re)uired to have se1 "ith -ord as Ni1on+s Vice &resident and as &resident( 'ut not ever as $uch as I did "ith Ni1on or Rea#an% I had se1 "ith -ord as V& "hen he and Ni1on "ere in different locations% ,ush and Rea#an a!!eared at !laces to#ether occasionally( 'ut Ni1on and -ord never did that I "as a"are of% Henry .issin#er stayed connected to -ord( 'ut at $ore of a distance after Ni1on ste!!ed do"n% -ord had connections all over the !lace% 3hen Ni1on ste!!ed do"n -ord "as ri#ht there--#rinnin# li e a shar "aitin# for the s!oils--he and his $o' 'uddies loved the o!!ortunity to run the country fro$ their !ers!ective% I heard one of the$ say that at a !rivate $eetin#% I "as !resent at that $eetin# "ith directions to have se1 "ith -ord and #ive hi$ a Council $essa#e after se1% I "ent alon# "ith ,o' on #olfin# tri!s to caddy for hi$ at ti$es "hen he #olfed "ith different !residents% He >o in#ly called $e( 6.atie the Caddy%6 ,o' used $e as a caddy so that no one could hear the sensitive nature of the conversations he had "ith !ro$inent !eo!le% He often assured his #uest at the clu' that I "as una'le to thin ( that I "as

//1 retarded and that $ost anythin#% could 'e said in front of $e and I "ouldn+t understand% He !layed $e for a retarded !erson( at ti$es( 'ut other !eo!le ne" I "as really >ust a ro'ot% /ny"ay( I had to hand ,o' the correct #olf clu' and I "as instructed to antici!ate his every need% I ne" "hich clu' he !referred at each hole% I never "as allo"ed to $a e a $ista e and he "ould al"ays "in at $e >ust 'efore he "ould s"in#% He "his!ered in $y ear that it "as >ust for luc % He said I "as his #ood luc char$% He said that often to $e in Ve#as( too% In Las Ve#as he "ould "ant $e to hold onto his ar$ "hile he shot the dice or !layed ,accarat% ,o'+s attitude "as $uch different after the #a$e( if he lost% 3hen he "on he "as in a #reat $ood and "ould 'e ha!!y and acted li e he "as real hot% I handed ?erry+s clu's to hi$ also( 'ut "hen I did( I+d s$ile and say( 6Mr% &resident( 2ir( ho" a'out this one46 He occasionally s$o ed a s$all "hite ti!!ed ci#ar on the #reen and had $e hold it for hi$ "hile he s"un#% Once "hile I "as holdin# ?erry+s ci#ar( ,o' said to $e( 6Hey 'e careful "ith those $a#ic hands of yours%6 2e1 "as al"ays on his $ind% 3hen I handed the clu' to ,o' he "ould say( 6I li e that choice honey( let+s #ive her a try%6 /nd if he+d $iss a shot or scre" u! he+d 'la$e it on a 'ad choice of the clu' or iron I selected% To cover hi$self( he+d say( 6Let+s use a seven iron on that ne1t shot( I thin it+ll 'e a 'etter choice for the condition of this #reen%6 I also #ot do"n( !ut the tees in the #round and set the 'all u! for ,o' and his friends if they "anted or needed it( unless they had their o"n caddy% The #olf course in &al$ 2!rin#s had a lot of sand on the course% ,o' !rovided a visor for $e to "ear on the #reen and often sla!!ed $y 'otto$ and said thin#s li e( 6I >ust li e to re$ind $yself "hat+s u! for later%6 Other ti$es he+d have $e dressed in those little !leated short s irts "ith the little !anties attached% Durin# the course of the afternoon "hen ,o' "ould stic his head under $y s irt( I+d >ust s$ile 'rainlessly and do a +To$$y 2$others act+ and everyone "ould al"ays lau#h% Or( he+d !ull $y s irt u! and $ess around "ith it( sho"in# everyone "hat he "as findin#( li e the fact that the !anties "ere se"n to the s irt and everyone thou#ht it "as so funny% He used $e li e a sidesho" act and told !eo!le( 6she+s the 'utt of $y >o es06 Often after they finished the course( I had to #ive -ord oral se1 or he+d have se1 "ith $e usually standin# u! 'ac "ards% This "as e1tre$ely !ainful 'ecause of the thic ness of his erection( and I could hardly "al later and I often 'led after"ardsD 'ut he li ed 'est to sit do"n and receive oral se1% It "as al"ays )uite a $outhful "ith hi$ and he+d ra$ it do"n $y throat 'y !ushin# $y head do"n real hard on hi$% -ord once said( 6This is the 'est !art of the #a$e%6 3hen he "as finished "ith $e $y $outh often crac ed and 'led% 2o$eti$es I did it in the 'ac of a li$o or in a side roo$ at the #olf course% Other ti$es ,o' "ould ta e -ord 'ac to his house and tell hi$( 6En>oy her%6 /nd( he+d leave $e alone 'y the !ool "ith -ord or in a 'edroo$% 3hen -ord "as finished( he+d >ust leave $e a'ru!tly% Then I+d >ust sit and stare strai#ht ahead "aitin# for ,o' to tell $e "hat to do ne1t% /fter I had children( -ord teased $e that he $ay have 'een the father of $y child and he "ould as $e( 6Ho"+s >unior46 He "as res!onsi'le for a lot of the $o' violence that ha!!ened to $e durin# the $id to late <G+s% He al"ays "anted to insure that I "as

//7 +contained(+ so he even had his $o' 'uddies co$e to $y ho$e to rou#h u! $y children and $e% I "as re)uired to have se1 "ith *erald -ord on Than s#ivin# Holidays at ,i# ,ear and ,i# 2ur% One holiday he >o in#ly said to ,o'( 6This is one of the thin#s I a$ $ost than ful for(6 and they 'oth lau#hed% Most of "hat I 6thou#ht6 "ere our fa$ily vacations "ere actually ti$es I s!ent servicin# $en fro$ all over% 63hen you did it to the least of $y 'rethren( you did it to $e%6 -- Matt% AF5IG

//0 ,rice Taylor - Than s for the Me$ories( !! :FF-:F< Cha1ter N%neteen: My )ro6ra!!ed Marr%a6e : We3'e Only +2st Be62n In $y 6conscious and !u'lic life6 I entered >unior colle#e at &ierce Colle#e in 3oodland Hills( >ust after $y Hi#h 2chool #raduation in -e'ruary of :;L;% : "or ed to"ard a de#ree in !sycholo#y% Crai#+s fa$ily felt it "ould 'e #ood for hi$ to #o a"ay for colle#e so he left for the 7niversity of Colorado at ,oulder and lasted there for a year% His #rades "ere !oor and "e ended u! s!endin# all of our $oney on !osta#e and !lane fares to visit each other% /fter Crai#+s return to California( he 'e#an attendin# Valley 2tate Colle#e( "hich is no" California 2tate 7niversity at Northrid#e( "ith his eye on an eventual de#ree in dentistry% I "or ed a four-day "ee as a dental assistant for a 3oodland Hills orthodontist na$ed Michel N% ?aco'y( D%D%2% Crai# !ro!osed $arria#e in /u#ust of :;<G( offerin# $e a rin# he "or ed a cou!le of years to !ay for% Our !lans "ere to 'e $arried one year later on /u#ust A:( :;<:% Due to the $ind control and cross-!ro#ra$$in# "e "ere 'oth under( "e had no "ay of no"in# that our $arria#e !lans "ere not really our o"n% -ollo"in# the secret !lan( $y father offered t"o o!tions% O!tion one "as to have a 'i# "eddin#% O!tion t"o "as to for#o the lar#e "eddin# and( instead( ta e the $oney and use it on a lavish honey$oon in Ha"aii% ,ein# a ro$antic and so$e"hat traditional "ith $y Christian u!'rin#in#( I chose the lar#e church "eddin# and rece!tion% Crai# and I "ere 'oth sur!rised "hen $y father infor$ed us that he decided to #ive us the Ha"aiian honey$oon( as "ell% He arran#ed an a!!oint$ent for us to $eet "ith his travel a#ent and the a#ent 'oo ed us a s!ecial !ac a#e deal that "ould ta e us to several of the Ha"aiian Islands% On /u#ust A:( :;<:( Reverend Mc.elvey( "ho at that ti$e had )uit 'ein# a $inister and "as sellin# real estate( $arried us at the -irst &res'yterian Church of Encino% T"o hundred and fifty !eo!le "ere in attendance% /fter I "al ed u! the isle on $y father+s ar$( the or#anist !layed the son#( You+ll Never 3al /lone( "hich "as a su'conscious $essa#e to $e that I "ould al"ays 'e controlled% I cried durin# the entire cere$ony 'ut "hen as ed( could offer little e1!lanation as to "hy% My !arents "ent all out on a sit do"n dinner rece!tion that "as held !oolside in our ne"ly re-landsca!ed 'ac yard in 3oodland Hills% In order to ee! our secret life concealed( Crai# and I "ere also forced to !artici!ate in a se!arate +'lac "eddin#+ that too !lace 'efore our "hite "eddin#% I had to "ear a lon# 'lac dress and a 'lac veil and Crai# "ore all 'lac includin# a 'lac shirt "ith his 'lac suit% It too !lace outdoors in a !ar late at ni#ht% Reverend Mc.elvey "ore a 'lac ro'e and $arried us in this cere$ony( also% ,ut $y secret hidden life "ould not and did not #o a"ay% In fact( it continued to e1ist even on our honey$oon% Of course( the reality of these secret events "as e!t

/3= carefully a"ay fro$ $y hus'and+s and $y conscious a"areness 'y very !o"erful !ro#ra$$in#% One of the first ni#hts "e "ere in Ha"aii( $y ne"ly"ed hus'and too $e to see Don Ho% Crai# and I dressed for the evenin# and arrived in ti$e for the dinner sho"% Don Ho a!!eared on sta#e( too the $icro!hone in hand( and in his s$ooth $odulated voice( san# Tiny ,u''les% 3hen he "as throu#h he as ed if there "ere any ne"ly"eds in the audience% My handso$e ne" hus'and !roudly "aved his hand in the air as he !ut his other ar$ around $e and #ave $e a 'i# hu#% Don Ho con#ratulated us and re)uested the "aiter 'rin# a s!ecial 'ottle of cha$!a#ne to our ta'le% The 'ottle of cha$!a#ne "as a tri##er for $e to s"itch into another !ersonality and Crai# touched his "atch as if ad>ustin# it and that "as to tri##er and cue $e% -ro$ then on( I acted fro$ a totally unconscious !ro#ra$$ed state% The ne1t thin# I ne" Crai# too $e 'ac sta#e to Don Ho+s dressin# roo$ "here( initially( there "as so$e ind of dru# transaction% Ne1t Don Ho too $y hand and said to Crai#( 6Don+t run a"ay so fast% You don+t thin I a$ #oin# to let a !retty California thin# li e this sli! throu#h $y fin#ers%6 He loo ed directly at Crai#% Crai# ste!!ed 'ac and Don Ho too $e 'y the hand to another roo$% Crai# follo"ed us% Don Ho ushered $e inside( stuc his head 'ac out the door and said to $y hus'and( 6You don+t $ind sharin# your 'eautiful youn# 'ride "ith $e do you46 My 'ride#roo$ loo ed to the #round and said( 6No( 2ir%6 Crai# loo ed nervous and a#itated( 'ut s$iled% 6That+s the "ay I li e it - real easy%6 Don Ho said as he shut the door 'ehind us% He told $e he "anted $e to stru##le( so it "ould 'e li e a ra!e% 6You "ould really li e $e to ra!e you thou#h "ouldn+t you% You really en>oy 'ein# f----d% Or are you a vir#in %%%co$e for $e to initiate46 /s directed( I ran around the roo$( esca!in# his advances until he #ra''ed $e and unEi!!ed the 'ac of $y dress% He sli!!ed it off( too off $y sandals and said he "ould #o real slo"ly ta in# off the rest and that he had a !articular li in# for !retty 'ras and !anties% Don Ho laid $e on a lar#e couch and 'e#an issin# $e and then he sla!!ed $e and issed $e a#ain% He "as really stran#e% -irst he "as #entle and then the ne1t $inute violent% He had 'een drin in# and after he too $y 'ra and !anties off he said he needed to 6!o"der his face(6 and he snorted a line of cocaine% He ca$e over and neeled on one nee and started havin# se1 "ith $e% He said he loved ti#ht "o$en and he satisfied hi$self "ith $e fairly )uic ly 'ut never did ta e off his !ants( >ust his shirt% 3hen he "as finished "ith $e( I "ent 'ac out to Crai# and Do Ho stayed in the roo$% Crai# too $e 'ac to our hotel roo$% The rest of our honey$oon "e "ent to several other Ha"aiian Islands includin# Maui% I "as used se1ually 'y other !olitical !eo!le on other islands% 3hen "e returned fro$ our 6honey$oon6 "e $oved into an a!art$ent on &arthenia /venue in Cano#a &ar ( California% I continued "or in# four days a "ee for Dr% ?aco'y and Crai# continued his studies as a !re-$ed $a>or to 'eco$e a dentist% 2liced into $y +e1!anded+ duties as dental assistant( "ere +s!ecial assi#n$ents+ that 'e#an "hen a suited $an( !osin# as a dru# co$!any sales$an( delivered tiny i$!lants that I "as !ro#ra$$ed to ce$ent into the 'races of certain +select+ youn# !atients% Most often( they "ere 'eautiful youn# #irls% One day( as another dental assistant and I "ere 'usily

/3" ce$entin# a 'and on a !articularly 'eautiful :G year old #irl( "hose father "as an affluent( !ro$inent 72C dental !rofessional in the co$$unity( I "as re!ulsed "hen I ran $y dental instru$ent around her tooth and ca$e u! "ith a !u'ic hair% My assistant and I loo ed at each other in horror and( althou#h I "as under $ind control( the o'vious connections "ere $ade% In :;<H( Crai# and I $oved to /#oura Hills and $y !arents #ave us a do"n !ay$ent to 'uy a condo$iniu$ on Oa !ath Drive% It "asn+t lon# until $y !arents sold their ho$e in 3oodland Hills and $oved do"n the street fro$ us% They "ere al"ays close 'y% I "as still accessed and used "ith Ni1on( Rea#an( .issin#er( ,o' Ho!e and others( as "ell as in various e1!eri$ental !ro>ects 8includin# dental i$!lant e1!eri$entation9 and fil$ed in !orn in $any locations in California( es!ecially 2tudio City and ,el /ire% Durin# his >unior year at Cal 2tate Northrid#e( Crai# a!!lied to AG dental schools around the nation and "as re>ected at every one of the$ 'ecause his #rades "eren+t hi#h enou#h to )ualify hi$ for entrance% ,ut $y father saved the day 'y callin# his rich 7ncle Charlie( "ho$ he su!!osedly hadn+t seen or s!o en to in over AF years( to as hi$ hu$'ly for the favor of hel!in# his son-in-la" into 72C Dental 2chool% 2oon after( $y father+s 67ncle6 arran#ed for Crai#+s acce!tance to 72C Dental 2chool% Charles Lilley Horn( "asn+t really $y father+s uncle 'ut instead a cousin% He "as o"ner of -ederal Cartrid#e Cor!oration 8$unitions $anufacturer9( "hich later 'eca$e a $a>or su'sidiary of the Olin -oundation( Inc% Durin# the :;LG+s( as &resident of the Olin -oundation 8a charita'le trust esta'lished 'y -% 3% Olin( founder of the Olin Cor!oration9( 7ncle Charlie contri'uted siEea'le donations to 72C and had connections to the school% More on all of this in a later cha!ter% 7!on acce!tance to dental school( Crai# )uit Cal 2tate Northrid#e( 'efore o'tainin# his ,2 de#ree( and "or ed full ti$e until he entered 72C 2chool of Dentistry% 6,ut everythin# e1!osed 'y the li#ht 'eco$es visi'le( for it is li#ht that $a es everythin# visi'le%6 -- E!hesians F5:H-:I 6*et rid of all 'itterness( ra#e and an#er %%%'e ind and co$!assionate to one another( for#ivin# each other( >ust as in Christ *od for#ave you%6-- E!hesians I5H:-HA

/3/ ,rice Taylor - Than s for the Me$ories Cha1ter Twenty: +%!!y Carter Evidently ?i$$y Carter "as too directed 'y his Christian 'elief syste$ and too connected to his "ife to ever stray% It "as $y e1!erience that if he "as #uilty of any se1ual indiscretions( he did only lust in his heart% I never had se1 "ith ?i$$y Carter% He did( ho"ever( listen and res!ond to $essa#es delivered throu#h $e fro$ the Council% He had a very hun#ry ear and listened carefully and res!onded hel!fully to all 'ut a fe" re)uests fro$ the$% He even 'it on a 'unch of Henry+s $essa#es( delivered throu#h $e% ,y then Carter thou#ht I "as only Council( he didn+t no" I "as connected to Henry .issin#er and Henry loved that he "as 6!u!!etin# a de$ocrat6 and 6one that didn+t 'elieve in adultery 'ut "ould ta e to! secret infor$ation fro$ a "hore and run the country fro$ it%6 Henry thou#ht it "as the 'est lau#h ever% ,ut he al"ays ran !arallel and co$!le$entary "ith the Council% They "ere his 'oss and he too $any orders fro$ the$ !olitically( 'ut he could also !lace in his o"n in!ut% 6,ut no" the Lord "ho created you %%%says5 Don+t 'e afraid( for I have ranso$ed youD I have called you 'y na$eD you are $ine% 3hen you #o throu#h dee! "aters and #reat trou'le( I "ill 'e "ith you% 3hen you #o throu#h rivers of difficulty( you "ill not dro"n0 3hen you "al thou#h the fire of o!!ression( you "ill not 'e 'urned u! - the fla$es "ill not consu$e you% -or I a$ the Lord your *od( your 2avior%%%6 -- Isaiah IH5:-H

/33 ,rice Taylor - Than s for the Me$ories Cha1ter Twenty;one: The $ollywood Conne&t%on Michael ?ac son Michael ?ac son "as >ust a little 'oy of four or five "hen I acco$!anied ,o' Ho!e to a !lace "here they "ere fil$in# u!-and-co$in# talent for television% ,o' told $e he su!!orted and s!onsored the ?ac sons( #ettin# the$ a !rofessional foot in the door% Their father 'rou#ht the 'oys in and I re$e$'ered seein# the$ ta en into a side roo$ "here 'ri#ht li#hts "ere on% They all had to dro! their !ants and 'efore their !erfor$ance a 'i# $an ra!ed each one of the$ in a lineu!% Then they "ere ta en to a different roo$ and dressed in little suits and sent onto the sta#e to !erfor$% Due to the $ind control I "as under( I+$ not sure e1actly "here "e "ere( 'ut feel that it "as the early days of the Ed 2ullivan 2ho"% I "atched as ,o'( dressed in a #rey !instri!e suit and 'o" tie( "ith "hite shoes( shoo hands "ith EdD and then the ?ac son 'oys "ent on% They "ere $ade into a sensation and fa$ous( on !ur!ose( so that they could 'e used in the future to influence lar#e audiences% ,o' and his connections ne" that all they needed "as so$e talent( $a e-u!( costu$es( li#hts( #litter and lots of !u'licity% He said !u'licity "as the $ost i$!ortant in#redient% I "as >ust a teena#er and ,o' said that he "anted $e to 'e !resent so I could learn the ro!es to 'ein# a 6starlet%6 He "anted $e to see ho" it "as done and feel co$forta'le around the sta#e% I thin he >ust said that as a cover to other !eo!le to hide the real reason I "as "ith hi$ - for his and others se1ual !leasure% ,o' e1!lained to $e ho" i$!ortant clothes are to one "ith a !u'lic i$a#e to u!hold% I had on a short( s$all( ti#ht-fittin#( lo"-cut( yello"( sheath dress% I did as I "as told and "ore it alon# "ith the #old hi#h heels I "as !rovided% ,o' "as often the connection for ne" entertain$ent% The Council used his connections for their o"n interest and #ot + ey+ entertainers in !lace for future use% Many "ere ro'ots li e $e% I sa" $any of the$ #et hurt% I never sa" ,o' #et hurt thou#h% The ?ac sons "ere hurtD I "as "itness to their a'use% That first ti$e "hen they !erfor$ed( ,o' #ot the$ onto the sho" and then "e left in the li$o and "atched fro$ the television inside% He told the driver to drive around until the sho" "as over% Then ,o' told $e( 62ee ho" easy it is to 'e a star46 /nd he lau#hed and !ushed $y head into his la! for oral se1% I thin $ost "ould a#ree that the inherent love that is !art of Michael ?ac son+s soul essence shines throu#h for the "orld to see% In s!ite of the !ro#ra$$in# the$es in so$e of the son#s he sin#s( as I "as recoverin# I often held onto the "ords he san#( the lyrics re$indin# $e( 6You are not alone(6 "hen I felt so very alone% To Michael( I e1tend a hand and say you also are not alone% No" there is a "ay out of this insanity% Neil Dia$ond and Others

/3# &u'licly( Neil Dia$ond and ,o' #olfed to#ether in the 2!rin#s% That+s ho" I #ot connected to hi$% /s a teena#er( I "as !ro#ra$$ed to serve Neil Dia$ond in different ca!acities for $any years% He "as not violent li e so$e of the others( 'ut he didn+t have any $orals% One day "hen I "as a youn# teena#er( Neil "al ed thou#h the 'reeEe"ay into our 'ac yard to the !ool "here I "as tannin# in $y 'i ini% My father #ot very an#ry and told hi$( 6*et the hell out of here06 Neil re!lied( 6Ta e it easy( &o!s% No one no"s I+$ here% ?ust Rela1%6 ,ut he did leave after he issed $e on the chee and ran his hands thou#h $y hair% He said he >ust needed to see $e for 6ins!iration6 and then he left% Neil al"ays said I "as his ins!iration and after "e+d have se1 I+d "his!er !ro#ra$$ed !hrases in his ear to incor!orate into his son#s or !hrases for !ro#ra$ loc -in or( as our controllers said( 6to $ove the tar#eted #eneration u! another notch%6 3hen I "as "ith Neil I felt $er#ed "ith hi$% I didn+t no" "ho I "as( "here I ended and he 'e#an% I "as !ro#ra$$ed to $a#nify his essence so he could feel and see $ore of "ho he "as% I "as used often to contain Neil( to 'rin# hi$ 'ac to hi$self and 'rin# his 6self6 'ac to hi$ "hen he felt he #ave it all a"ay to cro"ds and audiences% Over ti$e I "itnessed this 'ein# a !ro'le$ for a lot of !ro#ra$$ed stars% I "as sent to do this service for other cele'+s( 'oth $ale and fe$ale( "ho needed to 'ounce off another !erson in order to $aintain their !ro#ra$$ed 6selves%6 They #ot lost at ti$es and I "as !ro#ra$$ed to hel! the$% I suntanned "ith hi$ in the nude and li e a !rotective ?e"ish $other( he al"ays $ade sure I had lots of suntan lotion on( es!ecially in crucial s!ots so I "ouldn+t 'urn% He didn+t have nei#h'ors and his ho$e "as located u! on a hill in Mali'u or the 2anta Monica Mountains( so it "as very secluded% They could have tric ed $e in re#ard to the location of his house( 'ut I no" I had to drive throu#h the canyon to #et there% He "as 'uildin# a ne" ho$e and "hen the dec "as sta'le enou#h to hold us "e had se1 outside% /s "e loo ed u!"ard to"ard the ni#ht s y( he na$ed all the stars on $y list 6to do%6 The list "as lettered not nu$'ered( such as( 68/9 ,ar'ra5 Tuesday and Thursday H5HG !%$% 8,9 Carlo 2an#ucci5 <5GG !%$%%%%6 and he continued in!uttin# $y schedule for the "ee % He #ave $e instructions to ee! $y schedule or#aniEed% If he ever $issed $e for the "ee ( I couldn+t function 'ecause I hadn+t received $y local assi#n$ents% -or this reason( Neil and I "ere very re#ular "ith each other% In $y late teens( I visited "ith hi$ nearly every "ee % /nd( "hen I "as "ith hi$ I delivered lyrical "ords or !hrases for son#s to hi$ after se1% 3hen "e "ere in our !ro#ra$$ed 6coEy6 state( he+d say( 6#ive $e su#ar(6 and I+d unload all I had 'een #iven into hi$ and later it "ould sho" u! over and over in his son#s% &rivately( he "ould attri'ute it only to $y 'ein# his undyin# ins!iration% I "as used "ith Neil li e I "as "ith Elvis( "hich leads $e to 'elieve that Neil is also !ro#ra$$ed% Neil !layed the !iano and san# to !ractice "hile "earin# s"eat!ants and no shirt% He also had a roo$ "here the "hole entire "all "as $irrored% He stood and loo ed into the $irror and san# to hi$self to rehearse% In so$e "ays he re$inded $e of Elvis% I "as never allo"ed to interru!t "hile he "as !layin#% ,ut "hen he "as throu#h( he had $e do everythin# for hi$( includin# a $assa#e or se1( $anicure and !edicure - even if

/38 he+d >ust had one so$e"here else% He could never #et enou#h touchin# and attention% I had a "hole #rou!in# of !ersonalities located 'eneath +ti#er se1 !ro#ra$$in#(+ seven in all( devoted to hi$ and he "ould say( 6I have seven so I can #et to heaven and you darlin+ ta e $e to heaven%6 Neil !ro#ra$$ed in( 63ine "ill ta e you to the !lace of love%6 He had a roo$ "ith fountains( ,uddhas( and ferns "here he $editated% His !lace of 6!erfect !eace(6 he called it% He created devotion in the !ersonalities "ithin $e 'y !ro#ra$$in# into $e the love and #oodness of ?esus( His !ure love( all into $y heart cha ra so that the feelin#s of devotion "ould 'e directed to"ard hi$% &orno#ra!hy "as often fil$ed at his estate% ,o' sent !eo!le fro$ his !arties that "ere se1ually "ild to Neil+s for fil$in# in !orno#ra!hy% It didn+t $atter if they "ere only children% Neil+s !orn 'usiness "as so lar#e that it e!t a lar#e nu$'er of Mali'u( &acific &alisades( Ventura( Cala'asas( and /#oura Hills slaves very 'usy% 3hole !ro#ra$$ed fa$ilies "ere used% +2e1 "ith fa$ilies+ videos "ere !o!ular in the =G+s a$on# a certain #rou! and Neil see$ed totally fascinated( "atchin# fa$ilies to#ether% He loved 'odies% He said he "as a connoisseur of the hu$an 'ody as an art for$% That+s "hy he said he li ed to fil$ the $ost 'eautiful act on earth( the love act( "hen !eo!le "ere as inti$ate as they could #et% He said that children should 'e allo"ed to o!enly en>oy the !leasures of se1% He as ed( 63hy should they have to "ait to en>oy these natural !leasures46 I couldn+t thin to ans"er% He li ed to see their !hysical characteristics and he li ed to "atch the$( as he called it( 6$a e love( fa$ily-style%6 Other ti$es "hen he "as in a different sort of $ood( he "ould refer to the !orno#ra!hy as( 6#ettin# it on( fa$ily-style%6 7nfortunately and sorro"fully( I re$e$'ered 'ein# !ro#ra$$ed to drive children to Neil+s% Once "e arrived I "al ed into the house li e I o"ned it% I ne" "here the hidden ey "as and ushered everyone in and #ot the$ settled% The rule at Neil+s house in the hills "as that you had to chec your clothes and shoes at the door% None "ere allo"ed( or else you couldn+t enter( 6the 2anctuary(6 as he called it% Neil often ca$e out in his 'lac sil ro'e and 'lac sli!!ers to $eet his( 6#uests(6 he called the$% He loo ed the$ over and if they "ere !articularly a!!ealin# to hi$( he "ould "ant to have se1 "ith one or $ore after the fil$in#% Neil "as "hat Henry .issin#er called 6versatile(6 "hich $eant he li ed se1 "ith everythin#% I "ill s!are you the details 'ut he relieved hi$self se1ually( often( as he felt it $ade hi$ !o"erful and continually virile% That "as very i$!ortant to hi$% Neil said he loved the 'eauty and a$ount of innocence that "as !resent "hen a #rou! of 'londe nei#h'orhood children "ere to#ether% They "ere fil$ed often% Neil also fil$ed 'estiality !orn% He #ave the ids cocaine and fil$ed it in the house or so$e"here on the #rounds% 2o$eti$es the I-H ids 'rou#ht their ani$als( and they fil$ed the ids havin# se1 "ith each other and the ani$als% 3e "ere all >ust vie"ed as "or er 'ees and $indlessly did "hatever "e "ere told% 3hen "e left to #o ho$e( I once a#ain entered a !ro#ra$$ed $ind state( 'y travelin# 6The Hi#h"ay to Heaven(6 "hich I "as told "as .anan Road% I "as #iven the hy!notic co$$and to 6re$e$'er to for#et(6 "henever I sa" $any si#ns and si#nals alon# the canyon roads( in their atte$!t to ee! $e$ory of these events hidden fro$ $y conscious $ind% /t other ti$es( if I arrived 'efore Neil( I "as told to "ait and so I sat do"n on his "hite sofa% O'ediently( I "aited( loo in# strai#ht ahead or out the "indo" to the distant

/3+ vie"% Then I heard the cho!!er and on one occasion he ca$e "al in# into the house "earin# a tan suit and sun#lasses% One ti$e he even "ore those #uru sandals "ith his suit% Then I hel!ed hi$ rela1 and he "ould say !ro#ra$$ed !hrases to $e li e( 6Honey( you+re a#eless( ti$eless( and all $ine 'a'y( all $ine% You are $y !ot of #old at the end of the rain'o"% /ll $ine( devoted only to $e%6 I #ot hi$ anythin# he "anted or needed no $atter "hat it "as( and I "as !ro#ra$$ed to love doin# it% 2o$e ni#hts I "as assi#ned to #o to !arties "ith hi$ "here "e+d( 6ho' no' "ith the rich and fa$ous(6 he+d say( as he held out his ar$ for $e to hold onto% 3e didn+t stay too lon# at !arties 'ecause he "ould "ant to have a !rivate !arty for t"o at ho$e% 2o$e evenin#s "e "ere helico!tered to his ho$e in the hills% He "anted and de$anded $y full attention% He never "anted to enter the reality that I had $y o"n 'oyfriend or hus'and% He "anted $e to thin of hi$ as $y $an( $y only $an% ,ut( he had se1 "ith lots of !eo!le in front of $e% He al"ays "anted $e to stay ri#ht in the roo$ durin# the fil$in# of !orn as "ell as later "hen he had se1 "ith "hoever "as fil$ed% He "ould fli! out and act li e an e$otionally te$!era$ental 'oy at ti$es% Re#ardless of his actions( I "as !ro#ra$$ed to 'e totally devoted and I catered to his de$ands e1clusively% Neil Dia$ond "as a Council 6treasure6 and they e!t hi$ "ell ta en care of% I attended concerts of his to shore hi$ u! "hen he said he "anted and needed $e to 'e there% I #ot u! fro$ $y tic eted seat ne1t to $y youn# hus'and and told hi$ I "as #oin# to the restroo$ durin# the inter$ission% Instead I slid 'ac sta#e "ith Neil( "ho "as all s"eaty( sha in# and needin# to share the !o"erful hi#h he "as on% He said that all the ener#y !eo!le focused onto hi$ "as totally over"hel$in# hi$ and he said he needed $e to #round hi$ out so he could #o 'ac on sta#e% That $eant se1 and then( as !ro#ra$$ed( I told hi$ I loved hi$ and that he "as the very 'est and to #o out and #ive the$ all that he had% I told hi$ if he #ave all of hi$self to the audience "ho loved hi$( that they "ould sho"er it all 'ac to hi$% He "as al"ays afraid that "hen he #ave so $uch at !erfor$ances that he "ould 'eco$e de!leted 'ut I hel!ed hi$ refra$e that 'elief( so he "ent 'ac out e$!o"ered( not consu$ed% Then he "ould snort a cou!le of lines of cocaine and #o 'ac out to the screa$in# fans( and I returned to $y seat ne1t to Crai#% Crai# and I attended another of his concerts at the 7niversal /$!hitheater% Neil told $e to drin a cha$!a#ne coc tail( "hich at ti$es "as a#ainst the rules( 'ut for the ni#ht he "as $y $aster% He said he "anted $e to catch u! to hi$ 8he "as on a dru# hi#h9( 'ut even after I+d had a drin I al"ays ca$e into focus for Neil and "as instructed to $irror 'ac to hi$ "hat $y controllers "anted hi$ to 'e( do( say and feel% Lots of the "ords to his son#s "ere !ro#ra$ loc -ins for $e %%%li e 2tarli#ht( 2tarfli#ht( and Turn on Your Heartli#ht 8ET9% I "as !ro#ra$$ed to listen to his $usic to ee! $y !ro#ra$$in# and $e$ories loc ed a"ay fro$ $y conscious $ind% Neil used to say he "as sin#in# to $e "hile he "as on sta#e% That "as !retty !o"erful for $e to contain( "hile I sat ne1t to $y hus'and durin# the concert% In $y conscious a"areness I had no idea I "as doin# anythin# other than attendin# Neil+s concertD 'ut even as I sat in a conscious state of una"areness( the underlyin# feelin#s "ere !o"erful as I held $y connection to Neil% 3e had an a#ree$ent that he "ould sin# it all to $e( send everythin# he had to $e( and I "ould say( 6/nd I "ill 'e here collectin# all of you

/31 and I "ill 'rin# it 'ac to you filled "ith $ore love and $ore carin# than you could ever i$a#ine06 That $ade hi$ s$ile% Then at inter$ission or after the concert( I+d #o and #ive it all 'ac to hi$ to fill hi$ 'ac u!% He !retended li e he "as ta in# it and then he dressed and "ent out "ith other !eo!le% Neil "as hustled into a li$o and "as #one( and so "ere those !arts of $e that "ere !ro#ra$$ed to #o to slee! inside of $e until they sa" Neil a#ain% Then Crai# "ould co$e and ta e $e ho$e% I also attended his Hot /u#ust Ni#hts concert at the *ree Theatre in :;<A% Neil said he li ed to 'e sho"ered "ith love( and in res!onse I "as al"ays soft and nurturin# and lovin# "ith hi$% I catered to hi$ e1clusively "hile I "as "ith hi$% He loved to trace his fin#er around $y 'elly 'utton to 'rin# out 6?eanie%6 I "as still havin# se1 and carin# for Neil( even "hile I "as in thera!y in :;==% I "ent to thera!y in 3est"ood and then s"un# ho$e( do"n &acific Coast Hi#h"ay to $eet Neil so$e"here or at his ho$e( have se1( and then I+d drive 'ac to /#oura to $y ho$e( "ith 6fresh fish6 I 'ou#ht for $y fa$ily at the Mali'u -ish 2tore% ,o' lau#hed "hen he said it "ould 'e a #ood cover% ,o' sa" the "orld throu#h a co$!letely se1ual orientation% 2tars had trou'le #ettin# 6secured6 se1 "ith !eo!le% They couldn+t trust that !eo!le "eren+t co$in# on to the$ to $ani!ulate or hurt the$( and since they "ere fa$ous they couldn+t ris losin# their !u'lic re!utation% 2o( slaves "ere !rovided to the$% /nd ,o' !rovided $e to everyone he could( no"in# the value of connections to !o"erful !eo!le% He lau#hed and said( 6It+s all ri#ht( she+s 'roadenin# herself%6 3ord see$ed to s!read li e "ildfire to stars a'out the se1 slave service% They loved it >ust li e the !oliticians did( since they thou#ht they could let their hair do"n and not have to "orry 'ecause $any "ere told I "as a ro'ot that couldn+t ever divul#e their secrets% 3ith individuals not !rivy to the to!-secret $ind control infor$ation( ,o' e1!lained( 62he+s 'eautiful and hi#hly se1ual( 'ut she+s $entally slo" and can+t thin % 2he doesn+t have the a'ility to re$e$'er% 2he+s 'een li e this since 'irth( 'ut%%%(6 ,o' elucidated( 6%%%"hat she lac s u!stairs she #reatly $a es u! for do"nstairs(6 and he+d s$ile slyly( 6if you no" "hat I $ean%6 Many !eo!le never ne" that I "as a ro'ot( under total $ind control% They >ust thou#ht I "as slo" or deaf and du$'% That "as another tactic ,o' used% He had different e1!lanations for different !eo!le( 'ut for Neil Dia$ond( !ersonalities "ere created "ithin $e "ho tal ed( listened( loved and cared for Neil% ,o' often called other $en( 62on%6 I overheard hi$ say( 6Listen son( she+ll !lease you and ease you and not s!ill the 'eans% 2he can+t thin to0 ,ut that "on+t hurt( it "ill only enhance your !leasure% Try it and see% I thin you+ll li e it06 ,o' $a1i$iEed $y usa#e 'y sendin# $e to $any( $any stars and !oliticians over the years% He sent $e to Ruincy ?ones( ,urt Reynolds( Eddie Mur!hy( and others% Many of the$ didn+t "ant to ris too $uch e1!osure "ith stran#ers for various and sundry reasonsD they didn+t "ant to 'eco$e too attached e$otionally( didn+t "ant to ris the security of no"in# so$eone too lon# "here a !erson could find out too $uch and hurt the$ in different "ays( or there "ere other reasons uni)ue to individual cele'rities%

/37 Mic ey Rooney In yesteryears( I "as ta en to sho" o!enin#s or #alas in Holly"ood( 'ecause Mic ey "ould "ant $e to 'e there( usually dis#uised% Later on after I had children( $y dau#hter .elly "ould 'e "aitin# inside the li$o to #ive hi$ oral se1% Mic ey "anted $e there to "atch% Mic ey al"ays li ed to have tons of "o$en( as $any as he could a$ass( flan ed 'y his side% I overheard hi$ say to ,o' that it "as #ood for his i$a#e% ,o' re!lied( 6/nyti$e it can 'e arran#ed for you to use any of $y #irls( I+d 'e deli#hted%6 /nd that "as arran#ed( over and over a#ain% ,o' $ade sure .elly "as trained in $any of the sa$e "ays he trained $e% 3e "ent to the &lay'oy Clu' for .elly to have 'unny lessons% I "as dressed in a lon# 'lac velvet #o"n "ith dia$onds and .elly had on a lon# red velvet #o"n "ith her hair done u! and $a e-u!% 2he "as around :G years old% /ll this to insure ,o'+s +little filly+ "as !re!ared for use "ith "ho$ever he decided to share her "ith% There "ere ti$es Mic ey Rooney "ould rendeEvous "ith $y fa$ily at a s$all e1clusive restaurant in /#oura Hills% 3hen the cues "ere #iven( .elly "ould #et u! to #o to the restroo$ and Mic ey Rooney too over( later se1ually !leasurin# hi$self "ith our 'eautiful little dau#hter% He had a house near the area% I a$ not sure "here e1actly( 'ut his house had a solariu$ "ith an indoor !ool and he li ed to have a lot of na ed "o$en around the !ool% He "as a'solutely dis#ustin#( 'ut he really li ed .elly a lot% ?ane -onda I 'elieve ?ane -onda "as under !ro#ra$$in#( also% 2he "as !art of the e1!eri$ent on ho" to achieve 6eternal youth(6 "hile !artici!atin# to further the cause in 'ehind-thescenes !olitical arenas% I occasionally !assed Council $essa#es to her at her ,everly Hills -itness Center% They had a control #rou! "ithin the !ro>ect to see if "o$en "ould stay youthful and cease to a#e "ith >ust $ind !ro#ra$$in#( or if e1ercise needed to 'e co$'ined "ith the !ro#ra$$in#% They had a control #rou! !artici!atin# li e ?ane "ith the sa$e eternal youth !ro#ra$( yet not e1ercisin# e1tensively to see "hich $ethod !rolon#ed lon#evity% In case you are interested( they found e1ercise to 'e a necessary co$!onent for successful anti-a#in#% ?a$es Taylor My hus'and too $e to ?a$es+ concertsD "e "ent often "hen he "as in to"n% Durin# one concert I had t"o #lasses of "ine% My instructions "ere that after I dran the$ I "as to #o to the restroo$ and then #o to the 'ac sta#e door( and noc t"o ti$es% 3hen the door o!ened( I said( 6,o' Ho!e sent $e% /ny'ody interested4 /ny'ody "ant any 'ody46 6Hell yes06 a $an in a casual shirt said( !ullin# $e in the door% 6?a$es "ill need a little at the 'rea % / little !ic -$e-u!!er for his !ec er% You >ust sit do"n here little lady and #et yourself HOT% No(6 he lau#hed( 6cool your "heels or is that heels4 ?ust rela1 your c--t until it+s ti$e for the hunt% ?a$es is al$ost finished "ith the set%6 He !retended he "as yellin# to ?a$es in a hi#h voice( 6?a$es( she+s here( the one you hold near and dear( the c--t fro$ ,o' the ,oss $an%6 Then he loo ed over to $e and said( 6?ust a fe" $o$ents and you+ll 'e on the Hi#h"ay to Heaven "ith ?a$es %%%little ?i$$y%6


?a$es stu$'led off sta#e all s"eaty and too $y hand% I "as feelin# shy and he said( 6-ollo" $e on the Hi#h"ay to Heaven% You are in for the ride of the ni#ht( as you ride $y >e"el to heaven% It "ill 'e out of this "orld( other"orldly( outta+ si#ht06 He too $e into a roo$ and laid $e on a couch chair and said( 6Loo into the air( don+t 'e"are( your chic en is coo in(+ you+re #ood loo in(+ 'ut aren+t a"are%6 He !ushed $y head over to the side real hard and continued( 62ho" $e your "ares%6 2o I too off $y clothes and dro!!ed the$ to the floor% He told $e to sit and s!read +e$ so I did and he dro!!ed his loose fittin# off "hite cotton trousers on the floor% 3hile he held ti#htly to the 'ac of $y head( he relieved hi$self in $y $outh% 6Oh( oh(6 he screa$ed( 6that "as #ooooood% 2"allo" that !lease and then you can 'e e1cused%6 He s"ished on 'y( ind of dancy li e and said( 6That ou#htta+ !ro!el $e into the second half "ith #usto06 He "al ed out( closed the door and I sat there li e a ro'ot until another #uy ca$e in and ra!ed $e on the couch% He said( 6?a$es saved your c--t for $e this ti$e%6 He stood over $e and "hen he or#as$ed he screa$ed( 6I feel li e a coc -a-doodle-do06 he said cro"in# li e a rooster% 3hen he "as throu#h "ith $e he said( 6O ay( its clothes ti$e06 then he delivered a hy!notic hand co$$and% I #ot u! and !ulled $y clothes on and he led $e out to the side door "here Crai# "as standin# at the door "aitin# for $e% Crai# too $e 'y the hand( and I felt li e a little #irl #oin# 'ac to $y seat "here I sat ro'otically until the concert "as finished% Over the years I "as !ro#ra$$ed to listen re!eatedly to ?a$es Taylor+s son#s "hile so$e of the "ord !hrases 6re-$inded6 $e to( 6%%%leave your $ind 'ehind( Me1ico%%%6 and 6%%%you can run 'ut you cannot hide( this is "idely no"n %%%%6 ,ar'ra 2treisand ,ar'ra 2treisand "as used in the sa$e "ay as other Holly"ood cele'rities 'efore and after her% Throu#h $y !ersonal e1!erience "ith ,ar'ra 2treisand( I 'elieve she is under the control of $any of the sa$e !ersons I "as% 2he "as !re-!ro#ra$$ed to deliver $essa#es she couldn+t even have no"n she "as !assin# on to $illions of !eo!le% 2he san# her son#s and "as #iven carefully selected( !re-chosen "ords that "ould serve to loc in or o!en u! certain !ro#ra$$in# in other $ind control victi$s% My o"n !ro#ra$$in# "as laced "ith $any of her son#s% Victi$s of $ind control hear the lyrics of a son# and ta e the !hrases that $atch their !ro#ra$$in# literally% The "ords they hear tie into su'conscious $e$ory of !ast trau$atic e1!eriences intended to ee! the$ hel!lessly and ho!elessly under $ind control% ,ar'ra san# a son# entitled My &a "hich I "as told re!resented $y feelin#s to"ard $y father and the "ords "ere !o"erfully connected to $y e$otional state( creatin# a feelin# of love and safety "ith $y father( "hen in fact he "as torturin# $e endlessly( nearly every day% The lyrics stated( 6My !a can li#ht $y roo$ at ni#ht "ith >ust his 'ein# there( and $a e a fearful drea$ all ri#ht 'y #rinnin# ear to ear%%%6 etc% Her son#( 6I+$ in a Ne" Yor 2tate of $ind( 6 "as tied to !ro#ra$$in# to orient $e to events and !eo!le I "as used "ith in Ne" Yor in order to ee! that reality se!arate fro$ $y conscious $ind% Many of the lyrics fro$ her son# Me$ories( served as a hy!notic

/#= co$$and to $y su'conscious $ind( in order to +re-$ind+ $e that( 6Me$ories $ay 'e 'eautiful and yet "hat+s too !ainful to re$e$'er( "e si$!ly choose to for#et%6 /nother of her son#s( 2end in the Clo"ns( re$inded $e and can re$ind other survivors of the a'use they endured as children in circus or a$use$ent !ar settin#s "here clo"ns "ere used as !er!etrators% /nd( then there+s her rendition of Over the Rain'o"( "hich ta!s into 3iEard of OE !ro#ra$$in# the$es% /s a teena#er $y cassette ta!es and( as I #re" older( $y CD+s of ,ar'ra+s son#s( "ere "ell "orn fro$ endless listenin#( as the lyrics to her son#s( cou!led "ith $y already intact !ro#ra$ co$$ands( continued to create $y reality( "hatever $y controllers "anted it to 'e% 7! until recently( $y $other re!eatedly listened to ,ar'ra 2teisand+s son#s% /s a child I often had trou'le #ettin# $y $other+s attention 'ecause "hen she listened to the son#s she 'eca$e so fi1ated on the $usic that she "as very far off so$e"here in a !ro#ra$$ed reality created 'y our controllers% 2he see$ed very ha!!y( al$ost eu!horic% I+ve "itnessed other survivors clin# des!erately to their 3al $an deliverin# their !ro#ra$$ed co$$ands( "hile I+$ tryin# to tal "ith the$( due to their atte$!t to( as they+ve e1!erienced( ee! the$selves 6safe6 'y reinforcin# their !ro#ra$ 6to for#et%6 3hen ,ar'ra !erfor$ed( "hich "as rare( she "as deliverin# a !erfectly !lanned and orchestrated set of cry!tic instructions to $any of the !eo!le in attendance% 2he reached a "ider audience( as $ind-controlled victi$s 'ou#ht the cassette ta!e or video of the !erfor$ance and listened to it over and over and over a#ain% Certain #rou!s of $indcontrolled !eo!le( li e $y $other and $yself( "ere tar#eted for listenin# to her% &er !ro#ra$( "e listened to her son#s addictively and co$!ulsively "hile follo"in# the co$$and to re!ro#ra$ ourselves 'y loc in# do"n the security of our o"n !ro#ra$$in#% Of course( ,ar'ra herself is a victi$ and( fro$ $y o'servation( I a$ sure has no a"areness that she is doin# anythin# other than !erfor$in#% ,ar'ra 2treisand has e1tre$ely lar#e 'reasts for her s$all 'ody siEe% I+ve seen her na ed at ,o' Ho!e+s !arties and at other !laces% I "as even involved in #rou! se1ual or#ies "here she "as !artici!atin#% /nd at other ti$es( I "as tar#eted to have se1 "ith her oneon-one in order to deliver $essa#es to her to ee! her !ro#ra$$in# #oin# or to instruct her on "hat to say at certain ti$es% 2he is a $ind-controlled ro'ot% 2he did lots of cocaine at !arties% 2he li ed se1 "ith "o$en( and usually re)uested it% I "as sent to her often% My hus'and fre)uently too $e out for dinner in Mali'u "hen there "as an alternate a#enda to 'e acco$!lished% One ni#ht after such a dinner he drove $e u! a canyon road in his Datsun A=GB% He sto!!ed alon# the road and "e sat in the dar "ithout sayin# anythin# until a 'lac sedan !ulled u! ne1t to the car% I #ot out and cli$'ed into the 'ac seat of the sedan% T"o $en in the front seat "ere dressed in dar e1!ensive suits and the $an in the !assen#er side had a #old !in y rin#% They continued u! a "indin# road to a house in the canyon and "hen "e arrived they o!ened the door of the house "ith a ey and "ent in% ,ar'ra 2treisand "as ro'otically sittin# on the couch and I "as told to sit do"n ne1t to her and lin u! 'y holdin# her hands% 2o I too her hands and then the $an said( 6Deliver the "ords%6 2o I did% /fter I delivered the $essa#e( they used the stun #un on us 'oth% ,ar'ra laid face do"n on the couch( really out of it( "ith her hand han#in# do"n

/#" over the side% Her face "as very !ale and she loo ed aslee!% The $an too $e 'y the ar$ and !ushed $e to"ard the door and "e left% Crai#( still "aitin# in the B( flashed his headli#hts and they sto!!ed the sedan( transferred $e 'ac to $y hus'and and "e "ent ho$e% In 2e!te$'er of :;=L( ,ar'ra sent out invitations to a s!ecial fundraisin# concert to 'e #iven at her ho$e +under the stars(+ in Mali'u% My hus'and received our invitation at his dental office and said "e should #o( 'ut I re$e$'er sayin# to hi$( 6It+s OF(GGG a tic et( "hat are you thin in# of46 I "as in school as "ell as thera!y 'y this ti$e( and s!endin# O:G(GGG "as a hu#e chun out of the resources that I needed to s!end on $y healin# and education% I "as $ore interested in $y recovery than one ni#ht of ,ar'ra 2treisand in concert% My hus'and re!lied( 63ell( it "ould 'e a #reat $e$ory%6 &rior to this e!isode( Crai# had never dis!layed any s!ecial attraction to ,ar'ra 2treisand or her $usic% Later "hen she and I "ere 'oth s"itched into a 6!ro#ra$$ed state of $ind(6 she told $e she "as u!set that I didn+t 'uy a tic et to co$e to see her in concert at her ho$e% Ironically( I ended u! 'ein# at her concert in Mali'u any"ay to have se1 "ith and tar#et so$e $ilitary #uy "ith a 'unch of stars on his unifor$ and later after the concert( ,ar'ra% I "as inco#nito and "ore $y lace off-the-shoulder dress that I had !reviously "orn for our fa$ily !ortraits% It "as a OIGG dress $y hus'and 'ou#ht $e% I had to 'e at different !laces after"ards to hel! her rela1 and un"ind( "hich usually ended u! in se1% I had 'een instructed to say s!ecific "ords to rela1 her% / thera!ist "as there at other ti$es to hel!% 3hen they could sell a certain nu$'er of very e1!ensive tic ets to her concert in the area of her ho$e( they !roved the results of a $ind control !ro>ect e1!eri$ent to see if that tar#eted area "as sufficiently under $ind control% Chec $ate0 3hen it sold out they felt they had "on 'ecause they sent the invitations to !eo!le that "ould 'e the hardest to control 8the $ost challen#in#9 and "hen it sold out they ne" they had 6crac ed the code%6 Their victory "as only te$!orary% /s I no" no"( they "ere $ista en( for( I 'elieve The City of /n#els 8Los /n#eles9 is s!iritually destined to "a e u! to clai$ its na$e to fa$e0 No one could tell there had even 'een a $ind control e1!eri$ent that concluded "ith ,ar'ara+s Mali'u !erfor$ance% This "as one "ay the controllers $ade lar#e su$s of $oney( all carefully concealed in such 6charity fundraisers(6 "hich "ere then $eticulously funneled into covert accounts% /nd( they further loc ed victi$s in( not only "ith the concert 'ut "ith the video that "as $ade of the concert% Durin# her Mali'u( One Voice !erfor$ance( ,ar'ra delivered one !ro#ra$-laced son# lyric after another% -irst she san# U2end In the Clo"ns%V Then she announced that in her research she ca$e across one of the finest son#s ever "ritten( and the lyrics felt so relevant she decided to sin# it and dedicated it to the "o$an "ho first san# it% That son# "as Over the Rain'o"( and enco$!asses these lyrics5 63hen all the "orld is a ho!eless >u$'le and the raindro!s tu$'le all around( heaven o!ens a $a#ic lane% 3hen all the clouds dar en u! the s y"ay( there+s a rain'o" hi#h"ay to 'e found( leadin# fro$ your "indo"!ane to a !lace 'ehind the sun( >ust a ste! 'eyond the rain% 2o$e"here over the rain'o"( "ay u! hi#h( there+s a land that I+ve heard of once in a lulla'y% 2o$e"here over the rain'o"(

/#/ s ies are 'lue% /nd the drea$s that you dare to drea$ really do co$e true% 2o$eday I+ll "ish u!on a star and "a e u! "here the clouds are far 'ehind $e% 3here trou'les $elt li e le$on dro!s "ay a'ove the chi$ney-to!s( that+s "here you+ll find $e% 2o$e"here over the rain'o"( 'lue'irds fly% ,irds fly over the rain'o"( "hy then( oh( "hy can+t I% If all those little 'lue'irds fly 'eyond the rain'o"( "hy oh "hy( can+t I46 To further e1!lain the si#nificance of these "ord !hrases for $ind control victi$s5 6%%%heaven o!ens a $a#ic lane(6 "as for $e a hy!notic induction for $ind control% 6%%%there+s a rain'o" hi#h"ay to 'e found( leadin# fro$ your "indo"!ane to a !lace 'ehind the sun( >ust a ste! 'eyond%%%6 for $e "as a !ro#ra$ co$$and to s"itch to the Hi#h"ay to Heaven( "hich "as a dissociative state in "hich I "ent over the rain'o" to a su'conscious !lace in $y $ind "here I "as co$$anded not to associate "hat ha!!ened there "ith $y everyday( conscious reality% In ,ar'ra+s duet "ith /ndy *i''( they san# the son# *uilty and the "ords that !o"erfully affected $e and could effect other ritual a'useC$ind control survivors are5 *i'' )uic ly enters the sta#e fro$ 'ehind sin#in#( 6there+s dan#er in the dar (6 "hich for $e "as a su'conscious re$inder of trau$a that occurs in the dar % Over the years( the "ord +dar + "as lin ed in $y su'conscious $ind to ritual terrors and horrors( a re$inder that co$$anded $e to re$e$'er to for#et( or else% -urther lyrics "ere5 6%%%2hado"s fallin+ 'a'y( "e stand alone%%%6 - victi$s are often told they "ill 'e left to stand all alone( that no one outside +the net"or + "ill 'elieve or hel! the$( or even "ant to 'e around the$% 6%%%Nothin# to 'e #uilty for%%%6 - a release for the endless "ays $any are forced to !artici!ate in the evil deeds( !u!!eted and dictated 'y our controllers% 6%%%Eyes can see( that "e #ot a hi#h"ay to the s y%%%6 - victi$s are told they are al"ays "atched( 'y the +eye in the s y+ and in other "ays 'y their controllers% Eyes are often a co$$on the$e in the artC>ournal "or of victi$s in recovery% These three s$all "ords( 6eyes can see%%%6 have !o"erful $eanin#( snea in# throu#h a su'conscious door"ay into the $ind of a victi$ of $ind control in order to re$ind the$ to "atch carefully that they stay in line% 6%%%that "e #ot a hi#h"ay to the s y%%%6 - can 'e a hy!notic induction to dissociate in order to receive !ro#ra$% 6%%%ho" can I "in4 3here "ill The to$orro"46 -"ords of des!air( defeat% The !o"erful endin# to the duet is5 6and "e #ot nothin# %%%and "e #ot nothin#( and "e #ot nothin#%%%6 Let $e tell you ,arry and ,ar'ra( and all of the other 'eautiful !eo!le loc ed under the 'onda#e of $ind control5 that is a lie( a lie our controllers told all of us% The truth is that "e have everythin#% 3e are rich( startin# "ith our s!iritual herita#e% The One that created us is !o"erfully "or in# "ithin to set you free fro$ those "ho for years have 'enefited( 'y allo"in# you to soar( sharin# your talents "ith others as they controlled and $ani!ulated you for their o"n 'enefit( throu#h $ind control - throu#h the control of your $ind and $ine% I "asn+t fa$ous( so "hen I 'ro e free I "asn+t as lar#e a threat as you are and "ill 'e% I "as s$all !otatoes to $y controllers% ,ut to *od I "as i$!ortant( as all His children are( and He has co$$issioned $e to dedicate $y life to seein# to it that you(

/#3 so$e of the $ost talented hu$an 'ein#s on this !lanet( are freed% This is His "ish 'ecause He has assured $e that you have at the center of your 'ein#( love( and that "hen you can no" the $a#nitude of issues "e face at this ti$e( that you "ill stand and reach your hand do"n to your fello" 'rothers and sisters( to hel! the$% /t this ti$e I a$ lendin# $y hand( via Hi$( to you in ho!es that so$e of you $ay 'e freed in order to reach your hands out to the $asses% It is our last ho!e and "e are runnin# out of ti$e% *od has !laced a #reat $a#nitude of love in $y heart for you and $y children( and I love all of you $ore than life itself( 'ecause indeed in sharin# this infor$ation it "ould see$ that I a$ !uttin# $y life at ris % ,ut the Master Hi$self has assured $e safe !assa#e( as I #o for hel! for all of you% /nd this $anuscri!t is $y atte$!t to 6#o for hel!(6 for you% I also a$ a"are that those of you "ho are !ro#ra$$ed "ill not 'e a'le( li e oil reactin# to "ater( to read or co$!rehend "hat I have "ritten% ,ut I ho!e others "ill intercede for you in order that you can 'e delivered fro$ the 'onda#e you have 'een held ca!tive 'y% I love you( as individuals and for the 'eautiful heavenly creative talents you !ossess( 'ut not as i$$ensely as *od does% He "ants your freedo$( He "ants your release and He "on+t rest until you are all free of this evil force( one that at this ti$e you are una'le to 'e a"are of% /s the concert !roceeded( ,ar'ra said( 6I a$ #oin# to li#ht this candle in $e$ory of all those "ise and #ood $en "hose lives "ere senselessly and violently snuffed out 'efore their ti$e5 Lincoln( *handi( Martin Luther .in#( ?ohn .ennedy( /n"ar 2adat( Olaf &al$er( $en of !eace and vision( voices the "orld so des!erately needs no" - father fi#ures% I thin "e+ve all lost so$eone "hose #uidance and "isdo$ "e $iss in ti$es of fear and confusion( and this is for the$%6 /fter "hich she san#5 6May the li#ht of this flic erin# candle( illu$inate the ni#ht the "ay your s!irit illu$inates $y soul%6 2ounds to $e li e 'its and !ieces of re$inders of !eo!le I "atched illed over the years% Ne1t in her 'ac yard concert( ,ar'ra san# &a &a( "here the lyrics say( 6&a &a can you hear $e4 %%%Loo in# at the s ies I see$ to see a $illion eyes "hich ones are yours46 /#ain( there is the 6eyes "atchin# you6 the$e% Ne1t "as( of course( Me$ories( "ith the lyrics re$indin# our su'conscious $inds5 6Me$ories li e the corners of $y $ind( $isty "ater-colored $e$ories li e the "ay "e "ere% 2cattered !ictures of the s$iles "e left 'ehind( s$iles "e #ave to one another for the "ay "e "ere% Can it 'e that it "as all so si$!le then or has ti$e re"ritten every line( if "e had the chance to do it all a#ain( tell $e "ould "e( could "e4 Me$ories $ay 'e 'eautiful and yet( "hat+s too !ainful to re$e$'er "e si$!ly choose to for#et% -or it+s the lau#hter "e re$e$'er( "henever "e re$e$'er the "ay "e "ere%6 /t the end of her concert( in a !atriotic )uest( ,ar'ra san# /$erica the ,eautiful and invited the audience to >oin "ith her in son#% Durin# those years( 8althou#h at the ti$e I "as consciously una"are of $y involve$ent9 her thera!ist and I "ere often in char#e of ee!in# ,ar'ra sta'le and 'alanced% The thera!ist "or ed "ith her !sycholo#ical state and I "or ed on her 'ody( doin# $assa#e thera!y( accu!ressure( !olarity thera!y( etc% /ll this "as done to ee! ,ar'ra in sha!e and in line% 2he "as fra#ile and needed a lot to ee! her #oin#% I "as called in often to shore ,ar'ra u!( es!ecially in 'et"een ti$es "hen she "as out of relationshi! or havin# !ro'le$s "ith her $ale friends% Later in her career( she had trou'le even havin# se1 "ith $en% 3hen she "as alone( she "ould #et scared at ni#ht and

/## need so$eone% /s !ro#ra$$ed( I+d #o over after $y children "ere ta en care of or "hen our $aid "as there( at "hich ti$e I "as free to #o at anyti$e% I held ,ar'ra and did "hatever she see$ed to need to #et her sta'iliEed% 3e "al ed on the 'each a lot( es!ecially after she 'ou#ht the ho$e a"ay fro$ the Colony nest 8the #rou!in# of ho$es she o"ned9 and !eo!le that ne" her% 2he 'ou#ht a !lace >ust a fe" 'loc s do"n the street% It "as very clever 'ecause if !eo!le thou#ht they sa" her on the 'each( they could assu$e she "as at ho$e( 'ut then she+d disa!!ear into the anony$ous ho$e that "as !urchased in another na$e to #ive her the !rivacy she needed% Then her thera!ist and I could #o to her there unnoticed% 2he "anted !rivacy even fro$ her $aids( and "ould arran#e for her thera!ist and I to 'e "ith her% If she didn+t call on the car !hone and tell $e( she "ould "al to the ne" house and call $e fro$ her 'edroo$% I "as instructed to #o to the front #ate and fro$ a call 'o1 tell the $aid a coded $essa#e to #ive to her% ,ar'ra usually #ave the $aid the rest of the day off( e1!lainin# she "as #oin# to 'e "ith friends% Then after the thera!ist and $yself arrived( "e "ould ta e her to 6the house-house(6 as she called it% One ni#ht "e "ere called out for a +,ar'ra e$er#ency+ and "hen her thera!ist and I arrived "e found ,ar'ra in the closet u!stairs at the +house-house(+ even 'efore it "as car!eted% 2he couldn+t "ait% 2he "as all huddled into a little 'all and cryin# "ith her hair all strin#y and han#in# in her face% 2he loo ed li e a little fri#htened child% 2he "as 'rea in# do"n often and her controllers couldn+t afford for her to 'rea u! yet% 2he "as a real $ess% 2he >ust survived to do "hat they needed her to do% 2he sat in $y la! and I nurtured her and she sho"ed $e her dolls and thin#s% I $assa#ed her and did refle1olo#y( accu!ressure( !olarity( "hatever I could do to hel! her% I did 'ody treat$ents on her often( usually $ore than once a "ee - u! to five ti$es a "ee - and it usually ended u! in se1 as she initiated it% ,ar'ra had to 'e e!t to#ether 'ecause she had 'een used to $a e the connections to so$e very i$!ortant !eo!le( and es!ecially to the $asses% ,ecause she had 'een so heavily invested in( as a $ind control asset( they no" had to ee! her 6$aintained6 AI hours a day at ti$es and had to use other slaves to shore her u!% 7nli e a 6nor$al6 !erson( she could never tal a'out "hat she sa" and re$e$'ered in !rivate 8durin# slee! or u!on a"a enin#9 "ithout 'ein# $onitored% 3hatever it too or cost "as "orth it to her controllers 'ecause they 'uilt her u! to a certain tar#eted audience so co$!letely that her controllers !aid e1or'itant a$ounts of $oney to ee! her to#ether( and her fans "ould !ay any a$ount to see her% Many $ay the$selves 'e under $ind control% They carefully !re!ared ,ar'ra to har$onically control cro"ds% 2he did( not only "ith the natural talent she has and the trained har$onics in her voice( 'ut also "ith the hand si#nals and "ord co$'inations she san#% 2he is a total ro'ot and is 'rea in# do"n( 'ut they "ill s!end a fortune to ee! her to#ether 8li e !oor Elvis9 until she >ust can+t function any$ore% 2o no e1!ense "as s!ared for her% 3e or#aniEed little tea !arties for ,ar'ra 'ased on different the$es #iven to us 'y $y !rofessor in the Master+s !ro#ra$% 3e+d 'uy ite$s that "ere >ust $ade for ,ar'ra% I "ould sto! at Michael+s &arty 2ho! and #ive the$ the list of ite$s and the sales !eo!le "ould #ather it all u! for $e% Then I+d #o to ,ar'ra( s"itched to the !ersonality inside of $e "ho "as created to 'e older than $e and older than ,ar'ra(

/#8 the one "ho "as desi#ned to care for the 6,i# ,(6 the 6Rueen ,(6 "hen she needed it% 2he "as our friend% 3e hated to see her cru$'le% 2o$eti$es the Council #ave $e different dru#s for ,ar'ra% 2he al"ays #ot to choose one( 'ut I thin they all $ust have done the sa$e thin#( >ust !ac a#ed in different "ra!!ers or ca!sules% /s soon as she "ould !ass out( and that is "hat she al"ays did( a #rou! of $en "ould co$e into the house "ith e)ui!$ent to "or on her% 2o$eti$es it loo ed li e her 'ody ca$e off the couch fro$ the electroshoc % It "as a"ful to "atch% Then "hen they too the e)ui!$ent off of her 'ody( it "ould 'e cold and cla$$y( yet she "ould have a 'and of s"eat on her face% It "as $y >o'( or her thera!ist+s( to #et her 'ac on her feet a#ain% 2o$eti$es she "ould slee! for days after"ard% Then I heard the$ say they had to ad>ust her( that is( #ive her $ore 6sessions%6 3hen she ca$e around "e "ould 'e soft and ind and #entle to her and eventually she "ould co$e out of it% / friend of her thera!ist hel!ed ,ar'ra( too( on ni#hts she couldn+t% It 'eca$e increasin#ly difficult to $ana#e #ettin# her !ut 'ac to#ether% It "as a tea$ effort% I #ave her in>ections( also% I "as tau#ht to !inch the s in on the to! fatty !ortion of her ar$( then stic the needle in it so I couldn+t hurt anythin#% I "as #iven a syrin#e to deliver dru#s to ar$s or thi#hs "hen and if the need arose( "hich later 'eca$e )uite often% I had to #ive ,ar'ra the in>ections "henever they told $e toD other"ise they "ould have illed us 'oth% I+d seen the$ do it to others% ,ar'ra li ed for $e to sin# "ith her and har$oniEe% 2he said it $ade her feel ha!!y li e the #ood ole+ days "hen she "as youn#% 2he had on !in 'ell 'otto$s and a "hite tan to!% 2he "as really out there( stoned( drun ( or dru##ed out of her $ind% The $assa#e idea hel!ed ee! a slave enslaved and contained 'ecause the accu!ressure !oints often $atched u! correctly "ith !ro#ra$$ed touch s!ots% It "or ed "ell% ,ody"or eased the stress of the 'ody "hile loc in# the $ind in !ro#ra$ - a #reat leisurely and heavenly contain$ent idea to further i$!rison $ind control slaves% 3ith rich and fa$ous slaves they said it "as easy 'ecause they could send the$ off on endless >ourneys( tri!s( "or sho!s( s!ecial s!as( e1!os( etc%( 'ecause these slaves had the $oney to !ursue different avenues that often led the$ directly 'ac into contain$ent% The Colony is not far fro$ &oint Mu#u Naval ,ase 8a $ind control !ro#ra$$in# center9 and see$s to have 'een in conveniently close !ro1i$ity for reconditionin# !ur!oses% More on &oint Mu#u later% They also !ro#ra$$ed us to 6!sychically6 deliver $essa#es or directions for slaves to follo"( since "e all had the 'elief in !sychic #ifts( etc% and "ere so su##esti'le% To so$e cele'rities 8$ost of the$ "o$en9( "hile #ivin# the$ a $assa#e( I "ould touch certain +!oints+ on their 'ody "hile dro!!in# a !sychic !rediction and they "ould thin I "as really #ifted "hen in a fe" days( $y !rediction "ould co$e true% The hi#her the level of the slave( the $ore the controllers "ere "illin# to invest financially to $a e the !redicted e1!erience 6co$e to !ass%6 2o$eone of 2treisand+s stature and !ro#ra$$ed invest$ent "as "orth a 6!rediction co$e true e!isode6 that had class and di#nity% This is not to say that I don+t 'elieve in !sychic reality( 'ecause I do( 'ut these !sychic realities "ere created

/#+ and controlled( 'y those "ho sou#ht to create circu$stances that "ere $a in# the$ lots of $oney% I "as used "ith 2treisand $ost often in :;=F-:;=<( durin# the ti$e I attended &e!!erdine 7niversity in Mali'u% ,efore :;=F( I "as sent to her "hen she needed $e in the evenin#s in Mali'u% Crai# often drove $e out to dinner to acco$!lish these rendeEvous( 'ut after I started at &e!!erdine( I "ould tell hi$ that I had to #o 'ac to the ca$!us to study% I often !ar ed in the &e!!erdine Li'rary !ar in# lot "here I "as !ic ed u! 'y the $en in suits and dro!!ed off at ,ar'ra+s house% This "ay they had different cars #oin# in and out% Lots of ti$es I "as told to #o to her durin# dayti$e hours% I had a hi#h level of fear that "as !resent "ith $e $ost all the ti$e( only I "as so scared and !ro#ra$$ed that I "as una'le to thin a'out it "ith $y $ind% ,ut $y !ain-filled( often "eary and e1hausted 'ody told the truth of $y e1!eriences% ,ar'ra s"itched !ersonalities a lot% I thin that $i#ht 'e "hy she "as afraid to !erfor$ on sta#e% Those "ith +the eyes to see and the ears to hear+ $i#ht have #reater insi#ht in re#ard to an article "ritten a'out her in the ?uly :;;I issue of Ladies Ho$e ?ournal% In it( "hen as ed a'out her strin# of unha!!y relationshi!s and her ina'ility to have lon#-lastin# relationshi!s( in her o"n "ords ,ar'ra states( 6I live "ith a lot of an#st(6 and 6I+$ a $ass of contradictions% I chan#e and I #ro"% I chan#e $y $ind all the ti$e% 2o tell 8"hatever9 $an I+$ loo in# for that if he li es to have affairs "ith lots of "o$en( then I+$ !erfect for hi$06 Could she 'e referrin# to first-hand e1!erience "ith Multi!le &ersonality Disorder4 3hen she did !erfor$( such as the concert she #ave at her ho$e in Mali'u( she had to have so$eone li e $e to focus on internally( so$eone "ho "as !art of her !ro#ra$$ed reality so she could feel stron#er% To acco$!lish this she "as !ro#ra$$ed to !retend that $yself or so$eone else "as standin# ne1t to her on sta#e so it "ould shore her u! to do the !erfor$ance% Then she !erfor$ed( >ust li e she "as !ro#ra$$ed to do( deliverin# her controller+s strate#y to the unsus!ectin# and !erha!s !artially !ro#ra$$ed cro"d% I once overheard Henry say that he "ould #ive the !u'lic "hat they "anted and de$anded cele'rities and fanfare - since that "as all they "ere ca!a'le of understandin# any"ay% He said $ost of the !rivate sector "ere totally i#norant of #overn$ental $atters and that( since they didn+t avail the$selves to no"led#e of the "ay their country "as run( it "as evident that they really "anted and needed for 6those in the no"6 to ta e char#e and run thin#s% He said that since he and other leaders "ere interested and ca!a'le( they "ould do the >o'( $a in# the decisions and seein# to it that thin#s ran s$oothly% Holly"ood cele'rities are constantly tied 'ac into the 3hite House to add flair and dra$a( and to 'rin# in covert funds( 'ut $ost i$!ortantly to add diversion to ee! the /$erican !u'lic focused in "hatever direction the controllers "ant( instead of havin# the !u'lic focused on "hat is really #oin# on 'ehind the scenes% One ti$e "hen I "as shorin# u! ,ar'ra at her ho$e( I found her huddled do"n( crouchin#( "rin#in# her hands( terrified% 2he loo ed u! at $e in a childli e $anner and said( 6I don+t have to sin# toni#ht( do I46 I said( 6No( honey( not toni#ht%6

/#1 2he re!lied in a childli e voice( 6&he"%%%6 I felt fri#htened to see her actin# li e a child "hen she s"itched to very youn# !arts of herself( and didn+t no" "hat to e1!ect "hen she said( 6Let+s !lay "ith the clay a#ain%6 2he had a ta'le "here "e sat to !lay "ith clay% It loo ed li e a child+s ta'le for adult siEe !eo!le% 2he s"itched !ersonalities often then( so "e "ould have tea !arties and !lay #a$es to entertain her child !ersonalities% Her son also !layed different #a$es "ith her% One ti$e she dressed li e a clo"n and "as actin# and ic in# li e doin# arate and she yelled out( 6Hey ?ason06 and he ca$e runnin# and >u$!ed into 'ed "ith her and started cuddlin#% Then they 'oth "ent to slee! and( as instructed( I could then leave% 2o$eti$es she "anted her thera!ist to >oin the$ and "ould say( 6Co$e and see ho" fun ?as is%6 /nd( one of us "ould% 3e "ere all una'le( inca!a'le( and not of our o"n $ind to choose anythin# else% 7sually "e cleaned u! the $ess she had $ade !layin# and then after"ards( "ould cover her u!( ti!toe out of her roo$ and leave% I fle" fro$ .auai( after I had these $e$ories a'out ,ar'ra( in order to $eet "ith one of $y thera!ists% 2he $et $e at a restaurant in Los /n#eles and as I told her a'out the $e$ories I had a'out ,ar'ra 2treisand the color drained fro$ her face% Later( I understood her intense reaction( as I 'eca$e a"are that ,ar'ra "as her client% That day "e 'oth sat in shoc and silence% I ne" then that( althou#h $y thera!ist and I did not understand "hat everythin# $eant( the love that "e 'oth 'elieved in and the Holy 2!irit that led us "as ever-!resent% /nd not no"in# "hat else to do( all I no" is that the love and co$!assion I have for ,ar'ra 2treisand and all victi$s of $ind control de$ands that I no" share this infor$ation% I told ,ar'ra+s thera!ist everythin# I ne" at that ti$e( so she could atte$!t to hel! ,ar'ra% 2ince I "as no lon#er in California and easily accessi'le( I sto!!ed 'ein# the one used to ee! ,ar'ra 2treisand under !ro#ra$% I a$ #lad for that% Elton ?ohn Elton ?ohn+s( 6*ood'ye Yello" ,ric Road( 6 "ith its o'vious !otential to tri##er those "ith OE !ro#ra$$in#( called $y attention% Elton "rote Candle in the 3ind( in re#ard to Marilyn Monroe( and he later !roduced a version in honor of &rincess Di% He sin#s( 6%%%you cra"led out of the "ood"or and they "his!ered into your 'rain( they set you on the tread$ill and they $ade you chan#e your na$e%6 He continues( 6%%%Holly"ood created a su!erstar and !ain "as the !rice you !aid% Even "hen you died( oh the !ress still hounded you( all the !a!ers had to say "as Marilyn "as found in the nude%%%6 and( 6%%%the candle 'urned out lon# 'efore your le#end ever did%6 In 2o$eone 2aved My Life Toni#ht Elton sin#s 6%%%sittin# li e a !rincess !erched in her electric chair%6 6%%%You nearly had $e ro!ed and tied( alter-'ound( hy!notiEed( 2"eet -reedo$ "his!ered in $y ear( 6You+re a 'utterfly( and 'utterflies are free to fly( fly a"ay( hi#h a"ay( 'ye( 'ye%6 &erha!s Elton no"s !ersonally a'out these &ro>ect Monarch( $ind control issues and in his o"n "ay( throu#h his son#s( has atte$!ted to hel! others to freedo$% I no" that his son#s !ersonally affected $e dee!ly and I felt that he $i#ht have +understood%+ 2o $uch so( that I attended one of his :;;L concerts at the 2t% Louis River!ort /$!hitheatre and sent one of $y 'oo s( 2T/R2HINE5 One 3o$an+s Valiant Esca!e -ro$ Mind Control( 'ac sta#e to hi$% Ho"ever( I sus!ect that the sta#ehand that too the s!ar lin# !ac a#e fro$ $e never delivered it to Elton( since I never received his res!onse%


3e /re the 3orld 3ritin# this cha!ter also 'rin#s to $ind the video done in the =G+s 'y a #rou! of fa$ous actors( actresses( and sin#ers( "ho $et in Holly"ood "ith the s!ecial !ur!ose of recordin# 3E /RE THE 3ORLD% /n ur#ent co$$on concern 'rou#ht these entertainers( nor$ally co$!etitive "ith one other( to#ether and they set aside their differences to serve a hi#her !ur!oseD 'rin#in# in funds for starvin# children in /frica% The line they san#( 63e+re savin# our o"n lives(6 $ay 'e truer for so$e of these individuals than they can +thin + a'out due to the $ind control so$e of the$ $ay 'e under% This infor$ation I have !rovided to you $ay chan#e the "ay you loo at $any of Holly"ood+s finest cele'rities( $any of "ho$ $yself and others have "itnessed 'ein# victi$iEed at the hands of the ruthless !eo!le "ho control others for reasons of !o"er( $oney and do$ination( "ith the end result servin# their a#enda - the Ne" 3orld Order% I 'e# for you to )uestion and loo into these issues I 'rin# 'efore you( 'ecause the lives of $any that are as yet in 'onda#e rely on it% If "e truly serve others as "e have 'een s!iritually called to do( and understand that "hat "e do for others "e do for ourselves and ulti$ately for *od( then "e $ust >oin to#ether to sto! this control of the $inds of so$e of our $ost talented and creative !eo!le% To#ether( "e can hel! create a "orld that is safe and free( "here creative and talented children are safe to #ro" u! "ithout the fear of 'ein# o"ned or $ani!ulated 'y the hidden #rou! of individuals "ho no" are in !o"er on our !lanet - a #rou! "ho does not 'elieve in freedo$( 'ut instead is invested in totalitarianis$( torture( $ind control and hu$an slavery% &lease hel! $e e1!ose and sto! this insane for$ of a'use and hidden slavery and set the ca!tives free0 6The 2!irit of the Lord *od is u!on $e( 'ecause the Lord has anointed $e to 'rin# #ood tidin#s to the afflictedD he has sent $e to 'ind u! the 'ro enhearted( to !roclai$ li'erty to the ca!tives( and the o!enin# of the !rison to those "ho are 'ound%6 -- Isaiah L:5:

/#0 ,rice Taylor - Than s for the Me$ories Cha1ter Twenty;two: )r%n&e )h%ll%15 )r%n&e Charles5 and )r%n&ess D% 6I .no" You( l 3al ed 3ith You Once 7!on / Drea$6 -or $ind control !ur!oses( a son# fro$ Disney+s 2lee!in# ,eauty "as instilled into $y !ro#ra$$in# to ee! all $e$ory of hidden events se!arate fro$ $y conscious $ind% The lyrics as I re$e$'ered the$ re$inded $e( 6I no" you( I "al ed "ith you once u!on a drea$% I no" you( "ith you in $y ar$s you+re so fa$iliar a#ain%%% 6 I "as !ro#ra$$ed to feel fa$iliar "ith in#s( !rinces( and !residents and this son# served to reorient $e into $y drea$ reality( the one that e1isted Over the Rain'o"% I "as !rostituted to &rince &hilli! and also &rince Charles% On one occasion( &rince Charles e1!lained to $e that royalty are #iven the ri#ht and reserve to have affairs outside of the royal fa$ily% He said it "as in the interest of their country for the royals to re$ain 'alanced and ha!!y( and that "as done 'y "hatever $eans needed in order to acco$!lish that% The re)uire$ent "as that they "ere discreet and didn+t #et cau#ht% I "as !rostituted to 'oth &hilli! and Charles in Los /n#eles on different occasions and "as set u! "ith the$ at other ti$es in 3ashin#ton( DC( London( and Ne" Yor % &rince &hilli! thou#ht he "as *od+s #ift to the "orld( and "as arro#ant and e#otistical% Charles "as $uch different% He "as )uieter( $ore so$'er( and $ore controlled% The Council told $e it "as i$!ortant for $e to for$ a se1ual 'ond "ith hi$% Charles li ed to tal a lot in 'ed% He "ould lay on his side "ith his head cradled in his hand and tal and tal to $e% He said that he "as very lonely( that Di never tal ed to hi$ a'out anythin# of su'stance and that they >ust didn+t see$ to 'e $atched that "ay% He told $e that they had #ood se1 'ut that "as it( and that he had trou'le #ettin# her to act li e a $e$'er of the royal fa$ily "as su!!ose to act so they could lead their country in the "ay it needed to 'e run% He said that she didn+t have $uch de!th and "as $ore interested in ho" she loo ed than anythin# else and he said( 6-ran ly( that 'ores $e%6 3hile I listened to hi$( his shar! nose( dar hair on his chest and the little cro! of dar hair ri#ht at the s$all of his 'ac #rooved indeli'le $e$ory in $y $ind files% /fter the first ti$e "e "ere to#ether( he li ed to 'e on to! "hen "e had se1% I don+t thin he ne" I "as a !ro#ra$$ed slave% He >ust treated $e li e a trusted confidant( a friend( a lover( 'ut se1 "as never !ara$ount to hi$% Charles e1!lained to $e that it "as i$!ortant for the royal fa$ily to have a #ood !u'lic i$a#e in order to "ield the !o"er they have( to lead the $asses% He said that if the royal fa$ily "as seen as "ea and unsta'le( it could lead to a level of chaos "ithin the En#lish society% He said if a royal fa$ily could $aintain sta'ility( throu#h "hatever $eans necessary( then it "as for the #ood of the "hole country% 2o said Charles% The Roc efeller fa$ily set $e u! "ith Charles and I "as instructed to >ust 'e a #ood listener "ith hi$ and to re!ort 'ac to the$ "hat he said% They "anted to no" "hat his drea$s( desires( li es and disli es "ere so that they could use that infor$ation in the

/8= future to control hi$( and ulti$ately( his country% They "anted to no" his 6/chilles heel6 so that they could use his "ea ness to their advanta#e in re#ard to !olitical and 'usiness dealin#s 'et"een our countries% They arran#ed a tri! for the royal cou!le to co$e to the 7nited 2tates and they too #reat care to set everythin# u! >ust ri#ht for their en>oy$ent% I "as used as a #uide( a !erson they could turn to for anythin# they needed or "anted% I "as directed to antici!ate "hatever needs they $i#ht have and fulfill the$% I "as assi#ned to !urchase Disney toys for the 'oys that "ere left in their roo$ u!on arrival% -ood( clothes( rest( $assa#es( sho!!in#( entertain$ent( anythin# they "anted( I arran#ed it for the$% They !aid for Diana to #et the full treat$ent at a 'eauty salon durin# the ti$e set u! for $e to tar#et Charles% They !ut $e "ith Charles "hile the rest of the royal fa$ily "as 'ein# entertained and I "as told to tend to hi$% /s al"ays( they told $e that he "as shy and( 'ecause of his !osition( could not ever $a e a se1ual advance to a !u'lic individual% 2o( they e1!lained to hi$ that I "as a trusted and safe !erson( and in turn instructed $e that all I had to do "as to co$e on to hi$D he ne" the door "as o!en and safe( all I had to do "as lead the "ay% 3hile Di "as off #ettin# coiffeured and so$eone tended the children( I "as told to lunch "ith Charles in the roo$ and then to co$e on to hi$% 3hen it "as ti$e( I reached out and touched the "hite dress shirt that covered his chest and "hen I sa" that this created a favora'le reaction( I reached out and too hold of his hand% I "as trained that a $an $ust feel sure that you care a'out hi$ and "ill not hu$iliate or $a e fun of hi$ in any "ay% He "as to feel :GGJ safe "ith $e% 2o durin# lunch( I listened very carefully to everythin# he said and e!t 'uildin# hi$ u!( co$!li$entin# hi$ and sho"in# hi$ that I really understood "hat he "as tellin# $e co$!letely% He see$ed to need and li e that a lot% To"ards the end of lunch( he !ic ed u! $y hand and issed the inside of $y !al$ and told $e ho" "onderful it "as to have so$eone he could tal to( so$eone "ho really understood% He e1!lained that there "ere not $any !eo!le he could tal to li e this in his country( 'ecause it could lea to other !eo!le and then it could cause hi$ and his country $any !ro'le$s% &rince Charles said that it had 'een e1!lained ho" trusted I had 'een to the Roc efellers over the years and ho" he could also trust $e( that I "ould ee! !rivate 6our $eetin#(6 he called it% He "as very sincere and acted li e he $eant every "ord he said% Evidently( Charles really trusted the Roc efellers% I don+t no" "hy% /fter he issed $y hand( I reached over and !ut $y hand on his face and reiterated that he "as safe "ith $e and that I "as thorou#hly 'riefed on "hat his needs "ould 'e "hile he "as visitin#( and that he could totally rela1 no"in# that anythin# that "as said or done "ould re$ain !rivate and !rotected% 3ith sincere #ratitude he said( 6That $eans the "orld to $e% It is not often that I a$ allo"ed this !rivile#e%6 The royal fa$ily "as on a schedule and I only had a cou!le of hours to do the >o' I "as assi#ned to do on Charles% /fter listenin# and a se1ual rendeEvous( I too hi$ into the sho"er and soa!ed hi$ do"n and rinsed hi$ off( then hel!ed hi$ out( dried hi$ off( and 'rou#ht hi$ so$e clothes% He see$ed co$forta'le "ith all of the attention and I acted li e I loved nothin# $ore than doin# everythin# for hi$% 3hile he co$'ed his hair he e1!lained to $e "hile he "as loo in# into the $irror( that he "as not used to the lu1ury of

/8" 'ein# alone in this "ay( that at ho$e he al"ays had servants attendin# to hi$ and so he really li ed the ti$e "e had to#ether% Ta in# his hand( I delivered the $essa#e that I "as !re-!ro#ra$$ed to deliver( layin# the #round"or $y controllers dictated for future encounters% I e1!lainin# that I dee!ly en>oyed the ti$e "e had s!ent to#ether and loo ed for"ard to $any other such >oyous occasions0 He s$iled and said yes( and I let $yself out of the roo$% There "ere security $en in the hall"ay 'y their suite and I s$iled at the$( neatly redressed no" in $y navy suit and heels( as I "al ed to the elevator% My instructions after I left Charles "ere to #o to a roo$ do"n on another floor and let $yself in "ith a ey I "ould find in $y !oc et% Once in the roo$( I !ic ed u! the !hone and dialed a nu$'er and 'e#an tellin# all the details of our conversation and ti$e to#ether% -or all I no"( I $ay have 'een tal in# to a ta!e recorder on the other end% 3ithout $a in# any other conversation( I finished $y de'rief and hun# u!% Then I "ent do"n to the lo''y% The hotel "as very ele#ant( "ith "aterfalls( "ood( #lass( and 'rass decoratin# the lo''y% I do not no" the na$e or "here I actually "as% Charles+ re!eated disclosure of the vital i$!ortance of his relationshi! "ith Di re$ainin# sta'le for the #ood of his country "as the infor$ation .issin#er and the Roc efellers needed to for$ their strate#y% I 'elieve that no" ar$ed "ith this infor$ation( they had the !erfect "ay to desta'iliEe En#land( throu#h desta'iliEin# the royal cou!le+s relationshi!% 2o they did >ust that and 'e#an devisin# a !lan to destroy Di and Charles+ relationshi! fro$ the inside out% Over ti$e( little seeds of dou't "ere !lanted( ori#inatin# fro$ .issin#er+s and the Roc efeller+s strate#ic !lan( at ti$es delivered throu#h $e( a'out the royal cou!le+s relationshi! and a'out Di to Charles and a'out Charles to Di( and they $ay have "or ed the$ 'oth fro$ other an#les% I no" that they had $e #ive certain $essa#es that "ere $eant to 'e a "ed#e 'et"een the t"o% They "ere al"ays su'tle( never ai$ed directly at the$( 'ut the inferences "ere there% -or e1a$!le( I "as sent in to tal to Di% They had $e 'efriend her 'y #ivin# $e infor$ation a'out her that I could +dro!+ at a ti$e "hen "e "ere alone% I did and she o!ened u! and 'e#an cryin#( "hich is >ust e1actly "hat they "anted her to do% Then I tal ed to her and hel!ed her feel 'etter% They "anted a 'ond to 'e set in !lace for later use so they could #et inside infor$ation a'out En#land% Even $ore they "anted to no" ho" they could 6#et to Charles6 in order to influence hi$ "ithout hi$ no"in#% I "as "ith the$ several ti$es and each ti$e s!ent ti$e alone "ith Di tal in# a'out her difficulties% 2he see$ed starved to tal to so$eone "ho understood and I had 'een ar$ed "ith enou#h infor$ation to 'e that understandin# !erson% Our controllers "anted the fa$iliarity to +'reed+ in each succeedin# visit so they could have $ore and $ore of a door"ay in to influence the royals% I overheard our controllers ar#uin# a'out usin# $e "ith her a#ain% They said( 63e can+t ris havin# her 'eco$e a fa$iliar face%6 To "hich another $an re!orted( 62he+s a lon# "ay fro$ ho$e and so is Di and they "ill never $eet a#ain 'y accident in a $illion years% You "orry too $uch% These thin#s al"ays have a "ay of "or in# the$selves out%6 2o( the other $an said( 6O ay( o ay( "e+ll use her( 'ut >ust one $ore ti$e%6 I could relate to Di% 3e "ere 'oth $arried( had children and shared so$e co$$on #round( includin# havin# hus'ands that "ere not se1ually !assionate and see$ed disinterested in that "ay% They "ere ho!in# to 'e a'le to ee! Di involved 'ecause she "as

/8/ so easy to access - as they ter$ed it( 6loose-li!!ed%6 ,ut that isn+t ho" it "or ed out% /fter Di "as co$forta'le "ith $e( I "as !ro#ra$$ed to disclose that I "ished I had a hus'and "ho li ed to 'e very se1ual "ith $e% /ll the "hile $y !ro#ra$$ers ne" fro$ $y re!ort of Charles+ se1ual encounter that he "as not a se1ually $otivated $an% Then they could #o a'out directin# their $edia ar$s to ca!ture and detail any !ro'le$s that ca$e 'et"een the royal cou!le( even at ti$es creatin# !ro'le$s that "ere not there in the first !lace creatin# sus!icions on 'oth sides% It "as an u#ly strate#y( 'ut loo in# 'ac ( it "or ed% The $onarchy "as desta'iliEed 'y this !lan% 63e cannot live only for ourselves% / thousand fi'ers connect us "ith our fello" $enD and alon# these fi'ers( as sy$!athetic threads( our actions run as causes( and they co$e 'ac to us as effects% 6 -- Her$an Melville

/83 ,rice Taylor - Than s for the Me$ories Cha1ter Twenty;three: They Stole My Baby London( En#land "as cold in the "inters and "as very cold and dreary% Many of the 'uildin#s I "as ta en into "ere $ade out of #rey stone( and everythin# too on a #reyish cast% May'e that "as due to the o$inous e1!eriences I had "hile in En#land% There "ere a lot of ornate 'lac "rou#ht iron fences around estatesD even the !ar "ays and !ar s often had fences surroundin# the$% I acco$!anied Rea#an to London $any ti$es% I overheard that these "ere i$!ortant assi#n$ents in facilitatin# di!lo$atic relations% This ti$e Ronald Rea#an had on a 'lac overcoat and "e "ere "al in# across the street to visit an older lady "ith dar #rey hair% 2he "ore a hat and very sturdy shoes and a suit% I thin she "as the Rueen of En#land( or at least so$eone of i$!ortance% It "as not Mar#aret Thatcher( thou#h% 2he e1!lained that she could "al around in her country "ithout 2ecret 2ervice a#ents 'ut chose "isely the ti$e she "ent on 6outin#s(6 she called the$% 2he had a $ediu$ siEe do# that she too "hen she "ent on "al s% 2he "as very o!inionated and very do$inatin#% -or so$e !ersonal reason she didn+t li e Nancy at all and said that Ron and I $ade such a handso$e t"oso$e that it "as a sha$e that Ron and I "eren+t a cou!le% 2he told hi$ that Nancy $ade hi$ loo older than his years( and that a 'a'y 'orn of Rea#an and I "ould $a e her ha!!y% 2he said she felt there "as so$e s!ecial che$istry and she "anted it 'adly% 2he "as convinced that I "as 2haron 3eather'y and that I had e1cellent linea#e% /ll this 'loodline stuff really $eant a lot to her and for "hatever reason( I "as the tar#et% May'e the Council influenced her and told her I "as so$eone I "asn+t% I don+t no"% 3e #athered to tal in a sittin# roo$ "ith all "hite "ic er furniture% There "as a 'ird in a lar#e ornate $etal ca#e and there "ere lots of 'eautiful !lants around% I re$e$'er ho" she and everyone around her s!o e in En#lish accents% They tal ed a'out the &LO and other ne"s of the day( 'ut I couldn+t retrieve all the "ords in order to $ore co$!letely re$e$'er their conversations% 2he had seen $y ca!a'ilitiesD the $ind files( the !rofound state$ents delivered in !u'lic 8!re-!ro#ra$$ed thou#h they "ere 'y the Council9( the "it 8!re-!ro#ra$$ed 'y the Council9 and she felt I had so$e e1traordinary #enetic structure and she "anted so$e of it% 2he vie"ed this 'reedin# thin# li e !eo!le thin a'out horse and do# 'reedin#% 2he "as really into it and she had her $ind set on havin# an offs!rin# of $ine cou!led "ith Rea#an( "ho$ she thou#ht "as the !erfect father% There "ere $any $eetin#s "here this su'>ect "as discussed and eventually she #ot her "ish% The child I 'ore for her "as the result of $any $eetin#s of ne#otiations over the years% The tal s started out slo"ly as she and Rea#an too s$all safe ste!s to"ard definin# their other"ise !re!osterous sche$e% The child that "as 'orn for the Rueen "as to 'e 'rou#ht u! in a strict environ$ent and #roo$ed for later $arria#e into the royal fa$ily% It "as a 'a'y that "as delivered into the ar$s of so$e of her !eo!le%

/8# They said this 'a'y "as a #ift of di!lo$acy 'et"een our countries% Rea#an called the 'a'y a !eace offerin# to sho" the 7nited .in#do$ our "illin#ness to e1tend a hand to"ard future relations "ith their country% 3hen the doctors "ere ready to deliver $y not yet full-ter$ 'a'y( I "as ta en a'oard an air!lane% They laid $e on a cot-li e #urney $ade of "hite canvas on a $etal fra$e% There "as an IV 'ottle han#in# over $y head and I "as afraid it "as #oin# to s"in# off its stand as the !lane "as enterin# tur'ulent "eather% I couldn+t say anythin#( 'ecause I had a $as over $y face% My 'a'y "as 'orn in the air( delivered 'y doctors dressed in sur#ical #o"ns and $as s% They had utensils and lon#-sha!ed stainless steel 'o"ls "ith alcohol or so$e ty!e of sterile solution for their utensils% There "ere no nurses% ?ust t"o doctors% The 'a'y "as also to 'e !art of so$e e1!eri$ent% /s I flash'ac ed( a'reacted( and retrieved this $e$ory I felt the uterine contractions and !ain( $y tail'one hurt and stun# 'ecause they #ave $e a s!inal in>ection% I didn+t have the 'a'y naturallyD I heard the doctors say the "ord 6e!idural(6 'ut at the ti$e didn+t no" "hat that "ord $eant% /fter the 'a'y "as 'orn and the !lane landed( one doctor "ra!!ed hi$ all u! in a thin "hite 'lan et and soon headed out the door of the !lane "ith hi$% I screa$ed "ith everythin# I "as5 6NO0 NO0 NO06 ,ut I don+t no" if I "as a'le to screa$ the "ords out loud or if I "as >ust screa$in# inside% Tears "ere strea$in# fro$ $y face% I loo ed out the air!lane "indo" and sa" a dar -haired $an and a "o$an "ith $ediu$-len#th 'londe hair standin# to#ether on the tar$ac% The doctor "ho too $y tiny ne"'orn son fro$ $e handed hi$ first to the dar -haired $an "ho( in turn( handed hi$ into the ar$s of the "o$an% The doctor then !ointed for the$ to #o on and I thou#ht I "ould die "hen this cou!le too $y 'a'y and "al ed a"ay% 3hen the doctor re'oarded the air!lane he and the other $an said I $ade a "ise choice and $ade a #reat contri'ution to society% I didn+t no" "hat they $eant% I hadn+t $ade any choice% /s they s!o e of $atters of national security( I "as 'eco$in# increasin#ly $ore hysterical% The doctor in>ected a dru# into the IV 'ottle that instantly !ut $e aslee!% The ne1t thin# I ne" I "as dressed in a #rey s"eat suit and #ro##ily "al ed out of the air!lane to $y $o$ "ho "as dressed in a red s"eat shirt( "hite 'louse and red !ants% 2he too $y face in her hands and said( 6Ho"+s $y s"eetie46 and she hel!ed $e to the car% I overheard the doctor say the 'a'y "as of #ood siEe des!ite the fact that he had 'een ta en so early% /ll I could see "as the to! of his 'eautiful little head 'ecause he "as "ra!!ed so ti#htly in the 'lan et( 'ut $y love for hi$ "as and still is intense and !o"erful% He "as !art of $e( 'ut they too hi$ a"ay% I never sa" $y 'a'y a#ain% I "as #rateful "hen they dru##ed $e out of $y $isery 'ecause the feelin#s and e1!erience "ere over"hel$in# and I couldn+t ta e any$ore% My 'ody started sha in# uncontrolla'ly and I "as freeEin# 'ut they said it "as o ay - nor$al in fact% It sure didn+t feel nor$al% I "as in a daEe for a fe" days( )uiet( "ithdra"n and very( very de!ressed% My soul ached% It still does today%

/88 The #rief is totally enco$!assin#% 3hen I thin of hi$ I still cry uncontrolla'ly% Ho" could they steal $y 'a'y4 Ho" could they4 6?esus "e!t%6 -- ?ohn ::5HF 6Thus says the Lord5 Refrain your voice fro$ "ee!in#( and your eyes fro$ tearsD for your "or shall 'e re"arded( says the Lord and 8your children9 shall return fro$ the ene$y+s land% /nd there is ho!e in your future( says the LordD your children shall co$e a#ain to their o"n country%6 -- ?ere$iah H:5:L:<

/8+ ,rice Taylor - Than s for the Me$ories Cha1ter Twenty; o2r: .SC: $%6her Ed2&at%on or M%nd Control 7ncle Charlie Donates OI%< Million to 72C In :;<H( as 7ncle Charlie #reased the "ay( Crai# entered 7niversity of 2outhern California 872C9 Dental 2chool and co$$uted everyday fro$ our ho$e in /#oura to do"nto"n Los /n#eles% /s I "as to later find out( Charles Lilley Horn had )uite a na$e at 72C( as "ell as in 2an -rancisco at the 7nited 2tates Mint% He !ersonally ne" $e$'ers of the -ederal Reserve ,oard% /s I discovered( he "as connected to -ederal Reserve ,an ersD old $oney( and Hearst ne"s!a!er ty!e of old $oney friends% 7ncle Charlie "as a direct lin "ith the Council throu#h the $oney he "as a'le to #enerate% He "as revered 'y those "ho ne" hi$ as a trusted 'usiness$an( a fa$ily $an "ho "as ade!t in !olitics and invest$ents% I 'elieve Charles Horn "as the sin#le $ost i$!ortant fa$ily lin to $y control 'y the #lo'al elitists% The reality of "hat I "as involved in "as carefully concealed every Christ$as "hen I dutifully sent a 'o1 of 2ee+s Candy to hi$ and his "ife at their "inter ho$e in 2cottsdale( /riEona% I "as dru##ed and !ro#ra$$ed that this act of #ift#ivin# re$inded $e to for#et( "hich it did for $any years% /nd( I "as !ro#ra$$ed to "atch the !o!ular television series( Charlie+s /n#els( in $y controllers+ atte$!t to cover and scra$'le $y $e$ory% Charles Lilley Horn( as Chair$an of the ,oard( retained control of -ederal Cartrid#e Cor!oration for $any years until relin)uishin# control around :;<G to his !ro#eny( Charles ,% Horn and 3illia$ ,% Horn( !resu$a'ly his sons% -ederal Cartrid#e Cor!oration is a $unitions $anufacturer( 'ased in Minnea!olis( Minnesota 8address5 A<GG -oshay To"er( Minnea!olis( MN9% Dun K ,radstreet Million Dollar Directory indicates that -ederal Cartrid#e Cor!oration "as a lon#-ti$e su'sidiary of the Olin -oundation( Inc% head)uartered in Ne" Yor City% The -oundation Directory sho"s that Charles Lilley Horn also "as &resident of the Olin -oundation( Inc% throu#hout the :;LG+s and :;<G+s% The Olin -oundation( Inc% 8currently -%3% Olin -oundation( Inc%9 "as esta'lished as a charita'le trust in :;H= for -ran lin 3% Olin( founder of Olin Industries( "hich later $er#ed "ith the Mathieson Che$ical Co$!any( eventually 'eco$in# the Olin Cor!oration of today% Durin# the :;<G+s( the Olin Cor!oration "as interloc ed "ith the Chase Manhattan Cor!oration( "hose Chair$an "as David Roc efeller 8see dia#ra$9% The Roc efellers( of course( have lon# had controllin# interest in the 7nited 2tates -ederal Reserve( "hich as $any !eo!le no" is actually a !rivate cor!oration( "ith shareholders% /ccordin# to The -oundation Directory 8:;;F9( the -%3% Olin -oundation( Inc% 8"ith 3illia$ ,% Horn( Vice &resident9 listed its assets at OH:< $illion 8as of :;;H9% The Directory descri'es the -oundation+s !ur!ose and activities as 6!ri$arily for constructin# and e)ui!!in# ne" acade$ic 'uildin#s and li'raries at !rivate four-year( accredited de#ree-#rantin# colle#es and universities%%%6 In the 'oo ( 7nderstandin# -oundations 8:;L<9( the Olin -oundation( Inc% is si$ilarly descri'edD it states( 6Many #rants in education are $ade( es!ecially for construction% *rants sho" a !reference for the field of

/81 en#ineerin#%%% Recent reci!ients have 'een the 7niversity of 2outhern California%%%6 8a$on# others9% This infor$ation "as confir$ed 'y the 72C Office of 7niversity /dvance$ent( indicatin# t"o #rants #iven to 72C in the :;LG+s 'y the Olin -oundation5 8:9 In :;LI( OA%I $illion to fund the Olin Hall of En#ineerin# and 8A9 in :;LF( OA%F $illion to fund the Vivian Hall of En#ineerin#% 3ith these donations( it is no "onder that 7ncle Charlie 8Charles Lilley Horn9( "ho "as &resident of the Olin -oundation at the ti$e( "as !o!ular at 72C( !articularly "ith the En#ineerin# 2chool "hich is currently located in Olin Hall% Interestin#ly( durin# the :;LG+s the 72C 2chool of En#ineerin# "as transfor$ed into a $a>or research facility and e1!anded into several ne" areas( includin# 'io$edical en#ineerin#% Today the En#ineerin# 2chool 'oasts several acade$ic de!art$ents and research centers% One such research facility is the Center -or Neural En#ineerin#( "hich lists a$on# its research activities5 8:9 Hard"are Models of Hi!!oca$!usTo"ard ,rain I$!lants as Neural &rotheses for Me$ory LossD 8A9 72C ,rain &ro>ectD and 8H9 72C D/R&/ 8Defense /dvance Research &ro>ect /#ency9 7ltra2cale Co$!utin# &ro>ect-to na$e a fe"% /!!arently( the 72C ,rain &ro>ect is s!onsored 'y the National Institute of Mental Health 8NIMH9 and the National /eronautical and 2!ace /d$inistration 8N/2/9% It is also "orth $entionin# that the D/R&/ !ro>ect involves 6Hy'rid Neuron-2ilicon Co$!utational 2yste$s -or &attern Reco#nition6 "hich includes the interface of electrode arrays "ith hi!!oca$!al tissue slices and neuron cultures( as "ell as #ro"th techni)ues for cortical neurons on silicon su'strates( and even technolo#ies to interface silicon-'ased co$!uter syste$s and neuro'iolo#ical syste$s% In :;;=( the 72C /lfred E% Mann Institute for ,io$edical En#ineerin# received a donation of O:GG $illion fro$ 'io$edical entre!reneur /lfred E% Mann( for "ho$ the Institute is na$ed% The donation "as said to 'e one of the lar#est in the history of hi#her education( and is second lar#est ever to 72C( 'ehind O:AG $illion donated 'y 3alter H% /nnen'er# to the 2chool of Co$$unication% 2tandin# 'ac and loo in# at this !atch"or !icture !ainted a'ove( hi#hli#hted 'y advanced research !ro>ects in 'io$edical en#ineerin# and incredi'le a$ounts of fundin#( one cannot hel! 'ut 'e struc 'y the o'vious !otential at the 72C 2chool of En#ineerin# for $a>or advance$ents in the technolo#y and a!!lication of MIND CONTROL0 HELLOOOOOO0 No"( as yourself( "hy is D/R&/ 8/$erican Defense9 o!eratin# in a university settin#4 3hat are they actually researchin#4 3hat do you thin is really #oin# on4 One can see that foundations don+t al"ays $a e donations to university acade$ic de!art$ents that one $i#ht e1!ect( 'ased on the donors+ a!!arent line of 'usiness% /nother e1a$!le is the H% Leslie Hoff$an and Elaine 2% Hoff$an -oundation( "ith assets a!!roachin# OAG $illion% H%L% Hoff$an "as the CEO of the Hoff$an Electronics Cor!oration( a lon#-ti$e Los /n#eles-'ased co$!any since :;HA( in the 'usiness of $anufacturin# various electronic devices( #enerally entertain$ent related 8includin# s!ecial ones for #overn$ent a#encies9% The 72C Hoff$an Medical Research 'uildin# is na$ed after its donor Elaine 2% Hoff$an% The Hoff$an En#ineerin# Co$!any( located in Minnesota( is listed as a division of 7ncle Charlie+s -ederal Cartrid#e Cor!oration% Hoff$an En#ineerin# $a es $etal and

/87 co$!osite enclosures for electrical and electronic controls( instru$ents and co$!onents% I "onder if they $ade covers that house those nasty ECT devices I "as re#ularly Ea!!ed "ith4 To date( I haven+t yet deter$ined a lin a#e 'et"een Hoff$an Electronics and Hoff$an En#ineerin#( 'ut that Hoff$an Medical Research connection sounds !ro$isin#% /!!arently later on( -ederal Cartrid#e and Hoff$an En#ineerin# $er#ed to 'eco$e -ederal Hoff$an Cor!oration 8-C Holdin#s( Inc%9% In :;==( the co$!any "as !urchased 'y the Minnesota-'ased &entair Cor!oration( increasin# &entair+s total sales 'y nearly IGJ( and is currently listed as a su'sidiary of &entair in the Directory of Cor!orate /ffiliations% /fter that transaction( 7ncle Charlie+s relations no lon#er a!!ear a$on# -ederal Cartrid#e Cor!oration+s cor!orate officers( 'ut instead have 'een listed a$on# the officers of the Olin -oundation( accordin# to the -oundation Directory% 7ncle Charlie continued to 'e an invisi'le influence in $y life% ,ut even thou#h I "as una"are of this( in $y !u'lic and conscious reality I "as still "or in# as a dental assistant( thou#h un no"in#ly !lacin# dental i$!lants 8so$e ty!e of $iniature electronic trans$itters9 into the teeth of unsus!ectin# !atients( "ithout $y o"n conscious no"led#e and a"areness% My four day "or "ee for Dr% ?aco'y( a 72C dental school #raduate( "as e1tre$ely !roductive( for hi$% 3hile I did all the hands-on dental "or "ith his !atients( includin# fittin# and ce$entin# 'ands( $a in# arch"ires and head#ears( re$ovin# 'races( $a in# retainers( and !erfor$in# #eneral chec -u!s( Dr% ?aco'y sat in his !rivate office and either read $a#aEines or "or ed on his co$!uter% /t AA years old( Crai# and I had no idea that our lives "ere totally controlled and not our o"nD nor could "e have no"n that "e "ere livin# our lives under total and co$!lete $ind control% 3ho /re the /nnen'er#s4 Moses /nnen'er# $ade his fortune durin# the &rohi'ition days 'y creatin# an infor$ation $ono!oly on "hich 'oo ies and #a$'lin# $o'sters de!ended% His cartel controlled a nation"ide racetrac ne"s "ire service( The Trans-National( head)uartered in Chica#o% The street savvy he #ained first as a ne"s'oy( then later as a hi#h e1ecutive "ithin the 3illia$ Randol!h Hearst $edia e$!ire( #ave /nnen'er# the "here"ithal to !ull off his racin# ne"s cou!( and $ade hi$ one of /$erica+s "ealthiest $en% Ho"ever( in :;H;( /nnen'er# "as convicted of ta1 fraud and "as forced to #ive u! the "ire service as!ect of his 'usiness% This 'rou#ht a'out a 'attle to ta e over control( "hich resulted in several sensational $urders( includin# that of ,u#sy 2ei#el( "ho( as /l Ca!one+s "estcoast a#ent of Trans-/$erican( $ana#ed to "rest control over Trans-National throu#h the stron# ar$ tactics of his +enforcer(+ Mic ey Cohen% /nnen'er#+s $edia e$!ire then continued on as Trian#le &u'lications and included the Daily Racin# -or$% ,y :;IL( the dust cleared( 'ut all the tur'ulence soon 'rou#ht a'out a Con#ressional investi#ation into or#aniEed cri$e in /$erica( headed 'y 2enator Estes .efauver+s Co$$ittee% -ollo"in# its hearin#s( the Co$$ittee concluded that $o'-control of the racin# ne"s "ire service "as under$inin# /$erica and re!resented the heart of $o' o!erations% Durin# :;FG and :;F: the .efauver Co$$ittee heard fro$ LGG "itnesses( 6%%%includin# $ost of the !o"erful #an#sters of the day% It "as an astonishin# s!ectacle% Never 'efore did so $any cri$inals !ass in revie" 'efore the #eneral !u'licD

/80 never 'efore "ere so $any !ut on dis!lay sin#ly or in tande$ as $e$'ers of a sin#le co$$unity of outla"s%6 8/l'ert -ried( :;;H9 Durin# this ti$e( 3alter H% /nnen'er# had dro!!ed out of the 3harton 2chool of ,usiness at the 7niversity of &ennsylvania in a'out :;HG to >oin his father+s co$!any( as a 'oo ee!er% In :;IA( he 'eca$e the co$!any+s !resident% /s head of Trian#le &u'lications( 3alter /nnen'er# started t"o ne" hu#ely successful !u'lications( TV *uide( /$erica+s 'est sellin# "ee ly $a#aEine( and 2eventeen $a#aEine( and continued in his father+s !ath as a $edia $o#ul% In :;==( Ru!ert Murdoch( a leader in the $edia industry( !urchased TV *uide( 2eventeen( and Daily Racin# -or$ fro$ /nnen'er#+s co$!any for OH 'illion% The follo"in# year( /nnen'er# esta'lished the charita'le trust no"n as The /nnen'er# -oundation% Its current assets are listed as OA%L 'illion% /ccordin# to the -oundation Directory( the -oundation+s current !ri$ary !ur!ose is to su!!ort 6early childhood and .-:A education 8includin# !u'lic school restructurin# and refor$9%6 In :;;H( /nnen'er# announced a OFFG $illion #ift( the lar#est !rivate donation ever to 'enefit education( !rovidin# a series of #rants for school refor$ !ro>ects #eared to"ard i$!rovin# ele$entary and secondary education% Re#ardin# this donation( the Los /n#eles Ti$es 8Dec% :<( :;;H9 re!orted5 6/lthou#h 3hite House officials refused to #ive details of the a"ards( three #rou!s are e1!ected to #et a $a>or share of the $oney5 the Ne" /$erican 2chools Develo!$ent Cor!% in /le1andria( V/ M"hich is not far fro$ the CI/+s Lan#ley head)uartersND the Coalition of Essential 2chools at ,ro"n 7niversity in &rovidence( R%I%D and the Education Co$$ission of the 2tates in Denver M'oy( that area has 'een in the ne"s recently( first( the ?on,enet Ra$sey $urder $ystery and no" the Littleton school $assacreN% The Ne" /$erican 2chools Develo!$ent Cor!% "as 'e#un in :;;: Mcoincidentally( >ust 'efore the :;;A election yearN 'y 'usiness leaders and *eor#e ,ush /d$inistration officials "ho 'elieved that they could develo! $ore effective and creative learnin# !ro#ra$s outside the traditional !u'lic school syste$ MI #uess *eor#e+s !residential la! "ould )ualify in that caseN% This colossal donation ca$e on the heels of one >ust $onths !rior( a #ift of OHLF $illion to four colle#es( includin# the record O:AG $illion donation to the 7niversity of 2outhern California( as $entioned earlier( another O:AG $illion to /nnen'er#+s al$a $ater( the 7niversity of &ennsylvania( O:GG $illion to &eddie 2chool( /nnen'er#+s !re!aratory school in Ne" ?ersey( and OAF $illion to Harvard 7niversity MHenry+s old sto$!in# #roundN% /fter creatin# the /nnen'er# Institute for 2chool Refor$( the 2anta Monica - Mali'u 7nified 2chool District received a OFGG(GGG #rant fro$ the Los /n#eles /nnen'er# Metro!olitan &ro>ect% &rior to that( accordin# to the L%/% Ti$es 8?an AI( :;;L9( /nnen'er# had #iven OFH $illion to fund a fiveyear school refor$ !ro>ect in Los /n#eles County( !ur!ortedly 6to 'e#in "or in ele$entary schools to "i!e out MculturalN differences 'et"een the t"o #rou!s Mi%e% 2anta Monica and Mali'u idsN%6 The 2chool District( after receivin# a OF $illion share of !ro>ect funds( reached an a#ree$ent "ith Rand Cor!%( a 2anta Monica'ased +thin tan (+ to evaluate the !ro>ects i$!act on the District+s :G(FGG students% Rand Cor!% has lon# 'een no"n for its technoinfor$ation-oriented !ro>ects( and is re!uted to have !artici!ated in +M.7LTR/li e+ !ro>ects durin# the LG+s% Note t"o of its studies5 &-AF<F 6Lon#-lastin# Effects of L2D on Certain /ttitudes in Nor$als5 /n E1!eri$ental &ro!osal6 8:;LA9 and &-AL<L 6E1!eri$ental Desi#ns for Investi#atin# Conditionin#6 8:;LL9% In its Inde1 to 2elected &u'lications of The Rand Cor!oration( it lists a$on# its areas of research investi#ation in

/+= the field of !sycholo#y( the follo"in#5 6/uto$ata(6 6La'oratory Man-Machine 2tudies(6 and 62lee! Learnin#6 - $any !ro>ects under these headin#s a!!ear to have $ind control a!!lications% The /nnen'er# Estate is a s!ra"lin# HGG-acre tract( located near the intersection of -ran 2inatra ,oulevard and ,o' Ho!e Drive( in Rancho Mira#e( California 8near &al$ 2!rin#s9 and features a !rivate #olf course( s"i$$in# !ool( and several la es and !onds% Nic na$ed 62unnylands(6 it has 'een the $a#ical destination of the ,ritish Royalty( as "ell as the si$!ly rich and fa$ous( and is considered a second 6Ca$! David6 'y 7%2% &residents% 3alter /nnen'er# esta'lished his friendshi! "ith the ,ritish Royals 'ac durin# the Ni1on /d$inistration( "hen he had acce!ted the !ost as 7%2% /$'assador to the Court of 2t% ?a$es( *reat ,ritain% Later( durin# the Rea#an /d$inistration( his "ife( M$e% /$'assador Leonore /nnen'er#( functioned as chief of &rotocol to the 3hite House% Their tie to &rince Charles "as solidified durin# his visit to 2unnylands in :;<I( "hen he re!utedly atte$!ted to !lay the !rivate #olf course !olo-style fro$ his #olf cart% ,o' Ho!e( "hose ho$e is in &al$ 2!rin#s( "as a re#ular #uest at the /nnen'er# Estate% He "as valued for his $any contacts and his contri'ution to the /nnen'er#+s social re#ister( "hich at ti$es included Henry .issin#er% Incidentally( ,o' "as ni#hted 'y Rueen EliEa'eth several years a#o( as "as 62ir *eor#e ,ush%6 *iven $y !ersonal( thou#h $ind-controlled( involve$ent "ith &ete 3ilson and others( in alterin# the California school syste$ curriculu$ to include $ind control 8"hich I "ill discuss further in a later cha!ter9( I 'elieve $y e1!eriences reveal a $ass !lan for the +enhance$ent+ of $any children in "ays that do not res!ect their freedo$s% I invite the !u'lic to hel! $e 'rin# to#ether the !ieces of this !uEEle( in a "ay that "ill !rotect future #enerations% 72C Dental 2chool :;<H -:;<< / 'i# !art of "hat I thou#ht "as our entertain$ent durin# $y hus'and+s dental school years "as fre)uentin# 72C foot'all #a$es% 3hen "e attended the #a$es( I "as told to dress i$$aculately( and 'e ready "ith carefully #roo$ed hair( $a e-u!( and !olished fin#ers and toenails for the tea$% Durin# the #a$e I "as !ro#ra$$ed to stand u! fro$ $y seat in the stadiu$ and "al out throu#h the tunnel to $y left% My hus'and( no" a 72C Dental 2chool student( stayed in his seat >ust li e he did "hen "e "ent to Dod#er #a$es% I "al ed to the loc er roo$ "here the tea$ "ent durin# half ti$e% Lots of ti$es I didn+t even see "ho$ I "as servicin#% I >ust felt li e a suc in# $achine% On one such occasion the coach dressed $e in a little cheerleadin# s irt and had se1 "ith $e in front of the $indcontrolled foot'all ro'ots that needed e1tra incentive to "or harder( or as the coach said to the$( 62te! ri#ht u! and en>oy the !ussy% *et it "hile it+s hot(6 he+d say( li e he "as a street vendor and I "as a !iece of $eat% Then he "ould caution the !layers( 6,ut only if you !erfor$ today%6 If the !layers did "ell( !erfor$ed to the coach+s standards on the field( they #ot to have se1 "ith a slave% If they did really "ell( they #ot to have one of us for the evenin#% I never stayed all ni#ht 'ut entertained for the evenin#% I don+t no" "here $y hus'and "ent 'ut he "as "aitin#( later that ni#ht in the dar ( for $e in his Datsun A=G B% There "ere also 72C 'as et'all $ind-controlled ro'ots% I had to have se1 "ith one of

/+" the$ in the loc er roo$ after a #a$e "e "ent to one evenin#% It "as >ust a )uic ie since they didn+t vie" the 'as et'all tea$ as i$!ortant as the foot'all tea$% O%?% 2i$!son "as their star )uarter'ac ( their !riEe athlete( a real $achine% He !layed at $ost of the 72C foot'all #a$es that "e attended% I re$e$'er hearin# everyone tal a'out ho" the coach 'ou#ht hi$ an e1!ensive ne" car% One ti$e Henry #ave so$e advice to the coach on !ro#ra$$in# that he a!!reciated% One ni#ht at an alu$ni $eetin#( the coach s!o e to a #rou! of older alu$ni $en around a ta'le% They "ere all s$o in# and drin in# at this so-called $eetin#% The coach said( 6This youn# lady has a very "ealthy uncle and she+s a Tro>an all the "ay%6 Then another $an ste!!ed for"ard and hel!ed $e onto the ta'le as they started !layin# the son# 6the stri!!er6 and I too $y street clothes off and danced in front of these drun en $en% I "as around AA% The $en in char#e see$ed to all no" "ho I "as and "here I ca$e fro$% They see$ed to re#ard $e $ore as $y 7ncle Charlie+s than as $y hus'and+s% /fter I stri!!ed( a $an hel!ed $e off the ta'le and one drun en 72C alu$ni yelled( 6&ut her 'ac u! on the ta'le and let+s see her !ut her clothes 'ac on% If she+s #otta+ !ut the$ 'ac on( let+s "atch%6 2o I cli$'ed 'ac onto the ta'le and a $an indly !ut a chair u! there for $e to sit on 'ecause I had nylons to !ut 'ac on and it "ould have 'een hard to do standin# u!% They "ere screa$in# and hollerin# "hich clothes to leave until last so I did as they said% On the "ay out I issed the coach on the chee and s$iled and "aved to all the $en as they "histled and cheered% They "ere drun er than s un s% I "as trained to al"ays iss the $an I "as 'olsterin# on the chee and 'e affectionate "ith hi$ in front of the other $en% ,ut if the "ives "ere there I "as to re$ain discreet% There "ere different rules for different situations% /fter that( I "as !assed all over 72C( not as $uch a$on# the $ind-controlled ro'ot students as the dirty old+ alu$ni $en% I don+t thin the $en ne" I "as under $ind control( 'ut I 'elieve 72C Coach Reddin did% I "as !rostituted to the Dean of the Dental 2chool after Crai# #ot acce!ted% Dean 3al er and Dean Cra"ford also see$ed to 'e +friends+ of Charles Horn% I "as !rostituted to Coach Reddin( also( at ti$es( li e I cited a'ove( in front of the foot'all tea$ for incentive% /nd there "ere a lot of other i$!ortant !ersons at 72C in the $ain university( aside fro$ the dental school( "ho$ I "as directed to 6cater to%6 2o$e of these $en see$ed to no" all a'out $y 7ncle Charlie+s fa$ily% I felt stran#e 'ecause( de!endin# on "hich !ersonality I "as eyed into( I didn+t thin of hi$ as $y fa$ily and didn+t ever see hi$ consciously( yet all these $en referred to $e as Mr% Horn+s niece( 2usan% I +serviced+ ad$inistrators at the $ain colle#e and heads of different de!art$ents% 7sually( I "as 'riefly introduced to the$ in their offices and then after a foot'all #a$e or on an evenin# "hen I thou#ht Crai# and I "ere #ettin# to#ether "ith so$e of his class$ates( I+d 'e ta en to a hotel roo$ to entertain one or $ore of the$% -ro$ "hat I overheard and understood( 7ncle Charlie had a 'i# role in !rovidin# fundin# for the 6furtherin# of education at 72C%6 I 'elieve a lot of his $oney "ent to further research or $ind control +!ro>ects(+ such as different $e$'ers of the foot'all tea$% 72C had to 'e full of $ind control ro'ots 'ecause 72C "as #ranted hu#e su$s of $oney if they !artici!ated in the $ind control !ro>ect% 2o( they !artici!ated in the acade$ic and s!orts end of it in order to )ualify for the #rants%

/+/ &lus( of course( there "ere !ersons in !ositions of leadershi! at 72C "ho "ere !art of the +elite+ #rou!% Mind Control De$onstrations I "as 6de$onstrated6 often at 72C in front of doctors( scientists or other !rofessionals "ho "ere +selected+ to 'e a !art of the !ro>ect% The $oderator( "ho "as a 'i#( tall( salt and !e!!er #ray-haired $an introduced $e as Charles Horn+s niece( the founder of the !ro>ect% &erha!s 7ncle Charlie+s $oney "ent to start the !ro>ect at 72C in the early LG+s% ,e that as it $ay( the $oderator sho"ed his audience ho" I "or ed 'y callin# out si$!le co$$ands% Initially they "eren+t sho"n $uch( 'ecause "hat the $oderator "as atte$!tin# to do "as enlist the aid and future "or of so$e of these scientists and doctors% Half the $en !resent already ne" all a'out the !ro>ect and "ere there secretly !osin# as !eo!le "ho "ere una"are% In actuality they "ere !lanted to influence the $oral attitudes of the other individualsD they "ould a#ree easily in ho!es that others "ould also a#ree( co$!ly and >oin their research !ro#ra$% It usually "or ed as they said( 6To #et the$ !ast any han#-u!s they $i#ht have in re#ard to the fact that "e+re "or in# "ith hu$ans instead of ani$als%6 Then they !roceeded to e1!lain that the su'>ects "ere ori#inally defective in so$e "ay or they "ould say( 6all the results are actually doin# is enhancin# the !erson+s a'ilities( not hinderin# the$ in any "ay%6 They "ent to #reat len#ths to condition so$e of these $en slo"ly over the first fe" $eetin#s% They de$onstrated $y ty!in# ca!a'ilites( 6s!eed and accuracy(6 the $oderator said as he too the !a!er fro$ $y ty!e"riter and sho"ed it around the roo$% Then at later $eetin#s they "ould de$onstrate the !hoto#ra!hic $e$ory enhance$ent or so$e other +enhance$ent+ this !ro>ect had !rovided $e% Initially( so$e of the $en "ere not so $uch in favor of it or "ere hesitant( so they "ere not invited 'ac to su'se)uent $eetin#s% In this "ay( the !ro>ect+s secrecy "as !rotected and not further e1!osed to those "ho "ouldn+t su!!ort it% 7ncle Charlie see$ed to have done his !art 'y ee!in# the $oney co$in# to the$% The #oal of the #rou! at 72C "as to turn out thousands of 6enhanced citiEens6 "ho "ould do their "or and function on 'ehalf of the cause% ,ecause Charlie "as !o!ular there( so "as :( and they had !lans to create so$e fine !hysicians( la"yers( dentists( oral sur#eons( etc%( "ho lived in or around Los /n#eles( so the li elihood of the$ re$ainin# in the area "as lar#er than the out-of-state !eo!le% They !lanned to $a e #ood use of the$ in the future after they "ere secured in their !rofessions% They lau#hed as they said( 6Hell( they+ll o"e it to us for $a in# the$ so$e of the 'est !rofessionals in their fields( so they "on+t $ind donatin# so$e of their ti$e 'ac to their old al$a $ater06 They needed a cluster of !rofessionals in and around the Los /n#eles area to funnel ille#al $oney throu#h their 'usiness+ at a hi#h level( 'ut $any didn+t even no" their na$es "ere attached to se!arate $onies filtered in at selected 'an s "ho "ere !ositioned for >ust this !ur!ose% There "as a "hole financial fra$e"or set u! to su!!ort the !ro>ect in the future( "ith every year( yieldin# $ore and $ore financial 'ac in# as the children "ere 'orn and used to create $ore and $ore fundin#( and then their children eventually "ould attend 72C or another affiliate school to cran out $ore 6coo!erative6 !rofessional #raduates% I overheard a lot

/+3 "hile I "as "aitin# at a $eetin# to service so$e $an after"ards% ,ut as instructed( I "as recordin# into a $ind file( "hat "as said at the $eetin# in order to re!ort 'ac to Henry% Henry !ro#ra$$ed into $y $ind a $a! of the ca$!us at 72C 'ecause it "as such a lar#e ca$!us% /nd "hen I "ould have to #o so$e"here to service so$e $an( he "ould tell $e to #o to D-H( for e1a$!le( on the ca$!us $a! inside $y head and I+d no" "here to #o% There "as also a codin# syste$ to ee! trac of "here I "as to 'e at a certain ti$e at a future date% I "ent to $any different 'uildin#s on the 72C ca$!us for various reasonsD se1 and to !ass $essa#es to different scientists( !rofessors or doctors% There "ere ti$es I "as ta en to a 72C foot'all #a$e the "hole entire #a$e( >ust for one $an+s se1ual !leasure% Crai# "as so focused on the #a$e that he never see$ed to notice I "as all $essed u! or that the !erfect $a e-u! that I had arrived in "as s$ud#ed or that $y hair "as $essed u!% 2o$e of the $en I serviced had 'i# $otorho$es that they !ar ed ri#ht outside the stadiu$ or on the #rounds of the Coliseu$ near 72C "here they "ould !icnic and !arty "ith their friends 'efore the #a$e% 72C "as a !ilot !ro>ect in Los /n#eles( one desi#ned to harness and utiliEe so$e of the finest $inds in the country% These "ere the crea$ of the cro!( so$e of the to! achievers fro$ all over the nation and they "anted to utiliEe the$% They felt that $indcontrolled doctors( es!ecially sur#eons( "ere :GGJ $ore accurate than non-enhanced doctors and sur#eons% They "ere e1!eri$entin# to see if 'y sho"in# youn# interns ho" to do sur#ery visually( they could retain the !rocedures% There "as an inner #rou! of selected students "ho "ere chosen 'ased on their childhood histories to 'e a !art of the !ilot !ro>ect% They felt they "ere creatin# su!er hu$ans and used the$ to do their "or % They used the technolo#y on $y hus'and and so$e of his la' !artners% I no" 'ecause I heard Henry tal to Rea#an and other 6insiders6 a'out this% He also $ade a!!oint$ents for $e to #et +treat$ents+ there% 2o$e roo$s at 72C $ar ed 6authoriEed !ersonnel only(6 at first see$ed li e dar roo$s for !rocessin# !hotos 'ut they "eren+t% Instead they had chairs si$ilar to dental chairs "ith #o##les for virtual reality% The chairs vi'rated( turned( and 'eca$e hot or cold and $ade it feel li e the scene I "as seein# ca$e alive% It sounded li e( and the #o##les $ade $e feel that I "as s!innin# in s!ace( s"irlin# and s!innin#( and I #ot very( very diEEy% They e1!osed $e to a lot of "eird scary thin#s% They also !layed very loud( irritatin# noises( li e hi#h shrill screeches and +nails on a chal 'oard%+ It "as often e1cruciatin# 'ut $y hands "ere i$$o'iliEed on the chair ar$s so I couldn+t reach u! and !ull the head!hones or #o##les offD I dissociated in order to "ithstand it% These e1!eriences ha!!ened to $e on days "hen I "ent to the dental school in order to have Crai# "or on $y teeth% /fter the dental "or "as co$!leted( then I had this other torture% This "as durin# the ti$e Ni1on "as &resident( then -ord% Rea#an "as *overnor and .issin#er "as still in office% The Council heavily used 72C( and $any +enhanced individuals+ "ere turned out to "or for +the cause+ and !roliferate( creatin# $ore ne" little Tro>ans% Those "or in# for the Ne" 3orld Order sa" 6the ta eover6 "ra!!ed u! since the nu$'ers "ould sno"'all each AG to AF years% My children "ould 'e destined to continue at a colle#e or university that could +further their enhance$ent%+ The Council also ne" ho" easily they could sha!e

/+# the $inds of the students at the university( since their $inds "ere as yet uncluttered and they could teach the$% These !eo!le "ere heavily into 'reedin# and #enetic 'loodlines% They said thin#s li e( 6Hell( !eo!le !ay $ore attention to 'reedin# their horses and do#s than they do !lannin# for their future !ro#eny(6 and that( 6&eo!le in the !ro>ect( ho"ever( have 'een fortunate enou#h to have that research and selective 'reedin# done for the$( so their offs!rin# "ill 'e of the hi#hest )uality% It+s ti$e "e )uit "astin# !recious s!ace on this !lanet su!!ortin# inferior hu$an life% It+s ti$e for a )uality race to !eo!le this !lanet%6 This "as the evolutionary ste! they sa"% /nd they felt that( 6since the co$$on $an can+t thin to 'rin# a'out these chan#es on his o"n( "e "ho are ca!a'le are left "ith the res!onsi'ility% 2o$eone has #ot to do it( or "e "ill 'e annihilated%6 6Let us then a!!roach the throne of #race "ith confidence( so that "e $ay receive $ercy and find #race to hel! us in our ti$e of need%6 -- He're"s I5:L

/+8 ,rice Taylor - Than s for the Me$ories( !! :=L-A:: Cha1ter Twenty; %'e: Baby Monar&hs are Born Crai# and I decided( at least I thou#ht "e decided( that it "as i$!ortant for $e to ta e additional $eans of 'irth control to insure that "e did not conceive a child "hile I "as "or in# to !ut Crai# throu#h dental school% Dr% 2toddard referred $e to Dr% Harold Lus ( a Holly"ood O,C*YN "ho( on $y first visit( e1a$ined $e and told $e not to "orry( that $y fe$ale re!roductive or#ans "ere in such 'ad condition that I could never have children% I "as so devastated that I couldn+t tal ( $uch less )uestion the doctor% I drove ho$e nu$'ed 'y the ne"s% Later that afternoon( so''in# throu#h $y "ords( I told $y hus'and that I "ould never 'e a'le to have children% Crai# called Dr% Lus i$$ediately and "as told that I had a disease called endo$etriosis( !lus fi'riod tu$ors and cysts( that the doctor e1!lained "ere co$$on in u!!er and $iddle class "o$en "hen they !ut off havin# children until later in life% I "as only AA years old0 He told Crai# that if he !erfor$ed sur#ery on $e it $i#ht 'e !ossi'le for $e to #et !re#nant( 'ut that "e "ould have to start the !rocess of tryin# to have a child( i$$ediately% Over the ne1t year( I had t"o $a>or sur#eries for "hat I "as told "as to correct the da$a#e( and 'e#an the $edical !rocess of dealin# "ith "hat I "as told "as infertility% 3hen( after the t"o so-called sur#eries( I didn+t #et !re#nant( as a last resort( Dr% Lus #ave $e a fertility dru# called 6clo$id(6 and soon after( I 'eca$e !re#nant% I continued "or in# as a dental assistant until I "ent into la'or and #ave 'irth to our first child( .evin Crai# -ord( on Octo'er :;( :;<F% The ,irth of .evin Crai# -ord Late at ni#ht( as $y la'or !ro#ressed( "e "ere $et at the hos!ital 'y a #rou! of an1ious hos!ital staff% Crai# !honed ahead alertin# the$ that 2usan -ord "as on her "ay to the hos!ital% They thou#ht I "as 2usan -ord( the &resident+s dau#hter% I #uess this "as understanda'le due to the fact that Ni1on had ste!!ed do"n and *erald -ord "as no" &resident% They thou#ht I $i#ht have t"ins( since I "as so hu#e( 'ut after an intense natural child'irth( .evin "as 'orn and "as i$$ediately ta en a"ay fro$ $e for "hat see$ed li e a very lon# ti$e% They told $e it "as standard !rocedure des!ite the fact that there "ere no co$!lications% ,ut later( suited $en ca$e into $y hos!ital roo$% One $an too a syrin#e and so$e ty!e of dru# out of his 'riefcase and( "hile he "as readyin# the in>ection for $e( I 'e#an screa$in#( 63here+s $y 'a'y4 3here+s $y hus'and4 3hat did you do "ith $y 'a'y46 /s he in>ected a dru# into $y ar$( he said in a cal$( e$otionless voice( 6You see $e 'ut you don+t see $e% You can+t see% You can+t see $e%6 3aitin# a $o$ent for the dru# to ta e effect( he said( 6You need to cal$ do"n% % %>ust cal$ do"n% % % do"n% % % do"n% % % do"n% % % do"n%%% one %%%t"o%%%three%%%#oin# do"n %%%dee!er no" %%%#oin# do"n% You+re in the "ell( ne1t to hell( and everythin# that ha!!ens there( oh "ell( or is it oh hell4 You+re there%6 Ta in# $y !ulse( he continued( 6This is our 'a'y% Don+t ever for#et( it 'elon#s to us% You "ill hand hi$ over "hen cued% You "ill not react% You "ill si$!ly hand hi$ over( li e he is a sac of #roceries% Do you understand4 Nod your head if you understand%6

/++ I nodded% 6*ood( very #ood% This "ay no one "ill have to #et hurt( "e don+t "ant that do "e46 I shoo $y head no% I felt very dru##ed% 6*ood(6 the $an said hy!notically% 6,ad thin#s ha!!en if you don+t o'ey% Very 'ad thin#s%6 I felt very sic ( very tired( and very terrified% I couldn+t 'reathe( I "as too scared% 6They+ll ta e $y 'a'y(6 I thou#ht( terrified 'eyond "ords% -rantically I "orried( 63ho "ill "atch $y 'a'y( "hat are they doin# to hi$4 Hel!( I can+t #et hel!% No one can hear% I can+t tal ( I can+t tell% THI2 I2 hell06 /fter"ards( of course( I couldn+t recall or thin a'out any of this trau$atic event% /fter a 'rief hos!ital stay( Crai# and I 'rou#ht .evin ho$e and 'e#an tryin# to !arent this 'a'y "ho "ould not suc le at $y 'reast and cried non-sto!% I "as !ro#ra$$ed not to loc the doors to our ho$e in /#oura and often $en in suits let the$selves into our house% They al"ays had #uns and so$eti$es a nife% These $en usually ca$e in threes - one to handle and torture $y 'a'y( one to torture $e( and one to #uard the door% The $en said they had a 6little treat for the 'a'y%6 They "ent to .evin+s roo$ and too hi$ out of his cri'( "here he "as slee!in#% They held .evin in front of $e and threatened $e( "ith a #un !ointed to $y te$!le% They said that if I didn+t coo!erate they "ould cut his !enis off( or slit his throat% /t ti$es they "ould cut hi$ and $a e hi$ 'leed% 3atchin# hel!lessly( as they hurt $y 'a'y( "as the sin#le "orst ni#ht$arish feelin# and e1!erience% I "anted $y hus'and to hel! $e% I "anted hi$ to !rotect us( 'ut he never did% No"( I understand that he never could% The $en did different thin#s each ti$e they ca$e to harass us% /t ti$es they too .evin into another roo$ and "hile they had hi$( another $an restrained $e% I stood silently and hel!lessly "hile I tried to listen to "hat "as ha!!enin# to $y 'a'y% The a#oniEin# silence "as intensely !ainful and "as al"ays follo"ed( after "hat see$ed li e forever( "ith the screa$s of a cryin# 'a'y in e1cruciatin# !ain% *od( the screa$s and the torturous cryin# "ere nearly un'eara'le to listen to% I "as so hel!less% I could not hel! $yself( nor could I hel! $y son% /nother ti$e they as ed $e if I "anted to see a 6'lue 'a'y6 and then one of the$ !roceeded to stic his thu$' do"n $y 'a'y+s throat until he turned 'lue% The lead $an al"ays said that if I coo!erated and did a 'etter >o'( they "ould not have to su'>ect $y son to this% ,ut they tortured us no $atter ho" "ell I did $y >o'% /nd( it is said that /$erica is the land of the free and ho$e of the 'rave% 3here oh "here have "e strayed( so far fro$ the ideals set forth for this country4 One day $y infant son "as s"in#in#( !eacefully sound aslee! in his "ind-u! s"in#( "hen they ca$e% They thre" a #lass of "ater into .evin+s face to "a e hi$ u!% He cried and the suited $an !ic ed hi$ u! and carried hi$ around the side of the #ara#e out of $y si#ht% Dyin# inside( I "aited an1iously( ho!in# they "ouldn+t hurt hi$ a#ain% /fter the silence ca$e the horrifyin# cryin# and screa$s% The suited $an carried hi$ 'ac ( his 'a'y 'ootie "as off and 'lood "as dri!!in# all over% Holdin# a raEor 'lade u! to $e( he said( 62olve this !ro'le$ $y little cutie%6 He handed $e $y screa$in# son( "ho "as dri!!in# "ith 'lood% 3hen they left( I too .evin into the house and sat "ith hi$ on the couch( so''in#( roc in# hi$( and tryin# to sto! the 'leedin# "ith a to"el I "ra!!ed around his

/+1 little foot% He cried so hard that he "as s"eatin# and snifflin#( #as!in# for air and so''ed hi$self to slee!% Our nei#h'or( Ron &eters( "as one of *overnor Ronald Rea#an+s 'ody#uards% He "as usually around "hen I "as used "ith Rea#an in California( 'ut didn+t a!!ear to 'e the lead $an% I never ne" "hen these $en "ould 'ar#e into $y ho$e% 2o$eti$es they even arrived in the $iddle of the ni#ht% 3hen this occurred( I "as !ro#ra$$ed to "al to the front door and o!en it( and the $en in suits "ould !ush their "ay in% They often !ushed $e into .evin+s roo$ and closed the door% Crai# al"ays sle!t and never "o e u! to !rotect us% It "as al"ays the sa$e torture( horror and threats to 'oth $y 'a'y and $e( and "hen they "ere finished they "ould leave% These hellacious e1!eriences ha!!ened over and over and over a#ain% /t ti$es( in those early years( there "ere instructions #iven over the !hone in the $iddle of the ni#ht( 'ut later on there "as !ro#ra$$in# done that !aired tones on the !hone "ith different instructions% I res!onded ro'otically to the different tones I heard on the !hone% / !ro#ra$$ed !art of $e ne" the instructions that $atched the tones and ne" >ust "hat they $eant and ho" to res!ond% /s $y !ro#ra$$in# dictated( I ro'otically delivered $y 'a'y to $y father+s "eldin# sho! "here I handed hi$ over( !ro'a'ly for further trau$a !ro#ra$$in#( and left% This ind of trau$a( tied to $y $aternal instinct( "as enou#h to ee! all the !ro#ra$$in# intact% It e!t hidden the a"areness of $y use in hi#h security "or for the #overn$ent and other secret cri$inal activities I "as involved in "ithout $y no"led#e( consent( or a"areness% In $y conscious "a in# state as "ell as $y slee!in# hours( I "as una'le to thin a'out "hat "as ha!!enin# to $e and $y fa$ily( 'ut after .evin "as 'orn I 'e#an to have e1cruciatin# $i#raine headaches% I also had sto$achaches( colitis and constant !ain in $y fe$ale or#ans% My 'ody "as e1!ressin# "hat I could not% My hus'and #raduated fro$ dental school and i$$ediately set u! a dental !ractice on To!an#a Canyon ,oulevard in 3oodland Hills% I continued to "or out of our house( doin# dental la' "or ( so I could stay at ho$e "ith our 'a'y% I also 'e#an "or in# !artti$e at Crai#+s office% Durin# the hours I "or ed a"ay fro$ ho$e( .evin "as left at a 'a'ysitter+s house in the old nei#h'orhood "here I #re" u! in 3oodland Hills% 3hen he "as out of dia!ers he filled a lon#-a"aited slot at Little Oa s &reschool( in Thousand Oa s( California( "here he( and later( the rest of $y children "ere further ritually a'used% The fact that I had !ut $y 'a'y on a !reschool "aitin# list >ust "ee s after he "as 'orn "as not a detail I could reflect on% Nor( did the fact that I left hi$ at the ho$e of this 'a'ysitter "ho #ave $e a very dar ( #na"in# eerie feelin# that "ouldn+t #o a"ay( ever hit $e $entally% I could not( due to the $ind control I "as under( consciously thin a'out any of this% Each year $y hus'and and I "ould attend the /$erican Dental /ssociation+s annual convention( "hich "as often held in /nahei$( California% In addition to the re#ular dental convention a#enda( I "as !ro#ra$$ed to s"itch and then sli! off to side roo$s "here I !resented the latest in $ind control technolo#y for the dentists "ho "anted to o"n the 'est assistants $oney could 'uy( co$!lete "ith all the latest enhance$ents availa'le% Then at ni#ht "e "ent to Disneyland% On several of these ni#hts the !ar "as

/+7 closed to the !u'lic at lar#e( in order to entertain the dentists and their fa$ilies% Our controllers never $issed an o!!ortunity to co$'ine functions so that they could acco$!lish t"o or $ore thin#s at once% Of course( at Disneyland $y fa$ily and I "ere re!ro#ra$$ed and reconditioned in order to !reserve our hi#h level !ro#ra$$in#% Nothin# "as ever "hat it see$ed and often there "as an alternate a#enda( a !arallel reality #oin# on at the sa$e ti$e as a !u'licly acce!ta'le event% ,ac in /#oura( there "ere ni#hts I "as tri##ered to "al out of our ho$e on Valley Hei#hts Drive to the "aitin# car of 2ecret 2ervice a#ents or other $en in suits in order to 'e flo"n to $any different destinations% Clothes "ere al"ays !rovided and "ere e!t se!arate fro$ those I "ore at ho$e( lest I #ain access to $y $e$ory 'y the si#ht of clothin# I had "orn on a 6#overn$ent $ission%6 Dru##ed My hus'and+s dental trainin# ca$e in handy( as he "as ade!t at in>ectin# $y ar$ "ith dru#s that our controllers "anted $e to have% There also "ere flat( round( chal y tastin# ta'lets( the siEe of Rolaids( that he #ave $e at ti$es 'efore I "as ta en a"ay 'y the 2ecret 2ervice a#ents% There "ere lots of dru#s #iven to $e orally and intravenously over the years and I never ne" "hat they "ere( I si$!ly dissociated and co$!lied "hen they "ere ad$inistered% /round this ti$e( $y hus'and announced that he had located a 'eautiful !iece of !ro!erty in an e1clusive area of /#oura( called 6Old /#oura%6 3antin# to share his find "ith $e he drove $e do"n a little one-lane country road that led to a secluded dirt road% 3e entered a 'eautiful rural area( dotted "ith hu#e oa trees every"here and there "as a 'eautiful strea$ that "ent throu#h the land% Crai# introduced $e to /aron -un "ho "as the o"ner of one "hole side of the street% This stran#er announced that he "as handselectin# his nei#h'ors for this e1clusive area( and "e "ere to 'e a$on# the$% This !ro!erty "as located less than a 'loc fro$ the entrance of ,o' Ho!e+s A(HAI-acre ?ordan Ranch% 3ithin days( an a#ree$ent "as struc ( and althou#h $y hus'and "as fresh out of dental school( and our funds "ere e1tre$ely li$ited( he $ade a financial deal "ith Mr% -un to !urchase the acre of land for O<=(GGG% This close !ro1i$ity to ,o' Ho!e+s !ro!erty factored into $y fa$ily+s a'use( heavily% 82ee a!!endi1 for $a!%9 3hen I "as to 'e used at !arties - li e at the Rueen Mary the ni#ht of a su!!osed dental !arty "e attended "here I "as later ta en a"ay to service ,o' Ho!e and /lan Cranston - first Crai# !ut so$e li)uid dru# into $y drin and I dran it as instructed( 6Drin it li e a shooter( one #ul! and it+s do"n%6 Then Crai# #ave $e so$e dru# fro$ a !lastic 'a# that he !ulled out of his suit !oc et% He too the "hite !o"dery su'stance and "et it on a $irror( !ut the li)uid into a syrin#e and in>ected it into $y ar$% /t different ti$es( he #ave $e shots in a variety of !laces - $y ar$s( thi#hs( hi! and 'uttoc s% 2o$eti$es he tied a ru''er tourni)uet very ti#htly around $y ar$ 'efore he #ave $e the in>ection% These in>ections hurt so$eti$es( es!ecially the ones in $y lo"er ar$s near $y "rist% 2o$eti$es he "ould try to use veins there and the shots really stun#% My hus'and "as an e1!ert in layin# out this dru# !ara!hernalia in !re!aration for readyin# $e for an event% He ne" $y ar$ li e a road $a! and "here to hit the #ood veins%


/ $an in a suit fre)uently delivered a su!!ly of the dru#s to our house( intended for $e% He left it hi#h in the to! corner of the #ara#e( ta!ed to the "all% I sa" Crai# retrieve it fro$ that location on a nu$'er of occasions% My hus'and also in>ected $e 'efore !orn "as fil$ed% They "ere still usin# $e in !orn in $y HG+s% Crai# in>ected $e( >ust 'efore $y use( oftenti$es "hen I "as in so$eone else+s car ready to 'e ta en to $y assi#n$ent% If one of the ids ca$e u! at that ti$e( he "ould yell at the$ to #et 'ac in the house% 2o$eti$es there "as a certain s$ell to certain dru#s( al$ost li e sulfur% 3hen !orn "as fil$ed in the dental office( 6Dr% -ord6 in>ected $e or #ave $e so$e ta'let or "afer to eat( 'eforehand% I don+t no" "hat the decidin# factor "as as to "hether the dru# "as #iven interveniously or orally( 'ut I sat in the dental chair and "atched as $y hus'and $i1ed u! the !o"der on the dental tray( li)uidiEed it( !laced the li)uid into a syrin#e and then shot it into $y ar$% Only then could they start the !orn% I "as al"ays dru##ed 'efore fil$in# !orno#ra!hy% /s our children #re" older( they also "ere dru##ed 'efore they "ere used% 3hile retrievin# so$e of these dru##ed $e$ories( I didn+t feel any e$otions% It "as as if I "as >ust a 6doll6 and not real% Ra# doll is a very co$$on !ro#ra$ the$e a$on# fe$ale slaves% ,o' used to refer to $e as his doll% It too t"o years after retrievin# these dru# $e$ories 'efore I could actually 'e#in to feel the !ain and 'etrayal of this act !erfor$ed( unconsciously( 'ut still( 'y $y o"n hus'and% /nd( until I had a sufficient a$ount of $e$ories of our early cross!ro#ra$$in#( I could only see $y hus'and as a !er!etrator( and not as the victi$ of the sa$e evil syste$ that he truly "as% The ,irth of Our 2econd Mind Controlled Child ,o' Ho!e+s 6Little -illy6 and *eor#e ,ush+s 6,ush ,a'y6 In :;<< "e decided( or it "as decided for us( that it "as ti$e to have a second child% I e!t sayin# I "anted to #o to Maui to conceive this second child after dental school% /ctually( our controllers had !lanned it all% Crai# and I arrived on Maui and he told $e to dress for dinner% ,ein# in the $ood to cele'rate( Crai# $ade us a Ha"aiian coc tail in our hotel suite% It tasted li e a co$'ination of a Mai Tai and a &ina Colada( and it $ust have 'een dru##ed% I dran the drin as "e "atched the 'eautiful Maui sunset fro$ our 'alcony% Then I "ent into our 'edroo$ and dressed in a 'eautiful clin#y( lon# !ur!le dress and "e "ent out as $y hus'and had told $e I thou#ht to dinner% Instead of "hat I thou#ht "as #oin# to 'e a lo'ster dinner( I ended u! stayin# in a hos!ital for a fe" days% In fact( I "as flo"n fro$ the island in a helico!ter( "ith a face$as on throu#h "hich I "as 'reathin# so$e ind of dru#( to a hos!ital "here they did so$ethin# to $e 8I 'elieve .elly "as #enetically en#ineered9 and I "as in this hos!ital for a"hile% The doctors "ore #reen sur#ical scru's and did so$ethin# to $e va#inally% I don+t no" e1actly "hat% They had test tu'es( the #lass ind that "ere very lon# and slender( and they loo ed at each other over their #reen face$as s% They didn+t s!ea out loud 'ut their eyes loo ed very serious% I had an IV in $y left ar$ that "as tied to a 'oard "ith cotton and #auEe around it% /fter

/1= that ni#ht I 'eca$e deathly ill( severely nauseated( and I don+t really re$e$'er $uch else that ha!!ened on that tri!% 3hen Crai# finally !ic ed $e u! after they finished "ith $e( they had $e dress once a#ain in $y !ur!le dress( and then Crai# too $e to the a"aited lo'ster dinner% /t that ti$e there "as a s"itch in $y !ersonality syste$ and I didn+t 8couldn+t9 consciously no" "hat had trans!ired% ,ut that is ho" I really #ot !re#nant "ith .elly% Crai# and I "eren+t allo"ed to have se1 for a"hile( 'ut "ere allo"ed to as they said( 6en>oy it in your $ind%6 .elly "as the classic 'londe( 'lue-eyed !rototy!e( "ith lar#e chee 'one structure( and all the ri#ht thin#s they "anted for her to 'e se1ual% Years later( 2ylvester 2tallone "ould co$$ent that .elly loo ed to hi$ li e a little +,o Dere %+ The 7CL/ doctors "ere in corres!ondence "ith other doctors on Maui% 3hen I #ot !re#nant "ith .elly on Maui in ?une of :;<<( they $onitored this conce!tion heavily% 3hen "e returned to the $ainland( I found out I "as actually !re#nant% I 'e#an s!ottin# and $y doctor reco$$ended I #o to 'ed( "hich I did for a fe" days until the s!ottin# ceased% .elly has a !ersonality na$ed &a!aya( in honor of( and use for( Ha"aiian e1!eriences% /s I re$e$'ered this e1!erience( in o'edience "ith $y !ro#ra$$in#( $y heart started racin# and I felt li e I "as havin# a heart attac % Our dau#hter( .elly 2uEanne -ord "as 'orn on -e'ruary AH( :;<=( and fro$ then on .evin "asn+t al"ays the $ain focus of the torturous trau$a - .elly "as% The torture and trau$a 'e#an ri#ht after her 'irth% 3hile "e "ere still in Valley &res'yterian Hos!ital in Van Nuys( California( three $en in suits ca$e into the hos!ital roo$ and closed the door% They too $y ne" 'a'y #irl out of her 'assinet( held her u! and !ut a !istol to her head% /nother $an !ut a #un to $y head and the third $an stood #uard at the hos!ital roo$ door% The $an holdin# the #un to $y head said( 6If you fail to follo" our instructions( >ust one ti$e%%%6 he clic ed the #un( 'ut nothin# ha!!ened( 6"e "ill >ust have to ill this !recious little one%6 Then the $an holdin# .elly too a "ad of .leene1 off $y hos!ital tray( "added it u! and !ut it into the #lass of "ater on $y tray in order to "et it% He held $y !recious 'a'y #irl faced do"n"ard and forced the "ad of "et .leene1 into her $outh( interferin# "ith her a'ility to 'reathe% 3ith a #un to $y head( I "atched in a'solute horror and terror( as $y 'a'y #irl cho ed and #a##ed and then "ent li$! in the $an+s ar$s% I thou#ht she "as dead% Then he said( 6That+s all it ta es% It+s as si$!le and easy as that%6 He too .elly into the 'athroo$ and did so$ethin# to revive her 'ecause she "as 'reathin# a#ain( and 'e#an cryin# loudly% The $an literally thre" her into $y ar$s and said( 6Ma$a( your 'a'y is cryin#( $ay'e she+s hun#ry%6 Then( they forced $e to 'reastfeed her in front of the$ "hile they "atched and then they left% The hos!ital nurse never ne" they "ere there and since I "as !ro#ra$$ed( I "as una'le to thin or re$e$'er it had ha!!ened so that I could #et hel!% That "as one of .elly+s first life e1!eriences - one of her first 'irth trau$as% /s an aside( I "ill share "ith you the reader( that as I sou#ht recovery and understandin# of "hat "as "ron# "ith $e( I attended #rou!s for !eo!le sufferin# "ith Multi!le &ersonality Disorder% It "as an enli#htenin# ti$e of ne" understandin# as I $et and shared "ith other Multi!les( so$e "ho "ere RN+s( intensive care nurses and thera!ists also atte$!tin# to heal% It leads $e to "onder if so$e of the nurses and doctors

/1" in the hos!ital "ho attended the 'irth of $y children "ere the$selves !ro#ra$$ed and controlled4 In one !articular Christian #rou! I attended for Multi!les "ho had 'een ritually a'used( in the o!enin# !rayer( an M&D+d( ritually a'used nurse !rayed for the Lord to heal one of us so "e could e1!ose this atrocity and #et hel! for the others% /s she $ade her re)uest( I ne" it "ould 'e $e that "ould heal and #o for hel!% I healed as fast as I could( 'ut hel! didn+t co$e as )uic ly as I "ould have li ed% 3hen .elly turned three $onths old( our fa$ily $oved into a lar#e dou'le"ide !orta'le ho$e on the recently !urchased Chese'ro Road !ro!erty in Old /#oura( "here "e 'e#an life as 6chosen6 nei#h'ors% 2oon "e had an architect dra" u! !lans to 'uild a lar#e t"o-story ho$e% The o!en( undevelo!ed area !rovided access to our fa$ily in $any "ays% /aron -un $oved a"ay and "e "ere left on the street "ith only one nei#h'or% Helico!ters could land in the ad>acent area( and ,o' Ho!e+s ?ordan Ranch "ould later 'e used for countless encountersD none of the$ "ere !leasant% Our lives "ent on and( as !ro#ra$$ed( I dutifully delivered $y little dau#hter to &oint Mu#u Naval 3ea!ons ,ase in California "here $ilitary $en too her fro$ $y ar$s "ra!!ed in a 'eautiful !in 'lan et $y $other nit for her% They e!t her for a lon# "hile and then 'rou#ht her 'ac out to $e% 2o$eti$es "hen they needed to have one of $y children for !ro#ra$$in# I "as instructed to !ar $y car on Las Vir#enes Road( >ust !ast /#oura Road( and the $en in suits !ic ed us u! and drove us the rest of the "ay to &oint Mu#u% /s .elly #re" a little older( at around a#e t"o our !ro#ra$$ers laid her 'y $y side on a #urney "here "e "ere 'oth hoo ed u! to sensors all over our 'odies - head( chest( and !ulse !oints 8"rist and nec artery9( in order to $onitor so$ethin#% 3hat e1actly( I don+t no"% The $en "or in# on us "ore sur#ical #reens so I assu$ed they "ere doctors% .elly and I "ere dru##ed and totally out of it% I "atched as $y little 'a'y dau#hter+s eyes rolled u! in her head li e she "as convulsin#% 2o$eti$es they !ut a $as over our faces to further dru# us or in>ected dru#s into our forear$s and so$eti$es there "as even an IV 'ottle left to dri! for us 'oth% There "as one IV 'ottle( "ith the tu'in# s!lit into t"o( one for $e and one for .elly% They also hoo ed us u! to sounds delivered throu#h ear!hones and often added 'ri#ht li#hts% It felt li e they !ro#ra$$ed .elly and I throu#h sound and li#ht 'y hoo in# us 'oth u! to "ires% It see$ed li e "e "ere #ettin# a 'lood transfusion( 'ut "e "ere connected to "ires instead of tu'es and there "as no 'lood% There "ere also "ater e1!eri$ents% They !ut $e into a $etal 'all "ith a door and !lun#ed $e into the "ater( s!un it and i$$ersed it dee!ly% It "as hard to tell "hat "as #oin# on fro$ $y !osition inside% It "as very dar and very confinin#% I >ust !retended I "as so$e"here on the 'each until it "as over% If I had to #uess( I "ould say they "ere doin# e1!eri$ents and research on the $ind and the 'rain% 2o$eti$es "e "ere enca!sulated and "ere "ei#htless% There "ere all different sorts of chairsD so$e "ere for electroshoc % One had a headrest "ith a 'and on it and stra!s for our "rists and stra!s for our an les% They "ould Ea! $e( and .elly "ould 'e in the sa$e ind of chair facin# $e and then they "ould Ea! her% It "as horrific to "atch her 'ein# tortured% They "ould have to al$ost carry her off "hen it "as throu#h 'ecause she "as so out of it% The electoshoc "as usually the last thin# they did% ,ut 'efore the electroshoc ( so$eti$es "e "ere su'>ected to virtual reality $achines( li e $ovin# rides "e entered "ith a video screen

/1/ sho"in# !ictures "ith li#hts and sound% /fter "e "ere in it for a"hile( they too us out and tested us "ith EE* and E.* e)ui!$ent and as ed us to fill out )uestionnaires( or they "ould as us to "rite do"n the ans"ers to )uestions they casually "rote do"n% The )uestions "ere related to "hat "e had >ust seen( ho" "e e1!erienced it( and ho" "e felt or there "ere )uestions a'out different !ersonalities "ithin usD $ay'e they "ere chec in# our !ro#ra$$in# or our inner syste$s% There "ere other $achines "e entered "here the floor tilted "hile our feet "ere tied do"n and "e+d lean over( and so$eti$es there "ere $irrors "here "e loo ed distorted% There "as lots of virtual reality e)ui!$ent% One a!!aratus "as a hel$et "ith front eye#lasses attached "ith "ires all over% They !laced it on $e and I sa" a visual of li#htenin# stri in# the to! of $y head "hile I "as feelin# electroshoc to the to! of $y head% Then I heard the "ords( 6You feel no !ain% Hit 'y a 'olt of li#htnin# yet you feel no !ain%6 /fter all this they tested $e neurolo#ically to see if I could "al ( touch $y nose( etc% Once I "as tied inside a 'i# roller and( "ith hands and feet tied s!read ea#le( they s!un it real fast and then too $e out% .elly "asn+t al"ays there( 'ut she "as !resent $ore often than I care to re$e$'er% I re$e$'er the t"o of us layin# ne1t to each other on the #urney "ith to"els over our 'odies( IV+s in our ar$s( "ith #lasses and #o##les on and "e "ere totally dru##ed% There "as a dol!hin tan at &oint Mu#u( "ith an under"ater "indo" "here they could "atch as "e s"a$ "ith the dol!hins% 2"i$$in# "ith the dol!hins usually si#naled the end of it% /fter that( "e "ere returned to our car that "as !ar ed so$e"here in /#oura or in the canyon% I thou#ht 7nited 2tates $ilitary officials "ere su!!osed to 'e in service to !rotect and defend their country and its citiEens% 3here are the hi#h ran in# $en of honor that !rotect and defend the "o$en and children in this country4 3hat has #one "ron#4 *enetic En#ineerin# 2oon after I had finished 'reastfeedin# .elly in :;<;( I continued to have severe !ain in $y fe$ale re!roductive or#ans that no one see$ed to 'e a'le to hel! $e "ith or understand the ori#in of% Dr% *allo"ay( the doctor that delivered .elly( ad$itted $e to Valley &res'yterian Hos!ital in Van Nuys( California% Late in the day I "as assi#ned a hos!ital 'ed and understood that $y doctor had ordered a D K C for $e% He e1!lained that this "as standard o!eratin# !rocedure% Later on( I "as ta en into sur#ery( a $as "as !ut over $y face( and I "as anesthetiEed "ith so$e sort of #as% It "as ni#htti$e "hen they !erfor$ed this !rocedure on $e that "asn+t a real D K CD they really too $y ovu$ for in vitro fertiliEation "ith other #enetic strains% 6Ideal #enes( fro$ healthy stoc (6 they said% I cannot identify the doctors "ho "ere doin# this to $e% ,efore I 'eca$e !re#nant "ith .evin( they had ta en other ovu$ durin# ti$es "hen I "as !reviously hos!italiEed for so-called 6sur#ery%6 They thou#ht I couldn+t hear( 'ut I could hear and see "hat they "ere doin#% I "as out-of-'ody and could hear and see everythin# they did% Their !erce!tion of reality see$ed to 'e li$ited to the !hysical "orld% They didn+t yet understand that a !erson could 'e out-of-'ody( that it is !ossi'le to ta e your consciousness out of your 'ody to see and e1!erience events in other locations% 3hile

/13 $y 'ody "as lyin# on the o!eratin# ta'le under anesthesia( fro$ $y out-of-'ody !osition overhead( I could see their side of the ta'le "ith e)ui!$ent they used to ta e $y ovu$ and a s!ecial dish "ith a s!ecial solution that they used to !ut the ovu$ in% I$$ediately u!on !lace$ent of the ovu$ into the dish( a nurse ca$e in and )uic ly too it a"ay so$e"here% This is #enetic en#ineerin#% These !eo!le do this a lot - they steal "o$en+s ovu$ to e1!eri$ent on% They ta e #ood #enetic stoc % This is "hy( later on( I "anted a hysterecto$yD su'consciously( I "anted to sto! "hat they "ere doin#% I recorded in $y $e$ory files "hat I overheard the doctors say that ni#ht in the o!eratin# roo$5 6Her children 'y her hus'and are inferior to those created here% 3e can tea$ this ovu$ u! "ith su!erior s!er$ to create a su!erior #enus% These children "ill one day rule the "orld and "e "ill 'e a'le to "eed out the "ea er #enetic strains% Roo$ $ust 'e $ade for this advanced race% The !lan has 'een carefully orchestrated% It "ill co$e a'out "ith 6our strains6 in leadershi!% 3e have chosen the #enetic strains of leaders( those "hose drive is to lead( and to that end "e have 6strained in6 health( intellect( and leadershi! )ualities% These children "ill 'e raised in isolation( li e the leaders in the shado"s and "ill 'e tau#ht advanced s ills fro$ 'irth $editation( diet( e$otion $odulation( and "ill 'e fed a strict diet of hi#her no"led#e% The rulers of the future "ill 'e elite in every "ay( sha!e and for$% 3e have s!liced her #enetic health and intellect strains "ith those !erfect !hysical for$s of the intellect donor to create the !erfect s!ecies - 'oth $ale and fe$ale% These strains "ill rise to the to!% The for$s "ill 'e so advanced that the nor$al hu$an s!ecies "ill not 'e a'le to co$!ete( and so ours "ill 'e the elite the rulin# class - and the lo"er for$s "ill 'e the so-called "or er-'ees% There is no "ay the nor$al $an can co$!ete% Ours is the elite% 3e "ill soon have enou#h of our !eo!le #ro"n and i$!lanted "ith our direction and our "isdo$( and no" that "e no" ho" to !ro#ra$ their $inds fro$ 'irth( "e "ill have total and co$!lete control% They "ill 'e ours - a race - a #enus "e can 'e !roud of( created fro$ the 'est #enetic structure on earth%6 They said( 6The future on earth 'elon#s to the scientists% It is ti$e "e "eed out the inferior races%6 7nder the direction of $y doctors( I $indlessly and co$!ulsively charted a #ra!h of $y te$!erature to no" "hen I "as ovulatin#% No" I understand "hy that "as so i$!ortant% They even did an e1!eri$ent of co$'inin# $y #enes "ith those of $y hus'and+s 'est friend and collea#ue% On one occasion( "hile he "as !erfor$in# so-called 6oral sur#ery(6 "hile I "as under anesthetic( they had hi$ $ount $e to i$!re#nate $e% Then( I "as instructed to re!ort to 7CL/ "here they too the s!er$-fertiliEed e## fro$ $y uterus% They co$!ared "hich #enetic structure "as su!erior - 'et"een those created in vitro and those created 'y a natural union and then ta en fro$ the 'ody to $ature% This deter$ination to create a +su!erior race+ is( as you $ay re$e$'er( the sa$e drive that fueled Hitler+s re#i$e in *er$any% One needs only to read Linda Hunt+s 'oo ( 2ecret /#enda5 The 7nited 2tates *overn$ent( NaEi 2cientists( and &ro>ect &a!ercli!( and then visit the Holocaust Museu$ in 3ashin#ton( DC( in order to !ut t"o and t"o to#ether% If you o'serve so$e of the !ictures of innocent !eo!le in the concentration ca$!s as they are 'ein# used for 'rain and 'ehavior e1!eri$entation( it+s easy to ascertain that $ore "as occurrin# than >ust the torture of innocent ?e"ish !eo!le for reli#ious or racial !ur!oses%

/1# This e1!eri$entation "as also done intentionally in order to further the understandin# of the $ind and 'ody( and ho" !eo!le could 'e controlled% 3e as a !eo!le have not fully e$'raced the reality of the horrors in *er$any that "ere !er!etrated on victi$s there( and to that end "e allo" it to continue to the !resent( as those "ho should have 'een !rosecuted for their "ar cri$es often "ent free% /s a $atter of fact( throu#h &ro>ect &a!ercli!( $any "ere 'rou#ht to our country 'y the Office of 2trate#ic 2ervices 8O229( "hich "as our o"n intelli#ence a!!aratus at the ti$e% They "ere !laced in our $a>or universities and hos!itals to continue their unconsciona'le scientific research% It "as throu#h the invalua'le "iEardry of one of these &ro>ect &a!ercli! NaEis( *eneral Reinhard *ehlen 8*er$an Intelli#ence 2!ecialist9( that our fled#lin# CI/ ca$e into 'ein# >ust after 3orld 3ar Il( and the 6Cold 3ar6 "as 'orn% Len Horo"itE( in his 'oo E$er#in# Viruses5 /ids and E'ola - Nature( /ccident or Intentional4 !oints to a lin a#e 'et"een Henry .issin#er and *eneral /le1ander ,ollin#% He $entions that *en% ,ollin# !layed a $a>or role in &ro>ect &a!ercli! as "ell as the ?oint Intelli#ence Co$$ittee( a ne"ly for$ed ad$inistrative unit that recruited for$er NaEi scientists e1!ert in $ind control% Their co$'ined research activity soon led to classified !ro>ects that !aved the "ay for the CI/+s &ro>ect M.7LTR/% Horo"itE also lin s .issin#er to oversi#ht of !ro>ect M.N/OMI( a $ilitary !ro#ra$ to develo! 'iolo#ical "ea!ons havin# #enocidal a!!lication% The Roc efellers( "ho s!earheaded a national eu#enics $ove$ent( su!!orted research activities of si$ilar nature to &ro>ect M.7LTR/ and M.N/OMI throu#h their !re33 II fundin# of the .aiser 3ilhel$ Institute "hose director "as( at one ti$e( ?ose!h Men#ele+s su!erior% /s you $ay re$e$'er( Men#ele conducted horrific $edical e1!eri$ents at /usch"itE( $any that "ere related to $ind control% /ll of these facts are discussed in Horo"itE+s $eticulously docu$ented "or % -ro$ readin# I did after I reinte#rated and de!ro#ra$$ed( I 'e#an to understand that the ne"ly created CI/ and the Roc efellers "ith all of their $oney and foundations( carefully researched and hired to! for$er NaEi scientists to carry on their !ersonal 'elief in creatin# a 6$aster 8/ryan9 race%6 They are doin# so throu#h $ind control e1!eri$entation and #enetics research in syste$s "ithin the confines of carefully "hite"ashed hos!ital or university research facilities( not to $ention $ilitary 'ases% The Holocaust has not ended( it has >ust #one under#round( and the victi$s are silent due to the $ind control they have 'een !ut under% I 'elieve these scientists have fallen short in their understandin# that( "hile the !hysical( #enetic structure a 'a'y is 'orn "ith is very i$!ortant( *od in His !erfection has !atterned a life for this child% 3hen this is altered 'y hu$an intervention( it no lon#er can serve the hi#hest !ur!ose for the child+s lifeti$e% It is not >ust the !hysical structure that rules a life of a child% / +soul+ is 'orn into the 'ody( and if left to the natural order of *od in His infinite "isdo$( there is a hi#her a#enda and !ur!ose to 'e acco$!lished% Ho" can $an in his finite "isdo$ 'e#in to 'elieve that he can out-create the Creator4 I don+t 'elieve that !hysical !erfection is the $ain #oal here% 2cientists "ill forever 'e lost in their o"n e#os until they realiEe the a'solute divine and !erfective nature of *od%

/18 Dental Office Money Launderin# 2che$es /rnold 2ten#le "as our first accountant( 'ut "as re!laced 'y ,ruce -ran "ho "as an accountant fro$ 2o)uel( California% He directed $e ho" to handle the dental office 'oo s fro$ his Northern California office( and visited our office every no" and then in order to further direct $e% To #ive $e instructions( he "ould sit across fro$ $e at $y little office in the 'ac % I "ould !ut $y hands u! to $y head( $y el'o"s to $y nees and in 6ready and alert6 !ro#ra$ stance( I "ould listen as !ro#ra$$ed to 6every "ord s!o en%6 /nd he al"ays had lists u!on lists of Idi#it nu$'er series% I don+t no" "hat they $eant( 'ut I "ould rattle the$ off later to different !eo!le( es!ecially Rea#an% I also "as !ro#ra$$ed to re!ort to different 'an s in the area% One "as 2afra ,an in 3oodland Hills% On a ty!ical day I "ent to the 2afra ,an under#round !ar in# and "hen I entered the !ar in# lot I "as !ro#ra$$ed to s"itch to 2haron% Then I "ent into the 'an % 3hen I entered the 'an a $an in a suit "as "aitin# and #estured for $e to #o to a "o$an teller% I did as instructed and handed her the envelo!es that t"o $en had >ust #iven $e in the under#round !ar in# lot% I never ne" e1actly "hat "as in the envelo!es( 'ut "hen the teller o!ened the$ there "ere usually chec s and cash% 3hen the transaction "as co$!leted( I drove 'ac to the office( s"itched no" to 2usan( and not havin# a clue that I had >ust 'een used to !erfor$ an ille#al 'an in# transaction for $y controllers% Years later "hen I filed for divorce( $y California attorney( Dou# 3olfe( told $e to #o si#n !a!ers at 2afra ,an 'efore the divorce could #o throu#h% I re$e$'ered feelin# really scared( 'ut I "ent to the 'an li e I "as told and si#ned a !a!er a $an !ut out on his des for $e to si#n% 3hen I "as throu#h at the 'an a $an later used a stun #un on $y 'ac near $y "aist as he said( 6You+re a real "aste( do as you+re told to do and nothin# $ore( nothin# less( or you "ill 'e a $ess%6 Rea#an Is &resident and Our Vice &resident is a &edo!hile Over the years( .elly "as closely tied into the trau$a I received% Re!eatedly she "as tortured and trau$atiEed in front of $e in an effort to ee! $e in line% Her torture fra#$ented her !syche in order to create $ulti!le !ersonalities "ithin her( so she could follo" in $y footste!s for later use as a 6!residential $odel%6 7nfortunately( she didn+t have to "ait very lon# for that so-called 6!rivile#e6 as our ne"ly elected Vice &resident at the ti$e( *eor#e ,ush( "asCis a !edo!hile and .elly "as created to 'e( as I later found out fro$ a rene#ade CI/ o!erative( "hat "as called a 6,ush ,a'y%6 ,ar'ara ,ush 'rou#ht snac s in on a tray to the deli#ht of the children clustered around her hus'and% The ids $unched on ani$al coo ies "ith s!rin les on to! as they listened to the Vice &resident read the$ stories% The reality created and the acco$!anyin# !ro#ra$ he delivered "as( 6You are "hat you read%6 This "as durin# the ti$e they lived in the house "ith the flat roc fire!lace% The fire!lace had a stone 'ench that you could sit on in front of the fire!lace and *eor#e had his easy chair near it% There "as a 'ro"n coffee ta'le and a couch( and huntin# !ictures of 2!rin#er 2!aniels holdin# 'irds in their $ouths and !ointin#( #raced the "alls% *eor#e "as into that sort of stuff%

/1+ ,ar'ara thou#ht I "as there as a re!resentative of the ne" educational syste$ 'ein# i$!le$ented in California( "hich "as true( althou#h I "asn+t consciously a"are of it( and she "as told that the children "ere there to de$onstrate to the Vice &resident >ust ho" "ell the ne" syste$ "as "or in#% ,ut later( "hen the de$onstration "as over( ,ush "ould ta e .elly or another s$all child to the 'athroo$ or to 6sho" the$ so$ethin# s!ecial%6 Durin# the ti$e the Vice &resident disa!!eared "ith $y dau#hter( ,ar'ara often $ade lots of s$all tal ( al"ays s$ilin#( cheery and !leasant( s!ea in# nothin# of i$!ortance% 2he tal ed a lot( es!ecially "hen her hus'and "as out of the roo$% I "as on ed#e( even under $ind control( as !arts of $e sensed that $y little #irl "as 'ein# hurt% The connection 'et"een $other and child often $a es !hysical !resence unnecessary to no" the status of one+s child( and it "as difficult to carry on s$all tal "ith Mrs% ,ush "hile $y child "as 'ein# ra!ed% The Vice &resident 'rou#ht .elly 'ac "hen he "as finished% 2he loo ed daEed and out of it% ,o' Ho!e arran#ed $any other ti$es for *eor#e to 'e "ith .elly in different and $ore !rivate settin#s% There "as a "ee end retreat ho$e the ,ush+s "ent to in the $ountains( so they could rela1( and *eor#e "ould ta e their do# out huntin# "ild fo"l% ,ar'ara stayed inside and 'a ed and did needle!oint( li e a ty!ical house"ife% I 'elieve that she "as una"are that her hus'and "as $olestin# droves of little #irls% *eor#e al"ays said he had a s!ecial !lace in his heart for little #irls% ,o' Ho!e 7tiliEes His Little -illy /sset 3hen .elly "as 'rou#ht to ,o'+s !arties( he #ave her as a #ift to no"n !edo!hiles that li ed little #irls% Then( he really o"ned these $en% He "ould act li e he really thou#ht it "as o ay to have se1 "ith a child( to $en he ne" "ere !edo!hiles% 3ithout actually sayin# it in "ords( he !ortrayed that attitude and then after the !erson had ra!ed the child he "ould say so$ethin# li e( 6Do you no" "hat ne"s li e this could do to your career4%%%to your fa$ily46 /t the !arties( these children "ere e!t in a 'ac roo$% On ni#hts I "as !ro#ra$$ed to act as +the hostess(+ I "as instructed to escort $en 'ac to the roo$ "here the children "aited for this e1!ressed !ur!ose% I "as even !ro#ra$$ed to facilitate their choice in "hich child they "anted for the evenin#% 2o$eti$es( actin# fro$ !ro#ra$( I even offered $y o"n dau#hter to these $en% .elly "as 'rou#ht to ,o'+s on ni#hts "hen $en "ho had 6youn#er !reference6 "ere in attendance% ,o' used that ter$ "ith !eo!le li e *eor#e ,ush% 3hen .elly "as nearly three years old she "as !rovided to *eor#e ,ush to satisfy his !edo!hile desires% ,o' invited a #rou! of $en "ith 6youn#er !references(6 and later !rovided the$ "ith a #rou! of children( 'oth $ale and fe$ale( for their !leasure% 3ith !eo!le he really "anted to o"n or use he "ould ta e !ictures of the $olestation "ith hidden ca$eras% He ne" >ust ho" to #et to these !eo!le% Then after"ards he "ould sho" the$ a !icture of the ra!e of the child and say( 63e sure don+t "ant these !ictures( or any others li e these to #et into the "ron# hands and ruin your entire career( do "e46 Then he "ould si$!ly tell the $an "hat he "anted( in e1chan#e for i$!unity% It usually had to do "ith #ettin# another 6friend6 of his into a 6 ey6 !osition in

/11 the #overn$ent( loo in# the other "ay "hen a case ca$e do"n( or #ettin# a 'ill !assed or vetoed% He ne" >ust ho" to control these $en and they usually co$!lied% In :;;H as I "as atte$!tin# to #et free and #et $y first 'oo !u'lished( due to the fact that I "as not coo!eratin# and 6stayin# in line(6 I "as ra!ed and then forced( under $ind control( to !ose for !ictures that if sho"n to others "ould have totally discredited $e( $a in# $e loo li e a !er!etrator% In this ty!e of scenario( the $edia is called in and a !erson is !u'licly discredited--end of threat0 ,ac in the LG+s and <G+s I "atched as !eo!le in !ositions of authority "ere set u! and co$!ro$ised in the sa$e $anner in order that they could 'e used% /nd in the ;G+s I "atched "ith horror( as $any of the dedicated individuals "ho "ere atte$!tin# to end this a'use and hel! the victi$s( "ere !u'licly discredited( often via $ainstrea$ $edia channels% Hunted 'y ,ush on Ho!e+s ?ordan Ranch *eor#e ,ush "as one of the $en in safari unifor$ on ,o' Ho!e+s !ro!erty "ho hunted $e "hen .elly "as little% ,o' "as lau#hin# "hen he laid do"n the rules% 6There "ill 'e no runnin#( or hidin#( you "ill si$!ly stroll alon# the !ath( s i!!in#( if you li e( dancin# if you "ish( 'ut NO runnin#( until you are TR/&&ED% It+s inevita'le( there is no esca!in# it( es!ecially "ith an e1!ert hunter li e *eor#e%6 Loo in# $e in the eye( ,o' said( 6/re there any )uestions46 I shoo $y head no% 6*ood( then re$e$'er( every ste! you ta e $ay 'e your last%6 /s a helico!ter touched do"n off in the distance in this rural ?ordan Ranch area( ,o' said( 6,ush "ill 'e co$in# fro$ a different an#le%6 I "al ed do"n the road( "hich "ith every ste! I too ( 'eca$e $ore and $ore li e The Yello" ,ric Road that I had 'een !ro#ra$$ed since childhood to follo"% I "as a'solutely terrified( "aitin# to 'e attac ed( illed% % % "hateverD I didn+t no" "hat they had in store for $e this day% I "al ed for a lon# ti$e and it felt li e I "as hallucinatin# alon# the "ay% In $y $ind( !layin# over and over li e a horror $ovie "ere ,o'+s "ords( 6Every ste! you ta e $ay 'e your last%6 In $y 'lue >eans and red chec ered shirt( I e!t "al in#% I "as still "al in# "hen it #ot dar and I "as really scared then 'ecause I "as so far a"ay fro$ "here I had 'e#un% My ar$ ached fro$ the in>ection they had #iven $e in the 'end of $y ar$ and I ru''ed it "ishin# I "asn+t so alone in the "orld% I "as #ettin# frantic( totally !anic ed 'y no" and I >ust e!t "al in#% Nothin# see$ed real any$ore% I felt li e a ca#ed ani$al and I couldn+t re$e$'er the rules any lon#er% I "as tryin# so hard to re$e$'er e1actly "hat ,o' had said( thin in# if I >ust did it ri#ht that I "ouldn+t #et hurt and $y children "ould 'e safe% ,ut $y dru##ed terror "as escalatin#( and I couldn+t thin any$ore( I felt li e I "as losin# control% /fter "hat see$ed li e a very lon# ti$e( *eor#e ,ush ste!!ed out fro$ an old outhouse-ty!e structure that "as on ,o'+s ranch and cal$ly "al ed over to $e( 6,etcha didn+t thin I+d ever 'e hidin# in there( did ya46 and he lau#hed% 63ell( I li e to !lay hide and see a lot 'ut there+s only t"o of us here so let+s !lay another #a$e that only re)uires t"o( the t"o of us%6 I nodded( froEen in terror%

/17 6I >ust ha!!en to have an a!!le% / 'eautiful red a!!le here in $y !oc et%6 He !ulled the a!!le out and said( 6I no" the #a$e is su!!osed to 'e !layed "ith a 'o" and arro" 8I+d 'een accidentally shot "ith an arro" in the >a" "hen I "as five9 'ut I for#ot $ine% I did re$e$'er ho"ever to 'rin# $y revolver%6 /nd he !ulled a #un out of his other !oc et% 6No"( this #a$e is called 3illia$ Tell( and you #et to !lay 3illia$% Here( you stand over here( so if I $iss( the 'ullet "ill #o into the tree instead of travelin# "ildly out of control%6 He !laced $e in front of an oa tree and !ut the a!!le on to! of $y head% ,y no" I "as cryin#% I couldn+t hel! it( I >ust couldn+t control it% 6&lease don+t hurt $y ids any$ore(6 I 'e##ed% ,ush said( 62hhh( don+t interru!t% 3e+re !layin# a #a$e no"% No" >ust stand real still and re$e$'er your na$e is 3illia$ Tell( and this is "hat ha!!ens if you don+t%6 2lo"ly( he coc ed the #un and too ai$ at the a!!le on $y head or $e( I couldn+t tell "hich% Then( ta in# his ti$e he said very slo"ly as he too ai$( 6O are you ready for the #a$es to 'e#in4 3ill you tell46 I s)ueeEed $y eyes shut and he lo"ered the #un as he si#hed real dis#ustedly( 6No( no( you can+t close your eyes( you have to see this co$in#( other"ise it "on+t 'e any fun at all%6 2o( I o!ened $y eyes and *eor#e too ai$ a#ain and said( 6Re$e$'er this is "hat ha!!ens if you don+t TELL%6 He e!t ai$in# and re-ai$in# tryin# to #et it >ust ri#ht and then he as ed $e a#ain if I "as ready% 6Yes( 2ir(6 I ans"ered% He !ut the #un do"n to listen to $e( then too ai$ a#ain( 6No" "hat+s the $a#ic $essa#e46 6Don+t tell(6 I ans"ered% I$$ediately( he fired and shot the a!!le off $y head% It 'lasted a hole in the $iddle of it and 'le" out a hu#e chun and he "al ed over( !ic ed it u! off the #round and said( 6Loo s li e "e 'oth "on this ti$e% You "ait for your ride( I+ll ta e $ine another "ay(6 and he disa!!eared% I tried to see "here he "ent in the dar 'ut I couldn+t locate hi$% 2hortly after( a cou!le of co"'oys that tended the cattle on ,o'+s ranch ca$e drivin# 'y in their old !ic u! truc and an#rily said( 6*et in( "e+ll #ive you a ride 'ac to the end of the road% You+re tres!assin# lady%6 2o I cli$'ed into the 'ac of their !ic u! truc ( not even on the seat in the ca' and 'ounced all the "ay 'ac to the end of the road% Then( I "al ed the short distance ho$e% 3hen I "al ed in the house( Crai# said( 63here have you 'een4 I #ot dinner started and "as #ettin# "orried%6 6Oh( I "as over at the nei#h'or+s(6 I ans"ered( fallin# into line hel!in# "ith the ids and the dinner% Durin# dinner( I >ust "anted to hold .elly( "ho "as t"o years old( and e!t feelin# so #lad she "as safe( at least for no"% I e!t roc in# her at the dinner ta'le and it "as a #ood thin# $y dau#hter "as in $y la! or I !ro'a'ly "ould have a!!eared as I really "as( 6!sychotically e1!eriencin# an e!isode%6 That+s "hat they told $e the doctors "ould say if I "ent to the$ for hel!% 6They+ll say you+re !sychotic(6 ,o' said( 6and it "on+t ta e the$ lon# to fi#ure it out% It "ill 'e o'vious%6 *eor#e ,ush lorded and ruled over $e for years once I had children% There "ere lots of scary !ro#ra$ tactics they installed to insure the safety of his use of .elly and $e%

/10 Mission /ssi#n$ent on Maui /n early e1!erience of cross-!ro#ra$$in# "ith .elly too !lace in order for $e to 'e used "ith ne"ly elected &resident Ronald Rea#an and .elly "ith Vice &resident *eor#e ,ush( on Maui% My !edo!hile father( Calvin Ec hart( !aid for $y hus'and( youn# children( and I to vacation "ith hi$ and $y $other to Ha"aii% This "as a tri! to the island of Maui in :;=: "here I "as ta en fro$ $y fa$ily to 'e of service to $y country( to serve &resident Rea#an and others% ,efore the tri! ,o' Ho!e chec ed .elly out at a distance% My father too us to a !u'lic !ar in Reseda( California and( althou#h at the ti$e he "as very !hysically de'ilitated( he #ave ,o' a hand si#nal as "e !assed 'y% ,o' loo ed at .elly and #ave $y father a "in and a thu$'s-u! si#n and "e left% Li e all these 6$issions6 'efore( I "as totally a$nesiac of this occurrence and could not re$e$'er $uch of "hat ha!!ened at all durin# the vacation% /t the ti$e( I did not realiEe I couldn+t re$e$'er "hat ha!!ened on the vacation% It "as only years after"ards that a"areness "as availa'le to $e% Then( the only thin# I could recall a'out this tri! "as havin# dinner at the Charthouse on -ront 2treet( in Lahaina "ith $y !arents( hus'and and children% I re$e$'ered that $y five-year-old son .evin ordered lo'ster( and that "as all I could re$e$'er a'out that tri! until years later "hen I returned to Maui "ithout $y fa$ily in :;;:% Then the $e$ories of that earlier tri! 'e#an floodin# 'ac as I sat under the lar#e $an#o tree located in front of the sa$e !lace I had 'een ta en to 'e "ith Rea#an - the &ua$ana% It all 'e#an li e it had every other ti$e 'efore% Three $en in suits 'ar#ed into our hotel roo$ "here $y fa$ily "as slee!in# and too .elly and I out of the roo$% 2he "as A+CA years old% Then they too us to another roo$ and tortured us 'oth in front of one another( !ro#ra$$ed in so$e instructions for $e( and then they too $e a"ay% /t that ti$e I didn+t no" "here they too .elly% The !ersonalities inside of $e that "ere !ro#ra$$ed for use "ith Rea#an and others on this tri! never ne" "hat ha!!ened to $y children durin# that ti$e% The !ersonalities I had that !erfor$ed everyday( $undane( routine >o's( "ere a$nesiac to the "hole e1!erience-they never ne" it ha!!ened% 2uch is the reality of Multi!le &ersonality Disorder and $ind control throu#h trau$a-'ased !ro#ra$$in#% I overheard $y controllers s!ea a$on#st the$selves e1!lainin# that the &ua$ana "as s!ecially selected for security !ur!oses and had the advanta#e that it could 'e accessed 'y 'oth land and sea% 2ea!lanes could secretly fly in forei#n di#nitaries at ni#ht% It "as a #ate-#uarded co$!le1 that "as easily !rotected 'y the 2ecret 2ervice( insurin# secrecy and !rivacy% I "as on Maui for a ten-day stay( su!!osedly to vacation "ith $y fa$ily( and "as used !art of the ti$e as a #o-'et"een "ith Rea#an and $any other !oliticians and forei#n di#nitaries% Durin# the ti$e at the &ua$ana( $y >o' "as to hel! $a e Ron and Nancy $ore co$forta'le% I researched restaurants and !laces to order food and did everythin# I "as told to do to hel! the$( in addition to 'ein# the 6secretary6 for $ind files use at their $eetin#s and later havin# se1 "ith Rea#an% I too shorthand( 'ut $ore i$!ortantly could

/7= secretly 6record6 everythin# I heard and sa" for later de'riefin# 'y .issin#er or the Council% Nancy could see that I had a credi'le >o'( 'ut "hen she "ould say anythin# accusatorily a'out $e( Rea#an "ould deny it and tell her she "as >ust over-reactin# and he "ould iss her very lovin#ly on the chee % /ll in all( she "as not !leased that I "as there% 2he "as an#ry and un!leasant to $e% 2he hated it "hen I "as around% I hated it "hen she "as around tooD everyone "as on #uard 'ecause of her attitudes% Rea#an occasionally s!o e to $e a'out her as if she "as unreasona'le( 'ut $ostly he "ould defend her( sayin# she "as !ro'a'ly >ust a little tired or cran y% I li ed it "hen Ronnie 8that+s "hat he told $e to call hi$ "hen "e "ere alone9 and I "al ed on the 'each in the dar to#ether( as there "as no one to interru!t us% Nancy never ne" "here "e 6really6 "ere 'ecause Ronnie "ould tell the 2ecret 2ervice a#ents to tell her that he "as #oin# to 'e in a $eetin#% They "ere instructed to ee! an eye on her and $a e sure she stayed inside the roo$ for safety( since it "as dar outside% Rea#an told the$ he "ould need $e to 'e at the $eetin#( as I "as functionin# as his secretary at certain ti$es and he "ould need $y hel!% Then "e "ould #o off to#ether to 6do 'usiness%6 2o$eti$es "e did do 'usiness( 'ut $ore often "e "ould #o off alone to#ether and I "ould #ive hi$ $y 6undivided se1ual attention%6 I also #ave hi$ any infor$ation I "as instructed and !re!ro#ra$$ed to #ive to hi$ fro$ the Council and others% Once elected( Ronnie said to $e( 6Can you 'elieve I+$ &resident no"4 Does it feel any different to you to 'e here "ith $e46 He often co$!lained a'out his >o' and ho" hard it "as% That see$ed to 'e "here I translated his "ords to $ean( 6&lease 'a'y $e( !a$!er $e( ta e care of $e( coddle $e(6 and I did >ust that% 3hatever he "anted or needed( I "as !ro#ra$$ed to !erfor$ for hi$% I "as assi#ned a roo$ on the 'eachfront at &ua$ana% The roo$ "as actually >ust another one of his roo$s a !lace "here they too $e to 'e alone "ith hi$% The 2ecret 2ervice a#ents acted li e they did not see or "ere not "atchin#( 'ut so$eti$es I "ould notice the$ snic erin# or s$ilin# at thin#s I did "ith Rea#an% The Council told $e "hat to do( "hen to do it( "hat "ords to use and "hat to say later on in the evenin# to have the #reatest i$!act on Rea#an% I don+t thin he ever ne" I "as 'ein# 6an actress6 - dolin# out the lines I had 'een !ro#ra$$ed to deliver - 'ut he loved it0 2o did Tric y Dic 8Ni1on9% These tactics "or ed es!ecially "ell on old $en( and that is e1actly "hat these $en "ere% This late ni#ht rendeEvous at the &ua$ana( in the little !ool overloo in# the ocean( I 'ounded out of the !ool and 'e#an unfastenin# $y 'i ini to!% I too it off and 'e#an dancin#( slin#in# it around li e I had 'een trained to do( as I san#( 6Let $e entertain you(6 li e I had done for ,o' Ho!e% Rea#an "as lau#hin# and a 'it e$'arrassed( I #uess 'ecause of the 2ecret 2ervice+s !resence( 'ut he didn+t sto! $e% I slo"ly !ulled off $y 'i ini 'otto$( danced around $ore and then sli!!ed 'ac into the !ool ne1t to hi$( na ed% This !ersonality( s!ecially created and devoted to Rea#an( "as very co$forta'le 'ein# na ed% I never even considered !ic in# u! $y 'i ini after"ards% /s I cli$'ed out of the !ool(

/7" Rea#an !ut a lar#e 'each to"el around $e and the 2ecret 2ervice a#ents !ic ed u! $y "et 'i ini and 'rou#ht it inside% The 2ecret 2ervice a#ents "ere usually youn#er than the &residents and I could see in their faces that I had their res!ect and ad$iration( 'ut "as confused as to "hy% 2o$eti$es after these antics( they "ould have a little #rin on their faces% The "ords that "ent "ith these little acts "ere not !olitical( 'ut "ere used 'y the Council to entertain and 'rin# Rea#an closer to $e( to $a e hi$ "ant $e% They fi#ured if he "anted to 'e "ith $e( they could use $e to sli! i$!ortant $essa#es to hi$ later on after se1( u!on a"a enin# or in the evenin# "hen he "as >ust doEin# off to slee!% The Council ne" that( if they could ee! hi$ interested and !a$!ered over the years( they could $aintain control over hi$% I "as !ro#ra$$ed to $a e hi$ feel #ood% I did everythin# he "anted and hel!ed soothe hi$ "hen he "as trou'led or distressed( and I even had so$e o!inions that he "as sur!rised I "as 6old enou#h6 to have% &resident Rea#an said I "as( 6"ise 'eyond $y years(6 'ut he never did no" that I "asn+t really--I >ust had the Council !re-e$!tin# $e% I "ould say that I "as so interested in his success and the success of our nation that I read u! on thin#s in the ne"s!a!er and #ot a ne" 6idea6 or !ers!ective after $y research% Or( I "ould say that an idea >ust ca$e to $e% I don+t 'elieve he ne" >ust e1actly to "hat e1tent I "as 'ein# set u! for hi$% The Council ne" >ust "hat "ould $a e a $an ha!!y( and $ore i$!ortantly they studied e1actly "hat each $an s!ecifically li ed or disli ed% Ne"ly elected Vice &resident *eor#e ,ush "as at the &ua$ana for this tri!( also% He and Rea#an "ere havin# all sorts of leaders secretly flo"n in 'y sea!lane to the 'ac of the co$!le1 in the $iddle of the ni#ht% My >o' "as to #o and #reet $any of the$ as they arrived and hel! the$ to their roo$s in the dar % 2o$e "ere forei#n a$'assadors% They had $eetin#s "ith these $en and had a for$al #atherin# one evenin# in the lar#e 'an)uet roo$ that "as used for !arties% It "as decorated in red( "hite( and 'lue( as it "as soon after Rea#an and ,ush had 'een elected and $any of the forei#n di#nitaries "ere con#ratulatin# the$% I overheard Rea#an and ,ush tal in# 'efore the !arty and ,ush told Rea#an that this "as an i$!ortant ni#ht to lay the #round"or for future ne#otiations "ith certain forei#n countries% These leaders "ere flo"n in( s!ent a cou!le of days and "ere flo"n 'ac out% The $en fro$ 2audi /ra'ia had to 'e flo"n in on se!arate days 'ecause I overheard the$ sayin# that they "ould not 6$i16 "ith the other #uests% No one s!o e of the$ after"ards to any of the other #uests% They "ore their "hite ro'es or native dress and "ere $ostly dar -s inned% *eor#e ,ush see$ed li e the leader as far as these ne#otiations "ent and I noticed that Rea#an 6leaned on hi$6 heavily for #uidance and instruction% ,ush had done his ho$e"or and studied the situations and Rea#an too his e1!ert advice% /lthou#h I don+t

/7/ re$e$'er .issin#er 'ein# !resent for this $eetin#( at other ti$es( Rea#an also too advice fro$ .issin#er% *eor#e ,ush !ounced on $e "hen I least e1!ected it( often deliverin# a devastatin#ly terrifyin# cry!tic $essa#e "hile I "as s!ea in# to so$e forei#n a$'assador or !olitician at a 3hite House function( #ala( #round 'rea in#( or #olf "ith Ho!e% ,ut this ti$e "e "ere on Maui at the ne"ly-elected &resident+s dinner% He "aited until no one "as around and then said( 6I don+t no" "hat the &resident sees in you% He $ust have on so$e of those stran#e Elton ?ohn #lasses( that $a e you loo other"orldly li e a little #reen Martian%6 Later at ni#ht( I "as told to stand out at the 'each and "ait until I "as si#naled "ith a flashin# li#ht and then I "as instructed to s"i$ out throu#h the surf to the sailin# vessel% / $an a'oard the 'i# "hite sailin# vessel too $e a'oard and into a dar ened roo$ 'elo" "here a $an sittin# in the dar delivered a $essa#e to $e( 6You are to tell Rea#an it+s a #reen li#ht% It+s a #o% /nd tell ,ush to ee! his dirty $itts off this one%6 Then he lau#hed and said( 6No instead say( +*eor#e( the $en on hi#h say that they have #ot this one covered% /nythin# you do "ould only interfere in the $aster !lan%6+ Then he said( 6You $ay #o no"% Ta e fli#ht and deliver your $essa#es on cue%6 I "al ed ro'otically out of the roo$ and over to the area on the 'oat "here there "asn+t a railin#( dove off and s"a$ 'ac to the 'each% The Council $aintained vi#ilant contact "ith Rea#an es!ecially durin# this tri!% Rea#an "as a"are that I s"a$ to #et infor$ation 'ecause he co$$ented that it turned hi$ on "hen I s"a$ to $y assi#n$ent% I s"a$ often and had !ro#ra$$in# that allo"ed $e to s"i$ lon# distances "ithout tirin#% This s"i$ !ro#ra$ "as often tied to +dol!hin the$es+ in $y conscious $ind so( in case I 'e#an to re$e$'er( $y thou#hts "ere auto$atically directed to thin in# a'out ho" $uch I loved dol!hins% These are the "ords that directed $y s"i$ !ro#ra$$in#5 6Your 'ody is "ar$ as you #lide throu#h the "ater( s"i$$in# easily( effortlessly( endlessly throu#h the ocean( li e a dol!hin% Dol!hins deliver $essa#es( and so "ill you%6 Other ti$es I s"a$ out fro$ the 'each and "aited to hear the sound of a helico!ter( and li e the dol!hin "aitin# 'elo" the s!aceshi! in the $ovie Cocoon( I "aited to 'e 6'ea$ed u!%6 My !ro#ra$$in# dictated $y reality% I thou#ht that I "as livin# this intentional $ovie-scra$'led reality "hile the actual event "as hidden 'eneath the surface of this !ro#ra$$in#% /s I e1!erienced the flash'ac of the actual occurrence( I could feel the cold "ater on $y 'ody( taste the salt "ater and hear the helico!ter% They dan#led a ro!e ladder do"n and $y instructions "ere to 6cli$' the stair"ay to heaven%6 /s I did( I entered the $ovie reality $y !ro#ra$$in# co$$anded( and felt li e I "as on an an#elicCdol!hin $ission% The ro!e ladder stun# the 'otto$ of $y feet% 3hen I $ade it to the to!( a $an #ra''ed $y ar$ and !ulled $e in( sat $e do"n( !ut head!hones on $y ears and said( 6Listen and learn(6 as I retained the $essa#e to deliver to the leaders% One ni#ht( the Rea#ans and a forei#n #uest "ent to dinner late in the evenin#% I "as ta en alon# as this $an+s escort% 8I a$ sorry that at this ti$e I a$ not a'le yet to re$e$'er his na$e%9 3e "ent 'y li$o to a restaurant in a lar#e sho!!in# area that had storefronts li e 'outi)ues or the -rench Ruarter( "ith 'ric "al "ays leadin# to the 'ac

/73 and flo"ers alon#side% 3e ate outside at a !atio ta'le surrounded 'y 'ushes and flo"ersD it "as very !rivate% The 2ecret 2ervice "ere "ith us 'ut e!t a lo" !rofile( so as not to attract anyone+s attention% 2o$ethin# ha!!ened at the restaurant "hen Nancy and I "ent to the restroo$% 2he said so$ethin# to $e a'out indecently co$in# on to her hus'and and then she sla!!ed $e% It really $essed $e u!( as sla!!in# "as also !art of a !ro#ra$ to s"itch $e into different !ersonalities% / 2ecret 2ervice a#ent )uic ly too $e aside% I had s"itched into a child !ersonality and "as cryin#( and he could not let $e #o 'ac to the ta'le li e that% He strai#htened $e u!( s$oothed out the rou#h e$otional ed#es( and too $e 'ac to the ta'le "here everyone "as finishin# u!% Des!ite this incident( "e had a successful late ni#ht dinner "ith this $an and "ent 'ac to the &ua$ana "ithout 'ein# detected% It "as the only ti$e I ne" of that Rea#an "ent into !u'lic durin# the entire tri!% I thin this #uest had e1!ressed a desire to see the s$all to"n of Lahaina% He did not see$ too concerned a'out the security ris s and ,ush encoura#ed Rea#an to #o and entertain hi$% Rea#an and ,ush usually "ent into !u'lic !laces se!arately for security reasons% /fter $y use "ith Rea#an at the &ua$ana "as over( I "as ta en 'ac to $y fa$ily% I do not no" "hat ha!!ened to the$ in $y a'sence( 'ut >ust li e each occasion 'efore( none of us e1!erienced a 'rea in ti$e( and no one ne" that I "as #one or that I had 6>ust6 returned% 3hen "e returned to California( no one in $y fa$ily thou#ht of this hidden e1!erience a#ain( as it "as 'uried dee!ly under !ro#ra$$in#% Rea#an+s Ranch I "as also ta en to the Ranch to visit &resident Rea#an( as I had at ti$es in the !ast "hen he "as *overnor% I "as !ic ed u! in front of $y ho$e in /#oura 'y a $an in a suit and "as flo"n to the Ranch located near 2anta ,ar'ara( California% Ronnie insisted saddlin# u! the horses hi$self "hen "e "ent ridin#( even after he 'eca$e &resident% He did not "ant anyone 8includin# 2ecret 2ervice a#ents9 to do it and so he did it hi$self0 I rode the 'ro"n horse% &resident Rea#an 6acted6 very ro$antically "hile "e rode( >ust li e "e "ere in so$e old $ovie0 It see$ed he lived in a ty!e of 6$ovieland6 $entality a lot of the ti$e% 3e rode all over the ranch( do"n near the Oa #rove on the far side% It "as 'eautiful in the s!rin#ti$e( "ith #reen #rass and "ild flo"ers as far as one could see% 3e #ot off our horses and he !ut his ar$ around $y "aist and !ulled $e to hi$ for a iss% He e1!lained( 6/ $an needs a youn# "o$an in his life to $a e hi$ feel youn#er%6 I >ust s$iled% I did a lot of that( didn+t use $any "ords( >ust s$iled( and "as !leasin#( hel!ful and co$!liant% That is ho" I "as created to 'e% Then Rea#an san#( 6Youn#er than s!rin#ti$e%6 He too his hat off and !ut it over his heart "hile he "as sin#in#( >ust li e he "as in so$e $usical% He could 'e very corny% Later he e1!lained he had 'ar'ed "ire !ut in 'et"een the "ood fencin# on the Ranch to ee! !eo!le out% He said he didn+t li e to have to do that( 'ut the 2ecret 2ervice

/7# su##ested he #o alon# "ith it for security reasons% He e1!lained that he did not li e to al"ays have !eo!le "atchin# hi$( 'ut that it "ent "ith the >o' no"-it "as different than "hen he "as *overnor( 'ut( he e1!lained that nothin# could chan#e our relationshi!( "e "ould >ust have to 'e $ore careful% Nancy Rea#an "as very $ean to $e( $uch $eaner than ,ar'ara ,ush ever "as% ,ar'ara ,ush >ust sort of i#nored $e alto#ether( "hereas Nancy "as very an#ry and controllin#% I li ed it 'est "hen Nancy "as not around% 3hen Henry .issin#er or *eor#e ,ush $et "ith Rea#an at the ranch( Nancy served the$ snac s% I "as never allo"ed to eat( 'ut >ust sat )uietly "herever I "as 6!ar ed6 and recorded infor$ation into $y $ind files "henever I "as directed to% Henry ne" >ust ho" to file it inside of $e( all in the correct stora#e areas for easy retrieval later on% They $et at the ranch )uite often% 2o$eti$es "e fle" to $eet 'i# leaders in their o"n country( if they "ere at all concerned a'out the security at the ranch% ,ut $ost !eo!le felt !retty safe there "ith all of the security syste$s and the 2ecret 2ervice a#ents% I o'served a lot of 2ecret 2ervice security techni)ues 'ecause at ti$es Henry left $e "ith the$ "hen I "as not 'ein# used% Henry sat $e ne1t to the a#ent at the security $onitor and told hi$ to ee! an eye on $e( 'ut to not feed or tal to $e% 2o( I "as a'le to "atch the $onitor and listen to the a#ents% They even had a#ents !laced at the far corners of the ranch all ni#ht lon# for security% Each a#ent carried a "al ie-tal ie to ee! in touch "ith each other and the a#ents in the house% / 2ecret 2ervice a#ent "as stationed inside the house "ith television $onitors and other e)ui!$ent to hel! su!ervise the a#ents outside and "as al"ays listenin# to the $en in the field "ith the "al ie-tal ies% The a#ents too shifts so that there "as al"ays so$eone fresh and alert $annin# all the 6!osts6 AI hours a day and ni#ht% Rea#an lau#hed a lot "hen he "as *overnor and in the 'e#innin# days of his &residency( 'ut he acted very differently after he "as shot% .ind of li e ho" different Ni1on 'eca$e after the 3ater#ate scandal 'ro e% Li e the life "ent out of hi$% Rea#an #ave $e a 'racelet on one occasion "hen "e "ere at the ranch% ,ut I had to turn it over to the $en "ho fle" $e 'y helico!ter 'ac ho$e to /#oura% Nancy had 'een #one that "ee end% 2he usually "as "hen Rea#an and I "ere to#ether se1ually% ,ut( she sa" $e "hen .issin#er and Rea#an or ,ush used $e at the ranch for $ind file use% It see$ed li e she hated it "hen she noticed her hus'and !er u! "hen I "as around( so she "as $ean to $e% /ctually( even under $ind control the !arts of $e that "ere dedicated to Rea#an felt sorry for her( havin# to 'e $arried to hi$( if he had se1 "ith her in the sa$e !assive $anner he did "ith $e% The Conce!tion of Our Third Child 7nder Mind Control In :;=G( I felt a dee! desire for a third child( thou#h I a$ not sure if I ever really "as solely res!onsi'le for havin# decided such thin#s on $y o"n( or if it "as u! to the Council( ,o'( Henry( etc% My hus'and fou#ht $e for $onths on end( "ith the lo#ical reasonin# that "e had the !erfect fa$ily - a little 'oy and #irl( and for hi$ they "ere

/78 enou#h% ,ut for $e( it "asn+t% I "as e1!eriencin# e1cruciatin# fe$ale re!roductive !ains and had 'een for a lon# ti$e( and $y !ain see$ed to increase as ti$e "ent on% 3hen I sou#ht $edical hel!( Dr% -eld$an( $y O,C*YN doctor( e1a$ined $e and said( 6You have a lar#e fi'roid tu$or #ro"in# in your uterus(6 and his avenue of resolve for $y "orsenin# condition "as a hysterecto$y% Loo in# 'ac on this situation fro$ "here I a$ no" in $y $ore healed understandin#( I realiEe it "as indeed this $an+s atte$!t to hel! $e re$ove $y 6hysteria%6 7nfortunately( I "as una'le to understand that this hysteria that $anifested !hysically in $y inner$ost fe$ale !rivate !art( "as the cellularly stored terror and devastation of $y children and $e% I "as una'le to thin on $y o"n( 'ut I could understand "hat I felt% /nd( "hat I felt in $y heart "as that I "anted a third child and I "anted hi$ des!erately% I don+t no" if I "as !ro#ra$$ed to no"( 'ut I ne" then that this child "as to 'e a 'oy% -ro$ his authoritative !osition 'et"een $y le#s( as he e1a$ined $e( $y doctor+s orders "ere that I could have HG days to try to conceive a child and after that ti$e I "as to return for the hysterecto$y% Crai# and I used the 6scientific $ethod(6 the sa$e $ethod "e used in the !ast to insure that the se1 of our third child "as a 'oy% /nd he "as% Daniel Ro'ert -ord "as 'orn on March :F( :;=A at Los Ro'les Hos!ital in Thousand Oa s( California% I "as H: years old% I have little conscious $e$ory of Danny as a 'a'y% 3hen he "as visitin# $e in the su$$er of :;;L( he loo ed at $e e$otionlessly and said( 6Mo$( I don+t re$e$'er anythin# a'out $y childhood%6 He >ust stated the fact% 3hat "as very a!!arent to $e "as that $y teena#e son had no e$otion attached to this state$ent or even any $eans to thin this thou#ht throu#h to understand "hat it all $i#ht $ean% It see$ed li e he "as $erely re!ortin# it to $e and( havin# done enou#h of $y o"n healin# to realiEe "hat this all $eant( I "as devastated% 7nderstandin# no" that $y children "ill not 'e served 'y re$e$'erin# anythin# a'out their !ast until they are in a safe( su!!ortive environ$ent to do that( I si$!ly ac no"led#ed his reality and reco$$itted to doin# "hatever I could to 'rin# a'out his freedo$% 3ar *a$es at ?ordan Ranch to TerroriEe .elly and Me 3hen .elly "as around three years old( "e "ere told to "al do"n to the 6end of the road(6 "hich I ne" to 'e ,o' Ho!e+s ?ordan Ranch% Once inside the fence "e "ere in>ected "ith dru#s in the 'ac of a li$o and "ere told to start "al in# out onto the ranch% 2o$eho"( all of a sudden( $y little dau#hter "as #one% There "as a "hole #rou! of $en in ar$y fati#ues "ho I later found out "ere !layin# "ar #a$es% ,ut in the dru##ed state of $ind they !ut $e in( I had no "ay to no" this "as >ust a #a$e% ,o' had a "al ie-tal ie that he used to radio instructions to the $en in ar$y fati#ues% He told the$ "hat to do and say to us% I no" 'ecause the #uys "ould listen to their "al ie-tal ies "hile I heard ,o' say directions li e( 6O ( ra!e her no"%6 These #uys "ere shootin# their "ea!ons and thro"in# hand #renades% /s I revivified the $e$ory I "as a'le to realiEe that the hand #renades and #unfire "ere all fa e( 'ut the dru#s I "as su'>ected to $ade everythin# feel very real and very terrifyin#% 3hile these $en "ere shootin# at $e( I "as runnin# for $y life( duc in# under 'ushes

/7+ tryin# to stay alive so I could find $y little #irl( and the dru#s $ade it i$!ossi'le to thin clearly% They told $e .elly+s life de!ended on $e findin# her )uic ly% / helico!ter flyin# overhead landed near'y and I finally found .elly( na ed and huddlin# near a s$all scru' 'ush% 2he "as very dirty and had cried so $uch that her little eyes "ere s"ollen nearly shut and her face "as covered "ith dirt and tears all $i1ed to#ether% 2he "as cryin# so hard that she "as sha in# and had 'e#un the involuntarily snifflin# and >er in# that infants do "hen they have cried for a very lon# ti$e% I !ic ed her u! and too her( as directed( over to the helico!ter% Due to the severe trau$a( I "as una'le to retrieve the rest of this devastatin# e1!erience% This is the ty!e of activity these $en needed to use in order to #uarantee that( under national security( a $other and her 'a'y dau#hter "ould never re$e$'er the !erverted e1!eriences for "hich they "ere 'ein# used 'y Henry .issin#er( ,o' Ho!e and the a#enda of our other hi#h-level controllers% 3hen I "as de!ro#ra$$in# and really #ettin# 'eneath $y instilled trau$a-'ased !ro#ra$s in order to retrieve $y e1!eriences( $y !ro#ra$$ed $other sent $e a !icture of .elly that she had ta en% In it( .elly "as crouched do"n( hidin# 'eneath a 'ush% Most li ely our controllers had $y $other send that !icture in an atte$!t to ta! into this trau$atic $e$ory in order to re$ind $e "hat $y odds "ere( in order to ee! $e under control% Trau$a ,efore 7se /fter I had $y children( they al"ays inflicted trau$a on $e and one or $ore of $y ids 8al"ays "ith $y dau#hter .elly9 'efore an assi#ned rendeEvous too !lace% Those e1!eriences "ere terrifyin# and horrific enou#h so( that $y controllers felt very certain I "ould never #ain access to $e$ory of the e1!eriences the trau$a "as $eant to cover% The trau$a they inflicted on $e and then on $y children in front of $e( 'e#an "hen they "ere 'orn% The follo"in# is a vivid e1a$!le of the ind of !ro#ra$$in# and torture $y fa$ily and I had to endure 'efore I "as used "ith a &resident( *overnor( 2enator( entertainer( or "hoever else they decided they "anted to send $e in on% I have no "ay of no"in# "hat the rest of $y fa$ily $i#ht have 'een assi#ned to( in $y a'sence% This ti$e( "e "ere in Catalina and $y hus'and told the ids that "e "ere #oin# to loo at a ne" hotel co$!le1 on the island% 3hen "e arrived( three $en in suits told us to #o into a roo$ "here there "as a sin#le ro" of chairs lined u! a#ainst the "all% 3e "ere told to sit do"n in the strai#ht 'ac chairs% &assively and ro'otically( "e hel!lessly co$!lied% .evin our oldest son%( "ho then "as nine( "as the first in the lineu!D then Crai#( $e( and .elly( "ho "as seven( and last( at the far end( our youn#est son Danny( "ho "as three% One of the suited $en too a raEor 'lade or so$ethin# si$ilar and started "ith .evin and slo"ly and deli'erately ran it over the to! of his le#s( then onto Crai#+s( then $ine( .elly+s and little Danny+s% /ll of us "ere 'leedin# and trau$atiEed( in a daEe( !hysically froEen( starin# strai#ht ahead% I "as terrified and !anic ed( 'ut sat there( hel!less to do anythin# to !rotect $y children( as a result of years of a'use and $ind control !ro#ra$$in#% Crai# could do nothin# to defend the children or $e% He couldn+t even defend hi$self% /ll of us >ust sat there li e Eo$'ies "ith 'lood tric lin# off our 'urnin# le#s% One

/71 suited $an infor$ed us( 6This is >ust the 'e#innin#(6 and they too Danny and thre" hi$ u! a#ainst the "all% 3ith the air noc ed out of hi$ and in o'vious !ain( he cru$!led over and crouched u! into a s$all 'all( already( at three years old( no"in# 'etter than to cry out or $a e a sound% They al"ays did so$ethin# horrific and if the ids or I cried out or sho"ed any reaction or retaliation( they "ould hurt another one of the ids or $e even $ore% Crai# si$!ly too his seat and never $oved until he "as told to% He "as totally and co$!letely i$$o'iliEed% 3atchin# $y children #et hurt "as al"ays the "orstD nothin# they ever did to $e "as ever as 'ad% Then one of the $en too a cotton 'all doused "ith alcohol and da''ed the 'lood off our le#s% It stun# 'adly% Then the $en in suits too $e a"ay( and told $y fa$ily( 6run alon# and !lay at the 'each% Your $other "ill 'e alon# in a"hile% You "ill never even $iss her( never even 'e a"are she is #one%6 3ithout reaction( Crai# stood u! and ro'otically "al ed out the door "ith the ids follo"in# in li e $anner% /fter $y fa$ily "as #one( they too $e to an e$!ty roo$( ordered $e to stri! na ed and they 'e#an sla!!in# $e around until I san into a shiverin#( na ed 'all in the corner of the roo$% The rest of the day( all ni#ht( and !art of the ne1t day( I "as left in isolation% -ood and "ater "ere deli'erately "ithheld until I "as reunited "ith $y fa$ily( "hich could 'e u! to three days% / $an in a suit "ould co$e to #et $e out of isolation and ta e $e to #et ready for Rea#an or Ni1on( or &ete 3ilson or "ho$ever% I "as instructed to sho"er and dress in the clothes they !rovided% Outfits( co$!lete "ith accessories >ust $y siEe( "ere left for $e% /fter the se1ual encounter "as co$!leted( I "as ta en 'ac to the roo$ and ordered to !ut on $y o"n clothes% Hy!notic co$$ands "ere #iven to( 6si$!ly "al out and sit do"n "ith your fa$ily on the 'each% You "ill not notice any la!se of ti$e( 'ut "ill resu$e interactin# "ith your fa$ily nor$ally and naturally%6 On this occasion( I "as told to sit do"n ne1t to Crai# on $y 'each chair and it "as as if I had never 'een #one0 No one $entioned another "ord a'out it% The e1!eriences "ere su!!osedly "i!ed a"ay fro$ all of our $inds as if nothin# out of the ordinary had ha!!ened% Each ti$e I "as ta en( there "as si$ilar trau$a 'efore they could 6safely6 use $e and 'e a'le to insure that $y !ro#ra$$in# and a$nesia "ould re$ain loc ed u! ti#htly% /ll of this for a *overnor+s or &resident+s se1ual !erversions( or for the fulfill$ent of the Ne" 3orld Order a#enda% ,o' Ho!e+s Esca!ades 3e o"ned a lar#e fa$ily ca$!er that "as fully self-contained and "e e!t it stoc ed and !ac ed( co$!letely ready at anyti$e should "e decide that "e "anted to #et a"ay for a lon# "ee end or "ee vacation% 3e traveled re#ularly on Than s#ivin# holidays and durin# su$$ers( often drivin# u! Hi#h"ay :( "indin# u! the scenic and 'eautiful California coastline% 3e "ent to O>ai Valley( ,i# 2ur( Car$el( Monterey( 2an -rancisco(

/77 O1nard( &aso Ro'les( 2anta ,ar'ara( Leo Carrillo 2tate ,each( E$$a 3oods 2tate ,each( &is$o ,each( 2an Luis O'is!o( and Na!a Valley% /t other ti$es "e "ent u! into the Hi#h 2ierras( to visit Ma$$oth( 2e)uoia( Tahoe( Reno( Yose$ite National &ar ( ,i# ,ear( and Crestline% 3e also too the children to 2i1 -la#s Ma#ic Mountain and( of course( Disneyland% ,o' Ho!e sho"ed u! in $any of these locations% It see$ed li e he "as every"here% I had a nu$'er I called to let hi$ no" $y vacation !lans or he "ould $a e the su##estion of "here to #o% 3hen "e arrived at our destination( I "ouldn+t consciously no" to e1!ect to see hi$ 'ut the !art of $e that "as !ro#ra$$ed and readied for the rendeEvous "as instructed to "al to"ards hi$ "hen he a!!eared% 2o$eti$es he "ould sna! his fin#ers in front of $y face or >in#le his eys in front of $y eyes to #et $e to res!ond% He often li ed to $eet for se1 or infor$ation e1chan#e in $ountain ca'ins% He "ould say he needed so$e ti$e a"ay fro$ the hustle and 'ustle of city life and I "as his !laythin#% He said I "as 'etter than 6?eanie6 8the #enie9 'ecause all she did "as co$e out of a 'ottle% He said "ith $e he could ru' $y $a#ic s!ot and it "as $a#ic-he+d co$e0 He usually s!o e in clever little lines and !hrases% I $et hi$ a'oard yachts( also( even "hen I thou#ht Crai# and I "ere si$!ly #oin# sailin# "ith friends% 3hat actually occurred often "as a rendeEvous "ith ,o' or so$e leader they needed to #et infor$ation to% 2o$eti$es Rea#an "as 'rou#ht out on a little ocean e1cursion and ended u! navi#atin# ri#ht to us% I "as then trans!orted a'oard "ith hi$ for se1 and $essa#es% 2o$eti$es I stayed all ni#ht "ith hi$ on his trans!ort and then "as !ut 'ac on the sail'oat I ca$e on the ne1t day% Rea#an in MaEatlan I "as "ith &resident Rea#an in MaEatlan( Me1ico% In fact( $y hus'and and I ac)uired a ti$eshare( the 6&residential 2uite(6 at the El Cid Hotel( in MaEatlan( "here "e "ent in later years% One evenin# in the early =G+s( "hile "e "ere +vacationin#+ in MaEatlan( Crai# and I dressed to #o out and I 'eca$e !anic ed 'ecause I !ut $y contact lens on inside out and couldn+t #et it 'ac out% -ro$ $y atte$!ts $y eye "as 'eco$in# red and u#ly% Crai#+s father "as "ith us at the ti$e and the t"o of the$ thou#ht I "as actin# very stran#ely to 'e so u!set a'out such a little thin#% ,ut( $y inner syste$ of !ersonalities ne" that this "ould not do "hen I "as nearin# an assi#n$ent "ith the &resident% The ne1t thin# I re$e$'ered( I "as escorted 'y the 2ecret 2ervice to the 'ac door of a dar Me1ican Restaurant% I >oined Rea#an in a 'ooth in the 'ac of the restaurant and "aited for hi$ to finish eatin#% It "asn+t lon# until "e "al ed out on the 'each% 3e "al ed hand in hand alon# the 'each "ith the 2ecret 2ervice a#ents follo"in# a short distance 'ehind us% /s "e "ere "al in# on the 'each that ni#ht( Rea#an see$ed u!set and an1ious( very nervous% He said he "as concerned a'out the +state of affairs%+ 3ith $y !re!ro#ra$$ed se1ual orientation( $y $ind i$$ediately "ent to the thou#ht of se1ual affairs( 'ut as he continued s!ea in# I realiEed he "as s!ea in# of the affairs of the nation% He "ent on to e1!lain that 'ein# &resident "as difficult( that there "as a lot $ore to it than I could i$a#ine% He said he "as concerned a'out the "ay thin#s "ere #oin# and "as u!set "ith .issin#er a'out so$e thin#s he had handled% He said he "as very u!set "ith

/70 Henry for ta in# so $any $atters into his o"n hands% He said he ne" a fe" hours "ith $e "ould hel! hi$ sna! out of the $ood he "as in% I had 'een #iven a fe" ey "ords 'y the Council to hel! Rea#an 6sna! out of it6 "hen he #ot into one of his slu$!s% They "ere very si$!le !hrases li e( 6everythin# "ill 'e o ay(6 said "hile I "as ru''in# or caressin# his forehead over and over% He see$ed to res!ond to that li e a itten #oin# into a !urr% I "ould #enerally ru' hi$ all over( front and 'ac ( 'efore cli$'in# on to! of hi$ to satisfy hi$ se1ually% 3e "ent into a little ca'in-ty!e $otel on the 'each% It "as >ust the t"o us "ith 2ecret 2ervice a#ents all around outside% The little roo$ "as done in Me1ican desi#nD a red 'eds!read in Me1ican colors( yello"s and 'lues( and a little !air of $aracas sat on a "ooden dresser% I had se1 "ith hi$ and then "e leftD he did not #o to slee! as usual% He hu##ed $e 'riefly outside the $otel and issed $e on the chee 'efore he left "ith the 2ecret 2ervice a#ents% / 2ecret 2ervice a#ent too $e 'ac to "here I "as stayin# "ith $y hus'and% It "as a very )uic encounterD rushed( li e Rea#an had so$e"here else to #o% Crai# and I returned to our ho$e in California "ithout conscious no"led#e of $y 6$issin# ti$e6 or of "hat he did durin# $y a'sence% N/2/ 3hen Danny "as an infant "e "ent for !ro#ra$$in# to#ether% He "as a year old "hen his inners!ace $ind files "ere created in order for hi$ to have a "ide ran#e of access !oints( "ithout the necessity of as $uch trau$a as "as necessary 'ac in the days "hen $ine "ere created% Ti$e had sho"n our controllers that trau$a itself "as one cause for the 'rea do"n in slaves% 2o Danny "as e1!osed to their ne"er technolo#y( fro$ 'irth( and Danny and I "ere 'oth heavily !ro#ra$$ed and cross-!ro#ra$$ed to#ether% I "as there "ith Danny "hen he "as H or I years old% It see$ed li e a school field tri!( 'ut the series of events that unfolded "ere $uch different% Danny had on lon# 'a##y 'lue !rint shorts and a li#ht 'lue T-shirt% 3e "ere sittin# "ith other $others and children( in the front ro" of a circular auditoriu$% Men in N/2/ suits( "ho "ere dressed li e astronauts "ere all around and one of the$ ca$e over( lifted Danny u! and !ut hi$ into a chair% 6Li e the real astronauts sit in06 the $an e1!lained% This chair had e)ui!$ent all around it% Danny s$iled so s"eetly across the auditoriu$ at $e li e he "as so !roud and so ha!!y to 'e chosen to sit in the 'i# astronaut chair% There "as such antici!ated e1cite$ent and innocence in his >oyful s$ile% 2oon the $an instructed hi$ to lean 'ac so his head "as !ro!erly ali#ned to fit into a silver 'and and "hen Danny "as in the !ro!er ali#n$ent( I "atched the N/2/ official cla$! the 'ac of the silver 'and to fit snu#ly around his little forehead% Danny loo ed u! at the N/2/ official( eyes "ide "ith innocence and youthful e1u'erance( and s$iled as the $an said to Danny( 6Hold on for the ride of your life06 /nother $an 'rou#ht in so$e sort of visualCo!tical #lasses 8virtual reality49 to rest in front of Danny+s eyes and told hi$ to loo into the vie"er% Then to $y horror( the $an

/0= standin# ne1t to Danny #ave a cue to another $an and I "atched in a#ony as Danny+s little 'ody >olted% They $ust have 'een #ivin# hi$ electroshoc and *od no"s "hat else% /fter a ti$e( his little 'ody "ent li$! and he "as unconscious% I "as dyin# inside( 'ut ne" fro$ $any !ast e1!eriences "ith his older 'rother and sister that if I $ade any atte$!t to interfere thin#s "ould only #et "orse for all of us( es!ecially Danny( so a#ainst all $aternal !rotective instinct( I $aintained $y co$!osure% &retty soon the N/2/ official "aved a s$ellin# salt or so$ethin# in a cotton 'all 'ound "ith #auEe( in front of Danny+s face% He ca$e to a'ru!tly and they released hi$ fro$ the e)ui!$ent and then fro$ the chair% He "as s"eatin# !rofusely around his forehead and under his nose% /s the $an hel!ed hi$ out of the chair( Danny loo ed over at $e and several facial e1!ressions )uic ly "ashed over hi$% /t first he loo ed utterly hu$iliated and e$'arrassed( "hich "as soon re!laced "ith a loo of utter sha$e that s!read over his entire face and do"n his little 'ody% He could 'arely "al over to $e and "hen I stood to hel! hi$( the N/2/ $an said( 6He+s a 'i# 'oy( he can do this on his o"n%6 6Mo$$y( I feel sic (6 $y little son said as he ho''led over to $e and !ut his head in $y la!% The $en did the sa$e thin# to several other children( includin# another little #irl fro$ Danny+s !reschool( ,orn Learners% 2oon "e "ere escorted out( !ut on a shuttle 'ac to the air!ort and "ere flo"n ho$e% None of this e1!erience "as availa'le to $y conscious $ind until years later "hen I 'e#an the #ruelin# !rocess of de!ro#ra$$in#% /nd( to this day( Danny has no $e$ory of this event availa'le to his conscious $ind% Different !arts of $e too care of Danny and our controllers assi#ned other !arts to ta e hi$ to !laces for conditionin#% The Hi#h"ay to Heaven 'ill'oard that "e had to !ass alon# .anan Road on the "ay to Bu$a ,each or &oint Mu#u dissociated $e% Instead of the actual si#n( I "ould e1!erience an internal e1!erience of( 6You are #oin# to another !lane of reality( one that only e1ists in your i$a#ination and this Hi#h"ay is your start off !oint in #oin# there(6 and( I "ould #o into a !ro#ra$$ed $ode that $y controllers called the Hi#h"ay to Heaven Eone% There "ere land$ar s 8land$ines9 all over California that they used in order to ee! $e in line( 6in the ri#ht state of $ind%6 Danny+s $ind files "ere filled "ith data early on and e1!anded after he "as three years old% I drove hi$ to &oint Mu#u or "e "ere interce!ted at the intersection of .anan and /#oura Road( and #o in the car "ith these $en% They usually drove a dar colored sedan "ith tinted "indo"s% 3hether I drove or not( these $en too $y son fro$ $e in the car at &oint Mu#u in the $ornin#( and returned hi$ 'ac to $e at the car 'y late afternoon% He "ould >ust li$!ly lie on $y la! all the "ay ho$e( and then I !ut hi$ to 'ed in his cri' "here he sle!t until the ne1t $ornin# "ithout "a in#% 3henever he and I "ould #o to the 'each to fly a ite or !lay in the sand( they al"ays too hi$ a"ay fro$ $e and 'rou#ht hi$ 'ac later% Once so$e $en on a Coast *uard 'oat too hi$ fro$ $e at Bu$a ,each "hen he and I "ere !layin#% He "as around five% They ca$e u! close to shore( yet re$ained >ust 'eyond the crest of the "aves% / life#uard ty!e #uy in a red s"i$suit that "as a'out AF years old too Danny 'y the hand fro$ the 'each and s"a$ out to the 'oat "ith hi$% Then they too off "ith $y son( "hile I

/0" stayed on the 'each "aitin#( >ust sittin# all alone( Eo$'ie-li e until they returned $y son% I hel!ed Danny "al 'ac to our 'ro"n station "a#on and "e "ent ho$e% Henry .issin#er filled Danny "ith hi#h-level infor$ation( intended to s!an $any years and to 'e delivered "henever necessary at s!ecific future dates to lar#e cro"ds of !eo!le% Danny had historical files !ut in( as did I% /t ,orn Learners &reschool at three to four years of a#e( Danny started s!ecial co$!uter classes that e!t hi$ at school lon# hours( so$eti$es into the evenin#% 3hen I as ed hi$ if he "anted to sto! he al"ays said he loved it( as did his 'est friend ?ustin% I 'elieve !ro#ra$$ers do $ore of the trainin# via co$!uter screen no"( often usin# virtual reality% /fter co$!uter class( I too the t"o of the$ to Monarch+s *y$nastics( the sa$e #y$nastics school his older 'rother and sister "ent to for lessons% I usually "aited in the car or ran errands "hile they "ere there and I "as al"ays so e1hausted I could hardly stay a"a e% I had usually 'een to thera!y a'reactin# the horrors of $y o"n childhood and hurried ho$e fro$ 3est"ood to !ic u! Danny and ?ustin fro$ !reschool( and later on Danny fro$ .inder#arten% I didn+t li e Mi e( the $an "ho ran the #y$nastics center% He had a very 'ad te$!er and "as often e$otionally out of control% .evin( .elly and Danny all "ent to Monarch+s *y$nastics in con>unction "ith the Montessori !reschools% I thou#ht I "ould not 'e a'le to 'ear the !ain and #rief "hen I 'e#an re$e$'erin# scenarios of the "ays in "hich I had 'een !ro#ra$$ed to 'e a !art of $y children+s !reschool $ind control e1!eriences% This is infor$ation I "ould !refer to "ithhold 'ecause it #oes a#ainst everythin# I 'elieve in( 'ut in order for !eo!le to understand ho" this syste$ "or s( it is necessary for $e to share the follo"in#% .ee! in $ind that this scenario could have ha!!ened to any three of $y children and indeed it did% ,ut once a#ain( I "ill use an e1!erience I re$e$'ered a'out Danny 'ecause( for "hatever reason( I have $ore $e$ory retrieved a'out hi$% This event occurred in Danny+s !reschool% On occasion( I hel!ed out in the class% I re$e$'ered standin# "ith Danny+s !reschool teachers "ho "ere instructin# the children in a #a$e "here they all had to ta e their clothes off( ste! onto a colored circle and then ta e turns doin# se1ual acts to the child ne1t to the$% The teachers "ere lau#hin# and cla!!in# and everythin# see$ed surreal( >ust li e it al"ays did "hen !ro#ra$$ed events of horror occurred% /s the #a$e !ro#ressed( "ith $usic !layin# in the 'ac #round( the children loo ed !ro#ressively $ore stunned% They "ere told to "al in a circle and sto! on a color% If they didn+t do "hat they "ere told( the teacher yan ed the$ out of the circle 'y the ar$ and yelled at the$% I couldn+t tell "hat she said 'ut it scared the child into co$!liance% The #a$es al"ays too !lace at the sa$e ti$e in the $ornin#s and "ere centered around colors( $usic( 'ody $ove$ent and hand si#nals% Hand si#nals "ere tau#ht to the children this "ay and !ut to $usic for reinforce$ent% There "as a VCR off to the side of the classroo$ "here an individual child "as !laced to "atch a s!ecial !re-selected ta!e% The child "as ta en out of the circle( sat in front of the VCR and told to focus on the $ovie% This "ay each child #ot the individual trainin# they "ere su!!osed to have accordin# to "hat their curriculu$ !lanners felt "ere their stren#ths and career a!titudes% /ll of the s!ecial !rivate !reschools $y children "ent

/0/ to too this a!!roach% /nd( ritual trau$a and se1ual !erversion "as often the "ay "e "ere !ro#ra$$ed to 'e#in "ith the children% Danny co$!leted co$!uter classes in !reschool 'efore he "as four years old% Durin# $y de!ro#ra$$in# !rocess( I "as horrified "hen I re$e$'ered that I continually read hi$ the story of Danny and the Dinosaur% /s I re-read the story years later( I found a !hrase in the 'oo ( "hich states( 6there+s no !lace to run( no !lace to hide% 6 /nd here a#ain "as another e1a$!le of ho" :( as his !ro#ra$$ed !arent( "as used to ee! $y o"n son+s !ro#ra$$in# loc ed ti#htly in !lace( reinforcin# the !ro#ra$s that "ere used to ee! the !arts of his $ind that "ere co$!art$entaliEed for our controller+s use( se!arate fro$ his conscious everyday a"areness% /nd consciously( neither of us had any idea that any of this "as occurrin#% Henry .issin#er has 'een Danny+s $ain $an% He "as the one callin# the shots and or#aniEed the creation of Danny+s $ind files for N/2/C$ilitary use% Danny "as( and $ay still 'e( scheduled for a $a>or !osition "ithin N/2/ one day( follo"in# in the footste!s of his #randfather -ord and 7ncle Lyle Curran% They have hi$ scheduled to 'eco$e a scientist or so$ethin# of that nature% I overheard Henry tal in# to so$eone a'out it% Danny has very s!ecific !ro#ra$$in# the$es that center around all the !lanets ?u!iter( Mars( Venus( &luto( 2aturn( etc%( and I "as !ro#ra$$ed to tell hi$ often 'efore he "ent to slee!( 6I love you to the $oon and $uch( $uch( $uch( $uch( $ore than that% / thousand ti$es $ore than that% / trillion ti$es $ore than that(6 and on and on until "e #ot to the hi#hest nu$'er 'eyond infinity( and Danny ne" that nu$'er% -or so$e reason I can+t re$e$'er it% I never could% Then( he "ould #o to slee!% Danny and .elly 'oth had those neon( #lo"-in-the-dar stars and !lanets on their ceilin#s and so did :% Danny has tons of hi#h tech infor$ation in his 'rain% I sa" hi$ de$onstrated at &oint Mu#u "hen they !ut hi$ in front of a #rou! to de$onstrate his ca!a'ilities% Henry too Danny to different locations to +dis!lay the technolo#y(+ sho"in# that a five year old could a!!ear to 'e #enius level( 6a co$!uter "hiE%6 He had $e#a $e$ory( dis!layin# the intelli#ence level of "hat they ter$ed a 6?unior Colle#e 2tudent%6 Danny "as seen as havin# the intelli#ence of the future and they said he "ould 'losso$ in hi#h school( "hatever that $eant% They said that( 'y then( Danny "ould 'e fully functional and used 'y the$ e1tensively in international "or % Henry tal ed a lot a'out Danny and I re$e$'er Danny holdin# onto Henry+s le# one ti$e "hen he "as de$onstratin# Danny in front of a "hole #rou! of !eo!le% Des!ite the !ro#ra$$in#( Danny re$ained very shy until he "as F years old% Danny "as also trau$atiEed at Disneyland year after year% The Matterhorn ride "as one they used 'efore they too hi$ a"ay fro$ $e at Disneyland for other !ro#ra$$in#% There "as further !ro#ra$$in# done at Ed"ards /ir -orce ,ase% Crai# too us all there as a fa$ily in our ca$!er and "e stayed overni#ht and "ere !ro#ra$$ed the ne1t $ornin#% T"o $en in "hite unifor$s ca$e to #et Danny and $e fro$ the ca$!er and co$!liantly and $indlessly "e "ent "ith the$% .elly( in her little stra"'erry 'louse( "as cryin# that she didn+t "ant Danny to #o and Crai# held her and s!an ed her le# to sto! her

/03 cryin#% The $en too us throu#h #lass doors and "e "ere escorted once a#ain to the 'i# chair( "here the ni#ht$are started all over% 3e sat side 'y side in the 'i# heavy( $etal chair "hile "e loo ed into the lar#e #o##les that "ere !laced in front of our faces% ,efore they 'e#an( "e "ere in>ected "ith a dru#% Ear!hones !layed $usic at ti$es( 'ut $ostly sound effects( "hile they told us "e "ere +one+ and the solar syste$ that "e sa" throu#h our eyes "ould no" e1ist in the inner$ost re#ions of our $ind% There "as a 'eautiful visual of the stars and !lanets and the "hole universe% They told us that "e each had a syste$( 'ut that "e also had the other half of the other !erson+s syste$ $uch li e those friendshi! 'racelets that are se!arated and "hen they co$e to#ether they are "hole% /fter"ards( Danny+s eyes see$ed to 'e $ovin# all over the !lace at once and not to#ether% Even in $y dru##ed state I "as terrified for $y child% Loo in# at "hat his eyes "ere doin# "as scary% /fter"ards( they escorted us out and I hel!ed $y little 'oy into the ca$!er and laid hi$ u! on the to! 'ed so he could slee!% He lay 'ac "ards on the 'ed and didn+t $ove( totally out of it for the rest of the day% I "al ed around outside in this 'i# "hite #ravel !ar in# lot "ith the other ids in a total Eo$'ie-li e state% I felt totally dru##ed out of $y $ind and I fell aslee! sittin# u! outside% 3hen I "o e u!( I ran frantically into the ca$!er to chec on Danny% I held hi$ and loved hi$% He loo ed to $e li e he "as #oin# to die% I said( 6I love you Danny( is there anythin# I can do for you46 He "as suc in# his thu$' 'y then and "ithout any "ords( shoo his head no% 2o I >ust held hi$% .elly "as ta en to $ilitary 'ases in Ventura( O1nard( &oint Mu#u( and Ed"ards /ir -orce ,ase( 'ut Danny "ent $ostly to &oint Mu#u% The "hole fa$ily "ent to Ed"ards /ir -orce ,ase% 2o$eti$es fro$ &oint Mu#u( they "ould helico!ter Danny a"ay and I never ne" "here they too hi$% &arts of Danny "ere !ro#ra$$ed very early on to !lay the !erfect #a$e of chess( in order to ta e u! "here I left off in deci!herin# and deliverin# cry!tic $essa#es% Catalina Island E1cursions One or t"o "ee s a year "ere set aside for a !lanned vacation% E1tended "ee end e1cursions "ere co$$on!lace( often !lanned at the last $inute% ,ut( our /u#ust "ee on Catalina Island( AL $iles off the California coast( "as a standin# vacation for years% Crai# and I "ent there al$ost every year fro$ :;<: until I left California in :;;:D nearly AG years% My children still #o there "ith their father and( no" that they are older( they have #one inde!endently% A:G I "as used on Catalina Island( for se1ual rendeEvous "ith Rea#an andCor so$eti$es other !u'lic officials or entertainers% I "as !ro#ra$$ed to have se1 "ith Rea#an at the 3ri#ley Mansion( the Bane *rey and other hotels on the island% It see$s Rea#an "as usually on the island anony$ouslyD for security !ur!oses( no one "as to no" he "as there% 3hile I "as 'usy carryin# out $y duties( I had no idea "hat $y children and hus'and "ere u! to% It see$s li ely that there "as so$e reason they had us all there to#ether%

/0# 3e+re &ayin# Ta1es -or 3hat40 /nd( I a$ sure that you the reader "ere una"are that your hard earned ta1 dollars "ere 'ein# s!ent on security( airfli#ht( and hi#h tech !ro#ra$$in# in order that &residents and leaders could 'e e1tra$aritally satisfied se1ually( and that $essa#es fuelin# the success and i$!le$entation of the Ne" 3orld Order could 'e sent and returned via a national security $ind-controlled asset% Not to $ention the salary of !oliticians and N2/ !eo!le li e Henry .issin#er "ho s!ent countless hours strate#iEin# a#endas to carry out their !ersonal !lans% I can only i$a#ine the cost to !rivately helico!ter( tas a tea$ of 2ecret 2ervice a#ents( coiffure( and ready a $indcontrolled o!erative and then !ay a li$o to deliver her to her assi#n$ent% / fe" years a#o $y dau#hter "as trans!orted via a$'ulance after one of her $any suicide atte$!ts( as she carried out her !ro#ra$ co$$and to ill herself if she 'e#an to re$e$'er% That 'ill alone "as unfatho$a'le% 6%%%'ut you shall cry out for !ain of heart( and shall "ail for an#uish of s!irit%6 -- Isaiah LF5:I

/08 ,rice Taylor - Than s for the Me$ories Cha1ter Twenty;s%(: Dod6er D%a!onds The follo"in# infor$ation docu$ents so$e( 'ut 'y no $eans all( of the e1!eriences I recovered in relation to $y use "ith To$$y Lasorda and the Los /n#eles Dod#ers% I have rando$ly selected s!ecific events I 'elieve "ill aid you the reader in understandin# >ust ho" far $ind control( #one unchec ed( has !roliferated% To$$y Lasorda #ave a ne" $eanin# to the Dod#er lineu!% Instead of the Dod#ers linin# u!( it "as "o$en and children linin# u! for the 'ase'all tea$ to choose fro$( for se1% / Dod#er incentive to do 'etter - to "in $ore0 If they "on( they #ot to choose - if they lost( no "o$en% 6Dod#er dia$onds6 had a dou'le $eanin#% In addition to the 'ase'all dia$ond as on a 'ase'all field( in $y e1!erience( it also referred to the 6Dod#er Dia$onds(6 the $indcontrolled "o$en the Dod#ers could select fro$ for se1% Lasorda often s!o e in cry!tic lan#ua#e( intended to $ani!ulate and ins!ire the Dod#ers% Here+s an e1a$!le% One evenin# as he s!o e to the tea$( he said( 6If you !lay #ood on the Dod#er dia$ond 8the !layin# field9( you "ill #et in return a +Dod#er Dia$ond6+ 8a se1 slave9% &residential $odel se1 slaves often "ore dia$onds as !ro#ra$ identifiers% My dau#hter and I "ore dia$onds( as "ell% ,ac in the $en+s loc er roo$ "hen the "o$en and children in the 6Dod#er lineu!6 "ere in their !laces( Lasorda "ould !oint to a "o$an or child "ho had 'een +chosen+ 'y a !layer and say( 6he+ll ta e that one%6 He never referred to anyone 'y na$e al"ays >ust !ointed and said( 6that one%6 It "as !art of the 6#a$e6 they !layed after a "in% The Dod#ers "eren+t allo"ed to >ust #o u! and !ic one of us% They had to tell Lasorda "ho they "anted and then he "ould $a e the announce$ent% 3e then ste!!ed for"ard to the !layer "e "ere chosen 'y and "ent "ith hi$ to another roo$( corner or "herever he !leased% 2o$eti$es the loc er roo$ "as filled "ith Dod#ers havin# se1 "ith "o$en and children at the <th innin# stretch( to 6ins!ire and invi#orate the tea$(6 as Lasorda "ould say% ,ut $ost of the ti$e it "as done after a "innin# #a$e% 2o$eti$es I #ot stuc "ith that little short #uy - the one that "al ed li e a duc to first 'ase% His na$e "as Ron Cey% He "ould often !ic $e fro$ the lineu!% /fter I "as chosen( he "ould lean a#ainst the "all "ith one ar$ and tal casually to $e for a $inute 'efore he had se1 "ith $e% He "as i$!ressed "ith ho" "ell I could have se1 standin# u! a#ainst the "all% He also li ed $y hair and the "hole idea that I "as $arried% He see$ed to no" all a'out $e( "hile I ne" nothin# a'out hi$( e1ce!t that he s$elled li e s"eat and "as really #ross to the !ersonality inside $e "ho "as created es!ecially for this Dod#er !ur!ose% Cyndy *arvey 82teve *arvey+s no" e1-"ife9 "as often !art of the 6Dod#er lineu!6 of "o$en and children to 'e chosen 'y the Dod#ers for se1 after a "innin# #a$e% My dau#hter .elly "as also occasionally used% They usually !ut .risha and 3hitney 8the

/0+ *arvey+s youn# dau#hters9 into the lineu!% The !layers "ho !erfor$ed the 'est durin# the #a$e #ot to choose first% One ni#ht "hen they !ut .risha and 3hitney in the lineu!( it "as 3hitney+s first ni#ht% 2he "as no" 6old enou#h6 to !artici!ate( in s!ite of the fact that she "as only four or five years old% Cyndy started screa$in#( 6No( not 3hitty06 8That "as the nic na$e she called 3hitney%9 T"o $en ste!!ed for"ard and #ra''ed Cyndy 'y the ar$s and "his ed her a"ay% They too her into the ne1t roo$ and "e could all hear her screa$in#% It "as a"ful% 6If you ste! out of line( you al"ays !ay the !rice( $ay'e "ith your life%6 Lasorda said% Then they too 3hitney out of the line and into a side roo$( and "e could all hear her screa$in# and cryin#% Lasorda said to those of us re$ainin#( 63e "on+t have that !ro'le$ any$ore( "ill "e%6 He "as very 'rutal% 3hen they 'rou#ht Cyndy 'ac into the roo$( Lasorda said Cyndy+s 'ehavior had caused 3hitney to #et hurt% He said( 6If the $other had acted res!ecta'ly( there "ouldn+t have 'een a !ro'le$%6 3hen they 'rou#ht 3hitney 'ac out( she could 'arely "al % 2he didn+t $a e it into the lineu! that ni#htD she "as too in>ured% I e1!erienced and "itnessed these ty!es of horrors that e!t $e fro$ ever interferin# "ith "hat they "ere doin# to $y children( es!ecially .elly% I ne" fro$ e1!erience that they "ould hurt her "orse if I ever tried to !rotect her% On ni#hts the Dod#ers lost( there "as no Dod#er lineu! #a$e and "e "ould all #o ho$e( 'ut not 'efore the Dod#ers sa" us lined u! and then leavin#% To$$y said he "anted the 'oys to learn fro$ their $ista es and to have incentive to "in 'i#% 6,i# "ins e)uals 'i# 'uc s(6 Lasorda said% To$$y Lasorda and others hu$iliated Cyndy% They 'rou#ht $e into the loc er roo$ and !ut $e u! a#ainst the sho"er "all% They !ut Cyndy across the roo$ 'ut close 'y( and they 'rou#ht 2teve in% He had se1 "ith $e standin# u! a#ainst the "all% Cyndy "as forced to "atch and then so$eone( usually Lasorda( "ould tell her she "asn+t #ood enou#h or enou#h of a "o$an for 2teve% They told her she "as stu!id and 'ac "ard% Then Lasorda sla!!ed her across the face really hard% I don+t no" "hy they did that(