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It's been three years since Chase went missing and Brayden is determined to get him back. But when she finds him she just might not escape with him — or her life. Comments :)



It's been 3 years since my boyfriend went missing. I was sitting in the living room with his sister. "Brayden are you there?" She asked waving her hand in my face. "Not in three years." I said. "He'll come back sweetie give it time." She said. "Sue it's been three years! Chase is not coming back." I said. She just stared at me. "I'm going to bed." I said. "It's only five a clock." She said. "I don't care." I said. "But tomorrows your birthday." She said. I stared at her, but it never clicked. I walked up to my room and shut the door. Tomorrow is June 15th my birthday. Chase went missing three years ago tomorrow, I would have been 16, the best party ever because Chase was going to be able to be there. He never showed up, so Sue and I went out and looked, as we looked I found his hat on a tree branch. I ran to it and jumped for it. Sue yelled for me and I ran to her to only find Chase's car with the driver's side door wide open. We looked inside and nothing was missing except Chase. I looked at the seats a bit closer and there was blood on them. I snapped back into life when a thunder clap was over the house. I laid on my bed and grabbed a picture of Chase and I, I studied his gray eyes and blonde hair and then my brown eyes and dark brown hair. I did miss him, and I still had hope he'd come back. I drifted off to a silent sleep. I woke up to my room full of people. "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" They screamed. I sighed and got out of bed – still in my jeans from the day before. I walked out of my room and downstairs, I walked out the front door and walked to the spot where I found Chase's hat. My phone vibrated in my pocket, I pulled it out and looked at it. It was from Chase, I opened it and it said happy birthday I love you. I swear my mind was playing games with me. I called Sue. "Hey, where are you!" She yelled. "Walking around. Your not going to believe who I just got a happy birthday text from." I said. "Johnny Depp!?" She squealed. "Chase." I said. "What?" She asked. "I got a text from Chase." I said.

"Our Chase?" She asked. "Yes Chase. Chase Logan Levitt." I said. She sucked in a breath. "Come home." She said. I hung up my phone and rolled my eyes but turned to walk home. As I walked in the door of the house Sue was in my face. "Are you alright Brayden?" She asked. "Yeah, why?" I asked. "You don't know?" She asked. "Know what?" I asked. "Every time Chase texts someone he loves, a few minutes later after they text back who ever is standing in the same spot where he got taken, they get taken too." She said "I didn't answer I wasn't planning on it." I said lying. "Okay, go for your walk." She said. I nodded and walked back out the door. I had a plan, I jogged to the spot and stood there, pulled out my phone. And texted back. 'I love you too, where are you?' And sat there. My phone went off and it was Chase it said 'Go home right now your not safe.' I just sat there, then it happened. I got pulled into the bushes and thrown in a car. I sat silently in the car, because they don't know but I planned this. Three years was long enough to be away from him. We pulled into this house looking thing and they pulled me down the the basement. It didn't look like a basement, it looked like a torture chamber that you see in horror movies where they rip you to shreds. Then I saw people hanging on the wall still alive but silent. They threw me in and empty cage thing with only one other person, but they had a burlap sack over their head. A guy came in a pulled it off. I barley recognized the beaten and bruised face as my Chase. "Chase."I whispered as I stood up and ran to him. "I told you to go home. This is my battle not yours." He whispered. "No we are one. It's our battle." I said. "No, this has nothing to do with you. It's my uncle not yours." He said. The guy let Chase off of the chain so he could hug me. "Chase, I missed you." I said into his shoulder. "I missed you too." He said. I pulled away and looked up at him, I stood on my toes as he leaned down and kissed me. I let my body slump into his as we kissed. He pulled away at the sounds of foot steps and sat on the ground. "Since you are the only girl in here, all us workers get to have fun with you." A sly voice said behind me. "No, please not her." Chase said.

"Too bad." He said. They pulled me out of Chase's grip and pulled me into their little office thing that wasn't so little. All the guys got wide eyed and excited when he pulled me in. He chained me to the wall. They all took turns shoving themselves into me and making me scream in pain. When they were done I hadn't given up I was still screaming. He unchained me, didn't give my clothes back, so I was naked. He pushed me back into my cage with Chase, I had bite marks all over me. Chase grabbed me and pulled me into his lap cradling me like a baby. I cried into his chest. "Shh, your with me now." He whispered. I eventually stopped crying. He kissed my forehead. "I love you, Brayden." He said. "I love you too, Chase." I said. Then the footsteps were back I cringed into Chase's chest. "Hey thanks for the fun time girl." He said. "Hey, her names Brayden." Chase said.. "Oh, well I don't like her name. We changed it. It's Fun Girl now." He said. He walked away. It's been months, I lost count after four, they came back to get me for their daily 'fun' as they like to call it. They opened the cage to pull me out, but I didn't want to go I grabbed on to Chase. "No, I'm not going." I croaked out. "She's rebelling!" He yelled. "You know what to do." Someone said. He walked in a stabbed me in the side. "You will bleed to death now." He said and walked away leaving the door open. Chase got up and took his shirt off and tied it around me. "What the W." I asked as he pulled it tight. "Shh." He said to me. I shut my mouth as he picked me up. He made a mad dash for the exit, we got out to the place where I was taken. "Hang in there, your gonna make it I just need to get home, so I can stitch you up." He said. Chase walked into his house with Brayden dying in his arms and the house was completely empty. He set her on the floor and ran to the kitchen to find a needle and thread. "Chase." Brayden quietly called out. He ran to her and picked her up and cradled her.

"I love you." She whispered. "I love you too Brayden, I love you too." He said tears welling in his eyes. Brayden went limp in his arms, he laid her back down and ran to the kitchen. He grabbed a butchers knife and walked back into the living room, set it down and ran to his room. He fumbled and fumbled in his drawers and he pulled out a diamond ring. He ran down the stairs and grabbed the knife. "Till death do us part." He said as he put the ring on her finger. He grabbed her hand and intertwined their fingers, he raised the knife to his chest right over his heart. Sue walked in and spotted him. "No." She said but it was too late. Chase had driven the knife straight through his chest.

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