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ABSTRACT: ABSTRACT: As research progresses in distributed robotic systems,more and more aspects of multirobot systems are being explored. In this paper, we consider the problem of exploring an unknown environment with a team of robots. As in single-robot exploration the goal is to minimize the overall exploration time. The key problem to be solved in the context of multiple robots is to choose appropriate target points for the individual robots so that they simultaneously explore different regions of the environment. We discuss some more applications regarding multirobots which involves biological,medical and naval applications and also consumer robotic problems

‡ In recent years, multirobot systems have been the object of wide spread research interest in the scientific community given their application in different fields of robotics such as service, miltary,educational robotics. ‡ The unique characteristics of multirobots are..,  Redundancy  Flexibility

 A major goal in robotics is to develop machines that
perform useful task with minimal supervision.

The Escorting mission:  The requirement of
surrounding a target whose movement is not known a priori but can be measured in real time.  With reference to the planar case, the escorting mission is set inorder to center the target The entrapment/escorting and whose sides define a sort mission. of intrusion/escape window.

Following the NSB approach, the escorting mission is decomposed into elementary problems to be individually described and solved they are..,

Command the robots centroid to be coincident with the target. Move the robots on a given circumference around the centroid. Properly distribute the robots along the circumference. Avoid collisions among the robots themselves and with obstacles.

FIG: Basic topology of the Dwarf robot.

Right µEye¶ Looking Here

Caster Wheel

Left µEye¶ Looking Here

Robotics control system

Consumer Robotic Products

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