Montana Salary and Employment Data

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Area Cross State Estimates Montana Major Metropolitan Estimates Billings Missoula

Total Employment

Employment Per 1000 **

Location Quotient **

Average Hourly Wage

Average Annual Wage






40 **

0.54 **

0.86 **

$12.14 $12.93

$25,260 $26,890

** Employment Per 1000 ** Location Quotient

The number of jobs (employment) in the given occupation per 1000 jobs in the given area A Location Quotient for an industry is the simple ratio of the percentage of local employment in the industry divided by the percentage of national employment in the industry. For an industry to be highly specialized, the location quotient should be higher than 1.4. A location quotient between 0.7 and 1.4 is considered medium concentration, whilst a location quotient below 0.7 is considered to have a low concentration.

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