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MCMTFELlEF TCLAY 1 July-Aug. 2008

THc NcwsLcTTcn Or THc
MoNTÞcLicn CommuNiTY AssociATioN
MoNTÞcLicn TooAY
JuLY-AucusT 2DDB
MCMTFELlEF TCLAY 2 July-Aug. 2008
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D¡rect: 240-374-4200



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MCMTFELlEF TCLAY 3 July-Aug. 2008
Nominations Form
April 2008 Minutes
May 2008 Minutes
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Treasurer’s Report
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Helping Hands
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Patr|c|a E|sea|er¢, !rastee
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Saaá¡ Mart|a, !rastee
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Paal Pet|t, !rastee
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2008 Board of Trustees
MCMTFELlEF TCLAY 4 July-Aug. 2008
At the recent NCAA Division !!! National Champi-
onships, Matt Harris, won six national titles - 100
Butterfly, 200 Butterfly, 200 Free Relay, +00 Free
Relay, 200 Nedley Rely, and +00 Nedley Relay.
On April 5, at the Toyota Grand Prix Champion-
ship, Natt qualfied for Olympic Trials in the 100
Butterfly. Natt will swim both Olympic Trials (July
+-5) in Omaha Nebraska, but will also swim the
U.S. Summer Open Neet in Ninneapolis Ninnesota
July 29. At the Toyota Championship, Natt was
competing along with world class swimmers like
Nichael Phelps and Katie Hoff.

News from Paris, France...
Gerlinde Keating of United States (and Nontpe-
lier, Naryland) was awarded: Third Prize in cate-
gory Fine Art for the entry titled, " Leaves ." The
jury selected 2008's winners from thousands of
photography entries from over 85 countries.

Thank you to Josh Mathis for all of the help he
has provided to the NCA while we reorganized
and protected files in the archives room.
Jeri Witt

Some of our teens (and one younger brother) vol-
unteered to help clean up the pool before the Ne-
morial Day opening. They swept and bagged the
leaves and trash on the pool deck, weeded the
planter and fence line, trimmed trees, and dug out
years of mud packed in the back drain. !t took
about 11 hours of pretty hard work just to prepare
the area so the management company could be-
gin their opening procedures. The biggest excite-
ment came at the end of each day's work when
they got to eat pizza in ¨the spot." That is the
bench by the bath house where the teenagers
usually congregate every day. While sitting
there, they anticipated the 2008 summer season
and the many great days ahead. Special thanks
to: Rachael Bacarella, Derek Buehler, Caleb
Heidel, Gifford Heidel, John Mouzon, Mi-
chael Roberts, Johnny Lamirande, Matthew
Derrick, Maggie Harris, Michael Harris, Cal-
vin Heidel.
Nary Derrick


NomInatIons are requested for the
electIon of trustees to the 2008·
2009 |ontpelIer CommunIty Asso·
cIatIon 8oard. Several current
board members wIll not be run·
nIng agaIn so please thInk about
joInIng the |CA 8oard.

The electIon wIll take place at
the Annual |eetIng In September.

No experIence necessary.
MCMTFELlEF TCLAY 5 July-Aug. 2008


The following member in good standing of the Montpelier Community Association, Inc. hereby
submits his/her name for consideration as a member of the Board of Trustees.

NAME (Print)

The term of service of a Trustee shall be One (1) year beginning with the October Board meeting.
Duties as outlined in the Montpelier Community Association, Inc. Bylaws.
Trustees shall have a fiduciary relationship with the Members and a duty of due care and diligence
with respect to the property and affairs of the Association. Each Trustee shall:
a. remain informed at all times about the business of the Association;
b. attend and participate in Board meetings;
c. obtain and read on a timely basis the monthly financial statements and the minutes Board
d. act in the best interests of the Association;
e. act in accordance with the provisions of the Articles, the Declaration, and the Bylaws;
f. exercise reasonable diligence in carrying out and following through on responsibilities as-
sumed or assigned to the Trustee

If elected, I am willing to serve as a member of the Montpelier Community Association Board of
Trustees. I agree to read, abide by, and enforce the Articles, the Declaration, and the Bylaws of the

Signature Date Phone #
Please complete the Biographical Information Form on the back of this form. Your responses will be
printed in the September issue of the Newsletter.
Mail or otherwise deliver this completed form to the
Nominating Committee, MCA, Inc.
P.O. Box 2503
Laurel, Maryland 20709

MCMTFELlEF TCLAY 6 July-Aug. 2008

This form along with a brief biographical sketch is meant to aid the candidate in providing
position statement on issues relevant to the community. The information provided will be
published in the September newsletter in paragraph format.

Number of years living in Montpelier______
Previous participation in MCA activities if any:

Other relevant background information (participation in other community associations, boards,
community work or other experience that would be relevant to the community (200 words or
Specific MCA Board functions that are of interest (check one or more):
Pool Operations___ Grounds Maintenance/Facilities___ Social Activities ___
Architectural Control and Compliance____ Finance ___ Nominating___ Election___
Governing Documents___ Security____ Traffic___ Communications ___
Any additional information or comments:

MCMTFELlEF TCLAY 7 July-Aug. 2008

Effective July 1, the new
Montpelier Community
Association Information
Line will be activated. This line was created
to communicate with our members/
homeowners who may not use the web site
or list serv and don’t always have access to
information about activities in the
neighborhood. Just dial 301 498-3737 and
listen to a pre-recorded message on current
Montpelier events. After dialing 301 498-
3737 you will hear the pre-recorded
information only - you cannot respond or
leave a message.
NOTE: The line will be hooked up July 1 and
there is a slight chance that Verizon will change the
number between the newsletter deadline and
activation on July 1!
Board of Trustees Meeting— Tuesday, July 8 at 6:45 pm
Board of Trustees Meeting—Tuesday, August 12 at 6:45 pm
Deerfield Community Center, preschool room. MCA Board meetings are held the second Tuesday of every month.
Montpelier homeowners are encouraged to attend.
Yes, we have an “unofficial”
list serv and now we have an
“official” list! To join just go to and scroll down
until you find a form which looks like this:

• Join MontpelierNews

If you have any problems, please email
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Due to the 4
of July holiday the ACCC meeting usually
scheduled for the first Thursday of the month will be held
the second Thursday or July 10, 2008. It will start at
7:00 pm at the Deerfield Community Center, preschool
room, Route 197.
The August meeting will take place the first Thursday of
the month, August 7, at 7 pm at Deerfield Community
Center, preschool room.
Se¡¡¡ng Your Home?
The Resale Package contains a
copy of the Associati on’ s
governing documents/bylaws, the
most current financial statement,
an MCA membership affidavit
form, a copy of the most recent
newsletter, notice of any lawsuits
pending against MCA and a cover
letter from the MCA President
about Montpelier.

It is the responsibility of the seller
to obtain this Resale Package,
either directly or through a real
estate agent. Failure to do so
can void sale of the home.

Resale Packages can be ob-
tained by sending a request and
check for $25.00 to:
P.O. Box 2503
Laurel, MD 20709-2503.
You may also contact Dawn
Puma at 301-776-7947 for more
MCMTFELlEF TCLAY 8 July-Aug. 2008
Montpelier Community Association, Inc.
Board of Trustees Meeting Minutes
April 8, 2008
Trustees in Attendance: Minnie Clark Lamar, Julia
Coldren Walker, Patricia Douville, Sandy Martin,
Paul Petit, Terry Rowland, and Kendra Wagner
Trustees Absent with Cause: Patricia Eisenberg
Community Members Present: Mary Hughes,
Ronald Shoupe, Chris Harris, Paul McCullagh,
Marcia Segura, John Martin, Eric Brown deColstoun,
Mary Derrick, Bob Derrick, Paul Buehler, Tony Flem-
ing, Richard Dengler, Jeri Witt.

President Kendra Wagner called the meeting to or-
der at 8:10. There was a quorum present to conduct

Secretary’s Report: Kendra Wagner
The March, 2008 minutes were read and a motion
was made by Trustee Martin and seconded by Trus-
tee Petit to accept the minutes. The motion passed

Treasurer’s Report:
The financial report was distributed to all trustees by
Ms. Witt.

Administrative Assistant Report: There are five
people interested in the gate attendant position.
Trustee Petit made a motion to set the hourly rate at
$10 an hour. The motion was seconded by Trustee
Coldren-Walker and approved with Trustee Rowland
opposed. The hours for pool operation and updated
pool rules are needed by April 15 for inclusion in the
next newsletter. The pool rules will be distributed to
the trustees for final approval before publication.

Committee Reports:
ACCC: Marcia Segura, Chair
There was no meeting due to lack of quorum pre-
sent at the April meeting. The next meeting is May

Facilities: Paul Petit, Chair
Mr. Petit reported that the pool parking lot is in very
bad shape. Mr. Dengler reported that he and Mr.
Derrick will report on this at the next meeting. Mr.
Petit is also concerned about the condition of the
baseball backstop. Ms. Witt suggested that the
parking lot could be made smaller because it is
rarely full and this could save some money. Mr.
Petit would like to include a notice in the next news-
letter requesting volunteers for some beautification
and facilities work.

Pool Committee: Paul Buehler, Chair
Mr. Buehler gave Trustee Wagner a copy of the pool
contract with Lighthouse Pools for her review and
signature. He will distribute a copy to all board
members for a final review via email. Mr. Buehler
will contact Lighthouse about dropping the contract
to three guards instead of four guards because they
are not rotating through the gate. He estimated this
savings to be about $3,300. A report will be re-
ceived every two weeks which will list the credit
hours and guard hours. Mr. Buehler will get a new
contract and distribute it to all with the new guard
numbers and cost. The board will then make a final
decision in two days. Mr. Buehler asked if the board
would make a decision on the high dive. Trustee
Rowland made a motion to forego the high dive for
this year. Trustee Coldren-Walker seconded. The
current insurance does not cover a high dive and
Mr. Buehler found insurance for $12,000 but it was
pointed out that it did not cover the rest of the com-
mon grounds. Trustee Coldren-Walker counted the
responses on the yahoo group to be 43 against and
15 for the high dive. This is not an official tally be-
cause many members do not use the group list.
Following the discussion, the motion to forego the
high dive for this year passed unanimously.
Ms. Witt addressed the board and the pool chairman
clarifying the funding of the reserve account. There
have been statements made that the board over-
funded the reserve account last year because
$30,000 was deposited in the account. She ex-
plained that in 2006 nothing was put in the reserve
fund because there was such a high outlay of
money for repairs at the pool. However, the ac-
countants made clear that by law, the reserve ac-
count must be funded every year. Therefore, in
2007 an amount equal to the 2006 and 2007 funding
was deposited in the reserve account. Ms. Witt also
explained that any money left over at the end of the
year is not deposited in the reserve account, but
says in the operational account.
Mr. Buehler received proposals for new fencing in
front of the pool which would tie into the basketball
court. The proposals were not available for review
but ranged in price from $5,000-$12,000. They in-
cluded a gate into the basketball court but did not
include steps which would be needed to enter the
court. That cost would be included in a landscaping
proposal. It was suggested that the pool committee
bring all of the proposed improvements and needed
repairs to the board so that projects can be priori-
tized and budgeted. Mr. Derrick reported that the
fencing is at the end of its useful life according to the
(Continued on page 9)
MCMTFELlEF TCLAY 9 July-Aug. 2008
engineering report.

Social Committee: Susan Mathis, Chair
The yard sale is May 17, 2008.

Security Committee: Richard Dengler, Chair
Mr. Dengler reported that there was a major drug
bust at Twin Hill and Mt. Pleasant. He discussed
putting up street lights along the wooded side and
estimated the cost to be $1200-$1500. A light is
going to be installed to illuminate the playground
area. He also recommended that the bushes be
removed in front of the snack bar, gate and bath
house. He will coordinate with Trustees Petit and

ACTION ITEMS: (Items held over from other meet-
VP: Insurance was secured.
Pool: It was decided to repair the concrete with
skim coating as we do not have time for exten-
sive repairs before pool opens. Lighthouse
thinks that it will pass inspection.
Pump reconditioning being done – cost around
Guards at swim team practices – Jeannene
O’Neil is a certified lifeguard and will be at all
practices. She will speak to Lighthouse about
being a “fill-in” guard. A motion was made to
accept her as the interim swim team chair.
The motion was seconded and passed unani-
mously. June 16 will start the morning prac-
tices and reported that some children might
need to have an evening practice time twice a
Outside showers – working on bids.
Facilities: Bike Rack will be up by time pool opens.
Criscuoli’s – held over until next meeting.
Landscaping: Trustee Eisenberg absent.
Security: Emergency broadcast system, video se-
curity system, and blog. Radios have not been
purchased yet.
Communications: Mr. Fleming secured a new host-
ing service after the company was sold. He is
working on enhancements.

Comments from Members:
Mr. McCullagh thanked the board for their work on
behalf of the community. He reported that he had
received several complaints that beer was brought
into an MCA community meeting in a county build-
ing. He was concerned that this jeopardized the
community’s standing and relationship with the
county. Trustee Wagner said that she had also re-
ceived complaints. Trustee Wagner made a motion
to remove the member from the chair position of the
committee. Trustee Rowland seconded the motion.
Trustee Douville suggested that a statement that no
alcoholic beverages were allowed in any MCA
meeting would be sufficient action. The motion
passed with Trustee Douville against and Trustee
Petit abstaining.

Trustee Coldren-Walker made a motion to appoint
Ms. Witt, who recently resigned from the board, as
interim treasurer until a new trustee is selected.
The motion was seconded and passed unani-

Trustee Douville stated that an interim pool chair
should be appointed. After discussion, it was de-
cided that the pool committee would make their rec-
ommendation for chairperson to the executive com-

The next meeting will be held on Tuesday, May 13,
2008 at 6:45 at Deerfield Recreation Center, pre-
school room. The motion was made and seconded
to adjourn at 9:40 P.M. The motion passed unani-

(Continued from page 8)

If you wish to become a Person of Record, submit a written request to the Department of Review Division
of the MNCPPC, 14741 Governor Oden Bowie Drive, Upper Marlboro, MD 20772. Please reference Pre-
Application No. DSP-08011 and Konterra Town Center East in your request. After the application has
been filed you can contact MNCPPC at 301 952-3530. If you would like more information about the appli-
cation, or a site plan, you may contact Kenn Dunn at (301) 794-7555.
We have 5 gate attendants, all Montpelier residents,
rotating through the gate house this season, They
are Sophia Anderson, Carla Bowen, Christel Brown
De Colstoun, Akeem Issa and Charlie Mills. They
are doing a terrific job and I have gotten several
compliments on their interaction with the homeown-
ers who are enjoying the pool.
Jeri Witt
MCMTFELlEF TCLAY 10 July-Aug. 2008
Montpelier Community Association, Inc.
Board of Trustees Meeting Minutes
May 13, 2008
Trustees in Attendance: Minnie Clark Lamar,
Julia Coldren Walker, Patricia Douville, Patricia
Eisenberg, and Kendra Wagner
Trustees Absent with Cause: Sandy Martin, Paul
Petit, Terry Rowland
Community Members Present: Mary Hughes,
Mary Derrick, Bob Derrick, Richard Dengler, Jean-
nene O’Neill, Jeri Witt.

President Kendra Wagner called the meeting to or-
der at 6:58 PM. There was a quorum present to
conduct business.

Secretary’s Report: Kendra Wagner
The April, 2008 minutes were read and a questions
arose regarding the accuracy of the minutes. Trus-
tee Coldren-Walker suggested that the minutes be
transcribed verbatim. Trustee Douville asked if any
member was banned from the building and ques-
tioned whether Montpelier board meetings could be
held in the facility if a member was not allowed to
enter. No one has been banned from the building.
The administrative assistant was told to verify that a
specific word was correct in the minutes and revise
the wording of a motion. Trustee Clark-Lamar
made a motion to accept the minutes with correc-
tions. The motion was seconded by Trustee Col-
dren-Walker and passed unanimously.

Treasurer’s Report:
The financial report was distributed to all trustees by
Ms. Witt. Trustee Douville asked what the tempo-
rary savings were. They are operational funds
shifted to a savings account just to get a better in-
terest rate. A member asked why more wasn’t in
the savings account. Ms. Witt was waiting to find
out how much was needed for pool management.
Mr. Derrick turned the signed, final copy of the pool
contract over to the Administrative Assistant. An
adjustment had been made to the contract for the
gate attendant and the final contract price was
$53,360. Trustee Douville asked when the swim
team would get their donations. She did not feel
that the board should “sit” on the money. Ms. Witt
explained that the treasurer waits until most of the
assessments are paid and deposited so that all do-
nations are collected and one check is issued. She
suggested that all donations be disbursed by May
31 and Trustee Douville thought this was a good
idea. Ms. O’Neill is the Swim Team Chairperson.
All miscellaneous donations will be disbursed as

Administrative Assistant Report: Mary Hughes
Ms. Hughes met with the gate attendants. She has
five under contract and two more people are inter-
ested if they are needed. She announced that she
will be out of town from mid-June through mid Au-
gust and she would like Ms. Witt to take over her
position during that time. Trustee Coldren-Walker
made a motion to accept Ms. Witt as the assistant in
Ms. Hughes’ absence. The motion was seconded
by Trustee Clark-Lamar and passed unanimously.
A member asked for the names of the gate atten-
dants: C. Mills, C. Bowen, A. Issu, S. Robinson and
C. Brown de Colstoun.

Committee Reports:
ACCC: Marcia Segura, Chair
Ms. Witt reported in Ms. Segura’s absence (copy
attached). A member requested a six foot fence for
a pool and presented a contract for the pool. The
ACCC approved the placement of the fence, but the
height of the fence will be mandated by Prince
George’s county once the pool is installed. A 4 foot
fence was approved. A member asked what is be-
ing done about uncut lawns. The ACCC had asked
for permission to fine members for uncut lawns in
the proposed bylaw changes, but they were never
voted on.

Facilities: Paul Petit, Chair
No report. A member asked if the Criscuoli contract
included cleaning the tennis courts. There are two
contracts, and Trustee Wagner will check to see if
they have been signed. Ms. Witt asked that the
contracts include information regarding the 1099
status. The contracts end November 30. Mr. Der-
rick discussed the Reserve Fund and and the Engi-
neering Report. The 1998 report showed 61 items
and the current report has captured 47 items so far.
Mr. Dengler and Mr. Derrick have identified 83 items
to date and think that they are almost finished.
They are looking through records to determine
when some items were installed. Ms. Witt reported
that the board had voted last year to put 15% in the
reserve fund. The bylaws require a minimum of
10% and the board can vote to increase that
amount each year. Mr. Derrick reported that the
reserve fund can fluctuate depending on what the
board decides is at the end of its useful life and
needs to be replaced. Ms. Witt asked if the life-
guards “have a clear and unobstructed view” of the
baby pool. When the brick planter is removed, the
board needs to be sure that Prince George’s County
requirements are followed. She will send out the
information that she has. Mr. Petit was going to
(Continued on page 11)
MCMTFELlEF TCLAY 11 July-Aug. 2008
repaint the bike rack, but it was suggested that
bikes be put into the side gated area. Mr. Derrick
thought that the bike rack is at the end of its useful
life and a new one should be purchased. Trustee
Petit will be consulted before the old one is dis-
posed of.

Pool Committee:
Pool rules have been finalized and will be dis-
bursed. Ms. Derrick, Ms. Hughes and Trustee
Wagner discussed the final revisions and copies
will be made available at the pool. The pumps
have been re-installed. A bill should be sent soon
for about $800. The concrete doesn’t need to be
replaced and will pass inspection. The pool cover
is removed, stains cleaned, pool drained and power
washed, a small leak needs repairing ($135-
Lighthouse bid). A discussion ensued regarding
whether to use Lighthouse or Mike Owens. Several
other plumbing issues are pending such as repair-
ing the drinking fountains. Mr. Dengler suggested
that an outside drinking fountain would prevent kids
from asking to get into the pool area to get a drink
of water and a hose or temporary fountain could be
run out to the common area. Lighthouse suggested
one new set of filters be purchased. Mr. Dengler
said that there is a new sand filter available and we
would never have to replace a filter again. Ms. Witt
expressed concern that plumbers and electricians
should be hired to do required work rather than re-
lying on the management company. It was a prob-
lem in the past when we relied on the management
company alone. The inspection is expected in
enough time to get a list of things that need to be
done. Pool furniture may be required. It was sug-
gested that one person purchase additional furni-
ture rather than several individuals. The kitchen
needs to be cleaned. The phone is turned on.
Lighthouse would like to invoice monthly rather than
bi-weekly. Mr. Derrick and Mr. Dengler propose
that they now back out of pool management and let
the management company run the pool. Trustee
Douville is the board liaison to the pool. A list will
be made and given to the board of anything that
needs to be done to get the pool through inspec-

Ms. O’Neil reported that Matt Harris is the coach
and Brian Abdo is the assistant coach. A list of
swim meets was distributed. They have a CD of
about $6,000 and almost $5,000 in a checking ac-
count and they would like to hold a car wash to
raise money for the banquet. Money is used to pay
coaches, equipment and dues to the league. Some
of the money is kept in reserve to replace expen-
sive equipment as it wears out. The swim team will
not take over the pool during swim team practices.
They also will inform the community via signs at the
pool if swim team use overlaps with general com-
munity use. The coaches/lifeguards may schedule
swim lessons during their off hours. The pool man-
ager will handle the swim tests and recordkeeping.
The bracelets have been used as replacement
grounds use passes. Swim team practices are 8:30
to 10:30 AM so Jeannene will need gate keys or the
lockbox combination.

Social Committee: Susan Mathis, Chair
Ms. Mathis resigned as the social chair but will han-
dle the yard sale. Trustee Wagner will check to see
if she has anyone interested in taking over the posi-
tion. There are many pool parties scheduled this
year. Someone also needs to take on the pool pa-
vilion reservations. The gate attendants can keep
the calendar and let people know if dates are avail-
able. She has also resigned from the Nominations
Committee chair position.

Security Committee: Richard Dengler, Chair
Mr. Dengler reported that the emergency broadcast
system and blog are working. He has no commu-
nity support for the neighborhood patrol. The play-
ground light will be installed. Streetlights on Mt.
Pleasant are difficult to get because this is
MNCPPC property. The new door is on the utility
closet, but a new lock is required for $50.

Ms. Witt reported that the 2006 review is at the ac-
countants and when that is completed he will start
on the 2007 review. They are estimated to cost
$2,000 each. It could be more if the accountant
runs into problems.

Two board members left the meeting and there was
no longer a quorum to conduct business. The next
meeting will be held on Tuesday, June 10, 2008 at
6:45 at Deerfield Recreation Center, preschool
room. The motion was made and seconded to ad-
journ at 9:00 P.M. The motion passed unani-
(Continued from page 10)
All members with outstanding “IOU’s” for guest passes will receive a bill which should be paid as
soon as possible. No additional “IOU’s” for guest passes will be honored.
MCMTFELlEF TCLAY 12 July-Aug. 2008
Meeting Minutes - May 1, 2008

Committee Members Present: Michael Bod-
die, Toni Byrd, Brian Dennis, Jack Keating,
Ron Lenart, and Marcia Segura
Committee Members Absent: David Friel,
Thomas Jaehnigen, and Diana Sowle
Community Members Present: J. Bacarella,
Steven Haversack, Jason Simmons, Mary
Hughes and Jeri Witt
Attendance was taken and the March, 2008
meeting minutes were approved unanimously.
There was no meeting in April due to lack of a

Old Business:
8905 Briardale Lane - debris by fence - letter
written last month.
12203 Brittany - Chairperson Segura has at-
tempted to speak with the resident. R.
Lenart made a motion to reinstate the
fines of $100 a month which were levied
in October 2007. T. Byrd seconded and
after discussion R. Lenart withdrew the
motion. B. Dennis made a motion to draw
up a list of outstanding violations that
have to be fixed in 30 days or the fines
will be reinstated retroactive to October
2007. The motion was seconded and
passed unanimously.
12201 Cedarbrook - Lampost still broken.
Letter will be sent.
12204 Cedarbrook - Debris still in yard.
Cease and Desist will be sent.
8904 Royal Ridge - M. Boddie will check.
Cease and Desist will be sent if needed.
12320 Shadetree Lane - Junk back in drive-
way. Chairperson Segura will contact
12704 Silverbirch Lane - The owner attended
the meeting and reported on the progress
of the repairs. T. Byrd made a motion
that he provide the committee with a de-
tailed list of repairs to be made along with
dates of completion for the entire project
by the June meeting. M. Boddie seconded
the motion and it passed unanimously.
8723 Oxwell Lane - M. Segura asked the
committee to discuss a payment schedule.
The hearing set for May 2 was cancelled.
T. Byrd was not in agreement with taking
the matter over from the attorney. She
stated that once a matter is turned over to
the attorney, there should be no further
contact with the homeowner. M. Boddie
made a motion there be no reduction in
the amount owed, and the committee will
accept a payment plan as set up by the
attorney. T. Byrd seconded the motion
and it passed unanimously. T. Byrd made
a motion that any matter which is finally
turned over to the attorney, be left in the
hands of the attorney. J. Keating sec-
onded the motion and it passed unani-

New Business:
12409 Radnor Lane - The owner presented a
signed contract for the pool. M. Boddie
made a motion to approve the exemption
allowing a 4´ fence in front of the chim-
ney rather than at the back of the house,
with the understanding that the county
will impose a 6´ requirement if the pool is
installed. The motion was seconded and
passed unanimously.
12615 Cedarbrook - paint color was ap-
8805 Montpelier Drive - Letter to be sent re-
questing additional information showing the
dimensions, placement and color of the new
12218 Valerie Lane - T. Byrd made a motion
to approve a 4´ split rail fence. R. Lenart
seconded and the motion passed with B.
Dennis abstaining.
9203 Twin Hill Lane - No prior approval was
requested for a fence which is also too far to
the front of the house and 6´ high. B. Den-
nis made a motion to send a letter inform-
ing the owner that they are already in viola-
tion because no prior approval was re-
quested. The motion passed unanimously.
12211 Mt. Pleasant - The owner requested
approval of a stone patio and playset. Sig-
natures are needed from the neighbors in
the back and the height of the playset
needs to be 10´ or less. J. Keating made a
motion to approve the stone patio. M. Bod-
die seconded and the motion passed unani-
12203 Shadetree Lane - Grass needs to be
cut. Letter needed.
T. Byrd provided a survey.

There being no further business the meeting
was adjourned at 8:27 pm. The next meeting
of the ACCC will be Thursday, June 5, 2008 at
7:00 PM at Deerfield Community Center.
MCMTFELlEF TCLAY 13 July-Aug. 2008
June 10, 2008
In the 2007 season at the pool 13 homeowners were allowed to charge for guest passes - a total of
$175.00 of lost revenue as these charges were never paid. We have sent letters out to the 2007 home-
owners. This year when someone needs to charge for a guest pass they are given 7 days to pay for the
pass themselves. If this is not done they are sent a letter of reminder and their ability to charge is dis-
continued until they are paid up.

We are having a lot of homeowners who are adding grown children and grandchildren to their pool user
forms, showing them as living in the house. We would like to initiate a policy that any adult shown as
living in the house, but not the homeowner, must show some kind of ID with that home’s address. It is
the only fair solution for members who act in an honest manner and pay for extended passes for their

The policy for bonding the officers was not voted on at the last meeting and has lapsed.

Bank Balances: Checking: $ 64,735.88
Savings 83,492.87
Benevolent Fund 5,484.40
Gypsy Moth Fund 29,584.93
Reserve Fund 312,452.93

Total Assets $495,751.01
Jeri Witt, Interim Treasurer

In May, I did an add-on yard sale at my house when we had the community yard sale and $113.00 was
raised for the MCA Benevolent Fund. This money was deposited in the Benevolent Fund account.
I would like to thank the McCullagh, Mathis, Kunz, Dennis, Hass, Lauttman and Marcinko families for
their kind donations and the Hynes and Seedorf families for the use of their tables.
Jeri Witt, Chair

Take your passion for a sport or activity and ensure repairs or replacement of equip-
ment is done in a timely manner. Like basketball? Let´s fix those rims!
Help clean up the playground for your kids.
If willing to lend a hand, please contact Paul Petit at the following:
Work (410) 206-1028; Home (301) 604-5226.

Free pizza to anyone who helps clean and redistribute the rubber on the

MCMTFELlEF TCLAY 14 July-Aug. 2008
Assistant to the Treasurer Wanted
The position of treasurer has always been a very important job on the board of trustees. New accounting
laws have only increased the demands on time and skills required of the treasurer. With that in mind, the
MCA board is considering whether the treasurer should have an experienced assistant. Any assistant
would be a contract worker and would be responsible for all taxes due and a 1099 would be pro-
vided. Interested parties should complete the following form or submit all the requested information in
another format and mail it to MCA, Post Office Box 2503, Laurel, MD 20709.



Name: Lot #:


Telephone: (Home) (Cell)



Past work history:

Hourly reimbursement expected: Hours available:
Do you own or have immediate access to a computer with MS Word and Excel? Does it have sufficient
hard drive space available to install Quickbooks Pro?

Rate your knowledge of or experience with:

Do you have transportation? Are you available to make deposits, etc. during the day?
Are you available to participate in

Please complete this form and mail it to: MCA, Post Office Box 2503, Laurel, MD 20709
MS Word J None J Some experience J Proficient
Excel J None J Some experience J Proficient
Online Banking J None J Some experience J Proficient
Quickbooks Pro J None J Some experience J Proficient
MCMTFELlEF TCLAY 15 July-Aug. 2008
Installing a satellite dish to your home?
Replacing your fence?
Widening your driveway?

STOP and SUBMIT an ACCC Approval
Request Form first.

Covenants are enforced and fines are levied
and collected. If you are planning any work to the
exterior of your home, first fill out the ACCC Ap-
proval Request Form located in every Montpelier
Today news l et t er and on- l i ne at Submit the form to:

ATTN: Architectural Control & Compliance
Committee (ACCC)
P.O. Box 2503
Laurel, MD 20709

The ACCC meets on the first Thursday of every
month at Deerfield Community Center.


No new construction, addition, or alteration of a
Montpelier home shall be made without prior ap-
proval (see approval form on following page)
from the Architectural Control & Compliance Com-
mittee. This includes satellite dish installation.
All exterior colors and materials shall blend
harmoniously with the neighboring dwellings.
Proceeding without prior approval shall constitute a
covenant violation subject to enforcement, includ-
ing fines.


Boats, campers, RVs, and trailers must be in stor-
age from November 1 through April 31. They may
not be stored or parked on your property.


Article IV, section 5 of the covenants states no ve-
hicle can be stored on any lot except inside the
garage. All cars, covered or uncovered, must have
a valid license tag and sticker. Residents may be
required to provide proof of licensing if the license
tag is not clearly visible on the vehicle. In addition
to the covenant above, Prince George’s County
Code states “it is unlawful to have more than one
motor vehicle ... dismantled, inoperable or unli-
censed on your premises. The one vehicle that is
allowed must be inside a closed garage.”


Approval must be obtained from the ACCC before
placing a PODS, dumpster, or similar structure on
any lot. The maximum time that the structure can
be on the lot must also be approved by the ACCC.
Failure to obtain such prior approval will result in a
fine of up to $1,000. Failure to remove the struc-
ture within the agreed time limit will result in a fine
of up to $500 per month until the structure is re-
moved or approval for an extension is obtained.

In 2008 Campers, Recreational Vehicles, Utility Trailers, etc. will follow the same
parking restrictions as boats. From November 1 through April 31 they may not be
parked or stored on your property.
MCMTFELlEF TCLAY 16 July-Aug. 2008
Architectural Control Committee
Approval Iorm
Member No: Date:
lome, Oííice,
louse 1vpe: Framingham Jamestown Gramercy Eton
1vpe oí Alteration:
Addition´modiíication oí basic structure lence Shed

Siding´Paint Deck Other Including PODS. Dumpsters,
Describe the alteration in detail. Information about dimension, materials and design must be included with this form or the
project will not be considered by the ACC. Include any statement of special circumstances that may require deviation from
established and published guidelines. Any changes to the exterior of your home, including paint color, siding and win-
dows, will require the approval of the neighbors on each side and in back of your home. Siding must blend harmoniously
with the neighborhood. The neighbors residing across the street must also be contacted if the project, when completed, can
be seen from their property. Major landscaping projects such as retaining walls, etc. must also be approved. Plans for
major alterations must be submitted to the ACCC two weeks before the meeting. Applications for approval of PODS,
dumpsters, or similar structures should check the “Other” box and must include the maximum time that the structure will
be on the lot.

Attach the following:
Note (1) (opv oí plat oí vour propertv showing location on vour propertv oí the requested alteration.
Note (2) Detailed scale drawing or copv oí blue prints oí proposed alteration.
I understand that these items are needed for the committee to make an informed decision about the requested
alteration. When completed we agree to allow the ACCC to inspect this project.

Signature of requester
Neighbor comments:

Name (Print) Address Concur/Non-concur Signature

Name (Print) Address Concur/Non-concur Signature

Name (Print) Address Concur/Non-concur Signature

Name (Print) Address Concur/Non-concur Signature
1he homeowner requesting appro·al oí a project requester, will contact the neighbors, residing on each side oí his
home to obtain their concurrence or comments. In the e·ent the requester resides on a corner lot. the neighbor re-
siding adjacent to his rear propertv line must be contacted. 1he neighbors residing across the street must also be
contacted ií the project. when completed. can be seen írom their propertv. Space íor their names,. address. concur-
rence or comments is pro·ided abo·e. Ií the required neighbor appro·als are not obtained bv the requester the
A(( will contact the neighbors to get their comments which will delav processing oí the request. Neighbor com-
ments will be considered bv the A(( in making a decision. 1hose neighbors that non-concur in a project will be
notiíied in writing oí the action taken bv the A(( and ad·ised oí their right to appeal. Ií a project requiring A((
appro·al is started without such appro·al it shall be considered in ·iolation oí the co·enants oí the Association.
Mail completed íorms to M(A A(( (ommittee. P.O. Box 2503. Laurel. MD 20¯09.

Note (1) Prince George's (ountv law requires a building permit íor all structural changes or additions to vour home.
Ior Architectural
Committee Use Only
Project No:
Date Received:
Letter Sent:
Revised 1207
MCMTFELlEF TCLAY 17 July-Aug. 2008
MCA Pool Rules and Regulations

The following rules and regulations have been established for the benefit, health and safety of all pa-
trons of the pool facility. These will help provide enjoyable recreation for all members and their
guests. Pool Management or the MCA Board of Trustees may institute new regulations at their dis-
cretion in the interest of safety. The following are not intended to be all inclusive:

All MCA Members should ensure their children and guests
understand and observe all pool rules.

1. Please give the lifeguards and pool staff the respect they deserve. They are there for your protection and
should never be considered babysitters. Children should not be left at the pool unsupervised.

2. Parents and guardians are responsible for the behavior of their children. Members are responsible for the
behavior of their guests.

3. All children under age 8 must be continually supervised by an adult while at the pool.

4. A parent or childcare provider must remain with children in the wading pool area at all times.

5. Appropriate swimsuits are required in the pool. No street shorts or cut-offs are allowed.

6. All swimmers are required to shower before entering the pool.

7. Individuals who appear to present a health hazard (i.e. contagious diseases, infections, open cuts, ban-
daged wounds) will not be allowed to use the pool.

8. Swim diapers are required for all children not completely toilet trained.

9. No running, pushing, or horseplay in the pool area.

10. Patrons will not use profanity or abusive language in the pool area.

11. Spouting of water by mouth and similar unhygienic actions are not permitted.

12. Swimmers may not sit, stand, hang, or play on pool ropes or lane lines.

13. No glass or breakable containers are permitted in the pool facility.

14. Bicycles must be parked in designated areas. Use of skateboards, scooters, roller blades and other like
articles are prohibited in and around the pool area.

15. Smoking is strictly prohibited in the pool area which includes the front gate and Food Pavilion.

16. Food and beverages are allowed in designated areas. Patrons must deposit all trash in the proper recepta-

17. No diving into the pool except in the diving well. No floatation devices of any kind are permitted in the
diving well. Flips off the pool edge are prohibited.

18. Only one person allowed on the diving board at a time. Jump or dive straight out off the end of the diving
board, not off the side.

19. Divers must keep both their feet on the pool deck until the previous diver has reached the ladder. Swim
MCMTFELlEF TCLAY 18 July-Aug. 2008
directly to the ladder after going off the board. Do not swim to the wall.

20. Tipping, rocking or use of pool chairs for other than their intended use is prohibited. Patrons are responsible
for any damage they cause by willful misuse of pool property.

21. The MCA and Pool Management are not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged personal property. The pool
staff will hold “found” articles for two weeks before disposing.

22. The pool will be open for all ages on the hour through 45 minutes past the hour. The last 15 minutes of each
hour will be reserved for “adults only” swimming. Patrons must be at least 16 years old to use the pool dur-
ing these periods.

23. Under no circumstances shall a member or guest enter the water without a lifeguard on duty.

24. No unauthorized entry into the gate office, guard room, or pump room is permitted.

25. Patrons must obey all posted rules.

26. The Pool Manager or Assistant Manager may close the pool at any time due to personal discretion, opera-
tional difficulties, or inclement weather.

27. Pool Management has the right to discipline anyone that refuses to follow the rules and regulations of the
pool facility. They have been given the authority by the MCA Board of Trustees to enforce these rules.

28. No alcohol or drugs are allowed on the premises. Persons that appear to be under the influence of alcohol or
drugs will not be allowed on the premises.

Guest Policy and Procedure:
MCA members who are registered pool users, in good standing, may bring guests to the pool. A “guest
pass” is required for any non-member over age 6 entering the pool and is good for the entire day.

1. Guest passes must be purchased at the pool in groups of 5 for $25.00. Each pass is good for a one day
pool admission. No single day passes will be sold.
2. No cash will be taken at the pool. Only checks from the MCA member with a valid picture ID (which
includes their MCA address) will be accepted
3. All guests must be signed in and accompanied by the MCA member. The member must remain at the
pool if the guest is under 16 years old.
4. Guest passes do not expire and passes from previous years will be honored.

Age Requirement for Admittance: (All results for proficiency swim tests must be registered with the pool

8 to 10 Years Old:
Member children who have passed our pool proficiency swim test may be supervised at the pool by an
adult or sibling age 13 and above, provided they too have passed our proficiency swim test.

11 to 15 Years Old:
Member children may enter without adult supervision provided they have passed our pool proficiency
swim test. Children who do not pass the swim test must be supervised by a member 13 or older, who
has passed the proficiency swim test.

The swimming season may be extended for two weeks after Labor Day depending upon the weather and avail-
ability of staff.
MCMTFELlEF TCLAY 19 July-Aug. 2008


The Food Pavilion at the Montpelier Community Pool is designed to be open for use by individuals or small groups of community
members on a first come, first serve basis. Residents wishing to use the Food Pavilion area must schedule the party by filling out the
following form and submitting it, with their deposit, to the gate attendant. The gate attendant will then check the availability and
inform you of any discrepancies. Forms are available at the pool but must be confirmed before being put on the calendar.

Pool Party Rules:

Pool parties must be hosted by MCA homeowners who must be in attendance during the entire event.

Pool party reservations will be on a first come, first serve basis and must be submitted, the last party scheduled no later than 6:30 PM

Parties cannot be booked for Wednesday evenings due to the Community Potluck/Pizza events.

Only one event may be booked at a time by any person or group - no standing reservations allowed.

Guest passes are required for any non-member over the age of 6 and should be purchased on or before the day of the event. Passes
can only be paid for with a check from the MCA member booking the party.

The hours of the party must be specific as to start and end time. The Food Pavilion can only be booked for 2 hours. Egress to wad-
ing pool, bike racks and drink machines must be kept open at all times. Guests do not have to leave after 2 hours but should move out
of the pavilion area.

All persons attending the party should be checked in individually by the gate attendant.

All food must be served and eaten in the Pool Pavilion area. Food and drink are not allowed in the pool area.

No glass containers of any sort will be allowed inside the pool gates.

Do not move any pool furniture off the pool deck - you are welcome to bring your own lawn furniture from home.

If the party includes more than 20 non-residents the pool management reserves the right to have an additional life guard on duty at
the expense of the MCA member scheduling the party and must be paid for in advance.

A deposit of $25.00 is required to reserve the Food Pavilion area. The deposit will be returned at the end of the party if the Food
Pavilion is left clean.

The MCA will furnish gas for the grill but it is the homeowner’s responsibility to check the grill for gas before the party. Please do
not use the supplies in the kitchen as they belong to either the MCA or the swim team.

Pool Pavilion Reservation Form - all information is required

Member name:____________________Address:_______________________________Lot #_________

Date of Party:-_____________Type of Party:________________________________________________

Start Time:_______________End Time:_____________________Total Attendees:_________________

MCA Residents:_____________________Guests______________________

Additional Life guard required?___________________Charge for additional Life Guard_______Paid?____

Charge for Guest Passes:______________ Paid?_____Deposit Collected?_______Returned?_____--___

I have read and agree to abide by the above rules.

_____________________________________________ Telephone #___________________________

MCMTFELlEF TCLAY 20 July-Aug. 2008
The MCA Pool Rules are printed on page 17 and
copies are available at the pool. Please review
them with your family. While Lighthouse Pools, and
manager, Lynne Gerlach, are doing a fantastic job
at the pool this year, all members must act respon-
sibly and abide by these rules. We
also have a great group of home-
owners who are working the gate
and doing their best to keep the
pool for residents only. Please be
patient if you are asked to comply
with some rule you may not agree
with - there is a valid reason for it.

Sign in with first and last names - some pool users
are not happy with that request but please comply.

Individuals are sneaking into the pool using home-
owners lot numbers which don’t belong to them.
Gate attendants may ask for your address to verify

Friends, relatives, etc. may not be listed on pool
user forms if they are not living in your home. Falsi-
fying information will result in loss of pool privileges.
Gate attendants may deny admittance to anyone
recently added as a pool user who does not have
ID with a Montpelier address.

Effective Monday, June 23
. the no-picture, no-
admittance rule is being strongly enforced. Home-
owners had a month to comply with this rule, so do
not argue with gate attendants if your
picture is not on file and you are re-
fused entry.

Pool parties have been very popular
this year - the gate attendant has res-
ervation forms and a calendar. A
form is also printed on page 19.

All children under age 8 must be continually
supervised by an adult while at the pool. Chil-
dren 8-10 years old who have passed our pool
proficiency swim test may be supervised at the
pool by an adult or a sibling age 13 and above,
provided they too have passed our proficiency
swim test.

The proficiency test is administered by Lighthouse
personnel and the results are registered with pool
When: Every Wednesday night this sum-
mer, weather permitting!
Time: 6-8 pm
What: Must bring a side dish or dessert to
Cost: $3/person, children under 4 free

Please respond to [email protected] or sign up
at the pool by 3 pm Wednesday! This list is used to deter-
mine the number of pizzas to order. Don’t miss out on all
the fun! Drinks and paper products provided by the MCA.

The Pizza Mommas!
(Lynne Collman, Sue Thompson,
Dawn Puma, Marie Eppelmann)
Individual pictures are required for all pool users
over the age of 6. Your Name, Lot Number (or
address) and Date of Birth (for children under 18)
should be on the back of the photo. The gate
attendants will refuse entry to anyone who does
not have a photo on file. Bring them to the pool
during regular pool hours.
2008 Pool Hours

July-Sept. 1 All days - 12:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Pool may open September 2-14 (3-8 PM) de-
pending on weather and credited hours.

No child under the age
of 8 can enter the pool
without an adult under
any circumstances.
Water Aerobics?

Are you interested in Water
Aerobics at the pool? Classes
would be in the evening
(7:30-S:30 pm}, Tuesday &
Thursday evenings. Minimal

Please indicate your interest
to Trish Douville,
[email protected] or
leave your name/contact
information at the pool.
MCMTFELlEF TCLAY 21 July-Aug. 2008

7:30 PM
Montpelier Mansion Grounds
Two Hour Concerts
Bring some friends, a picnic, a blanket and/or a chair
FREE Public parking & handicapped parking available via both
Montpelier Drive and Muirkirk Road entrances

For Information Call 301 776-2S05
The South Laurel Recreation Council
Friday, July 11
Electric Brigade,
US Naval Academy
Top 40, Classic Rock

Friday, July 1S
Shakespeare in the Park
¨The Merry Wives of Windsor¨
Friday, July 25
JCJ Band
Salsa, Merengue, Cumbia

Friday, August S
Project Natale
Saturday, ]uly sth Saturday, ]uly sth Saturday, ]uly sth Saturday, ]uly sth Saturday, ]uly sth Saturday, ]uly sth Saturday, ]uly sth Saturday, ]uly sth
J».--t J».--t J».--t J».--t
J·e-,-·e-··- J·e-,-·e-··- J·e-,-·e-··- J·e-,-·e-··-
1», 1-t-o-»c.-· 1», 1-t-o-»c.-· 1», 1-t-o-»c.-· 1», 1-t-o-»c.-·

Parade at rr:oo am Parade at rr:oo am Parade at rr:oo am Parade at rr:oo am
(Si×th & Montgomery eastbound, then south
on Fourth to the back of the mall)
E·ents all day at Cude Park E·ents all day at Cude Park E·ents all day at Cude Park E·ents all day at Cude Park

Fire«orks at dusk o·er the Fire«orks at dusk o·er the Fire«orks at dusk o·er the Fire«orks at dusk o·er the
lake ! lake ! lake ! lake !

Sponsored by the Laurel Fourth of July
MCMTFELlEF TCLAY 22 July-Aug. 2008
SOURCES OF INFORMATION is the community website and
it contains a multitude of information about our com-
munity. Montpelier also has a newsletter which
comes out six times per year and is delivered to
your door. It contains info on community meetings
plus a wealth of other necessary information.
Phone numbers and email addresses for all board
members and committee chairs are listed in the
front of each issue. A copy of the ACCC Request
for Approval Form is also included in every issue.

There is also an unofficial list serv privately owned
and moderated by Montpelier residents. If you
woul d l i ke more i nf ormat i on, go t o Be
aware when posting information to this site that
there are members outside of our community who
have access to the information and MCA, Inc. is not
responsible for content or membership.

Community meetings are held monthly by the Board
of Trustees. All residents are invited to attend the
meetings which are scheduled the second Tuesday
of every month at 6:45 PM at Deerfield Run Com-
munity Center.

Your lot has a number from 1 to 699 which was as-
signed by the developer of the community. It is not
the “plat” or “block” number assigned by the county.
This lot number is your identification for many things
in the community such as pool entry and assess-
ment payments. Contact Mary Hughes at 240 938-
1995 or [email protected] for information.

Montpelier is a community with covenants which
are enforced by the Architectural Control and Com-
pliance Committee (ACCC). All residents must sub-
mit a Request for Approval to the ACCC before any
construction, addition, or alteration of their Montpe-
lier home is started. Prior approval must also be
requested for PODS, dumpsters and similar struc-
tures. Failure to obtain prior approval from the
ACCC can result in fines of $50 to $1,000 per viola-
tion and more. This includes fences (new and re-
placement), sheds, and satellite dish installation. If
there is any question, please contact the ACCC
before proceeding. Fencing is not allowed in the
front yard including electric fencing. The ACCC
must investigate any complaint they receive from a
homeowner no matter how trivial the complaint may
seem to other homeowners. The ACCC meets the
first Thursday of the month at 7:00 PM. Contact
Marcia Segura 301 725-7586 for more information.
Boats, recreational vehicles, utility trailers and
campers can be kept in your driveway only May 1
thru October 31st. After that they must be stored off
site. There is a monthly fine if they are not removed
on a timely basis.

Each homeowner should have a copy of our gov-
erning documents. Under Maryland law when a
house in a covenant controlled community is sold
the governing documents must be part of the settle-
ment. If you do not have a copy they can be pur-
chased for $10. If you are selling your Montpelier
home, you are required to purchase a Resale Pack-
age for the new owner for $25. Contact Dawn
Puma at 301 776-7947 for more information.

The pool is open from the Saturday of Memorial
Day weekend through the Monday of Labor Day. It
is open to Montpelier residents and their paid
guests only. Your assessments must be paid in full
and you must have a picture of each member of
your family on file to use the pool facilities. Guest
passes are $25 (check only) and are good for 5 vis-
its. They can be purchased at the pool. Children
under age six do not require a guest pass. Guest
passes are kept on file on the pool computer.
Guest passes do not expire. An extended family
membership may be purchased for $50 per person
(over age 6) by any resident. The extended family
member must also have a photo on file at the pool.

Community members organize a summer swim
team for children called the Marlins. If you are inter-
ested, look for the form which appears in this news-

The playground is open year round. The tennis
courts are for Montpelier residents only and are
locked. If you wish to use the tennis courts, you
can request the lock combination from any Board
member. No outside groups may use any of the
facilities, including the soccer field and baseball

The Social Committee Chairperson has many activi-
ties for the community throughout the year and can
always use an extra hand. To assist her call Susan
Mathis at 240 593-2881 or watch the newsletter to
see what she has planned. There are holiday
house decorating contests and Santa Claus visits in
December, a Springtime Easter Egg Hunt, several
pool parties and many other interesting activities for
(Continued on page 23)
General Information for Montpelier Residents
Listed below is some general information for homeowners in our community. Many residents are aware of most of this, but we
always have new residents moving in who might find the information helpful.
MCMTFELlEF TCLAY 23 July-Aug. 2008
you and your children. A potluck supper is held the
weekend the pool closes and Susan has several new
ideas in the works so watch your newsletter or the
website for more information.

If you are a student in need of community service
hours, please call any board member/committee
chairperson for information on ways to earn service

Trash pickup is Tuesday and Friday. Residents must
provide their own trash cans. Recycling is Wednes-
day. If you need a new or replacement bin call 301
952-7630. For any other recycling information call
301 883-5045. Bagged leaves, grass clippings and
other yard debris is picked up on Wednesdays from
mid-April through mid-January. Limbs should be no
more than 4 feet in length should be tied in bundles.
Call (301) 952-7630 for more information.

Bulky trash pickup is arranged by appointment only
and is usually scheduled for about two weeks after
your call. They take household items such as stoves,
mattresses, refrigerators, sofas, etc., but no con-
struction material, fencing or anything of that nature.
A limited number of tires are also accepted. Items
should go to the curb the night before the appoint-
ment only. To make an appointment call 301 952-

The first 11 feet, or the width of the concrete apron
on your driveway, belongs to Prince George’s
County. That includes the trees and there could be a
fine for trimming or damaging those trees. You can
plant shrubs or flowers, but the county can destroy
them digging etc. and not have to reimburse you.
Tree trimming number is 301 499-8520.

Leaves during the fall and winter are always a prob-
lem in our community for those relying on the county
vacuum schedule. The county posts a notice of leaf
vacuuming, but rarely is that done on schedule and
sometimes they don’t get here at all. Leaves can be
bagged and left for the regular Wednesday yard
waste pick-up through mid-January. There is no limit
to the number of bags left for pick-up. If you use the
county leaf vacuuming, please remember that
leaves should never be raked into the street –
only to the edge of your property. Raking your
leaves into the street and just leaving them there
until the county picks them up is a hazard for our
neighbors who walk or jog and especially for our chil-
dren who must walk in the center of the street to
avoid piles of leaves. Additionally, leaves raked into
the street tend to migrate to the storm drains contrib-
uting to storm drain damage. You are also subject to
Prince George’s County fines for raking leaves into
the street and leaving them there.

The county requires licensing of many pets, including
dogs, cats and ferrets. (Prince George's County
Code, Section 3-145). Licenses must be obtained
within thirty (30) days after residence is established.
The county “leash law” requires that animals be kept
under restraint by leash, confined to premises, or
under the effective control of the owner at all times.
Sec. 3-139 requires that animal excrement be re-
moved immediately.
(Continued from page 22)
Make your voice heard throughout the community. Join a committee and make a difference. Call or email any
board member or the chairpersons listed below for more information.
Architectural Control and Compliance - Marcia
Segura, Chair, 301-725-7586, [email protected]

Communications - Tony Fleming, Chair, 202 213-6856,
[email protected]

Election Committee - Lynne Collman, lbcoll-
[email protected]

Facilities (Common Grounds) - Paul Petit, Chair,
301-604-5226, [email protected]

Governing Documents Committee - Vacant

Nominating - Vacant

Security - Richard Dengler, Chair, 301 725-6930,
[email protected]

Social - Vacant

Traffic- Sandy Martin, Chair, 301– 776-5016,
[email protected]

Pool– vacant

Call any committee chairperson or board mem-
ber to volunteer))
MCMTFELlEF TCLAY 24 July-Aug. 2008
& FIREWORKS 4101 NE Crain Hwy, Bowie. 301-464-
4865. Minor league baseball and a fireworks display
after the game. ($)
JULY CONCERT & FIREWORKS University of Mary-
land, Lot 1, College Park. 301-864-8877.
Concert followed by fireworks. Refreshment stand opens
at 5 pm. Concert begins at 7 pm with fireworks at dark.
In case of rain, event held on July 5. FREE.
& FIREWORKS Mulligan´s Grill, University of Maryland
Golf Course Clubhouse, College Park. 301-314-6632.
BBQ buffet & great view of the fireworks at 9 pm. ($)
& FIREWORKS Six Flags America, Central Ave, Largo.
301-249-1500. ($)

July 4 (3-10:30 pm) BOWIE JULY 4TH CELEBRA-
TION Allen Pond Park, 3330 Northview Dr, Bowie. 301-
809-3011. Fireworks at dark, food, live entertainment.
No pets allowed. Admission is FREE.

July 4 (4 pm-dusk) GREENBELT JULY 4TH CELE-
BRATION Buddy Attick Park, 555 Crescent Rd, Green-
belt. 301-397-2200. Fun and free art projects, floating
sculpture garden on the lake, the Greenbelt Concert
Band at 7 pm and fireworks at dusk.

July 5 (11 am-dusk) LAUREL JULY 4TH CELEBRA-
TION Granville Gude Park, 8300 Mulberry St, Laurel.
301-725-5300 ext. 44. Parade at 11 am, car show,
music, entertainment, children´s activities& fireworks

July 5¬Marlins Swim Meet

Saturday, July 5, 10 am-12 noon Hands-On History
Day: A Day in the Life of the Soldier (see page 25)
All ages. $7/person. Mansion

July 6¬Laurel Invitational (Sunday at Fairland)

Sunday, July 6, 3-5 pm Family Fun Day (see page
25) All ages welcome. FREE. Mansion.

Monday, July 7, 11 am-1 pm July Workout Enjoy an
afternoon of great exercise followed by light refresh-
ments. Ages 18 & up; FREE w/ID card. Deerfield Run
Community Center. 301-953-7882; TTY 301-445-4512

Tuesday, July 8, 6:45 PM MCA Board of Trustees
Meeting. Deerfield Recreation Center, preschool room.

Thursday, July 10, 6-8 pm Family Fun Day (see
page 25) All ages welcome. FREE. Montpelier Mansion

Thursday, July 10, 7:00 PM ACCC Meeting. Deerfield
Community Center, preschool room

Friday, July 11, 7:30-9:30 pm Montpelier Summer
Concert Series: The Electric Brigade (see page 25)
Montpelier Mansion Grounds

July 12¬Marlins Swim Meet

Friday, July 18, 7:30 pm Shakespeare in the Parks
presents: The Merry Wives of Windsor (see page
25) Opening act, 6:30 pm: Prince George's Chil-
dren's Theatre's Cinderville

Saturday, July 19, 12 noon-2 pm Kickball Saturday
Parents, bring your children to Kickball Saturday. Light
refreshments will be served. Ages 6-8; FREE. Deerfield
Community Center. 301-953-7882; TTY 301-445-4512

Friday, July 25, 7:30-9:30 pm Montpelier Summer
Concert Series: JCJ Band (see page 25) All ages
welcome. FREE Montpelier Mansion Grounds

July 26¬Swim Team Divisionals and
Marlins Swim Team Banquet at Pool 7-10 pm

Aug 2¬All Stars Swim Team
August 3¬Family Fun Sunday 3-5 pm FREE. Man-

August 7¬Family Fun Night, 6-8 pm Montpelier

Thursday, August 7, 7:00 PM ACCC Meeting. Deer-
field Community Center, preschool room

August 8-Deadline for Submission of Nominations
for Board of Trustees Election

Tuesday, August 12, 6:45 PM MCA Board of Trustees
Meeting. Deerfield Recreation Center, preschool room.

Friday, August 15. Montpelier Today Deadline.
August 16 (9-4 pm) GREAT ARCHITECTURE SYM-
POSIUM Montpelier Mansion. 301-953-1376 Lunch
included in fee. Reservations required. ($)

Monday, August 25. PGCPS Open.


All pool parties which were sched-
uled by the MCA Social Committee
for the 200S pool season have been
cancelled until further notice. (WITH
A Social Committee Chairperson is
desperately neededl
If parties are rescheduled, look for
signs at the pool or check the new
information line 301 498-3737.
MCMTFELlEF TCLAY 25 July-Aug. 2008
Montpelier Cultural Arts Center
9652 Muirkirk Rd, Laurel, MD 20708
301-953-1993; TTY 301-490-2329
Gallery Hours: 10 am-5 pm, seven days a week
301-953-1376; TTY 301-454-1472;
F a x 3 0 1 - 9 5 3 - 7 5 7 2
[email protected]

Saturday, July 5, 10 am-12 noon
Hands-On History Day: A Day
in the Life of the Soldier
Re-enactors of the American
Revolution will depict what it was
like to be a soldier in the 18th
century, from uniforms to equip-
ment to the fife and drum corps.
All ages. Fee: $7/person

Sunday, Jul y 6, 3-5 pm
Family Fun Day
Celebrate Montpelier's 225th
birthday with old-fashioned fun
for the whole family. Play with
colonial style toys, try on 18th
century costumes, learn a dance,
and more. All ages welcome. FREE

Thursday, July 10, 6-8 pm
Family Fun Day
Celebrate Montpelier's 225th
birthday with old-fashioned fun
for the whole family. Play with
colonial style toys, try on 18th
century costumes, learn a dance,
and more. All ages welcome. FREE

Friday, July 11, 7:30-9:30 pm
Montpelier Summer Concert
Series: The Electric Brigade
Enjoy top 40 and classic rock per-
formed by The Electric Brigade, a
U.S. Naval Academy Band. No
tickets or reservations are re-
quired. In the event of heavy rain
near the time of the concert, the
concert will be cancelled. Call
301-953-7882 after 5 pm for up-
dates. M-NCPPC and the South
Laurel Recreation Council sponsor
this program. All ages welcome.
FREE Montpeli er Mansi on

Friday, July 18, 7:30 pm
Shakespeare in the Parks pre-
sents: The Merry Wives of
Opening act, 6:30 pm: Prince
George's Children's Theatre's
Cinderville Enjoy a FREE per-
formance of this classic tale of
love and marriage, jealousy and
revenge, and class and wealth.
( s i g n i n t e r p r e t e d )
(Rain location - Deerfield Run
Community Center-13000 Laurel-
B o w i e R o a d , L a u r e l )
Information: 301-776-2805, 301-
454-1450; TTY 301-454-1472

Friday, July 25, 7:30-9:30 pm
Montpelier Summer Concert
S e r i e s : J C J B a n d
Enjoy Salsa, Merengue and Cum-
bia music from JCJ Band. Bring a
friend, picnic, blanket or chair and
enjoy a variety of music outdoors
on the lawn. No tickets or reser-
vations required. In the event of
heavy rain near the time of the
concert, the concert will be can-
celled. Call 301-953-7882 after 5
pm for updates. M-NCPPC & the
South Laurel Recreation Council
sponsors. All ages welcome. FREE
Montpelier Mansion Grounds

August 16 ( 9- 4 pm)
Montpelier Mansion has been
called one of the best examples of
Georgian architecture in Maryland.
What makes a great Georgian
house? Did 18th century planta-
tion owners have a different defi-
nition of "greatness?" What can
the layout of the current grounds
tell us about the Snowdens and
their status? In this daylong sym-
posium, architectural and land-
scape historians will examine
Montpelier and its environs to re-
veal what the Snowden estate
meant to its owners and their
peers, neighbors, servants and
slaves. Lunch included in fee. Res-
ervations required. ($)
M MM MC`TlllllR C`TlllllR C`TlllllR C`TlllllR M MM MA`:lC` A`:lC` A`:lC` A`:lC`
Route 197 and Muirkirk Road Laurel, MD 20708
27th Annual Montpelier Invi-
tational Sculpture Exhibition
Exhibition: June 12-August 16
Main Gallery

Marcia Wolfson Ray
Exhibition: June 3-August 21
Library Gallery
Unique sculptures from natural

Melissa Burley
Exhibition: June 5-July 27
Library Gallery
New sculptures by Montpelier
resident artist.

Great Expectations: Prince
George's County Residents in
the Civil Rights Movement
Exhibition: July 3-27
Artist Luncheon & Reception:
Tuesday, July 15, 12 noon. Call
301 953-1993 for reservations.
Resident Artists Gallery
The exhibition profiles the contri-
butions to the Civil Rights Move-
ment of county residents and
their interaction with county, state
and national leaders in the move-

Linda Bernard, Fabric
August 2-24
Resident Artists Gallery
New works in fabric by Montpelier
artist who is better known for her
ceramics. Ms. Bernard teaches
quilting and ceramics in the Mont-
pelier class program.
MCMTFELlEF TCLAY 26 July-Aug. 2008
Helping Hands are younger residents of Montpelier willing to work for
other residents at hourly or fixed rates arranged between you and the
helper. There is no charge for a “Helping Hands” listing.
Information removed from online version.
MCMTFELlEF TCLAY 27 July-Aug. 2008
l 8 k lat.
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Maatee|ier 8ameawaer
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8 8
Iewet wosb| a
Iewet wosb| a

Co|| Iet o Ikll lîIlNKIl
101 490 101 490 101 490 101 490- -- -95T 95T 95T 95T4 44 4
We charge by the job,
not by the hour!
WSSD #71122 MD 24148 24 Hour Service
410 798-6408

Residential. Commercial. !nterior. Exterior.
Call to schedule your free estimate
410-988-2838 or 1-800-462-3782
or schedule online at
Sandra Smith
jaditc1mcnmcast.nct Ccll: 301-758-7103
MHIC# 123363 Fax: 240-524-8509
P.O. Box 1363 Laurel, MD P.O. Box 1363 Laurel, MD P.O. Box 1363 Laurel, MD P.O. Box 1363 Laurel, MD
214 Windridge Acres Ct.
Silver Spring MD 20905
Tennis Instructio Tennis Instructio Tennis Instructio Tennis Instructio Tennis Instructio Tennis Instructio Tennis Instructio Tennis Instruction nn n n nn n
MyIie Durham MyIie Durham MyIie Durham MyIie Durham
12 Years Experience
(301) 661-3419
t enni [email protected] net t enni [email protected] net t enni [email protected] net t enni [email protected] net

AII IeveIs and ages are weIcome
IndividuaIs, groups, famiIies
Learn or improve, meet peopIe, get exercise & have fun!

Tennis events can be organized such as Iadders,
tournaments and Ieagues.
Contact me for more information.
MCMTFELlEF TCLAY 28 July-Aug. 2008
LAUREL — MD 20708
“We Offer a Full Line of Services to Meet Every Need”
Licensed, Bonded & Insured
MHIC #92381
240-464-0514 301 362-0723
Landscape Hardscape
• Landscape Design & Build
• Lawn Care & Maintenance
• Leaf Removal
• Tree Removal
• Pavers, Concrete & Flagstone Patio,
• Walkways, Driveways, Retaining Walls
• Steps and more are our Specialty
MCMTFELlEF TCLAY 29 July-Aug. 2008
MCMTFELlEF TCLAY 30 July-Aug. 2008
(1I1)Iºt (1I1)Iºt (1I1)Iºt (1I1)Iºt· ·· ·º111 (º11)Iát º111 (º11)Iát º111 (º11)Iát º111 (º11)Iát· ·· ·!!tº !!tº !!tº !!tº
MCMTFELlEF TCLAY 31 July-Aug. 2008
MCMTFELlEF TCLAY 32 July-Aug. 2008
MCMTFELlEF TCLAY 33 July-Aug. 2008
MCMTFELlEF TCLAY 34 July-Aug. 2008
MCMTFELlEF TCLAY 35 July-Aug. 2008
MCMTFELlEF TCLAY 36 July-Aug. 2008

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