Moonlight Sculptor 29

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Teokbongyi (poik66) was typing!
1) failed sculpture
2) Garden of the Gods
3) the choice of oak
4) The worst ol
5) remains the king of belsoseu
6) Finally, the master sculpture
7) jeongryeongwang sculpture
8) the choice of the northern
9) a piece of life plays
10) Ian Slater pitfalls of lack of
1) failed sculpture

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Mora, the Royal Road to Get Started the novice came crashing through the center
of the continent, especially for travelers.
"That's what I expected."
"This is why so many people. Hurry out and hunt and enjoy the adventure, I want
to see. "
Mora, the nationality of the other users in the beginning had become part of the
Kingdom of the ahreupen.
W / a new kingdom ruled by King!
Mora, another four weeks for beginners to go around the large urban areas, deliv
ery of books, materials, transportation and even the little quest was in progres
"Worked you enough."
Thank you. And then if we need anything please call me. "
"Did you mind if a little hard work?"
"Of course. By anything, please! "

Random things at 10 Cooper, 20 kupeossik collected money.
Also bought a rusty sword, and soon he got to wear leather armor becoming waste
of money was strapped times.
Kweseuteuna deal with other people at leisure and later you'll be seeing a lot h
as to get along early.
Beginners dejected, eating pulppang Mora went out for another.
"Lots kkaekkeuthane distance. Lots of new buildings. "
"The painter of the hill, I saw a shack? Phil has lots to see there're a lot. "
"We have to go?"
"Yes. Mora, in other places where you have to get one of the twelve spot. "
"Where are the other special places?"
"Bingryong Square in the evening, Fred's statue in the lake, the cathedral back
alleys, the central square of the market and gather the bag sewing away, a piece
of the bridge, the arts center's garden, the light tower! And what else were pr
esent. I've been on the air. "
"Then there'll play artists from the hills!"
Sculptures and paintings, performances, great buildings, the urban village panch
History of the shorter distance it was gugyeonghal whatnot.
Enjoy the day was the power to let the thought go out in the next day.
"Keoheok ... Hitherto there. "
"Ugh, the more I want to watch a lot of places."
The physical limitations of distance to write a romp jyeoseo rest were beginners
Users are taught cooking skills dejected wrapped around lunch I have made friend
"You'll do what job?"
"Weed will be engraver so others. Adventures in the future that ought to ring jj
eoreongjjeoreong continent. "
"I heard a piece captured is not easy difficult adventure ..... Come on, now I'l
l have delicious food. Later in the restaurant inside the shack and hang out. "
"Yeah, yeah."
If you go with friends tend sunset.
Then, hand in hand with the city walls and climbed the hill where the tower at n
ight and watched the light.
A good place to watch the grand aspirations of the rocks that were carved bear a

Collect japtemyirado ol
Later, when you have trouble reaching the bridge for beginners and sleep
Early housing, my house Security Committee
Ten thousand and two honest payment of taxes to keep the peace road
Engraved knife of poor handwriting, writing things that were old enough to know
when buteoinji.
To see and places to play in the city, but to collect four gold and Arts Center
is the goal of entering the dream was not for beginners.
"Protestant dejected up clear."
"I'm going to buy the money earned from a shack."
4 weeks or so, buoyed with hope and finally able to go outside the gates of a no
According to the original while hunting deer or rabbits would grow steadily.
But the founding of the expression Weed Mora was held in the central square of t
he other.
Mora, who were hunting in the vicinity of the other and the city central square
in unison as they gathered for beginners.
Horse and carriage to the gates of the compass, the user continues entering the
scene was spectacular.
Each station was covering everything in the course.
"Now it's the beginning."
"The coronation never saw or something ... Full tteolrine. "
"What did you say earlier. I can not hear because I am so close to the devil. "
"I think I gave crown ......."
"What have you done?"
"Yidaero'll have to end so soon?"
Bard of the Order of the big, spectacular play or tournament had progressed as f
ast without the coronation ceremony!
Collapse yidaero disperse crowds become too miss the beauty touched not keep pac
Mora, with the other lead to the kingdom for ahreupen affection for any occasion
to celebrate, I hope, respectively.

And resulted, for ahreupen kingdom to prosperity creating the largest sculpture
of the declaration of saying weed!
Until now, users have watched them work, they've been created by artists, with e
verything that promises to give you the opportunity to participate might have be
Continental did not exist before in the history, the future is before you go Com
e on, somebody dared not come out and make some amazing work!
I plan to work and is honored to be relocated to the practice, the subtle vibrat
ions to yell, hit the weed could have.
"King w / Hurrah!"
"I want you!"
Open frenzy swept through the plaza.
Maybe this is a huge opportunity seemed to be coming back, do not join something
that seemed to lag behind.
In place of a great city to grow and right w / the king, admired for beginners w
ith a pure heart.
"She'll really be a great king."
"Yes. We also consider the difficulty for beginners, a lower level in the past a
lso know when you gonna give me grief. "
Never believe that raising taxes will not care about the innocent ones!
Fail party, but knew the exact truth.
Gihwaran can join to create sculptures, such as the upcoming launch of forced la
bor that it means!
Forcible mobilization of armed forces or not, but after a start and never lets g
o so cleverly deceived ahead and breaks down.
Weed did not exist in the history of the angst-scale sculptures you can not mess
do not participate should not cross.
Maybe a budget of 30 gold intended it may be empty until the coronation.
The large crowd in the square trying to pin the whole workers' If it was part of
a grand plan!
That was cool sureukaga analysis.
"Weed's voice quivering thing I think probably due to construction costs."
Mapaneun goose enough to pique even the emotions I felt creepy.
"I have a lot to learn from many."
In motion by Weed in charge of the crowd!
Can you play a good salesman must know well the scam.

Accomplish the construction of two largest appearance was a little shade would i
"Now, let's go!"
Weed out the gate to lead the crowd. Beautiful roses in bloom along the mountain
Quarries, mines was a mountainous area.
"If you follow this one will be held. Move it fast. Cause if we're late difficul
ties. Jeomulmyeon it is difficult to move the sun to come back. "
Ants herd the crowd like an endless procession of rock and minerals, transportat
ion, etc., and was the head.
Weed've singled out the destination can not grow a wider pool was barren.
Mora, walls and other structures that it may not seem too distant.
The procession of 100,000 workers who exceeded this century, Mora kkuyeokkkuyeok
out from the other headed to the mountains to continue. Collected the necessary
materials, including stone and wood, and was followed.
Beginners to this end of the good times, workers had to be faithful from now on.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
"The cost of land cheap and ... Rise in the future have nothing to leave this pl
ace because the only good sculpture. "
Weed quite liked the wasteland.
The sculpture of the terrain and natural environment are a lot of influence. Wee
d-designed sculptures of the subject away from the poor start could cause a high
er effect.
Sculptures can take their place in the vast area, really, the biggest constructi
on needed.
"I do not care more stones!"
"It must be excavated more firmly. Let's start digging deeper into the earth. "
Rocky mountain and a deep commitment to the forest workers doeeoseo materials hav
e been carrying.
Weed believes the sculpture will join together to build a cell may now be the nu
mber of users, respectively.
Rojaim users from the kingdom, the center came from continents, a high level onl
y if the user was dadanhan personnel.
There to represent the Protestant dejected Mora Get started in the beginners so
they joined en masse completely changed the shape of the wilderness.

Weed of the land, dig a designated place, carry all the rocks piled high.
Great Wall, the pyramids, like digging huge canals!
The fate of the country runs the risk of the kings have had a huge civil enginee
ring projects.
"You come to take their children to work quickly."
Rover as a young cows were carrying the pile rocks and mud.
Construction of various materials to accumulate in places!
Every rock and rubble around the small mountain was formed.
"What the hell does it want to create?"
"I do not know. Create a material gathered would give anything. "
Users wanted to create sculptures, such as Weed and decent big stone near the wo
rks has been indiscriminate.
After founding the kingdom ahreupen and the ongoing business of the first weed a
s much attention had to be.
Mora Road to link with other architects and uniform square piece of land to buil
d a user teoreul polished.
Weed and 32 sculptures, the work area, decided to create. Alone was enough to no
t be able to manage the whole.
"We'll have to recruit disciples."
All alone in the workplace or anywhere thirty-two a large piece could not do.
Before creating sculptures in earnest if you let someone with at least twelve ea
ses grooming.
Versailles as a continent, the best engraver of Weed Mora has been advertised to
the gate of the other.
Wanted w / the disciple
Weed engraver in the wilderness in a fun and friendly atmosphere
Sculpture as a disciple finds mowing.
21 hours every day to create sculptures, three hours running errands
Be a minute.
4 Cooper urgent.
However, half of the probationary period of three days paid geupyeoman.

Bandage the wounded and try to make sculptures when Not now.
No holidays.
No night work allowance added.
Accommodation, meals provided haru dejected, anywhere in the workplace becomes sl
eeping while.
In dinner March 2 times tokkitang
However, the rabbit should be brought directly.
Permanent recruitment.
Preferably in pieces.
No matter if beginner.
Someone who is sincere, rather than talent needed.
The worst conditions!
Nevertheless, as a disciple of weed do not come looking again, he was here as an
"You really gonna do it so bitter?"
"I'm Ready to be disciples anyway. You'll have to learn to use that technology i
s released. "
Starting with beginners up to senior wizard does not cover volunteers gathered l
ike a cloud.
I saw that 10 people w / short interview.
"Do you know the art of sculpture?"
- Yes
"Little has been learned before."
Weed apyiraseo volunteers had to relax and breathe properly, not much rest.
Mora, another engraver to have a dream that a lot of users had started.
They are on the graver questions about art or a big pobuna expecting and have be
en prepared in advance.
"Pare the sculpture, even when it is raining or gongbokil can continue to work i
"Yes? Of course ... Feeling a little bad weather, and even harder to believe you
showed up did not continue. "
Beginners do not have a full engraving skills were also supported.

"And so would a limb ... Got a lot of time? "
"Yes. Remain unemployed because it's the time. "
Out of 700 pupils in a moment gone weed!
Weed is also a proficient engraver as crude touches of rock from the aircraft.
Complete beginners when they were helping to run an errand to the role.
★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Learn to drink a piece of intermediate depth in the well-known user was also sup
ported by the disciples.
Rhodes Stadium came from the north to move to other pieces in Mora had captured
a sucker for fame.
"Was the usual adoration. We thank you. "
That's it! Increase skills and create sculptures often gets, you have to work a
lot. "
"Please DOES anything."
Engraver decent skills, including depth and polish the statue took on the role.
Weed height of the material that accumulates as directed as exterior trim pieces
took on a basic form.
"If you start doing this much Queers."
Weed as a form of the first people caught in the huge sculpture, carving and wor
king tools such as an anvil and information maedalryeottta Remove.
Deungeseoneun light unfolding wings wide drew a bunch of mysterious atmosphere.
"So much technology, it can not be entered. Although a bit crude have to be fait
hful to the original. "
Gotcha! Gotcha! Gotcha!
As pieces began to go down the stone.
8 pieces of weed alcohol level as the advanced materials with the beauty of the
stone as it was revealed.
Smooth like gravel in a stream gureudeon for hundreds of years, like the magnifi
cent high mountain side was represented by a large rock.
Elaborate a little bit of air in the solid rock of patience and stamina you need
to mow that thing was.
Passion for beauty and sculptures are born in an effort.
Nogada of art is sublime, and that may well be born in suffering.

"If you grow up and give birth to a child should not ever buy a piece doegeteo!"
Weed, why their parents to their children's job to understand what was going to
do mulryeojuji. Experience has to look to find correctly, was not telling the tr
Hard and dangerous in the Royal Road, in reality, how tough life to make a sculp
ture must we live life.
Of course, life itself is worth a nice honor, but did not recommend for children
"I joejitgo moderately, for damages to others, to work hard and succeed the best
What is all the same things their parents' hearts.
Weed sometimes naeryeodabomyeon below what many people were on the ground.
Situated in a desert road, a piece of material next to the rubble pile of rocks
in the square ssatyeoteumyeo full of people laying bricks.
Depending on the number of pieces on the marble to the building was being built.
They create what may be, but w / a huge task, according to the instructions were
"I do all the gaps before releasing the rest we're not."
Becoming a weed in the floor behind the other operations that continue to rock s
When you do a piece with his Wyvern bingryong, was watching the Phoenix.
"What do you want. Hunt or not to go. "
"Master, Master! Today I ate two words. "
"I'm filled. I'm busy, go a little. "
"It was delicious. Do not eat something nice to meet the same period. Masters. "
"Yeah, I know you're good. I walk away. "
Sometimes, it also increases our concerns was that eunsae.
"I keep the golden bird, or just looks at me, chirp. But I'm not disgusting. "
Phoenix is

hot in the middle of the day came when clung closely.

"The owner, seems to be a wonderful sculpture."
May I have no intention of particularly blazing hot while watching from near the
body deulyidaemyeo sculptures will go.
Weed's short patience, already fully exposed to the bottom.
Then flew wasamyiga.

"Master, three had to say today. Not alone with how the horses? "
Slice of life as they spend time lately Weed has a fixed miss.
So keep trying to be there to come a little more w / the bill was' grumbling.
Weed and pieces of life as having a strong interest in creating a work of art wa
s also true.
"Master. Tell me. "
"Live like a long long time."
"All right, master."
In order to solve the mad weed but did not slap.
Many days later, hard work, hard work by magic, eating a piece of life might hel
p him solve the problem and it was like.
★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Morata the enormous expectations of the crowd.
"I look at a large scale. What are you going to build such a widely how to? "
"I did not keep building the palace?"
"And so it is not gonna be?"
Weed in the plaza, built of marble from the building.
Trying to create a sculpture of 32 according to the number of buildings being bu
ilt, but a closer look at it from a common form of the kingdom was much differen
Seureopjido much luxury was not just a row of marble pillars and putting it off,
the roof was a way to create a spacious great room.
Stone and marble, was able to dig in the dirt near the course was not free.
Buy from another village in the north of the state budget and the Kingdom of ahr
eupen was also being consumed.
Building 3 will be great enough money could build one in two thousand two hundre
d and four escaped.
I was wondering who the hell could not resist.
"What do you want to create a sculpture because it geochanghae so?"
"Here all the finances of the kingdom ahreupen molrakhae right away because I di
d not commit?"
Given the magnitude of work, breaks down to literally pouring money.

Residents of the Kingdom of loyalty is now to maintain the highest level of secu
rity, was also.
Mora put the other and that the castle can be very hopeful of the future, but no
t the world, is not Iran.
Then drill when the country's financial consumed excessively, and, of course, ra
ise taxes, then the discontent of residents and users will be eased.
Besides maybe a tax hike may not end with two bouts.
And so it was worsening security and production decrease is exponentially growin
g herd of robbers.
Jachit ahreupen kingdom is not what happened, the more alarming was the user.
Weed also squeezes a dry towel to dry again by writing a budget reduction as neul
not incur any additional construction management costs, and unprecedented, but
also a large sum of money was already committed.
In other cities, three dogs that did not build the great buildings of the capita
l size of the commitment, we're to convince people about the construction was ra
I'd rather build a palace or military facilities, even if you understand, but th
e birth of this sculpture voted to spend money!
Weed of the sculptures have a major interest for the rallies, when the face on a
foggy piece began to emerge.
No matter how special, without having to look at a sculpture of a woman was look
ing ordinary.
Looking forward to a nice big piece of stone and earth work involved in carrying
power user deulroseoneun fell on the shoulders.
"Only it's supposed to try to make up this masterpiece?"
"Nonsense. Even if a lot of weed sangman beautiful necklace made of ice. "
"Freya Statue's beautiful."
Weed and Mora's sculpture is a great pride to other users, whenever they had jaa
hnaegi admiration.
Way through the morning mist rising morning sun to get really ecstatic when the
statue was Freya.
Then there morata Weed users get their active support and have created sculpture
s gamyeonseo normal levels, we're not hard to believe
"It's a complete flop."
"What can. Weed laws, not to succeed every time, even sculpture, for me. "
"See I've the skills regress a lot."
"Hey. I've gone hunting or just did. Oh, rubbish and creating beolyeoseo this da
egongsa a waste of money to pull that, it was a waste of time. "

Disappointment and concern among users when the had to.
Despite the hard work of so many people were involved was not expecting a lot of
work was too mediocre level.
"If only there so I guess you learn nothing."
As disciples of participation during the engraver was unhappy after another they
had quit work.
Covert hyunghyunghan Mora in the back alleys of the other rumors about the stone
, respectively.
"Bard to Ray died after drinking a sense of a piece is missing."
"The sculpture turned out w / Thug absent. In the meantime, I'm not just lucky?
The dejected look of Protestantism is not afraid to talk openly, but it just cam
e to Mora in the other person was also blamed for the weed.
Harshness of the world is very generous with me as revealing, w / a plan to crea
te a sculpture that sent the crowd enthusiastically concede that the cold was tu
rning their backs.
Magnum-up funds and personnel to the enormous value of a work by mobilizing and
disappointment to live along the blame was inevitable.
Such as heavy as an engraver jimgwado.
"What are you doing wrong with him?"
"We see this thing looks like it is hopeless, even a little bit is very funny."
Yirien, sureukado stone to create works that hang on the weed was saddened when
People to suffer like that fell more than expected that could ssukdeokgeorigo. W
eed Party to this case, we would not mind that the most painful.
Weed, get the first piece of distrust was working on the finishing. People with
no expectation that stars in the square and looked up to see the sight.
Weed on the last piece to complete the double eyelid moment!
『Identification of the goddess Hestia was born.!
Hestia was the patron from the ancient continent of Versailles.
She had just presided over the family hearth jeokyimyeo, creative ability to lov
Her personal and I'm destroyed by this war of words since the man the Dwarf
Only by the record of its existence has been known.
Versailles on the continent man and take care of the goddess Hestia Dwarf Comple

As a religious statue was restored and has a great meaning.
History is written after I finished the first is the Statue of Hestia.
Hestia Goddess of the day by listening to personal health and mana recovery in
Also, the strength increased by 35% of the maximum.
Related only jeongryeongsul, magic, attack skill increases the effects of 11%.
Enjoy a piece mueul religious faith and the seven permanent stat increases.
Engraver and painter, the art of the minstrel stats go up permanently 9.
Art for the profession of family the blessings of the goddess Hestia will occur
Close to the fire of a man and a Dwarf is the ability to handle a 13% increase.
Fire Department to the magic of the wizard, with a probability of 4% will be giv
en the effect of eternal fire.
Ancient works of art created by law a permanent stat increases to 6. 』
Identification of the goddess Hestia!
Just to see the finished sculpture under the harness simply went Stat.
"Weed identification of Hestia sculpture was created by you?"
"Woowawat, was awesome!"
But through faith in Weed who had witnessed the completion of the work to get th
e stats and enjoyed the effect.
Transporting material of the sculpture was gaining ground people to come, the mo
ment was becoming a burden on his shoulder feels as light as feathers was good n
- Hestia identifiable as complete ahreupen local political power of the kingdom
is expanded.
Dwarf relationships improves.
The impact of the new religion to the people bringing hope to give a positive wi
Hestia statue was created to hear from other people Mora came to a harness.
"Indeed wideuya engraver. Piece of the god of wine, perfect! "
"I do doldeongeori moved seven times! I've had a hard time making that statue! "
"I'm beginning to weed their sculptures would if you were to believe uncondition
"Let's do this, not quickly turn nareureo."
"After work drinks are the best of the dejected."

In addition to beginner, Mora to work from other candidates were running for hou
rs and hours increased. To support day laborers was about 30 million people move
Hestia's personal role in creating one of the blessings of the goddess was espec
The growing religious belief, strength and endurance hyangsangdoeeottta slightly
Ahreupen've risen to the kingdom, even the contributions of Work for this unique
The spacious work area was about to go on the rocks piled up a mountain.
"Pecker to be used so that the weight will."
"Doldeongeorineun difficult to carry back side bower easy carrying. And then the
re was looking at going ahead blindly. "
"They do not want to burn your shoulder too much at once. Heavily at a time rath
er than carrying two or three times by dividing the carries better, fast. "
Rojaim been mobilized since the kingdom experienced in the pyramids to create a
user experience to show off their lead and gave the starters.
"I'm dead?"
"It's not. I'm fine. "
May Fail with a lovely orchid show of affection was again nareumyeo slabs.
Sureukado you could meet a nice guy deep down and waited for a bond.
"It looks too big, can I break?"
"So nice, but ... Please be? "
Tapping into the rock from scratch sureuka!
They do not enjoy tolerable men to carry heavy stones shine had not spoken to he
r dare.
"Thank you, Brother."
Yen here and worked hard as the other priests and blessings to the user while wa
lking was most welcome.
Workers carrying stones for a place to go relax chefs have come out and provide
a dejected.
Through massive labor inputs, the terrain changes every day unfolded was a treme
ndous construction.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Bent Castle!
Heim nipple to protect the imperial capital of an important gateway mode, Red wa
s one.
Capital of the empire completely collapsed, northern monster, filling it with ic
e and in the few days since I did the Knights, and the army can do to walk to th
e gate was locked to keep the residents.
"It keeps you as his life. Heim Empire will rise again someday nipple! "
Empire of the Knights in a fight with the monster, was difficult to protect priv
Buldeon during severe ice storm. I dont live in the north where a lot of people
together was the only vent resistance.
Not much to plow the land, food self-sufficiency and have remained wary of monst
Again recovered, a mild climate in northern continents, but they did not open th
e gates.
"The northern part is in danger. And who inherit the empire of nipple Haim did n
ot. "
Knights and soldiers ruled Bent Castle!
In the meantime, other areas will be developed in the north, the blessings of th
e goddess Freya Mora, backed by the other crops had been harvested much.
Mora, the price of groceries in the other two being inexpensive to maintain, the
re's no food in the village who miraculously increase the birth rate has been.
In the northern hunters and warriors lived very much scattered.
In cold weather to freeze to death struggle with monsters and people lived in th
eir pockets as they will bear children.
As small towns grow buryakyi places were created.
Political influence of other regions, such as Mora was increased.
Bent implications, the wave of change has come.
"Well ...... I'm here to sell groceries. "
Mora came from other merchants gamongyieotda Beg.
"Get away from here away from me!"
They threw it mean to articles of Bent. Gamongeun that was familiar, but hospita
He also was high reputation, trading would never even have much experience.

Activities in northern traders were not always so good it seems.
Mora from other specialties with a large central continent and could go to get g
ood treatment.
Most users and the Mid-Continent to the other and leaving Mora to trade or, in o
ther users, or against Mora was buried.
That trade stand alone quite jjap northern balhaeseo thought I did not go around
Getting around a lot of dangerous monsters for traders, by contrast, is not dril
led because the road will be difficult to move.
No other town in the north of the development of the slow development of a speci
alty that is not like other Mora also wrote it more profitable.
"But dealers are in the way of the trade route was first to say, boring!"
Gamongeun seeking comfort, like other traders did not want to grow.
Mora, the target is largely respected in other towns, people are starting to gro
w business to come before.
Fortunately, a wealth of other products Mora came out because they go around the
northern part of it wanted to sell the thing about if.
Japtemeul deal, and a long, long walks up and earned Mid-Continent and the prope
rty was wandering around the northern gamongeun sacking.
"Take a look at even a taste."
Gamongeun olives and wine, rice and articles for them after five bottarissik res
igned. For the remaining food and spins them around and gave the small town.
The expiry date of food had taken so long will you allow injury.
Acquired a large property damage only deals!
Nevertheless, hopes had gamongeun.
"Mora, riding will grow increasingly. Increases in the north where people live a
nd trade will be activated. "
Mora'll raise money in other food stalls attracting trade and toured the north.
Turley whole to meet the monster, or a giveaway that was the most.
Luckily for travelers or, a group of warriors, the other manor in the village to
sell can not be said often enough, but revenue, respectively.
"Whoa. That's crazy. Do not. "
"Collect money for other stores only in Mora. So the next time you play just lik
e I can eat. "
They met in a bar, even if the merchants were simply dried.
Every time I light up the night's other gamongeun Mora watching the light tower

did not put a string of hope.
"I'll be the big traders. 1000 units, demonstrating that deal ... "
I toured the northern part of more than a few months.
Did not earn money fast and safe way, but between small towns and villages to di
scover, was income to local residents and at peace.
"Bent wants to go on?"
In some mountain villages handing out food, the inhabitants of the grandmother s
"Yes. Oh, but I'm almost giving up. L peculiar I do not work anyway be easy. "
"It is the grandson of the guards ... Perhaps the night to climb'll let my name
to face. "
- Bent has obtained information that can be entered on
Gamongui joy was beyond the immeasurable.
Because I could not visit the castle in the north for the first time anyone sees
Lf it were any other job where you can get a lot more interested in the quest, b
ut he had been a merchant.
Buy something from there for burial, and was curious about what could be sold.
Bent arrived on the night two days after gamongeun.
"Well ... You're giving the food in this area that the stories I heard good thin
gs. Let's ask her if there was a need it. "
Heim Castle Imperial Vent nipple during the past relics were kept.
At the time of the trade goods shop also deals with the technology came out inta
B. I'm with now is the target! "
Gamongeun greatly delighted screams.
Bent took the goods of the other places you can sell it to trade can earn big mo
ney ittta was like a certified check.
Plus there are no competitors, exclusive sales!
Monopoly, anyone know if this did not continue long, but successful than gamongy
i dudeulgil other merchants, it was clear statements of vents.
Meanwhile, an exclusive period, though pedagogically kkeutnadeo pile Donna intim
ate contacts, information about products that could be an asset.
Gamongeun excellent handiwork of vents, and at an affordable price to buy body a

rmor and other sold in Mora.
Bent castle had been closed because it was where the price of wares and armor to
keep the price was low.
Mora, a vast amount of other vents and the city has to buy groceries.
come on now! " Mora other specialties! Mutton and beer, rice, tomatoes, stock, c
heese, wine, palm wine sells so cheaply! Please come and Saga! "
"Sanginnim. How much is this? "
"Please kupeoman 4. Let the density bonus a little bit more. "
If you sell in the plaza suddenly shut nabeo dawn.
- To residents of Bent has sold groceries at a cheaper price.
24 trading reputation is finished.
3 to increase the attractiveness
I gamongeun distant future, leaving a margin of nearly sold groceries.
At least three to four times more than the purchase price might be, but now ther
e was a benefit of the transaction itself.
Mora, selling groceries and so many other famous and stats, I was only chances t
o get to intimacy.
And when you make a purchase in a store of vents that have been responsive.
"A good trader gamongyirogun. We've been waiting for your visit. This brush is n
ot selling well be put together ... Would you like one? Oh and for you I'll sell
that increases the quantity a little. "
Indefinitely as a money trader can buy stuff that was not.
There was a certain quantity of weapons and armor and so forth, it was a dramati
c increase.
"Ehehet off. Rich! "
Gamongeun trade was a big money and fame.
Euroseoneun novice traders to trade whenever you add hard to imagine have been a
As traders raised out of dignity, meaning every step chulreonggeoryeotda belly.
It was not even gain gamong alone.
Mora, the cultivation and processing of foodstuffs other outlets had the effect
of expanding, improving policing Bent Castle now have increased fertility.
Traders to contribute to regional stability was to a large.
As the vent closure of trade made the saints were gradually solved.
"According to the Goblin engraver named Weed who has successfully turned out a g

reat adventure. Goblin's right because I am good at lying if I can not believe h
ow ... However, we do not know, is only about Weed nolradeo County. "
"The lost man now, thanks to the warm weather promotes itself with the adventure
s of the Weed Is it really so?"
"We respect the honor of the royal house of nipple Heim those who made the empir
e also hear a lot of weed I think the rumors."
"Get Bent cathepsin Mora in the south, the city has flourished, and that's not r
eally right?"
"Ahreupen were founding the kingdom? Well ... Continue weed lately and I hear st
ories about other Mora can happen, for me the idea. "
Bent slightly out of the inhabitants went about Weed.
"Said the tramp was a tremendous personal and making them itttaji Weed. Mora, ri
ding a remarkable personal account of the city said there is. "
"The food we eat and Mora will become the other was grown in ... It is very plea
sure of the wheat bread is baked. "
★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
"This workshop suitable for operation could be."
Apart from the dwarven kingdom of Hermann Blacksmith kureusoreul Mora came to th
e other.
Challenge to master blacksmith, as well as to the ultimate goal to want to make
the best sword, Hermann.
He confronted many here have been reported.
"Hestia forge a close distance with a lot of help turned."
Kureusoeseoneun quality iron and rare metal was supplied in abundance.
Dwarven blacksmith was also good for the treatment. Kureusoeseo blacksmith to op
erate the equipment that makes the cost of simply 2-3 baessikeun received more t
han others.
But despite the many amenities of the forge with the name Hestia Ziza 5 to make
a better product of the blacksmith will be on a master tarot Hermann Mora.
I did not come over alone, many of the other dwarven blacksmith, was accompanied
by the migration.
Dwarf in the ground, his nose was hunting.
"This is good. Ttangyigun flat and wide. Could be like to build houses and black
smiths. "
"Kyaha! This machine is stopped I heard the beer tastes. Jipbuteo build a drink
to go. "
"Humans have a beer brewed there geogiji all the joy?"

"I do not know without looking drunk. If you're a beer taste even dudulgil steel
that'll help. "
Dwarven smiths dexterity and ability to handle materials, thanks to you and I al
so had architectural skills.
Hestia's forge was near the place to buy the land, undeveloped open space in the
form of the already built, spacious and had a flat.
And it's worth at least 4500 gold from the start!
"But why so expensive land!"
"This is not even downtown. It's more expensive price. "
"But there is not enough not to buy, but ......"
Dwarves go to the office while away the old Leung has bought the land.
Weed had decided that since construction of the Hestia of the blacksmith was thi
nk about it.
'This is the best place is to have the potential to grow into the stations.'
Land speculation at the time of the others should not have imagined.
Weed of the land ownership and have an awesome place to site preparation, the mo
ney was waiting for the migration of many dwarven blacksmith.
Of buildings with great Hestia was to build a blacksmith had in mind is the time
to payback.
2) Garden of the Gods
Mora, the enthronement of weed and put other users in the north of the castle an
d had a very interesting whole.
Over millions of other users only by Mora, but you never know what you did not P
Haven Guild Hermes dazzling coronation of the kingdom, unlike Ray Bard, just a p
enny to 30 gold briefly became known late coronation had progressed to the gentl
e waves provoked.
Gold's worth millions to the great buildings erected here, while not the most gl
orious moment, you did not spend the 30 gold a donbake.
"This stuff ... What a fairy tale to the king eseona remember you're giving the
selection. "
"Kyaha! Different, different. The events themselves stand out as a small, taking
the residents in a lump sum ahkkine deeneun patronize them. "
"So far as the town's growth sikyeoseo King. I knew I was there. "
Weed unintentionally as a good hearted rulers of the ring has a reputation that
was a compliment.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Weed is a piece of the personal name of a place called Garden of the Gods decide
To create sculptures only, but also to build temples around the lake dug and pla
nted flowers and trees in landscaping wrote nerves.
If I had been before I left would have been clearly jogakpumman Left Alone.
In fact, many people put into buildings for a few sculptures and a large garden,
as well as the construction of about gwanghwalhwal had reason to.
Affinity with nature and to put it was necessary to cultivate flowers and trees.
The trees grow very well in the woods and mountains move came just planting Arti
cles Here 'is meaningless.
Slopes and rocky cliffs in places like Niche not going to die soon came to the s
ame plant, only to move vigorously to life to help you plan to complete the Gard
en of Nature.
To achieve a dry gravelly wilderness, the river channel was coming through the w
ater drag.
Massive worker exploitation and the resulting commitment to attain the great wor
"Keoheoheoheok ........"
"Wait, let's take a break".
"I think there might be a little more to go."
"Did you hear? Romomo their death in the morning, told us was carrying crushed s
tone. You have to take a break. "
"Keuheuheuk. Somehow he Rani in Boise. "
Beginners may have died had the burden to carry.
Here, have already been created, identifying three gaejjaeui, paladins and pries
ts who visit the place has become essential.
When an image of an important religious place for seutaetin, divine magic, and a
lso help to improve combat capability.
They believe in prayer to see God's sculptures and more benefits if given specia
l powers down, so more enthusiastically to the garden of the gods came.
"W / on that we really think for priests and paladins."
"Yes. Could've been a lot of work for us. "
Weed was a particularly big fan of obscure certain jikeopman.
"Ahreupen jiyeokju useless in the kingdom do not need a doctor or job discrimina

In the northern Mid-Continent watgeona from users and was started.
TAX to pay out if the user of any job fair, but respect!
Garden of the Gods was spread over the Internet, it was natural.
Since the foundation work done and the video board, screenshots, downloads throu
gh the royal attention was that of the user.
KMC Media, CTS was introduced through the media and broadcasters.
"The other sculptures on the mora other ......."
"Until now, I could have imagined all that much beyond the scale of the works ar
e being created."
Mid-Continent, east, west and south of the Minister Taro Mora wished they came i
n for a long wonjeonggil.
"Faith ... the increase Also reported identification must come. "
Ordination of family hunting party, the core of the accounting profession. The p
riests' blessing, protection spells, depending on the healing power of party mem
bers have died since the situation does not die from.
Competitive pressure by the presence of the priest, healing magic to life at a t
ime, how to fill part of that was too sensitive.
1500 by the Warriors in their saengmyeongryeokil can put you in plaster, while t
he other person can help to restore the 1730 recipient of the attitude you come
too from the difference.
Job hunting party to support is the priest I had to click their pride.
Get up to Mora in central continent, but by then quite a long thought to be more
identifiable to the completion of the priests came in the way of pilgrimage.
Horseback and wagon ride, merchants, ship, using ordination by the user of the M
ora family had gathered en masse Tarot.
"Dungeons go hunting. Now he gets the priest. "
"Level will be treated more than 200 Brother Exp. I'll also have to have two peo
ple share of items. "
"If Brother skills without Allway'll serve as our party. If you want the conditi
ons will suit best. "
In other places of the continent in order to go hunting skills was important to
find a good priest.
Some areas of the priests ransom to play a significant extent had led to a serio
us situation.
★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

"This is the fourteenth and finished the quest."
Ray Bard in a professional master quest most strides.
Request complete eradication of the cannibal monster, Kazan car!
He receives referrals went to live at each station. Diplomatic efforts to combat
images of the highest ratings were recorded.
Management coordinator for his strength and skill to sings praise was enough to
"How can you fight this way?"
"It would be good enough noryeotseupnida holes. Is a near-perfect shape. "
"The military is probably really afraid that if you want to see it enough ... Ba
rd, Ray's ability to fight anyone seems able to follow me. "
Popularity and reputation, derived from Hermes, the guild has the power to the B
ard, Ray!
However, when ratings are highest in the fight against weed that was when he att
acked her.
Ray Bard, topped both the Weed and re-thought the battle yi class.
Weed, sword drawn trajectories, Hermes was active against the appearance of the
guild of warriors.
'The use of offensive skill set did not leave the body first, so the natural flo
w of leads.'
Weed of the attack and the fierce, were Extinction.
Ray Bard heraim know about fencing, but the maximum was six consecutive times to
That alone is great look up in the SS, respectively.
But in the case of Weed Assassin was successful against the sixteen beonkkajido.
At Bard, Ray continued his movement was shocking enough to emerge.
'How could that happen?
Weed also looked for images of the other battles.
'Create a pause scare away monsters to fight that were cut off by the breath. Mo
nsters and more ahead of the attack, hitting the side went out, making continuou
s attacks, collapses. When the hole is surrounded on all sides, showing the back
of deliberately attacking the monsters are used to elicit responses that are ov
erpowered. Five people to be attacked, even when surrounded not slip around, so
accustomed were fighting as if millions see fit. If you experience any combat, h
ow the hell does he not believe?
The dragon used to drink a single point attack saw you but it was difficult to d
ifficult to follow.
In fact in the sky as the dragon's body, SIDE include the container may commit i

tself not tolerable is madness.
Do not go near, so far the vast majority of attacks, skills, or writing the user
to choose their behavior is common sense.
Weed ride this dragon and Wyvern fought in the air.
"This is a high level of skill or you can do Is act?"
Rich and fight, even when the Shire, most of the time, orcs, dark elves army eve
ntually led to the last moment noryeoseo Weed wrote that one attack was successf
Walked all the enemy has found a loophole in the single attack targeting!
Weed of the battle was only a day to day thinking it was just incredible.
'If the skill or level, all equipment except with a sword, just as equally ssawo
tdeorado one day would have had to win?
Weed is very fast. But then several of the Bard, Ray also was in a state blessed
with faster speeds.
Rindeulrindo steed was the best ride.
Reaction speed and range of skills we consider that there is a difference you ca
n see the whole to be equal.
However, throughout the battle ahead than his attack w / led.
The most difficult path to the direction he was seeking a psychological advantag
e of loopholes and the second, the third in a series of attacks followed, even h
ad this thing.
'And the numerous anomalies attacks ......'
Weed brandishing a sword raised to the flow.
Faster, faster, slower, faster, stronger, slower, stronger, faster, stronger!
Rather than just attack, attack, pouring like a storm when you try to adapt to t
he hectic back suddenly turned bloody and confusing.
Of a different kind of rhythm going to change as many names molahchinda fighting
I do not understand when you see it from afar, but a direct attack, fighting tho
se who would make me sick.
Ray Bard of the fence bigiin geomkkaji was writing another one, hit, making it o
ver to the Beat touched by the sense.
The glitz and glamor was hidden in the ruthless aggression.
Seomtteukhameul destructive way enough to feel.
'I knew that more damage was fortunate. Could be dangerous. '
Less damage to the attack just right to apply to react strongly even at how you
knew you had been the first reaction.

'Then what will happen if you are using to fight monsters too?
Ray Bard Battle of the law he can not say, You never think that.
The distribution of power and good mana, keeping a reasonable distance to the po
wer of the skill of hunting has been effectively naemyeo lead.
Weed show, however, gave the fight was higher than that level.
Enjoying the battle, while fighting dragged all that can be.
'It'll be a decent attempt. You're going to hunt more fun. '
Albeit lacking some of Ray Bard himself realized.
Reflected in the master quest for jobs and income for the battle won.
Monsters and fight each other articles, see How to combat the weed by simply eas
ier to catch your opponent's flaws.
'Single point attack is also a separate wine somehow I'm going to have to practi
★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
"Come on!"
"The red stone has three floats!"
"Please lay down here from here."
Users to the construction site filled garden of the gods. They left behind the p
laza was completed, the temple was erected soon.
"To this fun group, too. Nogada do not because that's nothing like it. "
Weed nogada is a construction site, watching the magic show is blessed.
That was a taste of power.
Work day or night without digging while earning a faster rate beyond imagination
"If this much, if other structures are completed jogakpumman this could finish f
Weed identification is made rachebureugeueseo seen.
In the case of forgotten gods on earth, the statue was completed even as the bir
th of a new religion.
Engraver also need some work when they see that progress was faster.
Weed is a hand basin and time-consuming parts of the lower left was a piece of.
"The gods engage in work that likes to touch a piece of this opportunity will no
t come back."

"Yes. I get to participate in the work simply because many do. "
The disciples, despite a lot of enthusiasm never grew weary of workload.
"Aah Aah!"
Sometimes the line neglected to death by tying a stone engraver also resulted in
the crash.
But this had as much pride in the profession of engraver could remember.
Weed's work as a secondary stat and skill mastery, gained a reputation because a
lot of users are happy with the engraver stayed up all night.
4 have been completed, identifying hundreds of thousands of users from more than
when they were working every day to help you.
6 is no longer identifiable pieces of the time it is created materials have to c
ome together was not even a stone plaza that was full ppaegok.
Wild and the elves come to the garden, planted flowers, a symbol for each god.
Come, say, 10 would conclude the work of identifying, with Mora other roads have
been opened.
Due to the participation of the crowd at a furious pace of work was underway.
"Until yesterday there was a wild two ......"
"They moved up in the morning shoot."
"I think I changed the shape of the lake?"
"Just to be fed up with a round thing, when in the air, as it reduced the appear
ance of Mora turned the other."
Of an insolvent corporation looks alarmingly quickly changed.
Garden of the Gods as soon as they finish the construction of the foundation, wi
th a rush of people flocking to the temple to go and establish the outside pole
was decorated.
Weed wall of praise by referring to a graven images drawn pictures or sculptures
"Weed their gods on this guy?"
"The god of travel and time, Trojan, Chet?"
"I do not know."
"And God Did it not?"
"But now, adventurers and scholars whose work has been given to users who came t
o the Quest. The Trust commissioned a Trojan, he says Chet. "
Once you create a personal Weed, adventurers of his personal information has bee

n obtain. Related to the upcoming completion of personal quests and also was con
nected to God.
"Ah, this Trojan horse, Chet, meaning God eot you!"
Even if the West were left without any evidence that this was a Message.
Trojan Chet information about God, the phrases were unknown for a long time turn
ed out to completion of the quest!
Due to the birth of God's revealed message and the book also leads the other was
linked to the Quest.
"Keueuk, kills the taste of beer. Next, ask what's it gonna be? "
"Commissioned by Hestia's already finished?"
"Yes. Not too difficult to ask because you did your right! "
Mora asked again for another adventure, and was hot.
As the personal garden of the gods created a growing influence on local politics
, a new type of referral is raised, the religious benefits occurred.
Ministers and priests screamed a happy, adventurous people who want to find out
the truth and they commissioned the tide with the clue they set out.
Temple Architects also have to have been around have been making.
"No, no temple, so ordinary. Only consider the characteristics of Hestia, goddes
s of hearth clear. Dwarves are too comfortable to come to such a place ....."
"In the house would not sell any beer?"
"Gulp! How's not gonna do that, but where you itgetneunga jangsaya? Sacred place
where you can light a fire in the form of a temple altar in the center should n
wadueo. "
"Dwarf leave them convenient to install a small chair I guess."
Weed and sculptures all facets of the speech, albeit a result, the absolute resp
onse of the temple, get the crowd iteottta erected.
After the construction of the temple a very long time but will keep you down.
Architects also build such a building, especially when you got more fame and ski
ll mastery.
They are quite a crowd, thanks to the help of a wonderful building, built from t
he exercise of skill.
Mora was strong due to the tarot ahreupen finances of the kingdom, while creatin
g the garden of the gods had left treasure is consumed away all my money was abo
But residents are not worried about that on that point doeeottta.
"Nowadays, a lot of growing teenage users?"
"Yes. Beginners do not start from the very ahreupen kingdom's strangely enough.

"Was not only for beginners. Central daeryukinah five other places users would f
lock there every day. "
"Yeah ... The stuff in the square deal of salt were present. Also very expensive
magic items that they dropped four people would be right. "
Clergy came to see the Garden of the Gods series of jobs was the problem.
They've been alone, as well as people with friends and hunting trips, and arrive
in Mora, but more often the other.
"Here on the northern lot!"
"I heard here today formed a lot of referral, once this adventure we think about
"Let's go explore the dungeon."
Priests and Paladins fully equipped with the Garden of the Gods had no idea unti
l we get back.
Mora might help him in other growing among their northern range at the request o
f a seething monster that is discouraging people will come.
Art, theater, the most beautiful cities in the mind go back to Mora lost in the
other might not happen.
Even now, people stay because of the center came from the continent ahreupen dra
matically lengthen the tax revenue of the kingdom, the necessary work in the gar
den of the gods, and enough to cover the payment was liberally.
Already certain priests believe in God, making a contribution to costs related t
o construction of the temple because it can raise the donations were not.
Mora other beginners if some Cooper ssikyirado Agencies, the priests and paladin
s in the central continent at one time lump sum, he said.
God, religion is still offering a lot of what happens when molryeotneunde, the h
igh priest to become the new God is easy because of the reason.
Oaks, not the likeness of the human god, the barbarian was a piece of the congre
- Orc's religion was born.
Orc culture of revenge and will be expanded.
- Barbarian's religion was born.
They came to the temple where you can get a robust force.
With an increase in relations with the Kingdom of ahreupen will.
Create various personal and hence have one thing too, with pride, like the resid
ents and users of the kingdom were ahreupen.
Garden of the Gods and they live in the north down to a place where there will b
e endless bliss.

Wilderness was changed to the point that fame was gone.
The Kingdom of the continent ever unparalleled culture had been piling up day by
★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Weed as the time of the Versailles whole continent for more than three months ha
d worked on a piece of identification.
Although tedious, hard work, their commitment under the user was watching.
"That's gotta hurt the population further increases. Now we need to earn some ta
x! "
Of great buildings, when the bottom fell dokcheoreom build, but now I feel great
pride in Mora other.
"Ahreupen still increasing population of the kingdom to another place they can n
ot go forward is clear. I spent a lifetime in the Kingdom of the tax have to be
me! "
The largest piece of the continent, civil engineering side of the gods that we s
ee in the garden was absolutely necessary.
Whatsoever in business from the ornate interior is well-documented look at the s
hop did have a few.
Somewhere, just enter as a guest hayeogeum the impulse to want to see is every i
Belated regrets taxes in a refund even if you do not.
Implore residents scratching to gather money to the settlement sikyeoseo should
not skimp on investment.
"Something can look expensive. Olrideo taxes in the future so it does not feel a
ny pity! Tourism earns good money, leaving a lot when viewed from the side. "
Famous buildings in the city was a lot of help.
Garden of the Gods, but hugely more than necessary was not planned.
The gods were rachebureugeue important place for the first time the world was co
A lot of people still believe in God, even completely forgotten about the pie hu
Religious and historical value, considering you can now sculpt personal best tim
e I could see that.
Nobody else seemed to find rachebureugeureul, buy a piece of art for the gods th
at can tell the world what meuro.
"In business it's time!"
Weed your skills and using him to the faith of the people who gyeongakhal no cho

ice but to look well enough to be nice and made this big.
"Carving skills in the advanced 8-level rise to reassure really. The sculptures
will be exactly what this could be felt just have to work! "
W / carving skills of the current level of the advanced 8!
Personal've built so far, 11 dogs, a little over carving skill proficiency was 2
7 percent.
Work with their historic religious values

obtained as a myriad of stats!

Weed and backed by the blessings of the gods has a similar propensity dexterity
and cooking, fishing, and has obtained a little sewing skill proficiency.
Was no longer worship the gods are not as many shows, Versailles affect the whol
e continent was in the large and small.
Until now, ten thousand and two, as the engraver can commit Weed is a great even
t it was not an exaggeration.
So far, given us one step closer to carving master went to see was enough.
"Mangchyeoteumyeon it again I probably expensive might not have made an expensiv
e sculpture."
Weed've had too much work and wanted to create a body to combat epilepsy, but st
Armor of the articles made of helium Goddess!
After getting a piece of equipment in certain gods, and received the blessing, f
aith affected or defense when other options have been added.
And much more fun if you wear one of these battles would be able to fight, now t
hat the sculpture had to make another Times.
Weed identification of the hanging end of each piece of land broke out in the wi
ld cheers.
Was a large crowd gathered waiting, thinking the ball sake of the people involve
d to create a sculpture was the first thing.
Ahreupen with perseverance, even for the future of the kingdom was kkakahya joga
"I'm dead, sir."
Shine's flapping wings to weaken, while relying on the rope body climbs on the s
houlders of the stone cutting was done identifiable.
The moon and the stars at night in the quiet stone shaved down.
'Other people are hunting, adventure and fun filming.'
Weed is stupid to blame the envy of the people, yet it still was the fact that.
To live and enjoy life in moderation, engraver baeknal Taking a hard job, and be
cause jakpumman mowing.

Dewy was the life lived by eating barley bread. However, while creating works fo
r the people to the joy, the lack of even the best guess that is when you can ge
t a sense of accomplishment and fulfillment.
If you're a hard working man, whatever, he has not lived a life of abuse will be
"Tax ... All this in the future will help to increase taxes. "
Weed mowing the sculpture at night, which have a visitor.
He rode a big bird and rose to near a weed.
"Weed, Good to see you."
Dwarf Blacksmith Hermann!
Hestia in the vicinity of the blacksmith, he custom-made swords and armor for th
e people who were offered.
Hermann's equipment despite a fairly long wait for hours and hours of standby pu
rchaser was pushed.
Weed also gladly welcomed.
Hello? Mora settled in other words I've heard your promotion. Meanwhile, How you
doin '? "
"Mora, riding the city, and totally great. Kureusoeseo enough to regret somethin
g you have not come sooner ..... Oh, and when in the past kureusoeseo hwansongsi
k Speaking ......"
Weed kureusoui hwansongsik the stall to Hermann in the calculation has been forc
ed to flee.
"Hwansongsikyo? Been a long time because I do not remember. Why not? "
"Well, you leave the last day of kureusoreul ... Eing, No, no big deal. "
Hermann gucha decided not to mention scaring hayeoseo longer.
Dwarven smiths make a lot of money, only a relative pittance to happen again in
hwansongsik does not even have to be abandoned.
In addition, the Dwarves of hwansongsik customs, perhaps, is not coined kureusou
i among users.
'I just hit San shalt geolro.'
We know there are a weed that can not even asking me for drinks mean that some o
rders may be closer to tyranny.
Weed maethyeotda smile on my face calm.
Go down a sculpture acquired mental fatigue as a significant portion of the mone
y flew ttemeokeumyeo.
"I only came here to lords or the king should be allowed to happen is because, l
ike the hills of the Hestia artists around the blacksmith's forge in the street
Why do you create?"

Mora, while the other decided to settle in Hermann as kureusoeseobuteo forge wit
h all the dwarves wanted to create a distance.
Mugijeom only sell good quality merchandise, guard the door opening in the middl
e viscosity, the city was to achieve a place in the name was a little dream.
"Than other operations include a blacksmith forge gathered around'll live. Event
ually, you gave me to help each other work will occur, mainly dealing with metal
s and some shops would not be good for urban development to occur there? "
Gotilsurok well as several restaurants have a dog that is best done together. An
d to attract more users as the business goes well together.
Hermann led the blacksmith gamyeonseo them actively in the development of the ci
ty would want to join.
Mora also a blacksmith, not just another job in another role and contribution to
more tried.
Largely resembled the eyes of people watching.
Mora, riding in the city of Versailles was competitive in the continent, now sud
oda ahreupen Kingdom.
As to the composition of the garden of the gods, the possibility was considered
to be limitless.
In the future it could be the continent's top cities that would be not just a de
lusion. At least now, that would be like paradise for the user.
Weed of the mouth, a warm smile, even younger.
"No, but planned to do so. They should respect other professional blacksmiths al
so would be cool to wear the equipment. I really like the occupation is a blacks
mith. "
Deumppukdeumppuk armorers at the most taxes?
Weed had a vision of a blacksmith.
Morata around town by building a blacksmith, they are an excellent representativ
e of the continent is to make swords and armor.
As well as trade, settled by the people and visitors to travel even when the yea
rs I have become a lot more revenue!
"I know, gave thanks."
"Of course. Wear my heart for the blacksmith ...There are uncertain of support m
easures. "
At first glance, the word was chakchwiran weed out the obvious.
"Simply the way to the blacksmith's streets now than they really lead to amaze m
Armorers to develop a customer should be ensured.
Mora, another adventure in the northern part of the high level of user were know

n, was a novice there is still flow.
Even though it is beginning to grow, the blacksmith was a good environment, a pe
rson of Hermann as a blacksmith, even the best of his ability to buy things your
self equipped with skills, so the customer is able to exert enough.
However, the need to secure long-term iron was superlative.
Mora, although other pH, the iron ore reserves and the quality is not so satisfa
ctory level.
All put together in the tray not reach half the peak level of the mine in Melbou
rne as poorly.
Mine's his was not a good environment.
The lack of current materials that were manufactured in the old days of Empire,
Anaheim nipple weapons dissolved iron re-write of the blacksmith was resolved in
a way.
Starter blacksmith in the old rusty cheolgeomyirado newly learned how to refine
mandeulmryeonseo harder.
Recipe name known in the other villages in the north and developed in a blacksmi
th's iron imports come mine wrote.
Mora is so enormous quantity imported from other mines near the village saw thei
r huge profits, respectively.
Luckily, the rugged mountainous area around the castle and put a lot of reserves
because the mine is likely to occur.
For now become an abandoned dwarven mines, iron ore mountain had a story about.
Raising armies, monsters come equipped with user-squeezed their ability to put E
l Li Yan, Citadel also will work in the mines.
"In many ways, support for the blacksmith and it'll continue."
"Thank you. If you think about the support of artists, my fears were beginning t
o think it was a useless things. "
Weed did not start to support the artist and purchase his thoughts jakhan Jim Mo
ra was doing the other elders of the indulgent, but anyway in that part a lot of
rumors spread that a great king.
Department of Arts, theater-like job, wandering the continent, making the work o
f the Weed and praised.
Police and residents in the kingdom ahreupen loyalty was higher in those parts.
Beyond the now displaced in the northern Mid-Continent entered.
"We'd like to ask every nation, but I want to make it ......"
"What happened?"
★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

When creating an image of Hermann was part of the assistance required.
When The carvings represent war god or a jumper that had better carry weapons.
"The blacksmith had better participation than if."
Too large a lot of weapons out of its own weight, and destroyed the statues can.
Weed of the dexterity and skill are applied carving high durability, although hu
ge steel statue holding a sword over his head, of course, if you raise brittle.
Hermann empty inside I'll be able to make a big lightweight weapons was possible
"So ... We can use, rather than the quality of the statue's arms jejakhae want m
e to say. Usually those things have ever seen period because the interest, due t
o new challenges even. Let's work together. "
To participate in the Weed thing rather than the work of Hermann was the side en
try will be appreciated.
Bronze weapons, but decided that helps to create identifiable.
And Weed, had one more favor.
"If the material of such characteristics ... It just got to have, you can vary i
tgetneunga? "
"Yes, I think I can do."
"Then give them. Price chyeojuge well. "
- The darkness of the iron has learned.
- To absorb the blood has acquired gems.
『Of darkness-iron: tolerance 9.9.
Production of work-related skill items colon.
Ultimate daejangil materials.
Gained a powerful necromancer sacrificed to the cursed iron.
Undead weapons they use more lead in creating a dark speculation
The characteristics may be granted.
Protected by divine forces are less influenced by magic.
1 Rating daejangil item.
Options: Undead engineered specially when used by more capacity. 』
『Drink the blood gem: Durability 7.7.
Production of work-related skill items colon.

Ultimate daejangil materials.
Masen excuse of the war between the kingdom and the kingdom became Aberdeen's je
welry. Gem
Aberdeen finally in the possession of the kingdom, but the wives of three tragic
Matyihaetgo death, even after countless blood and sprinkled it.
This gemstone has not been processed yet, the pore will happen to those unfortun
1 Rating daejangil item.
Option: Increase the effectiveness of skills related to the blood.
Good stat reduction when processing 13.
Increased attraction 7.
In a special skill to acquire. 』
Weed and Hestia, and decided to hand over land around the blacksmith bought stuf
"They're just gonna have to make."
Offering personal things aside for a day had an affair in the smithy of Hestia.
Offering jewelry engraving skills, so we do not have a problem, usually in darkn
ess have seen a variety of materials written Rail dealt with immediately familia
"I'll give back the sword will be broken."
Weed of the darkness back to the water dissolved in the hearth of Hestia iron ha
mmer dudeulgyeotda sikhyeoseo.
Thus was born Sword!
『Of darkness and sword: 145/145 durability. 96-137 damage.
Necromancer sword of tempered steel, a rare curse dwelling.
Undead enhancing properties, and a more effective commander, a high level.
The decor is not at all without outside had a crude appearance.
Undead can go quite a bit beyond that is a terrible mageom.
Trying to reach the peak of talent in the blacksmith's workmanship!
Restrictions: Undead, only the fallen articles.
Level 465
Morality, religion should have no.
Options: robustness.
37% of the effect of dark speculation

The Curse of the Necromancer, the sound of hate, the loss will be used.
+12 Strength.
+26 Agility.
Command Undead, and they can bring the power of 13% more.
Divine power is based on the weakening effect of a protective spell. 』
- Intermediate skill level 10 Blacksmith Blacksmith Skills Advanced been changed
Is. Presence of iron metal can be proficient.
Swords and armor can enhance the performance. For this particular
Material is required.
Dwarves have their friendship more are increased as a friend, they left the race
Will respect.
Govern the effects of the fire hearth to add a 31% increase.
Of very high temperature flame is allowed.
When hammering physical consumption is reduced by half.
Each item is reduced by 4% of the wear limit.
I point, will increase by 20 Stat.
- Undead can wear a special weapons production has risen by 139 renowned.
Let the sword of darkness completion of this advanced intermediate skill level r
ose to a blacksmith.
Fruits obtained at the end of a huge effort.
Mithril and using helium as the goddess of the article to make armor also was th
anks from a lot of skill proficiency.
"It's finally been waiting for the moment."
Weed sonbwatda all the equipment has.
Daemon is a little more to strengthen the sword, yet did not even use that monst
er of a goddess who had a similar story armor.
Mithril to build up defense capabilities to add a little more special to attack
the enemy steeped in complex patterns can be made much more jalmakeul.
Advanced blacksmith skills from scratch rather than being made to the armor but,
still a little bit better.
In fact, the equipment required to create your own position every skill level ri
se by building a new all over again and could not write.
"The dark side of the fencing were not bad too well."
General tendency of the material, but a little thicker and heavier than the swor
d was made. Because of that, the damage was great.
Weed pulls out a knife and jewelry for the jewelry were also processed.
I have a job is the original engraver sword of darkness, undercuts, rather than
creating jewelry lot more easy.
Yosano seureopge shiny red gem!
Versailles is written in four continents, the history of jewelry, if you have ma
ny bad things happened.

"Good luck, but she also important stat ... Well, there will be no choice. "
Weed inserted in the cut up and put a gold ring jewelry.
Getting a spot as the original jewelry to be entered in the ring.
『Yosano luxurious Vampire Rings: The durability 27/27.
Jewelry ring made to drink blood.
If you continue to wear and reduced vitality, stamina is reduced. After all nonRing to create a long date diseased.
Blacksmith with great skill, has created for some reason.
The world seems to go better if possible.
A night to get something that is coveted by nobility.
Protection: None.
Options: reducing the wearer's life.
Physical weakness.
16% increase in attractiveness.
Strengthened the ability of shock.
Increase the power of the vampire effect.
Revealing the hidden strength to drink the blood of more gems. 』
Surely jinx!
Weed did not even see the wear.
"Call Death Knight Van Hawk, Call of vampire download directory!"
Black smoke, got up, there was a Death Knight. Download a black cape flapping va
mpires have emerged.
"Master, what he is fighting."
"Some have even ... I want to fight. Able to wash away the blood thirsty so I wa
nt to take. "
Hermes guild broke a miserable two men weed the so big and wounded pride.
Influenced by the divine power yeoksohwandoego since I still have the body was n
ot normal.
Cloak of Death Knight, especially on the bare torn because if there was tacky.
"This is a gift to you."
Hawk Weed to the darkness of the black van, Yosano luxurious vampire showed the
ring to the repository.
Always stock or defective, or the old pre-mulpumman Get paid to them for the fir
st item will be dazzling.

Hawk and the repository of half a jumpy jumps back.
"Nope. I do not need it, the owner. Is also able to fight with bare hands. "
"I do not like jewelry."
Weed believes that the ship, saying they were not even mind.
Doubts on the Massachusetts border a great master and servant relationship that
has become a habit!
"I'm going so painstakingly created. With very valuable materials are produced s
pecifically to you in time. "
Weed explained about the equipment. Then get peace of mind was not looking halfHawk and the repository.
"In the future, be good, right?"
"I'll say something to follow. '
"I think a really good governor."
"If the other owners do not think, honey, you never thought you'd make this stuf
f I did not have. '
"The stuff I put here is going to make them ......"
Weed from a day without rest for three days without juvenile summons has to take
credit for it.
3) the choice of oak
"Is a war!"
"Black is heading to where the army of Annas."
"I'm going to get out as soon seongbuteo!"
While making a personal Weed, Versailles continent burned in the war.
And the siege of the city when there was trade with the novice trader to run all
came out of the city.
When two beoleojimyeonda the siege of the city, lawlessness, indiscriminate arso
n and destruction by becoming is to be realized.
"Embinyu Praise God."
"Righteous paladin and fight the infidels and against."

In continental embinyuui army clashes took place between each denomination four
Embinyu reveals itself after a high from the other denominations also were busy.
Sojourn in the cathedral and monastery, monks and four penis came out aggressive
Dolahda by others for their users continue to have a new quest was abundant oppo
rtunity to raise achievement.
Total war between embinyu denomination!
Some users have also immune from the turmoil. Stable province, near the village
hunting days are over, and remember you back to the dungeon was not an exaggerat
Continent at risk and hence to be destroyed and the village, and were often infe
sted with hordes of monsters deoganghan.
In areas occupied by embinyu denomination, the breeder and their minions to hunt
the same user who got so far emerged.
★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Co., Ltd. Public Relations Department of the unicorn in a conference organized b
y director Chang Yoon Soo was going on.
"As you know, according to recent situation of the continent of Versailles on th
e last high temperature in the City Planning Department has produced a video bas
ed advertising."
"The actual playing screen is much contained now?"
"90% or more. Saw first, let me rest. "
Walls of the room lights turned off and images began to emerge on the screen.
Suddenly a tremendous number of troops accustomed to embinyuui had gathered on t
he plains.
Night, said the torch gathered them!
Screen embinyuui priest moved closer to the tent to stay.
"From there ......"
"Sacrifice by paying only ....."
"Human beings ......."
"Keukeugeut ....."
I heard the voice of the high priest eumsanhage sogondaeneun.
Dark Knights embinyuui sameom stimulated the patrol, the monster also stood boun

If users have experienced the Royal Road is a dangerous place where you know how
much the mood of pique was horrified.
Most denominations embinyu more scared because the thought was most fear.
About his activities in the area know how much the irony of the religious embiny
u know specifically how much power did not have much.
Then the screen turned on, the graft Canadian users showed that it was an invasi
on of the kingdom.
"Go, ye mighty!"
"We will fight to the end to keep the peace!"
Arrow forward through the rain falling from the wall of a black woosusu yongbyeo
ngdan Sword!
Siege weapons were even brought becoming a huge battle going on.
Mid-Continent in the Kingdom Gras Canadian location in the western hilly terrain
and the user therefore has a lot of not much.
Black Sword mercenary activities in this wide kingdom only Canadian on targeting
Gras fought battle was unfolding before the occupation.
Results are being actively fought for three days, the fall of the kingdom, was e
mbroiled in civil war as a whole.
I changed the screen back to the Haven and headed into the kingdom.
Also lack the words to deluxe luxury is built around the palace!
Hermes, the guild put money in the astronomical articles and increase loyalty of
the soldiers ruled in favor of the Palace was being constructed.
That there is a labor of slaves and soldiers around the articles that were stati
oned sameom.
Arene such as light and darkness may sexes, while there is a large slum on the o
ther side has made thrived commercial buildings.
Active in the air around a passing briefly showed the way, the vision of a diffe
rent kingdom.
And again, the screen turned and headed back to the Orcs.
Trees and bushes were on the screen.
They were not oak. However, breath sounds, and brush up the Glaive is shining.
"Let's go. Chwichwi! "
East of Oakland, El Nath Mountains to the prairies in unison against the orcs ra
The screen just stays on the job was shining.

Frightened animals ran away and the birds flew up into the sky.
Down towards the plains of oak can not see the end of the procession was about.
Godzilla in fertility, east of Oak continue to expand the forces.
To drink spirits and magic, elves, and was developed, making the weapon of their
own, and dwarven kingdom rules over Tor.
Already the last step, the screen gave the people the light.
Armed Forces standing in the midst of the most famous and the active layer in th
e Bard on the Beach of the tower stood arene was watching the dawn.
Chaser adventurer was wandering somewhere in the dungeon, he sounded dwijjotahse
o monsters were running.
Fabio smith red flames over waving the iron in place dealt.
The 17 representatives of each job the user's behavior on the screen, he said.
Director Chang Yoon Soo said after the end of video.
"For now, the time of the Versailles set in the continent appears to be chaos. G
iven that the user has created a video to show them. "
Exported to divide the Internet and broadcast the video to users of the Royal Ro
ad to the current situation was created to inform.
Versailles to change depending on the continent in each region is enabling the i
Age of Chaos!
Royal Road of the early days of the conflict between the kingdom and each yijong
jok, since the invasion of monsters that stay on even though some were stable fo
Each kingdom had existed from the beginning a lot to keep the peace is due to ha
ve been committed.
The problem is, they grew the balance of users broken.
Articles are to be appointed to the user chose to gain more fame, did not fulfil
l obligations. Physical well as excessive taxes
people cared.
Nalttwigona monster or not they did not care.
Loyalty to the kingdom, nor the neighbors and by joining the war was interested
only to marauding.
Particularly given that the story was the Royal Road.
If the lord of the Mid-Continent and good governance to the prestigious Guild of
Evil might not have a significant naseoji.
For now, residents have lowered their loyalty embinyu church groups and other ma
licious activity has been difficult to create a good environment.

Certainly the result of each user, rather than the center of the kingdom, but al
so paying the price of that was the situation.
In retrospect, the history of the Royal Road of this confusion has existed in th
e past time.
Then a contract with the Elyos nalttwieoteumyeo warlocks, each kingdom fell into
the war. Taken away from each denomination as a sacred prestige has been weaken
ed significantly.
"Hmmm, what determines the strategic operating room are you in?"
Versailles Unicorn Company on the situation of the continent to identify the bes
t strategies for the operating room to mount the sonilgang was focused people's
He was next to her had any idea that it will be the chair, as was happening in.
"Embinyu jundong denomination's major powers and the huge expansion of the guild
, or a warlock of the historical emergence of mutated monsters. In many ways, wh
en you see the past history of the continent Versailles bowled over a period of
chaos, the crisis appears to be greater. "
Directors and chiefs of various departments have been sick of.
Versailles that many races of the continent, is generated to repeat to fade itgi
ran crowd was to identify all the kingdoms.
Bob, the user of the continent, not a monster only around countless intriguing b
Also the users themselves had to find a solution.
"Is not this so very difficult was that?"
Royal Road of the users at a time when exponentially growing instability of the
Versailles peace of the continent, in fact, a unicorn's board members was not go
od news.
However, the bright face of mounting sonilgang.
"Heroes are born in a crisis. So in this sense, the advent of a period of chaos
if the user requires a strong will to unity. And people appear to form a larger
work, I assume. "
Versailles continent virtual world!
Mount sonilgang therein would be confronted and overcome confidence had.
Unicon's employees had a similar consensus.
Since I first held the Royal load of users was growing every day surprisingly. T
hey take care of it will determine their own lives.
In fact, if you see any people around the country's history himmankeum Because t
here was no great thing.
★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Settled in the castle and put a piece of life was having a happy day.
"The world is so beautiful place."
"This is fantastic, clean air and fresh grass!"
Lars lives in Weed, give the phalanges 47 of the pieces of life.
They are a great engraver to create the statue has lived for long periods.
Desire for life is strong enough, put it in the proper playing fort served satis
Wyvern and bingryong, Phoenix, and every weed that suffered by listening to the
story, he is glad they thought was easy Rubbing.
Ohdodok ohdodok!
Kelberoseuneun goat's bones had crumbled after eating grass.
Viper with colorful colors, mountains and countryside in the woods, moving nalss
aege Snake was hanging on the branches.
Death Worm rested and relaxed in the mud.
Slice of life to spend some time they were quiet and peaceful in the afternoon.
Peurekseuteoneun exceptionally busy Seville article undertakes the task.
He is actively working in driving a monster hunter and the soldier spake as a lo
ad was 1 case.
Over time, even sebilui Bavarian Corps Commanders come to marvel at AP, sebilui
980 thousand troops were now prevailed this century.
Soldiers backed by the leadership of a great battle fought articles.
Regular articles in the article, talented candidates to hold 14 thousand was a m
ighty power.
Whether bappeudeun one thing, according to the command of Weed feet after he set
tled in the citadel near the wild, they live!
Geuminyiwa Rover and join them for the secretly slipped out late at night.
"So they're both how about now."
"Too easy, golgol!"
"'ll Need to get caught."
"Three times what is should be. Golgol! "

Geuminyiwa of someone coming and I'm upset the backyard of some kind the next da
y, pieces of random monsters in a place where creatures thrust.
Bingryong, Phoenix, Wyvern they were sent there by driving a monster.
"So far he's played an awful lot."
"Went alone padakgeorimyeo sweat!"
W / Master Quest to help the rest of the sculpture, even a piece of life was get
ting stronger every day.
★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Orcs, who settled near the fort and put in the wild!
"Bright day. Let's go to war, chwiyiik! "
Oak has achieved a jeongjak Village.
Citadel puts monsters to invade the orcs from their settlements were overcome.
Orcs and monsters as a fight broke out on a daily basis.
6 mankkajido reduce the number of objects Oak, but they did not even nod.
"Chwichwichwit, the first brother died. Second brother died. My brother died in
the seventh. If there are five more mothers gave birth, chwiyiyiik! "
"Who are you, you did not. Chwichwichwit! "
"I is the thirty-second son, chwiit!"
"You maknaenya, chwichichik!"
"No, she had more to forty-fourth."
As prolific as they hung oak has a relative monster. Go out and fight like warri
ors among the females was due to receive safe care.
Road users also some oak, had outstanding performance in their position.
"Die fighting orcs, chwichwit!"
"I go along eyichwi, chwichiik!"
Monster led the Warriors with a large displacement of the projection was often r
Of course, one does not plan to come back, but the Orcs, Monsters, And his more
strikes could inflict.
10 Eliminating the five we die, do not go to war the next day that 13 expression
s Oak calculation of benefits!

Carry taken even in the fight against ohkeu which did not back down.
Oak hyungakhage looks strong.
Oak amkeot to attract the popular will even be brave.
Legend Oaks down to users, or prejudice was made by Kari was taken.
Oak adventures of Weed user to see the effect of this is enormous if they brave
the heodahaetda helplessly.
"Fight keunda, chwichwit!"
Orcs baby to grow up a little bit dragged out and fought in large quantities.
They basically work by building a bunch of oak and awareness to fight like broth
ers because myeotbeonman chireumyeon as large as the battle was taking the race
in the most comfortable.
Offering businesses avenues significant damage to some desperate fighting, thoug
h users are oak has a new battle plan.
"This is not a right, chwichiyiik!"
"Next would be the same,!"
"Let's take a lot more. If you can not win, until the chwichichichichit! "
Oak users conducting their siblings and children, and whatever could undergo lar
ge-scale battles.
Orcs were the best feature selected.
Weed fought the Dark Elves, and, later, to their colleagues on the occasion of t
he battle with a legion of undying chireoseo overcame.
Oak Road users are aspiring for such a large scale battle with the gang dreaming
learned molryeodanimyeo battle.
Learning from Monster loot or even when their home was looted.
If you pick up anything of value, even if the mountains to go to the castle and
put plenty of food and weapons to buy!
"Eating a lot, fight with weapons, chwiyiyiik!"
Hulking Orc armor to create a lot of money. High vitality and fertility by using
a weapon to fight led to the investment.
Oak Road in this process was quite a trouble, and put the castle for the user wa
s only just look foolish.
"I'm going to fight with those girls again?"
"Yeah, you know, Bob is gone four ......."
"Anyway, I'm an Orc be great."
"They're really I should not touch it".

Citadel puts nearly complete phase maintenance because of strong walls and forti
fications were completed.
Unfortunately, I did not come before a monster crowd well.
Oak and other emotions are intensified fighting has been a sparring encounter.
"If we win two jeontuman of females than 5 Marina will be able to geoneuril, chw
Weed of the victims attended a female orc!
Oak to get the user like their aggressively tried to show courage.
A lot of their forces if they belong more to the female Orc babies born because
a huge amount of oak.
Orc females love to receive testimony about when the guys were even feel happy.
"Halitosis, killing the father of your baby, chwichichit!"
"Thank you, dechwi! You hear some points in my mind, chwiyiyiik. "
"Carry taken so nice to me even if the appearance and strength to follow the goo
d points. ! "
Fort and put a piece of creatures that are active here, as well as hunting geomc
hiwa practitioners as well samgo monster came Sometime.
Users from all over the northern one, two, there'll start hunting, wandering aro
und, or moving in to the castle was greatly reduced numbers of monsters.
"Wait a little longer yet."
"Shoot me now!"
Rangers and Archers and from monseunteodeulyi primarily an ambush on a street co
rner behind a tree like shooting arrows were hunting.
Distance and terrain to actively use the secrets of the archers!
In defense of the army attacks the castle and put the tactics have changed.
Ahreupen monsters come out the gates of the kingdom, an army of orcs as a group
regularly feel the burden of fighting has decreased substantially.
"Let the monster out. Interest to beating it. Chwichichichit! "
They fought the Orcs would get cooler.
- Experienced Orc Warrior was born.
Orc Warrior Orc -3 Marie has been projected.
Strong forces of Orcs and was also right.
Have a good fight to the forces that are rapidly expanding feature of Orcs scary

More and more babies are born orcs, monsters, even if the fire had almost disapp
eared by the settlement.
And soon the number of objects was distended, 390,002.
『Oak has revealed a presence on the northern continent.
Many species are outrageously self-centered, striving to northern areas of stron
g oak
Has expanded.
Powerful and dangerous, fighting monsters and the limits of their own in Oak
Heomhamyeo will grow.
Until now, they believed in the power of magic and monsters in front of a large
You can feel it. The presence of the Orcs can not believe dongjokdeulbak
Not to.
If held to the world as oak can have many brothers. The
If you have no fear, as brothers and attends will not occur. 』
- Orcs succeeded in breeding groups formed.
Orc in the race to put the castle has been able to start.
To work as a human being to equalize the conditions were different.
Peace is the basic technical, commercial and urban development should be done.
By contrast, the merit of oak fecundity by itself than what it was simple to sta
Cognate with the food, well, if only 7 would have been.
Why choose Orc for beginners who still among the lower portion.
Anyway, looks and disgusting, Wizard, Elemental Shaman do not choose a career as
a point was unfortunate side.
Inspection, a professional fight like a knight can not choose a job in the serie
If you have selected oak species Glaive itself dealing with the forces of growth
as projected, or how to become a shaman is.
Oak hair fall out, but who can not in freedom and romance of the battle, one cho
sen by the user and do not regret it was race.
Once onboard video, even on the bulletin board of oak, already have a job to pla

y the other races, and the envy of the users had climbed enough.
★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Fort and put the other parts of the oak is higher than the properties had little
Of sculptures and paintings will be affected. But even then, however, something
to eat, than to fight the Orcs grab a serious debate was such an act can not exi
Now the Orcs of the castle and put together a serious debate over the topic, arg
"What's going on, chwiyiyiit!"
"Well, I have taken Kari ... Chwichwichwit. "
Oak Carry taken for the settlement reportedly toured the winner.
User also common oak oak strange rumor circulating among jeophaetjiman, because
they already knew the truth and went over laughing.
But the Orcs never get past this problem, it was not the issue.
"I can not tolerate, chwiik!"
"He is our brother, Bob, taken! Eat a meal, even more than brothers are ugly! "
Oak Road presently has five others from the tarot Mora.
★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Weed fragments from the other based in Mora, causing a huge wave was a piece of
Asturias was born in Galle 『personal!
Conqueror of the gods!
Versailles peace on the continent once chatahohja god disappeared.
Galle, like war and territorial expansion, Asturias and the savage monsters and
Investments you make when you are blessed. Russo and his followers to fight ever
y time
Unlike the other gods, so did not get along.
Raise him to pray, heavy weapons, such as windows and an ax handle the human and
I will increase the power of fighting spirit

Figure of the remaining pieces of Galle Asturias!
Weed again by the hand of a master engraver became known.
Galle, a religious statue of Asturias will have great significance.
History is written in the first completed since the start of the statue is in Ga
lle Asturias.
Watching the statues of Asturias in Galle during the day, health and mana regene
Than 16% of the maximum strength is increased.
Thermostat to listen to religious sculptures permanently increased by 6 to faith
A little more human and orc will be able to deal comfortably with heavy weapons.
In the battle to have higher morale.
Stat of the ancient works of art created by Act 6 will increase permanently. 』
- King and Prince of Asturias If you believe in Galle when the soldiers have cau
sed a war of conquest
The fight may lead to a higher.
And dissemination of military forces to move faster.
Galle, following the Asturias residents will be reduced to war fatigue.
The king is having a war, even when the loyalty is low you can get an enthusiast
ic welcome.
If you killed a bunch of monsters and savage to acquire more experience will be.
When defeated in battle and taken away from the territory will be lost faith in
Galle, the god of Asturias benefit if more than 3 times wearing geudaeumbuteoneu
n have devoted a lot of the curse will not wear a tribute.
Asturias Kingdom of God rather than individuals Galle itself has side affects.
"You're a god of battle."
Weed that had been buried rachebureugeue had several pieces of the gods.
Especially popular due to the aftermath of the clergy by the gods, Mora was no o
ther new denominations arose.
Rachebureugeue aside because he had new rings, or destroyed, all the sculptures
were created.
19 gaejjae piece, when I finally went one step carving skill level.
- Advanced carving skill level has risen to nine.
The state is moving toward the ultimate.
Surprisingly delicate piece of fine wine becomes.
As for the broader perspective, artistic intelligence and wisdom stats are incre
ased by 39.
41 will increase the attractiveness.
Natural affinity with nature, because a piece ikhyeotgi surgery rises 98.
Ikhyeotgi bright because of the fence goes up agile 7.

- Appeal is over 500 Stat.
Title 'God knows how to express beauty, as is the engraver' have acquired.
Favorable because it has a high reputation is spreading rumors.
Adventures commissioned sculpture can be beneficial when you are ordering.
Weed advanced carving skills as well as the titles stood up to nine levels, even
got one more.
Been attained 'excellent piece of craftsmanship.' 'Sails into uncharted ghost ca
ptain unfold.' 'The polar explorer.' With a slightly different title, such as yo
u have been helped have become the new title was not happy yeoksina.
Fame was abandoned over 11 only.
"Keuheum, eaten rice today?"
Passing on the street talking to a dog wag my tail around geoldeorado learn Weed
Weed identification that you continue to have a piece. But he came to the Oak Ro
ad 5.
"Chwiyiit! I came to see the king. "
"Weed and come down right away, chwitchwit!"
Oak Road in the garden of the gods, the disturbance caused by recklessness.
Articles may be overpowered by a bunch of soldiers, but when the slightest slip
and put it in the orc fort and settled the whole tribe, and may go through anoth
er war.
If heojeonhago, if reassuring, but troublesome tribe spirit.
Weed make the statue fell down, and asked politely.
"What happened, yes, sir?"
"We have to know everything, chwiyiit!"
"Do not even think about cheating chwichwit!"
A strong eukbakjilreotda Oak Road.
Weed accordingly complexion turned pale.
'Where the hell's got a problem?
One or two because there was something that was not to take my mind was to look
to sum up.
'You guys do in the north hoped to die issue does not come? No, we're not moved
to act. The best thing to tell sseukssak away from the sea was not too busy to d
o that've ......'
If it's not a quest, and engraver elves, dwarves and orcs with a degree of anger
out there about the backyard.

Orks for the case that much has been generous.
Weed was part time, believe.
Glaive lift out from angry orcs trying to tattoo the words so it's not race.
"Chwiyichwit, karichwi ......"
"Do not be coy. Chwichwichwit we all know. "
Oak Road if they keep climbing chwitchwitgeoryeotda with emotion. Also uttered t
"It smells neohanteseoneun, chwichwichit!"
"Chwitchwitchwichwit, Carry-taken and I smell like."
Weed and sniffed her body.
I'm afraid to cook various foods by their smell, even if Loose shall be no stran
ge thing.
"In one year more than fifty wash the smell! It's our right, the Orcs or the sme
ll, chwiyichwit! "
Happens to form a chemistry with the smell of orcs!
The fact that frequent washing was not much weed. Nowadays, you go down, especia
lly as personal, as rains hit just shed sweat.
Vain to try on expensive clothes gwanrilman difficult as the only ones wearing s
cruffy clothes Starter Was it a problem?
In the past, but this hunting clothes and dishes, and even digging herbs, sculpt
ure, even cutting, blacksmithing was nothing in.
All the voyage to Las phalanges meonba the extent that the danyeoohgi.
"We came here to leave home to find karichwi. In the flies and smells like a hum
an being, chwichwit. Orcs make the sculpture taken to meet Kari. "
Washing habits in itself was invariably oak.
"We are brothers. Chwiyichwiyichwichwichwit. Even if humans have been weak due t
o the curse does not change, chwiik .. "
Oak w / a curse because they believed that man.
"We had to follow taken Kari, chwiyi!"
- Oak ahreupen kingdom to join the race.
They have an amazing ability to survive hojonseonggwa species.
Deda consume large quantities of food could start trouble, but much of
The race is the thing.
I like the wide land of oak, hordes gathered around enjoying the fight.
Orcs can be fully integrated into the kingdom, if I happen to be many cases is o

That's a good thing I do not know everything, but .......
4) The worst ol
Weed persist on the continent, no matter what happens in the garden of the gods,
went on to build the sculpture making.
Garden of the Gods alone, but tired of the huge daegongsa, masterpiece, masterpi
ece amid the crowd cheered two.
"Weed's sculpture really different!"
"Motna show me a while even ordinary, for a long time to look a little prayer wo
uld feel just fine."
Until now, people in various occupations and roles to admit, but, as the engrave
r was really good at getting the ratings now.
In fact in many areas throughout the advantage that it was the versatility of th
e engraver, but they were not faces.
Magnum's sculpture!
Lou Herman and co created a personal and jumped into a masterpiece was born two
batalriui identifiable.
Magnum on the high contribution of each denomination for Wellington's former fig
hters in a live, fight monsters and to give a blessing when it worked.
Users and people making the garden of the gods, also has achieved unity.
After founding of the kingdom and Weed ahreupen attempted first work was a great
"Keueueuk, a sore back."
"I can not feel your lower body."
"I do not even raise his head!"
Weed sculpt an image of the last to come, say, hitting the user of the road was
full of moaning.
Stones and sand to carry, the opening of the channel and kkalatda road.
In order to prepare a garden come to move from grass and trees planted.
As a large civil engineering projects have achieved full of things to do, even i
f did not end.
To participate in exciting mind holding until two kkeutmachige golbyeong a const
I want to fall in the middle of an intense twelve godoeda felt tempted users wer
e also myriad.
But when you re-create these sculptures have noticed I did not want to miss the

chance to end the Corporation was involved in most.
It was really moved by the new user.
Ah... That final curtain. "
"Very long."
"Monseuteorang fought three times, while the labor, nor would die ......"
People in other places in the north came, Mora, riding was overflowing with tour
Some people left to go hunting and the quest to meet completion date and come, o
verflowing with restaurants and shops, was about the user.
"When completed this will truly awesome than where some of the continent."
"I can not believe not completely entrancing."
"Do not have anything like this anywhere. This is not a lot of great buildings,
we got the place. "
"You got that right, because no room for another all very comfortable trying to
get a blessing."
Built on the magnificent Garden of the Gods 32 sculptures, users and workers inv
olved in the crystals was difficult for their blood and sweat.
I gather there is a marble temple built luxurious flowing deda, in the middle of
the garden was built, the square and the lake.
In addition, Mora, other flowers were exceptionally.
I pray the seeds were sown by landscape, weed the flower of grass planted there
to come get pieonatda wide.
Mora, riding to the gardener have to grow flowers and trees were in various citi
Place seeded crops sprout teujamaja gardener had been under tight control by 24
What is a gardener to a garden of the gods, to be challenged like a large huntin
g come!
Placed on one side also made the hall.
God's sculptures are too noisy in places and caused distress, but the gods and l
egends and stories related to the performance was able to.
If you sing songs of praise to the gods of the garden will be a place to create
more famous.
Prestige scale beyond imagination, both in the pace of work in progress to finis
h ahead of only the Garden of the Gods.
Weed the last action was to postpone the next morning.
"The people are so far beneath the city would have to stay on in the day!"

Ahreupen Kingdom continues to consume the funds because there was little remaini
ng funds.
Garden of the Gods, if ten thousand and one failed due to the waste of national
resources of history at the time the ink is dry on the bite will perish came nea
r the kingdom.
Weed was in a state of the fatigue accumulated enough to build up.
"The rest work in the morning, would the nida finish. Now that I go back to that
all efforts should take a break! "
Garden of the Gods near a crowd of cheering and how to prepare some of the great
joy of regret and tomorrow, lay scattered.
Weed also had to go to a bar or pub with colleagues.
Mora to other users as they continue trading and store up to Molly gyeomhaneun m
apaneun earned a fortune.
I'm thinking of buying him a drink to dwell, geomchiwa of practitioners, stuck u
p there to have dinner, Hermann said.
★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
"Keuhuhu, have to count money all day tomorrow!"
Marfan 's hands, earning big bucks for businesses.
Japtem from a professional trader, now a firm to oversee the entire northern two
was enough.
Dealers also take on the presidency of the Northern Alliance as had influence.
Mora, in the land of the yolk of the other all his shops, stores and put weapons
in the castle, armor shop, leather shop was opened.
Lap stretches out the other traders see mapaneul envy wanted to learn about and
resourceful business.
"Marfan 's like, what What is your secret?"
"Thanks to our regular customers and is a long credit."
Weed early mapaneun on the trail as other investments have Mora.
Had newbie to the northern Mid-Continent before the first trade with other users
, management has continued teugo.
There was a word of mouth spread among the people it is okay for now most everyo
ne chyeojwotda mapanui stores.
In the other kingdoms of the continent over a network of branch offices and util
ize a case, the successful trader has mapaneun.
Mora of other specialties as more buying in bulk to go where you need to lower t
he purchase price by selling the destination to get money and fame!

Bringing big bucks for the development of the north had an yiyamalro mapanege.
Of course, not all of it alone was the secret.
Bribery and power, with the necessary adhesion.
When the King of the Kingdom of Weed ahreupen most people mapanyieotda delighted
Weed's dream come true long-term dictatorship, I'll increase his bad by associat
★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
"Kyaha, taste it possible, I see."
"Chicken wings, separated sareureu melts in your mouth feeling."
"The bones, ribs, crunchy texture, diminishing the ... The pig also the best. "
Geomchiwa practitioners while hunting for a long time I ate a decent meal pujimh
age. Mapanyi rented tavern had an entertaining year.
Corrosion due to surpass a wrestler, took the meat burning a fire jeongryeongin
Hwadolyiga ttwieodanimyeon gravy on the table while still remaining reasonably w
ell, most overcooked.
Weed when the food taste better, but he was because I eat as much as.
"Take a bite hath been so many things."
To knock a retort to feed sureukaga eat meat here, yen also gave two points or r
aising pack.
Built during the garden party of the gods, priest blessed me a lot of yen to ben
efit the most.
"Free food is also delicious."
Weed also enjoyed dinner in a comfortable mood.
Settle dozens of meat not only brings them could eat.
Sitting in the corner of a table from an empty plate as mapanui complexion pale,
but to see one eating anyway.
Mora's other restaurants and bars in the city were crowded with all of the visit
The merchants set up shop in the square took good deal tomorrow, the party who s
eeks to leave the expedition, respectively.
"I think I know how to write a little fist."
Sureukaga confidently said.

Weed and when to hunt, she had some negative side.
Deliberately hit a drastic lowering health Is a way to fight a lot behind the at
tack since.
Skill will take care of well above average, so obviously the winding, but the ba
ttle did not feel particularly good one.
Although the body has the same results can differ on it really depends who the l
However, we mingled with geomchiwa practitioners are continuing to hunt I was ab
le to refer to their sanyangbeop.
"First, kick, kick or hit a sore to the fact that I learned!"
Sureukaneun young as compared to others, dimpled smile is bright enough to PayPa
l even had cute huh.
3 Laws of the fight.
Everybody knows that before you acquire directly from hunting is difficult to do
Judging from the numerous hunting videos neck when the battle starts going well,
I'm afraid the wall will be broken.
May run alongside pitched just smile.
"These days I'm scared sureukaga. I do not know how well paeneunji monsters. "
"Your sister is well ssojanahyo arrows. Most people follow the arrows matdeonde
skills, and almost did not post near the master? "
Weed of the contours of these levels was curious.
Sureuka, May Run for adventures, as well as with other colleagues was one in a l
ong time.
Rachebureugeureul hunting for a minute at the time, had discovered one had, even
then I remember being surprised lined with proficiency significantly.
Weed said the sureukaege.
"You mean, how many levels?"
If levels get too close, but reluctant to speak, they ranged from no such void.
"I've only 403."
"Level is still a little bit's better? My brother a lot higher than you know. "
Weed really amazed. His level was 409 today. Sureukawa high side for prayer, I k
new it was not much difference.
"Keoheom, I'm not a little elevated."

"Fail-411 Now This is my brother, brother, are much nopjyo Fail?"
"Well, I'm not so high."
400 Weed, who had suffered by many of the walls.
Adventure, and also makes sculptures, among other colleagues, and suddenly it wa
s based.
When it comes to Ray Bard for this colorful yokppun!
"Late, but I'm adding over 400 levels ... Congratulations. "
Weed celebration of the lips trembled slightly.
Sociable to spend time eating food, which was a little boy coming to him.
Black hair, cold eyes, knowing you have somewhere was a boy.
Of NPC, but not all, the boy's face was not even a very slight change in facial
Weed, seeing him as soon as I felt severe discomfort.
When I was a junior high school units, doll eyes butyeotneunde 400,000 salary fr
om anjugo oust vice president seemed, fear of the adjective difficult.
Mouth is parched, like a nervous stand juppyeot hair!
Weed said softly to the boy.
"Honey, I'm trying to eat the next time you come."
Weed's reputation would suffer much greater importance quest was very easy.
After getting the king of the residents in Mora, other referral be able to choos
e the desired level.
Weed through the players had a stroke.
"And I'm busy to keep the peace in the continent of Versailles ask what you can
not do that, but you're not welcome. First, be sure to try to find someone else.
I'll be able to find enough good people. "
Declined moderately well off the doctor said.
But she was not laughing so much that the boy gasoropda.
"Human, you are not eligible to refuse my command."
Given the position of Weed gukwangin gwangohhagi was an extreme remark.
But life is not lived only in each case does not mean his will.
Until now very little time in my life except for only the most noticed on the ye
onmyeonghae Weed!
I have noticed that this boy to know that status was unusual.

'Who could it be, the true heir of the empire nipple Haim? Was condition appear
in becoming a quest?
Job requirements, you need to use the Quest coming to see you come along even if
you had a lot of care.
'I count all my dead, I heard that in case where one is alive, even if out of no
where ...... Though as far away from the royal family who survived could have be
en there. If so quiet in the alley on Lee Charm .......'
Weed of the brain, while the spin furiously to figure out the identity of the bo
y was trying.
Articles and other escorts did not come with them, even though the boy is very d
Weed's ability to fight quite a bit of a monster if I was about to beat, while w
You can also use a fist instead of a good horse, but w / the boy I turned to wat
ch them wearing equipment.
'Is the best. Among dwarves can make the best president or the dress is only to
be. '
I can imagine what a duck in the sack sword bling diamonds shone.
In addition, the complex circle of Scabbard markings were, this is really the ma
gic of 100% pure to prove that Sword.
Not uncommon, as well as who got to wear and never heard the story was not much
good sword.
Worms are wearing clothes from a special chamber to split it again, and three th
ousand strands twisted together gadakssik made products.
The best dwarf even sewing artisans, persistent efforts to create more than one
a month, not clothes.
Of course, the user is wearing clothes like that there is still a man.
'There is Stoller's wearing shoes wing of rese.'
Ultimate Warrior Barbarian can only go up the hill rese Stoller.
Guardians of the boy where the Bavarian wing of shoes that were worn.
Shoes of the estimated level was about 590.
Weed grows quickly polite!
"Yes, of course. What is you wrap me twelve. "
Iran must be subservient to the true age of the person does not seem such a hoot
Shows that increasing fame and recognition from people, but w / weak during the
past did not forget.

Should be subservient to a piece of cake was kkutkkuthan.
"You've talked about before carving skills."
"There are people better than me."
Piece sake, we're replacing some quests w / the requirements of the procuring wo
"There are things I want
he overly precious. Only
fications would probably
mpossible to give my men

to keep it, come get it, be issued to a man deserving t
to have it create sculptures are eligible. Baby Te modi
have had belsoseuraneun human. Weak man alone I'll be i
will guard you. "

『Dragon Treasure want
Fire Festival belsoseu!
Bernhard K akryong find his legacy evil and make the desired sculpture.
Bernhard K akryong of his tribute to the sangnapdoen complete with the right ski
Sculptures that were made.
Berne is the command to fifty thousand and one cable.
"Engraver over, you and your friends want to survive and do what I want
Will bring. Ten thousand days in my mind of late, or do not have enough
If you shall surely die. "
Baby Te is the modification of fragile things.
Whether born in mystery how hwipsayeo, but modify the inside of
All that glitters like the stars, the sewage.
Revision of the Berne k te bring the baby to escort you 11 people
Yongahbyeongeul to invest.
Difficulty: Quest Engraver
Quest limit: to have the best reputation as an engraver should be.
K Bernhard ties.
Should be resolved within 30 days.
Not any compensation.
Kay becomes dead if it fails to Bern.
Must be completed with at least eight people.
7 people can encourage the quest. Rejected the other
By Kay, Bernhard will cheodandoel. 』

Weed of the identity of the boy in front of K-Bern yieotdani akryong.
The continent's first, but not necessarily happy Teams, Conrad, the only Dragon
And no compensation, and certainly should not fail.
Dwarf daeneura this akryongeul worn down towards the ground, even if the teeth p
apyeonman ahreupen collect all the kingdoms of the soldiers was enough to make a
'Here and there, because I was struggling to know me now Dragon commissioned lea
ving the group to eat, eat and pamper'
Yeokeotdeon to Weed K-Bern and only if the case were two.
In the past, have carved a funny Kay Bern itgiya famous works, but it's not just
days and is buried
Dwarf bear their kickbacks as recently made his experience.
Dwarves get a lot of rewards from the end of one piece BOUGHT engraver quest lea
ds to this kind of thought you have been the reverse.
'Eat, not just dwarves or keep trotting!
Somehow linked in the master quest chisel akryong Kay Vern!
To make matters worse, the Great belsoseu raising the temperature of the contine
nt over the Versailles crimson wings were big enough to destroy the guild.
Typical, like shrimp, whales were intervenes.
Either way, you take one when I step down renal no choice but to fall down a cli
'If Dragon Quest difficulty than the unconditional average guy. If you're fortun
ate to be associated with a piece gonna drink ...... And anyway, well the baby c
an be seen carved rim modification of, a dragon, if you want something really ra
re I guess. '
Weed and nodded.
"Desired things will be back."
- Have accepted the quest.
K-1 months from Dragon Bern obtaining permission to conduct yongahbyeong 11.
Anyway, the story has no way of refusal.
Early and later you hit you hit, is a matter of order.
"I thought. Wait too long, so my anger will grow. "
Appearance of the boy suddenly disappeared.
Then I looked around the bar inside Weed jeokmakhal quiet enough.

"I'm just can not breathe."
"What was that?"
K akryong speculation of Bern was dumb and would not tell all.
"Now, I've spoken with some great presence."
Weed and Kay Bern you may have already heard of the idea to write polite honorif
ic gamyeonseo line is given to explain.
"Thor, the great dragon in the kingdom ruled from here and gave K-Bern nimkkeseo
shabby. I've never met and does not directly given to me was a noble mission, b
elsoseu asking the king created the heritage sculptures will find. Is your desir
ed item Bernhard K nimkkeseo It will be very valuable. Although the difficulty c
an not be expected even dare to refuse to accept because we have decided to ask
His dignity. I walk down the street a piece of surgery to get the glory of openi
ng. "
Analysis hajamyeon ......
toreu kkaengpan in the kingdom to rescue bill, there was nothing to eat akryong K
Bernhard will keep you up to Mora came to the other.
Weed this had never happened to utter his ordered, belsoseu king will find our h
I know I have a dragon on the subject to bring good to him, was forced to accept
dying Are their lives.
As soon as the engraver dirty it gets hit me like I live.
"Oh, I heard Lorna Legend of the Dragon Quest!"
"You are a weed also the youngest ever changed!"
"Amyo. Would not we proud of? "
Geomchiwa envied practitioners.
Quest of the continent's most powerful Dragon can KITCHEN
Does that even if a little taste of it in colleagues' eyes filled with compassio
n younger.
"How do you like weed."
"Perhaps we can jalhasil?"
"No one other than you would be able to do w / their trust."
"It's got to be a great adventure. I'll support you. "
Somehow positive, courageous colleagues were trying to give.
Weed and shook his head.
"To go to the royal tombs belsoseu Scorpion King will go to ruins."
Mei nodded his head run.

"Oh, right?"
In the past, the televised adventures of crimson wings, never remained in the me
"There really is dangerous. Died pretty much time to explore. To enter, and insi
de the ruins I'm not sure what key? "
"I remember the form of a sculpture I had made the cold is hard to go into the d
The Scorpion King tomb is now sealed. Crimson wings of pasture being that came t
o anyone in the guild did not go, did not bother to find out how to enter.
"But in the middle to open the sealed door at the same time a piece of Scorpion
olryeonwaya Aside from me, because I think I need at least seven persons."
"It's ... Did you? "
- Yes And other colleagues in the quest to rescue them, he said. "
Weed and colleagues, met the eye.
"Dragon? Lipstick ......"
Frozen was a fail.
"I think belsoseu king remains dangerous. Is that okay? Ah... Stations for a few
days to work, I ......"
Showing curiosity can not help but to abandon workers like as Maylon.
"Then I saw on TV where do you get the treasure?"
He liked a big adventure sureukaneun helplessly.
"Bad touch the big bell."
Come yen insecure and lost in thought that romyunaneun, was to be looking for an
excuse to refuse.
"Yurinah ... Keueuk. "
Anyway, you can not refuse the position Jaffe die like that because, as has been
majuchyeo eyes.
Belroteu hwaryeonggwa any place they want to see her was.
Weed and went like a fun adventure because there was a've never had.
"Really be dangerous?"
"Sister, I really hope we can risk. So I will not have to create a great song? "
The Scorpion King Boulevard for the grave if the good being perfect.
'Maylon will be broadcast on savor perhaps .....'
Except she only seven people are recruited.

Seoyun also be coming with great power tejiman could not in good conscience to a
sk repeatedly.
And for the fact that she was in a state other special information you gave.
Weed while making a personal, one rogue warrior minstrel crazy and told stories
King and senior aristocrats who came to the minstrel show, or they hear a song t
hat had a few rare cases.
"Sire, I went to local reports tohoru hear the song that may I ask?"
The King of the minstrel song, and then watching him give a reward.
Come on give a party deliberately Bard King of the continent through quests to o
btain the information could get a clue.
Then, over hundreds of talented troubadours will be moyeodeulge Each has a story
Weed, as well as party ideas while deliberately court such was the slightest.
Ahreupen necessarily at the bottom of the Kingdom of revolving funds, if not the
reality, they pay a fee to exercise because ahkkawot!
"Goldeussik have hundreds of songs, and whilst an estimate so far."
Of course you would say that the value of genius, bitter barn when the existence
of two kingdoms at stake.
"When the people ever really achieved much tax as well, even if the exploitation
is the luxury of the kings were lots screwed."
Then look at the true kings of Weed motnatdago thought.
That embargo was born of his mouth that knows how to suck until the gold worn it
lacked prudence will feel better.
In terms of cost savings that Iran was always important.
Weed's best if you personally that the continent was high enough reputation, Mor
a, other people take care of the theater also comes in the Bard.
Told of the wandering minstrel came to the Northern Song were called demons on t
he battlefield where the best known of the photovoltaic saga was to eungeohan.
To learn job skills, even if you did not know that there was asked to seoyun.
Of course, certain information will not owe, but in the meantime, take credit fo
r it especially telling that the naegoseo said heartily.
'Just in case the knife in an empty hut visits do not mean me.'
I smiled brightly and after you have cleaned the weed.
"Your level also exceeded 400, so we'll just ourselves."
"Ha, ha, ha, I wonder?"

Rigid knowing smile somewhere!
Fail-youths who were kind and gentle smile spread too suddenly Weed was rotten.
★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
In each station of Ahmedabad Ray beamed daily battles and adventures.
"The most powerful military Bard, Ray!"
"I've never caught so far to challenge the monster."
"Heukgisaui Master Quest! Strong like telling the end of the request is initiate
d after a while. "
Bard in the audience cheered, and broadcast the news of Ray's career quest came
up through the day.
Bard, Ray was already working on the fifteenth quest.
There was a certain scenario heukgisaui this quest.
Articles in the war itself was sold to honor the king away.
Toured many battlefields, while leaving the kingdom to build up public money to
those with the qualities of slaves and orphans as disciples samneunda.
As mercenaries and bring them on the battlefield, the military organized activit
ies to raise pay article about pay.
Ray Bard for the past history of the continent was in Versailles, and the battle
the kingdom was reproduced, and the fort was built in the shape of the time.
Enormous scale that can not be expressed outside of the quest!
Terme Knights of the money.
Terme of money Infantry Division.
Ray Bard on the battlefield, composed of 2,500 soldiers name and has 30 articles
Troops can be used in the remaining Black Knights Quest, continues as two men ca
n personally. That raised a substantial swings in the elite troops was the goal.
"The degree could take a little sex, I suppose."
Ray Bard on the acceptance of the original numbers of orphans exceeds 4,000, far
more soldiers on the battlefield was brought.
The suitability of the combat troops exhausted, but we feel incompetent if they
deliberately Bard Ray had a difficult mission entrusted to die relentlessly.
"Hold steady in front of the gates."
"The knight, however, include the command, we are a bunch."

Monster rising against his situation was to keep the city safe.
Even if the gate from inside the case is a dangerous word to stand out, it just
means death.
"Article should be able to do this much in order. Only then will take you to the
end. "
I understand.
Orphan is outside the gates of the soldiers that was killed in a glorious.
Ray Bard for the opening of the children were filled with better talent.
When the quest is in progress heukgisaui preferred yongbyeongsul inevitably boun
d to come out of the way there.
Ray Bard meantime, despite the atrocities of the guild Hermes deliberately hide
behind the shift was covered.
However, you need to go alone in quest to show spectacle that men gave without h
esitation, was accused of viewers.
"Completely bad. How many times in combat troops to hand it away like that. "
"I was loyal men into the fray in the battle to win easily forgetting Sanya, the
re is really heartless."
"Aristocracy of money in cash by his commoner Scion naechyeo forgetting that. Ra
y Bard, even as the last article naechyeoteo fought. "
But the picture was getting stronger as a unit because the number of non-trivial
even the audience response was enthusiastic.
Ray Bard to pursue power.
Justice and a strong justification to set aside the Order and the army is foster
ed heungmirowotgi pay process.
This was the envy of all the adventures, while Ray Bard jeongjak I was not happy
at all.
'This ought to be useless and annoying.'
Hermes, and he could take over the guild, the Knights and soldiers if necessary,
easily be mobilized only if.
Ray Bard already many men would die for.
As you walk the historic war as it developed the direct loads to the fact that t
he quest was only cumbersome.
★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Scenes Fabio hand.
Dwarven blacksmith swords and armor to create the most wonderful person he was p

Royal Road early prominence produces the best expose of the armor, now a patron
of the interview was broadcast.
"This time out, where's my good sword."
Land. Land. Land.
Fabio went without a long day ahead of a blacksmith.
He apprenticed directly grown dwarf fires and materials they are carrying.
Smithy's size is very big, but, the sad truth that the iron is already completed
and has accumulated a mountain of swords.
"Dad, teurikeo old sword in the guild level 360 orders came in one hundred and t
wenty. Palkkayo? "
"Yeah, go take care of take care of."
Dwarven Sword of the piles and took roughly screening.
Fabio himself into a separate weapon, though not coined tilt option has taken at
least 4-5 gaessikeun.
The center of gravity of the attack and defense are excellent, even if well worn
japhyeoteuni who will be happy.
"Awakened to the birth of a real sword."
Fabio dudeulgimyeo the only sword and a hammer was still creating.
Hundreds of bags a degree, does not intend the work is born.
Born naturally like a good sword if that is plaguing Knock geomdeuleun more.
Only iron, skilled birth eowooreojyeoya blacksmith work.
Dwarf Blacksmith Fabio tanned body of steel containing fireworks reminded me of
the energy.
He does not move, swords and armor from the blacksmith was making only.
Others talk of iron and fire, and his body was enough to sweat flowing.
Fabio's Blacksmith skill level advanced 81.7% 9.
The cobbler was crouching giants.
5) remains the king of belsoseu
Farmers to settle in one place was a necessary condition.
Wide fertile land, clear water does memareuji, natural disasters, the monster's
attack should not have.
"I do all the expensive cost of land heumyiji good land."

So farmers protected by walls and narrow steep mountains and high plains gotboda
neun was cleared.
Goat fence to prevent the attack of the fry also dug drainage.
Series of combat troops and police to secure the user when they noticed that wat
ching was going to expand the area of
When working in the mountains is also frequent monsters tend to die.
In order to raise crops, because a lot of things that could suffer, but farmers
liked the work.
"I do not know that it rains in the evening. Complete work quickly turned. "
Morning mist before the sun since the earth is crushed to plow and plant the see
ds, stems sprout vigorously can see him grow up.
Not a good environment to overcome tenacious seed of life look like someday to s
ee the fields of gold will be able to.
Farmers feel the emotion of that time will result in ten thousand and two.
Net grew heavy with grain, orchards of fruit trees that went out to market and s
ell tamseureopge was younggeulmyeon.
Grown agricultural products directly to the trade only can feel the fun, culture
gives rise, chefs put a premium to buy smoked a fuss.
Specialty crops such times, Raising money to buy more land will be invested.
To purchase weapons and armor back to earth, not even enough to invest in order
to withstand a bad harvest will.
Elves in the north of Mora, riding a fertile relationship with the bad side beca
use the land was a popular fruit of the Elves could improve.
If I could take care of the earth around to the other makes for fertile, with go
od landscape effect.
Only trees and fruit is expensive, not only to farmers of their rice fields and
abundant seems to have become a tremendous pride in itself.
But when it comes to profitability, perhaps the most expensive thing yakchobat!
A field of herbal medicine is not going to be able to raise anywhere moderately
shady areas of land for food this good should take the time to create.
Monsters, goat's aggressive acts of aggression brought up inside the herb to sto
p her best chefs, each denomination or four goes to pay for a huge amount.
Just steps to stabilize the early crop cultivation is easy, even a little manage
ment, the land remains intact.
Farmers with large land dealers indeed unenviable job was not earned as much mon
But later some land to widen the limits gaeganhan comes to other farmers to sell
their land lords or two weeks will be to find a new place.

Unknown save seeds, fertile land and settled in other places to look.
Cabbage professional guilds, farmers came together immediately after being built
on the Statue Freya Mora came to the other.
"The north earth really big, like a narrow area, farming in the central continen
t, suppose you do not build."
"Where it's only way out. Look at this soil. "
I ran to the right guild tough digging the soil was fertile.
"This is what I'd planted a good night."
"Freya denomination down to this earth and gave a blessing to say, do not need t
o. Agriculture, let's build here. "
At first, a simple crop, planted wheat and rice.
In some places quite a bit of wheat yield can be achieved easily, largely coveri
ng the land side was not.
And expect more daepungnyeon!
Freya denomination because the boys were able to grow safe crops.
When the invasion of monsters to worry about the other Prince of Mora talked a l
ot about the curse.
"Thought Prince morata shorter. If a monster in the low security at stake, does
not do anything. "
"Ignorant than they know what hit algetseup nikka break. It started before all th
at. "
Mid-Continent Farmers originally placed on exports to the mind.
But migrants have been pushed by Mora tarot, beginners were able to start.
Consumer market, was formed near the lords of the pen are specially built to gra
in farmers while certainly gave it an indirect support.
Try to farmers cultivated crops during storage and down just as it's heartbreaki
ng that the situation was not unlike other
careful attention is given to write.
"Mora, another of the lords lived frugally hagin That's a lot of investment."
"That's going to shave a little better?"
"Only noticed today I am. We cleared the land, watched as the Rangers for forwar
d deployed troops there. "
Farmers successfully grow tomatoes and grapes to the region's reputation and fam
e Let's crop has been collected and registered doeeottta specialties.
A specialty as long as the sale was a ludicrous degree. Food traders to buy, vis
it deliberately, in the quantities of grain to shoot because I want it.
Olive farmers also specialty plays later added to the register, and raw food che
fs also has made technological advances.

Wine, beer brewery operating as a grown grains, and consume more processed by tw
o car gave.
Livestock include cattle, sheep raising in large quantities of milk, cheese food
, and Mora also support other of the leather industry was highly competitive.
"Mora, another of the Prince is really great. By our farmers, who want me to loo
k at this carefully? "
"It's great lumber. When the kingdom ahreupen who'll grow more than it is now to
o late to start even before the field of herbal, fruit orchards and vineyards we
need also to widen. "
"I hae also started coffee and sugar cane."
The huge wealth accumulated by farmers and more land cultivated as breadbasket d
eeneun pay was absolute lord of the role of weed.
Weed and settlement, while many users report, security-enhanced and was able to
keep the monsters from the safety eul.
King of the farmers living piece of intensive protection of the Hydra and black
pythons take a long time had not come across like I did neulrijin production wou
ld have peace of mind.
However, many farmers also led to the development of other Mora, ahreupen it was
true even after the kingdom.
Currently, agriculture daehwalhwangyieotda.
The grass and flowers in full bloom as a popular tourist destination in the Mora
, riding.
How do you know where it came from, a lot of birds flew into this beautiful city
Good to harness the grain devoured with predators such as birds to farmers were
"Why is it so darn lady bird."
"Shoo! This is really only when you take out all my wish not to like it more. "
Spent struggling to dislodge them, tens of thousands of rabbits in groups, the b
irds flying over the golden fields of the farmers, regardless of a Minister of t
he rotting genus has been made.
Travel to see the birds come to deliberately breadbasket will become popular eno
ugh to attract.
"Sister, there's that weird bird!"
Leads attending two birds new captain of the special.
With a special appearance, a lovely golden rice is a new and eunsae of the two o
f us ate.
Bark stripped from a golden bird, give, take, like a princess eating eunsae sati
sfactorily tweet cried.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Lou 'The Fellowship of the religious left been asked ahgoldiahro.
Continental 10 geumyeokeun the reputation, as evidenced by the fact that the pip
e was not plagued the expedition.
"Oh, I'm getting tired."
"I go, no matter how endless".
"It's frustrating already the second day and have nothing to find."
Of course, I could not get food or water.
Split to the bottom of the dry land hungry monster, and cannibalism barbarian wa
Sacred ahgoldiahneun old self already long since been able to find.
"To push through. We can do. "
Lou's paladins and priests from church people who are tired encouraged.
Maybe in church ministry as much as mine, open series of Quests is natural that
a lot of users.
"Weed lover geumyeokeseo these 10 were active. And to look at them did not succe
ed? "
"We are here to give back to the others is a loser. Haenaepsida together. "
Even so, the endless barren land lured them to want to give up.
Hunger and thirst.
Monsters of the stones so they could eat meat.
Just found an oasis, even to the bottom Come on already dried state was exposed.
"Shit ... It is also wrong. "
"We'll find a little more scattered."
"Tomorrow would be nice if the rain down ......"
"Ever made one month before the last rain, we're really horrible."
Ahgoldiahneun dark wood of the area because of the wizard to teleport spell and
did not.
Even if the battle making waves around the small less mabeopman causes had to be
Near the dark wood when it was discovered that part of the wizard they were atta

More than 460 senior-level wizard enough to suffer the attacks of the Fellowship
Lead time to arrive ahgoldiahe started hitting the bottle pretty flowed.
Mora was in the other northern part of the elite were large numbers of users, bu
t it has caused thousands of casualties.
The expedition can be placed in an important crossroads butt every time I think
of people, many people participated in the fact that it was not necessarily a go
od thing.
Get Mora has been completed in the garden of the gods, to hear the cleric also w
anted to go back in the series users.
"At this point, I just finished exploring geumyeok ahgoldiahui, Mora went to the
other side of the gods to enjoy the garden to have a look?"
"Ahreupen interesting adventures in the Kingdom seem to have more."
"I'd better."
When a large number of users leaving the priesthood family, who worked as a user
with other professions also slipped as low tide.
The remaining persons were not only a mere 20 myeonggaryang.
"Must we will need to complete the mission."
Seupenseunyi adventurers on the continent in the name of a sucker for them to re
gain power through the sword has led Lew.
★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Weed the garden of the gods came out early in the morning he looked round the st
atue was created.
Finally, to complete the final sculpture in the morning time Now that remained.
Moon and the stars are near enough to feel like the sky was clear. I did not fee
l comfortable with, but the heart of Weed.
200 won the past, as well as buying a more expensive salt, but it still remains
to regret it, even more wrong is lit recently consummated.
"Melbourne in the Battle of Mine were so many mistakes."
Meanwhile, make the statue but the moment I keep fighting with Ray Bard rose.
Weed of the defeat and death, for then I knew it was not unfair or exasperating.
The reason is simple. Is too weak to die.
"Pulling my responsibility has not been stronger."
Ray Bard as a fighter known aliases.
Received support from the beginning of the guild or a disadvantage, or that all

was well byeonmyeonggeoriil.
In the battle fought by their ability to fully exercise was told repeatedly that
"I could not think more calmly. Did not know that I have not taking advantage. "
Was all the harsh conditions, but it was still available.
Seoyun with the wedding ring be distributed to the vitality of us could take adv
antage of the best revealed at the end of that point would have been longer hold
With life, fighting has fallen more actively in the Berserker skill of the profe
ssional attributes to the leverage to fight more in the mood could be seen attac
But Hermes, the burden of the guild further reinforcements, so that you think ar
e going to die anyway because they are understandably did not point the fight.
Moderately low in health status takes a big hit at the same time the effect of a
wedding ring does not write too and went dead.
"I'm never alone earthworms. 200 Hagia for that you foolishly expensive salt sat
getji circles. "
Weed is not even dead kkumteul blamed himself.
Jeongjak unintended damage from the battle of the Hermes user guild, but they wo
uld not agree at all.
In fact, even if there were some complex situations, Hermes elite users of the g
uild as much of the damage they had seen nothing surprising.
Apart from the level of skill and only a couple people working with monseuteoin
belkain so he did not mean to harass them.
"And the guard was badly. What's happened to me more than ever to happen was a l
ot of money was insufficient. "
Piece of art of summoning the situation was not bad on purpose. It initially had
to do no more damage was able to understand the parts.
But I also drink a piece of natural catastrophes, not to use lack of sculpture w
orthy eopeottta.
Skills such as volcanic eruptions would've played a long time to weed too danger
ous for themselves and irony at the critical moment, there was not useless.
Moderation in the dungeon that could cause a disaster if you have a sculpture, a
nd then use it to fight would have been much better.
As a useful piece of the moon that the fight was fencing. Most of the skills fro
m hunting skills so that I could use that too high.
But three times as many pieces of bloody sword of mana consumption, and one day
of the battle, the goddess of the article, but then I do not have body armor, ho
w much could use that.
"There were many ways of releasing stress."

Weed was the lax was the last battle against the poignant reflection.
That becomes stronger when jindamyeon this way deprive others shall live!
"Plus he's has been lost to armor talrokeuui faith."
Class of unique items.
Had options been acquired are old spirits even felt comfortable wearing.
Weed damage rather than enhance its focus on the defense side because the sword
was changed much more frequently.
Ppaetgyeo keeps away the affection of body armor has bothered him.
If faith talrokeuui armor was a strong feeling that you wear the bag, it's sold
into the wrong hands before eating desert.
"Never again should do."
Weed of the last pieces of identification before you decide to bring back the mo
rning, in the dungeon of the sculptures from the shop to take advantage of the d
Suddenly, a flock of insect-infested death. Through attending to health and terr
ible rock penetration over the humans and monsters will be discarded.
Weed fact that so far have created various kinds of sculptures, and a little obs
essed with catastrophe of unimaginable when you think you could make many differ
ent kinds.
"If something terrible anyway. Overwhelming body of water is hot enough to ripen
fall It'd be nice. In ice water for good, preferably pre-made sculptures that I
'll kick it up a place to avoid. "
I often experience a catastrophe ssayeotda raise.
Places like mine disaster, went to live alone, but only something like a hole pr
e-formed sculptures will be situated.
O We should have really bad neunda often say that doing something it was not use
"Banks have stolen many times better off going for the intensity."
Weed seeds in the morning to create a disaster for the work were distributed it
in all directions.
★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
"Soon we'll start?"
"Now the real end."
"The stress vain."
"I suddenly shove my back."

Garden of the Gods decided to complete one morning, Mora other army in the middl
e had not seen so far gathered.
They tingle of excitement and leave the last piece of the increase.
Case of direct participation will remain even more impressive.
"Uhh ... When you are done we'll go at that? "
"Belsoseu king's not hard to exploring the ruins. Dont just not go wrong. "
"Ha! If you look at the crimson wings of the past, I'm so nervous. "
Sureukawa romyuna, such deungryodeulman yirien upper dejected countenance was li
ke a dingy.
After completing the dungeon with sculptures, Weed to leave the situation becaus
e I could not look brighter.
Kay Bern yongahbyeongdeuleun already had arrived at the residence heuksaeng.
"We can not be too too good man."
Weed and typically fail, and here I felt watching yen.
Saenggosaenghaneun vain to stay next to someone who fits the character like unbe
"People like me, unlucky and bad things can happen if you're close."
Tteumyeonseo the morning sun were opened around this time last sculpture was fea
Maximum waiting time of the crowd.
Banchanin of hunger as the best, IMHO, when you need to have completed more impr
essed with the results of the piece will be.
"This morning, the ahreupen kingdom is a very historic moment. Collect taxes for
more would open a new chapter. "
Weed and shaved the lip of the sculpture.
Freya had left was the last identifiable.
Mid-Continent paladins and priests from running over to the competitive sinbuteo
completed the cycle, which they hoped linen.
Freya Statue Mora has already been created on the other, because God can work as
an archetype was the last thing kkakge.
Freya statue was a symbol of beauty to be beautiful, because several topics conc
ern grew about the possibility of the final work was himself.
Finely put on lipstick to finish the makeup shiny gloss finish adds to think thi
s, by Freya mouth of the statue was completed.

『Identification of the goddess Freya was born.
The goddess of beauty and abundance subjective.
In many ways, has a talent, a lot of human beings affected
Is a goddess.
To express the beauty of her or acknowledged is the work of a master engraver.
The new work that in the past, Freya, this piece of church
Awards will be cherished here. 』
- Freya 54 was of the order of Friendship.
- Freya church's public value has
public can see through the status
Freya denominational gongjeokchi:
Religious organizations to combat
te a quest that involved rises.

risen 960. Religious denomination values
of the
the achievement levels of evil that, to comple

Freya from the cathedral church, and leave him alone because of their faith, eve
n if people value the public could continue to rise daily.
As the King or

was one of the important benefits that can be achieved.

- A representation of God sculpture of a large area is gathered.
These sculptures did'll name the place they should be completed?
"I'll to the garden of the gods."
- The garden of the gods, is that correct?
I already have both users and workers were called.
Weed of the naming of reference did not fairly bad.
Nogada of the land, the town next to morata city, the garden of taxes, Hermes co
uld build guild a bad name because am by.
That's right.
『Versailles on the continent are creating the garden of the gods!
God has carved a place where the great majesty.
Some species even when their reverence for this place will be able to feel the g
This is the engraver of the Kingdom of ahreupen gukwangin Weed, his people and s

Thickness laid decorated with a large corporation.
To recover the oldest of the gods laid round.
Religiously important places to be, a tree grows in a vast garden of flowers
When in full bloom too would like Sprite.
It Versailles by each denomination to be registered as a sacred place of the con
Pilgrims to visit the garden of the gods will come.
Ahreupen Kingdom is a very high national reputation.
For those who believe in God through the divine blessing buyeodoep nida experienc
Countries with high culture has become an extension of the maximum force.
Respect people's loyalty toward the king itself. 』
National reputation in the trading of foreign and specialty products are very us
Trade in imported goods from the kingdom of the more widely known and well-chyeo
junda price.
Come to save the kingdom in particular preferably the procurement of the goods w
ould also have the Quest has been something you'll be pleased by merchants.
Outing w / a personal message windows.
Donna intimacy with other denominations, public values
d a blessing of the gods.

have risen so much, receive

God bless the dictator, squeezer!
In the process of establishing an image of a total of two masterpieces, three ma
sterpieces, masterpiece, seven dogs were born.
Historical sculptures, religious sculptures, a number of large sculptures were c
Sculpture, while others made the map, thanks to the leadership two stats, and th
e right side was a lot of stamina and endurance.
Carving skills have been advanced by 38.2 percent to 9 levels. For the entire co
ntinent of religious orientation may be some great work, thanks to have created
a steady increase in skill proficiency will.
Weed for sculpture than anything else to increase proficiency was the biggest ha
Long-term bondamyeon, ahreupen not long after the founding of the Kingdom of the
early days of creating the garden of the gods, knowing that would cause a great
"Kyahahahaha! Finally over! "

"Now Let's play!"
Garden of the Gods, Ltd. participated in the height of the user and threw their
hats and cheered. The musicians have played instruments vigorously.
"Travel, Wind, pork come to the restaurant. I'll a lot cheaper. Lettuce for free
! "
"Spicy dark beer! Until just seen flying out like there's a new cook. Would you
like to eat the guests follow me! "
"Protestant dejected! Find Daechujuk troops. Today pulsul regular dinners at the
cafe is! "
Mora waited for today to those in other festivals, were no different.
Petals on the streets to celebrate the completion of the sucker, shops opened th
eir doors.
The sign of a shack and ran home.
- Turned 14 this week carrying the garden of the gods.
- Hayeoteum four hours shoveling in the garden of the gods.
- The merchant's house. Donations two marble plates.
Every house became the proud.
Tourists and migrants from elsewhere in the continent still had a machine that a
ttracts the atmosphere could last for a considerable period.
Weed won the King, but so huge as the engraver of Civil Engineering and companio
n The work that made the crowd was amazing.
If the support of the guild, even if the other engravers of the popular masses d
o not follow me can not afford even a pretend one!
Smiling brightly, the expression of pure joy, many people take the labor of perf
ecting jwieojjae Garden of the Gods.
Phase two of the ten thousand and one different was the engraver works.
Weed has a chance to look good to the people sing considered that broke down thi
s time.
"The garden of the gods, now and forever will be open free of charge!"
"King ahreupen Hurrah!"
"The best engraver continent Weed Hurrah!"
A delight to the user larger weed!
"I really have no choice, weed's like."
"Yes. I fully love others Weed Weed out their adventures dabogo, Mora came to th
e other reason I'm being what it is. "

Honestly, at this time w / no choice but to unconditionally free to come was sag
Family of high-impact ministry user visits a lot of foresight, common occupation
was also a place to be essential to stop by.
If I can get admission income makdaehal really perhaps because the crowd did not
participate was an impossible task.
Just because weed is not done on admission will not accept if you have formidabl
e resistance.
Moreover, crucially, unfortunately, has been categorized as a religious building
can not possibly reap a sad admission, had the inside track.
Garden of the Gods themselves as completed, even if only indirectly, follow the
positive effects are not small. Weed also had to be satisfied in that much.
"I have good facilities just fine for ya. Who reap the tax, even when you feel s
omething that'll be me. "
Mid-Continent's other great buildings erected by
marshland or engraver, to hire a
n architect does not mean I can not make up a masterpiece.
Development of technologies or not such conditions or, in the long term investme
nt and not take things out of our immediate lump sum is not.
To be successful, even if long distance, and more specifically how much benefit
does not hand over jwiyeo was not an easy decision.
Enough to build great buildings and cities were concentrated heavily on the cent
ral continent.
Due to the war that some pipyehaeji stage, but the central cities of the contine
nt and was equipped with a high economic and technological.
Princes, but until now users had been agonizing for them to increase.
Somehow part of the lord as long as the users were only looking for them make jw
Even still, the number of users increases were to start a new, higher tax rates
that raise taxes because the more geothyeotgi.
Faithful to the interests of view, rather than far away had grown accustomed to.
Similarly, all of the other

around so things had to be difficult to change.

From this situation, the matter of the continent among regular users of the popu
lar weed was no wonder.
A little bit of magic on the continent have ever had w / the people, by developi
ng a selection of other giving Mora called the king did not understand what the
heck are extremely expensive.
"Kay should go to Bern's."
Extremely good armor yongahbyeongdeulyi came to Weed.
Weed order to create the sculpture had come to write a special day, there was no

need to rush.
Bern's quest for Kay's late because it could not have imagined.
"Ahreupen need to be king, but now things have to go. Wasamah! "
Wyvern piece of the chain of life came in and landed in the garden of the gods.
The road to the Great Fire belsoseuui Dungeons Wyvern decided to go riding.
An indepth knowledge of the terrain near nor do devastating picture of the mobil
ization include various resistance may be because of the high yongahbyeongdeuleu
l move.
Weed the garden of the gods, as in the yongahbyeongdeulgwa Wyvern e hitter, spect
ators were amazed.
"Weed's royal articles together?"
"Look at the armor. Usually not. "
"You look pretty strong. Oh, enough for 400 mid-level or the level of late is no
t it? "
"I thought you were weak ahreupen army of the kingdom ... You've been hiding the
m really like that article! "
"Caused no long history of the Royal Kingdom of the Knights of ahreupen why such
a high level?"
Yongahbyeongdeuleun weed through the crowd to follow, and the station broadcast
live coverage of the screen was known.
"That's yongahbyeongipnida!"
"Yongahbyeongyiramyeon, a dragon as part of their body to create a very powerful
monster is not it?"
Yes. Spiral yongahbyeongyi never seen this fight yet, but as seen by the sense o
f wearing the device when the best that the monsters would be great if the class
ification. The exact level is expected to be the beginning of a 500. "
"Yongahbyeongeun this amazing level of magic resistance, and also infinite vital
ity e close, in fact, not so easily, almost subdued, but not the data that's here
"Ah, is amazing! Weed when the dragon quests would be received by articles yonga
hbyeongeul escort? "
"If someone suddenly without embarrassment, but even more, if weed does not."
The coordinator of the station's studio was shocked.
Garden of the Gods has a lot of interest in the center of the continent was seei
ng a high-level users were also freaked out altogether.
"Ahreupen founding the kingdom is just that I thought you're not weak?"
"In the north there would be nothing but trouble, If I find that kind of ignored

Garden of the Gods for the completion of the broadcast of a sudden appeared in t
he business yongahbyeongeuro vigor.
The symbol of the kingdom, the power of the royal story was like that.
Lords or the king, without having to go through a complex quest given authority
to appoint an article could be.
When appointed to the article, free articles, user pay and horses, armor, sword,
gymnasium and other benefits, but an allegiance to place.
Knights of the soldiers had command of the dungeon or monster hunting may contin
ue to sweep to have been appointed to the good.
If the king will have to write a lot of nerve to say.
If a great story unto them because of their king and the growing reputation of t
he Prince rose to fame stats.
Can be exposed on the outside was also a source of pride.
Yongahbyeonge all surprised about the big topic, but Weed and his companions wer
e known only to their true identity hidden lookouts in Bern right K!
Weed is a date not succeed in the quest to prevent or Lay them out as if you wer
e now hostile.
6) Finally, the master sculpture
"'ve Put a lot of fog That's scary."
"This meeting's luck when the fog."
The tomb in the valley of the kings of Wyvern riding meusoseu Weed and his colle
agues had arrived.
Yongahbyeongdeuleun threats with open eyes through the streets looking for monst
Running around quite a bit of goat and monsters from continuing speculation yong
ahbyeongdeulyi sick to flush as an earthquake, even chaotic, I ran a harness.
Senior Monster was the grandeur of the rubbish.
Tori also did not like hokeuna half will be compliant.
Weed dasyeotda the appetite.
"Catch the leather would be sold expensively un-tent."
"Are you sure seem to fit."
Fail to watch around and has discovered the entrance.
Belsoseu royal tombs in the past the entrance to the ruins of crimson wing was o
pened by the guild.

But since then I have many visitors could not be sealed again.
Entrance to the collapsed ruins of the stone aside and went back inside.
★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
The interior of the site is flat and wide rather than a natural cave in the form
of cut up consisted dolbyeokui.
I was in the middle of a huge circular columns, the area of
can not hide enough I felt nervous.

monsters because they

"After me, huh, where the skills I'll exercised."
Fail launched in the future.
"Eye of the Wind."
- If the space is connected, you can see through obstacles.
Since I acquired the 400-level rise dee archer skill.
Archer did not even get the tie, to fail purely on the battle line has grown.
Moving along w / stats and skill proficiency in different ways taekhamyeonseo fa
ithful will become a great archer.
Bolt walked to the protests fail.
"Twilight of the arrow."
- Sticky webs hanging arrow to slow down the enemy.
"Delivery of the wind."
- Through the eyes of the wind can hit that target. You have to aim accurately t
rack enemy arrows are mathige.
Fail-wall look at the arrows shot blocked.
An arrow in his archery skills to the four kinds of technology that could be.
The arrow flew straight and he travels the wall and disappeared.
After a few moments.
I heard a crowd of monsters.
Fail to continue the rapid-fire arrows, and fired exercise the skill, the less f
requent dalryeoohdeon heard the monster's scream.
The monsters in dungeons far from the magnificent hunting is seen.
Only the ability to run high-level archers!

Only when a matter to be rats, but if you come to deal with multiple dogs is oft
en difficult.
When it does, the monster before it gets to the enemy's numbers and arrows that
life can put a lot will reduce.
Was used to lure monsters a la carte.
Fail small, slowly take out the bow, making a wonderful sight was enough to crus
h anyone.
Then came the monster was the victim of a sureukaui fist.
"Yeonhwangwon, mussanggwon, of the wheel!"
Abdominal, flank, his forehead.
The storm struck without covering areas such as connecting to the middle of the
winding-specific skills was achieved.
I feel exciting winding movement slows or heard of the Acoustic Impact was also
the best.
"Alright, I much stronger public?"
Weed growing feeling that a lot of his colleagues were satisfied.
"Jaldwaetseupnida. Quest difficulty level, even after you receive the S-class wh
en we think we can all do together. "
If you think that by dividing the reduction of suffering.
If you do not have to suffer alone, as colleagues will result in much more comfo
Weed, pale in the face of late colleague went ssaak.
Vain within his power to get love and then he did a great job in conflict is awf
Geudaeumbuteoneun actively to explore the ruins and has the speed.
In the past, fly crimson king belsoseu while exploring the ruins attract large n
umbers of users has 300 levels.
Include the level of overwhelming force at the time, the Versailles favorite gui
ld in ten fingers farther from the continent was possible.
"King of the relics left behind without a break and go directly munkkajineun."
"Yirien others, bless us to walk, as usual in my life the level of recovery is a
life at stake is only You have to."
"I'll do that."
Weed was conducted to explore the ruins.

Level of 400 units, as well as his colleagues rose. Crimson wings, though not as
much power as individuals to see a much stronger and more effective in terms of
exploring dungeons were too.
In addition, Bern left by Kay yongahbyeongkkaji apsewoomyeon they are so yeochah
Yongahbyeongeun Dwarves were created by a skeleton wearing the best body armor.
Although the human skeleton type, and the bone was more sharp spines per segment
Weed the yongahbyeongdeulege ordered.
"Go and fight."
Monsters, but they work together quite well with my colleagues, I die a little r
emains because the hassle of insects and insect sturgeon were kind.
"Your words are not responsible for them."
"The great work entrusted to Kay nimkkeseo Bern's necessary."
"...Copy that. "
Armor, armor cheolgeokdaemyeo yongahbyeongdeuleun walked bare-handed to charge.
I feel like somewhere, but not free machines, in the blink of an eye sturgeon ch
arge was strong enough to handle.
'These guys would be nice if my load ......'
Yongahbyeongui estimated level of 520 will be laid out so as to combat what they
call in was very reliable.
Only magical creatures born to fight!
Weed shed their needles dwimoseupeul jindeukhan looked.
'That will not be your death. If attacked by monsters destroyed by the yongahbye
ongyi ......'
Yongahbyeongyi geomyimyeo holding that Weed, both wearing body armor!
Weed of the eyes become insidious.
"Yongahbyeong, straight ahead Charge!"
"Kirit, I see."
Yongahbyeongdeulyi forward so, waking up in the ruins of hundreds of beasts rush
ed rats.
A fierce fight broke out between them in the aisles.
"Good, yongahbyeong!"
Weed and cheering while watching the fight was in yongahbyeongdeulgwa clutch.
The most ruthless beasts yongahbyeongdeulege Heavily attacked.

Striking with his front foot, smashed head, mouth wide open fire spit naegeona b
iting was an ordinary enough.
Yongahbyeongdeuleun victims of an attack, but no matter how much health did not
reduce any.
K akryong unpaired powerful protection of Bern magic is hanging.
Rather than going through an attack aneuni reluctantly touched the clutch.
Yongahbyeongdeulyi not feel any horror or crisis to be thorough, a clutch of rab
bits hunted.
"Indeed, that's not gonna die easily."
Weed said the yongahbyeongdeulege to keep his place.
The damage to the gem and a great defense, so the hunt yongahbyeongyi eased.
"Call Death Knight Van Hawk, Call of vampire download directory!"
"Master, was called to."
Tori was committed to help combat anti Hawk w / non-use of the sword was.
That grew into his alter ego 5.
Islamabad in the fight against Ray If there is defeat, then realized that, rathe
r than hunting for a duel of skill and proficiency in several battles that were
incumbent on evenly.
Sword fighting, while the non-active use of the beginning!
Attack of the clutch halves, and another was attacked.
Weed went excellent because the next attack came to him, and worse, their claws.
- Malouda attacks seuchyeotseupnida size.
- The goddess of the articles of armor to bring the blessings of the goddess Fre
Monster's ATK will increase by 27% according to the defense.
You do not have good defenses, the goddess of the article, more armor, armor inc
"Okay, we're not too modest nod not right."
Weed is an unusual way to combat improvised dalrihaetda little.
Ttaeriraneun deliberately, as beasts of the skills to go forward and fight rampa
Ray was impressed, even Islamabad, was not sophisticated, and agile combat.

"Eye jilkkeun cold, bright sword!"
Weed the clutch to get to the right, while non-fencing was used.
The sparrow is now winning three rats suggests. Close your eyes and take care of
've rushed the enemy is fighting.
Clutches of the attack, nor the right, while avoiding combat skills were still u
Maetjip and meet a lot of patience to raise, and in terms of damage rather than
punching right, while avoiding hitting the side was better.
Hunting will change the way a little more efficiently.
Usually when people did good fight gaessaumeul beolyini was worse.
"The Slapping, yet fragile. L Give me, come on!
Goddess of the article, the first time I used to battle armor.
Primary and high defense, complete with helium filled quickly becoming an effect
ive mana sword skills in the gajyeotgi yeondal Arthur was tired even write.
Belroteuga sighed deeply.
"Weed it on ......"
Even if it is ignorant is ignorant how to fight this, suppose to be ignorant. Ho
w much dignity as a man would not consider that about it.
Hwaryeongeun bright, and smiled.
"Weed's got charm and would like beasts on. Agh! "
Really good sister, though I could not understand hwaryeongeul belroteuneun some
★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Belsoseu king had arrived safely from the entrance to the chamber.
Yongahbyeongdeulyi that helped a lot, but goddamn it was a monster.
As the fight was declared a lot, probably due to face the whole time I had a bad
Anxiously asked me two yen.
"Are you okay? If I were sick, where can I put up a magic cure? "
"I'm not. Fuu~.
Stat endurance exceeded 900, 500 are maetjip soon. Achieved through the creation

of vicious hunting and sculptures were brought results.
Even the Warriors can attack with a shield to prevent the flight because the def
ensive skill development.
Weed growth, mainly as a primary stat eoryeowottta Shiki so easy.
While hunting in the wrong direction and losing a monster attack Trying to give
even the right purpose.
"Yeah so I have been a lot of armor, like the old do not really feel like I'm ri
85 talrokeuui faith defense was not only the armor and defense growing up close
to 300 articles of the goddess armor difference between heaven and earth, respec
If you're using here to shine on the armor adds 20% more in defense of the diste
nded, opened wide the gap even more.
DEF is the difference between 200 degree and fifth over the monster's attack sho
wed the effect of reducing.
"Before you hit the cool but a little itchy now and I'm sorry a lot."
Goddess of the articles because of armor worn, and avoid or ignore the various c
urses does not run away were able to fight more aggressively.
That alone was affected by your attack power, armor, because the material is hel
ium filled quickly gave mana.
Attack while using a lot of skills, hunting skills faster and raise the sword of
the non-improved.
Until now, the weed to grow the maetjip pivotal role that made it up again lost
talrokeuui armor was lamented.
"A good buyer to sell at high prices to eat was simply perfect."
- Yes
It is not. Rather, it was always fit the statue. "
The Scorpion King belsoseu symbol of the piece.
Weed them at the altar and picked up the red stone.
In the past, I've seen pieces of it, but I could not remember until the very det
So far, his hands in the continent through the liver will be circulated to the e
normous quantity of sculpture.
Also accumulated a huge amount of giant warehouses heuksaeng had.
If the anniversary or a special sale at a good price to sell the sculptures chiw

"Then I'll create a better messaging."
Scorpion weed by the rough pore has come down soon. And 1 each and gave the fell
"Will be at the same time and place."
- Yes
Rolled for a moment tense moment.
King crimson wings guild belsoseu entered the tomb, the curse put on the entire
continent of Versailles.
Given that goes in and the thing that was great about risks.
Weed, as well as for his part was also considered.
'I'm just sneak a bad result, even though pedagogically what I have done a moreu
getjji. Have to catch the end of release. '
Did not open like the wings of crimson, like ghouls at the entrance of the ruins
and make sure the other person that came to be inside.
Red Scorpion two geureojyeo held the Stone Gate strikes the big noise.
Are roaming around inside the clutch had a significant amount.
Weed and clutch at the same time they looked at the company's willingness to att
ack, Dodge has a wild cry.
"Yongahbyeong, go ahead and keep the entrance."
"Yes, sir."
Royal tombs to keep the high level of beasts, and lira deulyigie more dangerous.
Guild of crimson wing was attacking the first movie you saw was a lot.
Weed and this time decided not to be excessive hunting stable. Yongahbyeonggwa g
uarded the entrance to the Death Knight, has decided to focusing on ranged attac
Senior romyunaui magic, fail the arrow, the Zephyr range of the attack on the fi
shing rod is quite long.
And fights between the beasts escaped sureukaneun is yongahbyeongdeul.
"We need to start dancing."
"Sister, I'll play with a quick rhythm!"
Hwaryeonggwa belroteuneun dazzle song and dance was the clutch.
Weed Inspection of the luminosity and write down the mana is gone, armed with bo
ws and arrows of the elves chageunchageunhi clutch eliminating them.
Ranged from the entrance to the peace of mind completely chokes the hunt.

Experience against a strong clutch easily raised, and also sat on loot.
Users want their family situation, every battle was a dream.
"Singgeopgun little. I'm also doegeteo fit! "
But in the end go over your head w / a yongahbyeongdeului surrounded by beasts t
hat chose to leave the battle.
Remarkably dangerous and there are beasts had graduated, the goddess of the arti
cle, the power exerted in my armor.
"Therapeutic touch!
Yongahbyeongdeulegeneun yen here did not require treatment because of the intens
ive care they could.
Weed mowing the sculpture just as good when you do a little static, but I do not
mind this, even when hunting was happy.
As experience and proficiency to establish a right to acquire because it spoils!
"W / others, I'll cover you."
Fail to the rear of the arrows around w / a clutch of attacks has focused primar
Romyunaneun magic, ready to burst once greatly.
Hwaryeonggwa belroteuui dazed in song and dance moves a little slower and worse,
as they have been weakened.
King's tomb in the spirit of sparring, fighting has overwhelmed the space.
The Golden Scorpion Weed dry eyes and a little phase, and saw piles of gold and
The Golden Scorpion Weed water phase and a little snow, he saw piles of gold and
Crimson wing attacks, even when in the guild, I saw the movie, but did not give
the impression there's a little bit.
"That, of gold jewelry in the ..."
Weed's voice quivered like a little boy to confess to first love.
But the face looks like a huge bribes had reached the politicians.
"I do not go there right now. Wideunim! "
"I know how big this touches."
W / all my colleagues of the treasure I wonder if that was most warp.
Wings in crimson curse, the treasure has not been a big mistake by geondeuryeose

Treasures of the picture can be tteokyiragodo. Can I take a big risk takers do n
ot bother writing to the people coming here she was lira.
Yet even as his colleagues ran w / the brains of the drawing arm still went fast
Jewelry, coins, items for the analysis of cold!
'A lot of jewelry area's value. To dispose of 3.4 million gold in this market an
d hopefully get out, think about. Mapannimege promise to leave it if sugoryo Can
you get up to 3,670,000 gold. '
Last byeondongdoen price is given to the accurate analysis of the 3% margin of e
Weed did not touch the piles of jewels.
Only a fool would let spit!
"Oh look at this sparkling jewel."
Big sister? Here's the bag.

luggage Rosset remembers only one I was wearing. "

"Really? It's Limited Edition. I wanted to have this too. "
Hwaryeonggwa belroteuneun Leather Clothing and jewelry, accessories, did not tak
e my eyes off from.
"Agh. 're So pretty. Wear this and I should have seen it in the square. "
"These brilliant colors look."
Bags and jewelry, boots just to watch them happily gave her.
"Sajeyong staff's been to places like this?"
"I've never seen a diamond-encrusted gloves."
Yen and looked at me with eyes that shook sureukado equipment.
In the interest of rare items as a wizard romyunaneun red light hovering in fron
t of Rove was turning.
Putting things looked Weed greed was not the only one!
Watching the piles of jewel weed is found that strange.
"Wrought a significant piece of work skills. Dwarf is the work? Although slight
differences Dwarf's not the way you like. "
Dwarf they are pretty, rather than pore size is difficult to highlight the beaut
y of the color in jewelry as simple a form of expression followed.
"More to see the other things a little weird."
Weed, including a glass or two of the Knights of the model with considerable ski
lls will be finished by the engraver was impossible to read.

King of the big tube in the middle belsoseu.
Engraved on the lid of the coffin is just a piece of ordinance in harmony patter
n was not an ordinary skills.
"Scorpion is cutting the level of resolution is quite extraordinary."
Simply come to the weed becoming a king's tomb scorpion had a rough kkakgiman.
But here in the Scorpion's tomb they seem to be quite sophisticated enough to at
tend the live gear was astonishing.
Many pieces of treasure, but a job that not many signs due sculptures will also
cross-examined a great touch.
"Maybe this ..."
W / hand on the wall to bring the pattern of the scorpion present.
- Have Pailed.
"It's too ..."
Weed's conviction was reinforced.
『Scorpion sculpture
3-year-old works of sculpture is a master belsoseu la deus.
His favorite word was represented.
Artistic value: 472
Special options: increasing the breeding of scorpions.
Bului power gitdeulm 』
"It was also a master sculpture!"
Weed had not seen the final master belsoseu was king.
And the memories filled with sculptures, began to show.
★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Belsoseuneun was born in the southern desert.
Veins have a king, but he kicked my childhood went to all the assassins.
Moving along the desert tribes and a growing destination, as they carry the burd
en of watching them was a rare thing.

Carl turned his attention it was sculpture.
Jericho, a small hand-carved sculptures belsoseuneun received recognition from t
he target.
Mercenaries as you learn fencing from the desert and nomadism was the center and
from the continent.
After getting his adult life had returned to their lack of.
Belsoseuga wearing a necklace of scorpions, and is born out of the back engraved
with the sign of a tattoo.
I'm the king of the kingdom is bureukan since he was to rule the southern desert
Belsoseu king was called the Great Fire, the ground war, many spirits that follo
wed him blows.
"March of the kingdom is bureukan."
"All hands of the desert tribes keusilriya!"
The fight against the ravages of the desert tribes.
Lack of predatory nomads raise sheep and slaughter a camel and cattle taken away
Nobody can touch me in the desert belsoseu forces defeated by the king's father
and they were killed.
Lack of looting more than 100,000 of the army which consisted of a camel cavalry
Gokdoreul brandishing a long, skillfully deals with the bow.
Certainly, because the short window jipeodeonji first Mid-Continent was fought i
n a way very different from the Knights.
But in combat as much as good as the Knights came in Mid-Continent.
Tribal warriors of the kingdom, on the other hand bureukan brightness while 30,0
00 did not.
Do not ride camels also includes many common disease was the number.
Mana fought battle, but the ending seemed to be fixed, belsoseu royal army, as w
ell as tens of thousands, the man had a fire spirit.
If a non-desert grassland or forest-battle, I have defected since the lira lost
everything burned.
In the desert sand was free to roam around the fire spirit.
Belsoseu through the fire spirit king brought peace in the desert. However, coul
d be a great king.
Most of the crops can not grow desert land was not true oasis and the river will
leave to continue the fight took place between tribes.

Belsoseu king was forced entry into the central continent.
Friend of the fire spirit while taking the war to mobilize the vast territory wa
s secured.
Accumulate huge treasure every win the war clouded the eyes of their tribesmen,
and they wanted more blood instead of living in the land to plow.
Belsoseuneun did not leave the palace felt lonely. But in his tribe has been exp
anded by the war continued.
Been disciplined by the desert tribes were fighting, siege weapons, to secure to
the wall is no longer the subject of an impregnable fortress.
Belsoseuga fight, even if you are bleeding from his tribe, the kingdom of the vi
ctims in the Mid-Continent has been asked to take.
"The sculptures are beautiful, but beautifully made by human greed and suck."
Spirits and wine but the king belsoseuneun even hung a piece.
Palaces, plant materials, collected rare sculptures were represented.
Dress up like a garden, high up in a desert oasis, peacefully in a stream also m
ade a sculpture of a camel chukyineun neck.
They are mired in war, the desert tribes did not know the meaning of the sculptu
In the meantime, the royal palace in belsoseuga recruited only the territory of
the kingdom of warriors getting wider, and there came more treasure.
When the king heard the old man who calls himself an heir to the power struggle
waged appeared.
Belsoseu the king, the fire spirit that thrives because of the army was quiet, b
ut once you go out gruesome killings have already been teo.
Belsoseuneun was still a piece of the fire spirit. Spirit we can not follow him
there was invaluable.
Then finally abandoned the human spirit became flesh.
He has become a fire jeongryeongwang.
Belsoseuga suddenly disappeared from the palace since I, too, longitudinal, and
hid the fire spirit.
Bureukan no longer have a reason to fight for the kingdom has been used.
Successors to come to the palace and set fire to loot valuable stuff.
Belsoseuga made clear that burning the palace was a sculptor.
Bureukan kingdom after being weakened by the war between tribes, masen back to t
he desert kingdom was forced to resign by the counterattack.
Fortunately, some relics and treasures belsoseuui before the chamberlain of the

palace by a predatory meusoseu was moved to the valley was not destroyed.
Despite his achievements, but the king remains belsoseu the material was very lo
★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
- Sculpture, carving through the story behind the master belsoseu la deus has re
ceived information about three years.
Bureukan of the kingdom has informed.
Have acquired knowledge of history.
Knowledge is increased to 14.
Piece of creative spirits and wine have already learned to be associated with th
e quest does not occur.
"Chisel of the master lived the military life is very unusual."
Weed the story behind the sculpture, I felt looking at the drink myself.
"I was dying because someone ... This treasure is piled ever get lonely time! "
This is indeed a true injustice!
The king of luxury and pleasure, enjoying the thing did not criticize me about.
Weed when viewed from a personal standpoint, I do not understand the frugal king
at all went to replace.
If it'd be a lot of what kind of property would just. Shall we not discard spent
Collect more treasure, the tyranny of power, even in moderation it's billed as t
he living world to live!
Anyway belsoseu king was not unusual.
Ordinance creating the master piece created by surgery, because even assuming th
at he lived.
Each trait was the master for engraving.
Daroneun many pieces of a girl, while sculpture pieces filled with affection, I
realized Shapeshifter.
Zaha beu fencing and the queens love the bright sword and left pieces.
Geyihareu von ahreupen sculptures to life by the emperor geoneuryeotgo empire, b
ig day for him, and the catastrophe of nature, friend of Sanya piece of natural
sculpture surgery was completed.
Belsoseu last king of the desert to live as the blazing opening will be gone.
"Be careful, I'm a. Exploitation of missteps do not even see, then I do not bing
e can not pay to try. "
Weed guard feels that much lighter feel while a look at the king's chamber.
If the king master carving belsoseu complete stranger can not be said it was sag

7) jeongryeongwang sculpture
Weed paid to get the information they were given information about other colleag
Knew that here, as yen and smiled slightly.
"The king now jeongryeongwang fire got so carelessly touched his remains in the
past because of the spirit of the continent's hotter that ever made a curse."
Sureukado exciting story, as they liked.
"I'm curious like a complete fairy tale. Versailles unknown history of the conti
nent, I know about that, but I guess now we? "
Performed for the king as belroteuwa hwaryeongeul belsoseu want to try and discu
ss something was going to fit.
Mora, a small theater there were other, larger singdangeneun modest little hall
was created.
Light Square, making the show too often in bingryong Square makes, big or small,
get the audience response of the high-performance stats can be blown if you are
Weed is a historical story high sculpture was created as the effects, the show's
content is known in history when the assessment was based.
Ignorance of the truth before the show by submitting their knowledge of the audi
ence because you can get the stats were more welcoming.
In this case, the historical facts as well as for the first time one can not get
the stats.
So every time a steady stream of performances the audience will be better.
Bard as they roam the continent was also the reason for obtaining stories.
"So the only thing they bring a baby te to not want to be."
W / a piece of material gathered in a place where babies were found a number of
modifications of Te.
I do not quite yield, at least 120 dogs had been.
"But I can not take your stars do not know what's sick!"
Belsoseu Great Sword, Horn, he was wearing a desert warrior's equipment, etc. Th
ere were many treasures.
Of all the way to take leave all that stuff mean, just a piece of mind deuljiman
sad, Stigma is also relieved that I do not even have been geujyeo.
"This is how it is done."
Weed that was deep in thought.

Treasure from the dungeon discovery also showed that sangjak does not open to ab
Because if I do not know what a trap is installed!
In this case, the boundary must be even more suspicious.
Weed that had so far, as well as your own sell it felt even more suspicious.
"Dragon Quest, so I do not end simply. Yongahbyeongkkajido kindly prepared for t
his treasure came to support? To find the location of the site with a few wander
ing monsters, but I also have a fight, it was good enough to trouble you had eno
ugh. "
Usually solved this difficulty well fluently as a vigilant and Quest, to feel ha
ppy taking your place and then hit in the head properly.
Until now, the high difficulty of the quest and saw how much the experience.
"There's nothing earth twenty dollars in a hurry."
Choose stood silent and waited for his colleagues.
When was the wrong choice, but believe it may cause anger, as is to wait.
The sogongeoryeotda Jaffe.
"Weed's decision largely bet you believe."
Belroteudo in a small voice said.
"My thoughts exactly. Can you say the same step on cockroaches do not die. "
Other companies have agreed about that.
★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
"You're not doing well."
Weed was not to touch a piece of material.
The tremendous suffering, but also gold, baby Te modifications, is a precious ge
m above.
Guild of crimson wings, like that in the treasure that had been out on the greed
y hands, knowing that I could not use a lot of the papers.
"Life, I ordered the fried chicken, seasoned chicken, not a chance they could be
W / other precious materials in a piece of the king of achieving attention and l
ooked around the chamber.
Desire to abandon the more I could, by reading the story behind the sculpture co
llection belsoseu King also seemed to Macking.
"Spirit had a lot of the sculptures that were going to get it."

Turbulent life from childhood to their friend and colleague doeeoteurira ordinan
And found, comprising about half of the fire spirit statue!
Usually there was no finesse.
Belsoseu lived a king in the desert, rough appearance, the body consisted of the
entire ordinance as a fire.
Weed of the unfinished sculptures that backfired when they see all this fits in
the puzzle that looks just as convinced.
"It's not a treasure rim modification of honey might be fine with alcohol. It co
uld have been a curse not come back. "
Weed also belsoseu king, the engraver was a commonality.
Sometimes there may be a social problem that the partners did not mind.
"But the king belsoseu sculpture was a master, he had a spirit to create a piece
Weed as a separate self-taught skills ikhyeotjiman, sculptures, looking at the s
tory behind the piece of creative spirits king belsoseu haeteu would learn to dr
ink was not 100% sure.
"This completion of the unfinished statue of piece of the creative spirit can le
arn to bet you drink."
If so, this sculpture will have to do to finish it up. This is related to the en
graver and as a venue, the statue could be seen as a very important key.
Ever-deeper thoughts and colleagues continue to repeat myself, watching, waiting
for the seniors had to weed.
"How are you going?"
"I do not know. Even now I do not think I'd get away with a treasure ......"
"Once again, check around the'm walking around."
"Oh, I'm smiling!"
Finally, at the mouth of Weed confident smile maethyeotda rotten.
★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
"Fire is jeongryeongwang rulruru!"
Weed ordinance calling for the hum of the Stone Brew and shaved on the Shia.
"Indeed, because different, different ideas of luxury."
The king had left unfinished belsoseu spirit I find almost no material was stone

Elemental Shaman quest to go public with the elemental plane of value was to get
stacked. Or to find a superlative that spirit is turned to stone.
Spirit of the stone gates of the property contained in the ordinance was correct
Whenever a piece of weed hwareureu flames rose significantly.
Oil in a skillet and fry it in Chinese cooking was seen as doing.
- To reduce fire deeoseo 237 health.
Weed go down to the sculpture as the sufferings of this amount we're out of pick
les ttawiya about eating noodles.
An area without a fresh piece of stone continues to blaze neomsilgeoryeotda.
Homebrew spirit stones to pieces in the Asia jeongryeongwang indeed was the best
Fail to come and told us.
"W / others, and now it's time they appear."
"It's been already one hour s."
Remains the king of the beasts growled belsoseu crews. In a separate colony, wit
h stone pathways and beasts had come there regularly.
W / clutch and two colleagues were also to be desired.
Yongahbyeonggwa committed even if the fellow is, but I wanted to direct hunting.
"Splendor of the sword!"
The skill of a non-lined fence bird, a sparrow lights were five rats.
Driven into the sparrow 5 monster effects that occur in the conflict, and was ma
tched to the gorgeous.
Each of the non-sword skill increases, was clearly stronger.
"W / others, this is followed by an ice locker."
Ice boseugeup rocker clutches!
Weed is not the brilliance of the sword was used bungeomsuleul.
Bungeomsuleun against a strong monster with the effect of hunting was a really g
ood side.
Syasyasyak Sasha.
Weed's alter ego was 9 thousand.
Keureureureu ......
Ice rocker alter ego boundaries, a little confused with her eyes and looked at t

hem alternately.
Fail, and Jaffe, sureukaneun gitgaryeotda yet when the attack does not.
W / Ice and ran toward the locker. Both halves we played well.
Ice locker breathed the breath of a strong front.
Extreme cold!
Halves of the body while riding in was hit quickly froze.
Ice strongly alter ego rocker was struck by the elbow.
Posse turned into gray scattering.
Bungeomsuleun to neutralize the enemy's special attack was effective.
Weed of the other halves to induce attacks of monsters to go back in between, wi
th the daemon sword hit the nape of the ice locker.
- Is a fatal blow blow!
Come to re-alter ego was the ice locker.
The break was a continuous attack Weed.
- Is a fatal blow blow!
- Is a fatal blow blow!
- Continuous fatal blow blow.
- Ice rocker bang his head fell into chaos coerced.
"Hit it!"
Everything falls into chaos as they attack a case of multiple alter ego, titles,
ruthless bombardment of Iran that the level of damage!
"I'm beat!"
Now I 'm waiting for Jenna and sureukaga attacks spurred Jaffe.
Fail romyunaui of magic and was hit with an arrow.
Weed the 'step' What was the right signals!
Low defense and vitality, the damage from a weak melee was so active naseoji bel
roteudo hwaryeonggwa novelties.
Sogeomeuro stick, hunting was struck with steel instruments.

Had the transition Weed learn bungeomsuleul opponent from the front, as Jaffe an
d other colleagues would support.
Modest to strong fight against the monsters Play Art of the Party!
Weed bungeomsuleul now using the monster did not slow the weakening or even easi
ly teoteurigo fatal blow, was able to cause chaos well.
After fencing at the Battle of the non-learning and many will be changed.
While several dogs to hunt monsters bungeomsuleun the effect was also excellent.
Ssawooni posse as they arose in defense assistance, and increased overall damage
Rapid mana cost disadvantages far faster rate, though hunting was the reason for
And now a paeroteuui ring up mana, Baja section of the bracelet, made of helium
brought to the goddess wearing body armor because of the article bungeomsuldo wa
s used without the need to conserve whenever necessary.
Geomchiwa practitioners bungeomsuleul did learn to use properly yet, but the wee
d will file it away completely.
"The unexpected is really great, good fencing!"
Raising lots of experience and skill acquisition of booty!
Weed would have to come to the dungeon and since a lot of his colleagues brought
the bag.
Hunting is simply time was filled with trophies.
- From now do you need?
- Yet there seems to be a little more waiting here.
Mapaneun periodically send a whisper to Fail has confirmed the situation.
Recently, the money spent is very expensive to buy 12 gargoyles was tamed.
Rose to the highest level that traders had grown only to the sky, I would have p
repared Gargoyle transport troops.
Mapaneun so anytime you can come prepared to deal finished, were put on standby.
Weed and his colleagues were paid, in so many ways to at least grab hunting.
"Here's to a great hunting ground".
Clutch of habitats on a large scale, and sometimes spoils include jewelry belsos
eu king has fallen.
Beogeowot somewhat unreliable, but acceptable if you were alone with my colleagu
es came together, work was well configurations.
Weed front of a dungeon more than boseugeup monseunteoga possible role of defens
e and offense was not.

Colleagues in their professional skills were incomparable blend well.
I agree with you ever since you came early to understand the meaning shown was g
'You mean the next 3 hours and no hunting for the Lord. Uhh, how to jump what th
e heck I can not feel my legs. '
'Why is it so much they found the darn clutch. Weed nimyirang stats and more exp
ensive to hunt and endurance. '
'Ah, a nice stay with weed their rice to eat, while wearing new shoes and clothe
s, like walking. "
★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
"Brother, this really looks just fine."
That's it! Enjoys hunting. "
There bungeomsulgwa geomchiwa practitioners have used the sword of luminosity.
Monsters are getting increasingly stronger hold on to go way over the basic writ
ing skills unyonghae geomsulman gamyeonseo momentum has taken him to see properl
y on the hunt.
Take out the monsters of the dungeon to find the treasure hunt boseugeup fun mon
ster group, time, did not know we were going.
Boseugeup alone can not catch a monster, they joined forces to hunt to the death
Hang a sword on horseback to Wyverns other to see the hands of a man romance!
"God Is not born."
"The old, Master!"
"Let's play for yourself!"
Now, the Orcs put around the fort, and also attended a user visited a high level
Geomchiwa practitioners defeating monsters dominated the rugged mountains.
Standing on a high mountain, turned around and yelled a battle cry.
Clouds, the mountains are under winding leads. Rather, there was a wonderful sig
Enjoy the wild and live long and strong will power!
Geomchiwa of Education, for students, the same numerical level as the heart does
not feel well.

Just enough to satisfy the free space has to fight heartily agree or thrilled.
The trail of the morning dew while running maethyeo finding a bunch of monsters,
it feels like the death penalty among all competing in a big way!
Mugisul skill thing, but growing, so that you can fight it felt grateful.
The accumulation level of experience climbing harness, has won countless trophie
s do.
Fort be put in the time you spent quite adapted by Bonnie, recently dropped a lo
t of people die.
"Yes, Master."
"Our two Royal did something a long time to load a map."
"The time has passed already, Master."
That's it!
Hear in his right hand missing a tooth geomchineun cheolgeomeul looked sparse.
'I grew realistic.'
So glad I did not want to be called virtual reality.
As a disciplined body, perhaps even in a society that has fallen the opportunity
to write it.
Fertilization is stuck in a fight with others, bad behavior is not allowed to hi
t people.
Mixed Martial Arts to entertain the crowd went on to fight had to give.
Royal download, did not fill the needs have been a lot of help to solve.
"I saw him when junior iron pipe as favorite see."
"Trainees also have liked."
Painting of the death penalty, even among practitioners of combat and adventure
every time that the Royal Road and waited.
Weekend or even a break for rest voluntarily entered into capsules.
"But what does that really strong."
When geomchiga doenoego quiet, geomsamchiwa Tests, was listening quietly geomohc
hido come.
"If we are not from here, the stronger self-esteem to wear it is happening?"
Instructors and practitioners about the death took lightly.
Royal Road after a severe difference in the level of equipment can not beat Chin
a. Judgement, the reaction of the body very, very helpful, but even so was the l

"I think a good dream. It ......"
"I'm trying to tell you is to learn the sword. By learning the sword is etched w
ith his own observations. "
In reality, even though dozens of years of hard training and also suffered defea
t in a moment's mistake, and should not lose their lives.
When you are young and active or have blood, grow older, as the weak.
Although impractical, it was life.
Nevertheless, because instructors have chosen a huge variety of rough roads, but
eventually learns the sword under the guidance geomchiui went himself.
Real physical pain, the joy strong, life-threatening, a great swordsman.
Become stronger through all this stuff, will meet his or her inner.
"We're really strong even in this place we go."
"So ......"
"This would be a good study."
★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Weed can be sent from the remains king of the belsoseu time now only six left.
Bern's quest akryong K because there was no time limit!
"A real brat can not do anything to help the lizards!"
Also creates sculptures in the midst of a hectic busy hunting and heard outside.
- Ray Bard's Quest and completing forms.
- Came on the air?
- Not yet. I'm getting just as breaking news. Broadcast in the evening, it was g
Ray Bard Master Quest fifteenth successful career was forged news.
Master Quest jobs typically from 15 to 20 steps took place in step Now that was
almost reached at the end.
Weed is the only fourteenth quest.
Perhaps the engraver's quest may be shorter heukgisaboda may wish to make a good
fortune, but for now was great disadvantage.
Sseurimgwa in optimistic times when Nami pain jeongryeongwang sculptures made wi

th perseverance.
"When you can eat in for this medication if you develop soreness, the company wi
ll earn a fortune."
Berne before it's too late to go to K-point, given that the situation is not amp
le time.
At least half, but the advantage is that there is created, according to the stat
ion it was difficult to express the rest.
Spirit of the stone carving things to work whenever the flames climbed significa
ntly to peer too bad for the environment.
Inevitable that life belongs to decreased vision Even though I did not get.
I really like dealing with the difficulties endured fireballs gamyeonseo a littl
e difficulty was to create sculptures.
More work to break a rush because he's capable of more thorough attention.
"Anyway, in the future by raising the level of lizard guy to abandon everything,
to kill ......"
Continental had a magic dragon hunting.
Weed will happen someday, but that was pledged for the future.
- Please set the name of the sculpture made.
"La deus belsoseu 3 Junior Junior's sculpture tribute."
Weed of the sculpture was completed jeongryeongwang.
The article you like the name of the sculpture, but Abu required!
- Belsoseu la deus offering three Junior Junior's sculpture is that correct?
"Fire is the high priest who is jeongryeongwang His work was honored to be able
to sculpt. That's right.
Weed the huryeonhage cried.
Bernhard K limitation in a quest to complete now only six were left.
『Masterpiece! Junior 3 Junior dedicated belsoseu la deus has completed the sculptu
Belsoseu survived a lonely king, making a sculpture. In the case of his sculptur
Map did not become popular, artists did not receive proper evaluation.
Belsoseu king left unfinished works, most recently as the comet fragments of con
tinental rises
Weed said that the master engraver gyereul was completed. Engraver w / a ah

Le Pen is also the identity of the king of the kingdom of sanctity.
His sculptures have been brought to the continent is always a big topic, the ari
stocracy, Tom
Is one of pay.
This amazing work is known for artistic re-evaluation if the king belsoseu
Enough to be added will be an opportunity to.
Artistic merit: engraving master belsoseuwa, he co-work of comparable engraver
Special options: belsoseu ...This award, they have health and mana regeneration
is increased by 31% during the day.
Of the entire continent from the fire spirit to exert a strong 3.2 percent incre
Summon Fire Elemental Shaman Elemental skill level of the weeklong climb up a st
They appear more fire spirit.
Statues and the magic power of distance increases the more the flame.
I rise 24 Stat.
Do not be combined with other sculptures.
Until now completed a number of masterpieces: 15 』
- Improved skill of carving skill.
- Deft mastery of the skill has been improved.
- 1953 prestige has risen.
- Art has increased 21 Stat.
- My patience has increased seven.
- Charisma, has a 9 rise.
- Rising fighting spirit has three.
- The primordial forces of nature by piece, has an affinity with nature, go up 3
- A piece of injustice has jeongryeongwang. Due to a special experience, go up 3
.4 percent are resistant to fire.
- In exchange, I created a masterpiece of sculpture by 3 extra stats will rise.
Weed's not alone have created sculptures stats were less than that.
Even so, complete the masterpiece that brought a great harvest!
'Blood sweat and tears paid off and etc to do my piece is. Exceptionally hard to
keep this thing. Rick has a tough time do not make sculptures. '
Wrap the entire body in flames, king of the belsoseu.

Anthropogenic fire is accurate and works even if it was not difficult to express
naturally without the good part has made a mistake.
Most of the landscape, such as sculpture, light and exceptionally well is united
Just do have a big impression early in the morning, and clear and under clear sk
ies and white clouds could be the quickest impression.
Typically, land, buildings and a spacious garden of the gods of heaven and earth
sculpture throughout nogada evokes the grandeur of the apex was reached at the
magnificent works of art.
Jeongryeongwang fire itself emits light like a flame, while some places even str
onger feeling of presence and exposed.
Weed and felt proud of himself.
'It was good stuff too, have gone all out to get well.'
Colleagues looked at and admired works.
"Magnum, too much weed do you just want to create their're learning."
"I'd originally come to this great work, I knew that."
That created the paid struggling hard to accept, as is natural, buddy!
Weed restraint in the mouth and smiled.
The fire-resistant than ever to hunt accolades eased.
Binggye typically true that the magic was much more difficult. Body-tied by bein
g able to move it quite a lot of combat power is lost.
Monster is the most frequently used, but the cases were related to fire, dangero
us fire was a lot of magic.
Moreover, when 100% of fire-resistant Dragon Sword, you can use the Red Star.
In the case of Weed in Las phalanges imbeolui Circle rose by 7% already, I have
gained back 3.4 percent.
Accessories such as the famous Ring of Fire, wear resistance could lead to a hig
'Even if I buy a necklace or bracelet can build up until about 79%.'
Shapeshifter are related only to race if you use a piece, if it applies to the b
lacksmith skills to take advantage of Red Star seemed to be.
'If you have items that can be used too, the days would come. There's this one t
hing away. '
Japtemkkaji sparingly been packed and rewarding life seemed to feel.
Was used as a child in diapers bequeath to the children about the spirit of the

Shapeshifter to change the body into pieces of resistance as they age, depending
on the species, but it is time to prepare if you were able to take advantage of
Only the original owner of the sword is a dragon to come take a point as well.
"In that sense, too difficult and the loot it."
No. For Weed Dragon stance akryong met Kay when Bern enough so that I could usua
lly seemed to be able to write to hunt.
But once used in moderation while at a critical moment, when the sword respect,
gaining plenty of buckets that you put a sell beorimyeon.
Then heated up the temperature of the chamber.
Stayed on the high desert temperatures of the day, everywhere within the fire st
arted ilreonggeorigi.
A large golden statue of the Scorpions had also opened his eyes.
"Eueueum ......."
"I'm not this big?"
"I do not see why there are signs that good."
Weed and colleagues crimson wings of the past has been subjected to suffering, c
ame up with the guild.
Belsoseu Great Fire destroyed the king cursed expedition to the continent fell u
nder the curse.
Weed in the 9 o'clock news that natural gas rates will rise as you see the news
was not vigilant.
Make the fire spreads out, the fire spirit in which they flew out.
Whipping around in a harness inside the chamber of the fire spirit!
He was pretty cool, but awesome sight.
Jeongryeongwang I did not give the life of Buddha sculptures began to climb.
- The human race, I visited the ground .......
Belsoseu King coming!
Weed did not cheapen the fastest who knelt.
"Is a great belsoseu admired the Great Father, so I am greatly honored to meet s
o extreme. I wandered the continent, and is a junior engraver. Akryong wicked da
re to ask for Kay Bern belsoseu Great place to visit is an honor to meet you! "
Spewing such as rapid-fire sucking Weed!

The king's head belsoseu huleumyeo Weed and colleagues are gone.
- You are entitled to see me. Blinded by greed, but ... My test was passed with
flying colors.
Weed is not only stuck to the corner during the party was not the only one who i
s with.
- And you, in the middle of my back and sleep on the path to glory is followed.
King belsoseu shrouded the area around the fire. And belsoseu king walked to the
fire aboard the weed.
- Baby, stand up holding his head. Who realized the true beauty bow my head to s
omeone else will do.
- Jeongryeongwang belsoseu been recognized in the Great grace and glory goes up
by 24.
Weed, my mind was spinning furiously.
Versus only way he meant to the world, how would you have if you can buy. When l
ooking to live, but have noticed without even trying, When l came.
'In another daughter, you could score? By definition, the specification should b
e two times I'm not feeling polite. But the engraver seems to be excused include
aLone etiquette, but I just got up and asked him the same treatment as the engr
aver if it's no wonder. '
Weed just decided to head down a little bit more.
Belsoseu Festival is a fairly ruthless person. Was a man, even when the past was
, even after being jeongryeongwang go against the crimson wings of his stomach i
n the guild was brutal revenge.
Relative to the scary world grows more naturally, the way of polite!
The bath as usual jejipin local elementary school kids used to play loudly beat
flutter kick also painted a bunch of tattoos uncle was like playing when there's
a perfect gentleman.
"No, come. First, have pioneered the way for the engraver, meet someone I had ad
mired so comfortable for me to think so. "
Belsoseu King did not have prior knowledge about the ruins come by in some way,
but just think about stuff like stealing, Weed, heart and other words of his mou
th came out fluently.
Each of the master, overcome by emotion Abu end voice dropped a fine allure!
8) the choice of the northern
King belsoseu pieoolratda body harness fire. Spirit of Fire also flew like crazy
in the chamber.
- A great personality with a rare're a junior engraver.

Weed of the snow proved to be correct.
Abu also be a weak king belsoseu!
While not even say who was at odds ABU dislike.
- Do you still happen now.
The king gave up the arm belsoseu Weed.
- 489 to decrease the fire der health.
- 832 to decrease the fire der health.
- 1309 will decrease the fire der health.
- 372 to decrease the fire der health.
Weed Ward's health declined. But even in the midst of glory, as his eyes took pl
ace while coming lantern lanterns.
"Your majesty, I appreciate are four options!"
Colleagues did not cease to admire.
Familiarity with the villagers is a hunting and adventure tend to look relativel
y easy to raise.
But for anyone in this situation, keeping in mind until the familiarity could yo
u act.
Usually when it comes to powerful monsters unpaired stiffened right away and I c
an not say, so I want to weed Now is the instinct to have triggered the Abu.
- I have come this far in life did not complete the sculpture done with good wor
kmanship, and I want to say thanks by giving.
"Indeed, I've kkeunyeo belsoseu If you Kimchi Festival and jeotgarakman ... No,
the form of beauty and proportion was only post images of the sculpture is equip
ped. "
- A humble engraver, You're reporting their skills so lower.
"My pieces compared with surgery or how many, how dare belsoseu daejekke. Versai
lles on the continent today to drink a great piece I recognized, but nevertheles
s he made the sculpture look at the Great belsoseu itself or not is bound to be
modest. "
- We can develop more and got some character.
"Daejekke only want to receive the teachings."
Weed for a variety of conversing on the subject could be flattering.
- I passed the test hayeoteuni gift to you will give them one by one. Speak what
you want to have.

- Complete the sculpture and monuments of the Hidden Expedition belsoseu complet
Jeongryeongwang belsoseurobuteo can receive the gift of fire.
Sohwansul fire spirit, the flame of the Greater Magic series, you can choose fro
m the treasure.
"Mmm ......"
Chaolratda deep anguish in the face of weed.
Other companies coming to the end of the dungeon safely Weed've created a sculpt
ure adventure ended up as the benefits it received.
Romyunaga whatnot have no reason to find fault was the first choice.
"Your Majesty, I want to learn magic, a senior Department of Fire."
- Will get what they want according to your skills.
Romyunaui body while wearing the robes were covered in flames.
- The magic of the flame series, has learned Plame River.
Romyunaga admired for joy.
Flowing river of flame that can annihilate the enemy stripped area will learn to
Among the senior fire magic 'burn' depends, as permitted by hitting an enemy clo
se to extinction are also coated.
In the dungeon, but the river is a very useful frame because I could not do the
However, like the wide open plains where the magic of mass destruction can do!
Wiapgam maximum advantage of the wizard and in the incredibly destructive power,
the great sodeukyieottta obtained advanced magic.
"We would like to receive a treasure."
- It was a man, a place to stay when things are put together. Spirit now as I do
not need any more. Do you choose it, one of each item.
Weed minus pre nunyeogyeobwa other colleagues took the treasure laid.
Jewelry and desirable period, though most of the items are gathered here, unique
, or rejeondeugeup!
Once before in the central area of
om neolhyeotdeon.

the continent is full of treasures of the kingd

As a special kweseuteuna currently completing the event without a similar item o
r option not available on the things you used to get.
If the most beautiful shiny hwaryeongui opted for ruby


"I am ....."
Weed said the conflict until the last minute.
Great belsoseu've known a lot more for little choice but eoryeowottta.
Black Horn, this is one of the best treasure trails have, Weed ppulpiriwado comp
arison of three big thing was impossible.
'The enemies appeared and swept away by that one Spirit bulmryeon Said .......'
Being mobilized to fight the spirits can be called without the consumption of ma
Guild of crimson wings, Tom Costello, is she cursed out as the flames of hell, a
good sword fencing great!
Buditchimyeon shield and armor as the flames moved glued to the enemy that had b
Can not defend the examination was one of the best.
Moreover, if the monsters gathered stuck and the fire was transferred to another
jeokdeulegedo continuous mass destruction was possible.
You work hard enough to hunt, but a lot of skill or weapon and makes a differenc
e in the result.
If you have a hell of a flame sword, raise the level far short of Weed lira ease
Blacksmith skills and resistance to injustice, because there's been a pretty swo
rd if gatgiman seemed to be able to write.
"So my choice ... I'm hoping that you've taught belsoseu with the Great God is a
treasure. Revision of the engraver would like to receive as a baby te. Keueuk.
Weed to the sorrowful tears and said that patience.
Eventually greed will not win akryong K. Bernhard.
- Engraver W, Jung If you want to ... Collection of pieces that I need the mater
ials to another, will not. Be kind to all of a piece of material.
"Thank you for your grace."
In addition you might want to fix a piece of baby Te materials even though there
was some things, big things were not expensive or difficult to obtain.
"Preferably geolro patronize expensive to write, not a darn ol ......"
Weed lost the power to go to the Aga te modification of gait were obtained.
- Fire jeongryeongwang belsoseuui was a gift.
- Engraver over.
"Yes, belsoseu back."

Weed of the word was shortened.
Would be deserted after sunset I'm getting a relationship!
- You have created art, sculpture, looking back on so I, too, seems to arise thi
"But what?"
Weed out the ruins because I just got asked bluntly.
Of course, the king of ill-considered belsoseu physical, even slightly, you see
signs that pose a threat gupsilgeoril tejiman goldsmith.
- I would like to make me look like a sculpture.
- Fire jeongryeongwang belsoseuga has a proposal along with a sculpture.
Belsoseuga to stay in the human world and the times per week, the King site
You can not leave.
Shapeshifter gave me a piece of the past darongwaui suggested a proposal to crea
te sculptures like the co-operation!
At that time, the level of weed a lot closer to the low position unilaterally to
But now, almost on an equal footing belsoseuwa was able to give birth to sculptu
'If a week to form a large group of sculptures, and sculpture, baby hooked up to
te extent of the modification can not only create a group'
To make it even higher, as master sculpture and works with artistic value, will
be completed.
Weed asked doubtfully.
"You go to later claim ownership handageona ....."
- What could be greedy me what became spirits.
"You know, this industry because it does not matter so rich that will not say a
separate sugoryo."
- I had to get.
The contract should be clear before work was started.
"So good!"
★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Mora's footsteps and light Miserable seoyun Taro was returning.
The architecture, sculpture, art, theater, cooking!

Hunting is not only to meet people attended the damage she was happy in the bust
ling city.
Mora, another of her early days as a weed and watched from the past.
Weed the guard, the prince raised a whole city because she has made many contrib
Mora other early settlers, and Berserker of dungeons in the north as the spoils
of hunting around here and sold in the shops.
"I'm sorry, this precious materials are still not able to dispose of, sir. Recei
ve a fair market price that you can see the kingdom of the south side to have a
look? "
"I sell here. Less any further money is fine. "
- City of Mora, other developments have contributed to.
Contribution rises to 17.
Early in her shop for lovely things, the sale of commercial development has help
Mora came to the other high-level users of the equipment they are wearing some p
retty she was rescued as he did.
Be launched when the new park and the bridge also has a huge contribution.
Bukbeuui attracted many migrants come home when you run out of next week and pra
yed on behalf of the construction costs.
32,000 enough to beat her achievements. Was a very high level.
'Someday I want to hang out with him here.'
Mora, along with other Weed and it felt like to go out and walk around.
Effect of light tower at night is due to buildings as well as when considering d
aenatil was built.
Clear water flowing over the bridge at night, bright lights in the building said
to watch them.
And far away look in the light tower was completed between lovers of the excitin
g atmosphere.
Seoyun shown standing on the bridge beautifully!
'I look like, there's very attractive.'
Seoyun as the men and women walking and watching users envy.
If she was not wearing a mask would have been crawling with people would have fl
Beauty awards before leaving the ice to hunt looking for it to thaw so users wer
e male origin.
Freya Statue of ice as much as utterly minyeosang deulkkeuleotda crowd.

Then no other sculptures in the report to the mania over the ice thickens to see
sangman Beauty was born.
'Pretty soon tire of thing, or do it. Weed does not like me should not have thei
r ......'
Originally yeppeotgi seoyun straight from childhood because of the strength of t
heir own beauty, to some extent for the whole week I did not know how.
If you go to school, go to the street without having to make a man or woman look
s at her face.
But jeongjak kindness to speak to her or who were attached.
Seoyun where they just do not think the people out there, but as spectacle, in f
act, completely different course.
Face to face contact due to a dazzling beauty of the moment I do not decide anyt
How could you dare say see attached.
If you can see even in a dream again, just as happy.
Seoyun go to the store and trade, people who sit near the fountain was even see.
Near where you want to open any concert, the sweet sound of music has been flowi
ng through the air.
Seoyun lightly closed his eyes.
While she did not complete as between the Garden of the Gods, the user could als
o grow more severely.
Night, the city bustles with tourists was about yimyeonseo achieve white way.
For beginners, who lived together shacks, it still looks like gaemigul but meant
ime the landlord has changed a lot.
Mora, who settled early in the other novice users are now quite far from the cit
y to go for adventure and good fortune in the quest rewards were also completed.
Therefore, the development of the city as major consumer layered as the middle c
lass will emerge en masse.
"Take him to the dungeon level, give the party finds 180 cars. Anywhere you can
do is to check my share. "
"Priest, he gets a seat. Yet you did not save the priest minutes? Adults do my l
evel 230, I'll work hard in the sleepy cure! "
"Go away dejected Protestants. Limited level of 210 or higher. Up to 300 people
go to the west. Please get together! "
User's level went up a lot of consumer goods and advanced hwadoeeotda.
But for intermediate users with a nice view on the river side of the mountain an
d build a very expensive housing was not the money.

Continue to invest at home rather than equipment first was about to change.
Very sensitive to the stability of house prices was part of the user.
Everyone in the shack, Mora other easily so that I could raise my house, then th
e house does not keep people living a low price will be reduced.
But Mora and other officers of the city's rundown house, was difficult enough to
Even the housing problem had been difficult to architect a new job very easily s
olved with the advent of pottery.
Potter deals with only a dirt, a good manual dexterity. They are not hunting in
the quality of the soil were collected at the riverside.
"As soon as you're going to make the workplace!"
Potters need to have your own workshop.
In the turtle out of the city fire kkadarowotgo may work, because the river may
chulmolhal the monsters.
This is what comes to monster wideuya gansikgeorinya tejiman just gonna get a jo
b as a potter for specified users fear the presence of!
They were given to their ability to take advantage of built a house.
Purely natural loess soil, earth house built guthyeoseo ever to pull together!
In the other shore of the river, and Mora, a lot of mud and come out good enough
to include construction materials, respectively.
Mora potters house built in the soil between other users of the landlord was a b
ig topic.
"How much is the cost of this building?"
"If water gets dirt and shacks just like I do not donbake."
"Oh, really? It takes a couple of days until completion? "
"Hey, man! We built a house, could you? I'll paid him way off. "
Intermediate user of potters clay soil in an enthusiastic welcome home was wides
Starter potters a chance to earn money for first place!
If the advantages of clay earth house, was built from natural materials there is
enough that the flavor, a little cumbersome, especially if the wood is warm roo
m gudeuljang ttaeseo presence was most popular among users.
"Kyaah ... Great.
"Over here. Tteukkeuntteukkeunhae lot. "

If the hot seat of honor attached to the cold, cold night and it felt so right o
Monster and you can enjoy the adventures of the Northern cities such as Mora, th
e other resting on the honey!
Gudeuljang lying in sweet potatoes, grilled fish eating each other friends and c
olleagues have gathered stories about when exploring or hunting, and was able to
get along.
Ttakkeunhage dejected even eat a cup of honey, the other did not ask for more.
Users are growing in a shack with rising levels moving to Pay close clay earth h
ouse boom took place.
If you have a shack in the hills, the river is just the composition of loess is
to keep housing affordable for many was the role.
Earth house in the Mora, other traits may be a new urban culture, and the early
pottery was also an opportunity to get established.
They made bowls, ceramic and clay earth house, and exquisite looks good because
like hot cakes since palryeotgi.
Li Yan ahreupen AIRE in so many places in the kingdom began to spread things a l
ot more than the usual mineral exploration, and increased the amount of grain cu
Coffee and melon was registered as a new specialty.
Above all, a great revolution, the priest was visiting the massive series of job
In churches of the continent by dispatching large numbers of priests and the Kni
ghts Templar in the garden of the gods came and went ahreupen praised the King's
It raises the national denomination with a reputation for chopping yuho relation
ship could be.
White robe, and mixed with the sacred silver armor, the user of the Mid-Continen
t also came to continue.
Priests and Paladins were left in the garden of the gods, and was unable to be s
een just did not.
"How much money have you?"
"What about 3400 gold?"
"Here we allowed to raise donations and contributions to go."
They came to the garden of the gods themselves were believed to donate a substan
tial sum to the gods.
The construction of the cathedral began to gather donations and architects were
Garden of the Gods were never still around because the construction was ongoing.

People come to the garden of the gods and Arts Center and other arts and rotate
the viewing, ahreupen culture of the kingdom was greatly expanded.
- Ahreupen wakgukui culture is widely known.
Bought a lot in store to celebrate the return of artworks, they look at other ci
ties and the kingdom is the cultural values
are more quickly rises.
Weed gukwangin the engraver influenced the viscosity.
If the king or lord knight soldiers loyal to devote more easily.
Likewise, the renowned engraver to the king because the pace of expansion of cul
tural power was about to be emphasized TOO.
- The Cathedral of sauce scan has been completed. Ahreupen the kingdom's religio
us influence is finished.
- Ahreupen national reputation of the kingdom in the north to the tiny mountain
village is a known level.
Traders in Central and Eastern teugo ahreupen want to deal with the kingdom.
They want the highest quality and will make imports of agricultural products.
- Ahreupen kingdom in the villages surrounding the area of
political power is the
level of sisikolkol able to cross the line.
Princes will rejoice, but rather ahreupen villagers to stay out of the kingdom m
ay be just happy.
Prince, his loyalty to the lower area is possible to incite a rebellion.
After a successful internal revolt ahreupen the region belong to the kingdom, bu
t that he lost the honor of the king in return for diplomatic relations will wor
Weed population to increase to expand the land, trying to incite a revolt was no
t the side.
Mora, though other northern extension of this kkeutnadeo will remain the best ci
Now the novice blacksmiths, tailors, even after they have created a growing netw
ork of trade in goods with the merchants are spread out.
Circulate an adventurer to the dungeon where the other precious goods kaenaen al
so gather warriors to loot obtained by hunting and trading because of urban deve
lopment has possibilities are endless.
Get on board for Mora in vain, does not mean a miracle.
Novice users to start from the other end of an unconditional Mora had come about
National prestige and local political power of the kingdom ahreupen the increasi
ngly high levels have skyrocketed, the other Princes of the northern and failed
to keep up that pace.
"People are coming!"
"Hey, we gotta go and help me!"
Migrants from the north of the Princes Mora found a tarot shop also gave a house
for God's sake.

Weeds and picking stones by guild chooses to settle down over farmlands were exp
"My lord, thank you."
"Sure. If you have any discomfort at any time please tell me. "
Manor of civil child was born, together, exhilarated.
Residents in 3, 4 myeongssikyirado grows, and when one day they would not grow i
n the village.
Mora was the other poor weed when fully laden from the development they will be
"I'm sorry, my lord. Will not forget it. Come on, girls. "
Evening civil estate, but the choice of escape!
Mora other advanced technology and huge economies of scale, incredible culture a
nd reputation became known to pack up the night away.
Meanwhile, in the buffer gave the cart full of stuff even carrying away from the
The users of hunting and adventure in the north of Princes As more and more, the
increased visitors to govern the town. Hope they will like, but there was a big
"This is from morning to night hunting in the vicinity and could return to Mora
"The time will soon seem a hurry."
"At night our dinner there ... the light tower in the vicinity of Come on, Let's
go hunting. "
Dungeons and developing hunting even if the user had to return the tarot Mora.
One on the population of the town when 100 people has been increasing, the 20,00
0 Mora, other, random groups of 30,000 was increased.
Mining and agricultural development have also built with other commercial transa
ctions through Mora expecting better circumstances, but to catch up with sculptu
res and support facilities were just not possible.
"Mercenary guild guild prepared to fund the expedition taltal nwateuni adventure
rs will love it. Hahahat! "
What release of the building would stand.
Others only heard about this in Mora, broadcast See also harness the eoryeopdeon
great buildings were built.
Due north of the immeasurable suffering

hearts was not enough.

"Why the hell Mora other beers are delicious."
The formation of the Northern Alliance, the 2nd could not declare war.
Mora, dozens of other residents and boat users increased levels rise, even harde
r to beomjeop.
reaction of the other was negative.
"The war? Oh, never mind, we'll need this. "
"Why do not win the fight. Also receive compensation in the war, rather
the opening for us, I do live. You should have a conscience. "

Weed gave

"Mora, a declaration of war on the other, and hold your own you have?"
Among the northern feudal lords, the growing trade relationship with Mora other
unwanted war, an increasing number of them.
Actively developed in some British mines dont export shares as they were eating
and living will.
Mora other and when the war begins in the aftermath of the front suspension of e
xports will lead, follow, as well as the northern Weed users may have to fight a
s a whole.
After the siege, two with a single good, but if it was not abandoned by the user
of the land will turn to.
Visit the course of the hunting party, and the user could also run away dont rel
Military forces of the prestigious Guild Mid-Continent No. For a regular user of
this powerful force to be pressed to take, but the situation was totally differ
ent in the north.
Mora, of the other due to lower tax rates and a fantastic environment, in fact,
rising only looking at a bright future is guaranteed to be the kingdom was force
d to ahreupen.
One car in history to the garden of the gods through daegongsa fantastic to be c
ompleted, it had massive popularity.
Lack of effort or poor manor located in the area are scarce and the population w
ith low skills levels are low loyalty villages, finally took hold.
Armand 『inhabitants of the village are not much want to be dependent forever on ah
reupen Kingdom.
Mora, a thriving culture of other people's mind was clearly caught.
The people abandoned their hopes for the Prince of, ahreupen wants to be part of
the kingdom.
Specialties: None
Population: 4329.

Monthly tax revenues: 7989 Gold. 』
『Ekwinok the few inhabitants of the village in the kingdom ahreupen want to be dep
endent forever.
Other economic and population of Mora to them too would be envious. Youngju
The effort is not bad, but not hope for a child of the village ekwinok.
Ahreupen they chose to belong to the kingdom.
Specialties: None
Population: 5828.
Monthly tax revenues: 4124 Gold. 』
The power of culture!
Armand, ekwinok, Joanna, and eight villages where the village people yuselrin ah
reupen wanted to be part of the kingdom.
Voluntarily accept the rule of weed you want to be determined.
Prince does not exist, though there was a very small town, ruled the town of use
rs and the guild was six or anywhere.
Ah... Oh, jeez. What do we do this. "
Princes faced a vexing situation.
Mobilization of soldiers and residents were forced not quell.
But when you're all better people's loyalty will decline and eventually made the
production more of the population will bear fewer side effects.
Prince is a huge bonus you'll have to notoriety.
"Can not do it anyway, even with the speed of development of other Mora is impos
sible to have any fun ......"
Alone in a population of a small town, with millions more could not afford the l
arger ahreupen Kingdom.
Already the situation worsened significantly during the Princes in the early hal
f of the town as it attempts to exploit that failed had the audacity to rule.
Excessive expansion of armaments and the situation worsened when the monster was
As more and more users in the northern part of the opportunity was clear to them
However, without having to invest large funds in the early, hire workers and min
e development, agricultural development, etc. I did not use our powers.
Mora, right beside you just take care of other tteokgomul places that will fall
rather than expecting the country was still confined to the village.

Princes of people watching a demonstration was difficult to judge.
"What should I do?"
"Guild Chairman, is now somehow to restrain people, but the level of cultural, t
echnical competence, the gap between military forces, in terms of its own surviv
al in every janggijeokan appearances seem to be hard."
"How did ahreupen kingdom is entirely dependent?"
"As a political authority can be lost

, but could make to keep the funds invested?

"We can get many opportunities, and also lead the user will think."
Weed the reign of the village if they will be able to evolve rapidly.
Ahreupen technology and the population of the kingdom, trade, national reputatio
n, specialty and many times is shared will be placed in a favorable environment.
"But then the place
absolute geotinde in the region. Is in his hands, turned and
situations in the future, even if progress is ....."
Princes did not feel comfortable place unblock. Because of their attachment to t
he ego and power.
But traders said that a member of the guild.
"Ahreupen will decide at the beginning of the kingdom. Jachit lose an opportunit
y to worsen the situation even more opportunities to offer a village in itself m
ay be gone. "
"Guild Chairman, Mora, and We've seen the pace of the other. Forts to put it ano
ther What do you think? Much higher than the average level of our guild where th
ey are hunting. Ahreupen rapidly growing army of the Kingdom's. "
"We kicked off the Mid-Continent did you hear why. Is not lack of power because
honestly? Weed would not cause a war in the north because he could survive, but
maybe there would be a presence to him, our town. "
"Now more delayed than the other villages first ahreupen'll be stuck in the king
"Later, part of the town, even if we are not welcome. Other towns have bigger ga
p with China is economic. Northern also excited about the user should not be. Wh
en they are away for another adventure, leaving Mora shalt ahreupen in between t
he kingdom and in the streets near our house in the village is not going to save
lives. Development potential is very weak, I do not have the choice. That's not
an easy thing itself will develop. "
The most active traders started to convince shouting ahreupen annexed.
Ahreupen Kingdom if they are made with the integration of trade and taxes, would
be of great benefit.
In fact, a lot of people entering the square and frequent trading to keep the seo
Bonnie ahreupen synagogue said to compete with the kingdom.
Lords of the north country a bunch of people together to constitute a form of tr

ade if you do not know another, but it is also a look at some considerations tat
umyina initiative to achieve the goal was not easy.
Warriors of the users said they had rather.
Across town to develop their area of
expertise is not about and he belonged to the
kingdom ahreupen even when the benefits became due had nothing to lose.
They are already professional skills and adventures, hunting quest to get the th
ings you need when you go to a tarot Mora is processed.
Seigniory disappear, but that can lead to the town instead of money invested in
the meantime and that the building would not be able to deliver that. If the gui
ld is still active in the kingdom ahreupen.
All of the mean flow towards ahreupen belonging to the kingdom was so close I ha
ve finally
but was forced to abandon the position.
"I found your comments. So let's accept the will of the people. "
Development of low degree, only to see some of the territory, large and small to
wns ahreupen 8 decided to join in the kingdom.
9) a piece of life plays
Weed walk into the lair of Bern akryong Kay moved.
Take the Kingdom by Tor wasamyireul die alone, but to die is walking over to the
spot to meet K-Bern.
"Oh, my paljaya ......"
Dedicate some time ago for the treasure that trip to the Dwarves of Transportati
on only beer in a tavern, eating peanuts, I've been waiting for this to go direc
tly in charge of the.
"Really hard to find so mysterious for me."
Weed breathed a sigh Spud.
Life is what you do not know whether the map was a series of hardships.
"When the blind, give me some money for this fall would be coming down with me."
Weed as a rare case against Leung went old.
Ahreupen wider territory of the Kingdom belongs to the good news that there are
villages were listening.
Production of trade goods that the population of small towns because paltry now
rejoice as the King was not until ten thousand and one retired judge.
But the user already crowded with integrated village, he said.
Ahreupen belong to the kingdom just to see the possibility of future development
and investment were the merchants, the houses being built was a good place.
Weed and thus forming the village pancha also placed another

eotneunde people who

live so far had entered chianman worsening.
A few days ago, they entered the shanty houses of changes were made in the user.
Farmers clearing land to go there and wander to find the miners mines remain.
Each time the town was being kept there in the hunt kweseuteuna was not very att
Donna intimacy is gone from the town building public value is disappearing.
However, the territory of the Kingdom of ahreupen and I visited thereafter pursu
es the warriors and monsters have unearthed dungeons.
From now on, I can always get value for the achievement of the Kingdom of ahreup
The potential growth in other towns because there were other Mora immediate futu
re, even if the potential benefit could be expected.
After building the garden of the gods, the kingdom's finances back to the bottom
deureonaetdeon while filling, to invest in new facilities of the town was accep
Market Square and the building needs to be established, they were built.
Get ahreupen Mora, the capital of the kingdom, and road construction began, and
after opening, as well as expanding trade between villages and the expansion of
cultural stability and security will help.
Naturally the user is also much more developed psychic center shall be done.
Mora, riding a grant by a rapidly growing industry took a long time now, immerse
d in the new kingdom, the town early on will reduce a lot of time.
Keureureu .......
Something or other to think, the way to Dragon's Lair was strewn with monsters.
Nerves as they unfold, even growled ferociously.
If I feel threatened by weed high level monsters until they came near the saliva
dripping yellow shed.
As yongahbyeongdeulgwa Claire came to the area of
because it did not get hit from.

Bern akryong Kay headed monster

Akryongui very amusing, but the call has been received!
'Curse God, not unlike real dragon or something. Put a little life into the pot
and then sprinkle with salt to eat discarded. '
At the same time thinking that finally arrived at the entrance to the lair.
- Dragon Bern's defection yongahbyeongui conductor cable to lose authority.
Yongahbyeongdeuleun split up and went back to the role of guarding the entrance.

A huge and rare weed alone entered into.
Rare books and a rare magic, Scenes-made equipment and treasures were scattered
haphazard, like a lot of trash.
Thor's dwarves kingdom every year, they accumulated a tribute to its attention w
ill be devoted to tilt.
And lay coiled in the Black Dragon!
- K as Bern and facing fears on the state imbiber in.
Will reduce all physical abilities.
Weed immediately knelt.
"I had a'll relax. Weed humble engraver, K. Bernhard nimkkeseo watsaopnida you w
anted to have sculpture. "
How much suffering broken piece of jade that was not what they've done at length
Never lost an intimacy that exists!
We do not have much sense of familiarity should increase as soon as long as we w
ant to leave was only for.
Bern's black hair akryong K is near at hand. Pushed the dragon's breath was stro
ng flush.
- Sculpture?
"Here you are."
Weed in a backpack 'brilliant Kay Bern Statues' pulled out.
Revision of baby te!
Like the Milky Way countless starry sculptures were created by processing the cr
ystals were finely.
Large and small, jewel-like crystals and silver slash thousands of elaborately w
oven dog bubbles were representation of the dragon shape.
Weed remember who made the sculpture like a king belsoseu flashed briefly.
Belsoseu king as soon as a description of the work was excited.
- This is gonna get really creative sculptures.
"Even the sight of the king all right?"
- Excellent. One that is difficult to express the connection of small modificati
ons to hear fulfill your sculpture.
『Sculpture jewelry! Bernhard K dazzling sculpture
The last step in the great state left to the engraver, and I

Theories have been put together by the engraver's sculptures.
Te modification of the stars containing the honey, treasure, even more mysteriou
s crystal clear
That would not exist.
Artistic value: 12,843.
Special options: Unfortunately due to excessive beauty, bandits herd increased 4
times more likely to be met.
+89 Gusto.
+145 Appeal.
No priceless.
Do not be combined with other sculptures.
Until now, the number of finished jewelry sculpture: 1 』
Baby Te modification of pore surface to shine the most beautifully made.
Weed and belsoseu kkwegi beads carved king of a small modification to the game,
give it to Bern nicely completed the sculpture will be paid.
Weed of the hand rim modification of honey made from light sculpture has subtly.
From head to tail of the dragon, every single crystals were formed together with
the complete sculpture.
Sculpture of a little sunshine baby from head to try to hulgo rim modification o
f the light that shone in turn received.
I can not even work is more beautiful or gorgeous.
- Leave the go.
K Bernhard open your mouth wide and yawn and he closed his eyes.
But little did I expect no reward without the dummy is shamelessly.
『Dragon Treasure want done
Bernhard K akryong want things fixed date has been saved in.
Stone has won an interest in better materials, while the dragon treasure
Heard about would not bother unless you.
Unlike the Berne and K to obtain, even if just to see you survived the big
He could do good and honor. 』
Quest for Success!

'This, What the fuck dragon .....'
Weed and most of times, would not shed a tear. But now, in sorrow and sadness th
at bukbatchyeoseo eyes were wet and moist.
I see a sad movie did come out had shown that the tears flow down wildly.
"The hospitality bars, Thank you for taking the game, like Bern."
Rare Weed and came out a greeting.
★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
"Oh, I want to go on vacation."
AM stations on the way to work today was a day early.
Min sinhye her ongoing 'Versailles continents story from the famous seven men to
ok the program 1, 2, had been scheduled to broadcast negative.
Check the scripts in advance and was pushed piles of paperwork to do was becomin
g a must.
"Smash it in situations like this adventure, or do you want to."
Min sinhye wrote the resignation for retirement when you calculate how much afte
r watching shook his head.
1-2 years of foreign travel around the man touched the thing for recharging of w
orkers laid off dream, but reality is always in the crowd was for running.
"Ohjuwan, today and show you the news that there's a lot at night Did you sleep
well? Bottomless dark eyes, would, I think saewoosin all night. "
"Oh, yesterday attacked a monster came to town beahseuto which was repulsed by t
ravelers heard rumors that Heather can not seem to crowning glory."
"Oh, that happened to you? Maybe you do not wonder if folks would consider a mov
e will. I guess we can also deliver important news. "
Wan Min and five weeks sinhye see the script and proceeded to broadcast went out
"I already know there's a lot people. Black Knight, Ray Bard fifteenth quest has
been completed. "
"It was incredible. Bard, Ray was raised against the Knights and the infantry to
war situations look away What's great upside. "
"The case has a lot of today owe a pass after a while I'll show you an important
part of the video. Pythons also have Champion daehwalyakeul heard? "
"Wild about Wolves and was nicknamed This is the only brew, where you do not kno
w what these warriors were in hiding. Unstoppable bayonet-wielding image are pop
ular with. "

Pro users master quest to challenge the news of the first part of this program,
People still do not have a master quest for completion, who will be taken first
to the glory and rewards of contention concerns had been.
In addition, the successful adventure or dungeon treasure dig, a high difficulty
level, even though a generous compensation challenging side quests because many
users do not need to be introduced.
News programs on each station to act as representative as possible so it should
contain the contents were featured.
Last Versailles continent confusing to users can deliver more important informat
ion would raise the ratings.
A blow to the center of Bard, Ray working on the topic, then Part 2 was announce
d about the adventures of others.
★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Thor inhabitants of the Kingdom of the Dwarfs that a public spectacle, recounted
a beer.
"Weed said on TV that the warriors to meet the Berne haetdaneunde akryong K?"
"Yes. Rare are the people in the vicinity, to meet a great artist, Bernhard Kay'
s got chatting and then he went back safely. "
"Well, it is his carving skills very good shape."
"Keoheok, K. Bern met?"
Dwarf users surprised.
Recently, the center of the continent between the user back to the great increas
e of interest in Weed was.
When Ray Bard defeat was perhaps murderous.
But the king of the Kingdom of ahreupen rising gods in place of the composition
of the garden had come to drive a huge fallout.
King also held as a quest to expand our territory, making regained faith.
But that's all they could do.
Weed of the continent, from the magic users and they've watched, and the Royal R
oad in the fans something more to feel the atmosphere was simply detonate proper
Weed overwhelmingly strong in the first place, or thing had not exert great powe
Gives a greatly excited is quiet once forced to come out then he used to create
the expectation is.

"Kyaah! Weed also survived to see the dragon hear ....."
"Before it came out that had the appearance of Bern yideorago yongahbyeongyi K."
"Oh, I'm really curious. They got it broadcast schedule? "
"No, I do not know yet."
"Everything else aside, really, really brave."
Chatting w / the Iron Dwarves have sat in a pub in Hammersmith.
Intermediate to be paid to the blacksmith because you can drink free beer, wasam
yireul ride was stopping to go ahead will be long-haul flight.
'Kay-known form of Bern is cutting quest to succeed.'
Weed with a cold beer chukyeotda neck.
Royal Road of the travelers are very common, but a lot of interest for raengkeon
a famous adventurer, one thing that they soon became known.
They said he was a great event Dwarf chukyeoolryeotjimna thumb, in fact, ended t
he quest without gaining!
'Well now, I suppose holgabunhaejil.'
W / carving skills of the current 49.2 percent level and advanced 9
Sukryeondoman raise of approximately 50% more skill to master is perfect.
'Keueueu, raise investment for a piece I grew up drinking.'
Ahreupen paid to national power of the kingdom.
Complete the master's level of employment in the massive effort needed to gain a
Fortunately, the success of the Garden of the Gods own breath and obtained resul
ts were in a position.
'Quest to get one during the rest of the carving skill probably has a hat if'll
create more.'
Surgery for Weed fragments from the five non-quest and adventure in earnest, so
in fact if you use that since then there really can be.
Red Star Sword of the Dragon, the risk factors that can handle big, but it can g
ive due to the combat itself was not be compared with the previous.
One day before the battle to be more advantageous than the big powers can be exe
rcised the power!
"Cheeky bastard bitch to eat grilled persimmons are peeled whole."
Thor K, before leaving the Kingdom of Weed in Bern was a swearing heartily.
★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

"You know, Kay Bern's quest has ended safely."
After finishing the quest with other people, including Weed and met again fail.
The party would receive compensation if perhaps something to look forward eopeul
ji still, but to see the look of Weed knew there was nothing.
Openly upset, unfair, and K. Bernhard yalmiumyi full expression for!
'Something more had to laugh when you ......'
'Bupunikka ball really is not a good impression.'
Nevertheless, the king remains belsoseu souvenirs from the guys, one was the fac
e of the holgabunhan.
To modify the whole of Te wideuman baby Now that the damage was robbed.
Hwaryeongyi asked tenderly.
"So now what are you going on weed?"
"I gotta go back to the job master quest. Hareuselro I'm going. "
Bingryong, Wyvern, geuminyi, Rover, Phoenix, Golden Bird, got a piece of life in
Las eunsae phalanges in addition to mobilizing them, and the nature of the cata
strophe was the idea to write a piece to drink.
Weed do not know about the Battle of the engraver is not pure.
Armour was also building a new, bright sword fencing and other non-mastery of th
e skills enough to be useful also was increasing.
Moreover, given the fairly early in life learned in sculpture of the profession
was un.
Age is now eating a piece of strong prayer life and the rest may be easier than
it is now rather ittta quest.
Rachebureugeureul finding expedition, orcs and elves, etc. If yeokyijiman.
Daetteum hwaryeongyi said.
"I'm going with."
Weed fail before the call that two laughed.
"We've saved ourselves already finished the story. Weed's still stuck on the que
st to help if you have a part to help freaked. "
Weed being persecuted by the Hermes guild to another part of the trouble, as a f
ellow could not watch.
Chisel bow was supposed to be helping is the master.
Peer bonding!
Weed colleagues in the usual well-cooked meat, less baked gave one point I did n

ot do.
"Ladies and gentlemen, this impressed me a ......"
Sureukaga cute laugh.
"That's not necessary. Anyway, later on we will also savor professional master q
uest, then please help me w / doenikkayo lover! "
"Master kweseuteuyo?"
Weed and suddenly it felt like to specifications.
Progress so far, the quest to chisel the master was also complicated and difficu
lt quest to colleagues' job to keep this thing up!
Deaconess in the Archers, Rangers, Dancers, Bards, wizards, priests, fishermen h
ave to.
"Somehow I alone seem to be cumbersome to hareuselro side ......."
"From a distance it would have to say? Wasamah, come here! "
Hwaryeongyi would call your ass on the floor lying on the stomach wasamyi!
Horsemeat seasoned snack time or party, if the weed as much as anyone, they had
better follow the side.
Followed by his colleagues to continue to bundle wires got depressed.
Phoenix bingryonggwa was in the air and the atmosphere, light on the back of a w
ing geuminyikkaji Rover was riding.
Phalanges in Las creatures were given life by starting a little early, decided t
o join hareuseleseo.
★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Ian Slater enough!
Two layers of rugged mountains and is located in a mountainous region dominated
hareusel lack of a champion.
After the race take out the pieces of these organisms can be rescued.
Weed geuphaetda the heart.
"Poor guys, and you'll find a lot of trouble, go get justice even if just to giv
e her to settle it."
Ahreupen first brought into the kingdom of Li Yan, due to AIRE, etc. yield great
ly increased unbelievably.
5 m in the old Strawberry, 8-foot watermelon!

High sugar content of honey as the right cursor size was happy talk.
Helps to increase local reputation is, in the long run could be expected to be r
egistered as a specialty.
Obtained by embracing the many villages in the farming land if the yield is sign
ificantly higher.
"Nin are, huh? Stay waiting. I'll have to eat properly pamper. "
Ian Slater is trapped by the lack of a better keunwigi ahreunin race!
Weed arrived in the mountainous areas hareusel drew up a simple plan.
"Striking rise slowly from the outskirts of the way I'll take."
If the entire area is a den of mountain they swung it will not stand up to confr
ont one.
Jaffe said that frowned put concerns.
"Do not be too simple plan?"
"As a simple plan and this is good I'm fine."
Ian Slater is known that the lack of a great warrior has.
But the fact that the damage of the Phoenix bingryongyina, there are other piece
s to life, considering the mountain's ability to fight no disadvantages to be so
much problem.
Rather, they were impossible to break into the home.
Scoping out a big head up and down the 9 King, Hydra, clearly visible in the dis
tance of the Phoenix, including fire giants!
Ganghaedo covertly moving the fighting was far side and never make it.
"If a piece of life quest to fight with them, to give her proper hanbatanghae. F
ind a trotting eat whole of you. "
Until now, all the pieces of the weed creatures believed keywords.
In fact one of fragments of the Earth and a power level of the monster was boseu
To expand the combination of their amazing battle shall be able to exert power.
"Call Death Knight Van Hawk, Call of vampire download directory!"
"Master, I was expecting to fight!"
"I have was called."
Unpaired two men also came to bravery.
Master w / over them like a form that said grabbing.

"But, I did not forget banjirang made his sword?"
Tori's eyes, even the jjipuryeojyeotgo, haegolin Van Hawk's chin touched dalgeur
At least nine hundred ninety-nine have heard once again!
"Why do I see wearing, right?"
"In answer takes the road."
"Joe, that's good."
"They gave banjirang sword would make sure their money is must. Okay? "
★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Ling ppuwoo boo!
Weed the vigorous trail horn blew to announce three big wins.
Slice of life to boost the morale of combat during the treatment until the hand
can give you the item!
Meanwhile, slice of life in the fort and put Mora in keeping the other monsters
sweep the crowd, I did not leave on the front.
Only too often played out as a means of moving Wyvern as well, another piece of
life to grow enough, they had the time.
"I found the boat turned up were very plump."
According to the expression of Weed, the state now can eat a full pamper.
Hydra with nine heads the King himself led a huge hareusel climbed mountains.
Deseuwom. Colossal monster lives in the soil.
Weed said the worm was named Death Worm grows to 200 meters of the body.
The body length of 95 meters around here yet, but spring out from the ground, ai
ming for a monster big enough to deeneun euseureotteurigeona was devoured.
The mouth, swallowing the moment of death monsters defending our country!

When I do good for the body wriggling earthworms charms had to sing.
Fire Giants stormed out brandishing a sword of fire neumreumhage.
Cerberus, the article was sebildo.
Phalanges, was born in Las living sculpture consists of 47 races they were all d
They are great overflowing wiapgam!
Bingryong, Wyvern, pythons, Phoenix, eunsae, the golden bird in the air, waiting
for support.
I heard a very sharp sound of the mountain forest and the trees moved from the b
usy something.
"There are guys."
Fail better visual acuity between the two forests were found to lack Ian Slater.
"About 300 people are waiting and arrow and spear."
Weed would still determine the exact extent was not.
"What they're all?"
"Keep more coming in a cave hidden in the back the bedspread, pieces of life are
more or less dangerous, I think I can go forward. Would not it better to stop n
ow? "
Weed and shook his head.
"That's okay. How many of the enemy is not going to be put. In one place, I'll b
e watching that fight. "
Dropping off a cliff, the lion cub was raised to strong. Weed was a similar feel
"Does not earning enough to have a weak guy is better if you pay an early cull."
Do you eat from now on in earnest piece of trotting ability of organisms needed
to pinpoint.
Know the limits of the ability of individual tactics can be established.
Ian Slater tribes have retained them in groups of warrior moves are evaluated.
They come into the realm of tolerable boseugeup such a monster, all at once stop
ped, quickly turns to the hunt.
So w / a piece about the safety of life we

would rather geokjeongseureopgi.

"I'm a fish!"
Slice of life, nearly half went up the mountain. Suddenly, the rocks and bushes,
trees pop out from behind the attack struck a lack Ian Slater.

King, head of the Hydra sell the 9 spit fire fighters overran naemyeo.
Women living piece of the High Elves, named for Weed eltinyiraneun gave the elve
s shoot arrows touched the harness.
Female Barbarian Warrior Guernica!
She left the ax in his right hand was a pullback. Ian Slater has the power to ma
ke a very powerful force of warriors were knocked out.
Women's inspection bandekseu.
She moves quickly with a thin sharp sword warriors and fought.
Somehow the lonely the rest of the engraver of Las phalanges generally more wome
n than men will have a piece.
Or a piece of a large monster with a strong thirst for blowing!
Long, thin legs, there was life on a piece that looks like an elegant peacock.
Did I rub my head epolriti sureukaga cute!
Nothing to do with the battle, regardless of sappunsappun champion Ian Slater wa
lked wings unfolded suddenly comes to a close.
Poison hidden in the wings, and ran the release.
Savvy, and could not distinguish between combat include jaeppalraseo appearance,
poison fog monster was very dangerous because it emits.
Poison in the mist touch the grass wither and die quickly fell.
Weed and party while watching from afar, the daehwalyakeul unfolded a piece of l
ife. Each of more than 400 high-level consideration of what you'd expect as much
as life were deulin.
Walked around a huge fire giant strides swings a sword of fire fighters was also
the home of Ian Slater was burning.
Overwhelming combat power deserve to be called!
"Damn you......
Weed make a happy, laughing.
"It's just like I thought. We could eat it by magic! "
Individuals were living boseugeup monseuteoin piece. They are united to see thei
r combat skills to match the characteristics showed no regret.
If you can mix quite well, even sex can crush it was a formidable power.
Las phalanges from public life without the help of users report a piece of mount
ainous areas of life was second to curb nicely.
"Exploratory now ended. Hagetgunyo enough. Back to go up! "

Weed hareusel climbed as a party.
Yubyeongjuneun was smiling while watching the monitor.
"Yes, we ought to guard. The piece is a waste of life is strong corps ... Ian Sl
ater's formidable warriors and they would not. "
The adventures of the weed in the relay station was preparing.
Although not now live, since major combat was expected to be conducted live.
Perhaps viewers are raving about a piece of life will not be surprised.
Slice of life were right about the expected power.
But if we go to the heart of mountainous areas hareusel slightest slip of the wh
ole piece life might be in danger.
In another screen, Ian yubyeongjunui slave to the story were the elders of the t
Building a bonfire and meet the elders and warriors fought.
In a way, it looks like a little bit larger reptiles, but they are the rulers of
hareusel mountainous areas.
Those who were wooriui over the mountains.
wooriga can win is the level.
nagaseo fight.
ahni, deulyija pull them deeper.
geureomyeon .....
keuheuheuheut, we always do Do not let one prisoners.
joteun is how.
Ian Slater is savvy enough that I thought I'd write head.
Mountainous areas where the depth of their land area to attract and then fight t
he real power is exported.
Champion of the cave is hidden in secret if they committed to continue to fly to
escape except to destroy him!
Finally the last shot to stay in the Kingdom of rojaim In the case of the Sphinx
, the flight also just as life may choose to die fighting.
Meanwhile, a bunch of affection all bingryonggwa Rover tudeokgeorimyeonseo Ugly,
after the death of the weed to bundle Wi-trotting food guy who loses is Sam.
"That seems to be very interesting indeed."

Yubyeongjuneun exciting was waiting for the results.
★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Ian Slater to meet with tribal elders in a place where one cries and toured keum
jikmakhan voles.
"They attracts more ....."
Country Mouse, even finds the bottom of crumb to eat and had attended the walk,
there was not.
"Hareusel mountainous regions should show clearly what the attacker paints .....
Country Mouse warriors' feet away under a piece of meat has found.
Then he piled up a wall niche and stuff, ever since he toured the shadows.
Jumping quickly on all fours and did not sound even though secretly.
"Kill them all should find a place."
I finally managed to put his mouth piece of meat!
Country Mouse went back quietly to dig a hole appeared.
Weed and place he must return to exactly where they were living a different piec
Rats are also pieces of the country was living.
The name literally Country Mouse!
Nice little corner, but a closer look pendent Lovely teeth and claws were manage
Phalanges engraver working in a coal mine in Las eventually lamented their fate,
and is made sculpture.
Ian Slater is a lack of weed in places like the Country Mouse, who had spied sik
yeoseo infiltrate.
My whole body painted dark, sitting on the branches also overheard eunsae.
Walls said that the ear hears Pitchers.
Weed by referring to the proverb, and they could take advantage of.

10) Ian Slater pitfalls of lack of
Age of Chaos!
Export Company on the unicorn began broadcasting television ads.
"Why is this suddenly going?"
"We intentionally look at advertising, I guess."
People felt the last serious crisis.
War broke out in all corners of the central continent. Guild, if they were fight
ing each other steadily in the past, the forces, now joined those massive monste
rs and embinyu denomination.
- Hwiseuron town was devastated by the monster. For travelers who want to go in
there, you be careful. Level less than 320 warriors as possible, avoid visiting.
- Serre on whether the city is under attack in the embinyu denomination. And can
give you a minute to rescue Do you?
- Freddie switch to the store robbers boarded herd went off the bud. If you Lops
jangman equipment on the wall, the look of the neighborhood. Currently hawkers
are selling stuff to come.
Board perished in the city or the resistance has fallen out the story borders fr
Between the plains and cities of the kingdom to secure the main roads have not s
een before had seen the emergence of a monster.
"Really too nervous today."
"Is getting increasingly hard to survive. Defeating monsters you if he can not r
estore the peace? "
"They are busy to play at soldiers, where I'll be at history."
"Phew ... Also scary to go outside the gates. "
"I've been hard to hunt."
Plains and mountains, forests close to the boards of the other monsters were the
boundaries to.
Internally, the entire kingdom, confusing, embinyu denomination as a whole was s
haken when the invasion.
Monster in a constantly changing habitat of the users are in some cases could no
t relax.
Request comes in a lot of mercenaries, but instead complete the mission when the
reward was reduced.
"We're able to not only this, I'm sorry."
"What can I do? I owe the goods which were promised to rob a thief took off ....

People as being poor only have simplified the contents of the request also has n
ot been adequately compensated.
"Oh, so it's hard to eat."
"I've been difficult."
"I asked around a sword if we do not pay to fix it for a spin out."
In the past, but the city rarely swayed by the monster, and now must overcome th
e force of the users themselves were.
Should look at the situation itself has been changed a lot.
Rogue traders flock to haunted civil war, due to the commercial denomination emb
inyu suffered a terrible blow.
"Hey, little guy makes money?"
"Do not talk. I should wait malmeokyigapdo difficult to fix the wagon. "
Engaged in a group and guild wars in the Kingdom of the material delivery can re
ap the benefits of greater trade.
But if it is already the exclusive dealer of each faction, because they were, th
eir proprietary systems only accelerated the position that the fingers should be
watched sucking!
General users and business people are against the increasingly become worse due
to the confusion I was on the verge of merchants complain pop.
"Do not eat this, really!"
"Our tax dollars at work so far is how much these sikyiya!"
Merchants pay the excessive taxes faithfully even while sidalrimyeon has been di
fficult to trade.
Sometimes pissed off, although weak, helpless, as traders saw a lot of time to s
ee a side to take it.
However, after another burst of bad news I have regular traders who Needless to
say, first took hold.
"You're a long endure! If you have to show patience not taste any hope of gettin
g better, it is say that I can not die! "
"I have closed five stores. It is dangerous out there, I've been reduced to hunt
people. They sold goods, the quality of life I fell itgoyo jjodeulrida. "
"I will clean up dirty beat!"
Small merchants' association criticized the impeachment of the Prince and the gu
The greatest damage to the confusion of the continent have a job to wear a trade
r or a farmer, a miner and so on.
They came to be a difficult thing to itself.

Whatever the circumstances of others, you do not have a satisfactory territory p
restigious guild, and they continue to expand troops fought a war.
Mid-Continent in the chaos of the monster mountain village en masse, even with t
he emergence and spread, were now hard to lie no.
Superstitious beliefs of the embinyuui aksineul Pull to justice.
Denomination of the continent, where the Lightning are the denomination embibyu
had declared war.
Monk of the Knights Templar and the secret part of the monastery moved.
Embinyu between church and other denominations to war BECAME the user to change
the body of the continent of Versailles was to be realized.
★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Ray Bard is in progress, even in the midst of a quest in the guild Hermes was ru
Haven in the Kingdom and the Kingdom of color might reap huge armies in taxes, w
hile the other side was intrigued.
"This opportunity will not come looking again."
"Hermes, we can not reject the proposal of the guild. We'll take it. Hopefully,
we thank you. "
Heuksaja guild was a big hit at the Melbourne Mining.
Compared to the overall size of the guild but is only a single paebaeil, Calise,
president of the genocide, including the Choi Yes!
Hermes, in fact, than this guild guild heuksaja Liege made little, spreading the
Heuksaja breakaway forces springing up in the guild, the guild beden rival out a
ttack staged by the expansion of power.
A win and take the fight to regain lost territory, to say nothing of their union
with another small guild has done successfully.
Beden that Hermes was the background of the guild.
Giving power to send their secrets to defeating heuksaja tolren Guild to secure
a kingdom and then it calculates samkigetdaneun whole.
Beden experienced the power of the guild or the guild Hermes did not reject the
Tolren kingdom in exchange for offering a guaranteed spot lord of quite a large
area got, and it was backed into heuksaja Guild breakup was the result much bett
er than that.
Rafael Hermes, which had held a meeting of the guild leadership.

"2-3 month, the kingdom tolren beden naesewoseo guild seems to be cleaned up wit
hout difficulty."
"Do not need to bother beden Guild will nominate? Big as it is sufficient proof,
we would put on. "
"In the middle of the street on the other issues in the kingdom and the region a
re aware of several matters beden guild would be able to handle a nuisance to vi
ew a number of problems."
"But I was hoping in the future if tired ......"
"That'll beorimyeon beden sweep guild. Additionally, the core of the guild beden
inclusion of a separate high-level tasks for the user is underway. "
"Later in the scandal's going to be leaving."
"Rather, the occupation of the Kingdom of La Salle's plan to issue ....."
"The work is also underway last minute. Attack date within this month seems to b
e caught. "
Hermes, the powerful army by putting the guild to speed things planned to bring
an end to the Kingdom of La Salle.
Immediately after the invasion of Britain, the United Kingdom was intended to se
ven to the Cloud Guild.
★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Wasamyineun violations were flying in the sky and burned up.
"Really nice scenery. I feel as though I feel I owe it to wasamyi. "
"Kkaruruk. Kyakyakyakya. "
Wyvern was weak praise.
"You want to fly aboard to meet the sky like this. From morning till evening. An
d all night long. "
At the end of violations wasamyineun tried to fall on the wing strength. It is t
rue that even one person injured was already running around a lot more stretchin
g time!
Wasamyineun violations and was flying over rugged mountains. Mountainous areas i
n favor of Weed hareusel would come to draw a map.
"Let us go to higher place than here. I think I need to look broadly at a glance
. "
Wasamyineun taking flight and soaring into the sky.

Meanwhile, from the level of prey, and the accelerating rate could rise as much.
Hareusel violations rose to the clouds near the mountains, looked down streets.
Ian Slater lack tubeukal particularly high and difficult to build a fort on the
ridge was living.
And the high cliffs and rock walls consist of nothing but blessed in the fort of
that could be.
"Told her to draw the terrain mainly high mountains."
Abuses began to draw a detailed map.
★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
"Well, yeah."
W / Ian Slater from the Country Mouse and the lack of eunsae two days was obtain
ed as a strategy.
"Definitely not a bad strategy."
Hareusel mountainous areas due to rugged terrain and deep drawing upon an enemy
that surrounds the rounded glass were hagin.
Ian Slater drilled warriors of us could use caves as appropriate, considering th
e lack of a strong, even the best plan!
Weed them out and gave great praise.
"The good guys were pretty hair!"
Fail was a great expectation.
"If so, what tactics do you get dental floss?"
Weed yongbyeongsul acknowledged the continent was delicious enough to me. Leader
ship and ability to conduct itself as the best is not an overstatement.
To combat this the Horn of trails in addition to three big continents have broug
ht to the ruler's seal.
Weed about the current leadership, even if the troops were all a little bit as i
f you trained jeongyebu was a level that can foster.
If the expected Battle of Weed, in itself, but even more thrilled that he was so
imaginative tactics to expand.
"They struggled in many ways, quite smart, so ......" deda
"'ve Got to write?"
"Try out everything we're supposed to take the virtual."
No way that was fail.

But w / a piece of mountain life tubeukal continue to lead the Corps was advanci
Will enter more deeply into enemy territory.
It had so far, the slave warriors of Ian and the surrounding terrain and the wid
e sculpture of living space, while leveraging the fight.
Because of this mountainous region hareusel hunting party itself was nearly impo
Groups, or lack of troops to fight Ian Slater brought the place!
Slice of life are strong, but lack of recruitment in this fast compared to Ian S
later, the overall power that could be called a little hat.
The terrain is absolutely called triangulation.
"King, Hydra, go to the right. The mission will induce the enemy to attack. Guer
nica, where do naseoji sasuhan will help them after a colleague. "
Weed fragments according to the command of life have changed their formation.
9 tubeukal climb the mountain to a place far, the enemy without being found thro
ugh a hidden cave.
Ian Slater one of the fighters was a tendency to focus on attack.
Risk of falling behind the creatures, large and vitality that can afford them we
nt to the front.
Pieces according to the characteristics of living things to hunt, just as the pa
rty is to change the location.
"Flame River!"
Romyunaga newly mastered fire to attack enemies of the river by magic.
Fire from the river swept away the enemy soldiers!
"Kkyaah, I reckon!"
Whenever you see a hot area romyunareul damage delight, celebration of the rotti
ng weed smile!
Daehwalyakeul know, the fellows had to move forward.
Wyvern in the air, bingryong, Phoenix, pythons, while supporting the defeated en
"The attacks are concentrated on one point, after a bravely fought the enemies h
eutteuryeo place. Bob, you do so much earlier meokdeoni why so slow to act! "
Weed's commanding ability, the ability of a piece of life than the usual 35% had
no skills to.
Do you use large pieces creatures wreak havoc on the Falcons had reached a power

Know how to shoot arrows enchanted creature of the safe was located in the exerc
ise of the power.
As the concentration of a terrible fire-game winning streak!
Remote attack is possible to fail and romyunado big success, and close the hatch
was coming Jaffe sureukawa enemies.
"Ian slave fort of the tribe until the place ... If over the next mountain, only
6 more fires. "
Weed looked at the map distance was calculated.
Tubeukal sankkajineun 9 or climb the mountain was big and tough. But already for
a long time, remained a long way to go in the future.
"Yeah, but in the middle of a dangerous place ......"
Canyon and other places vulnerable to attack by a very good focus.
Usually done reconnaissance of the Wyverns, but the champion Ian Slater covertly
moving through the cave because it is not easy to notice early.
Wait a moment if we are attacked in the surrounding coerced and that's the worst
"Even now I'm never going back?"
Hung yen here yeokryeokhaetda insecurity.
She attacked priest surrounded coerced dee had a lot of reluctance parts.
Who treat the emergency shut up and keep dying one by one without any gaps so mu
ch as look at you like that I wanted to avoid.
"For me, I get the idea, so keep a little bit more."
Weed rest briefly when the food and injured body bandage was a piece of life.
Freya According to the original value of the religious public to use to bring Ro
n Alves, but the yen during the battle here was to prop receive treatment.
Her skills did much better than Ron Alves, but like King Hydra in front of nearl
y immortal apsewoomyeon life was near.
King of the Hydra did not fall head over eojiganhamyeon 1.
Yen of life support and other colleagues here, because there was a cure.
Slice of life here, the yen and the priest was tight this century.
Indeed very beneficial to increase familiarity with the priest job!
And Weed and lived longer than usual to break slashed sculpture.
Often acting in the usual sense because nobody did not, in the form of a large p
iece of plank and on the surrounding mountains were.
A few hours later, stopped at this place fail.

"This cross seems a bit risky."
The water was flowing in streams. Chao knee to waist level normally only a strea
m of water, but rain falls helplessly increasing depth was such place turned int
o torrents.
Weed has confirmed that their position on the map.
"Drew us a map from violations when one of the enemy to attack is where a good p
lace. Thus, two gaeulul tubeukal peaks to walk to get to. "
Do not have an advance knowledge of the terrain in the mountainous region serves
as a great advantage that you do not go wandering off.
But you must go to dangerous lengths when he knew the law, to the most dangerous
peaks tubeukal If you had three places to the right place so he could be one of
To go against the water to be moved while halppundeoreo, such as left and right
arrows in the woods that might be vulnerable to attacks.
Fail and romyuna, and a piece of life, even if the response is bound to be at a
disadvantage in many ways.
Weed of the sculptures were in place.
Romyunaga he said in disbelief.
"Another way to be a little safer to go?"
"The mountains are two dogs back. Formidable climbers must take some pictures. B
etter off here seem to pass quickly from here, is going to be careful and ready
to fight. "
Weed apsewoomyeo the vitality of life on the high piece has advanced.
"Do not ever let your mind. First, let their boundaries fail. Magical Place on p
re-wansingsikyeo romyuna wait seems to be. "
Contrary to worry about the flow of streams where enemies appear or a sudden cou
ld not pass safely.
Since that encounter, however, the Iain Slater has increased the overall level o
f transcription.
Until now, if the General warriors fought, and now even the elriteugeup champion
More than 420 levels, the lack of a true warrior!
Ian Slater's life goes on, warriors battle an onslaught into an area without reg
Slice of life in Las phalanges also endowed with life after a lot of growing up,
was still fighting the enemies and well pressures.
Ian Slater vitality of life as falling out of the warriors died.
In particular, some dogs, including a giant piece of injustice, life was a remar
kable ability.

The fire is due to the characteristics, habits of the reptiles with the transcri
ption of Ian Slater to avoid the attack was seen considerably.
"Maybe I'm a little nervous!"
Geokjeongseureowot came two seriously, said that the yen here.
"This whole camp thing. In addition, there is a connection through the cave can
strike anywhere, all around us I'm becoming filled. No matter how strong a piece
of life, even if they're too dangerous! "
Weed of the pieces of life, just by conducting effective search rate was faster
and far.
Ian Slater to give the warriors gathered from all directions so that the bins be
scared of combat achievement.
Usually in the case of a scare for King, Hydra, Earthworm, suddenly comes out th
rough the land to intimidate their opponents.
Take the country spewing venom poisoning snakes, arrows, magic and attacks were
Large living units and the Warriors since the assault by the way!
Although very effective and powerful, this one has been subject to Ian Slater, i
f the lack of wiping can be mobilized felt a sense of crisis.
Yen here and of course he did not want to die, but unavoidable circumstances che
ohaeseo whole party never did not want to die.
Furthermore, a favorite piece of weed, if you lost everything to the loss of lif
e can not be undone.
So I usually did well, but she made a major decision and naseoji Weed has opened
his mouth to dry.
Common sense suggests that unusually hurried Weed.
"Our enemies you've come this far and seems to attract."
Weed pointed out here that in yen, nodded.
"This plan ......"
"We've got to attract them."
Weed report the violations, then place drew us was worried.
'This blessed yosaeya. If, from the outskirts of the battle and how much time wi
ll it take for drilling. Defensive formation to expand or, if they raided the tr
ansition mainly ......'
Tubeukal peaks require a lot of time has to go through. Hareusel slave breeding
in the mountainous region to continue to fight because of lack of Ian.

Cannot fight off enemies a few times, although the closer to the enemy should ag
ain be looking fights against jihyeongsang constantly.
It is an exhaustive look at the battle spread, or can be a problem in several pa
Eunsae and the country mouse to move through the confirmation of the enemy force
s and one was a big fight with all.
"Now I will have to believe me."
"What's the likelihood of success?"
"Sure, but if they're smart enough to eat seaweed is a lie."
Come on Let's Talk w / yen so far have decided to believe him.
Because of medical bills, most of times people say that because he was loved dea
rly body!
Brook and then stumbled into a dangerous area jihyeongsang was a rocky canyon.
The two sides of the giddy height of 2 kilometers surrounded like a rock has two
As I look back just jaw-making impulse that makes you want to go places!
The only way to pass through the center of the canyon was part of the water flow
Jaffe looks around the face was a little nervous.
"Even where victims of the raid got us pinned down."
Ian Slater's champion to use a narrow cave, most of it does not seem to appear u
ntil the appearance.
"In the middle of the canyon cliff, the length of a lifetime, or even the need t
o move quickly say?"
Fail already two arrows leaving and asked to walk in protest.
Somehow I feel like this where the enemy is waiting!
It is not. Go to the bottom of the canyon. "
"Yes? Only place to get out front and not drilled there. Like cliffs and steep c
anyon walls to get the same effect, making a concentrated attack, I presume? "
"That's what we're angling."
Weed as a piece of life and chose to go against the water.
The width of the wide side of a piece of life is moving pyeonhaetjiman, stretchi
ng on both sides of the canyon was the height of desperation.
'Maybe this time would come. Because it is most favorable terrain here. '
Weed With that in mind and entered the canyon walls.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Ian Slater lack of left quietly in a cave in the canyon walls, and was being amb
"I'm so smart."
"I built this plan."
"Stupid human guy. Kkeueukkkeueuk! "
The elders and warriors to conquer the laughter it was difficult.
Their deep anguish about the smartness!
'In places like this because earlier I unde too.'
'Oh, God gave me everything you! But my mom did was stupid to meet me. '
Weed and companions such as distress, a piece of life to come to the center of t
he canyon walls waited patiently.
"They fell into the perfect trap!"
"Let's get rid of!"
Ian Slater was a lack of warriors at once.
Rock cliffs, steep gorges, like the index of their skin covered with dark blue.
Tuesday April 26 PM 6:23 task completion
Typing teokbongyi [poik66]

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