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Bauman Moscow State Technical University, founded in 1830, is located in the center of Moscow and provides more than 18,000 undergraduate and 1,000 postgraduate students with an education in science and engineering, offering a wide range of technical degrees.[109] Since it opened enrollment to students from outside of Russia in 1991, Bauman Moscow State Technical University has increased its number of international students up to two hundred.[110]



Science and education[edit§]
Further information: Education in Russia§
Moscow State University§ during a laser show
There are !"! high schools in Moscow# as well as " colleges$[!] %esides these# there
are &&& institutions of higher education# including !' state universities[!] and the
(omonosov Moscow State University§# which was founded in )**$['!] The main
university +uilding located in ,oro+yovy -ory .S/arrow 0ills§1 is &2' metres .)"' ft1
tall and when com/leted# was the tallest +uilding on the continent$[')] The university
has over 3'#'''undergraduate§ and )#''' /ostgraduate§ students# who have a choice of
twenty4nine faculties and 2*' de/artments for study$ 5dditionally# a//ro6imately '#'''
high school students ta7e courses at the university# while over two thousand researchers
wor7$ The Moscow State University li+rary contains over nine million +oo7s# ma7ing it
one of the largest li+raries in all of Russia$ 8ts acclaim throughout the international
academic community has meant that over #''' international students have graduated
from the university# with many coming to Moscow to learn the Russian language§$
[citation needed]
The Russian 9ational Research Medical University§ named after 9$8$ :irogov§ or
formerly 7nown as Russian State Medical University§ .RSMU§1 is a medical university
situated in Moscow# Russia$ 8t is a Russian Federal 5gency for 0ealth and Social
;evelo/ment$ The university was awarded a 9ational Research University§ status +y the
Ministry of Education and Science of Russia§['<] in =uly &' due to its e6cellence in
academic and research$ 8t is one of the largest medical universities in Russia and Euro/e$
>urrently# more than "&'' students are enrolling in * different academic de/artments in
this university$ 8t also offers courses for /ost4graduate studies$
Moscow is one of the main financial centers of the Russian Federation§ and >8S§
countries and is well 7nown for its +usiness schools$ 5mong the +est are the Finance
5cademy under the -overnment of RF§? :le7hanov Russian Economic University§? The
State University of Management§# and the State University 4 0igher School of
Economics§$ They offer undegraduate degrees in management# finance# accounting#
mar7eting# real estate and economic theory# as well as Masters /rograms and M%5§ with
varied concentrations$ Most of them have +ranches in other regions of Russia and
countries around the world$
Entrance to the
Moscow :ower
%auman Moscow
State Technical
University§# founded in <3'# is located in the center of Moscow and /rovides more than
<#''' undergraduate and #''' /ostgraduate students with an education in science and
engineering# offering a wide range of technical degrees$['"] Since it o/ened enrollment
to students from outside of Russia in ""# %auman Moscow State Technical University
has increased its num+er of international students u/ to two hundred$[']

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