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Motoring Penalty Codes And Points Quick Penalty Reference Table Reference Table Dr ink ink Driving Penalty Calculator 

Speeding Penalty Calculator 

Here is a list of Road Traffic Offence Offence Codes, which are endor s ed on your  licence if you are convicted, and the and the penalty point range for each e ach type of  offence. If you would like legal advice a dvice on motoring offences, have have a look at


Instant Law Line. Line. It's the quick, easy and cheap way to get le legal advice. Penalty

Motoring Penalty Codes and an d Points


De scri ption Accident Offences

Rehabilitation Re habilitation of Offenders  Actt  Ac General Road Traffic


 AC10 Failing to s top after an accident  AC20

Of fences fences

Failing to give particulars or to report an accident within 24 hours

 AC30 Undefine d accident offences

5-10 pts 5-10 pts 4-9 pts

Dr ink ink Driving Law Disqualified Driver 

Table of Driving Offences BA10

Careless Driving

Drivin g whi ls t dis qualified by order of court

BA3 BA 3 0 Atte m pt pti ng ng to d riri ve ve w hi hi le le d is is q ua ua lili fifi ed ed b y o rd rd er er o f c ou ou rt rt

Dangerous Driving

CD 10 Drivin g wi thout due care an d attenti on

Failing to Provide Driver 



Driving When Disqualified



Driving With No Insurance CD50

Mobile Phones and Driving Motorcycle Law Speed Cameras Speeding Offences

6 p ts ts

Careless Driving

Fixed Penalty Notices

Road Rage

6 pts

Driving Driv ing without reasonable consideration for other road users Driving without due care and attention or without reasonable cons ideration for other other road users Causing death through careless driving when unfit through drink Causing death by careless driving when unfit through drugs

3-9 pts

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3-9 pts Please Pl ease s elect Area Area of Law 3-9 pts Name Na me 3-11 pts

3-11 pts

Town To wn or City Phone Ph one Email Em ail



Causing death by careless driving with alcohol level above the limit Causing death by careless driving then failing to supply a specimen for analysis

C D8 D8 0 C au au si si ng ng d ea ea th th b y ca re re le le ss ss or or i nc nco ns ns id id er era te te d riri vi vi ng ng

3-11 pts

3-11 pts 3 -1 -1 1 p ts ts

 I found Law on the Web to be very Endorsements, Disqualification and Revocation


Causing death by driving: driving: unlicensed, dis qualified or 

3-11 pts

uninsured driv drivers ers

to do our family will. It helped me find key infor information mation fast and when getting in

Construction & Use Offences Notice of Intended

CU 10 Us i ng a vehi cle with defecti ve brakes

Prosecution Causing or l ikely to to cause danger by reason of us e of 

Signing the NIP

informative infor mative when looking for a solicit or 

unsuitable vehicle or using a vehicle with parts or 

contact with a solicitor I already had 3 pts

some knowledge on the subject and could focus in on what we needed. Thanks for all your hard work.


CU20 acce accessories ssories (excluding (excluding brakes, brakes, steering steering or tyres) tyres) in a

Conv nviction iction & Appeal Co

3 pts

dangerous condition

David Doulton, Long Ashton, Somerset  May 2012 

Right Ri ght of Appeal

CU30 Using a vehicle vehicle with defect defectiv ive e tyre( tyre(s) s)

3 pts

Totting To tting Up & Exceptional

CU40 Using a vehicle vehicle with with defectiv defective e steering steering

3 pts

Hardship Ha rdship CU50

Causing or l ikely to to cause danger by reason of load or  passengers

3 pts

Drink Drive Rehabilitation Courses

CU 80 80 Us in ing a m ob obi le le phone whi le le dri vi ving a m ot otor vehicl e

Reckless/Dange Reckless /Dange rous Driving

Drug Driving Law Failing to Prov Provide ide a Specimen Parking Tickets Driving Licence Laws Getting Your Licence Back

3 pts

DD 10 Caus i ng s erious inj ury by dangerous dri ving

3 -1 1 *

DD 40 Da Dangerous D ri vi ng

3 -1 1 *

DD60 DD6 0 Man anslau slaugh ghtter or or culpa culpabl ble e homic homicid ide e while while driv drivin ing g a veh vehic icle le

3-11 311**

DD 80 Caus i ng death by dangerous dri vi ng

3 -1 1 *

DD 90 Furious dri vi ng

3-9 pts

*where the court chooses not to di squali fy as a result result o f special reasons

Early Drink Or Drugs Car Insurance Law

DR10 Dri Driv ving or at atte tempt mpting ing to dr driv ive e wit with h alco alcohol hol lev level el abo abov ve limit limit

3-11* 3-1 1*

Car Insurance Insurance with P oints

D R2 R2 0 D ri ri vi vi ng ng o r a tttte mp mp titi ng ng to d riri ve ve w hi hi le le u nf nfi t th ro ro ug ug h d ri ri nk nk

3 -1 -1 1* 1*

Driving Test

DR30 Driving or attempting to drive then failing to supply a specimen for analysis


 Automobile Theft Theft Driving or attempting to drive then refusing to give

Bike Law

DR31 permiss ion for analysis analysis of a blood sampl e that was taken


without consent due to incapacity

Motor Accidents

D R4 R4 0 In ch ar arg e o f a ve hi hi cl cl e w hi hi le le a lc lco ho ho l l ev eve l a bo bo ve ve l im im it it

1 0 p ts ts

Road Tax and MOT

DR 50 In charge of a vehicl e whi le unfi t through drink

10 pts

Seat Belts and Child Booster 



Failure to provide provide a s pecimen for analysis in circumstances other than driving or attempting to drive

10 pts

Refusing to give permis permis sion for analysis of a blood sam ple

Tachograph Rules &

DR61 that was taken wi thout consent due to i ncapacity in


10 pts

circumstances other than driving or attempting to drive DR 70 Fail ing to provide s pecim en for breath tes t DR80 DR8 0 Dr Driv iving ing or at atte tempt mptin ing g to to dri driv ve whe when n unf unfit it thr hrou ough gh dr drug ugs s DR 90 In charge of a vehicl e when unfi t through drugs

4 pts 3-11 311 pt pts s 10 pts

*where the court chooses not to di squali fy as a result result o f special reasons

Insurance Offences IN10

Us in ing a vehi cle unins ur ured agai ns t third party ri s ks ks


*where the court chooses not to di squali fy as a result result o f special reasons

Licence Offences L C2 C2 0 D riri vi vi ng ng o th th er erw is is e th an an i n a cc cco rd rd an an ce ce w itith a l ic ice nc nce LC30 L C4 0 LC50

Driving Driv ing after making a false declaration about fitness when applying for a licence Drivin g a ve vehi cl cl e havi ng ng fa fai le led to to no noti fy fy a di dis ab abi lility Driving Driv ing after a licence has been revoked or refused refused on medical grounds

3 -6 -6 p ts ts 3-6 pts 3-6 pt pts 3-6 pts

Miscellaneous Offences MS10 Leaving a vehicl e i n a dang erous pos ition

3 pts

MS20 Unl awful pi ll ion ri ding

3 pts

MS30 Pl P l ay s treet offences

2 pts


Driving with uncorrected defective eyesight or refusing to subm it to to a test

MS50 Motor raci ng on the highway MS60 Off Offences ences not covered covered by other codes codes

3 pts 3-11 pts  As appropriate


MS70 Drivin g wi th unco rrected de fecti ve eyes ight

3 pts

MS80 Refus ing to s ubm i t to an eyes ight tes t

3 pts

MS9 0 Fa ilil ur ure to gi gi ve ve i nf nfo rm rm at ati on on as as to to i de de nt nti ty ty o f d riri ve ve r e tc tc

6 p ts ts

Motorway Offences MW10

Contravention Contrav ention of Special Roads Regulations (excluding speed limits)

3 pts

Pede st strian rian Cros Crossings sings PC10

Undefined Contravention Contravention of Pedestrian Cros sing Regulations

PC20 Contravention Contravention of Pedestrian Cross ing Regulations with moving vehicle PC30

Contravention Contrav ention of Pedestrian Cross ing Regulations with stationary vehicle

3 pts

3 pts

3 pts

Speed Limits SP10 SP20

Exceeding goods vehicl e s peed li m i ts Exceeding speed limit for type of vehicle (excluding goods or passenger vehicles)

3-6 pts 3-6 pts


Exceeding s ta tatutory s pe peed l im itit on a publ ic road

3-6 pts


Exceeding pas s enger vehicle s peed l im it

3-6 pts


Exceeding s peed l im it on a m otorway

3-6 pts


Undefined s peed l im it offence

3-6 pts

Traffic Direction And Signs TS10

Fail ing to com pl y wi th traffi c l ight s ignal s

3 pts


Fail ing to com pl y wi th doub le w hite li nes

3 pts


Fail ing to com pl y wi th "Stop" s ign

3 pts

TS4 0 Fa ilil in in g to co co mp mp ly ly w itith di di re re ct cti on on of of a co ns ns ta ta bl bl e/ e/w ar ard en en TS50

Failing to comply with traffic traffic sign (excluding - stop -s igns, traffic traf fic lights or double white lines )

3 pt pts 3 pts


Fail in ing to com pl pl y wi th th a s ch chool cros si si ng ng patrol s ig ign

3 pts

TS7 S70 0

U nd nd ef efi ne ne d fa ilil ur ur e to c om om pl pl y w itith a tra ffffi c d ir ir ec ec titi on on s i gn gn

3 pt pts

Special Code To signify a disqualification under tott totting-up ing-up procedure. If  TT99

the total of penalty points reaches 12 or m ore within 3 years, year s, the driver is liable to be disqual ified

Theft Or Unauthorised Taking UT50

Aggravated taking of a vehicle

3 -1 1 *

*where the court chooses not to di squali fy as a result result o f special reasons

Aiding, Causing Or Inciting Road Offences In addition to the offences list ed above, above, you c an also be c harge harged d if you are suspected to have been in some way responsible for another individual committ ing one of the above above crimes. The penalty penalty c odes for these offences offences are very similar, with only the final digit of the code changed to reflect the nature of the offence.

Aiding, Abetting, Counse lling Or Procuring An Offe nce The penalty code for this sort of offence will see the 0 at the end of the code replaced with a 2. For i nstance, if you aided someone else i n the aggravated aggravated taking of a vehicle, the code for your penalty would be UT52, rather than UT50.

Causing Or Permitting An Offence Causing or permitting an offence changes the final digit of the relevant penalty code t o a 4 - for example, if you had somehow caused another driver  driver  to drive dangerously, the penalty code would be DD44, in lieu of DD40.


Inciting An Offence The code for for inciti ng an offence offence is the same as the original offence, offence, exc ept with a 6 added to the end. The code for exceeding the speed limit on a motorway is SP50, so the code for inciting another driver to do so would be SP56.

Codes For Driving Offences In Ireland And The Isle Of Man If you are disqualified from driving in Northern Ireland, the Republic of Ireland or the Isle of Man, y ou will receive a Mutual Recognition (MR) code on your  licence, which will disqualify you driving in the UK. These codes, which are as follows, will remain on your licence for 4 years after you are convicted. Mutual Recognition Codes MR09


Reckless or dangerous driving (whether or not resulting in d eath, injury or serious risk) Wilful failure to carry out the obligation placed on driver after being involved in a road accident (hit or run) Driving Driv ing a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol or other 

MR29 subs tance affect affecting ing or diminis hing the mental and physical abilities of  a driver  MR39 Driv Driving ing a vehicle vehicle faster than the the permitted speed MR49 Driv Driving ing a vehicle vehicle whilst disqualif disqualified ied MR59

Other conduct constituting an offence for which a driving disqualification has b een impos ed by the State State of Offence Offence

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