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Before Starting the project we should fully know about the meaning of project. There are seven letters in the word “PROJECT” each character has its own technical meaning.

This deal with the idea at thinking and which are required for the project.

The money problem will be solved and resources from which collected.

The procedure from which the getting job is prepared in a systematic way is known as operation.

Joint effort
This is directly proper to a operation output is made of several person working sincerely is known as JOINT EFFORT.

A well-educated engineer can do this work in a better way to find out better result. Hence the project is as engineering function.

To make the project successfully, it is necessary for its success and completion of project.

It must as it gives a better shape. It is not possible to complete the project without technique.

The project is a system that gives the systematic way of planning and working.


Introduction of the system

Title of the Project: MUSIC ONLINE

Music is probably more familiar than we might at first imagine. Indeed, nowadays
it is all around us, whether it be in restaurants, supermarkets, lifts, for advertising or as theme and incident a music on television. Hearing live music is one of the most pleasurable experiences available to human beings. The music sounds great, it feels great, and you get to watch the musicians as they create it. No matter what kind of music you love, try listening to it live. There are lots of things to enjoy at a concert, lots of things to pay attention to. Your job is to be affected by the music, but you can be affected by what most appeals to you, or by whatever grabs your interest. Here are a few choices for what to listen to. Choose whatever you like, switch as often as you want, and feel free to add to the list.
Some things to enjoy in classical music Moods and feelings Loudness and softness Different speeds Instrument sounds

Melodies Rhythms Changes and transformations Beautiful performing Memories that get triggered Recognition of something heard earlier Visual images that come to mind

Music Online is a one stop hangout for movies. At MUSIC ONLINE , we believe and swear by the term ‘Filmy’ and we have tried to live up to its true spirit. Music Online is designed for people like you - the hard core movie buffs, enthusiasts and even those who claim that they don’t have a filmy bone in their body. Don’t miss our special attempts to focus on regional and bollywood movies! There are various reasons for you to hangout at Music Online – Besides becoming a member of India’s largest movie rental service and renting good quality movies from Music Online , you can just sign in and indulge by taking the quiz or creating one, rating movies, starting a club, testing your movie compatibility with your friends or simply read more about the movies and review them. Now, enjoy movies and a lot more… at your finger tips!. Music Online Hangout is your space, you can decide on who to let in and who not to, what to put up there and what not to. You are the leading person in your hangout, so get set - wear the Director’s cap! Music Online is shaping (or shaking) up a couple of things around here. We thought that it was about time we indulged in movies, rather than just watching them. And so we have just expanded our canvas and we invite you to discover, enjoy, share and indulge in the world of movies! We have scrubbed, shined and polished our website and filled it with as much color and content to keep you watching and indulging. If you are not at Seventymm™, you are not rolling. We have mapped out the best laid plans, and the red carpet welcome… so have you arrived yet? SECURITY

This module control s security and integrity of database in each module with multilevel password that can be assign to authorized users by the super user.

 ACCESS CONTROL (Who has the right to access the software)  AUTHORISATION (Defining rights of an user)  AUTHENTICATION (Checking who the user is)  DATA INTEGRITY (Protection of data from modification and deletion)  DATA SECURITY (Maintain confidentiality of data)  PASSWORD INTEGRITY (Encryption of passwords)

Table Structures
Database Design In Music Site about 6 database tables are used such as

Table Name: UserLogin Description: used to store user information.

Table Name: UserInfo Description: used to store user information.

Table Name: Singer_Master

Description: used to store Singer information.

Table Name: Music_Master Description: used to store all Music information.

Table Name: File_Master

Table Name: Actor_Master Description: used to store Actor information.


Goals that are successfully achieved-

Music for every one, every where and any time


Connection to a Database on Application for a web based development.

Storing all the relevant data about the Songs, Music in all over the world. etc.

Make it more environment friendly for the Music Lover.

Conveniently upgraded and moderately usable.

System Design
DFD The Data flow Diagram shows the flow of data. It is generally made of symbols given below :A square shows the Entity. A Circle shows the Process An open Ended Rectangle shows the data store. An arrow shows the data flow. The DFD can be up to several levels. The 0 level DFD states the flow of data in the system as seen from the outward in each module. The first level DFD show more detail,about the single process of 0 level DFD


Manage and create project


Searches and play music Users

Music Online

Music Search

Music information Database


searching, Playing, Uploading and downloading


Search For Search For Music Music

Applying Searching Criteria

Showing Showing Search Search Results and Results and Play Music Play Music


Download Download Or Or Upload Upload Music Music


Sign In Sign In Or Or Sign Up Sign Up

Show Show DownLoad DownLoad Page Page

k k ec ec Ch r ro Ch F gin Fo gon i L Lo


Tools/Platform Hardware and Software Requirement



: Pentium III/IV, 128 MB RAM. : 2.0 frame work : Sql Server 2000 : Windows NT or 2000 or Later : Hard disk, Floppy, CD : VGA

Limitations and drawbacks Though it was planned, that the system developed will absolutely error free but there certain limitations in the system. Following may be the drawback of this system.  Since every time interaction is with the database so the load is more. So the system tends to be bit slow.  Though the system is developed as a multi-user

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