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Muslim Scientists
Name Era Contributions
Chemist,Prepare Nitric Acid, Sulphuric Acid & HCL, Led Carbonate, Arsenic and Antimony Introduced Techniques like Calcination, Reduction, Sublimation, Distillation, Melting and Crystallization Deal with Preparation of steel, Dying of cloths and leather Work in Math, Astronomy, Geography , Laid Foundation for Geographical Science in Arabic,Tready on Quadratic Equation Treaties on Geometrical and Physiological Optics. Work for Music and reflection of light and optics Astronomer and Mathematician, Established relation b/w sides and angles of spherical triangle. Explain the phenomenon of Equinoxes. Prepare Islamic Lunar Calender Work in Physics , chemistry, medicine, music, philosophy, math, astronomy and ethics. Classification of substances in vegetables, animals, minerals A great surgeon and physician. Invented new surgical appliances. Place artificial tooth in place of diseased Physician, Astnomer, mathematician, Physicist, geographer and historian,    

Kitab al Rahmah Kitab al Tajmi Book of Seventy Composition of Alchemy

Jaber Ibn Hayyan (Geber A.D 721--815 in west)

Muhammad Musa AlKhawarzimi


     

Abu Ishaq Kindi(AlKindus in west)

9 Century


Al Battani


Hisab al Jabr Wal Muqabla Hisab Al Hindi Al Jama –Wat Tafri Kitsb Surat al Ard De Aspectibus De Medicinearum Compsitarum Gradibus Kitab Al Zig

Zakariya Al Razi(Rhazes in west)


    

Arabian Medicine Al Hami Kitab Al- Asrar Kitab al Mansuri Al Tasrif

Abul Qasim Al-Zahrawi




  

Tahqiq Al Hind Qanun Al Masudi Asrar Al Baqiya

Abu Ali Sina


Ibn Al-Haitham(Alhazan in west)


Al Marwardi


Explain Advance Trigonometry. Discover that light travels faster than voice. Understanding of longitudes and latitudes. Medical Science, math, philosophy, logic, astronomy and music, His book Al Qannun fil Tib known as canon in latin. Use Catheters made of the skins of animals and mentioned intravesical injection by means of silver syringe Mathematician, Physiological and Optician ,Explain the reflection of light through transparent bodies, discover magnifying glass and identify gravity as force A Juriscionsul and Political economist, work in Religion , ethics, literature and politics

Kitab Al Jawahar

   

Ash –Shfa Nafia An-Najat Isharrat

       

Ibn Al Baitar

12th Century Died in 1248

Botanist and Pharmacist Discover many new plants and extract drug from them

      

Ibn Rushd(Averroes in west)


Philosophy, math, astronomy logic and Islamic Jurisprudence, Discover the Sunspots

Nasir Al-Din Toosi


Work in Astronomy,math, optics, geography, medicine, philosophy, logic, music, mineralogy and ethics. Prepare Margha Observatory. Treaty on Quadrilateral in tri

   

Kitab Al Manazir On twilight Phenomena Mizanul Hikma Configuration of Universe Al Hawi Al Iqna Al Ahkam Us Sultaniyah Nukat –Wal Uyum Kitab Al –Jami fi Adwiya Al Mufzada Jami Mughani Kitab Fi Karkal Al Falak TahafutAl Tahafut Kitab Fasl Al Maqal Kitab Al Lashf Al Manahij Kitab –i-s-Fasal Qawadi Al Handass Kitab Shakl Al Qatta Kitab Al Fusul

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