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Network Engineer with 0 years experience looking for a Entry-level position.





4105 Pine Street, Apt#6, Philadelphia PA-19104*215-459-4 614*[email protected] OBJECTIVE: Seeking a full time Position starting from May 2010. EDUCATION: Candidate for Master of Science in Engineering: Telecommunication and Networking -May 2010. University of Pennsylvania, School of Engineering and Applied Science, Philadelphia, PA Course Work: Networks and Protocols, Advanced Networks an d Protocols, Wireless Networks, Network Systems, Cloud Computing and Networks, N etwork Security, Engineering Economics, Engineering Entrepreneurship Cumulative GPA: 3.46/4.00 Bachelor of Science in Electronics and Communication -May 2008. Anna University, Chennai, India. Cumulative GPA: 3.5/4.00 PROJECTS: Packet Analyzer (Spring 2010): Implemented Packet Analyzer using Pcap. Respons ible for parsing and Interpreting Ethernet traffic containing IP datagrams (TCP and UDP) .Also stored captured email messages sent in that traffic in files. Tools :C

Link State and Distance Vector Protocol Implementations (Fall 2009): Implemente d Distance Vector and Link State Protocol over the Fishnet simulator. Tools: Java, Fishnet

PennChord Implementation (Fall 2009): Designed and Implemented PennChord, a simp lified distributed hash table based on Chord protocol. Also, Implemented an over lay based Internet Indirection Infrastructure (i3) based on the chord lookup pro tocol to support a wide variety of communication services. Tools: Java, Fishnet

Universal Health Care "Cloud You Can Believe In" (Fall 2009): Designed multiple Micro Architecture of a cloud data center and laid out the pros and cons of each technologies used. Modeled the dynamics of the latency components for the propo sed applications to meet the Service Level Agreements. Mobile Computation Prototype (Spring 2009): Implementation of Wireless applicat

ion on WAP platform using WML and building a voiceXML application with service f rom Tools: WML, XML Wireless Network Design (Spring 2009): Developed network architecture and wirele ss advisor for a company. Provided solutions to the company to accommodate and b uild networks that will meet the growing demands of the future. Tools: Visio Intelligent Call Routing (Spring 2008): Used ZIGBEE Transceivers to transmit and receive data within a distance of 100 feet. TECHNICAL PRESENTATIONS: Deficit Round Robin (Fall 2008): Fair queuing scheme that allows each flow passing through the netw ork a fair share of the resources. Census and Survey of the Internet (Spring 2009): A study about census and survey of edge hosts in the visible Internet. MPLS VPNS in Cloud Computing (Fall 2009): A study about layer 3 VPN and their ro le in cloud computing. Programming Skills: C, Java, WML, XML, HTML, MATLAB, and CSS. Assembly Language Programming: MicroProcessor8085, 8086, 8051 Networking Knowledge: TCP, UDP, BGP, RIP, OSPF, and VPN. Operating Systems: Windows,Linux. EXTRA-CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES: * Math Tutor at the University of Pennsylvania. 2008 - 2010 * Served as the class representative to the ECE department at SVCE. 2005 -2008 * Secretary of Panorama (Technical Symposium) at SVCE. 2007 -2008 * First Prize - Technical Quiz, National level Technical Symposium at Crescent E ngineering College, Chennai -2007 * Languages - English,Hindi,Tamil and Marwari

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