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Clasping onto the sofa I flung my head against a pillow, looking round the finally almost furnished living room. It had taken all day to move the furniture in, and it would be so good to be able to spend the night here. I look as the living room door opens and Duncan walks in and drops onto the sofa beside me. All gone, I ask him. Yip and they re not coming back. I ve locked the doors, He says. We sit on the sofa for a couple of seconds. He lifts my hand and starts to rub his hand up and down the inner side of my arm, following the veins that stand out against my pale skin. Feeling the tingle go through me I look at him and he smiles. What do you want to do now? I ask. I think we should christen the new big bed we bought, he says squeezing my hand. Or we could always christen the sofa. We ve a lot of rooms to christen if you ask me. I smile at his innuendos and even though it was what I had in mind. I have to at least reprimand him. Pulling my arm away and pressing it back against me in a manner that just happens to push my breasts up and almost knocking them out of the low cut t-shirt I m wearing. Less of it, I m knackered and I wanna lay and do nothing. He chuckles and rolls towards me burying his face in my cleavage and nipping at me with his teeth. He looks up at me and smiles suggestively. You can lay there if you want. I don t mind. He winks and then stands pulling me with him. Come on, its laws of a new house. You have to christen each room, willingly! He pulls me out into the hall and up the stairs towards the bedroom. Pulling me through the door I see the bed I carefully made and placed the cousins on. I watch as he yanks them off and throws them to the floor. I slap his arm. Stop that, it took me ages to get that perfect. I shout. He looks at me. Well we can t fuck with them on the bed, and I ll have you know I plan to fall into a coma when we re done. He says as he turns and kisses me. His hands roam up my back under my top. His warm hands are clammy against my skin. I trail my hands up and push my hands through his hair pulling him close towards me. He yanks my top up and I lift my arms to help him out, feeling the air against my body and the feeling of my hair flowing back down through the neck of my top. He kisses down my neck and over my shoulders. As he kisses me he slides one bra strap of my shoulder and slides his hands round and undoes my bra strap. I kiss his chest and pull back to smile at him. You know, I think I d rather have something to eat, I whisper. Oh, I plan too, He says as he moves his head up and his tongue plunges into my mouth. I m getting so wet below and I m out of it by the faint smell of his aftershave accompanied by the faint tang of his sweat after he d spent the day moving. He licks over my chin and down to my neck and pulls back. What perfume are you wearing? It tastes rotten.

I guess it must be like an insect repellent. If I d known you didn t like it I d have put it all over. I didn t say it would stop me, he says and as if to prove a point he sucks on my neck before descending to my breast were he tugs on my nipple and licks. Hooking my hands under his t-shirt I yank it up over his head barely giving him time to unattached himself from me. I throw it behind me and graze my hand up the front of him and moving back down to where I could see his cock straining against his trousers. I undo my jeans and push them down; as soon as I have them off I sit on the edge of the bed and run my hand up over my smooth, long legs, watching as his eyes take in every little movement. I smooth my hand up over my thigh and run it over the front of my knickers. Playing with myself through the cotton as he looks on, he undoes his jeans and pulls his boxers down along with them. Fuck, he says and I stare at him. The condoms are downstairs. I ll be up in a second, he runs out the door and all I can do is hope that no one comes to the door and finds him striding around naked and hard. I remove my knickers while I wait and lay back on the bed, opening my legs wide and I start to circle my clit. My heartbeat is jumping and the thud between my legs is intense. If he doesn t hurry I ll come without him. He strides through the door and stops at the sight of me: legs wide apart, breathing ragged and playing with myself. I must paint quite a picture. He s already got the condom on and I swear I see a pulse as his gaze roams to my pussy. I m whimpering as he steps towards me and almost jumps onto the bed. The sensations sweeping and the heat radiating through me, he wastes no time as he kneels in front of me and lifts my legs in the air resting them on his arms as he spreads his arms on the bed. He moves close and positions his cock at the top of my pussy, swirling his cock teasingly against my clit that needs not a lot of attention at this point. He enters into me and I gasp at the sensation of being stretched to fit him. He thrusts in further so that he s filling me completely. His hips slam against me over and over. Until finally I feel myself convulse around him and my orgasm slams through me. My toes curling, the moist warmth below as he easily slams in and out of me and then he bucks one last time with all his might and he growls as his orgasms hits. We lay for a couple of seconds before he pulls out of me and rolls to the other side of the bed and right now I think I could go for round two.

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