New Mexico School for the Blind and Visually Disabled

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New Mexico School for the Blind and Visually Disabled (Figures provided by Linda Lyle, NMSBVI superintendent) Here are our graduation numbers for the last 10 years: 100% of our senior graduating classes graduated these years. Graduates from residential campus by year: 2002 – 7 (8 seniors but one was an exchange student) 2003 – 5 2004 – 3 2005 – 2 2006 – 8 2007 – 6 2008 – 6 2009 – 2 2010 – 4 2011 – 3 2012 – 7 2013 – 7

The following are the goals I currently report on to my board of regents. These are all part of our strategic plan. 5.4 Play a strong role in identifying the needs of students with BVI in all districts, providing information to families about NMSBVI, and assuming a more active role in student transitions to and from residential campus.

4.2 Develop and/or identify assessment tools leading to appropriate goals, curriculum, and programming.

3.5 Create opportunities for collaboration among agencies, professionals, and parents (training, mentorship with families, direct contact with districts and agencies, model)

1.1 Identify and collaborate with leaders in the field of visual impairment in order to offer cutting edge training, camps, and educational opportunities for students, staff, and others.

6.3 Create a comprehensive Marketing Plan (Develop methods to disseminate information about VI resources and services; Create a systematic volunteer program)

6.1 By 2017 we will increase and identify new and additional funding sources by 10% of the operational budget.

5.3 Provide adequate staff and education to facilitate successful transitions of students to and from NMSBVI education placement as well as to post graduate placements.

1.4 NMSBVI will encourage and recognize creative and innovation among employees.

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