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Facebook friends (FBF) I was wondering and wandering about a word „facebook‟, responsible for a new trend in life style round the world. Is it a book of a face, face of a book or a fake book? One of these, none of these or all of these is possible answers however. Every face is a book, and every book has a face. Most of the time in the real world a face represents the book. And, at times a book is an exact narration of a face. Facebook genuinely supports the proverb; don‟t judge the book by its cover. From the status posted on the wall to the descriptions presented in the information section, from the profile pictures to the posted pictures, every aspect has a possibility of a misrepresentation, or should I call it a loss identity. Mark Zuckerberg, must have tried his best to give it a form of authentic social network site however; facebook at times appears to be a fakebook. As a proverb says, friends can be categorized into four types: hi /hello friend, let's go friend, do this please-friend, and well-wisher friend. Apparently a '3 A.M.' friend is also in the new fashion. Friends who are limited to the primary salutation perhaps could be categorized as the first type. Friends who always initiate the „let‟s go, let‟s do it‟ kind of actions perhaps are the second type. Here, „let‟s do it‟ momentum is mostly used for negative approach, though. Third type of friends always have „would you please do this for me?‟ as their fundamentals. And the forth type of friend is someone who would always be with you, and would wish you his/her best. A '3A.M. friend' would be the one who would response your call or invitation even in the odd hours. These friends can be found in both the real and social networking life. The type of friend you have is your choice, as they say: “We can choose our friends but not the neighbors.”

Leisure or added Pressure
Are you taking leisure as leisure or adding more pressure on yourself in the name of leisure? I am sure you agree with me if I tell you that we are not enjoying leisure the way our ancestors used to. Search for food and shelter would take larger part of their work days, and their search would take longer time than expected, however, leisure meant leisure in a true sense for them. It could be time for a short nap, story- telling, painting, pictogram on cave walls and dreaming up the wheel. On the other hand despite the advantages of modern science and the proliferation and of „labor saving „devices regaining from microwave ovens, washing machines, vegetable cutter to mixture juicer, grinder and blender, vacuum cleaner, dishwasher et cetera et cetera, we seem to have less leisure time than our ancestor. Generally you identity often is measured by the work that you do in your office, or the office that you work for, rather than what you do in your leisure time. But what you do in your spare time more often defines your personalities than what you do in your 'ten to five' routine work hours. And, it is this tiny fraction of „true leisure‟ time that plays most important role in defining you as unique individuals.

The postmodern society suffers from the phenomenon of business therefore; leisure never means leisure in true sense. Paradoxically, school teachers are given some leisure periods to check the home assignments prepared by their students. Students are given loads of home works to be completed during leisure called vacations. Working women, gifted with twin responsibilities of balancing the management of office work and home simultaneously, get to do piles of works in their leisure. Their leisure is filled with the range of households like, washing, cleaning, socializing, and cooking something special for the family and guests, during their off days. Some of my friends capture the pleasure of outing during off days, only to return with tired body and mind. From the preparation and planning for the trip to the safe return back home from the holidays, would make them even busier and more tired than in workdays. On one hand busyness has become a cult and an important insignia of modern day lifestyle. The success is measured by the degree of busyness; hence one has to have as less leisure as one could manage, to prove ones success. On the other hand however, one must show that one is busy, to prove successful. According to the capitalist equation, time equals money, the more busy you are, the richer you grow. This is justified by one of my friend's honest confession, "If I present myself available anytime, I might get stamped with a failure ticket; so even if I‟m not actually as busy as I claim to be, I must show that I‟ve no time.”

If this is the case, then the pressure of the work is sure to overpower our off days or holidays, then leisure becomes hectic and tiring and anything but it can‟t be leisure in a true sense. Eventually, I agree with my friend, “There is really nothing to be happy about weekend if at the end of the day we are to get a day that is even busier than workdays.”

Great after Death? It has become a universal culture to express our love and honor to somebody after they are gone from the world. Why do we wait until someone's ears can't hear before we let them how much they mean to us? Why do we wait until it is too late before we recall the good qualities of a person? Why do we build someone up after they have gone into eternity? What good does it do then! We share memory after memory, as we laugh, cry, and think back about what was positive in a person's life. Yes, it does help us cope with the grief of losing someone that was special to us. And yes it does bring those who are coping, closer together. But as we lovingly remember this person, our words fall short of the ears that most needed to hear them. Please choose the celebration of life, instead of a gathering after death. A celebration where stories are told, eyes mist over, laughter rings out; and as the speaker concludes his or her loving tribute, the person they are honoring rises from their chair and gives them the biggest bear hug! Wouldn't that be something! The special person gets to hear the stories and come to the realization that they have made a difference on this earth. And all this is done well before they leave their earthly bodies and go into eternity. And when the inevitable funeral finally comes, we can say good bye with the knowledge that they knew exactly how people felt about them while they were here on earth. Do you love someone? Then tell them! Has someone been an influence in your life? Then give them a call! Has someone made a difference in your life? Then write them a letter or send them an email! Don't let another day go by without letting that person know. There is something special about a written letter that expresses feelings of love towards another. I don't know about you, but I have letters and cards from people that I have saved for years, and from time to time, I get them out and reread them. They can turn a depressing day into one where you realize just how blessed and loved you are. Life is too short to leave kind words unsaid. The words you say, or the letter you write, might just make all the difference in the world.

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