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Newsletter December 2012 Web



Star Chasers
FL 33020, (954) 556-6191
Str. Stefan cel Mare nr. 88
Oradea, cod 410437, Romania
[email protected]
[email protected]
Carrsr:.s rs . rr:r or crrrrr.rro×. \e ¡re
¡are ior t|is s¡ecia| occasion nore t|an ior any ot|er
|o|iday. lt is a tine oi renewing re|ations|i¡s wit| o|d
iriends and wit| iani|y. lt is a tine to renen|er t|e
days gone |y. lt is a|so a great excuse to eat too nuc|,
or go s|o¡¡ing to t|e exas¡eration oi our s¡ouses.
C|ristnas is |ot| ¡|easura||e and sonetines ¡ain
iu|. At C|ristnas we are reninded t|at |i|e t|e
\agi w|o io||owed a star, we a|so io||ow our dreans
oi |a¡¡iness and content. :one oi us are |roug|t
down to eart| w|en t|e star we io||owed sto¡s o·er
a nanger, our nanger, a ¡|ace t|at is dar|, co|d or
dirty, a ¡|ace oi disi||usionnent. lor sone t|e star
sto¡¡ed o·er t|e ¡|ace or ¡|aces we don’t want to
|e. \e en·isioned notoriety and iortune, a state oi
nerriness, |ut we were iorced |y circunstances to
endure ¡ain, co|d re|ations|i¡s, disa¡¡ointnents,
iai|ures, addictions, an innora| wor|d t|at ¡roduc
es nost|y ¡ain and anguis|.
\e io||owed a star, |ut o|, we ind ourse|·es in no
ent|ra||ing ¡|ace, |ut in a nuc|y nanger. \|at are
we su¡¡ose to do:
Te Ho|y loo| encourages us to see| C|rist just |i|e
t|e \agi’s oi o|d did. \|at anazes ne is t|at nost
oi us iound C|rist during t|e tines oi discourage
nent, dar|ness or |one|iness. C|rist didn’t cone to
eradicate t|e e·i|s in society, |ut to ¡ro·ide |e|¡ and
encouragenent to ¡oor sinners searc|ing ior tod.
He is our doorway to |ea·en.
Our res¡onsi|i|ity as C|ristians, just |i|e C|rist’s,
is to |a·e a |eart ior t|e needy and t|e ¡oor and to
try to ¡ro·ide sone coniort and encouragenent so
¡eo¡|e cou|d ind C|rist during t|eir “nanger” ex¡e
riences. l |e|ie·e tod a||ows us to ex¡erience |ro|en
dreans, or to c|ase ia||ing stars so we wou|d see|
aaer Hin.
O|, ||essed is t|e |eart, no nauer |ow dar|, |ro|en
or siniu| it is, t|at inds C|rist. C|rist was |orn ior
t|ose t|at see| |in. let us na|e C|rist a·ai|a||e to
t|ose in our circ|es t|at great|y need Hin.
\erry C|ristnas:
Corne| 8 laren lucur
December 2012
:ig|isoara, a town in
konania, is t|e on|y
nedie·a| town (a iorner
iortress) sti|| existing in
luro¡e and t|at is sti||
Constanta (ancient Tonis)
|as |een associated
wit| t|e |egend oi }ason
and t|e Argonauts w|o
en|ar|ed on a |ong ·oyage
iron treece to lo|c|is
(teorgia) on t|e l|ac|
:ea coast in searc| oi t|e
to|den l|eece.
Transy|·ania, t|e centra|
¡art oi konania, is w|ere
t|e |egend oi lracu|a
was |orn.
Newsletter december 2012.indd 1 12/13/12 12:54 PM
Sabolciu Gipsy Church
N.r.rr. lrrsr.rr rs 10 \ orr.
Her story is a sad one. Her story is |i|e
nany ot|er stories we encounter e·ery
day |ere in konania. Nata|ia was a|an
doned innediate|y aaer |irt| at t|e
\arg|ita C|i|dren’s Hos¡ita|, and t|e
|os¡ita| |ecane |er |one. A |one
wit|out ¡arents, si||ings, re|ati·es, and
·ery |iu|e care. :|e |i·ed in t|is iaci|
ity ior a|nost two years unti| lT}\
iound |er and |roug|t |er to t|e city
oi Oradea and ¡|aced |er in our loster
Care \inistry. Aaer we inis|ed t|e
|ega| ¡a¡ers ior Nata|ia, we ¡|aced |er
wit| t|e lucaciu iani|y. Today Nata|ia
is 10 years o|d, and t|e lucaciu iani|y
is oûering |er |o·e, care, and a |a¡¡y
c|i|d|ood. \|en we ¡|aced Nata|ia in
ioster care, s|e was not a||e to s¡ea|
e·en t|e sin¡|est words or to wa||.
:|e was una||e to ¡|ay wit| |ids |er
age and was ·ery sad a|| t|e tine. lig|t
years |ater t|e lucaciu’s sti|| renen|er
|er sadness. lt was unrea|. ln¡acted |y
t|e |o·e oûered |y t|is anazing ian
i|y, Nata|ia c|anged con¡|ete|y. Today
s|e is a s¡ecia| c|i|d t|at |as a|ways a
sni|e on |er iace. :|e is iu|| oi joy and
iu|| oi |iie. Nata|ia is di|igent and is do
ing ·ery we|| in sc|oo|. Her ioster ¡ar
ents, |er new si||ings and |er teac|er
are ·ery ¡roud oi |er.
Child Story
Is it your birthday?
Or, wi|| you ce|e|rate anot|er occasion:
lnstead oi recei·ing gias or iowers you can c|ange t|e |i·es
oi a c|i|d or a iani|y wit| your gia.
Tis will be your best gif of love!
li you need iniornation,
¡|ease contact us |y enai|.
Monthly E-mail Updates Available
lT}\ is ¡ro·iding a nont||y |riei u¡date to anyone
interested in recei·ing t|e |atest news and
¡rayer requests. li you wou|d |i|e to
add your nane to our “l
nai| list”, ¡|ease write to
\rite. “lnai| L¡date” on
t|e su|ject s¡ace.
Estate Planning and
Living Family Memorials
lt is our desire wit| |uni|ity and res¡ect to |econe t|e
|i·ing testanent ior your iani|y and iriends in t|eir tine
oi griei, oûering sone coniort as a |iiegi·ing ¡artner in
ninistry to t|ese once a|andoned c|i|dren we ser·e. :uc|
a decision s|ou|d on|y |e nade in con¡|ete conidence, so
we in·ite you to contact us direct|y ior nore iniornation oi
ways to esta||is| a |i·ing iani|y nenoria|. l|ease write to
Aaer Nata|ia was ¡|aced in |er new
|one, s|e |ad to go t|roug| a |ot oi
¡|ysica| t|era¡y |ecause one oi |er |egs
|ad |een danaged during |er stay at
t|e |os¡ita|. At t|e |os¡ita|, no|ody did
anyt|ing a|out |er nedica| condition.
Today, aaer nuc| wor|, wit| t|e |e|¡ oi
t|e ioster ¡arents and our staû, Nata|ia
is doing ·ery we||. \e ¡raise tod t|at
our ¡at|s crossed and t|roug| His |o·e
and ¡ro·idence our Nata|ia was |ea|ed
¡|ysica||y, nenta||y, and s¡iritua||y.
l|ease ¡ray ior t|e lucaciu iani|y as t|e
iat|er was diagnosed wit| a cancerous
|rain tunor and t|e doctors to|d us t|at
|e |as ·ery |iu|e tine to |i·e.
\e current|y |a·e !· c|i|dren t|at |i·e
in our lT}\ ioster |ones. l|ease con
tinue to ¡ray and su¡¡ort or¡|an c|i|
dren |i|e Nata|ia lrista|i t|at are ¡art oi
our ioster care ninistry.
Nata|ia today
Nata|ia in !00}
Nata|ia in !00: Nata|ia in !00v Nata|ia today
Newsletter december 2012.indd 2 12/13/12 12:54 PM
Natalia’s Story
Please pray for George and the Lucaciu
family as the father was diagnosed with
a cancerous brain tumor and the doctors
told us that he has very litle time to live.

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