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Berkeleybuzz   Berkeley United Methodist Church June 2014 

Pastor’s Perspective  COMING UP THIS MONTH: Welcome, New Staff!

Vacation Bible School Potlucks and Cookouts

BERKELEY STAFF Ministers Members of the Congregation

Pastor Rev. Jeanne Devine [email protected]

Director of Music Vikki Schwarz [email protected]

Pianist Tyler Mabry [email protected]

Administrative Assistant Niki Torres [email protected]

 Youth  Y outh Director Director Devan Gartman [email protected]

Childcare Director  Allison McGillicuddy [email protected]

So much happens every June! Students graduate. Moving companies have their busiest month. Weddings multiply. Vacations start for many. Berkeley is no exception. Staff members are going and coming. Youth undertake their summer mission trip. VBS in the Dove Springs Recreation Center takes church to the children. And the Southwest Texas Conference meets in its final session in Corpus Christi. As of January 1, 2015, our Conference will unify with the Rio Grande Conference to become the Rio Texas Conference. On June 1 we say our goodbyes to Niki Torres, who has ably served in the church office since March 2013. We wish her and her family Godspeed as they make their new home in Raleigh, NC. Then on June 15 we welcome Mark Horner, our summer intern from Austin Presbyterian Seminary. Mark will spend 10 weeks here at Berkeley, learning about many aspects of local church ministry. He is the fourth intern we have been privileged to have at Berkeley; we are truly a teaching congregation. You can read more about him inside this issue as well. God’s church is always on a journey. People come alongside us on our  pilgrimage for a time. We thank God for them and for their gifts of ministry which make it possible for us as the body of Christ to do more than we could ever imagine. I am thankful for those, past and present and future, with whom God blesses us. And that includes you!

Summer Office Hours  Beginning in June, the church office will be closed on Fridays. Mondays through Thursdays, the office will be open 9am to 3pm. You can always contact Rev. Devine on her home  phone, 512-761-4977.


Church Happenings   Youth News! Submitted by Devan Fay Gartman, Youth Director

Berkeley youth will be working with Blueprint Ministries along with Bee Creek C reek UMC June 22 – 28. 28. Blueprint Ministries is a non-profit organization in the heart of urban San Antonio that provides servant leadership training for youth and adults while restoring homes for residents in need. Our youth will be part of the urban San Antonio community, sharing Christ’s extravagant love, hope and grace. They Th ey will serve the elderly,  physically disabled, and low income homeowners of San Antonio by rebuilding, Birthdays  renovating and improving sub-standard housing.

6/01 Dorothy Slusher 6/04 Jane Wade 6/05 Betty Barnes 6/05 Doris Holdcroft 6/05 Ed Wootton 6/07 Ron Cranston 6/08 Stan Phillips 6/08 Edwin Wenzel 6/09 Victoria Schwarz 6/11 Suzanne McClanahan 6/13 Emily Huff 6/14 Dale Lyon 6/15 Richard Meziere 6/17 Don Campbell 6/17 Phyllis Coombes 6/18 Roz Hodson 6/21 Joanne Meziere 6/22 Scout Potts 6/26 Scott Gamble 6/28 Steve Collins 6/30 Amy Gibbs

Home repairs can range from roofing and dry wall repair to subflooring installation and painting. Our goal is to make the house safe, warm, and dry. dr y. Servant leadership is stressed as youth and adults reach out and serve together for those who are unable to do the work. Please pray for Kyle K yle and Emily McClanahan, Robby Gaston, and Julia Wasson as they serve the city of San Antonio. We cannot wait to share with you all what we learn, get to experience, ex perience, and are able to give. Thank you for your prayers and support!

Hello from Mark! Submitted by Mark Horner, BUMC Summer Intern

Dear Friends, thank you all so very much for the opportunity to be a part of Berkeley United Methodist Church this summer! I look forward to getting to know each of you in the coming days. I grew up in Largo, Florida (near Tampa), where my family and I were active members of the Presbyterian Church (USA). I was very involved in choir and youth group at church. I went to Furman University, in Greenville, South Carolina, where I received the Bachelor of Arts in Political Science. After graduating, I served as the volunteer youth director at a local church for five years. I was also a small group leader for two summers at a regional youth conference. I have a deep passion for youth and music ministries. I will be a senior M.Div. student at Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary this fall, and plan to pursue a Ph.D. in the history of the Christian church, if you want to talk history, just let me know! Again, thank you for the wonderful opportunity to be with you this summer. I am excited to be a part of your ministry! Grace and Peace, Mark Horner


Fifth Sunday Potluck in June! Submitted by Claudia Wenzel, Congregational Care

The month of June has five Sundays — time time for a fifth Sunday pot luck! Let's get together for an old fashioned Methodist  picnic in the CLC after second service, Sunday, June 29. This is our American music Sunday, too. It's sure to be fun! Because weather will be warm, bring your favorite summer recipe to share: salads, sandwiches, fried chicken, desserts, whatever your fancy. Lemonade and tea will be provided. Family Ministries, Spiritual Care, and Outreach Missions will host the potluck. Questions? Call Claudia at 512-441-3285. See you there!

Congratulations, Graduates!  HIGH SCHOOL  Alexis Jill Fisher Lexington High School, Lexington, TX Granddaughter of B.J. Johnson Jayna Hamilton Bowie HS, Austin, TX

Will attend Texas A&M University in Corpus Christi, TX Daughter of James Hamilton Meredith Jamail Austin High School, Austin, TX Will attend Texas Lutheran University in Seguin, TX Granddaughter of Dale and Doris Lyon Margaux Mann Masters Learning Institute, Austin, TX Daughter of Sheryl Stack Thomas Nelson

Vacation Bible School

River Ridge High School, Woodstock, GA Grandson of Stan and Mary Phillips

Submitted by Polly Aranda, Family Ministries

On June 21 at the Dove Springs District Park on 5801 Ainez Drive, BUMC Family Ministries will host a one day, open-to-all VBS from 10am to 3pm. We want to provide this event for the children of the Dove Springs area. Here’s how you can help: volunteer to help with crafts, singing, games, lunch, and storytelling. We are also in need of gift wrapping tubes and the tubes from the extra-long aluminum foil packages. Please contact Polly Aranda at 512-694-9868 or email at [email protected]

Desarae Nunn Crockett High School, Austin, TX Will attend Austin Community College, Austin, TX Daughter of RaeAnn and James Hudson

COLLEGE, SEMINARY  Reno Bostick St. Edward’s University, Austin, TX  Bachelor of Arts in Spanish Son of Glenn and Donna Bostick Erica Knisely Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary, Austin, TX Master of Divinity Erica will begin a year-long residency  program in Clinical Pastoral Education with the Seton Health System. Ryan Xavier Montalvo Texas Lutheran University, Seguin, TX Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology Grandson of Donald and Helen Campbell Megan Salinas UT Health Science Center, San Antonio, TX Bachelor of Science in Nursing Daughter of Julie and Bryon Burns Lauren Ashley Smith Texas State University, San Marcos, TX

Bachelor of Science in Education Daughter of Allison McGillicuddy  

Reaching Out   "When you select causes to devote your time and talents and treasure to, be careful to select good causes...which will produce much joy and happiness for you and for those you serve " President Kimball Speaks Out on Service to Others, New Era, Mar 1981

Outreach Ministry Submitted by Ginger Wahlers, Outreach   Update You can easily become involved in volved in your community; it only takes a little effort to contact a local group, charity, or other community program. Here are some ways you can and do make a difference:  

Change the World Weekend

Thank you to everyone who helped with BUMC’s 2nd Annual Change the World event! Together we raised about $1000 to support our cause, donated all remaining items to the Free Store, and made meaningful connections with people in our neighborhood. We had about eight neighborhood spaces with approximately 15 persons participating as well as The Young Life group from Crockett High School; we also had h ad three church members with tables and the BUMC Youth Fellowship. Everyone who participated was grateful for the opportunity op portunity to have a space to sell their items. Whether you delivered flyers in the neighborhood, organized and priced donations, helped out on Saturday with set-up, selling and clean-up, attended the event, or contributed by providing items or monetary mon etary donations, your efforts helped to change the world for someone in our community through Meals on Wheels and More! Coming in June: Work Corner Meeting   The Outreach Ministry will host a meeting to discuss the Work Corner Co rner on Monday, June 2 at 6:30pm in the CLC. This meeting will include current volunteers and is open to everyone who has ever thought about helping with this worthwhile ministry. PLEASE attend this meeting if you would like to learn more about the Work Corner or you are currently involved in any way.

Coming in July: St. Louise House Summer Cookout  We will once again host the St. S t. Louise House Summer Cookout on Thursday, July 10. Please look for more information throughout June.

Outreach Highlight of the Month: Center for Child Protection  Mission: to reduce the trauma for children during the investigation and prosecution of crimes against children. Vision: to end the cycle of child abuse through advocacy, education and community support.

The Center for Child Protection is the first stop for children in Travis County Cou nty who are suspected victims of sexual or  physical abuse, neglect, or for children who have witnessed a violent crime. The Center is a child-friendly, specially -equipped facility where children go for recorded forensic interviews, medical exams, ex ams, counseling and intervention during the investigation and prosecution of child abuse ab use cases. It is the only nonprofit in Travis County Count y involved in the investigation of crimes against children. All services are provided to children c hildren and their protective caregivers at no charge and most are available in English and Spanish. To learn more, including volunteer and donation opportu-

nities, go to:  

Human Trafficking and Taking Taking Action Submitted by Julia A. Lancaster, UMW Vice-President

In February, Berkeley’s UMW took part in a study on human trafficking. This is an overview of what we learned and the actions we took to make a difference: What the Berkeley UMW learned about human trafficking: 1. Human trafficking trafficking can be defined as a modern form form of slavery. 2. It is the world's second largest and fastest growing organized crime. crime. 3. This crime is fueled by global poverty, poverty, inadequate education and opportunity, ethnic discrimination, and

societal inequity between men and women and the demand for cheap labor and cheap sex (Human Trafficking: Preventing, Protecting, Prosecuting, by the UMW). 4. Most people are unaware of the problem of human trafficking trafficking and its effect on people worldwide. worldwide. According to, "[a]n estimated 150 million girls and 73 million boys under 18 years of age experience sexual exploitation or other forms of sexual violence." Moreover, "sexual exploitation of children children has links to the travel and tourism industry, specifically the prostitution of children and child sex tourism." Note: "The legitimate travel industry does not support commercial sexual exploitation of children. But its facilities may be used to that effect" ( 5. Media reports this year have focused on human trafficking trafficking arrests occurring in Austin Austin and surrounding areas. How we took action: 1. On February 27, several UMW members marked their hand with a red X as part of the END IT IT campaign. The idea was to provide an opportunity to generate conversation (and education) about human trafficking. 2. In late March, March, we mailed five five letters to high-end hotel businesses. businesses. Letters were sent to to Hilton Worldwide and Wyndham Worldwide thanking them for endorsing "The Code", Code ", which is a six-criteria six -criteria Code of Conduct for the protection of children from sexual exploitation exp loitation occurring in the travel and tourism industry. We also wrote three "encouragement" letters to the Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts and Marriott Vacations Worldwide who have not endorsed "The Code". These letters encouraged recipients to educate their board members and company executives about human trafficking, and to join "The Code", thereby taking a stand stand against the commercial sexual exploitation of children. We also enclosed a brochure about "The Code" Code " with those letters. The Berkeley UMW would like to thank the approximate forty people who signed each letter! This support indicates to our members that you care about abo ut this topic as we do. What you can do: 1. Learn about "The Code": and ECPAT-USA (End (End Child Prostitution and Trafficking):

2. 3.

4. 5.

, whose mission is to "protect every child’s basic human hum an right to grow up free from the threat of sexual exploitation and trafficking." Learn more about human trafficking and educate educate family members and friends. The BUMW can provide a copy of the UMW human trafficking study. Order a TassaTag TassaTag (Travelers Against Against Sexual Slavery and Trafficking) for for your luggage: A TassaTag is a luggage tag that helps you spot your luggage; some airline and hotel employees recognize the message behind a TassaTag. A purchase supports ECPAT-USA, helping to oppose commercial sexual exploitation of children in the United States. Patronize travel and tourism businesses that have endorsed "The Code." Find this information at and click on the 'Members' tab. Write a letter letter to the board of directors directors and/or CEO of a hotel you you often stay when traveling. Encourage education of board members and company executives about human trafficking, and request that the business  join "The Code." Be sure to look on the business' website for specific information of where and to whom to

address your letter. United Methodist Women have been active in their efforts to end human trafficking for over twenty years. Please  join us in our continued efforts.


Spiritual Growth   "The tunnel of conflict is the passageway to intimacy in any relationship. Until you care enough to confront and resolve the underlying barriers,  you will never grow close to each other ." ." - Rick Warren, Purpose Driven Life 

A Relentless God Submitted by Rachel Trudell, Spiritual Care   Several years ago when I was experiencing many major life events of all kinds k inds and things  just kept happening non-stop, I came up with the phrase, p hrase, “Life: the gift that relentlessly keeps on giving!” It made me laugh and helped keep things in perspective, due primarily to the word “relentlessly,” a word generally associated with a negative connotation, e.g. “the sun beat relentlessly on the hikers,” or “the fierce fierce wind blew relentlessly all day” Not a nice, hopeful word, generally. generally. But, then, the May 10 devotional in the Upper Room Discipline stated this: “Throughout the Bible we read the story of God’s unrelenting love for us...this love has unending un ending patience; it persists and pursues…” When I read this, suddenly that word “relentless” became beautiful, evoking evo king safety, security, and desire. What a turn -around of meaning! “Relentless” no longer felt like a word of some inescapable negativity, but a promise of never  n ever -ending -ending love.

Some people, unfortunately, view God as being relentlessly silent or harsh. We are blessed to know the Lord of relentless love for us: His children, pursuing and waiting for us to turn back to Him, over ove r and over. He is the Life, the Gift, that relentlessly keeps on giving.

Book Review: Triangle Triangle,, by David Von Drehle submitted by Kathy Beth Stavinoha Triangle tells the true story of life in the early 1900s in the New York City clothing company, compan y, the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory. On March 25, 1911, 19 11, a fire broke out on the top three floors of

the building, killing 145 workers. Firemen were unable u nable to rescue those trapped on those floors  because their ladders weren’t long enough. Many workers jumped to their deaths; others died where the fire broke out. Many could not escape because the owners kept doors locked, ostensibly to prevent em ployee theft. This tragedy brought to light the condition of sweatshops in U.S. factories. Fire prevention laws were were  passed and the cause of the worker became part of politics. It’s been a few years since I read this book, but I recall shaking my m y head at the conditions and a nd senseless death of so many people who had come to America to change their lives for the better. Most may have thought they were better off than they had been in “the old country” but that doesn’t make the conditions under which they labored right.  

Last year, a building housing a garment factory in Bangladesh collapsed due to structural problems, killing over 1000  people. It had been deemed unsafe, yet workers were given the choice of going to work or losing their jobs. For about a decade I have struggled with my desire for inexpensive clothes and rights for the worker. If I spend less on my clothes and other material possessions, I have more money for charity and worthy causes. Yet what is the true cost of the things I buy? Sometimes I find it helpful to consider a current dilemma in the light of history. history. This book, Tri-

angle, does that for me.




1 Communion Sunday 4p Tai Chi (FH) 5p Covenant Grp (9) 5p Youth Fellowship (Manchaca UMC)


8 5p Covenant Grp (9)




10a Women’s

Group (9) 6:30p Work Corner Mtg. (7)

10a Women’s

Group (9) 7p Intern Committee (7)

10 4:30p Outreach (7) 5:30p Prime Timers (FH)




4 6p Handbells 7p Choir

5 5:30 — 8p 8p Saint Louise House (CLC)


11 9:30a UMW Women in Action Circle (CLC) 7p Choir

12 5:30 — 8p 8p Saint Louise House (CLC)





7 6:30p Amen Austin! Church (FH)

14 6:30p Amen Austin! Church (FH)

Southwest Texas Conference Session: Corpus Christi, TX



Father’s Day  5p Covenant Grp (9) 

10a Women’s


18 7p Choir

Group (9) 7p Finance (7)

19 5:30 — 8p 8p Saint Louise House (CLC)


21 VBS at Dove Springs 8:30a UMW Women in God’s

Grace Circle (FH) 6:30p Amen Austin! Church (FH)

22 4p Tai Chi (FH) 5p Covenant Grp (9)

23 10a Women’s

Group (9)

24 5:45p Spiritual Care (9)

25 7p Choir

Newsletter deadline

Youth Mission Trip, San Antonio, TX

29 12p Fifth Sunday Potluck & YF (FH) 4p Tai Chi 5p Covenant (9)

30 10a Women’s

Group (9)

26 5:30 — 8p 8p Saint Louise House (CLC)




7:28a Men’s break-


fast (FH) 9a Trustees (9) 6:30p Amen Austin! Church (FH)



2407 Berkeley Ave.  Austin, TX. 78745 512-447-6633 [email protected]


Composting at Berkeley Submitted by Susan Curtis 

Did you know that Berkeley has h as a compost bin? It’s located at the back b ack of the CLC building, near the kitchen door. We encourage folks who  prepare and serve food in the CLC to contribute the food scraps to the

compost when you clean up the kitchen. We accept all food waste except meats, cheeses and food with oily or buttery sauces, because these attract unwanted pests. We also encourage church members to bring this sort of compost from home to add to the bin. When you add garden waste or scraps of food to the compost, please use the garden fork inside the bin to stir things up a bit after you put your contribution in. Then be sure to close c lose the lid so the compost stays in and the critters like cats and raccoons stay sta y out!

Average Attendance May Worship Sunday School

Gifts as of April 30




Monthly Income

$ 25,062




Monthly Expenses

$ 22,338




 Year-to-Date Income

$ 102,072

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