Newsletter - June 2009

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June Newsletter p.1
Woodbridge HOA
P.O. Box 12501 - Wichita, K8 67277-2501 June 2009 Newsletter

President Lynn Packer 371-5099
Nathan Brownell 201-4781
Treasurer Joe Rongish 990-6664
Secretary Bob Shaver 644-5745
Member-At-Large Matt Blattner 773-2877
Recycling isn't just smart; it's easy and important
for our children and environment. It reduces the
need for raw materials, which become scarcer
Our trash hauler, Waste Connections, has added
RecycleBank to its list if services. RecycleBank is
a loyalty and rewards program that motivates
households to recycle. Every household that
participates will receive a large 95-gallon, wheeled
recycling cart equipped with an RFID (radio
frequency identification) tag. This RFID tag has a
unique number and will associate your cart to your
address. Simply place all of your recyclables (no
more sorting) in your new cart. The recycling truck
will weigh your recyclables and transmit this
information to your personal
Account, where you earn RecycleBank Points. For
every pound of recycling collected, 2.5
RecycleBank Points are credited. 450 points per
month maximum, or 5,400 points per year.
These RecycleBank Points are redeemable for
discounts at local and national businesses.
Currently, RecycleBank has more than 400 local
and national reward partners dedicated to its
mission to encourage communities and
New Board Member
For the past several years the association board
has been operating with 1-2 vacancies. As of April
1 we are once again running at full strength
thanks to Joe Rongish.
Joe and his wife, Karen, live at 2046 N. Parkridge
Ct. They have two pet dogs, Chamois and Ziggy.
Joe is employed with Cox Communications.
Joe will be taking over the roll of Treasurer. It will
be a bit of a learning curve, but he is looking
forward to the challenge.
When you see Joe next be sure to thank him for
his time and efforts to keep Woodbridge a
wonderful place to live.
Neighborhood Clean-up Day
On Saturday, June 27, 2009, we are going to
have an association clean-up day. Volunteers are
needed to help collect trash, debris and weeds in
the commons areas and along 21
St N. Please
bring the whole family and help improve the
neighborhood we live in. Additionally, the
association will rent a large roll-off container for
the use of all residents who have large items and
yard waste that needs disposed (no liquids, tires,
wet paints or other household hazardous waste
and other normally prohibited items). There will be
food and drinks provided for all participants.
Please call Nathan Brownell at 201-4781 for more
continued on page 2
continued on page 2
Woodbridge is a single-source trash hauler
association. We contract with Waste Connections, Inc.
in order to provide all of us with discounted rates. This
applies to our residents who rent/lease, as well. When
you contact WCI at (316) 838-4920 let them know you
are a Woodbridge resident!
June Newsletter p.2

households to recycle. For a list of reward
partners go to
Under our current contract, residential recycling
service is available to Woodbridge members at
the rate of $3.50 per month. Contact Waste
Connections at (316) 838-4920 for more
information. Be sure to tell them you are a
Woodbridge resident!
2009 Annual Assessments
The 2009 annual assessment was due back in
January. Currently, 23 members have a balance
due. Payments should be mailed to:
Woodbridge Homeowners’ Association
P.O. Box 12501
Wichita, KS 67277-2501
If you are unsure of your current status please
contact Lynn Packer at [email protected] or
371-5099. Late payments are assessed a 1.5%
per month penalty and the member forfeits their
voting rights until the balance is paid in full.
Neighborhood Garage 8ale
The association is planning a neighborhood
garage sale. The dates scheduled are Thursday
through Sunday, June 18, 19, 20 & 21. If there
is enough interest for any of these days we will
pay for an advertisement in the Wichita Eagle to
help draw shoppers to the area. Please contact
Nathan Brownell at 201-4781 if you wish to
THANK YOU-Whoever you arel
A big thank you goes out to two yet unidentified
groups of boys and girls, ranging in age from
about 4 to 12 who were seen in late April
gathering trash around the pond and waterways.
Whoever you are…THANK YOU! You set a great
example and your efforts are greatly appreciated.
Terrific job!!!!

information about this event and to let him know if
you plan to help out the neighborhood.
Did You know.?
Section 6.08 No Storage; Trash states, in part,
that trash containers “shall be stored in such as
manner so that they cannot be seen from
adjacent and surrounding property.” Please be
courteous to your neighbors and store your trash
containers out of sight and make sure you return
your container to storage on the same day it is
picked up.
Section 6.04 Structures; Division of Lots; Utilities;
Trailers; and Fences states, in part, “No fence
shall be erected on any Lot, except those
specifically approved as to location, size, type
and material by the Board of Directors.”
8ummer Reminders
Summertime brings out the fishermen and
families to the Woodbridge pond area. Please
help keep the area clean by simply policing the
area for trash or belongings prior to your

Also, it’s tempting for our children to throw rocks
into the pond. Again, the rip rap (rocks) lining the
edge of the pond is there for erosion control
purposes. For those of you who paid previous
special assessments to add this protection, you
know it is very expensive rock! Each rock thrown
into the pond is money we will all spend in the
future to keep the commons areas maintained.

Please remind your children that the rocks around
the pond are there for a reason and they need to
stay along the banks. If you observe anyone
throwing rocks into the pond or other acts of
vandalism to property in our community, please
report it to our Neighborhood Beat Officer, Lori
Kimrey, at the Patrol West Station at 337-9400.
National Night Out
Mark your calendar for the 2009 National Night
on Tuesday, August 4. Residents can show their
support in the fight against crime by displaying
front porch and driveway lights that evening.
Clean-up continued from page 1 RecycleBank continued from page 1
June Newsletter p.3
Wichita Police Department
Citizen Alert Network
Sign up today!
Help create a more safe and secure community
by signing up to receive citizen, business and
neighborhood alerts. You’ll get information
directly from the Wichita Police Department to
your cell phone or computer. It’s easy!
1. Go to
2. Fill out the form and you’re done! Then
spread the word and invite your neighbors
to join.
3. Don’t forget: The Wichita Police Department
Citizen Alert Network is a free, secure
website and protects your privacy.
4. When you see a crime, email or Text
Message a tip using the Citizen Alert
Network. It’s completely anonymous.

The Wichita Police Department Citizen Alert
Network allows WPD to instantly update you
about crimes, emergencies and other important
information. All alerts are delivered to you by
email. Alerts sent by text message to your cell
phone are also available.

• Citizen Alerts inform all registered users of
public safety concerns in your area. The alerts
contain information about crime trends,
descriptions of suspects, missing persons, and
advice on personal safety and how to safeguard

• Business Alerts are targeted to specific
business types so your business will receive
information about crimes that are pertinent to
your business.

• Case Alerts allow law enforcement to
automatically disseminate information about open
cases to all Registered Citizen Alert users.

• Watch Group Alerts allow law enforcement to
send targeted alerts to specific neighborhoods
with Information about crimes that are happening
in their immediate area.
Residential Security
Don’t make your house a target for burglars!!!!

The Wichita Police Department reminds us to do
the following to protect our homes and

1. FRONT DOORS: Install good locks and

2. PATIO DOORS: Sliding patio doors are
frequent points of entry. They should be
stabilized by a folding bar inside the door,
or with a stick wedged firmly in the lower
track behind the door. This will reinforce
the door’s standard lock.

3. WINDOWS: An easy target for the criminal.
Double hung windows should be pinned
and aluminum sliding windows should be
secured to reduce vertical clearance
between window and track. (Ask your local
hardware dealer or repairman for details.)

4. EXTERIOR: Shrubbery and trees should
not block the view of doorways and
windows. Obstructions allow intruders the
opportunity to hide in privacy to gain
entrance. Burglars do not like well-lit areas.
Maintain adequate lighting and replace
bulbs as needed. Use of electric timers
may be used to give the appearance
someone is at home while you are away.
You should also clearly display your house
number to permit emergency personnel to
locate your home quickly.

Woodbridge Homeowners’ Association
P.O. Box 12501
Wichita, KS 67277-2501

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