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June 2013

PCC Evening Family Camp Mon.–Fri. June 24-28, 5-8:30 pm
Join us for our annual Evening Family Camp, when the whole church can join together with all ages learning, eating, worshipping, and playing together! Our theme this year is “The Change Place” as we learn about Jesus’ amazing power to bring true and lasting change in our lives—who doesn’t need that? You can choose either an early schedule (5-7:50pm) or late schedule (5:458:30pm) depending on your needs—both include dinner, games, crafts, music, and Bible study for all ages. Join us as we partner with Can-Do Kids, Iglesia, Madison, and Club 21 to reach our neighborhood! To sign up, pick up a registration form at church on Sunday or go to our new, easy online registration site:!

Sunday, June 2nd 10:30 am in the sanctuary
Note: All children will stay and enjoy the musical (no Sunday School for 2 year olds through 5th grade)

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Sunday Morning Happenings For Adults at 9:00 am
Repeated Exposure to God’s Word will enrich and change your life. In-depth Bible Study Sundays at 9:00 am in the Fireside Room, Gym building. John Wipf, teacher; Marilyn Hanks, facilitator. Coffee and good fellowship. For further information contact Marilyn Hanks (626) 7913782.

Companions in Christ
Our adult Companions in Christ small group meets at 9:00 am Sundays for Bible study, prayer, and fellowship in the room located upstairs off the west side of the balcony. Newcomers are welcome. For more information, contact Lisa Leeger at [email protected].

Life Together
We meet on Sunday mornings at 9:00 am in the Corner House. We welcome visitors and look forward to all that God will stir up in us this new year! If you have any questions, please contact Anita Sorenson at [email protected].

Tuesday, June 11th will be our next monthly gathering for Pasadena Covenant! Every second Tuesday of the month, please join us for a Community Dinner at the Dally/Lamme home (452 Alberta St. Altadena, CA 91001). We’ll share a meal together and enjoy a relaxed evening of fun! This dinner will be a potluck! Bring your favorite dish to share with the group. We will eat at 6:30 pm, but feel free to come as early as 5:00 pm and stay as late as 9:00 pm. Please RSVP to Mindie Moore at [email protected] so we can have an idea of how many chairs and tables to set up.

The next Koinonia Prayer and Praise potluck will be on Sunday, June 2nd, at 6:00 pm at the home of Art & Dorothy Patzia. Please call Dorothy to coordinate your potluck item at (626) 797-1154.

Tuesday, June 18, Sarah Circle, 9:30 am - noon in Fireside. We welcome all women to join us for service projects, fellowship and refreshments. We have a “rolling start” so come when you can. For more information contact Julie Maljian (818)790-5911.

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Baby Shower for Mindie Moore
We are holding a shower for Mindie, Zack, and soon-to-arrive baby Moore on Saturday, June 1 , from 12-3pm at Jamie and Rob Knauss’ home. If you would like to attend, please email with an RSVP to Megan Dally at [email protected] so we will know you are coming!
  

Thank you for continuing to help support our neighbors who benefit because of your kindness
We need the following supplies:
Fresh Produce Potatoes Mac & Cheese Spaghetti Sauce or Pasta Sauce Spaghetti or Noodles Canned Beans Canned Soup Canned Fruit Canned Meat Baby Pampers Canned Chili
            

Bulk Rice Bulk Dried Pinto Fruit Juice Oatmeal Onions Peanut Butter & Jelly Ravioli/Spaghettios Snack Items Baby formula Baby wipes Feminine napkins Crackers Canned Vegetables

The Pasadena Covenant Men’s Book Club will meet in the Corner House on Thursday, June 6th, at 7:00 pm We will be discussing Bonhoeffer: Pastor, Martyr, Prophet, Spy, by Eric Metaxas. All men are welcome. For more information, please contact Tom Andrews [email protected] or (626) 633-1808

   

The CAN-DO Kids Club End-of-the-Year Celebration will be held Wednesday evening, June 5th , at 6:00 pm in the Pasadena Covenant Sanctuary. All are welcome!

 

Please, no dented cans or outdated food.
Please bring your donations on Sunday morning and place them in the baskets under the tables outside the Gathering Place in the Sanctuary Building. We deliver the food for distribution every Monday morning. Fresh fruit and vegetables would be greatly appreciated!

Peace & Justice Ministry Team will meet on Monday, June 17th, at 6:45 pm in the Santa Barbara Room. All are welcome to attend.

For more info, contact Jamie Knauss at [email protected].

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Neighborhood Back-to-School Daycamp for 1st-5th gr. Mon-Fri. • Aug. 5-9 • 9 am -12:30 pm
Jump Start! is something new & exciting—a back-to-school daycamp for Madison kids (1st-5th graders), focusing on literacy skills. Help us reach out and serve our neighbors! You may choose to serve just one day, two or three days, or join us for the full five mornings of fun and excitement! There are lots of ways to serve: • • • •

helping kids one-on-one with reading & writing skills cooking or baking with a group of kids leading games or crafts sharing gardening or other hobbies helping to prepare and serve lunch


Please help us gather supplies for our two big summer outreach ministries-- Family Camp and Jump Start. Donations can be left in the basket in the narthex (lobby) of the church Here's a partial list of what is needed: For Family Camp (June 24-28): • scrap wood pieces in assorted shapes/sizes, anywhere from 2" square to 15" square. • science equipment-- test tubes, other sorts of lab equipment (to be returned after camp) • interesting/unusual old-fashioned "gadgets"-- kitchen, etc. (to be returned after camp) • bags of chips • fresh fruit or veggies (please bring weekend of June 27th only) For Jump Start (back-to-school day-camp August 5-9) gently used or new children's books in good condition school & art supplies of all sorts gently used or new backpacks bags of chips fresh fruit or veggies (please bring weekend of Aug. 4th only)

• • • • •

For more information contact Vikki Randall at [email protected]

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Join our great Family Camp team & have a terrific time serving kids from Pasadena Covenant & our neighborhood, as we partner with Can-Do Kids, Iglesia, Madison, and Club 21. This year’s focus will be on “the Change Place”—how we are transformed and changed by Christ. There are many ways to serve— from a few days or a few hours to the whole week!

• • • • •

Kids group leader (preschool or gradeschool) M-F 7-8 pm Data entry/registration (on your own time prior to camp) Spanish translator (on our own time prior or during camp) Dinner Prep/serve (5-6:30 pm M-F) Dinner clean up (6:30-8 pm M-F)

• Nursery caregiver (M-F 7-8 pm)
• Craft/Game Leader (5-6 & 7:45-8:45 pm M-F) • Check-in Mon-Wed. June 24-26, 4:30-7:30pm • Set up/tear down on Sat. or Sun., June 22-23 or 29-30

No Sunday School June 2


There will be no Sunday School on Sunday, June 2nd for 2 year olds through 5th grade. Instead, we invite children to stay in the worship service with their parents to enjoy the musical brought by our wonderful children’s choir.

Summer Ministry Planning Meeting
Sunday, June 2nd • 12:15 pm in the Corner House
Join us to pray and plan for our two BIG summer ministries—The Change Place (June 24-28) and Jump Start! (Aug. 5-9). We will eat, pray, learn, plan and share together the vision for these two ministries. Please RSVP to Vikki Randall at [email protected] so we can plan enough food and materials for everyone.

Babies, Babies, Babies!!!
Our kids’ ministry is growing! We are excited each Sunday to welcome new families into our community. We are also excited this summer to welcome at least 3 new babies that will be born in July & August to PCC Families. In order to truly welcome all this new life, we will need to expand our nursery team by at least 3 new volunteers. Nursery volunteers serve one Sunday a month, during the 10:30 service. It’s an awesome way to serve our families and have the joy of holding and loving a beautiful young baby. For more information about this ministry, contact Vikki Randall at [email protected].

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Weekly Programs
“Oikas”: Sunday Mornings, 9 am – 10:15 am
“Oikas” is the Greek work for House. On Sunday Mornings, we come together in the House of God to worship and learn more about the Word and one another! Hot drinks and breakfast pastries are available every week for 50 cents each.

Upcoming Events
Video Scavenger Hunt (Summer Kick off) June 8 5:30 - 10:00 pm; $5 covers dinner and gas
Join us for the wildest scavenger hunt around! You and your team will travel around Pasadena completing hilarious challenges! Dinner will be provided. For more info and to pre-register for this event, please visit

Pool Party June 11 6:00 - 8:00 pm
Come cool off in the pool and enjoy some food and fun! Pool parties will be hosed at the Haver-Hill Home (1198 E. Mariposa St., Altadena).

Beach Trip June 22 9:00am - 4:00 pm; $2 + bring lunch or money for lunch
We are headed to Huntington Beach o catch some waves and sun! Bring your favorite beach accessories and (of course) lots of sunscreen! For more info and to pre-register for this event, please visit

Family Camp June 24 - 28
There are many opportunities to serve at this year’s Family Camp: The Change Place. Join in a Pasadena Covenant Tradition as we love on children from our church and neighborhood!

Forest Home Summer Camp, $450 (Half and Full Scholarship Available). June 30 - July 5
Get away from everything and spend a week encountering God in the San Bernardino Mountains. Taking a week away at camp helps us be fresh and renewed in our walk with Christ!
For more detailed information on these events, look to the Summer 2013 Calendar (you can down load a copy from the website) or visit the Pasadena Covenant Website (!

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Cross-Cultural Communication Specialists’ Praise & Prayer Requests
Paul and Sue Hoiland are members of Pasadena Covenant Church and cross-cultural workers we support. “Thank you, Pasadena Covenant family, for your ongoing partnership with us in the ministry of Wycliffe Bible Translators. It is a privilege to serve together, making God’s Word accessible to those who have not yet heard it in their own language. There has been a shift since “the olden days” when we went to Guatemala to live among the Sipakapense people to translate the Scriptures for them. Increasingly, Wycliffe personnel are serving as trainers and consultants, enabling national colleagues to translate into their own languages. Many are very capable, but lack the necessary resources for the challenges they face. Paul’s work focuses on Translator’s Notes (TN), a commentary series that is a valuable tool specifically geared to assist mother-tongue translators. He is currently delving into the poetry of the Psalms and beginning TN for this book, one of the most desired portions of the Old Testament. Paul studies the Hebrew text and reads dozens of Bible versions and commentaries, gleaning insights that will be most helpful to translators. He then writes the Notes in clear, concise ESL-level English. Both nationals and expat translators rely on TN for guidance in producing Bible translations that clearly and accurately reflect the biblical text. This work is a privilege and a responsibility and Paul appreciates your prayers as he depends on God for wisdom and insight. Sue’s role is to provide care for Wycliffe staff (about 40 individuals) around the world and on home assignment. She enjoys building relationships with them and getting to know the personal challenges they face. When members return to the US on home assignment Sue debriefs them and makes sure they receive the resources they need. Through email and Skype calls, she maintains contact with members on the field, providing help and encouragement so they can thrive in their lives and ministries. Several individuals and families will be returning in the next couple months, so it will be a busy time. Sue will also travel to Wycliffe headquarters in Florida in late June and early August to serve in a re-entry program and debrief several returning cross-cultural workers. Praise and thanks:  increasing numbers of national translators involved in Bible translation  for the excitement and challenge of new beginnings: TN on Psalms in Paul’s newly renovated home office  for a ministry role that uses Sue’s gifts of listening, serving and praying Prayer requests:  motivation and perseverance for national translators  wisdom for Paul as he researches Psalms and writes Translator’s Notes  insight for Sue as she seeks to be sensitive to the needs of Wycliffe members and provide appropriate help and encouragement.”

Pasadena Covenant Church 539 North Lake Avenue Pasadena, California, 91101-1217 Return Service Requested

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June 2013
1 Saturday 12:00 pm Baby Shower for Mindie 2 Sunday 9:00 am Classes for all ages 10:30 am Children’s Musical 11:45 am Hospitality 12:00 pm Miriam Singers 6:00 pm Koinonia Prayer & Praise potluck 3 Monday 7:00 pm Trustee Meeting 4 Tuesday 5 Wednesday 6:00 pm CAN-DO Kids Celebration 6 Thursday 7:00 pm Men’s Book Club 7 Friday 8 Saturday 5:30pm PCSM Video Scavenger Hunt 9 Sunday 9:00 am Classes for all ages 10:30 am Worship Service 11:45 am Hospitality 12:00 pm Miriam Singers 10 Monday 6:45 pm Peace & Justice Meeting 11 Tuesday 5:00 pm Community Dinner 6:00 pm PCSM Pool Party 12 Wednesday 13 Thursday 14 Friday 15 Saturday 16 Sunday 9:00 am Classes for all ages 10:30 am Worship Service 11:45 am Hospitality 12:00 pm Miriam Singers 17 Monday 6:45 pm Peace & Justice 7:30 pm Women’s Book Club 18 Tuesday 9:30 am Sarah Circle 19 Wednesday 20 Thursday 7:00 pm Cross-Cultural Ministry 21 Friday 22 Saturday 9:00 am PCSM Beach Trip 23 Sunday 9:00 am Classes for all ages 10:30 am Worship Service 11:45 am Hospitality 12:00 pm Miriam Singers 24 Monday 5:00 pm Family Camp 25 Tuesday 5:00 pm Family Camp 26 Wednesday 5:00 pm Family Camp 27 Thursday 5:00 pm Family Camp 28 Friday 5:00 pm Family Camp 29 Saturday 30 Sunday 9:00 am Classes for all ages 10:30 am Worship Service 11:45 am Hospitality 12:00 pm Miriam Singers

Upcoming Trustee Meeting
Monday, June 3, 2013 7:00 pm , Corner House

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