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Volume 17, No. 6F — June 2012

News, Information and Career Opportunities

Physical Therapists & PT Assistants
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Scientists Identify New Target to Battle Rheumatoid Arthritis APhA Urges Vote Against Proposed PDUFA Drug Importation Amendment Landmark Textbook on Healthcare and the US Legal System Released

Physical Therapy Coordinator

QA Heidi Fries, PT, DPT,

in Trappe, Pennsylvania
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Here’s your chance to be a part of our team! We’re currently recruiting:

Director of Therapy Operations
Licensed Physical Therapist
Sign-On Bonus Continuing Education Bonus
Multi-disciplinary doctor’s office is in need of several licensed Physical Therapists for multiple locations. Responsibilities include performing a functional Physical Therapy evaluation; identifying what therapeutic intervention will be needed; helping to prepare the therapy floor where patients will be performing the exercises; stocking necessary supplies; explaining the appropriate “tract” to each individual patient; showing the exercises to the patient and making sure they are being done properly and progressed properly; re-evaluating the exercises daily or weekly depending on the patients specific needs. We are looking for a person with strong personal qualities such as positive attitude, patience, warmth and caring for a person; the ability to communicate well verbally and in writing and work with all types of people; the ability to multi-task, prioritize important tasks and be detailoriented with good organizing skills; and possess an excellent knowledge and understanding of patient care. Must have a Physical Therapist License. New Grads Welcome! 1-2 years of related experience a plus, but not required. Hours: M-W-F, 9:00am - 7:00pm with 1 hour lunch and T-TH, 8:00am - 2:00pm. Benefits available include health insurance; 401k; and paid vacation & sick time. For immediate consideration please call or send resume to: Dana Balzano, HR Coordinator, (630) 221-0200, [email protected] or Stella Zaimi, Director of Clinics, (630) 677-3742, [email protected]

As a member of the hospital’s Senior Management Team reporting to the hospital CEO, the Director of Therapy Operations is responsible for the development of a patient focused, team oriented culture, working in conjunction with all other medical, clinical and therapeutic disciplines to ensure optimal service and superior outcomes. The DTO holds full responsibility for all aspects of the Therapy Operations, including inpatient and outpatient therapy. The DTO provides clinical direction for evaluation, care planning and treatment of a wide variety of clinical diagnosis. To be qualified, the candidate must have a minimum of a Bachelor’s Degree in a therapeutic discipline (PT, OT SLP) with five years of experience in an inpatient hospital setting and two years of therapy management experience. Preference will be given to those individuals who have demonstrated through previous experience the ability to: • Meaningfully contribute to a hospital’s culture of success; • Participate as a member of a high functioning leadership team, and; • Successfully lead a hospital’s therapy department through the utilization of excellent supervisory and management skills. We continually achieve a high level of success in patient satisfaction and patient outcomes because the cornerstone of our culture is a commitment from each individual to provide only the highest quality healthcare to each and every patient.

To apply, visit Or e-mail your resume to [email protected]
We are an Equal Opportunity Employer

Illinois Back Institute

315 S Naperville Road, Wheaton, IL 60187 630-221-0200 • (fax) 630-221-0295


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& QA with Heidi Fries, PT, DPT,

Physical Therapy Coordinator in Trappe, Pennsylvania

Heidi Fries is a physical therapist with a focus on pediatrics, and PT coordinator at Theraplay, Inc. She has a bachelor’s in biology and a doctorate of physical therapy from Arcadia University in Glenside, Pennsylvania. Originally hailing from South Africa, Heidi had an interest in pediatrics and medicine her whole life. She has worked at Theraplay for three years and says families are the key to a child’s development: “They are the ones who make or break the child’s progress…they are everything.”

7 Physical Therapy News
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Scientists Identify New Target to Battle Rheumatoid Arthritis APhA Urges Vote Against Proposed PDUFA Drug Importation Amendment Landmark Textbook on Healthcare and the US Legal System Released

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12. National, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Connecticut, New York, Illinois and Missouri 13. Pennsylvania, Maryland, Washington D.C., Florida, Alabama and Mississippi 14. Iowa, South Dakota, Colorado, California and Washington 15. Virginia, North Carolina and Illinois 16. Wyoming, Nevada and California 2. Pennsylvania and Illinois

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Q: Who motivated you to become a physical therapist? A: Originally, I was interested in medical school. I grew up in South Africa, the daughter of a missionary. In my life I was able to see poverty, need, hurt and hunger. I knew from a young age that I wanted to help people, make them smile and make a difference. At 18 years old I came to America with the hopes of becoming a doctor; however, I didn’t know at the time what kind of doctor I would end up being. During my first two years of undergraduate studies, my anatomy and physiology professor guided me toward physical therapy. He told me he saw my passion for human anatomy and that I seemed to really understand how the body was put together. He had a lot of contact with the professors at Arcadia University’s PT program and thought physical therapy was a field I should explore. My mom had always encouraged me to look into this field as well. She knew I would eventually want to be a mother and be able to work but also have the time to spend with my family. As a physician, this would be difficult. Schedules of physical therapists were much more forgiving. Another positive aspect to physical therapy was how much time physical therapists were able to spend with their patients, not only treating them physically but also affecting their lives as a whole. Q: How did you decide you wanted to specialize in pediatrics? A: I knew I wanted to work with children from the very beginning. Children and I definitely seem to mesh, and we are on the same level in so many ways. I love nothing more than to play, use my imagination and be goofy. When I observed at an outpatient pediatric physical therapy clinic in California one summer, it

& QA with Heidi Fries, PT, DPT, Physical Therapy Coordinator

in Trappe, Pennsylvania

Heidi Fries is a physical therapist with a focus on pediatrics, and PT coordinator at Theraplay, Inc. She has a bachelor’s in biology and a doctorate of physical therapy from Arcadia University in Glenside, Pennsylvania. Originally hailing from South Africa, Heidi had an interest in pediatrics and medicine her whole life. She has worked at Theraplay for three years and says families are the key to a child’s development: “They are the ones who make or break the child’s progress…they are everything.”


NEWS-Line for Physical Therapists & PT Assistants • June 2012 Feature

confirmed what I already knew. I was so excited by the electrifying atmosphere, and fun and playful sessions. My heart was touched by the care and concern of the therapists, and how the children’s faces glowed with pride every time a new skill was acquired. Q: Can you describe the facility you work for? A: Theraplay in Trappe is a small outpatient clinic specializing in children from birth to 21 years of age. We offer physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy and feeding services. Using a medical-based model of treatment with all our patients, we provide a one hour one-on-one session with each child. There are a variety of rooms at our disposal including a sensory gym, infant gym, orthopedic treatment room, and main gym. One of my favorite therapeutic tools is the variety of fun swings we have available for our treatment sessions. We are dedicated to teaching and empowering the families of the children in the treatment of our patients. We realize that the ultimate goal is independence of the families in the treatment of their children. I love sharing ideas with families and teaching them all I can to help therapy become part of their daily routine. Q: When and how did you start at Theraplay? ber of a team and we all work together for the best of our patients. There is a family feel although we are growing larger. It is great to be able to bounce ideas off my fellow physical therapists throughout the day as well as the occupational and speech therapists. Q: Typically, what are your day-today responsibilities as a physical therapist and PT coordinator? A: As a physical therapist I typically treat eight patients a day. Sessions are an hour long, including education time and paperwork time. We always give parents a detailed written SOAP note in family friendly language to describe the session. We also provided them with detailed home exercise programs. As the PT coordinator I am responsible for communication between team members at my office. Other responsibilities include communication between office physical therapy teams (Theraplay currently has five different locations), effectively organizing down time with delegation of appropriate tasks, helping to keep communication open with physicians, and occasional marketing and educational in-services for local physicians. Q: What types of patients/diagnoses do you encounter most frequently? A: I am always interested in broadening my scope of practice and my knowledge. Because pediatrics is such a broad specialization it is important to keep up to date with all the new treatment techniques, research and other advances in the medical field. I am very interested in neurology and hope to eventually learn and research more in this field. Q: What are the greatest challenges you face working in pediatrics? A: Often I feel a big challenge in pediatrics is dealing with insurance companies and getting the appropriate coverage needed for the best outcome for the patient. Another challenge is often getting families involved and really claiming their role in the treatment of their child. Q: What do you like most about your job? What do you dislike most? A: One of my favorite parts of my job are completing evaluations and meeting new and interesting children and families, as well as puzzling through their presentation to come up with the most effective treatment plan. I also enjoy working with children and their families, seeing families take charge of their children’s progress, playing all day, and constantly meeting new challenges. Some things I dislike are completing paperwork, dealing with insurance companies and sometimes having to disappoint families with news they don’t necessarily want to hear. Q: Are there any research projects you would like to be involved with? A: I am very interested in neurology and have been working on a project for some time. We are almost

A: We work with a wide variety of patients including patients diagnosed A: I began working as a physical with developmental delay, Down therapist at this Theraplay center in syndrome, cerebral palsy, autism, torJune 2009. Prior to this location I com- ticollis, orthopedic/sports injuries, toe pleted my final 12-week student affilia- walking, genetic disorders, unspecition at Theraplay’s Horsham office. fied neurological impairments and many more. Q: What’s it like working at Theraplay? Q: Are there other areas of interest for you as a physical therapist, A: Our office is a wonderful working either clinically or educationally, environment. Everyone is truly a mem- that you plan to pursue?


A: There are so many rewarding parts of my job: seeing the joy in a parent’s face the first time his/her child crawls; seeing the tears in a father’s eyes when his son is finally I would love to be involved in more able to throw a ball to him and play projects in the years to come. I love catch; seeing the pride in a child’s research and think it is an integral part eyes when she finally gets the patof our profession. tern of skipping and then doesn’t stop skipping for days; seeing a Q: Do you feel that the role of PTs teenager navigate her environment has changed over recent years? with her new gait trainer and crying because now she doesn’t need her A: Physical therapy as a career has mom around for the first time in her changed dramatically over the years. life…I could go on and on. I truly have We have broadened our knowledge one of the most instantly rewarding base, opened up our field of practice, jobs in America. and become more and more specialized. In the field of pediatrics there are Q: What is the most important therapists who devote their time to thing you’ve learned over the special fields including orthopedics, course of your career? neurology, seating clinics, schoolbased services, early childhood devel- A: The family is always the biggest opment and many more specialized tool. The most important thing I can treatment techniques as well. We have ever do is help a family to realize they become an evidence-based field, are the primary part in the treatment seeking to use objective measures of their child. They are the ones who and effective outcome measures in make or break a child’s progress, not our documentation. me. They are everything. finished writing our paper regarding neuroplasticity in rats using a tactile discrimination task following an ischemic event. Q: What do you feel is of the greatest concern to PTs today? A: Advocacy for our profession is one of the greatest concerns for the physical therapy field. We need to continue to protect and uphold our profession’s responsibilities, ethics and effectiveness. Secondly, no one knows everything. It’s OK to not know everything, but when you don’t know something search under every rock and in every crevice until you finally find it. Be a lifelong learner. Q: How has working in pediatrics allowed you to grow professionally? become the PT coordinator at our office and hope for further growth in my profession. Also, I am interested in obtaining my pediatric specialization in the near future. Q: What advice do you have for others thinking of entering a pediatric specialty? A: It’s an amazing field! You have to love, love, love children. I would advise someone to play with as many typically developing children as you can as it will help you realize when something isn’t the norm. Be willing to be a lifelong learner because there is no way that you will know everything about pediatrics when first graduating or coming into the profession. Q: If you could sum up your job in one word, what would it be and why? A: Play—I play all day, I don’t work. I just happen to be able to incorporate important factors of balance, motor planning, coordination, attention, strengthening, endurance, stretching and functional mobility into my playtime. Q: Why are pediatric PTs such an important part of the healthcare industry?

A: Pediatric PTs are the only ones who do and can do what we do for I think another concern is keeping our patients. How can you work physical therapy a respected field by A: I have grown so much in the past on balance without knowing all the continuing to strive toward the most years, learning more than I could components needed to balance? reliable diagnostic tools, the most possibly learn with my fellow coHow can you work on walking funceffective treatments and the best out- workers. I have learned so much tionally and safely without breaking come measures to show the efficacy about speech and occupational it down, finding out what is wrong of these treatments. This is something therapy. I have had the opportunity to and specifically working on that? that is growing so much in other participate in many continuing eduHaving someone there to help them realms of physical therapy but needs cation courses as well as co-teach navigate their environment effeccontinued growth in the pediatric field. two courses on pediatric constraint- tively, and play at the levels of their induced movement therapy and peers is imperative in the cognitive, Q: What is the most rewarding part manual therapy on the pediatric social and general development of of your job? population. I have been blessed to children. F


NEWS-Line for Physical Therapists & PT Assistants • June 2012 Feature


Scientists Identify New Target to Battle Rheumatoid Arthritis
A NEW STUDY led by researchers at Hospital for Special Surgery identifies the mechanism by which a cell signaling pathway contributes to the development of rheumatoid arthritis (RA). In addition, the study provides evidence that drugs under development for diseases such as cancer could potentially be used to treat RA. Rheumatoid arthritis, a systemic inflammatory autoimmune disease that can be crippling, impacts over a million adults in the United States. misfiring of the immune system that is commonly seen in RA.

inflammatory macrophage. In another experiment, the investigators used an inhibitor of the Notch pathway called GSI-34 that is under development and showed that this drug could inhibit the function of macrophages. The researchers say the study provides the first explanation of how Notch contributes to rheumatoid arthritis pathogenesis. It also shows, for the first time, that investigational Notch inhibitors under development for cancer and Alzheimer’s could potentially be used to treat RA. Several Notch inhibitors are under development by various companies and a few are currently in Phase III trials. “Before this study, the Notch pathway has been implicated mainly in cancer, but in this study we define how it is connected to RA,” said Dr. Hu. The study was supported by funding from the National Institutes of Health and the American College of Rheumatology. Other authors involved in the study include Hospital for Special Surgery researchers Baohong Zao, PhD, Lionel Ivashkiv, MD, Carl Blobel, MD, PhD, Jimmy Zhu, Sinead Smith, and Allen Chung; Julia Foldi, PhD, and Chao Shi, PhD, from Weill Cornell Graduate School of Medical Sciences; Hasina Outtz and Jan Kitajewski, PhD, from Columbia University; Silvio Weber and Paul Saftig, PhD, from the Christian Albrechts Universitat Kiel, Kiel, Germany; Yueming Li, PhD, from Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center; and Keiko Ozato, PhD, from the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development. Source: Hospital for Special Surgery

The researchers designed experiments to test whether the Notch pathway had an influence on macrophages, a type of white blood cell that is most commonly known for gobbling up pathogens but which can also cause inflammation. Macrophages that have gone awry possess widespread pro-inflammatory and destructive capabilities that can critically contribute to acute and chronic rheu“We uncovered a novel mechanism matoid arthritis. “In the case of RA, by which the Notch pathway could inflammatory macrophages attack contribute to RA,” said Xiaoyu Hu, MD, joints and they produce inflammaPhD, a research scientist at Hospital tory mediators that basically sustain for Special Surgery in New York City inflammation in joints,” said Dr. Hu. and principal investigator of the study. The study appears online in advance In experiments, researchers found of print in Nature Immunology. that knockout mice that lack the Notch pathway in macrophages were Prior to this study, researchers knew unable to produce certain type of that an intracellular molecular pathway macrophages and exhibited a lesser called Notch is involved in diseases inflammatory phenotype. such as cancer. In the last year, other scientists conducted a genome wide “Notch is essential for the developassociation study to identify genes ment and function of a cell type called that were linked to the development the inflammatory macrophages and if of rheumatoid arthritis. They discovthis pathway is missing in mice, then ered that a certain mutation in a gene you don’t get good differentiation of involved in the Notch pathway puts the inflammatory macrophages,” said patients at risk for RA, but nobody Dr. Hu. In a nutshell, the Notch pathknew just how it was involved. way is essential for the differentiation and function of inflammatory mac“We were intrigued. Nothing has rophages, and these macrophages been known about how the Notch are critical for human RA pathogenpathway is important to RA,” said Dr. esis. Hu. Working with researchers at other institutions in the United States and In a series of test tube studies, the abroad, HSS investigators started put- researchers flushed out the specifics ting two and two together and noted of how Notch influences the molecuthat Notch might be involved in a lar cascade that leads to generation of



APhA Urges Vote Against Proposed PDUFA Drug Importation Amendment
THE AMERICAN PHARMACISTS ASSOCIATION (APhA) issued a letter to the Senate urging a vote against Senator McCain’s (R-AZ) proposed prescription drug importation amendment to the Prescription Drug User Fee Act (PDUFA). APhA supports the reauthorization of PDUFA, but cautions against proposed amendments that may increase patient’s access to harmful products and avoidable medication errors. Brian Gallagher, BSPharm, JD, APhA Senior Vice President, Government Affairs, stated, “We sympathize with patients who are having a tough time with the price of their medicines, but importing drugs from a foreign country without the safeguards of our system could be harmful. Right now, Congress is grappling with ways to further prevent recent problems with drugs that were manufactured in foreign countries. The local pharmacist is already there to help patients take their medications in the most cost efficient way possible. They also provide the added expertise of working with physicians and patients to ensure that the need for medication adherence, avoidance of side-effects or drug interactions and achievement of optimal health outcomes are not out-weighed by cost considerations. If we allow individuals to bring in medications from other countries without the oversight of the FDA and American pharmacists, we threaten the safety of our drug supply and the very patients we aim to protect.” APhA supports existing Federal law prohibiting prescription drug importation based on the following patient safety concerns: • Neither the federal government, pharmacists nor the public have assurance that these products are safe, cost-effective, do not pose additional risk, or have been produced under US quality control requirements to protect against contamination. Imported products may be contaminated, sub-potent (not contain enough active ingredient), super-potent (contain too much active ingredient), or may not include any active ingredient. • Patients who do not tell their local pharmacist and medical providers about their medications from a foreign country could find themselves with

a drug-to-drug interaction between their imported and US approved medications. • Because the US does not regulate foreign distributors, there are no quality assurances even when a US-made drug is imported. Once the product leaves the US regulatory system, the distributors are no longer held to requirements for storage conditions or product labeling. • The actual appearance or name of some foreign medications is different from the US manufactured counterpart. This may delay treatment of adverse drug reactions or side effects if a healthcare provider cannot determine what the patient is taking. APhA believes prescription drug importation would offer only short-term cost savings that may yield long-term costs. There are concerns not only with the quality and oversight for these medications, but of the fact that appropriate medication use requires an understanding of how to use the medication and monitoring for unwanted side effects or potential interactions. Source: American Pharmacists Association


NEWS-Line for Physical Therapists & PT Assistants • June 2012 Feature


Landmark Textbook on Healthcare and the US Legal System Released
THE SECOND EDITION of Law and the American Health Care System was released by Foundation Press on May 15, 2012. Building on its 1997 predecessor, the second edition textbook offers a comprehensive vision and analysis of the intersection of law and the US healthcare system. Throughout its major fields of study, the book focuses on how a dramatically changing legal environment influences—and in turn is influenced by—a dramatically evolving healthcare system. The textbook not only charts the interaction of law and healthcare but places this interaction into a broader and international policy context encompassing the economic, social, political, and cultural environment in which healthcare is organized and delivered. Through the presentation of cases, statutes and regulations, and extensive discussion that includes the vast changes wrought by the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, the book offers an in-depth exploration of law and policy that shape key areas like access to healthcare, healthcare financing, healthcare quality, including the rise of new systems of care such as Accountable Care Organizations, and healthcare transactions in the marketplace. Sara Rosenbaum, Harold and Jane Hirsh Professor of Health Law and Policy, George Washington University School of Public Health and Health Services, and David M. Frankford, Professor of Law, Rutgers School of Law–Camden, serve as the book’s lead authors. They are joined by Sylvia A. Law, Elizabeth K. Dollard Professor of Law, Medicine and Psychiatry, and Rand Rosenblatt, Professor of Law, Rutgers School of Law– Camden.

public policy. If students, policy makers, and anyone else really wants to understand the history and impact of law and public policy on the healthcare debate, this book is a must read.” Rayman L. Solomon, JD, PhD, Dean and Professor of Law of Rutgers School of Law–Camden, stated, “All case books serve to teach students an area of law. Only a few by their organization and explanation serve to systematize an important emerging field and should be consulted by students, scholars, and practitioners. Law and the American Health Care System joins this select group.” Law and the American Health Care System, Second Edition, can be ordered at the following sites:

For professors: http:// Professors/ProductDetails. aspx?productid=182359&tab=1 Lynn R. Goldman, MD, MPH, For students, practitioners, and Dean of the George Washington other interested persons: http:// University School of Public and Health Services frankford-law-rosenblattssaid, “At this critical point in our nation’s history, Sara Rosenbaum american-health-care-system2d/182359/17252153/productdeand her co-authors deliver a tail meticulously researched, comprehensive and dynamic analysis illuminating the ever more compli- Source: George Washington cated field of law, healthcare and University


Conferences and Educational Opportunities
NCPTA 2012 Fall Conference. Sponsored by the North Carolina Physical Therapy Association. October 10-12, 2012 Sheraton Greensboro at Four Seasons, Greensboro, NC Phone: 919-841-0268 Fax: 919-841-0269 Email: [email protected] Web: 2012 WPTA Fall Conference. Sponsored by the Wisconsin Physical Therapy Association. October 11-13, 2012 Kalahari, Wisconsin Dells, WI Phone: 608-221-9191 Fax: 608-221-9697 Email: [email protected] Web: NARA Fall 2012 Conference. Sponsored by the National Association of Rehabilitation Providers and Agencies. October 17-19, 2012 Tropicana Las Vegas, Las Vegas, NV Phone: 813-855-9168 Fax: 813-855-6449 Web: ASHT’s 35th Annual Meeting. Sponsored by the American Society of Hand Therapists. October 18-21, 2012 Sheraton San Diego Hotel & Marina, San Diego, CA Phone: 856-380-6856 Fax: 856-439-0525 Email: [email protected] Web: 2012 NYPTA Conference and Exhibit Show. Sponsored by the New York Physical Therapy Association. October 19-20, 2012 Radisson Rochester Riverside Hotel, Rochester, NY Phone: 800-459-4489 Fax: 518-459-4499 Email: [email protected] Web: HFES 56th Annual Meeting. Sponsored by Human Factors and Ergonomics Society. October 22-26, 2012 Westin Boston Waterfront Hotel, Boston, MA Phone: 310-394-1811 Fax: 310-394-2410 Email: [email protected] Web: HFESMeetings/2012annualmeeting.html PPTA 2012 Annual Conference. Sponsored by the Pennsylvania Physical Therapy Association. October 25-28, 2012 Marriott Lancaster at Penn Square, Lancaster, PA Phone: 1-800-962-PPTA Web: 2012 IPTA Annual Meeting/ Con-Ed: Low Back and Hip Movement Syndromes and their Interaction. Sponsored by the Idaho Physical Therapy Association. October 27-28, 2012 Meridian, ID Phone: 208-342-6647 Email: [email protected] Web:

Conferences & Educational Opportunities
ASSH 2012 Annual Meeting. Sponsored by the American Society for Surgery of the Hand. September 6-8, 2012 Chicago, IL Phone: 847-384-8300 Fax: 847-384-1435 Email: [email protected] Web: FPTA 2012 Annual Conference. Sponsored by the Florida Physical Therapy Association. September 13-16, 2012 Daytona Beach Hilton, Daytona, FL Phone: 850-222-1243 Fax: 850-224-5281 Web: CPTA 2012 Annual Conference. Sponsored by the California Physical Therapy Association. September 28-29, 2012 Santa Clara Convention Center and Hyatt Regency Hotel, Santa Clara, CA Toll Free: 800-743-2782 Web:

ASRT 3rd Biennial Meeting. Sponsored by the American Society for Reconstructive Transplantation. November 15-17, 2012 The Drake Hotel, Chicago, IL Phone: 312-263-7150 Fax: 312-782-0553 Email: [email protected] Web:

AOHP 2012 National Conference. Sponsored by the Association of Occupational Health Professionals. October 3-6, 2012 Caesars Palace, Las Vegas, NV Phone: 800-362-4347 Email: [email protected] Web:


NEWS-Line for Physical Therapists & PT Assistants • June 2012 Feature


National, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Connecticut, New York, Illinois and Missouri

Job Opportunities

New Fairfield, Connecticut

Outpatient Orthopedics
Physical Therapist needed full or part-time in New Fairfield office, outpatient orthopedic privately owned, generous benefits. Salary commensurate with experience. Office also offers yoga, pilates, massage, acupuncture, tai chi, shiatsu, reflexology. Call 203-312-0211,

Physical Therapist

Physical Therapy Arts
96 Rt 37, New Fairfield, CT 06812 Milford, New Hampshire

or send resume to









Missouri and Southern Illinois



Part-Time, Outpatient Opportunity
Work as part of a busy outpatient practice, providing physical therapy to a diverse community population. Assess patient condition; establish a plan of care, document treatment and progress. Motivate and encourage patients toward self-management. We offer competitive benefits and compensation. Please apply to:



IncreMedical Management is seeking full-time, part-time & PRN Physical Therapists and Assistants for outpatient and inpatient settings in the following locations: Atlanta, GA, Northwest IN (Chesterton, Crown Point, Michigan City, Portage, Valparaiso), Jackson, WY, Brown Deer, WI, Kalamazoo, MI. Work with a dedicated team of therapists at state of the art outpatient and inpatient facilities across the country. Our full-time staff enjoys enjoys unmatched professional resources, benefits, and compensation packages: Accrue 3-4 weeks of PTO annually, participate in a matching 401K retirement fund, free LTD, STD, and life insurance. $1200 for PT, $600 for PTA towards continuing education and 5 CE days, 6 paid holidays and much more. We are also seeking any part-time or per diem PTs or PTAs.

Physical Therapists

Home Care

Physical Therapists needed to provide Home Care therapy to patients in Missouri and Southern Illinois. Immediate openings in: • Centralia, IL • Mt. Carmel, IL • Marion, IL • Murphysboro, IL • Pickneyville, IL • Springfield, IL Competitive compensation, generous 401 (k) plan, comprehensive medical, dental, vision, Tuition reimbursement, Professional Development Program, and a Wellness Plan. Contact Sharon Billingsley:
Phone: 314-595-6841 • Fax: 314-595-6844

17 Armory Road, Milford, NH 03055 or [email protected]

Physical Therapy Center

Support By Design Pediatric Therapy Center

E-mail: [email protected]

Physical Therapist
Call Linda 212-608-9661 E-mail resume to [email protected]

Full-time, Part-time

E-mail resumes to Linda Defilippis at [email protected] or fax to 574-975-2735, Attn: Linda



NEWS-Line for Physical Therapists & PT Assistants • June 2012 Feature

Pennsylvania, Maryland, Washington D.C., Florida, Alabama and Mississippi

Washington, D.C.

Mitchellville, Maryland

Central and Western Pennsylvania

Our outpatient Physical Therapy Clinics are expanding because we offer excellence in quality care. Arthritis and Rehabilitation Therapy Services (ARTS) is a division of Arthritis and Rheumatism Associates, PC. Our clientele is diverse: rheumatic disorders, sports injuries, post-op., orthopedics and more. We are seeking a clinically sound, manually skilled P.T. to join us if you also embrace excellence in quality of care. Our current opening is for our metroaccessible clinic on K Street, NW in Washington DC.
WE OFFER: • Highly Competitive Salaries • Comprehensive Benefits Package • Flexible Work Schedules • Continuing Education Reimbursement • Monthly Clinicians’ In-Services • Variety of Patient Diagnoses • Adaptable Work Environment (Develop your Interests!) • Healthcare “Team” Approach To Patient Care

Physical Therapist or PT Assistant
New Grads Welcome!
Dynamic and growing private practice in Mitchellville, MD is looking for a fulltime PT or PTA. New Grads are welcome! Manual therapy experience is a plus. Competitive salary, great benefits, and generous continuing education. Please email or fax resume to Ed Lee, PT [email protected] or 301-588-4147. West Palm Beach, Florida

Skilled nursing Home Health
AdvantageCare Rehabilitation and Advantage Home Health Services are expanding and seeking qualified, caring Physical Therapists and Occupational Therapists for Full-Time, Part-Time, PRN and Per Visit positions. Operating throughout Central and Western Pennsylvania, AdvantageCare Rehabilitation is a contract therapy company working in association with skilled nursing facilities, with Advantage Home Health Services providing trusted and proven homecare for every patient. We offer competitive salaries, with excellent benefit packages for full-time and part-time staff. For more information on joining our team, send resume to [email protected] or call 412/207-2287.

The Arc of Palm Beach County is seeking innovative, dynamic, Florida licensed therapists to join our school-based trans-disciplinary team. Our model school utilizes a specialized approach for children who are non-ambulatory and non-verbal. Professional, supportive staff and small caseloads of children age 3 to 10 offer an excellent environment for professional growth. Ideal full-time positions (35 hours per week) for therapists who love children, being creative, and the benefits of following the public school calendar. Applicants may submit resumes to

If interested please email to

[email protected]


[email protected]
Sarasota, Florida

Paragon Rehab is looking for FuLL-TIMe PhySIcAL TheRAPISTS for facilities in Biloxi, MS and Geneva, AL. We offer weekly pay, monthly gas bonus, excellent continuing education money and much more!

Olney, Maryland

Physical Therapist

Outpatient Ortho/Sports Medicine
Outpatient Ortho/Sports Medicine Practice in Olney is looking for a motivated team player to work in professional, friendly and energetic work environment! Emphasis on post operative care of the shoulder and knee. Electronic Medical Records with iPad. Average of 2 patients per hour per therapist. Must work some evening hours. Great benefit package includes APTA dues and CEU’s! Must have current MD license. For more information, please contact Stacie Barlow, MS, PT ATC, Clinic Director, at [email protected] or send resume to:

Physical TheraPy assisTanT
PTA position available in a wellestablished Orthopaedic practice in Sarasota, Florida. Join our clinical staff of 4 Therapists, and 1 PTA. Our therapist-managed department is focused on hands on therapy. We have a well-equipped and attractive facility. The practice has fellowship trained physicians across the spectrum of Orthopaedic sub-specialties and has an outstanding clinical reputation. We offer competitive salary and benefits. Candidates should submit a CV to [email protected] or by fax to 941-552-7868.

$5,000 Sign-On Bonus Available
Please contact:

Megan Hedgepath, Recruiter Phone: 866-215-2651 Fax: 502-213-1851 [email protected]

Maryland Sports Medicine Center

3420 Morningwood Drive, Olney, MD 20832 Phone: 301-232-1057 • Fax: 301-232-1044


Iowa, South Dakota, Colorado, California and Washington

Waterloo, Iowa

San Francisco, California

Physical Therapist
Cedar Valley Medical Specialists, PC Department of Physical Therapy has a position for recently opened Physician Owned Division 1, PT/ATC Clinic. Experience preferred however, new graduates are encouraged to apply as well. Orthopedic and sports-based patients. Waterloo offers the New Gallagher Blue Dorn Performing Arts Center, a high quality educational system, recreational activities (bike trails, fishing, hunting), family activities, and the University of Northern Iowa campus.

Change of Seasons, Change of Life! Come to Iowa!

Be Heard Be Valued Be Recognized Be Proud Be Your Professional Best!
We exist to get people better! And we’ve worked hard on creating a work culture that values PTs and provides opportunities for every member of our team to learn and grow. For you: • Clinical Mentorship • Paths for Career Advancement • Great Benefits • Professional Dues • Community Outreach • Lecture Series For current openings check our Careers page at

Excellent Wages and Benefits
(including medical, dental, life, 401k) Please send your resume to: Kathy Billick, Human Resource Manager

Cedar Valley Medical Specialists
P.O. Box 2758 999 Home Plaza, Waterloo, IA 50704 Phone: 319-235-5390 E-mail: [email protected]

Longview, Washington

Longview Physical And Sports Therapy Services is looking for a quality clinician and person who would like to experience small town USA and be a part of a growing, locally (PT) owned outpatient private practice. Our current caseload is primarily orthopedic. We are active in our community with sports care outreach to the local high schools and college. We are looking for an experienced clinician or a recent graduate who shares our commitment to individualized care and my be looking for additional growth and responsibility. Please call 360-578-1188 and ask for Dave Knoeppel or Bruce Peterson, email us at [email protected] or fax to 360-578-6251.

FULL-TIME POSITION (40 hours/week)
St. Mary’s Healthcare Center in Pierre, SD is currently accepting applications for a Full-time (40 hours per week) Physical Therapist. Pierre is located on the banks of the Missouri River with unparalleled outdoor recreation such as hunting, fishing, sailing, boating, hiking and camping. Education/ Licensure requirements: candidate must have a bachelor’s or master’s degree in Physical Therapy, or graduate of an accredited program in Physical Therapy. Candidate must possess a South Dakota Physical Therapist license.


Yuma, Colorado

Come to work in our new, state-of-the-art hospital. We offer a competitive salary and benefit package, including student loan repayment and relocation. For more information please contact: Gini Adams (970) 848-4602

Position is open until filled.


Please apply on-line at

Reverence – Integrity – Compassion – Excellence

St. Mary’s Core Values:

Yuma District Hospital

1000 W. 8th Avenue, Yuma, CO 80759 [email protected]


NEWS-Line for Physical Therapists & PT Assistants • June 2012 Feature

Wheaton, Illinois


Culpeper, Virginia


Physical Therapist Full-Time

Licensed Physical Therapist Assistant
Continuing Education Bonus
Multi-disciplinary doctor’s office is in need of several licensed Physical Therapist Assistants for multiple locations. The Physical Therapist Assistant will be responsible for putting patients on all machines; making sure all patients are securely in the vests; progressing the patient in exercises when necessary; and be able to explain all procedures to the patients. Also must be able to complete notes when necessary regarding the patients and be responsible for patient documentation (i.e. notes in the system). PTA will help to prepare and clean the therapy floor where patients will be performing the exercises, which includes stocking necessary supplies. We are looking for a person with strong personal qualities such as positive attitude, patience, warmth and caring for a person; the ability to communicate well verbally and in writing and work with all types of people; the ability to multi-task, prioritize important tasks and be detail-oriented with good organizing skills; and possess an excellent knowledge and understanding of patient care. Must have a Physical Therapist Assistant License. New Grads Welcome! 1-2 years of related experience a plus, but not required.


$10,000 Sign-On Bonus

We want YOU to join our team!
Clinic located in the Culpeper Regional Hospital’s Powell Wellness and Fitness Center featuring our unique TURTTLE pool. This is a supportive and mentoring environment with special programs including pediatrics, wound care, lymphedema, aquatics and women’s health. New graduate or seasoned professional welcome! Competitive salary and benefits plus tuition reimbursement! For details on this opportunity visit our job center today at
For more information please contact:

We are CarePartners

CarePartners, a post-acute healthcare system, is seeking PTs for Home Health. Full-time, part-time and PRN schedules available.
Apply on-line at or call 828-274-9567 x4225

We s t e r n N o r t h C a r o l i n a

FULL-TIME Graduate of an accredited physical therapy school. Two years of clinical experience preferred. Located in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina.
Ashe Memorial offers competitive pay, an excellent benefits package, and assistance with relocation expenses.

Amy Utley, Employment Coordinator Culpeper Regional Hospital 501 Sunset Lane, PO Box 592 Culpeper, VA 22701 540-829-4304 Fax: 540-829-5748 [email protected]

Hours: M-W-F, 9:00am - 7:00pm with 1 hour lunch and T-TH, 8:00am - 2:00pm.
Benefits available include health insurance; 401k; and paid vacation & sick time. For immediate consideration please call or send resume to:

Dana Balzano, HR Coordinator, (630) 221-0200, [email protected] or Stella Zaimi, Director of Clinics, (630) 677-3742, [email protected]
200 Hospital Ave. • Jefferson, NC 28640 Call: 336-846-0740 • Fax: 336-846-0760

Please apply at

Ashe Memorial Hospital

Human Resources

Illinois Back Institute

315 S Naperville Road, Wheaton, IL 60187 630-221-0200 • (fax) 630-221-0295

Western Wyoming - Rock Springs

Nestled in the beautiful high desert region of Western Wyoming lies snowmobile and hiking trails, camping, fishing, moto-cross, and Western Wyoming Community College, the #15 Community College in the Nation, and many other activities for you and your family to enjoy. All this within a short drive to additional shopping and activities in Jackson Hole, Yellowstone, and Salt Lake City. Memorial Hospital of Sweetwater County in Rock Springs is building their Physical Therapy Department and in need of a full-time Physical Therapist.

Great Employment Opportunity!! Physical Therapist Assistant Needed at Nevada Community Enrichment Program (NCEP)
Accessible Space, Inc. is currently seeking a qualified PTA to join our multidisciplinary team at our Nevada Community Enrichment Program (NCEP). NCEP serves individuals who have survived a traumatic or acquired brain injury. NCEP offers an intensive and comprehensive day treatment program. We utilize a multidisciplinary approach to provide a full range of therapy services, including PT, OT, Speech-Language Pathology, Vocational Rehabilitation, cognitivebehavioral therapy, neuropsychological counseling, life skills training, aquatic exercise therapy and individually designed support services. NCEP’s goal is to provide comprehensive post-acute neuro-rehabilitation for individuals, as they progress toward increased independence and maximum functional potential. The Physical Therapist Assistant provides physical therapy treatment, under the supervision of the Physical Therapist, as part of an interdisciplinary team, for clients in a day and residential treatment rehabilitation program for traumatic brain injury, acquired brain injury and neurological impairment. (Job Code 62311) Requirements: • Degree from an accredited Physical Therapist Assistant program. • Possession of a current, valid license as Physical Therapist Assistant. • Possession of a current State of Nevada Board of Physical Therapist Assistant License or eligibility for such licensure through the State Licensure procedure. ASI offers a terrific work environment in a new facility, a knowledgeable and skilled multidisciplinary team of clinicians, competitive wage and a great benefit package including health insurance, dental insurance, paid time off, paid holidays, tuition reimbursement and a wellness reimbursement.

Live the Life you Love
It’s time for a change!
We are looking to add a key member to our premier rehabilitation team Pomona Valley Hospital Medical Center (PVHMC) is a 453 bed non-profit acute care regional medical center. For over 100 years, PVHMC has been providing the surrounding communities with service and care worthy of national recognition. Currently, PVHMC is in need of an NICU/ Pediatric Rehab Program Coordinator to lead our inpatient and outpatient programs.This includes a 54 bed Level III Neonatal Intensive Care Unit and a 34 bed Pediatric unit. This position coordinates the Peds Rehab team of PTs, OTs and SLPs and insure high quality care, through the rehab continuum from our NICU, to the High Risk Infant Clinic and into our outpatient pediatric clinic, called Milestones. Requires a dynamic therapist with strong communication and organizational skills, advanced clinical knowledge, and experience with the various payers, insurances and regulatory bodies. Experience marketing to potential referral sources desirable. PVHMC offers competitive pay, an excellent benefits package, and Continuing Education support. Job Specifications: Current California State PT, OT or SLP License; Advanced Continuing Education/Certifications in Peds/NICU. BLS. Minimum five years clinical experience. Pomona Valley Hospital Medical Center 1798 N. Garey Ave., Pomona, CA 91767 909.865.9500 Recruiter: [email protected] Web-site:

The successful candidate will be coming in to a new and very busy PT department and will evaluate and treat patients by physical measures and the use of therapeutic exercises and rehabilitative procedures, with or without assistive devices, for the purpose of preventing, correcting, or alleviating any disability. This includes the design, fabrication, revision, education, and instruction in the use of various assistive devices including braces, splints, ambulatory or locomotion devices, wheelchairs, prosthetics, orthotics, and establishing and modifying physical therapy programs, treatment planning, instruction, and consultative services. The prospective employee must have a Bachelors degree in Physical Therapy. Masters degree highly preferred. Must have a current Wyoming PT License and BLS certification. MHSC offers a competitive salary and excellent benefits package including Interview and Relocation Assistance, Health, Dental, Vision, Matching Retirement, & a generous paid time off program. Applications are available at

NO nights, NO weekends, NO on-call and NO travel! If you are interested please visit our website at or fax letter of interest and resume to HR at 651-645-0541. Please reference job code.
ASI is an equal opportunity employer. and may be e-mailed to [email protected] or faxed to (307) 352-8157
EEO/AA/Drug and Tobacco Free

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