NextGen Climate Letter to Governor Rick Scott

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"#$ %&&'(%)*' $'+'),'-
lrlday, AugusL 29, 2014
.#/*).*- nCC Þress Cfflce, 413-802-2423
or press[

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1oday, nexLCen CllmaLe llorlda SLaLe ulrecLor !ackle Lee senL Lhe followlng
leLLer calllng on Covernor 8lck ScoLL Lo release all lnformaLlon abouL hls
relaLlonshlp wlLh Lhe koch broLhers and Lhelr neLwork of donors wlLhln 48

1he full LexL of Lhe leLLer ls below:

AugusL 29, 2014

Covernor 8lck ScoLL
Cfflce of Lhe Covernor
1he CaplLol
400 S. Monroe SL.
1allahassee, lL 32399

uear Covernor ScoLL,

llorldlans are relylng on you Lo make declslons LhaL wlll beneflL Lhelr healLh
and economlc securlLy, noL Lhe checkbooks of greedy speclal lnLeresL

8uL now, Lhanks Lo a leaked Lape from a meeLlng LhaL your Lop donors
surely LhoughL was secreL, your Lrue consLlLuenLs have been exposed, and
Lhe people of llorlda now know who you are Lruly looklng ouL for. ln Lhe
secreL meeLlng wlLh represenLaLlves of Lhe koch broLhers and oLher speclal
lnLeresL donors, Þhll Cox, Lhe execuLlve dlrecLor of Lhe 8epubllcan
Covernors AssoclaLlon (8CA), sald Lhey were golng Lo spend more Lhan $20
mllllon Lo asslsL your reelecLlon campalgn. Pe Lhen boasLed LhaL Lhe
donaLlon would be Lhe ºlargesL slngle expendlLure ln Lhe 8CA's hlsLory."

lnLeresLlngly enough, Lhe koch broLhers gave nearly $2 mllllon dollars Lo
Lhe 8CA for Lhe 2014 elecLlon cycle. uoes LhaL name rlng a bell Lo you, Cov.
ScoLL? LeL us refresh your memory. Accordlng Lo Lhe !"#$" &"' !(#)*, you
wenL on a ºsecreL pollcy reLreaL" ln 2011 hosLed by Charles and uavld
koch. lnsLead of leadlng efforLs Lo combaL wlldflres as governor, you
abandoned llorldlans Lo have a meeLlng wlLh Lhe koch neLwork LhaL you
called ºvery lnLeresLlng," and noLed LhaL Lhe oll glanLs were very lnLeresLed
ln whaL was happenlng ln Lhe sLaLe.

Why should Lhe people of llorlda Lhlnk you're golng Lo look ouL for Lhelr
lnLeresLs over Lhe lnLeresLs of 8lg Cll glanLs and speclal lnLeresL groups Lhls
Llme around?

1oday, we call on your campalgn Lo:

(1) 8elease Lhe full schedule from your secreL meeLlng ln Colorado ln 2011
and oLher meeLlngs you may have aLLended wlLh Lhe koch broLhers,
lncludlng Lhe people you meL wlLh-so llorldlans can know who ls
lnfluenclng you.

(2) 8elease all lnformaLlon abouL whaL Lhe koch broLhers and Lhelr neLwork
of donors have promlsed you and your campalgn, and whaL promlses you
have made Lo boLh of Lhem.

nexLCen CllmaLe ls requesLlng LhaL you provlde voLers wlLh Lhls lnformaLlon
wlLhln Lhe nexL 48 hours. 1he people of llorlda deserve a leader who ls
honesL and open abouL who ls lnfluenclng Lhelr declslons-and Lhey
deserve Lo know Lhe LruLh before Lhey head Lo Lhe polls Lhls november.


!ackle Lee
SLaLe ulrecLor
nexLCen CllmaLe

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