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ninja pendisk!


This ninja program is freeware and is happy to be included or distributed by everyone interested in sharing this program. ---> What does it do? It will automagically remove any pesky virulent file found on usb pendisks that may threat your computer. Click on the tray icon and visit our webpage to tell us about new threats that should also be removed by this ninja. Nuno Brito (c) 2008 -------------------------------[version] updated=2008-05-21 program=1.5 [options] no_minimize=0 Disable_AutoPlay=1 Auto_Clean=1 evil_ninja=0 [languages] en=How to get started?;Immunize;Plug your pendisk to the computer;If you're read y to protect your pendisk, click on the immunize button!;Exit;View configuration ;Visit homepage;LAN Chat;Add to startup;Automatic Clean;Disable AutoPlay pt=Como come?ar?;Imunizar;Ligue a pendisk ao computador;Se estiver pronto para c ome?ar, clique no bot?o Imunizar!;Sair;Ver configura??o;Visitar homepage;Chat;Ad icionar ao arranque;Limpeza autom?tica;Desactivar AutoPlay de=Wie geht es?;Immunisieren;Stecken Sie Ihren USB-Stick in den Computer;Zum Sch utz Ihres USB-Sticks klicken Sie auf die Schaltfl?che 'Immunisieren'!;Ende;Konfi guration anzeigen;Ninja Homepage;LAN Chat;Ninja in Autostart aufnehmen;Automatis ches Immunisieren;AutoPlay deaktivieren fr=Comment d?marrer?;Vaccination;Branchez votre pendisk ? l'ordinateur;Si vous ? tes pr?t ? prot?ger vos pendisk, cliquez sur le bouton vacciner!;Sortie;Voir la configuration;Visitez la page d'accueil;LAN Chat;Ajouter au d?marrage;D?sactiver AutoPlay es=?Por d?nde empiezo?;Inmunizar;Conecte su pendisk a lo ordenador;Si est? listo para proteger su pendisk, haga clic en el bot?n inmunizar!;Ver configuraci?n;Vi sita la p?gina principal;LAN Chat;A?adir a startup;Desactivar AutoPlay -------------------------------[attrib_initial] autorun.inf=-s -h -r [file_rename] autorun.inf-->autorun.inf.old.txt

[file_delete] auto.exe autorun.ini autorun.pif autorun.vbs autorun.exe autorun.bat autorun.cmd autorun.hta avpo.exe Bha.dll.vbs ctfmon.exe copy.exe destrukto.vbs Fucker.vbs host.exe Heap41a killvbs.vbs host.exe imvo.exe Macromedia_Setup.exe mmc.exe msvcr71.dl New Folder.exe oso.exe Ravmon.exe RavMonE.exe RVHost.exe spoclsv.exe soundmix.exe svchost.exe semo2X.exe tel.exe.vbs VBS_RESULOWS.A windows.scr [folder_delete] Recycled [folder_create] autorun.inf [attrib_finish] autorun.inf=+s +h +r

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