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A History of Non-profits
What is a “Non-Profit”
 A non profit signifies a tax exempt status either
because of (a) charter, for profit organization, (b)
trust instrument, or (c ) articles of association. the
organization purpose is one of those described in
§501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, it may
apply for a ruling that donations to it are tax
deductible to the persons or business entities
who make them. The organization itself will be
exempt from taxation as long as it does not
engage in unrelated business activities.
How did they come about?
 Foundations
 Charitable organizations
 Religious Groups
 Trusts
 Philanthropy
First Foundation that was formed
 Russel Sage Foundation was est. in 1907
 John D. Rockafeller tried to obtain a
congressional charter for $100 million open-
ended grant-making foundation to promote the
“well being” of mankind” was met with furor, but
was eventually chartered as the Rockafeller
 One of the first foundations of their kind to
combine academic experts, professional bodies
,business, and government, working together to
develop policy rather than partisan politics.
Rockafeller Foundation Charter
 How much influence and power is involved?
 Many worried that these were other methods for
wealthy elites to maintain their wealth and control
 Russel Sage
 The Brookings Institute (1916)
 The Twentieth Century Fund (1919)- focus on
public policy matters

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