North Carolina State Flag History

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North Carolina's official flag was adopted in 1885. This red, white, and blue flag has a white star, the letters N C around the star (standing for North Carolina), and two yellow scrolls, above and below, bearing dates. The upper date, May 20th, 1775, commemorates the Mecklenburg Declaration of Independence (named for Mecklenburg County, where North Carolina citizens met to declare their freedom from Great Britain, although the original document was destroyed and some people have questioned its existence). The lower date, April 12th, 1776, commemorates the adoption of the Halifax Resolves (this was the first official action by a colony calling for independence from Britain).

State Capital: Raleigh Largest City: Charlotte Entered Union: November 21, 1789 Status: North Carolina was the 12th state in the USA and the 28th biggest state State Flower: Flowering dogwood State Tree: Longleaf Pine State Bird: Cardinal State Song: The Old North State

State Nickname: Tar Heel State State Motto: "Esse Quam Videri" (To Be Rather Than to Seem) Bordering States: Georgia, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia Origin of the Name: North Carolina was named to honor King Charles I (Carolus is Latin for Charles)

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