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North Carolina State University Work PO Box 7901 Raleigh, NC 27695 Work(919) 515-2872
Admissions E-mail : N/A Web site : Electronic application :

Overview : North Carolina State University
Admissions Application deadline Application fee Academics 2007 Ph.D. student/faculty ratio 2007 Full-time faculty Fall 2009 Financial Aid Information In state, full-time: $5,636 In state, parttime: $3,201 Out of state, full-time: $17,684 Out of state, part-time: $12,237 $1,458 per credit hour 2.9 289 06/25 $65


Required fees Student Body 2007 Total graduate engineering enrollment Fall 2009 Admissions Information Application deadline Application fee Application fee for international students Director of admissions Average GPA of new entrants in master's program


06/25 $65 $75 Terri L. Lomax 3

Average verbal GRE score of new entrants in master's program Average quantitative GRE score of new entrants in master's program Average analytical GRE score of new entrants in master's program Average writing GRE score of new entrants in master's program Average GPA of new entrants in both master's and doctoral programs Average verbal GRE score of new entrants in both master's and doctoral programs 2007 Average quantitative GRE score of new entrants in both master's and doctoral programs Average analytical GRE score of new entrants in both master's and doctoral programs Average writing GRE score of new entrants in both master's and doctoral programs TOEFL TOEFL required for international students? Minimum TOEFL score required for computer test Minimum TOEFL score required for paper test Engineering Department Contacts Mechanical engineering phone number

528 749 N/A 4






Yes 213 550

(919) 515-3026

Mechanical engineering E-mail Mechanical engineering website Students specializing in mechanical engineering Graduate School Priority Deadlines Fall US Citizens: Internationals: Jun 25 Mar 1 Spring Summer 1 Nov 25 Mar 25 Jul 15 Dec 15

[email protected] 7.9 %

Summer 2 May 10 Dec 15

Admissions Applications must be submitted on-line at Official transcripts must also be sent to the Graduate School. The Graduate School North Carolina State University Room 240, Research Building III 1005 Capability Drive Campus Box 7102 Raleigh, NC 27695 Unless otherwise instructed in a special text message at the top of this page, have offline paper recommendations, resumes and other correspondence sent directly to the address shown below: Robert T. Nagel Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering Campus Box: 7910, North Carolina State University Raleigh, NC 27695 USA

2.1 Applications
A. Receiving the Application B. Waiving Application Fee C. Processing Applications D. Graduate School Guidelines for Departmental Recommendations E. Reapplication A. Receiving the Application All applicants must submit the online NC State University Graduate School Application Form, including the statement of purpose, the residency statement (if necessary for tuition purposes), and the optional statement of contribution to diversity. Recommendation providers who are identified by the applicant during the online application process also submit references online. One official, sealed transcript from each college or university previously attended should be mailed directly to the Graduate School. Official test results must be sent to NC State University. The Graduate School encourages applicants to pay all fees by credit card, although checks are also acceptable.
• 1. Conditions of Admission (the following conditions apply to admissions only and do not influence eligibility for the Graduate Student Support Plan)

If you are currently enrolled in a college or university, you must submit one official copy of your final transcript to the Graduate School. This transcript must show that all work has been completed. Final acceptance at NC State is contingent upon completion of any degree (bachelors or masters) listed on your electronic application. It is your responsibility to maintain a level of academic performance that meets university and program admission standards. Poor performance during your last semester(s) could jeopardize your admission. Likewise, students currently enrolled in Post Baccalaureate Studies (PBS) or who request an admissions deferral and take PBS coursework must also maintain a level of academic performance that meets the university's and program's admission standards. Failure to comply with these conditions could, at the discretion of the program, be grounds for changing the admission status. 2. Required Documents Applications are not complete until the Graduate School receives the following supporting documents: ○ Non-refundable application processing fee of $65.00 (US) for U.S. citizens and Permanent Residents or $75.00 (US) for Non-Resident Aliens (Internationals); One official transcript from all colleges and universities previously attended; (NOTE: Applicants currently attending, or who have previously attended NC State, are not required to provide an NC State transcript.) Three recommendations from people who know the prospective student's academic record and potential for graduate study; On-line North Carolina Residency Form if claiming NC residence for tuition purposes; A list of courses in progress if enrolled as a Post-Baccalaureate Studies (PBS) student at NC State; GRE or other standardized test scores, statements of purpose, portfolios or other work samples, depending on requirements of particular program; and TOEFL scores, where applicable (see Section 2.3 for further information).

• •

○ ○ ○ ○

○ • •

3. Transcript Requirements The University requires that official copies of transcripts of all prior course work be on file in the student's permanent record at NC State. The transcript(s) must include a statement of any degree(s) awarded. Some applicants who are enrolled in a degree program at the time they apply to the Graduate School cannot provide the required transcript and degree statement at that time. Also, applicants are sometimes admitted with unofficial transcript(s). Students are required to provide the Graduate School with official copies of their latest transcript(s) from all universities attended, including statements of all degrees awarded, no later than the last day of classes of the first semester they are enrolled. Failure to do so will result in

cancellation of the student's registration for the next semester and termination of their graduate program at NC State. • • 4. Deadlines for Applications The Graduate School must receive the application and all supporting documents no later than the deadlines specified by the Graduate School and the program. Applicants are responsible for any earlier deadlines established by the graduate program(s) to which the prospective student is applying. 5. Length of application validity An application is valid for 12 months from the date it was submitted by the applicant, though a three-month grace period is typically granted. 6. Number of programs for which applicant can be considered An applicant can apply for admission to only one graduate program per application. An applicant may request multiple departments to evaluate the application by paying an additional application fee for each department that will review the application.

• • • •

B. Waiving the Application Fee The Graduate School may, in exceptional circumstances, waive the fee required to accompany a prospective student's application. Approval of any request to waive the application fee will be based on (1) financial need and (2) underrepresented status or diversity within a particular graduate program. C. Processing Applications
• • 1. U.S. Applications When the Graduate School receives the on-line application, uploaded goal statement, and the processing fee, an admission record is created for the applicant and made available to the program of interest. If the applicant claims North Carolina residency for tuition purposes, a link to the required residency form will become available upon submission of the application. Other required supporting documents are matched to the application, added to the on-line record by the Graduate School, and made available to the program of interest as they are received, including GRE and TOEFL scores, official transcripts, and letters of recommendation. Any additional paper documents mailed to the Graduate School as a part of the application package are forwarded to the program of interest when received. The Director of Graduate Programs (DGP) reviews the application materials to ensure they are complete and request any missing materials from the applicant. The DGP and the graduate program's admissions committee review the completed files of all applicants in accordance with the Graduate School's guidelines for final admission or denial decisions. The DGP records the committee's decision on the Recommendation of Admission to Graduate School form and submits it to the Graduate School with an original signature. In most cases, the Graduate School accepts departmental recommendations and sends letters of admission to candidates. (Sample letters are included in the Appendix.) When the Graduate School declines the recommendation for admission, the program has the option of writing further recommendation

letters to the Graduate School justifying admission. The Graduate School makes the final decision. • • 2. International Applications Before an international applicant's admission can be finalized, he/she will need to submit a completed Certificate of Financial Responsibility (CFR) and a Visa Clearance Form (VCF) directly to the Graduate School. Once the CFR and VCF are approved, the applicant will receive a Certificate of Eligibility (Form I20 or DS-2019) and a formal admission letter. (See Section 2.4 for detailed information on International Applications.

D. Graduate School Guidelines for Departmental Recommendations The Graduate School adheres to certain guidelines when reviewing departmental recommendations for admission. When programs recommend full admission, the Graduate School normally takes the following actions:
GPA ≥ 3.00 Accept recommendation

GPA Accept recommendation if GPA in 2.75- undergraduate major is ≥ 3.00 or acceptable 2.99 statement of justification is provided on the form GPA Accept recommendation if GPA in 2.50- undergraduate major is ≥ 3.00 and an 2.74 acceptable letter of justification is provided on the form or a separate letter containing explicit and strong justification is provided GPA < 2.50 Recommendation is normally denied and provisional admission or PBS suggested.

When programs recommend provisional admission, the Graduate School normally takes the following actions:
GPA ≥ 2.75 GPA 2.502.74 GPA 2.252.49 GPA < Accept recommendation Accept recommendation if an acceptable statement of justification is provided on the form. Accept recommendation if a separate letter containing explicit and strong justification is provided. Recommendation is normally denied and


PBS suggested.

Guidelines for departmental letters of justification Admissions Committees should include the following information about the students in the letter of justification:
1. GPA in the major; 2. GPA in the last two years of undergraduate work; 3. GPA in previous graduate work; 4. GRE scores; 5. a summary of the applicant's references; and 6. performance on PBS courses (if applicable).

DGPs should also provide qualitative assessments of the student's intangible characteristics (i.e. motivation, perseverance) that are important for the student's academic success in graduate school. E. Reapplication Students denied admission into a graduate program may be reconsidered for admission at a later time upon submission of a new application and supporting materials.
Mechanical PhD, ME Engineering MS, MR [email protected] Jun 25 (US); 515.5283 Mechanical & Mar 1 Aerospace (Int) 515.7968 Engineering 7910 Nov 25 (US); Jul 15 (Int) Mar 25 (US); Dec 15 (Int) May 10 (US); Dec 15 (Int)



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