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The official magazine of the North Carolina Home Builders Association

Vol. 39, No. 9, NoVember/December 2009

building Industry Shines at STArS Gala crowds Gathered for the 2009 21cbec

In the Spotlight: Kevin Annas

Who Says We Manufacture America’s Best Hardwood Flooring?
ESS OM ADDR SHOWRO nd Drive 9840 Mayla 23233-1410 Henrico, VA S ADDRES MAILING 29468 8 P.O. Box 23242-046 Henrico, VA 9 PHONE 804 527 292 2 FAX 804 262 819 enf www.cost

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Dean Mr. Chuck oods dw Dean Har 95 PO Box 15 NC 28402 gton, Wilmin o re it is to d is . at a pleasu n Dear Chuck tell you wh h our orders transitio ine d to I just wante he ease in whic useum of F in M e Virginia ith you. T send business w ou won our bid for th 5 of our suppliers les out . Y e had all 5 samp incredible on hands down. W e racked s Expansi selection process. W ng and finish of the Art milli r the took in samples fo el of 16 vote on the al — your product e. d had a pan sults were phenomen ction process a breez an uct. The re ing the sele stomer service and prod mak e 16 votes just s in cu 14 out of th ed commitment to u ject a success, and I u our contin uct has made this pro make the old saying Y I ly rod excellent p y thank you. You real you” a true fact, and sa ith wanted to re doing business w elping to ensure our h u “It’s a pleas r your dedication in to many more rward teful fo look fo am gra success. I project is a jects with you. pro successful Truly, Yours osten, Jr. Ralph L. C dent Presi RLC/tk

Our Customers!
50,000 sq. ft., 3⁄4"x 51⁄2 ", 1' x 10',
Rift to Quartered White Oak for Museum Expansion




9244 Industrial Blvd., NE • Leland, NC 28451 • P Box 1595 • Wilmington, NC 28402 .O. EMAIL: [email protected]

(877) 430-0883 • (910) 763-5409


Member: National, North Carolina, and Wilmington-Cape Fear Home Builders Associations, Architectural Woodwork Institute, International Wood Products Association, National Marine Manufacturers Association, and National Wood Flooring Association.

Visit us at booth #834 8

V ol . 39, N o . 9, N oVember /D ecember 2009

The official magazine of the North Carolina Home Builders Association

2005 Communicator Award Winner

Dedicated to the advancement of the home building industry, North Carolina Builder (ISSN 1552-8685) is published monthly for the members of the North Carolina Home Builders Association, P.O. Box 99090, Raleigh, N.C. 27624-9090. (800) 662-7129 • Mike Carpenter Executive Vice President and General Counsel Lisa Martin Director of Government Affairs [email protected]

[email protected]

Robert Privott Director of Codes and Construction [email protected] Jessica Hayes Director of Political Affairs Kathryn Atkinson Director of Membership Services Deborah Alford Director of Exhibitions and Education Tracie Garrett Director of Exhibitor Services Kep Paylor Vocational Education Linda Hall Controller [email protected] [email protected] [email protected]


[email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected]

4th Quarter Meeting
The annual Installation of Officers and 4th Quarter Meeting will be held on December 8-9.

6 8

2009 STARS Awards
The best in the home building industry were honored at the 2009 STARS Awards Gala on Sept. 16.

Erin Jones Manager of Political Operations Heather Crews Director of Communications and Managing Editor Brittany Carter Assistant Education Coordinator Beth Gray Receptionist

[email protected]

21st Century Building Expo & Conference
Nearly 4,500 attendees gathered for the 21st Century Building Expo & Conference in Charlotte on Sept. 16-18.


[email protected] [email protected]

NCBI recognizes 11 graduates
At the end of the fall session of the North Carolina Builder Institute, 11 graduates received professional designations.


In the spotlight
Kevin Annas of Providence Home Builders believes in focusing on marketing and customer service in order to be successful in the building industry.


Publisher Kevin Naughton Graphic Designer Jason Gabel Advertising Sales Manager Brenda Poe Advertising Sales Marsha Suwienski: (800) 935-1592, ext. 106 [email protected] Brenda Poe: (800) 935-1592, ext. 115 [email protected] Jeff Pinwar: (800) 935-1592, ext. 118 [email protected] Published by:

4. President’s Message 6. Knowledge Builder 11. Code Corner 15. 2010 Committee Sign-up Form 17. NCHBA Calendar
On the cover:
The 2009 STARS Award for Master Planned Community of the Year went to Impact Properties Group for the South Lakes community in Fuquay-Varina, N.C. November/December 2009

2929 Davison Rd., Flint, MI 48506 • (810) 239-5763
Acceptance of advertising in North Carolina Builder does not imply endorsement of the product or service by NCHBA. Opinions expressed in articles are those of the authors and people quoted and not necessarily those of NCHBA, nor does mention of specific products in editorial content imply endorsement by NCHBA. No material may be reproduced for further publication without the express permission of the association. North Carolina Builder is published for the principals and employees of all member firms of the North Carolina Home Builders Association Affiliated with the and its receipt is included in the membership fee. National Association of Home Builders. North Carolina Builder is published monthly except for January. Since the mailing list used by North Carolina Builder is compiled according to membership records, address corrections should be directed to your local association. Nonmember subscriptions are available from the publisher for $30 a year. Dues paid to NCHBA are not deductible as charitable contributions for income tax purposes. However, they may be deductible as ordinary and necessary business expenses subject to restrictions imposed as a result of association lobbying activities. NCHBA estimates that the nondeductible portion of your 2009 dues — the portion that is allocable to lobbying — is 28 percent.


2009 NCHBA Leadership
President Frank Wiesner President-Elect Lyle Gardner First Vice President Bill Daleure Secretary/Treasurer Rick Shields Executive Vice President Mike Carpenter immediate Past President & NAHB Executive Committee State Representative Ray Rhodes NAHB Executive Committee Rick Judson Vice President, Region i Patrick Mann Vice President, Region ii Glenn Morrison Vice President, Region iii Barry Tutor Vice President, Region iV Ralph Doggett Vice President, Region V Jackie Trinchitella Vice President, Region Vi Brian Robinett Vice President, Region Vii Erik Anderson Vice President, Region Viii Darrel Hamilton Vice President, Region iX Kevin Annas Vice President, Region X Zac Koenig Presidential Appointee Elizabeth Cubler Presidential Appointee Larry Howard Presidential Appointee Mike Gerber Chair, Associate Members Committee Tammie Smoot President, EO/ES Council Caroline Sutton President, Professional Women in Building Tammie Smoot

President’s Message

by Frank Wiesner, 2009 NCHBA President

raditionally the person writing his or her last article as President of this great association uses this space to reflect back on the many victories and achievements that NCHBA was able to celebrate throughout the year. Unfortunately, 2009 was not a traditional year for any of us. While we scored many victories large and small, the thing that stands out most for me is the stinging pain that many of our members have suffered in 2009, as they struggled to adapt to the changing economic climate. As I have traveled back and forth across North Carolina for the past 13 months — attending 64 HBA meetings at 55 local HBAs — I experienced firsthand the despair, heartache and genuine concern that we all share as we continue to face this unprecedented time in our industry’s history. I believe this difficult year has been a season that caused me to grow in a number of ways, most of which I did not expect. In my own business I have learned to be more patient and cautious in my day-to-day decisions and actions. In Wiesner response to the suffering our members have shared with me in my travels, I have become more compassionate and understanding as I was often pulled to the side and told emotional stories of personal and professional setbacks that are often described as failures in both the personal and professional areas of these member’s lives. In other words, I have spent this year of my life in the deep end of a pool where I couldn’t touch the bottom. However, I am fortunate and blessed to experience this feeling, because I’ve been forced to rely on instinct and other people — people with whom I now enjoy the great fortune to be associated. I don’t consider any of that a failure. I hope we can all share the point of view that 2009 has provided us a great opportunity to grow personally and wake up each day with the goal of surviving, while at the same time seizing the opportunities at hand and having a positive impact on someone else’s life. I am certain in the end this year of personal growth and pain will lead to a future of professional achievement and success. I have often said this year that in any other year we may have had more fun activities, bigger membership numbers and more NC BUILD-PAC money raised. But that’s not what we had in 2009, and my only regret is that we could not see the end to economic crisis prior to my good friend Lyle Gardner’s term as our NCHBA President in 2010. The number of folks that I need to thank for their support and help is far too large for this column. My apologies to those I miss in this public expression of thanks, but please know that I know who each of you are, and I appreciate your thoughts, prayers and support over the past several years on this journey as it draws to an end. My wife Laura was my constant companion on the road. Her like of the HBA has turned into a full blown love as she experienced your hospitality and enjoyed the opportunity to meet so many of you. I am thankful for my staff at Olde South Homes for allowing me this opportunity to serve our industry. They have continued to perform at a high level, and they are a blessing to me. Our NCHBA staff is incredible. We as members have a great gift in the dedication and care that each man and woman at NCHBA HQ brings to their work, day in and day out, in good times and times not so good. They have each supported me this year in many ways and to each of our staff I say, “Thank you for your support and friendship.” Our Senior Leadership Team, Executive Committee and Committee Chairs have once again done an outstanding job in leading our association through rough water, and because of their dedication we remain in a stable place to continue NCHBA’s commitment to excellence in a strong, stable and opportunistic manner. One of my mantras has been Together We Will Survive. To that end, I express to Lyle and his team my very best in the year ahead. I look forward to doing my part and encourage all of you to make a difference, so that we will sooner rather than later be able to celebrate and say “Together We Survived!” Thanks again for allowing me the swim of a lifetime in the deep end of life’s pool, and even more meaningful to me anyway, thank you for not allowing me to drown.


Thank You for the Support and Friendship


F rank

November/December 2009

Pinnacle–the Premium Sub-Flooring at the right price

Pinnacle features a 50 year warranty and 100 day “No Sand” guarantee

Pinnacle is the First Premium Sub-Floor available with either FSC or SFI Chain of Custody Certified Wood

SGS-COC-003649 ©1996 FSC


Knowledge Builder
Tips from your industry experts at Builders Mutual
any highly regarded flooring subcontractors employ few more than a crew of two to three. So, how do these small-scale subs build big safety strategies without breaking the bank? They know the risks that differentiate their operations from the next flooring installation sub, and they invest in the risk transfer tools, which give their companies the biggest bang for the buck. So, what are the primary risks these subs are trying to avoid?


Small Subs, Big Safety Strategies
Often, when recently installed carpet needs to be removed, it can turn into an all out tug-of-war. Sometimes, the art of war can be found in something as simple as a chemical removal solution; however, stay alert to the proper handling of any hazardous materials that require an MSDS on hand. When toting in the new carpet, what does it weigh? Picture a carpet with a hearty nap for a 13’ x 20’ room, and you need a plan. As the owner, do the best to plan jobs accordingly. Start with precutting the pieces at the shop beforehand, based on customer diagrams, so the crew lifts as small of pieces as possible. Then, plan the bigger jobs accordingly and make sure the size of the crew on a given day fits the size of the job. Subs who invest in carpet carts (around $100) see big returns. Many have a hard time justifying the initial investment, until they experience the relief their crew gets from it. If all else fails and the crew needs to resort to good, old-fashioned lifting, be sure they lift in unison. For the installation itself, many subs have heard of the power stretcher, but still heavily rely on kickers. While acceptable for small jobs like closets, the kicker should otherwise be “kicked-out” for large rooms. Kickers leave subs at risk of blowing out their knees or other related injuries. While perhaps the most expensive of the safety strategies, power stretchers can save subs in the long run, preventing injuries and the accompanying loss of productivity or rising workers’ compensation rates resulting from them. Finally, as long as the crew goes to the trouble to save their backs over the carpet itself, it makes sense to make moving any furniture as easy as possible. Save the iron-pumping contest for the gym, and let skates and sliders do the heavy lifting for you. Working a safety strategy from the ground up doesn’t have to come with an exorbitant price tag. Even small-scale subs can find the right balance of price and practicality without sacrificing the safety of their employees.

installing hardwood
Respect the tool: When every penny counts, a $100 investment in a floating saw guard might seem a bit pricey. Saws already come with guards. Why upgrade? Even the most cautious subs can’t eliminate the possibility of losing a digit to a rotating blade. The unthinkable can happen to the most experienced user in a split second, and a floating guard’s ability to selfadjust to the thickness of the material being cut makes it a best-bet.

installing tile
Lighten up: Manufacturers typically package hardwood flooring so that, while heavy, two people can easily lift it. The weight of boxes of tiles, on the other hand, quickly tips the scales, even though the packaging is relatively small by comparison. Transporting and lifting can put serious strain on the body, leaving subs at great risk of hernias. The body needs a rest! Using tile dollies alleviates some of the strain, but when subs maneuver throughout a house, let’s face it, dollies might not be a feasible solution. Subs need sensible alternatives to carrying heavy loads by themselves. Breaking down the tile boxes to manageable weights offers relief – at the right price. Give it a rest: Working on one’s hands and knees day-in and day-out wears on the body, too. Subs who make periodic stretching a regular part of their daily routine ward off shoulder strain, at no additional cost. Kneepads provide another cost-effective form of relief. Whether designed for contractors or re-purposed sports equipment, just aim for comfort.

installing carpet
No strain, no gain? Tearing out old carpet, lugging heavy rolls, installing new carpet…seems like the risks of strains and pains lurk around every corner, but not with a few sound safety practices.

Look for “Knowledge Builder,” compliments of Builders Mutual Insurance Company, in each issue of North Carolina Builder. More risk management resources are available on

4th Quarter Meeting, Officers Installation Banquet scheduled for Dec. 8-9


he North Carolina Home Builders Association will hold the annual Installation of Officers and 4th Quarter Meeting Dec. 8-9 at the Raleigh Marriott City Center. After scheduled committee meetings Dec. 8, the evening festivities will begin with a welcome reception at 6 p.m. At 6:30 p.m. members will enjoy an excellent dinner. The evening will culminate in the passing of the gavel from 2009 President Frank Wiesner of Raleigh to 2010 President Lyle Gardner of Raleigh, the association’s 46th president. In addition to the installation of the new state officers, members of the N.C. Professional Women in Building, trustees of the N.C. Builder Institute and officers for the Local Executive Officers Council will take their oaths of office, beginning a new year of service to the association. The two-day event ends Dec. 9 with an 8:30 a.m. meeting of the Board of Directors. If you want to stay abreast of the issues facing our building industry and association activities, this is a must-attend meeting. For hotel accommodations and to register, go to
November/December 2009


Re:Build Re:Connect Re:Focus
NAHB International Builders’ Show®
For the first time ever, NAHB Members can receive a 4-day exhibit registration at NO COST! That means that for four days, you can attend the building industry’s largest event for FREE.* This is a $125 value and will put you face to face with the hottest suppliers in the industry! Register at today!
*Register by December 11, 2009. After December 11th there will be a $75 charge that will then jump to the onsite price of $125 after January 18th.

January 19-22, 2010 | Las Vegas |

Building industry shines at


s NCHBA’s Past President Ray Rhodes, President-Elect Lyle Gardner, President Frank Wiesner, First Vice President Bill Daleure, Secretary/Treasurer Rick Shields and Executive Vice President Mike Carpenter congratulate Tammie Smoot for being named Distinguished Associate Member of the Year.

ongratulations to the following 2009 STARS Awards recipients.The awards honor the best of the home building industry and were presented during the 21st Century Building Expo & Conference in Charlotte on Sept. 16. Go to to view the awards presentation.


Master Planned Community of the Year — Impact Properties Group for South Lakes (Raleigh-Wake Co. HBA) see front cover for photo Distinguished Associate Member of the Year — Tammie Smoot of Move (Raleigh-Wake Co. and Charlotte HBAs)


Best Brochure/Direct Mail for a community with an average sales price under $250,000 — Wingfoot Building Group & Homes by David Simonini for Brighton Park (Charlotte HBA) Best Brochure/Direct Mail for a community with an average sales price $250,000–$500,000 — Heritage-Ammons Development Group (Raleigh-Wake Co. HBA) Best Brochure/Direct Mail piece for a project by a builder with less than 50 residences per year — Zack Rothrock Builders, Inc. (Winston-Salem HBA) Outstanding Achievement: Bill Reaves Construction Co. Inc. (Moore Co. HBA) Best Brochure/ Direct Mail piece for a project by a builder with more than 50 residences per year — Topsider Homes (WinstonSalem HBA) Best Newsletter for a builder, developer, associate or realty company — Topsider Homes (Winston-Salem HBA) Best Logo Design for a builder, developer, associate or realty company — Blue Sky Building Company LLC (Brunswick Co. HBA) Best Logo Design for a community — Terramor Homes Inc. for the Village at Cleveland Springs (Raleigh-Wake Co. HBA) Best New Homes Publication for consumers — New Homes & Ideas Magazine (Franklin Co., Johnston Co., Durham, Orange & Chatham Cos., and Raleigh-Wake Co. HBAs) Best Billboard for a builder, developer, associate, realty company or community — Custom Home Exteriors for their creative mobile billboard (HBA of Durham, Orange, and Chatham Counties) Best Black & White Ad greater than one-half page for a builder, developer, associate, realty company or community — Impact Properties Group (Raleigh-Wake Co. HBA) Best Color Ad full page or under for a builder, developer, associate, realty company or community ASSOCIATE — PSNC Energy for their builder ad series (Members of multiple HBAs) BUILDER — Zack Rothrock Builders, Inc. for the “What can your home be?” ad series (Winston-Salem HBA) Best Color Ad over a full page for a builder, developer, associate, realty company or community — Impact Properties Group for South Lakes (Raleigh-Wake Co. HBA) Best Radio Commercial — Pine Hall Brick (Charlotte, WinstonSalem, Hickory-Catawba Valley, Davidson Co. and Greensboro HBAs) Best Internet Marketing/Advertising Project for a builder, developer, associate, realty company or community BUILDER — Brad D. Cummings Construction Co. for the company’s interactive

Facebook page (Harnett Co. HBA) ASSOCIATE — St. Germain Media Services LLC for the “Home Builders Support Career and Vocational Education” YouTube video (Ashe Co. HBA) Outstanding Achievement — R.T. Marketing inc. for their targeted Tibma Design/ Build e-blasts (Hickory-Catawba Valley HBA) Best Internet Web site for a builder or developer — Topsider Homes (Winston-Salem HBA) Outstanding Achievement — Olde Heritage Builders (Raleigh-Wake Co. HBA) Best Web site for a community — Pinehurst Homes and Doninger Investment LLC for the Tradition of Old Town (Moore Co. HBA) Best Web site for an associate, supplier, or realty company — Builders Art & Graphics, Inc. for (Winston-Salem HBA) Outstanding Achievement — National Art Interiors & Design (Raleigh-Wake Co. HBA)


Best Landscape Design — Heritage-Ammons Development Group (Raleigh-Wake Co. HBA) Best Interior Merchandising for a model with a sales price under $250,000 — 1st American Builders for the Monticello in Renaissance Park (Raleigh-Wake Co. HBA) Best Interior Merchandising for a model with a sales price $250,000–$500,000 — Impact Properties Group for “The Renwood” at South Lakes (Raleigh-Wake Co. HBA) Best Interior Merchandising for a model with a sales price $500,000–$1 million — Impact Properties Group for the “River Forest” at Highcroft Village (Raleigh-Wake Co. HBA) Best Single-Family Detached Home with a sales price under $250,000 — W.L. Bishop Construction Company for the Nubbin Cabin in Henderson (HBA of Durham, Orange, and Chatham Cos.) Outstanding Achievement — Southern Homebuilders, Inc. for the Cambridge at Lanvale Forest (Wilmington-Cape Fear HBA) Best Single-Family Detached Home with a sales price of $250,000– $500,000 — Collins Design-Build, Inc. for the Courtland at Pleasant Green Woods in Durham (HBA of Durham, Orange, and Chatham Cos.)
November/December 2009




Best Single-Family Detached Home with a sales price of $500,000–$750,000 — Blue Sky Building Company LLC for the Shoreline Drive residence (Brunswick Co. HBA) Outstanding Achievement — JD Mahoney, Inc. for the Villa Sienna at Briar Chapel in Chapel Hill (HBA of Durham, Orange and Chatham Cos.) Best Single-Family Detached Home with a sales price of $750,000–$1 million — Blue Sky Building Company LLC for the Preserve Point Residence (Brunswick Co. HBA) Best Single-Family Detached Home with a sales price over $1 million (less than 5,000 ft2) — DV Wise, Inc. for the Davidson Run Lane residence (Lake Norman HBA) Outstanding Achievement — Living Stone Construction for the Craftsman Cottage in Black Mountain (Asheville HBA) Best Single-Family Detached Home with a sales price over $1 million (5,000-10,000 ft2) — Choate Custom Homes, LLC for the Persimmion at the Estates at Chapel Ridge (HBAs of RaleighWake Co. and Durham, Orange and Chatham Counties) Outstanding Achievement — Creative Carpentry and Woodworking, Inc. for the Sandfiddler Court residence (Carteret Co. HBA) Best Single-Family Detached Home with a sales price over $1 million (more than 10,000 ft2) — Mike Young Homes (RaleighWake Co. HBA) and Leo Dowell Interiors for the Lakeview Drive residence Outstanding Achievement — Frank McLawhorn Construction for the Beach Road residence (Greenville-Pitt Co. HBA) Best HBA Parade of Homes Web site — HBA of HickoryCatawba Valley Best Local HBA Web site — Carteret Co. HBA Best HBA Member Communication-Single Piece or Campaign Small to midsize HBA — Lake Norman HBA for their Super Heroes membership campaign Large HBA — HBA of Raleigh-Wake Co. for their “Do Business with a Member” campaign Best HBA Parade of Homes Publication Small to midsize HBA — HBA of Fayetteville Large HBA — Asheville HBA Outstanding Achievement — Wilmington-Cape Fear HBA Best HBA Community Project — HBA of Raleigh-Wake Co. for “Operation Coming Home” Best HBA Government Affairs Initiative Small to midsize HBA — Lake Norman HBA for their “Fix Housing First” State of the Industry

Luncheon Large HBA — HBA of Raleigh-Wake Co. for “Taking Washington by Storm”



Best Single-Family Detached “Green” Home with a sales price under $250,000 — Winter Sun Construction LLC for the Bee Tree Lane residence (Macon Co. HBA) Best Single-Family Detached “Green” Home with a sales price $250,000–$500,000 — DCI Homes Inc. for the Georgian Grande (Alamance-Caswell HBA) Best Single-Family Detached “Green” Home with a sales price $500,000–$1 million — Schreiner Custom Homes for the Mountain Cove Drive residence (Lake Norman HBA) Best Single-Family Detached “Green” Home with a sales price over $1 million — LKN Properties LLC forVilla Cerretta (Lake Norman HBA) Best Whole House Renovation under $500,000 — (tie) Jarrett Deerwester Construction for their renovation of a 111-year-old home in downtown Southern Pines (Moore Co. HBA) and Roger Layman Architecture for the renovation of a 1920s mill cottage in Davidson, N.C. (Lake Norman HBA) Outstanding Achievement — Pinehurst Homes, Inc. for the transformation of a 1950’s cottage in the historic district of Pinehurst (Moore Co. HBA) Best Whole House Renovation $500,000 and over — Advanced Renovations Inc. for their Lake House transformation in Mooresville, N.C. (Lake Norman HBA) Best Kitchen Renovation — International Kitchen and Bath, Inc. (Lake Norman HBA) Best Home Addition — Perry Interior Design for “The Ultimate Man Cave” (Lake Norman HBA) Best Millwork — Blue Sky Building Company LLC (Brunswick Co. HBA) Special Marketing Project (2 winners) Liberty Creative for “Green Speak” (HBA of Raleigh-Wake Co.) MKT Real Estate Group for Real Estate Radio (Winston–Salem HBA) Best Member Public Relations Effort — “Get your $8,000 Stimulus Campaign”, created and launched by 15 active members of the Wilmington-Cape Fear HBA Best Educational Effort Small to midsize HBA — Lake Norman HBA for Lake Norman University Large HBA — Asheville HBA for the Asheville Home Builders Institute

The North Carolina Home Builders Association and NC BUILD-PAC are working hard to protect your interests — but we need your help. We’re counting on contributions to NC BUILD-PAC from industry professionals like you! Please take a moment to make a contribution so we can put your contribution to immediate use. Thank you for your generous support!

I want to contribute to NC BUILD-PAC!


My payment is by: _____ Personal Check (Payable “NC BUILD-PAC”) _____ Personal Credit Card Please complete all requested information below to process credit card charges: Credit card: q VISA q MASTERCARD q AMERICAN EXPRESS

Amount Enclosed: $______________

□ $10 □ $25 □ $50 □ Other

Name on card: _____________________ Card #: ________________________ Exp. date: _________ Address: ___________________________ City: _________________State: _____ Zip: ___________ Local HBA:________________________ Employer: ________________________________________ Job Title/Profession: ________________________________Signature: ________________________
Return to: NCHBA BUILD-PAC P.O. Box 99090 Raleigh, NC 27624
North Carolina law requires political committees to report the name, mailing address, job title or profession and name of employer or employer’s specific field for each individual whose contributions aggregate is in excess of $50.00 in an election (defined as the period beginning the day after the general election up to and including the primary and the period beginning the day after the primary up to and including the general election).

November/December 2009


At ,A mOment like this,

Aren t yOu glAd yOu hAve Builders mutuAl?

Construction debris can do irreparable damage to the unprotected eye.


ur WorkSafe program provides our policyholders with valuable information and safety training to avoid accidents like this one.

Your very own field expert can provide free individual consultation at the jobsite and help you control losses. Plus, our policyholders have unlimited access to Builders University OSHA-approved safety courses, English/Spanish Fall Protection Certification, and our risk management CD containing valuable safety reference material. We even offer discounted “Safety Stuff,” like the attractive safety glasses above, through our online store. Staying safe and productive is just a matter of having the right tools.

Code Corner
by Robert Privott, Director of Codes and Construction

North Carolina Building Code Council Update
he N.C. Building Code Council will meet December 7-8, 2009, at the NCDOI offices at 322 Chapanoke Rd., Raleigh, NC. The council will hold a work session at 10 a.m. on Monday, Dec. 7, (note the time change from the traditional 9 a.m.) followed by a public hearing at 1 p.m. The council meeting will be on Tuesday, December 8, at 9 a.m. The meeting agenda can be found at: about two weeks prior to the council meeting.


North Carolina 2009 Residential Code changes
(continued from August issue)

Highlights on changes between the 2006 and 2009 North Carolina Residential Code
R1002.1 Definition. A masonry heater is a heating appliance constructed of concrete or solid masonry, hereinafter referred to as masonry, which is designed to absorb and store heat from a solid-fuel fire built in the firebox by routing the exhaust gases through internal heat exchange channels in which the flow path downstream of the firebox may include flow in a horizontal or downward direction before entering the chimney and which delivers heat by radiation from the masonry surface of the heater. IRC change—Section 1002 is a new Section that has been added, which covers the definition of masonry heaters as well as structural and clearance requirements in the subsections. R1003.10.1 Masonry veneer chimneys. Where masonry is used to veneer a frame chimney, through-flashing and weep holes shall be installed as required by Section R703. IRC change that adds requirement for flashing and weep holes for chimneys with veneer cladding.

supply to assure proper fuel combustion unless the room is mechanically ventilated and controlled so that the indoor pressure is neutral or positive. IRC change—This is a new section and requires exterior make up air for factory built or masonry fireplaces unless HVAC is designed to introduce fresh air and control indoor air pressures. This section will require screening over air intake (typically installed in firebox) and minimum 6 sq. in. to no more than 55 sq. in. of opening. Clearance of 1” from combustibles is also required.
Table R1003.14(2) FLUE SIZE, OUTSIDE NOMINAL DIMENSIONS (inches) 4.5 x 8.5 4.5 x 13 8x8 8.5 x 8.5 8 x 12 8.5 x 13 12 x 12 8.5 x 18 13 x 13 12 x 16 13 x 18 16 x 16 16 x 20 18 x 18 20 x 20 20 x 24 24 x 24 CROSS-SECTIONAL AREA (square inches) 23 34 42 49 67 76 102 101 127 131 173 181 222 233 298 335 431


IRC change – New table has been added that adds more flue sizes to the table.


IRC change—Added specific language and how fireblocking must be supported (must use non-combustible material and be self supporting or be place on metal strips for support). Wood fireblocking material or other combustible items cannot be used up against chimneys regardless of thickness.

R1003.19 Chimney fireblocking. All spaces between chimneys and floors and ceilings through which chimneys pass shall be fireblocked with noncombustible material securely fastened in place. The fireblocking of spaces between chimneys and wood joists, beams or headers shall be self-supporting or be placed on strips of metal or metal lath laid across the spaces between combustible material and the chimney.


R1006.1 Exterior air. Factory-built or masonry fireplaces covered in this chapter shall be equipped with an exterior air
November/December 2009

For SI: 1 inch = 25.4 mm, 1 square inch = 645.16 mm2

s The team of Jim Epperson, Ralph Church, Johnny Stikeleather and Gus Stallings won the Expo Golf Tournament, which was played at The Tradition Golf Club in Charlotte on Wednesday.

s Nearly 4,500 home building professionals attended the two-day Expo in Charlotte.

s Instructor Michael Strong teaches the popular NAHB Green Building for Building Professionals course as part of the Educational Conference.

he seventh annual 21st Century Building Expo & Conference was a great success, with nearly 4,500 attendees gathering in Charlotte Sept. 16-18. Home building professionals throughout the Southeast came to visit more than 220 exhibits, attend several of the 52 continuing education courses, and network with other home building professionals. More than 300 students took advantage of the cutting-edge continuing education courses offered at the Expo. Many students took classes for the popular Certified Green Professional designation from NAHB. Others were working towards their professional designation through the N.C. Builder Institute or just wanted to stay up-to-date on the latest trends in building. From kitchen products to elevators, the Expo floor exposed attendees to more than 220 informative exhibits, sharing the latest innovative products and services for the home building industry. The networking opportunities were also plentiful at the 2009 Expo. Despite the dreary weather on Wednesday afternoon, the annual


Crowds gathered for the 2009 21CBEC

21CBEC Golf Tournament offered a chance for fun before the Expo floor opened Thursday. On Wednesday evening, nearly 250 gathered to celebrate the achievements of the building industry at the STARS Awards Gala. Thursday morning, high production builders gathered for a special breakfast and heard an economic report from a leading economist. Later Thursday evening, dance band “Sleeping Booty” wowed Expo attendees with a great selection of music at the inaugural Builder Blast party. From the world class line-up of speakers highlighting forecasts, trends and the latest on going green, to the fantastic networking opportunities on the exhibit floor where all types of products and services could be found, this was the place to be. If you missed this year’s outstanding line-up, be sure to mark your calendar now for the 2010 21st Century Building Expo & Conference, September 15-17 in Charlotte. Visit for more information.

s Expo registration lines moved swiftly with the help of the Express Check-in counters.

s Educational Conference and Full Delegate attendees enjoy lunch on the Expo floor.

s North Carolina pianist and vocalist Ulysses Long entertains the more than 240 STARS Awards Gala guests.
November/December 2009

s NCHBA Secretary/Treasurer, Rick Shields (right) presents Tim Pickett (second from right) with a check for $10,000 at a Wilkes County HBA meeting. Pickett, pictured with his wife and two sons, was the Expo’s Grand Prize winner.

s The first annual Builder Blast party was a hit with attendees raving about dance band “Sleeping Booty.” The event was held to thank Expo attendees, especially exhibitors and SPIKE members, for coming to the Expo.

Door Prizes
Thank you to all of the companies who generously donated door prizes for the 2009 21CBEC. • Alabama Theatre—tickets for two to see the show “One” and a CD • Amelia Island Plantation in Florida—fourday/three-night stay for two in an oceanview room, plus one round of golf per person • Clarion Hotel Greensboro—two-night stay and $30 restaurant coupon • Henrietta III—two tickets aboard the Henrietta III Sightseeing Cruise in Wilmington • Hilton Charlotte Center City—two-night stay, breakfast for two and dinner at the Coastal Kitchen and Bar • Hilton Wilmington Riverside—one-night stay • Holiday Inn SunSpree Resort—two-night stay at the Myrtle Beach resort • Kingsmill Resort & Spa in Williamsburg, VA—one-night stay with complete use of sports club • Marina Inn at Grande Dunes—two-night stay at the Myrtle Beach resort • Marriott Grande Dunes—two-night stay at the Myrtle Beach resort • North Carolina Aquariums—four complimentary tickets • Norfolk Waterside Marriot—two-night stay, breakfast for two and use of health club • The Palace Theatre in Myrtle Beach—two tickets to Le Grande Cirque and two tickets to Magical Spirit of Ireland shows • Ripley’s Aquarium—4 complimentary passes • Sheraton Atlantic Beach Oceanfront Hotel — two-night stay • The Biltmore Estate in Asheville, NC—two complimentary tickets for a daytime visit and free wine tasting • Westin Hilton Head Island—two-night stay and breakfast for two in the Carolina Café • TownePlace Suites by Marriott in Wilmington, NC—two-night stay
November/December 2009

Put us to Work For You. Visit one oF these Locations:
charLotte, nc 28206 (704)377-5443 (800)438-5908 Fax(704)376-3559 eLizabeth citY, nc 27909 (252)338-2737 (800)841-0408 Fax(252)338-3123 FaYetteViLLe, nc 28306 (910)483-3360 (800)542-7448 Fax(910)483-3499 FLetcher, nc 28732 (828)654-8953 (888)809-8181 Fax(828)654-8957 Greensboro, nc 27406 (336)273-8681 (800)722-2200 Fax(336)273-0521 hickorY, nc 28601 (828)322-7080 (800)236-5607 Fax(828)322-7274 neW bern, nc 28560 (252)672-8900 (800)548-1610 Fax(252)672-8904 raLeiGh, nc 27603 (919)772-6220 (800)262-1394 Fax(919)772-8782 ruraL haLL, nc 27045 (336)969-2201 (800)633-0842 Fax(336)969-2301 WiLminGton, nc 28405 (910)815-0501 (888)868-4695 Fax(910)815-0105 WinterViLLe, nc 28590 (252)321-5632 (888)643-0120 Fax(252)321-5682

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The benefits of Home Advantage are

Get a competitive advantage in today’s market. With Home Advantage from Progress Energy, you can stand out when you build ENERGY STAR® certified homes that are 15 percent more energy efficient than standard homes. You’ll also receive valuable cash incentives starting at $400 per home. Plus, each home you build to Home Advantage standards comes with a 5 percent Progress Energy homeowner discount for the lifetime of the home.

home advantage

For details on becoming a Home Advantage builder visit or call 1.800.327.8704.

©2009 Progress Energy Carolinas, Inc.

One of the most important aspects of association work is committee involvement. 2010 promises to be one of the most exciting years for the home building industry. I would like to encourage you to become involved. Listed below are the committees. A brief description of each is found at Please indicate on which committee you would like to serve and return the form no later than December 31, 2009. If you have any questions, feel free to give me a call. Thank you for your interest and I look forward to working with you in 2010. — Lyle Gardner, 2010 President



FIRST NAME ________________________________________ LAST NAME _________________________________________________ COMPANY NAME __________________________________________________________________________________________________ ADDRESS __________________________________________________________________________________________________________ CITY _______________________________________________ STATE ___________________ ZIP ________________________________ PHONE _____________________________________________ FAX _________________________________________________________ EMAIL __________________________________________ HBA OF _________________________________________________________ RETURN NO LATER THAN DECEMBER 31, 2009 TO: NCHBA, P. O. BOX 99090, RALEIGH, NC 27624 OR FAX TO: (919) 676-0402

Committee Meeting Schedule
8:30 a.m. 9 a.m. 9:30 a.m. 10 a.m. 10:15 a.m. 10:30 a.m. 11 a.m. 12 noon 1 p.m. 2 p.m. 3 p.m. 3:30 p.m. 4 p.m. 4:30 p.m. 5 p.m.
November/December 2009 NORTH CAROLiNA BuiLDER 15

Building Codes 8:30-10:00

Land Development 9:00-10:30

Regulatory Affairs and Workforce Housing 9:30-10:30

New Attendee Orientation 10-10:15

Membership 10:00-noon

NC Professional Women in Building 10:00-noon

Communications 10:30-noon

Green Building Council 10:30-noon

NC BUILDPAC 11:00-noon

LUNCH Associate Members 1:00-3:00 Legislative 1:00-3:00 Vocational Education 1:00-3:00 Local Presidents Council 3-4:30 Executive Committee 3:00-5:00 Local HBAs EO/ES 3:30-5:00


NCBI recognizes 11 graduates
up in North Carolina’s McDowell County, graduated from Western Carolina University, and is raising a busy family of three boys with wife Christine. Forrest Seal • Forrest Seal LLC, Kitty Hawk, N.C. Forrest Seal has been involved in the construction industry on the Outer Banks for more than 20 years. He does mainly custom residential single family homes, light commercial work and remodeling. Forrest is an active member of the Outer Banks Home Builders Association, currently serving as president, and served on the board two years prior chairing the Remodelers Council for the association. Matt Vincent • Vincent Properties Construction Inc., Blowing Rock, N.C. Matt Vincent and his father Jay, of Vincent Properties, founded Vincent Properties Construction Inc., a fullservice residential construction company specializing in unique custom and “spec” homes.Vincent graduated from Appalachian State University with a bachelor’s degree in Finance and Banking and is a licensed unlimited general contractor. Matt has been the driving force behind Vincent Properties Construction participating in the North Carolinas Healthy Built Homes Program, a statewide green building program, and being an Energy Star Partner. David White • White House Builders Inc., Troutman, N.C. David White, founder of White House Builders Inc. in 1998, has built custom homes, remodel projects and commercial projects in North Carolina for 13 years.White is active with the Lake Norman HBA. He has served on the Board of Directors and held the positions of Vice President, President, and Remodelers Council Vice Chair and Chair.

he fall session of the North Carolina Builder Institute, held in conjunction with the 21st Century Building Expo & Conference in September, was a huge success as 11 graduates achieved professional designations. The NCBI awarded the Accredited Builder (AB) designation to three students, the Accredited Master Builder (AMB) designation to an additional five students, the Accredited Associate designation to one student, and the Accredited Master Associate to two students.

Accredited Builder Graduates
J. Alan Best • Best Built Inc., Clyde, N.C. Alan Best is a custom builder, developer and commercial contractor. Best currently serves as president of the Haywood County Home Builders Association and is a Life SPIKE Club member. He earned his Certified Green Professional Designation, is a Navy veteran and also is a cattleman and farmer. Best is married with three children and four beautiful granddaughters and attends Rock Springs Baptist Church. Brian Robinett • LKN Properties LLC, Denver, N.C. Brian Robinett is owner of LKN Properties and LKN Builders, which are based in Denver, N.C. He is actively involved with the Lake Norman HBA, previously serving as vice president, treasurer and president. At the state level, he currently serves as regional vice president and is involved on several committees. In 2006, he was elected as the Builder Member of the Year by the Lake Norman Home Builders Association. He spends much of his free time with the apple of his eye, his daughter Sydney. Matthew White • White House Builders Inc., Mooresville, N.C. Matt White has been in the construction industry for three and a half years. In that time, he has been involved in the direct supervision of custom homes, remodel projects and food service and medical office commercial projects.

Accredited Associate Graduates
Tammie Smoot • Move, Cary, N.C. Tammie Smoot has more than 10 years of proven Internet marketing experience and 15 years of practical building industry knowledge to the Carolinas as a professional marketing consultant for Move. Smoot has a proven record as an exceptional sales and marketing professional in the building industry working for national, regional and custom builders, crafting costeffective, results-oriented marketing programs. Smoot is actively involved at the local, state and national association levels, serving in various leadership capacities. She also holds a North Carolina Real Estate Brokers license and is a member of the Institute of Residential Marketing.

Accredited Master Associate Graduates
Tony McKinney • RE/MAX Classic Realty, Clayton, N.C. Tony McKinney owned a RE/MAX franchise in Clayton, Knightdale, and Nashville/Rocky Mount, N.C. He was an active member and supporter of both the Johnston County and Rocky Mount HBAs and served as president of the Clayton Chamber of Commerce. Sadly,Tony was killed in a motorcycle accident shortly after receiving his designation. Jason Walters • RE/MAX Classic Realty, Nashville, N.C. Jason Walters is a currently a realtor with Remax Classic Realty, which has three offices located in Nashville, Clayton and Knightdale.“Integrity, Service and Results” is his motto. Being a native to the area, Jason has the knowledge of the market and experience to get the job done. He loves the area and giving back to the community he calls home. Are you interested in enhancing your professionalism and earning accreditation in your industry? Plan to attend the Spring 2010 NCBI session scheduled for March 3-5 in Raleigh. Look for more information and a listing of courses in the January/February issue of North Carolina Builder, or visit our Web site at and click on “Education.”
November/December 2009

Accredited Master Builder Graduates
Kevin Annas • Providence Home Builders, Granite Falls, N.C. Kevin Annas, president and founder of Providence Home Builders, is a licensed general contractor in the Carolinas for building and highway excavation. Annas currently serves as Regional Vice President of NCHBA and has held the positions of president and vice president of the HBA of Caldwell County. Annas also is a certified green professional by NAHB. David Kehler • David Kehler Builder Inc., Marion, N.C. Dave Kehler specializes in creating dream homes, and his customers come from all parts of the country. The Kehler company got its start nearly 30 years ago in Marion by rebuilding old and distressed homes and eventually evolved into a custom building company. Dave grew



3:04 PM

Page 1

NCHBA Calendar
JANuARy 1–OCTOBER 31 NCHBA Membership Drive North Carolina JANuARy 19–22 NAHB IBS Annual Convention & Board Meeting Las Vegas, NV FEBRuARy 1–5 Regional Meetings Statewide FEBRuARy 17–18 NCHBA 1st Quarter Board Meeting Greensboro, NC MARCH 3–5 North Carolina Builder Institute Raleigh, NC APRiL 17–24 NAHB Spring Board/ Legislative Conference Washington, DC APRiL 9 NCHBECF, Inc. “Builder Classic” Scholarship Golf Tournament Whispering Pines, NC MAy 25 NAHB National Membership Day JuNE 8 – 9 NCHBA Legislative Conference & 2nd Quarter Board Meeting Raleigh, NC JuLy TBD NC EOC Seminar TBD

2010 Schedule of Events


JuLy TBD NAHB Summer Executive Board Meeting TBD AuGuST 3–7 NAHB EOC Seminar Santa Fe, NM SEPTEMBER 15–18 21st Century Building Expo & Conference, STARS Awards Gala & NCHBA 3rd Quarter Board Meeting Charlotte, NC SEPTEMBER 22–26 NAHB Fall Board Meeting New York, NY October 28–29 NCHBA Executive Planning Retreat TBD TBD NAHB Conference on Membership TBD Cancelled Custom Builder Symposium TBD NC EOC Leadership Conference TBD TBD NAHB State/Local Governmental Affairs Conference TBD Cancelled NAHB Winter Executive Board Meeting No Winter Meeting 2010 December TBD NCHBA 4th Quarter Board Meeting & Installation Charlotte, NC
Updated 10/12/09


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November/December 2009

In the Spotlight

Marketing, customer service keys to builder’s success
hroughout his childhood growing up in the mountains of North Carolina, Kevin Annas never dreamed of becoming a builder. In fact, he went to school to become an automotive technician, before realizing the profession wasn’t for him. Now Annas is president of Providence Home Builders in Granite Falls, N.C., a fullservice building company that works with clients throughout the building process— from the initial site selection, through the design phase and construction, all the way to client move-in.


The path to his current position wasn’t a straight one, with Annas first owning a building supply store with his grandfather and later working with a developer for a retirement village neighborhood in Lenoir.The idea was new to the region and the project had some initial success. Then the furniture industry that is so vital to the area began to falter, the investor pulled out of the project, and the building division was shut down. Annas was enjoying the work and asked to take over the building division and continue building with the reputation they had built.With the help of a partner, Providence Home Builders was born. Kevin eventually became the sole owner about seven years ago, adding a design business about four years ago.

Providence Home Builders Quick Facts about Kevin Annas
Family: wife april, 13-year-old son and 10-year-old daughter Hobbies: scuba diving, snow skiing and sport fishing in the ocean Designations: Certified green Professional, accredited master builder, Clearwater Contractor awarDs: 2006 builder of the year; profiled in 2008 american builders Quarterly website:

homes to eventually use as their retirement home. Providence builds homes both in the North Carolina mountains and at the coast. In addition to being a full-service builder, Providence Home Builders focuses heavily on marketing, knowing that it sets them apart from other builders. “We believe in marketing very strongly, but its unique marketing,” Annas said. For example, twice a year Providence hosts an exclusive Tour of Homes, inviting potential clients from all over the United States to a home tour featuring Providence Built Homes. The tours have been a great success, and Providence has received commitments from clients in each of the three tours so far.

Annas says his vision for the company was to be a “design builder,” one that is able to offer clients a complete home building package with superb customer service. The vision proved to be a good one, and he considers the design part of his company integral to its success. “We’re busier than we’ve ever been,” Annas said. Most of Providence’s projects last from 6 months to one and a half years, and the average price point is $900,000 to $1 million. Many clients are from the Northeast or Florida, purchasing vacation

Community & HBA involvement
Annas is an active member and past president of the Caldwell County Home Builders Association. He currently serves as Region 9 Vice President for the state association. In addition to his professional success, Annas is involved in several philanthropic efforts to give back to his community. He has volunteered as a mentor at Bethel Colony of Mercy, a Christian-based drug and alcohol rehab program, has worked with Habitat for Humanity and has been to Jamaica to build homes for missionaries.
November/December 2009

Mark McCandless Owner/Operator

(828) 322-3472
Fax: (828) 256-6774
Residential • Commercial

Providing Propane, Gas Logs, Water Heaters and More!


C serving





North CaroliNa Builder 19

November/December 2009

Re:Build Re:Connect Re:Focus
NAHB International Builders’ Show®
For the first time ever, NAHB Members can receive a 4-day exhibit registration at NO COST! That means that for four days, you can attend the building industry’s largest event for FREE.* This is a $125 value and will put you face to face with the hottest suppliers in the industry! Register at today!
*Register by December 11, 2009. After December 11th there will be a $75 charge that will then jump to the onsite price of $125 after January 18th.

January 19-22, 2010 | Las Vegas |

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