Nursing Catalog Fall/Winter 2015

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Springer Publishing Company's Nursing Catalog for Fall/Winter 2015. This catalog includes new and forthcoming titles and key textbooks.









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Administration, Management, and Leadership. . . . . . . . . 3
Advanced Practice Nursing. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4
Board Review and Certification. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10
DNP. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 11
Fast Facts Series. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14
Geriatric and Gerontological Nursing. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 17
Maternal, Neonatal and Women’s Health. . . . . . . . . . . . . 18


Nursing Education. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 20
Professional Issues and Trends in Nursing . . . . . . . . . . . . 22
Research, Theory, and Measurement. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 23
iOS Apps. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 25
Journals. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 26
Sales and Ordering Information . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 30


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Administration, Management, and Leadership
Building and Sustaining a HospitalBased Nursing Research Program

Written by experienced researchers who have successfully implemented
these techniques in the Cleveland Clinic, the handbook guides nurses in
building and sustaining a research program—a fundamental requirement for
transforming care at the bedside, ensuring highest quality, evidence-based
practices, improving administrative efficiencies and; obtaining American
Nurses Credentialing Center Magnet® recognition.
Administration, Management, and Leadership
November 2015 | 240 pp | Paperback | 9780826128140 | $80.00

Project Management for the Advanced Practice Nurse
Carolyn Sipes PhD, CNS, APN, PMP, RN-BC

This is first resource to; encompass the specific knowledge base and skills
required for graduate-level nurses and students to effectively perform
the duties of a project manager. Based on proven project management
principles, the text defines concepts specifically for APNs and DNPs, and
enables them to apply processes used in the; business operations side of
a healthcare organization. The book describes the fundamentals of project
design step-by-step, from needs assessment through; project closing.
Administration, Management, and Leadership
September 2015 | 280 pp | Paperback | 9780826128171 | $75.00

Health Care Finance, Economics, and Policy for Nurses
A Foundational Guide

Betty Rambur PhD, RN
This undergraduate nursing text distills these challenging topics into
an engaging, easy-to-read format that facilitates ready application
into any practice setting. Written specifically for RN to BSN programs,
the book is the only such text grounded in nurses’ understanding and
experience. The book’s content fulfills one of the AACN’s key Essentials of
Baccalaureate Education.
Administration, Management, and Leadership
April 2015 | 256 pp | Paperback | 9780826123220 | $65.00

Nurses Making Policy

From Bedside to Boardroom

Rebecca Patton MSN, RN, CNOR, FAAN;
Margarete Zalon PhD, RN, ACNS-BC, FAAN;
Ruth Ludwick PhD, RN-BC, CNS, FAAN
Written by those in the know–exceptional nurse leaders in practice,
education, and politics–this is a practical, “how-to” book written to
help advanced students and nurse leaders develop health policy
skills to advocate for patients from the bedside to the larger political
arena. Co-published with the American Nurses Association (ANA), the
book examines the pivotal role of nurses’ involvement in health policy
and describes the requisite steps for facilitating policy change–from
understanding the political system through activating a plan and beyond.
Administration, Management, and Leadership
November 2014 | 568 pp | Paperback | 9780826198914 | $85.00

The Nurse Professional

Leveraging Your Education for Transition Into Practice

Deborah Dolan Hunt PhD, MS, RN
The Nurse Professional helps novices prepare for their transition into a “real
world” role from being a student through graduation, NCLEX success,
job search, first job, and beyond. It is the only book to cover all of the
steps that new nurses must take to ensure a smooth transition into the
professional role.
Administration, Management, and Leadership
October 2014 | 384 pp | Paperback | 9780826168771 | $60.00



Administration, Management, and Leadership
Building a Culture of Patient Safety Through Simulation
An Interprofessional Learning Model

Kathleen Gallo PhD, MBA, RN, FAAN; Lawrence G. Smith MD, MACP
This groundbreaking book reflects the accomplishments of an internationally
recognized leader of innovation regarding interprofessional clinical learning
through simulation.This health system created a transformative simulation
center that involves nurses, doctors, and related health professionals
whose work in clinical teams has resulted in measurable improvements
in all aspects of clinical decision-making, critical thinking, teamwork, and
communication skills—toward the ultimate goal of improved patient safety.
Administration, Management, and Leadership
August 2014 | 232 pp | Paperback | 9780826169068 | $75.00

Workplace Mental Health Manual for Nurse Managers
Lisa Y. Adams PhD, MSc, RN

Targeting the complex set of stressors found in health care work
environments, this unique, practical resource describes the impact of
bullying, harassment, addictions, violence, and other triggers and the
resulting adverse physiological and behavioral responses in these facilities.
It presents evidence-based strategies to help health care professionals cope
with unhealthy work environments.
Administration, Management, and Leadership
July 2014 | 394 pp | Paperback | 9780826137456 | $65.00

A Path to Nursing

The Columbia Experience

Mary O’Neil Mundinger DrPH
October 2013 | 256 pp | 
Hardcover | 
9780826169525 | $55.00

Health Care System
Transformation for
Nursing and Health
Care Leaders
Implementing a
Culture of Caring

Anne Boykin PhD, MN,
Kathleen Valentine PhD, RN, MS,
Savina Schoenhofer
September 2013 | 256 pp | 
Paperback | 
9780826196439 | $65.00

Economics and Financial
Management for Nurses
and Nurse Leaders
Second Edition

Susan J. Penner RN, MN,
March 2013 | 432 pp | 
Paperback | 
9780826110497 | $90.00

Team Leadership and
Partnering in Nursing
and Health Care
Cynthia Armstrong Persily

June 2013 | 272 pp | 
Paperback | 
9780826199881 | $69.00

The Growth and
Development of
Nurse Leaders

Angela Barron McBride
September 2010
9780826102416 | $70.00

Advanced Practice Nursing
Essential Procedures in Emergency, Urgent,
and Primary Care Settings, Second Edition
A Clinical Companion

Theresa M. Campo DNP, RN, FNP-C, ENP-BC, FAANP; Keith Lafferty MD
This is a concise, easy-to-use guide to executing 54 commonly performed
clinical procedures, including sonography, in emergent, urgent, and
ambulatory care; settings. The second edition is the only such resource to
include two new chapters completely devoted to bedside ultrasound and
how it is used as a tool to enhance the accuracy of numerous procedures.
Advanced Practice Nursing
December 2015 | 432 pp | Paperback | 9780826171764 | $75.00


Advanced Practice Nursing
Dermatology for the Advanced Practice Nurse

Faye Lyons DNP, RN, FNP-C, Lisa Ousley DNP, RN, FNP-C
This is the first primary care dermatology reference written by and for
nurses. It focuses on approximately 60 skin conditions that are commonly
seen in primary care settings and provides unique decision trees to assist in
accurate diagnosis.
Advanced Practice Nursing
July 2014 | 384 pp | Paperback | 9780826136435 | $90.00

Quick Reference for Otolaryngology

Guide for APRNs, PAs, and Other Healthcare Practitioners

Kim Scott MSN, FNP, AE-C
April 2014 | 496 pp | Paperback | 9780826196064 | $80.00

Convenient Care Clinics

The Essential Guide to Retail Clinics for Clinicians, Managers, and Educators

Joshua Riff MD, MBA, FACEP; Sandra Ryan MSN, RN, CPNP, FCPP, FAANP;
Tine Hansen-Turton MGA, JD, FCPP, FAAN; Caroline Ridgway JD
May 2013 | 254 pp | Paperback | 9780826121264 | $55.00

Chemistry and Physics for Nurse Anesthesia, Second Edition
A Student-Centered Approach

David Shubert PhD, John Leyba PhD
March 2013 | 508 pp | Paperback | 9780826110435 | $110.00

Compact Clinical Guides to Pain Management
Presented in a concise, systematic format, these clinically oriented books provide nurses and
physicians quick access to up-to-date information on how to assess and manage pain of all kinds, in
every situation.

Compact Clinical Guide
to Mechanical Ventilation
Foundations of Practice
for Critical Care Nurses

Sandra Goldsworthy RN,
MSc, PhD(c), CNCC(C),
CMSN(C), Leslie Graham

Compact Clinical
Guide to Critical Care,
Trauma, and Emergency
Pain Management
An Evidence-Based
Approach for Nurses

Liza Marmo MSN, RN, CCRN;
Yvonne D’Arcy MS, CRNP, CNS

December 2013 | 176 pp | 
Paperback | 
9780826198068 | $55.00

February 2013 | 376 pp | 
Paperback | 
9780826108074 | $59.00

Compact Clinical
Guide to Women’s
Pain Management

Compact Clinical Guide to
Cancer Pain Management

An Evidence-Based
Approach for Nurses

Yvonne D’Arcy MS, CRNP, CNS
September 2013 | 352 pp | 
Paperback | 
9780826193858 | $55.00

An Evidence-Based
Approach for Nurses

Pamela Davies MS, ARNP,
Yvonne D’Arcy MS, CRNP, CNS
September 2012 | 400 pp | 
Paperback | 
9780826109736 | $55.00



Advanced Practice Nursing
Compact Clinical
Guide to Geriatric
Pain Management

Compact Clinical Guide
to Infant and Child
Pain Management

Ann Quinlan-Colwell PhD,
Yvonne D’Arcy MS, CRNP, CNS

Linda L. Oakes MSN,

An Evidence-Based
Approach for Nurses

December 2011 | 460 pp | 
Paperback | 
9780826107305 | $60.00

Compact Clinical Guide to
Acute Pain Management
An Evidence-Based
Approach for Nurses

Yvonne D’Arcy MS, CRNP, CNS
February 2011 | 344 pp | 
Paperback | 
9780826105493 | $60.00

An Evidence-Based
Approach for Nurses

February 2011 | 368 pp | 
Paperback | 
9780826106179 | $60.00

Compact Clinical Guide to
Chronic Pain Management
An Evidence-Based
Approach for Nurses

Yvonne D’Arcy MS, CRNP, CNS
January 2011 | 368 pp | 
Paperback | 
9780826105400 | $60.00

Karen Sue Hoyt PhD, RN, FNP-BC, CEN, FAEN,
FAAN, Sheila Sanning Shea MSN, RN
These easy to use, quick-reference guides are valuable resources for nurse practitioners and other
healthcare providers in emergency, medical, screening, fast-track and/or primary care settings
with patients of any age. In a pithy, optimally organized format that includes current, evidencebased guidelines, these indispensable guides deliver a wealth of information for assessment and
management of the most commonly encountered problems in these settings.

Pocket Reference Guide
for Emergent/Urgent
and Ambulatory Care

Pocket Reference Guide
for Emergent/Urgent
and Ambulatory Care

Pocket Reference Guide
for Emergent/Urgent
and Ambulatory Care

December 2015 | 100 pp | 
Spiral bound  | 
9780826134134 | $30.00

December 2015 | 100 pp | 
Spiral bound  | 
9780826134158 | $30.00

December 2015 | 100 pp | 
Spiral bound  | 
9780826134110 | $30.00




American Indian Health and Nursing
Margaret P. Moss PhD, JD, RN, FAAN

Written by and for nurses, this is the first text to focus exclusively on
American Indian health and nursing. It addresses the profound disparities in
policy, health care law, and health outcomes that affect American Indians,
and describes how these disparities, bound into the cultural, environmental,
historical, and geopolitical fabric of American Indian society, are responsible
for the marked lack of wellbeing of American Indians.
Advanced Practice Nursing
December 2015 | 380 pp | Paperback | 9780826129840 | $70.00



Advanced Practice Nursing
Care of the Obese in Advanced Practice Nursing
Communication, Assessment, and Treatment

Lisa L.M. Maher DNP, ARNP, FNP-BC
Designed to help APNs to easily; broach an uncomfortable topic, the
book walks practitioners through the exam, providing tips on effective
communication, understanding lifestyle;constraints, and working with
the patient to improve their condition without shame. Emphasizing
multidisciplinary approaches and evidence-based treatment, the book
addresses prevention, provider recognition, and treatment of adult and
pediatric obesity with the goal of improving overall quality of life.
Advanced Practice Nursing
December 2015 | 364 pp | Paperback | 9780826123572 | $75.00

The Advanced Practice Nurse Cardiovascular Clinician
Kelley Anderson PhD, FNP

The book encompasses clinical findings, diagnostic testing, state-of-the-art
procedures, and therapeutic interventions commonly used in inpatient and
outpatient clinical cardiology. The book is specifically designed to meet the
informational needs of advanced practice registered nurse providers and
students including family nurse practitioners, adult-gerontology acute care
nurse practitioners, nurse anesthetists, and clinical nurse specialists.
Advanced Practice Nursing
October 2015 | 891 pp | Paperback | 9780826138576 | $95.00

Advanced Practice Nursing, Fifth Edition

Core Concepts for Professional Role Development

Kathryn A. Blair PhD, FNP, FAANP;
Michaelene P. Jansen PhD, RN-C, GNP-BC, NP-C
The Fifth Edition of this topflight text on Advanced Practice Registered
Nurse role development is completely updated and expanded to
encompass the full sphere of current practice roles. These include
interprofessional, global health, and leadership roles and such practice
issues as credentialing, prescriptive authority, and liabilities.
Advanced Practice Nursing
April 2015 | 350 pp | Paperback | 9780826172518 | $75.00

Advanced Practice Nursing Guide to the Neurological Exam
Alexandra Armitage MS, CNL, APRN

Here is a “how to” manual for knowledgably conducting the basic
neurological examination and confidently applying exam findings to; the
interpretation of common neurologic symptoms. It explains all facets of
the standard neuro exam that is conducted in a clinic or hospital setting;
including useful algorithms.
Advanced Practice Nursing
March 2015 | 250 pp | Paperback | 9780826126085 | $55.00

Primary Care, Second Edition
An Interprofessional Perspective

Joanne K. Singleton PhD, RN, FNP-BC, FNAP, FNYAM;
Robert V. DiGregorio PharmD, BCACP;
Carol Green-Hernandez PhD, ARNP, FNP-BC, FNS;
Stephen Paul Holzemer PhD, RN; Eve S. Faber MD;
Lucille R. Ferrara EdD, RN, MBA, FNP-BC, FNAP;
Jason T. Slyer DNP, RN, FNP
This second edition of Primary Care delivers succinct, current, and
integrated information on the assessment, differential diagnosis, treatment,
and management of individuals with commonly seen conditions in primary
care settings. Written and edited by APNs, MDs, PAs, PharmDs and other
health professionals, it emphasizes guidance on differential diagnosis,
interprofessional primary care, lifestyle management, health promotion, risk
reduction, and disease prevention.
Advanced Practice Nursing
November 2014 | 1168 pp | Paperback | 9780826171474 | $130.00



Advanced Practice Nursing
12-Lead EKG Confidence, Third Edition
A Step-By-Step Guide

Jacqueline M. Green MS,RN,APN, NE-BC,
Anthony J. Chiaramida MD, FACC
This handy guide for medical and nursing students and novice
practitioners delivers ample information for confidently interpreting
12-lead EKGS.This third edition features an expanded section on
arrhythmias with double the amount of EKGs for practice, a revised
worksheet design with larger 12-lead EKG printouts for readability, and
additional 12-Lead EKGs in a digital folder for extra practice.
Advanced Practice Nursing
October 2014 | 504 pp | Paperback | 9780826119049 | $75.00

Clinical EKG Modules (DVD)

Anthony J. Chiaramida MD, FACC,
Jacqueline M. Green MS, RN, APN-C, CNS
This interactive self-study guide is designed to help medical students,
physician assistant students, and nurses, in acute and clinical care settings
master the 12-Lead EKG, using a step-by-step approach. It promotes
development of sound clinical and diagnostic reasoning skills.
Advanced Practice Nursing
May 2014Mixed media product | 9780826199768 | $65.00

Advanced Health Assessment of Women, Third Edition
Clinical Skills and Procedures

Helen Carcio MS, MEd, ANP-BC,
R. Mimi Secor MS, MEd, FNP-BC, NCMP, FAANP
This is the only truly comprehensive advanced text for the assessment
of women’s health, written for such primary care providers as nurse
practitioners, physician assistants, and midwives. It encompasses both
foundational and cutting-edge physical and psychosocial information in a
clear and concise outline format, and is unique in its presentation of more
advanced techniques and procedures not addressed in standard graduate
assessment texts.
Advanced Practice Nursing
October 2014 | 640 pp | Paperback | 9780826123084 | $85.00

Clinical Consult to Psychiatric Nursing for Advanced Practice
Jacqueline Rhoads PhD, ACNP-BC, ANP-C, PMHNP-BE, GNP-BE;
Patrick Murphy PhD

This is the only advanced practice guide to provide an overview of the
major DSM-5 disorders across the lifespan and complete clinical guidelines
for their psychopharmacologic management. It has been compiled by
expert practitioners in psychiatric care and is designed for use by nurse
practitioners and other primary caregivers in clinical practice.
Advanced Practice Nursing
August 2014 | 648 pp | Paperback | 9780826195951 | $65.00

Differential Diagnosis for the Advanced Practice Nurse
Jacqueline Rhoads PhD, APRN-BC, CNL-BC, PMHNP-BE, FAANP;
Marilee Murphy Jensen MN, ARNP

This easy-access clinical guide to commonly seen symptoms, written for
APRN students and new practitioners, describes step by step how to obtain
a reliable patient history and choose the appropriate directed physical exam
for the presenting problem, followed by how to use this patient history and
physical exam findings to form a differential diagnosis.
Advanced Practice Nursing
July 2014 | 338 pp | Paperback | 9780826110275 | $65.00



Advanced Practice Nursing
Nursing Rural America

Perspectives From the Early 20th Century

John Kirchgessner PhD, RN, PNP; Arlene W. Keeling PhD, RN, FAAN
Tracing the history of nursing in rural America during the first half of the 20th
century, this well-researched book describes how nurses shaped health care
delivery in remote, isolated rural settings, and analyzes how insights from
their remarkable achievements in the face of formidable barriers can be
applied to health care today.
Advanced Practice Nursing
July 2014 | 188 pp | Paperback | 9780826196149 | $60.00

Foundations of Clinical Nurse Specialist
Practice, Second Edition

Janet S. Fulton PhD, RN, ACNS-BC, ANEF, FAAN;
Brenda L. Lyon PhD; Kelly A. Goudreau PhD, RN, ACNS-BC, FAAN
Supported by theory, research, and current literature, the text focuses on
CNS roles and scope of practice, expanding opportunities in primary and
home care settings, and on outcomes of CNS practice across the care
continuum. This second edition reflects two emerging trends affecting CNS
practice: an increased focus on transitional care (continuity across the care
setting continuum) and new Centers for Medicare Services reimbursement
rules related to pressure ulcers, fall and infection prevention, and
pain management.
Advanced Practice Nursing
April 2014 | 512 pp | Paperback | 9780826129666 | $100.00

Adult-Gerontology Practice Guidelines

Jill C. Cash MSN, APN, FNP-BC; Cheryl A. Glass MSN, WHNP, RN-BC
The first book to encompass adult-gerontology practice guidelines for
primary care, this is a comprehensive resource designed for health care
practitioners taking the new Adult-Gero NP certification course and exam.
This user-friendly reference provides current national practice guidelines
for delivering high quality primary health care to adults and older patients
in the outpatient setting, along with specific care guidelines for adult,
pregnant, and older adult patients.
Advanced Practice Nursing
June 2015 | 696 pp | Paperback | 9780826127624 | $110.00

Family Practice Guidelines, Third Edition

Jill C. Cash MSN, APN, FNP-BC; Cheryl A. Glass MSN, WHNP, RN-BC
This is a comprehensive family practice resource for primary care clinicians,
providing current national practice guidelines for a high-quality standard
of care for patients across the life span in outpatient settings. It includes
individual care guidelines for adult, child, pregnant, and geriatric patients;
health promotion and dietary information; procedure guidelines; national
resources; and comprehensive patient teaching guides.
Advanced Practice Nursing
February 2014 | 1032 pp | Paperback | 9780826197825 | $100.00

Psychotherapy for the
Advanced Practice
Psychiatric Nurse,
Second Edition
A How-To Guide for
Evidence-Based Practice

Kathleen Wheeler PhD,

EKGs for the Nurse
Practitioner and
Physician Assistant

Maureen Knechtel MPAS, PA-C
March 2013 | 248 pp | 
Paperback | 
9780826199560 | $59.00

December 2013  |  752 pp |
9780826110008 | $100.00



Advanced Practice Nursing
Transitioning into
Hospital Based Practice

Advanced Practice
Psychiatric Nursing

Mona N. Bahouth MSN,
CRNP, Kay Blum PhD, CRNP,

Kathleen Tusaie PhD, APRNBC, Joyce J. Fitzpatrick

A Guide for Nurse
Practitioners and

November 2012 | 336 pp |
9780826157324 | $70.00

Integrating Psychotherapy,
and Complementary and
Alternative Approaches

August 2012 | 576 pp |
9780826108708 | $95.00

Board Review and Certification
NURSING, Second Edition
The Ultimate Study Guide

Nadia R. Singh BSN, RN
This is the ultimate, all-in-one study guide to the core information nursing
students need for success in all of their foundational courses and on the
NCLEX-RN. Written in a succinct, well-organized, easy-to-read format,
this affordable guide contains everything an undergraduate nursing
student needs to know from the first day of school through the NCLEXRN. The second edition is updated to mirror the new NCLEX-RN test
plan and includes critical new information about medications, lab values,
assessments, cultural considerations, and emerging disorders and viruses.
Board Review and Certification
July 2015 | 295 pp | Paperback | 9780826130228 | $40.00

Gerontological Nurse Certification Review, Second Edition
Alison E. Kris RN, PhD

This is the only certification review for the gerontology nursing specialty
exam that has it all— a comprehensive review section covering key content
included on the exam, well-honed test-taking strategies, and an extensive
practice test section with answers and rationales. The second edition is
completely updated to mirror the new format and content of the 2015
Gerontological Nurse Certification Examination.
Board Review and Certification
May 2015 | 352 pp | Paperback | 9780826130174 | $55.00

Review Manual for the Certified Healthcare
Simulation Educator Exam

Ruth A. Wittmann-Price PhD, RN, CNS, CNE, CHSE, ANEF
This is the first practice manual to assist healthcare simulation educators
in the United States and internationally in preparing for certification in this
rapidly emerging field. This review manual provides numerous features that
help students to critically analyze test content, including end-of-chapter
review questions, test-taking strategies, and a comprehensive practice test
with answers and rationales.
Board Review and Certification
October 2014 | 442 pp | Paperback | 9780826120113 | $65.00

Adult CCRN Certification Review
Think in Questions, Learn by Rationale

Kendra Menzies Kent RN, MS, CCRN, CNRN, RN-BC
May 2014 | 512 pp | Paperback | 9780826198334 | $69.00

Certified Nurse Educator (CNE) Review Manual
Second Edition

Ruth Wittmann-Price PhD, CNS, RN, CNE,
Maryann Godshall MS, PhD, CNE, CCRN, CPN;
May 2013 | 440 pp | Paperback | 9780826110060 | $69.00


Board Review and Certification

Test Success

Pediatric Nursing
Test Success

Leadership and
Management in
Nursing Test Success

An Unfolding Case
Study Review

August 2014 | 344 pp | 
Paperback | 
9780826171368 | $40.00

Nursing Test Success
An Unfolding Case
Study Review

June 2013 | 336 pp | 
Paperback | 
9780826195760 | $45.00

An Unfolding Case
Study Review

June 2013 | 224 pp | 
Paperback | 
9780826110381 | $49.00

Community Health
Nursing Test Success
An Unfolding Case
Study Review

May 2013 | 320 pp | 
Paperback | 
9780826110138 | $45.00

Fundamentals of
Nursing Test Success
An Unfolding Case
Study Review

November 2012 | 448 pp | 
Paperback | 
9780826193933 | $39.00

Nursing Test Success
An Unfolding Case
Study Review

June 2011 | 394 pp | 
Paperback | 
9780826141569 | $45.00

Translation of Evidence Into Nursing and
Health Care, Second Edition

Kathleen M. White PhD, RN, NEA-BC, FAAN,
Sharon Dudley-Brown PhD, RN, FNP-BC, Mary F. Terhaar DNSc, RN
Designed as a textbook for the DNP curriculum and as a practical resource
for seasoned health professionals, this acclaimed text presents in detail
an; inclusive interdisciplinary approach which translates evidence into
nursing and health care practice that is useful for both clinical and nonclinical; environments. The Second Edition incorporates three new chapters
featuring methods for translation, approaches for incorporating information
technology, and strategies to promote inter-professional collaboration and
teamwork in service of effective translation.
March 2016 | 430 pp | Paperback | 9780826117847 | $75.00



Philosophy of Science for Nursing Practice, Second Edition
Concepts and Application

Michael D. Dahnke PhD, H. Michael Dreher PhD, RN, FAAN
Authored by a nurse researcher/philosopher team; who developed and
taught this course for over seven years, the book provides a unique
integrated viewpoint that avoids esoteric and overly theoretical; discussions
and facilitates a clear connection of the philosophy of science with nursing
science and practice. This second edition has been revised to; enhance
modern philosophy of science interpretation, enhance overall clarity,
encompass updates in nursing practice, science, and embrace a still
emerging; practice epistemology.
November 2015 | 420 pp | Paperback | 9780826129284 | $85.00

Lashley’s Essentials of Clinical Genetics in
Nursing Practice, Second Edition

Christine Kasper PhD, RN, FAAN, FACSM;
Felissa R. Lashley RN, Phd, ACRN, FACMG, CIC;
Tonya A. Schneidereith PhD, CRNP, PPCNP-BC, CPNP-AC
This is a classic resource for nursing students and practitioners at all levels
who need to acquire the knowledge and skills for using genomics in their;
practice. The completely updated second edition encompasses the many
recent advances in genetic research and knowledge, providing essential
new information; on the science, technology, and clinical application
of genomics.
September 2015 | 425 pp | Paperback | 9780826129123 | $95.00

Population-Based Nursing, Second Edition

Concepts and Competencies for Advanced Practice

Ann L. Curley PhD, RN, Patty A. Vitale MD, MPH, FAAP
Now in its second edition, this continues to be the only advanced practice
nursing text to focus on core competencies in both epidemiology and
population; health. The new edition delivers essential content for Doctoral
Nursing Programs (DNP) as outlined by the AACN, and encompasses
the many changes in; healthcare that affect population-based nursing,
including the latest requirements set forth by the enactment of the ACA.
September 2015 | 332 pp | Paperback | 9780826196132 | $75.00

DNP Capstone Projects

Exemplars of Excellence in Practice

Barbara A. Anderson DrPH, CNM, FACNM, FAAN;
Joyce M. Knestrick PhD, CRNP, FAANP; Rebeca Barroso DNP, CNM
With a unique focus on exemplary, completed DNP capstone projects, this
book delivers key information on designing, constructing, and completing
a high quality capstone project. It demonstrates the impact that a wellconceived capstone project can have on facilitating change and addresses
all program, administrative, policy, and clinical issues that DNP students may
encounter during the capstone process.
September 2014 | 206 pp | Paperback | 9780826130259 | $75.00



Theories Guiding Nursing Research and Practice
Making Nursing Knowledge Development Explicit

Joyce J. Fitzpatrick PhD, MBA, RN, FAAN;
Geraldine McCarthy PhD, MSN, MEd, DipN, RNYT, RGN, Fellow RCSI
June 2014 | 384 pp | Paperback | 9780826164049 | $75.00

Clinical Analytics and Data Management for the DNP
Martha L. Sylvia PhD, MBA, RN; Mary F. Terhaar DNSc, RN

May 2014 | 240 pp | Paperback | 9780826129734 | $80.00

Health Policy and Advanced Practice Nursing
Impact and Implications

Kelly A. Goudreau PhD, RN, ACNS-BC, FAAN;
Mary Smolenski EdD, MS, FNP, FAANP, CAE
December 2013 | 470 pp | Paperback | 9780826169426 | $90.00

Research for Advanced Practice Nurses, Second Edition
From Evidence to Practice

Magdalena Mateo PhD, RN, FAAN; Marquis Foreman PhD, RN, FAAN
October 2013 | 484 pp | Paperback | 9780826137258 | $80.00

Proposal Writing for Nursing Capstones and Clinical Projects

Wanda Bonnel PhD, GNP-BC, ANEF, Katharine Smith PhD, RN, ACNS-BC, CNE
July 2013 | 216 pp | Paperback | 9780826122889 | $49.00

Outcome Assessment in Advanced Practice Nursing
Third Edition

Ruth M. Kleinpell PhD, RN-CS, FAAN, FAANP, FCCM
Measuring the results of APN care has become increasingly important as
a way to demonstrate the significant impact of APN nurses on practice
outcomes. The third edition of this award-winning volume has been updated
to provide the most current knowledge, perspectives, and research on
assessing outcomes of APN care.
April 2013 | 368 pp | Paperback | 9780826110473 | $69.00



Fast Facts Series
Fast Facts for the Clinical Nurse Manager, Second Edition
Managing a Changing Workplace in a Nutshell

Barbara Fry RN, BN, MEd
This practical resource offers quick access to insights, proven strategies,
and tools for effectively coping with such situations as institutional change,
a multi-generational and multi-cultural workforce, resistance to change, and
toxic behaviors.
Fast Facts Series
December 2015 | 240 pp | Paperback | 9780826127884 | $35.00

Fast Facts for the Cardiac Surgery Nurse, Second Edition
Caring for Cardiac Surgery Patients in a Nutshell

Tanya Hodge MS, RN, CNS, CCRN
The second edition of this clinical guide covers all aspects of; care from
preoperative to recovery, with an emphasis on prevention and management
of postoperative complications—an area where nurses can really make a
difference and improve care.
Fast Facts Series
October 2015 | 200 pp | Paperback | 9780826127853 | $35.00

Fast Facts for the Nurse Preceptor

Keys to Providing a Successful Preceptorship in a Nutshell

Margaret Ciocco MS, RN, BC, CDP
This reference guide for nurses in the preceptor role is brimming with
information about how to successfully educate, protect, socialize, and
evaluate nurses transitioning into a new environment.
Fast Facts Series
September 2015 | 200 pp | Paperback | 9780826125224 | $35.00

Fast Facts for the L&D Nurse, Second Edition
Labor and Delivery Orientation in a Nutshell

Cassie Giles Groll DNP, RN, CNM
Nurses who are new to the labor and delivery environment (L&D) will
welcome this newly updated, succinct, easy-to-use orientation guide for
everyday labor and birth management practices.
Fast Facts Series
July 2015 | 140 pp | Paperback | 9780826128638 | $35.00

Fast Facts for Evidence-Based Practice
in Nursing, Second Edition
Implementing EBP in a Nutshell

Maryann Godshall PhD, RN, CCRN, CPN, CNE
This resource for students and practicing nurses delivers the foundations
of Evidence-Based Practice (EBP) and basic nursing research concepts
including how to get the best evidence quickly, using various databases, and
coverage of both quantitative and qualitative methods.
Fast Facts Series
July 2015 | 240 pp | Paperback | 9780826194060 | $35.00

Fast Facts for the Triage Nurse

An Orientation and Care Guide in a Nutshell

Lynn Sayre Visser MSN, BS, RN, CEN, CPEN, CLNC,
Anna Sivo Montejano MSNEd, RN, CEN,
Valerie Aarne Grossman MALS, BSN, RN
This orientation guide and reference for new and seasoned nurses,
paramedics, preceptors, educators, management teams, and anyone else
in triage situations features guidelines covering key processes and practices
triage nurses use daily.
Fast Facts Series
May 2015 | 270 pp | Paperback | 9780826122650 | $35.00



Fast Facts for the Long-Term Care Nurse
What Nursing Home and Assisted Living
Nurses Need to Know in a Nutshell

Charlotte Eliopoulos MPH, PhD, RN

Written by a renowned and highly respected nurse leader in long-term
care and; gerontology, this user-friendly resource presents key facts and
core competencies related to the clinical and managerial responsibilities of
nurses in these settings.
Fast Facts Series
April 2015 | 230 pp | Paperback | 9780826121981 | $35.00

Fast Facts for the School Nurse, Second Edition
School Nursing in a Nutshell

Janice Loschiavo MA, RN, NJ-CSN
This second edition of this reference provides quick access to information
busy school nurses and addresses the relevancy of the ACA and Healthy
People Initiatives 2020 to school age children and their families, and
information about the push towards formal evaluation.
Fast Facts Series
March 2015 | 294 pp | Paperback | 9780826128768 | $35.00

Fast Facts for the New Nurse Practitioner, Second Edition
What You Really Need to Know in a Nutshell

Nadine M. Aktan PhD, RN, FNP-BC
Written for those considering NP practice, current NP students, and newly
certified NPs, this easy-to-use manual covers transitioning into the NP role
and its rewards and challenges. This second edition includes coverage of
electronic health records, the impact of health care reform, and choosing a
doctoral program.
Fast Facts Series
March 2015 | 202 pp | Paperback | 9780826130426 | $35.00

Fast Facts for the Operating Room Nurse
An Orientation and Care Guide in a Nutshell

Theresa Criscitelli EdD, RN, CNOR
Condensing volumes of OR content into one pithy, pocket-size book, this is
the go-to resource for nurses who are new to the operating room (OR) and
the experienced nurses who guide them. It contains a wealth of current,
evidence-based practice information that perioperative nurses need.
Fast Facts Series
December 2014 | 224 pp | Paperback | 9780826123688 | $35.00

Fast Facts for the Pediatric Nurse
An Orientation Guide in a Nutshell

Diana Rupert PhD, RN, CNE, Kathleen Young MSN, RN, CNE
Pocket-sized and formatted for quick access, this reference is packed with
concise information on disease processes and well child care, and offers the
clinical advice that comes from years of experience.
Fast Facts Series
September 2014 | 330 pp | Paperback | 9780826119810 | $35.00

Fast Facts for the Medical- Surgical Nurse
Clinical Orientation in a Nutshell

Margaret Ciocco MS, RN, BC, CDP
Written for registered nurses in orientation, this concise, user-friendly
resource addresses all aspects of excellent patient care on a busy medicalsurgical nursing unit.
Fast Facts Series
August 2014 | 184 pp | Paperback | 9780826119896 | $30.00



Fast Facts on Adolescent
Health for Nursing and
Health Professionals

Fast Facts for the
Gerontology Nurse

Judith Herrman PhD, RN, ANEF

Charlotte Eliopoulos

A Care Guide in a Nutshell
June 2014 | 216 pp | 
Paperback | 
9780826171450 | $35.00

Fast Facts for the
Radiology Nurse

An Orientation and Nursing
Care Guide in a Nutshell

Valerie Aarne Grossman

June 2014 | 302 pp | 
Paperback | 
9780826129369 | $35.00

Fast Facts for Stroke
Care Nursing

An Expert Guide in a Nutshell

Kathy Morrison MSN,

A Nursing Care Guide
in a Nutshell

November 2013 | 376 pp | 
Paperback | 
9780826198273 | $35.00

Fast Facts About
EKGs for Nurses

The Rules of Identifying
EKGs in a Nutshell

Michele Angell Landrum

August 2013 | 138 pp | 
Paperback | 
9780826120069 | $35.00

Fast Facts for the Clinical
Nursing Instructor
Clinical Teaching in a
Nutshell, Second Edition

May 2014 | 232 pp | 
Paperback | 
9780826127174 | $35.00

Eden Kan PhD, RN,
Susan Stabler-Haas

Fast Facts for the
Neonatal Nurse

June 2013 | 208 pp | 
Paperback | 
9780826118943 | $35.00

A Nursing Orientation and
Care Guide in a Nutshell

Michele R. Davidson

Fast Facts About
Nursing and the Law

Law for Nurses in a Nutshell

April 2014 | 220 pp | 
Paperback | 
9780826168825 | $35.00

Paula DiMeo Grant RN,
BSN, MA, JD, Diana
Ballard JD, MBA, RN

Fast Facts About Pressure
Ulcer Care for Nurses

April 2013 | 234 pp | 
Paperback | 
9780826110459 | $35.00

Mary Ellen Dziedzic

Fast Facts for the
ER Nurse

How to Prevent, Detect, and
Resolve Them in a Nutshell
December 2013 | 200 pp | 
Paperback | 
9780826198945 | $35.00

Fast Facts for the
Antepartum and
Postpartum Nurse

A Nursing Orientation and
Care Guide in a Nutshell

Michele R. Davidson

December 2013 | 288 pp | 
Paperback | 
9780826168863 | $35.00

Emergency Room Orientation
in a Nutshell, Second Edition

Jennifer Buettner RN, CEN
April 2013 | 312 pp | 
Paperback | 
9780826199461 | $35.00

Fast Facts for Health
Promotion in Nursing
Promoting Wellness
in a Nutshell

Carol A. Miller MSN, RN-BC
March 2013 | 254 pp | 
Paperback | 
9780826110534 | $35.00

Visit to see over 40 nursing Fast Fact books.



Geriatric and Gerontological Nursing
Nursing Case Studies on Improving HealthRelated Quality of Life in Older Adults

Meredith Wallace Kazer PhD, APRN, A/GNP-BC, FAAN,
Kathy Murphy PhD, MSc, BA, RGN, RNT, Dip Nur, Dip Nur Ed
Distinguished by its global outlook, the book includes contributions from
an international cadre of widely published scholars and the case studies are
designed for easy integration into traditional nursing education curricula.
The book explores the experiences of older adults at home, and in acute
and primary care, assisted living, nursing home and hospice environments
and examines their needs related to optimal quality of life.
Geriatric and Gerontological Nursing
April 2015 | 462 pp | Paperback | 9780826127037 | $75.00

Gerontology Nursing Case Studies, Second Edition
100+ Narratives for Learning

Donna J. Bowles MSN, EdD, RN, CNE
This highly praised text for nursing students, now in its second edition,
presents nearly 110 interactive geriatric health case studies depicting a vast;
range of realistic scenarios—physical, mental, and psychosocial--that may
present to nurses who work with aging adults. The second edition features;
new cases and thoroughly updated cases from the first edition that include
new health guidelines, new health promotion criteria, web links, references,
and additional resources.
Geriatric and Gerontological Nursing
April 2015 | 290 pp | Paperback | 9780826194046 | $60.00

Compassionate Person-Centered Care for the Dying
An Evidence-Based Palliative Care Guide For Nurses

Bonnie Freeman RN, DNP, ANP, ACHPN
This groundbreaking reference for palliative care nurses is the first to
provide realistic and achievable evidence-based methods for incorporating;
compassionate and humanistic care of the dying into current standards of
practice. It builds on the author’s research-based CARES Tool, a reference
that synthesizes five key elements demonstrated to enable a peaceful
death as free from suffering as possible: Comfort, Airway Management,
Management of; Restlessness and Delirium, Emotional and Spiritual
Support, and Self-Care for Nurses.
Geriatric and Gerontological Nursing
February 2015 | 296 pp | Paperback | 9780826122476 | $65.00

The Gerontology Nurse’s Guide to the
Community-Based Health Network
Brenda L. Bonham Howe MSN, RN, BSLS

Comprehensive and organized for quick access to information, this clinical
guide encompasses the broad network of community health resources
available and describes how to access them on behalf of geriatric patients
and clients.
Geriatric and Gerontological Nursing
October 2014 | 312 pp | Paperback | 9780826127013 | $65.00

Palliative Care Nursing,
Fourth Edition

Quality Care to the End of Life

Marianne Matzo PhD, APRNCNP, FPCN, FAAN;
Deborah Witt Sherman PhD,
June 2014 | 704 pp | 
Hardcover | 
9780826196354 | $100.00

The Encyclopedia
of Elder Care

The Comprehensive Resource
on Geriatric Health and
Social Care, Third Edition

Elizabeth A. Capezuti PhD,
RN, FAAN; Michael L. Malone
MD; Paul R. Katz MD; Mathy
Mezey DSc, EdD, MED, BSN
December 2013 | 848 pp | 
Hardcover | 
9780826137357 | $205.00



Maternal, Neonatal and Women’s Health

Advanced Pediatric Assessment
Ellen M. Chiocca, MSN, APN, RNC, CPNP
Now in its second edition, Advanced Pediatric Assessment is an in-depth, current guide to pediatricfocused assessment, addressing the unique anatomic and physiological differences among infants,
children, and adults as they bear upon pediatric assessment. Along with the companion study guide,
the richly-illustrated text provides a comprehensive resource for PNP, FNP and other APRN students.
The Study Guide includes case studies, certification-style review questions and anatomic labeling
exercises that enhance and reinforce specialized learning experiences.Study guide chapters align
with corresponding textbook chapters to facilitate exam success and mastery of skills required to
expertly conduct the pediatric history and physical examination.

Advanced Pediatric
Assessment and
Study Guide Set

Advanced Pediatric
Second Edition

December 2014
Paperback | 
9780826128621 | $120.00

December 2014 | 588 pp | 
Paperback | 
9780826161758 | $95.00

Study Guide to
Accompany Advanced
Pediatric Assessment,
Second Edition
A Case Study and Critical
Thinking Review

December 2014 | 310 pp | 
Paperback | 
9780826161772 | $55.00

A History of Midwifery in the United States
The Midwife Said Fear Not

Joyce E. Thompson DrPH, RN, CNM, FAAN, FACNM,
Helen Varney RN, CNM, MSN, DHL (Hon.), FACNM
Written by recognized leaders in Midwifery, this book spans the historical
evolution of midwives as respected, autonomous health care providers
and midwifery as a profession, and considers the strengths, weaknesses,
threats, and opportunities for this discipline as enduring motifs throughout
the; text. It surveys the roots of midwifery, the beginnings of professional
practice, the founding of educational institutions and professional
organizations, and entry pathways into the profession.
Maternal, Neonatal and Women’s Health
November 2015 | 500 pp | Paperback | 9780826125378 | $110.00

Perinatal and Pediatric Bereavement in
Nursing and Other Health Professions

Beth Black PhD, RN; Rana Limbo PhD, RN, CPLC, FAAN;
Patricia Wright PhD, RN, ACNS-BC
The text is distinguished by its provision of different and even competing
perspectives that address the complexities of the tragic human experience
of perinatal and pediatric death. Expert contributors from the fields
of nursing and other health professions disseminate new theoretical
approaches and reexamine current concepts in light of new research.
Maternal, Neonatal and Women’s Health
October 2015 | 420 pp | Paperback | 9780826129260 | $85.00



Maternal, Neonatal and Women’s Health
Guidelines for Nurse Practitioners in
Gynecologic Settings, 11th Edition

Joellen W. Hawkins RN, PhD, WHNP-BC, FAAN, FAANP,
Diane M. Roberto-Nichols BS, APRN-C,
J. Lynn Stanley-Haney MA, APRN-C
The 11th edition of this classic guide for nursing management of common
gynecological conditions is updated with cutting-edge topics, new
evidence-based; guidelines, and current patient teaching materials to
enhance excellence in clinical practice. It features a completely new
chapter on the well woman annual exam including issues about the
care of older women, and extensive revisions regarding contraceptive
methods, CAMs, medical abortion, HIV-AIDs, HPV; screening and vaccine
recommendations, and much more.
Maternal, Neonatal and Women’s Health
October 2015 | 525 pp | Paperback | 9780826122827 | $85.00

Family-Centered Care
for the Newborn
The Delivery Room
and Beyond

Terry Griffin MS, APN, NNP-BC,
Joanna Celenza MA, MBA

Breastfeeding Challenges
Made Easy for Late
Preterm Infants
The Go-To Guide for Nurses
and Lactation Consultants

Sandra Cole RNC, IBCLC

April 2014 | 200 pp | 
Paperback | 
9780826169136 | $55.00

November 2013 | 280 pp | 
Paperback | 
9780826196033 | $65.00

How to Become

Neonatal Nursing Care

Policies & Procedures for
Hospitals, Birth Centers,
and Home Birth Services

Barbara Hotelling MSN, WHNP,
Helen Gordon DNP, CNM, CNE
April 2014 | 184 pp | 
Paperback | 
9780826129765 | $80.00

Nursing in the NICU
Trauma-Informed AgeAppropriate Care

Mary Coughlin RN, MS, NNP
February 2014 | 198 pp | 
Paperback | 
9780826196576 | $75.00

Fifth Edition

Carole Kenner PhD, RNCNIC, NNP, FAAN; Judy Lott
August 2013 | 1026 pp | 
Paperback | 
9780826109750 | $130.00

Guidelines for
Nurse Practitioners
in Ambulatory
Obstetric Settings

Nancy J. Cibulka PhD,
WHNP, BC, FNP, Mary Lee
Barron PhD, FNP, BC
April 2013 | 360 pp | 
Spiral bound  | 
9780826195579 | $75.00



Nursing Education

You CAN Teach
Mary A. Miller, RN, MSN, CCRN and Deborah C. Wirwicz, BSN, MSN.Ed
The Authoritative Guide and Toolkit for the Advanced
Medical-Surgical Nursing Clinical Instructor
You CAN Teach Med-Surg Nursing! is the first comprehensive resource for clinical medical-surgical
instructors responsible for guiding students through their entire clinical rotation. Containing
everything the new or adjunct instructor needs to teach expertly and confidently, the guide
describes the role of medical-surgical instructor and provides an introduction to the clinical site.

You CAN Teach
Med-Surg Nursing!
(Basic and
Advanced SET)

The Authoritative Guides
and Toolkits for the
Medical-Surgical Nursing
Clinical Instructor
August 2014
Paperback | 
9780826129499 | $120.00

You CAN Teach
Advanced Med-Surg

The Authoritative Guide and
Toolkit for the Advanced
Medical-Surgical Nursing
Clinical Instructor
August 2014 | 320 pp | 
Paperback | 
9780826126665 | $75.00

You CAN Teach
Med-Surg Nursing!

The Authoritative Guide
and Toolkit for the
Medical-Surgical Nursing
Clinical Instructor
July 2014 | 352 pp | 
Paperback | 
9780826119070 | $75.00

“This guide and resource will give you all the direction and
resources you need to perform in the role of a medical-surgical
clinical instructor…Instructors will discover this book takes the
work out of working in the clinical area.”
Curriculum Development and Evaluation
in Nursing, Third Edition
Sarah B. Keating MPH, EdD, RN, C-PNP, FAAN

This third edition of the leading nursing text on curriculum development
and evaluation continues to address relevant NLN and AACN core
competencies for curricula in all undergraduate and graduate nursing
programs.It covers curriculum development and evaluation in detail and
provides the knowledge and practical applications needed by new and
experienced faculty to confidently embrace the academic role.
Nursing Education
September 2015 | 504 pp | Paperback | 9780826130273 | $85.00



Nursing Education
Expert Clinician to Novice Nurse Educator
Learning from First-Hand Narratives

Jeanne Merkle Sorrell PhD, FAAN, RN,
Pamela Rubel Cangelosi PhD, MSN, RN
With the goal of improving the experience of nurses making the transition
from the role of clinician to that of educator, this unique book presents the
findings of a phenomenological study focused on the research question,
“What is the lived experience of clinicians as they assume new roles as
clinical nurse educators?” These narratives, based on the stories of 32
nurses, describe the challenges they faced and transformations in each
nurse’s identity and relationships during the transition process.
Nursing Education
August 2015 | 164 pp | Paperback | 9780826125989 | $55.00

Writing Winning Proposals for Nurses
and Health Care Professionals

Sandra Funk PhD, FAAN, Elizabeth Tornquist MA, FAAN
Written by preeminent authors and educators with extensive experience
in teaching proposal and grant writing to nurses and other health care
professionals, the book covers the creation of proposals for dissertations,
capstone projects, research funding, fellowships and career development
awards, as well as for education, translation, evidence-based practice, and
demonstration projects.
Nursing Education
July 2015 | 250 pp | Paperback | 9780826122728 | $70.00

The Essence of Nursing Practice
Philosophy and Perspective

Hesook Suzie Kim PhD, RN
This one-of-a-kind book provides an in-depth analysis of nursing practice
as a concept and area of study, rather than an aggregation of specific
techniques and skills. The text addresses the essential features of nursing
practice using a five-level nursing framework developed by the author.
Nursing Education
April 2015 | 304 pp | Paperback | 9780826194282 | $70.00

Encyclopedia of Nursing Education

Mary Jane Smith PhD, RN; Roger D. Carpenter PhD, RN, NE-BC;
Joyce J. Fitzpatrick PhD, MBA, RN, FAAN
This is the only current and comprehensive compendium of important topics
in nursing education. It contains more than 150 detailed entries from A to Z,
and will be a valuable reference text for doctoral and master’s level nursing
students, nurse faculty, and university and health care institution libraries
worldwide. Entries have been carefully culled from recent nursing literature
and six volumes of the Annual Review of Nursing Education.
Nursing Education
February 2015 | 432 pp | Hardcover | 9780826120311 | $150.00

Writing for Publication in Nursing, Third Edition

Marilyn H. Oermann PhD, RN, FAAN, ANEF, Judith C. Hays PhD, RN
This is a bestselling, comprehensive, and widely used resource on writing
for nurse clinicians, graduate students, researchers, and faculty. It covers
all types of writing that beginning and experienced nurse-authors may
be required or choose to do: E-B research papers, journal articles,
book chapters, clinical project findings and innovations, and preparing
manuscripts for courses and all types of publication, including open
access journals.
Nursing Education
February 2015 | 432 pp | Paperback | 9780826119919 | $70.00



Nursing Education
Evaluation Beyond Exams in Nursing Education
Designing Assignments and Evaluating With Rubrics

Robin Donohoe Dennison DNP, APRN, CCNS, CEN, CNE, Anita Dempsey
Written for both new and seasoned nurse educators, this book is unique
in its provision of rigorous rubrics that fully take into account learning
objectives and the teaching–learning process, and promote objective
grading. It examines a variety of time-tested, alternative evaluation methods,
discusses how to design them, and includes best practices for using them.
Nursing Education
July 2014 | 240 pp | Paperback | 9780826127082 | $60.00

Professional Issues and Trends in Nursing
Teaching Cultural Competence in Nursing
and Health Care, Third Edition
Inquiry, Action, and Innovation

Marianne R. Jeffreys EdD, RN

Based on proven research, this textbook is a unique “how-to” for nursing
faculty called upon to educate students, nurses, and other health care
providers on how to provide optimal care for culturally diverse populations.
It offers a systematic approach featuring ready-to-use materials for
planning, implementing, and evaluating cultural competence education
strategies and programs.
Professional Issues and Trends in Nursing
December 2015 | 400 pp | Paperback | 9780826119964 | $90.00

Global Health Nursing in the 21st Century

Suellen Breakey PhD, RN; Inge B. Corless PhD, RN, FAAN;
Nancy L. Meedzan DNP, RN, CNE;
Patrice K. Nicholas DNSc, DHL (Hon.), MPH, MS, RN, ANP, FAAN
This text is designed specifically for nurses and nursing students who
have an interest in global health as a specialty, regardless of experience
or; education level. It reflects both the unique contributions of the
nursing profession, and of other disciplines. The text views global health
through a nursing lens, but maintains this awareness and appreciation of;
interprofessionalism throughout.
Professional Issues and Trends in Nursing
March 2015 | 608 pp | Paperback | 9780826118714 | $95.00

Nurse-Led Health Clinics

Operations, Policy, and Opportunities

Tine Hansen-Turton MGA, JD, FCPP, FAAN;
Eunice S. King PhD, RN; Susan Sherman RN, MA, FAAN, FCPP
This is the first book to describe innovative, nurse-managed solutions for
improving health care today. It addresses the key business, policy, medical,
financial, and operational considerations necessary for successfully opening
and operating nurse-led health facilities.
Professional Issues and Trends in Nursing
March 2015 | 250 pp | Paperback | 9780826128027 | $60.00

Health Literacy in Nursing

Providing Person-Centered Care

Terri Ann Parnell MA, DNP, RN
Promoting the health literacy of patients across all settings is an essential
component of prevention, wellness, and effective medical treatment. This
health literacy textbook provides an overview of health literacy, discusses
the magnitude of the issue, and explains implications of low health literacy.
It details strategies to enhance effective communication between patients
and nursing practitioners. Through case-based examples, this textbook
and clinical guide assists nurses in developing the requisite skills needed
to communicate effectively so that patients can truly make informed health
decisions and enhance health outcomes.
Professional Issues and Trends in Nursing
August 2014 | 320 pp | Paperback | 9780826161727 | $70.00


Professional Issues and Trends in Nursing
Global Health Nursing

Building and Sustaining Partnerships

Michele Upvall PhD, RN, CRNP, Jeanne Leffers PhD, RN
April 2014 | 360 pp | Paperback | 9780826118684 | $80.00

Exploring Rituals in Nursing
Joining Art and Science

Zane Wolf PhD, RN, FAAN
July 2013 | 224 pp | Paperback | 9780826196620 | $59.00

Caring Science, Mindful Practice

Implementing Watson’s Human Caring Theory

Kathleen Sitzman PhD, RN, CNE, Jean Watson PhD, RN, AHN-BC, FAAN
July 2013 | 168 pp | Paperback | 9780826171535 | $45.00

Introduction to Aboriginal Health and Health Care in Canada
Bridging Health and Healing

Vasiliki Douglas BSN, BA, MA, PhD
June 20139780826117977 | $59.00

Research, Theory, and Measurement

Qualitative Designs and Methods in Nursing (Set)
Mary De Chesnay PhD, RN, PMHCNS-BC, FAAN
This is the first series to comprehensively address leading qualitative research designs and methods
from a nursing perspective, and is a must-have for every research library. These are practical, how-to
guides to conducting research using seven different qualitative designs that encompass new and
traditional methodologies.

Nursing Research Using
Historical Methods

Nursing Research
Using Data Analysis

This is a concise, step-by-step
guide to conducting qualitative
nursing research using various
forms of historical analysis.
December 2014 | 240 pp | 
Paperback | 
9780826126177 | $65.00

This is a concise, step-by-step
guide to conducting qualitative
nursing research using various
forms of data analysis.
December 2014 | 252 pp | 
Paperback | 
9780826126887 | $65.00

Nursing Research
Using Participatory
Action Research

Nursing Research Using

Mary De Chesnay PhD, RN,

Mary De Chesnay PhD, RN,
This is a practical, “how-to”
resource for conducting
participatory action research
that guides readers, step
by step, through planning,
conducting, and disseminating
nursing research using this
qualitative design.
December 2014 | 247 pp | 
Paperback | 
9780826126139 | $65.00

Mary De Chesnay PhD, RN,

Mary De Chesnay PhD, RN,

Phenomenology provides a
perspective apart from that of
empirical sciences, which see
the human mind and body as
physical or material objects
open to study only through
empirical science and treatable
only through physical remedies.
November 2014 | 220 pp | 
Paperback | 
9780826126863 | $65.00



Research, Theory, and Measurement
Nursing Research
Using Life History

Nursing Research
Using Ethnography

In this book, experienced
scholars in qualitative life history
research discuss the theoretical
rationale for using this design,
describe its components, and
delineate a practical plan to
conduct studies.
July 2014 | 274 pp | 
Paperback | 
9780826134639 | $65.00

Ethnography is a qualitative
research design that focuses on
the study of people to explore
cultural phenomena.
July 2014 | 372 pp | 
Paperback | 
9780826134653 | $65.00

Mary De Chesnay PhD, RN,

Nursing Research Using
Grounded Theory
Mary De Chesnay PhD, RN,

Widely used in nursing,
grounded theory enables
researchers to apply what they
learn from interviewees to a
wider client population.
July 2014 | 288 pp | 
Paperback | 
9780826134677 | $65.00

Mary De Chesnay PhD, RN,

This seven-book nursing
series, Qualitative Designs and
Methods, focuses on qualitative
methodologies. It will be of direct
aid to novice nurse researchers
and specialists seeking to develop
or enhance their competancy
in a particular design, graduate
educators and students in qualitative
reseearch courses, research
sections in larger hospitals, and
in-service educators and students.

Annual Review of Nursing Research, Volume 33, 2015

Traumatic Brain Injury

Christine Kasper PhD, RN, FAAN, FACSM; Yvette Conley PhD, RN, FAAN
The 33rd volume delivers the most current research on traumatic brain injury
(TBI) with a focus on its implications for improving health and wellbeing. The
book examines promising new interventions for individuals suffering from
TBI with supporting research about their efficaciousness. Invited experts-highly respected nurse scientists working in a variety of TBI-related arenas-stress outcomes and symptom development post-TBI.
Research, Theory, and Measurement
April 2015 | 300 pp | Hardcover | 9780826171627 | $129.00

Statistics for Advanced Practice Nurses and Health Professionals
Manfred Stommel PhD, Katherine J. Dontje PhD, FNP-BC

June 2014 | 350 pp | Paperback | 9780826198242 | $90.00

Annual Review of Nursing Research, Volume 31, 2013
Exercise in Health and Disease

Barbara Smith PhD, RN, FACSM, FAAN; Christine Kasper PhD, RN, FAAN
October 2013 | 300 pp | Hardcover | 9780826119728 | $109.00

Middle Range Theory for Nursing
Third Edition

Mary Jane Smith PhD, RN; Patricia R. Liehr PhD, RN
May 2013 | 478 pp | Paperback | 9780826195517 | $80.00



iOS Apps
Springer Publishing Company is proud to present iOS apps designed for
both practicing nurses and nursing students. Available on a range of Apple
products including iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch, these comprehensive
amd interactive self-assessment apps help build knowledge of nursing
specialties and serve as portable study guides for certification exams.

Nurse Practitioner
Certification Q&A Review

Adult Critical Care
Registered Nurse®
Certification Q&A Review

Gerontological Nurse
Certification Q&A Review

Family Nurse Practitioner
Certification Q&A Review

Certified Nurse
Educator Q&A Review

Clinical EKG Modules

5-Star App Store Customer Review for AGNP
“This app more than surprised me! This was the only app that
I could find that specifically reviews the Adult Gerontology
Primary Care certification exam. It includes 300+ questions with
rationales. The questions review all of the major body systems
plus Professional Practice, Education, and Ethics. You have the
option to choose the categories you want to review OR you can
create your timed quiz. Definitely recommend!”



Annual Review of Gerontology and Geriatrics

Toni C. Antonucci, PhD Editor
Enormous advances in our knowledge of genetic contributions to aging
and disease, and in our understanding of the potential for manipulation of
the aging process, have taken place during the past 20 years. This is the
first volume in decades to consolidate this research in one place. It provides
a broad and current overview of the most promising advances in genetic
research on aging, current understanding of genetic contributions to the
basic processes of aging, and age-related disease. The Review focuses
on the aging process from lower organisms to man, and is organized in
ascending order of biological complexity starting with stem cells and
progressing through worms, flies, mice, and humans. Where relevant, the
Review also includes information about yeasts and non-human primates.
Volume 35 | 280 pp | Hardcover | 9780826199652 | $109.00
US Individual:
Print: $119.00
Online: $125.00
Print and Online: $155.00

US Institution:
Print: $119.00
Online: $345.00
Print and Online: $365.00

Annual Review of Nursing Research
Exercise in Health and Disease

Christine Kasper, PhD, RN, FAAN
Yvette Conley, PhD, RN, FAAN
This landmark annual review has provided nearly three decades of
knowledge, insight, and research on topics critical to nurses everywhere.
The purpose of this annual review is to critically examine the full gamut of
literature on key topics in nursing practice, including nursing theory, care
delivery, nursing education, and the professional aspects of nursing.
For the first time ever, we invite readers to purchase either individual issues
of this annual review, or to subscribe to the complete periodical and gain
access to all previously published and forthcoming issues.
April, 2015 |Volume 33| 300 pp | Hardcover | 9780826119728 | $109.00
US Individual:
Print: $119.00
Online: $125.00
Print and Online: $155.00

US Institution:
Print: $119.00
Online: $365.00
Print and Online: $345.00

Clinical Lactation

The Official Journal of the United States
Lactation Consultant Association

Kathleen Kendall-Tackett, PhD, IBCLC, RLC, FAPA, Editor-in-Chief
Clinical Lactation is a peer-reviewed journal summarizing recent advances
in clinical care in the field of human lactation. The aim of the journal is to
advance clinical practice for lactation specialists who work in a variety of
settings: hospital, private practice, WIC, and mother-to-mother-support
organizations. The articles being solicited for Clinical Lactation are concise,
readable reports that summarize issues related to clinical care, treatment
innovations and applications.
4 Issues/Yr ISSN: 2158-0782
US Individual:
Print: $90.00

US Institution:
Print: $385.00

Clinical Scholars Review

The Journal of Doctoral Nursing Practice

Janice Smolowitz, DNP, EdD, DCC, Editor
Clinical Scholars Review is a biannual, peer-reviewed publication
focused on presenting articles that demontrate clinical excellence in
the application of evidence-based practice of doctoral nursing. Articles
submitted for consideration discuss clinical practice and patient care; case
studies; practice issues, including management, scope of practice, and
reimbursement; ethical dilemmas, legal issues, and business practices;
and innovative methods of teaching and evaluating advanced practice and
profiling the scholarly nature of the clinical practice of nursing.”
The mission of Clinical Scholars Review is to support the advancement of the
doctoral practice of nursing.
2 Issues/Yr  |  ISSN: 1939-2095
US Individual:
Print: $89.00
Online: $89.00
Print and Online: $135.00

US Institution:
Print: $219.00
Online: $219.00
Print and Online: $280.00


Creative Nursing

A Journal of Values, Issues, Experience & Collaboration

Marie Manthey, MNA, FRCN, FAAN, Editor-in-Chief
Today’s health care institutions need creative and innovative solutions.
Nurses need to think creatively, to experiment, to take risks, and to innovate.
Creative Nursing promotes best practices in all aspects of caring—caring
for self, patients, families, colleagues, and communities. “
Creative Nursing is an issue-focused journal, unique in its recognition of the
values inherent in the nursing profession. Excellence and professionalism
are not exclusive to any one discipline or specialty, and the editors of
Creative Nursing are dedicated to developing nursing leaders at all levels
and in all settings.”
4 Issues/Yr  |  ISSN: 1078-4535
US Individual:
Print: $79.00
Online: $79.00
Print and Online: $119.00

US Institution:
Print: $280.00
Online: $280.00
Print and Online: $345.00

Hispanic Healthcare International

The Official Journal of the National Association of Hispanic Nurses

Nilda (Nena) Peragallo, DrPH, RN, FAAN and
Elias Provencio-Vásquez, PhD, NP, FAAN, FAANP, Editors-in-Chief

This peer-reviewed journal serves as an interdisciplinary forum for the
dissemination of information for clinical practice, education, research,
and policy on issues concerning Hispanic/Latino populations in the
United States.
A unique feature of Hispanic Health Care International is the availability of
all abstracts in both English and Spanish. Each article is reviewed by at least
two experts on the topic. The interdisciplinary editorial board comprises
experts in a variety of clinical, policy, and research areas.
4 Issues/Yr  |  ISSN: 1540-4153
US Individual:
Print: $119.00
Online: $119.00
Print and Online: $180.00

US Institution:
Print: $325.00
Online: $325.00
Print and Online: $449.00

International Journal of Childbirth

The Official Publication of the International Confederation of Midwives

Dennis Walsh, RM, MA, PhD and
Kerri D. Schuiling PhD, CNM, NP, FACNM, FAAN, Editors
IJC is the official journal of the International Confederation of Midwives.
Affiliated members may subscribe at a discount.
The International Journal of Childbirth is a peer-reviewed, quarterly journal
publishing original research, reviews, and case studies concerned with
the practice of midwifery, women?s health, prenatal care, and the birth
process. The journal encourages the exploration of the complex and
contextual issues surrounding childbirth provision and outcomes, and
invites manuscripts from a wide range of clinical, theoretical, political,
methodological, psychological, public health, policy, multicultural, and
interdisciplinary perspectives.
4 Issues/Yr  |  ISSN: 2156-5287
US Individual:
Print: $55.00
Online: $55.00
Print and Online: $69.00

US Institution:
Print: $285.00
Online: $325.00
Print and Online: $309.00



Journal of Nursing Measurement

Janice L. Hinkle, PhD, RN, CNRN, Editor-in-Chief
The Journal of Nursing Measurement specifically addresses instrumentation
in nursing. It serves as a prime forum for disseminating information on
instruments, tools, approaches, and procedures developed or utilized for
measuring variables in nursing research, practice, and education. Particular
emphasis is placed on evidence for the reliability, validity, sensitivity,
and specificity of such instruments. The journal includes innovative
discussions of theories, principles, practices, and issues relevant to
nursing measurement.
3 Issues/Yr  |  ISSN: 1061-3749
US Individual:
Print: $129.00
Online: $129.00
Print and Online: $179.00

US Institution:
Print: $309.00
Online: $309.00
Print and Online: $439.00

Minority Nurse Magazine

The Career and Education Resource for the
Minority Nursing Professional
Minority Nurse is a free magazine that provides nursing professionals from
underrepresented populations with a targeted educational and career
road map by offering practical articles on job opportunities, employment
trends, and continuing education. Minority health disparities and culturally
competent health care are frequent concerns, as are specific efforts to
increase diversity in the classroom and workplace.
For over 18 years, Minority Nurse has been the premier publication
for reaching nurses, nursing students, and nursing educators from
underrepresented populations. With in-depth articles on career
opportunities, minority health issues, and outstanding role models,
Minority Nurse is the go-to resource for the minority nursing professional.
4 Issues/Yr | ISSN: 1076-7223 |
US Individual:
Print: n/a
Online: n/a
Print and Online: n/a

US Institution:
Print: n/a
Online: n/a
Print and Online: n/a

Neonatal Network®

The Journal of Neonatal Nursing

Debbie Fraser, MN, RNC-NIC, Executive Editor
Official Publication of the Academy of Neonatal Nursing
Neonatal Network®, established in April 1981, is a peer-reviewed journal
which is dedicated to assisting neonatal nurses and related health care
professionals to remain current in their fields. Neonatal Network® acts
as a vehicle for the exchange of information by providing up-to-date,
relevant articles in the areas of evidence-based clinical practice, research,
and education.
Neonatal Network® is issued six times a year. With a circulation of 10,000,
Neonatal Network goes to more than 1,000 recognized Level II and Level III
neonatal intensive care units in the United States.
6 Issues/Yr  |  ISSN: 0730-0832
US Individual:
Print: $119.00
Online: $119.00
Print and Online: $129.00


US Institution:
Print: $319.00
Online: $299.00
Print and Online: $329.00


Nursing History Review

Official Publication of the American Association
for the History of Nursing

Patricia D’Antonio, RN, PhD, FAAN, Editor

Nursing History Review, an annual peer-reviewed publication, is a showcase
for the most significant current research on nursing and health care history.
Contributors include national and international scholars. Representing
many different disciplinary backgrounds. Regular sections include
scholarly articles, reviews of the best books and abstracts of new doctoral
dissertations on nursing and health care history, and invited commentaries.
Historians, researchers, and individuals fascinated with the rich field of
nursing will find this an important resource.
1 Issues/Yr  |  ISSN: 1062-8061
US Individual:
Print: $119.00
Online: $125.00
Print and Online: $155.00

US Institution:
Print: $119.00
Online: $125.00
Print and Online: $365.00

Research and Theory for Nursing Practice
An International Journal

Donna L. Algase, PhD, RN, FAAN, FGSA , Editor
Research and Theory for Nursing Practice focuses on issues relevant to
improving nursing practice, education, and patient care. The articles
strive to discuss knowledge development in its broadest sense, reflect
research using a variety of methodological approaches, and combine
several methods and strategies in a single study. Because of the journal’s
international emphasis, article contributors address the implications of their
studies for an international audience.
4 Issues/Yr  |  ISSN: 1541-6577
US Individual:
Print: $159.00
Online: $159.00
Print and Online: $219.00

US Institution:
Print: $375.00
Online: $375.00
Print and Online: $519.00

The Journal of Perinatal Education

The Official Journal of Lamaze® International

Wendy C. Budin, PhD, RN-BC, LCCE, FACCE, FAAN Editor-in-Chief
The Journal of Perinatal Education (JPE) is the leading peer-reviewed journal
specifically for childbirth educators. Through evidence-based articles, the
JPE advances the knowledge of aspiring and seasoned educators in any
setting-independent or private practice, community, hospital, nursing or
midwifery school-and informs educators and other health care professionals
on research that will improve their practice and their efforts to support
natural, safe, and healthy birth.
The Journal of Perinatal Education is the official journal of Lamaze
International, whose mission is to promote, support, and protect natural,
safe, and healthy birth through education and advocacy.
4 Issues/Yr  |  ISSN: 1058-1243
US Individual:
Print: $159.00
Online: $159.00
Print and Online: $219.00

US Institution:
Print: $375.00
Online: $375.00
Print and Online: $549.00

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