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Description of nursing school - What it consists of, how long it is and why you should take it.



Searching for your future career choices? Give a chance to going to a nursing school!
A nursing school is an educational institution that provides you with training and education to become a qualified nurse. There are many programs around the world and their courses vary according to each medical system. However, the best nursing schools offer you a diploma available in many locations, so finding a job after graduation should be only a matter of choice. It is a very promising career and we all know that nurses will always be needed, regardless of the technological advance. What courses are required at a nursing school? ou will be able to choose between a number of optional courses, but you should know that every nursing program will include basic courses in physiology, anatomy and biology. Also, you will learn about pharmacology and pathology. ou will be instructed on how to perform basic medical procedures, such as insertion of urinary catheters and intravenous ones, how to sterili!e the equipment, how to properly dose the medication and how to consult a patient. These core and basic courses will last four years, after which you will get your diploma. On what hospital section will I be able to work after graduation? After passing the basic e"ams at a nursing school you will begin the applied courses. ou will rotate through all the sections of a hospital, like #ental Health, $ncology, %urgical, $bstetrics, &ediatric 'nits and (ritical (are. ou will learn how to handle patients in each of these sections and what to do during any type of emergency. our education will be provided by medical professionals and e"perienced nurses and you will be able to choose between general nursing or speciali!ed areas. What nursing degree will I be able to obtain? )epending on the number of years, e"ams and courses that you will take you will be able to get at first a )iploma in *ursing, followed by +achelor of %cience in *ursing, #aster of %cience in *ursing, the highest degree being )octor of &hilosophy in *ursing. They all require a certain knowledge and training and are good to have while searching for a better job or trying to get a raise. After you finish the courses required by a degree you will take an e"am in front of a national board of e"amination and you will be given a certain diploma. All things considered, you should know that a nursing school provides you with solid knowledge and training, properly equipping you for working in a hospital. +eing a nurse is usually a high paid job, however, the amount of work can sometimes be overwhelming and you will have to learn how to best do your job while under pressure. It is a wonderful career, you get to take care of sick people, to aid them when they most need it and to work in a professional environment. (ompare and contrast your options and try to find a nursing school that will best fit your e"pectations and that offer a comple" program of courses - it is the first step towards a rewarding career.

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