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Obstacle Courses/Themed Activities
1. Christmas/Hanukkah
a. Set up by bathroom hall: Place puff ball “ornaments” on floor”,
kids pick an ornament, step over hurdles, crawl through barrel,
step over cones on balance beam, and walk up ramp to tape
ornaments on paper tree
b. Set up ladder with felt tree atop ladder, at start of course pick
up puff ball, walk across balance beam (top of roof), through
tunnel (down chimney, over or under hurdles (around presents)
and up ladder (up tree) to place puff ball ornaments on
c. Other activities:
i. Place coins in santa pig
ii. Set up green plastic cups in formation of xmas trees,
knock them down
iii. Set up bowling pins in formation of menorah (on or off
tall blocks), knock down
iv. Place Christmas trees/menorahs on tic tac toe toss
v. Make dreidels
vi. Make menorahs
vii. Various Christmas ornament crafts
2. Winter
a. Snowball war – Move with me book, p. 19
b. Sled down scooter ramp
c. Sleigh ride in boat swing
d. Feed frosty – white flat cloths thrown onto frosty while prone
on frog swing
e. Fine motor games:
i. Fold construction paper and cut snowflakes
ii. Make 3D snowman with cotton balls and paper
iii. Use sugar cubes to build igloos
3. Valentine’s Day
a. Cut out hearts and place on steps. Child picks one and goes
down zip line. Goes through ball pit, climbs across balance mat,
through tunnel, around heart shaped jump rope, and places
valentine heart into heart bag
b. Social game: Child stands in front of group and says I like (e.g
cats) other kids who like item stands up too, new child is leader
c. Valentine Crafts


Valentine bingo (available online
Fishing heart game, off swing
Mr. Valentine (mother may I)
Where is your Valentine? (Valentine, valentine, where’s your
match, wake up quick and find them fast)

4. Castles
a. Sit on Bolster – knock down blocks
b. Red/black net, climb castle wall or rock wall
c. King says
d. Dragon sock puppet
e. Barrel roll down ramp to burst through castle
f. I can draw castles
g. Boulder bowling – make boulder with rolled paper covered in foil
h. Build lego castles with lego knights etc.
5. Wild West
a. Obstacle course: horse swing – zipline over canyon – crawl through
cave (sheet over tent) – step over stones (flip flop faces) – plastic/felt
horse between legs while walk down balance beam
b. Horse puppets
c. Cowboy hat bean bag toss while prone on sling swing
d. I can draw cowboys
e. Mine cart (scooter ramp)
f. Tin can shoot (water or nerf guns to knock down plastic bottles)
g. Build with Lincoln logs and trains
6. Dinosaurs
a. Start on glider swing, use trapeze to fly like pterodactyl into tire swing
on ground with red pillow inside (volcano), step on dinosaur feet
b. Dinosaur bowling while on swing (tape bones on pins)
c. Dinosaur egg hunt
d. Me-O-Saurus: Butcher paper, make self into dinosaur
e. Paleontologist Dig – dig for bones in sand
f. Use plastic dinosaurs to make foot prints in clay
g. Dinosaur puzzle
7. Dr. Suess

a. Green Eggs and Ham: Make a paper plate with green eggs and
ham, have kids take on boat swing (on a boat), through tunnel
(on a train), in a car (on platform swing) in the rain (on
trampoline with streamers hanging down, in a house (under
tent), with a mouse (crawl like mouse back to start)
b. Lorax pic – puff balls and pipe cleaners on paper
c. I can do that game
d. Cat in the hat game
e. One fish two fish – fishing off tire swing
8. Chinese New Year
a. Feed the happy panda (green paper bamboo from rock wall –
step through ladder on floor- roll down flat mat on upside down
balance mat - 5 jumps trampoline – balance beam – scooter
down hall
b. Dragon puzzle – cut out picture of dragon, then cut into 6-8
c. 12 Chinese animals memory match game
d. 12 Chinese animal walks
e. Fireworks – droppers to place paint on paper, use straw to blow
into fireworks
f. Discuss which sign you are and if you are similar to sign
9. Minecraft
a. Traverse various lands: Step over sand (pillows) stones (plastic
heads), build with blocks, climb and into ball pit
b. Knock down creeper
c. Toss bean bags into creepers eyes or mouth
d. Use post it notes to make Minecraft mask

Angry Birds
Scooter ramp and knock down large blocks
Angry bird toss into target
Angry birds go – use car and race around cones
Angry birds games

11. Space
a. Bolster rocket ride, moon walk to moon swing, blast off on air

b. Saturn’s ring toss: play catch through hula hoop
c. Make a machine – kids use body parts to create a machine
d. Oogly – cornstarch and water mixture
e. Craft: build alien, robot, or rocket
f. Use magnetic pieces to build spaceships
g. I can draw astronaut
a. Glider – trapeze – moon swing – balance beam – ring of fire
b. Big trapeze, doing tricks
c. Clown face craft
d. Read circus story and make up/write what could happen next
e. Flip book craft
f. Scarf juggling
g. Trapeze jump over balls
h. Walking on barrel (or barrel as swing)
13. St. Patrick’s Day
a. Follow the leprechaun’s footprints: cut out small green
footprints, place on bolster swing (set on floor walking across
log), on rainbow colored bean bags (rainbow path), over large
green ball (climbing over mountain), under mat set over blocks
(under bridge), and over tent (over the rainbow) to gold (green
jewelry and coins)
b. Make a leprechaun out of wiki stixx
c. Fingerpaint rainbows (use each finger for different color)
d. Find colored four leaf clovers in ball pit
e. Toss the gold (sit on moon swing and throw yellow balls into
black crate)
14. Down by the bay:
a. Lily pad jumps – frog search in ball pit – hop over steps – throw
frogs in barrel
b. Hop plastic frogs into hula hoop pond
c. Fishing off boat swing
d. Make sail boats
e. Sing down by the bay, encourage kids to think up rhymes

a. Octopus ring toss from swing
b. Shell scavenger hunt, fingerpaint shells
c. Moon sand castles
d. Inflatable fish relay (spiky balls at one end, lay on tummy and
swim fish to other end and place balls on cones to make ice
cream cones)
e. Crabwalk soccer
f. Beach volleyball (With balloon)
g. Octopus whirl
16. Lake
a. Eagle’s Nest
b. Obstacle: Log ride (bolster) crawl through woods (tunnel) into
cabin (built from blocks), then woodsy animal walks
c. Green grass grows all around song
17. Pirates
a. Pirate ship (ladder, suspended net, slide down rope)
b. I can draw pirates

Tractor pull : roller racer or scooter
Egg relay – eggs on spoons
Duck duck goose
Chalk draw farm
Buster’s bugs
Craft – hatching chick
Songs: old mcdonald, bingo, farmer and the dell, 5 little ducks

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