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Obstacle is what we encounter in our lives. Obstacle is a nuisance, indeed. If not Alexander had ever encountered the vigorous fever which killed him in the middle of his great excursion, two consequence might have appeared. One would have pointed to the conquer up to extension to the whole Asia. Naother negative consequence might have been his being killed in the battle which would not yet led to the conquer of the whole Asia. It seems t he first possibility is positive and the second is negative which is no difference from the historical fact already happened as a very true fact. Already in the historical plane which is on the Being-in-itself, a very true fact will never be reverted to be happened again in the present stage of Being -for-itself but the past is forever embedded in The Occult plane called Being -in-itself. This astral plane in the Being -in-itself is scarcely known to the present stage in the Being-for-itself where we think we are existing insides. In factm where are we going to is also quite an known factor. We always head for the future which is just just the past, never truly in the Being-for-itself but it remains untranscendental inside the Being -in-itself as the astral plane there is an Occult. The History will never be reverted but Oneness rules all. Oneness make us all no return from our faults, both subjective and objectice.

Anobstacle is good or bad is not a matter. Matter is only areflection of the moon in the water which is misrealised by our deceitful mind that it is good but also obstacle. Obstacle, as it isn t anymore matter now, is neutral to our opinion at the moment. So that it s function is the matter. Neutral stuff has function which is so natural to bring us to the second stage from our former. An obstacle brings someone from natural stage toward another natural stage. In The Universe, an obstacle s it is considered to be, plays the role in supporting the cosmoslogical stage by diverting it to its destination. Destination is a must to be in the ordained in the astral plane of Being-in-itself where so many unwound threads entangled to make up the backgrounding of The Universe. An Obstacle is a must be exist as it s attractors is so versatile as to play radient function in directing those in all in one to be manifested in the Being -for-itself. Mathematical method may find answer in how it function by looking down onto Biochemistry problem in How a centromere exist to link up all thingies in the DNA.

An obstacle has both an inside effect and an outside effect. Just an obstacle of a protruding polar has a positive effect in supporting the house and its negative effect is its protrude to make us bump onto the hardness. Where is

The Universe going? It has two way effects on the way. Both the Inside and The Outside cooperate to make up a universe of Hollowness. Its Hollowness is a greatness to contain us all so we will never escape into The Abyss of Danger. Our benevolent universe is totally of Hollowness which is its Greatness. A polar is of Hollowness, in fact, as our deceitful conventional mindedness thought it is not. Transcendental process makes it a solid appeared to out sight.

Our sight is of The Great Mirror as it is The Sight Cosmological. Everything is of Sightedness. The Universe is on The Lotus Of Sightedness whe re its transcendental process make its reflection to manifest on the astral plane of Being-for-itself which is so fraudel.

In conclusion, we are drifting and drifting on the stream of never ending Kingdom.

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