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Impact Of Employee Motivation on Performance
With Special reference to HERCULES AUTOMOBILES Pvt. Ltd

y Human resources are unique and vital because they

play a major role in shaping and achieving any organization s objectives. y HRM is an approach which considers employees as Assets and not as Liabilities. y Motivation simply means to create a will to work. y It makes the Employees to say, I am Motivated with my job.

y SPECIFIC OBJECTIVES y To study the impact of employee motivation on performance. y OTHER OBJECTIVES y To suggest measures to boost up the Motivation of the Employees. y To analyse the views of the employees at different levels on Employee Motivation and its impact on their performance. y To arrive into a conclusion on the basis of the study.

y All organizational facilities will go waste on lack of

motivated people to utilize its facilities effectively. y Motivated employees put higher performance as compared to other employees. y This study aims at analyzing and understanding the various aspects connected with motivation, job satisfaction and employee behavior. y Properly motivated employees usually have higher morale and they put more efforts to attain organizational goals.

y This study reveals how far the level of motivation can influence on

employee s performance. y This study will help the management to direct and co-ordinate the personnel so as to extract the maximum output from them. y This study will also help the employees for their development and well being.

y y y y y y

Limited to the service department of the company. Reluctance on the part of the workers. Lack of prior experience of the researcher. Lack of time to the workers. Lack of time to the officers. Secret nature of certain files

y PRIMARY DATA y Appointments were fixed with the Managerial staff and Interviews were conducted. y Questionnaires were prepared and issued to the employees in service department. y SECONDARY DATA y The HRD department made available the man power position of the firm. y The Company Profile details were collected from the website. y SAMPLING y Sampling technique was Convenience sampling. y Sample size was 30. y Sampling tool was Percentage Analysis. y Sample unit was Hercules Automobiles Pvt. Ltd Alleppey.

y The Indian automobile industry is the tenth largest in the world. y The major car manufacturers in India are Maruti Udyog, Hyundai

Motors , General Motors India , Honda Cars India ,Toyota Motor ,Hindustan Motors etc. y It is the Second largest two-wheel vehicle producer and fourth largest commercial vehicle producer.

y y y y y

Established in the year 1986 in U.A.E. Quick repair service Air conditioned wait and take lounge with refreshments Fully automatic and computerized service station MOTTO- YOUR SAFETY IS OUR MISSION

y y y y y y y y y

Marketing department/ Sales department Service department Spare parts department Accessories department Insurance department True value department Body shop department Personnel and administration department Finance department

y Maruti 800, Alto, Estillo, Wagon R, A Star, Swift, Dzire, SX4, Eeco,

Grand Vitara, Omni.

y Motivation means to create a will to work. y TYPES OF MOTIVATION y Positive motivation y Negative motivation y Fear motivation y Extrinsic motivation y Intrinsic motivation y Economic motivation y Non Economic motivation y THEORIES y Maslow s Theory y Herzberg s Theory y Argyris s Theory y Vroom s expectancy theory

y Most of the Employees believe that Motivation

improves performance. y Most of the employees are satisfied with the working condition, leave facilities, Security, Promotion policy, Relations with co-workers, Support from Superiors, but still would like to see some improvements in the same. y 100 % of Employees are Proud to be a part of the company.

y Improve communication channel between superior y y y y y

and employees. Improve welfare measures like recreation facilities. Improve employees participation in management activities. Adopt system to provide sufficient feedback regarding the performance. Working Condition can be improved by proper layout. Company can help the Employees to form a voluntary association to have their own representation.

y Success of organization depends on Motivated y

y y y

Employees. They can be motivated by providing them with good working conditions, safety measures and various welfare activities. The welfare measures and recreation facilities provided by the company seems satisfactory. The employees are proud to be a part of the company. This study lead into a conclusion that there is a prominent impact of Motivation on performance.

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